63rd Story

So today at school during the last 10 minutes of class I got the urge for a poo. We were all doing a lab in groups and I wanted to sit and keep the urge minimal but I had to finish things up. Class ended and me and a friend Emily met up and we both went to the bathroom. The 3 stalls were all taken and one person was waiting already. All 3 girls were pooping. One left and the cheer leader waiting went in. A bunch of girls came in to quickly change for sports. They didn't even lock the door so when a girl came in some guys right outside definetly saw things. Emily took an open middle stall. The cheer leader was obviously pooping and the left stall was taking forever. Emily moaned in a low town every couple moments. The cheer leader moved a lot and the left was quiet. Finally the right stall was open and I went in. I quickly pulled my jeans down to my ankles and sat down. I started peeing right away making a small mess on my legs and my belly got some cramps. I sat straighter because bending made my belly hurt. I spread my legs more appart but not shoulder width. I pushed and my bum would stretch and nothing happened. Emily finished. The other girl went in. I pushed my hardest stretching my bum to the limit and felt absolutly no feeling. I rested a bit of sweat on my legs. My legs also got cramped so I moved my legs closer and knees touching again. I pulled my bottoms to my knees. After another hard push I let loose and a long poo slipped out. 11" long. My cramps ended and I could lean and bend more. I moved my bum up more and farted a couple times. I wiped and flushed and left with Emily. See you later.

Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday. In the afternoon, my family went to a ceremony at the War Memorial Park. When we first arrived, I went in to have a wee before the ceremony began. We were early enough that I was able to go right in and wee, with no queue.

The ceremony lasted for about two hours, and I had to wee again by the time it was over. But unfortunately, the toilets were much busier then. All three of the cubicles were taken and there was a queue of at least six other women and girls. I didn't need to go that badly then, so I decided to just hold it until we got home.

Ten minutes into the walk home, I realized I needed a poo, as well as a wee. Finally, we got home and I went straight to the toilet. I was wearing a nice red dress. I bunched it up around my waist, lowered my black knickers and tights, and sat down. I started to wee heavily and dropped a good-sized poo. A long poo followed and I felt like I was done. I wiped my bum three times and flushed. Then I washed my hands and went to my bedroom to change out of my dress.

Observant Guy

Things that you dont expect to Happen

Hello everyone,

My most recent observance happened in my own bathroom…

It all started around 4pm today. My neighbor (the african one) had an issue with her husband. They had a bad fight and he said and did things that the law now has to deal with. As a result, she knocked on my door crying and asked my wife and I to call the police. They police came took their report and advised her to seek evaluation at the emergency room. She agreed but had to leave her 1 year old daughter and her 17 year old son with my wife and I while she got checked out. Her sister came over and decided to go to the hospital to be with her.
My wife left for her part time job leaving me with 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. The one girl, my neighbors daughter is 1 year old. The other girl belonging to her sister is 16. The two boys were 8 and 17.
Knowing that I had to be responsible, I ordered a few pizzas of their liking and mine. The 16 year old girl. Had 3 slices of pepperoni & sausage but who was counting...
after dinner the 16 year old, slipped away to my hallway bathroom. She was gone about for about 10 minutes. When she came out I went in to check on my laundry.

The bathroom reeked! The poop smell was very strong. The were some small fleks of poop in my toilet. I didn't stay long to observe because the smell was kinda gross.

Mysterious Man
Bethany: Really great story. Hope to hear more! :)

Leah: Must have felt like a new woman after all of that, heheh.

By the way, what is with the "????" that appear in some posts? Is that an editing issue with the site?

John H

Comments and a story

Hey all.
@College student. Hey thanks for sharing that story. That's even better than mine. I think it's good that ladies can discuss these things the same way that men do. Everyone does it after all so why not.
@Bethany. I enjoyed your pooping in the woods story and it sounds like you really did too. I haven't had an outdoor poop myself in years as I am living in a busy area now. It's good you have those big woods to make use of. Keep the stories coming.
@Tom Hey I would love to hear more of your stories. I bet you would have lots to tell being a lorry driver.
@Sarah T, Hey and thanks for sharing your last storey. I am sure there are lots of other people out there that use diapers like you said, so I wouldn't feel bad. Its just one of those things that people aren't comfortable speaking about so that's why it seems like nobody else uses them. It would have been worse if you hadn't diapers on during your test. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
@Heidi, enjoying all your stories. Keep them coming.
@Blue circle. Hey I enjoyed your post. Very well written and some really good points. I have never spyed on someone using the toilet but I have listened and still do but I wouldn't hide in a place where I could see what is happening for example.

Today in college after lunch I felt a poop moving down. I was letting out some farts which helped to ease the urge. I went back up to class early and was half thinking of going for a poo but I decided to wait. The rest of the day passed and I was still letting out farts. After college on the way home I got a strong urge while walking. Then I got another strong one on the bus. It was nothing to bad though so I could enjoy it and I knew that I would be home soon. After I got in I relaxed for a while and when the pressure built again I headed to the toilet and dropped my trousers and boxers. I relaxed but just as I was getting started a friend called my phone. I could have let it wring out but I had something important to talk to him about so I decided to answer. We chatted for around 10 minutes. After we finished I had to give some pushing to get things started. A long soft but well formed log eased its way out and plopped into the toilet. It was followed up with another log which was even bigger. It felt so good to relax and let the load slide out of my hole. I pushed a third log out and then there were some farts. I pushed again and more poo came out. It was softer at this stage and I knew I was finally empty. There was a smell of poo in the air but not too strong. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands before leaving the bathroom. That's all for now. John H.

Jo and Megan

I like the stories about the toilets in your flats that produce extra loud plops

Could you both give a description of a good shit you've had on these toilets


Just a survey

How long it takes to do No.2.average 10 minutes

Does it stink?Sometimes

How many wipes?3-4

If I use airfreshener?Yes

If I use public toilets?Depends on what shape their in

If I read on the toilet?No

And if anyone wants to know what I look like.People I know,and Strangers I never met,says I look like sheldon on BIG BANG THEORY


to Bethany

Congrats on your first "real" poop. I drop one outside as often as I can. Squatting in the woods is much more natural feeling than sitting for 30 minutes pushing out mush. I pooped in the woods three turds in a row and they got bulkier and easier to pass every time. I think alignment of the colon has something to do with it. I live in the south,so there are woods everywhere. Good luck to ya, and be careful in the woods.


At Girl Guides camp

Hi everybody! My name's Ava and I am 14 years old. Last summer, I went to a Girl Guides camp. We had a canvas enclosure with three boxes that served as makeshift loos. One morning, I woke up and had an intense urge to poo. I went down to the loos, but all three were in use and two other guides were queueing.

One of them was a girl called Emma. I knew her, but we weren't all that close. Emma was fidgeting a lot, clearly bursting for a wee. My friend Alice was also in the queue and I could see was holding her bum, making no attempt to hide her need to poo. She spotted me and we chatted while waiting. The guides who were on the loos then must have all been pooing, as they'd been in there a good long time. One did come out and Emma went in.

She was in and out in two minutes, looking very relieved after weeing. Alice took her spot. Very soon after that, another loo opened up and it was my turn. I sat next to Alice, who was blasting noisy farts and I could hear her poo chunks splatting as they hit the pile of poo already in her box. I released my hold and a barrage of soft poos rushed out of my bum.

Alice and I were chatting still while both pooing and the third guide finished her poo. She left and it was just us. I finished up and began the task of wiping my bum. It took a lot of wipes, I'd say at least ten. Another guide, Lauren, came in and sat on the third loo while I was wiping. When I was done, I left but Alice was still audibly pooing. She must have really really needed to go, probably had been constipated for several days prior to that.

Alright, that's all I have. Hope you enjoyed it.

Anonymous Guy

How to Cope?

Hey guys, hope your weeks are going fine. None of you have really replied to me, so I'm not sure if you've read stories I've posted before or know who I am. Probably because the majority is girls posting their experiences(nothing wrong with that) and the other half is guys only replying to them. I'm OK with that, but man do I wish I found this site a few years back. It was filled with guys comfortably sharing their stories with each other and the stories were about other guys as well. I suppose since posters came and went, things have changed. But I hope to break the ice again and get some of you shy male lurkers to finally post.

Anyway here's a brief description of me. I'm a laid back, active, decent looking college student studying for my bachelor's degree. I visit this site nearly everyday to see what's new while I'm on the toilet, as it's somewhat relaxing. Funny thing is, I always found the act of defecating repulsive and unspeakable (until now of course). Now to talk about the main reason I made this post... First off, I want to inform the moderator that this isn't going to be anything super freaky or dirty and I'm genuinely interested in hearing about others thoughts. While a portion of you don't, quite a few people visit this site because the act of pooping/peeing excites them whether it be from a male or female. I'm no exception to this, but I do still try to keep my posts appropriate.

Well, just earlier this year I found out about this interest that I never knew existed. I went into the boys bathroom on campus as I always do to take a leak. I have never before pooped in a public restroom prior to then, that includes high school, restaurants, and especially port-o-potties. Anyway I started to pee in the urinal when I realized a guy in the stall next to me was taking care of business. I didn't pay much attention until he started making noises, and I realized then that I was actually getting excited. I was a bit scared of that fact and questioned if I was some kind of weird pervert, but was also curious and wanted to know if I wasn't alone. Well I looked up multiple websites later that day(including this one) and it looks like I'm far from being the only one! This site alone helped me get the courage to actually start pooping in public restrooms and not be intimidated by buddy dumps. It's been a wild experience trying all these things I've missed out on, and I'm so thankful that places like this exist for us.

Well anyway, that 'adrenaline rush' or whatever you want to call it has been long over now. And recently(these past few weeks) I haven't felt very good about myself. I know it's cliche to say, but I really feel like a freak for having this interest in guys. Now I can't even pass by a bathroom without wondering if a guy is pooping in there. Or when an attractive guy is stuffing his face in the cafeteria I think about how he's going to have to get rid of it eventually. I don't mean to have these thoughts but they almost feel as instinctual as a straight guy looking at a girl's boobs. I did used to go to a therapist for severe depression but I would never dream of telling anyone about this. It's hard enough being attracted to guys and not girls... but also to them defecating? It's almost overwhelming for me since both of those can be viewed as taboo in society's eyes.

I have to go get ready for my day now but let me leave you all with this question. Well, to those who get turned on by the act of using a toilet(whether you're male or female). How do you cope with your interest and tell yourself you're 'normal'? Do you ever feel guilty for being excited by something that's repulsive to so many? I know this site views pooping and peeing in a strictly innocent way, but I believe my post is relevant to the subject and (I hope) appropriate enough. I highly respect this site and hope I don't offend it.

I would appreciate any responses I get. Take care everyone, have a great Tuesday.


At the Park with Dorothy (and a philosophical discourse!)

Yesterday was Veteran's day, and it was over seventy degrees out, very warm for November around these parts. I went with my friend Dorothy and her two younger daughters (8 and 11 years old) to the park that has portajohns in the off-season. We were there an hour or so, and I was feeling a bit of pressure in my butt. I'm three and a half months pregnant now, and have regulated back to a poop almost every day, after a month long period where my body adjusted and I only went every four days . I'm glad to be nearly regular again. While it was neat to feel gargantuan poops stretch me wide and take their time exiting (as I know many other poopers also take pleasure in) I did not like the way constipation made my body feel sluggish overall. Not to mention the difficulty holding in a built-up poop when it did finally want out. The cramps were sometimes a little too much to take.

I was feeling a need , and deciding the best time to get up and go have an *au naturel* poop in the portajohn. From my last experience in there, I was already aware of a lack of toilet paper, and looking forward to it. I like to just get up and pull up my pants. It feels right. Lately I've been on a "back to nature" kick. Nature designed our butts to retain a small amount of poo. The resulting odor of both soiled butt and stained panties is more often than not pleasing. And smelling our fellow human's odors creates subconscious bonding between us. I remember many occasions of smelling a strong natural odor in the vicinity of another woman and feeling very endeared to her. Such as, for example, sitting next to a woman in the locker room as she undresses after a workout, and smelling her crotch drift over. Or helping a friend do laundry, and smelling the ripe scent of her worn panties, much different than my own scent. Or smelling a friend's pee as we share the bathroom….or laugh together after one of us has farted. The strongest connection of all is our poop odors. That's why we are either crazy about them or repulsed by them. They're our strongest personal calling cards, containing the most "information" about what's going on inside our bodies. Our odors are not designed to divide us, they are designed to bring us closer together. So why should I consider my soiled bottom "dirty?" More like it, it's natural. As long as I wash later on, what's wrong with enjoying the freedom of being natural? It's not a sexual thing either, it's just part of being both animal and thinking being. The point where the two cross over most noticeably is in our reaction to each other's odors.

As I was saying, I was about to get up and go regardless, when Dorothy's youngest piped up and said "Mom, I have to poop like right now." I then said "I was going to just get up and walk over to the portajohn. Want me to take her with me?" Dorothy readily agreed, not wanting the hassle of worrying that her very independent-minded daughter would wander off farther if she let her go alone. It was perhaps 1/8 of a mile from where we were in the park. As we walked over, Marissa farted a few times, and stated again that she had to go really bad.

I took her into the portajohn with me. The seat looked clean, and there was no obvious filth inside. I felt comfortable letting Marissa sit directly on the seat. "Ok, go ahead and sit down" I said, and she lowered her athletic shorts and pink panties to her calves, got on her tiptoes and used her hands to hoist herself onto the seat. Immediately she farted, and we both giggled. Then, I heard the signature crackle of a large, solid poop beginning to slide out. I wasn't wrong in this assessment: her slight build meant there was a good amount of open space behind her and I could see down into the seat opening, and I viewed a dark brown poop, several inches out, the width of which a grown woman might struggle with. She then said "Anne, my poo is hurting my bum coming out!" and I said "It's ok, sometimes mine hurt when they come out, too." Her face got a bit red and she was clearly pushing, when I heard several loud pee squirts accompany the attempts at pushing. By now I could see a foot-long tail hanging off her bottom, and moments later heard a "thunk-splash" as it dropped into the chemical liquid below. "I feel so much better now" she said, clearly relieved.

I figured she was likely done, so I unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them and my panties to just below my knees. With my jeans down, my pregnancy was very visible, and Marissa asked me "Is that your baby in there?" I replied that it indeed was, and she reached forward and ran her hand over my uterus. She then peed for fifteen seconds, and announced she was done. She got off the seat and pulled up her shorts without even asking for toilet paper. Dorothy had mentioned to me that her daughters had a problem with frequent skidmarking. With this casual approach, I could see why.

I then turned around and sat down onto the seat, and began to pee forcefully. My large buttocks hung off the sides of the tiny portajohn toilet seat, and I felt like a giant sitting on it. "Are you pooping?" she asked me. "Yes I am, it's starting to come out now" I replied. I felt a wide log begin its journey out. It was making crackling noises of its own. Marissa commented "Your poop sounds like mommy's." She also commented that she thought my bright red pubic hair was "really cool." I smiled and patted her on the head. "Does mommy take you with her when she poops?" I asked her. "Uh huh. Like at the grocery store or the mall" she replied. "Does mommy make you wipe after you poop?" "Yeah. But I don't like doing it. It's gross. I get poop on my fingers. I hate it." She replied in a sulking tone.

At this point, a minute or so into my poop, I felt the end of the log slip out, and it made a splash just as Marissa's had. I had already peed, so I stood up and pulled up my full cut blue cotton briefs, then inched my tight jeans over my big thighs, buttoned up and fixed my belt. "Don't you wipe after you poop?" she asked. "Not always. I'm like you. I don't wipe unless I want to." "Wiping is gross." She reiterated. "I know what you mean. Sometimes it's best to just clean up after you get home." She nodded affirmatively, and we left the portajohn.

Back at the picnic table, I told Dorothy of our trip to the portajohn. "Marissa has it in her head that she isn't going to wipe unless she is made to" I reported. Dorothy said "That figures! She'll change her tune when she has to wash her own panties someday." I smiled and nodded, thinking about all my own panties that have been graced with a solid brown mark most every time I poop. .. such as the ones I was currently wearing. A trip back to pee an hour later revealed a classic brown mark right where my panties were wedged against my anus. I couldn't wait to get home to show my fiancé, who is quite fascinated with my poo stains (as I have found most men are.)

"Well, look at it this way, at least you have proof they are pooping regularly if they have stains all the time." "Yeah" she said "It could be worse. I am glad they are regular. I don't want constipated daughters." "How often would you say they go?" "My oldest (the teen) I would say almost every day. She stains nearly every pair she wears, but they are usually light to moderate poo marks, so I think she at least tries to wipe well. My youngest (Marissa) I'd say every three days or so. Not as often but oh man when she goes, she goes! Her stains are usually very heavy." (My observation of Marissa's poop earlier did confirm she is capable of a very large stool, indeed!) "And my middle daughter is somewhere in between…so I guess we have poopers of all shapes, sizes, and styles in this family!" she said with a chuckle.

"Right on! Variety is the spice of life." I said, and we then meandered our conversation elsewhere.



Ok, I am sure most of you have heard someone pee, poop, and fart in the public restroom. BUT ITR HAS NOT BEEN STRESSED ENOUGH ESPECIALLY recenet experiences in the past year. i would be good to know the following about what your heard in the public restrooms stalls. we need to know more about the sounds, how many turds and fragements feel, how many times they passed gas, was it loud of soft, how many times did you hear them wipe, how far btheir pants wree down and possibly what their underwear looked like, do you rememebr what they looked like beforehand such as big, medium, or petite/age range e.g. young, middle or old/hair color, race, and other factors, how long do youy think they wree in there.

In addition, we also need to know have you ever seen any unflushed toilet pee or poop.

so here is the mix, CHALLENGE YOU TO DESCRIBE AT LEAST 3-5 SEPARATE EXPERIENCES IN THE PAST YEAR of of what you heard of someone doing business in the public restroom stall. was it just pee, pooping, both., diarrhea, lots of passing gas, lots of butt wipe, was there any wet farts,did they flush while doing businesses, were they on the phone, or any explosive or very loud and continuous situations. we like to heard. in addition, toielt restroom stalls can get very crowded amd maybe you may have heard multiple people doing business at once. you can describe those experiences as well. just give as much as you can within the past year

THANKS AND WE WANT TO KNOW. MINIMUM 3-5 EXPERIENCES IN THE PAST YEAR. maybe you sat bin the stall next to the person and reallly heard anything. just tell us and also if you want, maybe you saw a some toielt unflushed or skidmarks. just let us know. thanks and looking to heard

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Desperate to poop

Desperate Volleyball poop

Well this desperation isn't me but a girl I saw

Playing volleyball again (sunday league) and went off between games for a pee and poop. Not desperate but ready. Got there 3 ladies and gents waiting 1 female toilet, 1 male and 1 shared unisex. Lady in front of me early twenties was mega desperate and was holding her bum and jiggling about.

The gent went into the single gents meaning there was the 3 ladies and the other gent. Just then another gent arrived.

2 mins passed and the ladies opened and the lady in her 50's got to go in. This left the Gent, the desperate lady in her 20's who was short and chubby but cute and me and a few others. Just then the other unisex opened up and a lady came out allowing the lady in her 30's to go in.

The 20 yr old was so so desperate and was visibly shaking trying to hold it in. The gents opened up and the gent went in. Finally after 3-4 minutes the 50 yr old came out and the 20 yr old dashed in. She must have been soooo relieved to get in.

I didn't have to wait too long and I got in replacing the 30 yr old. I had a very relieving dump and pee. I wiped my messy bum and moist front and left very happy

Happy Pooping


in the woods

Just A Guy: Yes, it was an amazing relief. I had never needed to take a shit so badly. I don't know why I went four days without pooping; I just didn't feel a need to go (I think it was nerves, tension). I was astounded by how much I produced after four days and I have to admit, the rush of it was kind of exciting, like I was doing something unladylike. Which, I guess, is why I did what I did yesterday (today is Saturday the 10th btw). I live in rural Pennsylvania, and I live close to some woods that go on seemingly forever. I'd had a very large, hearty meal the night before with my parents and yesterday afternoon, drawing down to dusk, I decided to go for a little "walk" in the woods. I had been holding back a BM for a solid fifteen hours, and I really, really had to shit. I walked steadily so the urge would stay where it was (desperate but not turtle-heading) until I came to a small creek where a big old tree had fallen a couple years before. I looked around, wondering why I was about to poop in the woods but realizing I would never make it back home and to the toilet in time, I simply unzipped my jeans and pulled them down with my panties as I settled on the tree trunk, my butt hanging off the edge just a little. I went pee for about twenty seconds and just tried to relax and let things take their natural course. Within a minute I felt my huge load shift inside me and I leaned forward a bit as the poop began to slide out. It felt like another brute and I sighed a little as it kept sliding out until finally snapping off and landing in some standing water with an audible splash. I was nowhere near done, as the heavy feeling in my stomach indicated. Turd no. 2 began its descent, and I swear it felt even bigger than the first, if that's possible. After fifteen seconds it broke off and thudded on top of the other. I wiped myself with some Purell wipes I'd brought and looked down. An enormous, solid load. I giggled, partly out of pride and partly due to embarrassment, not being able to believe I had just taken a huge shit in the woods. I pulled my pants back up and walked back home, thinking a hunter or campers would never suspect that a cute (according to most people) girl who looks sort of like the April Ludgate character on "Parks & Recreation" (just with reddish hair) had produced such a massive load.

Hey, Heidi! That was a very interesting story. Were people embarassed? Was there any smell? Were they covered up, or exposed? Could you please give some more details? A restroom like this is rare, and I'm curious about it.

On the road side

Hi my name is Tom I am a long distant lorry driver this site is really good site and would like to tell you some of many sighting of peeing and pooping I have witnessed on my travels across Europe.
Because lorry driver use the layby a lot they have to pee and poo at these location. So I will try and describe some of them.
I can remember about 10 years ago parked in a layby with no toilets and a French car pulling in front of my lorry, The driver a woman in her 30 's got out went to back door and got a young boy out with the back door open she pulled his shorts and pants down.
From inside my cab I could watch without being noticed, she picked him up from the back and held him in a squat.
The boy started peeing a arc, the woman said something to him and I could see him strain in doing so a long thin poo came out into the road gutter, she then wiped him and redressed him before putting him back in the car.
Then to my surprize she turn with her back to me lifted her dress and slipped her knicker down to her knees .
She then lent forward into a half squat and started peeing strongly then she pushed out 3 turd medium in size, when she was finished she quickly wiped redressed and got back in the car and drove off.
That was the start of many more time with I will tell more if you like.

Sarah T


Sarah T again, haven't posted in awhile.

So, as anyone who has read my posts knows, I'm somewhat prone to accidents.

After several experiences of wetting or soiling my pants, some of which I've related hear, I decided to try something. I decided I'd try wearing diapers when I knew I would be in situations that could lead to accidents. This is my first experience wearing one.

I had an organic chemistry test, perhaps one of the worst tests imaginable. It was a midterm and would last for about 2 hours. I had gone to the drug store the night before and bought a package of depends. I didn't really think about which to buy as I didn't want to be seen standing in front of a wall of diapers, let alone standing in line and buying them. I just bought the first pack I saw and tried to carry them as discretely as possible to the register (yeah, real easy). So, after lying them down on the counter with an embarrassingly attractive girl working at the register, I got the hell out of there!

So, I got home and took the package of diapers out of the bag and just sort of stared at them. Had it really come to this? Was I really going to wear a diaper?

I spent a couple more hours studying and went to bed. I woke up the next morning. I grabbed the pack of diapers and took one out. I spent a minute just sort of looking it over. I hadn't really thought about what a diaper was like. I unfolded it, took my panties off and slipped it on. It felt awkward, bulky, and, well, childish. I put on a pair of jeans, which just felt more awkward. The felt way too snug and like I was waddling. I realized the jeans must would not do. After several other pairs of pants I decided to wear some sweat pants, I thought the extra bagginess would help hide the diaper. I felt odd going to class in just sweats, I tried to dress appropriately for school.

I headed to class. I used the bathroom before my test and tried to empty myself out. I felt like I needed to poo, but, nothing came out.

I got to class and set down for my test. As any student who has taken organic chem will tell you, it wasn't an easy test.

About halfway through I felt a cramp and a lurch in my gut. I could tell the poo was on the move, but, I didn't give it much mind, I was wearing a diaper, wasn't I?

The cramps got worse, and I was getting desperate. I didn't know what to do? Should I try to hold it, or just "let go"? By the last couple of questions I had to make a decision, keep holding it and not make it anyway or just go and be comfortable so I could focus on my test? I decided it would be better if I could focus on my test. So, as discretely as I could, I lifted myself off my seat and gave a small push. And a s.all push is all it took. Immediately this soft poo started filling my diaper. As it was an auditorium style classroom because it was a common midterm for all the organic chem classes I had seated myself as far away as possible from anyone else. And its a good thing I did, as I had grossly underestimated how much poo I had and the capacity of my diaper. It was enough that I continued working on my test rather than finish my poo first. It just kept coming and I could feel the diaper getting quite full and the bottom sagging a bit.

Luckily, by the time I had finished discretely filling my diaper I had finished the test. The proctor came over and I was free to go. I grabbed my bag and stood up. Almost immediately I grabbed the waist of my sweats as I could feel the sag.

I walked rather quickly out of the class. It was then that I noticed it felt wet around the leg holes. My diaper was leaking! I walked as quickly as I could to my car, every step I felt a little more oozing out.

I threw my bag in my car and sat down on a towel. The poo smooshed out and I could feel more oozing out. I got home as quickly as I could and got inside. Ther were small stains around where the diaper had leaked, but, I don't.think anyone saw because they probably happened when I sat down.

It felt totally futile. I had put up with the awkwardness of wearing a diaper just to have it leak! I peeled it off and got in the shower.

Ultimately, however, it wasn't a total failure, as I hadn't walked out of class with a big brown spot on my sweat pants and they were saved after several aggressive cycles in the washing machine. I hadn't lost any underwear either.

Since then I've learned more about.techniques for wearing diapers to avoid a compromising situation. But, that I'll elaborate on in future posts.

My question for the forum is, has anyone else hear got to the point of wearing diapers, frankly, well past the "normal" age for wearing them? I know that I'm not the only human being to wear diapers in college and beyond, but, its rare to meet with other's who do, and, I certainly felt like I was the only one at first when I started using them in college.

Till next time!


Saturday poop

I was right. The bottle of water stimulated my bowels and I just pooped. I had stomach cramps and pooped out what felt like diarrhea but it really wasn't. There were a few small soft turds and a bunch of mush on top of it. I still feel like there might be more coming later.

I had massive dumps Tuesday and Wednesday, none Thursday and I went again yesterday (Friday) though not as big as the other poops I've taken. I had to poop soon after having my bottle of water when I got up. This one was hard to tell how big it was because most of it was hiding in the toilet bowl but I'd say it was a pretty good size, probably about 8 inches long (just a guess). Wiping was a messy job again and the bathroom smelled terrible. I seem to be on a good streak with pooping again, going almost every day now. The water when I get up, popcorn before bed and more water during the day seems to be helping. Let's hope I poop again after I finish my bottle of water today.


62nd Story

So yesterday at school we had a rememberance of all of our troops who had gone to war and allow our country freedom. The event took place outside this year at the nearby beach. It was snowing lightly and was quite cold. I was part of the ceremony to sing a short song. When I was standing during the ceremony I got an urge to poo. During my part I nearly farted by accident luckly I didn't. After another 20 minutes it ended and it was lunch. I walked with my friends back to the school and 3 of us would go into the bathroom. We each took a stall. I pulled my yoga pants and panties down mid theigh and skirt up and sat down. Each of us had a pee and the two of them finished up and waited for me. I couldn't help but let out a loud fart. Another girl came in and took a stall. She had a pee and left. My poo was harder to push. It felt quite thick. Another girl came in and took a stall. She had a pee but remained seated. I slowly pushed out a thick, firm poo. It kinda hurt my bum to push it out. It was 9" long. I wiped but my bum was mostly clean already. But I had to wipe my front. I flushed and got up. And left after washing my hands. See you later.

1. How long does it take you to take care of business? 5 to 10 Minutes
2. does it stink when you are done? sometimes
3. Do use a fan or spray freshener? If i have a fan i will
4. How many times do you usually wipe? 2 or more
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat? Yes and no
6. How often do get Diarrhea or constipated? Frequently
7. / Do you leave skid marks in the bowl? Sometimes
8. Do you read while going? Sometimes
9. Have you clogged up a toilet? Yes a couple of times
10. Do always flush? For poop yes, for pee sometimes

blue circle

Not to be That Guy but...

Ok, There is an issue I would like to address. I am in the midst of addressing it in my personal life, and would like to offer my contemplation to the toilet stool community.
Many of us are here because we get excited reading about, or watching, or hearing people (in my case women) use the restroom. The ultimate experience for many of us is to be in the bathroom with a particular individual (perhaps a partner or spouse) while they relieve themselves. Our dream is to dissolve the boundaries between us and the other person so we have an opportunity to witness one of their most private yet natural acts, of which we would gladly reciprocate. Because of the social constraints this interest suffers in our modern society however, many of us feel that the probability of actually obtaining this experience in real life is quite low, or since it is not a regularly occurring experience to say, hear a woman take a nice noisy healthy dump, we resort to spying on people. Has it ever occurred to anyone how much of an invasion of privacy this is? I mean seriously. We take advantage of the fact that an individual thinks their alone, the perfect condition in which they can exercise the most natural of functions without inhibition. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had it up to here with my urges to spy on women as they do their private business, and am currently engaged in a battle to rid myself of this darkness. I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this interest, but have gotten to the point where I find taking advantage of another human being like that to be something that is morally impermissible. As "strange" as this interest is, I believe it's true joy will be experienced when it is performed between two consenting people. Now if we are in close proximity to someone who is going to the bathroom then there is not much we can do about the situation. If we happen to hear something, then so be it, but do we really need to go out of our way to spy on innocent people? I hope the next time I witness a woman taking a full on dump, it's because we are in the bathroom together, and I am holding her close.

College student

reply to John H and a story

You mentioned a girl talking about peeing a lot in public. I was leaving class back in high school and I overheard someone behind me say "I took a dump last period" and someone else laughed, then they said "I was really bored." I turned around and it was 2 girls discussing this in a crowded hallway. A very strange experiences.
The other day I was at college and was hanging out in the recreation room. I was through with class and usually play xbox and ping pong. I had this cramp and went to the bathroom. the stall was really weird. There were 2 toilets in the same stall. one was a handicapped crapper and I sat on it. It was too high and I was having trouble, so halfway through, I moved to the shorter toilet. It took about 30 minutes because I don't eat enough ????. I flushed both at the same time and left skid marks in both bowls.


Wiping (to Lorraine)

I keep wet wipes on hand for certain circumstances, but usually toilet paper is OK. The single-ply paper (Scott's, etc.) works better for me than the cushy double-ply stuff (Charmin, etc.); the Charmin suffers from break-through, as well as leaving little pieces of the paper on one's anus after wiping, while the Scott's seems to do a cleaner job. I often use a dab of cleansing cream (Noxzema or the like) on the last pad of toilet paper to clean thoroughly around my anus; it usually works quite well. However, on rare occasions even the cream-dabbed toilet paper doesn't clean well, and there is enough poopy residue to cause an itch later on. In that case I use the wet wipes (usually one is sufficient), followed by Balneol or the store-brand equivalent. I never use the wet wipes first, or as the only wipe, but reserve them for times that regular toilet paper has not cleaned up well.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you were in a pretty interesting bathroom and it sounds like you and couple other girls had good poops in them despite the way they were desighned and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like the 3 of you all had good poops even though Bethanys took a while to come I bet she felt the most relief of all after not going for a few day but at least did without needing a laxative and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley (queen bee m) great story it sounds like you had a major cleanout I guese your body flushed itself out and lucky it all happened in the toilet and yeah I bet you felt awsome afterwards who wouldnt after a poop like that and I bet your bathroom was avoided for awhile afterwards to from the sound of it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leah first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really to poop and I bet you felt great afterwards to once you got those monsters out of you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Window into a day of a Teenager's Life

It was summer. I was 16 years old and a lifeguard at the local lakefront. Like a lot of teens...I was constipated ...and in this little window into my life...I was **very** constipated. I hadn't had a bowel movement for at least a week...and I was beginning to feel it. I was in the changing room to put on my swim trunks. With my jeans off and my underpants pulled normally flat belly was free to protrude. Like most teens...I wore tight fitting trunks...and I could feel my ???? expanding from all the poop inside of me. I had all I could do to pull the trunks up.....I had quite a little pot belly.

I never thought about my bowels.....and no one in my life ever checked with me to see if I was having movements. Today; as I ran across the sand to the water's edge...I could feel the rock hard mass inside of me....and for the first time in many days I started feeling an urge to go. Typically; I chose to ignore it.

I grabbed one of the long boards and hit the water. I was on the board belly down...and the weight of my body was pushing against my ???? as I paddled out. All that pressure must have helped stimulate my intestines because almost immediately I felt the megaturd inching down to my butt hole. I didn't really have to worry about it going too far; it was way too hard and wide to make it through. was pushing....and I was really enjoying the feeling.

I kept paddling; the boards were long enough to carry two people; we were trained to use them to rescue a distressed swimmer. As I paddled.....the turd kept pushing and pushing...I knew that if someone pulled my pants down and spread my would have been visible poking out of my hole.

Just then....I was surprised to realize that my friend Joey had swam up to my board and pulled himself up on it; behind me. I had my legs spread far enough for him to pull up between them. All of a sudden...Joey was using my butt cheeks for a pillow....

My turd was just inches from Joeys face; I didn't really know what to do about it...and I was wondering if he could smell it. I doubt it; my rock hard turds really didn't smell that much.

Still...I sucked it back in as much as I could...but it was so big and hard that it really wasn't moving back much. I imagine that newer, softer poop had already moved down into my rectum behind the monster-plug....filling up the entire colon.

After a little more paddling...I ended up on shore along with Joey. I think he might have know my predicament....and said nothing as I told him I was going to the bathroom.

I had a movement that day; my first in many many days. Actually I had a second movement after dinner that night....ending up being more empty than I had been in months.

Were you constipated as a teenager?

Charlie--To Anonymous Chick
for anonymous chick:

How do you help your sister out with her constipation issues? She is lucky to have a sister who is willing to help her out. I have had constipation issues for my whole life, and when I was a teenager I was "caught" several times at friends' houses, in my own house, and in public, having to help my poop out with my fingers and everyone thought I was weird, gross, etc because of it. I had one boyfriend who was really good with helping me get it out when I needed it and several times when he had to help me, it led to other activities between us.

Once when I was extremely packed, I was in my bathroom at my apartment standing at the sink SCREAMING with pain and a few of my neighbors came to help--one lady even bought over some laxatives that take HOURS to work when I needed relief THAT MINUTE! My neighbor ended up having to dig me out and give me an enema.

sinagporean guy

survery again

hi everyone! i saw someone posting asking anymore survery so i was thinking if he/she missed my survery so here's my survery again. those that had done it can ignore. those who still hevent done may do so thanks ^^

1.) have you ever tried to poop in a forest before? how do u feel?
2.) have you ever tried to poop in a porta potty before? how do u feel?
3.) have you ever tried to hold your poop but it ran loose and you poop out before?
4.) do you find it comfortable while pooping in a toilet without seat? if you were going to experience diarrhea in a toilet without seat what will you do? and have you experiencing it before pooping or diarrhea without seat?
5.) have you ever poop infront of your boy/girlfriend before?
6.) what would you do if you were to have a bad stomachache and about to diarrhea and there is no toilet paper in that public toilet?


7.) do you find it comfortable to poop infront of your boyfriend?
8.) if you were to go to a open field camping trip and at night you had a bad stomachache would you wake up the guy next to you and call him to accompany you? why would u allow or not allow?
9.) if you were to wear short skirt do you prefer to hike up or pull down?
10.) if you were in a deserted place and you are having a bad stomachache and just nice you met a guy who is also having stomachache and both of you 2 are scared as the place was deserted will you allow the guy to go poop with you in the same cubicle? why? what will you ask him to do?


61st Story

So Just when I say that I've never seen a public bathroom with no stalls and wide open toilets I end up finding one. At school for a class we took a trip to a local research centre for animals. It was quite a unique place and everyone enjoyed it. On the way there I got an urge to poo. When we got there they gave us all 15 minutes to check things out so I went to the bathroom and saw it. All open, 6 toilets in one row. 1 girl was already sitting and she doesn't really care and she even sat on the first toilet. She said funny toilets huh? Anyways I sat on the 3rd from the door and left a space between us. I pulled my skirt up and pants and panties below my knees. Mirrors in front of you make it hard not to look at anyone there. The girl there wouldn't make much noise the whole time so nothing much to say about her. But more girls came in. The first was a larger girl who looked at the toilets and paused then took the farthest toilet. She pulled her pants enough to pee. 2 girls came in and laughed at the toilets then 1 of them sat to my left pulling her yoga pants down to her ankles. We talked since I know her and also her friend sat next to her and the girl at the end. Then finally another girl came in and sat down to my right. All 6 toilets were filled. The girl on the far end just had a pee and left. Then the next farthest and friend to girl to my left also just had a pee. She asked what her friend was still doing on the toilet and she said... pooping, laughing. The friend told her she would be outside. Another girl came in and sat on the far end. The girl to my left had a small fart. The girl who was in first left. Another girl and friend came in and sat closest to the door. She jusr had a pee and left. I pushed out a 9" soft poo. The girl on the far end was straining, the girl to my left just sat there on her phone and the girl to my left sat there with a disappointed look on her face, I think she may have been constipated. I finished up and left. See you later.


To: anonymous chick

How do you help you sister when she's pooping? I've dug several poops out
for my girlfriend with my fingers when she was really constipated.

Man, a 7-year old kid came and visited me for 8 hours last week. He did not use the bahtroom ONCE!!
Sometimes when he is here, he pees 3 times over the 8 hours, sometimes four, but never poops.


Waiting with turtle head

So anyways its 6:30 at night im clenching my butt together cause my poop is just sticking out and my parents are in the living room so i cant take a poop yet write as soon as i can but


satisfying middle of the night poo

I woke up in the middle of the night with an urge to poo. I went to the upstairs bathroom and sat down without turning on the light. I let out a significant amount of gas with a mostly airy "foom" sound and then a solid but not too hard turd followed pretty immediately. It was just the right size and consistency to make me stretch a little on the way out, without having to push too hard.

Sarah, welcome, you're no more or less weird than the rest of us who read and post here. I'm male and enjoy hearing women relieving themselves or reading stories about it, and I thought I was weird before I found this.

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