Observant Guy

Twice in 12 hours

I have got 2 Observances for you today.

Last night around 5pm, Adrianna came home. I didnt notice her coming in the building because I was wrapped up in NBA2k13. I was really taking it to the Magic, but anyway...

I heard the common sound of a female voice, and muted my surround sound to take a listen for what could be next. then I heard a door shut. it sounded close to the wall nearest me so I suspected the bathroom door in her apartment.

I went to Listening post 2 (the hallway bathroom) and started listening. She as talking on the phone in spanish with someone as I heard the same as Evelyn (shoeless)footsteps and the creaking of the floor suggesting in get close to the toilet. I didnt hear much of a pee, but as Adriana continued to talk to somebody, I knew she was sitting on the toilet. I checked my watch using the idiglow and noticed that about 6 minutes had passed. About a minute later I heard the rumble of the paper holder and I heard the floor give to suggest she moved a bit then I heard her stop talking for a second and say "Whew" then the toilet flushed...

Later that evening I was walking into the building and passed by her. Adriana as wearing a pair of those form fitting jeans that most of the ladies love these days (including my wife) All I could think about was the mess she made after work in her bathroom while she talked on the phone. wished I coulda smelled it.

This morning while I was in my Master bathroom (Master listening post) getting ready for my day I heard her enter the bathroom again headed for the toilet. This time I heard her give a very large sharp toot as she started pooping. It sounded as if it was a bit runny. It has to be extra quiet in nearly all of the apartments to be able to hear the sounds from the hallway bathroom adjacent to mine from the master, but Adrianna made it happen. IF only I was able to see if she left any skidmarks or if her bathroom stunk or if Evelyn had left any this morning.

Oh well... Wife gets home late again tonight hopefully there will be another round of Sharts by adrianna or Evelyn tonight.

Miss D

Loose stools

Hey everyone, back with another story for you!

Yesterday I was at work and began to feel a dull ache in my lower abdomen, which turned into cramps a little later on. I was farting a lot as know those smelly ones that indicate that you need to take a shit quite badly.

About half three, the full feeling in my stomach made me go to the bathroom. I pulled my fishnet tights and short skirt down, and sat on the toilet. I pushed gently and a very soft log slipped out almost instantly. It was large and a pale golden brown colour. I groaned as a wave of mushy stools rushed out of my bum. I felt like I was about to have diarrhea, but instead more mushy logs came out. When I came to wipe, I found I had a very messy bum and I still felt like I had to go more. I almost wished it was diarrhea cos then at least I'd be empty!

I wiped ten times, then cleaned up and went back onto the shop floor. I had a bad stomach ache all day, then as I got home I felt the urge to have another soft bm. I went up to the bathroom, pulled my clothes down and sat abruptly onto the cool seat. Mushy logs quickly turned into sloppy waves of diarrhea. I moaned softly, clutching my bloated stomach as several waves rushed out together.

Later on that evening I felt a gurgling in my stomach. My boyfriend looked at me, "Are you alright hun?" he asked as I placed my hand firmly on my stomach. "I will be when I've been to the toilet!" I replied in a strained voice. I rushed up the stairs, and hurried into the bathroom where I let loose with several waves of sloppy diarrhea into the toilet. He rubbed my back as he knew I'd had a bad case of ???? upset all day.

I felt better this morning, but I still had a few bouts of diarrhea on and off today..I think it could have been the chicken sandwich I had for lunch yesterday!

Now... a few questions for you all... I have put my answers there too!

1) How often do you have diarrhea? 2 or 3 times a month.
2) When you do have it, how many times do you need the toilet in one day? Anything up to 20 times really.
3) How do you feel in between each toilet visit? Stomach feels really loose, I'm nauseous, crampy, farting a lot and worried that I'm not going to make it.
4) Has anyone seen you have diarrhea? Explain. Yes, my boyfriend many times!
5) Have you ever seen anyone have diarrhea? Explain. Yeah, my boyfriend a lot. He once did runny diarrhea in the bed when he was really sick with a bug.
6) Do you fart a lot when you have diarrhea? All the time! I often follow through tho so I have to change my thong :(
7) What foods upset your stomach? Loads of stuff..mainly curry, dairy
9) Would you still go out if you had diarrhea? Yeah, so long as there was a toilet within reasonable distance.
10) How do you know you're about to have the runs? I get a sudden urge to have a wet bowel movement, I start farting a lot and my stomach cramps up a bit.

Miss D


Marbles .......................................

Walked in on a guy at work who was peeing, he had not locked the door and was in mid stream. I just backed out, mumbling he should have locked the door. Very odd feeling.

Have been pooping lots of little bits these past few weeks. Been having to go about 2 to 3 times a day. They follow the same pattern. I sit for a few seconds, thinking hope I am actually going to be able to go. I can feel what seems like quite a large lump in my back passage. I push a little, then push a little and grunt as I breath out, not a lot is happening at this stage, so the grunt at the end becomes a little more louder and I can then feel it begin to move, another harder push that lasts for a few mins and deep grunt. All I am trying to get out are hard tiny marble sized bits of poo. I do about 3 or 4 of these each time resulting in a really deep Ughhhhh in order to get the pebble out. I eventually stop because there is nothing substantial coming out of my arse and I can not sit in the loo all day. At home there is a little more time and the marbles come out a little quicker. 5 or 6 of them. Then I start to breath quite hard, several deepish grunts as I can feel quite a large lump starting to eek its way out. I can feel it starting from quite a long way up in my back passage. Its hard, very hard and knobbly, but does not hurt, ones like this seem to be covered in a slimy mucus which helps a lot in getting it out. I find it helps if I figet on the seat a few times and keep my breathing a regular pattern with a few grunty strains until I feel it drop out my hole. It has a loud 'stonk' sound as it finally hits the water and the bottom of the pan, then I am back to trying my hardest to push out a few more hard little marbles, they are well stuck now because of the mucus I have produced from the larger lump of poo. Finally about 10 mins later, I have a very messy hole to try and wipe because there has been so much mucus produced. I await my next turn out with bated breath................


Replies re Beth & John

Beth. I'm glad to hear that your constipation appears to have resolved itself and your bowels are moving again. Sorry you're feeling unwell and hope you get on okay at the doctor's. Maybe the pizza was a bad idea. I know cooked tomato does for me so I keep away from it.

John UK. Thanks for sharing the story f your lurker girlfriend from 40 years ago. Lucky fellow. Alas my current GF, who is a lovely lady, has no interest in that direction. She's effectively banned me from telling her which number I'm going to do when visiting the loo. I guess it's the sort of information some people feel uncomfortable with.


First post + response to Sarah

Sarah, funny enough I prefer reading about females pissing and crapping even though I fancy men (usually). I think a part of it is because I can imagine myself in their place.

I was gonna post some personal anecdotes but then realized that it's kinda late. Next time, I guess!

@ Provost: If it is only one day she could maybe drink a cup of black tea or coffee. It helps me if, I'm constipated for one day or so. but if it stays on for a longer time she should co to see a physician. How often does she normally poop? It is cool, that she has a chamber pot. I would also like to have one, but my parents would not allow it to me.


Reply to Provost

I imagine that by this time your daughter has pooped; but if not, look at these factors. She needs bulk or fiber in her diet--whole wheat cereal or bread, brown rice, lima beans, etc., not junk foods, chips, or the like. She also needs to drink plenty of water; not sodas. She needs exercise, preferably outdoors, not sitting at a computer or other device for hours at a time. She should have a regular time of day to sit on the toilet and establish a habit of pooping. From your post I assume she has been pretty regular up to now, and going just one day without a b.m. is not a serious problem; don't panic (and don't let her panic) over skipping a day. Chances are good that her bowels will move again when she is ready, and neither you nor she will have to do a thing. If constipation persists, though, keep the factors in mind that I mentioned above. Let us know about her results.


For Provost

If it's reached the stage where she can't poo when squatting it'd be worth seeking proper medical advice. Otherwise, a combination of a suppository and a stool softener (Dulcolax) and plenty of water to drink may help.



Ok so I have been constipated for awhile well yesterday I woke up feeling a little off so I got up tool a shower I was eating my breakfast when my stomach felt sick and it hurt so I farted poop started to poke it's way out so I quickly rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet I pushed and a huge soft turd fell out now I wondered why is was soft . I pushed again and a huge soft load came out fallowed by some loud smelly farts my stomach was hurting I was feeling like I was going to puke but I thought it was just tge smell because it was horrible and the mushy poop was because I hadn't pooped in awhile . So I went to the mall to shop a little I was in a store and I got horrible stomach cramps so I went to the bathroom rushed into the stall and sat on the toilet ifarted then a massive load all mushy liquid poop came out it smelled terrible . I then farted some more and then I pushed and all liquid came out it burned so bad I pushed some more and more came out . I was finally done or so I thought . I went out and my husband called and said he wanted to meet me at the food court for lunch so I went to the food court my husband got us some pizza I didn't want to tell him so I ate as much pizza as I could tolerate which was a bad Idea I felt my stomach rumble and I got up to use the bathroom but as I was walking there I didn't mean to fart but I did and mushy poop and liquid came rushing into my panties and down my leg I was wearing a mini skirt it was horrible my husband took me home I continued to gave diarrhea and vomit the rest of the night today I'm not completely better still have a upset stomach but I was so happy I finally pooped bit I'm still going to the doctor tomorrow :)

blue circle

to Sarah

Hey Sarah, I haven't posted here in a long time, but your post is very interesting. There are many guys out there (including myself) that receive much enjoyment from hearing, watching, and reading stories about women peeing, farting, and pooping. I think people in mainstream culture would think we were weird, mainly because of all the taboos surrounding bathroom related activities, and heck, some women would rather not have guys even know they poop! But honestly there's really nothing wrong with it. So we like to observe members of the opposite sex going to the bathroom, so we like that shattering of boundaries that comes with that, big deal. It's a natural function and who is this action of observance hurting? (providing it's consensual) I think this kind of thing will become more accepted in the future, but where as many would think it absolutely disgusting and morally degrading, I think it is an opportunity for two human beings to connect on a very deep level. It is an opportunity to be completely open with one another. It is an example of a deep trust if two people (especially two lovers in my opinion) can see each other in such vulnerable states. I would like to think there are more girls like you out there, they just haven't discovered their interest yet. too many people are closed minded about this interest, and I think it has to do with a lack of perceptual shift. They come to it with one fixed perspective, where as many other perspectives can be taken, and these other perspectives are totally valid.


Squat Poopster

So, this day I had a pretty weird day, when it comes to BM's.

I woke up at 7:30PM, and as I was getting dressed for school, an urge to shit grew slowly but surely.

So I went in the bathroom, undid my jeans again, and squatted on top of the toilet.
I peed for about 30 secs, and after that my anus was coming out, and I waited in anticipation.

After four minutes of waiting and gently pushing, I ripped three short farts, which made my relaxed bumhole a bit moist.

About 30 seconds later, I dropped a small but solid log into the bowl.

After that, not be´ng satisfied, I kept squatting for about 3 more minutes, clenching and relaxing, letting out a little fart every now and then.

Oh well.
I wiped my bum, got up from the toilet, and flushed.

But when I reached the sink, I suddenly felt like an avalanche was coming down inside me. My bowels rumbled fiercely, and I was back on the toilet, sitting this time, since I didn't want to take the risk spraying everything arount the bowl.

As soon as I sat down, a mushy load exploded out of my anus.
It wasn't as splattery as I feared, but I would probably still have missed the bowl, had I been squatting.

After two more loads, and a lot of farts over the next 10 minutes, I finally felt relieved, wiped again, flushed and left.


So later at school, during lunchbreak, I got an uneasy feeling in my belly. The lunch break was about to end, but I felt like going to the toilet, just to be sure before I had to sit in a classroom for another two hours.

Since the stalls at school do not reach the ground, I just sat again. (A locked door with no feet visible would look kinda weird.)
After 10 minutes of nothing, except for some little farts escaping my relaxed bum, I wiped, flushed and left.

I was 3 minutes late for class, but did not get into any trouble for that. However: I did get into trouble after about 20 minutes of class.

Having a severe case of cramps, I asked to be excused, and thankfully I was.

I went down the hallway holding my belly, into the ladiesroom, and into the nearest stall.
I unzipped my jeans, sat down, and let go of both a lot of pee, and a a lot of wet farts as well.

After about a minute, a medium sized soft load escaped my relaxed bum, and did I feel relieved after that!

After recovering for about 3 more minutes, I wiped, flushed and left.

I don't know what I ate, that didn;t seem to agree with me.
Luckily I was done for the day, after this.

XXX Bye!

I love these surveys so here are my answers.

1. How long does it take you to take care of your business?
Oooh! Now I like to take my time when I'm having a poo, I'd say a good 10-15 mins and if I'm constipated or it's a massive dump then say 20mins tops!

2. Does it stink when you are done?
Yes, near enough all the time and if I eat meat then my poo really smells bad. And of course whenever I'm on my period I do smelly poos.

3. Do you use the fan or spray freshener?
Kind of both depends on how smelly my poo is on that given sitting.

4. How many times do you usually wipe?
Usually, about 3 times.

5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat?
Oh yeah! If you gotta go you gotta go! I always keep wet wipes with me and wipe the loo seat before I bare my bum on it lol.

6. How often do you get diarrhea or constipated?
Thankfully, not a lot really to be honest. I do however do big dumps which sometimes are a bit mushy and steamy though. and they smell awful.

7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl?
Yes I do, depends on the kind of poo I drop from my bum.

8. Do you read while you are going?
Sometimes I do yes. Depends if it's one of those massive poos that can take me a while to drop.

9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet?
Yes, a couple of times.

10. Do you always flush?
Oh yes always.

That was a really good survey, anyone got anymore.

huge dump

today i had a mammoth dump. i felt the need at about 12:30. i sat on the seat and started pushing and grunting. nothing happened so i just sat and rocked for a while. i stood up and bent over to help it along. that worked so i sat back down and bent over as far as i could as i pushed as hard as i could. finally my butt hole stretched far enough to let it come out. i pushed and grunted until i finally heard it splash into the bowl. it was out. i squeezed out a few more nuggets until my butt stopped hurting. i stood up and wiped my butt with the butt wiped as my caregiver came home. i looked in the bowl and marveled at the huge turd i had just laid i started to wipe the poo off the seat as she came in and told me to stop as that was her job. i started to tell her about my baby story until she stopped me as she really hated to hear about bodily functions. (but she still has to change her kid's diapers.) i left her alone with the giant brown alligator and went downstairs to eat some chili (with lots of beans so i can enjoy farting this afternoon. the end.

Mr. Clogs


Provost: Wow, you can give your daughter some apple cider, prune juice to help with her constipation. In the worst case you can give her a laxative. Oatmeal is good to eat for breakfast to stay regular. Hope this helps.

Sarah: I been on this site for quite sometime, you can check out some of my posts, you might enjoy them. It's good to know that you appreciate the guys posting here, we need more women like you around.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Hope all is well with you, and looking forward to your posts.

Observant Guy: You're very lucky man to observe such things.

Lucy: Enjoyed your story of yesterday's dump.

Well that's all for now, I got to go.


To Provost - advice

Managing constipation/irregularity:

Cutting down or cutting out meat and dairy products is a good start.
A diet with plenty of vegetable ingredients is important (esp. green veg e.g spinach, pulses and veg with skins e.g peppers). As is fruit and fruit juice (but avoid bananas - they're not good for the bowels!)
Also important is keeping hydrated and keeping active (i.e take exercise: walk more)
As for laxatives - American Gastroenterology journal has now confirmed they're not addictive after all, nor are they damaging to the bowels unless taken in major overdoses. I tend to recommend the bottom-up methods - enemas and suppositories - simply because they work in minutes not hours, and with less likelihood of side effects.
Fortunately your daughter is 11 now and less likely to need to help in taking the things!



Provost. Consipation is usually a self limiting condition which resolves itself naturally sooner or later. If you're daughter goes a day or two without a bowel movement that's perfectly normal and nothing you should be worried about. The best ways of countering constipation are a healthy diet and a reasonable amount of exercise. I would only advise using laxatives if the problem's been ongoing for several days and then I'd be cautious.

Anne. I've been really enjoying your stories. It would be great to hear more of them.

The other day, my friend Toni came over to my house and were hanging out, drinking, and just having a good time. At one point, Toni blurted out, "I gotta take the browns to the superbowl!" and we both cracked up laughing. She started heading for the bathroom and I asked if I could come with. She said okay. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and she sat on the toilet.

She started to pee a strong stream and I could hear the crackling of a turd emerging. She sat for a few minutes and nothing seemed to be happening. Then there was a big splash. Another one came a little later. She continued pooping, a big turd dropping about every thirty seconds. After she had dropped like 8 turds, she remarked that she didn't know she had to go so much. I think 10 more turds dropped before she announced she was finished.

She stood up to admire her handiwork. We were both amazed at her load. There was a big snake off to one side, shaped like a 'C'. It was probably a foot and a half long. And she had also dropped a ton of turds, maybe 3-4 inches long each, all floating. She wiped her butt seven times and flushed the toilet. Not all of her turds went down though, and she flushed again.

That isn't strange at all. If you search through the history you will find many pages of other women who enjoy the same thing. Please feel free to add any stories you have experienced as well. I for one would enjoy reading them! Welcome to the forum.

The Crank
Hi Singaporean Guy,

I peep at my wife whenever we are in a hotel on our travels. I would lie flat on the ground and look through the gab under the toilet door. Sometimes all I see are her feet at the toilet but if the toilet floor is shiny, I can see where her bum meets the toilet in the reflection. I love the sounds of her grunts and strains.

20 year old guy


A few months ago I had to be admitted to the hospital for parasites. I was so ill that I couldn't control my bowels and would go to the bathroom on myself. It was awful I was eventually put into diapers for the remainder of my stay and now latley I have been wetting the bed. It only happens when I dream about peeing. Does anyone have this happen to them? Does anyone else have a hospital "accident" story?



To Provost, Didn't know people still used chamber pots.

To KR, My first story was from the summer and it was about a bike ride with my friend James (now boyfriend) and Emily and I used an outhouse and the door ended up opening. There is two toilets along with 2 showers, sinks etc... Well I really don't know why it's built like that but I've gotten so used to using the bathroom with my brothers I don't notice. I wait mainly because I like to sit and relax on the toilet, especially if it's in the morning because I'll feel less stressed.

So this weekend we visited my great grand mother in her large estate. When I put my things away in my room I went to use the bathroom to pee and saw quite an odd toilet. It was in the middle of the room and shaped more like a pillar with a hole and seat. It had no bowl but inside it looked the same. I had to think of how it worked before I even sat on it. You flush by pulling down on a thin chain from the ceiling and the toilet paper had to be brought to the toilet. It was certainly weird. You could sit in any direction you wish. When I sat down the first time it was a little high for my height so I sat on my toes. Not having a back felt weird. It's an old house there is all kinds of odd things in it. In the morning after a shower I had to poo. I had just gotten out. I just put my bra on and then sat on the toilet. I sat towards the small window which had light curtains that you could barely see through. I farted really loud to start and had a pee. I grabbed my shirt and put it on along with my socks and thin sweater. I felt a movement in my belly as I quickly farted and uncontroably a long poo came right out. It was very soft and messy. It was 8" long and quite thick. I wiped and finished up. See you later.


Diarrhea Stories!

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted. So, I've moved onto my junior year of high school, and luckily have had no events like the ones I posted about earlier on the forum. Nothing special, just some runny poops here and there. So, I thought I'd finally share some stories from when I was younger. The first is from when I was just 7 years old. I had gone to a sleep over at my friend Laura's house. Laura and I used to play a lot of video games. So, before I knew I got the poops from EVERYTHING, I decided to have a cheese sandwich at her house. My mom came to pick me up from her house, and I fell asleep in the car on the way home. My mom put me in my bed, and when I woke up, I had a sharp pain in my ????. I felt really sick, but I thought I was just hungry. I went downstairs and had some Cap'n Crunch cereal with some milk. Bad idea. I was watching T.V in my room, and I started ripping really smelly farts. My mom called me from the kitchen and said, "Sydney, honey, you're dad and I are going to run some errands, we figured we could visit Toy's R Us on the way home, wanna come?" I was a kid? How was I supposed to pass up Toy's R Us? (I was really into Hot Wheel's cars at the time...) I told her I would, and then went downstairs a few minutes later, and got buckled up.

So we went to a Home Depot, my parents were picking out paint for our kitchen, which was being remodeled at the time, when I felt a really sharp pain. I keeled over, holding my ???? and I called out to my mom, "Mom, I have to go potty!" (Yeah, I said Potty, I was little =P) My mom replied, by asking if I could hold it until we got out of the store, and I told her I could wait. It only took my mom and dad like 10 minutes to finish up with shopping, but it felt like an eternity. So they ran me over to the Toy's R Us, and told me I could look around for toys. I said I was going to the Bathroom, and my dad said, "Okay, mommy will take you over there." I really didn't want my mom in the Bathroom with me, so I just said, "No, I'll be fine." My parents looked at each other, and just said that I need to meet them in the check out area when I was ready. I bolted there, farting the whole way through. It smelled terrible, like ranch dressing and cheese. Some woman in the store commented by asking if there was a baby who needed chaining, and as you can imagine, I just kept running, but that comment made me feel so embarrassed. I got to the bathroom, I pulled my white cotton panties down to my ankles, hopped onto the toilet. I sat there for a second, farting a whole lot of loud, wet farts. Eventually, my system let it all loose. I just pooped diarrhea for at least a half hour. It started to sting my bottom. I was so embarrassed, people were coming in and out, and I sat there and cried as poopy came flying out of me. Eventually, my mom checked in on me. She came in to the bathroom, and said "Sydney? Are you in there?" I said I was, and she asked "Honey, are you all right?" I told her, "No, I have diarrhea mom. It hurts!" My mom came into the bathroom, and asked me if I needed any help. I told her to get me a water, as I felt really lightheaded, and I felt like I was gonna throw up. ( I was dehydrated, but again, like I knew anything back then.)

My home came back with the water, and after 45 minutes of non-stop liquid pooping, I felt better. I wiped really well, and looked in the bowl. There were brown little bits, floating in a sea of brown liquid. The toilet bowl was almost painted brown with diarrhea. I flushed the toilet, and walked out of the bathroom. My mom asked me, "Feeling all better baby?" I cried more, and she told me it was okay. She hugged me, and told me even big girls get sick, even her and dad. I know is sounds cheesy, but it made me feel better to know my mom took poops like that too, and so did dad. I got a bunch of hot wheels cars, and took them home. I started to become more careful of what I ate after that, but I also began learning to cope with pooping in public restrooms!

So, before I go, I just wanna ask, what's your most embarrassing public bathroom story? Thanks in advance, and if you like, I've got tons more!


Just a guy
Megan - although you may have been embarrassed about having to take a dump with men in the restroom, it made for another great story. It sounds like you and the girl in the next cubicle both had good relieving dumps.

I am a long time reader and have posted once or twice before. I will call myself Billy.I recently got a call from my girlfriends daughter (age 32)My girlfriend was out of town on a business trip. During the recent storm (SANDY)her power went out and wanted to know if I had power, I said yes she asked me if she could come over because her power was out. She was from Florida visiting her mom,But since she was away on bussines she was alone. Her moms trip was delayed do to airports being closed and didnt know when she was going to get a flight home. So I drove over to her house about 6 miles and picked her up.She got in my car and sat down with an uggh. I said whats wrong, she said she hasnt shit in a week and didnt feel well. I found a store open and got some beers. we got to my house and she went into the bathroom and didnt close the door.I heard her take her pants down and sit on the toilet, she was in there for about 5 minutes and then came out.I asked if she was ok and she said She had to shit reel bad but nothing was happening. so we had a few beers and about 45 minutes later she got up again and went into the bathroom. Now I felt like I had to go but didnt say anything after about ten minutes she called me and said to come here. i went to the bathroom door without looking in. she said it was ok to come in. I went in and she was naked from the waist down. She looked quite cute sitting there. She told me she still couldnt go and she didnt know what to do.she asked me to help her ,I said what can I do. i told her she can put vasoline on her finger and put the vasoline around her hole. She said that she just spent $25 dollars on her nails and it would ruin them. and then asked me to do it for her. I said that I had to shit and asked her to get up and as I sat down on the hot seat i said hand me the vasoline and stand in front of me and bend over as she was handed me the vasoline I shit out a log about 6 inches and more to come. She gigled a little and looked at my crouch my @#*k started to get bigger I said sorry i cant help it,. I took the vasoline and rubbed it on her hole. She tryed to push and I saw the tip of her poop start to come out but then went back in. She then asked me if I could put my finger up her butt and dig it out cause it isnt comming out. I said ok. I sat there and I started pushing out another log. I pulled out a rock hard piece of poop out of her butt and she tryed again and it started to come out more. she shit out a 2 inch piece and it went in my hand and I dropped it between my legs into the toilet. All of a sudden she said move back it is comming out I looked and there was about 5 inches out.She sat on my lab and shit out a log that I couldnt believe what I saw. She got up and turned around and kissed me right on my lips I shit out another 6 inch log and I got up and we both looked into the bowl to see what we did It was amazing. we were both standin there with our pants down laughing. She told me she always wanted to poop with a guy and tonite I got my wish.she thanked me so much and I asked her not to say anything to her mom she promissed me she wouldnt only if we can do this again but not while Im constapated just for fun. I said ok sometime. I washed my hands then wiped my butt as she watched me and she did hers as I watched her She took a picture of the poops in the toilet and hoped it flushed It did we were both happy

Provest i think i can help

prvost try this, get her some prune juice it takes a few hours to work it should help.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hi its John from the UK. I'd like to comment on a couple of recent posts. First of all Sarah you certainly aren't strange in liking to hear guys poo. Your story took me back over 40 years to my then girlfriend of the time. When our respective parents were away we'd go to each others place. Well after a while whenever I went for a poo I had a sixth sense she was outside the door so one day I put my theory to the test and suddenly opened the loo door to find her there hovering! Well she blushed and burst out crying and apologised. Apologise for what? I said and she told me how she got turned on by the sounds etc of a guy doing a number 2. That was a great relief to me and I told her that girls doing the same turned me on also and from thereon we shared our toilet activities whenever circumstances allowed. So Sarah your feelings are more prevalent than you realise and I hope you find a guy with a mutual interest, keep us posted hun and good luck!

Elizabeth- Welcome to the site! I enjoyed your story. Like you I was always too embarrassed to ask to go for a poo during lessons at school. Glad you made it!

Jo- No, you had a different toilet to me in your flat last year! Mine is white and, while higher above the water, I've not had my bum get splashed much. Like yours it's not clogged yet, touch wood! Glad you enjoy this site and I hope you can post again with some stories soon!

Sarah- I read most stories that get posted on here, men and women alike. I like the variety of situations but I have to say I prefer other gorls stories because I like to compare how I go about my business to them! I enjoy stories from both genders, though.


Post Title (optional) Skidmarks


You are so lucky having a partner who is happy with your skidmark activity. I hope he really appreciates you. Does he get and enjoy his own skidmarks?
I hope that the pregnancy is progressing well. And when he have your son ( or daughter) I hope you will be very understanding of their own interests in this area. And don't over toilet train them. Let them know that skidmarks are quite natural, to be enjoyed, and give them sturdy white cotton pants so that they can enjoy them. As a male myself, I can only speak for boys, but when he gets to his early teens, and decided to give up wiping, maybe even messing a bit, hopefully he will be sure of a caring mum who understands.
Are there any other mums out there who understand their children's need and enjoyment of staining their pants regularly?



Hey, guys, I need some help: One of my daughters is constipated. She's 11 years old and hasn't been able to poop for a day. Every time she sits on the toilet or sqauts over her chamber pot (she has one in her bedroom), all I hear is grunting and straining. Does anyone know anything that might make her poo?


Reply to Sarah

Hey Sarah,

From my perspective as a guy long-time reader, I have to admit that I'm really only here to read about accounts of girls peeing and pooping. To be honest, I think there's a large group of males that share that interest, so really it's just relieving to know that at least some females have reciprocal interests. If you don't mind me asking, what types of stories do you usually look for from guys?


Question for Heidi and Live post

Heidi just a question i was not able to find your first post and i seen in your story with your friedn why do you have two toilets and why do wait after a while to push it out
BTW im 14 grade 9 at school blondie brown hair mid down my back and not skinny but not fat and about mid height (i sit on the toilet with my legs about shoulder width apart and feet on a stool with my stomach pushed forward a bit)
Live post
Pulling my black bonds hi tops down to mid thigh and black botty dance pants BTW just came from ballet and lyrical class sitting on toilet in just bright orange crop top little drizzle of pee push ohh lord PLOP ( about 4inch) and prrt (shrot fart) ohh yes sitting back little drizzel again pushh ohh yess PLOP i can still feel more but parents in lounge room dont want to be suspoius so ill just push this last bit of pee out PEISSSSS :) feels so good just putting head on knees PLOP (about 5inches and fat) little tall (pebble) of big log just grabbing toilet paper wiping one (big brown stain) fold over wipe 2 (big brown mark) new peice wipe 3 (little smudge brown) fold over wipe 4 (nothing on execpt little gooey stuff) new peice wiping my vagina arghh wish i could push these other turds out washing hands and all done post again when i push these other turds out

Just a guy
Some great stories recently - just wanted to post a few comments:

Elizabeth - Welcome to the site! It was a great first story! It sounded like you and the other girl both really had to go. By the way, I was poop shy when I was in HS & I recall one time I got hit with a really strong urge near the start of the class. I didn't want to ask permission to go to the bathroom as everyone would know I would know I had to take a dump. A few minutes in, I left out a really smelly fart, but instead of providing some relief, my urge intensified, so eventually, I had to ask permission - it was fortunately granted as I don't think I could have made it through the whole class, but I was nonetheless embarrassed as I knew everyone must have known not only that I took a dump, but that I was responsible for the smelly fart.

Kat - Welcome to the site. I enjoyed reading your first post and look forward to more of them.

Ruby - that sounded like a really large dump you had - you must have felt so relieved!

Alicia - great story about your cousin stinking you out while you were taking a bath. I could understand why she was reluctant to go with you in there.


Transferring poop

I am a very young first year student studying abroad and live off campus at an old ladies house. So, once I was in a lecture and I had the massive urge to poop but I have a fear of going into the university toilets. So using much pain and effort i subdued it until when i got home and was randomly on the Internet that the feeling started again.
I ran into the toilet, but then once on the toilet seat I felt my poop would be big. But I had to force it, stretching my hole and forcing it out. Came out a massive poop the size to clog the toilet which it did.
I flushed once, it went into the hole, but after the second flush the water level raised leading to a clog.
Now heres the REAL PART OF THE STORY: 3 days later i really needed to poop late at night and my toilet was still clogged, i didn't get anyone to unclog it as i knew the old lady would charge me if told her i clogged my bathroom. Instead what I did was i sat in my bathtub and forced out a poop the size of 2-3KG, in desperation i got some tissue paper and wrapped it around the poop and through the tissue paper i could feel how warm and heavy it was. I carried the poop downstairs secretly into the old ladies toilet which she had forbid me (mischievous) from and there i dropped the warm poop and said goodbye to that heavy load. *flush* :)

Mr. Clogs

My strong hold on my bladder.

Yesterday I had to do a job. I'll keep it short, I certainly passed the test in bladder control. I got to the client's location to setup a computer, I felt to urge to pee. I didn't ask to use their bathroom (I should of) but decide to hold it. I setup their computer in the two in a half hour frame and the urge was getting desperate. I haven't peed since I left the house at about 9AM, while I gave the client to sign off the paperwork, the urge was getting bad. I kept holding on to a point my butt was shaking from all that holding and keeping from peeing on myself. I thanked the client and left their location to go home. Well going home was the true holding test.

I got half way home and the urge was getting REALLY desperate and stopping at a gas station was not an option since there was long lines for gas as Sandy touched down in my area. It took me almost an hour to get home due to traffic and people getting in line for gas! I remember being on a road for literally 20 minutes slow go traffic. I was starting to loss the grip on my bladder and felt the tight feeling inside me and my pants getting tight. Agony! Finally another 5 minutes later, I get to my house, parked my car and made it into my house. I was struggling to get keys out to unlock the door, I finally entered in, went upstairs where I live at. I put my keys down and made my way to the bathroom. I unbuckled my pants, struggling to undo my pants and peed into the toilet. I finally felt relieved but had to go at it slowly since the pain of holding my pee since this morning and it was past 2PM in the afternoon! I finished, washed my hands and went back to my room to relax and enjoy the rest of my day.

Take care everybody and have a great day.

Mr. Clogs

Observant Guy

current observations

Hello everyone,

Got some new observations for today. I actually got excited about one of them.

Evelyn, and Adrianna both seemed to have left the apartments this morning around the same time. Through some research I found out that both of them work for the same company, but not the same division as my wife. It must be a company thing to go to work wicked early.

While I was walking my dog, I noticed that the guy who lives with the blonde upstairs was in his truck leaving. The told my any sounds I heard after were her. She was home all day, must have took time off.

The fun really began when Evelyn came home from work. I recognized the car horn and listend in my hallway for the slamming of the apartment door...
check... I made my way to the master listening post.(master bathroom) I put my ear to the wall hoping to hear Evelyn enter for toilet usage. I waited about 5 minutes before I heard her shoeless footsteps. They got close to the toilet and their was the clink and rustle of pants. Must have been jeans, their company has casual fridays. Immediately after there was peeing, it was Crystal clear. I waited to hear paper being pulled from the roll dispenser, but it didn't come. Then there was a loud thud. She knocked her hair dryer off the counter. It got quiet again... I heard faint grunts and sighs... 8 minutes passed before the toilet paper was sounded. Another minute and then the flush, and the sound of aerosol application.

And there you have it... Evelyn (the Selma Hayek like neighbor) had just had a post work poop. From the sound of it, I think it was alot, or really big. Must have stunk too.

Happy bathroom trips to all...

Observant Guy


Post Title (optional) Watching / hearing males poop

Hello Sarah:

I do not think it is weird, at least not for people who like me read posts regularly on this site...I enjopy watching and hearing females why wouldn't it be true the other way around?
I guess you may be a bit frustrated because there is mnore stories about females pooping on this site than about males....
Happy pooping....

Need to go

Work toilet

I arrived at work early today and had to take a dump. I headed to the out building where the rustic men's single person toilet closed and "locked" the door dropped my pants took a seat. I proceeded to crap and pee. At this point I heard somebody enter the building and thought nothing of it. Just as I was in the middle of my first wipe the "locked" door opens and a surprised co-coworker gasped so sorry my bad didn't think anybody would be here this early. He quickly closed the door and I could hear him pacing outside the door it seemed he had to drop a good one as well. I finished up and he apologized again but I simple said no problem I don't have anything you don't have he laughed as he entered the toilet.

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