Outhouse experience with friend

I would like to tell about outhouse experience which took place about two months ago when I went hiking in local national park with my regular jogging friend Heidi. Rather long time has passed since I wrote here so for those who doesn't remember me I can tell that I am 51 year old woman. Heidi is six years younger than me.
That national park is located quite near, only 40-45 minutes drive away, and it was really beautiful place, but neither of us has not been visited there for a long time. There are several marked tracks and we selected route which was about 14 kilometers long.
After an hour walk we arrived to a certain kind of resting point. There was quite large bivouac shelter and place for campfire. A little further away at the edge of the woods was an outhouse. I felt a slight urge to poop and knowing that we weren't even half way of our trip I thought that it would be a good chance to empty bowels now and not in the middle of woods alongside the path. I told Heidi that I have to make a trip to the outhouse. She looked at me and said that she needed go too. We walked to the outhouse. It was old and looked a bit decrepit.
- It doesn't look promising, but let's take a look inside, Heidi said.
She opened the door. It looked much better inside than outside. For my surprise it was relatively clean. And it was not just a wooden bench with a hole in the middle of it. There was installed a plastic seat ring around the hole.
- Wow, that is almost luxury, Heidi said and we both laughed.
I told Heidi that she could go first because I needed do number two. Heidi blushed a bit and told that she may need go number two as well. Anyway, Heidi went first. She didn't bolt the door and it left slightly ajar. I heard rustle of clothes.
- Plastic ring feels comfortable but this outhouse is really poky, Heidi commented after she sat down. - I am not big girl and my knees reach the door, she continued and giggled.
In the crack of door I could see how her knees really touched the door as she was sitting with her trousers mid-thigh. We started talking and after a while a heard a hissing sound as Heidi started to pee. When she finished peeing she let out some small farts. They weren't really loud ones, but because I was standing quite close the outhouse I was able to hear them. It seemed that Heidi needed struggle a bit. Her voice was strained and she did some "nnhhhh, uhhh", sounds during our conversation. Maybe after 3-4 minutes she began pulling toilet paper off the roller. Then again rustle of clothes and she stepped out a bit red-cheeked.
- Oh, I am so relieved. It's your turn now, Heidi said with smile.
I went in and I couldn't to resist the temptation to look down to hole. There was rather high pile of waste and of course top of heap was Heidi's fresh "production". Two huge logs were lying side by side. There was a piece of toilet paper that only partially covered them so I got a good view. Both logs looked very solid and astonishing fat and both of them must be nearly 10 inches long. No wonder why she was so relieved. I pushed my trousers and panties to my knees and I started peeing almost immediately as my bum touched warm plastic ring. My poop started coming out while I was still peeing. Long, rather soft snake slipped out easily of my ass. It was followed by two smaller turds. I wiped three times and pulled up my trousers and get out of outhouse and we proceeded our hiking trip.

Some Girl

A Couple Stories.

So, recently I've had a few unexpected bathroom incidents.

The first one occurred a few weeks ago. I hadn't been eating well, and therefore hadn't been feeling very well. I had had a stomachache all day. Well I was sitting in my room (by myself, luckily) when I felt this horrible twisting sensation in my bowels. Having been a bit constipated all day, I expected to let some gas out and have my stomach feel better. Sitting on a wooden chair, I lifted my butt out of the seat and pushed pretty hard to relieve what I thought would be no more than a fart. Instead, as soon as I pushed I had that moment of horror where I realized I was wrong. A bout of hot, sticky poop flowed right out into my underwear. My stomach pushing even harder now, I insinctively jumped out of my chair in hopes of running to the bathroom. That plan was soon eliminated when I realized one of my roommates was home and I'd have to risk her noticing the mess I'd made in my pants. I headed back to my chair, not knowing what to do, but sort of hoping to hold out until the coast was clear. Yeah, that lasted long.. right before I could sit my stomach pinched and I involuntarily pushed out another semi-solid log. By now, my jeans were bulging and an awful smell had clouded the room. Accepting my fate, I gave one last huge heave, completely filling my jeans. In shock, I kind of sat in my mess for a few minutes before figuring out how to clean up. Eventually, I ended up peeling the destroyed articles of clothing from my legs and butt, shoving them in a plastic grocery bag to be later disposed, and cleaning up with tissues.

The next incident (far less messy) happened to me a few days ago. I drank a lot of water one day and for some reason decided it would be okay to go ahead and drink more before bed. I had been really tired and my bursting bladder that normally would have had me out of bed in an instant, unfortunately was not even enough to wake me up. I had that old dream I was on the toilet peeing and it was weird, since in the dream I was thinking to myself while peeing 'thankfully this isn't a dream!' well, it was...and when I woke up, there was a huge wet patch on the front of my pajama pants, and I still had to go, bad. I made the move to climb out of my bed, but swinging my legs over the side pressed too much on my bladder and a wave of urine spurted out of me. I managed to gain compusure again and stopped it from entirely releasing itself, and bolted for the bathroom, holding my crotch and peeing my pants the whole way. Through all of that though, my bed stayed completely dry! And last night, I had a very similar dream. I had a dream first that I was peeing in my pants and dashing to the toilet only to finish there. So I peed for about three minutes on the toilet (in my dream), but every time I'd get up I'd have to pee again. So in this dream, I would release my bladder thinking I'd just peed, how could anymore come out? and I'd pee a little in my pants. I woke up expecting to find another mess, but I was completely dry. I had to go badly though, so I bolted to the bathroom and made it this time. So many incidents for so recently!!

Anonymous Guy

Replies and Stuff

Hey all! First off I want to thank DD Dude, S, and Blue Circle for their kind words of encouragement. S's post especially made me smirk when she said she wouldn't mind more posts from guys as well. I'm usually not one to look desperately for advice/help from online forums but I think this is the best place of any to do so. I mean, why not ask people who are in the same boat and share the same interests as each other? What I like about this site is how welcoming and nonjudgmental everyone can be. If only the real world could be like that.

Anywho I'm feeling back to my normal self now. I think it was just a depression phase, and it definitely helped hearing from others dealing with similar situations in their lives. I also have to say, I really envy you couples who both share this toilet interest. It must be so convenient and nice to have a boyfriend/girlfriend willing to let you watch whenever your heart desires. Here's to us single posters finding a partner like that!

@College Student- What I find helps my bowel movements is solid fiber rich foods such as black beans and whole grain breads. Note that they're a bit more solid than mushy foods such as yogurt and applesauce, so your poop is more likely to keep its shape and be consistent. I've also tried 'manufactured' foods such as fiber bars and they just made me constipated. So the best route(I think) is to go natural. Also make sure you get some physical activity every day and drink plenty of water. Hopefully that'll calm down the stench that your bowel movements produce.

OK now time for a short toilet story at home... I haven't been at college lately therefore I don't have anything interesting to share about that. However this morning something happened that kind of bugged me and I'm sure some of you have experienced. I woke up late at about noon(luckily it's not a school day) and hopped into the shower to get ready as I always do. I felt a little bloated but nothing too crazy. Well in the middle of my shower out of nowhere I got this piercing sensation of poop pushing against my anus! I felt like I went into labor, squatting in the shower grabbing my stomach trying to hold everything in. I find this irritating since showers are usually a time where I relax and let my thoughts clear. Ah well. So I had to get out of the shower dripping wet with soapy hair and sit on the toilet. There's a positive and negative about this scenario. Positive: It's very easy to clean up after as I can just hop in the shower. Negative: My toilet seat gets soaking wet and the bathroom smells like steamy poop. Oh and sometimes I forget to flush. Anyway, I got through it and finished up to get dressed for the day. Have any of you experienced this as well? Do you actually go the toilet, or let everything release there in the shower?

I remember back when I was a teenager(maybe 13, 14 and had MAJOR constipation problems. Sometimes I didn't go poop for a week straight so everything would just build up in my intestine. That wasn't a very healthy time in my life, even had to visit the doctor when I got too blocked up. Well anyway one day I was in the shower going about my business. Then, just like the story I told earlier, a huge log pushed against my back end trying to get out. It was too late this time though. Since I had several day load poops inside me, they pushed out with no 'pushing' required. I had nothing to do but squat down and let everything come out into the bathtub. I don't quite remember what happened after that, but I think I tried breaking up the poop in small enough pieces to go down the drain. I know it doesn't sound appealing, but that's what my mom said to do when my poops were too big. I guess she didn't mean in that scenario though, haha.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and like always feel free to comment and reply. :) Have an awesome Sunday everyone! Only a few more days until Thanksgiving, that's going to produce some awesome stories.

Just a guy
There were a lot of great stories - just a few comments regarding some of them.

Lena - great story about you and your friend Amanda. Wow, your friend didn't go for a whole week - no wonder she had such a big load. I'm very regular, going anywhere from 1-3 times a day, so I can't imagine not going for so long.

Megan - another great story! I hate those kind of dumps, though when it feels urgent, but takes its time in coming out, especially, if you have some place to be. It must have been such a relief when you were finally able to get rid of the rest of your poop. It sounded like a big load too!

Abbie - another great story with your friend Beth. It's good that you have been able to avoid problems with constipation recently.

Leah - great story about having a dump with your friend Becca! Your sister's comments about the smell were humorous to say the least. I also enjoyed your post about your big school dump with the one girl giving you an acknowledging smirk.

Melissa K - wow, another great post about a HUGE dump! I don't think I could produce anything like that, but then again I go very regularly with decent sized loads, so I suppose if I didn't go for 4 days, I could challenge it - not that I want to - I like being regular and avoid feeling bloated. The longest I usually go without taking a dump is 2 days and its not frequent.

Bleach commercial

Have the bleach ciommercial where the dads are talking and the one keeps while his son tries to get his attention. Then they smell something and sniff the babies they're holding. Meanwhile you can see the older kid obviously pooping his pants.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Abbie- Sounds like you had a couple of good poos in your last two posts. Hope your routine of going in the morning keeps paying off.

Leah- Sounds like you were lucky you got excused from your lesson when you were desperate for the toilet. Sounds like you had a good buddy dump too in your other post! Have you done any more since then?

Lorraine- My poos usually sink, it's pretty rare for more than one or two little bits to be floating after I've pooed. Recently my poos have been leaving quite a lot of marks on the bowl, which is awkward in public toilets!

As I suspected, I had to go for a poo at uni again on Friday during a break. I was needing it pretty badly by the end of my lecture and I made my way to the toilets, only to find they were closed for rennovation! I decide to go to the student union which was nearby and have my poo there. I arrived to find all three cubicles in use, although I tried one door thinking it was empty. Another cubicle opened up right away so I sat down and finished my poo from the day before with three medium-sized pieces.

Today I went shopping to try and get some early Christmas presents for people. I'd had quite a lot to eat on Friday and Saturday, and I had lunch before I left today. I was on the way to the shopping centre, and soon enough I knew that once I arrived and before I could do any shopping, the first port of call would definitely need to be the ladies toilets. A big poo was on the way very soon. By the time I arrived I was desperate.
I went to the nearest toilets to take care of my urgent business, really needing a poo and, by now, a wee too. Upon entering I found that I was far from the only person who was needing the loo. The four cubicles were taken, with three people waiting- two middle aged women and a blonde girl of about my age. A couple were pooing. The first woman went in quickly, leaving two people ahead of me. After a minute or two the other woman got a cubicle, leaving me and the other girl. She was really needing a number two as well judging by her behaviour and a fart she let slip out. She wasn't alone- I was desperate to poo and to wee by now, and I farted too to relieve the pressure. It was considerably louder than hers and she heard it and glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back, knowing we were in a similar situation. A few minutes later one of the women who had gone in ahead of us came out and the girl went in. I heard her sit down and after a few seconds quiet she let out a loud trump and then a couple of wet plops. Not long after a young girl who had been pooing came out and I hurried into the cubicle next to the girl who was now having a wee. I pulled down my jeans and red knickers and sat down.
My poo immediately began to slide out as I started to wee. With a big plop it fell into the bowl, followed quickly by another log. Two farts followed. The other girl was now dropping small pieces of poo every ten seconds or so. I could see she had let down both her skirt and white knickers to her feet while she pooed. She did about ten small pieces in total. I pushed out four more logs of varying sizes, and we finished up and came out at the same time. We exchanged another glance and smile, knowing we'd both been in urgent need of a poo and that we'd both got the relief we needed!

Megan: Sounds like a bad bout of constipation, with you not needing a poo for five days. However, it seems it was just as well you did it in two sessions, otherwise you surely would have blocked the toilet. I hope you can have another poo before five more days go by.

Abbie: Good to hear you're still on a roll with having a poo at least every other day. Also, is it common for Beth to be constipated? From your stories it seems so. I hate it when I'm constipated, and it would suck if that's her 'everyday condition', so to speak.

On Friday I was in need of a poo at lunchtime. After we ate lunch in the canteen, I headed off to the toilet block by the library. Bethany and Keira came with because they both had to wee. The toilet block has three cubicles, and as per usual all of them were available so we could all get right in.

I selected the middle cubicle and found that someone had done a poo and not flushed the toilet. That's so gross! I don't understand why someone wouldn't flush. In any case, I flushed the toilet and sat down to have my own poo. Bethany and Keira weed and were done quickly. They left and then it was just me. My poo was coming out very slowly. When it came out fully, I followed it up with another one that came much quicker. I wiped my bum four times and, unlike the previous user, flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and returned to the canteen until it was time to go to the next lesson.

Lorry driver Tom I was parked in a layby the other day on the A404, I was the only vehicle in the layby. I was outside my lorry checking my trailer when a chauffeur driven limo pull up in front of my lorry as soon as it stopped a very smartly dressed female in a long dress and high heels got out accompanied by a male in a smart black suite both were between 30 - 40 as they moved away from the car I hear the guy say in a slurred voice that he had to get behind the bushes quickly as he was desperate to go the girl replied me too.
They staggered drunkenly towards a gap in the bushes, I watched on as they had not seen me alongside my trailer, as they went through the gap I took the chance to go behind the bushes a bit further up from the 2 of them. As soon as I got on the other side of the bushes I saw the guy quickly trying to remove his trouser and pant as he did he bent over into a squat position and started peeing, as he was doing this the girl with her back to me lifted her long dress above her waist then pulled down her white knickers to her knees, she had a very nice slender bottom which was a turn on for me next she tried to get her balance right on her high heels that were at least 100mm high by moving her feet side way.
While she was doing this I noticed the guy who was side on to me was making a groaning noise and at his rear was the first sign of a turd starting to snake out. The girl suddenly spoke to the guy praising him that look a good one he replied it will be when I got it out with that he gave a final push as his turd coiled behind him.
The girl suddenly went into a half squat position as her heel would not let her go too low and started peeing like she had not peed all day she just kept going and what a sight, the guy ask her have you any tissues to wipe with and she said yes but you will have to wait till I finished with that she let a loud fart go followed by a strain.
I watched in ore as her arse hole starter to push outwards without opening, I had to step back a bit behind a bush because the guy had stood up, still with his trouser around his knees and moved to see what the girl was doing it was obvious that he was enjoying seeing her like that as I was. As he got alongside her she gave a big grunt and her little arse hole started to slowly open up, stretching with each push as she peed as well, her hole open really wide as a dark knobbly turd started moving out very quick and stretched down to the ground as she pinched it off before pushing final amount of soft serve.
She then reached in her handbag and took out some tissues and handed them to the guy and took some herself, they wiped and got dressed. They staggered back to their Limo laughing as they went.
Next I heard the car leave, I just had to go and look at what they had left behind, on the ground was a turd as long as my boot and thick as my wrist, a bit further along was his pile which was soft coiled up but as impressive. I took a photo with my phone as a reminder of what a beautiful slim girl could have produced.
When I got back in my lorry I did wonder what their chauffer had thought they had being doing while out of his limo little did he know what 2 drunk people could produce.

Ok so I was woken up at 3:30am on Saturday morning with the WORST stomach cramps, feelings of something not very good at all brewing and had the most bad abdominal discomfort. I quickly got up of my bed, rushed straight to my en-suite loo and thought I had enough seconds to switch on the light but nope some really wet watery diarrhoea seeped into my panties and it was all warm and so very wet. I had not made it in time!! :( Oh no! Well before it leaked into my cropped pyjama bottoms I carefully slid down my panties and bottoms and sat on the loo where almost immediately my stomach gurgled and knotted up with the most bad cramps and Oh My God!! It was like I was being sick out of my rear end, lots of hurrendous watery diarrhoea just flowed out and it smelled awful!! Then as I thought for a second that there was no more, my stomach cramps sent another wave of similar watery diarrhoea out of my rear end again .... I honestly, honestly thought I had a stomach bug as I was beginning to feel nauseous too but then the diarrhoea stopped for a moment (thank god!) and I was left to contemplate the very messy clean up job which took loads of loo roll and wet wipes .... but in the process then I had yet another wave of this awful diarrhoea the 3rd inside 15mins or so and was beginning to feel quite ill now... The exact same thing happened as on the first two times: BAD stomach cramps, and then the feeling of a sharp pain and then releasing the most foulest water like diarrhoea. I knew it had to stop for a bit in order for me to take an anti-diarrhoea pill (Imodium), so I quickly wiped up and flushed the loo, washed my hands with alcoholic hand gel and went into the kitchen straight into my First Aid box and grabbed the box of Imodium capsules and necked one with water and then went back to my bedroom. Nothing more happened for at least another 15mins ... then just when I thought I was safe and that the Imodium was doing it's job .... how WRONG I was!! :( I felt another sharp, acute cramp in my stomach and off I was again to the loo, pulled down my replacement panties and was sick out of my butt again with more watery, slimy diarrhoea which was making me feel light headed now as I was losing more fluids from my body and also felt and looked awful! It wasn't pleasant and I was hoping this would be it. So again I wiped up pulled up my panties and used the alcohol hand gel, went into the kitchen took a bottle of mineral water from the fridge and put two teaspoons of glucose powder in it and just took a few sips (I have to replace the fluids I lost in diarrhoea) so took it to bed and tried to go back to sleep for the remaining hour and a bit before my alarm is meant to go off at 6am sharp! The good thing is that between 4:45am and 5:45am I had NO more sudden attacks of diarrhoea that I was having and thankfully my stomach was showing some signs of settling or so I thought prematurely.

"I am due into work in a few hours' time for over-time" I thought and "how on Earth would I make it??" The chances were looking more and more UNLIKELY as this bad stomach upset was taking it's hold on me tightly and with each really bad attack of diarrhoea. By now it was gone 4:30am and I had already been about 4 times and was beginning to suspect the worst ... an entire day written-off just like that surely not I had so much planned!

So I woke up again at 5:50am and just when I thought the coast is clear I get hit by more stomach cramps and straightaway dashed to the loo where I just did the same again unfortunately more very loose, watery diarrhoea which lasted for up to a good minute on and off obviously. Again wiping up was messy and just went back into the kitchen and necked another Imodium capsule and hoped for the best. This time it seemed to do the job as from 6:05am to 7:55am I didn't go again and could actually begin to think things would be ok now, instead of earlier false hopes. Even the stomach cramps were showing signs of easing off as a) they were less sharper and acute and b) became less and less frequent resulting in an emergency dash to the loo.

I made myself a cup of tea to take with my usual meds and came back to my bedroom had a few sips of tea and started to think about getting ready for a shower. So I got my clothes and went to have a shower but was constantly worried about being hit with another sudden attack of diarrhoea in the shower as it would be awful and prove to be a very messy clean up job if it happened. I needn't have worried nothing like that materialised and I even got ready for work without any scares. The only thing that did happen was that about 30 mins after my shower I had 2 more loo visits which were diarrhoea but they lasted not long at all and were less watery and NO cramps were present this time thank god! I left for work at 8:30am and for the rest of the day had NO more attacks although I did feel weak and a bit yukkky other than that it was certainly an eventful few hours to the day to make it interesting I guess.

I'm feeling better today and just put it down to just one of those things.

Take care everyone x

I have always wondered what effect does

Does marijuana or ecstasy have on bowel movements and what is like to have a bowel movement stoned or high


The pleasures of shitting in company

Anonymous Guy asked about other guys' enjoying witnessing other men shitting on the toilet, and how unusual this interest might be. This forum, especially posts further back will prove that lots of men are turned on or feel the deep sense of bonding when hearing other men plopping on the toilet. I suppose that the more of a taboo going to the toilet is in society, the more exciting it is to those who already feel a satisfaction or pride in having a good stimulating bowel movement themselves. With good acoustics and a deep toilet to sit on and use, the sounds can be quite dramatic as a man grunts, farts, and plops, perhaps with some satisfied grunt of relief after the bigger turds. I have been fascinated in myself shitting, and in other men shitting since puberty. I suppose I've always wanted to compare my performances on the toilet with other males, and have had great satisfaction when I've known that another guys can hear me having a good one. Having a good shit next to another guy sitting on a neighbouring toilet having a good one himself can be a great bonding experience. A friend who also likes shitting told me he once had a really loud shit session in a public toilet next to another guy having a similar loud session of loud plops. They both finished at the same time and exchanged knowing smiles at the wash basins afterwards.
Who knows how man men secretly share the same fascination in shitting with other men, but haven't been able to broach the subject, either from embarrassment, or fear of being branded as weird. I see fit men's bums in the street and wonder if they've had a shit today, and hope that when they do they enjoy it! The world is obsessed about sharing intimate details about sexual acts and personal descriptions of endowment or how often etc. and yet the act of shitting is almost regarded as a non-existent by many, as though however much a man's buttocks may be admired by others, it's as though the fact that every day he will bare them to sit on a toilet and release his solid waste is too disgusting to contemplate! Having a shit is normal, natural and healthy, so to accept is as such might get rid of the fear of actually enjoying having a good shit! I love hearing the rhythmic plops of another guy on the toilet, and knowing he's doing what I do, and probably enjoying the sensations of relief, as well as the sensation of a very pleasurable personal activity!


Stinky poos after a night out

Last night, I met my friend Lara for dinner and drinks at a local pub. When we left, it was kind of late. We were both a bit tipsy, but luckily she lived not too far away and we could walk to her flat. Upon getting there, I was all set to go straight to bed. I was prepared to sleep on her sofa, but she told me that the bed was plenty big enough for two. I asked if she was sure, and she reassured me it was okay.

In the morning, I was hung-over and didn't want to move. Eventually I had to though because I was farting a lot and knew a poo was coming, whether I was on the loo or not. I slowly got to my feet, as Lara came out of the en-suite, fresh from the shower. She said she had done a poo before her shower, but apologized because it was still very smelly. I told her that was no problem as I was going to have a poo also.

I noticed a smell wafting from the en-suite, but it wasn't too awful. As I got closer, the smell grew more intense. I observed that Lara had opened the window and sprayed a bit of Febreze, which helped only slightly. My own poo was nearly poking out of my bum by then, so I lowered my white pants and sat on the loo. Within seconds, a soft coil was exiting my bum, only adding to the smell. My poo consisted of two long soft coils. My bum felt very messy and I probably wiped at least ten times before I felt clean. I flushed the loo and then stripped to take my own shower.

Robbi Boi

The Worst of Both Worlds

While my real name isn't "Rob" or "Robby," nor does it even start with an R, I am using it to protect my identity for fear of my world crashing down should anyone who knows me find-out what I'm about to post. I've been a long-time "lurker" who discovered this site as a teenager in 2001, so that puts me in my late 20's. However, the most unusual thing about me, other than my life-long fascination with poop and bodily functions, is that I am in a small percentage of females who identify as "Female to Male Transgender," meaning that while my hair is short and I don't wear dresses, I have never put male hormones in my body nor had any surgeries.

Anyway, so my life isn't exactly a happy one, and part of it has to do with how I have "the worst of both worlds." What I mean by that is, while I must live with the natural problems that happen to all women (i.e. monthly visits, for lack of a better euphemism), I also have a problem that most would consider a male one because it deals with poop. You see, because I'm pretty much "in the closet," I wear white/pastel panties bought in "bonus packs" on clearance by my mom every few years, and almost every single day, they have what I call "minor skids," or smudges/smears of poop in the back of the crotch. I use baby wipes and wash well at night when I bathe, but I still see the occasional skid several times a week.

In addition to this, my self-esteem has been crushed several times by some pretty serious pooping accidents, which most people in my life could never, in a million years, imagine happening to me! I was a straight-A student in high school when I discovered this site, then I graduated CumLaude and went-on to get a college degree. I am also one of the most organized people most of my former teachers ever met and could draw and write prettier than some of them by junior high.

But little did they know that beneath my piano-playing, A-making, necktie-wearing, obsessively-organized exterior was a girl/boi (note: a "boy" with a Y is a male child) trying to overcompensate for a self-image that almost didn't recover from a never-told story of a pooping accident at age 10. I wanted people to think I was the kind of person who was incapable of creating such an enormous mess, luckily at home rather than at school, but I'd rather tell that long story in another post.

So for now, I'll just leave it at the fact that, if you're an FtM "transgender boi" who often leaves skids and occasionally soils your pants, you are not alone. There is at least one other person who has had to suffer not only the shame of being different in the way of gender identity, but of doing something most women would never admit to doing! I would also not be surprised if there were other FtM "transgender bois/men" with similar stories to tell, because sometimes, you just have to live with "the worst of both worlds."

Dying for a wee on the way home.

I was walking home and I was dying for a pee, let me just let you know that I hate and find people that pee in building horrable and extremly rude.

Although I though to myself I will have to be one off these people and find somewhere to go for a wee.

I was walking home and came acrross a park i though i will go down the alleway and find some where for a sneaky pee.

I walking into the park and could not find anywhere to kind so as i was walking I move my knickers to the side so i had a clear exit point, as it was so busy i could not have my pee.

I then got to the bus stop, and though i have to go, their was already a man their, and we got talk all i wanted was to have a sneaky pee, then he said he will be back he gonna have to go for a wee, i though while he goes off i try and find somewhere, but all he did is said excusse me, and carry on talking and walking to the course of the bus stop where their is two side with covering and had his pee, i was bloody depresete at this point normally i would say how fail in was but i was think i was going to do the same so did not say anything.

He had his pee, and said sorry he was bursting, I look and said it ok I bursting too and though sod it so walking to the course and move my skirt forward and begain to have a pee, I was so desperte and i have to say i quite enjoyed it and think i might have to do it more often

Hey guys it's Beth . So these past few days have been horrible I'm constipated again. I had gone to the doctor he told me to eat more fiber which I have been doing. But it hasn't been working. So I took a laxative this morning hopping it works. But anyways I decided I will tell you a story well not exactly . Anyways my son came home from his basketball practice Friday around 9 he is In 9th grade he plays sports so anyways he looked really sleepy and sick. So he went to bed and around midnight he got up and came into my room he said he hade thrown up so I walked him into the bathroom he said he was going to the bathroom he started having diarrhea he yelled for me to give him a bucket as he was going to throw up I sat there with him . He finally stopped an hour later. So I went back to bed . A few hours later he came back in he said he had a accident he was so embarrassed to tell me I mean wouldn't you be embarrassed if you pooped on your bed and in you underwear at 15 years old and have to tell your mom . So I went and cleanded it up it was so gross but I didn't want to say anything couse that would just make him more upset. My poor son was sick like this the whole entire night and all of Saturday and Sunday. I felt so bad for him I think he had food poisoning. Anyways sorry it's not much of a story I really don't have but if this laxative works I'm sure I will have more :)
Also if any of you have any suggestions on how I could help my constipation probably or if anyone knows of good laxatives that work fast


Two girls, one bucket

Yesterday, I went over to my friend Amanda's house after school. When we got there, we found out that Amanda had forgotten her key! And her mom wouldn't be home for several more hours. But that was a huge problem because I really really had to take a crap. I refused to go at school because the bathrooms are so nasty there, so I'd been holding it back since lunch. Amanda knew I had to crap, and she had to go also. She said "I know where we can go. Follow me."

I did, and she went over to the shed, and went inside. I went inside too and saw her getting out a big bucket. She started to pull down her jeans and thong, and I asked her, "You're going to crap in the bucket?" and she replied "It's either this or in my jeans!" I thought for about two seconds and realized she was right.

Problem was we really both had to crap and neither one could hold it for even a minute longer. The bucket was big enough for both of us to squat over it. Our butts were touching, but at least we'd get our crap in the bucket and not on the floor, or even worse, in our panties. I started to crap right away, with several small logs coming out quickly, one after the other. Amanda was straining and I guessed she was pushing out a fat turd.

I finished up in less than five minutes and got up. I had a few tissues in my pockets and wiped as best I could. Amanda was still crapping. I looked and saw a huge turd dangling from her butthole. It must have been two inches thick and it seemed pretty long too. It finally broke off and hit my pile of poop with a THUD. I said, "Wow, Mandy!
You must feel better after that beast." But she said, "A little, but I still gotta go more. I hadn't taken a dump in almost a week."

I couldn't believe it. I usually crap every day, and only very rarely get constipated. But even then, my worst was about three days. I felt like death warmed over during that bad constipation, so I couldn't even begin to imagine how she must have felt, not crapping for a whole week!

Anyway, true to her word, she crapped even more. After her huge turd, she passed smaller, easier turds, but still rock solid. She was still straining, though only a little, to pass each one. Nearly twenty minutes after she began crapping, she announced, "Okay. I think I'm done now."

She too got tissues from her pockets, and wiped. She seemed to do a better job, probably because her hard turds didn't leave much residue. I couldn't resist peeking in the bucket, and our two loads combined filled the bucket about a third full, I guess. Hard to say exactly. But I knew that almost all of it was Amanda's turds. I hadn't crapped very much at all, compared to her gargantuan load.

But then we had another problem - what should we do with the poop filled bucket? Amanda decided to dump a little bit in a bunch of different spots in the garden, and hope nobody noticed.

Melissa K- Sounds like you did a huge poo at school! Bet you were glad nobody knew you'd clogged that first toilet. Like you I had to cut short my poo today after just one turd!

Leah- and it sounds like you did a huge poo at the mall! I think we all know just how relieving a big poo can be!

Ava- I used to go to girl guides too and your description of using the toilets at your camp sounds familiar to me! Sounds like you and your friend had good poos. Hope you can post more!

Heidi- Those open toilets you used for a poo sound strange! I've not come across anything like that myself and I'm not sure I would be as comfortable pooing on one as you and the other girls seemed to be!

Bethany- Sounds like you enjoyed your outdoor poo! I've done it outside before but I'd much rather sit down on a toilet to go!

Stan- The last poo I did in my toilet was at the weekend, the last poo I did before today which I'll come to later. I'd eaten dinner and soon needed to go so I sat down. After a minute I pushed out a big log which was actually quite quiet when it fell into the bowl! My next one was much louder, though, as was the fart I did after that. One more piece came out with a loud plop and then I was done. It's weird how much louder it makes it sound because the drop from my bum to the water is not that much higher than most toilets really, but the volume increases significantly!

Today I did my first poo of the week and my first since Saturday evening. With 5 days since I last went needless to say it was a large one! I was in a lecture and feeling full down below and soon I was needing a number two. I was fairly desperate after a while, and not the only one- a girl in the row in front seemed to be clearly needing the loo quite a bit too, crossing her legs and fidgeting a lot. I guessed she had to do a wee rather than a poo like me. The lecture ended and I quickly left. The other girl was heading to the loo as well. We took two of the three cubicles. I heard her quickly start a loud wee as I sat down, needing to have my poo pretty quickly because I had a meeting to get to but my poo was far too urgent to leave for later. I weed then started pushing my first turd out. It was long and thick but quite soft so it didn't hurt. I had ten minutes before my meeting which was good because my poo, although it had felt urgent, was taking its time! Someone came in as my poo was about half out and took the cubicle next to me. I heard them pull down their clothes and then there was a plop. Looking down she seemed to be hovering rather thsn sitting while she pooed. My turd finally came out with a big splash as my neighbour dropped another piece. I realised I was going to be late for my meeting, but I was nowhere near finished with my poo. I decided that I'd hold the rest in until after the meeting. I wiped, flushed the solitary big poo away, and went to the meeting, still feeling the rest of my number two waiting to be released. I was holding it in ok, though, having got rid of the most urgent part.
By the end of the short meeting I was having rather more trouble holding it so I quickly left and went looking for a loo to finish my business. I found one and quickly sat down in one of the cubicles. Two logs came out rather quicker than the first one had, followed by some gas and then another three pieces. They were all pretty big ones but it all flushed ok, luckily!
I still feel kind of full and bloated, though, so I might have to go again tomorrow. Going two days in a row is unusual for me, but not unknown, especially when it's been a while since the last one.

Observant Guy

Left a Surprise

Hello everyone,

I have another story about my neighbors. I got a treat yesterday, being that my wife had to work late yesterday. well today I was expecting her home at dinner time. I got home around 430pm and I didn't see Evelyn or Adrianna's cars in the lot. I kept a periodic lookout for Evelyn so that I might have a chance to listen to her pooping again.
I must have had the TV up too loud because I didn't hear Evelyn's car horn signaling the arming, however I did hear the door slam. I muted the TV as soon as I heard the slam…
When I started to track the footsteps, I thought they would be headed to the master bathroom, but they stopped short. They stopped in the hallway bathroom. I looked at my watch knowing that Adrianna arrives home at about the same time. I thought to myself that this time I was gonna have another listen to Adrianna.
She lifted up the lid. which I now realize is kept that way to keep her dog out. The downstairs neighbors started to argue, there was a heavy bassy voice, but it didn't block out the pitter patter of pee splashing into the toilet. The arguing commenced and the bathroom next door got quiet. Then I heard Adrianna sigh and grunt. There was a little bit of a very muffled plop. I listened with more intrigue and as I heard Adrinna getting the toilet paper she needed off the roll. Sounded like she used alot.
The couple downstairs stopped arguing, and the toilet flushed. Adrianna left the bathroom after washing her hands.
Right after Adriana left her bathroom, I left my I decided to get some fresh air and take the trash out. When I got outside, I looked around the parking lot. To my left outside the door was Evelyn's car. I looked down the rest of the lot and did not see Adrianna's car…
NO f'n way I thought... Evelyn must have had to go really bad, because she just pooped in Adrianna's bathroom. I tried to look again. But as I was walking to my car, I saw Adrianna pulling into the lot. She pulled up right next to my car and she got out and said hello. We talked for a second and headed inside. I proceeded to my bathroom when I got back in my apartment. I couldn't take up any more time because my wife came home.
She headed straight for our master bathroom and proceeded to take her evening poop. I saw the skidmarks later when I went to pee.
All I could think about was the funk that Adrianna must have walked into. Other than the obvious, I wonder why Evelyn pooped in Adrianna's bathroom?
what a surprise that must have been to smell that.

Happy pooping for all.

Observant Guy

College Student


Can one of you with quick, solid, sturdy, large bowel movements help me? My crap smells terrible (like a skunk in a coffee shop) and is really messy. I get horrible cramps and usually get watery eyes and have to push then wait, then push, then wait. My movements take 30 minutes and I usually have to come back later to finish up. They are really soft too.
How do I make them bigger and all come out at once? Every now and then, I have a perfect poop. It all comes out in one long, thick turd, like a carrot. But it is usually painful mush. Any advice?


smoking makes me poo

Hiya, im 19 and cute according to most people, evry1 compliments how nice my bum is but im a shy pooper, i usualy poo 3 or 4 times a week altho it depends what i eat sometimes. Well anyway i went out on thursday evening with a male friend to walk the dogs, we decided to stop for a smoke on a bench overlooking the sea, i was sitting ther puffing away and i felt that feeling wen u no ur brewing a big poo lol. I realized i hadnt been since saturday afternoon so knew it was going to be a big 1, after a few mins i needed a full force poo but didnt want to say anything to my friend so i didnt. I just sat ther smoking away and my poo was actually pushing out on its own but luckily it was a hard variety so i was able 2 suck it back inside just, i stood up and said shal we carry on walking so we did. When we started walking my poo moved again and this time i was actually turtle heading, it must have been touching my thong and it wudnt go bak up,i was really panakin and didnt no what to do so tried to ignore it but it just wouldn't go away or anything it was 1 of those poos that if u relax for a split second its guna cum out. I said to my friend i didnt feel too good can we head back so we did thank god lol, the walk back was horendous, had a poo poking out that was trying to inch its way out with every step i took and i was also tryin not to walk like a duck so my friend wudnt notice anyhing, nearly back my friend decied to stop for another smoke, I told him no but he insisted so i stopped with him, i was standing ther rocking bak and forth from foot to foot tryin 2 stop it from comming out and my friend asked whats up? i said i need a wee and he laughed came upto me cuddled me snquuezed my bum with his hands and i was like omg get off, it felt horrible. I could feel the hard poo hurting my inside and my ???? was bloated and throbbing with pain so i had to say get off and lets go, we walked with the fag and he passed it over, i wasn't going to but thought whats a few drags, big mistake, i took 3 drags stopped suddenly and said ????, what my friend said, i had to tell him, i told him that the smoke made me need a poo and could barly hold it in, i couldnt beleve myself, I've never told any 1 ever that i needed a poo before but i was so desperate i had 2 say something. He laughed and said we best go quik then, i told him not to laugh, it was serious i was nearly pooing myself, so we walked as fast as we could to my house and as we got closer the turtle head was getting bigger, my friend kept pressing my bum and kicking it si i was going mad at him becouse it wasnt nice. I finally made it back to my house, told my friend to wait outside because i didnt want him to hear me poo lol. As soon as i got into the bathroom it started cumin out before i sat down but omg what a relif it was, best feeling of my life, i was so glad because i thought i was guna mess myself.

All thise because i was smoking, do any other girls ever smoke and it makes you need 2 do a poo badly? share you're stories, its happends 2 me plenty of times but this 1 was by far the worst 1 ever.

Mr. Clogs


Provost: Sorry to hear about you having diarrhea, have you tried eating bread or rice, mainly plain white rice to help bind you up to slow down or stop the diarrhea. Hope this helps and glad that your daughter is doing fine.

Anne: I'm late in commenting on your latest post about the porta-potty at the picnic area with talking your friend's daughters to use them. Interesting to note that they share their opinions about wiping. You mentioned wiping on occasions and most men finding the stains in your panties interesting, that is true and I find it interesting too. Do you have a hard time washing them out or just don't care and put them in the wash as is? Also do you wear other styles than the ones mentioned in your post for example thongs and stuff? If you wear thongs, do you wipe if you have to poop or just go au-natural? Yes au-natural is attractive scent to attract a mate if you know what I mean. Great posts Anne, your detailed encounters are great and look forward to more from you.

Lucas: Nice story about helping out your neighbor when she locked herself out of her house and had to use your bathroom.

Sarah T: Interesting experiment with diapers, let us know about the cloth diaper experience if you happen to go in them and how did you deal with them in terms of cleanup and stuff.

Lorraine: It all depends, for me if I don't eat enough fiber or increase the liquid intake, my turds tend to sink. If I eat fiber and add a bit of fiber powder, it tends to float. Also fried foods may make your turds float as well. Hope that helps.

Nothing really interesting to report, just want to acknowledge some people. Until then take care. Peace! Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Leah great story it sounds like you had a great poop at school and I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Lucas and Observant Guy great catches

To: Trevor great story bout you helping your sister

To: Heidi that sucks your sick I hope you feel better soon

To: Ashley welcome to the site and great stories please post more.

To Abbie greats story as always.

im on a psp thats why my post are short my next one will be longer and sincerly

Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Blue Circle


Thank you to everyone who has responded.

Heidi: Thank you for being honest and it really should creep you out.

To pooperlady: Thanks for responding, and that's good. And I have to admit, I do like your name on here.

Tool man: Thank you for the support. I couldn't agree with you more. I know that this interest will always be with me, and I see no reason for trying to get rid of it. I'm just trying to use it for more positive intentions now rather than negative. If performed in a consensual manor there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to observe someone pee or poop. Wanting to hear the grunts, moans, and sys of a woman as she first pees and then begins to push out gassy, crackling, turds and farts and smelling the earthy stink as it disperses from between her legs (while not being "socially acceptable") is as natural as it gets.
I think that those of us who discovered this interest at a very young age figured out that a very easy way to get our "fix" would be to listen at the bathroom door. When you're young you don't know any better but to truly enjoy these experiences we should seek them out in a more appropriate and consensual way. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but if I notice that a post is from a younger contributor, I skip it completely. I've never actually hid in a bathroom and watched someone go, but I have listened through doors and walls, and I've been fairly successful at quelling the urge to do that. It's just a matter of time before the urge is gone completely, and I can just be happy with my desires for bathroom activities of a consensual nature. I have also made it a point to start skipping stories that include such activity. And back to what tool man was saying, lady's, the stories and your openness is truly appreciated. If only it was easy to find people like this in real life, of course, how do we know if we never ask.

Anonymous guy: I'm coping by getting rid of the darker aspects of my interest. No more listening at doors or walls. Any future experiences will be of a consensual nature or be of an observational nature. This means that if I'm in earshot, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it, then hey, what's the big deal. Of course the ultimate experience would be to be in the bathroom with a woman as she does her thing, and it's never something I would force her in to. Society may not appreciate something like this, but there is really nothing wrong with it. So what, you enjoy observing the natural functions of the body of an individual you find attractive. Big deal. I would go in to more detail on the issues surrounding how this interest relates to society but I don't think it would be appropriate for this board.

Happy peeing and pooping all!

John H

a very messy dump

Hey all.
Had a not so pleasant dump today as the title suggests. On my way home from college I needed a pee so I was concentrating holding it in. I wasn't desperate to go but it was a fairly strong urge. I let off a few silent farts on the bus and the smell was very strong and hung around me for ages. I'm sure other people could smell it. It didn't smell to healthy. It kinda reminded me of the smell of baby poo. I knew that as well as the pee I would also be taking a dump when I got home. I stopped at a shop to pick up some food for dinner and then continued home. I didn't even pack anything away I just left everything on the table and headed for the bathroom. I dropped my trousers and boxers and sat on the seat. I began peeing straight away and some loud boomy farts came out along with the pee. Then some very runny poo began to come out of my hole. It sounded like diarrhea as it hit the water in the bottom of the bole but it wasn't diarrhea. I had to push a lot to get the next few rounds out. There wasn't much coming out but what was coming out was very messy. After a few minutes I pressed my stomach to get things moving because I could feel more inside. I pushed out more poo and it was getting a bit more solid at this stage. It took six large bits of toilet paper to clean myself and the smell in the bathroom was disgusting. I flushed, washed my hands, opened the window and left the bathroom. I am sitting here now still letting out some farts but the smell has gone. Don't know what happened there as I didn't feel sick or eat anything unusual. Hope to return to more solid poops tomorrow. That's all for now. John H


Poo today after school

Hi everyone, this is a story from earlier today. After a successful poo Wednesday lunchtime at school I didn't feel the need on Thursday, but I still made sure to go on the loo after having breakfast and eating my lunch just to make sure. Today I had something to eat in the canteen and then went to the loos, as I was queuing to get a cubicle I thought I could feel a slight need but by the time I was on the toilet nothing would come, I strained for a while but realised I'd have to try again later. I had a lot on at lunchtime, I managed to go for a wee but I didn't have time to relax and try for a poo which was annoying. I was due to have Ellie and Beth come round to mine after school but Ellie had gone home ill earlier in the day, however I met up with Beth after school and she asked me if it was still ok for her to come round so I said yes. As we were walking to the bus I started to get a tight feeling in my belly, I wasn't sure if it was wind or whether there was a poo on the way. I hoped I'd be able to have a poo when I got home, so far I've been managing to go pretty much every other day which is a big improvement compared with a few weeks back when I only wanted a poo every three or four days. When we got off the bus and were walking to my house Beth made a face and clutched her belly, she said "I've got bellyache, I think I need a poo" and I said "That makes two of us then!" As we went in through the door Beth continued "I used the loo at lunch but I only had time for a wee." Remembering her constipation last time I asked "Have you found it any easier to have a poo lately?" and she said "Not really, I haven't been for about four days so I know its going to be hard, thats why I really shouldn't put it off." By now we were up in my room and I definitely knew I wanted a poo, I was having to clench my bum to hold it in. "Do you mind if I go first only I'm bursting, its just about to poke out into my knickers" I said to Beth and she said "Fine, its going to take me ages anyway." We weren't wearing our uniforms as we'd had Mufti Day for Children in Need, so I quickly pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat on the loo. I relaxed my bum and felt a big log starting to poke out, I had to push a bit as it got wider but luckily not too hard. A couple of minutes later it plopped down into the bowl and I passed a few more poos before starting to wee. After I'd weed I wiped my front and bum and pulled up my knickers and jeans before flushing the toilet. I sat on the bathroom floor while Beth dropped her black leggings and pink and yellow stripey knickers, she weed for a bit after sitting and then screwed her face up as she started to push. She strained for ages, going red in the face and occasionally dribbling out more wee. "Its coming" she said at last "But its really huge, its stretching my bum so much." She gave a few massive pushes and couldn't help grunting, after some more concentrated pushing she moaned with releaf and then shortly after I heard the log splashing down into the bowl. She did some smaller pieces which were easier to pass and then wiped her bottom and flushed before pulling up her pants and leggings. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

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