Replies & 67th Story (Live)

To Elena, that bathroom sounds awful. The other story was very... um... intense.

To Ashley, why would you hope for constipation?

To Jemma_R, you shouldn't worry about pooping in a public toilet, it's what they are built for. Sit down and relax.

So I'm back and in a new house now. I'm in my bedroom been finishing setting it up. I have quite an urge to poo. In my bedroom bathroom. Pulled my yoga pants down to my knees and skirt up. This bathroom is a little more cramped but it's just mine now. Basically the sink is close enough to touch from here. This urge feels more deep as in more internal then around my bum. Peeing. I keep my knees from touching now but have my legs close together. I feel more alone in here then my old bathroom. I usually don't grunt but I can make some noise without caution. Small farts. Pushing feels like something in my belly moves but not in my bum. Actually giving me a belly ache. Some more small farts. Oh I can feel it. Hmm it broke off or was it really 3". Weird texture, it left zero percent mess and has no cracks or anything. Ok so 3 more 3-4" of that were pushed out. I hate my poo breaking off. These seem more like poo my body kept for awhile. I also hate it breaking because it doesn't flush properly. Wiped my front and my bum had literrally nothing left on it. I still feel a very slight urge but that's probably just tommorow's poo. See you later.


To Jemma; etc.

If you are worried about the plunks of poop dropping into the water at a public toilet, take a small amount of toilet paper and let it float on the water; when your poop drops on that, it will make very little noise. Actually, though, since everyone else in there at least potentially might be pooping, letting your poop make plunking sounds might encourage others in the room to go ahead and poop also if they were being shy.

Postman: I am not worried about food particles remaining visible in my stools; I merely observe what parts of the food proved to be indigestible and so came out visible. I chew pretty well, but I do eat things (as do all of us) that have parts that don't break down in the digestive tract. What I expressed was observation, not concern.

Happy pooping, everyone!

Mr. Clogs

Did the poop in a the disposable plastic cup and comments


Elena: Enjoyed your post about using the park's bathroom. Good to know that they still had them open, however people are just plane nasty and don't flush after themselves. Anyways great post.

Ashley: It's was great to read about that you're finally able to go to bathroom to take a dump and became aroused by it. It must be about pooping and being being aroused at the same time, especially if they're massive and difficult to push out, it does arouse some people if you know what I mean. Anyways keep us posted if anything. Thanks.

Okay on with today's post. Today being Tuesday, I did my morning dump into the plastic disposable cups I bought at the dollar store from Monday and decide to use it. I had some pee from the night before which was a nice golden brown in color, I used it to fill the cup half way. I got into a squat position, and position the mouth of the cup up to my anus propped up by a can of Spackle to increase the height and to make sure the poop goes right into the cup. Once I got comfortable and in position I started pooping away. I could hear the crackling sound and plops into the cup with the pee in there. I emptied most of my bowels into the cup filling it up to the brim. I wiped with some toilet paper I had from the bathroom, put the used toilet paper into the cup and placed it on the shelf to dump into the toilet later.

Round 2, this time I had my second cup of coffee I had some "left over" turds that I couldn't get out in the first round. This time I had to pee, I got another disposable plastic cup off the dresser, and peed into it. I filled the cup half way this time. It was time for me to poop again, I went back and took the toilet paper from the bathroom, went back to my room and locked the door. I took off my pajama pants and underwear off and got the cup ready for round 2. I had to prop the cup up because it sat low to the ground, and didn't want to splash any pee that was already in there. I squatted again over the mouth of the cup, butt cheeks spread wide and moved my bowels into the cup. It wasn't much poop this time, just some smaller 4 inch long turds turning the once yellow piss filled cup into a morning mess! I moved the cup from out of under me and I had to pee again, I made my aim into the cup and peed again filling up the cup to the brim. I wiped again and wiped the floor as a piece of poop fell onto the floor too. I put the toilet paper into the cup as well to dump out later. I took the cup and poured the contents into the toilet. Took my shower and flushed the toilet. All I can say it's fun to poop in them and will keep you posted if anything. By the way in case anyone asks what did I do with those cups, well I threw them in the garbage as you already know what was done with them. That's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed my post and maybe you too can try pooping in a cup, it's a lot of fun if you just follow my post, little or no mess involved. If you can't squat for extended periods of time, that may be an issue for you. We're intended to squat anyway to eliminate our bowels and urine, not so much the toilet as it blocks our natural way of elimination. To each is own, never the less, I feel complete after a good poop squatting into a container of some sort. Take care everyone and enjoy your peeing and pooping, I will. --Mr. Clogs

Observant Guy

once, twice, three times a stinker

Hello everyone,

I listened in on a great poop from Adrianna yesterday.

It all started when I was walking my dog. I was just clearing the edge of the building when I saw adrianna's car entering the parking lot. If I walk around the building, I can see into her and Evelyn and Adrianna's apartment just a bit from the ground. If the curtains are open, you can see the master bathroom door in Evelyn's room, but you can't see Adrianna's bathroom at all.
One night while walking my dog I saw Adrianna come home and go in her bedroom... that's All I saw.
Anyway... Yesterday... Adrianna parked, went in and I expected the same as before, but no lights came on other than the hallway. My dog and I headed back inside and to our surprise, we ran into Adrianna walking her dog. We gave the usual neighbor greetings and went inside. I knew I had to be ready for her return to their apartment. I turned down my TV and waited for the thud of the apartment next door.
When I heard it, I got up and headed for my front bathroom...
It was dead silent till I heard the footsteps of Adrianna entering her bathroom. I heard her sit down, and then came the familiar sound of peeing. I changed my position to listen carefully for more action... didn't hear a thing. I was about 5 minutes, before I heard a small watery buzz and then came the rumble of toilet paper. The rumble didn't occur once, no it occured three times. Adrianna deffinitely pooped. She used way to much paper for just peeing.
So, I was excited about knowing she was pooping that I almost lost my mind with what came next. There was a flush... I stepped away expecting to hear the steps leave, but then there was more. Next there was a louder buzz, followed buy some light splashes, a rumble and another flush!
Wow! I had just heard a slight case of diarrhea from adrianna. Just when I thought it was over came another flush! I started to think that she clogged her toilet, but I am now thinking she was trying to clean up the skidmarks from a very loose and wet poop. I heard her steps make their way to the sink. After she washed her hands, I heard the puff of an air freshener. So there you have it, three flushes and one big stinky poop by Adrianna.

Happy peeing and pooping all,

Observant Guy

Megan B- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a couple of good poos in your stories. Keep posting!

Abbie- Glad you got to go at school in your last post. When do you break up for Christmas?

Natasha- Like you I've been constipated this last week, not sure why. My poo today was my first for 6 days. Hope you get more regular again soon!

Jemma- Welcome to the site! Sorry you find it hard to poo in public. I used to be a bit embarrassed about it at school, I think most people are. But certainly since I started 6th form I've not been embarrassed about needing to go, unless it's really loud! It's just something we all need to do sometimes and you won't be the only one using the toilets for a poo. I find most times when I go to poo there's at least one other person doing the same. It makes it easier for me knowing I'm not alone but I can understand how it might make it worse for you. Just think that everyone does it and it's normal and nothing to be embarrassed about! Try going somewhere you don't know anyone, like at a shopping centre or somewhere, before you try going at school (if you need to go at school). Good luck and keep us posted!

Today like I said in my comments I did my first poo since last Wednesday. I was working in the library all day and after I ate my lunch I needed to use the loo to wee. I didn't need a poo then so I weed and went back to work. An hour later I needed to wee again, and I also had to do a number two really badly! The girls' toilet in the library onl has one cubicle so I don't like using it to poo. However there are also two unisex single occupancy toilets on the other side, which I have used before. I had to go and couldn't wait until I got home later so I went over there. They were both taken and a girl who walked in ahead of me tried the doors then stood waiting. I joined her. I was getting desperate by now because it was a big poo that was wanting to come out. Another girl came in and tried one of the doors. I think she thought they were toilets with more than one cubicle because she expressed surprise when it didn't open. 'Oh! Is someone in there?' she said. We said yes and she stood waiting. After a few minutes a guy came out of one of them. We all arrived together and so there was some hesitation as to who was going first. The first girl looked at me and said, 'Oh, you can go first if you like, if you won't be long.' I replied, 'Thanks but I'll be a while in there.' 'Oh, so will I!' she said, so we looked at the third girl. 'I'll be a while too!' she replied, you go first.' The first girl went in and I heard her sit. She began to wee. A minute later there was a plop from her toilet. The other toilet flushed now and the sink started running. The other girl said to me, 'Do you want to go first?' I said yes because I was desperate now. A girl came out and I went in and sat. Very quickly my first log started coming out. It was thick and pretty long but it wasn't painful. I let it slide out of my bum as I weed. It didn't make a splash because the end was in the water already. My second log did, and the third and fourth. The other girl was still pooing too. I could hear her plops through the wall. After 5 minutes she was replaced by the other girl, who started to poo as well. I had pushed out 7 turds by now, all pretty big. I had three more to come. After being on the loo for 10 minutes I was done. The bowl was filled with my poo so I decided to flush before wiping. Wise, because it would almost certainly have clogged it!

HI Richard,You are discussing pemnraent set ups, which have quite a different focus and what you are suggesting is depositing straight into a larger chamber, opposed to buckets that can be emptied for composting.In a more pemnraent set up, a vent pipe is very beneficial. Metal is good to conduct heat better, painting black is also beneficial. Attaching a small computer fan, (which are all 12v) to the pipe is also I have set up in areas where airflow is restricted (i.e. wet damp frosty locations in the middle of winter). The fan can be attached easily directly to a car battery and draws VERY little energy.The pipe is best tapped into the highest point possible and if you vessel/chamber underneath is large enough, you can have it next to the toilet seat at the same level.many systems you buy have shoots to deposit through, with the chamber below. This is great for regulations to ensure deposited material is not able to build up to a height that is near to ones backside. However, because the deposited material mounds up under the shoot, heat, moisture all rises up the shoot and condensates under the seat. In this circumstance it is important to have the vent coming off the top of the shoot, rather than the chamber. This is a design problem I have seen with many systems, especially not fan assisted.So vents need to be at the highest possible location.Another tip on this front is to use the off cut where you cut out the hole for the toilet seat and put a backing piece of timber on it, larger than the off cut to create a plug. So in-between deposits use this instead of putting the seat down. Any condensation that might occur, (if the system is not vented properly) will occur on the plug, rather than the underside of the toilet seat.Lastly, I suggest having this type of toilet system on the south side of a dwelling, or in a shaded location. This reducing the composting happening while the chamber is in place and leave the composting upto the phase when it is set aside. This reduces heat build up and again condensation levels.I have set up a variety of sealing systems, the best being old seals for car door frames. It fits perfectly over the lips of many containers.Anyway I hope this helps some what Richard. I could go on a lot about this, but is hard on a keyboard opposed to in person. Great discussion points though.Thanks.James

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

John H

2 poops and some comments

Hey all.
I took a quick college poo today. It's been a while since I took one so said I would share it with you all. During the college day I could feel a poo bruing and knew I would have to take a trip to the toilets before heading home. I was letting out a lot of farts at lunch time but decided to hold on for another while. 2 hours later between classes I went to the toilets. There was one cubical taken so I went to the one next to it. I put some toilet paper on the seat and some in the bole to prevent splash back. I could hear the person next to me wiping so I knew I wouldn't be hearing any poo action from them. I sat down and released a long pee that had been building up during the day also. Then a thick log which came out very easily and quickly and it was followed up by a fart which made a strange popping sound as it left my hole. I didn't feel anymore poop so wiped up and flushed the toilet. I went back to class. Just before I came on to write this post I got my second urge of the day and went to the toilet at home. I sat and began to pee. As I peed a long soft log began making its way out without me pushing at all. There was a meaty smell from the poo and I added to the smell with some farts and another 2 small soft lumps of poo before wiping up.

Now for some comments.
@Brandon T, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the story.
@Anonymous Guy, Hey and thanks for your comment. It sure is interesting to see how people find different ways better. I do always give one final wipe while standing to make extra sure all is as it should be down there. I might try standing the next time if I remember.
@Elena, thanks for sharing your middle of the night poop story. That has happened to me a few times when I forget to go during the day for one reason or another and end up having to take a trip to the toilet during the night. It sounded like a massive load. I'm sure you felt lots better after getting it all out.
@Ashley, enjoyed reading your constipation story. There is nothing better than a nice thick log slowly stretching your hole as it comes out. I find it so nice and feel much better afterwards. Glad to see you enjoyed it also.
@Jemma_r, Hey and welcome. You shouldn't hold off on going if you find it unpleasant. Just remember that everyone does it and if you want to reduce the sound of your poo then try putting some toilet paper in the bole before pooing. This will help to reduce the sound of your poop when it hits the water and also helps prevent splash back. I always do it in public toilets for the second reason. The only time I don't do this is if there isn't much toilet paper left. Hope this helps you some. Let me know if it does.
@Mr. Clogs Hey enjoyed your pooing in cup posts. I will have to give that a try some time.

That's all for now. Take care all,
John H


Pooping At the park

Yesterday after my basketball practice at 2:00 some friends and I went to our town park. There at around 4:00 I got the urge to poop. I waited for about 30 minuets until farts were constantly coming out of my butt. I told my friends I had to go to the bathroom so I made my way to the small shed that was our bathroom. There were two stalls and two sinks, a cracked mirror and small screen windows. I walked in relieved that they weren't locked yet. Usually they lock them down for the winter but I guess they were keeping them open for a couple more weeks becouse of the lack of snow. Anyway, I opened one stall door to find the toilet filled to the brim with diahrea. I opened the other one to find a toilet of the same height about knee and was also full of poop, luckily not diarhea. I flushed it and amazingly it went down. Now I had a clean toilet to poop into. I shut the stall door and locked it. I turned around to see the toilet and pulled my yoga pants to my knees and sat. I farted a couple times and started to pee. The door opened and one of my friends called in.
"what is taking you so long?"
"I'm pooping" I replies and resumed my poop.
Two minuets later crackling began and I farted through the turd. The bulk was follows by two smaller turds and some aggressive farts. I relized there was no toilet paper so I went to the other stall and discovered some toilet paper wich and dropped into that toilet. I washed my hands and left.


Middle of the night poop

Last night I had a huge poop in the middle of the night. I got the urge at around 9th hour at school and after school went to a freinds house. I decided to hold until I got home. When I got home around 9:00 I immediately went to my bed I was so tired. I went to sleep listening to my sister take a shower.
I woke up at around 1:00 and immediately felt the urge inside my anus. My butt crack was all sweaty. I got up and was hit with a sharp pain in my abdomin. I bent over holding my stomach and groaning. I inched out of my bedroom slowly and entered my hallway. I jammed my hand down my pants and held my vagina. The pain ended and I stood up straight again and made it to the bathroom. I looked and saw that Elaine's tv was still on. I stumbled into the bathroom, closing the door and engulfing myself in complete darkness. I found the light switch and crawled to the toilet. I farted twice and the tip emerged. I pulled my under wear to my theighs and climbed onto the toilet. Immediatly I farted and the first part of my poop shot out. It got stuck about halfway. The pain was so emmense my feet came off of the floor and my hands shot up and I braced myself on the walls. My poop was stuck at the widest part and my anus was about and inch wide open. I tried to suck it back in but it was stuck. A tear was welling up in my eye it hurt so much. I grabbed my vagina again and clenched it. I moved my fingers up a little bit and felt my anus around my turd. I pushed and felt my anus squeeze. I pulled my hand back as it started to move. It was only getting wider and wider. I screamed and bit my lip as it inches out and a huge fart blasted out of my butt as I fell. My anus hurt so bad. There was still some pebbles and as I passed those it started to stop hurting. I peed and was about to pass one more turd when Elaine knocked on the door.
"are you okay I heard you screaming a second ago.".
"I'm fine I just need some toilet paper".
"alright I'll get you some". She said as she walked away.
Usually after a huge turd I don't have to wipe very much but this one was messy. She opened the door with some toilet paper right as I farted and some crackling started.
"thanks can you start the bathtub for me?" I asked
"yeah sure"
She started it as the turd dropped and I started wiping. When I was done I looked into the toilet and saw a huge turd in the middle that was thin and than blew up to and inch or so. Surrounded by smaller turds. I smiled and got into the bathtub.

Just a guy
Brenda - excellent story about the post-Thanksgiving dumps that you, your cousin and your sister took. It sounded like you all had healthy, large dumps. Unfortunately (& surprisingly) for me I got somewhat constipated. I did not go at all on Thanksgiving. On Friday, I got the urge a couple times, but only managed a very small poop after a lot of straining. The same was true on Saturday. Finally, on Sunday, I was able to get back to my routine of 2 nice easy dumps. The one thing I did notice was I had a lot of gas & it tended to be more smelly than usual. Usually, I don't get gas and even if I do, I would say that 90% of the time there is little or no smell, but that Friday and Saturday, I had to pass gas several times and a few of them were much more smelly.

Megan - another great story! It's too bad that both of the girls had to take long dumps, making your wait almost unbearable, but I'm glad you made it in time.

Megan B. - welcome to the site. It sounded like you had a nice relieving dump. I look forward to your future posts!

Courtney - great story about sharing the bathroom with your niece as you each had dumps.


I Just Took A Dump (And Was Constipated!)(And Enjoyed It!)

So I just got back from taking a dump. I was actually constipated which doesn't happen to me often! I had not taken a shit for a few days, not because of constipation just because I like taking large dumps. Well this time I got constipated. I got the urge to take a dump so I headed to the bathroom. I started to let off a few farts as I unbuckled my pants, by now I felt desperate for a good dump. I pulled my skinny jeans and pink panties down past my knees and sat on the toilet. I started to pee and afterwards gave a push. Surprisingly nothing happened. I started to push and nothing came out. I started pushing really really hard. I leaned forwards and my feet came off the ground and my legs came around the toilet. I continued pushing and could feel it start to come out. I then started to push even harder and I even made audible nnnnnnnnnnghh sounds which I often don't do. I could feel the shit stretch my anus really wide and it hurt but it felt good really good. It actually felt so good I started getting aroused. Once I noticed this I began to push more slowly and I could feel the wide hard turd come out. Then *plop* it was done. I wiped 3 times (the dump was really hard and didnt make much mess). I then looked at my work and a 5 inch long and 3 inch wide crap layed in the bowel. I hope I get constipated again. :)

Abbie: I know the feeling of wanting to do a poo during morning break but never having enough time, all too well. That actually happened to me on Friday. And needing a poo directly after lunch isn't any better. I know that the queues are crazy right after the last lesson of the day, and by the time I finally get a cubicle, I could have walked home and pooed in my private bathroom (which I now do instead of waiting).

Unfortunately, my constipation has been bad lately. I Sunday evening now, and I just did a poo about an hour ago. But before that, the last time I had a good poo was on Tuesday, which I discussed in my last post. I earlier mentioned that on Friday I went for a wee at morning break and felt a need to do a poo as well. But there was not enough time, I had to hold it until lunch. Only by lunchtime, I didn't have to poo any more. I went to the toilets and sat for a few minutes, but nothing came of it.

Friday evening after dinner, I felt like I might be able to poo, and tried sitting on the toilet again. I was able to do a few small poos. I still felt full after, and wished I could go more, but I knew it wasn't going to happen no matter how long I sat. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and returned to my bedroom.

When I needed a poo today, I wasn't going to wait. I started to poo nearly right away upon sitting down. When I was pooing, it felt amazing, though I didn't much care all the hassle leading up to it. I much prefer to have a poo at least every other day.

Hi its John from the uk. Just want to say that I read your post Megan and truly amazed at your seven log session, no wonder why you were in dire need hun! Just love your posts, always make good reading. Take care x


Public toilet tips?

Hi guys, first time poster. I'm a 16 year old girl from the UK. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for doing a poo in public toilets? I can pee fine but when it comes to the other I'm too shy and embarrassed. I get worried about people hearing me, or the noise. Or simply them knowing what I'm doing by how long I take.

Any advice on going? I usually hold off until I get home which is very uncomfortable.

Thanks, Jemma.

Megan C.
Hi Y'all,

In my first post there might have been some confusion as to where I was Megan B or Megan C? I was trying to make a post and tag one of my friends on Facebook at the same time, who's name is Megan B.

On Saturday night, I went over to my parents house so we could all carpool over to a Christmas Party that my family was invited to. We were going to my Mom's co-workers house. Now keep in mind that the only people at this party that I actually knew were my parents. We arrived at the party just after 6pm. There were a total of 5 families there and a total of 20 people. We started the evening off having a drink and playing some games. Around 7, we had dinner. It was a pasta bar with noodles, sauces, and many types of cheeses and toppings to put on your pasta. There was also salad and bread sticks. Well after an hour of eating dinner, I had to take a dump. I kindly asked the hostess where the bathroom was and she said it was the first door on the left in the hallway. I walked in the bathroom, turned on the light and locked the door. I looked around for a fan to turn on but there was none. I decided to open the window. I walked back over to the bathroom counter and noticed that a copy of People magazine was laying there and this what I needed to relax. I walked back over to the toilet and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I started flipping through the magazine and let out a few long farts to get the process started. I had a nice long pee shortly after. The first log made its way out and then broke off. I still had some poop inside of me. Not feeling any pressure to hurry up and get the job done, I just sat there and continued reading. 10 minutes later, another long fart and then the rest of the log made its way out and into the toilet. I peed just a bit more and then wiped my vagina and rear. I flushed the toilet and then pulled my panties and pants back up. I walked over to the sink and left the magazine where I found it and then washed my hands. I opened the door and to my surprise, another girl about my age was waiting to get in. She asked me if that was my magazine on the counter? I told her no and then she said, good deal because I need to use it and I am going to be a while. I would have loved to stick around to listen to her poop but I was at a party with a lot of people. I made my way back to the party and had another Captain Coke and then we continued to play more games. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Mr. Clogs

Monday morning dump in the pee-pee cup

Hello everybody, Mr. Clogs again with another post from the bathroom, well I get to it in just a bit. Okay it's Monday morning and I decided to poop today in my pee-pee cup. It's the same green plastic tumbler cup made of plastic but it's made to look like glass. I posted about it some months ago. I mainly use that cup to pee in at night and to fill up with water to pour into my iron to press clothes with. Anyways a multipurpose cup indeed and today proves that.

I felt my bowels moving after I had my first cup of coffee. I was about to poop in my pants so I grabbed the toilet paper roll from the bathroom, an empty beer can just in case I had to pee in, and went back to my room and start my bowel movement. I closed the door, took off my pj pants and undies off. put the cup on the floor, squat over the cup and proceeded to poop into the cup. I had some pee in from the middle of the night and it was perfect to keep the turds from sticking to the side of the cup. I filled the cup almost to the top with my turds and left over pee from the night before. It was quick and I felt great. I got dressed and went to the bathroom to dump the piss and poop filled cup into the toilet. I sat on the toilet to wipe, I prefer to sit and wipe. I got up from the toilet, put back my pants and undies on, washed my hands and the cup out and of course the toilet. Put the cup back into my room and got on the computer post this report. Well that's all for now, take care everyone and have a great day. Mr. Clogs.

Hey Jordan, it sounds like you might have IBS AKA Irritable bowel syndrome. It could be something that you're eating too. Fried foods (like fish and chips) has a lot of grease, and that could be causing problems. The best thing to do is see a doctor and have them work you up. You can do a little investigating yourself by making note of when you have these episodes, and what you've had to eat in the previous 24 to 36 hours. Look to see if there's a pattern to it. If it's food related, it should be pretty obvious.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and a interesting discovery

Let me start of by acknowledging my fellow posters.

Brenda: Wow you must had a full house on Thanksgiving! Now I know what they mean by a full house!

Going Number 2: Nice story about taking an enema. I only did that maybe 2 times that I can recall. At least you're cleaned out so to speak.

Megan: Thanks for the acknowledgment, and yes it was a great post Thanksgiving dump! I at so much and I got stuffed, literally. I'm glad you enjoyed my post here and have a great day and stay tuned.

oldpoop: That happens sometimes, it depends on what foods you eat. It's known for people to poop out undigested corn or lettuces in their stool. I guess chew your food all the way before swallowing may help out.

Bethany: That was a close call! Luckily you had a few minutes to make it to the bathroom before you what breaks loose.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Haven't heard from her in a while, I hope all is well and look forward to your post.

Now on with my discovery. I was online bored and decided to do some googling. So for grins and giggles, I plugged into the search box "how to poop in a cup". What do you know, there's a how to tutorial on how to do it. Interesting to note, I use most of the steps they use except for the paper towels to put underneath the cup just in case you miss the opening of the cup. It suggests using water so the turds don't stick to the cup which sometimes I use, or I just use pee to keep the poop from sticking to the cup, check out my last post about pooping into a container. They even mention using a zip lock bag if you plan on pooping in that cup with no water, I never tried that, but sounds interesting. I might try it someday, I need some disposable cups to try it. That's all for now have a great day everyone and happy peeing and pooping to all.

--Mr. Clogs

Monday, December 03, 2012


Post-Thanksgiving dumps

It's a bit after the fact, but I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. My family had a large gathering, and Mama made enough food to feed a small army. Nobody left the table hungry in the slightest. We all watched the football game and then I retired to bed, in my old bedroom.

On Friday morning, I slept in late. I was woken up by a knock at the bedroom door. I got up and opened the door. My cousin Melanie apologized for waking me, but she explained that she desperately needed the toilet, and every bathroom was busy, except my ensuite. I told her it was okay, and she came in. The ensuite has no door though, so she was on full display for me to see. I thought she might be embarrassed so I went to leave, but she said I didn't have to leave just for her sake.

I wanted to go back to bed, but typically once I actually wake up, I can't fall back asleep even if I try. I decided to stay awake and get dressed. Melanie was sitting on the toilet, peeing fiercely. I began to get out clean clothes to change into, as she began her dump. I heard several loud splashes, and could smell the meaty smell emanating from the toilet. She continued pooping and it started to really stink! She said sorry again and gave a courtesy flush. I said it was alright, even though I was sort of regretting not leaving earlier. I finished dressing and left her alone to have her dump.

I went downstairs and had breakfast, which was just coffee and a granola bar, as I was still stuffed from the feast. After my coffee, I was feeling stirrings telling me I'd need a dump myself. I headed off to the bathroom, but someone was in there already. The other bathroom was the same, and Papa was already waiting to claim it the second he could. I guess it's not surprising, eight people and only two bathrooms is not an ideal situation. I considered myself lucky that everyone seemed to have forgotten about the ensuite. Well, everyone except my cousin, that is.

I returned upstairs, noting that Melanie hadn't come downstairs in the fifteen minutes since I'd left my bedroom. I could also smell her rank stink wafting out into the hall, even though the bedroom door was closed. I knocked on the door and heard my cousin say with a strained voice, "I'm almost done. Be out soon"

I waited for a few minutes and I finally heard a flush and she came out. She headed downstairs and I reluctantly entered my room. If I didn't have to poop very very badly at that point, I'd have waited for the smell to subside. I approached the toilet and found the lid closed. I opened it and saw horrible skidmarks all over the toilet bowl. I sat down, pulled down my pajama bottoms and started to poop.

A fat log curled out of my hole and plopped into the water. It was followed by some slop, almost diarrhea, but not quite. The bathroom already stunk when I entered it, but I certainly wasn't helping the situation. I let out a few more logs and flushed to try and help the smell. I pooped out a bunch more turds of all shapes and sizes over the next ten minutes or so, and then set to wiping. It took a ton of wipes before I felt clean. I looked in the toilet when I was done. I had produced a large pile of poop, and it required two further flushes before it all went down. I understood then why there were so many skidmarks after Melanie finished, if her poop was anything like mine.

Later on, I found out that my sister Karen had clogged up the toilet. A plumber was called, but wouldn't come until Monday. At least Mama and Papa had other bathrooms to use over the weekend.

I couldn't resist taking a peek at my sister's handiwork. Before I left, I pretended like I was going to the bathroom that wasn't clogged, but snuck off to see the damage. There was a large amount of toilet paper in the bowl, but I could see a huge pile of poop underneath it. I moved the paper aside to take in the full magnitude of what Karen had done. It dwarfed what I had left behind. I couldn't even imagine one person pooping so much. It's no wonder the poor toilet clogged.

Well, that's my story. It's a bit long, but I hope you liked it.

Anonymous Guy

Couple short stories and replies

Hey everyone! Hope all your Thanksgivings went well and you ate lots. I'm currently on the toilet having my second dump of the day. Doesn't feel too hard or too soft but just right... so far, that is. :)

Now for a couple replies.

@John H: Funny, I tend to find it easier to get clean standing while wiping. Never enjoyed wiping while sitting. It feels like my cheeks are pushed together on the toilet seat, making it harder to get everything clean. Not to mention its more efficient seeing how much more you need to wipe!

@Esteban: Wow... I would love to visit a bathroom like that! Seems like it'd be a great man-to-man bonding experience. It's too bad how shy my generation is growing up to be. For example I went in a stall at school to poop the other day... There was literally toilet paper draped along the stall door covering EVERY little crack so no one can see inside. How are guys that insecure? It's sad how sex can be so openly talked about with men yet pooping(something that is natural) would be too weird. I just don't get it, must be an American thing.

@Going Number 2: Thanks for sharing that awesome story(even if it was intended for the ladies), sounds like that was some real noisy poop. I wish I had slow dumps like that. If I'm lucky my typical toilet sessions will last a minute or 2 since it doesn't take long for everything to come out. I've kinda always envied those men who have to sit on the toilet for half an hour to get everything out. Seems relaxing!

@brian: That was very entertaining to read lol, thanks for that story.

Now onto a couple short experiences I've had since I last posted.

The first one was at my college campus, and what's crazy is I found a bathroom I never knew about. That may not sound very exciting, but there's more to it than that. Remember how I said all of the bathrooms at my school only had one stall and urinal for each of them? Well this bathroom actually has TWO cubicles! That's right, two. I was excited since I might actually have a buddy dump, but at the same time this bathroom was tucked away in the back of a building where no one goes. Anyway, I go into a stall and sit down to unload whatever I ate the previous day. Just as I finished, someone came running into the bathroom. First he ran to the sink and got some paper towels(don't know why), but then he ran to the other stall and locked the door in a hurry! During this moment I smiled to myself, what were the odds of someone coming in while I was there? Well he sat down and then one of the biggest farts came from his toilet. Poor guy must've had an upset stomach. I was getting ready to leave by then but heard a few messy plops. If only I had held it in awhile longer, then I could be going at the same time. I usually don't like just listening though(I enjoy going together more) so continued out the exit door.

The second one isn't near as long but I'll tell it anyway. It was a couple weeks ago and I was trying out a new gym I've never been to. It was pretty nice, and had much better workout equipment than my current gym. Anywho I got that feeling for a dump while doing cardio so I decided to check out the bathroom... Wow, the locker room was huge. I almost tripped over a scale trying to find where the toilets are. I'm not sure if it was because men were getting undressed and showering, but I was very wobbly. Finally in the very back I found it. There were a line of urinals and then about 5 stalls. I was going to take the first one but had to take the second since someone else was using it. Unfortunately while I was pooping and making a bunch of sloppy noises, the guy next to me didn't make a peep. Perhaps he was nervous. Well, I finished up after that and headed back to the main workout lobby. I wouldn't mind coming again to this gym, especially on a weekend where the bathrooms are bound to be busy.

Well guys I think that's all from me for now. My butt is getting sore from sitting on the toilet so long(haha) so I'll end here. As always feel free to reply to my posts, and keep the stories coming! :)

Also random question, does it make a difference using a toilet seat protector or not? I find if I don't use one then I usually get a couple red bumps on my bottom. Are those in any way connected?

bama guy
Megan C- Hi I enjoyed your poop story and welcome to the site :) this is my first post too.

Earlier today I was at work (contracting). We were working at a house and the homeowner had left after lunch. I had to poop very bad but had to hold it until I got home. Once I was home I went in the bathroom and pulled down my pants. As soon as I sat on the toilet I felt 3 large logs about 7" each come out of me. I hope you all enjoy this story


Welcome, Megan

Hi, Megan, I liked your story. Sounds like some satisfying farts and pooping.

Going Number 2
To MasterBlaster: Glad you liked my story :). Yes I usually take very large BMs because I eat a lot. Plus I don't necessarily go every day, usually every other day or once every three days, all the while eating so much that it just piles up inside of me. Unfortunately I've gotten myself very constipated on occassion because of this. Once I got so constipated that I didn't poop for seven days, which was the longest I've ever gone without pooping. I was so bloated I felt like I could barely move, my bowels heavily stuffed with thick turds and trapped gas. I couldn't put my jeans on because I couldn't get them around my distended gut. That was probably the gassiest I've ever been too, since I was literally farting every twenty seconds on the last few days of that ordeal.

Finally I broke down and got an enema bulb from a drug store and ended up using that. Sweet relief followed soon after that. I speed-waddled to the toilet and plunked down just in time for a massive, dense log about two inches thick to push itself out of my butt and splash heavily into the toilet, followed rapidly by several more logs of similar size. I grunted as my hands clutched my bloated stomach and squeezed it, forcing more poop and flatulence to come out. I couldn't believe how loud my farts and plops were, I was so glad nobody else was home! I was on the toilet for almost an hour, holding my stomach and moaning while farting and pooping away, and flushing every few minutes because I was worried my dump would be too big for the toilet. Eventually I was done and felt 20 pounds lighter, but still passed a lot of gas for the rest of the day.

Hope you enjoyed ;)


Food traces in poop

Good morning; chilly and dry here. Does anyone out there notice what foods reappear in your poop the next day?

I have been keeping records of my bowel movements, at my doctor's suggestion, for almost three years now (to gauge effects of new medicines; I keep records of other things also, such as breathing), and I always look at my poop before flushing. I have noted--most of the time--whether I see in my poop any obvious fragments or hints of something I ate during the recent past. Of course, as everyone knows, if you eat corn, you are likely to see it again in your poop, and that has been true for me also. But corn was not the most frequent item I saw: The most frequent was nuts (I eat them because I like them and because they are good for me), which reappear as grainy light-colored fragments or dots, never whole nuts because I chew them well. If I eat chili, I often see kidney bean skins in the next day's poop; if I have a green salad, often the lettuce or spinach reappears as tiny green threads, occasionally the skeleton of whole leaves. I like okra, and the days following eating it, I notice the little white seeds. One of the most obvious foods is carrots, with the bright orange color of the tiny fragments that stands out strongly in contrast to the brown poop; another obvious thing is the dark red or near purple color that I sometimes noticed after eating beets. Since we get carrots on a regular basis and beets only rarely, the carrots showed up much more often (more often than corn, which we don't get as much). One other thing: The darkest brown color I notice in my poop comes the day after having enough dark chocolate to notice a difference: that chocolate can come from Oreos or chocolate cake. Aside from that, my droppings are a lighter brown.

Do these things that I see mean that my food is not digesting? Not really--the yellow corn is merely the outside husk of the kernel, which has been emptied of the good stuff by my stomach muscles and then refilled with poop (I have read about that process). The other traces are tiny fragments of what were once much larger pieces of food, now digested. Some things, such as seeds or tomato skins, are simply not digestible and will come through unchanged. Many or most of my bowel movements have no visible traces and are a uniform brown color, so the food doesn't reappear even a majority of the time. It has been fun to check, though, and I expect to continue doing so as long as I can.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Megan C or B first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and please post more thanks.

To: Courtney great story it sounds like you and Jane both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John H great story bout your wife pooping in front of you.

To: RobbiBoy great stories I look forward to your next.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds you and that other girl had good poops and as I look fwd to your next post thanks

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