Melissa K
Christian - I didn't weigh my poop directly, but I measured myself on the scale, and I was about 3 pounds lighter afterwards (WOW!).

Mike - A lot of slim girls eat a lot, because they don't have to worry with weight gain because they have a high metabolism. Also, a lot of girls fake the image that they don't poop in order to seem pretty, so they hold it, leading to even more massive dumps. Also, girls in general have more room to store poop with their ability to carry babies.
I started thinking about this cause a lot of girls i know take really big poops, and I was wondering why so I looked it up. Its strange cause no one would expect it, but it makes sense logically.

Love Melissa :)

bama guy
Hey all

I have always wanted to do a buddy dump with someone but nevere had a chance. To anyone who has, I would love to hear how it feels to shit with someone.

Mr. Clogs


Lucy: Enjoyed your post about you shopping need to poop and with the woman next to you emptying herself. Thanks for sharing.

Tia: Hope all is well with you.

Just a girl...: Wow it sucks having IBS. I'm just curious, how's your diet that's interfering with your bowels?

Samantha: To each is own, some people think it might be weird, but if that's what you're into. That's your thing, do what makes you happy.

aaron: WOW man, that was a lot of bottles! 2 around is better than nothing. They come in handy.

anonymous chick: That's not good, does your sister take a laxative or enema for relief?

Anne: Interesting story about Kyra using your bathroom. I liked the details of the encounter in your bathroom and the "noticeable" odor from Kyra. Keep the posts coming Anne. Thanks!

Anonymous Guy: Thanks for the feedback and appreciate the comments. Now to answer your question if it was directed to me. You asked if anyone to get into this or is it just a fetish? My opinion, it can go both ways or both at the same time. When I got into this some time ago, you can check out my previous posts about this. I really started pooping into a cup when I was in high school. This was about 15 years ago or more I don't remember when I started, I would say Junior year in high school. I can say on the side of a fetish before I knew what the word fetish means, I was turned on and excited by this. Now in this present time, it's just something different to do other than taking a dump in the toilet. I do enjoy pooping to this day, it's great relief to take a good, hard shit if you know what I mean. Like you, I do to pee in cups as well check out my previous posts. I can fill up those liter cups about 3/4 way which is about 24 oz. I haven't filled up the those cups up to the brim in a while. I usually do my biggest pees at night and sometimes in the morning. I hope I answered your questions. I say it's both and still enjoy peeing and pooping in them to this day. Enjoy if you decide to do it and keep us posted.

Well that's all for now, take care and happy peeing and pooping everyone. Keep the posts coming and I enjoy reading them and commenting as well.

--Mr. Clogs


A discussion

The other night I was at a bar with friends. One of my friends and I got into a discussion about our favourite places around town to secretly pee outside when there aren't any places with bathrooms around. Ha ha ha :)


Another 'live' post with a few comments and a big thanks

Hi, Imogen there again and just before I do another live post I would just like to say a big thank you for making me feel so welcome. It's nice to know people are so caring and are in the same situation as me. I am looking forward to posting on this site regularly.

In my last post I said I would need a poo in the morning (Sunday) and I would do another 'live post' but my bowels had other ideas and I had to rush to the toilet Saturday night to avoid following through as I was farting so much so I didn't have time to grab the laptop and take it into the bathroom. Sorry guys; however I wasn't able to go on Sunday so my stomach is quite full at the moment and ready for a visit to the toilet.

15:36 - OK I'm in the bathroom and on the toilet after getting back from school. Going for a poo when I get home from school is my normal routine as I hate going anywhere but my bathroom.

15:37 - I have just let out a rather airy fart; I can feel my poo start to emerge from my bum. It's one of those smooth poos where it comes out really fast even though it is quite a solid load. PLOP....PLOP two logs have just shot out of my anus with a huge SPLASH.

15:38 - Another log is making its way out without the need to push; it's that smooth, OMG it feels so good....PLOP....PLIP. A huge turd just dropped into the toilet followed by a little piece that was dangling from my bum.

15:39 - Pfffffft, just let out another fart that echoed into the toilet, although this time it was a bit wet towards the end. PLOP....PLOP....PLOP; I have just let out a little bit of runny poo and I finally feel finished (Is there anyone else that often finishes there poo by releasing a little bit of runny stuff or am I the only one as this happens quite often)

15:40 - I can feel a little bit of wee wanting to come out.... A clear stream of wee is now trickling from my vagina into the toilet

15:42 - That's it I feel empty.... I have just had a quick look in the toilet.... There are four big logs floating that look a lot like hot dogs; with a load of runny poo sitting on top.

15:44 - I am currently wiping my very dirty bum.... the runny poo is sticking to my bum so its going to take a few wipes to get clean.... Finally finished wiping my filthy anus, it took five wipes in total to clean my bum and two dabs to dry my vagina.

15:45 - I'm standing up now.... reaching over to the handle to flush.... I just pulled the handle down, and watching the poo disappear.

I really enjoyed that poo as there's something about a good poo that puts a smile on my face. Just before I go and start my homework I want to make a few comments to fellow posters.

Natasha - Hi, thanks for the kind comments. I'm sorry to hear about your accident as I have done the same as you twice before and it probably won't be the last time I poo myself in the same circumstances. Both times I had held it while at school as I hate using the school toilets and as I was walking home I couldn't hold it anymore and I felt poo slowly ease out into my knickers despite my best efforts; although it felt really gross it was really relieving and felt amazing to push out. The last time it happened was last year and I'm still embarrassed by both of these accidents. Luckily (like you) I was on my own so no one was there to witness them.

Abbie - Hi, I too am excited about end of term; it really can't come fast enough;). Anyway thanks for making me feel welcome and it would seem we have constipation and dirty knickers in common. At my school there are a few girls that go for a poo during breaks. I know this as I often listen to them whilst I wee and wish I could be like them and pluck up to courage to have a poo in public. That's one of the reasons why I came on this forum (the other being my love of a good poo) as I hope to overcome my shyness by expressing my toilet experiences and over time I feel I will gain enough confidence to poo in public.

Melissa K - OMG that sounded like a massive poo. Although it was a gross thing to do grabbing the poo out of the toilet was probably the best option as it would have clogged the toilet judging by the size of it. I laughed when I read that you had forgotten to wipe you bum as I have done that before and you just feel so stupid. Luckily no one knew it was your poo all over the street as that would have been very embarrassing as they would have been asking loads of questions such as why is was there, etc.

Miss D - Hi, I hope you and Tom overcome the diarrhea soon. I love the way you're so understanding to and support each over when you both followed through. I have done that a few times so I know how gross it can be. Get well soon.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet.... BYE XXX

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lucy great story as always it sounds like you and that other girl both really had to poop just it different ways yours slow and big and hers fast and runny it sounds like she just made it in time and I bet you both felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ellen B first welcome to the site and great story about your big morning poop it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I bet you felt good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Elena as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop at home and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tia as always another great story constipation sucks hopefuly it ends soon for you and for a second i thought you were from my town cause the name of the bookstore but nope the bathroom in mine is a single unisex bathroom and it sounds like you had a good poop before from that stool softener and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great story it sounds like you were having a very day and hopefuly soon you can gain some control of your ibs and it may be best to be near a bathroom just in case a big one hits without warning and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leah as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great pee and poop and it sounds like you pooped alot and I bet you felt really great afterwards to and probaly a little lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it story it sounds like your friend Kyra really had a good poop and I bet she felt alot better afterwards to and congrats and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maurina great story it sounds like you really had to poop and I bet you felt great afterwards from the sound of it and it sounds like it was a pretty big poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma_R great story about your poop in that public toilet it sounds like it was a pretty good one to and its ture everyone poops just keep telling yourself that and your fear and shyness should go away and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and great live coverage of it to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you were kinda desperate at least you made it and had a good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heather E as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister Jackie both had really good poops outside and it sounds like you both had to go alot to and I bet you but great afterwards and pretty refreshed to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like that prune juice really cleaned you out and it sounds like it worked a little to good and I bet yu felt so much better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kyra first welcome to the site and nope everybody poops at there own speed some are quick and some are slow and also inbetween and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you really had to poop and alot to I bet you felt alot better and a litlle after getting all that poop out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bethany as always another great story it sounds like you very desperate and had a really great poop to and it sounds like toilet companys need to make more power flush toilet to handle the big stuff and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great set of stories your first one sounds like you just had to poop out the leftovers of your other poop and your second story it sounds like you had to poop worse then you thought and as the saying goes when you gotta go you gotta go and your body knows that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miss D it sounds like you were haa rough time probaly a stomach bug or something you ate hopefuly your feeling better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

About an hour ago I was at the bookstore heading to the bathroom when a woman hurried by me and as soon as she sat down I heard a blast of diarrhea and then she flushed quickly and then peed and wiped then I went in and some of her toilet paper got stuck and it had some yellow diarrhea on it and from the sound of it she just made it cause she gasped afterwards.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

to just a girl

I've had IBS for 34 years.
You said that with changing your diet it has been 3 months since your last attack.
The new bout of "IBS" sounds more like you have got one of the viral gastroenteritis bugs thats doing the rounds this time of year.
They are airborne so it's easier to become infected.
Hope you are better soon!

Jemma R- Congrats on your first school poo! Sounds like a good one. If there's paper to spare lining the bowl like that is a good way to disguise the noise of your poo if you're embarrassed about it. Hope you can go again soon and tell us about it! The first one is always the hardest!

Today I had my last lecture of the semester and had to go poo immediately after. I'd been holding it in for half of the two-hour lecture and was really needing to let it out by the end. I hurried to the toilets and went in just behind another girl. She was attractive, curvy with brown hair, and she took one cubicle and I took the other. We both sat down and weed. She stayed seated so I guessed she was there to poo as well. Neither of us seemed keen to break the silence, though, especially when another girl came in. She left after she realised both cubicles were taken though, so I pushed out a log which plopped into the bowl. That broke the ice because the other girl then did a really loud fart. I had a fart to come out too, although it was quiter. The other girl dropped four quick, soft sounding turds one after the other while I pushed out a second log. I did a third and then the other girl did her fifth. Another girl came in then and waited. I pushed out another piece and then the other girl did another quite loud fart. Another one followed, sounding wet, and then another plop. Another girl joined the queue now. I had another log coming out, smaller this time. The other girl dropped two more logs and then farted again quietly. I farted too as my log came out with a plop. After another plop she was done and was replaced. The new arrival weed loudly. I had no more to come out, so I quickly wiped and left for the second waiting girl. She quickly went in and I heard her start to wee. The girl in the other cubicle had done a quick poo and came out and joined me at the sinks. We smiled briefly at each other and then left, both feeling much better, as, no doubt, had the first girl who had done a substantial poo of her own.


A Welcome Post

Hey all, my name is to the board!

I'm 25 yrs old, live in Canada, and am about 5'9"; dark hair and medium muscle build.

i've been reading the past week but finally got the courage to post! I admit to what drove me here was my interest in girls farting and pooping - though I'll share my own stories too.

I dunno what the interest is...the fact that a girl is half naked, moaning and grunting? The sights and sounds are what do it for me. Anyway...

Quick comments on some posts i read:

Lucy - great post, especially the description of the sounds..neat effect!

Ellen b : WOW, that was a lot you did!! Do you normally go like that??

Tia - one of my favorite posters!! Of your recent stories I really enjoyed the one at Chapters. Keep posting, and writing stories about your farts and poos, as well as those of others, like that woman. Sounds like you filled the toilet with that stool softener poop.

Samantha - hope you post more!!

Anne - great post...and congrats to your friend!

Imogen - really enjoyed your first story! Liked the live part and the 'sounds' (PLOP, pffftt.... etc..) please post more!!

Melissa K - WOW, what a dump!! Are they usually like that??

This it for now, but i look forward to talking with everyone on here and sharing experiences!

_ Robert.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So yesterday I was shopping when I got the urge to shit. I had not gone in a few days so I knew it would probably be a nice load.I headed towards the ladies rooms. The bathroom had three stalls all empty and I took the middle one. I started peeing and just as I stopped someone came into the bathroom and took the stall to my left. She then left off a really loud wet fart and a loud spluttering gush of diarrhea. It smelled really bad. I started pushing and my turd slowly started poking out. I heard more wet farts and diarrhea splutters and gurgles from the stall beside me. I started pushing really hard and started grunting nnnnnggnhhhh nnngggh. I could feel a large turd stretch my ass open. It hurt but felt wonderful. It slowly slid out and plopped into the bowl. The girl beside me has been quieter now letting off a few farts probably waiting for another wave to come. I felt another turd coming so I pushed and a soft but firm turd easily slid out of my ass. I wiped and got up to see what I made. The first turd was 5" long and probably 2.5" or 3" thick the second was around 8" long and 1" thick.

Ellen B.

My morning dump

Hey everybody, my names Ellen, I just found this site today and it is really interesting, so I thought I would share a story from this morning. Anyways a little about myself, I'm 13 years old, 5'3 in height, and 103 pounds, with long brown hair. This morning when I woke up I could feel a big turd inside of me, so I went straight to the bathroom. I walked inside and pulled my PJ bottoms down and my pink thong and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and started pissing out a long yellow stream, it felt so good to let out my morning piss. I just sat there and relaxed until my stream had ended. Then I started to push, I farted very loudly a couple times, man did they stink! I had to get up to open the window they were so stinky! Anyways I sat back down and started to push. The fat turd started to poke against my asshole, it felt so big! I kept pushing and it started to slide out of my asshole, I moaned in pleasure as the big turd came out of my asshole, it felt so good as it was flowing out of me. The big turd dropped into the toilet with a big splash. It must have been a foot long and at least 2 inches thick. I looked at my work with pride, it was amazing! Then it was time to wipe, my family only buys this really cheap and crappy toilet paper, which doesn't do a very good job sadly. I wadded a couple pieces together and wiped my dirty asshole. The first wipe was very dirty, I tossed it into the toilet. The next wipe was a little better, it took about 5 wipes till I was happy, even then I still wasn't fully clean because of the terrible cheap toilet paper I have to use. When I was done wiping I was going to flash, but I was just too impressed with my turd I didn't want too, I just walked out and left it so my brother could take a look, and I would just pretend that I forgot to flash. Haha I hope he was impressed :)

Thanks for reading guys, please leave feedback if you can :)



Did my park story get reposted for some reason? Why would that be?

Anyway, today I went to a basketball tournament and got the urge to poop durin my final game. Farted a couple times while I was playing but no one noticed it. Won the game and went home. We got home at around 5:00 and my parents went out on a date. Elaine is at a friends house. Same with my brother so it's just me and Ela. Watching Star Wars with my sister and tell her I'm going to the bathroom. I go into my upstairs bathroom and lock the door. I undo my pants and sit down, pulling my pants to my knees. Start to pee and a fart comes out. Just relaxing for a minute before I start to push. The poop started inching out without help until I decide to take charge and push it all he way out. It plops and two more smaller turds plop out. Lean over to wipe my front and back and get up pulling my pants up. Flush the toilet and resume watching Star Wars.

Well it seems that I am still constipated. Yesterday, I spent nearly half an hour on the toilet, and only managed to get a few pieces of poop out. I went back to the toilet a couple more times last night, but all I did was fart. Today was no better. I've only attempted to go once, and not a whole lot happened. I was on the toilet for almost 10 minutes and after a considerable amount of pushing, only 2 little pieces came out. I could feel the poop right close to my bum, but no matter how hard I pushed, I just farted. I even heard the crackling sounds my poop makes when it's coming out, but that was producing nothing.

It looks like it's time for a stool softener.

Just a girl...
I've had IBS for years - I've written on here about attacks before. Over the past couple of years, they have been getting more severe. It used to be that an attack would start with a full and uncomfortable stomach for a day. I'd feel constipated even though I'd have several small soft movements throughout the day. Then, day two, I would have several soft movements in the morning but with a very upset stomach in the afternoon. Soon, I'd be on the toilet for a half hour shitting my brains out. By the end, it would be entirely liquid coming out. I would have at least one or two more attacks of diarrhea that night and the next morning. Then, it would be over. As I've said on here before, they have been getting worse. The diarrhea itself was becoming more severe, and the attacks were lasting longer and longer each time.
At its worst, about 3 months ago, I spent an hour that first attack just purging everything in my system. I can't even tell you how many waves I had that night, but my stomach had never hurt more or felt sicker. I pissed out of my ass for an hour. Thing is, it didn't get better. I started keeping a journal. I had it 5 more times the next day. Then, day 3, I had it another 7. Day 4, I went 12 times. Day 5, I had it 18 times in one day. That was after 2 doses of Imodium! Day 6, only 5 times. Slowly my body regulated itself again. After being so sick for that week, and barely being able to eat anything, I decided that I needed to change some things. I started eating healthier, and smaller amounts more frequently. For the past 3 months, I hadn't had an attack - until last night.
Two days ago I started to get that full feeling again. I felt so uncomfortable and constipated. I did go to the bathroom and have soft movements several times, but I didn't go very much. Yesterday, I had a few stomach pains in the morning, and my stomach was making those "sick" noises. I needed to go but I couldn't. I managed to go a little bit a few times, but I just couldn't seem to have a real movement. I also had no appetite. As the afternoon went on I started to have a slight stomachache. Again, I felt constipated. Then, as the day went on the gurgling in my stomach started to get bad.
I was working on my computer when I began to have extremely bad stomach cramps - to the point where I couldn't move when one hit. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I felt so sick to my stomach I wasn't sure what to do. Slowly, after a bit of pushing, I started to pass small soft pieces. They were coming out so slowly and so little at a time. My stomach felt like it wanted to explode, but it just wasn't coming out quickly enough. The pains were horrible! I kept going and going, a tiny bit at a time. My stomach was making those diarrhea noises like crazy and it was spinning! I felt so sick that I didn't know which end it was going to come out of. At least 10 minutes had passed, and I had gone quite a bit, but my stomach was nowhere near empty or settled. I looked into the toilet and I had filled the bottom with soft pooh.
I turned back around and passed a few more soft pieces. Suddenly, my stomach started to turn and I passed a wave of chunky diarrhea. Then, I passed another. I felt awful! Then the muddy diarrhea started. For the next 45 minutes I had wave after wave of muddy diarrhea. The waves were never big - it came out slowly. I couldn't stop going! Finally, I looked into the toilet and the entire bottom was covered in muddy slop. I still wasn't done. I let go one of the most disgusting farts I've ever had, and then several waves of forceful liquid diarrhea. I felt done enough and finally left the bathroom. When I looked at the clock, I had been in there for over an hour!
I went back to work and about 20 minutes later I rushed back into the bathroom to pass more gas and have a few more waves of liquid diarrhea. I still didn't feel done. I waited a few minutes and suddenly a huge rush of chunky diarrhea came out. Finally, I felt done. I ended up having Pepto for dinner - I couldn't get myself to eat or drink anything other than small sips of water. I've already had 4 more attacks this morning -but luckily they've been small and manageable. I still don't feel well though and I need to go to work soon…


A little about me

Hi all.

I've been reading this forum for a long time, and I guess its finally time to post something.

See ... I have this habit. When I'm at home or somewhere private if I have to use the bathroom I hold it to the last minute. If I'm home, I'll hold it until I am bursting ... sometimes I even wait until a little leaks before I run to the bathroom. I guess I'm weird.

Maybe I'll get up the courage to say more details sometime.



Hey reformed drinker, I also has this exact same problem with the whiskey bottles, very cold nights where I live and the advantage of having a bottle by your bed is you can wrap the blanket round you as you pee and then back 2 sleep haha but I had 2 stop, well, cut down coz I ended up pissing in every empty bottle that entered my room, had to dispose of something like 80 bottles!! I still have a few left that I'm trying 2 get rid of but I think ile stick 2 just one, for them real cold nights lol

Just a story from a week or so ago....
I was at Chapters (a book store) when I felt the urge to poop. It wasn't a strong urge, but I figured I should at least try and poop. So I headed to the washrooms. When I entered, I noticed a slight smell and the middle stall was occupied. I knew right away the lady in there was pooping. It's a shame I walked in in the middle of her poop. I would have liked to have been there from when she first entered the stall. Oh well...can't always be that lucky, I guess. Anyways, I took the stall to her left and sat down and peed first. I could see that her feet were spread pretty far apart so it must have been a hard poop for her. After I finished peeing, I started pushing a little bit. As I feel a poo sliding out, I hear "plop plop" from the lady beside me. I pushed out a couple more pieces of poop before I felt empty. I didn't hear any noise from my neighbor. No new plops or even the sound of TP ripping. Either she was having a tough poop or she's like me and takes her time pooping-even in a public washroom!

That stool softener I took before bed last night kicked in today. Well actually, it kicked in sometime this morning. I woke up at about 9ish with some stomach cramps, so I headed to the toilet. After some gentle pushes, 4 nice sized logs came out, followed by a couple of smaller poops. It was such a relief to get those out of my system! Who knows how long those had been up there?! Anyways, I just went again, and it was probably a combination of the stool softener and the coffee I had that made this poop an easy one too. I was only on the toilet for maybe 2 minutes. I got another stomach cramp, so I headed to the toilet. I let out a nice, wet fart, and it was followed by lots of soft poop. Not quite diarrhea, but also not nicely formed logs.
After these last two poops, I feel much better! I think I may be emptied out now, but we'll have to see :)

anonymous chick
Reguarding my sister's massive and exhausting dumps, she's struggled with enormous turds that are nearly impossible to push out. That leads to hours of straining with her hole painfully stretched wide open around these impossibly huge, rock hard masses. It's crazy how hard she has to strain and push just to poop!


gotta pee soooo bad

Right now, I need to piss. So bad. I'm in my computer chair with my legs pressed together as tight as possible. I guess I'm torturing myself because I have my own bathroom, which is five feet away, but I took a monster dump this morning and I want to share. I got up around 9:00 with the small house I live in all to myself; parents at work, sister away for a few days. Got out of bed and opened my window to smoke, knowing I would need to relieve myself very soon; I had to pee seriously bad and I hadn't taken a shit in three days so I knew I was overdue for one. I busied myself with washing dishes and doing some laundry until a big spurt of piss hit my panties and I stopped immediately; luckily I was close to the downstairs bathroom and I speedwalked over, trying to keep my ass clenched, and I had barely slid my panties and pajama pants down around my ankles before I began to gush pee into the toilet; I was scared it would be painful and looked down to make sure my pee was clear (I've had a UTI the past couple weeks, peeing has been very unpleasant and one of the signs is dark/cloudy piss) but it felt simply incredible, I peed and peed and after a minute or so, it began to trickle off. I leaned forward a bit and grunted softly, but it wasn't coming out; maybe an inch had emerged. I grabbed a magazine and began to read and finally after seven minutes, the crackling began as my three days worth of shit began to evacuate. I felt a momentary sharp pain and I was so worried I might have strained my hole, but the rest came easily. I just pooped and pooped, and finally I was done. I wiped, pulled my pants up (I had kicked aside my undies because of the huge pee stain) and three long, thick turds crowded up the bowl. I had taken what looked like a three foot poop and luckily, it came out mostly painless. I've rarely gone beyond three days with not taking a shit, constipation is simply awful, just terrible discomfort. The smell was overpowering, so I had to crack a window and then had to use a brush to break up my huge load before flushing. Ok nowwww I need to go pee, I can't put it off any longer.


Question for Melissa K

On page 2238, you mentioned briefly at the end of your post that pretty slim girls actually poop the most.

Why do you think this is? I'm curious to how this can be.

Thanks very much

Mr. Clogs


Heather E.: Nice story about your buddy dump with your sister. Wow, both of you produced a large load! My goodness. Thanks for sharing.

Little Mandi: I might have to give prune juice a try, natural laxative without the chemicals that relieves constipation. My great grandmother used to drink it to relieve herself from constipation when she was living.

Jas: I remember that post.

Imogen: I'm glad that you enjoyed my post about taking a dump in those cups. It was fun and full relief to do my poops in those cups. Keep us posted if you decide to take on the challenge. Thanks again for the feedback.

Bethany: Taking a good hard dump is always good feeling like you said without getting explicit, LOL! Did you stuff yourself with steak sandwiches from Philly? Taking a cheese steak sandwich and having to take a dump later is the best. Take care.

SquatSpotter: That I do, I have been looking at them just haven't bought one yet. I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

That's all the comments I have. Take care and enjoy your weekend and most of all happy peeing and pooping to all. --Mr. Clogs


Kyra's Poo in my Bathroom

So Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) while my fiancé was busy watching football, Kyra walked the short distance next door to my house and helped me decorate for the holidays. We were putting ornaments on the tree when I caught a whiff of a very pungent fart. "Kyra, did you just fart?" I asked her in a mock-serious tone. "Yep" she said, "I've been farting all day long. I think I might poop soon." "I wouldn't be surprised by that judging from your farts" I said. She laughed, and minutes later farted again, the next one was loud, with a little *pop* sound at the end. I know that sound. Mine have it when I'm about to poop, too.

"I think I've gotta go now" she said with a lift in her voice. She then grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom with her. "I hate pooping alone. It gets boring, especially when I don't have my phone." "You know I don't mind" I said. Our upstairs bathroom is pretty small, and the tub and toilet are so close together that if I sit on the edge of the tub, I'm practically in the lap of the person on the toilet. This position meant I'd have a great sensory experience observing Kyra's poo. Needless to say, I was wrought with anticipation.
Kyra pulled her pajama pants and white French-cut panties (the kind with a lacy waistband and just a small triangle of material over her pubic area and butt) to her ankles, and then realized she hadn't put the lid up, so she turned around and lifted it, and in the process had her butt crack about two inches from my face. Her butt smelled sweetly musty, which didn't surprise me, as she had been farting prolifically. She turned back around and I caught a whiff of her crotch: that distinctive lemony feminine zing that just screams "Woman!" when you smell it. It occurred to me that Kyra likely hadn't showered recently. She had greasy hair and facial skin, and her personal odors were strong.

Well, anyhow, all that odor recognition took place in the span of about ten seconds, and she then leisurely descended her bottom onto the toilet seat. We were so close together that our knees were touching. "How's this for closeness?" she said. I smiled and patted her on her upper thigh, at which point I noticed her thighs were covered with bristly light blonde hair, so light colored that I never realized before that she didn't shave her thighs. (I don't shave mine either, but my hair is red so it is visually noticeable. However, we both shave our calves to the knee.)

I then heard a light *Pffffff* fart, and she began peeing gently. She parted her legs slightly, and the sound increased in volume. She kept on peeing for almost a minute, a gentle tinkle that soon had me smelling a scent cloud of her urine. The smell caught my attention, as it reminded me of how my pee smelled when I first noticed I was pregnant. I immediately mentioned this to her. "Honey, your pee smells like pregnant urine. Is it possible you might be…?" "Yeah, it's possible" She said, "I was going to bring it up later, but since you noticed, I think I might be. I missed my period last week. I haven't bought a test yet because I'm like scared but like I feel that I am." "Do you want to take one now? I have an extra in the drawer next to you." "Um….sure…better with my best friend than alone." I felt warmed in the heart. She'd never referred to me as her best friend before.

I readied the test and asked her "Do you think you can pee a little bit more?" "Yeah" she said "I don't usually empty completely unless I push really hard." "Can you do it, I'm shaking?" "Sure thing, honey" I then reached forward and held the test between her parted legs. She then began to push and a *pssssss* accompanied some sputtering urine. I moved the test to catch a trickle and got the tip sufficiently wet. "Well there's nothing to do now but wait a few minutes." I said. "Well, there is something else" she said, and scrunched up her face. "Ungghhh" *crackle* and then her eyes opened wide. "Oh my, oh my, it's rock hard. Ouchie!" The crackling continued as she pushed, and she said "I haven't gone since Thursday morning at school." A pungent, powerful poo aroma began to fill the room. It was healthy smelling but very strong, almost overpoweringly so, dense and earthy, not sharp in the slightest. "Wow, oh, I can barely take it. What a workout!' she said as she pushed more. After about two minutes, she sighed deeply and I heard a *plunk* as the end of her mighty poo hit the bowl.

"Woah, I gotta see that one" She said and she stood up and looked down. We both looked into the toilet at a massive, fat, dark brown poop that went down into the drain hole, but just barely as it was almost the same width as the drain, and straight up onto the porcelain out of the water in front. It was so big that I said "Don't bother trying to flush. We'll break it up later." She nodded and said "Yeah. I'm really good at clogging the toilet. Like at school on Thursday I flushed and it didn't go down." Kyra then reached for the toilet paper and pulled off a long length and made a crumpled wad. She wiped once standing up and got a decent amount of brown on the paper, then dropped the paper into the toilet to the left of her massive poo.

As her eyes glanced back up she said "Oh, the test." We looked at it together, and both fell silent for minutes at the result: Positive. "I'm…pregnant..." She said breathlessly, and she hugged my head against her shoulders for a moment, then she reached down and ran her hand over my ever-growing baby bump. She released me from her hug and bent down to pull her panties and pants back up.

We exited the bathroom and went back downstairs to keep on decorating. "Well, at least we can raise our kids together. They're only going to be like four months apart." I smiled and hugged her. Part of me was actually relieved that I had a friend to share baby-care with now. All my like-age friends had kids long ago so I was very alone in this way. "I have to be honest, Anne. When you got pregnant I got very jealous. One day I just decided to stop taking my pill and see what happened." She said, as she got choked up and hugged me again.

"It's OK, honey, it's OK…" I said as I smoothed her hair in a comforting fashion.


Hearing other gus shitting

Like Skidmark who posted recently about guys in adjoining cubicles being quiet. They could well be waiting to hear you start plopping, perhaps wanting to do their own shit at the same time. The problem is not knowing what your neighbour in the next cubicle is there for! I've been aware that a guy on the next toilet is being too quiet for someone trying to shit, but when I've finally decided that I'm not going to hear anything, and that I might as well get on with my own shit, the instant that I've made my first plop, he immediately gives up, pulls up his pants and trousers and leaves! It's as though he definitely isn't interested in hearing men plopping. On other occasions I've heard absolute silence from the next cubicle, knowing a guy has been sitting there, then suddenly after about five minutes a very loud plop with no prior grunting or pushing sounds. Not only do I like hearing impressive plops, but I always hope that whoever is doing them is proud to think that someone is listening intently to him and appreciating his prowess at shitting! PPG


A Constipation Story

I was on my period last week. I woke up in the
middle of the night last Mon with a ???? ache.
Went to the bathroom and had a little dump. I
didn't have my normal morning dump the that
morning but wasn't concerned. The next morning,
feeling bloated I sat down, gave some hard
exhausting pushes, and could feel a big hard
bulge in my butt. I really didn't have time for this
shit, got ready, and hauled my constipated butt to
work. The next morning I was pretty miserable as
I sipped coffee and plunked my butt down for battle.
I began having the much-needed urge as I took a
deep breath and began pushing. It didn't move at
all at first but the more I pushed the stronger the
urge became. It was painfully slowly pressing my
throbbing clenched anus wide open. As I sat there
trying to remember what the heck I had eaten. So
there I was trying to catch my breath without letting
it slip back in. Puffing little breaths as if I was in labor
I gave another good push with the next urge. But it
wasn't moving at all. Puffing, feeling desperate, I
grabbedsome toilet paper and put my hand under
the vagina, where I could feel it poking out, got some
leverage, gave another hard push and it fell out. It was
so big. About 2.5 in wide and 8 in long. Hubby had to
unclog the toilet.


Double Dump

@Anonymous Guy: We're both pretty open about our bodily functions, though she still has some shyness about pooping. She's slowly overcoming it, fortunately, as I do enjoy watching others relieve themselves as much as I enjoy being watched while doing the same.

I rarely poop even once every day, once every two or three is the norm. But today was different; today I pooped twice. The first time was after we'd eaten lunch, but were about to go out to do a little shopping. I felt it knocking at my back door pretty insistently, so I quickly pulled down my jeans and sat down, no time for my usual total disrobement and squatting over the toilet. As soon as I sat down and relaxed, I started peeing quite hard, and it had a pretty bitter smell. Not odd, I drink fairly strong coffee in the mornings. At the same time, my anus opened up and a long, medium soft turd fell right out. I didn't push at all. I'd say it was about two feet long, and maybe a little less than two inches in diameter. I wiped once, it was clean! I love a no-wiper. I gave it a second wipe, just to be sure.

Well, I thought surely that was all I had in me. Turns out I was way off. I had some errands to run, but each store I was in, I forgot to ask where the toilet was, and my the pressure in my bladder was rapidly increasing. I'd had a couple glasses of water and a tall can of green tea earlier, so it was gonna be a big pee. Well, it was about five or six hours after I'd gone earlier, and I was getting desperate, but I needed to get my car's oil changed, so I pulled into a station to get it done real quick. As I sat there, I was doing everything I could to hold it in when I let out a few of those small, extra-smelly farts that tell you "poop's coming."

As soon as I was done there, I booked it to pick up my gf, and told her to direct me to the nearest restroom. I went into the middle stall, as it was the straightest shot from the door. I almost didn't bother shutting it, as I was in such a hurry, and also wouldn't care much about being seen, but I decided to go ahead and latch it out of respect to the majority of people who don't care to see others doing their business.

I undid my belt and just let my pants drop all the way to my ankles, while with my other hand I lowered the seat. I quickly turned around, and as soon as my butt made contact, all hell broke loose. A high-pressure stream of urine burst out of my penis, and a bowel-emptying turd just blasted out of my ass. It was the kind of poop that makes you double over from the sheer relief and the sensation of such a long turd moving so rapidly out of your intestines. It was bliss. This was probably a three-footer, though closer to an inch and a half in diameter.

I almost wanted to leave it there, as I was quite proud of it, but I wiped a few times (not quite as clean as the earlier dump, but still not much was left behind), and flushed that sucker down. I walked out of there a lighter man. Oh yeah, while I was in there, I heard the door to the bathroom open, then close again. Could have been a janitor preparing to clean it, since the building was mostly empty on a Sunday. Personally, I think it was someone who was going to use it, but decided to avoid the rather potent smell I'd created.

Anonymous Guy
@Mr. Clogs: Wow dude nice post as always! I was really getting consumed while reading that one, lots of great details. Keep em coming.

I have honestly never even thought of pooping in a cup. How is it? Can anyone get 'into' it or do you consider it more of a fetish? I've mainly had a fascination with actual toilets and using them(especially in public men's rooms), so the thought of doing it anywhere else hasn't quite excited me yet.

I remember however growing up wanting to go poop with my dogs in the backyard. But with my big bowel movements and our dogs being small, it would certainly catch someone's eye. ;)

Oh- I almost forgot I actually have went pee in cups before! Now that I think about it, it was very relaxing to do. There were a couple nights that I simply didn't want to get up to use the bathroom and noticed I usually have cups lying around in my room. I kid you not, I filled up about a 3/4 liter sized cup til it was foaming pee over the top. I suppose I haven't tried it again since I wouldn't want to overflow on accident, but I'm definitely open to the idea.

Anyway figure I'll update you guys real quick with how I'm doing. I'm in good health but still recovering, and it can be aggravating having to use crutches for EVERYTHING. But one thing that I noticed was that pooping just isn't as enjoyable when I can't sit down and relax. Every time I take a dump I have to be careful not to bump my cast and it's very difficult to stand and wipe at the same time. But I'm getting there.

Also, I had an almost buddy dump at school again the other day. I went into the bathroom that has 2 stalls and slid down my sweatpants and sat on the toilet. This is after I had my cast so I had to make sure my foot wasn't touching the dirty ground. Anyway my turd was solid and made plenty of crackling noises when sliding out, perfect for someone else to hear. Well I wiped my crack/hole clean and crutched my way over to the sink. Then this middle-aged attractive black guy comes in! Just my luck. I actually have a thing for African Americans so it upset me I was already done. He stopped for a moment as to make sure I was leaving, then hurriedly closed the stall I just used and rustled out a paper toilet seat. I wouldn't mind staying and listening while 'washing my hands' but like I said before, I don't like intruding on privacy. I wonder what sounds he made though after I left. And if I left any skid marks behind. Let's just hope I have some better luck next time.

Hah, this was originally a reply to Mr. Clogs but I suppose I got carried away(as I always do). At least someone will enjoy reading this I hope!

Take care everyone.

Monday, December 10, 2012


to melissa k.

her Melissa i have a question about your biggest dump, how much have it weight?


First poo in a public loo!

Hey guys, me again! Thanks for the advice and the warm welcome, I appreciate it. I took on board what you had all suggested and managed to go :D

It took me a while but I did it eventually. It's usually the last thing I do before leaving for school but I was late up and didn't have time. It was during my 2 morning classes that I felt the need to go, but I knew I wouldn't have time during break so I held it, After break I had another class and the need was getting quite strong. Lunch finally arrived and I headed straight for the loos. By now I needed to pee pretty bad as well. I waited for a stall before locking the door behind me. Luckily it was clean, I pulled up my skirt, tugged my tights and thong to my knees and sat on the warmed seat. A couple of seconds later I started my wee. I couldn't hear anything from the other stalls to suggest people were doing anything different, which didn't help me at all. After I finished my wee I wiped and then I kept sitting and felt something moving in my guts, I realised there was no turning back, and I was going to go weather I liked it or not. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, reminding myself it was perfectly natural, and everyone does it. I softly farted and then felt myself opening up as it made its way out. I continued to try and relax as it slowly slid out of me into the toilet. After about a minute it broke off and fell into the loo, there was almost no sound because of the toilet paper from my wiping. I was still full, feeling happier and much more confident I gently pushed and managed to squeeze out another 3 pieces. I was finally done. I reeled off some loo roll and wiped my behind 3 times before flushing. I then got dressed and sprayed a little before leaving and washing my hands, feeling very relieved.

Im currently 32 1/2 weeks gone now and extremely fed up and massive. Im also extremely badly constipated. Havent pooped in 6 days but really feel like i could go so il try now-live. Here goes-pulling my maternity underwear thats under my dress. Now ive hovered over the toilet as i want to see it emerge. Time for pushing-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing. Gripping the edge of the sink with my spare hand. Pushing again. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Somethings happening. Few more pushes should do it. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Success. Crackling as it comes, its a massive log, maybe 2 inches. SPLASH. Woo that was a hard one to get out. 20 minutes pushing really hard. Another log coming now without any effort. 1.5 inches maybe. Another one, much smaller-0.5 inches maybe. Good to see it coming out. Roll on mid-late jan when my twin boys come into the world. Who knows, i may poop whilst in labour again when im in the hospital. Until next time. Bye.

Abbie- Sorry to hear you've been constipated too! I've been pretty much back to normal since my last post, going on Friday and then again today (Sunday) in my room tonight on the super-loud toilet! Hope you can get back to the routine before you break up for Christmas.

Natasha- Sorry to hear sbout your accident after school. Sometimes you just can't wait any longer. Hope you can continue not being constipated again this week.

Imogen- I enjoyed your live post! Sorry you find it embarrassing to poo in public. I can understand it and I used to feel the same at school, but after hearing other girls doing it, and especially once I was in 6th form where we got our own (clean!) toilets and where most girls in my year pooed too, I realised it's just something we need to do and now I'm fine with it. Also I can't hold it that long once I get the urge usually, so holding it until I get home isn't really a choice for me anyway. Like Abbie, when I go at university there's usually someone else pooing too so I know I'm not the only one!

On Friday I had to do a presentation with my group in front of the class which I was really nervous for. After we did it we had to listen to the rest of the groups do their presentations. Halfway through my nerves had converted into a need to poo, and towards the end I really had to go. After everyone had done their presentations and we could leave I hurried to the nearest toilets. I went in and sat and immediately unloaded three fairly soft logs. Another two followed. Someone else came in and started to poo then as I finished with my final piece. I felt much better after that!

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