Poop with little kids

So yesterday I was assigned to babysit my 4 cousins. One is a male and is 5, female:7, female: 5 ( twin ), and female 4. ( I'm not naming them ) I made it until 2:00 in the afternoon, then got the familiar tightness and had to hold back farts. We were all gathered around the tv watching their old little einsteins DVD when I decided I had to go, so I stood up,
"Elena has to go potty, okay?" I turned around and started heading for he bathroom when the boy and the 7 year old stood up and said they had to go too. So I took them into the bathroom. I allowed them to go first and the 7 year old peed. When she was finished, she farted twice and and stood up. She walked out and the boy needed lifting on to the toilet. He farted twice and started to push. I closed the door and sat down on the bathtub rim. It was really uncomfortable to sit becouse I'm guessing like every one, when you have to poop it is hard to sit down. He farted again and I heard to plinks. To my great surprise and releif, he knew how to wipe himself. He dropped to the floor and pulled up his jeans. He than flushed and sat crosslegged on the carpet in front of our sink.
"don't you want to go watch the show?" I asked.
"no, I want to stay in here with you." he replied.
"alright" I said becouse he is only five and pulled my pants to my theighs and sat down.
I let my hair go from its ponytail and redid it into a better one. A couple farts escaped but not much else. After about 9 minuets, I decided to start pushing. After 2 minuets of pushing it fell accompanied by several explosive farts and two turds. I leaned away from him to wipe and stood up to pull up my pants, as I did, he got a clear view of my v/ half of my butt. His eyes blew up and I laughed, flushed, and walked back into the room.

He guys I'm new hear my name is Katrina but I like to be called Kat :) I have brown hair and green eyes I'm 26 married and I'm hopping to get pregnant soon so anyways I thought I share with you my daily poop and a story :) so my Dailey poop today well this morning I got up as always I had the urge to poo my husband was taking a shower so
I quietly walked into the bathroom and told him I was going to use the bathroom I sat down pulled my pants down I farted then I started to push some more farts came out then I felt a turd start to push it's way out I grunted and pushed it fell and splashed in the toilet I tried to push again but nothing came out. I got up and and wiped the log was about 1 foot long it was green in color . Then I had to go again at work I went to the bathroom on the bottom floor as it was mor private I went into the stall and sat down my stomach suddenly started to hurt I pushed a little and huge soft load fell out of my butt. I felt better I wiped and then left . That's all I got but I'm sure I will have some more in a while as I had spicy Mexican for dinner :p
Ok now for the story the other day I was at the mall shopping I had to use the bathroom when I got there the was some what of a line the one girl was a little over weight she looked really desperate and the girl next to her didn't look as bad finally two stalls opened up and the one girl told me I could go so me and the really desperate girl went in I started to take a piss and so did the girl then I heard a loud fart and then a bunch of mushy diarrhea came out then I heard a few more farts fallowed by more poop she was finally done we both walked out she looked embarrassed . I would be to I mean I like diarrhea just not in public

anonymous chick
The other day my sister was over and mentioned being really constipated and unable to poop for a few days. Several hours later she said she was gonna try to go to the hathroom again. After about twenty minutes I knocked on the door and asked if she was ok. She said "ugh no. I can feel it in there but I can't push it out." I asked if she wanted company and she said sure. she was leaned back on the toilet catching her breath from straining. I was sat down across from her on the side of the tub. She sat up and started pushing again, she held her breath and strained as hard as she could. After about 15 minutes of that, she said "I can feel the tip coming out, but every time I stop pushing, it goes back in!" I suggested that she take her jeans off and spread her legs further and bend all the way forward to help push it out. She continued pushing and grunting, red faced, but making no progress. She leaned back against the toilet seat again to catch her breath. she said part of the poop was sticking out, but it was stuck. After another 20 minutes of straining, I suggested yelping her out. She happily agreed, and I had her stand up and lean forward over the bathroom counter. She had this huuuge turd, almost 3 inches wide, sticking out of her anus about a half inch. Her anus was all red and swollen around it. I told her to push again, and I used my fingers to push on the sides of her anus and her perineum to help get it out. It came out a little bit, but when she stopped straining it would go hack in. She gritted her teeth and strained even harder. she stood there panting and catching her breath , and gripping the counter as she struggled to drop this massive load. She managed get about 3 inches out when it broke off. She said she was too tired and would try to get the rest out later. That's all. Just wanted to share :) has anyone else ever had to help someone poop before?


For Bandon T and more

Dear Brandon T.Do you work at that bookstore,or you just go in there all the time?I know one time I was at a bookstore and some young woman around 20-24 that worked there came out of the mens' bathroom since the womens' was out of order.I gone in there after she did.There was no odor but there was scretch marks in the toilet and some poop that didn't go all the way down after her flush.
And usally out in public when a woman goes in the bathroom,I always see how long it takes her to come out of there.I mean the other day a woman in her early 30's or late 20's went into one restroom,she was a blond in short pink shorts.She was in there for ever and I thought she was never coming out so I got tired of waiting and left.
And one time at one store a woman and her daughter was behind me and the girl said,MOMMY DO YOU NEED TO GO POOPIE!?


Stomach Bug Diarrhea

Hi to all my friends and sorry I haven't posted in a long while but I've been busy, busy, driving trucks of all things. I work for a cement company and I get to drive the old trucks with two gearshift sticks because I'm one of the few people alive today that still know how to drive 'em. They have some crappy old trucks because the owner is a cheapskate and he makes comments about me looking like I'm in my thirties and that I have a nice can but that's another topic for another forum. I make a lot more $$$ doing that than substitute teaching; you know what they say about tapping into long forgotten talents, right? Bought myself a new set of Ludwigs identical to the set I had as a teenager off ebay; also thinking about trading my car in for a new F-150 which is really nice here at the dealer's lot. At 62 I feel like I'm 22 again. I get to post today because I stayed home sick today, actually I feel pretty good right now but I got sick yesterday and went home early, probably just one of those 24 hour stomach bugs; I'm not exactly the best hand washer in the world and I come in contact with a lot of people.

Here's how it went: Woke up yesterday, couldn't finish my usual cereal and juice --just didn't want anymore but felt otherwise okay. Finished my coffee as usual. Ate a can of ravioli and a can of green beans, didn't finish all of it but I finished my milkshake from Burger King, that was around 11:15. Started feeling gassy and pukey at around 2:30. I was in the middle of a delivery when I got really nauseated, went behind a customer's workshed and just lost it, I threw up everything I'd eaten for about a week and kicked dirt over the mess to cover it up; it was pretty nasty as I'd had two taco salads from Taco Bell last night for supper. Had to borrow the customer's bathroom where I had explosive diarrhea after I threw up. I threw up in the toilet too after I got finished with the diarrhea, must've stayed in there a good 15 minutes. Felt like I had a fever and a slight headache with stomach cramps, they said I looked really pale and asked me if I was okay. On the way back to the shop had to stop the truck by the side of the road to throw up some more; ravioli looks, smells, and tastes nasty coming back up. Checked back in at the shop with the empty truck and asked to go home early and the boss reluctantly let me go but only after I told him I'd been throwing up and having diarrhea. I threw up and had diarrhea about every half hour after I got home.

After I got home, and this is how I cured my bug: I took a two quart enema with 4 ounces of colloidal silver in the 2 quart enema bag with the remainder full of warm filtered water and retained it for about 45 minutes in a bathtub full of hot water while reading--really relaxing and I highly recommend it, plus I drank a pint of straight colloidal silver, I make my own and I highly recommend it also. It's tons cheaper if you make your own and the directions are all over the internet, costs less than fifty bucks to start the setup then afterwards only the price of the distilled water. One thing about colloidal silver is that it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria and viruses so you'll want to eat things like yogurt and aged cheese to replenish the healthy flora you need. Anyway, I stopped throwing up at around midnight and stopped having the diarrhea at around 3am. Felt well enough to clean up the bathroom then I went shopping for yogurt and hard parmesan cheese to put back my healthy intestinal flora. Any kind of yogurt and any flavor will do but I use the hard parmesan that comes in blocks which I eat with bland saltine crackers and gingerale, it's really easy on the stomach I've been snacking on this stuff all day and I feel almost back 100% normal now and I think I can report to work tomorrow. I might even grill a steak for dinner with a baked potato and iced tea, yes I'm feeling that good, yay! Neighbor's brought me over a banana nut cake and some baked beans which I devoured for lunch, ????! Colloidal silver is a miracle natural cure I can vouch for.

As for the diarrhea, it was really dark like coffee and had thingies that looked like pebbles or beans in it, I have no idea what they were, maybe stuff that was stuck to my intestinal walls, maybe from all the protein powder I consume, I don't know. I just know that my waist is down nearly two inches and my abs look really defined, my pants are loose, well at least they are in the waist anyways, but I won't complain about that! anways, guys, that's my latest poop story, and I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season, time to start ordering those fruitcakes and apricot brandy! Makes me wish I were back home in Connecticut.

All my best for a merry upcoming holiday season to all my friends on this board,

Sarah T

The Moviegoer

Hi, Sarah again, I posted some pages hack about an accident I had in high school and another in college. I added the "T" to my name so I don't get mixed up with other Sarah's.

So, another tale from college.

I was getting ready to hang out with some friends and I decided to where some khaki overalls I had just bought. I paired them with an orange tee and wanted to know what my friends thought of my new purchase. I had finished classes for the day and was running a bit late, so, I hurried out the door.

We decided to go to the movies, we were gonna see The 300. I'm not a huge fan of action type movies, but, I decided to give it a shot. I got to the theatre and my friends loved the overalls. They always seemed to like my less than perfect sense of style and thought they were perfect for me. We bought a bunch of popcorn and soda. I knew I needed to meter my soda intake or it could prove disastrous.

We got inside the movie, got through all the previews and the movie started. I was snacking on popcorn, but, about halfway through Ifelt a bit of a cramp. I had had fish for lunch and all the buttery popcorn apparently didn't go well with it. I slowed down on the popcorn intake and tried to sit through the rest of the movie.

So, Leonidas died his honorable death and I was desperate to find a toilet. I jumped out of my seat and tried to get to the exit as quickly as possible. When I got out I followed the signs to the restrooms only to find a line. I knew the had to have other restrooms and started searching. Other's had lines as well, it was like every movie got out at the same time! So, I chose one and stuck with it. I knew overalls would be a bane getting off, so, I undid one side to hopefully speed up things when a stall opened up, you know, a revival of the early nineties overalls style.

But, this would prove to be for nothing. I kept fidgeting and it was quite visible I needed to go. A nice girl even let me in front of her in hopes I could make it. But, with two women still ahead if me I lost it. I just started filling my panties uncontrollably. I felt my face go hot and I thought I was about to faint. I won't lie that the relief was incredible, but, the embarrassment was worse. To top things off, I didn't have so much as a jacket to wrap around my waist to cover things up. I stepped out of line as other's were whispering, pointing, some felt sorry, some were giggling.

During all of this my friends were wondering where I went. I had several text messages asking if I was okay and where I was. I just told them I would meet them out front.

So, through the lobby I went, poop filled overalls in front of hundreds of people. I know most probably didn't notice, but, I felt like all eyes were on me.

I found my friends and it didn't take long for them to figure out what had happened. They were sympathetic about it as some of them knew about precious accidents. Stacy, one of my closer friends, walked home with me so I didn't feel abandoned because I had messed myself.

They never told anyone about it. They'll occasionally make a joke about it, which I don't mind. Though they're mortifying in the moment, I try to be lighthearted about it afterwards. I'll never see most of the people who saw it ever again, except my friends, and if they don't let it define me, neither will I!

Just a guy
I haven't had a chance to post in a while, but there have been a lot of great stories. Sorry if some of my comments are a bit dated, but I wanted to comment on some of my favorite posts

Lucy - great 2nd post! I agree with you that the brunette was pretty mean to her desperate blonde friend. It didn't help matters that she was kind of constipated and took a while.

Megan - sounded like you had a great dump - it is funny how sometimes you know there is more to come but no matter how much you try, you can't get the rest of it out. Well, at least you were able to get it all out the next day. I also felt bad for you being walked in on in your prior post, but I'm sure the girl who walked in on you, also felt embarrassed.

Shortie - I'm sorry to hear you're having such problem going but I am glad you managed to go - that must have been a great relief after not going for a whole week.

Anne - that was a great story about the mother and daughter pooping in the restaurant - seems you have had a lot of good experiences there

To the woman who posted for the first time - sounded like you had a great dump after your dinner. Based on the description of how you were passing gas - I'm surprised you held it so long. Hope you post again

Hermes - Similar to Anne you have a lot of great experiences in the restaurant. It's funny that you were able to overhear her tell her friend that she needed to drop the kids off at the pool - from your story, she clearly did and had to pretty badly

Carol - great story about your poo with your co-worker, Val. Wow, a 9 out of a scale of 10 - that's pretty smelly! I know from my experience in the office there are some people (both men and women) who appear never seem to poop during the work day and figured they probably train themselves to do so, but with a job like yours (the hospital), I would think it would be harder to as I would imagine you don't always have the same hours.

Dee- that sounded like a painful poop. Too bad you missed the person who left behind a strong stink

Jason - excellent story about your girlfriend Michelle's poop. You commented on how bad it smelled -was that the worse smell she made in your presence and how did the first experience of her going in front of you occur?

Melissa K - that story you told about almost clogging the toilet - from its description, I'm surprised it didn't - that was an impressive dump. You mentioned you were farting a lot throughout school - did they smell - if so, were you able to successfully escape the blame for them

Cutee girl
My boyfriend(justin)and i were at school until after 10 mins I had stomach pains, at first I just though it was my period so I just ignore it. After school me and Justin went to a restaurant! All of a sudden my stomach starts growled loudly! :O and I had the urge to take a d$@p but instead I crossed my legs. When I ate,the pain became worst to I got up and
Told Justin was going to the bathroom. So went to the bathroom pull my pants down but no result.😰😰then I told him I wasn't feeling really good... And went come because we are togheter as roommates. (my stomach was really confused so I fell assleep) 12:00am I rush to the bathroom and big farting noises and diarrhea came out! My boyfriend heard it so he checked if I was OK?? He ask me if i ate Anny thing that made made my stomach upset! But I said noo! 1
25 min later I came out of the bathroom and took
A big nap. Ps I didn't have the apatite to eat

Yapp that's my storry don't forget to comment if u have questions


Giant birthday dump

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and I ate a ton of food. I have a big appetite and I had two bowls of cereal for breakfast. My parents are divorced and both of them separately called and wanted to take me out to eat for my birthday. First my mom took me to lunch and we went to an Italian place. My mom had to take about half of hers home but I of course ate all of mine. Later, my dad and I went to a Chinese buffet at dinnertime. I ate five plates of food at the buffet.

This morning, I woke up and really really had to take a giant dump. I went to the bathroom, took off my panties and sat on the toilet. I farted a lot and they were loud and smelly. I felt my hole open for a chocolate snake to pass. It was very soft. It must have been a foot long and an inch around. After that, I passed another snake that was even longer, probably a foot and a half. I stood up and surveyed the damage and saw my two giant snakes coiled together. I thought I might have already blocked the toilet, and I still had to go!

I flushed and the snakes shifted some, but I sat back down as I had a turd coming out. While it was coming out, I flushed again. I pushed out five shorter turds, each one like four inches. I felt empty then so I looked to see how badly I'd destroyed the toilet. There was streaks and skidmarks all over the bowl, but no trace of my giant snakes. All that was left was the five turds I'd just pooped out. I wiped thoroughly and flushed again.

To Heidi:

You can give yourself an enema at home. You can do it yourself, or have someone you trust and are comfortable with give it to you. If I had to go to the doctor every time I needed an enema, I'd have to move into his office to live.

singaporean guy

replies and comments

hey The Crank! good to see that there are fellow singaporeans here in this site. wow 1999! . thats very early. i only discovered here last year. wah so how u peep at your wife de sia?!she allow you to peep? you have any restrictions like childrens so u cant watch anymore? wah how u peep de?! she never close door? oh ya self intro me this year 18 still in poly.u?

hey heidi!, thanks for answering my survey!. for your 55th story. wow r you ok? it sure suxs to have a diarrhea in the morning.


Annie, if you haven't had a poo in over a week, ask your pharmacy for an osmotic laxatives like lactulose.
This draws fluid back through the bowel wall to help pass the hard stool.
I would also see the pharmacist and ask what they would recommend.
If you are regularly constipated they can recommend something to help you go normally, or advise you to see your local doctor who may prescribe something that can't be bought over the counter.
In the meantime, try and keep well hydrated as that helps.


56th Story

So after school me and my friend Megan hung out and later came to my place. This was the first time Megan was at my place so I showed her around. When I showed her my bathroom she wondered why there was 2 toilets and I explained that and she said she was just going to use the toilet for a bit. I locked the door from my two brother's room so they don't come in on Megan. When I did that she had already sat down. She sits more like a guy would, or at least what I know. She spread her legs appart revealing part of her privates, had her legs farther out from the toilet then close, leaned quite far, and left her hands on her knees. I thought it was a strange way to sit but could probably be better for pushing with less comfort. She started peeing quickly while I left and went to close the door but she said to leave it open to talk. When I'm talking I want to make eye contact so I stayed on my bed and basically saw her use my toilet. We talked and she sat for over 10 minutes. I asked how much long she was going to take and she said she still felt like she had to so she was just sitting and waiting for it. I wanted the door closed at this point because her poop smelled really bad. My poop doesn't smell very much but hers is very noticable. I actually had to pee but I thought it would be weird right now, and smelly to use the other toilet. After 6-8 minutes she finished up and we hung out around the house and at one point I needed to poo. I went into my bathroom and pulled my yoga pants and red panties down to my knees and sat down. Less then a minute later I had just started peeing Megan came in and without a word sat on the other toilet next to me. She said she never felt completly done pooping last time. And for the past 55 stories I forgot one detail of what happens when I poo. I forgot to say that my poo doesn't all come in a short time but during the last 2 minutes of my usual 5 minute sit I gradually push it out. So basically I'll have my poo sticking out of my bum and slowly have it come out. Before I guess mastered the way I poop it was hard to keep it in one piece. After 5 minutes a thick 6" poop came out. Megan was still sitting with her pants around her ankles when I finished up. See you later.


Cousin's smelly poop

My cousin Scarlett recently stayed with me a few days. One morning, I was taking a bath early in the morning. My cousin knocked on the door and I told her she could come in. She opened the door, but didn't actually come in and asked if I was going to be long in the bath. I replied I'd be probably another hour, I like to enjoy my long relaxing baths. She seemed distressed and I asked her what was wrong. Then she said she had to poop, very badly. I kind of laughed and told her to just go, it's not like I don't poop. She hesitated and explained that her poop was going to be "very very stinky" and she didn't want to ruin my bath. I reassured her I didn't care, mentioning that my poop stinks too.

Scarlett came in to the bathroom, turned on the fan, and sat on the toilet. She farted a few times and started to give soft grunts. A heavy splash followed. I noticed a poop odor, but no worse than I've had sometimes. She repeated the process of grunting a bit and then a heavy splash a few more times. Gradually the stench level grew and she gave a courtesy flush when it got bad. She kept pooping for probably twenty minutes or more, with long breaks between pieces. She flushed two more times during to cut down on the stink. She wiped when she was finished and flushed one last time. She washed her hands and left the bathroom.

Hi everyone its John from the UK. First of all Mr Moderator if I may briefly go off topic my thoughts and prayers are with all our American, Caribean and Canadian posters here who have been effected by Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, be strong my friends! Ok back to topic I was intrigued by Abbie's post about her friend Beth and her difficult poo. It wasn't until I found this site that i've read about ones poos being sucked back into the rectum. This, I am glad to say has never happened to me and from Abbie's and indeed other posts on this matter it seems to be more prevalent amongst the females here. Could anyone here explain why this happens because logic would dictate that the body would wis to get rid of waste matter rather than draw it back in again. I do hope Abbie that your poos and those of your friends will be less troublesome in future and that you will enjoy good health. It maybe that all that is needed is a tad more fruit in your diet or extra fluids in the shape of more fruit juice or plain old water. Anyway that's enough of my pontificating my best wishes to you and all fellow posters, john x

Update-26 weeks + 5 days. Ive had a virus the last two days and ive vomited and had diarrhea so many times ive lost count. I woke up yesterday feeling awful and was then sick. About an hour later i had a bout of cramp. I made it to the toilet just about when it gushed out of me. I must have sat there for 10 mins or more just pooping liquid. I went 5 more times before i headed to bed. Each time it was very liquidy and splattered my bowl. Today ive only been twice and not since lunch time. Ive been able to keep some food down and the doctor has checked me and the babies over. Im feeling much better thankfully and now ive just got smelly gas. I felt really bad and i must have spent hours just pooping. It usually came in burst whilst i sat. Id poop so much then stop and go again 30 secs or a min later. Ive never had a virus or any type of bug like it and im left now with virtually no energy. Im ready for bed but thought id post before i go to sleep. Should feel better tomorrow. I hope so. Thats all for now. Bye.

To Abbie: Yeah, we do seem to be a lot alike. I consider you to be my friend, even though we've never met. Anyway, the other day when I was constipated, I didn't strain too much but it did take me a long time to go. I was at home and nobody was waiting for the toilet, so I decided to just sit for as long as it took. I probably sat for a half an hour before I finished. I've never totally pooed my knickers at school before. I read a few stories here about people having accidents at school, and I think I'd die if that happened to me. Though sometimes my poo starts to come out and I have marks in my knickers. Then it's uncomfortable to spend the rest of the day with dirty knickers. When I had my small accident last week on my way to Brooke's house, it wasn't so bad, but I did spend a few hours at Brooke's house with dirty knickers. You talk about borrowing knickers from your friends, but I wouldn't feel comfortable asking to borrow something so personal.

On Friday, I went to a football match with Bethany and her sister Olivia. When the match was over, Bethany and Olivia both said they needed to wee. I did too, but I also had to poo a little. We all went to the toilets and the queue was really long. Luckily, most of the women just had to wee and were in and out quickly.

Finally, it was down to just the three of us and one other woman. A cubicle came free and Bethany went in. She weed and came out soon after, and Olivia took her cubicle. Another cubicle opened up before Olivia finished and I took it. I had planned to just wee and wait to poo until later, so I didn't hold up Olivia and Bethany, but as I sat down and started to wee, my need to poo was too strong to ignore.

I let out a long soft poo that came out slowly. After that, I had a shorter poo and then I was done. I wiped my bum, flushed, washed my hands and joined Bethany and Olivia to head back to their house. Neither one of them said anything about me taking a while to poo.

Found this survey from way back and it appealed to me. Sorry, did not take the name of the originator.
1. How long does it take you to take care of your business? Any where from a quick 5 mins to an hour if I am having real problems, usually only at home though, if i am out try not to be longer than 30 mins.
2. Does it stink when you are done? Quite often, especially if I have done very soft poos.
3. Do you use the fan or spray freshener? Use air freshener.
4. How many times do you usually wipe? Any where from 2 to 6 times, regularly.
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat?I will go in public if I really have no choice. No, I have never covered a seat but I always wipe the seat before going.
6. How often do you get diareah or constipated? Very rarely get diarrhea, quite often get constipated, with a very, very hard session about once a month where it takes me ages to get relief.
7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl? Quite often.
8. Do you read while you are going? Yes when I can. Helps me relax and if I am having a struggle going it passes the time.
9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet? Never clogged a toilet up but have had to pull the flush a few time to get rid of the load I have just done.
10. Do you always flush? Always. Unless I have had a large constipated turn out and it has taken me a long time, then I do not always check to ensure it has all gone. If I am at home and go back to the toilet a bit later because I have not managed to empty my self in one hard session, I am quite surprised at how much is actually left stuck in the pan. I always make sure then that I use the loo brush to make sure the pan is clean.


Replies re Sunday update posts

Annie. I'm sorry to hear about the constipation, although it's not an uncommon condition. Personally I tend to mistrust laxatives as some of them, at any rate, tend to interfere with the normal function of the bowel. My advice would be to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (especially figs and dates), have plenty of hot drinks such as tea, coffee etc and get a good amount of gentle exercise (such as brisk walking in). Also don't worry if you have an accident when it resolves itself (as it eventually will) because accidents happen and they're part of life, not the end of it.

Provost. There are plenty of people who enjoy pooing with another person and, if you search the posts on this forum, there are several accounts of "buddy dumping." It was very much a hot topic in the early days (around 1999-2002) but has been discussed on a number of occasions since.

Tardis (Time Travelling Lady). Try not to worry too much about the wetting you recounted. Most people have accidents occasionally in adult life and, if we're wise, we try to accept them and put them down to experience. The body has its limits and if we put off going to the toilet for long enough we can all have accidents, whatever our age.

Anne. I really enjoyed your latest story. Please keep them coming!

Hi! It's Daniel. I remember a few years ago, I went to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The restroom had doorless stalls. Thankfully, I only had to pee. Does anyone have stories about bathrooms with no privacy?


Oops, I ...

Yesterday seemed like a typical Saturday. I work around 6:30, peed, cooked and ate breakfast, and dressed for work. As I exited the bedroom, I felt pressure in the lower belly. I estimated a poo would be necessary before the day was over...likely within the next 6-8 hours. I briefly considered going now and forcing it out but decided to wait.

All was fine as I departed on the 30 minute drive to work. Less than 10 minutes into the drive, the pressure became uncomfortable. I was only able to hold because I was sitting.

There was a roadside park on the route, I would stop and relieve myself there. Ten minutes later, I pulled into the roadside park. I parked the car and started the walk to the restrooms nearly 50 meters away. About 20 meters from the building, a small amount of poop came out into my thong panties. As quickly as possible, I entered the restroom stall, pulled my pants and panties down, dropped my bum to the toilet seat and released a huge pile of soft wet poop.

I had to make a choice. Remove my shoes, pants, and pooped panties in a cold unheated public restroom, or pull the soiled panties back up and get through the day.

I grabbed a handful of tissue and began wiping my panties. The resulting stain was only 1.5cm long and .5cm wide. I grabbed more tissue and wiped my bum.

I removed the poop stained panties around 5:30 that evening.



Brandon - Thank you for your kind words, I hope to contribute more often now.

Megan - Firstly, thank you. When I was really young and used to go into the bathroom with my mother she always told me to take the end stall, and since then it just became a habit I guess. I find the end stall is usually quieter as people tend to go for the first clean stall they see, rather than the one furthest away from them.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brandon T

heard a woman poop

about 2 hours ago I was waiting in line to use the bathroom at that bookstore there was a woman in front of me waiting to she let a quiet fart out she may have trying to let a sbd but nope it kinda smelled but not bad then she went in and I heard a muffled crackling rush she was pooping 2 mins later she came out I went in im guesing it very soft cause a good size skidmark in the bowl it was a good catch.


55th Story

So today I was sick with a cold and diarrhea/stomach pain. When I woke up this morning I noticed I was sick and I also had a strong urge for a diarrhea poo. My lower belly was churning. I got up and I was only wearing a shirt and went to my bathroom and sat on the toilet. It wasn't diarrhea where it all came out at once but small spurts every couple seconds. I also farted loudly throught, and they sounded different because wet poo was coming out at the same time. I sat for 10 minutes until my bum hurt and I couldn't push anything more. I wiped and got ready for the day and throught I'd have a few more smaller spurts of diarrhea. See you later.

Brandon T

saw a girls poop in the toilet

about 10 mins ago I was at that bookstore again heading towards the bathroom a young girl came out I thought nothing of it since we all use the toilet lol so I went in at first I saw she hadnt flushed cause I saw pee in it then I noticed there was poop in it to it soft and was broken apart so I pooped a lil myself on top then flushed kids tend to forget to flush sometimes lol



I haven't had a poop in over a week :( I tried a gentle laxative the other day but so far it hasn't worked. I'm not sure what else to do to get things moving.

Mr. Clogs

Something I want to try and comments and question

Something I never tried yet was to do an outdoor poo. I've been posting here for quite sometime, been inspired by those who like to go to the bathroom outdoors but never pooped outside. Problem is for me I live in a metropolitan area and if I do that, well you can get into serious trouble with the law. So that's why I haven't taken the plunge just yet. Maybe if I live or happen to visit a rural area then maybe. With that said, that's something I would like to try someday.

Observant Guy: You indeed a lucky guy to get to hear or observe to all of those women in your area when they use their bathroom.

Little Mandi: Good to see you back, yes prune juice will get you cleaned out like a laxative naturally.

Natalie x: Metamucil or Psyllium form fiber, vegetables especially green leafy ones. Wheat bread, corn, brown rice may help out. Coffee may make the urge occur faster due to the caffeine in coffee itself.

Natasha: Wow you must of been clogged up, but at least you were able to get that poop out of your system.

Anne: Nice story about your observation in the ladies room at the restaurant you were eating at. Liked the detailed description of the mother and daughter team in the other stall. Question, are these restroom stalls door-less or have doors on them since you were able to make out the description as to what the mother had on? Anyways I enjoy your posts and keep them coming.

Richguy: Thanks for the acknowledgment, if I had to poop in an emergency case then yes I would use the public restroom to handle my business. I would of course wipe the seat down before covering it and sitting down.

Carol: Interesting story about meeting up with old colleagues and having to use the bathroom during your dinner. I enjoyed the part with the neighbor in another stall handling her business.

Question for anyone that wishes to answer (would like for the women to chime in too), when you use a public toilet toilet (school, work, parks, train stations, the mall, etc) do you wipe down the toilet seat (if you sit on it) and put a seat cover on it before sitting down to use the toilet, wipe the seat down then sit, or don't care and plop down and handle business?

--Mr. Clogs

Hey, guys, it's me again. Just wondering,is there anyone else here who likes pooping with another person? I do. I have a friend and we will often go do a poo together, just wondering if anyone else is similar?

Anonymous guy

Quick Comment and Story

@MM great story and I agree. Whenever I have my long days at school and have to take a dump, I actually don't mind going out to the football field in the port-o-potties. There's a strange but satisfying feeling watching your poop going on top of everyone else's.

I remember one time I had to go really bad and used the gymnasiums bathrooms. Our toilets have automatic flush so the most you can ever see is skid marks. However this time there was a HUGE solid log that obviously had to come from a football player. I admired its size too much to flush it so I just decided to poop on top of it.

Anyway it's been awhile since I posted on here but I have a couple new experiences. Since I've been using public bathrooms more this year than ever before in my life, I've gotten to hear some interesting things lol. One day I was sitting in the cafeteria and that urge to poop hit me, so I quickly walked to the bathrooms in the gym. There's 3 stalls and all empty, I just took the one closest to the wall since it's the only one with a lock. I pulled down my pants, unraveled a toilet protector, and sat down to unload. It felt very mushy and warm but not to the point where it's diarrhea. I was finishing pushing it all out when a couple guys walked in the bathroom. They were laughing and whatnot and one of them said 'Man I know what you're going to do' and the other said 'Yea, take a huge dump'. From their voices I'd say they were both African American. It surprised me though at how open they were with talking about pooping, it made me think how cool it'd be to have a friend I'm that comfortable with. Anyway, they both took the 2 stalls next to me. The one right by me pulled down his basketball shorts and sat on the toilet, while the other (I'm guessing) was standing since I just heard a stream of pee go in the toilet. The dude didn't take long to get started, before I knew it I heard crackling and could already smell what he had produced. He was shamelessly going at it, letting out farts and grunts. By now I was wiping and getting ready to pull my shorts back up. I almost wish I had held in my urge for a little longer so we could have a buddy dump. Ah well, there's always next time. I washed my hands and quickly left to do some homework.

My next story is much shorter. I had to take an urgent poo one day so I hurried over to the bathroom. I sat down(don't even think I used a toilet protector) and let everything I've been holding in escape from my anus. I was about halfway done when a basketball player came in, unsurpringly since their practice was going on. Anyway to my surprise he took the stall next to me to pee. I'm not sure why he wouldn't just use the urinals since no one was in there, but that's his choice. He let out a stream in the toilet and something caught me way off guard. He pushed out the loudest fart ever! Not sure why, but I almost gagged in my mouth a little bit from disgust. Why do I not mind when someone is taking a dump, but I get grossed out when someone farts? Anyway he finished up his leak and I quickly left after.

I have a question, does anyone else have single stall bathrooms at their school? Every bathroom at my school only has one except for the gym's and it's irritating when you have an emergency. Too many times I've ran into the bathroom having to poop and the stall is already occupied. Well I hope you guys enjoyed my post and any feedback is welcome.

Keep up the stories everyone, especially the ones in college like me. It's nice to read someone else's story that you can relate to, and shows that you're not the only one fascinated by the act of pooping. :) Take care!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Littlet Mandi as always another great story it sounds like you had a really rough time but least you were able to poop and I bet you felt alot better after getting that beast out of you and a lil lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a great poop that really emptied you out I bet you felt refreshed afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories your first it sounds like you and your friends all had a good poop and it sounds like that other girl was having a pretty gassy poop and great story about your giant poop I bet that felt like heaven after not going for so long and form the sound of it you really cleaned yourself pretty good and I bet that felt really good and I can bet you felt alot lighter as well to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Holly first welcome back and as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good pee and poop and so did that other girl to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like that mom and had a good poop especaily the mom she sounded kinda desperate and had a good cleanout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elena as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister Elaine both had really great poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have and it sounds like you do thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story I hate stuburn and tricky locks they get anoying and when your desperate locks dont matter you usually dont have time to lock it properly since all you can think about is getting on the toilet and the worst kind of locks are the ones that if not unlocked completely wil relock after the door is closed even though nobody is in the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MX great story about seeing your exs poops and hopefully you do find someone will let you watch them.

To: Hermes ok it sounded like you and as always another great story it sounds like that woman really had to poop alot and she sounded desperate to and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carol as always another great story it sounds like you and that other lady both had really great poops and both probaly felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dee as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop kinda tough at first but it was worth it from the sound of it and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

AZ Lurker
I rarely post here, although I have been reading since about page 400. I have some great women-on-the-toilet stories I should tell sometime.

Yesterday I was in Washington, DC, to work for one of my regular clients. The building is one of the heavily-secured government facilities, with three separate secured areas to pass through before you get into the building. And I always end up with a visitor badge which means (theoretically) I can't even go to the bathroom without an escort. (I never take one, however.)

I was in the waiting area ready to meet my escort and begin the process. A woman in the room (I hadn't noticed her until then) went up to the security desk and asked, in a low but obviously nervous voice, "Is there a restroom I can use before my escort arrives?" She was late 30s, probably, slight build, reddish-blond hair pulled back into a tight pony tail, and wearing a white blouse and a light gray skirt that came just below her knees. She was moving her legs in an agitated way as she stood there asking.

The man directed her to the "next level" area through a glass wall and door. I saw her ask the security guard there, and then she disappeared to the left, quickening her steps as she did. I timed her, and she was gone seven and a half minutes...almost to the point I thought I had missed her, and perhaps her escort had arrived as she left the restroom.

Finally, she came back, and sat down. Her face was flushed, and as she sat, she put her hand on her stomach. Then she fiddled with a magazine, with her phone, and finally her laptop. It was obvious she had gone for a monster shit, probably diarrhea. We made eye contact once, but then she went back to her phone.

At that point, my escort arrived, and we began to work our way into the citadel. I had never noticed a restroom in the next area, but I made sure I left, and sure enough, there were doors marked Men and Woman. I looked at the door to the Women's room, trying to imagine what gruesome sounds and smells had occurred in there just a few minutes earlier!

TARDIS Travelling Time Lady

My epic thrift store fail

Before I share my story, I'd just like to say hello and that I've been an avid lurker for about a month now.

About a year ago, I was at Deseret Industries (which is a local thrift store here), and while browsing through the various bookshelves I suddenly realized I was desperately in need of the restroom. Unfortunately, since I hate public restrooms (they freak me out badly), I chose not to use their restroom, figuring I could wait till I got back to my apartment. I guess I had to pee more desperately than I'd originally thought, because as I continued browsing, I started to pee with such force that I was unable to hold it back. It went down my legs (I was wearing shorts) and into my sandals, and by the time it stopped and I realized what happened, I was totally humiliated. Bye for now!



Bowl Curler

Greetings, everybody!

Haven't posted in awhile because my poops have been pretty boring lately. Today was a bit different.

I actually got a day off from work today, the 26th. For the most part, I was spending the day running errands and stuff, kind of taking care of things despite the growing pressure in my lower bowel. Finally, about 2 PM I got home and decided it was time to take a crap.

I entered the bathroom, dropped my pants, and sat down. Took a pee and took out my phone, to do a little web surfing. While I was doing that, I strained and squeezed out my load. It took awhile, but finally the turd slid out and landed in the bowl with a thud.

After a few minutes, I started pulling off the toilet paper and began wiping. It was pretty messy, and took about 8 wipes. Then I stood up and examined my turd. It came up out of the trap and curled around on top of itself 3 times. It would have been interesting to fish this thing out of the bowl, straighten it out, and measure it to get the total length, but that would have been gross. I guess I'll estimate it at about 2 feet.

One of the simple pleasures of life is a good, long, solid turd. I guess that's something that connects everybody, whether you're rich or poor.

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