Mother and Daughter Poop in the Restaurant Ladies' Room

Yesterday I witnessed another poop in the restaurant bathroom that I have described in previous posts. I was having brunch on Sunday, and needed to pee midway through eating. There were several families present, and some school age children. I went into the bathroom, took the left stall, hiked up my dress and pulled down my purple cotton panties. I sat on the toilet and relaxed; pee began flowing out, making a soft *pssssss* sound and a diffused tinkle. I peed for a very long time, at least a minute straight. When I was nearly done, the door opened and the stall next to me became occupied.

A pregnant mother and her roughly preschool-age daughter went into the stall together. It is the larger of the two stalls, designated as the handicapped one. As I have mentioned before, the gap between the stall divider and the wall means I can see clearly into the neighbor stall if I lean back while sitting on the toilet. The girl was quite short; she pulled up her dress and lowered her panties, and was unable to mount the tall toilet by herself. Her mother hoisted her onto the toilet, then said to her: "go ahead and make poopies, honey." She stayed facing the girl and seemed to maintin eye contact with her as she sat on the toilet. The girl then began to pee and soon after I heard *plop...crackle...plop plop plop...crackle...thud* and the girl said "I'm done, mommy." Mommy then folded a pad of paper and handed it to the girl.

As she clumsily wiped herself, then folded the paper over and wiped again, mommy unbuttoned and lowered her jeans and white panties to mid-thigh. She revealed a pair of thick pale thighs with a substantial amount of dark brown pubic hair between them. She was on the tall and slightly ???? side, which was enhanced by the uterine curve of her pregnancy. She appeared about six months along, was perhaps 5'9", and looked about 35 years old. As the girl dismounted the toilet, mommy said "I have to make poopoo, too" and she turned around and sat without flushing her daughter's poop. The girl was fixing her clothes as mommy began to pee a loud, splashy sounding stream. During her pee stream I heard several fart-crackle explosions. When the pee stopped, I heard more crackling, followed by a few long raspy farts. The odor in the bathroom was of strong, healthy poop.

After about two minutes of very gassy pooping, she rolled off some paper, and made a folded pad. She leaned over slightly to the right, and wiped all the way from her vagina up to the top of her buttcrack and dropped the paper into the toilet without looking at it. She then made another pad and wiped again, this time just her backside. She stood up and raised her clothes, and I could see a mound of soft poop sitting on top of harder peices, which I assume were her daughter's.

After roughly five minutes in the stall together, mommy flushed and they washed their hands and left. I then stood up without wiping, flushed, and exited my stall. After washing my hands I was back at my table, and of course no one said anything about my seven minute absence from our group. They likely all assumed I had pooped.

I saw the mother and daughter at their table as well. The rest of the family was dad plus two older girls, likely 11 and 15, and a 9 or so year old boy. I thought they made a very happy looking I hope to have in years to come.

That's all for now!


Additional replies

Heidi. Constipation can be a nuisance if it last for several days and I hope yours has now resolved itself satisfactorily. Personally I tend to advocate steering clear of laxatives unless absolutely desperate because I think they can end up causing more problems than they solve. The best thing is plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables, including prunes and dates. Also plenty of warm drinks - tea & coffee etc should help. Let us know how you get on.

Kelly. I can understand why you thought the accident you had was a big deal. I felt the same way, messing myself shortly after I turned 18, way back in the last century! However I've since learnt, particularly from the stories I've read on here, that anyone can have an accident at any age and it's only really a big deal if we choose to make it one. If we choose to just get cleaned up, showered and changed, it doesn't have to be anything like the disaster which it may at first seem.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


51st Story

To Worker, I didn't even know using a toilet could cause problems. I like being able to sit though.

So I was constipated all week hence no stories. By Wednesday my belly was hurting quite a bit. I had a strong pressure in my bum but everytime I sat on the toilet I couldn't poop. I would try every 1-2 hours because I always felt like I had to. But every time... nothing. On Thursday I stayed home because my belly was hurting a lot. The urge was also very strong. I hadn't pooped in 5 days and I usually always have one every day. Friday was a day off. My mom took me to the doctor to see what he could do. After a check up he got a "powerful stimulant" that my metabolism wouldn't be able to handle and it would start moving my bowels. He left and when I felt like I needed to poop he said to ask a nurse to take you into the bathroom. After 10 minutes I could feel it. I felt a lot of movement in my belly and it was making loud sounds. I got the nurse and she took me in. She asked me to sit on the toilet. I pulled my jeans and blue panties down to my knees. She said not to flush so they could inspect my poo, to put the toilet paper in the garbage can, and take my time. An intense amount of pressure was built up. I pushed lightly and farted very loud. I farted many more times until I started pooing. The first bit was probably as thick as my bum could stretch but the rest was just normal thick and very soft. It felt so relieving and I'd say amazing. I also had a pee and kept farting ridiculously. It was a lot of poo. It took 10 minutes before I felt empty. I actually felt like there was nothing left. I made it really smell which I don't usually do. I wiped my front and bum and remembered to put it in the garbage. The amount of poo was unbelievable. I couldn't believe I was holding that much. It filled more than half the bowl. I felt weird after just so light and unfilled. That was an amazing feeling when I was on that toilet though. I wish I could go back and do it again. Guess I'll have to stick to my regulat routine. See you later.

your name Tracygirl

Post Title women's laxatives

PN, I think most women's laxatives are a lower dose and made from things that don't tend to cause cramps so much. Most of us get constipated when we're having our period, and when you are already cramped up from your period and cramped up from being constipated, the last thing you want is a strong laxative that makes your cramps worse.
They also are blended to not come on so suddenly. By the time you find a ladies room, find an empty stall, and then deal with all the clothing you men don't have to (skirt or dress, slip, pantyhose, and panties) and then get settled on the toilet without wrinkling or damaging all of that, you want something that gives you some warning when it's going to work.
That's why there's laxatives for women!

Smiles, Tracy


Hello again

Hello again, everyone! I posted here once upon a time, a while ago. xD I've only recently gotten back to this site. Really enjoying all of these interesting stories! I have a short one of my own I'd like to share. Recently, I've taken pills for my ear infection through the mouth. One of the side effects is diarrhea. It didn't affect me until Friday/Saturday. A good part of Friday I spent on the toilet passing mushy poop. It continued on into Saturday which I didn't like, since I was hanging out with some friends in Albany, NY. But the worst ended Saturday night and I went back to my regular poops. I guess that's all I need to say. Have a good one, everyone! :)


Buddy poop with Elaine

Friday night me and my sister were hanging out. I had the urge to poop a few hours before but decided to wait. I was letting loose so many farts it was unbelievable. Elaine was also farting. After about an hour our parents decided to go out to dinner. Since my other siblings were at our grandmas house. So they left and we stayed behind. After about another good hour, I came out and said I needed to go the bathroom. She said she did to so we both went into her bedroom bathroom. We walked in and I sat down on the rim of the bathtub across from the toilet while she closed the door and walked over to the toilet. She put the cover up and turned around to face me. Smiling she undid her belt and unbuttoned her skinny jeans. She all of it down to her thighs and sat down. She started to pee and a fart echoed around the room. We talked for two minuets until she said hold on and started to push. I heard two farts and then some crackling. She relaxed and the crackling stopped then she started to push again and the crackling resumed. When she relaxed again the crackling sped up a lot and then a plop sounded, followed by several smaller ones. She broke off a piece of toilet paper and wrapped it around her hand. She lifted one cheek and wiped. After about 4 more wipes and one to the vagina she stood up and took my spot at the bathtub rim. I got up and pulled my yoga pants to my thighs and sat down. The relief on my butt was amazing and after about two minuets of talking, the tip emerged. It was at a stand still for about 8 minuets until it slowly slid down. A huge fart rippled out of my anus and a small turd ploped. I started to push, halting our conversation and another tip emerged. The crackling began accompanied by some small farts and the thing came out. I wiped and turned around to look in the toilet. Both of our poops combined looked gruesome in the toilet. I tried to flush but in the end we had to break out the plunger.


52nd Story

I had a good day just hanging out at my boyfriends place. In the afternoon we were just in the 2nd living room playing a video game called "Heavy Rain". This game had you playing as a girl at one point and it was definetly more of a mature game and wasn't afraid of nudity. At one point you could sit on the toilet and it would show her peeing. He asked me if girls always sat with their legs so close and straight back. I said that most girls will natually just sit with their legs and knees closer but I don't keep my back completly straight. Later on in a different place something weird happened. We both excused ourselves to the bathroom at the same time. He let me use the closer one. I went in and pulled my skirt up and pants and panties down just enough and sat on the toilet. I farted soon afterward. I had a short pee. The urge was more on the outside of my bum rather then the inside as usual. I sat there and played a game on my phone. I didn't here him so he must have been pooping. 5 minutes later he was down stairs. 3 minutes later I pushed out a really soft 7" poo. I wiped and flushed. Used the sink. He asked what I was doing in their? I thought, what do you think. I said I was pooing, what did you think? He said, oh... Thought you were... Nevermind. Awkward silence. See you later.



I was out biking at the park when a cramp came on suddenly. I pulled off the trail to an old wooden outhouse. It didn't even have a seat on it. It was clearly well used and there were turds coming almost up to the hole. I yanked down my pants and before my butt hit that plywood 2 huge poos came out. By the time I sat down there was some mush followed by the runs. I peed out my butt for a good 10 minutes. I got up to inspect my work. I wiped and took in the smell. It was like the moss and rot of the woods met with that awesome musty/fart smell that you get in fall where its not repulsive but certainly earthy from all of the leaves rotting on the ground. I left and couldn't stop thinking how strangely arousing it was to be piling my poo onto everyone elses. Like there was some bare essence of nature that brought us all to that same point for the same thing.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi you may need an enema since all that ther stuff hasnt worked I look forward to hearing about the outcome and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: NI great story about hering that woman poop at subway it sounds like she really had to go lucky you were her only customer and from the sounds of it she was very close to having an accident and just made it I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Punk Rock Girl that sucks but as the saying goes nothing good lasts forever and hopefuly you get to a semi normal poop soon and as awlays I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly first welcome to the site and great accident story at least no one notices which saved you from more embarrassment but accidents happen and they can happen to anyone at anytime and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop and so did those other girls and locks like that suck and especialy bad if you got diarrhea cause you cant easily get up and lock it properly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it soudns like you and that other girl were both a lil constipated and had go alot to mainly you and it sounds like you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Janette as always another great story your fiends shouldve keep it quite as not to embarrass you anymore but oh well and at least you mom handled it pretty well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop at the market and felt pretty good afterwards and I bet your husband enjoyed the pic and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To Heidi

Heidi, Have you tried an enema? I suggest a glycerin enema.
they turn your butt into a slip and slide.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hi everyone, this is my 1st ever post on here. I absolutely love this site and really enjoy reading all the pee and especially the poo stories. Well as my first time on here I have my very FIRST poo story for you which happened tonight ....

Well I got home at 7pm tonight (after meeting a good friend after work). Came in, relaxed and just took it easy. I had a bit of a bloated ???? feeling as I was passing smelly bum gas every few mins (which was quite meaty and had that distinct odour to it if you know what I mean). I couldn't be bothered to change out of my work clothes (which were a red and black striped blouse and a black skirt with tights and heels). I had to put dinner on but I kept having uneasy feelings in my belly all the time as if the next sloppy, wet fart was going to lead to me having a serious messy accident in my panties. Luckily, they were just warning farts to tell me that I was due for a hugely, smelly poo (just like my usual poos). Anyway I made and finished dinner and by about say 9:30pm I could feel rumblings in my stomach that a poo was imminent at any moment and I was letting off really smelly farts every couple of minutes which told me that I had to go to the loo. By now it was 9:45pm and I was absolutely desperate for a poo now and could feel significant pressure at my rear end. Holding one hand on my belly I walked into my bathroom, locked the door walked over to the loo, pulled down my short black skirt and white panties and parked my bum on the loo, crossed my arms and pressed them to my belly and spread my legs (slipped my feet out my high heels (which then released a very sweaty, cheesy odour from my hot, sweaty feet) and let out a few softish grunts and pushed a bit. I let out a fart (which was very meaty) and then I could feel a humongous poo about to drop out of my bum, I could smell it as it dropped out .... Plop, plop, plop-plip-plip-plop, splop, plopslop, blop, blop, blop, plop-plop-plop-plip-plip-plop! The smell was very strong but I still felt more poo up my bum just waiting to drop and sure enough it did .... plop, plop, plip-plip-plop-plop-plop, blop, blop! And I was done the smell was really strong but I felt a lot better. I tore off quite a bit of loo roll and haad a look behind me to see what had dropped out my bum and it was a humungous poo, a healthy brown colour with a strong smell, lots of chunks a couple of thick logs and the rest little pieces. I wiped my bum in all about 3 times and then got up off the loo, flushed it then pulled my panties and skirt up and that was it.

Have fun reading and I hope to post more soon.

Goodnight everyone x

Abbie- Sounded like you had a long queue for your poo at school, but at least you managed to go when you needed too instead of having to hold it until you got home.

Well as I said I'd tell you about the other times I got caught on the toilet by someone opening the door, here goes!

The first time I remember was when I was about 12 and using the toilet in a cafe for a pee. A woman opened the door on me after it turned out I hadn't locked it properly. Then there was another time when I was 17. I had to poo while shopping and I was going on the toilet when a woman tried the door and it opened. I was looking down at the time and didn't realise it was opening until it almost hit my knees! She saw me sitting there and said, 'Oh! I'm so sorry!' and quickly closed it again. That was embarrassing enough but one or two other people standing at the sinks opposite also saw me in the mirror!
Most recently was a few months after I started uni. I needed a poo in lectures and went to the toilets. There were three cubicles here so I took the free one. Turns out it was free because the lock didn't work properly! I was having my poo and was pushing out a log when a girl opened the door. I tried to push against it with my foot but these cubicles had the door just out of range! It opened all the way and the girl realised her mistake when she saw me and looked shocked. So did I! My poo dropped with a plop and she snapped out of it and said sorry and pulled the door shut. But it bounced open again. I caught her looking again as it opened and she apologised again and pulled it closed again. I quickly stood up and locked it again. This time she'd seen everything, including my face which was quite red from straining to push out my poo. I was mortified that she'd seen me and heard my poo plop as she stood there, but I think she was just as shocked. Luckily when I'd finished my poo she was in another cubicle weeing. I quickly left- I've not seen her since so I've avoided that embarrassment at least!

Dear all

Today I was at a restaurant and felt the need to use the loo. The toilets were down a set of stairs, then you turned to the left and walked along past the kitchens and store rooms where there was a very small gents loo with one urinal and a cubicle. I was at the urinal relieving myself when a boy around 9/10 ran in. He ran into the cubicle and started fiddling with his trousers, he eventually pulled them down and his boxers to his knees and started weeing hard into the toilet. This was all with the door wide open! I finished and went to the sink to wash my hands, I could see him still weeing furiously. He has his grey boxers at his knees and they had a noticable damp patch on the front, obviously he has been extremely desperate and didn't make it in time!

- UKNGuy


Experiences with my wife

Few months ago I wrote here some things about my experiences with cleaning ladies.This time I'll write few words about my (almost ex-)wife.
Almost from the beginning of our relationship (she was then just my girlfriend,not even a fiance) she let me see her peeing,but unfortunately she was always very shy about pooping and it hadn't changed until last days of our marriage.The first time she had to poop in my presence (to say truth it was not exactly in my presence,but only when we were in the same flat) was during our first together summer trip; we rented a room (connected with a bathroom) and then she told me she... wanted to do a laundry.But it seemed strange to me that she locked the bathroom door and she was too quiet for the first few minutes;after few months she confessed what she was really doing...
Next time (still as my fiance) we were at my home and suddenly she told me she had to go home immediately.I quickly guessed the real reason and told her to use my toilet; although she turn into red and said that it was easy for me to say,she went in and did her business.
The only two interesting situations were during our marriage.First when she was pregnant (about 4th month): one day I woke up and saw she wasn't in our bed; then I felt an urge to pee and decided to go to our bathroom,opened the door... and saw my pretty wife sitting on the toilet with (not to big) pile of poop under her bum; but in one second with wide eyes she shouted at me to leave; it was the only time I saw her pooping,but again not exactly: I didn't see her dropping her turds).
The next situation was almost at the end of our marriage: my wife after pooping went to take a shower (I forgot to write that our bathroom and toilet are separated) and I went to pee.And then I saw she forgot to flush and her whole poop was lying on the toilet's shelf.It was the second and the last time I saw her poop.
It made no sense to ask her to let me watch her going; even if I touched her asshole during sex-play,she considered me as a perv.Once I asked her to massage my prostate and she called me a gay!

Maybe next time I'll find a woman who will be more open about such things....


More Restaurant experiences

Hi All

Hope you are all OK.Love your posts as ever.

Brandon - I am not sure who the anonymous poster on "woods pooping" is - either way not me.

A recent post referred to a restaurant employee pooping and it reminded me of a recent trip to another restaurant I sometimes go to.

Here the single Gents toilet is next to one of the two Ladies toilets.
On the afternoon I went, it was quite busy and the toilets were in constant use -so any coincidental use of the Gents by me when someone else was in the Ladies was not possible, or so I thought...

After a while the restaurant started to clear. I noticed five women on a nearby table, four were older -in their thirties or forties, but I noticed that they were treating the youngest to a birthday meal, possibly some office outing?..

The young woman was a blonde maybe in her twenties, and looked a lot like a English version of Kirsten Dunst. She was dressed in a white blouse and a knee length dark brown skirt. I also noticed that the blonde was really enjoying the food, with some seriously large amounts
being put away. I surmised that all this was bound to lead to the blonde needing an extended bathroom break at some point.

Anyway I did not think any more of this until I had paid the bill. I then overheard the blonde quietly whisper with a giggle to her friends/colleagues " I need to go and drop the kids off at the pool"

I remember the words as it was one of those "I can't believe I just heard that" moments, although truth to tell it was not the first or the last time I have heard someone say they were off for a dump within earshot...

Anyway I saw her walking to the toilet and followed her beyond the outer door, as I needed a pee.

There was a 50/50% chance she would be using the far toilet of the two, however I saw the engaged sign showing in the lock and the sounds of the blonde hitching up her skirt round her waist and the snicker of her pants being pulled down.This was followed by a little CLANK! as she ????ed her rather attractive behind onto "the throne".

I then heard the blonde peeing on the toilet followed by a short
period of silence.

She sounded constipated as I heard her straining and grunting loudly on the toilet for a minute or so, before there was a "UGH-UGHHHHH-UGGHHHHHHHHH" followed by a FLOOOP as she strained hard and a soft poo struggled its way out of her bottom.

She started straining and grunting on the toilet for a short while, before there was a "UGH-UGHHHHH-FLOOOOP" shortly followed by a little SPLISH! It sounded as though a soft poo slowly worked its way out, followed almost immediately by a smaller soft poo. My former friend the pooping redhead girl KC would have said that the blonde had "pinched a loaf off too early" if you get my drift...

The blonde was starting to find it much easier to poo as there was then a rapid FLOOOOP_FLOOOP-FLOOOP as three soft poos effortlessly fell out of her anus, without any straining.

She then farted loudly with a wet sounding SPLEEEEEEEEE_EEEEEEE! followed by a SPLISH-SPLISH, as two little soft poos shot unexpectedly quickly out.

There was then a minute of quiet followed by the sound of four larger soft poos slowly easing their way out of her bottom into the toilet, every five seconds or so, making a FLOOOOP as each poo hit the water.

This was followed by the rattle of the toilet paper holder.At this point I left the restaurant, wondering if that is what her normal post-lunch poo sounded like, what would the inevitable big dump later on sound like?

Bye for now take care, and keep those posts coming as I always enjoy reading them.

Hermes x


Meeting with Some Ex Work Colleagues

Although I've not posted for awhile I always read with interest the postings. I really enjoyed Clare.N's recent post in response to public toilet survey , also the post from Alex about a lad that didn't usually do number 2's at school. This prompted me to post this one. Most of the girls I used to work with at the Hospital did number 2's at work, however there were a couple that never seem'd to.

I meet up with Rose & Val who both worked at the Hospital,we went down to Rose's beach hut,. Having lunch and chatting about old times etc. Around about 2ish Val left , I stayed with Rose chatting , I could feel slight pressure building, I knew there were some public toilets just across the road .Rose and I were chatting, I said I must go and use the lav, Rose replied you still use our code from work , yes Rose laughed, I replied I might be a few minutes, Rose grinned at me. Grabbing my bag making my way across the road and entering the Ladies, I quickly noted there were 6 cubicles in a line, having a check to see if any one else was in there , I was alone. I went in number 3 bolted the door checked paper was ok, noticing a wooden seat, these were old toilets with a chain flush as-well, lifting my skirt slipping my knickers down , I sat on, my pee dribbled to start with, taking in my surrounds there was a gap between the floor and the cubicle, which I also like. My became more of a torrent, reaching for my bag to get my book out (50 Shades of Grey ) flicking to the page I was up to , my dribbling to a finish. Reading and concentrating on a number2, nothing happening. I herd some footsteps
someone went into cubicle 1 and quickly came out, and then entered number 4 to my right. the door bolted this time, I herd the clinking of a belt buckle the trousers dropped, my neighbor was fiddling in her bag
I began to push a bit sighing when nothing happened. My neighbor lit a cigarette, her knickers came down, I herd a thud when she sat on, her pee began immediately, quickly followed by a loud and smelly fart, a rapid fire of 4 small plopps. I could now feel my anus stretching a bit leaning forward and looking to my right I noticed her shoes the were very similar to Val's if not the same. Thinking I wonder if this is Val
my piece was no poking out slowly. My neighbor dropped a larger piece which fell with a loud splash, mine did similar the smell factor between both cubicles was about 9 10 being the high'st my neighbor dropped another large one, pushing out another one my self which landed with a loud splash. Curious to see who my neighbor was , I began to wipe I only need 2 lots of paper it had been quite a dry one, flushing and going to the sinks washing my hands, adjusting my makeup, I herd cubicle 4 wiping she did three lots, the chain was pulled, out came Val looking slightly embarrassed, oh carol was that you next to me yes it was, Val quickly washed her hands as she left she said I'll catch up with you soon. I could not resist going back to cubicle 4 , I bolted the door and quickly sat on the warm seat Val had left, as-well as skid marks and medium brown floater I could feel more numbers coming plopp, plopp two medium size ones dropped, looking between my legs, straining again more another slightly larger one dropped. I wiped my bum this took four wipes , wiping my front once. I pulled the chain and left to go and wash my hands. Val is lady I never caught in the 12 years we worked together, phew could she go!!!

To Megan: It's pretty embarrassing when you find out the toilet isn't locked after all. But definitely moreso for the person actually using the toilet. I was walked in on the toilet a while back, though I was just having a wee, so I wasn't too terribly embarrassed that day.

To Abbie: That sucks that you ran out of toilet roll at school the other day. Also, you asked if I find it difficult to push my poo out. Sometimes I do, if I've been constipated. I usually poo about every other day, but occasionally I'll go longer between poos, like three or four days.

Now for my story. I went to Brooke's house yesterday after school. I had been holding my poo all afternoon, and I was really desperate when we were walking. When we were almost to her house, my poo was starting to come out and I didn't think it could hold it much longer. We hurried the rest of the way.

When I got to the toilet, I pulled down my knickers and saw a lot of marks and a piece of poo. Luckily, I made it to the toilet in time and didn't fully mess my knickers. I cleaned my knickers with toilet roll as best I could, though I left quite a few marks. I stayed the rest of the afternoon and ate dinner at Brooke's. Then when I got home I put my dirty knickers in the wash and found a clean pair to change into.


Replies etc

Penny. Thanks for the tip re skid marks. Having a tendency to get skidmarks myself, I might try it sometime.

Anne. I really enjoyed your account of that supermarket poo after not doing one for two days. It sounds as though you did a lot and must really have needed it. Do you have plenty of hot drinks, i.e. tea and coffee? If you do, they should help keep you regular if nothing much else works.


Work toilets

Needed to go quite bad at work on Friday. I had already had quite a turn out in the morning. A couple of gassy farts, some loud grunts even for me and 3 quite large knobbly hard lumps thumped out into the pan. A wee and 1 wipe needed as they had been quite dry. I went to work feeling reasonably empty. Anyway the feeling did not last and later on in the afternoon, I realised I was not going to last until I got home. My backside felt uncomfortable. There are 3 possible toilets I can use on my floor, I work at a Hospital. 2 are single use male/female the 3rd is female only and has 2 loos. The 2 single ones were both being used. I was almost tempted to go back to my office, but my stomach was telling me other things, I could almost feel something at my 'door' very uncomfortable. When I entered, the smell hit me first. One of the cubicles was in use, the other empty, I had no choice. I pushed open the door and lifted the seat. The pan, was pretty dirty, some one had had a really choice shit in here and although the main poo had flushed, there was like all these little bits floating around in the water, the smell was a mixture of boiled cabbage and really ripe poo. I had no choice. I wiped the seat, there was some wee on the seat. As I sat I realised it was still warm. I had missed the culprit by seconds. I could hear paper rattling in the other cubicle, a small grunt then a flush. After feeling so desperate to get in here my bum now did not seem in all that much of a rush to give up its load. Ugghhh, several quite deep breaths and a couple of grunts, trying to get something moving, at least I was alone. uhhhh, this was not normal for me having done so much this morning. ahh, uhhhh another push, letting out quite a loud grunt I felt something starting to move. Every breath in and out seemed to move it only a few inches, or so it felt. I unclenched my hands and pressed hard on to my ????, clenching my hands back again on my lap as I finally started to feel it squeezing its way out, another really hard knobbly one, that started breaking up as it eeked its way out. Oh, this really hurt........ the bits that were breaking off started hitting the water and I could feel splashes on my bum, they were so hard and about 8 or 9 in total. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ughhhh, 'thud' Ahhhhhhh. finally the last bit squealed its way out, god it had really hurt. I kept my hands firmly clasped in my lap, getting my breath and really grateful no one else had come in while I had fought with this monster. 4 wipes, as there seemed to be a lot of squidgy stuff hanging around. I flushed......... nothing.......... I flushed again, no joy. 3rd time lucky..............yes what a relief. There were no bits left in the toilet, just a good spread of skid marks. I washed my hands and left with my stomach feeling much better but my hole feeling very abused, it hurt me for hours after.
What a struggle!


A question

So I've become really constipated since Sunday and it's now wednesday. I've been eating my usual high fiber,yogurt,granola and fruits. I've never been this constipated. I tried a laxative and it had no effect other than making my belly hurt more. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Brandon T

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To: Natasha as always another great story poops like that suck and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lucy first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a great poop I bet you felt a lil lighter to and please post anymore stories thanks.

To: Observant Guy great catch as always you must have a lucky charm I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jason great story bout your girlfriend Michelle it sounds like she really had a good cleanout.

Sincerly Brandon T


Last Thursday when I was at school I began to need a poo just after morning break. The urge wasn't that strong but later on when I was eating my lunch I let off a few smelly farts and could feel the poo pushing to come out. I usually play football with some of my classmates after lunch and not long after we had started I knew I was definitely going to have to go and sit on the toilet because the urge had got really strong and I couldn't stop farting. I played on for a little while longer but I kept having to pinch my bum cheeks together to hold it in and I couldn't run properly, so I apologised for messing up the game and said to my mate Steve that I had to go for a poo. To my surprise (because I didn't think he ever had a shit at school) he said he would come with me because he needed the toilet as well before the afternoon session started. So we went to the main block and took two stalls next to each other. Steve made a really loud raspy fart as soon as he got on the toilet which sort of echoed around the toilets and made us both laugh, then I could hear his turds crackling out and plopping into the pan. I sort of held back for as long as I could listening to him, but then my hole just opened and my own poo came sliding out. The first two turds were each about 14 inches long then the next two were about 6 inches. I felt I had more to come and after about a minute I let off a loud juicy fart and then did a big load of soft bubbly poo which came out real noisily and smelt of the curry and rice I'd eaten the night before when I was at a restaurant with my parents. After a while I decided I was finished and after taking a good look at what I'd done I started to wipe up and I could hear Steve doing the same though I don't think he needed as much paper as me. Then we both flushed and came out of the stalls nearly at the same time. As we were washing our hands Steve said he'd had a really big satisfying shit because he hadn't gone the day before. I told him that I had, but that I usually had an extra large shit the day after eating spicy food and that sometimes it made me a bit loose when I was on the toilet. Then I said to him that I didn't think he ever used the school toilets for a poo. He said he did at least a couple of times a week but that he tried to slip in and out of the stall when no one else was around because he got a bit embarrassed. Since I was his mate though he said he wasn't bothered and that he'd quite enjoyed us doing one together. After that we went into class for the afternoon both feeling well relieved.

a while ago in subway, I was ordering a sandwich. As it was the school holidays, I was there at lunchtime and it was very quiet. A young girl about 18-22 was serving me and I was the only one in the shop.

She was wearing her Subway polo shirt and a short skirt just covering her ass with thick black tights under it. She was really quiet with blonde hair tied up and was quite pretty.

As she was making the sandwich she was standing with her legs clenched together and making abit of a funny face. She bent over slightly and scratched her Leg through her tights and when she looked up at me she quickly said "would you mind if I ran to the toilet" I said no and watched her power walk to the toilet right next to where i was standing.

As no one else was there, my ear was pretty much against the door listening in. I heard it all, I heard the rustling as she slipped her skirt and tights down then I heard a splash which went on for a good while therefore it was diahorrea. These splash poops happened a couple of times before it was just little farts and a pee. I heard her wrip off toilet roll lots of times to wipe then she washed her hands.

As she came out of the door a little bit of the smell hit me and she looked, really, really embarassed as she knew I must have heard her. she got back to making the sandwich and i noticed that her skirt was rolled up at the front so i could see the top of her tights(although i didnt see her underwear as the tights were jet black.) she must have seen me looking and she said "oh im so sorry" and turned around and straightened up the skirt. before i left she jokingly said "I had to do the toilet so quickly that I didnt even pull up my skirt haha"

Punk Rock Girl

Well, I finally broke my streak. After a suspiciously long time enjoying normal, solid BMs, I have been experiencing mushy dumps for the last week or so. Not diarrhea, just soft, sticky glop.

I was so happy and excited every time it was time to crap. Now it's like I'm vomiting oatmeal out of my ass.

All good things come to an end, and now I've got bad shit coming out of MY end. Bleah.




The difference in laxatives

There are two basic kinds that you take by mouth:

Stool softeners and bowel stimulants. The former are gentler than the latter, although the latter are faster acting and more effective.

There's nothing about them that's inherently male or female.

I'm Kelly, 15 years old, 5'4" size 8. At school last week during the last lesson I needed the loo, not bad but had to go. I had had a stomach ache the day before and had the runs but felt better so didn't worry too much about going. As it was my nans birthday and she was round our house for dinner I wanted to get home quick so decided to wait till I got home to go to the loo. I had a 35 min walk and it was quite a pleasant walk. About 20 Min's from home I became more desperate and started to hurry up as I didn't want to mess myself. As I hurried I felt my stomach churn and I was getting quite worried by now because I though I was over the runs but maybe I wasn't. I came to a cross roads and was just about to cross when this lorry bibbed his horn which scared the life out of me causing me to jump. I stood there for what must have been no more than 30 seconds and realized what I had done. I had totally filled my knickers. I had tights on so it remained in my knickers but it wasn't long before the tears started to flow. I'm 15 and had just completely messed myself. I had 5 more Min's to walk home with a large warm bulge in my knickers. I finally got home and run upstairs and into the bathroom. As I took my tights and skirt off I turned and looked down to see my pink knickers full of poop. I cleaned myself up and went down stairs to wish my nan happy birthday. Later that evening my mum found my knickers which I had cleaned as best I could and she said that I wasn't to worry because she had had an accident a few weeks earlier.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Natasha- I have that happen sometimes- you feel desperate to poo but then it turns out to be taking ages to start coming out once you sit down! I also have a story from today about a door coming open- unfortunately I was the one using the toilet at the time!

Today I was in my lectures and I starterd needing a poo. I had another lecture right after this one, though, and I knew there wouldn't be time for me to have a poo in between, so I tried to ignore it and hold on until after when I had a lunch break. I went to my other lecture with some pressure down below and my poo waiting quietly but making its presence felt ready to come out. Through the lecture I could feel the urge to poo building slowly but surely. My bladder was filling up too and by the end I was needing to head straight to a toilet once it finished. It overran a bit so by the time I got out most people had left the building. I went to the nearest toilets and there was no queue. I thought one of the two cubicles was free but as I went to go in I realised a girl was standing in there. I assumed she was just coming out, but she had her bag on the floor by the door. She did come out, and I realised she seemed to be wetting some paper and then wiping down the seat with it! She then shut the door and I had to wait. I tried the other cubicle because the lock was showing half vacant-half occupied, but it didn't open and I could hear a girl in there now so I stood there waiting. The girl who was wiping the seat sat down and weed. Then there was silence for a minute. Then I heard a plop from her as she started pooing. A couple of minures later there was another plop. Then finally the other girl came out. I went in, locked (or thought I did) the door, pulled down my jeans and black knickers to my feet and sat down on the loo.
First came my wee and then a log slipped out with a crackle and a plop. The other girl dropped another log too. A second log followed from me a minute later. I had to push quite a bit to get the next piece out. It was just about poking halfway out of my bum when someone came in. I heard her walk up to my cubicle which, nearest the door, I assumed she was just trying first to see if it was free. To my horror it started opening! I quickly moved my hand and pushed against it but it opened about a third of the way before she realised someone was using it. 'Oh God, sorry!' she said, and pulled the door closed. I stood up, with my poo hanging out, and made sure it was locked this time- I needed to finish my poo in peace! I was pretty embarrassed about it and so was she I guess because she left, presumably to find other toilets and avoid facing me when I came out! I don't think she saw my face and I didn't see her, but she definitely saw my leg and bum sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles! It was embarrassing, especially because I was pooing, but it wasn't too bad because she didn't see everything, just my thigh and bum, and she didn't see my face.
I sat back down and pushed out my log and then another followed. I wiped and left. The clean girl was still in there pooing when I left. Of the girl who had seen me on the loo there was no sign! This isn't the first time I've been caught sitting on the toilet while using a cubicle with a dodgy lock- in fact it's happened a few times, including at uni before. I might post about some of the other times tomorrow!


Skid marks

Hi all, have not posted in quite a while. Recently I have been getting skids in my panties and on my g string, I am 58 so at first thought it was old age and the valve not sealing properly, I then remembered a post from some one way back saying that they would insert a finger to the first knuckle with soap to clean out the last inch. Well I tried it!! problem solved. I still lube with body cream after my shower. I was the expert on the outdoor shit but my knees are a little stiff and sore these days but I still remove one leg from my jeans and undies but now just lean over legs wide apart, drop it from a hieght!!!


Poo today at school

Hi everyone, Abbie here again, sorry I haven't managed to post in a while. Will get to my latest story in a sec, after a few comments.
Megan- you sounded pretty desperate for a poo during your lecture, glad you and Rhiannon made it out in time.
Natasha- thanks for your kind comments, as you said its really annoying and uncomfortable if you need a poo during the day but don't get time to go at school. Its good that you plucked up the courage to ask to be excused during a lesson the other day when you wanted a poo, its better to do that than end up with dirty knickers, I just hope nobody commented when you got back that you'd been gone a while. Like Megan said I hate to ask to go to the toilet during a lesson if its a poo, my poos are often really hard and dry and I only go every three or four days so I can be on the loo for 15 or 20 minutes, thats why quite often its hard to find the time to go while I'm at school. You mentioned a couple of posts back that you felt sorry for a girl who sounded constipated when you were on the loo at lunchtime, do you ever find it hard to push your poo out?
Anyway, back to todays story, I got to school late so didn't get chance to go to the loo before lessons. By morning break I could feel a big poo was on its way but I was pretty sure I'd be able to wait until lunchtime. I was getting quite desperate the lesson before lunch but nothing I couldn't handle, I decided I'd go to the toilet straight away to give myself plenty of time, the only drawback with that was there was a massive queue. Judging by how slowly cubicles were being freed up a lot of other girls needed a poo as well, by the time I got a cubicle I was actually having to clench my bum to stop my poo from poking out into my knickers. I quickly locked the door, pulled down my skirt, tights and pink and blue stripy knickers and sat on the toilet. I had a quick wee and then felt my poo starting to slide out, after the tip was out I took a deep breath and bore down hard, as usual the log was really wide and knobbly and I groaned slightly as it slowly made its way out. I could hear the girl next door panting and grunting as she strained to poo so at least I wasn't on my own, I kept on pushing hard and couldn't help letting some grunts out. Eventually I'd worked the widest part through and shortly after the first log splashed into the bowl, a few seconds later the girl next door made a loud plop and sighed with releaf. Another log started to slide out straight away but this one wasn't as wide so it didn't take as much effort to pass. Next door I heard the girl wiping her bum and then she flushed and went out of her cubicle. I pushed out a couple more softer poos and then I felt empty so I took some toilet roll and started to wipe my bottom. Unfortunately before I was properly clean I ran out of loo roll, I pulled up my knickers, tights and skirt, flushed and came out of my cubicle but all the others were taken so I couldn't take any paper off another roll. I got through the afternoon feeling much happier and went for a wee as soon as I got home, I made sure I finished wiping my bum then and also put clean knickers on as the ones I'd been wearing had got bad skidmarks. Will post again soon, bye for now!!


Accident around my neighbour

Janette here (from page 2212 and onwards!) , been long since I've posted here. Feels good to be back, reading everyone else's posts..
This was during my engineering days, I was 19. I had had a very hectic day at college, with a lot of submissions to do. Between all of that I had a heavy lunch at the college canteen during the break. Anyway, so I was walking back home from college with my project partner, so we could work at home. The walk is typically a 15 min walk.
I was feeling this continuous pressure to poop. I was passing gas silently, all the time. About 5 mins into the walk, the urge got uncontrollable. But luckily, an SUV pulled over. Turned out, one of my neighbours was heading home with her family,and she offered to give me and my friend a ride home. I figured, cool I can reach home earlier.
I was sitting in the SUV with my friend, and the neighbours children - boys , one was 15 and the other was 12 then. I had known this family since my childhood, so they were pretty close.
A few minutes later, I did it in my jeans. It came out slowly and filled my rear. It was smooth and mushy poop and a few seconds later the smell rose and filled the air conditioned car. My house was nearing now, just 2-3 blocks away. The neighbour knew about my pooping accidents history, but still she immediately asked here 12 year old son, whether he had done it in his pants. He ofcourse denied. I was all red with embarrassment and everyone could smell the rotten-egg odour. My friend then asked me if I had soiled. I couldn't bring myself to reply, so she bent over and checked my bottom with her hand. She then told the others that it was me. It was very humiliating.
My friend and the neighbour took me to my house. The boys went to their house, didn't come over. My mom opened the door, and as soon as she saw me and smelled, she knew. She checked my rear to confirm, and sighed. After having cleaned up, we continued with our project work, filled with awkward silences.



Poop at the Supermarket

Today I was buying a fair deal of groceries, and I felt a poo urge when I was nearly done shopping. It had only been 2 days since my last poop, and I figured I'd better go for it. I've been quite constipated for most of the past month and a half and have been trying various things- more water, more fiber, etc... Now it appears I might be getting a handle on this pregnant pooping thing after all.

I left my cart and went into the 3 stall bathroom, pulled down my black yoga pants and plain white cotton bikini panties and sat. I relaxed and started to pee, and felt the usual warmth of the pee cascading off at various angles from my pubic mound- when I don't have to go desperately I usually pee not a stream but have it run off at different places. It makes a soft hissing/timkling sound when I pee like this, not a loud splashing when I push and do a hard stream. I like peeing this way- it's relaxing.

When I was done peeing I sat for another minute or so until I felt a poop begin to emerge. It didn't seem quite as wide as my constipated baseball-bat poops, but I could still plainly sense the length of it as it moved out at a moderate pace. I relaxed and enjoyed it for several minutes before it went "thunk" into the bowl. I pushed, and farted a big raspy fart. I heard a giggle from 2 stalls down, but I never found out who laughed at my fart.

I stood up and looked into the bowl. There was a coil of light brown poop perhaps 1.5 inches thick circling all around the bowl and going down into the drain hole. I then made a wad of paper and wiped my bum once standing up, then dropped the paper into the middle of the toilet. The net effect looked like a cirlce with a bulls-eye in the middle. I laughed and took a cell phone photo of it to show my fiance. I pulled up my clothes, flushed, washed my hands, and exited, paying for my purchases and leaving the store. I made several other retail-oriented stops and got home an hour after leaving the supermarket.

After arriving home I went to my bathroom and got ready to shower, for I had been at the gym prior to shopping. I took of my underwear and looked in them, and I had a significant, long skidmark. The poo must have been softer than I thought and my wipe likely smeared more than it removed- oh well, it happens! I put my stinky panties on the vanity to scrub them out later on and took my shower.

On a final note for now, I realise I've never described my appearance: I'm 6 foot 2 (yes tall for a lady I know!) and 180 lbs, and I have pale skin and bright red hair, thick and wavy and halfway down my back. I have long arms and legs, lots of freckles and wide hips and a generous bottom. I'm 40 years old, but I've been told I look ten years younger than I am- and I certainly feel that way. When I go places with my 30 yr old fiance, most people think we're the same age.

See ya later!


to lisa

I too enjoy a good outdoor squat crap. They come out easier and faster because our colons were designed to go in this position. Sitting kinks the colon causing cramps and hemmoroids.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

After school today, I was due to meet up with some friends from school to study. I had needed to poo since the lesson after lunch, and so I had to poo quite badly by the time school let out. I stopped by my house to have a quick poo.

When I got home, the main toilet was busy. I went to the toilet in our laundry. I closed the door, pulled down my school skirt and blue stripey knickers, and sat down. I was hoping for a quick poo, but despite having to go so badly while walking home, it took ages for me to actually start pooing. I let out two or three long soft poos then wiped and flushed. I changed out of my school uniform before heading off to meet the study group.

The group chose to meet at a coffeehouse nearby the school, as many of the members like coffee. I don't, so I ordered a tea instead. Anyway, we studied and chatted, and after an hour or so I needed a wee. I excused myself and went to the toilet. I opened the door and saw a woman sitting on the toilet. I immediately apologized and closed the door, waiting outside until she was done.

She came out a few minutes later, and I apologized again. She said it was her fault for forgetting to lock the door. I went in, making sure I did lock, and the room smelled strongly of the woman's poo. I sat right down and had a good wee, then I returned to the group.


Gendered Laxatives

Related to Tracygirl's post about Dulcolax for Women: I've often wondered what is special about laxatives advertised as being for women (like Correctol). What makes a laxative gendered, is it just labelling and marketing, or is there actually some difference in the formula for some biological reason?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chelsea as always another great story it sounds like you had an interesting gassing up your room and it you sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like your sister had to go alot to and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and a lil lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marc good story about that girl really needing to pee it sounds like she was beyond desperate.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go and hopefuly that girl will be able to poop soon and great desperate pee story as well and finaly great story about your poop at home it sounds like you and your mom have gotten use to eachother being seen on the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tracygirl great story it sounds like that ducolax really helped you out and I bet you felt alot better after wards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha great story about your desperate pee at the doctors office it sounds like you really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you had a great poop outside and a clean one to those are the best knind and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noah good catch on that show

To: Mystery Poster Hermes I think great story about woods pooping.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a great reliving poop and pee in that train station bathroom and great story about you and your freind Rhianon pooping and peeing together it sounds like you both really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great desperation story it sounds like you were secondsd away from having an accident when that toilet opened up at least you made it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

About an hour ago I heard a woman poop at that bookstore I heard her pee then fart and a couple plops it was a quick poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi! I am new to this site and this is my first time posting!

I love the feeling of pushing out a big load so I always try to hold it for a few days (or more) before I go.

I had been with-holding from dropping a load for around two weeks! By now my ???? felt very uncomfortable and there was some noticeable bloating. One day I was shopping at a thrift store and suddenly had the insane urge to go #2. This urge was to strong to with hold so I quickly went to the ladies room. The restroom was currently occupied so I had to wait. I was clenching my butt cheeks together very tight to prevent from crapping myself. Thankfully the girl using it finished very soon and I ran in. I quickly covered the seat in tp and sat down. I gave a hard push and the turd started to come out. I continued to push slowly (to savor the feeling) and it all came out. I then sat up to look at my massive dump. It had to be over a foot long wrapping around the bowl and piling up in the middle, all in one piece. It was the largest crap I have ever taken and it felt amazing. I sat back down to pee and wiped. I decided to just leave it and didn't bother trying to flush.

By the way Ive been holding in another so I'll be posting again soon!

Observant Guy

Friday & Mondays Observations.

Hello everyone,

I have some observations to report.


I woke up earlier than normal on friday morning, The Mrs had gone in early to get a few things done so she left around 645am. Around 7am,I heard the heavy steps of the Blonde who lives directly upstairs from me. The steps went straight from the bed to the bathroom. I got up ran in my bathroom, shut the door and took my position to overhear some possible business...

There was some silence, then the piddle of liquid on liquid informing me that she was peeing. Then it got quiet again... the short silence was broken by a airy buzz...I thought it might have been my phone, but it wasnt. there was a sigh and then 10 seconds of silence and then the toilet flushed! I had heard my blonde neighbor taking her morning poop. within 45 minutes of that, I saw her leave for work. I now need to try and listen again to confirm.

Monday evening:

While eating dinner, I heard the car horn signaling the locking and arming of a Honda Accord. The Accord belongs to Evelyn. I heard her enter the building, she was talking on her phone in spanish. She entered her apartment, and I heard her steps and voice head for her room.

I went to my listening post heard her enter her bathroom, then came the rustle of clothing and the tinkling of pee and a small fart followed by a flush... guess she had gas...

about 30 minutes later her roomate Adrianna walked in the building. I saw her enter because I was talking to the lady across the hall named Grace. Grace was living alone for the first year that I knew her while she finished law school. then came her oldest son and husband. I wished I had a chance to hear her poop. last time I observed an african lady poop was 7 years ago. my friend nellie took these big dumps that stunk like meat, and they were yellowish in color.

But anyway... I cut the convo short got in muted my TV and took up position in my front listening post. Listening wasnt easy because my stomach started gurgling while digesting my dinner, and the blonde and her roomate/boyfriend were having an argument and I was barely able to hear Adrianna going pee. I think she had the door open and was also engaged in conversation (though not hostile like upstairs) with Evelyn because I never heard it close. I heard the toilet flush and then there was the sound of steps leaving the bathroom.

Thats all I got for now... I'm going to put some effort into listening tomorrow morning, before I start gaming it up.

Observant Guy

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