Camping Urination

I have a story from my last camping trip and I am looking for some guidance from other women on if they have this problem and how they handle it.

Normally, I don't get up to pee at night, but for some reason when I go camping, without fail I wake up desperately needing to urinate between 3 and 4 am. It is likely the combination of being cold, consuming alcohol, and going to bed earlier than usual. My last camping trip was no different, but instead of making the several hundred yard trek to the public restrooms in the dark, I decided to go near the tent. I left my flannel pajamas on and slipped on my hiking boots without lacing them. I quietly unzipped and slipped out of the tent while my husband and daughter slept. The ground was covered in frosty pine needles and leaves. I moved to the side of the tent, far enough to not worry about splatters, errant streams, or yellow rivers reaching the tent. I dropped my bottoms to my knees and assumed the reliable low crouch. I realized I could hear the wind in the leafless trees and my husband snoring while staring up at millions of stars with bright moonlight. It took quite a bit of concentration and an uncomfortably long time to get the familiar urine moving feeling, before a trickle started, that lasted several seconds. Finally, my valve fully opened and I could feel the relief of a shrinking bladder. Sheer horror ensued from what sounded to me like a deafening roar of hissing and splattering, and I froze up - stream and all. I was always loud peeing, but somehow being in a restroom made the sound OK because I was hidden with the divider walls and only women were present. .I was thinking everyone in the campsite could here the sound and would soon be awake and looking out of their tents for the woman peeing loudly. The stoppage didn't last long as my muscles couldn't involuntarily pause the relief more than a few seconds. The release continued and I looked down from the stars to see the fat stream splattering with a lot of noise but well beyond my toes - but unfortunately on my untied shoestrings. For some reason I felt a little pround of my my nice big arched stream keeping my shoes and pant hems dry. I wished the embarassing flood would end soon, but I knew my bladder was really full. I wiggled and tried to adjust my position slightly to decrease the noise, but no position really worked. I finished up and quickly and sheepishly climbed back in the tent - wet shoestrings and all - still thinking that everyone heard me.

Any women have this problem (loud peeing) or know a better way to handle camping urination? Did you ever hear anyone peeing in another campsite, or does the sound really not travel that far? I don't really want to go with a funnel and bottle in the tent with my husband and daughter right there (unless it is silent and they wouldn't wake up).


69th Story

So I was going to do a 'replies' but it's hard to force yourself to read all of this. Instead I have a story. At school today I felt pressure in my belly before lunch. I thought I was hungry. At lunch I was doing a test and I sorta had to poo. I had to finish the test. With my luck a fire drill happened at lunch so after the drill class started. I was in biology where I took my test and the beginning is always learning before we work. We were studying animals and necessary functions including excretion but the teacher said food waste and other waste are different things. Somehow a 5 minute class conversation on that topic sparked. It reminded me that I had to poo. At this point I had a good amount of pressure in my bum. I finally asked to leave and while going out my teacher had to embarrass me with a comment, "get rid of that waste", "you can see if it'll be cell or food waste". There was some laughs as I left. I went to the bathroom. Nobody was in there. I took a stall, pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees and sat down. I farted right away and again. I hate waiting on my urge to poo it gives me belly aches even during. I leaned more then usual. After 5 minutes I had it. Pushed out a 10" soft poo. Felt really good and made my belly aches recede. I finished up and went back. It couldn't be more obvious which two wastes. See you later.

Anonymous Guy

Just some comments

What's up everyone! Hope you're doing well, I'm glad to say that I can fully walk again now after a long frustrating week in pain. :)

@Mr. Clogs: Thanks for replying back man, it's always fun reading your posts. In my opinion it's a refreshing change from the typical posts about spying on girls or having an accident. And that's crazy how you already knew you loved pooping in cups back in high school. Did you have a hard time knowing stuff like that turned you on? Just curious. I know it took awhile for me to finally accept my interests. Now that I think about it, even back in middle school I had a thing for public restrooms. I just always wanted to be in them... It was something about the atmosphere of fellow guys taking dumps and peeing in the same room. Still hasn't went away!

@bama guy: Dude it is awesome. I've only had a few buddy dumps so far this year but each one of them were unforgettable. I personally like it best when the guy is right next to me. So you both can see each others shoes with the pants pulled down, feels very intimate. Some are better than others though of course. It usually starts out with the guy farting the moment his butts hit the toilet seat, at least that's been the case with me. Then from there on it really depends how he poops. I've heard very verbal guys who grunt and groan which I don't particularly like. My favorite is when it's dead silent and you know the other is listening to you as well. Then the moment you push and make crackling noise, the other guy does it at the same time. You make a huge plop in the toilet, then he does the same. It's the most attractive thing to me when a guy is totally shameless about his bowel movements and instead tries to show off. When I was at school this morning there was a guy farting and pooping loudly while a couple guys used the urinals. I really liked the fact that he either couldn't hold it in or didn't care. Or both! Anyway I hope you get some luck and can experience a buddy dump, they can be hard to come by. Make sure you update us though if anything happens. :)

@Robert: Thanks for sharing those survey questions. I've never taken one before so I figure I'll give it a shot.


Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? .....I'm most comfortable at home. But it's more thrilling to me using a public toilet.
Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? .....I really don't care since they all do the same job- get rid of poop and pee. I'm not into filthy bathrooms but I don't mind if it's a little run down.
How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? .....I almost always rest my elbows on my thighs and lean forward. My pants are down to my calves or ankles, hate having them at my knees.


How often do you pee? .....Oh gosh, at least 10 times a day!

What color / shade is it? .....Depends how much water I drink. It could be dark yellowish orange or almost clear.

Do you pee a lot in one go? .....Yes. I usually have to stand at a urinal for a good couple minutes.


How often do you fart? .....VERY often. I'm lactose intolerant so that kind of helps as well.

What type of farts do you do? .....The silent but deadly ones. Also the loud scent-less ones that push between your butt cheeks.

Are you shy about farting? .....In front of people, yes. I have rarely ever farted in front of family and never in front of a friend. I find it to be rude.

Do you fart on the toilet? .....Of course! Although probably not as much as the average guy.

Are your farts noisy? .....They can be very noisy.

Do they smell? .....Oh yes. The ones that happen under the blanket at night are the worst haha!


How often do you poop? .....Regularly about 2 times a day.
What foods etc make you poop? .....Yogurt, applesauce, anything mushy that gets my poop going.
do you eat certain things knowing it'll make you poop more? .....I almost always do this. It's fun examining how certain foods come out in a specific way.

How many turds do you usually get? .....About 4, give or take.
Do you have a favorite type to pass? .....I absolutely love passing thick hard logs. It could just be the fact that it rubs against the prostate though, heard other guys that enjoy that kind too.
How long does it usually take you? .....It could take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Never been the type to poop for a long time sadly.

What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid...) .....A little bit of everything, but mostly firm logs.

Does a lot come out? .....Depends on my eating portions, sometimes I can have some THICK turds but it depends.
Do they make noise? .....Yeah there's always a bunch of crackling when it comes out of my anus.
What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, firm, rock solid..) .....Either soft or firm, the other ones are pretty rare thankfully.

When you poop do you require effort? .....Not if I have the sensation that I need to poop. If it's the right timing then my colon will have spasms trying to squeeze out the poop. I try not to strain as it's unhealthy.

Other / Misc.

Do you usually need lots of toilet paper? .....Always. Once in a blue moon will I have the '1 wipe' thing happen but it's nice when it does.
Do you 'line the seat' with tp? .....Usually yes. Unless if I'm very desperate to go.
Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? (for toilet purposes) .....Maybe my mom when I was little, but nothing recently.
Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, no bathroom nearby...) .....Nahh luckily not so far. I have had it where a turtle head pokes out into the back of my underwear and stains it, but not a full on accident.

Do you make sounds when you go? Sigh after a pee you've been holding for an hour, grunt / strain on a difficult poop, etc...? .....I usually blow out air while taking a leak. I've noticed other guys do this as well. As for pooping I let out a few quiet grunts usually.
what was your best bathroom experience? .....Being on the toilet and having a fit basketball player come in saying he needs a dump. I've never been as excited as when he did his business RIGHT next to me where I could hear (and smell) everything. It was so surreal.
What was your worst? .....Probably hearing any female family members going poop. Or the smell that it leaves afterwards. Trust me I know it's a natural part of life even for women, but it just twists my stomach in a knot. Don't know why.
Ever been in or used the opposite gender's bathroom? Describe.... .....Nope not yet and I don't plan to. I'd feel like I'm invading women's privacy especially being an adult.

Whew that took awhile. Anyway hope you guys enjoy reading that, and as always feel free to reply. And keep the awesome stories coming!

Happy holidays.


More about me

Thank you all for your support and comments.

I said I might tell you more so here's a quick example of my 'habit'.

Yesterday I was sitting at home watching TV and I had to pee. I ignored it for a while and it went away, so I kept watching TV. Then it came back. Bad. I sat on my foot and kept watching, squirming around and bouncing my legs. Then it happened ... I leaked ... a big squirt of pee went in my pants. I ran down the hall to the bathroom and made it. barely.

So yeah, weird. But that's me.

Anyone else have stories to share?


constipated for days

This one time I was constipated for almost a week and I finnally decided to tell my mojter about it because I began to get a bad stomach ache and felt very backed up. my mother wad so mad I didn't tell her sooner. Before I knew it I heard her coming up the stairs about 10 min later and i could hear her from her thick black leather coar moving with her up the stairs. She said to me that we are going to CVS to buy a jar of suppositories so I can finally go to the bathroom. So i knew she was not kidding because she had on her white leather keds which she always wears out tp the store. We got a jar of suppositories and she also got me diapers! When we got home she put me over her knee and put in 3 suppositories. it was the most awkward position. All i saw was her white leather keds and the bag of diapers towards the floor. i felt her leather sleeve from her coar rub against my but cheek as she put in the suppositoried. Once my diaper was put on she pulled up my sweatpants, and then i had to sit on her lap until i pooped my diaper while she bounced me on her knee. i am 19 years old in college and my mother gives me this..

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds you and that other girl both had really good and big poops I bet you both felt really great afterwards and probaly a little lighter to and I bet who ever was next got surprise and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and Beth both had really big poops and hard ones to and I bet you both felt so much better after getting those beasts out and probaly a little lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Robbi Boi as always another great set of accident stories it sounds like you had a rough time poop wise when you were younger and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Imogen as always another great story and great live coverage to and runny poop does that sometimes just apearing out of nowhere ambush diarrhea I think and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I got a stomach bug which is very rare for me since I can go fo years without having diarrhea so it all started yesterday with a shart which didnt feel like one it felt just like a warm fart but then my stomach cramped up and well I hurried to the bathroom at home and pissed out of my ass then it got mushy with semi hard chunks and I did that 3 more times last night and puked 3 times twice last night and once today and the weird thing my morning poop was normal that day so right now I feel like crap litteraly but so far no diarrhea yet today but im not taking any chances and it seem only sprite and water setlles my stomach just enogh but not milk and im not lactose intolerant maybe just milk right now just don agree with me I hope i feel better soon.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hey guys it's Beth again so yesterday I finally pooped after being do constipated I took five laxatives so I will share with you my poops yesterday :)
So I got up took my laxative and ate my breakfeast got ready for work. I dropped my son at school and went to work I started getting crampy but I didn't really have to go yet so I waited more I then drunk some prune juice to help along everything and took another laxative. A few hours later about 12 I decided to get lunch my stomach was really gurgling now but I was hungry so I ate some soup. Abou a hour later my stomach hurt so bad I finally felt the urge to go. So I went to the bathroom I farted a few times I sat on the toilet I tried pushing nothing came not even a fart. I let out more farts then I pushed one more time a soft log feel out I pushed again huge turd fell out I still felt full but my cramps stopped. I waited a few minutes nothing elese napping soni went back to my desk oh I almost forgot I looked in tge toilet the first log was pale color and about 6" inches long the seconded one looked really stringy and it was light brown. I then took another laxative well I took three and I waited but nothing happened so I went home then we went to my sons basketball game my stomach started hurting so I went to the bathroom and I went to the stall I let out a fart and a bunch of mush came out I pushed and a bunch of soft turds came out then my stomach rumbled and liquid just started comming out I farted I got up and looked at the mess it was a bunch of soft turds in with mush surrounded by liquid it was really pale in color I then flushed and sat back down I pushed and a log came out I then pushed a few more times more logs came out I finally felt empty I wiped and then I looked tge logs were all about 3" inches long brown in color with a yellow and green tint I flushed the broke apart when I flushed I then when back I feel so much better but I haven't pooped today so I might get a eniema anybody know of a good one to get ?? :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012


A weird experience

Hi all.

I'm 22 years old, and I am visually impaired.

I came across this site 1 day, as I was just searching for comical websites to explore.

Anyway, I was at boarding school, when I needed to micturate.

So, I went into the microroom to micturate, when suddenly, I heard 1 of the staff enter the staff toilet. She locked the door, and 3 minutes later, I heard 4 large splashes, followed by a braaaaaaaaaaaaarwwwwwww.

It was then, I knew, she was releasing some faecal matter.

After macturating, I returned to my room, to make a couple of audio games.

That, was what happened about 7 years ago.

I hope you all have as much fun as I always do, and don't forget to enjoy all the laughter you can get. Because, what is misery?.

Smile you later

I'm staying with my boyfriend for 4 days. We've been dating a while but I've never does pent so much time alone with him. I'm disabled so if I have to go to the bathroom he's going to have to help me (physically put me on the toilet). He's totally willing and ready to help me, and I generally wouldn't mind, but... I'm constipated for 9 days now. And I know I'll have to poop tomorrow at some point (took a laxative). I don't know how to handle this situation, lol. What should I do or say?


My survey for all females

Hello tawnie here n I have a survey for all females in here so here it goes let me kno your awansers
1 when usin the bathroom are your pants around your ankles or where?
2 do u have your legs spread or wat ?
3 when goin poop have u made plopping sounds or tell wat sounds have u made?
4 when goin poop how hard have u had to push on a scale 1-10 ?
5 if u have to push hard do u strunch up your face n get red ?
6 when pooping at public bathrooms eather at school or wher ever have u seen your neighbors next door to your stall have u seen ther pants around ther ankles n ther feet pressing hard to the floor n hear grunts plops ka plunks or splashes or wat ?
7 when poopig have u ever had to dig befour cause. Your poop was to hard or big to come out if u have had to dig explain how n wat position u use to dig or tell me how u get hat poop that is to hard or big or stuck to come out ?

Well that's the questions I have for now I'm working on a story on my hard poop I had at school the other day ill post it soon but for now if u all can awanser my survey/questions that would be great
Happy pooping

Earlier today I was at a Starbucks. After I had finished drinking my latte thingy and eating my muffin I got a strong urge to go poo. I got up, threw away my garbage, and headed for the bathroom. There was two stalls the one farthest from the door was taken. I went into the only empty stall. I felt a strong urge to drop a load and as I was unbuckling my belt I farted two or three times. I sat down on the toilet and let out a long dry fart, it probably lasted 20 seconds. I then peed. After I peed I started gently pushing out my poo. I could hear the girl next to me crackle and grunt as struggled with her poo. I pushed a little harder and a soft log slid out into the bowl making a quiet *plop*. I then immediately afterwards let off a long wet fart. The smell of my crap and fart smelled really bad but I also kinda like the smell. I didn't feel empty yet so I started pushing more. I could hear the girl beside me start wiping and leave. Her dump must have been big because she didn't flush. My pushing attempts failed so I stayed on the toilet waiting for the urge to come. Only around half a minute later another girl came in and took the stall beside me. I heard her start unbuckling her pants. I then felt the urge and pushed and a long really wet fart came out. I farted two more times. The last one being long and ending with a little bit of mushy poop. The girl beside me had a short pee and stayed on the toilet. She must need to take a dump. I could hear her start to grunt. I farted some more and more mushy crap spluttered out. My butt burned and it had a really strong smell. I felt like I still had more farts and shit up in my gut so I stayed. I pushed on my stomach and strained and a long really wet smelly fart came out then with a long spluttering of burning mushy smelly crap. I finally felt finished. I started wiping my extremely messy butt but UH-OH no more toilet paper. I quietly asked the girl beside me for a large amount of toilet paper. She replied "gggnngh wait a second gnnh" after a minute of her grunting she said "alright sorry about that here" she stuck her hand full of toilet paper under the stall divider. I thanked her and finished wiping. As I was wiping she wiped and left the bathroom. My butt was really messy and I just had enough tp to clean it. I got up to look at my mess. A 7" poop laid in the middle of the bowl then a pile of poop pudding was near the back of the bowl. I was afraid all the tp on the side of the bowl would clog it so I left my stall without flushing. Out of curiosity I looked in the toilet from the stall beside me. There was a 8" long 3" wide poop on the bottom then a long 13" 2" thick snake curving around the bowl.


Hi, to Samantha

Unsurprisingly, you're not the only one. For example, there was a girl who posted here a while ago, Skylar, who liked to hold her pee but then she had an accident once and her parents unfortunately weren't very understanding to say the least. I hope she's doing OK. I occasionally like to hold it beyond the point where it starts to be uncomfortable, but not all that often.


Ladies only: question/story request

first off why is it that we never hear/herd ever from the owner of this great site like his/her status of site upkeep ect

so if u read this site admin plz just one atleast say hi to the users

now my question/request Ladies only:


1. Have you ever used the restroom that is busy/all stalls in use and u had to pee and/or poop in the trash/or sink ? any other ladies doing it too ??

2. Moms/mother figures gone to the restroom & had a situation when ur child/other person (boy or girl) unbutton, unzip, or open yor bottoms & take them off for u ect ?? (skirt, pants, jeans, sweats, dress, ect)

3. MOMs: have uever had to pee or poop in front of your or another persons child/teen in front of them toilet or other container/location

4: last question

Ladies only: have u ever had to or happen to poop in front of group of people (3 or more people) or 1-2 people in alterative container or location (not traditional toilet)

ladies plz answer / share related stories by answering/sharing to one Or all or whatever amount of the questions thnx

plz thnx

Message for poor Tia. Have your mom or a good friend give you a good soapy
enema. You will feel much better.


Hard poo today after school

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest news. Will make a few comments about other posts before starting my story from earlier today.
Megan- glad to hear you're not constipated any more and glad you managed to get on the loo quickly after your presentation.
Jemma- Good to hear you plucked up the courage to have a poo at school, glad it went OK and you didn't have to spend the rest of the day uncomfortable because you were holding it in.
Natasha- sounds like you're not as constipated any more which is good- as you were able to go so quickly when you were excused from your maths lesson hopefully no-one realised you'd been for a poo. Really sorry though to hear about your accident on the way home, sometimes the urge can be hard to predict and you're actually a lot more desperate than you realise. If it makes you feel any better a while back I pooed my knickers at a sleepover when one of my friends was on the only loo forever as she was badly constipated, I thought I could hold it but all of a sudden it just started coming out into my knickers which was really embarasing. As you say the only thing you can do then is have a shower and clean up, like you I threw my knickers away as I knew it would be impossible to get them clean.
Anyway, back to my story, unfortunately I'm still badly constipated, I can't wait for the school hols as that will probably be the only way I'm going to get over it now. I've been trying to get back into my norml routine of going for a poo after having breakfast in our school canteen but I just haven't been able to go despite straining on the toilet for a while, its really embarasing doing that at school but I'm past caring, I just don't want to be constipated any more. Finally this morning after not being able to poo for 5 days I thought I might be able to go, I started to want a poo as I was eating breakfast and as soon as I'd finished I went off to the toilets and started queing for a cubicle. I was waiting for quite a while, a lot of other girls were also there for a poo judging by how slowly the queue was moving, and by the time I finally got a cubicle my need was almost gone. I got my skirt, tights and green knickers down and started to push, I could feel a log moving down inside me and it did start to poke out but despite me straining as hard as I could and grunting loads I couldn't push more than the tip out as it kept getting sucked back up my bum, so I gave up, wiped and went to lessons feeling really uncomfortable and bloated. I couldn't face trying again at lunch, less girls go for a poo then so I knew that if I was straining and pushing hard it would be more noticable, plus I didn't really have a strong urge anyway. At lunch break I met up with Beth, she asked me if she could come round to mine after school for help with some homework. I said OK hoping it wouldn't take too long as I wanted to try to have a poo before tea. Anyway on the way home Beth confessed to me she was really constipated too and asked me if she could try to go at my house, she said Ellie (her sister) has been threatening to tell her mum that she's struggling to poo and Beth doesn't want her mum to find out so she's been pretending that everything's OK. I explained that I had the same problem and said maybe we could help each other out which made her feel better. We got back to my house shortly after and went up to my room, we decided Beth should go first so she took off her skirt and dropped her black tights and yellow knickers to her knees. She sat on the loo and took a deep breath before bearing down hard, she pushed for as long as she could and then grunted before catching her breath and starting again. After a while she said "Its coming, its just really wide and keeps getting stuck." She pulled her bum cheeks apart and gave a few more massive pushes, by now she was quite red in the face and looked really hot and bothered. Just then she moaned and shortly after I heard a floomp as her log dropped, she then started to wee which trickled down into the bowl. She started pushing again and said "Theres more to come yet" and over the next 10 minutes managed to produce 4 more poos. "Right, I think I'm done" she said as she started to wipe her bottom. When she was finished she pulled up her knickers and took off her tights ready to change into some jeans, by now I was already just in my knickers so I pulled them down and sat on the warm seat. I started to push for as long and as hard as I could, I gave out lots of pants, grunts and groans but it wasn't that bad as Beth had grunted a lot as well. I managed to get the tip out again but it was so hard to stop it from getting sucked back up, I eventually managed it by holding my bum cheeks apart and doing a few really long pushes, I didn't know I could hold my breath that long! After about 10 minutes of constant pushing, going red in the face and encouragement from Beth my massive log dropped into the loo, I heaved a sigh of releaf but knew there was more to come which I spent the next 10 minutes pushing out. Finally I was done, there was a massive load of poo in the bowl but wiping my bum was quite a quick job as it was all pretty hard and dry. I pulled up my knickers and flushed before we went back into my room to get changed. I will keep you posted on how my constipation goes but hopefully it won't get this bad again, bye for now!

Robbi Boi

Taking Control of Fear

As mentioned before, I am a female-to-male transgender (not transsexual because I haven't started hormones or surgery) using the name "Robbi" to protect my identity. I am also a 29-year-old virgin who is that way, in part, because I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what would happen if a significant other, particularly a male, were to witness a pooping accident like the ones I've written about on here. In addition to this, I'm not even sure a lesbian female who is fully accepting of my transgenderism would be okay with my blood-stained and skid-marked underwear, which I just throw in the machine without spraying or treating in any special way. Even when I wear black underwear, I still see yellowish smudges a lot lighter than the material, like beige chalk on a blackboard, when I scratch my butt.

Anyway, so I had some pretty serious pooping accidents in childhood that severely affected my self-esteem, and then as if matters couldn't get worse, I got my first period when I was 11.75, or 3 months shy of 12. The only thing that made me feel good enough to want to live was the fact that I made A's in school, was talented in art and music, dressed neatly but never femininely every single day, had short hair, and learned how to tie a necktie on the bus to school, then remove it on the bus from school right before the driver reached our house. I did this in grades 7-12 to help relieve the anxiety I felt when presenting a report, poster, slide show, computerized cartoon, or other project to the class, and I always wore ironed slacks and unisex dress shirts that matched it perfectly.

But one thing I couldn't change was the pain of living with 3 unwanted bodily functions (peeing, pooping, and periods, or the 3 P's) that sometimes got me detention for exceeding the allowed number of restroom visits per 6-weeks. As a result, I never had perfect attendance during any school year because, in addition to catching multiple colds every winter until I was 21, I always had at least 1 case of severe diarrhea that kept me home from school, deathly afraid of a serious pooping accident ruining my life! I also had times when I wouldn't eat at school , not because I cared about my weight, but because I was tired of being tardy to 4th or 5th period because I had poop, then scratching my butt for the rest of the day because I tried my best to hurry. I'd just eat when I got home, because, like I said, it had nothing to do with weight gain. Sometimes I'd go 18 hours without eating, since I usually skipped breakfast, too.

So by the time I was 19, I was still living in fear of soiling myself again (I call it "automysophobia") like I did at age 10, despite the fact that I hadn't done it in almost 9 years. I'd graduated high school CumLaude despite at least 1 absence every single year, and my future in college seemed promising given such a high-achieving past. But one day, I decided it was time to face this great fear in order to move forward in my life. I was tired of starving myself all day and spending my allowance on anti-diarrhea medicine, which I'd buy behind my parent's backs while conveniently "getting lost" in the store as they shopped for my little sister's clothes and other things. That just wasn't going to work in college, where they don't care if you miss a lecture by staying in the restroom, and where you need breakfast to stay awake and drive yourself to school, since there is no yellow bus (which I rode throughout my senior year) to pick-up kids like me who'd sleep until it stopped at the school.

Then one day, when my dad was still at work and my mom was with my little sister at her piano lesson, I decided to do something I never thought I'd do again in my life! I'd already discovered this site during my junior year by searching for sites containing words like "poop" and "pants" together, so I already knew I wasn't the only kid to ever do what I did at age 10, nor was I even alone in being "excited" in that way by it, and wondered if such a thing had ever happened to my classmates and when (never asked, though). So with a full stomach, I decided to let go of as many squeaky farts as it took to empty my large intestine into my white, cotton panties while everyone was away, my shorts having been removed for easier clean-up, just to remind myself of what it's like to "go poo-poo in your pants" and that it doesn't cause the world to end. I'd never felt more "excited" in my life, since I was (and still am) a virgin who'd never even been kissed or gone to a dance/prom, and in the process of creating the biggest bulge I'd ever seen in a pair of underwear, I also peed in them from straining.

Once I finished doing all I had to do, I took them off, and they looked as though someone had emptied a whole can of dark chocolate icing in the back, which created a massive stripe all the way from the front of the crotch to the back of the waistband! So I scraped the mess into the toilet with a piece of paper, then hurriedly wiped and rinsed my bottom in the bathtub before my dad came home. But I obviously didn't do too good of a job, since my "clean" panties were full of skids not long after I put them on, and the poop didn't completely wash-out of my soiled ones, which I scrubbed with antibacterial soap at the tub faucet. I just pretended like they'd been washed-out because of a period accident and threw them in the machine when Mom washed towels, but even after coming out of the dryer, they were badly-stained and still retained a little of the poop smell until I wore and washed them again a week later.

Luckily, no one ever found out what happened that day when I was 19 (precisely 229 months old, since I wanted to forever remember the exact date). But one thing that did change was, I no longer feared diarrhea quite as much and hardly ever missed class in college. I'd seen that the world doesn't come to an end just because some short-haired, overweight "girl/boi," who is really just a year's supply of testosterone and a double-mastectomy from being a "trans-man," decides to have a bowel movement in a pair of white underwear. This really helped me to overcome the anxiety that often caused vomiting and/or diarrhea too severe for me to go to school in grades 4-12, and as a result, I was able to get my degree at age 22, having never missed a minute, let alone a day, of some classes. I did, however, get a bad UTI at age 19, but I'm pretty sure it happened too much later than this incident for that to be the cause. I just wish I could overcome the remaining fear of having an accident in public, but I'm afraid that as long as I have to live and present as a "woman," that's just not capable of happening. But I still think of this "accident," or "on-purpose poop," as the day I took control of my fear of soiling.


A Survey I Found

Since I'm new here, and am reading through this great site, I came across a survey I'd like to post anew, if allowed by the moderation crew.

Here it is....


Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom?
Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?


How often do you pee?

What color / shade is it?

Do you pee a lot in one go?


How often do you fart?

What type of farts do you do?

Are you shy about farting?

Do you fart on the toilet?

Are your farts noisy?

Do they smell?


How often do you poop?
What foods etc make you poop?
do you eat certain things knowing it'll make you poop more?

How many turds do you usually get?
Do you have a favorite type to pass?
How long does it usually take you?

What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid...) logs or chunks

Does a lot come out? If it's logs, no. anything else, usually.
Do they make noise?
What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, firm, rock solid..)

When you poop do you require effort?

Other / Misc.

Do you usually need lots of toilet paper?
Do you 'line the seat' with tp?
Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? (for toilet purposes)
Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, no bathroom nearby...)

Do you make sounds when you go? Sigh after a pee you've been holding for an hour, grunt / strain on a difficult poop, etc...?
what was your best bathroom experience?
What was your worst?
Ever been in or used the opposite gender's bathroom? Describe....

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