Just Took A Dump

I haven't gone for atleast a week now. I was trying to hold it for longer but I ended up giving in today. All day I've been having the urge to go take a dump but just a little while ago I started getting painful cramps. I headed to the bathroom, pulled my panties and pants down to my ankles and sat down. I started pushing and I could feel a large turd start pressing against my rectum. I pushed harder and scrunched my face up as a rock hard turd slowly came out. I could feel it stretch my anus and it felt great. Half way out I stopped took a deep breathe and pushed it all the way out. It made a quiet plop. I looked in the bowl and there was a 5inch long 2.5inch wide turd in the bowl. I still felt the cramps so I turned back around. I started pushing and nothing came out. I waited a minute and easily pushed out a long smooth snake that smelled pretty bad. I looked in the toilet and a 7 or 8inch long 1inch thick snake laid somehow crisscrossed over the other turd. There was a streak on one side of the bowl where it must have pushed against. I still felt a bit crampy so I gave it another minute and pushed again a small wave of burning poop mush came out and it smelled pretty bad. I peed wiped and flushed my dumpage. I still feel a bit crampy and my ???? feels rumbly so I may need to go again soon. That's all for now ♥


To Shy girl

Are we talking about others actually being in the bathroom with you, or near by outside? If it's the former, it probably has to do with how you were raised. You have probably had modesty emphasized to you a bit more than others. What ever the reason, consider this as an incentive to get over the shyness. The longer you hold your poop, the more you increase the chances that sometime you are likely to mess yourself. Now that's embarrassing! You're still at that age where you have a lot of fears and doubts about being different. It goes part and parcel with being a teenager. Remember that there is no right or wrong here, as long as it is your choice and that's what you are comfortable with. There are those who are incredibly shy about undressing in front of others even as adults, and there are those who have no problem exposing themselves. And we're not talking about sexual or erotic situations either.

Not a shy pooper!

I know some of you out there are mortified at the thought of someone hearing you poo!
After having Chronic IBSD for 35 years (since I was 8), you don't care if anyone hears you. You are just glad you could make it to a toilet on time!


Emergency poop

Hi everyone.

I have a garage about half a mile from my house with no toilet facilities within easy reach. I use it for general storage. I was in it sorting out stuff when I felt a sudden strong urge to poop. The door was wide open and if I had shut it I'd have been in pitch darkness, but it opened onto a public yard with a public footpath alongside. I found a plastic carrier bag and stood as far from the open door as I could, with my lower half hidden behind some boxes and lowered my trousers and underpants. I then held the plastic bag between my legs so that one handle was in front, held by my left hand and the other behind hooked over my right wrist with the fingers of my right hand spread so that they held the top of the bag wide open. I then pushed, just very gently as that was all that was needed and my poop came out as several fairly large turds which dropped into the plastic bag very noisily. Fortunately no-one came by during my pooping session and, equally fortunately, there were some toilet rolls in the garage so I was able to wipe myself clean and I dropped the used tissue into the bag with the poop. I don't know why but pooping in places other than the toilet is definitely more enjoyable that being conventional. I've even used the plastic carrier bag method at home in the lounge when I've been watching TV so I didn't have to miss anything. The only problem is that when I need to poop, I usually need to pee as well so I have to ensure I have a bottle handy and also that emptying my bladder doesn't trigger an automatic opening of my anus. Conversely, if the poop need is really urgent, I have to make sure that my pee isn't released accidentally when I'm pushing out the turds before having a pee.

Katrina (Free Pooper)

Lazy Girl

Greetings! My name is Katrina! I just turned twenty and I found this site about a few months ago, so I decided I would share my story.
I live alone in a small house, so I'm not shy about where I do my business. One day I was just laying on my couch when I felt a cramp in my ???? and I knew I had to poop. I decided to hold it in for as long as I could so I would have an even bigger relief when I decided to go. I did a couple chores around the house, cleaned and made lunch mostly, before the cramps finally just overpowered me in the kitchen. I had tiled floors, so I decided that the cleanup would be easier than going on my carpet. I pulled off my white underwear, spread my legs wide and just let go.
I felt my butt hole open wide and I heard a crackle as a smelly, thick turd rushed its way out of my body. It slid out to over twelve inches before it broke off and another turd was sliding out. I must have pushed out three twelve inchers before I started pushing out a couple nuggets. I began to pee on the floor right after I pooped and I had never felt such relief. I looked down at my masterpiece to see four or five bigger turds curled up on the kitchen floor and topped off with several smaller pieces with a huge yellow puddle spread out around it.
I wrapped up my turds in a whole load of toilet paper, wiped the rest off of my ass and flushed it all down the toilet. Then I mopped all the pee off the floor. I've peed and pooped in my kitchen before, so this was nothing new to me. I felt so much better and it actually felt really good to just let it all out wherever I felt like.
Thanks for reading everyone! I'll have more stories for you the next time I get a chance! Bye!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today I went Christmas shopping. After lunch I started to need to go for a poo quite urgently. Of course it was really busy and there was a queue for the ladies loos. I joined it, with 3 women in front of me waiting for one of the 4 cubicles to become free. Ahead of me were a middle-aged woman, an Indian girl of about my age and a brunette, also about my age, who was in a uniform and on a break from working at one of the shops nearby. She seemed to be quite urgent for a poo as well. The woman went in fairly quickly and then the Indian girl got a seat a few minutes later. She started to poo. Two cubicles opened up together then and I went in with the uniformed girl. We both sat and I saw her work trousers and purple knickers being pulled down to her feet. I did the same with my jeans and pink knickers. We both did a wee and then there was a plop from her cubicle at about the same time as my first log came out. The Indian girl was to my left and she was having a poo too. By now there was a strong smell of poo in the air! We all pushed out a few more logs and farted too. By now the only cubicle turning over was the end one taken by the woman, and there was another queue forming. With three of us pooing it wasn't moving very fast. I could hear the Indian girl having trouble with her poo, and the other girl was doing a lot of pieces. I could see she had her legs spread quite a lot as she pooed. I did a couple more logs that required a fair bit of pushing. By now there were a few impatient people queuing. The Indian girl finished and left and was replaced by a woman who weed, then another who did the same. I was having trouble with my last piece and the girl next to me was still dropping the occasional turd. I heard someone in the queue say, 'what are those two on the end doing? Come on!' referring to our cubicles! Finally my log came out. I started wiping and the girl next to me did a final fart and plop, then she was done just as I flushed my big load. 7 turds in total. I counted at least 15 plops from the other girl! She must have really had to go and been holding it through her shift until her break came when she could finally get to the loo and relieve herself! I was washing my hands when she came out after flushing. She looked relieved and we shared a quick smile at each other knowing we'd both just done big poos!

Shy girl

New here

Hey peeps, for starters I'm 14-years old and EXTREMELY shy about pooping. All of my friends are so open about this and they worry about me when I'll choose to hold it over long periods instead of pooping in front of people when needs be. So I figured this site might help me become more comforable with this, especially because I'll probably never meet any of you in person, lol!

Any advice on how to clear up this issue or stories on how you other girls became more comforable about pooping will be welcomed! And if I get some requests, I may even post a story soon :D

Shy Girl

messy clean ups

For those of you who suffer with hemorrhoids!
Do you find the clean up after your poop, is more messy and takes quite a while to wipe when your hemorrhoids are swollen!

Mr. Clogs

2 cups came in handy for this early morning pees

I'll be brief with this post. Really early Monday morning about 2:00AM, I was bursting to pee. I was half a sleep and really tired. I needed to pee, I had some cups lying around, I grabbed a the cup that came the taco bell, slid my underwear to the side and put the cup up to my semi-erect wood and started filling up the cup. I filled the cup past 3/4s way since the cup can hold 32 fl oz, lets say 26 oz I peed into it. I put the piss filled cup back on my entertainment unit and went back to sleep.

Again I had to pee and was bursting too. I got up and used the green cup to relieve myself into. I filled the cup about 3/4 way into the 30 0z cup. I put the cup back on my entertainment unit and went back to sleep.

Well that all for now, I hope you all enjoyed my post this day. Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

At my local car wash there are two small bathrooms. One for women and the other for men. Each with its appropriate sign on the door. I don't know the women's, but the men's bathroom layout intrigues me. It's a very neat small space with a toilet, a urinal, and a sink. There is a privacy screen between the urinal and the sink but nothing between the urinal and the toilet. They're next to each other, so that a guy using the urinal unbuckled, would be a mere 50 inches from a guy sitting in the toilet.

Since there is a privacy screen between the urinal and the sink and a toilet and a urinal, I have always wondered if this bathroom is meant to be used by two men at a time. There is a locking door though.

I had always used the bathroom for peeing only and didn't give too much thought about locking the door. However, today I was washing my car in the morning and I felt an intense urge to defecate. I headed towards the small bathroom and went inside. For a second or two, I hesitated about locking the door but since it was rush hour and there were lots of children around, I thought it would be better to lock. I proceeded to unbuckle my pants and take a seat. I relaxed and pushed a nice turd. I was a little bit nervous at first that someone might come in and see me sitting in the toilet with my pants at my ankles and turd hanging out of my hole. About 3 minutes later as I was wiping, I heard someone trying to open the locked door. They were very insistent and I realized it was some child. Luckily the door didn't open. Finally I was over with my business, washed my hands and left. It was an interesting pooping experience. Hope to shit in that bathroom again soon. Maybe I won't close the door next time.

Mr. Clogs


Molly: I enjoyed your camping post camping urinating outside. Next time when you go camping, get one of those portable female urinals to use to pee into at night without leaving your tent.

Samantha: Interesting! Weird, hmm....not sure, but to each is own. What ever makes you happy is your thing.

Anonymous Guy: No problem and I hope you enjoyed my posts and will post more if anything interesting comes up. I agree with you that I try to look for other posts other than spying on people or people having to go to the bathroom on themselves. To answer your question about having a hard time knowing, well it wasn't hard at all, I was nervous at first doing it. Mainly the thrill and excitement of it all. I was just having fun at the time and feeling good after dropping a deuce or two into those cups. Like that old saying, it's never as good as the first time. Indeed the first time was the best. I usually get a lot of feedback mostly from the male responders than female. Not to say the females don't comment but just want to point that out. Now as far as public restrooms. I use them if needed, but I don't like to be in crowded facilities. We're similar in some ways, but opposite in others. I appreciate the feedback and questions and hope I was able to answer them in a honest way. Take care.

That's all for now happy peeing and pooping to all and have a nice day.

--Mr. Clogs

Beth: Enjoyed your story about taking the laxative and having to poop at work on your lunch break.

Hi everyone, my name is Ally, I am a 22 year old woman and I have a story about indulging someone's hopes, which I want to share here for some reason.

I have a friend, Clara, who I've known since childhood, we live in different parts of the country now but I still sometimes go and stay with her family for a few days. She has a younger brother, Daniel, who is fifteen years old and lives with Clara and her parents in their family home where I go to stay.

At Clara's house there is one bathroom upstairs which is linked to her parents' bedroom and another one downstairs, where there is a rather strange set-up. In the wall just behind the toilet is a window which used to show the outside, but after they built an extension on their house, now opens into a little-used storage room. Round the corner from the storage room is Daniel's bedroom. It had vaguely crossed my mind over the years that the window compromised the privacy of this toilet somewhat, but it was always closed, and I hadn't given it much thought.

Last time I stayed at Clara's, I had just finished peeing in the downstairs bathroom when I heard a small noise from behind me. I looked round, saw the window was open, and also saw a movement just behind it - clearly Daniel had been watching me from the storeroom, and I was a bit shocked. But for some reason I reacted as if nothing had happened at all. I pulled my pants up, flushed the toilet and went back upstairs, feeling a bit flustered. I knew that Daniel had been spying on me - everyone else was in different parts of the house.

I kept thinking aobut this incident that evening, and found myself wanting Daniel to spy on me again. I'd noticed over the previous year or so that Daniel clearly had a crush on me. I'm quite a tall woman with short blonde hair, big tits and a nice, curvy body, I know I'm fairly attractive. He is a young kid who I have no romantic or sexual interest in, but I just thought to myself 'the guy probably fantasises about me on the toilet, so why not help him out?' I needed a crap already that evening, but I thought I'd save it until I knew Daniel would be able to watch me.

The next afternoon, Clara and her parents went out to run some errands, and it was just me and Daniel in the house. I was watching TV and he was in his bedroom. I really needed to take a dump by this point, I had that feeling of pressure and fullness in my rectum and I was squirming about a bit and farting a lot. I walked down the stairs to the bathroom, noisily enough that he would be able to hear me coming. I entered the small bathroom, saw the little window was wide open, turned around, pulled down my pants and slowly sat down on the toilet. Despite the fact I was desperate to start pooing I waited for a few moments. It was totally silent in the bathroom, after a moment I heard a small shuffle in the room just behind me - I'm not sure if I'd have noticed it if I hadn't been expecting it, but I knew for certain now Daniel was watching me through the little window.

I scooted myself as far forward as possible on the toilet seat and leaned forward, lifting my bum up so everything would be totally visible. The window was placed just above where the toilet seat met the wall, so if he'd placed himself correctly he'd have had a clear view of the back of my short blonde hair, my t-shirt covered back, and below that my bumcrack, my anus and a gap between my bum and the seat, showing the toilet bowl and water below. The toilet was pushed back against the wall with window just above, so any smell would waft straight up to the window.

At this point I felt strangely very nervous, there were butterflies in my stomach. I heard another very slight noise from the window, but I knew he had no idea I knew he was watching.

I knew I was going to go through with it... I let out a small fart, then started pushing. A large, hot, soft, sticky turd started coming out of me, there was a gooey sound as it came out of me, after a few seconds it plopped quite loudly into the toilet. I let out a groan of relief - 'uhhhhhhhhh...' - I wasn't putting on a show there, it just felt great when the poo came out of me.

I sat for a moment, savouring the sensation in my anus. I couldn't smell anything yet as I was leaning so far forward, but I knew what it would be like from how it felt... hot and sticky... it actually FELT smelly. I could feel there was lots more - I pushed again and lots more soft, less well-formed shit came out, I could hear it plopping and splatting. I was leaning so far forward that I knew it was hitting the toilet bowl in front of the water. It was weird to think that Daniel would've literally been able to see all of the brown shit coming out of my anus opening.

One thing I often like to do when having a dump is to lean forward and wait until I can smell it, wait for the stink to fill the room around me, which can take a little while. It was shortly after this moment that the wave of stench started getting stronger and stronger, and shortly there was a totally foul smell enveloping me and filling the whole room. I heard another slight moment from Daniel in the silence but betrayed no knowledge that he was there. With his face and nose so close to my bum and the crap filling the toilet below, it must've been hard for him not to gag - this was one of my most stinky dumps. I wondered if it was too much for him.

I pushed one more time and a few more remnants of sticky shit slimed out and plopped into the bowl - I was finished. I sighed and reached for the toilet roll. I wiped my behind without looking - very messy, lots of poo on the wad of roll. I carried on wiping until the toilet roll was coming back clean, which took several attempts - I was a bit worried the toilet would block, with the size of my turd and the amount of toilet roll I'd used. I stood up, turned round and looked in the bowl. I couldn't believe how bad the smell was, it was a sharp and rotten stench - I really had stunk out the room, and probably the store-room through the window as well. There was no sign of Daniel now. Most of my creation was hidden by the screwed up wads of roll but I could see some slimy brown shit and streaks near the front. I flushed, and sure enough it blocked, the bowl started filling up, and the water came up to near the top, with bits of turd and dirty toilet roll floating around in it. I thought to myself that I'd come back and flush it later. I washed my hands, unlocked the door and went upstairs, returning fifteen minutes later, to see that the toilet had been flushed again already - though there were still lots of brown skidmarks in the bowl. Obviously Daniel had been in and seen my remnants.

I didn't see Daniel for the rest of that day, he spent the whole afternoon and evening in his room, I'd like to think he was revelling in the way his fantasy had been indulged and he had memories to last a lifetime.

Ok, had to take a dump at Starbucks. The store I was in was strange and the bathroom was way in the back and hard to see if you just walked in. There was only 1 women restroom and it was good enough. The water pressure from the toilet flush is very low and you have to wait a little minute before you can flush again. The low water pressure and the lack of be able to flush multiple times means any time a woman take a dump, they will leave skid-marks. This will occur unless they flush a second time.

Well, I went here early in morning and stay from around 8:00-10:00. I was sitting down at the table nearest of the stall. I would often go back and forth to the restroom to spit or get tissue. Then, one of the Starbucks female barista's, a young white girl had to use the stall. she was in there for 10 minutes or less. stayed in there and came out. Then I went in and saw skid-mark stains. They were not extreme but light brown poop marks around. There was no strong odor surprisingly. But her poop did get enough water pressure and the result was poop streaks and skid-marks left. It happened and due to busy work load, the barista girl was not willing to wait and in a hurry to flush and get out. Those skid-marks did go away after the second flush. But wow,those brown streaks are signs the caffeine and all that coffee was interfering with her digestive process and the digestion was not complete. A little caffeine is good but not too much and for her, there was smears and it would have left if there was an additional flush. I also wondered if she wiped properly and just rushed to get out


being stoned and crapping.

So like ive been a reader here for a while and im finally gunna post lol. Well here goes... (Btw im Male about 6 ft semi muscular build i dont workout i just skateboard :)

So today I woke up feeling like there was a ton of bricks in my stomach but after about 15 minutes of being awake the feeling went away. Any way, i had to go to work. The first few hours of work was alright until i had my break and i usually smoke a cig on break, this got my stomach churning since i was outside by myself i cut loose some pretty gnarly farts like the ones when you feel like your deflating. Once my break was over i continued working feeling an urge to crap growing more and more by my final 30 minutes i was deffinately ready to unload, but i hate crapping in public toilets. Once i got home i hit the bathroom pulled down my khakis and boxers and sat on the throne. I let out this long semi silent fart and could feel my load getting ready to come out. It all came out in one long fat turd to be honest it felt so good that i started getting kinda exited to the point that i felt the cold toilet water on my... well ya know lol after about 5 minutes i pushed out this light brown monster i swear it had to be about 16 inches and about 3 inches wide. i wiped paper was clean, i flushed and thanks to my awesome toilet it sucked down the monster load. afterwards i decided to post it here.

Well its not that sweet but theres my story let me know if you would like to hear more!


Reply To Tawnie's Survey

1 when usin the bathroom are your pants around your ankles or where?

A: If I really have to urge to go or it's cold around my knees, if I'm leisurely going then between my knees and ankles.

2 do u have your legs spread or wat ?

A: My legs stay normal like if i was sitting in a chair. If I need to push really hard my knees touch and the bottom part of my legs will spread out.

3 when goin poop have u made plopping sounds or tell wat sounds have u made?

A: Depends. Sometimes a loud plop sometimes none at all.

4 when goin poop how hard have u had to push on a scale 1-10 ?

A:Depends. But I often have to push hard to get my poop out even when I'm not constipated. Maybe a 7 on average and a 9 when I'm constipated.

5 if u have to push hard do u strunch up your face n get red ?

A:Yes. >.<

6 when pooping at public bathrooms eather at school or wher ever have u seen your neighbors next door to your stall have u seen ther pants around ther ankles n ther feet pressing hard to the floor n hear grunts plops ka plunks or splashes or wat ?

A: I have heard grunts, plunks, and splashes. I have never payed attention to their feet tho.

7 when poopig have u ever had to dig befour cause. Your poop was to hard or big to come out if u have had to dig explain how n wat position u use to dig or tell me how u get hat poop that is to hard or big or stuck to come out ?

A: I've never had to dig lol

Monday, December 17, 2012

John H

pees poops and comments

Hey all two stories and some long overdue comments.

This morning I woke with a strong need to pee but I kept putting it off until the urge got very strong. I went and sat on the toilet and let out a long pee that felt so good to get out after holding it in for so long. There was a strong smell from the pee as most of my morning pees are like this. Then I felt a poop inside me that wasn't ready to come out yet but I decided to get it out while I was here instead of having to come back later. I pushed and my hole opened slowly. The head of what felt like a large dry poop poked out and staid that way for a few seconds before a small marble dropped into the toilet. The head of the poop felt really good stretching my hole so I tried not to push. Another small bit of the poop splashed down but the main log was going nowhere. I relaxed and it went back inside me. I have read several posts here mainly by girls who mention this happening but I have never experienced it until today. I pushed and the log moved out once again. I relaxed and the same thing happened. I pushed and reached down to feel my whole. It was bulging out a lot so I knew this was a large log. That's probably why it was going back inside. I pushed again and my hole was really stretched open as the head of the log moved out. It moved quicker after a few seconds but it was still very wide. A large part of the log broke under its weight and splashed into the toilet. The rest of the log joined it a minute later. I pushed to see if there was anything left but only a small amount of soft poop came out. It only took me a small amount of paper to clean up as the log was very solid. It was around two inches thick.

Later today I felt another urge coming on so I went and dropped my trousers and boxers and as soon as my ass rested on the seat a wide but soft log began to come out. It didn't take any pushing and the log broke in several large lumps which splashed down into the water. I got a lot of splash back from that one. I'm not sure where all the poop came from but it sure felt good to get it out.

Now for some comments.
@Anonymous Guy. I gave standing wiping a try a few days ago and I have to say it went well. It took me a minute to get used to it. I have done it again since and find that if I lean a little forward it allows me to get in and make sure there is nothing left behind. Glad I tried and let me know if you try sitting to wipe any time.
@Imagen Hey and welcome to the site. I really enjoy the stories that you have posted so far and looking forward to reading more. Thanks for your comment. I think it happens us all at some stage when we think we have a fart but end up getting a bit more than we bargained for. Glad that it hasn't happened me since though as I like a good solid poo much better than a runny one.
@Anne Hey I really liked your story about Kyra pooping in your bathroom. Lots of nice details included and keep them coming.

I would love to comment to some more people as there has been lots of interesting stories posted since I was here last but I think I have wrote enough for now.
Take care all,
John H

It's been a while since I last posted here. I meant to post earlier this week, but with school ending soon and preparing for Christmas, things have been a bit crazy lately.

Abbie: It does make me feel a bit better to know that I'm not the only one who has misjudged the need to poo and had an accident. Like I said, I got lucky in that nobody was home to see that I'd pooed my knickers. Sorry to hear that you weren't so lucky when you had your accident at that sleepover.

Last weekend, I stayed over at Bethany's house. After school on Friday we went to her house. When we got there, we both had to wee very badly. She let me go first and I weed for a long time. I wiped but didn't bother flushing as Bethany sat right down in my place. She also weed heavily though not quite as long as I had. After she finished, she wiped but remained seated. She told me she felt like maybe she could poo. We chatted for a minute or two, and she gave a few pushes during, but she said she didn't have to go after all and would try again later.

Later in the evening, after we ate dinner, she wanted to try to poo again. I said I'd wait in her room until she was done. She returned about fifteen minutes later, a bit red in the face. She explained that she hadn't pooed since Tuesday and so she had to strain a lot to get it to finally come out. I told her that happens to me sometimes and I hate when it does.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. When I woke up, Bethany was still asleep. I layed there for a short time, but soon I had to wee. I got up and went to the toilet. I found the door was partway open and walked in, but Bethany's sister Olivia was sitting on the toilet. I quickly said sorry and she told me it was alright, and I left. I think I was probably more embarrassed than she was though.

I waited in the hall until I heard a flush and Olivia opened the door. She said she was going to shower, but that I could use the toilet if I needed. I lowered my pyjamas and sat on the toilet, and Olivia removed her nightie and got into the shower. I weed, wiped, and flushed then returned to Bethany's bedroom.


Tawnie's Survey

1. Where are your bottoms while on the toilet?
Usually near my knees.

2. Position of legs on the toilet?
Keep them close with knees touching.

3. Do you make sounds on the toilet?
Just some farts.

4. How hard do you have to push?
About a 3.

5. Do you push until you turn red?
I never exhaust myself while pooing and I take my time.

6. Do you notice other people using the toilet in a public bathroom?

7. N/A


Sunday Dump

This morning, I took a crap that is one of those that you just have to tell somebody about. I spent the morning drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper, knowing that my wife and I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do today. About 10:30, we were getting ready to leave when the growing heaviness in my lower gut told me I should make a trip to the bathroom before we headed out.

After entering the bathroom, dropping my jeans, and sitting down, I took out my phone and started doing a little web surfing. I peed a bit, farted a couple times, then started surfing. I actually came to this site and started reading Molly's post when I leaned forward and began pushing.

The tip of the turd emerged, and slowly began inching out. The feeling of a thick, firm snake slowly coming out of your butt, coiling up in the toilet below, and actually feeling yourself getting lighter as it comes out is one of the great bathroom experiences.

Once the end of it came out, I wiped, pulled up my jeans, and admired my handiwork. A light brown, 15-20 inch long coiled up turd. No wonder I felt a few pounds lighter. I flushed, washed my hands, and my wife and I left to do our shopping.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Happy pooping, all.

Brandon T

comments & stuff pt1 since im on a psp

To: Molly great outdoor peeing story it sounds like you got a mega bladder and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great poop story.

To: Samantha it sounds you really had to pee.

To: Jess that mustve sucked but at least you were able to poop.

To: Beth it sounds like you had a rough time constipation sucks at least you were able to go some.

To: Charlie great catch

To: Nicole it sounds like your boyfriend really loves you and you should trust him.

s. Brandon T

Yesterday I heard a woman have diarrhea at the bookstore she didnt fart really but it sounded mushy.


Here in the UK the norovirus and rotovirus are rampant.
One causing vomiting and diarrhea and the other,just diarrhea.
As it's airborne it's difficult to prevent the spread of them.
Is this virus affecting the US like it is in the UK?@


Bama Guy, Anonymouns Guy - Buddy Dumping

It depends on how you define buddy dumping. Anonymous (I'm glad you found this site, by the way) it's nice that you enjoy routine use of a public men's room when another guy is there. I need a little more for it to be a "buddy dump."

I mentioned earlier Washington Sq Park in NY - sitting right next to a guy in full view as you're both grunting and dropping logs. Some guys are really embarrassed and pretend you're not there, but sometimes they'll strike up a conversation and it's nice to share this common act.

I've also talked to guys while I'm using a doorless stall. I can't see who's next to me, but I've talked to guys out in the wash area in full sight of what I'm doing. It took a long time to get comfortable wiping with another guy watching, but I've done it. I even posted about a guy coming into my stall to grab some toilet paper.

I still have trouble if it's someone I know watching me in a public men's room with no doors, but at home I have had a friend or two watch and then I traded places with them. It's really a bonding experience. Hope you get your chance soon.


Poo today

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest update for you all, will get t it in a sec after a couple of comments.
Megan- great story about your poo after the lecture. I know what you mean about breaking the silence, sometimes that happens to me at school, I'm on the loo next to someone else and we both stay sitting after we've weed so its obvious we both need a poo. Quite often I end up going first like you did, someone's got to!!
Imogen- Thanks for your kind comments and I enjoyed your live story, I'm just like you, I love the feeling of letting a good poo out, but its a pain at the moment as I'm so badly constipated. Sorry to hear you've had some accidents on the way home too, I hope you can pluck up the courage to have a poo at school if you need to. As you said you've already heard some girls going for a poo during breaktimes so at least you know you wouldn't be alone, also when you hear them pooing I'm sure you don't think anything bad about them so the chances are no-one will think anything bad about you if they hear you having a poo. I've come to the conclusion that although it can be awkward if you need a poo at school its certaintly better than pooing your knickers or ending up with dirty knickers because your poo poked out before you could get on the toilet.
Anyway, back to me, I managed to have a poo this afternoon after not going for 3 days so I suppose my constipation is getting a bit better, also it was a real bonus to be able to go at the weekend rather than bursting for a poo at school on Monday which is what usually happens. After lazing around not doing much this morning I felt a slight urge juist before lunch so I thought I sould go, I was on my own and still hadn't got dressed so I went into my bathroom, lifted my t-shirt, pulled down my pink and yellow spotty knickers and sat on the loo. I had a wee which went on for quite a while and then I took a deep breath and bore down, quite soon I felt a fat log starting to poke out of my bum and slide out really slowly. I kept pushing constantly as I was worried about the log being sucked back up if I relaxed the pressure, after about 10 minutes of straining and feeling pretty hot and bothered I managed to push the widest part through and felt the poo slide out faster, it splashed into the bowl a few minutes later and I gasped with releaf. I passed a few more logs before finally feelinmg empty and then I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. I flushed and then took off my t-shirt and knickers so I could have a shower. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Desperate to poop

Winter wonderland poop

Hi all

Last post didn't get posted or is still in the queue

Anyway went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and near the end needed a pooh headed off with my friend and we saw a line of 20 for the ladies. We both needed a pooh so we decided to join the queue of 8 we thought was for the mens cubicles but was in fact the disabled as there was another queue further in.

The first few went down quickly as 2 or 3 young 20 yr olds went for pees. Then a 40 yr old redhead went in and she was in for five minutes making everyone wait (some a bit impatiently as they were quite desperate). In front was a very desp 20 yr old, a 60 yr old who wasn't giving much away and 2 30 yr olds. Finally the 40 yr old came out and the 20 yr old was in for about 2 mins with a big pee. Then the 60 yr old went in and she was having a serious pooh as she was in about seven minutes meaning the queue was getting much longer and someone shouted what's taking so long. A bit rude really as Poohs take as long as they take. Finally she came out and a 30 yr old who had been whispering hurry up to herself dashed in and I heard a diarreotic splat. 3 mins later she came out and the other 30 yr old dashed in and had a pee. I was next and my friend came in with me. I sat down immediately and let a long 10" snake out about 2" wide. Oh the relief. I had another 6" to do and my friend was asking me to hurry. I finished and let her sit down. She bolted for it and let some soft poop out the relief was clear to see on her face

When she finished we both stood up to wipe as I hadn't wiped and had my trousers round my ankles. We both finished wiping and I cheekily gave her a little wipe to which she went ooh and then giggled. We both left commenting how relieved we were :)

Happy Pooping

If my harrods posh poop doesn't make it I'll re-send.

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