Abbie: Glad to hear your constipation has been better lately. I definitely find I'm less constipated when not at school, mostly because I can usually go right when I need to, instead of holding it for ages. Also, I think it's good that you are having breakfast at school, and then are usually able to have a poo. I hope this routine contiues to work out for you.

The electricity went out in our neighbourhood on Monday at about half four. By five, I had to wee but not super badly, so I decided for hold it for a bit and see if the electricity would come back soon. It didn't though and after an hour, I really had to wee. We had lit a few candles, and I had a pocket torch, so at least it wasn't pitch-dark. I was able to see enough to sit down to wee.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Brooke, Keira and I walked to Brooke's house after school. All three of us had to poo. Keira seemed like she had to go very badly, and I knew I had to go, but not as badly as she did. Brooke said she felt like she needed a poo, but had been very constipated and might not even be able to go.

We got to Brooke's house and we decided that Keira could use the main toilet, and Brooke and I would use her ensuite. Since I didn't have to poo that bad and I knew Brooke was feeling constipated, I said she should go first. She pulled down her tights and yellow knickers and sat on the toilet. I sat on her bed and chatted with her while she went. She weed a little bit and then concentrated on pooing. She grunted occasionally but I didn't hear anything. After a while, my own need was getting worse. I asked if she was having any success. She gave one last big push, but it seemed to no avail. She mentioned she hadn't pooed since Saturday morning, and hoped she wouldn't need a suppository.

She sighed and stood up. I went in, lowered my tights and blue stripey knickers, and sat. Keira came into the bedroom about then, looking very relieved. I started pooing almost immediately, at the same time I was weeing. I let out several soft poos and wiped my bum five times. I flushed, washed my hands, and left the ensuite.

Then today at school, Brooke and I talked during morning break and I asked her if she'd have any success. She told me that later in the evening after Keira and I had left, she sat on the toilet for like an hour and was finally able to do a poo.

Sarah - as a guy I like reading stories of girls on the toilet I have. I have no interest in reading guy stories unless they are talking about a girl

Heidi - your stories are interesting

Shitting is a private thing that girls don't talk about so I like coming on here to hear about girls opening up about it

I remember times from years ago when girls i was out on dates with farted or went to the bathroom for a long time I would think of them on the toilet shitting.

Ever notice how your own shit you can look at and smell and not find it offensive. If you smell somebody else's shit I find it offensive.



To Little Mandi, I've never suddenly noticed I had to poo while peeing, I get the urge elsewhere.

To Provost, Strange story, and I've never heard of a no stall public bathroom.

To Shortie, Why did you right it with three parts? And why add + to every twist?

Just a guy
Abbie - that was another great story. It sounded like you and the girl next to you really had to go. By the way you are right that it is easier to move your bowels after eating. In fact I usually go twice a day, usually within an hour after breakfast and usually within an hour after dinner. I'm glad your new approach is working for you.

Bethany - I'm glad you made it to the toilet in time - you must have felt greatly relieved.

Megan - another great story! It sounded like you and the other woman really had to go. You must have felt so relieved especially after a pretty long wait for a toilet bowl to free up.

Shortie - I'm glad your friend Laura was able to help you go.

Ginny - excellent story about Maxine's dump. It sounds like she desperately needed that poo. I've had dumps like that where I really had to go and it all came out in a quick burst or two. Those are usually really smelly dumps and the pre-poop farts before them are bad too.

Patti - excellent story about your friend Toni taking a nice big dump. Based on your story, she really had to go!

Constipation Cures

Everyone knows the normal ex-lax trick, but there are some other choices.
If you take normal sized poops but stop getting the urge for a few days, a laxative is perfect.
If you need to poop more comfortably, use a stool softener. Nutella also seems to help (do not eat if you have a nut allergy!) Magnesium Citrate can be taken all at once for a laxative or in small doses for a softener effect.
If your turds are made of little poop balls stuck together and you get anal fissures or you have to push really hard and get plugged up, you might wanna consider an enema. I recommend the glycerin enemas because they lubricate your Hershey highway and un-stick the dookie.

Anatomy student

possible explanation

Little Mandi, you said it was "unexpected." If your poop is normally big and dry, there is a possible explanation to why you didn't get an urge. In your rectum, there are things called "stretch receptors." When your rectum fills with poop, it stretches. If your poop is normally large, your stretch receptors may be desensitized so you are not getting extreme urges. There is a possibility that the smaller poop didn't register that you had to go. My crap is usually as thick as an index finger and when i rarely get one about the size of a carrot, I feel like I'm turtleing. Normally, I get a cramping sensation instead of a stretch receptor. Everyone is different and it is probably normal. Unless you start uncontrollably pooping (accidents or constant diarrhea) I wouldn't worry about it.

Ashley ( queen bee m)

what a relief

I went in for my morning dump. I had to go really bad. I rushed from my bedroom to the bathroom. The moment I sat down I farted and began
to tinkle for 30 seconds. I applied a little pressure and before I
knew it I started to unleash a fire breathing dragon. It was huge
and smelly. I felt there was more to come but the smell was overpowering so leaned over to reach for the spray. I guess bending
to send more topedos flying into the toilet. I flushed to try and
get rid of the smell. I tried to get up quickly to open window. I hurried to sit down as there was more to come. When I sat down I
started up again sending out more soft torpedos, the entire toilet
was filled in just a few seconds. I looked and admired the (masterpieces). I quickly flushed because there was more to come.'
I would have gone in the tub if there was a way to flush because the
toilet could barely handle my handy work. I finally pushed out a bit
more and felt very empty. I wiped and sprayed. Today is going to be a
great day. I feel like a million bucks...... til next time :)

To Megan, Annie and Abbie - really great posts that I enjoy.
Observant Guy - really intersting !!!



1. How long does it take you to take care of your business?
Normally less than 5 minutes

2. does it stink when you are done?
3. Do you use a fan or spray freshener?
not unless i have a stinky dump
4. Ho many time do you usually wipe?
2-3 times, mp poop is firm
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat?
If i have to and I do cover the seat!
6. How often do you get Diarrhea or constipated?
Diarrhea not often but constipated so we have mirralax if needed
7. /do you leave skid marks on the bowl?
yes if it is a massive dump!!
8. do you read while going?
No, not enough time
9. Have you clogged up a toilet?
Yes if it is a huge dump!!
10. Do you always flush?
Yes rude not to!


John H

unlocked door and overheard pee related conversations

Hey all. I have posted three stories about dumps I have taken over the last while but they haven't been posted yet. Hope they will be up with the next batch. I have two quick stories to share for now.
Around a month ago my girlfriend and me went to a local restaurant for some dinner. After we had eaten we relaxed with a drink. After a while I needed a pee so I went to the toilet. The restaurant has a wheelchair toilet that was next to where we were sitting so I went in there. I have used that particular toilet many times before and it is one of my favourites to have a poop on. The cubical is much bigger than a standard one and the toilet is higher off the ground and it has a very comfortable seat. I didn't lock the door because I was only going in for a pee and not many people use that toilet anyway. I sat to pee because it's such a nice toilet. After letting out a nice long stream I stood and was buckling my belt when I heard the sound of high heals outside the door. Then it opened and a woman came in. She apologised but I said not to worry and that I should have locked the door. She left and I washed my hands and left also. If I had been doing a poop or she had walked in a few seconds earlier she would have seen me in all my glory on the toilet. I told my girlfriend and we had a laugh about it.
Second story. Earlier this week I was in college and I was walking down the hall to get some lunch. There was a girl and a guy walking ahead of me and the hall was busy enough as people were coming out of class. I over heard the girl saying to the guy that she always has to pee a lot because her bladder is small. She went on to tell him that she doesn't like to drink much because every time she has as much as a cup of tea or coffee she has to pee a few minutes later. They then went their separate ways as she went into the toilet. I continued on to lunch. I said I would share that story on here because it's not often you hear a girl talking with a guy like that in public. That's all for now. John H


massive BM at school

I found this site mostly by accident... and that was a pun. :P I didn't have any accidents recently, but I had a verrrry close call on Monday. My name is Leah, I'm 17 and a senior in high school and what happened started out innocently enough. I was in my English class and felt a sudden need to poop... in a big way. I hadn't gone since 9:00 AM the previous day and because my diet has a lot of fiber (I try to eat healthy, but sometimes slip up, as everyone does), I knew I would need to go soon. To top it off, I felt an additional need to piss like a racehorse. But I tried to ignore it for awhile, thinking the need wasn't urgent enough to go right away. Well, that was my first mistake; two periods later, I was very uncomfortable, trying to maintain control of both my painfully full bladder and bowels. I managed, somehow, to manage until the bell rang and then I damn near took my desk with me (one of those older ones with the chair and desk itself attached) when I jumped up and speedwalked down the hall to the girls bathroom, where all the stalls were taken saven for one which was a blessing because I was reaching the critical stage. I barged in, threw my bookbag down and hurriedly undid my belt and zipper before pushing down my pants and planting my butt right on the seat. I'm normally a little skittish about public restrooms, especially when I need to poop, but I had no desire to shit my pants. I peed for about thirty seconds, and then leaned forward a little to try and rid myself of what felt like a monster turd. It felt like it could take awhile so I grabbed a paperback out of my bag and tried to read it, letting nature take its course. After ten pages it finally began to slide out and I cried out a little because it hurt, it was stretching my hole, and after about fifteen seconds it finally broke off and plunked in the water. I sighed contentedly and I was about to pull my pants back up when I felt it; not done yet. I sat back down as a second poop began to make its way out, and it felt just as big. The relief was incredible, after a few moments it dropped into the toilet. Feeling a little silly, I wiped and then stood to look at what I had done. Two huge, thick turds that were so big they were half in, half out of the water. I felt so much better, I tried to flush it, repeatedly, but it would not go. So I had no choice but to leave it there. Has anyone else had a similar experience, either at work or school?


Toilet Paper vs The Formulated Wet Wipes? Which Works Better

ok, many people use regular toilet tissue but some also like the damp formulated wipes as it gets more residue and clean you better. There are certainly advantages but some people may feel embarrassed to sued to formulated wipes.

In any case, its a dating issue because the quality and type of tissue sued will determine how clean your bum is and when sleeping next to someone, it must be fully cleaned and top hygiene or they may be turned off. people use different amount of toilet tissue but the sticky dry and general just miss too much and if your are hairy and unshaven this is especially true and in the summer time, its a very messy wipe.

the wetted and formulated tissue wipes works better but cost more and overtime, these wipes may dry out meaning you may need to damp them a little. the regular type runs out too much and a roll barely last a week. its tougher for women because they have to wipe their butt each time after peeing and clean the vagina. the regular tissue does not work well.

thus these are the principle so toilet tissue

1. does your get every spot each time with no smell or stink left behind
2. do you keep wiping and wiping and still feel like something is missed
3. do you want a bum that smells fresher, cleaner, and a with a fragment scent the toilet tissue wipes give
4. do you want to be able to wipe less and get more for your money
5. do you ever inspect your tissue to see how it got
6. would a fresher smelling butt make your mate feel better sleeping next to you
7. what are some reasons you may not want the damp formulated toilet tissue
8. are you always in hurry to wipe fast as opposed to slowly and more quality
9. ever wetted your toilet tissue or wiped with paper towel
10. you want toilet tissue that feels moist and softer and easier on your bum.
11. you wipe each time after taking a pee or only after number 2
12. does your toilet tissue ever tear, break, or don't flush completely each time.
13. does your toilet tissue feel too think or thick or light or heavy
14. do the buy the cheap brands or look for higher quality and more expensive toilet tissue
15. ever wipe after your bum get very sweaty, have a wet fart, pass gas while using and felt the urge to urge.

think about those and clean bum is good for your mate. don't need to answer but very important rationales

Brandon T

Comments & stuff

To: Little Mandi as always another great story and yeah sometime that happens its called the phantom poop I think its basicly like you needed to poop just body didnt get the message yet so when you were peeing your body decided to let some poop out to I hope that makes sence its kinda hard to word things sometimes and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had 2 pretty easy big poops and I like those kind except the clean up part but it better then cleaning up a bigger mess in your pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really good poops and from the sound of it you both felt relaved afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bethany as always another great story it sunds like you really had to go bad and alot to from the sounds of it and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and st least it solid and not diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Provost thats good your daugther pooped.

To: Heidi as always another great story and please keep posting them they are good am not the only who agrees so please keep them coming thanks.

To: Indian Housewife first welcome to the site and great story and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day but at least you had people there to help you out and I bet next time you gotta poop you wont let something that can wait from stopping you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both really had to poop her mostly and at least you both made it in time without having an accident and I bet you both fel pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like your friend Laura really helped you and it sounds like you had a good poop and I bet you felt like heaven afterwards and really thankful to her for being such a good friend and your lucky to have her as a friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ginny as always another great post it sounds like your sisters friend Maxine really had to poop bad and alot to and I bet she felt pretty great after all that to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great catch it sounds like you got lot lucky and it sounds like they both were kinda desperate especialy the second on since hers was runny and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miss D as awlays another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at least you made it everytime without an accident and at least your husband was there part of the time to help you and I hope you feel all the way better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dee as always another great story I hate thsoe kind of poops they are anoying I hope you have a good poop soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Friday, November 09, 2012

Little Mandi

unexpected poop

Have you ever sat on the toilet to go pee, and unexpectedly started pooping? That happened to me on Saturday. It was a little after 9:30. We had just eaten dinner a little while before. I never eat that late,but I was really hungry since I haven't eaten since 1. My family and I went to the local diner. I had a roast beef sandwich and a little bit of my Mom's rice pudding. It was really good.

After while,I was just messing around on the computer like I always do. My stomach felt a little crampy, but I payed it no mind,it passed right away. A short while later I had to go pee. I went up to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and started peeing. Midway through my pee,some loose poop started to come out. Which is extremely odd for me. I always have rock solid poop. After I was done peeing,I stayed sitting and pushed out more loose poop. It wasn't diarrhea,but it wasn't solid. It burned really bad too. I stayed seated for 5 mins,wiped 4 times and that was that.

I found that a little weird. I didn't feel the urge to go at all. I usually always get some kind of warning.

Today I can't poop.My stomach is feeling a little crampy. I got the urge to go,but when I sat down all I could get out was 3 tiny pebbles.


To anonymous chick

This question is for anonymous chick hey how have u had to help your sis wih her BM's like did u do to help her out. Let me kno .has she ever had to dig her poop out cause it was to hard or big to come out ?

Hello its John from the uk. I'd like to reply to Adrian's response to my post. As you say I was indeed a lucky guy in having a girlfriend with a mutual interest in this subject but she also suffered terribly from constipation despite eating a very healthy diet, she was of Mediterranean heritage and plenty of fruit, fresh vegatables etc was a staple part of her regimen. It wouldn't be unusual for her to spend upwards to an hour sitting on the loo pushing and straining to go. I would spend the time sitting on a small stall beside her and massaging both the small of her back and her lower stomach. Sometimes I would even bring her a hot tea or coffee in an endeavour to encourage some movement! If all else failed then my index finger with some shampoo on it would be judiciously inserted into her rectum, where one would feel some rock hard turds, and try to stimulate the bowel; this course of action would invariably promote a bowel movement which in her case would normally consist of 5 or 6 walnut sized pepples then a probably a 6 to 8 inch log which would be a mass of boluses. The effort of all this would more often or not would leave her tired but the recovery time of a 17 year old was quite quick and she would be recovered within the hour. I often wonder what she's doing now, she'd be 58 now. C'est la vie! Take care fellow Posters, J x

Heavy Fiber

Constipated in the woods

Hey its me again, I got a question for people who have pooped in the woods. Have you ever had to poop really bad while out in the woods but when you squatted down, you couldn't go? This happened to me about a week ago.

As my name implies I eat a lot of fiber, or at least try to. But I don't poop everyday instead I probably poop every other day. But last week I went without pooping, despite not changing my eating habits, for four days, from Sunday until Thursday afternoon. I dont know what happened but out of nowhere I just plugged up. I felt the urge to go on Monday but ended up not going because I was busy at work and by the time I got off I just went straight to bed. I didn't feel the urge through most of Tuesday, i guess the feeling "went away" during the night, and I had another busy day (holiday season is in full gear). The urge came back Tuesday evening, but I guess by that point my turds had gotten too large and compacted and nothing came out when I tried to go. I only tried to push it out for a few minutes then just gave up and went to bed.

Wednesday I couldn't poop at all, just fart. During this whole time I was still eating lots of fiber cereal, whole wheat bread, vegetables, etc., hoping to force it out, but all that did was make me really bloated and gassy. It is NOT a good feeling to have a massive turd lodged in your bowels, plus an overstuffed and heavy stomach full of gas and digesting food. Finally on Thursday I had time to go for a walk in the woods near my house, because i've read stories on here about people who have done that. I figured the exercise and the cool weather would stimulate me to poop. I basically walked around for about fifteen minutes, letting out constant farts almost with every step, before I decided to give it a try. I found a hidden spot (not that anyone was in the woods anyway), took off my shoes and socks, took off my sweatpants and underwear, squatted down with my fat butt hanging in the breeze, and waited.

I felt a huge urge to poop and I thought it would start coming out immediatly but all I did was fart. I started pushing and I think the squatting position, plus the huge load of poop that was pushing on the blockage, finally forced the constipated plug to move. I felt my anus stretch as a gigantic log poked out but even when I bore down it only came out about an inch. I had to stop and catch my breath, then tried again. I pushed again and it came out maybe another inch or two, but it didn't even feel halfway out and it felt extremely wide, like maybe two inches in diameter. I had to stop pushing after ten seconds and catch my breath again.

I started bouncing on my heels, hoping to jar it loose, to no avail. I felt like a fat bloated chicken trying to lay a giant brown egg. By this point I had been trying to poop for like ten minutes and the main turd hadn't even come out yet. Plus the wind was really cold and I figured "screw it i'll try to finish at home", but when I stood up the poop wouldn't go back in. The poop was simply too large and hard to be pinched off or forced back in, I was stuck with this thing poking three inches out of my ass. It couldn't have been less than two inches thick, completely plugging up my anus. I knew I wouldn't be able to put my pants back on so I just gathered my stuff and started walking (more like waddling) back home. Seriously I couldn't even walk properly.

About a minute later I think my waddling started to loosen it up and it felt like it was about to come out for real. I quickly found a tree and squatted down while facing it, balancing myself against the trunk and pushing really hard. The log started coming out really fast, all while keeping my anus open really wide, and then just plopped out onto the ground. It must've been almost a foot long and two and half inches wide. I barely had time to let out a sigh when I felt a cramp and an avalanch of poop started coming out. These turds were only slightly smaller than the main one, probably only about two inches thick at the most, and much softer. Loud explosive farts burst out of me also while this was happening, and I could feel my stomach flatten as the gas and turds were finally let out after being trapped for so long.

This went on for like five minutes before I finally felt light and empty enough to stand properly. I didn't bother wiping and just immediately put on my underwear and pants, slipping on my shoes and socks and quickly going home. Not that I was worried about seeing anyone since I live in a secluded area (thats why I risked walking home half-naked), but even so it was a HUGE pile of poop. I'm still not sure why I got constipated in the first place but I guess it was my schedule.

So thats my pooping-in-the-woods story. Hope you liked. ;)


Another massive poop

I posted during the night about how I did a huge poop that clogged the toilet yesterday. Well I've had a bit of a stomachache today since I woke up but I pooped again just a few minutes ago. I joked to my husband that I hope it doesn't clog the toilet again. So I went to the bathroom and took out the toilet paper and something to read in case it took a while. I could already feel it poking out and it kind of hurt.

Well turns out I didn't need the book. I sat down and gave a push and the monster slid out just like that. It was another huge one, about a foot long. I was amazed considering I had pooped out a big one about a foot and a half long yesterday. Wow! My stomach feels better though it feels like I might have to go again later ;) I guess the laxative and the water has helped. It was messy to wipe too so I had to wash my bum in the bathtub.

Karen C

Diarrhea from detox

Hi all. Thought you all might be interested in my liver cleanse flush that involves a lot of diarrhea and vomiting; I know this is a poop forum but vomiting is nearly the same as having diarrhea with the one difference is that it comes up through my mouth except the other way, right?

I stopped smoking in September and now in November I felt it was high time to do a body cleanse and get rid of all the crap in my lungs and elsewhere. I just got over a stomach virus as you know from my earlier post, which is what prompted me to action. I ate nothing but apples and apple cider and apple juice for the past few days, okay I cheated and had a couple of Snickers bars when I felt low on energy, but basically I stuck to the protocol, no meats ect. So I ate and drank basically nothing but apple and apple derivatives, to help break loose of everything in my liver, then last night I drank a half pint of pure virgin olive oil.

After about an hour I felt like throwing up but I held it down, and spent most of the night walking round and around the block per the instructions. At about 3am I started having diarrhea, the worst I've ever had. Pretty exploisive stuff; I had to clean my toilet after each episode. I shat out a bunch of stuff, pieces of red and green, about every twenty minutes until about 7am.

I think some of the pieces may have been gallstones from my liver since I hadn't eaten anything green or red, save for maybe the apple skins. Felt pretty nauseous to my stomach, too, felt like I had to throw up but I hadn't eaten anything so it was just some orange mucousy stuff that smelled terrible along with with lumps of green stuff, reddish stuff, in a tan watery base, and I napped as much as I could.

The first time I threw up I had to use my fingers to get the gag reflex started and after that I wished I hadn't, because when I'd throw up I felt like I was choking and not enough air in my lungs and couldn't inhale, pretty scary to say the least. I spent the night throwing up about every 25 minutes, so I called in sick to work today, I told them I had a stomach virus and I didn't want to spread it to the other guys, it worked.

I've felt gradually better all through today, I've been sipping gingrale with orange juice and nibbling on saltines and thin slices of hard block parmesan cheese to settle my stomach and help put back my intestinal flora. I've even managed to bake cookies for the neighborhood kids with whom I play softball and basketball. Lots of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for when they come home from school today; they call me "Aunt Karen" or just plain "Karen", I like that, it makes me feel younger, almost like a mom again. I miss being a mom, and I intend to fight this aging process with all I've got.

This morning one of my young neighbors, a 16 year old boy whom I'll refer to as "Michael", held my hair for me while I threw up this morning by the mail boxes while he was waiting for his school bus, even though I didn't have really all that much to hold back as I wear my dark brown hair medium length with straight bangs in front, but nevertheless he was thoughtful enough to rush to my side and do that for me for which I'm really grateful. I was out for a walk and thought I'd be alright then the nausea just got to be too much for me and I just lost it.

He didn't seem put off by the smell at all. He kept asking me if I was alright and that really means a lot to me, it shows he cares; if I were 40 years younger I'd want to marry him. We often share hot cocoa together in my backyard most evenings because we both suffer from insomnia, we often watch old tv reruns together late at night. I enjoy talking with him and giving him advise on life's matters as I did with my own boys before they left home. We're pretty close and I treat him as a son and he comes to me when his own mom is on a rampage and just doesn't understand, and he can always count on me for a hamburger or a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup for dinner when his mom cooks liver; I was a wild teenager and twentysomething once myself so can definitely relate to most of what he's going through, his girlfriend is really nice also, she reminds me of myself from about forty years ago, and sometimes she comes over on nonschool nights to share cocoa with us also.

It's nice to have someone like him to pass the long lonely nights away. I've been giving him drum lessons since July also, and he has really great potential, we share a common interest in bebop style jazz and light rock; I dare say he's a heck of a lot better at the drum kit than I was at his age, 16 which is when I began, and I was GOOD. I almost was on my way to a career in music, but fate took a turn for the worse, I got marrried, duh. But he makes me proud with each lesson, and he really has potential, it's almost like watching myself and seeing what I could have been, living my life through him, so sometimes I can't help but think of him as my own son. Neither of my own sons showed any interest in music.

That said, I feel pretty good right now, just ate two bowls of Ramen roasted chicken flavor with parmesan cheese and whole wheat bread, and I feel that I'm well on my way to detoxing the tar and crap in my body from the cigs; I started smoking at about age 22 because my brother smoked and he said it was a good way to keep my weight down while eating what I wanted in any amount I wanted, but now i see that it's just not worth it, I'd rather be ten pounds heavier with a healthy heart and lungs, right? I've been crapping out all the tar and cheeseburgers I've eaten for the last few decades and though I feel weak, I definitely feel a difference for the better.

I work out regularly, and now at my age and from what I've learned, I actually wouldn't mind gaining about five or six lean inches around my hips and legs, to fill out my pants better, though I didn't always think so when I was younger.

I guess I just wasn't skeletally built to be one of those stick-thin models and now I realize that; muscle tissue is a good thing to have. I want to keep my waist about the same, my face and neck thin, but beef up a little in my breats, legs, hips, and buttocks. I want to be lean, but still voluptuous. Anyone understand?

Little Mandi- Yes, I sometimes get that where you don't expect a poo but suddenly find yourself doing one! Usually it happens after I've had a poo then later in the day if I didn't feel completely cleared out sometimes I will be going for a wee and find that I have a bit more poo to get out.

Bethany- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you really needed a poo in your class. Like you I'm 21 and at university so I know how you felt! I often have to go in class and it's urgent quite a lot of the time because I only go every few days. My post from today is similar- I was desperate to go too. Hope you can post more in the future!

Abbie- Glad you've managed to get more regular with your poos and that it's easier now for you to go. Two poos in two days- I'd like to be able to do that more often! Drinking lots of water is always good for that and I try to as well, but like you said it does make you have to wee a lot! Sounds like your new plan of trying to go poo at school before class is working. I Look forward to your next post!

Today I had a long wait for the loo. I had lectures all day from 9am to 1pm with not really enough time in between to go to the toilet, certainly not for a poo. By about 11 I was already feeling a need to go poo. It wasn't too strong yet though and I had two more hours left so I tried to ignore it. By noon the feeling was too intense to ignore. I had to go fairly badly now but I tried not to focus on it. After a while I was getting desperate to poo, and all the water I'd been drinking in lectures caught up and my bladder was full too. Until this point it had been my poo that I'd been needing and focusing on holding in, but now I started to need a wee worse than a poo, which was saying something because I really needed a number two!
Finally the lecture ended and I hurried for the loos, knowing I would soon lose my fight to keep my wee and poo in and that I needed to sit down on the toilet right away. I went in to the toilets. All three cubicles were taken, but luckily nobody else was waiting because I was dying to go now! I waited impatiently for a toilet to become free. One did a minute later. I quickly went in, just beating the queue because a group of girls started coming in now. I sat down and my bladder released itself straight away, a stream of wee hissing into the bowl. My poo started coming soon after, under cover of a hand dryer going off! Two logs came out at first. I weed for about 30 seconds and then unloaded another turd. I could hear that there were a few girls waiting so I tried to be quick. I pushed out one final piece and then wiped, feeling very much relieved!


Laxatives. Who has used them and which ones and what effects

As a woman I have used laxatives quite a few times, sometimes for actual constipation and at times in the past to help with a bit of a crash diet, usually herbal tea's like Slimatee or non cramping laxatives like Lactulose.

I'm interested to hear from other girls about their experiences, I have friends who have done similar to me and have plenty of tales from them and my own experiences.


Have you ever taken laxatives to help with constipation? A: Yes , usually after my period, but sometimes on holiday due to diet change.

Have you taken laxatives for support of a diet or weight loss? A; Yes several times, usually herbal laxative tea, this works well short term but not advised for more than a week or two.

Do you get sudden urges and diarrhoea when you take laxatives? A: Yes nearly always, and timing of effects can be unpredictable!

What laxatives have you experience of? A: Usually herbal tea but sometimes Dulcolax Perles, Lactulose or Milk of Magnesia.

What Laxative gives you the most uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom? A: I have found that Dulcolax perles can be so urgent you need to be very near a bathroom or accidents are pretty certain! (Experience) . Lactulose is milder but in large doses watery diarrhoea can escape with gas/wind (sharting episodes have been my experience!)

Have you ever taken laxatives just for the feeling of having diarrhoea? A; Yes, especially when I need to lose a pound or two but the feeling can be so divine!

Would you take laxatives with a friend to buddy dump diarrhoea? A: Yes, when I was at college, three of us girls in the same halls did this one Saturday. so funny!!!

Hope to hear responses and experiences, so little seems to be said about laxatives on this site and I know from friends how many other girls take them from time to time...

Happy to share other stories related to my experiences, just ask



Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest update for you all. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I seemed to be even more busy in the holidays than I am normally at school!
Megan- sounds like an embarasing situation in that restaurant you were in, typical that the time you need a poo in a public place and you're too desperate to hold it something like that happens! As you said though, at least you weren't the only one having a poo, that would have been even worse.
Natasha- I enjoyed your story about your sleepover and thanks for your kind comments in your previous post. I understand your opinion about borrowing knickers from friends, I haven't done it very often, only if I've got mine really dirty and its a friend I know very well.
Anyway, over the holidays my constipation has got a bit better, thank God, I've been trying to eat more healthy stuff and drink plenty of water which seems to be making a bit of a difference. I've also been to sit on the loo for a while after every meal, I read somewhere that eating gets the bowels moving so its often easier to go for a poo after having some food. I didn't go away at all during the holidays so it was quite easy to stick to that routine, I was drinking so much water that even if I didn't need a poo I certainly managed to wee a massive torrent!! I had a couple of hard poos to start with but by the end of the week I was going every other day and I was straining a lot less which is great news. Now I'm back at school I've been doing my best to keep this routine going, I figured I should be able to go on the loo first thing before lessons and after I've had my lunch. For some reason I can't eat for the first hour or so after waking up, I just don't feel ready for food, so theres not really much point trying for a poo straight after getting up, I just have a wee then. In the past I've pigged out at breaktime at school and then I end up getting a strong urge for a poo shortly after break, of course by then lessons are in full swing and its hard to find the time to have a poo so I have to hold it till lunch and then don't always get the chance to go then. So I came up with the idea of getting to school early and having breakfast in the canteen, that way I feel up to eating and hopefully can use the toilet shortly after, as by then I should be starting to want a poo. This system seems to be working quite well, I had a poo after breakfast yesterday morning in the loos by the canteen and even though I didn't feel the urge this morning I stuck to the routine and went to the toilet again this morning. There were three girls in front of me in the queue which was moving pretty slowly, at this time in the morning practically everyone using these toilets is there because they need a poo. I eventually got a cubicle which smelled strongly of the last girls poo and there were loads of marks in the bowl. I lifted my skirt, dropped my tights and pink knickers and sat down. I was aware that there was an even longer queue now and I couldn't stay there too long, I tried to relax and felt some wee coming which dribbled down into the bowl. On my left my neighbour had her skirt, tights and yellow knickers at her feet and she was going up on tiptoes trying to push out her poo, I could hear her grunting in between the flushes and hand driers. I pushed a bit but nothing seemed to be stirring so I quickly wiped my front then pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt before flushing and coming out of my cubicle. As I went through the morning I felt a need for a poo starting to develop, it was quite strong after I'd eaten my lunch so I went off to my favourite loos in the English block feeling really pleased that I was going to have two poos in as many days. When I got to the toilets there was only one girl waiting, she was shuffling around looking pretty desperate. Just then two cubicles next to each other became free at once, so the girl and I hurried in and locked the door. I quickly got my tights and pants down and could hear the other girl doing the same, then I heard her bum slapping down on the seat. She moaned a bit with releaf and then farted loudly. I started to wee a strong stream, I was quite desperate for that too as I'd been drinking loads of water all morning. I heard some more farts from next door and then some crackling as her poo started to come out, just then I farted too so at least the other girl would hopefully feel less embarrased! I pushed a bit to get things started and felt a log start to slide out, it wasn't nearly as hard and fat as usual which was a massive releaf. It plopped down into the bowl after a couple of minutes of gentle pushing and then I passed a few chunks before feeling empty. Next door the girl was panting a bit, she then grunted slightly and I heard a loud plop followed by two more and then a sigh of releaf. She then started to wee. I took some paper and wiped my bottom and next door I could hear my neighbour was starting to do the same. I pulled up my pants and tights and flushed before coming out of my cubicle at the same time as the other girl, she smiled at me before we washed our hands and went our seperate ways. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


desperation at school

Hi, my name's Bethany. I'm 21 and in college. My bowel movements are usually regular, until what happened last week. Hadn't gone for four days when during the first class of the morning, the urge hit me and hit me hard; I had to take a shit. Real soon. She springs a surprise quiz on us, naturally, and so I start to work on it fast as I can, and I'm sort of panicky and biting my lip because I feel it inching closer. I finish the quiz, hand it in and leave the room quickly to go down to the ladies, which thankfully was empty. I ran in a stall, ripped my pants and panties down and sat down hard on the bowl. I peed a short stream and cursed myself for not pooping sooner as the first turd started to emerge; sort of hurt but felt so relieving, very smooth and thick, and it finally broke off with a splash after feeling like forever. The second turd felt just as big and came out much easier, and dropped into the bowl. After making sure I was done, I stood up, wiped, and looked. Altogether it had to be 2 1/2 feet worth of poop; I had to flush repeatedly. After going back to class, I felt kind of weird for how I felt such a rush of adrenaline from trying to hold it in. The close call, etc. I never felt that before when going to the bathroom.


Massive dump

I was constipated for about a week but I put some laxative in my tea on Monday night and yesterday I finally went. It was massive. It had to have been a foot and a half long. It ended up clogging the toilet and my poor husband is still trying to unclog it. Almost 12 hours later!


My daughter's relief

Thanks, guys for the advice. Yes, my daughter still has a chamber pot, we bought it one day at a yard sale. I gave her a suppository and she went into her room and used it. Then she and I went for a walk in the forest. She told me she really needed to poo, so I said for her to go in the bushes. She went into the bushes and I heard grunting and straining and a big fart. Then she came to me to tell me it worked! She found some leaves to wipe, pulled up her jeans and we kept walking!

anonymous chick
My sister has had constipation issues for as long as I can remember. Her bms are always so huge and wide, that they take tons of effort to pass. She usually has to push and strain for quite a while. i've helped her out several times . Id love to hear from anyone else that has helped someone out like that


Replies & 60th Story (Live)

Just so you know the last post of mine was meant be titled 59th Story.

To Sarah, I the act itself more then reading others.

To Billy, I really wish I didn't just read that.

So It's the afternoon and the only people in my house are my brothers and their friends. I'm down in the bottom floor getting ready to go out with my boyfriend and friends. I just got an urge to poo. Already in the bathroom making myself look nice so I'm going to go sit down. Okay pulled my light black skirt up, and um... Idk what you call my pants but they're tight, usually worn with skirts, white with stripes. and red panties to my knees. The toilet is good down here, bum doesn't sink into it. Dad has a bunch of his ski, snowmobile, ice climbing pictures in here. Guess he couldn't put them somewhere normal. Pushed out a 9" poo. Finished up. Anyways I'm going to be posting less stories because after 60 times it's hard to make it different then before. I think unless it's interesting then I'll post. In other words also the final live post. See you later.

Indian Housewife

Accident at home

I'm from India, a 35 year old housewife. I've a husband and a 7-year old son :) Having had quite a number of accidents, I've read the stories on this site very often. I finally decided to post one myself. I've had some accidents, some of them very embarrassing and public, during my adult life.
This incident happened last year, around the same time. We here have a festival of firecrackers , that we call Diwali around November-December. It's among the biggest of Indian festivals and lasts for 5 days. As Indian families do, to prepare for Diwali, me and my hired maid were cleaning my house one week before the actual season began. My husband had left for work, and my son was at school. We started cleaning around 10 AM local time. It's a very elaborate cleaning process, where we clean every small nook and corner in the house, 3 person job. Another maid was to join us some time later to help clean, and another lady to prepare lunch. I had not had my morning poop this particular day, as I was very busy doing all the preparations. I was wearing my home sweatpants, the typical grey one which was quite tight. Around 11 am, the urge to poop had become very strong. At this point, the 2nd maid and the cook for the day buzzed in, helping us in the cleaning, so now there were 4 of us. I knew that if I went to the toilet now, it'd take me minimum 15 minutes there. I wanted to finish a major part of the cleaning before lunch, so I kept delaying going to the toilet. I had already started releasing silent pre-poop farts, that really were very stinky. The other 3 ladies could smell it, they just covered their noses, no one knew who was farting up. We were just cleaning and discussing stuff, general gossip matters. The 4th help had started cooking lunch for us.
I was cleaning one of the ceiling fans, on a ladder. I was reaching out my hand to reach the fan, when I involuntarily let out a really strong , very loud fart. The suddenness of it took everyone by surprise. The other ladies stared at me, then broke into laughter. I was embarrassed, but laughed with them anyway.. After cleaning the fan, I got down the ladder, and I lifted the ladder to move it to another place. The ladder was quite heavy, and as I lifted it, I let out another big fart. It added further to the others' laughter..I knew I had to go now, I could feel the poop poking out just a little.
I decided to go to the toilet. As I was going there, the phone suddenly rang. I answered the phone, it was my husband , calling from office. He was thinking of coming over for lunch because he was bored. As I was standing next to the phone, talking to him, I suddenly lost all control. My knees buckled a little, my hands became a little shivery. Soft mushy poop started rolling out into my panties, and since I was wearing stretchy sweatpants, there was no stopping. It all just came out slowly and uncontrollably. It was a huge, huge load, and formed a massive round bulge behind me. My pants had grown quickly tight and drooping. Stunned, I stopped talking, my husband on the other end kept asking "there??". I didn't know what to do. I immediately realized that my butt had a huge noticeable bulge, so I quickly sat down at the nearest chair to cover it up, so that the others don't see it. The poop spread miserably all around,up my waist, towards my lower thigh. And more poop was somehow squeezing in. Then the smell hit the air, the stench was so strong. I then noticed my husband's voice at the other end. I just mumbled some random stuff out of panic and hung up.
I didn't know how to get away with this now. The maids had not noticed yet, they were busy chatting among themselves. I didn't want the 3 maids to know what had happened. They were gossipy ladies and they also cleaned at other houses in the area, so everyone in the area would soon know if they found out. I was sitting at the chair, wondering what to do. It smelt of rotten beans, eggs , potatoes and what not. If I got up and went to the toilet, some poop would fall on the floor and the maids would notice. And I couldn't sit there , waiting for them to go , as that'd indeed be a very long time. Just then the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock, and realized this was my son coming back from school. More problems. The maids were looking at me, waiting for me to answer the door. I however pretended not to have heard the bell, lost in some deep thought. Some one of them went to answer the door. I was very scared. The smell was now very strong. It has spread in the entire room I guess, because the other ladies smelt something and had a weird look on their face immediately. My son and the other maid then came in. My son was pretty excited about something at school, he came running to me and sat on my lap. The poop pressed further with the added pressure, and I involuntarily let out another abrupt fart. My son just giggled hearing that. And then he noticed the smell, and immediately covered is nose. "Mum, what's that smell??" he asked. The other maid nearby walked near me and smelt the air around, and then she realized. I saw the stunned look in her eyes. She asked me "Did you...?" I nodded my head in acceptance. She then took my son, wanting to take him to the adjacent room. The other 2 maids were also shocked. They help me out of the chair by my arms. The inspected my rear, saw the damage, and gasped loud. My knees were wobbling, and another cramp went over me,pushing another round of poop out. The flattened bulge further grew, and some shit now fell on the floor with a splat. My son then realized what was happening and yelled out "Mum pooped her pants!!" I was so embarrassed and felt so weak and pale. All my senses had blanked out. The rest was just a blur to me. The maids helped me clean myself and left. The cleaning was halted. My grey pants were all yellow at my seat. It was just a lot of poop. My husband who came in the evening heard of it from my son. He was understanding though, my accidents had happened before too.

Anyway, that's it. Thanks for reading..



Thanks, guys, my daughter pooped while we were walking in the forest. She went behind a tree but I could hear a lot of farting and grunting. Also, has anyone here used toilets where there are no stalls, doors or anything like that, just a row of toilets? And how did you feel about using them? Thanks, Provost! P.S., I'm married with 8 kids and 29yrs old.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Shana- Glad you were allowed to go to the toilet in class, sounds like you needed to go bad!

Just a Guy- Glad you enjoyed my post. It was embarrassing, yes, but hey, everyone poops!

I had my first poo of the week this afternoon. I'd had a lecture and went to get a sandwich for lunch from the cafe in the building. Eating it made me start to need a poo. I had some time before my next lecture and I needed to go before then, so I went to the loos which were nearby. Being lunchtime there were people using the. Both cubicles were taken and there was a woman of about 30 waiting. Being lunchtime the people using the cubicles were pooing, I needed one, and so did the woman who was waiting to go. The girls on the toilets had only just started so we had a bit of a wait to endure first. My urge had got suddenly more intense once I was in the little girls' room and I was really needing to go now. I think the other woman was too, judging by her fidgeting around. We both farted quietly once or twice while waiting too.
5 minutes passed with the two cubicles occupied and lots of plops coming from them. A couple of girls came in, saw the queue, and left to find other toilets. After a few more minutes another girl came in and joined the queue behind me. One of the pooing girls finished and started wiping. She came out and the woman in front of me hurried in. She was clearly urgent for a poo but first she pulled off paper to line the seat. The other girl now came out and I quickly went in and sat. I noticed under the cubicle the woman had her trousers and underwear down already while she lined the seat. I heard her fart while she did so. I did a short wee and then pushed out my first piece with a plop. The woman sat down now and after a few seconds I heard three quick plops from her, followed by another fart. I pushed out another piece. Then she produced a larger one which I could hear crackling out and making a big plop in the bowl. I pushed out two more pieces and a fart. The woman unloaded another piece, then began to wee. While she weed I did another piece. She weed for 30 seconds and then started to wipe. I wasn't done yet though. She left as I pushed out another piece, having been on the loo for about 5 minutes. Her poo smelled a bit more than mine- not to say mine was completely smell-free, of course! The girl who was behind me went in and sat down. She just needed a wee, and after I did one more piece we came out at the same time. I felt better after that, needless to say!

Part 1-Update-27 weeks + 6 days. Last night myself + my friend Laura spent a night watching movies whilst Freya + her son Max, born about 2 months after Freya, were sleeping. Both our partners were out. After about an hour into our first movie, Laura said, "Ive gotta poop". She asked me to come in with her. So i did + sat on the edge of the bath. She sat down + within 30 seconds or so, a crackling noise was heard + then a loud plop. She pushed + a further 2 plops emerged. She wiped + flushed. When she washed her hands she asked me, "How's your pooping troubles going. Still struggling?". I said, "Yeah. I last went 5 days ago + im having no luck. Ive tried everytime ive had a pee + even about 20 minutes before you turned up here tonight". She said, "You should try again, with me here. I can help you like i did when you were pregnant before". I said, "No. To be honest i cant be bothered as im fed up with all this". Laura left it + we went back to the movie. I'll write part 2 later. It involves me pooping. Bye.

Part 2-After a further half an hour or so the movie was over + i wanted to put another on but Laura said i should try to poop. She said, "It will make you feel better, so you should give it a go." I decided she was right + headed towards the bathroom. She joined me + sat on the bath. As i was getting ready Laura suggested i stand up + try to go as my bump is stopping me leaning over to far. I said, "Yeah, good idea. I'll give it a go". So i gripped the edge of my sink with my hands + began pushing. Laura stood behind + rubbed my lower back whilst i pushed. My face was very red + i was gripping hard on the sink as i tried to get this poop out. Laura told me to keep going and put down some paper on the floor. I was sweating as i grunted + pushed hard. After what felt like an age but was 20 mins, Laura said, "I can see the tip. Keep pushing as hard as you are". I did but everytime i stopped for a break i went back up my butthole. I decided to stand with my legs even further apart and tried again. Part 3 soon.

Part 3-(Sorry this is in parts. Im posting on my phone + have limited use). So with my legs apart + pushing + grunting hard the tip emerged again. Still it went inside. Laura decided to help it out so put her finger on my butthole rim as i pushed + when it emerged again she tried to move it along. I was fed up pushing but Laura told me to keep going as she was convinced it was coming slowly. She removed her hand + after a push she said, "Hey, i was right. It is on its way. Keep going." I pushed, grunted + groaned 2 more times + Laura described what was happening. She told me it was getting bigger + emerging. I stopped pushing + let it slide out. It dropped out followed by 2 further plops. I had more to do + i pushed again really hard. Finally, with Laura rubbing my back, 3 more plops emerged. I was sooooooo relieved. I wiped + put the poop down the toilet. We both washed our hands + went back to our movie night. Roll on Jan when im due. Should go mid Jan as its twins, not late Jan-due date is Jan 31st. Bye.


Maxine's Dump

I've posted here before, I get a kick out of having a huge bowel motion and I just love it when I witness another woman having the same.

Last month my sister Heather stayed over at my place along with her friend Maxine. I'm fairly sure Heather and Maxine are a couple although it has never been discussed. My sister is very open about taking a poop and it seems this has encouraged Maxine to be the same.

Maxine is an attractive woman in her mid forties, quite tall and although probably average build has large breasts and a lovely rounded rear. They arrived on a Friday afternoon and I arranged a girl night out. When started with a great Curry at the local Indian restaurant and finished off with one one of heather's greatest passions, a Karaoke session at a pub just down the road from me. We all had plenty of beers and had a great time. By the end of the night we were all tipsy and walked home singing all the way.

Next morning I was first up and went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Maxine arrived to join me wearing her pyjamas and pink night socks, she said Heather was fast asleep sleeping it off. She explained that she had got up early because she had a bit of a stomach ache, probably because of all the spicy food and beer. That was the first indication of what was to come.

We chatted away as we slurped a large mug of tea. A few minutes later I offered Maxine a bowl of porridge to 'line her stomach'. She agreed to a small portion and just as she was about to start eating it she announced, "Sorry Gin, that tea has hit my stomach like a ton of bricks", with that she moved slightly to one side as if to let off gas, although I didn't hear anything, and gripped her stomach.

She settled down again and as she took a mouthful of porridge she gasped, "Oops, that smells a bit, I'm so sorry", and I was immediately struck by the intense smell of a very spicy fart. I laughed and said "That was one hell of a SBD", (Silent But Deadly). She apologised and said that the curry and beer was having it's effect and that this was often the case.

After another few minutes she stopped eating and screwed up her face. I clearly heard a deep rumble in her gut. She looked at me and said with a grin, "Something horrible is about to happen, I'm really sorry Gin I need the Loo". I guessed the rumble was a huge movement of poop into her rectum. She looked absolutely desperate as she again gripped her stomach and stood up.

I suggested that rather than use the en-suite in the room Heather was sleeping, she be better using the cloakroom at the front of the house. To put her at ease I said I had a similar feeling just after I got up.

Maxine got up and walked out the kitchen and into the hallway, I watched as her lovely bottom disappeared and visualised what was about to come out of it. A 'Pop Pop' sound of gas was heard as she left the room She closed the door behind her (I guess to give herself more privacy).

I heard the cloakroom door close so I gently opened the hallway door and was struck by a further smell similar to the first fart although even stronger, perhaps it was one of those 'last fart before you shit' situations I imagined. I shuffled close to the door and I heard her lock the door quickly slip off her pants. She flopped down on the seat and quietly groaned. Within just moments I heard a bubbly fart followed by a very loud 'Splutt' sound which was obviously a large soft poo, a further few seconds later and a torrent of soft poo hit the water accompanied by a thunderous release of gas. I heard a deep sigh of relief from Maxine. I was surprised that she then started wiping although this did take sometime. I seems that everything came out violently in just a few seconds (that I found very exciting!). I heard her opening the window so it was obvious the smell was overpowering.

After flushing twice she returned to the kitchen where I had already gone back to. I said, "Better?" with a giggle.

She replied, "You bet, that feels a lot better, please don't go there Gin - I've opened the window a bit - I'm really sorry I couldn't help it".

To encourage her to speak I told her that often happens to me and certainly to Heather.

Maxine then smiled and said, "That curry felt almost as hot coming out as when it went in, except a lot quicker". She explained that whenever she is a bit bunged up she just has a curry and a few beers and it sorts her out.

The thought of her dump being hot and quick really titillated me!

She finished up and asked if she could use the shower in my room, "I definitely need a good shower after that", she said with a giggle.

She then went upstairs and I got a chance to check the damage. Even though several minutes has elapsed the smell in there was rich and spicy and had spread into the hallway. I could see quite a bit of poop on the vertical back of the toilet bowl that hadn't been washed away and I imagined a huge amount of soft poop had hit it during that tremendous explosion that took place.

Maxine's dump will be remembered every time I see her from now on.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: Beth as always another great story its good you finally pooped but it wouldve better and less painful for you if it was just a normal poop and not a nasty one it sounds like your body flushed itself out trying to get rid of something unwanted I hope you feel better soon an as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shana as always another great story it sounds like you had a good cleanout and lt least you were still in the bathroom when that big load came and later it sounds like you were pretty lucky to but at least you didnt have an accident thats good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Patty as always another great story it sounds like your friend Toni had a great poop and had fun doing it to with you in there with her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop at your grandmas house and great pooping story at home and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sydney first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a really rough day at least you made it to the toilet in time and dindt have an accident and it was good that your mom was there to help you out and its good that you were feeling better later that day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BILLY great story about you helping your girlfriends daugther it sounds like she was really thankful for you doing it and it sounds like you will have some good stories to come and I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Provost if it last more then 2 days you may need to do something but chances are she may just not have to go some people it takes longer for them to poop have her drink plenty of water that should help to.

To: KR great live pooping story and I look forward to the conclusion of it when you get the rest out thanks.

To: Observant Guy great catch it sounds like she had to take a pretty good sized poop I bet she felt pretty good aftewards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good cleanout even though it was kinda nasty but at least you made to the toilet everytime and I bet you felt really great when you were finaly done with it all and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marcus great story about you seeing your girlfriend poop and you handled it very well since it was embarrassing for her since it was diarrhea.

To: Bill great story about seeing your freinds sister on the toilet pooping.

To: Onyx great story about hearing your girlfriend poop.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like and that other girl both had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I always wonder what it would be like to be in the bathroom of a female compettive eatter I bet she would take giant dumps and well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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