I'm going to share a story of my girlfriend Michelle's poo from three days ago.

We'd stayed up late drinking with friends the previous night and we both woke up very hungover. I got up at about midday and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I'd finished, Michelle came in and said 'I think I need a poo', pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet. Other than panties she was just wearing a t-shirt. She has quite pale skin, tall, average waist size, long brown hair and big boobs.

I sat on the bath next to her to keep her company. The bathroom was completely silent, so I could hear absolutely every noise from beneath her. First there was a fart and a sort of sticky noise as her bumhole opened. Then she started pushing a bit, and a sort of wet, crackling sound began, the kind of noise you get when the poo is not diarrhoea but pretty loose all the same. This sound went on for several seconds, followed by a small plop. She said 'there's more', pushed again, the crackling sloppy sound began again, and I could hear the poo splatting and plopping into the bowl.

At this point she said 'sorry, that absolutely stinks'. I hadn't quite got a whiff of it yet, but when she leaned forward and lifted up her bum cheek to wipe, the stench hit me. It was mostly the foul, powerful, sulphurous smell of shit, but it also had that slightly sickly, sweet element that comes with a shit after a lot of alcohol. She wiped her bum a couple of times, then stood up, and we both looked at what was in the bowl. There was a long, curly line of fairly loose, soft-looking, wrinkled shit, mostly dark brown with light brown streaks. The smell completely filled the bathroom now.

Michelle pulled her panties up, then before flushing said 'oh, I think there's some more', quickly pulled her panties down again and sat. There was immediately a few seconds of more loud crackling and sloppy sounds. She stopped, took a breath for a moment and then pushed harder this time, more wet, sticky sounds came. Towards the end of this excretion she let out a little grunt of 'mmnnh!'. She leaned forward to wipe again, as she did so her creamy bum cheeks revealed a gap at the back of the toilet bowl, through which I could see more glistening crap lying in the bowl, and a fresh blast of stink came up. When she stood up I actually started gagging from the smell, she giggled and said 'sorry! that was a pretty bad one'. The poo she'd added this time was similarly loose, quite stringy, completely dark brown this time.

She flushed the toilet, all of it went down. We left the bathroom, whose air was barely breathable at this stage, because of Michelle's foul fumes permeating the room.

I've watched Michelle on the toilet many times and will do so many more times, I hope people liked this story, I'll continue to post details of her poos if people want. Anything you want to know?

Hello. I am new here. I am from India - tall girl, slim build, fair complexion, 20 years of age. I like to hold my pee till I get desperate. Here are some experiences of mine:

I once needed to pee very badly at school. But for some reason, I didn't get to use the bathroom. I held it till the final bell rang and then, oddly enough, I didn't feel any urge. I got on the bus and reached home and still did not feel any urge. So I went home and left for my singing class without peeing. At the singing class, suddenly, I felt the most urgent need to piss. I was 14 years old at that time and I was on the verge of leaking, I was so desperate. I somehow hobbled to the bathroom and peed for a long time. I found out that my stream was not as powerful as I thought I would be considering how much I was holding. It was a thin stream which went on for more than 2 minutes. Isn't all this a bit strange?

Another experience. I went trekking with friends once when I was 16. On a particular day, we were going through a village when one of my friends needed to piss very badly. But she was embarrassed. In India, girls generally don't squat and pee outside unless it's an absolute emergency. My friend's predicament was dire, so I decided to accompany her even though I didn't need to go at all. We went to a discreet spot and peed. I did not feel at all shy although my friend was feeling very uncomfortable. Later, we were returning through the same village and coincidentally, I was very desperate to pee this time around. This time my friend decided to accompany me, although she didn't need to go. We went to the same spot, but oddly enough, I found that I was too shy to pee in public the way we were about to. I was really bursting, but I decided to hold it till we got back to our hotel. That we did after a very uncomfortable half an hour and I finally relieved myself inside our hotel room. But I don't understand why I couldn't pee when I really needed to.

Can someone explain these strange happenings?



Chelsea. The aftermath of that Mexican feast sounds like an event and a half. I'm not surprised you were cutting some stinky farts the next morning.

Anne. I enjoyed reading about your parking lot poo enormously. However I'm not surprised it took a while to get out if you'd not done anything for four days. What surprised me though was that it wasn't an even bigger load than the one you described. I know if I'd not emptied my bowels for that long, it would be a major event when I did!

The week before last my old plastic toilet seat which had given a decade of faithful service finally broke and needed replacing. I'm no handyman and it wasn't until last Friday that I was finally able to have the services of a workman to fit a new one which I'd purchased from B&Q. The new one is more substantial than its predecessor and has a mahogany style finish. I hope it outlasts the old one though.

We had a Mexican feast last night, so our bathroom was a stinkbox this morning. My sister and I were both farting a lot all night. In the morning when I woke up, I had to crap. I'm usually the first one awake in the morning and today was no exception.

I went straight to our bathroom, took off my nightgown and put it in the laundry and sat on the toilet, completely naked. I grabbed my magazine and let nature take its course. I peed a lot and was polluting the air with my noxious farts. I'd been sitting for about five minutes before I actually started crapping.

I pushed out a few good sized turds. Then my brother came into the bathroom. We exchanged "good mornings" and then he waited for me to be done. After pushing out a few more turds, I was feeling almost done. My sister came into the bathroom, looking half-asleep. I pushed out one last turd and then flushed. I didn't bother to wipe, as I would be showering immediately anyway.

While I was showering, I could hear my brother crapping noisily. He was farting and dropping a lot of turds, further stinking up the bathroom. He tried in vain to cleanse the air by spraying air freshener. But as I had experienced a few days ago, that did little to help. When he was done, my sister sat down and peed for a long time. A lot longer than I had.

She grunted a few times before I heard a big turd drop into the toilet. I was done with my shower then, and got out. My brother got in the shower next and I began drying myself off. My sister's turds seemed to be difficult as she would grunt for each one and then I'd hear a heavy splash. I finished drying and left the bathroom and my sister was still crapping.


In response to Audrey

A couple pages ago a girl named Audrey asked if anyone held their poo until they had to go really bad, and then went to sit on the toilet, grab a whole wad of toilet paper, proceed to hold it up to their butt, and then the poop can't come out. I used to do that when I was a kid, but I somewhat grew out of it. Still have weird fascinations with pooping though (hence why I sometimes visit this website).


Politics and Pee desperation

So my school had some people come in for a red vs. blue debate at our school in preparation for the election coming up. So after seated dinner we all crowded into the theater for a long long debate we had to watch. I fell asleep and was bored the whole time but then the debate got much better near the very end when I noticed my friend, who I have a bit of a thing for, she's super cute. She was looking uncomfortable in the row above me, and we made I contact. She told me, "I hope he hurries up I have to pee SO badly!" she looked pretty desperate, and she kept saying "Hurry up" and stuff like that to herself. Her hands were resting somewhat in between her legs, and she looked like she wanted to hold herself. I started to hope the conversation would last a little longer so I could witness more of this, but sadly it ended and she quickly tried to leave the theater. I think this was the only time I've ever been interested in politics. :) Hope to see more situations like this.


48th Story

So this afternoon I had to watch over 2 young kids one 6 year old girl and 8 year old boy. We had fun for awhile. They live in a house and the upstairs is being rented out. The people upstairs we're out. The bathroom was quite cramped everything was closely bunched together. The toilet also made creaking noises everytime you even move your bum. We were in their bedroom directly across from the bathroom and the boy went into the bathroom without shutting the door and sat on the toilet obviosly to poop. He finished in 1 minute. A little later I had an urge to poop when we were in the yard. I tell them we need to go inside. They went back to their bedroom and I excused myself to the bathroom. I pulled my jeans and green panties down to my knees and sat on the less comfortable flat shaped toilet. Right away I let out a fart I was holding. I basically rarely ever fart when I'm not sitting on the toilet because I am 1. slightly embarrassed, 2. polite and 3. believe a toilet should be the area of all waste from your bum and front. I farted 2 more times soon after. They had some weird toilet art including 2 small paintings, one with a young women in a dress sitting on a toilet in the generic form and the other with a guy. I'd say it's a good idea to be exposed to your opposite gender using the toilet at a young age so they are are familiar. I myself saw my brothers and they saw me use the toilet. 5 minutes later I was ready to release my poo when the girl came in asking to use the toilet to pee. She said she really needed to. When I get to the point where I'm ready to poop it's hard to hold back. My belly and bum made a sound and my bum tried pushing without me. I got up and pulled my pants up and the girl used a stool and sat down. I really needed to poop so I just went into the master bedroom bathroom and quickly sat down as a 9" soft poo slid out. I wiped and flushed and through the mostly shut door she was still using the toilet. I went in and asked her if she was doing alright and she said her poop wont come out. I told her sitting on the toilet trying wont help. She flushed while sitting and I told her she forgot to wipe her front. She wiped then got up. I went to the kitchen and used what they had to make a unconstipated snack for her and a normal snack for the boy. I'd assume it will trigger in early morning. See you later.


middle of the night

Hi my name is lisa I'm 5,7 143 brown light hair and well last week I found this website but by accident, I kind of like it. So yea, I was wondering if anybody has the habit of pooping outdoors like me? I don't know why but to me it just seems like a normal thing. Some of my best friends know about my habit but hey! They are my friends. My habit started a few years ago and well I just do it on a daily basis, it seems much easier for me but I don't know yes! I was wondering does aybody else have this type of habit?


Post Title (optional)more Dulcolax for Women

Well heres my report on Dulcolax for Women..........

I had to go out of town Friday and I had been constipated most of the week. I did manage to poop Friday morning but it wasn't very much and it felt like there was a lot more up in my ????, under my diaphragm. (The one under your lungs.... ha). So on my way out of town on my trip I stopped at a drugstore and got some Dulcolax for Women. After dinner Friday night I sat on the pot and made a concerted effort to go but I just couldn't get anything moving. So I took one of the DOWs. I took it right then (around 7:00) instead of waiting till bedtime because most overnight laxatives don't work on me till later in the morning especially if I'm really constipated. I went to bed and woke up about 5AM and needed to tinkle, I could feel things moving around in my bowels then. I went back to bed and got up around 7, had a cup of coffee and then definitely felt the urge to evacuate. I sat on the pot and had a nice easy BM. I was afraid that it would be big and hard since I hadn't been able to go much all week but it wasn't, just a nice big much-needed bowel movement. I really felt better. Saturday night I had a big salad for dinner and felt the urge to go again after dinner, I went back in and sat in the bathroom and had another nice easy BM and I seem to be back to normal. I had a good BM this morning after breakfast so I think I'm back on track. I can definitely recommend this stuff, it worked great for me!

Here's wishing everyone a nice big satisfying BM today!

Smiles, Tracy

To Abbie: Sorry you haven't been able to do a poo before school lately. I don't like it when I have to hold my poo in all day and then I'm super desperate when I get home, but it sounds like that happens to you a lot.

I needed to wee after school quite badly, but I had to hold it for a bit as I had a doctor's appointment. I walked to the doctor's office and as soon as I had checked myself in, I made a beeline for the toilet. I had a very much needed wee and returned to wait to be seen.

A few minutes later, a girl from my school came into the office. She looked a year or two younger than me, and I didn't know her personally, but she was wearing our school uniform. She too went straight to the toilet. When I got called back to see the doctor, the girl was still in the toilet, so I guessed she was having a poo.


Post Title (optional)Dulcolax for women

Hi, Tracy here, I haven't posted in a long time. Too busy!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm wondering if anyone on here has tried Dulcolax for Women yet. I've always used Correctol since I was a teenager but they aren't making it any more. I've been getting generics instead. Anyway I saw an ad the other day for Dulcolax for Women. I may get some when I'm out today and try it cause I've been kind of constipated all week.

Hope everybody has a good BM today!

Smiles, Tracy


Poop in a Parking Lot

Last night, I was in a surface-level outdoor parking lot and urgently needed a poop. I had visited a friend that lives in the heart of the city- in a loft apartment- and was back at my car in the passcode-gated parking lot when I got a sharp cramp in my lower abdomen. I thought about going back up to use her bathroom, but it would have been a five minute walk at least, and the cramp nearly doubled me over. I'm 2.5 months pregnant now, and my bowels have turned to the consistency of concrete. It had been 4 days since my last poo and I needed to go NOW!

It was dark and deserted, so I walked a hundred feet over to behind the giant blue trash dumpster and went between that and the building. I pulled down my jeans and light blue cotton panties and squatted down. I relaxed and my poo began coming out very slowly, but not with difficulty. Even though I'm now pooping only a few times a week, I still can go without pain or undue effort. When it wants out, it happens rather easily, as it always did, just not daily anymore. Well this one was rock hard and wide, and my eyes popped open as I felt my bum being stretched open to an intense degree. I concentrated, and pushed gently; the monster poo moved along at a turtle's pace, and after several minutes it slipped out and I was done. I pushed a bit more and hissed a small amount of pee to finish.

I stood up and pulled up my panties and jeans and looked at my poop. The light was faint from a distant streetlamp, but I could see it was over a foot long and about two inches wide. My fiance would have loved to have seen this one. Huge poops are right up his alley. I got in my car and drove a half hour home. While I was driving, I thought to myself: "I bet I'm making a skidmark right now 'cuz I didn't wipe" and when I got home I pulled my pants down and had a look...and to my shock they were totally poo-free. My giant log was so hard it was a "clean poo" that didn't leave anything behind on my butt. I took a risk and touched my anus then inspected my finger. Even though it had that characteristic "butt scent" on it, there wasn't any visible poo. I think the sweet-musky butt scent I always seem to have is more a product of farting/sweating (both of which I do a lot of!) than poop itself. Well with no need to change my panties or clean up a messy buttcrack I went on with my evening as planned.


50th Story

So today my boyfriend and I had fun around town all day. It was one of the funnest days in a long time. After an amazing day we were at his place and his family was away in the down stairs watching a movie while we were talking in the other living room. After a good day I just wanted to throw myself at him. He excused himself to the bathroom. About 8 minutes later he came back so I'd assume he had a poop. 2 minutes later I realized that I really had to pee and wasn't paying attention to my bladder. I excused myself and went into the nearby bathroom. I pulled my cotton pants, and black panties down to my knees and short skirt up and sat down. I immediately started peeing. It went for awhile. I wiped and flushed, washed my hands and went back. Things got hot and we ended up in the bathroom where some... Happened. Anyways, afterwards I had an urge to poo. He was using the sink. I said to be polite I was going to use the toilet and he said go ahead. I did the same as when I sat down to pee. I started peeing a moment later. We talked some more it was kind of nice to share one of my favorite natural proceses in the general area of him. He acted just the same as always. I'm still wondering how people got the idea of using a toilet as very private. If anything it's as revealing as wearing short shorts. 7 minutes later I pushed a slow 10" poop out. It felt really good and made my bum feel loose. I wiped and flushed and he left as I used the sink. See you later.

Mr. Clogs

Another desperate to pee story

Just another on of those desperate to pee stories. I was finishing up a computer job this past Friday with a client and left their house. I should used their bathroom to relief myself in. I don't like to ask people to use their bathroom because I don't for some reason. As I got onto the main road to drive home the urge became greater. Aghh!!! I was about to pee in my pants, until I found an Exxon gas station to pee in. I asked the attendant if they had they had a restroom, they said yes. So I parked my truck and made a mad dash to the Men's room. It had a urinal, a toilet and a sink. Since I had to pee I just took the urinal. I peed a nice stream into the urinal for a good 20 seconds. I felt the sign of relief for sure. I washed my hands, dried them and got back into my truck and went home.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Good to see you back with another exclusive from the toilet trooper queen Mrs. Toilet Trooper better known as Ebony! Another great story about your little sister Mahogany and her shitting bricks into your toilet and clogging it up. What does she eat to make those brick turds? Yes she's definately Ms. Clogs for sure. Also having to go in a paper Aldi's bag too. I know those Aldi's paper bags are tough and past the test with your turds and pee. Looking forward to your piss experiments and situations that involves, you know turds. Keep us posted!

Of all the years of me living, I haven't clogged the toilet. No matter how constipated I was, I haven't yet. Do men clog the toilet less or more so than women or vise-verse? Just curious if women clog the toilet more so then men or vise-verse. Let me know what you think.

That's all for now and take care everyone.

Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories your first set it sounds like you quite a few good poops I bet Kara will always make she has toilet paper around the house so that wont happen again and great story about your live pee story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like your sister must have a mega colon to produce monsters like that it sounds like she needs a toilet with very powerful flush to handle her loads and great part about you pooping in that grocery bag its a good thing that bag didnt fall apart and I bet you both felt great after your poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you had to poop alot that day your body must have been having a good cleanout at least it wasnt diarhhea but just normal poop which is good and I bet you felt really great and a lil lighter afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Erin first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and your friend Melissa seemed to enjoy it alot your lucky to have such a good friend like that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great catch it sounds like you got pretty lucky I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shana as always another great story it sounds like you were having a pretty nasty time at least you didnt have an accident mustve been something you ate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story about you and your friend Bethany pooping together it sounds like you both had good poops and felt good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dee as always another great poop story it sounds like you had a tough poop those kind suck and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great stoey about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you both were pretty desperate at least you both made it without having an accident and felt pretty good after to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


2 Broke Girls Wetting Scene

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a gem of a scene, courtesy of the hit comedy "2 Broke Girls", a primetime sitcom on Tuesdays. The story of the show is that these two women (both, in my humble opinion, are very attractive) work at a diner until they can get enough money to start a cupcake business. In this particular episode, the store is involved in a robbery, with a man with a gun walking around forcing people to put money and jewelry into the bag he was carrying. One of the main characters named Caroline, whilst standing behind the counter, starts to make these odd faces, shuddering motions, and loud moans. Max, the second girl, asks her what the problem was, to which she replied hastily, "... I'm peeing." Max begins to tell her to try to clench her muscles to stop it from coming out , but she tries and fails, proclaiming "... Nope. It's not going to stop!" Hilarity ensues as the cook comes out of the back with a baseball bat to attack the robber, and slips in the urine puddle. Sadly, no urine is shown due to her being behind the counter, and I'm not sure if there was any audio of it. I do wish that people on TV would bring stuff like this out in the open: Jokes like these are hysterical and tend to open up about things like relieving yourself in a funny way that kind of makes it more comfortable to talk about.

Bye for now!


49th Story

So today was a day off so my family all relaxed at home. I helped my mom prepare a nice lunch during this time I got an urge to poo. I excused myself and went into the main floor bathroom. I put the toilet seat down and pulled my cotton pants and pink panties down to my knees. Sometimes I'll always think how many other people are also sitting on the toilet as well. I didn't fart at all. 2 minutes in my mom comes in to grab an extra can of disinfectant. I feel like I've got to be more loose about being seen on the toilet. I've recently been both shy and welcoming at the same time. Really all that is seen is part of your bum. I intentionally very slowly pushed out a 8" poo that was soft, messy, and very smooth. It felt really good. I sat for a sec then wiped 4 times because it got my bum messier then usual. I flushed and went back to cooking. Anyways I've been writing stories for awhile now and wondered if I could do anything to change it from my usual format for the past 49 times. See you later.

Claire N

Response to public toilet survey

It is a very long time since I have posted, going on two years as my last post is on page 2134. Although I have not been posting, I visit the forum regulary. I found richguy's public toilet survey interesting.

A I hate pooping in public restrooms and avoid it at all costs
B. I dislike pooping in public restrooms but I will if I really have to.
C I don't mind public restrooms, I'm comfortable with them.
D I actually prefer public restrooms to pooping at home.

I am female in my late 40s. Like richguy, I find pooping at home boring and am firmly in the D catagory. This has not always been the case, I was once very much a B. I posted about this in some detail on page 2103. There is also a post about what has become my favourite public loo on page 1809.

Hi all - would like to tell you about some stuff from my girlfriend and my summer holiday in the north-west of Scotland.

We were camping in fairly remote country, that I have visited since I was at school, but was new to my girl. There are few formal sites, mostly fields or moorland edges.

We camped on a hillside for a few nights and on day 2 a dutch car arrived and asked if we minded if the 2 young women pitched their tent nearby - no problem.

We had found a deepish pool in the stream a little way up the hill for washing and bathing and about 20metres away a small outcrop of rocks, which shielded an area of turf from view - our "toilet".

Each morning we would go up to wash before going for a poo behind the rocks.

One morning I was making coffee and W (my girl) was up the hill, when one of the dutch women headed uphill carrying a washbag and toilet roll.

I was so tempted to follow, but didn't.

15 mins or so later W came back - she was grinning and a bit flustered. Eventually I persuaded her to tell all. She had been getting washed wearing her shorts and swinsuit top when the girl arrived nearby at the pool. They said hi and each carried on their morning routine.

After doing her teeth, W had a decision to make. She is regular in her toilet habits and goes every morning - so her body was expecting her to empty. At the same time W was wondering if the other woman would work out what she was doing.

She decided she had to go - so strolled off to the rocks and found a private place. W slipped down her shorts, rolled off some tp and settled down to business.

After a nice long wee, she was just about to start on the serious stuff when the dutch lady appeared around the rocks. W although startled and a little embarrased was already in action - so had to brazen things out.

The other young woman seemed unperturbed - just smiled and found a place about 10 feet away before stepping out of one leg of her jeans and knickers and squatting down.

W told me that she found it a little difficult, but just carried on and sqeezed out her usual healthy load. She also noticed a lot of detail about her intruder! - telling me in detail about her hairyness and the gsuhing stream that she produced.

Anyway W stood and wiped her bottom before pulling up her shorts and knicks and set off back downhill before seeing the woman poo.

[more to follow]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abbie- Sounds like you and Ellie both made it home just in time! Sorry you didn't have time to go at school- maybe next time! Looking forward to your next post too.

Mrs Toilet Trooper- Your sister is good at clogging your toilet, isn't she? Does she clog anyone elses, or does she make a point to do it to yours I wonder! Hope your arrest wasn't anything serious and I look forward to your story explaining it all!

Natasha- Yes, I never asked to use the toilet during lessons if I could avoid it, especially for a poo, for the same reasons as you.

Erin- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a good poo and that you and your friend enjoyed it!

I was nearly caught out today because I went to visit my friend who lives nearby and got the train there. We had lunch and caught up and while we were at her house I needed a wee. I used her loo and then later on I needed a poo. I didn't want to use her toilet for it really, and it was time for me to go soon anyway, so I waited. A while later I said I should be heading back and she said she'd walk with me to the station. While we were getting ready to go she went to the loo. When she had weed and came out she asked if I needed to go before we left. I did, of course, both to poo and wee again by now, but I said no I didn't, thinking I'd go at the station.
We walked down there and said goodbye and I went in, looking for the loos. It was only then I realised there were no toilets there! I double checked but, no, no toilets. Now I had a problem. My bladder and bowels both needed releasing pretty soon, especially my poo which I'd been holding for an hour and a half already. I had to wait for the train, which I did notice had no toilet! It was 20 minutes before it came and then another 20 minutes back, and by then I was bursting and in urgent need of a toilet. I quickly got off and hurried to the loos on the platform. Luckily there was a toilet free so I quickly sat and released my wee and my logs into the toilet with a quiet sigh of relief! I'd been pretty close to a big accident because I was desperate to pee and poo, but I just made it in time! I pushed out four soft logs and peed for 30 seconds and was in there for about 5 minutes. I felt so much better after that though!

Desperate to poop

Desperate poop at a sports centre

Hi all

I was at a local sport centre today as I've taken up some sport recently and was cheering on some of the advanced teams. There was a few other big events going on and there didn't appear to that many toilets close to where we watching. 1 ladies, 1 gents, 1 shared

I was quite nervous as I wanted the team to do well and I'd been out the night before for a nice meal too. Party way through I needed the loo for a poo. I sneaked away during the first interval and headed for the toilet. alas it was very busy and there was a queue of 7! 5 women and 2 men.

I wanted to get back but knew I'd have to wait it out as I was needing a poo and it wouldn't wait! At the front was a gent who was part of one of the teams,then there was 3 ladies waiting, another gent and 2 more women.

The gent was taking a while, and to start with both the other toilets were in use for about 3 minutes just then the ladies one opened up and the first lady in her 40's was able to go in. Behind was another lady who was part of a team and she was looking a little desp but not massively visible. The gent finally came out just as the other lady did in the ladies toilet. The other gent went in just as another gent arrived

This now left the one toilet which had been engaged since the start, and 3 more ladies waiting. The lady was only in a few mins and then all toilets opened up pretty much at the same time.

I was now getting more desperate and there was a queue behind. After 3 more minutes I finally got into the toilet. It was aromatic but I was desperate and quickly undid my jeans and sat on the toilet and let out a large slush of soft poop. Oh the relief was immense and I had a clear out for 3-4 minutes both back and front.

I left very relieved

Happy Pooping x

phosphate enemas

For those who suffer from chronic constipation, have any of you tried phosphate enema bags
. These are usually prescribed by a nurse or doctor.
They are sterile and disposable and lessen the chance of introducing harmful bacteria back into your bowel like reusable ones do.
After major abdominal surgery, the nurses gave me these daily as I couldn't afford to let the morphine constipate me.
I'm not sure if you can buy them over the counter at your pharmacy.
These give you the urge as well as providing more fluid around the stool to help it emerge.
No matter how meticulous you are, a reusable enema bag will never be completely sterile once you have first used it.
I hope this helps the severely constipated lurkers out there and prevents you f trim being impacted.

Today I needed my first poo of the week. Needless to say after 4 days since I last went it was going to be a big one! I was in a lecture talking to my friend Rhiannon and I started to need to go. At first it wasn't too bad, just a bit of pressure down there and I could feel my poo starting to move. It was ready to come out but I could wait.
After half an hour the pressure had built up considerably and I was starting to get uncomfortable trying to hold it. Then Rhiannon asked me what time it was. I told her there were 20 minutes left in the lecture and she said, 'As long as that? Grr, I need the loo!' I told her I did too and felt better about it knowing she needed to use the toilet too. Ten more minutes passed and I could tell Rhiannon was getting uncomfortable and that she really needed to use the toilet. By now I did too. The pressure was building steadily and my poo was starting to press on my bum, trying to get out. My bladder was filling up too and I needed to do a wee as well as a poo.
Finally the lecture ended and we left together, heading for the nearest toilets. When we got there though, the three cubicles were all occupied and there were three girls waiting. Rhiannon suggested we went to a different ladies' room. I agreed with her because the queue wasn't moving, so we headed to a different part of the building to try and find somewhere else to go. We found another toilet upstairs and went in. There were two cubicles this time, both free, so we went in. Rhiannon pulled down her jeans and red knickers to her feet and sat down. I pulled down my jeans and pink knickers and sat too. Rhiannon started to wee loudly. I weed for 20 seconds or so and pushed out my first piece of poo with a plop. Rhiannon finished weeing and I assumed she was done, so I said, 'wait for me outside?' She replied, 'oh, I'm not done yet. You're not the only one who needs a poo!' I laughed and said ok. I heard a crackling and then a plop as she started to do her poo. We both pushed out three more pieces. Rhiannon farted a couple of times and I did one loud one after my fourth piece. There was quite a strong smell in the room now! Someone came in then needing the loo and tried both our cubicles, then stood waiting. Rhiannon did another piece, then started to wipe. I saw her pull up her knickers and jeans and flush. As she left she said she'd wait outside. I said ok and pushed out another piece. We'd been in ther for just over 5 minutes by now. The other girl sat down, did a quick wee, and left. I pushed out another two logs and then two small pieces before I was done. I wiped front and back and looked at my big load in the bowl before flushing. We'd both needed that toilet break for sure! I rejoined Rhiannon outside. She said she usually finds herself needing to go poo some time during lectures most days!


46th Story

So it was a four day weekend here so my family went to visit my aunt who lives an hour away in the country side. I stayed in a room with two beds with my brothers. I had to poo when we got there so I used the bathroom closest to the living room. The bathroom was quite chilly so I made it a quick 2 minute poop. It was 5" long. On saturday morning I went horseback riding which deffinetly gave me an urge to poo. It was stoll early when we got back and my brothers were asleep. I used our bedroom bathroom and had a good 7" poop. Sunday I got really constipated. In the morning I felt like I needed to poo so I tried but I couldn't. I would try again after lunch and it didn't work. Even until night when we were at a fancy restraunt I still couldn't. I would try one last time before I went to sleep. My brother Tyler was at the sink while I was sitting there pathetically trying to push. I could feel it but it wouldn't move. I rarely ever end up not having a poo in a day. And I poop big so when I do it ends up quite large. The next morning the first thing I did was sit on the toilet. My bum had a lot of pressure. And yet I still couldn't after sitting for 10 minutes. I went to my friend Kara's house that night. There was 3 of our friends there as well. Kara has a basement which has in the right side an open area laundry room with that traditional checkered flooring and also a toilet in the open. You can see anyone using it from almost anywere in the basement. I was the first to use it when I knew I needed to poop for real now. It was a strong urge that happened suddenly. I went over and pulled my cotton pants and pink panties down to my knees. I starting pushing it after 3 minutes. It was really thick and long. 11" long. I let a loud fart out after. Then I started peeing and farted again during it. I saw there was no toilet paper. I ask Kara for some and goes upstairs then comes back saying they're all out. She said she would be right back as she went to the nearby general store. I just sat there for 10 minutes and Kara got some toilet paper. I wiped and flushed and my bum didn't hurt that much because the toilet seat was a nice rounded shape. See you later.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Mahogany Logs II

Good morning. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper with another shituation. For weeks, my 14-year-old sister Mahogany suffered a clogged up asshole. Although I'm aware the user "Mr. Clogs" exists, "Ms. Clogs" is a better name for Mahogany. Her constipation had a shitty, and I do mean, literally, shitty impact on me. Yesterday, while I used Netflix to watch old cartoons I grew up watching, namely Hey Arnold, Jackie Chan Adventures, and Rugrats, my sister Mahogany called and said she wanted to spend a few days at my house. She has friends in my neighbourhood she plays with, not to mention she enjoys spending time with her big sis, shopping, and learning how to style hair just like her. Mum allows her to stay at my house if I drive her to school in the mornings, which is never a problem for me. I picked her up around 4:30PM during my off day and brought her to my house, where she spent most of her time playing with friends of hers at the local park. I cooked a big dinner that evening, so I invited her friends to come and eat if they wanted to eat, and we all chowed down at the dinner table. Mahogany's friends all had messy hair, which of course got worse from playing outside all day, so I showed Mahogany how to be like me and we helped style their hair, free. When her friends went home, Mahogany and I watched more Netflix shows, when she announced she had to use the latrine.

"Alright," I said, pausing Jackie Chan Adventures. "Push like you're pushing a planet out your ass and don't clog up my toilet again, you got that?" She laughed. "Okay, I hear you, Ebony." She said. "I will not clog up your toilet." I sat in the livingroom for about 30 minutes, watching the remainder of Jackie Chan Adventures to pass time, when the toilet finally flushed. "It's about time!" I shouted. "Ebony?" She said, calling out from upstairs. "Yes?" I answered. "I think I clogged up your toilet." I sighed. Because Mahogany, for some reason, clogs up my toilet consistently, almost every time she stays at my house, annoyance engulfed me and almost clogged my judgement. "Mahogany, you are 14 and still can't keep a bloodclaat toilet from clogging?" "Sorry," she said. "I take gambles when I flush because I think it's going down." I sighed in frustration. "It's okay, Mahogany." I said. "I'll fix it." "Thanks." She said. "I'm going to sleep. Using the latrine after I take polyethylene glycol makes me feel sick." "Alright, goodnight," I said. I entered the latrine and a horror story told itself, titled "Horror Tales from the Latrine." The toilet water, almost raised out the toilet, was brown like dark chocolate milk, with large amounts of used floating toilet paper, complete with dark brown shit smears along the sides. The odour also seeped through the latrine, and upon smelling it, it watered my eyes like when I cut onions.

I plungered the toilet as hard as possible, far away from it to avoid water splashing onto me, but to no avail. The toilet just enjoyed having a potty mouth. Considering he was about to get off work soon, I figured I would let my hubby Brandon attempt to unclog the toilet. While I continued watching Netflix shows, a sharp cramp attacked my lower abdomen and the turd instantly stated its desire to be exiled from Bootyville. Yet, I knew I couldn't shit in the toilet, so I held it in. At around 10:30PM, Brandon returned home. "Hey boo. How are you?" He asked. "Terrible." "What's wrong?" He said. "Mahogany is here, she clogged the toilet again, and I have to do number two, bad." He laughed. "That girl needs to wear a bag on her waist." I laughed. He attempted to unclog the toilet, but still, to no avail. Mahogany's brick shit was so strong, people could use it to build houses. "This will take a while. If you don't think you can hold it, try, okay?" The turd poked out my bootyhole while I stood there. "Well, okay." I said. "I'll wait." He continued working on the toilet. I went to the kitchen, entered the long pantry, and gathered a paper Aldi grocery bag. I opened it, sat it down, and squatted over it.

I pushed, releasing a stream of piss that fell hard in the bag, something I didn't think of; the paper bag would fail to contain the piss due it being liquid, but I was too late. Without a turd's eye view, I pushed and the turd slid out quickly, and hit the bottom of the bag loudly. Unlike when shitting in the toilet, the shit smell instantly engulfed the pantry, and was unavoidable. I kept pushing for speed, wanting to finish before Brandon or Mahogany caught me shitting over a grocery bag and to escape the fly-killing odour, which still had the odour of fish I previously consumed. I reacted on my second urge with a harder push, and another turd slid out slowly before it hung out my bootyhole halfway, where my stomach automatically barred the turd, where it dropped in the bag. Despite the worsened odour, no more urges existed. I wiped about six times with some Viva Kleenex paper towels in the pantry, and put the used paper in the bag. The bag contained two large, about 9-inch brown turds, smooth, and coiled, along with six sheets of used paper towels and soaked piss in the bag's bottom. Surprisingly, when I lifted the bag, no piss wet the floor. I went outside and the rain wet me down while I disposed the bag in the pavement trashcan. About a few minutes later, I washed my hands, Brandon fixed the toilet, and no one noticed a thing. When I took her to school this morning, I gave her a new name that suits her: Maclogany.

Hello, ToiletStoolers. It's Ebony with an update. I know I've been gone for a while. About two weeks ago, I went out with the clique for the weekend, but then got arrested while on the way back that Sunday night. It's a long story, but I'd share it all later, since, surprisingly, a shituation was involved with it. Doing a number two in jail is pretty . . . interesting to say the least. I spent a few days in jail before Coco picked me up, where I spent a few days and last weekend at her house. I'm finally back home now, so I would be posting more consistently again. In addition, I can finally get started on those long awaited pissperiments. Hopefully, nothing else gets in my way.




What ever became of our car peers?

I haven't heard from any of our Car peers in a while. What has happened to Car Mom and all her pee friends?

Melissa K

Almost clogged the toilet

Hello all, with regards to my last post, it did smell, but it wasn't very noisy. Anyway, I took another big poop yesterday that clogged the toilet.

The last time I went before yesterday (Monday) was on Saturday night. I ate a lot on Sunday, and I was really farting a lot during the day. For dinner that day, my family had hamburgers and baked beans, which I ate a huge amount of. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach pain, and I tried to poop, but I couldnt. Then, something gave, and I let out the longest fart ever, it must have been 15 seconds. I felt a lot better after that, and it smelled really bad, too. In the morning, I was still farting a lot. It was the same throughout school, and I really had to go at the end of the day. I rode the bus home, and was halfway home when I felt a sharp cramp and went for the bushes. I had another giant fart, which made me laugh. When I got home, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my yoga pants and underwear, and sat on the toilet. I farted a lot, and a huge log came out of my butt, it felt soo good! It just seemed to go on forever, when all was said and done, it was 2 inches wide and over a foot long! And this was only after a day and a half. I pooped out maybe 8 to 10 6-inch logs that were an inch and a half thick, and by the end, there was a mountain of poop above the water level! I need to remember to flush next time. I used the brush to break it up, and it all went down after 4 flushes. Later that evening, I had to go again, and pooped 2 thick logs that were almost a foot long, then I was done. I felt so good and cleaned out afterwards! it was almost unreal. Until next time,

Love, Melissa

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Beth as always another great story it sounds like your friend had a nasty time I bet it was food poisoning which is very nasty but at least you were there to help her out and to just be there for her and for you maybe some fruit and/or a laxative if it becomes to bad or an enema and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katniss first welcome to the site and great accident story your boyfriend handled it will and its good that his mom wasnt seriously injured and please post nymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kendra first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like your food was bad or somebody put a laxative in it its hard to know for sure without testing a sample of the food and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Allie as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty big pee in your diaper I bet it felt kinda and it was good your boyfriend helped you out hes a keeper and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah as always another great story it sounds like you were really desperate to pee and I think there are other Sarahs maybe add something to your like a letter or something unique and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lynn cool dream

To: Matthew great story about you helping your wife poop it sounds like she really had to go and probaly felt alot better after getting that monster out and probaly lighter to shes lucky to have you ther to help her out.

To: UKNGuy as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like she really had to pee bad and your other one it sounds like she came very close to an accident she probaly had skidmarks in her panties hopefully she learned not to put off going to the last second for a phone call it will definetly save her some embarrassment and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chelsea great story about you pooping in the bathroom while your sister was in the tub it sounds like you had to go alot and yeah most airfresheners dont really help that much as you said they make it fruity poop smell lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you and a few others were having good poops in that bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Donald great story about hearing that woman pooping please share anymore like that you have thanks.

To: Susan as always another great story it sounds like you and that lady really depserate her probaly a lil more since she was going before you got there and I bet you both felt great afterwards and lucky not having an accidents to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend both had a good poop together and felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina the color of your poop is determined by what you eat and light brown poop is normal if it was black or there was blood in it then you may wanna be worried but you dont have anything to worry about since its not those colors.

To: Jasmin K thats good you pooped

To: Mystery poster great story about you and your freind pooping outside it sounds like you both had a good poop and probaly felt pretty good and refreshed afterwards to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Crazy Ashley first welcome to the site and great story about that big dump you took it sounds like you had to go alot and felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymoe stories you may have thanks.

To: Dee great story about your giant poop it sounds like you felt pretty good after you were done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My poops

My name is David. I'm 13 in grade 8. I pooped on Saturday. It was like a marble. I did two. I didn't poop yesterday or the day before. The next time i poop i will post it here. Bye.

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