Jeff A., Execellent post about posing nude and dumping. My major dumping fantasy is to go into a bathroom with someone in their early 20's and just have a good dumping time. Even though I am straight and nothing sexual. Taking a good dump is like presenting a trophy which includes the farting and crackling sound. What school are you at ? If you don't want to answer, I understand that you want to keep some anonomity.
I look forward to college starting up again real soon and I look forward to going to some good places to take a shit at. I am wanting to take a trip to Evansville where I went to school at sometime before I start grad school this Fall.

I have walked in on one person doing their business outdoors. All I saw was a head as I walked through this parking lot, back to my car. As I passed by the head, it turned out to be a dark-haired woman, maybe in her 30's. She was between my car an a neighboring car, and all I could see was her bare butt with a large piece of poop coming out. I unfortunately interrupted her, and she apologetically told me that she was desperate to go and had no choice but to let go in the parking lot, as she couldn't make it to a toilet. All that was left behind was a moderate-sized pile of poop and a couple wads of tissue.

Jeff A
Jodi: Excellent point! I shouldn't have lingered under false pretenses. I guess I was kind of hoping she'd figure out why I was really there, but didn't. Or maybe she did. Who knows? Anyway, as far as things not working out between us don't be sorry. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Also, I'm not sure that she was too embarrassed to ask me to leave, because she never hesitated to tell me something she didn't like. I think with her, doing a #2 was a more mechanical thing than personal. Otherwise, I'm sure she would have answered me with a "Not now, I'm in the bathroom". But you are right about planting myself under the premise of just getting my razor and then staying, and I suppose I knew that myself deep down. One of the reasons I asked you about why you did it if you were nervous, is because I would really like to watch my wife when she goes. We've talked it over, and I think she's nervous about it, but I also think from the little clues she gives off, that she wants me to ask her again. Whenever she's in the bathroom for a #2, and the door is closed, and I'm nearby, she always tells me what's coming out. She's a very beautiful woman, and I have seen her do it before, but that was before I told her of my interests. Now that I have told her, she's nervous about letting me watch deliberately. I would really like to just be able to watch, with no pretenses whatsoever. She dosen't share these same interests, but she understands them, and has been very open. I would just like her to leave that door open too!!! Thanks for answering me though, I do appreciate any additional insight.

I am very interested in hearing from other women on how they wipe themselves after a poop. I tend to wipe VERY thoroughly, almost to the point of obsession. If I see any little bit of brown on the tp, I keep wiping until it's gone. If necessary, I'll even put a little soap on some moist tp to help the cleaning process. Is anyone else this obsessive? Also, does anyone else do this? In addition to wiping along the crack, I actually wrap a little bit of tp around my middle finger and go into the anus about a half inch to clean inside alittle bit. Again, I keep doing this as long as I see any brown on the tp. Do other people clean inside the anus or do you just rub along the surface? I've always wondered if I'm the only one this compulsive about wiping! Thanks for sharing.

Steve in VA
I've seen quite a few people here using the term "crackling" to describe the sound that a poop makes on the way out. (Provided that it is solid and well formed, not liquidy or mushy...those are completely different sounds!!) I think it's more of a "slithering" sound, if you know what I mean. I know that sounds even more disgusting, but I think it's more accurate.

Coprologist, like you, I have always used the same position while pooping. A position that is similar to yours. Usually, I lean backwards and streth my legs out in front of me so that only my heels are touching the floor. I usually assume this position in the instance where a turd gets stuck. Surprisingly, I find that this position is very effective, despite the recommendations that sitting forward is better.

Kevin L
Hi all, it's been a while since my last post but I do have a true good story to tell. I was on vacation with my wife at the beach, and every morning I would go for a approx 3 mile jog on the beach. Our last day there I was halfway through my jog when my lower abdoman started to cramp and I needed to take a BM soon. There was no way I could make it back to our motel, so I went to the state beach where there are port-o-potties. As I went over the dunes to the toilet a women about 35 years old and her daughter about 14 years old were arriving at toilet at the same time as me. I offered to let them go first because I did not want them waiting right outside the door while I took a massive crap. The mother told me to go first because they would be a while. I enter the port-o-potty (which was unuasally clean & new) but the was no latch for the door, that really didn't bother me because they knew I was in there. I quickly undid my sport bathing suit which has a velcro front, so there is nothing to hold it up once it is undone, the suit fell to my ankles. I quickly sat down and let out my first turd which hit the bottom with a loud thud/splash the girls had to hear it. They where very close to the door because I could hear every word and movement that they made. I then peed (which is ackward on the small holes that port-o-potties have) Then I started to have another BM when suddenly the wind blew the door wide open, I could not get up to close it because I was right in the middle of a BM. The two girls looked very suprised but the mother quickly went and closed the door and I thanked her. Of course the 14 year old was laughing hystericly and I could also hear the mother laughing . I sat there another 3/4 minutes to get my bearing before departing. I was very embarassed when I exited and they were smiling, then I reminded them to hold the door closed. The young girl went in then I apologized to the mother and she laughed and said it was not your fault, just think if I went first it would have been me sitting there stranded. I left feeling embarassed but excited. Girls keep the good stories coming Later, Kevin L

This business of no doors on stalls fascinates me. I have never seen such toilets, but I can imagine that most people would avoid them unless there was no alternative, or unless they were desperate. I rember the only time I ever shat in full view was 30 years ago on a visit to Moscow. I had eaten some Russian ice-cream, and it gave me severe runs ("the clappers") for several days. But we were only visiting for less than a week and I wanted to see the famous cemetery (I forget the name) where many famous Russians are buried. So off I went on the metro with a friend. To cut a long story short, during our visit I got the message than I need to do another anal squirt (not a "motion" in the normal sense of the term), so off I went to the men's toilet by the gate. I entered and there was just a sort of trough with a broad seat along the front. I sat on the seat and squirted out the foul-smelling semi liquid in the trough, and then had to wipe myself with leaves. No trace of any TP. ! Fortunately, I was alone for the whole of the operation (my friend was tactfully looking at one of the chapels).

To "Movie Fan": Check out "Once Upon a Time in America", which was directed by Sergio Leone. This movie is about Jewish gangsters in the early part of this century. In one scene a teenage boy sneaks into a bathroom with a teenage Jewish girl, and tries to make out with her. (The girl is a bit of a tramp.) He hugs her tight and she tells him "If you don't stop squeezing me I'll poop in my pants". He gets the strangest look on his face and lets her go. Also, there's a bit in "Kindergarten Cop" where junk-food junkie Pamela Reed gets an upset stomach and runs back and forth to various gas-station restrooms. At least once she has to poop.

poop is great poop is grand when theres no poop its sad...

Jeff A, Great story about your pooping at the art college. I suppose the reason you're not bashful about your toilet habits is because you're so used to "exposing" yourself in front of others. I thought of a scenario that would have been intersting. That scenario would be if the students could have sketched you while you're sitting on the toilet. That would make for a completely different art class.

Harry and Christine, thanks for your responses. To Michael, the one who has a summer job at the library, I don't like to take a shit in public bathrooms WITH stalls, never mind without! Why is it that the smallest of shits are often the smelliest? This afternoon, I felt as if I really had to go, so I went in and let out one log about 3 inches long, and it stank! I usually drop a lot more when I have to go, but it usually doesn't stink as much as the one I did today. Later all, Eric

I had a really good piss today. I had to stay late after school to finish up on some programming. I started to feel like I had to piss but I held it in and drank more soda. Not to mention, I was out of luck since all the doors to the bathrooms were closed. Two hours later I arrived at my house and "dashed" off to the restroom. Wheww!! What a relief, I must've been standing in front of that toilet for at least five minutes. Oh yeah, I know some of the "individuals" here would be interested to know that in the Philippines, the "restroom" is called the "CR" or the "Comfort Room". That's pretty appropriate since that is a place for personal relief :-)

Today I woke up about 7:30 AM, with the feeling of fullness that indicated that I needed to take a massive dump, which I did since I had been constipated for the past 9 days...But since recently moving into a new household that has one of those water-saving toilets installed, I knew that I couldn't do it there because there would be a big plug in the toilet, and I didn't want to clean up a mess afterwards. So, I got in my car and drove to a nearby park, and a restroom facility that I knew was open and went in. I found the stall was un-occupied, and yes, it did have a door on it. I unbuttoned my 501 cutoffs I was wearing and sat down, after first putting down a layer of toilet paper on the seat, as there were no "ass gaskets" for use. I then proceeded to start the movement, which was very slow in coming out of my rear end...Sure enough, it took me about 5 minutes to get rid of the turd that was inside me, as the rest of it passed out of me very slowly...Once I had finished, I got up and looked, and there was a massive turd about 18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter in the bowl...I had to wipe several times to clean myself up enough not to leave stains in my underwear...I piled the toilet paper away from the turd so the next person could see it when they came in to use the toilet...I hope they were happy...

hey aaron - cool post about holding it in and almost dropping a load on the bus, i have a friend who does some wicked skidmarks in his underwear most of the time because he is doing the same thing for a couple days and then finally letting out a big load. he likes to come over and see if he can clog my bathroom sometimes.

Jeff A - flattery will get you everywhere! As I mentioned before, I posted a large collection of personal anecdotes onto a similar Web site a year or so back, but as some of you haven't seen them I guess there's no harm posting them again. Here's another one about meeting a member of the opposite gender who didn't seem too bothered. I saw this girl, in her twenties, near a London tube station late one night after the pubs had closed. She had been squatting and peeing on the path for some time because there was already a sizeable puddle which was beginning to stream. She grinned as I approached and made some comment about "minding what you're stepping in" which enabled me to loiter longer than I might have done. She was wearing a long tweedy skirt which was hitched up with one hand, thus exposing a shapely, bare, well-bronzed thigh. As it was mid-summer she wasn't wearing any stockings. But I was surprised not to be able to see any knickers either, until I realised that! her spare hand was inside her skirt, presumably parting them at the crotch.

You are correct about my age. I know, It been i while scince my last post.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Anon36, Um... your spam fest sticks out like a sore thumb because you make the same typographical and gramatical errors in everything you write...

FOr Michael (Library and Dad): I kind of have the same feelings as you. I wouldn't mind shitting around strangers especially High School (H.S.) and college age people but outside those age groups, I am little bit more shy. That is why I enjoy taking a shit at a college library since you can joke with these people.
Another item, I remember my H.S. days when I worked at MCL Cafeteria. One nite, after we closed, we saran wrapped the female employee's toilet as a joke. The guy got the wrap so perfect that you couln't see it from where you stood into the bowel. The next day, some girl crapped into it but unfortunaely, I did not get the details of the effect. It was hilarious.

Hi Diskputers Hey Diskputers...that was cool! You answered me! A complete stranger asks you whether you had a bowel movement today...and you answered! Thanks! I think we're about the same age (i'm 16). I wish there were more kids who posted here. I had a bowel movement today too! I started feeling my urge to go when I was on the bus. I didn't go yesterday or the day before...and i don't think I went Sunday either. I forget. i felt urges on the Bus but held it in and by the time I got to class (i'm taking remedial math summer session) the urge went away. But today I felt a big hard one pushing at me. I was standing in the isle and there was this girl I know sitting right there. Her face was right by my butt. I don't know if she could smell me or if she could hear my poop crackling (probably not...the bus was noisy) but I kept thinking if she knew that I had to poop so bad. By the time I got to my stop it had gone back up but i figured that three days was long enough so i went ant sat on one of the toilets at Barnes and Noble. It wasn't as big as some I've done...but it felt real good to get it out. I like holding my poop until it gets real big...I don't get constipated like my dad does...he just does a lump or two. I do big dumps that usually won't flush

Coprologist, like you, I have always used the same position while pooping. A position that is similar to yours. Usually, I lean backwards and streth my legs out in front of me so that only my heels are touching the floor. I usually assume this position in the instance where a turd gets stuck. Surprisingly, I find that this position is very effective, despite the recommendations that sitting forward is better.

Randi P.
I saw on one of the forms that I was filling out for my pre-employment test that if I couldn't fill the pee bottle up at least half that I would have to come back and do it again. Well since I hadn't gone since before a early breakfest and this was the afternoon I almost filled it up with the 5oz that was needed. I've got a new job now working at hospital in the food service dept.

after reading this site for some months I would like to congratulate you all on how open you all are. I like listening to females on the toilet, especially pooping. The story I have isn't as unusal as some of those posted here but here goes. My girlfriend and I went away on holiday last month for 5 days. In that five days we ate and drunk a considerable toilet habits didn't change from the normal...once a day...but my girfriend did not go once in all the time we were away. When we got home she said that she was going up stairs to the toilet....she leaves the door open..but does not let me watch...anyway I heard her sit down and after about 2 minutes a huge kersploosh followed by some little splashes. She then wiped and flushed...I waited until she had come downstairs and I went up to find that the dump she had dropped was about 13 inches long and about 3 inches thick...and had blocked the toilet.

I was playing football with my friend in the road yesterday after lunch when we had a lot to drimk because it was hot. He was running round with the ball but every time he stopped he was holding the front of is bib and brace because he wanted the toilet. After a while he ran accross the road to his front door and rang the bell to get in. He was holding himself and bobbing up and down to stop the pee coming. He rang the bell again but no one came and the door was locked. I was by him and saw a little damp patch tart to show at the front. "Oh no" he said "Its comming! I can't wait!" He was wriggling in desperation now and all of a sudden he just could not hold it any more and he started to wet himself real bad. The wet patch got much bigger and was now as big as the top of his legs. The pee kept comming and it came out of his bib and brace and tricked on to the floor. The legs of his suit got all wet at the front and the pee ran into his socks and shoes. There was a big puddle on the floor and he started to cry because his mom would smack him hard when she found out. I said it was alright and that dad would fix him up. I took him home and dad took off his brace, tee shirt, briefs and socks and put them in the dryer. I lent him a tee shirt and a pair of my cycle shorts and we played inside till his clothes were dry and he could put them on again. He went home later and his mum never found out so he was okay.

Graham, when I was in 7th grade, and in high school also, girls started to accompany their boyfriends in the boys restroom for some reason, just out of curiousity I believe. No one really complained. Mostly they watched the boys whiz into the urinals but once in a while a girl would actually whiz into one herself, or more commonly, sit on one of our toilets as long as there was no piss on the seat. A lot of them came into the boys bathrooms after school also, just to see how much different they were than the girls. They were very nice with blue tile and contoured toilet seats. The girls thought the urinals were 'cute.' (They were small, wall hung Kohler units). It was a big school with four sets of bathrooms.

Mr. P
I have a question for the ladies. As I walk around the office I can't help but notice what you are wearing. Some of your outfits look like they would be difficult to go to the toilet in. For example, what do you do with long dresses? Do you just pull them up out of the way or do you have to completely remove them? If you take the dress off where do you out it so it doesn't get dirty or wrinkled? Just wondering - guys don't have this problem you know!

Using toilets without doors is one thing, but using toilets withouts walls is something else. I've had to use several doorless toilets in my day. Men's rooms are much more likely to have no doors. But during my first semester of college I had my first experience with a no-walls toilet. I was playing intermural sports, and we were in the gym for a basketball game. Right before the game I decided to take a leak. On the way to the Men's I realized I wouldn't be playing unless I dropped some dirt too. No big deal right? Well when I got to the Restroom/Locker Room I saw the toilets. They were just lined up against the wall, no doors no walls, nothing! I had no choice, by this time I had to go. So, I just sat down and got started. Several guys came through the area - I felt like I was on a stage or something. Oh well, I just sat there like I'd always "performed" for others.

Hi everyone. Thanks again for your responses! Jeff A., I'll be glad to answer your questions, but I have some questions for you first, my friend. You told your ex-girlfriend that you needed to go in there to "get your razor of the bathroom." I assumed she said "OK, if you don't mind the smell" only so you could go in there to get your razor (and shave elsewhere) and get out. It sounded as if you intentionally invited yourself in to watch her, and she probably felt too uncomfortable to ask you to leave. I'm sorry things didn't work out, but you shouldn't have planted yourself in there, especially under the premise of just wanting to get your razor. This has nothing to do with her being of the opposite sex; I'd say the same thing if you (or someone else) invited themself in on somebody of the SAME sex sitting on the toilet. I gave a lot of thought to letting Alex and Steph watch me go to the bathroom. Up to that point, my older sister, Briana, and I went together when we were younger. I did post something last winter about coming home from school and having to crap really badly. I was on the toilet and invited Briana in to talk to me while I was going. This was the only time Briana has seen me in the bathroom in over nine or ten years. Alex and Steph (plus Laura) are the closest of friends, and I know they have an "interest" in this stuff. I don't know if I'll let them watch me all the time (and I know they'll respect me if I say "no"), but I figured I'd give them the satisfaction of watching me on the toilet. I'll have to admit I enjoyed watching Alex and Steph go as well, although, with honesty, I think they got more out of watching me go :-) I hope I have answered your question. My friend (from college), fellow poster, and fellow Lactose Intolerant sufferer (is "sufferer" the right word?) Christine is coming up to see me for a couple of days. It is so nice to personally know somebody else who is LI and knows what I'm going through. Although my other friends (not just Alex, Laura, and Steph) are totally cool about my condition, it's still good to know there are other people who have the same experiences. I'd love to hear from anybody who's LI, male or female, of any age [especially you , Blake- hope you're having fun at camp]. Thanks, Jodi

To Michael : no. you're not wierd, dude. No one wants to see their old man on the crapper. It's a harsh sight.

Movie Fan
Does anyone know of any mainstream movies where there are references to females defecating? By "mainstream" I mean the kind you see in regular movie theaters or can rent from somewhere like Blockbuster (as opposed to hardcore porn). There are many regular movies where women are shown peeing, and some where they are shown on the toilet with no reference to whether they are making number one or number two. But the only movies I know of with actual specific references to females pooping are "Patch of Blue" and "Homage". Are there others?

Jeff A.
Hi all, Trevor: that was a killer post about the girl in the bushes! Four thumbs up! More stories like that one please! I had lightly mentioned about an art college that I used to model at, and the restrooms not having any doors on them. One night, during a winter session, I had gone in to take a huge one, and was sat down huffing and puffing in the stall nearest the wall, when this guy who looked to be about 19 or 20 walked in for the same thing. I guess I must have looked pretty funny, because being the model, I was nude, with just a robe hanging on the stall wall. He acknowledged me with a slight smile, undid his pants, and sat down on the seat in the next stall. He was leaning way forward. He had blonde hair hanging down the side of his face, and was tall like me, so his legs stuck out too. As far as those famous "crackling" noises go, I was making them big time, as I could'nt help it. I dropped 3 large turds into the water before he even got started. People would come in and go out, seeing that both stalls were occupied. He looked around the wall at me and said "Grand Central Station, in here huh?" I plopped, and agreed. I heard a short little "sprrrtttt" sound come from his side, and heard about 5 or 6 plops come down and hit the water. Right after that, poop started coming out of me like crazy, splashing into the bowl loud. (I can't help it, I'm a loud guy, and make lots of poop noises and sounds). I had to flush a load down before it clogged. I had been holding it for 2 days without going. Fortunately, I was semi-constipated, and it didn't smell too bad at all. I was seeing a new girl at the time, and was over at her house, and I did'nt want to go to the bathroom there. So here I am, at an art college, sitting naked on the toilet without doors on the stalls, pooping in front of some guy I didn't even know, and I didn't want to take a shit at a new girlfriend's house? We both sat there in silence for a few minutes, until I asked about a certain drawing class at the college, and he started talking away as if we knew each other forever. All the while, I could hear his turds hitting the water, with a slight grunt in between sentences. I myself was in between plops, when the door opened slightly, and it was one of the female students. She took a quick glimpse in, and said "Oops! I'll come back!". She had a great full view of us both taking a dump. A double-header! In fact, so did anyone else who happened to be in view of the door as it would open. When she opened the door, I noticed that his knees came together, as if the hide himself. Both the guys and the girls in this place were very respectful of each other's privacy, and it was rare that they would share the bathroom. Sometimes girls would come in while I was in there, but not very often. One time, during a warm spring night, a heavy set girl came in and asked if she could share my "sitting space." When she sat, she started pooping and grunting like it was going out of style, and I thought that I was going to need a gas mask! She finished before I did too, which made it look like! I was the one who stank the place up. She reminded me of some of Pooping Girls' posts. It seems funny now when I think about it, that it was easier to take all of my clothes off for a classroom of people, than it was to get caught taking a crap on one of those doorless toilet stalls for the first time. I got used to it after awhile, but the first time somebody walked in on me when I was shitting, was this quiet, shy kind of guy who was very studious. I think he was going to try and poop, but got shy and changed his mind. He was casually watching me in the mirror while he was combing his hair though. Pretty soon it got to be so much fun taking "pot" luck, that I'd hold my biggies in for my evening modelling sessions. We always took a 20 minute break around 8:00. Also, whenever I pee at a urinal, I always stand back a ways from it. I don't have a reason, I just do it. I pull it out, do a quick flip-flop to shake the kinks out of the hose so to speak, and go for it. I've noticed a lot that some guys stare whenever they get a chance. I also work at a place that employs thousands of people, so there are lots of gays who frequent the restrooms. Now, us guys are all aware of urinal etiquette, and rule no. 1 is: Thou shalt not look at another man's equipment. I figure, what the hell. If they want to look, then let 'em.

To Tony (Scotland): Your outdoor adventures remind me of the year I lived in Peru, near Lake Titicaca. Even though there were public toilets - not always very good ones - in Puno, the area's largest city, many people preferred to dump publicly in fields or vacant lots. Somehow, at 12,000 ft. altitude, this caused surprisingly little stink and there were few insects (though the possibility of disease via contamination was still there, so you had to watch your step!). All this elimination was done with little or no self consciousness. I thought I was in paradise! More than once I remember approaching a squatting woman, smiling, and then joining her in a good dump. I never got as close as you did in the clump of bushes in London because that would have violated "personal space." Eight to ten feet away usually wouldn't upset anyone, but no closer. One of my best memories was of a slender, attractive women in her mid-20's who had just picked a spot, dropped her jeans and undies down to her thighs and squatted - all in one swift motion. Before she passed anything, I took up my position directly alongside her at a "safe" distance. She smiled and we made small talk as we watched some kids playing soccer. Then she was silent and I glanced over to see a long jobbie dropping from her with little effort. She saw me looking and smiled knowingly. My turn, so I returned the favor with a jobbie of my own. Each of us wiped with our own paper, said "hasta luego," and were on our way. I sometimes think it would be great to put together a trip of all the readers of this forum who are uninhibited enough to go to such a place where people are open about their bodily functions. Then we could get to know each other along the lines of our special interests. How many of you would take such a trip?

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

My dad got me a summer job working with him at the library downtown. The mens restroom do not have doors on any of the stalls. I am embarresed to use the toilet if my dad is in there. If I know my dad is in a meeting or out of the building, I have no problem sitting on the toilet and taking a shit. But if he is around I freeze up, and also, I don't want to see my dad sitting on the toilet either. It is degrading, in my opinion. But any other guys that work there, I have no problem. What do you think about this? Do you think I am weird?? Thanks dudes.

I woke up this morning and got on the computer. I had some good gas and just farted away until the last one was very wet. I was going to head into the shower not too long after I got finished but the wet fart made it much sooner. I got into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and shitted. Some of it was very runny and part of it was solid. Luckily, I did not ruin a pair of BVD's but you could see shit on my butt cheeks. I did quite a bit of wiping and then I flushed. The shower too care of the rest (sic).

Mike wanted to know if there were any guys who had been caught outdoors by girls. I, for one, have gone many times outdoors with girls/women watching. Whenever I have girls/guys in my car on a long drive, I always have to stop at least once. Once I was at a lake and just went up to the shore and tinkled into the lake with 5 girls/women watching. At concerts I just move to the perimeter and piss. When driving at night a bunch of us pissed just outside the car door and the only girl with us waited till we were done then squatted and did a hissing piss onto the ground. When I was in high school I went into the woods near the school with a girlfriend to smoke a joint and I really had to piss so I just wipped it out and watered a tree. Watching me made her have to go so I encouraged her to pull her shorts down and just go, so she did. Another time we had a fire drill and the class had to exit the building and wait outside. It was fairly cold that day and a real cute girl was shivering so I took off my coat and gave it to her. She said she really had to go to the bathroom and the cold was making it worse. On the way back into the building the boys restroom was the closest so both of us went in there together and she sat on one of the toilets and tinkled a long time. Then she watched me use the urinal. She came up to the urinals to check them out, she was fascinated. She flushed them several times and watched the piss disappear down the hole. She had never seen urinals before and commented that they really smell cuz boys never flush them.

To Lynn: About having to use a toilet without a door on it, I thought that I could never use one as well, and was horrified on the first day of my freshman year of high school when I discovered that all the girls rooms in the school were like this. For months, I just held it in until I got home. Then one day I really had to do #1 early int he day and try as I might I knew I was never going to make it home to do it. Around lunchtime, I had to give in and finally use the toilet. Necessity is the motherhood of desperation. I kept thinking to myself that no matter how embarrassing it would be to be seen by others sitting on a toilet (especially doing #2) it would be unspeakably worse to do it in my panties, especially at school. When I thought of it in those terms I was able to go and sit down. Other girls certainly saw me (and certainly could tell I wasn't only peeing), but again, an accident would have been much worlse. Gradually, I learned to use the girls' rooms in schoool for more than just dire necessities and by the time my sophomore year rolled around I could use the doorless toilets just as easily as ones with doors on them and it was hard to beleive that I ever felt so self-conscious in the first place. You see, everybody is in the same boat in haveing to use the bathroom and everybody just gets used to it. By the way, Lynn : What did you and your daughter do in that you were unable to go to the bathroom there?

To Sam: I was surprised by your story. I thought it would be your girl friend who'd pull her bathing suit to one side and you who'd pull yours down from the waist, not vice versa. To Yet Another Mike: I posted a story about catching a member of the other sex unawares, a long time ago. But here it is again, for you: I was in a London park when I felt the sudden urge for a crap. Looking around, at first all I could see was open grass and a few lone trees; but then I spotted one clump of bushes in which I imagined there would be just enough room to squat in the middle. Although I must have looked a bit obvious, I made a bee-line for the bushes and scrambled my way in. The area in the centre was exactly as I'd imagined it with one exception: A girl was already squatting there, her blue jeans pulled down. I was so taken by surprise that I muttered an apology and started to back out, but the girl - clearly understanding my predicament - smiled and waved towards the only remaining space on the ground, and so I joined her. The oddity of a 30-ish bloke and 20-ish girl, total strangers, squatting together with their pants down honestly didn't occur to me, because my mind was concentrating on her conversation. She told me, with no sign of nervousness or discomfort in her voice, all about who she was and why she was there. It turned out she was a student, and holidaying in London with friends. Briefly I felt awkward about the noise and smell I was inevitably making, but my urgent need to go, her incessant chatter, and the fact that my bum was pointing away from her, soon removed my inhibitions. I was squatting behind her, slightly to one side. I still didn't think about the fact that what was occurring was a dream come true, which I would remember long afterwards - partly, I suppose, because I couldn't actually see or hear anything of what she was doing. She was too close to the ground, and it was a shady spot. And so it remained until she suddenly finished. (After all, she'd had a head start over me, and was only peeing anyway.) She stood up, and the sight that met my eyes took my breath away mid-sentence. It sounds stupid, but the fact that I was chatting with a partially undressed young female didn't really occur to me until I saw her bare, soft bottom literally in licking distance of my face. Then, feet apart, she bent over forwards to start pulling her clothes up and I found I was looking between her legs, at close range, and could see her pubic hair from behind. I've never looked at a woman from this angle, before or since - an incredible sight. All this time she continued conversing normally and I tried to do the same. Then she pulled up her white knickers inch by inch, first covering the spot where I was still gazing, and then slowly covering her bottom. In no time, she had pulled up her jeans, and still cheerily wishing me all the best, had retreated through the bushes leaving me on my own.

Zoob great phrase for taking a shit. You can just picture in your mind phone cable being laid on the ocean floor. Just like phone cable your turds are sliding out and enter the water and eventually lay on the bottom of the toilet bed.

Lynn, about toilets with no doors. About 2 years ago I was in Sheffield & was in need of a pee. I saw a sign for some public toilets & parked near it. The toilets were situated at a bus stop. Just as I went in a bus pulled up. Inside there were 2 stalls, both filthy, with no doors on them. I was about to leave when the bus driver (female) came in. I said to her about how filthy the toilets were & she said she knew, she used them regularly. They were the only toilets on that route where her bus was empty (of passengers) & she was able to stop. She said she had no choice but to use them, & with that she went towards one of the stalls. I thought if she is going to use them, then I can, & went into the next stall. I could hear her undressing & positioning herself, & then she started peeing. She peed a lot harder than me, her pee making a lot of noise as it hit the water at the bottom of the toilet. I started to pee also, but I could still hear her. I finished before her & slowly dressed myself. She walked out of the toilet with me, saying how much better she felt. My only worry was that someone could have come in & seen me while I was peeing, & if she had not have stopped there I would not have used them toilets.

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