Black Friday

I have not posted in awhile because I did not like a lot of negative comments I was getting from people on this site. I have decided to try posting again, except not about my children or our car pees. I have a story about black Friday shopping I will tell instead.
My friend Amy asked me if I wanted to go shopping on black friday. Normally I avoid black Friday, but with the addition of two children this year, money is tight and I was hoping to get some good deals on gifts for the kids. I agreed and met Amy in line an outlet mall that just opened. We waited in line for about two hours, all the while drinking coffee to stay awake. When they finally let us in, I already had to pee but decided to hold it so I did not miss any deals. Amy and I battled the crowds in a few stores and after a couple hours of shopping we were both exhausted. Packages in hand, we decided to go to the restroom since at that point we both had to go quite badly. Because this mall had just opened up, there was only one bathroom ready for use. It was a single toilet unisex bathroom and the line to use it was almost as long as the line to get in was. My need to pee increased and soon I was having a hard time holding it. I considered just leaving and going home, but it was an hour drive back with almost nothing on the way. I did not think I could hold it that long and figured it would be much shorter just to wait here in line. I had driven my husbands car so I couldn't even have a pee in that and there were too may people and security guards around to pee outside. The line was moving painfully slow and I realized that everyone must be having their after Thanksgiving poops. After an hour in line I was in agony. My bladder felt like it weighed a ton and I had to cross my legs and jump around to keep from wetting myself. Here I was, a grown adult doing a pee pee dance in public, yet I had to go too badly to care. Plus almost everyone around me, including Amy was just as desperate. I really was not sure what to do. One woman, clearly tired of waiting, loudly apologized to everyone in line, pulled up her skirt and had her pee right there on the floor. Watching her do it made me have to go even worse and I had to put my hand in my crotch and dance around some more. Security came and escorted the woman away and I later found out she was banned from the mall. Thirty minutes later, Amy announced she could not wait any longer and was going to find somewhere else to do her business. She asked if I were coming and I agreed. We exited the mall and the cold air made our needs worse. We both stopped and bent over, trying desperately not to pee ourselves. There were still too many people around to pee out there though and we did not know what to do. I felt my bladder spasm and a spurt of pee shot out, dampening my panties. I regained control, but knew it was not for long. I told Amy that I was about to pee myself and she said she was too. We stepped to the quietest part of the parking lot we could and both decided just to let go. There we stood, peeing our pants and it was the best feeling in the world. We peed for ages and then quickly got into our cars and left. I did get my husbands seat a little wet from my pee pants, but he understood. As humiliating as the night was, I did get really good deals on stuff for my kids so it was worth it in the end. If anyone has any black Friday stories I would love to hear.


desperate at school plus another (sorta) buddy dump w/Becca

It was last Friday, the final period. We had just taken a test and it was all the work we really had to do, so we were permitted conversation with each other. I hadn't taken a shit in five days (on purpose) and I was sitting at my desk, biting on the end of a pen, trying to take my mind off my urgent need to shit (and piss, I hadn't urinated since the night before) and while the bell wasn't long away I couldn't wait any longer. I got up, grabbed my phone and went to the ladies. I grabbed the stall closest to the hallway door and slid my black jeans and panties down to sit on the toilet. I peed loudly for about twenty five seconds and to my surprise, I moaned a little; I couldn't help it, the relief was so staggering. I felt my stomach stir a bit, and my load began to move closer, but stopped. I swore under my breath and grabbed my phone to call Becca to chat, I didn't want to push too hard and strain something. She had left halfway through the day for a doctor's appointment and she was just walking in her door with her dad when I called. We chatted for awhile and she asks "I need to poop, can we still talk?" and I said sure and I heard her go into her bathroom, the rustle of her pants and then she was telling me about this date she had while I heard her start to poop, two loud splashes followed by a sigh and a trickle of pee. She asked what I was up to and I told her, she laughed and asked how it was going. "Well, now that you mention it..." I say, starting to lean over just slightly, "it's finally going". The lids have a plush seat on them so when I sat down, my butt sank a little into the bowl and my cheeks were spread slightly so it made the passage of my first poop a little easier. I felt it stretch my hole and heard the crackling as it slid out, and it just kept COMING, I was worried I had held it for too long but finally it dropped in the water with an embarrassingly loud splash and I could hear Becca giggle, asking if I felt better. "At least ten pounds lighter" I say and start to wipe. In the toilet was this huge, thick turd; it had to be, and this is just a guess, at least seventeen inches in length, an inch thick; it had broken in two as it hit the porcelain. Becca made a request to see it, which I had never heard before from her; we've shit together all the time, but never wanted to see a picture. So I snapped one with my phone and sent it to her and she replied all "Damn girl, you take a mean dump" and before that last near-accident I'd had in class, my first post, I would have been embarrassed to even show her but I felt no shame. I love to poop, I think it's one of those daily activities that always makes you feel better, without fail, and while I can't deny I've gotten a certain, um, "rush" from taking a big shit, I think pooping when you need to is something more girls should not feel sheepish about, and to go wherever you are; in public restrooms, outside (provided you're secluded, or mostly secluded and out of the line of sight of anyone nearby); better out than in, am I right?

To Bethany:

I tried to quit twice before, but only lasted a week. I go through half a pack per day, which I guess is a lot for someone my age.


How do you do it?

Sara here. I posted this summer about my friend Stina having a realy wide bm. I was fascinated and interested I kind of can't let it go for some strange reason. I would like to try to have a bm like that just to know how it feels. Hope you don't think I'm too weird.

I've tried some stuff like eating lots of fiber, but it just makes me go more to the toilet. I tried to hold it too see if I would get constipated and perhaps pass a wider turd. After only three days I couldn't hold it anymore and it was just a normal trip to the toilet, just more urgent ^^.

Natasha, Abbie and Melissa and others: I've been reading a few pages back from the history here and I'm wondering how you end up having those large bowel movements. Also I'm wondering how it feels. Of course if you are constipated and it hurts to go its no fun, but does it feel good to have a firm wide bm? Also whats your body types? My friend Stina is a bit more slender then I am, perhaps the body type matters?

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks!


Grzyby: My diet is indeed very sound. I eat a lot of vegetables, granola, bran muffins, things like that. Mostly for the health benefit, but it has always resulted in enormous poops. I used to feel sheepish about going in public bathrooms but now I just don't care and when I have to shit, I shit. Even if it's outside, as I've shared lol.

This happened when I was nineteen. Me and four friends, two guys and two girls, spent four days camping. Because I drink a lot of water I had pissed frequently while out there (there was a large bucket behind one of the tents that was cleaned and disinfected every night) but I didn't take a shit because, at the time, I was shy about any of them seeing me poop, or knowing I was pooping. We packed up and left early one evening and by then I hadn't taken a dump in nearly five days and one of the girls there, Vicki, whispered to me in the car that she "was going to take the biggest shit of her life" when she got back to her place. Despite my growing discomfort (had to pee, too, as usual), I concurred and asked her if she thought she'd be okay. She said as long as we didn't hit too many red lights, she would be. It took almost three hours for us to get back (multiple accidents along the way tied up traffic) and I was the last one to be dropped off. I ran to my door (or tried to) because I was seriously turtle heading; the tip of my turd had made contact with my panties. Got my door unlocked, rushed in and got to my bathroom, not even closing my door as I sat down on the seat hard and began to piss a long, hard stream. I had been holding it for almost four hours so you can imagine how awesome it felt (a little too risque to describe, sorry). Even before my stream tapered off I began to shit; a thick, smooth log slid from me and I had to do my fair share of pushing before it finally broke off. It had to be huge because my ass got splashed with a little water. Round number 2 began and my second shit followed; this is after almost five days of not moving my bowels so I had to take a shit like you would not believe. This one felt just as huge and momentarily it fell into the toilet. I then evacuated a smaller turd, probably six inches but thick, and at long last I was done. I wiped, sprayed a little air freshener, and got up to wash my hands. As I did, I looked in the bowl. Four days of held-in shit, two logs that were so big that I had trouble believing I had produced them (I'm only 5'2'', but with a very curvaceous figure, or so guys have told me, so my hips might make passing massive poops easier, I don't know) and I was so glad I hadn't had an accident because there were a couple times during the ride back when I almost did. Hope you all enjoyed that one. :P I seem to be quite a hit for a newcomer.

Observant Guy

Responses & A Quick Story

Hello Everyone,

To Heidi, Based on what I do for a living, sight something that we in my profession dont always have the liberty of having. Because of that we train to trust our hearing, touch and smell. Also, where I live there was damage to my apartment building when Tropical Storm Irene hit. I had an opportunity to see exactly how far apart the toilets are from the Walls. Its almost as close as a public bathroom stall. I also put my ear to the wall, and turn down the TV or stereo whenever I hear Evelyn or Adriana moving in their apartment. As for my own apartment, sounds can be heard much easier.

The day before thanksgiving, I heard Evelyn come home early from work and take a quick pee. When she was done I heard some music, and then she left. Obviously headed for home to be with her family for thanksgiving. Adrianna was around for the holiday. Left around noon for somewhere on thanksgiving day.

I wondered what both their post thanksgiving poops were like.

Friday morning I got in my car for work and the Voice on the radio was talking about the feeling she had in her stomach about all the turkey and sides still in there. She then went on and said that she went to the bathroom last night and again before she came on the air in the morning and she still felt full.

Happy peeing and pooping to all.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt so much better afterwards and a lil lighter to after getting that monster out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a kinda hectic day at least you were able to poop in a bathroom with toilet paper and im guesing from now on your family will keep an eye how much toilet paper is left so that you dont run out again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like your cousin really looks upto you and really enjoys being around which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bethany as always another great story it sounds like you had another great nature poop in that bucket and I bet it felt refreshing pooping in nature and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Kristina having that laxative challenge it sounds like you both had alot of fun especialy you when you sat on with your panties full of poop I bet that story will be you guys will laugh about for years to come and you may get your money one day lol and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Skye first welcome to the site and great story about you and your sister pooping together it sounds like she really had to go ad felt pretty great afterwards and it sounds like you had a great poop yourself and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Elena as always another great story it sounds like your friend Ali was feeling really bad and sounds like she just made to the toilet and I bet you felt great after getting that monster out and it sounds like you just got done in time for her sake I hope shes feeling better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne great story about your poop at the doctors office and it sounds like your dr is use to kind of thing since theyve seen alot worse things and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To Hermes I alwyas love your stories hopefully you will stop in once in and awhile just to say hi or post a good story that yopu feel needs to be posted its better then leaving the site completely thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop at school even though it gave you a little trouble and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Suzi great story it was nice of you helping that mom and her daugther out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now I hope even had a great thanksgiving and a great poop afterwards to I look forward to reading about them.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love thsi site



ok, rather at home, work, or public restrooms, there is more often than not, poop stains/residue/skid-marks/ and sticky behavior seen after a bowel movements. sometimes, after one addition flush, it will go away but other times it does not and remain to be seen by the next person that walk in. its no wonder janitors do not clean to clean inside the bowl because of those skid-mark stains and hard brown residue that builds up and can't be cleaned and leaves a scum.

thus, do you leave skid-marks in the toilet often and do you flush only one time or try hard to get it down the commode



My Thanksgiving Dump

So the last time I took a dump was a few days before Thanksgiving. Yesterday I felt the need to go but it wasn't a strong need to go so I didn't bother with it. Earlier today I felt the urge to go and headed to the toilet. I pulled down my skinny jeans and white panties and sat down. I decided to let this crap come out with no pushing (it feels really good doing this). After five minutes it started poking out of my behind. It slowly started sliding out and it felt wonderful. After about 10 minutes of it coming out at a snails pace it got stuck. I looked between my legs and could see the end of a wide turd hanging there. I decided to push. As I pushed the rest of this log out it hurt and I could feel it stretch my anus. Then it plopped into the bowl. The dump was around 5 inches long and it got to around 3 inches thick in the middle.


Another big dump

I posted a story yesterday about my MASSIVE painful dump. Well I went again (another big one) but it was a lot softer and easier to come out. It was again about a foot long and didn't hurt this time to come out. All because I drank lots of water and had my fiber cereal and some exercise :) My stomach is starting to feel much better so I'm hoping my appetite is coming back too. For the last week or so I haven't had much of an appetite. It doesn't help when your stomach and colon are stuffed with poop and gas.


Peeing outside

At the bus station where I catch the bus home, there are no toilets available except in nearby restaurants, where you have to order something to use the toilets.
Late last night, I was taking the subway to the bus station. I had to piss. I got off one subway stop before the one at the bus station, and walked to the bus station from there. As I was walking the distance, I was looking out for places to relieve myself. There are a few places I can do so without being seen. I chose a spot on a side street, in front of a school. There was a patch of grass running beside the school, outside of a school gate. I picked a spot on the grass, behind a recycling bin. I squatted beside the bin, pulled my pants to about my knees, and let loose with my piss. It felt so good gushing out of me and splashing down onto the grass! And I didn't get caught!
I'm glad I took that pee, because then I wouldn't have to go on the way home.

Had my girlfriend over the other night. While she was here I went to the bathroom to poop, leaving the door open. She was surprized to see me stand up to wipe. She remains seated on the toilet to wipe.

It makes sense that a female would remain seated to wipe after peeing but I thought everyone wiped standing up after a bowel movement.It seems to me it's easier that way. So what do y'all do, stand to wipe after pooping or remain seated?

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American posters here!

Abbie- Sounds like you were getting desperate at school! Glad you made it in the end and aren't getting constipted again, even if you did get a skidmark in your knickers. That's happened to me quite a lot too!

Natasha- You and the other girl both sounded desperate for your poos in Tescos. Glad you made it! It's annoying when you run out of paper at home for sure.

Today my flatmate Rebecca and I went to a food fair at our student's union. Lots of free samples! We looked around and ate a lot for lunch. After that I was starting to need a poo, and rather soon it was getting desperate. I mentioned to Rebecca that I needed to go find a loo, and she said she did too after eating all that food, so I knew she was holding a poo as well. I needed to go right away so I hed the way over to the loos. Lots of girls were using them too, most for the same reasons we needed them. There were four girls waiting for the three cubicles so we would have a bit of a wait before we could sit down. Two of the three girls in the cubicles were pooing. The other girl was out quickly and replaced by the girl at the front of the queue who also just weed. The next girl went in. She also just weed and was replaced by the next girl who started doing a poo. The one girl still in front of me also needed a poo. She got the next cubicle when one of the girls who had been pooing when we came in finished. Rebecca told me she was getting desperate now- I said, 'that makes two of us!' Finally the other girl who had been there from the start came out and I went in and sat. I weed and then dropped a big log with a plop. The girl next to me in the middle cubicle finished pooing and left. Rebecca replaced her and quickly sat. I heard her start pooing with two plops and a soft fart. She had her jeans and black knickers at her feet. I farted too as my second turd began to emerge. Rebecca made another plop and mine followed. I produced three more small pieces, and she did two more. I wiped and was drying my hands when she came out. We both felt much better!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

With all the extreme black friday hours and sales, after Thanksgiving, does anyone have any fitting room or long line outside the store waiting for them to open stories?


Just Took My Post Thanksgiving Crap

Hello, all. Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. As for me, I ate a lot yesterday, but tried not to overdo it. I failed again in that, as usual.

I was unfortunate enough to have to work today, so I had to get up at 6AM.
Took my shower, all while getting a sense that yesterdays food was ready to make it's departure. By the time I was half done with my coffee, it was time to release this mass in my colon.

I'm happy to report that everything went smoothly, a nice long snake that entered the water without a sound. I only had to wipe a few times, too. When I stood up to look, I was really impressed. The main turd was shaped like a question mark, with a couple smaller logs at each side. Flushed, and left a few skidmarks, as well.

Gotta get ready to go to work, so see you all later. Happy pooping!


miscellaneous poop !!!

Had a real good poop this morning after being stuffed on Thanksgiving Day !! About 12 inches long and real thick - really stretched my anus to get it out :0 !!

Hey Bethany - really love all your pooping accounts !!!! You must have a great diet to produce those big logs !! I always look for your post's :)

Bye for now !!


Huge crap

I haven't pooped in about 5 or 6 days but I finally just did. My stomach has been pretty uncomfortable all week, especially Monday when I had to go through 4 hours of neurological tests to determine if I can have surgery to remove my brain ????our. All day that day I felt very uncomfortable like there was a bunch of trapped gas and my yoga pants felt kind of tight even though they're not actually.

I started turtle-heading about 15 minutes ago to the point I couldn't hold it anymore so I went to the bathroom and sat down and gave a hard push. It hurt coming out and felt huge, stretching my hole. It only took a couple of minutes. When I was done, I wiped and looked to see what came out of me. It was a very thick, huge monster about a foot or so long. I had to wash my bum in the bathtub because toilet paper wasn't going to do a very good job. I flushed the toilet and surprisingly it didn't clog the toilet because normally my turds do! Let's just say my bum hurts like I gave birth! My stomach feels less sick and clogged at least.



Ok, i have tried asking him straight out when he poops, and he said: Once a week.
I was shocked. Is this normal?


Replies & 66th Story Not sure if 65th went through) (Live)

To Mr.Clogs, I wont have any but I'll be reading.

To (distance vs need... No name), I always feel less urge as I sit down.

To Benesis , You recommending drugs!?

To Ashley, I wish I didn't read that and is it me or every week a new girl uses the "????" to censor?

So the past couple days I've spent way longer in the bathroom when I poo. I sat for 10-15 minutes. I liked being alone for awhile, thinking and reading on my phone. I'm in my room like every live post wearing a white shirt, green skirt, and really long socks (up to knees) on. Just sat down on the toilet. Sitting straighter like usual now. I like sitting on the toilet with a skirt. I usually wear pants with it but I wore the socks instead. I find sitting straighter it's harder to push but it comes out more. Brother knocked to come in, here's the convo. Tyler, may I come in? Me, Sorry can you wait? Tyler, How come I can't? Me, I want some privacy, there is many bathrooms in the house. Tyler, ... Leaves. Small fart. Had a short pee that slowly came out. Going to quickly wipe that. I find some pictures of people attempting to take a picture in the mirror funny when the can see either them or background people sitting on the toilet. Long but not loud fart. I can feel it. All came out at once. Another thing I changed was before my poo would come out in a 1-2 minute span, it would be sitting outside my bum but now it's all out quick. I always feel I'm missing something though. I might go back to my old ways. It was firm, and smooth. 10" long. Finished, see you later.


caught at a party

A frind of mine was havin some people over well her apartment has one bathroomand they were a good number of oeople there drinkin having a good time including me well around 2am i was pretty wasted and been holdin my poop for a while now hopin it would calm down but never did so i decieded time to poop i went to the bathroom open the door and suprised the is a girl passed out on the floor i was lime what the hell another girl said just go we been doin it all night i was embrassed and said no i need the toilet she ohh that sucks . she said go anyway so i walk over sit down with my pants pulles just to my knees and exolode a load of mushy poo when the door opens and the chic that is was cute to take a pick of my ass on the toilet and another girl passed out on the floor every body got a laugh

Friday, November 23, 2012

Before I begin, I understand it's Thanksgiving across the pond. I hope everyone there has a good holiday.

Abbie: Yeah, I'm familiar with the cyclical nature of constipation. If we were able to go when the need arose, it wouldn't be such an issue, but that's difficult when at school. I don't know how things are at your school, but our morning break comes after second lesson and lasts ten minutes. That may be enough time to do a poo if you hurry and get to the toilet block right away. I know from experience that if I end up in a queue, then I won't be able to finish a poo. A few times in the past, I've gotten only about halfway done with my poo and had to leave the rest for later, or be late to the next lesson. So I don't try to poo at morning break anymore.

This morning when I first got out of bed, I needed to wee. I went to the toilet and my dad was just exiting. He told me he had used the last of the toilet roll and would go check if we had any spares. I went in and had my wee. I waited for a bit and my dad knocked on the door and told me we were totally out of toilet roll. I hadn't done a poo and I was going to change my knickers anyway, so I didn't really need to wipe. I talked to my mum at breakfast and found out that both she had to work late and didn't know if she'd be able to go to the shops to get toilet roll. I said I could do it, and she gave me some money.

At school, I felt the need for a poo in my last lesson. I cursed my luck, as with having to go the shops, I needed to catch the bus rather than walk. That meant I wouldn't have time to do a poo right after school let out. By the time the lesson was over, I still didn't have to go super badly. I got on the bus and sat with some other girls from my school. We chatted for a few minutes until I got off at the stop and then walked the rest of the way to Tesco.

When I got there, I had to head straight to the toilets. Both cubicles in the ladies' were in use, but I was glad there wasn't a queue. Nobody could see me, so I was holding my bum in an effort to help hold back my poo. I was embarrassed when an older girl came in and I knew she saw me holding my bum. I felt a bit better when she whispered to me that she was in dire need of a poo as well. Finally, after what seemed like ages, there was a flush and a cubicle opened up. I went in and lowered my plain white knickers, leggings and my skirt.

I felt a big poo begin to come out. It broke off with a good splash. About then I heard a flush and the girl rushed in. She quickly lowered her trousers and bright red knickers to around her ankles and within seconds, I could hear her poo splash. I had another poo coming out then as she let out three small poos. I did two further poos whilst she was plopping away. I wiped my front and bum and left the cubicle. The girl finished up while I was washing, and she was using a lot of toilet roll to wipe herself. I left the toilet block and went to purchase the toilet roll.

Post Title (optional)Sagging Son

Adam is 15. He has always been a bit dirty in the wee and poo areas but as he gets older he seems to get worse.

Last night he was home from school and bending down doing some work on his cycle with a mate of his. Both boys had their school trousers really sagging low and I could see their youthfull bottoms . Adam had his shirt tucked in his white boxers and so had a lot more of his undies on show. They were stained yellow almost to the waistband and what was far worse was the thick stain running up the line of his bottom crack. His friend was showing a partial stain.

I say nothing but I hope he gets himself a dirty girlfriend. I often sniff his pants and his shirt tail when I do the washing. I cannot complain too much because his father is almost as bad.

I give up!

Mr. Clogs

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Black Friday posts

Hello everyone, I'll be looking forward to your Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping posts from you. Looks like I have to work and not shop on Black Friday. Anyways, enjoy your Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday season, and happy peeing and pooping to all.

--Mr. Clogs

Little Mandi
Sunday, my Grandmoms and I took a ride up to my Aunt's house for dinner and all. We all had a good time. I spent quite a bit of time playing with my 5 year old cousin. We were playing a game down the basement when she said she had to go to the bathroom. I said ok. She asked me to go with her. I walked her to the bathroom and was gonna wait outside for her when she asked me to come in with her. I asked her if she was sure cause even though shes little I thought she would want her privacy. She said come in. So I went in with her and shut the door behind us out of habit. I stood by the sink and she sat on the toilet and went pee and laughed and announced that she farted. I thought it was kind of funny.
After that I took a break from playing and sat at the table and talked a little bit. Than a while later my cousin wanted me to play with her again. I had to go pee so I decided I would go before I played more games with her. I told her hold on i'll be right there. She asked me where I was going and I said I had to go pee. She followed me to the bathroom. You wanna stay here? I asked laughing. She said she did. I stood there for a second. Even though shes only 5 I still felt a little embarrassed having her in there with me.I figured I'm only going pee what the heck. I laughed again and shut the door and locked it. She asked why I was locking the door. I said I like my privacy. She sat on the floor and talked to me while I sat on the toilet and went pee. After that we went down the basement and player more games.
I thought it was funny that she wanted me to stay in the bathroom with her and she wanted to stay in the bathroom with me.


another wilderness stroll

I'm surprised to see so many comments on my recent experience in the woods. I've actually had yet another lol. I generally walk on trails for a couple hours each evening, the terrain makes it good exercise and because I live in the sticks, far from any sort of gym (which would be impossible to get to in winter in rural Pennsylvania anyway), just easier. Last night I had been walking for nearly three hours when the sudden urge to go caught up to me; time to go poop, and soon. My diet consistently involves a lot of fiber, oats so I tend to have massive bowel movements once, maybe twice a day depending on when I eat. I attempted to get home this time, actually, and it was lucky because I had doubled back during the walk without knowing it and ended up in my backyard in just a half hour. I made a beeline for my back door but stopped, knowing I would shit my pants before I got to the toilet so I grabbed an empty snow salt bucket that was under my steps, pushed down my pants and sat on the bucket. I wasn't worried about being seen, because my house is at least a mile from any neighbors (my grandmother left it to me, in her will; otherwise there's not a snowball's chance in hell I could have lived in a house as a college student who's just barely keeping above the poverty line). I pissed for what felt like eternity (I had to take a shit so bad that I forgot I had to pee, too) and leaned over slightly as the first turd began to come out. It stretched my hole so wide that it really hurt for a moment, and after maybe twelve seconds I feel it drop into the bucket. I started to push gently as another poop made its way out, this one feeling smaller but just as thick, and then finally, I was done. I got up and looked at what I had done, feeling a silly sense of pride lol. A very large, thick (the width of a small Red Bull can, it looked like) shit that was coiled up with the smaller one on top. I dug a hole, shook the poop into it and covered it back up and used a hose to spray out the inside of the bucket before going inside to wipe.

Leah: That was a great story with you and your friend. I have a few similar stories I'll share at another time. Don't feel so ashamed of smoking; I smoke socially, and while it's not an every day habit I still feel a pang of guilt whenever I light up. Have you ever tried quitting?

Post Title (optional)distance vs need

have any studies been done on why the closer you get to a toilet the harder it is to hold everything back


I have always wondered what effect does

I have always wondered what effect does

Does marijuana or ecstasy have on bowel movements and what is like to have a bowel movement stoned or high:

my experience with marijuana is that if you have to poop and than smoke the urge will go away. if you try to go to the toilet anyway youre kind of constipated because its not only your eyes and mouth that will get dry :) anyway if you enjoy to slowly push out a turd for like 10 minutes with a very intense feeling(it feels like youre pushing out a beer can) i would recommend it :)

but if you wait a couple of hours instead its actually good for constipation. its been used as a medicine for constipation in china before.


Taking Laxatives With My Best Friend

Hi! Ive been reading posts for a few weeks now but this is my first time posting. My name is Ashley I'm 19, short, and have long blonde scene hair. My best-friend Kristina is also 19 but she's average height and has black shoulder length scene hair. One day we decided to try something just for the hell of it. What we decided to do was hold off on going poop for a few days then going to my house and taking a ton of laxatives. We both didn't go for five days. I could feel a huge log in my ????. I asked Kristina how she felt and she was the same. We then took a ton of high strength fast acting laxatives and went to my bathroom. Kristina sat on the counter next to the toilet and I leaned against the wall across from her. After 10 minutes nothing was happening I asked Kristina if she felt it work and she said no. 15 minutes passed and I could feel my ???? start gurgling, it hurt and I held my ????. Kristina said "I can feel it working too, maybe this was a bad idea". I laughed and said "Let's bet 20$, whoever shits first looses". She agreed to my bet. Each minute the feeling got worse and worse. I really had to go. I looked at Kristina and she couldn't stop moving. She then yelled "I CANT ANYMORE" she pulled her pants and pink panties down in lighting speed and sat on the toilet. Shit then erupted out of her into the toilet. It gurgled and spluttered with tons of plops. She was also very very gassy so there was lots of farting. As she was taking her dump her feet stayed up off the ground and she held onto the toilet. I really had to go too and yelled for her to let me shit but she said "Sorry *loud diarrhea plops* but I *more plops* cant". I then decided to just shit my panties. I bent over and my feet spread out but my knees touched. I then let wet gooey liquid shit gush into my panties. It sputtered and gurgled as it filled my panties. It felt really warm and gross but also somehow nice. My dump had lots of small logs in it and made a huge bulge in my pants. Brown stains ran down my legs. I then had to pee and decided while I'm at it and pissed myself. Kristina just pointed to me and laughed hysterically as she sputtered out the last of her dump. She couldn't stop laughing when I asked if she could help me clean up. She pissed me off so I pulled my pants down and sat down on her bare lap. My warm shit filled panties squished on her legs. Surprisingly she just laughed harder. She then pushed me off and got up. The toilet was full of gloppy and chunky shit plus a few normal sized logs, seems she took a much larger dump than I did. We got undressed and showered with the still laughing Kristina.

Come to think of it, wheres my 20$

I like the stories about girls hearing other girls drop a load in a public bathroom. Anyone got more stories like that please post! :)


Replies & 65th Story (Live)

To Lena, Sucks how your school bathrooms are gross. Very strange story.

To Observant Guy, Very odd that you can hear other rooms.

To Megan, I don't think it was that big of a deal.

To Chloe, Another weird story read.

To BlueCircle, It does creep me out, I honestly don't care if somebody I know saw me on the toilet but somebody sneaking or whatever to is insane.

To Leah, You write some excellent stories keep it up.

So it's late like every live post. I'm just wearing white pajama bottoms, panties and a shirt. Sitting on my bedroom toilet have my bottoms down to my ankles. I've recently sat with my theighs touching now. I've also tried sitting straighter. I actually didn't poo yesterday and I feel like I have to badly but don't at the same time. Peeing. My usual pushing isn't working. Pushing harder. Actually groaned there. Small fart. Hands on my knees this is actually difficult. I'm pushing hard enough to groan yet I barely felt much. Been like 6 minutes still trying. I can feel it's almost ready. My bum is just anticipating it. Pushing hard. Got it out nearly lost my breath by the end. It's very thick and 7" long. A couple farts. Finished up. See you later.


Sister's and my poos

Hi everybody. I'm new here. I got a story and I hope you like it. My sister Hannah and I are very close to each other. We both attend the same university and decided it would be easiest to share a flat. I'm 21 and she's 19. I have medium-length brunette hair and she is a redhead with shorter hair. We both have blue eyes.

This morning, I woke up with a need to poo. I went to the loo and Hannah was nude, sitting on the toilet. She had her legs spread, likely to help her poo come out easier. She prefers a natural look 'down there' and I could see her thick patch of hair. She said, "Morning. Hope you don't need the loo too bad. I've just started here." as some wee dribbled out. I told her, "It's not too bad just now. Soon though, if you could hurry." and she replied, "I'll... -ngggh- try" followed by a loud splash.

Hannah stayed sitting for a few more minutes before delivering another poo, with an equally loud splash. She sighed with relief and started to wipe her front and bum. She flushed the loo and said, "Oh. I really needed that." I laughed slightly and said, "I'll bet." while I was sitting down and adjusting my nightdress and lowering my knickers. I weed fiercely and wiped my front. I had needed a poo earlier, but the need had gone away. I hoped if I stayed sitting and gave a few light pushes, the need would return.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door to our flat open and close. I hoped we weren't having an unexpected guest, as I'd not closed the door to the loo. I was about to stand up and close the door when the front door opened and closed again. I figured Hannah must have gone to fetch the post. Sure enough, she came into the loo, now fully dressed, with the post in her hands. I was finally feeling the need returning, so I gave a good push just as she entered the loo. I asked, "-Mmmmhhh- Anything interesting?" but she shook her head no. "Just bills and a few adverts"

I had a large poo hanging from my bum then and it was coming out slowly. It fell into the water with a good plop. Not nearly as loud as Hannah's had been, but I could clearly hear it, even over our chatting. Now that my need was back, the rest of my poo came much quicker. I pushed out four other poos over the next minute or two. When I felt nothing more was left to come out I wiped my bum and flushed the loo. I then went to put on some proper clothing.


to anonymous guy

When I read your post I thought I was reading my own feelings and experiences! In high school is when I first realized I was stimulated by guys taking a dump. It has continued on my entire life, so you are not alone! Sometimes I can tell the person next to me is also into it when they are very quiet and I can tell they are trying to hear me poop. I went for a very long time without telling anyone because, like you said, its not something very common! It's not really a gay thing either; I think as men we have few choices for true bonding, and taking a poop in a public restroom is one of those times. I have made the most of it--whenever I am somewhere and I have to wait, I just go hit the restroom for a while and do my thing. I also have wandered around stores looking at the shoes and then hoping I run into them later in a stall next to me, and often do!


Hard poop with some diarrhea

Yesterday after school at my friends house, I was constipated terribly. I hadn't pooped for 5 days and was feeling bloated and stuffed. After school I went to my friends house and hung out there. When we were there, my friend Ali, said she wasn't feeling good at all. She said she had to go to the bathroom. I asked if I could come in with her ( for the same of toiletstool ) she said I could as she bolted up the stairs holding her bottom together. I ran after, and walked into their master bathroom. There was one toilet, two sinks, and a shower. I walked into the bathroom nehind her and she was standing above the toilet unbuckling her belt frantically. She undid it and unbottoned her pants. She pulled them down to her knees and sat down fast. Three seconds after sitting she held her stomach and leaned forward with her elbows on the theighs and her fingers prodding her stomach. After another three seconds, there was an explosive fart, two or three strange flap sounds and another explosive fart. Splash splash splash splash was all I heard after that and than the stench hit me. Like a battering ram I was almost knocked senseless. I just sat down with my mouth wide open as she started to wipe and brown liquid sprayed out of her bottom on to the toilet seat. She wiped that off and stood up
pulling her pants up. I said I also needs to poop and so I took the toilet after her. I pulled my pants to my knees and sat down. The seat was warm, I sat there for six minuets as she was getting desperate. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh! I strained and the point poked out. After another two minuets I did a final push and the massive poop all came out. Seconds after, she blew up the toilet again.


Poop at the Doctor's Office

So this morning I went to the "lady doctor" and I have an anecdote relating to it to share. I pooped in the bathroom adjacent to the waiting room, and it was a fairly normal poop. I sat on the toilet, pushed out a footlong-inch wide log, and peed a bit. After I was done, I stood up and wiped three times, figuring it would be enough to avoid having a soiled butt for the doctor. Well, when changing into my paper gown, I noticed I had light poop stain in my white panties. I put them aside and donned the gown. Before I could find anything to try and clean up better with, the doc came in and I got on the exam chair. I felt embarrassed to have her see and smell my imperfect wiping job, so I apologized for it in advance.

"I'm sorry if my butt is a bit less than clean, I had a BM a little earlier and I'm afraid I didn't do an adequate job wiping myself…" She cut me off with a laugh before I could say anything more. "If I had a dollar for every time someone left a fecal stain in one of these gowns…I'll tell ya…That's why we switched to paper gowns. So many women were fecal soiling the cloth gowns that the cost of laundering and replacing them outpaced using disposable ones. Don't worry about it." And she went on with my exam without another word. (…and I'm happy to report that everything looks great for my reproductive health as I progress along gestating my baby!)

And to Blue Circle: I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying what you enjoy. It's natural, and I tend to think we're meant to enjoy it, to the point of being biologically pre-wired into our brains. My policy personally is to observe without going out of my way to do so. If I happen to hear or see without making an undue effort…then so be it. But I agree that going to desperate or unduly invasive means to observe is wrong. I enjoy being with my friends (female) and my fiancé when they use the bathroom, consensually of course. But never would I force the issue, either. You just have to have a "horse sense" as to if it's appropriate or not. I'm confident you'll find yourself on this issue.

I have much to do to get ready for the big feast tomorrow. Happy Thanksgivng!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Hermes delivers the last post

Hi All

I hope you are all OK.

I have taken the decision not to make any further direct posts to the forum.

After all, I have said all I can on the subjects I have posted about, and having seen the posts between regular contributors on the last few pages of the forum, it would be best to let others have their say and make their contributions in future.

Good luck to everyone for the future, and many thanks to those who have responded to my comments in the past.

Hermes x

Poo today at school

Hi Abbie here with a story from today, will get to it after some comments.
Megan- glad you managed to find a loo OK at the shops, sounds like you were getting desperate!
Natasha- glad to hear you had time for a poo at school Friday lunchtime, its good you've got some loos that aren't used that much. As you said, if you try to hold it in all afternoon you can end up with dirty knickers if it starts to poke out, that happened to me today and its really unpleasant. I know what you mean, so many people don't flush after they've been for a poo, its really gross and discusting. You asked about my friend Beth, she doesn't usually get that constipated but she's having a bad time at the moment. Its a bit of a vicous circle, if you start to get a bit constipated you have to spend longer on the loo, but if you need a poo at school you haven't got time to be on the toilet for long so you end up holding it in and then your constipation gets worse. I hope you and your friends manage to avoid getting constipated now school's started again, I get it myself more often than I'd like and as you say it really sucks.
Anyway, today I tried to have a poo as usual after breakfast in the toilets by the canteen but I wasn't able to do anything, I was hoping I wasn't going to start getting constipated again as I hadn't been for three days. As the morning went on I started to feel a massive urge for a poo, I knew I'd have to wait until lunchtime as it felt like I'd be on the toilet for some time trying to push it out. By the last ten minutes of the lesson before lunch I was really suffering, I was clenching my bum as hard as I could and if I relaxed at all I could feel a hard log trying to poke out. As soon as the lesson ended I went to the nearest loos which were the English block ones, I was trying to walk normally but it was a real effort. Typically when I got to the toilets there was a queue, by now I was finding it really hard to stand still but luckily I wasn't the only one. I was starting to lose the battle with my poo, it was slipping out slightly despite my best efforts and I knew it wouldn't be long before it was touching my knickers. I could hardly find any clean underwear when I got dressed this morning so I'd had to put on a really old tight pair of knickers which by now were giving me a huge wedgie so I knew they were going to get in even more of a mess. Finally I got a cubicle, by now I could feel the log poking out and sure enough when I'd got my tights and white knickers down there was a massive skidmark in them. I sat down and felt the poo sliding out really slowly, it was getting wider and after a while I had to start pushing to keep it moving. The girl in the cubicle next door had her trousers and pink flowery pants at her ankles, I could hear the odd panting sound so I guessed she was pushing out a poo as well, this was confirmed a few seconds later by a loud plop and a sigh of releaf. I was having to push quite hard by now as my poo was really fat and dry, it was stretching my bum loads and I was having to make a big effort just to keep it moving. I managed to get the widest part through but couldn't help grunting a bit which was embarasing, luckily a few minutes later I'd been able to push it out completely and it splashed into the bowl. I finished with some smaller pieces just as my next door neighbour grunted loudly and then made two more plops, so at least I wasn't the only one struggling! I weed a bit and then wiped my front and bottom before flushing, I also put some loo paper in my knickers before I pulled them up as I knew I wouldn't get chance to change them until I got home. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Natasha- It's not that unusual for me to go four or five days between poos, although two or three is far more common. I too came across an unflushed toilet today!

I was in a lecture today and needed to go for a poo halfway through. It was very ready to come out by the end so I headed for the nearest toilets. But there was a huge crowd around them, waiting to go in to an exam in the room nearby, and lots of girls were going in, so I decided against that. I knew I needed to go soon, though, so I went to the upstairs toilets instead. Here I had much better luck! Two cubicles were taken, leaving the middle one free. I went in, ready to sit and poo, only to find the bowl full with another girl's poo and copious paper! Presumably they decided it wouldn't flush- I doubted it would because there was a lot of paper and a lot of poo too! I backed out, not wanting to risk flushing, and waited for the right cubicle which opened a minute later. The girl I replaced had also done a poo, judging by the slight marks at the bottom of the bowl. I pulled down my jeans and blue knickers and sat.
I did a quick wee and pushed out two soft turds easily. Someone then came in to the middle cubicle. Being braver than me, she flushed it and it seemed to work ok because she sat down and began to poo. I did another piece as she made two soft plops in the bowl. She finished up then and left. I unloaded two more substantial pieces before I was finished.


Toilets and constipation

Matt was talking about how parents train children to be reticent about using "other" toilets to defaecate. My parents were very much like that - mainly because they had to monitor my bowels intensively - and I've had to do the same with my little girl.

It's amusing what happens when parents and/or their children aren't so fussy. I can remember a handful of occasions - in the bathrooms of shopping centres, cafes, even a pub - when I've heard, in the adjoining stall, mothers with constipated kids, trying to get their kids to do a dooey, and the kids couldn't or wouldn't.

One that really sticks out was a mother of about four, in an internet cafe, about two years ago. She'd been urging all the kids (girls and boys) to go for a piss because there was a long car journey ahead. But the youngest, a boy, went in there and stayed in there for several minutes. I heard a "what are you doing in there?" - and while I can't remember exactly what else was said it was clear that the boy was trying to do a dooey. Clearly he'd been having constipation issues and the mother had been urging him to try and Do in several other bathroom that day.

They were in there for a few minutes until the mother insisted on being let in. I didn't hear anything to make me think some constipation treatment was being hurriedly administered, but when they emerged it was obvious that the kid hadn't done any. I wonder if that kid spent the entire journey home dreading the enema/suppository they were going to get on arrival.

Just on one occasion I've comitted the faux pas of trying to get involved. The same situation that Kathie describes on page 456 (or thereabouts). An extraordinary once in a lifetime "opportunity" that unfortunately I couldn't resist. There was a woman trying to get a little girl to "do a doodle" (yes, the "three men and a baby" word!) and she was saying "i don't want to...i can't". And I'd just been to the chemist' know what I had with me. I tore one off a strip of childrens' glycerine suppository and pushed it under the wall, saying "here! she's constipated, use that and get it over with!". I think she took a moment to realise what it was, during which I hastily got out of there and headed for the sink. But I heard something as I was on my way out - and I tell myself it was the distressed cry of the little girl having the "jelly bullet" pushed in.

It's been a bad time for constipation for both of us these past few weeks. Melanie (age 9) was over my knee for an enema about four days ago - not fun, especially since we've got a new one for her with a nozzle that's bigger than the old one and she was very nervous about having that thing stuck in her. But I guess the (rear) ends justify the means - days' worth of accumulated merde coming out.

Charlie to Tyler
That was an interesting story about being constipated Tyler! Do you have anymore stories like that ? Did Joey ever say anything to you about it? did you get constipated a lot as a teenager?

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