Plane Bathroom

So this story in particular happened when I was a kid around the age of twelve. My family was on this plane coming home from visiting relatives. I had to pee while on the plane so my mom escorted me to the two bathrooms in the back. Both were occupied. We waited for like a minute and one door opened. This girl (probably in her mid twenties) came out. As soon as the door opened a bad smell hit. I went into the bathroom and thick diarrhea was splattered in the bowl. Most of the waterless bowl was covered in shit and about a third filled with chunky diarrhea. I told my mom that that one was nasty so we waited for the other bathroom to open.


morrning dump

This morning after I got up i went to the toilet and only gas came out, wiped once and washed hands.

about 7:30 i went back and felt turd ready to come out. I squatted and pushed out one large log and two smaller ones, then peed for awhile and sat down to wipe. It took about 4 wipes to get clean. i drink a lot of water so it is easy to go.

If I do not go in a day, the next day I will have several dumps, but I pee a lot.


pee at work

Last night, I was working late; I was closing (I work at Dunkin Donuts) and it was unusually busy for the time (customers usually taper off around 9:00). I'd been needing to pee for an hour, and my urge was growing steadily more dire. By 10:15, it was only through sheer willpower that I was going about work without dancing from foot to foot; I had to PEE, and my shift ended at 10:35 and there were still all these people in line. Thank God I didn't need to take a shit! I finally turned to my friend Amber and asked her to hold down the fort for just a moment or else I was going to piss in my uniform. She laughed and said no problem and I quickly walked to the employee's restroom, working on my jeans button and zipper before I even had the door fully open. I locked it behind me and pulled my pants/panties the rest of the way down as I sat on the toilet. For a moment nothing came out, and I rubbed my stomach a little (which sometimes helps) before three hours of pee began to gush out of me. I was feeling a little sheepish because I suspected customers could probably hear me, even from out in the line. I bit my lip and rested my head against the wall as I peed, and after about thirty five seconds I was done. Wiped, stood up and ran back out to help Amber close up. I was so glad I didn't have an accident (wasn't so lucky a few other times). Any other work desperation stories?


Middle of the night poop

Last night I had a huge poop in the middle of the night. I got the urge at around 9th hour at school and after school went to a freinds house. I decided to hold until I got home. When I got home around 9:00 I immediately went to my bed I was so tired. I went to sleep listening to my sister take a shower.
I woke up at around 1:00 and immediately felt the urge inside my anus. My butt crack was all sweaty. I got up and was hit with a sharp pain in my abdomin. I bent over holding my stomach and groaning. I inched out of my bedroom slowly and entered my hallway. I jammed my hand down my pants and held my vagina. The pain ended and I stood up straight again and made it to the bathroom. I looked and saw that Elaine's tv was still on. I stumbled into the bathroom, closing the door and engulfing myself in complete darkness. I found the light switch and crawled to the toilet. I farted twice and the tip emerged. I pulled my under wear to my theighs and climbed onto the toilet. Immediatly I farted and the first part of my poop shot out. It got stuck about halfway. The pain was so emmense my feet came off of the floor and my hands shot up and I braced myself on the walls. My poop was stuck at the widest part and my anus was about and inch wide open. I tried to suck it back in but it was stuck. A tear was welling up in my eye it hurt so much. I grabbed my vagina again and clenched it. I moved my fingers up a little bit and felt my anus around my turd. I pushed and felt my anus squeeze. I pulled my hand back as it started to move. It was only getting wider and wider. I screamed and bit my lip as it inches out and a huge fart blasted out of my butt as I fell. My anus hurt so bad. There was still some pebbles and as I passed those it started to stop hurting. I peed and was about to pass one more turd when Elaine knocked on the door.
"are you okay I heard you screaming a second ago.".
"I'm fine I just need some toilet paper".
"alright I'll get you some". She said as she walked away.
Usually after a huge turd I don't have to wipe very much but this one was messy. She opened the door with some toilet paper right as I farted and some crackling started.
"thanks can you start the bathtub for me?" I asked
"yeah sure"
She started it as the turd dropped and I started wiping. When I was done I looked into the toilet and saw a huge turd in the middle that was thin and than blew up to and inch or so. Surrounded by smaller turds. I smiled and got into the bathtub.


Being The Helpful Friend

Hey, my name is Michael. I have a friend, who for the sake of privacy, we'll just call her "Hannah." Bear in mind this isn't her real name. Anyways, Hannah and I have known each other to some degree now for a couple of years. I'm a couple of years older than her and knew her two older sisters, especially her oldest, for years before I ever got to know Hannah herself.

Hannah and I work together now, and I frequently give her a ride home from work. We've had a rocky friendship, but have each placed a good amount of trust in one another. Hannah has frequent medical issues, none of which she ever goes to the doctor for because she doesn't trust doctors. For some reason, a lot of her medical issues revolve around her bowels, and due to the fact that I've somehow become the friend she talks to about these things, I usually end up hearing much more about it than one would consider normal.

A few months back, for example, she told me that she'd been constipated for about a week, and when she'd finally gone to the bathroom, it had been very pale in color, almost white. We both looked up what could cause that, none of which were good, and many of which suggested liver problems. I took her to the hospital, which she hated, and irked her more than it helped her it turns out, due to the fact that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her and at least one of the doctors had to perform some fairly uncomfortable tests involving a rubber glove. They basically told her it was nothing, and sent us on our way.

Fast forward to the present, and Ms. Hannah has come down with either the flu, a stomach bug or food poisoning. I got a text message from her last night, where she says she thinks she has the flu and has been in and out of the bathroom all day. I figured she meant vomiting, and several texts back and forth later I've agreed to take her to Urgent Care. When I came to pick her up, she related to me a story of how her boyfriend's roommate had been having diarrhea(or as she called it, 'Mud-butt') and how she thinks she has caught the same thing.

She went on to tell me that she'd woken up that morning, feeling sick, and spent an hour in the bathroom. She'd sent her boyfriend back to his own apartment so he wouldn't be able to hear her going to the bathroom. She'd gone back to bed, woken up hours later to find herself covered in vomit, cleaned up, spend more time in the bathroom, and spent the majority of the day running back and forth from the bathroom to her bedroom. Around 6:00pm, she sent me the first text about how she thought she'd contracted the flu. She went on to tell me how it felt like she had been throwing up out of both ends, and how she hoped Urgent Care would have easily accessible restrooms.

We went to the Urgent Care right by her apartment, but there were about ten people ahead of us, so I took her to one that was a little further away, but that I knew was usually fairly deserted. While sitting in the lobby, she looked down at the open-top trash can next to her and commented on how it would help if she needed to throw up, but not if she needed to poop.

She got called in to see the doctor a few minutes later, and got a prescription for some anti-nausea medicine, but lamented the fact that it wouldn't do anything about her diarrhea. I bought her some tea and juice, took her back to her apartment, made sure she got back inside alright, asked her to let me know if she needed anything else, and left.

I'm unsure how I ended up being the go-to guy for when she has trouble with her bowels, but I imagine she's probably thankful I don't make fun of her for these things. There really isn't anything funny about it, and I don't like seeing my friends in such distress.


Black Friday

I found this site because of something that happened to me last week on Black Friday after finding Lauren's story about peeing her pants on Black Friday on Google. Why? Because I, too, peed my pants on Black Friday!

About me: I am a 28 year old mother of one 18 month old baby but I've only had a few "accidents" in my life - aside from a few small leaks during pregnancy. Even after having the baby I've only had one incident since he was born and at least that one was at home. Aside from that I'm just a normal woman, mother, with a job (as a writer - sorry!) and a husband and a life like anyone else. Not skinny, not fat, just a normal looking woman in her late 20s who somehow still managed to wet herself as a grown woman with no baby pressing on her bladder to blame it on!

So it was Black Friday and I had gotten up early and left hubby and baby at home while I ran out to brave the crazies to find some good deals. All was fine until I had been out for a couple of hours already and started to really need to pee. But there were so many people and the desire to get the best deal was stronger than the need to pee so I ignored it, crossed my legs and squeezed when I needed to, and kept going. This carried on for another half hour, the need getting stronger, the leg crossing getting more frequent, now with the occasional necessary fingers pressing against my crotch whenever I could sneak a squeeze. After another 15-20 minutes I had found everything I could at that store and decided I better check out and go to the bathroom before hitting the next store.

I found the back of the looooong check out line and waited, shifting forward with everyone else a few feet at a time, trying my best to hide my need to pee, to stand still and make it look like my legs were only crossed because I was comfortable that way, when in reality my legs were crossed because I felt like my bladder was about to burst right there in the checkout line. I stood close to my shopping basket so I could reach down and squeeze myself. I seriously could not remember the last time I had to pee so badly. The line kept creeping forward, my bladder kept getting fuller, my ability to hold it back kept getting smaller. My heart was pounding, my skin was tingling, my face felt flushed, and I was starting to realize I may have badly miscalculated my ability to hold it. Darn the baby and his pelvic floor stretching arrival!

I finally made it to where I was next to make it into the checkout registers. I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little, easing the tension I had been holding in every muscle in my body for the last hour. Bad idea. Unfortunately that muscle relaxation also included my bladder muscles and I suddenly felt a squirt of pee escape. I snapped back into reality, squeezed my thighs shut, pressed my fingers hard into my mound, and cutoff the flow. I felt like my face must have been glowing red for all to see. How bad was the damage? It was only a small squirt. Could anyone see? Could I feel it on my fingers? I tested the area tentatively, as best I could without being obvious, and was relieved to find that my fingers encountered no obvious wetness on my jeans. It was only my panties, and the wet spot felt small as best I could tell.

Crisis averted - for now. Or so I hoped. I was next. A woman motioned me forward and to a register. I smiled at the employee and began unloading my cart onto the counter, doing my best to make small talk and act normal, but in reality I was on the very edge of totally wetting myself and I knew it. I did all of this with my thighs squeezed together with all their might, not daring to unclench. The cashier slowly - too slowly! - range up my purchases, the pile gradually getting smaller. I willed her to move faster, to hurry, but it didn't help. Halfway through I felt a spasm and, though I squeezed harder, I still lost another squirt into my panties. I must have made a noise as I clamped down to stop it because the cashier asked if I was ok. I mumbled something about just being in a hurry and smiled a fake smile. My panties felt much more damp against my crotch. I snuck a quick brush over my crotch with my left hand and was horrified to feel wetness on the outside of my jeans, but in a spot that wouldn't be visible if I was standing. This was NOT happening. But it was happening.

Finally the cashier finished ringing everything up and I paid in a hurry, said a quick thanks, and wheeled my cart immediately towards the restrooms in the back of the store, walking - waddling, really - as fast as I could with my legs squeezed together. I mumbled to myself, hurry hurry hurry, please please please, not today, etc. Halfway through the store another shopper came around a corner and I nearly ran into them, stopping suddenly, which caused another sudden escape of pee. I crossed my legs and squeezed, bending down slightly, hand instinctively grabbing my crotch, and I managed to stop the flow but only after a second or two and I could feel wetness on my right upper thigh, a trickle running down my leg, and my crotch was more than damp, now truly wet.

I scrambled up, burning with embarrassment, not caring now who knew I had to pee - it was quite obvious now anyway, especially given that it was also now obvious that some of that pee was in my jeans and likely quite visible to anyone looking - and pushed the cart even faster to the bathrooms. Every few feet another leak escaped, but I hardly noticed, weaving through the crowd, only one goal in mind, desperate only to avoid a complete soaking. I thought to myself, thank God I bought a few new pairs of pants! I had to laugh out loud slightly at the thought and that caused another leak but I was past caring.

I made it to the bathrooms to find a line. Noooo! I pushed my cart up against a wall with a group of other carts, grabbed the shopping bag that I knew contained my newly purchased pants, and ran to the front of the line. I got a few angry comments but maybe the red blush of my skin, the frantic look on my face, or the now obvious pee stains on the crotch, thighs, and butt of my jeans gave them enough pause to let me pass.

I burst through the door to find the stalls all full. I grabbed myself and did the "potty dance", begging everyone to please hurry. The sight and sound of the toilets made the need even worse and I felt another spasm and couldn't stop the flow from starting again, stronger this time, full out peeing into my jeans, a flood of warmth and wetness spreading rapidly from my crotch, hot against my fingers. I looked down and watched the wetness spreading, disbelieving that this could be happening to me at my age. But the relief - oh, the relief! - was exquisite and after a couple of seconds I realized that the damage was done, I had new pants anyway, why keep fighting? And so I stopped fighting, I let go, stood still with my legs relaxed, sighed with immense relief, and did made no effort to stop what was already happening. I had never felt more relieved to have an accident in my life. The wetness spread down my legs, across my front and butt, soaked my socks and tennis shoes, and made a puddle on the floor, all while I just watched and breathed and relaxed and enjoyed the relief.

A stall door opened in front of me and a teenage girl came out and stopped short when she saw my condition. Her face turned as red as mine felt. She said, "Oh, I'm sorry." I just smiled and said, "Don't worry, not your fault." She stepped aside and I waddled into the stall.

I had to peel everything off in the cramped stall. I wiped off as best I could with toilet paper to dry myself. I snapped the tags off of a pair of the new pants from the bag, pulled them on without panties, put my wet shoes back on without socks, then took the other new clothes out of the bag and stuffed my soaked panties, jeans, and socks into the bag and wrapped it into a ball, carrying the other new clothes out under my arm. The pants felt uncomfortable and chaffing against my panty-less crotch but I had no choice.

I left the bathroom, doing the walk of shame wearing new pants, carrying my old ones in the bag, to a few knowing half-smiles from the line of waiting women. I grabbed my cart and walked out of the store in a half-daze, to my car, where I loaded up and drove home.

I arrived home and found hubby awake, the baby still sleeping. He came out to help me unpack the car. I tried to pick up the bag of wet things but he found them before I could get them, and the smell made it obvious what had taken place. "What happened?" he asked. I just frowned and turned red again and said, "You don't want to know."

Sorry it got a little long, I just needed to get that out "on paper". I feel better now. Thanks for reading.




Megan C. im also from Alabama ive been reading for awhile and never seen anyone else from here.Just wanted to say i enjoyed your story and its good to someone else from here. Keep up the posting.

hi Guys I'm 16 and for the last year i have been getting terrible cramps and most of the time diarrhea. This is very embarrassing for me and wondered if anyone has any advice for me. I will also tell a story about it.
I was at a pub and just eaten fish and chips. This did not agree with me and started getting cramps and soon i needed to go. I rushed to the bathroom and nearly pooped myself, quickly sat down and was there for 7-8 minutes with diarrhea. It hurt so bad. It took me about 5 mins to wipe and when i left the cubicle i saw a couple men who where repelled my the smell. It was very embarrassing.

if anyone knows how to stop it or a possible condition i may have, it would be appreciated if you could let me know.

Thanks Guys


Leah- Sounds like you really enjoyed your urgent school poo and wee, and talking to your friend while you were both on the toilet!

Just a guy- Thanks for your comments. Yes, they were both much-needed poos!

Mr Clogs- Everything is good in pee and poo land here, thanks for asking! Sounds like your post-thanksgiving poo was a good one!

Melissa K- Sounds like your post-thanksgiving poo was a huge one too! Did you enjoy going in the woods? Have you done it there before?

Yesterday (Wednesday) I did my first poo since my last post on Saturday. It was a big one, needless to say! I was doing some group work with other people and we were in the library for a few hours, during which I developed a need to do my poo. After a while it got more urgent and by the time we were finishing up our report I was needing the toilet quite badly, to do both things by now because I'd been drinking water all afternoon. During the time we'd been there one of our group had gone to the toilet. She was there for ten minutes so I assumed she went to poo. I don't like the library toilets for pooing because they only have one cubicle so I decided to head to another building nearby so I could go.
We finished up and got ready to go. A guy from our course came by then and saw us and we started talking. After ten minutes of that I really had to go, so I said we were going and he said bye. The other girl who was talking to him as well was in a bit of a hurry too. She said she was going to the toilet as we left, so I said goodbye to her as she headed to the loo, evidently desperate too!
I got to the other building and found the loos. I was anticipating getting a seat right away, but no such luck. Both cubicles taken and two girls queuing. I waited, trying my best to hold in my wee and poo, but I was desperate for both now. Soon enough both cubicles opened and the two girls went in. But they both needed to have poos too, so I was kept waiting! After five minutes they were still both making plops and farts and I couldn't wait much longer. I knocked on one of their doors, feeling embarrassed but not having much choice. I said, 'Sorry, but will you both be long?' One girl said she'd be a while, then the other said in an equally embarrassed sounding voice, 'I'll be a few minutes longer too, sorry.' I wanted to tell them to hurry up, but I just said, 'oh ok, no problem,' even though it was because my poo was really trying to come out. I needed to go right now! I debated if I should wait or go find other toilets.
I didn't know of any other toilets in the building and I couldn't hold it until I went somewhere else so I decided to wait. Both girls started to speed up knowing I was waiting desperately. A few minutes later one girl hurriedly wiped and flushed. When she came out she said, 'sorry I took so long!' I thanked her and quickly went in and sat on the warm seat. My first log was poking out already and fell with a loud splash as I began to empty my bladder. I sighed quietly, and the other girl who was still pooing said, 'I know that feeling!' All three of us laughed at that. I pushed out a few more big pieces, then the other girl left and I was alone. I pushed out seven logs all told. Naturally the relief was very, very string, especially because I'd been close to an accident!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tescos trip

Today I went to the local supermarket to get some shopping in. The bus which goes out that way goes up through a housing estate then stops at the supermarket. As we approached the supermarket two girls about 12/13 got off in front of me. One of them was rushing ahead and kept stopping and urging the other to catch up, they then entered the store and looked around. As you enter the store the toilets are immediately on your right, which is where I was headed. As I was walking down the passage to the toilets I was overtaken by the smaller of the girls, who was about 5ft2 and wearing a school uniform. At the end of the passage you go up some stairs and then to seperate ladies and gents toilets, however the ladies had a "closed for cleaning" notice blocking them! Without a moment's hesitation she ran into the gents and into a cubicle. I heard the door slam loudly and a sigh as she sat on the toilet and released one of the loudest hissing streams I've heard! I used the other cubicle for modesty and finished around the same time as her. She apologised but said she coulnd't wait for the ladies to be opened again!

- UKNGuy

Megan C.
Hey Y'all,

I'm Megan B and I'm from Alabama. I am 25 years old, 5'6 with blonde hair and blue eyes and have a thin build. I need to admit that I have been reading a lot of stories on here and decided to post one of my own.
On Monday, I got home from work with a very strong urge to take a dump. Needless to say, I set the mail on the table and headed for the bathroom. I went in and locked the door. I walked over to the window and cranked it open. I picked up a magazine from the basket down by the toilet, started to pull down my pants and panties to my ankles and then sat on the toilet. I have a soft cushioned toilet seat. I usually take 10-15 minutes while pooping and I like to sit in comfort. I started to pee, which felt really good. I started flipping through my magazine, looking for something good to read. I always read while I'm pooping. A minute after I was done peeing, I farted a few times and they were pretty long, which echoed inside the bowl. My first log was slowly coming out and it was pretty big. It broke off and make a little spash. I knew I wasn't done because I still had some poop left inside of me. I just sat there reading an article in Cosmopolitan when a few more long farts made their way out of my system. I then felt another log making its way out. This too, like the first one was pretty big. It slowly came out and make a splash. I farted a few more times and then wiped my vagina and then the backside. I sprayed the cinnamon air freshener and then flushed the toilet. I felt so much better. I washed my hands and then walked out of the bathroom and that was it. I hope y'all enjoyed my story as much as I did telling it. Y'all have a wonderful night.

Ladies, do any of you read while pooing on the toilet?

Wow, Melissa, you take some impressive dumps! I can hardly believe you can hold that much; was that your biggest load ever? If not, do you recall what was?

Going number 2- Wow, dude. What an impressive dump! It's amazing how much some people on here can poop at once. Loved the story, tell us more!

My Thanksgiving dump wasn't nearly so impressive, although it was pretty good for me. I was feeling really full, so I sat down and started pushing it out. It was a bunch of soft crap that sort of broke apart as it came out. There ended up being about 14 pieces, all pretty small by themselves, but piling up into a pretty huge pile. Using Melissa's estimate on size, I'd say the pile was about 4 inches high and about 4 inches in diameter, maybe slightly less.


Holiday Pooping

Melissa K. - Wow, that was some load. Enjoyed your story.

Does anybody else find themselves getting a little constipated around this time of year? Ever since last weekend, I've been a little bloated and sluggish bowel-wise. Considering what we consume around the holidays (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, different pies), plus the stresses of the season, it's not surprising that our colons may decide to go on strike.

Because of that, the last few days I've been eating high fiber granola bars, more fruit and vegetables, and drinking more water. I figure if I'm going to eat all the holiday goodies, I should add some fiber to move it all along.

Hopefully I'll have a good poop story to post in the next day or two.

Mr. Clogs

Did my morning poop in a container today

Today I did my morning poop into an empty psyllium powder fiber container, which of course helps me to stay regular and poop fairly nice large turds. I haven't pooped into a container in such a long time and was feeling the urge to poop. I just finished my first cup of coffee and haven't peed yet since I got up this morning about 8:15AM. So I went to the recycling bin in the kitchen to grab it and take to my room. I took off my pajama pants off slid my underwear to the side, I had some pee in my green cup from last nights pee, I poured some into the fiber container to help with dumping the container into the toilet later. I put the container on the floor, squatted over the mouth of the container and let it rip. I can hear the snap, crackling and plopping sounds of poop making its way into the container. My room started to smell of fresh poop of the day and kept pooping until I got all if most of the poop out of me.

I noticed it was quick and very well relieving dump. Since I had to pee too, I peed my morning piss into that green cup filling up to the top. Once I was done, I pour some more pee into the container to help out to dump my morning poop into the toilet. I took the container and went to the toilet to wipe up. It wasn't too messy to wipe up either, just 7 squares of the soft and strong toilet paper. Flushed the toilet, rinsed out the container to minimize the smell. Washed my hands and had my second cup of coffee.

That's all for now, have a great day and take care. Mr. Clogs.

John H

An accident and a shared experience

Hey all.
Good to read all the post thanks giving stories. Hope everyone enjoyed the day. Not long till Christmas now which means more overeating and more poop stories.

Story 1.
Around a week ago I was getting ready for bed. I had a drink earlier in the evening so I was a bit tipsy. I was sitting in my boxers on the edge of my bed when I felt what I thought was a fart coming on. I pushed to help it along. Bad idea. As soon as it came out I knew it was more than a fart. A large amount of wet poo came out with it. It really took me by surprise. I jumped off the bed and waddled as fast as I could towards the bathroom with my hands between my legs to stop any of the poo dripping on the floor. I sat on the toilet and slowly removed my boxers to check the damage. The back was in a mess so I decided to throw them out. I let out some more runny poo before beginning a messy clean up process. The toilet paper wasn't enough so I jumped in the shower. When I was dry I threw out the boxers and returned to my bedroom. Lucky nothing had got on the blankets. I had two more rounds of runny poo that night. Thankfully all were in the toilet. I wasn't leaving it to chance so went every time I felt a fart coming on.

Story 2.
Today I shared a dump with my partner. She sat on the toilet first and let out a short pee before pushing out three large logs over the space of five minutes. We talked about this and that as the logs cracked out of her. There was hardly any smell in the bathroom. When she was finished I jumped on the toilet before she could flush and proceeded to push out a long thick log that stretched my hole on the way out. There were some small lumps that fell as the first one came out. I had to push a lot which felt very nice and is not normal for me. It dropped softly onto the load that was already in the toilet and the smell began to rise. It took a lot of work for me to get it out so I sat for a minute before pushing out another softer log. Then I finished up with a wave of very soft poo that burned on the way out. It took two flushes to get all the poo down the drain.

To the person that was wondering if men sat or stood to wipe I always sit.
I think sitting is better because your ass cheeks are open so you can make sure you don't miss anything. When I'm clean I stand and always do one extra wipe while standing. Don't know why I do this but its good to be sure that there is no trace of poo left behind I suppose.

That's enough from me for now I think. I'm holding back a poo as I type this so its time to take a trip to the toilet for my second poo of the day.
Take care all.
John H

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anonymous Chick great story about your sisters giant poop it sounds like she mustve felt great afterwards.

To: Melissa K great story it sounds like had a good cleanout I bet u felt great after.

To: Natasha great poop story it sounds like u just made it.

To: Allie great pee stories

Thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


'Going potty' with my niece

Last month, I was over at my sister's house. I was playing a card game with my three year old niece Jane when I felt an urge to poop. We were almost done with the round, so I waited. We finished and I helped her put away the game, and then I headed off to the bathroom. I pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I peed for a short while and set my mind to the main task.

I felt my hole open up to pass a hard turd. It inched out me very slowly and made a big splash as it felt into the water. I farted loudly afterward. There was more poop in me, but it wasn't quite ready to come out. I continued to sit for a short while. Then I heard a knock at the door and my niece Jane said, "Aunt Courtney, I have to go poo-poo."

I told her she could come in, pulling my panties up around my thighs for a bit of privacy. Jane came in and she pulled down her pants and panties and sat on her potty. She let out several quick farts and I could hear her turd crackling as it came out. By that point, I was feeling another turd in position. I gave a small push and it started on its way. Jane asked, "Are you doing a poo-poo too?" and I replied, "Unnh... yes."

We sat talked and pooped together for a couple of minutes until Jane announced "I don't have any more poo-poo left to come out." I just laughed and said "That's good" and rolled off some paper for her to wipe with. She wiped her frontal area and I gave her more for her butt. I spread my legs enough for her to toss the paper between them. When she finished wiping, she told me, "I have to put my poo-poo in the big toilet and flush it away." but I said, "I'm not done pooping yet. I'll do it when I'm finished."

She said okay and washed her hands. I pushed out one last turd and then I too was empty. I wiped thoroughly, then I went over to empty her potty. She had made three good-sized turds, and I was kind of surprised that a three year old could poop so big. I emptied the potty into the toilet and flushed our combined poops. Then I left the bathroom, feeling so much better.

Robbi Boi

The Accident that Changed my Life

Hello again, I'm back to write about the pooping accident that changed my life by helping to confirm my identity as Female to Male Transgender. It also made me not want to make friends, not that I had any to begin with, for fear of such an incident happening in their presence. This is especially about boys, who think, "Girls don't poop," or, "Girls don't fart," and would therefore never let me forget it if I soiled myself in their presence! For that reason, I can no more imagine myself dating or marrying a man than I can see myself going to the moon right now in my street clothes!

Anyway, so I had already had a few soiling accidents in early and middle childhood that completely ruined everything I was wearing because I had the diarrhea so bad. One time at age 6, I pooped through my panties and overalls walking home from the park because I was on an antibiotic, and Mom kept mentioning it later, asking me if I needed to poop again, which had me embarrassed as well as "excited," for lack of a better word. (I'm sure you know I don't mean the kind of "excitement" you feel when you unwrap that much-wanted Christmas gift you didn't know for sure you'd get.)

But the one that really changed how I felt about myself occurred in April of my 11th year, when I thought I was beyond pooping accidents, due to me being 10 years old (almost 11)and well into puberty. But one awful morning, I awoke to the realization that I was pooping a dark, slimy mess that smelled like a waste treatment facility, and then as I walked down the hall, the rest of it came out and went through my panties and pajamas and onto the floor! It also had a dark teal color about it because I'd had a blue snowball that day, and the diarrhea was probably caused by an excessive consumption of Easter candy.

But the most embarrassing part was that Mom had to help me clean it up, which totally destroyed my self-image because my sister was 22 months old and it made me feel like I was no different. It was just too big of an accident for me to handle, so I said, "Mama, I had a majorcase accident in my pants," and she rinsed me off in the tub, telling me that I would never get another blue snowball again! After this, I went back to bed and had a nightmare about me having to wear diapers to school while the other kids still wore underwear, and this had my face all crusty with dried-up tears.

I became so depressed about it that I could only find solace in the thought that it was possible to live as a male someday. I already had short hair at this point and was refusing to wear dresses, but the fact that I was going through female puberty made life almost unbearable and this age the worst time of my life! As a result, I tried to take my mind off of the misery and humiliation associated with that by doing my best in school, becoming a straight-A student that year, and additionally decided to run to the toilet every time I felt the urge to pass gas. So because of all these changes I decided to make in my life, I graduated CumLaude and didn't soil myself like that again until age 19. But that's another long story I shall save for another post.


Question about my problem

Hello every one I have a question for all the females in here I'm 15 yo n I have this problem n so when sometimes I'm pooping I have had to dig my poop out cause its to hard or big to come out n I was woundrin if I'm the only female who has had to or still has to dig sometimes so plzzz let me kno if any one else has had to dig befour I would like to kno ...ill be waitin for your replys .....


Latest story

Hi, Abbie here with my latest story, sorry I haven't posted in a while, theres just been loads going on.
Skye- great story about you and your sister, look forward to your next one.
Megan- sounds like loads of people needed a poo after the food fair! Glad you and Rebecca managed to get on the toilet in time.
Natasha- It makes me feel alot better to know I'm not alone in getting constipated sometimes, like you say when you're at school you can't always go for a poo when you need to. Its exactly the same at my school, morning break is far too short if you want a poo. Its frustrating as sometimes when I go to have a wee at break I know I could probably have a poo as well if only I had more time. Whats really bad is what happened to you the other day, its a real pain if you suddenly start to need a poo in the lesson after lunch as then I know from personal experiance you really have no choice but to hold it in until you get back home. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who gets marks in my knickers, sometimes I find it impossible to stop my poo from poking out and then even if my knickers aren't too tight they end up getting marked. I suppose at least if it happens later in the day you can go for a poo and change your knickers as soon as you get home, its a lot worse if it happens earlier on as you have to spend the rest of the day wearing dirty underwear which is really gross.
Luckily today I managed to avoid getting too desperate and then the inevitable dirty knickers by managing to have a poo before school. I ate breakfast in the canteen and then a few minutes later felt the urge, I was really pleased because it was only a couple of days since my last poo which is good for me. I went straight to the girls loos by the canteen, as is usual for that time in the morning they were full of girls who also needed to empty their bowels so at least I knew I wouldn't be alone. I eventually got a cubicle and by then was getting quite desperate, fortunately my poo wasn't poking out so I quickly pulled my skirt up and my tights and yellow knickers down before sitting on the toilet. I relaxed my clenched bum and felt a log starting to move down inside me, shortly after I felt it starting to poke out of my bum. I looked into the next cubicle and saw the girls trousers and white knickers at her feet, she had just had a wee and was still on the toilet so I guessed she needed a poo, that was confirmed a few seconds later by some farts and panting as she strained. I started to push gently and the poo moved slowly out, it was starting to get wider but wasn't too hard, so I wasn't having to psuh a lot which was good. After a few minutes of pushing it dropped with a plop, shortly after my neighbour made a loud plop as well. I could feel I needed to wee so I unleashed a stream that lasted a short time befoe dieing away. We both finished with a couple more poos and then I started to wipe my bottom, I could hear my neighbour was as well. I flushed, pulled up my knickers and tights and came out of my cubicle at the same time as the other girl, she smiled shyly at me as we went to wash our hands. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2012

One day I was at the caravan and I needed to go real bad! although the toilets were ac cross the road I had NEVER been in a toilet on my own before so when I finally got to the toilets I undid my trousers but it was TOO late a river of pee soaked my trousers and I only got 2 drops in the toilet.

anonymous chick
My sister had another one of her monster craps the other day. She tried to give herself a suppository but she couldn't get it in because of the huge turd stuck in her rectum, so she rubbed some vaseline on her anus to try and lube things up. She sat down on the toilet and started pushing. She would hold her breath, push as hard as she could, for as long as she could. She took her pants off and pressed her feet up against the side of the bathtub which is in front of the toilet. She leaned back and strained, grunting loudly with the effort. Every time she strained, i could see her bottom bulging out really far. She stood up slightly and kinda squatted and leaned forward, using her hands to spread her cheeks. Again she pushed and struggled to pass the monster turd. Her anus was bulging out so far, so I knew it was gonna be huge. She was getting a bit red in the face and out of breath so she sat back down for a minute, and then started pushing again. This time the tip of the turd started to poke out a bit. Suddenly she yelled "ohmygod owwww its stuck!" i looked, and sure enough her poor anus was stretched to its limit- the.tip of the turd muat of been 3 inches wide and it was rock hard. she begged me to help her so I got the vaseline, she waddled over to the sink and leaned forward. I put the.vaseline on my fingers and told her to try pushing again. As she strained, i rubbed the vaseline on her anus, around the turd, and kinda pushed against her perineum and the sides of her anus. Several pebbles fell off of the enormous turd, but the bulk of it wasnt gonna budge. FINALLY it the floor. My sister was sweating and had to catch her breath after!

Melissa K

Thanksgiving dump

Sara - I get my huge dumps from eating a lot of fiber-rich foods, exercising, and also from holding it in a lot. It's not hard, my turds are just thick and soft and yes it feels so good! I also remember reading a few posts ago that girls with wide hips poop bigger, which could be my case :)

I just had my post-Thanksgiving dump earlier this afternoon. The last time I went was on Wednesday, the 21st. On Thursday, I had a pretty large Thanksgiving dinner. On Friday, I didn't go Black Friday shopping, and I just stayed at home and ate all day. I ate so much fiber, fruit and vegetables that I was farting every 10 seconds by the end of the day! It felt good. Saturday and Sunday I also ate a lot, and I was farting non-stop! My belly, normally narrow, now had a visible bulge from built-up poop. I made it through school today, and after school I felt a huge urge to poop and I knew nothing was going to stop it. I also figured I'd clog the toilet at my house, so I went outside into a secluded spot in woods near my house. I pulled down my yoga pants, panties, and started peeing and farting. Pretty soon, I started pooping out a soft, thick, warm log. It felt really good! It must have been 2 inches wide and maybe 16 inches long. More turds came, maybe 10 or so 8-inch logs. However, I still felt full and bloated. I figured it was just gas, and wiped and left. The pile I left behind was sizable: maybe 8 inches in diameter and 4 inches high. I started going back, when a huge cramp hit me. I doubled over and ripped this HUGE bubbly fart into my panties. I ripped down my pants and pooped some more on the pile, moaning in relief as log after log moved out. I was actually relieved when my last turd moved out, as I could finally see my pile. It must have been 14 inches wide and 6 inches tall! I couldn't believe I could even store that in me! I could see corn, fruit skins, and seeds in my poop, and it smelled really bad, too. I wiped again and left, and went back to my house. Then I was in for a shock. My pink panties had a large brown stain in the back from my fart! I washed them and put them in the laundry. I feel soo empty and relieved now. Hope you enjoyed my story,

Love, Melissa :)

Matt to Friend

The 7 y/o who only poops once a week

Friend; you asked if that is normal. I guess it might be normal for him....assuming that he is actually telling you the truth.

Thing is though....he may be heading for encopresis....a condition where kids get extremely constipated with the result being an enlarged rectum and colon. It is **very** difficult to treat and overcome.

I wonder if his parents know that he goes so infrequently? A lot of parents have no clue as to their kid's bathroom habits once they get them toilet trained.

I'd certainly talk to his dad...and/or make a point of one of you observing his next BM....

Kids that young really don't know what's "normal".....they rely on adults to teach them.

Good luck; it would be cool if you let us know what the story ends up, being.



to Skidmark and Anonymous Guy

Talk about male bonding on the can... at least once you have to try a place like Washington Sq Park in NY, where, as people have written, there is a row of toilets with no doors and no partitions. You can take a dump sitting right next to another guy.

There isn't a door separating the alcove with the toilets from the general wash area, so you have to be absolutely shameless about dumping in front of other guys. But it's a unique experience, so say the least

Mr. Clogs

Made a big load Moday and Comments

Well like to share a quick post from this morning, I made a big load in the toilet today which is Monday. I had my first cup of coffee of the day, and I put some fiber in it to help with my big load. I felt my bowels moving and I made my way to the bathroom. I was contemplating on pooping in a cup but decided not to and just handle my business in the toilet. I took off my PJ bottoms off and followed by my underwear and gave a small push. At first nothing much was coming out and few seconds later, a nice big turd slid out and made it into the toilet. For about lets say five minutes kept pushing out all the turds that I could until I felt a bit empty. I had not peed yet which was a bit unusual because normally once turds start coming out, I usually have to pee. I peed towards the end of my bowel movement. I wiped and relaxed a bit, and I got up from the toilet and marveled at my latest creation. I would say left over Thanksgiving trimmings now turned into a stinky mess in the toilet. I got dressed, flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

Now for comments:

Lauren: Glad to see you back posting on this site, and I enjoyed your Black Shopping Friday with your friend Amy outside pee. You mentioned about how people were mean, I hope I wasn't one of them. If I was, I extend my apologies if I have offended you. They're probably just trolls and don't understand your situation. Hope you post more often and welcome back.

LORRAINE TAYLOR: No I don't unfortunately.

Heidi: I understand if you don't have a story to share.

Lucy: Nice Thanksgiving Dump story, you must of been full of all the turkey and the trimmings to go with. Thanks for sharing.

Annie: Hope you feel better and get some relief with your poop.

Megan: Thank you for the Thanksgiving shout out, and hope all is well in pee and poop land for you across the pond.

That's all for now. Hope you like my little post. Take care and happy peeing and pooping to all.

--Mr. Clogs


Taking a poopie

I'm currently sitting on the can, shitting my brains out. My girlfriend of five years just dumped me and let me just say, I'm dumping my insides into this toilet! Woo. Okay, but seriously, what happened to punk rock girl?

To Sara: If you`re looking to get harder Bm`s, just eat a lot of cheese. Or, increase your calorie and protein intake a good amount, such as with beef, fish, potatoes, ect.

I will post some stories soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren first welcome back I misssed reading your stories as did other people and for those made bad comments to you they were wrong and should be more respectful and also great story about your desperate pee story at the mall with Amy it sounds like you both really had to pee alot and I bet you both felt pretty after peeing your pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leah as always another great story it sounds like you really had to poop and alot to and it sounds like you felt great and a lil lighter afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bethany as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go alot and it sounds like you just made it in time to and I bet you felt great and a lil lighter afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy great catch as always I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Lucy as always another great story it sounds like you took a pretty good sized poop and I bet you felt pretty good after getting that big poop out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie another great poop story it sounds like you found a way to stay kinda regular and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great story about your desperate pee outside it sounds like you really had to go and lucky you didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and Rebeca both really had to poop and it sounds like you both just made it without having an accident and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Megan: I sure was desperate when waiting in line at Tescos. I think the other girl needed to poo even more than I did, though. And yeah, it's annoying when there's no toilet roll at home. I'm very glad I didn't need a poo that morning.

Lauren: That sounded like a crazy time you had at the shopping centre. I can't imagine spending an hour and a half in line for the toilet. Sorry you and your friend Amy ended up weeing yourselves, but at least you were able to do it where no one could see you, and then go straight home.

Sara: I wouldn't really say I typically do big poos. When I'm badly constipated, the end result is a large poo, but it's not any fun at all. I don't advise trying to constipate yourself on purpose, that's crazy. Having a poo does feel good, especially if I've held it for ages. As for body type, I'd say I'm average. I don't really think about it that much.

I don't have much time tonight, so my story will have to be a quick one. Today I had to poo during a lesson after lunch and by the time I finally made it home my need was very intense. I went to the toilet and had a relieving poo. Three poos came out and then I was done. I had bad marks in my knickers from when my poo was poking out while walking home, so I changed into some clean ones.


Successful Outdoor Pee

Wow, I haven't posted in so long! Well a couple weekends ago I went out to the country with my boyfriend it was about a 30min drive from our house. His family has property out there and there trailer on the property which I was happy about because I've never been good at peeing outdoors I usually get it on myself. Well when the sun went down we hiked for about 10min to the spot where they like to have their bonfires. We had been drinking all day I had a whole bottle of wine at this point. I had peed before we hiked but alcohol plus a small and weak bladder make for an interesting mix. I got a strong urge to pee and I told him I really gotta pee! He asked me if I wanted to go back to the trailer and I said no because I didn't think I could make it. He said I guess you better pop a squat then. He said he'd go with me. As soon as we started walking away I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. While we were walking I told him about how this girl at work told me that when she calls she squats up against a tree and that is the perfect position not to get pee on yourself. We found a tree that was pretty close to the fire but far enough away so I could have some privacy from everyone else. I pulled my jeans and panties to my knees and squatted like I was sitting on a toilet with my back up against the tree for support. I was in position but I hadn't started peeing yet. My boyfriend was like I thought you really had to go babe and I said I did but I'm scared to go because I didn't wanna get pee all over. I finally took a deep breath and relaxed and started to pee. I could hear it hitting the leaves below me and realized my stream was going straight down. This worked perfectly! That made me relax more and my stream got more powerful. It felt so good! When I was done I just let myself drip dry and pulled up my panties and jeans. I told him that this was my potty spot and that I had marked my territory. We visited that spot lots more times and he found a tree to claim as well. I have mastered peeing outside.

Once it got Kate we packed up the car to go home. Before we left I realized I better go potty again and I told him I had to go. No one was around and we had locked the trailer up so I sat on the edge of the bumper and peed leaning up against the car. Then about 10 mins from home I got an urge to go but I was pretty sure I could make it but I told I had to go and squeezed my legs together. 5 min from home I really had to go and I told him I was close to maybe having an accident. I always keep extra diapers in the car just in case since I wet the bed and sometimes I get in situations like this. He told me to go ahead and put one on but I said no I think I can hold it. When we pulled into the driveway I already had my key out and bolted to the door. I started wetting my panties on the way to the door. When I got to the bathroom I pulled my pants down ask sat on the toilet and just finished peeing through my panties they were already wet and I was trying not to make too much of a mess. He came in saw me and heard me peeing through my panties. He was like that it better than the floor. After I finished I took them off and rinsed them out in the sink and then took a shower. That's all for now!


large dump

Yesterday i had not had a poop in several days and i felt i needed to go. i stood up and one large log about 2" in diameter came out along with one smaller one.

i also peed a little at the same time, wiped several times and that was it.

i do not go every day


Answering two questions

Someone here asked if men usually wipe standing up. For me at least, the answer is no: I wipe while still seated, partly because it's more comfortable, and partly because my buttocks stay spread apart for easier access so I can get my anus cleaner. I have tried wiping in a standing position and find it uncomfortable and frustrating.

Another question was about skidmarks left in the toilet after flushing. I rarely see that after my bowel movements; and when I do, the marks are small and short, and the flush usually takes them away. If the flush leaves anything, I don't flush again right then, but wait for my next visit, when the flush usually takes away the skidmark without amy other action from me. Sometimes, at toilets away from home, I see skidmarks others have left, some of them very large, long, and sticky. Since they have been there, under water, for some time, they dissolve easily when I flush; rarely, part of the mark is above the water line, and in that case it may have dried in place so that my flush is ineffective. Some toilets flush with more force or more water than others, which may explain why some of us see more skidmarks than others.

Just a guy
Leah - great story about you and your friend having dumps while talking to each other on the phone! Sounds like a nice big one - it must have been a relief to get rid of.

Bethany - that must have been such a relief after 5 days of not going! I guess your friend Vicki was just like you - too shy to take her dump while out camping.

Megan - great story about you and your friend Rebecca. Sorry you had such a long wait - It sounds like everyone enjoyed the food fair and ate a lot!

I also posted the other day, but it never made here - just a few quick comments on a few of the stories:

JaLe - it was great to read a story from you again. It's been some time, since I read of one of your posts and as usual, it was great.

Chloe - great story about you and your friend Lara. Wow, it must have been a smelly dump your friend took - opened window and air freshener sprayed and it only helped some.

Also, I commented on another of Megan's stories - one where you and another girl both seemed desperate as you waited for a toilet - it was a great post and sounded like you both had good dumps.



@Leah. keep the posts coming there awesome your posts are some of the best i have seen on here in a long time

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The search engine does not run between about 4 and 5 AM.

Going Number 2

To S:

A female poster commented about wanting to read more stories about guys pooping. Here is one, I am a guy in my late 20s, average build, brown hair and eyes, Caucasian. This is a post-Thanksgiving poop.

Earlier today (it is Saturday evening, November 24th as I post this) i finally took my first dump since Thanksgiving. The last time I crapped was before Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I usually take a dump every other day, so I was expecting to crap on Friday (yesterday), but it didn't work out like that. On Thanksgiving, like everyone else, I ate a heck of a lot. I had at least two servings of everything: turkey, mash potatoes, rolls, green bean cassorol, pumpkin pie, etc. By the end of it my stomach looked pregnant despite being male, and I was practically waddling because of how bloated and sluggish I felt.

Friday I expected to have my next BM, but for some reason I never felt the urge. At least not very strongly. I DID feel some need last night but it was faint and nothing really came out. I think it was because I was so stuffed that I was still digesting it down. I was pretty gassy, though, since I kept farting a whole lot all day. I kept eating more leftovers, too.

And today was similar to yesterday. I kinda felt like I had to crap but all I did was let off this huge farts. I didnt eat much because I wasnt that hungry and the leftovers are all gone now. Finally, at about 7 pm, I finally felt a strong urge to let out all of this Thanksgiving dinner. There was a strong pressure in my butt and my bloated stomach gurgled as I quickly went to the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and underwear, and sat my fat butt down (I'm average size but I still have a round butt for a guy). For a couple of seconds I just sat there, then started to bear down. I quickly realized that I had a massive turd stuck in my butt that was blocking everything from coming out. If I just sat there it wouldn't move, but even when I pushed hard it only inched out slowly.

I sat there for several minutes, just pushing and groaning as the poop slowly made its way out. I dont know how big it was but it was really stretching my butt, and was so firm that I couldnt just pinch it off. And I couldnt get it to go back in, I was stuck with this thing hanging out and I wouldnt be able to "get off the pot" until I got it out. Suddenly my bloated stomach gurgled and I started feeling waves of cramps. I could feel a huge load of softer poop filling my intestines and piling up behind the blockage, as well as lots of trapped gas, all wanting out badly. I pressed my hands into my stomach and leaned over, pushing really hard, forcing the log out just a little further. It must've been over two inches thick and almost a foot long, the way it was hanging out and stretching my anus. Suddenly the impacted log fell out and splashed heavily into the toilet, followed by a loud explosive fart that echoed in the bowl.

I gasped in relief but only a second went by before I felt a huge cramp and a HUUUUUUUGE load of crap came out. It wasnt diarrhea or anything, just lots of soft logs and farts. These came out in waves. Every few seconds I'd have another cramp that would make me bear down and push out another soft load. If you listened to me you would've heard me going: "Uhhhh...*fart*...uhhh...*fart*fart*...uhhhhhh *fart*fart*...ohhhhhhhh... *stomach gurgle*...oh God...uhhhhNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH!!! *faaaaaaaart*plop plop plop plop plop *faaaaaart* plop plop plop plop *faaaaaart* plop plop plop plop plop...uhhhh.*fart*"

I mustve been on the toilet for like 20 minutes before I finally felt empty. That was a couple of hours ago and i'm not even sure if I got everything out. But my stomach's flat again and I feel loads better. Well, thats my story. Let me know what you guys think. ;)

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