Two Girls, One Can

Hello, everyone. My name is Valerie. I'm a long-time reader, but a first-time poster. I'm an eighteen year-old brunette and my friend finally got me to write on this site about my first "out of bathroom" experience.
A few weeks ago, me and my best friend Sandra were sitting in the living room watching TV when I all of a sudden felt a huge wave of pressure hit me out of nowhere. It had been about five days since I last pooped, so I guess I was due for a big one by now. I told Sandra that I really had to go number two and she told me that she did, too. We were in a spot of trouble because our only toilet was broken and the person who was coming to fix it wouldn't be here until the next day. We both really had to go and I could already feel the tip of a turd poking out of my butt.
I thought of an idea, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and told Sandra to come with me into my room. We walked in and I shut the door because the rest of my family was in the house. I grabbed the small trash can I kept in my room and said we could go to the bathroom in this. Sandra thought about it for a few seconds like she didn't want to, but she had to go too badly to care. She immediately pulled off her jeans and panties, hovered over the trash can and began to pee. I looked away to give her a little privacy, but she told me that it was okay, so I looked. She kept up her stream for about twenty seconds with a look of utmost relief. When she finally stopped peeing, she repositioned herself a little bit and started grunting. Almost immediately, a long brown turd, almost a foot long and three inches around, slid out of her butt and splashed into the pee in the can. About five more turds, each about six inches long and two inches thick, quickly followed the first one and fell one by one into the trash can. Sandra sighed in relief, grabbed the toilet paper from me and wiped. I asked if I could see what she had done and she told me sure. I looked inside the trash can and marveled at Sandra's work. There was about three inches of pee in the can and five inches of poo piled in it. I was impressed. Sandra put her panties and jeans back on and said "That felt great. I haven't been to the toilet in about a week." That made two of us. The smell was overwhelming my room, but we had to do what we had to do.
I told her to move because I really had to go. I ripped off my pants and undies and did the same hover position over the trash can that Sandra did. I began to piss in the can, adding to the puddle that Sandra had left in there before me and softening her poop pile. I peed for about half a minute before I felt the rush in my stomach. I leaned forward, hovering my butt above the can and pushed hard. The tip of the turn began to slide out my butthole, but it sure took its time. I pushed for almost a minute before I slid the poop all the way out and it fell with a thud into the can. I looked behind me into the trash and saw a monster turd over a foot long inside and completely covering Sandra's pile. I grunted and forced out another extremely long turd out my ass and the pressure inside me was gone. I wiped my butt and threw the toilet paper in the trash. The aroma was almost too much by now.
We waited for about an hour when my parents left for work to take the trash can outside and dump it in the wooded area past my backyard. Me and Sandra dug a hole really deep, dumped the contents of the trash inside and covered it. Then we washed out the can really, really good and went back inside. Ever since then, me and Sandra have done a fair number of "buddy dumps" together, in and out of the bathroom.
Whew. That's all for my first story. Hope you all liked it! There will definitely be more to come, possibly another buddy dump story!


Ally's story

Nice story--- not everyone would have had the same generous impulse in that situation.

Tool Man

To Ally

Ally, I have been a long-time reader and that has to be one of the best posts I've read on this sight. Thanks for sharing!

When I was 11, I had my first experience watching another girl poop. It was a hot summer's day, and my friend Tori and I went to swim in the lake near our houses. When we finished and were headed back to her house, she told me she had to go to the bathroom. I asked, "Can you hold it?" but she replied "No, I don't think so."

We scanned our surroundings and saw a wooded area not too far away. By the time we got to a secluded place where she was sure she wouldn't be seen by anybody, she was looking very desperate. She started to lower her jeans and panties, and I remember a strange thought ran through my head. I was thinking about how amazing her butt looked. I'd never had that sort of thought about anyone, much less a girl.

She completely removed her jeans and squatted down. I found myself unable to look away from her. As a jet of piss squirted out from between her legs, I was getting excited. She was pissing quite furiously and for a good amount of time too. After a while her stream tapered off. She said "I hope you don't mind, but I kind of have to do a number two also."

Not only did I not mind, but frankly the thought got me even more excited. I tried to say something, but no words would come out. Instead, I just nodded, even though she was looking away and couldn't see me nodding. She adjusted her squatting position, and soon enough I could see her anus doming to allow a knobbly sandy brown log to crown. It was fairly fat and I was kind of surprised that she didn't seem in any pain. I watched and listened as the log crackled and emerged several inches.

A smell wafted up to my nostrils, but it wasn't the usual bad smell I associated with poop. It was fresh and meaty, but actually not unpleasant. Her log continued to grow and snapped off falling to the ground with a thud. In short order, she had another log curling out of her beautiful butt. It was slightly darker as the first and just as thick. It grew much faster and soon it was touching the ground and kept coming.

It too broke off, and I was thinking she must be done. She couldn't possibly have to poop anymore. But sure enough, I watched as her anus quivered a few times before a thin rope-like turd began to emerge. It fell onto her turds and by then there was a good sized pile underneath her petite form. She let out a very loud fart and another rope shot out of her anus. One last light brown log came out and fell onto the large mound of poop, and then she stood up. She turned around and glanced at her productions and said something like, "Goodness. I didn't think I had to go quite that badly."

Having nothing to wipe with, she just put her jeans and panties back on and we resumed course for home. I was just dumbstruck and found it hard to focus on our conversation while we walked. I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful that experience had been. At that point, I didn't fully understand my feelings, but in time I figured it out.

So that's my story. I hope it's not too wordy. I just wanted to try and recount every detail that I remember.


First story

Hi! I'm Abby! I'm a new user and found this website becuae I love hearing about web people poop. So I figured I will post my recent stories. I'm am 14 years old and a freshman in high school if you were wondering.

So, over the weekend I was my friend gabbys house for a birthday party. We were all chatting and I suddenly had to use the restroom. I knew that my poop was gonna be big. I told my friends that I would be right back and that I had to poop. Bad. I went over to the restroom and when I got there someone was in there. I waiting about 5 minutes and my friend Juliana walked out. She said sorry about thd smell I had bad dieariha. I told her it was ok and I walked in quick because I really had to poop. The smell was terrible but I ignored it and pulled down my pants. I sat on the toilet and a huge soft poop came out right away with a few farts. I pushed out a few more logs along with some farts. I then started to wipe when I was all finished. What a relief! When I opened the door my friend Mary was standing out there and I could tell she really had to poop because she farted abd walked in quick. I felt a lot better. When I went home a had a small poop before I went to bed and that was it for the night. I hav been constipated for the last two days! I'll post again when it decides to come out(;


school accident

SThis is about a girl @my school. The girl is around 13 pretty and has a sexy shape. One day before lunch I saw her and she was bouncing around and crossing her legs. It was very obvious she had to pee . At our school you can only go at certain times. This wasn't the time. We said hi to each other that's when she said she had to pee very badly. I told her she only has to wait only 5 minutes. She told me she couldn't wait that long. She was right. 2 minutes later the girl was rapidly wetting herself. The girl was picked up and didn't come to school for a week

Tawnie's Survey:

1 when usin the bathroom are your pants around your ankles or where?
When I poo they are around my ankles. When I just wee I usually lower them to just below my knees.

2 do u have your legs spread or wat ?
Not really no, when I poo I put my knees together and feet apart usually though.

3 when goin poop have u made plopping sounds or tell wat sounds have u made?
All the usual sounds made when you poo!

4 when goin poop how hard have u had to push on a scale 1-10 ?
Pretty hard sometimes, especially when I'm constipated. Maybe 7-8 then.

5 if u have to push hard do u strunch up your face n get red ?
If I'm pushing a lot yes.

6 when pooping at public bathrooms eather at school or wher ever have u seen your neighbors next door to your stall have u seen ther pants around ther ankles n ther feet pressing hard to the floor n hear grunts plops ka plunks or splashes or wat ?
I always try to look at their feet to see if I can tell anything about my neighbours and sometimes I spot nice shoes I like too! I've heard plenty of grunts, plops, splashes and farts too.

7 when poopig have u ever had to dig befour cause. Your poop was to hard or big to come out if u have had to dig explain how n wat position u use to dig or tell me how u get hat poop that is to hard or big or stuck to come out ?
Nope, that's never happened to me.

Abbie- Sounds like your latest poos have been quite difficult ones. Hope they get easier for you soon! I assume you'll be breaking up from school soon though, so hopefully you can get into a better routine once you're at home.

I'll make my latest story a separate post later. bye for now!

Brandon T

Pt 2

To: Abbie as always another great story it sound like you feel better after being able to poop after 3 days and it sounds like it was a good one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like you and those other women all had good desperate poops and I bet you all felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

To: Shy Girl first welcome to the site and my advice is not to think bout it and just do it that way you dont risk constipation and please post more thanks.

To: Ally first welcome to the site and it sounds like you gave your friends bro a good show im sure he will remember forever and please post more thanks.

To: Starbucks great catch.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds that bathroom was kinda busy that night and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Anonymous Guy

Just another post

First of all WOW... didn't expect this many posts to flow in (and half of them to come from guys)! It's cool to see so many people coming out of their shells and becoming active on here. Hopefully it'll have a domino effect on the lurkers. :)

Anyways well this is finals week for my college(as I'm sure with others too). Took a few exams today and have another one in a couple days... not too hard but still stressful. I have to say though, the hardest part will be not using public bathrooms anymore while on break. I don't go out much so pretty much the only opportunity has been going at my campus. There's a small park close by but all it has is port-o-potties, and you know how gross those can be.

Let's look on the bright side though, I may be going to a new campus next semester which will have tons of new restrooms. So the wait just may be worth it.

These past couple posts I haven't really told any poop stories except for close encounters, so I figure I'll give you guys something to read. :) The other day I had one of the most satisfying dumps I could dream of. Let me start from the beginning. I was in my room browsing the internet while sitting on my bed as always. My stomach got a few cramps but nothing too serious. But mann did I fart a lot. I had to constantly lift up one side of my butt to release a huge amount of smelly gas. If I really kept my cheeks together though it would make the loudest VVVRRRROOOOOOOOPPPP noise. It was almost enough to vibrate my whole bed lol! Like I said though I don't like family hearing me, so I try to gently ease gas out of my hole(you know those whispy sounding farts). Well all of a sudden I got this crazy sensation: Out of nowhere a huge rock hard turd pushed aggressively in my gut. I felt this overwhelming chill come over my body and my heart rate started increasing. By now I'm breathing somewhat hard as my colon has spasms trying to pushing the log out! I wanted to go to the toilet, but at the same time it felt so dang good I didn't wanna. I even had to grab onto my bed while trying to stand up, it felt like I was going into labor or something haha. Well that chill I felt eventually died down(after a few very intense minutes) and my goosebumps went away. But now it was time for the actual pooping. I walked over to the toilet and could tell that this was gonna be a good one. You know those poops that feel very heavy as soon as you squat your butt over the toilet? Gravity was definitely going to be helping me out. I started by giving it a gentle push so it wouldn't go too fast and hurt. My hole slowly opened up and crackled, the tip barely poking out. Then came the shaft of the turd... I'm telling you this thing felt THICK. At the same time though it was very pleasurable and even got me a little worked up. There's nothing that compares to a satisfying dump. Anyway the log broke off and a couple more thick ones slid out. I could smell the musky nasty scent rising from the toilet bowl, but it only added to the experience. At last my hole pinched off the end of the final turd and I was done. I gave out a huge sigh and looked down to see what I made. They were probably the hugest logs I've had in years, nothing I've seen had compared to those bad boys! They were roughly the size of the drainage hole but enough to fit. I was proud as I wiped my crack clean from the turds sliding against it. Overall it was an awesome experience and I'm tempted to eat a lot of food to experience it again.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I did doing it. If any others have similar experiences don't hesitate to share.

Also gotta give a shout out to Brian, haven't heard from him for awhile. There's a few posters under the same name but I'm talking about the one that goes to college as well. Those were some good college dump posts, please update us with more!

Now for some replies...

@Esteban: Thanks for the welcoming dude! It's good knowing people like you enjoy my posts and motivates me to write more. I definitely remember some of your older stories, boy were those fun to read. I could never imagine using a stall without a door, but sounds like it can't get much more intimate between guys than that(except for sexual acts of course). Do the guys you buddy dump with have any specific age range? I'm sort of generalizing, but it seems like the older folks tend to be less shy than younger guys like me. I've never seen doorless stalls in a bathroom so I'm curious what it's like. It would be sweet if I lived in NY and could try out the one you go to... But sadly that's not the case.

@John H: Thanks for getting back to me, glad you somewhat enjoyed it! Did you feel like it was quicker in any way? I personally have a specific way I do it while at home. I just grab some TP with one hand, and rest the other on the bathroom counter. Then like you said, I lean forward but arch my back so it's easy wiping between my cheeks. Finally I look at what I wiped and toss it in the toilet. It sounds kinda odd but it's a pretty relaxing position. Oh- I forgot to mention I tried wiping while sitting down! It was a unique experience for sure. I couldn't decide though whether I should lift a cheek up and wipe, or reach under my junk in the toilet and wipe like that? How do you do it? I've talked to a lot of guys who say they wipe while sitting, but they don't specify how. Appreciate it, oh and awesome story about your satisfying morning dump.

@Stoner: Cool story dude. Sounds like you had one huge log that was dying to get out haha. The thick long turds are the best I think, sometimes wish it wouldn't end and just continuesly slide out. Since you said you're a skater do you find you have to take dumps after skateboarding a lot? I remember my brother used to skateboard and had the craziest turds. Anyway keep the posts coming, you definitely have a new fan.

@Mr. Clogs: Thanks for being so informative and thorough in your replies Clogs, not to mention polite! That's great you now accept your cup fetish for what it is and embrace it. People seem to frown upon most fetishes, but I say if it's not harming anyone then who cares. I never really understood the foot fascination that many have, but it's none of my business. Again I appreciate the advice especially from someone a bit older.

@fernando: That's one of the main reasons I don't like to use single restrooms. If someone walks in, there's nothing but you on the toilet. Good to hear you weren't caught though, it would be humiliating having a kid walk in and potentially laughing. They say a person is the most vulnerable while on the toilet.

Well that's it for tonight guys, as always feel free to respond back. My stomach is gurgling and I'm farting as I type this so it may be time for a toilet visit. If anyone has another survey they'd like me to take, I'd be more than happy to do so.


Little Mandi


I don't think I did this survey yet and I'm bored so here you go.


Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom?
I'm only comfortable using the bathroom at home.

Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
I don't use public bathrooms often,but when I go I usually take ones towards the end that are clean.

How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
I sit with my pants usually at my knees and my hands in my lap.


How often do you pee?
It depends how much I drink.

What color / shade is it?
The normal yellow color or clear if I drink a lot of water.

Do you pee a lot in one go?
Most of the time I do.


How often do you fart?
I don't really fart that much.

What type of farts do you do?
Normal ones that aren't that loud and silent ones.

Are you shy about farting?
Very. I never fart in front of people. If I did it would be an accident.

Do you fart on the toilet?

Are your farts noisy?

Do they smell?

How often do you poop?
I don't poop very often. I go like every 3 days or so.

What foods etc make you poop?
No specific food makes me poop anymore. When I was younger,spinach used to make me go.

do you eat certain things knowing it'll make you poop more?

How many turds do you usually get?
Usually ,only one or 2.

Do you have a favorite type to pass?
I don't have a favorite type. I just like when its soft and easy to get out.

How long does it usually take you?
Usually only 2 minutes. I don't take long at all unless I'm sick or constipated.

What types of poop do you do?
Usually,hard solid logs.

Does a lot come out?
Not usually.

Do they make noise?

What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, firm, rock solid..)
Lately they have been rock solid.

When you poop do you require effort?
Sometimes I do. Lately I have. I don't like pushing really hard.

Other / Misc.

Do you usually need lots of toilet paper?
No,usually I only need two or 3 wipes.

Do you 'line the seat' with tp?

Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? (for toilet purposes)
I've peed in front of family,but I don't like to use the bathroom in front of people.

Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, no bathroom nearby...
I'm really good at holding it.
I only fully peed myself once in my life that I remember. I never fully pooped myself. There have been a few times when I thought I had to fart and winded up having diarrhea and had a tiny squirt in my pants but that's it.

Do you make sounds when you go? Sigh after a pee you've been holding for an hour, grunt / strain on a difficult poop, etc...?
I'm usually pretty quiet. Sometimes,I do low sighs.

what was your best bathroom experience?
I don't have any.

What was your worst?
I think my worst time in the bathroom was that one time I was constipated for like 6 days.

Ever been in or used the opposite gender's bathroom? Describe....
I've never been in or used one.

Some Guy

Buddy Dumping

Hey, everyone!

I haven't posted for a while...I think my last post was about pooping at the ballpark on the Fourth of July. Nothing interesting has happened that I can recall...hence the lack of posts. Hopefully this will change before too long!

With some of the recent discussion about guys and 'buddy dumping,' I'm curious as to how buddy dumping is seen/defined by others. To me, a buddy dump would be two (or more) people pooping together on toilets that are out in the open -- no stalls or dividers of any kind. I take it that some define buddy dumping as pooping with someone in the same room, even with stalls, stall doors, and/or dividers. We've all done that -- but sitting on the toilet out in the open with a neighbor -- now THAT's a buddy dump! (Which I'm hoping to get to experience sometime!!)

Or is there more than one way to define a buddy dump? Please clarify!

Happy pooping!
Some Guy


Big dump at school.

Yesterday in Spanish class I was just sitting there listening to our mean teacher. Suddenly I felt a huge poop comming. I asked of I could use the bathroom and she said yes and I walked out in a hurry. I walked in and I heard my friend Isabella in there too. The bathroom smelled and I knew she was taking a huge poop. I took the stall next to her and told her I had to take a dump too. I pulled down my pants as my friend began to wipe. The second I sat down I massive wave of poop came rushing out. It felt so good and I knew I had more left. I sat there and farted for a few minutes until a few soft logs came out. The whole bathroom smelled as I began to wipe. I then flushed the toilet and walked back to class feeling better


Just An Update

I haven't taken a dump in a few days, it gets uncomfortable at times but I'm managing holding it in. I wonder how many more days I can hold off on going for, when I eventually go I'll post the story right away! c:

Gotta Go!


Ok - so I was living in a small camping trailer behind my house as I was working on my house.
The Trailer had no working toilet and the neighbors where Right There!
So instead of going into the house when I needed to pee I would go in an empty soda bottle - back in the day they were glass.
well one Very Hot and Muggy summer day I work up from a nap and was extremely thirsty and not yet really awake and...
You Guessed it! Took a Big Swig from the Wrong Bottle! And it was None too fresh!
Goota Tell ya that taste lingers for a bit even with multiple tooth brushings!



Hi, it's me again. I am busy with full-time school and running a building. It is fun. I will graduate in June. I ate some cold pizza topping last week and it landed in the wrong place. So, I took a double-dose of Colon-Cleanse. It worked on me in less than 2 hours. It promised 12-24 hours. Thursday, I took the stuff in the morning, then went to school. Before I left home, the cramps were murder with the urge to evacuate. So, I let down my green sweat pants and my white Jockey full-cut briefs to my ankles. I loosed out and I mean loosed a brown, loose, chunky mound with a pee. I drank lots of tea. The cramps went up to my head. I got a headache. I wiped myself good because I was wet. I flushed the bowl and went to school. While in the library, the urge came again. I took my things and took a stall. Oh, the cramps were murder and I was on the bowl with my pants and underwear at my ankles, just letting it run out and mount up. Another girl walked in with me and took the adjoining stall. Her bowels were loose. I could hear it. Her pants were to her knees and she was squatting over the bowl. I let her finish with a pee. She flushed and left. I sat there and squeezed out water and bubbles from my rectum. Has anyone ever had this? I just kept pushing it out until there was no more. I wiped myself dry, fixed my clothes and went to study and class. I felt better after. Later, I took a shower in the female gym. When I got home, I took a bath, dried off, then used the bidet because my rectum was raw and itching. I sat on the bidet naked and just let the warm water spray my rectum and my cat. Did it feel good. I just sat with my head bet. my legs and let the water pulsate my underside. I like using that thing. I used one at my aunt's house when I was 10. What an experience that was. I will take psylium at some time to clean myself out and regulate me. I will drink lots of water and eat fruits with that. I promised myself not to be addicted to this site, but I have fallen off the wagon. The major holidays are approaching, so I must start detoxing with Vitamin C.

I'll answer:
1.) have you ever tried to poop in a forest before? how do u feel?
I never have. I have peed many times. But, I have seen boys and girls my age do so in the park. I could not do so, unless I was desperate. I was in the local park in the summer. I was 13 and I was with kids younger than me-boys and girls. I saw some of them peeing and doing #2. I only peed with them. I was wearing a real short yellow summer jumper. I lifted the jumper, pulled down my pink panty with white band-legs and waistband to below my knees, squatted and squirted out my pee. There were two little boys nearby about 9 years old. Their pants were peeing nearby and saw me. We were giggling at each other. They tried to hide their little erections.

2.) have you ever tried to poop in a porta potty before? how do u feel?
Yes. It does not bother me as long as it is clean and does not smell too bad. I've used them at a country club where we have church outings.

3.) have you ever tried to hold your poop but it ran loose and you poop out before?
I've had a few close calls, but I got to the toilet, undid my clothes. I had incidents in the park, library, home, school and church. I never messed myself. One afternoon, I came home from school. I was in 8th gr. I had terrble cramps and my stomach was gurgling. I was desperate to get in the house. I was fumbling with the keys. I opened the door,slammed it behind me, dropped my books, shed my coat and raced for the toilet. I lifted my navy skirt, pulled down my navy panty hose and pink Hanes panty to my knees. I did not care as my ass was over the bowl. As I sat, my bowels released thick dark creamy brown. It stinked the bathroom good. My stomach hurt even more, as I released more. I opened my legs to look and it was like a water faucet. Soon, my mother came home I told her "I'm on the bowl. Everything's coming out of me loose." My mother opened the door and she could see over my scrawny adolescent ass. I was in there for almost an hour, just farting out gas, cramps and brown water. She said, "You have a real belly. Look what came out of your stomach. It is really messed up." I did not know where it came from. Anyway, I finished, wiped myself and flushed the bowl, went and did my homework before dinner.

Another day, I was in a dep't store with my mother. I was 9. I told her I had to go. It was really building up on me. We knew where the women's toilet was. I got in there, found a clean stall, wiped the seat, lifted my black and white flannel skirt and, pulled down my black panty hose and pink and yellow printed FOL panty to my ankles. My stomach gushed out brown water and chunks. First, it was the water, then the chunks. piece by piece, then more water joined it with explosive wet farts. My mother was in another stall taking a pee. She finished and came to my stall and looked in on me. I sat with one hand holding my head and another on my stomach. I told her I was going to be here awhile. So, she understood because she did not want me to have an accident later. Neither, did I. We were in this swanky store. A society white woman came out of her stall and was talking to my mother. My mother asked forgiveness saying that her daughter had diarreah. It was really smelly and loud for a little girl. The lady said it happens to the best of us all. She said her teenage son and daughter have the same attacks. I was in there for 30 minutes before I was empty and wiped my self and fixed my clothes.

4.) do you find it comfortable while pooping in a toilet without seat? if you were going to experience diarrhea in a toilet without seat what will you do? and have you experiencing it before pooping or diarrhea without seat?
It would not bother me. I really hate it, but I went to schools with no toilet seats and I have used those in the parks. So, I know about not having a choice. I just wipe the rim and/or put paper on the rim. I never had #2 at school until I left HS. When I was studying for my GED on Sats., I had to pee. So, I went to the girls bathroom in this real old former girls high school that was converted. So, I was in an original female toilet. All I wanted was to pee. I took a stall, put down my books, hung my coat, undid my blue jeans and my black Jockey panty to my ankles, opened my legs, bent over and peed for almost 90 seconds! When I was finished, I wiped between my legs and my cat. Then, I flushed, pulled up my pants and went to class. The next week, I had to pee. I made friends with an African girl from Sierra Leone. She was tall and dark and leggy. I was 18 and she was 19. We went into the girls toilet. I asked her what she was going to do. I told her I had to pee. She said she had to do #2. I asked her how she could sit on those cold toilet bowls. She said where she went to school the toilets were crude in her country. I told her it was no better in some American schools. I undid my pants and belt as we approached the stall while the girl lifted her red knee-length skirt and tugged down her white full-cut panties.The waistband and the leg openings were trimmed in light pink. We took adjoining stalls, wiped the cold bowls and sat on them. My friend's bowels exploded chunks and then a long buzzing fart and a pee. I peed real long for about 60 secs. I told her, "You have a real belly." She said, "It is like this every morning. I go three times a day. This bowl is cold." I told her my bowels are mostly loose and I go 1-3x. As we talked, she said, "Oh, my stomach" and she farted and there were more chunks. She said, "I usually make hard logs and they stink." She really smelled the bathroom good. I wiped myself, pulled up my blue jeans and white Jockey microfiber panty and flushed. I washed my hands and fixed myself at the mirror while my friend sat on the bowl. She then wiped herself, fixed her clothes and flushed. She came out tugging her skirt, bra straps and white cotton panties. She lifted her skirt to show me. We then went to class.
The next Saturday before class my friend and I entered the school, said hello. We headed to the girls toilet, put our books on the window sill and took stalls. We put paper on the cold porcelain rims, undid our belts and let our pants and panties to our ankles. I was wearing green slacks white cotton Jockey briefs, while she wore pink boy short panties.with her gray slacks. My pee came out in 3 short spurts, then a steady long stream. The girl let out a loud fart followed by three loud splashes and another fart. She asked me why I did not #2 at school. I told her I force myself to go at home, if I have to in the morning. I did not want to at school, which I hated. As we talked, she let out another fart and I heard another small piece. She said, "I had one more in me. It is out." Then, she farted again. I wiped my cat by opening my legs and sat on the bowl while we talked. Then, she took paper and wiped herself clean, which she said, she prided herself. We then fixed our clothes and flushed the bowls.

5.) have you ever poop infront of your boy/girlfriend before?
In front of my well... girlfriend, so to speak. I have done so in front of boys. I have no boyfriend. They were transex. In fact, they too had diarreah while in the park or the library while I was present. I was in a stall while a transboy was in the next one. He had a real bad diarreah and I felt sorry for him. He told me there was no toilet paper in the men's toilet. I was about 16. I was only peeing. I looked down and saw his jeans and white FOL briefs around his ankles. I did so in front of a girl while sharing a hotel room on a swim meet.

6.) what would you do if you were to have a bad stomachache and about to diarrhea and there is no toilet paper in that public toilet?
I would find another stall, toilet or I would use the mens' toilet or take paper from the mens' toilet. I always carry loose toilet paper in my pocket or waist-pack-lots of it. If I have my gym bag, I carry a roll of toilet paper, just in case. Sometimes, I take an extra roll from the school. Sometimes, they leave them loose in cartons. My friend, a trans guy used a female toilet because there was no toilet paper in the male toilet. He had wicked diarreah. I really felt sorry for him. When I was a freshman, I was walking home from athletics and I had peed before leaving the school. It was a nice day, so I walked the better part of the city home when I felt a pee and a #2 coming on. So. I knew where all the parks and playgorunds were. I ducked into a playground where there was a single-stall toilet for females. I took it and it had no door, just a partition. I did not care. It was clean, save for no toilet paper. Good thing, I had a fresh roll in my gym bag. I took out the roll, undid my nylon adidas royal blue warm-up pants and my multi-colored striped Hanes cotton briefs to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I did not have diarreah, but it was soft. It was dark brown and chunky. I peed first and as I was finishing then my bowels moved. I farted after. I sat on the bowl with strands of toilet paper clutched in my hands between my partially opened legs. I thought I was empty when I felt a fart. I farted and I sputtered out loose brown water and soft chunks, followed by another fart. I sat on the bowl and pulled my legs and knees together, then relaxed them. I then wiped my underside and my cat good. I used four pieces and Iscrubbed myself clean. I opened my legs and it was a mess. I was glad to get it all out. I pulled up my underwear and pants, tied the drawstring, flushed the bowl and walked out. I always will carry a roll in my athletic bag or rolled up strands in my waist pack.

7.) do you find it comfortable to poop infront of your boyfriend?
No, if I had one. Iv'e done so in front of my father, grandfather, uncle and cousin, all male. I was 12 and my second cousin was 25. While at our uncle's house, I had breakfast and lunch. Around 2PM, I was watching a movie, when my stomach started pushng down to my rectum. I took my uncle's copy of Ebony and one of my comics and headed to the bathroom. I closed the door, I thought. I lifted my gray jumper, pulled down my navy pantyhose and my pink nylon FOL briefs to my knees and sat on the bowl. Uncle has a nice bathroom with a wide toilet. My skinny behind did not cover the whole seat. I relaxed and let out five long brown soft pieces. They were real soft. I spent a time reading, when my cousin, Ethan was looking for me. The door was ajar and he looked in. He apologized. I bunched myself up. I was surprised because my hairless, undeveloped girlhood was exposed. He asked me, if has OK and I told him yes, that my stomach was loose. At which point, my stomach squeezed out a loose fart with loose muddy chunks. He said, "Girl, what did you eat?' I told him, "You ate breakfast with me." He could see in the bowl everything I had. Anyway, he left me alone and closed the door. I kept on reading. Then, I reached for toilet paper, pulled my dress together, leaned over and wiped myself once, then took two more wads and wiped myself through the front. When I stood up, I was shocked by what I saw. My bowel movement floated on the water. I really ate a lot. I pulled up my underwear and my panty hose. I had to smooth them out because the waistband and the band-legs were kinked and uncomfortable. I let down my dress and then flushed the toilet.

8.) if you were to go to a open field camping trip and at night you had a bad stomachache would you wake up the guy next to you and call him to accompany you? why would u allow or not allow?
Maybe. I had a girl keep me company in the middle of the night when I had terrible bowel movement. And I did the same for her and another. We were at an athletic meet either in a hotel and at a school. Maybe, I will meet such a guy. Or a girl.

9.) if you were to wear short skirt do you prefer to hike up or pull down? Either way, depending on the skirt and how it fits-tight or loose or if I unfasten the waist buttons or zipper. If I pull it down, it comes down at or below my knees with my panty. Long skirts, I hike up with a slip. Short skirts, I either hike up or pull down, depending how comfortable it fits with or without a slip. I wear slips to church and real formal occasions. My pastor requires women to wear full slips. especially with our dresses and skirts. I wear either. I get into trouble with the church elders for wearing short skirts and dresses. When I was in grade and high school, many of us girls would slide down our skirts when we used the toilet. I would never have #2 at school. There were girls who did. One afternoon, I had to pee. So, I told the guard to let me. I told her outright. It was at dimissal. So, she let me. We did not like each other anyway. I was in 8th grade and had just turned 14. I went into the bathroom, hung up my jacket on the stall door, unhitched my navy skirt at my waist, slid it down with my white FOL full-cut band-leg cotton panty, sat on the bowl with my legs splayed wide open and let out my pee. It squirted out 3x before it flowed out for 60 mins. When it slowed to a trickle, I forced out any remaining pee in me. I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and reached bet. my legs and wiped my developing cat. Then, I hitched up my skirt, then my panty. It was a little more difficult than doing it the other way. I did not want to wrinkle my skirt and I did not want it in contact with the toilet bowl. I put my shirt in the waisband. I did not even flush. I just left my yellow pee water with the strand of toilet paper.

Towards the spring, one afternoon, I had to pee during library. It was only time I was at peace with the world. The librarian gave me a pass along with a shy quiet Dominican girl. Her name was Ariana. She told me, "I am farting because I held it and I cannot no more. I hate to use the school toilets to make #2 or ka-kee, but I have to. I cannot wait to until I get home. Iv'e almost done it in my pants." We showed the pass to the guard and kept walking. We got into the bathroom, and took adjoining stalls and slammed pulled the doors shut. It was an old school. We were wearing skirts with elastic waists, which we tugged down with our panties to our shins. I was wearing a whiite nylon Bali with lace trim on the band-leg, while she wore a pink, white and red striped Ambrielle bikini panty. She sat on the toilet, while I squatted over and waited for my pee to squirt out. Ariana sat on the bowl, with her legs and knees wide open. It took a brief time, followed by 5 large plops and splashes. She said, "Oh ,the relief. It is coming out. I'm glad to get it out of me. Then, there were two more plop/splashes with farts before, between and after. "I got to pee, also." Then with another fart, she let out a pee that lasted for 30 secs. She said, "I sometimes have to use the subway toilet or a store or playground toilet because I cannot make it home." I told her, "Same thing with me." I wiped my cat thorough the front of my legs. Ariana asked, "Timeeka, would you keep me company and we can go back to library together?" I said, "Sure." I wiped my cat dry, fixed my panty and skirt on my waist and stuck my shirt tails in my panty waistband. I stepped out of the stall and looked over the door on her. The stall doors were 3ft. high, with a 12 in. gap off the floor. Ariana dropped these large brown hot dog sized pieces. I could see it through her spread legs. I asked her, "What did you eat for lunch?" She said, "I ate salad, salmon and dark bread from home." We talked about being girls. I saw her breast nipples erect. When I told her, she said, "Moving my bowels does that to me." She asked, "what about you?" I told her, "When I have a hard #2 or I am constipated. My bowels are usually soft and loose." Ariana broke wind one more time, took the wad of toilet paper she had in her hands bet. her legs and wiped herself, starting with her cat. Then, she took another strand and wiped her behind from behind with a scrubbing motion. Then, she took another strand and repeated the process. Ariana stood up, lifting her skirt, and panty, putting her white shirt in her panty and skirt waistband. She came out of the stall fixing herself with her cute undies. I said, We did not flush." She said, "Who cares? They do not care about us." With that, we returned to library.

10.) if you were in a deserted place and you are having a bad stomachache and just nice you met a guy who is also having stomachache and both of you 2 are scared as the place was deserted will you allow the guy to go poop with you in the same cubicle? why? what will you ask him to do?
No.He would wait outside. Or I would give it thought.

just a survey
How long it takes to do No.2.less than 10 minutes, less than even 5 mins, unless I have diarreah.

Does it stink?Sometimes, many times, depending on what I eat or drink. I was drinking green tea tincture heavily in water or straight and my #2 was stinking.

How many wipes?3-4 or more, if it is messy, loose or watery. I like to be clean. I use plenty of toilet paper. I do not leave marks or stains in my underwear. One day at school (college), I had to take a #2. I was a freshman. It was afternoon. I had no classes. So, I went to the womens room, slung my books on the radiator near the window in the stall. I let down my navy slacks and my white FOL boy short panty to my ankles. My bowels were moderately loose and creamy. I stinked the place good. It just poured out like soft chocolate ice cream. When I was finished, I took toilet paper to wipe myself from behind. I felt the paper wipe smooth. I took more paper to wipe myself dry. Then I took more and wiped myself with a scrubbing motion. I checked the paper until it was clean. Then, I pulled up my clothes, flushed the bowl and left for next class.

If I use airfreshener?if available and if it is needed.

If I use public toilets?if they are clean and decent and have toilet paper. I like hotels the best. My school and church are not bad. My church is in an old theater. The bowls are small with cut-out seats. I have a few dep't stores that I like. City parks are an adventure. I will not use a filthy toilet or a filthy bathroom. I like large toilet bowls. They are my favorites. I am a skinny kid.

If I read on the toilet? I used to when I was a schoolgirl. I liked reading science books, short stories, novels and comics. I am quick now-in and out.


First post

Hi all,
I'm posting here for the first time. I wish to talk about some of the "accidents" I've had, to start with. I'm 38, married and have two kids. I have had an accident prone life so far :(
First, the accident I had around 7 years back, when I had my first child. My son was now around 4 months old, and while I went to work, he was being babysit by a lady we had hired. I was in office when this happened. I had not pooped since morning and had eaten a heavy breakfast. I was very gassy during the day. It was Friday and there were quite a number of pre-weekend tasks to finish, so I couldn't get a chance to run to the toilet. Letting out a fart every now and then, help relieved the pressure. But I just held it too long. I was at a junior colleague's desk, pointing out mistakes in her report, on her laptop screen, when I just lost it. I farted abruptly, and involuntarily and slowly , a log of poop started coming out in my pants, with quite a loud crackle. She heard the noise and found it weird. I had frozen where I was standing, not knowing what to do. I felt my butt, and sensed a warm round bulge. Then she smelt it and saw that I had some tears in my eyes.
I couldn't change my pants at office, so I was sent home early in a company car. When I reached home, my son was excited to see me back early from office. My maid was surprised too. She started telling me about some stuff about my son, when she noticed the odor. She thought it was my son, and immediately checked his diapers. But having cleaned him for 3 months, she was well aware of his pooping cycles and smell etc. So she must have known something was wrong. When she didn't detect any poop in my son's diaper, she gave me a weird look. She suddenly realized from the source of the smell, that it was me. She was taken aback. She took my son to another room, and then helped me clean my mess. My panties and grey leggings were totally ruined. The cleanup took a long time.
The good thing is though, my son didn't understand what had happened!


Another Constipated Teenager Story

I've posted here before about how I was always constipated as a kid. I would go many many days; sometimes weeks without having a bowel movement. Now and then I would do a marble or two.....but clearly a lot more was coming into me than was getting out. I really don't know how I did it.

My mom had this thing for sneaking pictures of me in my underpants. I'm looking at one now....and I think I remember the **EXACT** day it was taken. It was summer and I was 14. I was standing at the bathroom sink; brushing my teeth. I had the perfect body to show off in my snug-fitting white briefs. The bathroom had a large mirror on one wall....and the angle the picture was taken from did a wonderful job of showing my cute little *ss; wrapped ever so tightly in the white cotton. The mirror image showed my ????....clearly distended from all the poop stuffed inside me. From the looks of me.....I was one very packed little boy on the day this picture was taken; I hadn't pushed any poop out of that little *ss for a long time.

Most of the time.....I actually enjoyed being constipated. I remember mornings like this leaning my bulging belly against the sink.... allowing the weight of my body to push my ???? in. I could feel my rock-hard bowels inside of me.....and I would sometimes just push a little just to make the huge log move. It felt terrific pushing; my colon was so enlarged ....there was no way that the huge mass could exit.....and I would just suck it back up again. Sometimes I would do that over and over again; the feeling was so intense.

I remember once I was riding my bike; it was when I hadn't had a BM for like two weeks. I couldn't even button my shorts; my belly was enormous. It was one of those banana seat bikes.....a real long pointy seat. I loved riding that thing...and went over a few jumps in the field. Exercise sometimes gave me urges; although often I would ignore them only to pack yet another days worth of poop into me. Today though I realized that I was finally feeling a **strong** urge to go. This was the feeling I loved! The massive turd felt like it was the perfect thickness and length to have a massively wonderful shit. I stood there straddling the bike.....letting the turd move out maybe an inch or two. Then; and this was the fun part....I'd work the tip of the bicycle's seat into my crack....and push it back into me. I must have done this 4 0r 5 times. Man it felt awesome! All the knobbiness of if....the boluses.....everything was coming together!

I went inside; pulled down my underpants and sat on the toilet. I savored every second as the thick poop stretched my hiney wider and wider. The goal was to have a shit all in one long wide chunk....and; sure enough....out it came and landed with a thunk in the bowl. God; I was in ecstasy. I wish I had a picture of it; I have never shit like that as an was awesome.

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