2nd Time Posting!

So the other day I was at the park when I suddenly had the urge to go poo. I went to bathrooms (which are surprisingly pretty clean). The girls bathroom had two stalls. One had a sign saying "OUT OF ORDER" with a padlock on it and the other was occupied. There was two girls leaning against the wall waiting to use the toilet to. The two girls were chatting (I guess they're friends) one had long brown wavy hair in a pony tail the other had long straight blonde hair. The blonde one seemed pretty desperate and was constantly moving around. In like 40 seconds the girl in the stall finished peeing, wiped, flushed, and left. The brown haired girl darted to the stall and stuck her tongue out at her desperate friend (how mean!). I could hear her lining the seat with tp and peeing. She peed for a normal amount of time. She then told her friend "I need to take a dump" and her desperate friend sighed as she held her ????. The urge for myself to go was getting worse. After about 5 minutes I could hear the girl starting to crackle. She continued to slowly crackle and made lots of grunts. I think she was constipated. After about 4 minutes of her grunts and crackling her friend whined "Come on I reeeeaaaaalllly need to gooooooo". Her friend laughed and said "just a few more minutes this is a big one". She started grunting louder and moaned a little bit as she pushed it out. I could hear her start to wipe (I guess it was so big that it didnt plop). She then exited the stall and her friend dashed in. Within two seconds she let off an enormous fart and a moan. I then heard a bunch of diarrhea splattering into the bowl with a bunch of loud wet farts. It smelled really bad in there. She then started grunting and in a few seconds she let out an enormous splosh of smelly loud diarrhea. She wiped and left looking embarrassed as she washed her hands and left. It was now my turn and by now I was quite desperate to crap myself. I entered the stall and in the toilet was an enormous poo (probably 10 inches and 2 or 3 inches wide) covered and surrounded by a swamp of tp and yellowish brown diarrhea. Even tho the toilet was full I still had to take a dump. I lined the seat with tp and sat down. The mess smelled even worse being above it. I started pushing and nothing happened. I started to push harder the the tip of my crap starting coming out. I pushed really hard and the dump stretched my butthole and it hurt pretty bad. Due to all the crap already in the bowl I had to stand up a little bit to let my crap come out. It eventually did and slid into the bowl, I then peed. I wiped washed my hands and left.


Survey & Response

Sigaporean Guy Survey:
1. I've only pooped in a forest once during a very long hike, I honestly prefer a toilet because I find it more relieving.
2. I've pooped in a porta potty many times and It's alright but not as comfortable.
3. I haven't lost control of my poop since I was little.
4. What?
5. Yes I've pooped in front of my boyfriend twice recently.
6. If I noticed there was no toilet paper I would find some.
7. Not completly comfortable with pooping with my boyfriend but not against it either.
8. No, why would I purposly bring someone to see me poop?
9. I pull my skirts up and I always wear some tight pants under so I'd pull those down.

To RichGuy, I don't mind using a public bathroom and don't know why anyone should be afraid of them.
To Brandon, I don't think I would ever want an enema. It weirds me out and also a doctor has to be putting the thing up your bum and I'm kind of shy about my privates even if these are professionals.

Abbie- Running out of paper- not good! Happens to everyone now and then though, especially in places like school that see a lot of toilet use.

Holly- Enjoyed your post about using the loo at uni! Is there a particular reason you wanted to use the end cubicle?

Anne- Enjoyed your latest posts. That restaurant is a rich source of stories!
On Wednesday I had my first poo since the weekend. I was working on a project with my group when I started needing it. We were trying to get it finished so I didn't want to interrupt things, and I was easily holding it so I waited. An hour later we finished working and left. By now I was fairly desperate and needed a loo soon. We were in the library and the toilets there are usually busy and only have one cubicle so they're not good for pooing in. I went to the student union instead to the loos I used a couple of weeks ago. The middle cubicle of three was free so I went in and sat. Both other girls were doing poos and I joined in with a couple of big pieces and a fart. I managed another piece but then nothing else would come out. I knew there was a lot more to come since it had been a few days, but nothing was moving so I gave up.
The rest of it came the next day during a lecture. I was getting some sharp cramps and my poo started pushing hard for me to let it out. I held it through the lecture and needed to go badly by the end. As I left another girl said, 'excuse me, do you know where the ladies are?' I said no but I was looking for them too! I'd never used the toilets in this particular building before so I didn't know. I looked for a minute or two then decided to use the engineering building nearby. I went there instead. i took the middle of three cubicles, with the one to my right occupied too. The way these cubicles are fitted to the walls, there is a gap between the wall and the cubicle frame, meaning you can see through from by the sinks and catch a glimpse of whoever is sitting on the loo. I did so to see if anyone was in there and there was a blonde girl sitting with her jeans and underwear just below her knees, so I took the middle cubicle next to her and sat. I pushed out four small pieces and some gas first. The other girl dropped a piece as well so I knew she was pooing. Anothr girl came in then and took the other cubicle to my left. looking down I could see she had lowered her jeans and red knickers to her feet, like I had. I heard her fart then start peeing and pooing, so now we were all pooing. A big log was slowly coming out and I relaxed instead of straining and it slid out slowly. Another girl came in and after standing waiting for a minute and hearing all the farts and plops, left to find a different toilet! My big log slid out and silently fell into the toilet. the girl who arrived after me was done now and she left. I pushed out a few more small pieces, then the blonde girl left too and I was alone. I finished up and wiped myself and left, feeling better!

A few years ago, I took a trip to the Netherlands and stayed in a hostel. Each of the rooms has two beds and an attached shower and toilet. I stayed in a room with a woman in her mid-to-late 20s. Her name was Sandra, and she was from Germany. She was very friendly, and not shy in the slightest, even about using the toilet. Whenever she went, whether for a piss or a shit, she never closed the door and we would sometimes talk while she was going.

On the first morning I stayed, I woke up before Sandra and was taking a shower. While I was showering, Sandra came into the bathroom. She said good morning to me and went into the separate room with the toilet, but I didn't hear the door close. Very soon after there was a strong shit smell covering the whole room. After a while, she had finished and flushed and asked me not to turn off the shower when I was done, as she was going to shower as well. I finished up and got out and she got right in. I dried myself and left, noting that the smell of her shit wafted out of the bathroom and into the sleeping area. I wondered if all her shits were that stinky, and that maybe that was part of why she didn't close the door.

Part 2-After my bath i decided id try once more. I was desperate to avoid atrip to the doctors and an enema so i really needed to go. I leant forward again and strained with my red face. I grunted REALLY loudly constantly. After a further 20 mins of trying i believed i was getting somewhere. My rectum began to expand and i put my hands down at the rim just to see if my feelings were true. As it turned out i was right. I continued to push and grunt as it very, very slowly began to emerge. It was a massive log which hurt as it was coming out. Finally after another 10 mins it plopped out, splashing my bum when it hit the water. I needed to push hard again to get another huge log out which after another 5-6 mins dropped off. Without much effort 4 further big logs dropped and knowing i wasnt done i sat there. A further few sharp strains and pushes and 5 more logs came out. 11 logs in total were lying on top of each other in my toilet. I was relieved as i wiped and flushed. I lay up on my sofa after as i was tired.

Part 1-Well im now 26 and 1 day pregnant and im REALLY struggling. I hadnt been in a week until last night. I felt so full. I tried to poop on tues and wed but it was pointless. I decided to try again last night. So i sat down and stripped my bottom half and began pushing but after 10 mins-nothing. I knew if i had no success this time, i would need a trip to the doctors. I leant forward as far as my ever growing bump would allow and REALLY pushed. I knew my face was red with the straining and i was grunting VERY loudly. I was still trying after 30 mins when my mobile rang. I took a breather to answer it and talked for 10 mins or so to matt. I held the phone in one and rubbed my lower back and ???? with the other. I was feeling no relief and by the time matt rang off i was considering giving up. I went back to the toilet and strained for a further 10 mins. Still nothing so after 40 mins or more i gave up and decided to have a relaxing bath. I stripped my top half and got in the bath. I stayed there for 20 mins


Cute girl in Specs has stomach ache

Today, my family and I went to a shopping mall. There was not many people there because it's a public holiday in my country. We went to eat in a chinese restaurant of where the food tasted really good, but i noticed that they were also particularly greasy and somewhat spicy.

One girl actually caught my attention. She was around my age, about 16, eating with her family, and she was in trendy clothes, a white blouse tucked in with a black silk skirt with was slightly higher than her thighs. She was really cute and had nice big spectacles which made her eyes beautiful.

Later in the night,a few hours later, my family and I was shopping in the bookstore in the mall and as I was about to make payment I coincidentally met that girl again. She was also making payment so I was right after her. She did not see me as I was behind her.

She crossed her arms, tight by her stomach, and actually bent down really low to her waist level as if in agony. Her mom was just beside her and I heard her say in a really desperately cute voice,"I have a really paaaiinnfulll stommaacchhee..."..

Then she noticed me behind her and immediately stood up straight again, i guess she was kind of embarrassed. And I am not at all surprised, given the food she had eaten earlier, anyone with a sensitive stomach would have become a victim. I can almost imagine her released torrents of liquid poop, grimacing on the toilet a few hours later..

Yup, that's all. I felt like I had to post this on here because it's a rare experience.


54th Story

So last night I stayed over at my friend Amanda's house. This morning Amanda was awake before me and was in the bathroom. I had an urge to poo. I also really needed to let some farts out. I got my clothing for the day out and waited about 10 minutes for her and she was still in there. I really had to fart so I let a big one out. I knocked on the door and asked to come in. She said if I wanted to. I went in and saw her sitting on the toilet with her sweat pants and yellow panties around her ankles. She said if I needed the toilet that she just sat down so I'd have to wait. I had a shower and got dressed and she was in her bedroom with the bathroom door left open. I went to her toilet and pulled my tight pants and black panties down to my knees and sat on her really comfortable toilet. I basically farted right away then had a pee followed by a fart. It was a little harder to push I had to lean more and I also left my knees untouching so my bum would open up more. It was actually quite hard to push today. It would come the go back. I even groaned at one point. After 8 minutes I pushed out a thick, hard 6" poo. After I had a large amount of farts for 2 minutes. I wiped my front and I just kept farting. For a good 7 minutes I farted on the toilet. I would think I was done and go to wipe but more came. I finished up and had a good day. See you later.

The Crank
Hi Singaporean Guy,

Now now now don't be too quick to think you're the only one here. I'm Singaporean too and I've been in this forum since 1999. You have pretty interesting questions. Here are my answers:
1.) have you ever tried to poop in a forest before? how do u feel? Yes I did. I was in the army. It felt really good.
2.) have you ever tried to poop in a porta potty before? how do u feel? Yes. I hated it. I didn't like the smell and the flap that goes pop when the poop hits it.
3.) have you ever tried to hold your poop but it ran loose and you poop out before? Nope
4.) do you find it comfortable while pooping in a toilet without seat? if you were going to experience diarrhea in a toilet without seat what will you do? and have you experiencing it before pooping or diarrhea without seat? I'm fine with toilets without seats, whether it's diarrhoea or not.
5.) have you ever poop infront of your boy/girlfriend before? Wife? Nope. I'm peep at her all the time though.
6.) what would you do if you were to have a bad stomachache and about to diarrhea and there is no toilet paper in that public toilet? Find water. If not, and if it's really really urgent, probably wipe with my underwear and throw it away.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story and that sucks you got diarrhea and worse the squirting kind if your gonna have diarrhea its best have it all come out at once rather then in squirts that are painful I hope you feel better soon and great story about you pooping at your freinds house it sounds like she had to poop alot to and it sounds like you had a petty gassy dump I bet she thought that was funny and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie maybe an enema or a strong purgative prescribed by a doctor.

To: AZ Lurker great story it sounds like that lady must have been pretty desperate and really had to go to bad you couldnt over hear it.

To: TARDIS Traveling Time Lady first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like you really desperate to pee ive been there and even posted bout my accidents awhile back and please post anymore storeies you may have thanks.

To: Lucy as always another great story that one sounded beyond desperate I bet if she had an accident she was blamed her friend for making her but luckily she made and not a milasecond to soon from the sound of it she really had to go bad and I bet next time her friend will learn and it sounds like you had a great poop yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and those other 2 women all had good poops and probaly felt good afterwards I know you did after not going for a few days and as always I look forward toy our next post thanks.

To: Eric great story about your friend Sandras poop it sounds like she really had to go.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like you had good cleanout and I bet you felt alot better afterwards to and a lil lighter maybe it sucks that it was a painful poop but at least you were able to poop and thats good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Zad I bet that girl probaly did blow up a toilet later.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your freinds pooping together it sounds like Ellie really had to go bad and beth probaly felt great after pushing that big one out and you as well after pushing yours out to and those one wipers are the best and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Latest story

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest story which I'll get to in a sec after a few comments.
Kelly- sorry to hear you had an accident on the way home from school, if it makes you feel any better I had an accident a while back when I was at a sleepover. I was desperate for a poo but for some reason I put off going to the toilet until the very last minute, of course by then someone else was using it and was taking a long time so I ended up pooing my pants. Also on the way back from school a couple of years ago my friend Lucy needed a poo really badly and as we were on her front step she started to poo her knickers, she wasn't wearing tights because it was summer but luckily none of it leaked out of her knickers.
Megan- sorry to hear someone opened the door on you while you were in the middle of a poo, as I've said thats happened to me before at school and its really embarasing, also it always seems to happen when your half way through pushing a poo out!
Natasha- It sounds like we're quite similar, usually I have a poo every other day as well, but like you when I'm constipated its more like three or four days between poos. Sorry to hear you've been constipated lately, hope you didn't have to strain too hard when you were finally able to have a poo. Sorry also to hear you had a small accident the other day when you were bursting for a poo, don't worry that happens to me quite a bit as well. Its not so bad if your on the way home because at least then you can change your knickers, it's a lot worse if it happens at school which it has to me a few times because then you have to spend the rest of the day in dirty underwear which is pretty unpleasant!
Anyway this is my latest story from yesterday afternoon, after school I was due to be going round to Beth and Ellie's to celebrate the start of the holidays- just a week but better than nothing! By the time I got to the end of the day I could feel that a poo was imminant, I'd been to have a wee at the end of lunch break and realised then that I was starting to want a poo, but I knew I wouldn't have time to go so I just weed, wiped and went back to class. As the afternoon went on I started to feel the urge more and more so I knew I'd have to go as soon as I got back to Ellie's and Beth's, the trouble was my constipations started to get bad again these last few days so I was starting to get a bit worried. Ellie and Beth have an ensuite loo and we're all used to going in front of each other, but so far I've never had a really difficult poo so its been OK. Sometimes Beth can get a bit constipated so I could only hope she might need a poo and end up struggling too. As we were walking home Beth suddenly clutched her belly and said "I really need a poo, I tried to go at lunch but I didn't get time so I'm going to have to go as soon as we get back." "Yeah, I need to go as well," said Ellie and then I added "I guess that makes three of us!" I did feel a bit better now I knew the other two wanted a poo as well, I could only hope either my poo wouldn't be as hard as I imagined or Beth might also be constipated. By the time we'd got to the house and were walking up to their room we had worked out that Beth would go first, followed by Ellie and then me last. As soon as we got in the room Beth took off her shirt, skirt and tights and walked over to the bathroom wearing just her white bra and green knickers, she pulled down her knickers and sat on the loo and started to push. Nothing happened for a while apart from some heavy breathing and panting so it did seem like she was a bit constipated. Ellie and I started to get changed out of our school uniform, as Ellie took off her skirt and tights she said "Come on Beth, my poo's starting to poke out into my knickers, I can't hold on much longer!" She was wearing white knickers which were giving her a wedgie so she pulled them down a bit and I could see the top of her bum. "Sorry, I really need to go but I'm constipated" panted Beth, "It keeps getting sucked back up when I stop pushing."
"Do you mind if I go then?" Ellie asked, she was squirming around now and had one hand on her belly and the other on her bum.
"No, I guess not" Beth answered, she stood up with her knickers round her knees and sat with her bum hanging over the edge of the bath. In the meantime Ellie had got herself seated on the loo and soon after I heard some farts and plops before she sighed with releaf. "That feels better" she moaned as she started to wee. She finished with a couple more plops before taking some toilet paper and wiping her bottom. As soon as she flushed Beth moved back over to sit on the loo again, I heard her grunting and realised she must be pushing hard. By now I had got changed into leggings and a top and was sitting on Ellie's bed, my own need was getting more and more urgent and I was having to clench my bum to keep my poo in. Ellie came back in wearing just her bra and pants, she started to pull her pants down saying "I need to change these, it came out further than I thought." She opened a drawer and rummaged around before calling out to Beth "Hey Beth, can I borrow some of your knickers, I haven't got any clean ones left" and Beth said "Yeah, fine" in a strained voice. Ellie went over to the drawers by Beth's bed and opened the top one, she pulled out a pair of blue and yellow spotty knickers and pulled them on before changing into jeans and a tee-shirt. I got up and reached round behind myself, I could feel my pants were wedged up my bum and I didn't want to get skidmarks so I pulled them down a bit. I went over to the bathroom and saw Beth on the loo, she was a bit red as she had been straining. "Sorry Abbie, I've been finding it a real struggle to have a poo lately, I think I've nearly pushed it out now."
"Don't panic, its going to be the same for me in a minute, I haven't had a poo in three days so I doubt it'll be any easier" I said. Just then Beth screwed her face up and did a massive push, shortly after I heard her poo splash down into the bowl and she moaned with releaf. "I'm nearly done now" she said as she did some runny poo, "I'll wipe standing if you need to get on the loo quickly."
"Yeah thanks, that would be great, I'm bursting now" I said as she flushed the toilet. I quickly pulled down my leggings and red knickers, relaxed the muscles in my bum and felt the tip of a massive poo starting to poke out, I took a deep breath and bore down hard and it slid out a bit further but it was getting wider all the time. I kept shifting forward so Beth could throw her dirty paper into the toilet, eventually she'd finished wiping her bottom and she pulled her pants up and went back into the bedroom to get changed. I stayed sitting and straining, my poo was sliding out really slowly as it was so big and hard. I went up on tiptoes, pulled my bum cheeks apart and did a couple of really hard pushes ending with embarasing grunts but luckily that seemed to do the trick, I knew I'd worked the widest part through and shortly after the huge log splashed down into the bowl. At once I felt a second poo waiting to come out, normally I find it easier to push the remaining logs out as they are usually smaller but this one seemed to be even fatter than the first one, I managed to push the tip out but it kept getting sucked back up my bum. I figured I'd better flush the loo or I might end up clogging it when I finally got the second one to drop. Beth came back into the bathroom, she had put a tee-shirt on but wasn't wearing any trousers. I noticed that she'd changed her knickers too, she was now wearing some pink flowery ones. "Ellie's just getting my leggings from the washing line" she said as she perched on the end of the bath. "Aren't you done, you've just flushed?" she added as I continued to sit. "No, I've just pushed out a huge one… but now I'm trying to get an even fatter one through… and it keeps getting sucked back up my bum" I said between pushes. "I hate it when that happens, try to do the longest push you can and then it might come out far enough" Beth said. I nodded, took a huge breath in and pushed as long and hard as I could, I screwed my face up and I knew I was going really red but by now I didn't care, I just wanted to get the poo out. I kept up the pressure for as long as I could and straight away took another big breath and bore down again before it had chance to be sucked back up. After that push I relaxed but luckily the poo stayed poking half out of my bum so I could afford to regain my composure, I pushed my hair out of my eyes and controlled my breathing and then I pushed again, it didn't take long before I felt it starting to slide out a bit faster and then it fell from my bum and made a loud plop. I felt empty then so I took some paper and started to wipe my bum. Just then Ellie came back in with Beth's leggings and a big pile of bras, knickers and socks which she started to sort out on her bed. I only needed to wipe a couple of times as my poo had been so hard and dry so I pulled up my pants and leggings and flushed. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now.


rich guys survey

A Do not avoid public toilets
B same answer as A
C I don't mind public restrooms, but i use seat covers and hate them with no doors.
D i am ok with public restrooms but like it at home, sometimes at hove i hover to poop and it normally comes out easily. I also will pee at the same time normally i pee first.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Observant Guy

Comments & Stuff from Observant Guy

Brandon T,

Thank you. I would consider myself lucky too. The work events are rare, But really, I am lucky that I have 2 single hispanic ladies in their 20's living next door, an african lady in her late 30's with a great ass living across the hall, and lets not forget the blonde in her mid to late 30's living directly upstairs from me, and my beautiful wife who is quite the exhibitionist herself.

No new observations to report today. I havent been listening because I have been kinda busy.

Little Mandi
Hello people, It has been forever since I posted. I haven't had anything interesting to post. Everything has been normal here.

Sunday, I had a bit of a hard time going poop. I was sitting here on the computer,like I always do when I got that familiar feeling. I went up to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet. I gave my usual small push,and already could tell I was going to have a hard time. I leaned forward, and pushed some more pressing on my lower stomach. I managed to get out a few hard chunks,but I knew I was no where near done. I still felt the big monster in there,but I couldn't get it out. I probably could have gotten it out it I sat there and pushed, but I don't really prefer to strain too much. I also don't like to take a lot of time in the bathroom, so I just wiped up and came back to the computer.

My great grandmom always keeps prune juice in the house,because shes often gets constipated,I think from some of her medicines. I debated on drinking some, but I decided not to. About two hours later, I felt like I had to go again. I went up to the bathroom for a second time sat on the toilet and gave my push. I could feel it starting to come out. It hurt really bad. It felt like I was pooping out a razor blade. I haven't had a painful poop like this in a good while. I had to keep pushing cause it was already half way out. I pressed on my lower stomach,moaning slightly which I never do. Finally the thing came out. It was a little smaller than a tennis ball and almost as wide as the toilet drain. My butt was in so much pain. I was glad to get it out. I was definitely expecting to see blood on the paper when I wiped,but thankfully there wasn't. I hate when that happens. I only needed to wipe twice. There was nothing on the paper both times.

singaporean guy

searching for singaporeans! and survery for everyone!

hellos may i ask anyone singaporean souls here? its my first time posting. looks like i am the only one so far as i never seen any singaporean posting here before. well here goes the survey.

1.) have you ever tried to poop in a forest before? how do u feel?
2.) have you ever tried to poop in a porta potty before? how do u feel?
3.) have you ever tried to hold your poop but it ran loose and you poop out before?
4.) do you find it comfortable while pooping in a toilet without seat? if you were going to experience diarrhea in a toilet without seat what will you do? and have you experiencing it before pooping or diarrhea without seat?
5.) have you ever poop infront of your boy/girlfriend before?
6.) what would you do if you were to have a bad stomachache and about to diarrhea and there is no toilet paper in that public toilet?


7.) do you find it comfortable to poop infront of your boyfriend?
8.) if you were to go to a open field camping trip and at night you had a bad stomachache would you wake up the guy next to you and call him to accompany you? why would u allow or not allow?
9.) if you were to wear short skirt do you prefer to hike up or pull down?
10.) if you were in a deserted place and you are having a bad stomachache and just nice you met a guy who is also having stomachache and both of you 2 are scared as the place was deserted will you allow the guy to go poop with you in the same cubicle? why? what will you ask him to do?

any experience relevant to the questions you might also want to share with us? thanks in advance to those people that answered my questions :) if you have other personal experience that you dont wish to share here but want to share with me you can email me at i will share with you mine too if you share yours


to worker

thanks, i do find it much easier when i go that way, and well today i finally took a 4 day poop

Natalie x


Hey guys, been reading lots of posts!
PRG - That's a funny way of describing it, 'vomiting oatmeal' mines like that sometimes! Relieving butt messy lol
NI - Poor girl, that must of been an awful experience for her, least she made it to the bathroom in time!
Heidi - Try prunes and prune juice, it always makes me poo big time. Be careful.
Kelly - Don't be shameful, accidents happen to all of us. Sometimes a few times and for some people a lot
Megan - That's embarrassing, I hate it when people catch me on the toilet. Especially if its during a shit!

Is there any type of food beside prunes that make the need for a poo more urgent?
Thanks, Natalie x

I've been a bit constipated lately, and hadn't done a poo since Monday. I felt an urge to go this evening shortly after dinner. I went to the toilet and sat down. I had some noisy farts and then a big poo began to come out. It was a really long one.

I still had more in me so I stayed sitting for a bit. A while later another long poo came out. After that, I passed several more small poos and then I was empty. My bum was very messy and I must have wiped at least eight times before I felt clean. I flushed and washed my hands and left the toilet.


meds affect bowels

About two weeks ago I had a heart procedure; I'm healing but am still not back to full strength. A week before the surgery I started taking a drug similar to Nexium (not Nexium itself--too expensive). I had been worried by a number of things before all this, with the result that I had loose stools more often than I'm accustomed to, even diarrhea every couple of days. After I started on the Nexium substitute, the diarrhea largely disappeared, and my bowel movements became more solid, mostly smooth with slightly lumpy beginnings. Frequency is about the same; I am still pooping, on average, twice a day, with a few days of only one movement and a few with three or more.

Has anyone out there had similar experiences, where a new medication has definitely affected your bowel movements?

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53rd Story

So is it just me or do people pay less attention to their bladder when focusing on something. I was looking through some wedding pictures on my computer and after I didn't notice I really had to pee. Today at school during lunch I went to the bathroom to poo. I had to wait for 1 of the 3 stalls to be open. 1 minute later a senior girl came out of the middle stall. I went in and shut the door. Pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees and sat on the toilet. My pee took awhile to start and it also didn't come out as straight as normal. The person to my left side went away and another girl went in right after. She had a friend talking with her before and I could recognize it was 2 popular girls in my year. The convorsation before went something like; Tanna: Finally, Kayla: Tanna can I go first I needed to poop since first period, Tanna: Fine. She had pulled her yoga pants and panties down to her ankles. It was kind of silent for a minute until the person to my right finished and the other girl went in. To my left she was breathing heavier and had quiet grunts under her breath. One thing I don't like about my school toilets is your bum can sink into it over time and I like to have my bum mainly touching the seat and not sinking into the hole. The person to the right had a pee and left. It was just me and the girl who was pooing. I didn't have to fart so I was pretty quiet. She was breathing a little more heavy and I could hear her moving on the toilet. Eventually some really explosive farts came from her. She would grunt everytime. It was kind of distracting. After 5 minutes I pushed out a really smooth textured 8" poo. I wiped and realized my bum was clean. I wiped my front and flushed. See you later.


Thanks to Claire and Mr Clogs for answering my survey your answers were interesting. I figured Mr Clogs response B, would be the most common. I figure most people prefer not to poop in public but would do so rather than holding it and being extremely uncomfortable and risking pooping their pants.

Claire's answer surprized me, I thought I was the only oddball who actually liked public toilets, it's nice to find out I'm not the only one.
I'm interested in getting more responses so here are the choices again.

A I hate pooping in public restrooms and avoid it at all costs
B I dislike pooping in public restrooms but I will if I really have to
C I don't mind pooping in public restrooms, I'm comfortable with it.
D I prefer pooping in public restrooms rather than going at home

Mr. Clogs

My weekend and Monday experience

Okay I'm going to be short and sweet with this post. I went away this past weekend to spend time with family in PA, doing some side jobs and eating. Trying to stick to my diet, I ate enough food to get by, and not over eat. I'm getting up there and have to take it easy. Anyways on with my post. On Friday,I didn't do that much eating or drinking, so I had a glass of water so I can take my vitamins before settling in for the night at my Dad's place. I had some water to flush down the vitamins and I took 2 laxative tablets to help with my bowels. I didn't pee before I went to bed, so I got up in the middle of the night, I made my way to the bathroom and peed into the toilet. I must of pissed straight steady stream for a minute which was probably the longest time I've stood at the toilet to pee. I finished peeing, flushed and washed my hands and went back to sleep.

About 6 o'clock Saturday I had to poop, by then the laxative was kicking in big time and went back to the bathroom. Pulled down my pajama pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I though the stool coming out would be nice and soft, nope semi liquid to totally liquid. It was good feeling, however it was brown liquid pouring out of my ass and stinking up the bathroom. I kept spraying the toilet for the next 10 minutes off and on until I was empty. I wiped with a wad of toilet paper (cheap I may add), flushed and washed my hands and went back to bed.

Okay for Monday morning, I took those same laxatives from Friday and had the similar experience from Saturday, this time I was in the bathroom much longer. I felt the laxative kick in really bad to the point I was squirting liquid poop into my underwear! I had to hurry to the bathroom to clean myself out from all the cheese stack sandwiches from over the weekend. This time the poop was semi-liquid. I sat pooping way for 30 minutes. I felt relieved because I didn't move my bowels since Saturday and couldn't on Sunday, but none the less much relieved. I wiped with a wad of paper since it was semi-liquid. Washed my hands and went back to bed.


Punk Rock Girl: Glad to see you back, hop all is well with you and keep the posts coming.

Penny: Good to see you back, interesting how you dealt with skid mark problems and still outdoor pooping. Thanks for sharing.

Anne: Great post about pooping at the super market. Enjoyed every detail of that experience.

I hope you enjoyed my post and will catch you all later. Mr. Clogs


Another university experience.

Hi guys, it's been a while since I last posted but I've been really
busy with university and family. Just wanted to share a bathroom
experience with everyone.

It was a normal day at university, and I had a free period. I felt the
need to pee so I got up and headed to the bathrooms, it was only a
small walk down the hall. The loos at this part of the building were
small, but clean. I walked in to find four of the five stalls taken, I
wanted to use the one at the very end but somebody else was there, so
I took the one next to it. I locked the door behind me and took one of
the seat covers before putting it down, not bothering punching out the
middle. I lifted my skirt as I turned around and pulled down my tights
and thong to my knees, sitting at the same time.

A few seconds later I started my wee, soaking through the paper below
me and into the bowl, wow did it feel good! I peed for around 30
seconds and then grabbed some loo roll and wiped. Just as I was about
to stand up the familiar gurgle in my stomach told me I wasn't
finished. I leaned forward, my hands resting on my knees and got

I wasn't in a rush so I just relaxed, didn't bother pushing at all.
One by one the stalls vacated as the girls finished up and left,
leaving me and the girl to my right alone in the bathroom. She had
been pretty quiet so I figured she was shy and waiting for me to
leave. I wasn't going anywhere quickly though, I don't like to force
my poos if I don't need to.

I was sat there for a few minutes when somebody else walked in.
Hearing this the girl to my right wiped, flushed and left. I guess she
wanted more privacy. She took the stall to my right and locked it. I
heard her take a seat cover before undressing and sitting. I could see
from the gap between the floor and the wall that she was wearing high
heels, and black leggings.

A patter could be heard as she started her wee and the first few drops
hit the paper, and then a loud tinkle filled the room as it broke through the paper and started hitting water. She peed for a while before cleaning up and leaving, I was starting to get uncomfortable sat on the toilet so I gave a slight push to get things going. I softly farted and then I could feel myself stretching slightly as my poo started to emerge. A few seconds later it broke off and fell into the toilet, soon followed by two more pieces. Once I was done I wiped twice for the back, once for the front and got dressed. I didn't think there was any smell but I sprayed some perfume anyway. I flushed the toilet and left my stall before washing my hands and leaving.

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