Sarah T

Messy Misadventures

Sarah T again, its been a little while since I last posted.

So, this happened last week. A friend of mine was visiting and she had come over to watch some movies and have dinner. It had been ages since we had last seen each other and I was quite excited to see her.

We decide to watch The Misadventures of Margaret, but, first we ran out to get some take-away, we went for Italian, she got spaghetti and I went with lasagna.

Anyway, we got back to my place and settled in for the film and dinner. We were both quite involved with the film, so, when I felt a bit of a cramp I did my best to ignore it. After all, I was having a great time with Mary, and didn't want to interrupt it. Bit, I knew sooner or later I would need to visit the bathroom. I wanted to at least make it to the end of the film though.

With about twenty minutes left Mary tan into the kitchen to grab us sodas. And that's when all hell broke loose. She sneaked back in, and I didn't notice her. She came up behind me and started tickling me, which scared the crap out of me... Literally. I just exploded this nasty, soft serve poo into my jeans and panties with a loud squelch. It didn't take long for Mary to notice what happened. She started apologizing. In all honesty, I wasn't mad or anything. How was she to know that she would cause me to poop my pants?

It did kind of interrupt things as I had to take a shower and bag the ruined undoes. But, she promised to get me new jeans and panties. I told her not to worry about it. After awhile, she realized I wasn't mad, and we got back to movies and later went to a bar for a bit. She didn't even know I still had accidents, but, she did know about ones from when I was back in college and high school.

Oh, and the next day she bought me new panties and jeans!

Desperate to poop

Dept store poop

Hi all

I decided to brave the xmas shoppers on Sat and went into town. Surprisingly it wasn't as busy as I thought although it was still pretty busy.

I needed a poop and usual I paid a trip to my favourite enclosed loos at John Lewis. I had a cup of tea first and then headed off ready for a nice dump. As I arrived two ladys were waiting and one went in pretty quickly replacing a gent. For a few mintues we waited then the other lady went in replacing another gent. Just then a very attractive Blond walked up and stood there tapping her foot a bit. I wasn't sure if she was desperate or just impatient. She asked me if I'd been waiting long I said not that long a few minutes. A few mintues later I got to go in.

I locked the door nestled my butt on the seat and began a nice poop and a long gurgling piss. At that point I noticed someone had left a shopping bag on the hook. I continued to evacuate a nice poop and heard the other girl take the other toilet, she was in and out quite quickly. I took a little while savouring my poop. I finally felt finished. Wiped up back and front and then left with the shopping bag to hand in. As I came out the lady was standing there that I'd replaced and I asked is this your bag to which she replied yes and thankyou.

Happy Pooping all

Ashley Ashley
I see there's a post from another Ashley so my new post name is going to be Ashley Ashley


To Tyler--constipated teenager stories

Tyler do you have any constipated teenager stories where people heard or saw you being constipated and straining to poop? what about stories where you had to use a laxative or enema to poop? did you ever have to dig it out of you? You say you enjoyed being constipated you still enjoy it now and does it--or did it-- "arouse" you

Tech Guy

A merry group of girls being gross about their bowels

My wife Julie has some funny friends. One Sunday before Christmas, Julie, her friends and I went out for a Christmas lunch at restaurant. There were eight women and I was the only guy. The waiter made a comment about this and the girls told him that I was an 'honorary girl' today for the girls' Christmas lunch.

Most of the girls drank plenty of wine especially Julie's best friend Paula who drank more than most. I didn't drink any as I had been 'volunteered' to drive the car home after wards. As you can imagine, some of the girls became a quite 'merry' but fortunately, the restaurant had given us our own room upstairs so the girls didn't need to worry about anyone else overhearing what they were saying.

Our Christmas lunch was soup and roast turkey followed by a large helping of Christmas pudding. Paula didn't eat her Christmas pudding as she was full and in any case, she said that all that dried fruit in the plum pudding would give her 'the runs'. She asked me if I would like her portion and I accepted. Then two other girls said they didn't have room for Christmas pudding either so they passed their plates to me. Everyone was looking at me, expecting me to eat it all so I did.

The others had all finished their lunch but I was still chomping my way though a triple helping of Christmas pudding. The topic of conversation turned to digestion and Carol, who was the 'ring leader' of the group said to me, "That should keep you 'regular'! Last time I ate that much Christmas pudding, I was on the toilet all the afternoon!"

Barbara poured a glass of water and got a small bottle of Milk of Magnesia out of her bag. She took it with some with water and she explained that she had acid indigestion and she finds this traditional remedy is the best antacid for her if she takes enough. She said that it does have a certain side effect however. We all knew what this was but Carol asked Barbara and she said. "It's a wonderful laxative! I'll be on the toilet all the afternoon!"

Then the conversation turned to the so-called "Winter Vomiting Virus". This has been quite widespread in Britain this winter and it has started earlier than usual. Kate said that her sister caught it when she went on a cruise ship recently and her sister didn't go on any of the shore excursions as she was in her cabin on the toilet most of the time.

Then Carol said that she had it a couple of days ago but fortunately it was quite mild. She said, "It was just water coming out of my backside with no other symptoms". Kate asked Carol if she had recovered now and Carol said that she felt fine and she had a healthy appetite but she still had 'the runs' at times and she could feel that her Christmas dinner would all come out of the other end soon.

Then Sue offered Carol some anti-diarrhea tablets. Sue runs marathons and she does a lot of training runs. She told us that she always keeps a pack of anti-diarrhea tablets with her wherever she goes. Sue said that sometimes, "Long distance running makes my guts churn." She explained that when that happens she has to go in the bushes somewhere. "It's not just for a wee either" she added, in case we hadn't guessed.

Sue said that she hoped that she doesn't catch the 'bug' because apart from the unpleasant symptoms and the interruption to her training schedule, her toilet doesn't have a window so it has an electric fan. The fan isn't working at the moment so it would be really stinky in there if she has an attack of diarrhea. Carol said she was sure that Tech Guy could fix the fan for Sue before Christmas and Julie agreed to make my 'services' available to her friend Sue. There was some giggling about a possible double meaning here but Julie made it clear that she meant purely technical services.

Julie looked embarrassed by all this talk of toilet matters as she is rather shy about such things. She said she was sorry that her friends were talking about their bowels so much and that she hoped it wouldn't put me off going out for another meal with them in future. On the contrary, I was actually quite enjoying being an 'honorary girl' for a day, if this was what the girls talked about after a few glasses of wine.

Paula looked rather pale and she was very quiet which is unusual for her. Then Paula said that she needed to a 'number four' and she rushed out of the room. I was puzzled by this coded message amd I wondered if it was a type of food or drink. Then Carol explained it to me. We all knew what 'Number One' and 'Number Two' are, 'Number Three' is something that only women do in the toilet and 'Number Four' is something that we all do if we have too much to drink. And we don't always manage to get to the toilet to do it either. I must have still looked puzzled because Carol spelled it out to me, "She's made a pig of herself drinking too much wine and now she's gone to the toilet to throw up her Christmas dinner!"

Paula was gone for quite a long time. About 10 minutes later, Carol stood up and clutched her stomach. "Oh no!" she said, "I've really got 'the shits'!" When Carol came back from the ladies toilet, Sue asked her if she was feeling okay and she said that she was but Paula was still in the ladies toilet being violently sick. About 20 minutes later, Paula came back and she didn't look well. She said that she thought she had caught the 'bug'.

Paula wasn't well enough to drive home so Julie offered her a ride home in our car. We found a plastic carrier bag for her to use as a sick bag. Julie asked Paula how she was feeling and she said she felt like it would all come out of the other end soon so she needed to get home to the toilet urgently.

When we got to Paula's house, Julie and I each took Paula by the arm and the three of us went into the house. As soon as we got inside the front door, Paula said "Excuse me!" and she made a quick dash for the downstairs toilet in the hall. She didn't even have time to shut the door before she lifted her long dress, pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet. Paula's skirt covered everything but I could hear that she was having runny diarrhea. Paula asked Julie to go and get her potty from the bedroom quickly. Julie brought got the potty just in time and held it in front of Paula. Paula said that it was coming out of both ends at the same time so she couldn't get off the toilet to be sick into the wash basin.

Julie held Paula's hand and then she helped Paula to get to bed and we went home. On Monday evening, Julie invited the group of girls round to our house for mince pies and mulled wine but Paula stayed at home as she was ill in bed. Christine looked pale and she didn't eat or drink anything, then she disappeared to our toilet and was gone for quite along time. When she came out of the toilet, she announced that she wasn't feeling well and she had "The runs" so she was going home early.

Then Julie whispered to me that she was feeling a bit sick so she went upstairs to lie down, leaving me with the girls. After they had gone Julie was violently sick several times then she had to get up every hour or so in the night to be sick. I knew that this 'bug' is highly contagious so thought that I had probably caught it too and I would go down with it soon but I wasn't sure when it might strike.

When I woke up Tuesday morning I felt some churning in my stomach but I didn't feel sick. Half an hour later, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Julie was leaning over the wash basin and heaving although by now she had nothing left to bring up. I said that I needed to sit on the toilet and she told me to use the one downstairs. I said that would be risky as I was about to have an accident in my pajamas so she told me to go ahead and use the toilet in the bathroom. I did a load of rather watery diarrhea then sat on the toilet for 10 minutes as I could feel another wave coming on. I asked Julie if she had diarrhea in the night and she said she hadn't but she wished she had as it would help to get everything out of her system.

On Tuesday morning, Julie's friend Debbie sent Julie a text saying that she had a stomach 'bug'. Julie replied saying, "Join the club, so have we!"

I had a bit of diarrhea Tuesday and didn't feel well but I was felling better Wednesday although I didn't go to work as I was probably contagious. Julie phoned Sue to see how she was and Sue said that she thought she had caught it too as she didn't feel well but she wasn't in bed. She just had a stomach ache but no other symptoms. We agreed that as we probably both had the same illness in a mild form, I would go round to Sue's house to fix the fan in her toilet.

When I got to Sue's house, I asked her how she was feeling. She said that she had a really bad stomach ache. I said that she would probably feel better when it all came out the other end and she agreed. "What I need is a really good shit!" she said but the urge hadn't come on yet.

I got up on the step ladder in the toilet and started fixing the fan. Then Sue came in and said, "Excuse me, I'm bursting to go to the toilet. You'd better look the other way!" As you can imagine, I didn't look the other way. Sue lifted her skirt up round her waist and pulled her panties down. She sat forwards on the toilet and from where I was up on the step ladder behind the toilet, I could see all her poo coming out. It was quite runny and it splattered noisily into the water in the toilet. I could see that she couldn't have held it any longer. The water in the toilet was completely brown with small soft pieces of poo floating in it. "Sorry about that" Sue said. She explained that she was trying to wait until I had finished working in the toilet but she couldn't wait any longer and as she was about to do it in her panties.

Sue apologised for the smell and I said that I had nearly finessed fixing the fan. Then I switched it on and it worked and gradually cleared the smell from Sue's toilet. Sue thanked me for fixing the fan and I thanked her for sharing a toilet moment with me.

We all got over our 'bug' in two or three days, we have recovered fully before Christmas and we are probably not contagious any more. It has also been an 'interesting' experience as I have bonded with Paula and Sue in a way that I never expected.


To Egg-Layer

haha....yeah I really was plugged up at times. Once when I was on a school trip the guardian realized I wasn't going to the bathroom. She asked me when I'd last done a "#2"...and I told her I couldn't remember! After that she called my mom and asked if she could give me a suppository.... She did...but it didn't work :)

Usually I would eventually do a very long (but reasonable width) poop that was hard as a rock.....but I could manage to push it out without bleeding.

There were some days though when I sat down to was just way too big to get through. That would happen if I decided to hold an urge when I was seated on a hard chair; like at school. I could feel everything getting squashed inside my colon.....making it wider and wider.... Then...I would have to use a finger to break stuff up a little. Then I could go....a little at a time.

I'm sure that at times like that...if someone had pulled down my underpants and took a look up there...that my hole would be open...showing the "plug".....

Like you; I can't poop like that anymore :(

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello all Posters around the world its John from the UK and a Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Yesterday we had a simple meal of beef stew and about an hour ago a breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toast, tea and juice. About 20 minutes ago I got the familiar rumblings in my lower belly and headed for the loo. I pulled down my black boxers and sat, let out an airy fart and felt the first log enter position a small wee followed stopped and the log made an appearence stayed midway out for about 5 seconds and then kersplunked into the water followed by another two and a cascade of wee. I wiped, twice flushed and washed my hands. My wife then came in pulled down her pink pj shorts to her ankles sat and spread her legs. She did her wee farted and leaned forward arms crossed. She farted again and began to nnnngh going red in the face. I then massaged the small of her back in a circular motion to relax her and she lifted her left cheek then her right and repositioned herself. She nnnngh'd and uuuunngh'd again and then a series of small balls of poo plopped merrily into the pan with a 5 inch log for a finalè. As she was wiping there was a tremendous rumble of thunder and she laughed and said "well it wasn't me that time". We gave each other a hug and a kiss and reaffirmed our love for each other. Take care y'all much love and peace and happy pees and plops to all x x x

Well the world failed to end on Friday so I'm still here with my last post before Christmas!

Natasha- I'm not embarrassed by having to poo in public anymore, or that I take a while normally, but you're right, having someone comment about it is embarrassing!It wasn't to bad because it wasn't only directed at me, but still! I'd rather have suffered that than try to hold it until I got home, because then I would have needed to buy new underwear to replace the ones I was wearing that would have ended up full of poo! Also embarrassing is what happened to you, using a unisex toilet to poo and finding a cute guy waiting when you come out! Like you said though you probably won't see him again so it's not too bad!

Desperate to Poo- Sounds like you really needed that one! Soft poo is always hardest to hold back.

Today (Saturday) I pooed at home, my first poo since my last story and probably my last before Christmas! I look forward to reading about everyone's post-Christmas poos! Happy Christmas everyone! Have a good one!

Big Daddy

Pooping Good...

I am a long-time lurker and occasional poster. I thought I
would share with my friends on an experience
I've been having with my recent pooping. I have tried squatting on
the toilet in the past with my feet on the seat or on the rim with
the seat up. I got good results but in order to maintain my balance, I had to hold on to the wall or door jam. It was uncomfortable and
a strain to remain in that position for very long. Recently, I
purchased a squatting stool which allows me to elevate my feet
while sitting on the toilet to a point where my body assumes the
anatomically correct position for elimination, which is a squat, while
remaining seated on the toilet. My feet are far apart, making it easy
to keep my balance. If I want, I can also rock forward into a full
squat, but again have to hold onto something which I don't have to
do while seated. So I find the seated squatting position more
comfortable. Although I eat a lot of fiber and don't get constipated
very often, I have had the sensation in the past that I wasn't fully
emptying my bowels and usually had to come back a couple of
times to feel like the job was done. With the new arrangement,
that doesn't happen anymore. I can poop in a comfortable
position, and my poops seem to be smooth, increased in volume
and more effortless and explosive than before. I have pooped
nine times in the last six days and each time was able to fill the
toilet in a very satisfactory way.


Poop before Christmas break

The last day of school before break was fun. I took nice big dump and along with my friend Natalia. I was in lunch and I really had to take a poop. I decided to go before class started so I was not late to class. I walked out of the lunch room and headed to the bathroom. When I was near I saw my friend Natalia going to the bathroom as well. We both walked in and I told her to pee fast because I really needed to take a poop. She said she had to go to poop too. We both sat down next to each other. I was the first to fart. Like always. She the farted nice and loud after me. Her fart sounded like something came out with it because it smelled and there was a splash. I then dropped a few big pieces of poop. They were big and soft and they felt so good. On the other hand Natalia was crapping out some very bad dieariha. There was a lot of farting and ploping sounds. It sounded awful. I said to her I'm finished do you want me to leave you alone so you can finish in privcy because you sound like you could use some. She said that it as okay. As I was wipping she started to crap out even more dieariah. She said her stomach as bother her a lot and I left to leave her alone. I texted her later that night and she said she had to go home early becuase she was have very bad dieariah all day ever half hour. I felt bad for her but she was fine the next day. See yal next post(;


Potty Girl
I don't want to give my name but I'd like to tell a story. I am 10 years old and last year, my family (My brother, mom, dad, and me) were driving to Grandma's house. It was right around Christmas time. That morning before we left I'd been for a number one, but I didn't go number two. I should have tried harder, because I knew I hadn't been in five days. But I didn't want to spend half an hour or more in the bathroom and make everyone wait.

The drive to Grandma's house was about three hours, and we usually stop at a rest stop about halfway there. So we set off and, just my luck, I had to go number two, only half an hour in to the journey. I tried to hold it for another hour so I could go at the rest stop. But to make matters worse, there was an accident on the highway and we were stuck for close to an hour.

When we got moving, I was feeling very desperate and didn't know if I'd make it. I held it for a bit longer and then asked how long until the rest stop. Dad said maybe forty-five minutes. I said I didn't think I could hold it. We pulled over to the side of the road and Mom told me I could get out and squat discreetly by the side of the car and pee. I mumbled that I needed a number two. But they didn't quite hear and said "What?" I said a little louder that I didn't have to pee, I needed a number two, and very badly.

If I was doing a number two, Mom didn't want me squatting by the roadside for that long. We thought for a minute and then Mom remembered that she had my 3-year old brother's potty in the trunk. I objected briefly but there really wasn't any other option. She told me to get in the car and sit on the potty and go. They'd stay outside for my privacy, but my brother was soundly asleep, so he had to stay in his carseat.

I couldn't believe I was about to do number two, and probably a major one, in front of my brother. He was asleep, as I said, and he didn't wake up, but still it was embarrassing. I began to go number two in the potty and soon I had filled it. I forced myself to stop because it would get very messy otherwise. I still had a ton left inside me, but at least that relieved the pressure and made me feel like I could hold it.

I got up and Mom dumped my number two out by the side of the road there and we drove off. We finally made it to the rest stop. Everyone went in to the bathrooms. I took a stall and started to wipe as I hadn't been able to after using the potty. I also still had to do more number two, but I waited until Mom had left. I was embarrassed about them seeing me do what they probably thought was a big number two for a girl my age, and didn't want them to know that wasn't nearly all that I had in me.

I stayed in my stall and Mom told me they'd be waiting in the car for me. Finally, I released my hold and began to do the rest of my number two. I really had to go, but it all came out very quickly. In the end, I did so much that I clogged the toilet. I felt bad about it, but also good that it was at a rest stop and not at Grandma's house.



To Egg Layer, I can relate, when I was a little girl during toilet training I took the same size poops as my large ones now despite being much smaller. I remember having a plastic potty chair to bring and use anywere. I would watch cartoons sitting on it part naked in the living room. While watching I would have a big poo but remain seated for some reason. I would have 8-11" poops as a small girl.

To Shannon, thanks for an interesting read.

To Lucy, You know when your body needs to poo it's something you should listen to.

Hey, guys, haven't posted in a while, been busy. Just wondering: Has anyone heard of these squat pans, like potties for children but they squat instead of sit, that a Chinese company makes? Does anyone have anything like them? My wife and I have one for each of our kids, they use them rather than the toilet because we only have one toilet in our house! P.S. Thanks, Mr. Clogs for the diarrhea advice!

Little Mandi

Random stuff

On Monday I was so gassy for some reason. I was burping and farting a lot. My stomach was filled with gas bubbles and making noises like crazy. It didn't hurt though. I don't get gas very often.

Today, I was over my Aunt's house again playing games with my 5 year old cousin in her room. I had a whole coffee in the car and had been drinking a big iced tea, so eventually I had to go pee. I told her I'd be right back. Where you going? She asked. I told her I had to go pee. She wanted to show me where the upstairs bathroom was,even though I already knew where it was. haha She came in and was showing me her spongebob toothbrush and toothpaste. haha I stood talking to her for a while. Then just decided to wait till later to go pee. I posted before how I let her stay with me once before. This time was different. Its my time of the month. Can you imagine trying to explain that to a 5 year old? I wouldn't even know how to. lol We went back to her room and continued playing house. Eventually,I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I really had to go pee and get changed if you know what I mean. I had to tell my grandmom that I had to go home a certain time for work,so I used that as an excuse to go downstairs. lol I talked to my grandmom and grabbed my purse and finally got to go pee. haha I don't see my Aunt and little cousins as much as I would like to cause they live a little far from me.

I've noticed that when its my time of the month,I have to pee more offen than usual. Does this happen to anyone else?

Tawnie's Survey
1 when using the bathroom are your pants around your ankles or where?
I usually have my pants at my knees or ankles.

2 do u have your legs spread or wat ?
I don't spread my legs while sitting. I sit normal like I would on a chair with my hands in my lap.

3 when goin poop have u made plopping sounds or tell wat sounds have u made?
Of course I get the normal plopping sound when it hits the water,especially cause they're normally hard. Sometimes I get no sound though.

4 when goin poop how hard have u had to push on a scale 1-10 ?
It depends. I never like to push really hard,but lately I've had to push a bit

5 if u have to push hard do u strunch up your face n get red ?
Sometimes I do. When I'm having a hard time I tend to squeeze the wall in font of the toilet.

6 when pooping at public bathrooms eather at school or wher ever have u seen your neighbors next door to your stall have u seen ther pants around ther ankles n ther feet pressing hard to the floor n hear grunts plops ka plunks or splashes or wat ?
When I use public bathrooms I don't pay attention to the people in the other stalls. I've heard many splashes,plops and a few explosions though. lol

7 when poopig have u ever had to dig befour cause. Your poop was to hard or big to come out if u have had to dig explain how n wat position u use to dig or tell me how u get hat poop that is to hard or big or stuck to come out ?

I've never had to or plan to dig out my poop. haha

The Crank
Hi Egg Layer, yes! I know exactly what you mean! When I was really young, I would pass humongous turds, so big I often needed soap to help it pass out.

Egg Layer

To Tyler (constipated teenager story):

Wow, two whole weeks without a BM. Didn't your mom notice how bloated you were? How were you even able to move with that much poop inside of you, weighing you down? Also, how flatulent were you during these periods? When I get constipated I'm usually extremely gassy, which contributes to the bloating. As a kid I don't remember getting constipated all that much, though. Like I said in an earlier post, every day I had a really big BM that pretty much forced its own way out. I can't imagine holding it in for two weeks. In my case there'd be so much poop that I'd probably burst. How were you even able to get it out? I'd imagine that holding the poop in for two weeks would make it so hard and compacted that it'd plug you up and you'd need an enema or something.


To Egg Layer

You are correct. As a kid, you ate more food because you were growing and your metabolism was rapid. You eat a lot, you exercise a lot, and--surprise--you poop a lot.

I remember those days, though they were 50 to 60 years ago (I'm 70 now). I remember my first year at college, living "out in town" (not at a dorm but in a rented room in a house several blocks from campus) and eating a large breakfast at a small diner (no public restroom) at the edge of campus. By the end of that meal I would feel a powerful need to poop, but the nearest bathroom was about three blocks away partway across campus, so I would power-walk that distance, burst into the restroom (a small one with only two or three toilets), and sit down as quickly as I could. Then I would feel the large turd(s) ready to drop as soon as I could give a slight push. That early-morning movement (before my 7:30 a.m. class) would be huge and easy; sometimes I would also have another one later in the day. But I could count on a really big one early in the morning. There were other students who would have a similar schedule; for a few months I would arrive at that restroom shortly after another person left, and he would often leave his movement--a large and generous offering--unflushed in the toilet. If I got there first, I would do the same and leave mine for him to see. For many months we never saw each other, but finally I saw him leaving, a rather small geeky person, just having left a huge bowel movement in the toilet. After that, he stopped going there, and I never saw him again.

Do kids still do huge poops? From my experience as a teacher (including restroom duty from time to time) I can say yes. Actually, last night we were at a local private school for an Advent service, and I had to visit the boys' restroom (just to pee) and looked in to see two toilets with very large healthy bowel movements still there, unflushed. From long habit, I went into the stalls and flushed away the large healthy turds, thinking back to my own youthful days, long ago.


Response to Ally

Hello all. I've been following this site for several years now, though I have only posted a couple of times because I feel my experiences are generally straight forward and not that interesting. I don't even remember the name that I used before, so I'm just going with "Patrick" (not my real name). Just a quick description, I'm 6 ft 1, average build. I do have a story here or there that I may tell someday when I have a little more time. However, I wanted to post today because I wanted to thank Ally for her post. It was a great story and really struck home because I've been in a similar situation before, only on Daniel's side.

Many years ago when I was younger, right around Daniel's age, I of course was changing and "discovering" my interest in women if you will. Around this time (I don't remember what age specifically), I accidentally realized that it was possible to see people going to the bathroom through a window. Just as a description, my house has three bathrooms: two upstairs (one for my parents, and one for my sisters and I, which had no windows) and one downstairs for guests, since it was adjacent to a room that we had made into a guest bedroom. The downstairs bathroom had a toilet with a sink and mirror across from it, and to the right of the toilet as you sat on it was a window with blinds. On the outside of this window was our front porch.

Anyway, back to the point, when my Aunt, Uncle and cousins come to visit us for some family occasion, my Aunt and Uncle stay in the guest bedroom and use the downstairs bathroom. One night when they were visiting, I had to go outside late at night (silly as this may sound, our indoor cat loves to smell the night air because he can smell the scent of nearby deer and other animals. He will sit and beg at the door until someone takes him). When I took our cat out, I started walking along the porch to let him see/smell different areas (we don't put him down, just hold him outside for a few minutes), and as I was walking, to my amazement, I could see right into the guest bathroom and see my Aunt (shoulder length brown hair, average build and at that time in her mid 30s) sitting on the toilet (due to the way the blinds had been turned, I could see into the bathroom. If they are turned the other way, I can't see anything). I couldn't believe it, and I immediately got really excited. I couldn't see anything other than my Aunt sitting on the toilet, and since it was a side angle, all I saw was her pants and underwear pulled down to her knees, and the side of her right thigh up to her waist line where her shirt came down to. I continued to stare as she finished peeing, wiped once, pulled her pants up as she stood and flushed. Even though I knew she was my Aunt and I didn't have any physical attraction to her, the sight of seeing a woman on the toilet just excited me.

From there on, every time my Aunt and Uncle visited, I tried to find a quick excuse to run outside whenever I thought my Aunt was about to go to the bathroom. Overall, I must have see her go 5-10 times, and while I always hoped she would poop too instead of just peeing, I only got to see her sit for an extended time once, and even then it was never clear if she actually pooped. While I thought I was sneaky enough to never get caught, I think at some point my Aunt must have realized somehow, because she started closing the blinds differently, making it too difficult to see her.

I did actually have an opportunity to watch my older sister poop too once. One night, she and I were the only ones home and I heard her go into the downstairs bathroom. I had seen earlier that the blinds were poorly closed and decided to leave them, just to see what luck may bring, so when she went in there I quietly went outside. Again, I only saw her from a side angle, though her pants were pulled all the way to her feet, but I could tell she was straining. I also watched her wipe several times, even turning around to look at her butt in the mirror to see if it was clean. Again, while I had no attraction to my older sister, it was just an exciting chance to see a woman on the toilet.

So back to Ally, I want to again thank you for your story. You displayed a lot of bravery and generosity in allowing Daniel the opportunity to see/hear you poop. Having been on his side, I know that it must have really excited him, and he got a much better show than I ever did. He really will likely cherish that memory for many years to come. One question though, do you know if Clara ever uses that toilet as well? I wonder if he's ever witnessed her at all. Thanks again, I would certainly love to hear any additional stories if you have any!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Valerie first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Sandra pooping in that bucket it sounds like you both really had to go alot and it sounds like you both felt pretty good afterwards to and you helped the plants to I bet they enjoyed your guys special fertilizer and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shannon as always another great story that must be a memory you will have forever getting to watch her poop and pee and great description to you did really good with the detail and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it also sounds like that bathroom was really busy that day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: School Accident I bet that girl was beyond embarrassed.

To: Kerri as always another great story it sounds like you and Isabella both really had to poop alot and I bet you both felt really good afterwards to and it was lucky your teacher let you go by the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy I look forward to hearing about that big poop when you do thanks and wow you didnt disapoint it sounds like you really had to go alot and really cleaned yourself out I bet your bathroom was avoided for awhile afterwards and I bet you felt really great to and a litlle lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee first weclome back the power of the toiletstool cant be ignored you must obey it and post on it to make it happy lol and as always another great set of stories diarrhea really sucks I should know I just got a stomach bug nothing like hot burning diarrhea shooting out of you to ruin a day it felt like fire was coming out my butt I think a little about of blood but it was light and not much and the diarrhea went away only to return 2 days later I guese it had one last gift for me but luckily it was to bad now im back to normal and im happy bout that and it sounds like you were always lucky to make it to the toilet without having an accident which is good cause diarrhea isnt fun to clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wilma first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really rough day and it was good your maid was there to help you out she handled it really well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Katrina (free pooper) first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop on your kitchen floor and it sounds like your going to have alot of great stories I look forward to reading them all thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl bothh had really great poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

hello everyone! sorry it has been a while! i have been busy with my life! Recentley, Aubrey and i got a chance to hangout! Just to let you guys know Aubrey is single and brokeup with her boyfriend! my next experience to share is from almost 2 months ago! i have so many more experiences to share with everyone but i only have a limited amount of time today! So On October 27th i got off of work at 3:00pm! i received a call from Aubrey she and i ended up hangingout for the remainder of the day! i drove home and changed clothes! it was a Saturday and the weather was overcasted! so i went home and changed into some really warm clothes! i had on a dark pink long sleeve shirt with a dark purple jacket and a green scarf!i wore multi color socks and tennis shoes! so i went and picked Aubrey up!then we went to pick up one of her friends her friend Leanna came along with us to hangout! Leanna is 16 years old she is 5"02" she has black long hair and has green eyes and wears glasses! being i was the mature adult 29 years old i introduced my self and told Leanna"s parents that everything was gonna be okay! so i told them both that we were gonna go to a bartype resturant and watch the football games there and eat lunch and dinner there! they both said they were looking forward to it ! so around 4:15pm we arrived at chili's when we arrived both leanna and Aubrey needed to use the restroom! so we all went to the bathroom! we headed down a small hallway and the first bathroom said womens! so i opened the door and found that there were 4 stalls altogether! the first stall was a handicap stall! and it was occuppied and there was a poo smell coming from it! and it sounds like there was a middle aged woman in it! Aubrey and leanna said someone is letting out an atomic bomb" and it is spreading quickly! i went into the last stall and Aubrey was next to me and her girlfriend Leanna was in the second stall! she said wanted to next to the handicap stall! Leanna is short enough to be able to peek under the portion ! at this point i was already sitting on the pot! my pee stream began it only lasted 2 seconds! then i had a bowel movement to make i quickly let out a fart Aubrey began giggling and said" nice one ash"! then the first piece began making its way out! soon after that i let out another fart" then the second turd made its way out"! then it was time for me to wipe! i grabbed a good amount of tiolet paper and began wiping ! soon after that i threw the dirty tiolet paper in the tiolet and got up and took a glance at my production! i then reached my back and pulled the handle and flushed the tiolet! i then proceeded to the sink to wash my hands with warm soap and water! i then waited paiently on Leanna and Aubrey ! by now 3 out of 4 stalls were in use and the air quailty was horrible! and the ladiesroom smelled bad!



Ps. Godbless and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Abbie: Sorry to hear you've been constipated a lot lately. But as Megan said, you should be able to have a more regular schedule once school breaks up tomorrow.

Megan: I liked your story about pooing at the shopping centre. It sounded like you and that other girl both had to go quite badly. But that must have been embarrassing when you got called out like that. I feel self conscious enough when I take a while to have a poo, and to have someone comment about it would only make me feel worse.

I have a story to share, and then I have to finish packing, as we're going to my aunt's house practically straight from school tomorrow. I'll have just enough time to stop at home and grab my bags and get to the railway station.

Anyway, I had a poo yesterday whilst out getting the last of my Christmas gifts. I began to feel the urge but it wasn't too bad, so I continued to look. Once I had found the gift and paid for it, I headed off to find a toilet. The store I was at just had a one-occupant room open to both sexes. I went in and sat down. It took a while to get started, and I pushed out five or six big pieces. I'd guess I'd been pooing for ten minutes before I felt empty. It seemed like I had a rather large poo considering I'd just been for a poo Monday at lunchtime.

When I was done, I set to wiping my bum. The toilet roll the shop provided was very low quality and so I had to use a ton to get clean. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and left the bathroom. But then when I was exiting, there was a cute guy who went in right after me. I was so embarrassed as I'd just done a poo, and I'm sure it didn't smell so good in there. But I guess the good thing is, I don't know him and I'll probably never see him again.

As I said earlier, I'll be spending the holidays at my aunt's house. I might be able to get on a computer long enough to read some posts here, but likely not to make a post of my own. My next post will be after we return, over a week from now.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and a quick post

Let's start with the quick post. This morning being Friday 21 of December, this morning I was desperate to pee, I didn't get up in the middle of the night to pee. Someone was in the bathroom and my bladder was full. I got one of my cups which was the mountain dew from taco bell, put the cup up my morning wood and peed a steady golden yellow pee into the cup. I filled the cup almost to the top since the cup can hold 32 full oz go figure. Put the cup back on my entertainment unit and went back to sleep.


Egg Layer: Yes I agree, as a kid I was able to poop huge and a lot of turds too. I use to get skid marks on my underwear too. Your body changes as you get older, I've noticed that too. The only way I can poop large turds now is if I eat a diet rich in fiber and take my psyllium husk powder in my coffee or orange juice to stay regular.

Valerie: Enjoyed your story about you and your friend Sandra having to use your trash can as a toilet. I'm curious, since your toilet needed to be fixed, what did the rest of your family members do if they had to use to go to the bathroom in?

Anonymous Guy: Thanks for the comment and feedback man. Like you said, some people may frown upon this, but to each is own. I'm not bothering anybody, this is what I like and enjoy. People also need to find out what they're into and makes them happy. Hope I've inspired some fellow toiletstool posters here to give it a shot. Thanks again for the feedback and interest in my posts, appreciate it man, at least someone is paying attention. Thanks again bro.

That's all for now, have a great weekend and catch you all later. I got go do a #2 now. Later.

--Mr. Clogs

Saturday, December 22, 2012

John H


Hey all.
Just some comments for this post as I have nothing out of the ordinary to talk about on the pee/poop front.

First off its great to read so many interesting posts and to see so many new people posting also.
@egg Layer, that's a very interesting point and one I agree with. I have thought of this myself many times as I remember almost every poo I took as a child were made up of several well formed logs that felt very good to push out. Some poops even felt like there were sharp bits in them that would really hurt as they came out but now I never get these kinds of poops. I still do have some very nice thick logs but they aren't an almost Daly occurrence.

@Valerie, hey and welcome and thanks for sharing your post I really enjoyed it and remember your friend posting about that before. Would love to hear some more of your stories.

@Shannon, hey and welcome. Really enjoyed reading your post. It was very well written. Hope to read more posts by you soon.

@Abby, Hey and welcome. Thanks for sharing. That toilet must have been very smelly and stained after you and your friends had finished with it.

@Anonymous Guy, That sounded like the perfect dump! You really can't beat the feeling of a long thick log stretching your hole on the way out. If only it could go on and on then that would be the only thing that could make it better. When it came to wiping standing up the first time it took me a while but the second time when I bent slightly forward it was a lot easier and quicker. Glad you tried sitting. When I wipe sitting I move my body towards the front of the toilet bole so that there is a gap at the back between my lower back and the toilet seat. Then I get some toilet paper and reach behind me and lean slightly forward and to one side to wipe. This gives me a good angle to work with. Hope that helps. I have never tried wiping by reaching between my legs as I would guess that can be a little awkward. Maybe will try it to see how it feels. Glad you enjoyed my morning dump story, it sure was enjoyable for me. Good to talk and looking forward to reading more of your stories.

@Gotta Go, Hey and thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about the taste of pee. At least you drank your own. I once drank some of my friends pee by mistake and it wasn't pleasant haha. I may share that story some time.

@Timee, hey and welcome back. That sounded like a very messy clearout session. I have never used a bidet before and have wondered what it would feel like. Must give it a go the next time I come across one as what you described sounded very nice indeed.

@John, enjoyed reading your pooping in the bag story in the garage. I have pooped in a bag before a few times but its been a while since I have done it last.

@Katrina, Hey enjoyed reading your post it sounded like a very relieving poop and it must have felt even better to do it on the kitchen floor. Sounded like a very messy clean up afterwards though.

@Mr. Clogs, hey thanks for sharing more of your peeing in cup stories. I was having a few drinks the other night and I went for a very long pee. It got me thinking about you and because my pee was so large I would have liked to pee into a container to see how much I could fill up. Might try if I can get my hands on a container. Also it would be nice to have one for early morning pees when I don't want to leave my bedroom.

@Ally, Hey and thanks for sharing your story. Good you were happy enough to let your friend's brother watch. It sounds like you enjoyed the experience and I'm sure he will never forget it as you really put on a nice show for him.

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

Hello just a quick survey

How many times a day do u go for a pee?

How long do u pee for?

Do u pee loud or quiet?

Do u always make it to the toilet?

How many times a day do u go for a poo?

Whats ur poo usually like?

Do u fart alot when u poo?

How far down do u pull down ur trousers and underwear.

Girls if ur wearing a skirt do u pull it up or down?

Would u let someone of the same sex come in the toilet with you?

Would u let someone of the opposite sex in the toilet with you?

Abbie: I find ur stories good can u tell us one about when ur bursting to wee instead of poo.

I'm the oldest of five children in my family, having just turned 19 years old. My brothers are 17 and 15, and my sisters are 13 and 16. We have two bathrooms the five of us use use most of the time. In emergencies we can use our parents' bathroom, though. Anyway, today I had to take a dump at around 1:30.

I went to the upstairs bathroom and the door was open a crack. I looked in and saw my youngest sister, Katie, was sitting on the toilet and she had her phone out, so I figured she was pooping and would be a while. I fully closed the door for her and went to check the downstairs bathroom. The door was closed too, so I knocked. Brandon, my 17 year old brother, called out for me to come in. I did, and he was having a bath. I told him I had to poop, and he said okay. We're all pretty open with each other and not embarrassed at all.

I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I was a bit gassy at first, but then nothing was coming out. I could feel I had to poop though, so I sat for a while. I leaned forward a bit and gave a big push and a turd started to come out. It was a really long one. After that, the turds were coming easier. I pushed out three more shorter turds before there was a knock at the door.

This time it was me who called out that whoever it was could come in. My other sister, Monica, came in. She saw me on the toilet and looked distressed. She asked if I was almost done, because she was bursting for a shit. I told her I was just about. I quickly pushed out a turd and then one more long one like the first.

I said I could wipe standing up if she was really desperate and she said she was. I flushed the toilet and got up and she sat down. In seconds she was delivering barrage of loose turds. I wiped my butt several times and each time tossed the paper between Monica's legs. Then I pulled up my panties and pants and washed my hands. She was pooping up a storm still when I was done and left the bathroom.

Desperate to poop

Very urgent xmas party induced poop

Hi all

I had my xmas party the other day and the next morning I was a little worse for wear. Twice I had hot soft poops. Having recovered a little I decided to head to town for a little bit of shopping and xmas spirit.

I parked at John Lewis as you can get discount parking and first thing I decided to was revive myself with a nice coffee. Part way through my coffee I was hit with a severe need for another round of pooping. Came on very quickly and I knew I'd need a toilet soon.

I quickly finished my coffee and headed off to the urgent lifesaver. Alas and to my horror there was a queue, 3 ladies waiting for the 2 unisex cubicles. I contemplated going elsewhere but didn't feel confident enough I could walk very far as I was very desperate.

Shortly a gent came out and the first lady in her 40#s was able to go in, I was relieved and heartened when she just peed and came out not long afterwards allowing the next lady in, in her 30's. Shortly after the other cubicle opened up as well and the lady in her 50's was able to go in. I thought good I won't be long now. 2 other ladies and a gent had now joined behind me and I was very desperate. Alas both ladies were pooping and they seemed to take an age. The lady behind was getting a bit impatient and muttered what's taking so long. Finally after what seemed an eternity for me but was actually probably 5 or 6 minutes the 30 yr old came out and I rushed in, I quickly locked the door got my jeans and knickers down and let the whole simply flood out of my bum.

Oh my what sheer relief! I had several mushy rounds and was in for about 4-5 minutes. I heard the lady behind me getting into her stall halfway through my poop so the 50 yr old must have been having a good clear out too.

I finally wiped up back and front (I was pretty moist) and left feeling very relieved

Happy Pooping over xmas

Anonymous Guy

Quick post before class

Welcome back Some Guy! Like I said before, I personally consider a buddy dump as any 2 people pooping in the same room listening to each others movements. They need to be right by each other in the stalls though, doesn't count when you're on the opposite sides of a bathroom.

My definition of it could change if I get to experience anything more 'wild', but I don't see that happening anytime soon sadly. It's hard to picture myself being butt naked with another guy and no stalls, dividers, or walls... But at the same time it definitely interests me. Where do you find people/places like that? On one of those 'seeking' websites? Or then again, you can just go to a stall-less bathroom(if those exist) and have it happen naturally.

One thing I really want is to have a guy roommate and live in an apartment and whatnot together. It would be awesome sharing the same toilet, especially if he didn't flush and I can poop on top of his. Or getting ready while he's on the toilet, not minding me being there. Or even just the smell it would leave behind would be cool. Hope that doesn't sound too weird, it's just something I'd like to experience with a dude. (If anyone has done this before, definitely share!)

Anyway I'm gonna be late for class so better get going. If there's any other questions though, hit me up.

Sarah W

Post Title (optional)live dump

Hi Sarah here from lancashire, uk. Im 20 years old, brunnette hair and im tall and skinny
Long time reader just got back off the night shift and thought id thank you all by sharing my after work dump. Finally on my way to the can after a long wait, Should be a good dump.
Ok so panties are down and ive relaxed everything down there. Can feel the poo poking out just a little and slowly stretching my butthole.
The first poop just dropped in, it slowly crept out then dropped with a squelchy fart. Just finishing off with a little pee.
Thought I coud feel another one waiting but an extra push just caused another wet trump.
The poop smells very fresh and pungent, and looks gooeyer than it felt coming out. Time for a clean up.
It took six wipes to get clean this time,ive used plenty of paper. Im flushing now.
Phew!! Feel better for that although ill be needing the toilet brush for an after clean

Happy pooping xx


Peeing at night

I never get out of bed to pee at night. I always have an empty bottle or an empty milk container within reach and I turn on my side in bed, hold my penis at the bottle opening and empty my bladder. I then put the lid on the bottle, replace the covers over me and go back to sleep.
Recently I bought an incontinence aid in the form of a rubber sheath which attaches to a jockstrap with a hole in front where the sheath fits. The arrangement for a leakproof fit on the penis is ingenious and not overly tight so it's comfortable. The end of the sheath has a small hole with a screw threaded plastic piece attached, onto which I screw a mating piece on the end of a plastic tube with a plastic bag on the other end with a tap controlled outlet. I sometimes wear this at night and it's a real pleasure to wake up with a full bladder and just have a pee in the bed without even needing to move the covers, yet knowing that the pee is all contained and not wetting the bed. I've also worn this aid at work - the receiving bag has rubber straps that hold it against my calf - and enjoyed peeing while sitting at my desk.

Egg Layer

Huge turds as a kid

Hey I'm new here. This may seem strange but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this: when you were a kid, did it seem like you had bigger poops? As an adult I can still produce some large poops, but as a kid it seemed like EVERY bowel movement was gigantic. I'd plonk down on the toilet seat and proceed to lay a massive, thick, heavy log, and sometimes more than one. And I always felt so relieved and empty when I was done, like I was 10 pounds lighter.

Nowadays these sort of huge BMs are less frequent. I still have big turds from time to time, but it's much less frequent, and it seems to happen only when I eat a whole lot and hold it in for a while. But as a kid, every day I'd feel an urgent bulging pressure against my butthole, and would run to the toilet just in time for a huge turd to plop out with a heavy splash. I'd love to have that sort of experience every time I poop, without having to eat until I'm so bloated I can barely move.

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