Heather E.

Buddy dump outside with my sister

When I was 17, I went on vacation with my family around Christmas time. We were staying in a cabin up in the mountains for about two weeks. It was me, my two sisters, and my mom and dad staying in the cabin, but it only had one toilet.

The minute we arrived, my older sister Loretta went to the toilet and I could hear just about everything going on. The lack of privacy didn't bother me, as we were all family and very close, but when I heard her flush twice, that worried me. Unlike Loretta, who takes a dump twice every day, I'm not so regular. If the cabin toilet needed two flushes to cope with Loretta's dump, there was no way it would handle mine.

I was worried about clogging the toilet, but it worked out okay for the first week. I was able to take my big dumps in public toilets, and they flushed my dumps okay. But then in the second week, trouble struck. I woke up in the morning, and really really had to shit. Only my younger sister Jackie was awake.

I went into the bathroom and snuck a roll of toilet paper into my backpack and told Jackie I was taking a walk. But she knew exactly what I was up to. She whispered to me that she also really had to poop, and wanted to come with me. I said it was alright, and we set off.

We walked a good distance from the cabin and found a spot that was good enough. There was probably a better spot, but we were desperate then so we settled. I pulled down my snowpants and exposed my butt to the brutal cold. Then Jackie came over and did the same, squatting next to me. Soon we both had thick brown logs hanging out of our buttholes.

I pissed a lot and melted the snow around me. My turd snapped off under its own weight. I glanced over and saw a pile of turds coiled underneath Jackie. I could see the pile steaming. I began to push out another, even thicker turd. It touched the ground but didn't break, curling up and making a good pile by itself.

I pushed out four or five more big turds before I felt empty. I finally looked at my own pile and it was humongous. I wiped my butt several times and pulled up my pants. Jackie said she was nearly done by then, so I waited. One final turd snapped off falling onto a pile slightly bigger than mine, but comprised of at least twenty short fat turds. I watched as she wiped and then turned to admire our dumps. She said something like "Damn, I really needed that! And it looks like you did too."

I agreed and we walked back to the cabin. Everybody else was awake when we returned. I explained that we took an early morning walk, but didn't share what else we had done.

Donnie C.
Red: "Puppy pads" are exactly the same as the disposable underpads found in the adult diaper section at every drug store. So your re-use of them is right on the money.

Little Mandi
Hey guys,its been a while since I posted.
Today,I had some trouble going poop. Around 9 I got an urge to go. I knew I was going to have a hard time cause it had been I think 4 days since I last went. Sure enough I was right.
I went up to the bathroom,sat down and all that came out was a small fart and a few tiny pebbles. I knew I had a lot more in me. My stomach felt heavy and I felt a big rock in my butt that I couldn't get out.
I've mentioned before that my Great Grandmom always has prune juice in the house cause she gets constipated quite often from her medicine. I decided to drink some to see if it'll help me go.
A little bit before 10 I decided to take a shower. Before I went downstairs I figured I'd try to go again. I've mentioned before that prune juice makes me fart a lot. Thats all that happened. A bunch of airy farts came out.
Around 10:30 my stomach was gurgling and I got a strong urge to go. I went up and sat on the toilet. I placed one hand on the wall in front of me,the other on my bloated belly and pushed. I could feel it starting to come out. I pushed harder and out it came. I still didn't feel empty but I couldn't get anything else out. I wiped 3 times and came back to the computer.
A little after 11 my stomach started getting gurgly and a little crampy. I let out 3 big farts. I went up to the bathroom and let out 2 small turds that only came out if I pushed. 10 mins later I had to go again. A few wet farts a round ball and a bunch of mushy poop came out. I flushed that but still stayed in the bathroom cause I definitely knew there was more. A minute later some diarrhea came out. I felt done so I wiped a few times and came back downstairs. I was wrong. Not even 5 minutes later I was running back up to the bathroom. This urge came so strong that I almost went in my pants. I sat on the toilet and liquid diarrhea poured out of me. I don't even remember the last time I had diarrhea like that. It actually felt good to get everything out. That only lasted about 5 minutes. I wiped a few times and that was it for the night.
Prune juice doesn't always make me poop,but I guess this time it worked.


In a coffee cup.

I posted this one a couple years ago.When I was around six years old.My Dad Got a cup of coffee a the store.It had poker cards on it Me and my brother went in the back yard,I got the empty cup and dropped a 2 1/2 inch turd in it.I put the lid back on it and threw it in the woods behind my house.
My Brother ratted me out.My Mom told me not to do that anymore and my Dad said he wanted to keep that cup.

And one time Me,My Brother,Cousin,Dad,And Grandpa went fishing.My Grandpa went to the riverbank and got his two hand and dipped it in the water.We didn't know if he was drinking it or smelling it.Just then a motorboat went by with two fishermen in it,One had his naked butt sticking out of it.



Hi, I haven't got anything to post about as I haven't been for a poo since my 'Live Poo' post. I have a feeling I will need to go tomorrow as I have eaten quite a lot today so I will try to do it 'live' again if I can. Since I don't need to go at the moment I thought I would make a few comments to fellow posters.

Megan - It sounded like you and the two girls in the library really needed a poo. If I was in your situation and needed a poo I would try to hold it in or failing that go home as I can't seem to pluck up the courage to go in public. It's a shame that I can't as I love a good poo but often get constipated when I have to hold it in which as you may know can be very hard to release (No pun intended).

Heidi - I liked your live post. I bet you really needed that poo as it was huge hence being hard to get out.

Mr Clogs - It really liked your story about having a number 2 in a disposable plastic cup. I wasn't surprised to read that a piece of poo dropped onto the floor as it must be hard to aim into. In fact I might try it or something similar one day.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX

Anonymous Guy

Quick post

Hey everyone, sorry its been almost a week since I've posted. I actually had an injury and had to go to the hospital. I can't walk for now(due to it healing) but the doctor said I should be back on my feet in a couple weeks.

This is already torture enough for me since I'm a health nut and love working out, but my bowel movements are especially acting up. I find that I only go once a day instead of twice and there's a bit more constipation. I'm not particularly enjoying it but I'll make do.

@John H: No problem, I always find it interesting how people wipe differently so had to comment. Have you tried doing it while standing yet? Perhaps I'll try it sitting next time and we can exchange experiences.

Hah kinda interesting, I once had a partner who always got excited of me wiping while standing. I would have never imagined that can be viewed as sexy, but I guess people like some unique stuff.

@Red: Very entertaining story, I would have never thought of using potty pads like that! Must have been relaxing. :) Are you and your wife always that adventurous?

Now for a short story, since you know I always at least have one. This isn't poop related but still very much bathroom related.

So I was on my campus the other day and had to take a pee. Class had already started though so I decided to tough it out and wait until after(even though the teacher doesn't mind if we leave). Well class ends and I go over to the men's restroom and use the only urinal there is. All of a sudden this veryy attractive guy from my class came in and stood behind me impatiently. I guess he was holding it in during class too! Keep in mind that the stall was occupied so anyone that had to go was going to wait behind me. I then finished up and zipped up my pants, feeling a bit awkward with him listening and being right there. The moment I moved he rushed to the urinal 'taking it out' in a hurry.

This kind of got me a bit excited since the pee in these urinals take awhile to go down(they're waterless). So essentially he was peeing in my pee while I was right there, which I thought was intriguing. And he knew it was mine, so I wonder what he was thinking. Of course I didn't want to look like a weirdo, so I washed my hands and left.

Well I saw him walking out of a bathroom at least 2 more occasions after that! This guy really pees a lot like me. It's become so common that we actually smile and laugh when bumping into each other. I think he might actually fancy me, since I've caught him looking at me in class a few times. Who knows. But I imagine he might just have a small bladder, I constantly drink water so I have more of a reason to go often.

Hope you guys enjoyed that!

Now a question for the men(or I suppose it could even apply to women): Is it common for you to find pubic hairs in urinals or even toilet seats? I swear every urinal I use there are at least 10 pubic hairs in it and it kind of grosses me out. How to people even do that? Hope this question isn't too nasty but I'm genuinely curious if other people experience the same thing. I suppose it makes sense if a guy has to scratch an itch, but still.

Well that's it for now, I'll be sure to post again within a few days. As always feel free to reply or comment, I enjoy any feedback.
Off to take a dump, happy pooping!

Hello, I'm a skinny girl, blonde and 13 years old.

I like this site.
But I read a ot about people taking a long time on the toilet, when pooping.

I am always very quick, and I wonder if there are more quick poopers here.
Like this morning (I poop about 3 times a day), I woke up at 7:00.
I felt the need to poop.
I went to the bathroom, I pulled up my sleeping dress and sat down on the toilet.
After pissing my butthole opened up, and about 30 seconds later I let out a loud fart with some chunks of poo.
After that, I pushed one more time to be sure i was empty, and wiped.

I usually poop like that, and it mostly takes me less than a minute.
Is that weird?

Jemma R- when it comes to pooping in public bathrooms, just don't focus on everyone else in the bathroom. When I poop in public (which is pretty much every day), I just focus on going. I don't let the other women bother me. I'm sure they've pooped in a public bathroom before. Sometimes, we've just gotta go! It's really none of their business what the person in the next stall is doing anyways.

It seems that I am constipated (more than normal) once again. The last 4 or 5 trips to the toilet have resulted in either gas only or a few pieces of poop. I feel the need to poop right now, but I don't know how productive it will be. I did drink a coffee (which I have found to be a natural laxative for me) a couple hours ago, so that should help move things along down there :)

My butt is a bit sore from all the pushing and straining I have done these last couple poops, so I am hoping that this poop won't be as painful. But I am not counting on it...

Melissa K

My biggest poop

To those of you who asked if I've pooped outside before, yes I have! And I like it. Also, my biggest dump ever occurred this summer, which I will share with you. This only happened about 5 months ago.

In mid-July, I went to camp for one and a half weeks from July 13th to the 20th. It was about an hour from my house, and I pooped on Thursday, the 12th the day before we left. We left for camp on the morning of the 13th, and arrived at maybe 11 a.m. and ate lunch in a local restaurant. I had a big salad and some chicken and vegetables, and then we went to camp. My cabin was called Robin's Nest, and there were 6 other girls my age there. The food at the camp was really good, and I ate a lot at every meal. Most of the girls in my cabin pooped once every other day, but I had so much fun at the camp that I didn't even think about pooping until Monday, the 16th! By this time, I knew that if I pooped, it would clog the toilet big time and stink out the place, so I just held it. Plus the toilets were nasty. By Wednesday, there was a visible bulge in my belly from all the poop built up, and I was beginning to worry a bit. However, I felt fine, and decided that if I had to go, I would. That night, we had burritos for dinner (my favorite!) and I ate a lot! I could barely move once we were done with the meal. When I woke up Thursday morning, the other girls in my cabin said that I woke them up with my farting in the night! I was so embarrassed, and then Amber (another girl in our cabin) farted on me and we all started laughing! Later that day, I was getting gassy again in the evening, and I felt an urge to poop. Instead, I let a huge fart out that must have lasted 10 seconds! It would be so surprising for most people to see me like that, because I'm not very big, I'm about 5'5 and 120 pounds, and pretty slim, except for my butt. Anyway, Thursday night was my last night at camp, and on Friday when we left, my belly was swollen from the huge mass of poo in it. My parents drove me home, and we arrived at 4 in the afternoon. It was cloudy, and I really had to poop now. But I had a dilemma: how would I poop now? I knew I would clog the toilet if I went at our house, so I thought about pooping outside, but decided not to. My parents said they were going out for dinner and a movie, so I knew that was my chance. 15 minutes after they had left, I was eating dinner, when I felt a shift in my gut and a huge cramp hit. I gasped and started farting uncontrollably. I basically crawled to the bathroom, with gas coming out from my butt the whole time, and sat down on the toilet. I farted more, and more, and more, and then I felt the tip of a huge turd come out. It stretched my butt hole to about 2 or 2.5 inches, and I had an overwhelming urge to get rid of it as it slid out, and finally dropped at about a foot long. I had such an urge to poop that I didn't have time to flush (it would've clogged anyway) and so another log slid out, maybe 1.5 inches wide, but soft and thick, not hard like the first one. It kept oozing out for 15, maybe 20 inches before it fell out. Another turd started coming out, maybe 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. I did three or four of these. Then I had some softer poop, maybe an inch wide. I did a long rope of this soft poop, a bit lighter in color, on top of the rest, at least a foot long. A few more logs came out, and then I was done. Then I felt the urge again, and pooped four more logs about 6 inches long. Afterwards, I had the biggest fart of my life! It would've lasted for over 25 seconds, but I had to stop and catch my breath halfway through :(. Now all I had to do was deal with the MASSIVE pile of poop in the toilet! I didn't bother flushing, and instead, I got a plastic bag, put it on my hand, and grabbed the poop out of the toilet (gross!) There was still a huge skid mark on the toilet, but I decided I'd take care of that later. The smell was unbelievable, too. I carried the bag down the street to the dumpster, and then disaster struck! It tore open under the weight of my poo and spilled a huge pile of poo on the street maybe 100 yards from my house. I panicked, and threw the bag in the dumpster because I saw a car coming. I ran home before the car could see who I was, and I felt something wet in my butt. I looked and saw that I forgot to wipe! There was a large brown stain in my panties and my butt hole was covered in poop. I wiped it off well and cleaned my panties in the shower, and then scrubbed the skid mark from the toilet with a brush. What an ordeal! I felt the best I've ever felt before once I was done with that. I still can't believe how much poo I can hold, but I'm pretty sure girls can poop way more than guys because we have extra space available cause were supposed to carry babies, and cause we like to pretend that we don't poop! Some of us, anyway. Oh, and also, the next morning there was a tire track over my pile in the street. I still feel bad about that to this day. Oh well, no one knew it was me :)

Love, Melissa :)

Brandon T

comments and stuff

To: Heidi great story weird shaped poops can be annoying.

To: Imogen welcome to the site and great live poop coverage

To: Observant Guy great catch it sounds like Ariana really had to poop bad.

To: Megan great story it sounds like you really had to poop and so did those other girls.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

I just got in my door two minutes ago and GOD do I need to take a shit! I was driving all morning back from a friend's in Philadelphia and I didn't use gas station bathrooms at all because they're just so gross and I would probably rather shit my pants than sit on one of those toilets. Luckily I just sat down on my own toilet and not a moment too soon, either, because I can feel a huge dump on its way out, a thick crackling. It's rather painful, but the relief is amazing (honestly? as good as sex lol); still sliding out of me. A loud splash and now the second one is coming. I'm leaning over a bit now because that posturing makes it easier. I had to shit so bad, I can't believe it. Poop no. 2 just broke off. Now I'm peeing, wow I really had to pee, too. Feel so much better. Looked in the bowl; I'll need to break it up with something. I've clogged my toilet before, but also my friend Amber's toilet, too. But that's alright, because she's clogged mine five times (one time, when we sat back to back on the toilet and shit into it when we both hadn't gone for three days). Stories for another day. :P

that was a really good story Imogen nice details look forward to hearing more from you

Mr. Clogs

Comments and then my story


Heidi: You could of be constipated and could explain the weird texture in your poop.

reformed_drinker: Thank you for sharing your story and good to know that you were able to overcome your drinking habits. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. At least you can still enjoy peeing in those empty coke bottles. Take care and have a great day.

Megan C: I enjoyed your story about pooping at a Christmas Party at your mother co-worker's house. Must of been full from all that good eating and drinks.

John H: Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed my post and keep me posted if you decide to try it.

On yesterday which was Wednesday, I did my morning dumps in those disposable cups again. I didn't try it today because my folks are home. Oh well it was fun though and becomes a practical solution when someone is using the bathroom when you have to go, if your toilet or bathroom being worked on, where bathrooms are impractical to get to, this might be helpful. Anyways on with the story, I had poop after having my first cup of coffee. I went the bathroom to get the roll of toilet paper off the dispenser and went back to my room. I had to pee so I peed into the cup first. I filled the disposable cup too much so I had to pour some out and get ready to poo. I put the cup on top of the spackling can, got into position, position the mouth of the cup up to my anus and start filling it up.

I kept filling the cup up to the top with poop that I had to stop the flow of my bowels a grab another one. I put the empty cup into position, gave a little push, some farting took place, then the turds started to flow again. It wasn't much this time just some extras. I remained squatted and I had to pee again, so I put the cup so I can pee into it, filling the cup up to the top with my morning pee. I was aroused by all that pooping and peeing into those cups. I wiped up, dumped the cups int the toilet and threw them in the recycling bin.

That's all for now, I hope that your entertained and somewhat educated on how to poop in a cup. It's possible and so much fun than pooping in the toilet. Key is to do it discreetly. If you live with people, be considerate that's all I can say. Take care everyone and happy peeing and pooping to all. --Mr. Clogs


water jugs


I do the same thing except I drink lots of water out of gallon jugs. I keep one beside my bed at all times even though the toilet is a few feet away. It seems easier to lay down and go back to sleep after swinging my legs over the bed and peeing into one of the jugs, though, and I never have to worry about them overflowing. I used to use plastic urinals overflowing was an issue. The only time I have to go to the bathroom to pee is if I wake up having to go and with morning wood at the same time. When this happens I turn towards the tub/shower and let it fly with no worries about aim as it will get washed down the drain when I take a shower.

Mr. Clogs you also like peeing into containers have you ever thought about getting a plastic urinal from walgreens or a similar drugstore? they are fun.

Imogen: You're far from alone. Lots of other people, both men and women, like the feeling of doing a good poo. "Polite society" doesn't like to speak of such things, but here you are free to discuss them. I enjoyed your first post and hope to hear from you again soon.

Megan: Sorry to hear that you also had been constipted. Hopefully we'll have better luck in the future. If nothing else, school lets out for the term in two weeks, and that almost always helps my constipation. Also, you've mentioned a few times about when you've nearly blocked the toilet, but have you ever actually done so?

After being badly constipated last week, I was surprised when I felt a poo coming on during my maths lesson on Monday. I don't like to ask to be excused for a poo during a lesson, but this need was far too urgent to ignore.

I headed to the closest toilet block and found only one of four cubicles taken. I went in the one closest to the door, and no sooner had I gotten my skirt and pink spotty knickers out of the way, I began to poo. One poo came out and then I was done. It was a very quick poo, but I guess not surprising considering I had just pooed the day before. I wiped three times and exited my cubicle. I washed my hands and heard a flush. The other girl came out of her cubicle, looking very embarrassed.

My next poo wouldn't come until Thursday. I'm still a little embarrassed about this story, but I think talking about it will help a bit. I began to need a poo at the beginning of the final lesson of the day. I held it until the lesson was over. When school let out, I hurried to pack up my things and started walking home.

I don't live very far, about ten minutes walk, so even though I really had to poo, I thought I'd make it. Turns out I was wrong. My house was in sight and I lost control. I felt a poo ease out into my knickers. It was an awful gross feeling. I tried desperately to stop it, but I just couldn't. I was crying as I ran the rest of the way, hoping that no one saw my knickers and the back of my skirt bulging under the weight of my poo.

I unlocked the door and immediately ran to the toilet. But by then, I'd already done all of my poo in my knickers. There was nothing left to do except try to clean myself up. I emptied all of the poo out of my knickers and flushed it down. I didn't even bother with wiping my bum, it was too filthy. I took a shower and put on clean clothes, and disposed of my knickers, as I was certain that even after a washing, they'd still be stained.

Anyway, that's my stories for now. I'm still upset about having an accident yesterday, but there are a few good things about the situation. My accident didn't happen at school, and then there was no one home to find out about it either.


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest news. Sorry its been ages since my last post, I've been really busy with it getting near the end of term- only 2 more weeks to go now!
Imogen- welcome to the site and good live post! I can understand you not wanting to have a poo at school, it can be embarasing and it is hard to find the time. I don't know what its like at your school but where I am quite a few girls use the school toilets to have a poo so its not such a big deal, usually if I'm pooing theres someone else there doing the same! As you said the problems with holding it are constipation and dirty knickers and I hate it if either of those happen.
Megan- glad you got on the loo in time and sorry you've been constipated too, sounds like a massive load you ended up doing!
Natasha- glad you were finally able to go for a poo and that you've been constipated, I hope your next poo is easier. I know what you mean, if I need a poo towards the end of the afternoon I put it off until I get home as well as the queues are huge for the school loos at the end of the day. Next time I go for a wee at morning break and get frustrated that I don't have enough time for a poo at least I'll feel a bit better now I know that you have the same problem. Like you say sometimes by lunchtime the urge has passed which is really annoying, especially if you know you're starting to get constipated.
Jemma- welcome to the site and sorry to hear you find it so difficult to poo in public. You didn't say if you often need a poo at school, I know if your school loos are disgusting and not that private it must be difficult to summon up the courage, but as Megan said its something everyone has to do so try not to be too worried, personally I think its better to go at school and feel a bit embarased than it is to hold it which as you say can get really uncomfortable. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.
Anyway, it seems like I'm joining the constipation club, the poo I had yesterday was my first in 5 days and I really struggled to push it out. The last couple of weeks I've been feeling really tired and haven't been up in time to catch the early bus, as a result I've skipped breakfast on a few days and my bowels have suffered badly. A few times in the last week I've been on the loo at school having a wee and I could feel I needed a poo, but each time I knew I didn't have enough time to stay there and push it out, which was really annoying as I knew that if I put it off my constipation would only get worse. Sure enough by today my belly felt really full and tight, I took myself off to the toilet in a free lesson with the intention of having a poo but other girls were coming in and out and I didn't feel comfortable with straining really hard which I knew I was going to have to do so I gave up and decided I'd go for a poo as soon as I got home. I got back home as fast as I could and went upstairs to my room, I quickly changed out of my school clothes and went into my ensuite wearing just my bra and knickers as it was quite warm in my room and I knew I would have to work hard to push out five days worth of poo. I pulled down my blue and yellow stripey knickers and sat on the toilet, I started to push and massage my belly and felt a hard mass moving down within me. As it poked out of my bum a few minutes later I could feel it was rock hard and knobbly and I squeezed my thighs together, spread my feet and went up on my toes as I did a massive push. I carried on like this for a few more minutes, I could feel myself going red as I strained and I couldn't relax between pushes because as soon as I did I could feel the rock hard log getting sucked back up my bum. I reached round behind myself to pull my bum cheeks apart as I kept pushing and that seemed to help, I felt the log slide out more and that time when I relaxed it stayed part way out of my bum, it was quite painful as it was stretching my bumhole so much. I caught my breath and lifted my bum off the loo to get a drink of water out of the tap. When I felt I had recovered a bit I had to start straining again, I was glad no-one else was home as I couldn't help grunting really loudly. Shortly after the log dropped, it was so long it fell into the bowl without much of a splash. I felt a second log emerging but this wasn't as big so after I'd given two or three fairly strong pushes it was splashing down into the bowl. I was far from being done but I thought I'd better flush the loo so it didn't get blocked, I ended up producing about 4 more logs in total. When I was done I looked down at my belly which had shrunk quite a bit, I wiped my bottom and then pulled up my knickers before the final flush. I hope my next poo is a bit easier than this one, if I have to strain like that at school it will be really embarasing. Thanks for reading, will post again when I can, bye for now!

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shit before you leave

Bit of a long one but here goes lol I was 15 and dating the girl of my dreams, I would often not go 2 school so instead I would wait 4 her 2 meet me at a park near her school, we had an argument the past day so it was vital I met her and said sorry lol 5 mins before her school finishes I start getting that asshole pushing sensation, that 10 minute warning u need the toilet, 5 mins later I can see school kids in the distance and by then the sensation 2 shit was overwhelming, I pased around looking 4 somewhere 2 shit but nowhere was secluded enough and I couldn't risk her seeing me in that state, so I ran out the park and towards the nearest bust stop, with clenched but cheeks I must add, lucky I only had to wait 2 mins before a bus came but the bad thing was I was surrounded by school kids and the dam bus was packed, I had 2 stand up! About 7 mins into the journey my stomach felt like mike tyson was punching it and my asshole was twitching like mad! But I had 2 try keep a calm face infront of these people, anyway I got off the bus in order to get the next bus to my house, yeah that's right a 2 bus journey in my state! Lucky again the bus came quick and I got a to a very nice looking woman! Half way threw the journey I was in so much pain, barely holding this shit in, farts started squeezing out making a horrible screeching burp sound, hard to explain, anyway I don't think the woman thought they were farts as farts don't ever sound like that haha but yeah it was finally time 2 get off the bus, so I did and my it was painful using stomach muscles! So now I'm off the bus and my house is literally 2 mins up a hill, a very steap hill and then down a short road, I hastily but carefully dragged myself up the hill whilst using all my will to control my anus, at this point I didn't care how stupid I looked to the public as I was willing to do anything to keep this shit from exploding, so I made it to the top of the hill and turned left, that's when it happened, my asshole relaxed for a brief second and a squirt of what felt like lumpy mash potato spread around my under pants, luckily I regained control quickly, the pain was unbearable at this moment and to make it worse a woman was coming towards me, I couldn't cross the road coz I would surely explode and even my lungs felt surrounded by shit, anyway she got withing 2 inches of me before it happened again, this time it was a fart slash semi liquid attack and oooh did she notice! I decided to say ???? it and sprint, I made it to my house but by then my asshole was constantly dripping but slowly as I used every muscle I had 2 hold the leek, but that's not it people! I didn't have my keys on me and I couldn't bare the thought of letting the rest of this shit go in my pant and waiting 4 my mum to come home n open the door, so, lucky again lol there was an entrance into my back garden but the door didn't open, but its ok, in my rage I slammed my shoulder into it and made it threw, still squeezing droplets of shit out my ass, I didn't know what 2 do so I plonked myself behind a little brick wall, forced my trousers n undies down as the semi dry shit peeled off my legs n ass and then...aaaah! Like a massive brown icecream made of fire this shit curled out forming a pyramid like shape on the floor, it was massive! An elephant would be proud! Oh but the feeling of relief was so good! My organs were back where they belonged and my legs were shaking like I ran a marathon, but as all this happened I heard my mum coming threw the hallway, so I had to slide my cold semi dry shitty pants n trousers back on and approach her but stay at a distance lol ile wrap this up now folks, basically I let them enter the house 1st, I went in last n ran to the toilet where I cleaned myself up and threw my shitty clothes in the bath and I was in there for at least an hour sorting me out, thinking of a story and washing clothes lol I ended up giving up and leaving them in the bath, clean, and saying hey mum the reason I was in there is coz I stepped in dog shit n then fell on it at football soo I had 2 clean it lol and just at that point my girlfriend knocked at the door, very angry with me and well we went 2 my room to argue lol and I couldn't tell her I shit myself and that's why I didn't show up soo I just said I'm sorry I that's my shit story, worst thing is shitting yourself man! Oh and I'm 20 now, 5 years without shitting myself haha


Bristol Stool Scale

Heidi had what seemed to her an unusual or weird bowel movement. Years ago doctors in Bristol [England] published a scale describing bowel movements, ranging from hardest to softest:

#1: individual pebbles, small and hard, difficult to pass

#2: hard solid turd, lumpy; can also be hard to pass, but not necessarily

#3: solid turd, smooth but with cracks in the surface

#4: solid smooth turd, more like a snake

#5: solid but soft, breaks up into smaller pieces, often ragged at edges

#6: quite soft, assembles into a mushy pile, a wet stool

#7: diarrhea, a liquid stool.

A bowel movement can begin as one type and change to another; I often notice that mine can begin as a #2 (lumpy) but change to a #4 (smooth but still solid) before the end; I'm sure we've all had one that starts solid (a #2 or #3) and becomes mushy (#6) or even diarrhea (#7) by the end. I've never had it progress the other way (softer to harder), though some posters to this forum have described movements that do that.

There is a diagram on the Internet; look up "Bristol stool scale" and see what it looks like. It can be interesting to classify your own movements, and to note how they can differ from one time to the next.

Miss D

Having the runs as a couple

Me and my boyfriend have both had diarrhea for the past few days-we think it might be some sort of stomach virus. I came down with it first, followed a few hours later by Tom. I woke up at about 6am with a full, bloated feeling in my ????. I had gas pains and kept needing to fart, an it soon became apparent that my farts were getting wetter! Feeling the urge to have a bm, I slid out of bed and went into the bathroom. I sat on the cool toilet seat and held my stomach, moaning gently as I had bad stomach cramps. I felt a strange gurgling sensation in my bowels, then let loose with a wave of runny poo. I had several more waves of diarrhea, cleaned up then went back to bed.

I farted uncontrollably and had to go back to the bathroom to change my underwear as I'd followed through and there was a golden brown wet stain on the back of my panties. My ???? still felt really upset and I had to go do some more diarrhea into the toilet at about 7am. My boyfriend woke up half an hour later but I didn't tell him about my toilet troubles. As soon as he left for work I rushed back into the bathroom and groaned loudly as wave after wave of liquidy shit poured out of me. 'Ooowhh' I held my bloated stomach as it all came out.

I spent the next few hours running backwards and forwards to the toilet having severe diarrhea every hour or so. My boyfriend rang me to say he was being sent home cos he had a really bad upset stomach. As soon as he got home, he raced upstairs, ripped his trousers and boxers down and threw himself on to the toilet. Instantly a loud diarrhea fart squelched out of his backside and a fountain of runny poo squirted out. He moaned as he rubbed his churning belly and released sloppy diarrhea out of his bum. I gently put my arm round him and comforted him as more diarrhea squirted out. He was really embarrassed so I told him I was sick too.

Eventually he managed to get off the toilet. As he was wiping, I got a severe 'I have to go NOW' cramp. I smiled apologetically at him, ripped my skinny jeans down followed by my panties, then sprayed the toilet golden brown. My ordeal was over pretty quickly so I cleaned up in the shower then went to see how Tom was. He was sat on our bed holding his stomach and moaning in pain. As I was comforting him, he let out a wet fart. 'Ohhh no' he cried, and clutched his bum tightly. The release in pressure had caused an imminent mud slide. He waddled to the bathroom and was violently sick at both ends.

We went to bed and accompanied each other to the toilet every hour or so. We lay cuddling and rubbing each other's poorly ???? for a while. At 2am I was asleep, but Tom woke up with a weird feeling around his bum. He felt a warm wet sensation down there, so he reached behind himself and was horrified to release it was hot runny poo that had squirted out into his boxers whilst he was asleep. Because his bowels were so loose he hadn't been able to control his farts. He woke me up and told me he'd had an accident, so I helped him get cleaned up, after he'd released more rounds of liquid into the toilet.

We've both had diarrhea for three days now, and although it's less frequent, it's still very runny and uncontrollable! Must be that bug that's going round. Anyway...must dash, I'm desperate for a runny poo!


68th Story (Live)

So I'm trying to sleep but I keep getting an urge to poop. My body is trying to push for me even though I'm not on the toilet. So I'm going to get this over with so I can sleep. Just wearing a shirt and panties. Sitting on the toilet. Small pee. Been 5 minutes and I still have nothing. Some farting while I pushed harder. Pushing even harder. Gosh it's really thick and hard. It's barely poking out. It wont move further. My bum is sorta squeezing it making it stay. Ok so after 5 minutes I barely moved it. Still poking out. Feels weird. I can't quit with part of my poo out of my bum. Standing up still in my bum. Never tried this but I am pushing over the toilet. I can feel it more now. I look like an idiot in the mirror. Pushing hard and it came out. Very thick but just a ball shape. Sitting down again. And a 6" poo just came out. They're both weird textures I've never had before. Very hard and cracks all around it. Kinda hurt to. Wipe my front and those require no wiping. See you later.


bottling it

I used to have quite a drink habit. We're talking bottle of whisky a week or so here. My natural place to drink? In bed before going to sleep (later on I got onto in the night... and on waking up.. also during the day.. this is why I gave up the drinking alone habit.) Anyway, I'd end up with quite a lot of empty bottles, and since I was ashamed of the habit (or at least wanted to keep it private), I couldn't just put them in the dustbin. So I'd stash them in my bedroom and smuggle them from the house. Except being lazy I'd not bother smuggling them from the house.

What's another thing you often want to do in the night when you've drunk a lot of whisky and possibly drunk quite a lot of water?

Getting up and going all the way to the toilet bit of a drag.

Upshot was, I ended up with about 20 whisky bottles full of urine stashed in my room.

This happened several times in fact. You'd think I'd learn.

Since (when I got round to it) I'd smuggle them to the bottle recycling bins.. well, the recycling people must have loved getting those.

These days I am quite restrained, I just have three 500ml coke bottles and I empty them regularly.

It's actually quite interesting, the different colour from different days. The bottle smell isn't so good, but, when you put the tops back on it's OK.

In the old days the used to have chamber pots, which didn't even have sealed lids, so I wonder, is it dirty? Or just old fashioned...


Puppy Pads

Having just adopted a dog from the shelter with no way of knowing if she was housetrained, we bought a pack of puppy pads. Turned out she was housetrained, and we didn't need them! So now we've got a bunch of super absorbent pads, and nothing to do with them.

I found a use, and I bet you can figure it out. My girlfriend was in bed the other morning, and I'd already gotten up and peed and started making breakfast when I suddenly had to take a dump, and it was not going to wait long. I yelled from the kitchen "I'm gonna shit on the floor!" and she just said "Sure." I very quickly took off my pants and underwear, and walked back to the bathroom as fast as I could while still maintaining bowel control.

Her side of the bed is on the side of the room where the bathroom is, so lying there she could see everything. I squatted over the pad that we'd put down previously, and just relaxed. As the turd pushed out of my anus, I farted once or twice around it. Steadying myself with one hand, I used the other to hold my junk to one side so I could see what I was pushing out, as well as to make sure the poop wasn't going to fall over onto my foot. The first turd was coiling up on the floor, before the end finally came out and it fell down with a thud.

I knew that wasn't all, so I gently pushed, and felt my hole open up as another log easily slid out. A little pee dribbled out, but landed on the pad, too. After I was done, I stood up and wiped a couple of times, then walked off and jokingly told my gf to "clean that shit up!" Well, she picked up the puppy pad and carried it over to the toilet and let the poop slide off into it, then flushed and threw the pad away.

We've got a whole box of these things, this won't be the last time I use one!

Megan C.
Hi Y'all,

In my first post there might have been some confusion as to where I was Megan B or Megan C? I was trying to make a post and tag one of my friends on Facebook at the same time, who's name is Megan B.

On Saturday night, I went over to my parents house so we could all carpool over to a Christmas Party that my family was invited to. We were going to my Mom's co-workers house. Now keep in mind that the only people at this party that I actually knew were my parents. We arrived at the party just after 6pm. There were a total of 5 families there and a total of 20 people. We started the evening off having a drink and playing some games. Around 7, we had dinner. It was a pasta bar with noodles, sauces, and many types of cheeses and toppings to put on your pasta. There was also salad and bread sticks. Well after an hour of eating dinner, I had to take a dump. I kindly asked the hostess where the bathroom was and she said it was the first door on the left in the hallway. I walked in the bathroom, turned on the light and locked the door. I looked around for a fan to turn on but there was none. I decided to open the window. I walked back over to the bathroom counter and noticed that a copy of People magazine was laying there and this what I needed to relax. I walked back over to the toilet and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I started flipping through the magazine and let out a few long farts to get the process started. I had a nice long pee shortly after. The first log made its way out and then broke off. I still had some poop inside of me. Not feeling any pressure to hurry up and get the job done, I just sat there and continued reading. 10 minutes later, another long fart and then the rest of the log made its way out and into the toilet. I peed just a bit more and then wiped my vagina and rear. I flushed the toilet and then pulled my panties and pants back up. I walked over to the sink and left the magazine where I found it and then washed my hands. I opened the door and to my surprise, another girl about my age was waiting to get in. She asked me if that was my magazine on the counter? I told her no and then she said, good deal because I need to use it and I am going to be a while. I would have loved to stick around to listen to her poop but I was at a party with a lot of people. I made my way back to the party and had another Captain Coke and then we continued to play more games. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


First Post & 'Live' Poo

Hi, this is my first post and I'm little nervous about this but here it goes. First of all I thought I should introduce myself - My name is Imogen, 14 years old, brunette hair and blue eyes. I live in England and I am currently in year 10 of secondary school.

I have always found having a poo a pleasurable experience so tonight I got curious and thought I would search the Internet to see if others experienced this. I soon stumbled upon this site and thought it would be the ideal place to express my feelings as it seems everyone is so welcoming and are in the same position as me.

As this is my first post I thought I would post a 'live poo' in which I will take my laptop into the bathroom and give you commentary.

Here it goes!!!!

19:08 - I'm sitting in my bedroom right now in need of a poo; I'm also feeling a slight urge to wee. I have had the urge to poo all day but I don't really like pooing at school unless it is an emergency so I try to put it on hold until I get home. I haven't been for a number 2 for 3 days so I'm pretty desperate so I think it's time to go to the toilet.

19:09 - OK I'm in the bathroom, sitting on a cold toilet seat (I hate that) with my laptop on my lap. I have just let out an airy fart resulting in my poo start to emerge from my anus and I'm not even pushing. I can feel a huge piece of poo exiting my bum....oh; I do love the feeling of it sliding out especially when I'm really desperate as it's so relieving!!

19:10 - It's still making its way out.... but it has got thicker so I have started to push a little. PLOP!!! it's dropped into the toilet causing a big splash and water to splash my bum cheeks. It's quite a smelly one which is expected after holding it for 3 days. Another piece is slowly emerging from my bum.

19:11 - The poo is still slowly edging out bit by bit and I can feel my wee wanting to come out. A slightly yellow in colour stream of wee is now flowing out of my vagina with a nice hissing sound to it. Meanwhile the poo is still crackling its way out and near the edge of glory (so to speak).... My stream of wee is coming to an end....PLOP, PLOP the poo snapped in half and dropped into the toilet.

19:12 - I feel a lot better but I still think there might be little bit stuck up there so I am going to stay on the toilet for a bit longer and push a little.... Pfffffft.... PLOP!!! I just farted and a lump of poo shot from my anus.

19:14 - That's it I'm empty, all I need to do is wipe but before I do I will take a look at my creation.... There are three big logs floating; I would say they're around 12cm long and 4cm thick. On top of one of the logs is the lump of poo that shot out when I farted, I would say it is 4cm long 2cm thick.

19:15 - I am currently wiping my dirty bum.... Just took my first wipe and it was covered in poo; it's going to take a lot of wiping.... Finally finished wiping my filthy anus, it took six wipes in total and even then it still isn't totally clean but I'm having a bath in a minute so I will clean it then. Need to wipe my vagina now.... that's it all dry.

19:16 - Standing up now.... reaching over to the handle to flush.... I just pulled the handle down, and watched the poo disappear.

OMG that felt amazing!! I hope that everyone enjoyed hearing the details of it as much as I enjoyed expelling it. Just before I have a bath I want to make a few comments to fellow posters.

Natasha - I know how you feel. I suffer from constipation a few times a year; most of the time it is from holding it in too long. This happens as I don't like pooing at school unless it's an emergency so I put it off until I get home but then I often end up with dirty knickers. I'm glad you were able to poo and I bet you feel much better now.

Jemma R - I feel the same as you. I can't seem to go for a poo in public toilets. That's one of the reasons I have decided to come on here as I want to express my toilet habits and overcome the shyness. I'm fine about weeing but I can't pluck up the courage to do a number 2 unless it's an emergency like diarrhea but even then I don't want to do it and I try to hold it off until I get home which like you said is very uncomfortable.

Ashley - I'm glad you were able to get the poo out after being constipated. It happens to me a few times a year so I know how you feel. I too like taking big dumps as there is something nice about the feeling of poo exiting the anus and then the relief from it.

John H - I'm sorry to hear about your little accident when farting. I have done that a few times when I have had diarrhea; it's really embarrassing.

Abbie - After reading your latest post I had a look back at your previous posts as it seems you have the same problem as me. I get constipated sometimes; which is as a result of not going at school although for me this is through shyness whereas you can't go due to short breaks, etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the occasional stain in my knickers as sometimes I find it impossible to stop my poo from poking out and 'touching cloth'.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elena as always another great story it sounds like you really to poop at the park and from the sound of it so did a few people beforew you and im betting they where in a rush and just forgot to flush or they wanted others to see who knows but at least you made in time and great story about your poop in the middle of the night it sounds like you were pretty desperate as well and really had to go to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and pretty big from the sound of it and it sounds like you enjoyed it to those are the best kind and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt really great afterwards to and probaly a little bit lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma R first welcome to the site and my best advice is try not thinking about where your pooping but instead just on going poop that may work and I look to any stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan C as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop I bet you felt good afterwards and I bet that other girl probaly did to after her poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brenda as always another great story it sounds like you had really great poop and had to poop alot to and I bet you and your sister Karen both felt pretty great and probaly a little to her mostly from the sound of it and thats the thing about thanksgiving you eat way more then normal then wait for the aftermath many toilet werent happy those next few days lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy great story it sounds like that girl was really desperate and had to go alot I bet they closed that bathroom on the plane or cleaned it quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bethany as always another great story it sounds like you aere beyond desperate for a pee and it must have felt great to finaly go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michael great story about you helping your friend Hannah shes lucky to have a friend like you who is so caring.

To: Erica great story it sounds like you had a rough day desperate pees are almost imposible to hold in I should know your bladder is the boss not you when its time to pee its time to pee mo ifs ands or buts lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt great afterwards after not going for so long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKNGuy great story it sounds like that woman was beyond desperate for a pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Now for a couple sightings of my own from the bookstore about an hour ago I was waiting in line for the bathroom a woman was was in there I didnt hear much a grunt or 2 then a sigh of relief it sounded like she was a little bit costipated she had to flush twice I then went in no smell or marks in the bowl I peed then left and yesterday I heard a woman have a quick burst of diarrhea and a long pee no smell or marks either and about a week ago I heard a girl have explosive diarrhea it sounded like she really was desperate and just made it in time and I dont know if there were any marks or smells since I was running late for something over all a good set of catches.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooping At the park

Yesterday after my basketball practice at 2:00 some friends and I went to our town park. There at around 4:00 I got the urge to poop. I waited for about 30 minuets until farts were constantly coming out of my butt. I told my friends I had to go to the bathroom so I made my way to the small shed that was our bathroom. There were two stalls and two sinks, a cracked mirror and small screen windows. I walked in relieved that they weren't locked yet. Usually they lock them down for the winter but I guess they were keeping them open for a couple more weeks becouse of the lack of snow. Anyway, I opened one stall door to find the toilet filled to the brim with diahrea. I opened the other one to find a toilet of the same height about knee and was also full of poop, luckily not diarhea. I flushed it and amazingly it went down. Now I had a clean toilet to poop into. I shut the stall door and locked it. I turned around to see the toilet and pulled my yoga pants to my knees and sat. I farted a couple times and started to pee. The door opened and one of my friends called in.
"what is taking you so long?"
"I'm pooping" I replies and resumed my poop.
Two minuets later crackling began and I farted through the turd. The bulk was follows by two smaller turds and some aggressive farts. I relized there was no toilet paper so I went to the other stall and discovered some toilet paper wich and dropped into that toilet. I washed my hands and left.

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