First time posting

I'm a little nervous about posting, but here goes. I'm a 17 year old girl, with long black hair and hazel eyes. I'm 5'4 and 130lbs. I met my best friend Melissa when we were 6. So we've been best friends for like forever but I think we might be more than friends.

Yesterday, we went to my house from school and I had to take a dump super super bad! I'd been holding it in like all day. My parents were both at work and we had the house to ourselves, so we went to the bathroom together. I pulled my jeans and pink panties down to my ankles. I felt a big turd coming out of my butt. It was so amazing, stretching my tight hole open wide. I loved it as every inch slowly slid out.

When the turd was fully out of me, I cut a huge wet fart. Then I felt empty. Melissa asked if she could wipe me, and I said of course. She rolled a good length of paper off and gently wiped me. She folded the paper and made a second pass. Then she folded it again and made one last pass.

I pulled up my jeans and we looked at my huge turd. It must have been like a foot and half long and two inches around. There were two parts of it that were out of the water too. I had to flush the toilet twice before it went down.

One look at Melissa told me that she really enjoyed the show. We went to my bedroom and....

Observant Guy

This Weeks Observations

Hello everyone,

First I want to say thank you to all of you who commented on my recent observations. My Coworker, Amy doesnt normally work the same shift as I do so its always somewhat of a treat to hear her use the bathroom.

Now, for this weeks observations:

It all starts with my wife. A few days ago, I woke up to hear her blowing so large farts on the toilet. We have a master bathroom so I am privy to listening without having to get out of bed. When I got up to get ready for the day, I saw numerous light brown streaks of poop in the bottom of the drain in the toilet. Must have been a wet one... Didnt stink based on the time that I got up (which was about an hour later) and her poops usually dont really have alot of intensity to their smell. My wife is very regular. She poops 3-4 times a day. Ive noticed that most of the real stinkers poop 1-2 times a day. I guess that it smells more because of how long the poop sits rotting away in their intestines.

Later in the morning around 830 am I was doing some laundry and just before I fired up my Xbox to play some NBA2k13.

After loading the washing machine, I dumped out my spit bottle (I chew tobacco) in the toilet when I heard the recognizeable sounds of someone entering the front laundry/bathroom next door. Again this is the apartment of my neighbor that looks like Selma Hayek (Evelyn) and her new roomate who kinda looks like a thinner, sexier Julia Louis Dreyfuss.(Elaine from Seinfeld and Christine on the new adventures of Old Christine) I listened to hear what kind of action I was in for.

I heard the steps (muffled by either slippers socks or no footwear) get close to the toilet. then I heard the sounds of someone sitting down.
There was a slight tinkle of pee and then it got quiet... It was about 7 minutes before I heard the rumbling of toilet paper off the wall dispenser roller, and then the toilet flushed. After that I heard the thump the sink cabinets make when the close.

I deduced that this was the new roomate taking a morning poop, and possibly changing a feminine product or replacing an empty roll of toilet paper.

This morning I went in my front bathroom (now that my sister in law has moved out) and again was dumping my spit bottle, when I heard the toilet flush followed by the shower starting. I guess I had missed her morning ritual by a few minutes. As I was leaving to head to the post office, I met her and her dog who escaped from their apartment in the hallway. I introduced myself and found out her name is Adrianna. Now that I have full usage of my front bathroom back I look forward to listening to Adrianna go poop in the mornings when I am not working and my wife isnt home, and this weekend while my wife is working overnights (she's a nurse) catching Evelyn take her morning poop early.

I still havent figured out the blonde who lives upstairs. I have heard her pee a few times but I am not able to determine if she is pooping in the morning or not. She isnt quite like my last upstairs neighbor, Brenda who fired off large farts while she pooped making it obvious when she was doing it.

Beyond that there isnt much to report...

Happy pooping (& peeing)to all!

Observant guy


A suggestion for Matthew

Matthew, Have you ever tried/offered to help your wife have a bowel movements when traveling? I had a girlfriend at one point who had habits and problems just like yours. "have a cup of coffee every morning around 6 followed by a bowel movement" Often, on those occasions (usually when we were traveling) when the BM was not forth coming she'd sit on the toilet and I'd lubricate my fingers and gently easy one or two up into her rectum. After moving my finger around in there for a time I would feel her poop begin to move. Most times she could then bear down and push it out. On a few occasions I'd grab part of the poop and assist it out. She often said I was a good poop midwife.


47th Story (Live)

So it's late and I have an urge to poo. I was just watching tv in my bedroom it's past 11:00 am. I'm just wearing a green shirt and tight grey panties. In my bedroom bathroom. Pulled my panties down below my knees. Basically sitting with my knees touching lower legs slightly spread out, slightly on my toes, and mostly straight upper body. I feel really bloated I need to let some farts out. Had a short pee. Big fart. Reading stuff on my phone and continuing to fart loudly for the past 3 minutes. Hmm my friend Emily has a strange picture of herself on the toilet (can't see her bum from the angle but the whole point I guess was for comedy). Well in the comments she said she was actually pooping I thought she was just pretending. Since I've been sitting here every time I slightly push I fart. I can feel my poo but I can't get past all of this gas. Oh I forgot I had a story as well I'll finish pooping first. 2 minutes passed and I pushed a 8", thinner then usual poop out. Wiped my bum 3 times and front. Flushed and washed hands. Okay so a story. Today at school in early morning some guys did something to every single men's bathroom making them out of order. So where do the guys use the toilet? They allowed for the day for the women's bathroom to be mixed. When I first used the bathroom to pee I noticed how much pee got on the seat. I wiped it off and used a cover. Not many girls used the toilet today because they were either to shy, didn't want to be seen using the toilet, or to grossed out by the pee and apparently unflushed poo. I had to pee at lunch and so did my friend Kara. We both went in. We took stalls next to each other. The stall to my left had a guy with jeans down to his ankles. I pulled my yoga pants down to my knees. I had a pee and wiped. Kara did the same but also had a small fart. Anyways I found the bathroom situation strange. See you later.


get you a two quart enema bag. Fill the bag with two cups of soapsuds made with castile soap. Fill the bag the rest of the way with distilled or filtered hot water that is just a few degrees above body temperature. Insert either the rectal nozzle or the vaginal nozzle into your butt and allow the solution to flow in slowly. Use the clamp to stop the solution flow for a few seconds if you should experience any cramping. Hold the solution in your bowels for as long as you can stand it, then go to the toilet. you will poop and poop lots of constipated stool out in a short time. !


Squat Poopster


Today, at about :45PM I came home from school, and went to my room to do some homework.

As I was making my homework, I felt an urge building up in my ass..
So I went to the bathroom, undid my pants, and squatted down on top of the toilet.

I relaxed my anus, and it came out a little, slightly more then normal.
After two minutes of squatting, I let go of some gas.
It was really nasty, and wet, and when I looked behind me, the seat cover and the rear of the seat were slightly sprayed with some watery-yellowish slime..

I decided not to do this one squatting, but sitting.

I sat down on the seat after wiping it clean, with my feet in tiptoe position, and I immediately ripped a few foul and very wet farts.

A minute later, I had a 10sec. wave of very runny poo coming out of my anus. It gave me an burning sensation, which caused my anus to stay relaxed and open.

Another 30 seconds later, another smaller wave followed.

I stayed seated for two more minutes, as I got a small cramp, and finally released a few more wet farts, and a little more runny poo.

I stayed seated for five more minutes, sweating and feeling a bit weak, to let my anal muscles recover from this burning poo, wiped six times, and flushed.

I'm feeling slightly sick after this. :-(


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi everyone its John from the uk. Just want to say what a lot of excellent posts submitted recently by Posters old and new, well done! To Ryan and Brandon T thanks for your comments re my post concerning my work colleague Julie. I'm not sure if a similar situation will arise again as i'm about to leave my present company within the next few weeks for pastures new. If I do get another "hearing" then its a bonus, if not I have the memory and can always refer back to here! Talking of referring back, I scanned some Old Posts the other day and came across the first submission from a then 23 year old Punk Rock Girl back in January '02. She still posts here from time to time. Well that's enough from me so i'll bid you all adieu both Posters old and new (neat bit of rhyming eh? Lol). Keep em coming, J x

I needed to poo today during a lesson. As I've said before, I don't like to be excused for a poo during a lesson, because it takes me a while and then everyone knows that I was pooing. But today I had to poo really really bad. I didn't want to end up pooing myself, so I asked the teacher to be excused.

I went to the nearest toilet block, and because it was during a lesson, all of the cubicles were free. I went into a cubicle and sat down. I had a soft long poo that felt like it would never end. It eventually did though. I still had to poo but only a little bit, so I'd hold it until lunch and finish then. I wiped my bum a few times and returned to class.

Then at lunch, I sat with Bethany and Brooke and we ate. Afterwards, Bethany said she needed to poo and I said I did as well. I knew from before that the toilets nearest the library work well for a lunchtime poo, so we went there.

Only one of the cubicles was in use, so Bethany and I took the other two. The girl who was in the cubicle when we got there was grunting and struggling to have a poo. I felt bad for her. I hate it when I'm constipated and can't poo.

Bethany started by weeing a lot and I let out a few poos. I heard a big splash and a sigh. I also heard lots of little splashes from Bethany. I was nearly done then. I started to wipe my bum. I flushed and left my cubicle and heard someone rolling off toilet roll. I washed my hands and then Bethany came out of her cubicle. It was almost close to time for the next lesson then, so Bethany and I hurried to get to our lessons on time.


First Just a Guy, glad you enjoyed my story. I really 'enjoyed' writing about it, I can not remember ever having to 'go' quite like that before.

After the weekend, things have not really settled down. I seem to been quite constipated. Am having to try and go a few times a day because I have a really full feeling all the time. I have managed today to get a couple of really hard lumps free, but it has been quite a struggle and at work was in the middle of quite a big push when someone walked in to use the other loo. I managed to deposit the very small hard poo just as she flushed the loo, so hopefully she did not hear the very loud plonk sound as it finally broke free, lots of strinngy mucus when I wiped. At home later in the evening had to try and go again as the same full feeling is back. Again about 15 mins of constant struggle for just a couple of very hard nuggets. Will have to raid my liquorice store, do not like taking anything not natural to help me go. No urge at the moment. Will have to see what the morning brings.

after school, my friend Ross and I were getting changed into our football kits in the changing room.

We had both changed our tops and were pulling our long socks on. we both turned our backs for 5 seconds to change underwear then turned around and put our shorts on.
As i was putting my boots on, He came up, pulled his shorts down and farted through his boxers onto my face. He then said "2 minutes I need the toilet" I assumed he was doing a pee and he called my name. I went over and was shocked to see his white boxers and football shorts around his shins and him leaning forward sitting on the toilet. I came closer and he was just giggling and laughing until i was pretty much in the cubicle with him. As I do, he had his knees together and I didnt see his penis and for a kinda short guy I was surprised how big his thighs were. He did a couple of plops and a pee, eventually he said "im done, I should wipe now." he stood up and bent over right in front of me and wiped his bum 3 times, his arm was touching my leg he was bending over soo close. he stayed bent over and turned his head around and said "aw gonna wipe this last bit for me?" I took a piece of roll and wiped over the inside and of course he bloody farted while i was doing it! Ross then pulled up his boxers and football shorts, straightened his socks to halfway up his knee and flushed the toilet. He said "we should do that again,it was fun" I also agreed as I enjoyed seeing my friend on the toilet


Latest story

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest story, but first some comments and replies.
Jas K- sorry to hear your constipations bad again, it must have been a shock when the cubicle door swang open and that other girl was standing there! At least she was younger and nice, the same thing happened to me a few years ago in my old school, the loos there were awful and one day I was on the toilet in the middle of pushing out a poo when the door came open and everyone waiting in the queue saw me. It was quite obvious what I was doing as I was straining quite hard and could feel I had gone a bit red in the face, but not as red as I went when I realised the door had opened, I quickly pulled my skirt down over my private parts and my knickers but nor before everyone started sniggering.
Megan- sounds like a releaving poo you had after your lecture, I look forward to your next post.
JW- I suppose grunting is embarasing because it makes it obvious to everyone that your having a poo and finding it hard work, I know quite often there are farts and plops as well which can also be a bit awkward if you are in public. At school it doesn't tend to be that bad, as in my school at least quite a lot of girls who use the toilet at breaktimes need a poo as well as a wee so I'm hardly ever the only one pooing and there tend to be quite a few farts and plops going on at the same time.
Well anyway, I seem to be finding it hard to get the time to go for a poo at school once the day has started, today was a case in point and it was frustrating, as I'd made sure to go to the toilet before lessons but I wasn't able to produce anything then even though I knew there must be something to come as I hadn't been for three days. I had to see one of my teachers at lunch break and by the time I'd done that and eaten a sandwich I only had ten minutes until afternoon lessons, that was majorly annoying as I was starting to need a poo by then but I knew ten minutes wouldn't be enough time for me to go so I had no choice but to hold it. By last lesson I was starting to get quite desperate, it sometimes helps if I sit on my heel but I was wearing a short skirt and I couldn't able to find any tights this morning so I knew if I did that I'd probably end up flashing my knickers to everyone. By the last ten minutes my clenched bum was starting to loose the battle and I could feel a log threatening to poke out, I was also getting more and more desperate for a wee as well which wasn't exactly helping. After school Beth and Ellie were meant to be coming round my house and I knew we had to catch the bus straight away so I just prayed I'd be able to last another half an hour. I met up with them and spent the bus ride home sitting on my heel, I had my bag on my lap so no-one would see up my skirt. As we got to my fromt door I said to the others "I'm bursting for a poo, I'm going to have to go as soon as we get in" and Ellie said "I think I'll need to go before too long as well, I didn't get time at lunch."
I sped up the stairs, feeling the log starting to come out and touch my knickers, and pushed open my bedroom door with one hand and unzipped my skirt with the other. I left my skirt on the floor as I rushed into the bathroom and quickly tugged my green knickers down to my knees and sat on the loo, there was a massive skidmark in them so I removed them completely and then felt my poo starting to slide out, as it did so it got wider and more knobbly and I started to push to keep it moving. In the meantime Ellie and Beth had come in and started to get changed, as Ellie took off her skirt I saw she was wearing a tight pair of yellow flowery knickers and hoped that she wouldn't end up with skidmarks as I didn't think I had any decent clean ones to lend her. I was having to push quite hard by now and was doing my best to keep talking about my day to the other two. Beth had changed into jeans and a tee-shirt but Ellie was still in her school shirt and knickers. As I strained she said "Are you going to be much longer, only its starting to come out in my pants, I can't hold it much longer."
"Its nearly out" I panted and a few seconds later I groaned as a massive poo dropped down into the bowl with a splash. I then started to wee like crazy and took some toilet paper ready to wipe. I quickly pushed out a few smaller pieces and stood up and moved over to wipe my bottom so Ellie could sit down. She pulled her knickers down and quickly dropped onto the seat, moaning with releaf. As I finished wiping I noticed that she was going to need clean underwear and hoped I had some decent knickers to lend her. Shortly after I heard some plops and as I went back into my bedroom to look through my underwear drawer I heard Ellie starting to wipe her bum. As I feared most of my knickers were in the wash, I put on a pink and blue spotty pair which were so tight it was embarasing and gave Ellie some yellow ones which were about the same size, luckily her bum is a bit smaller than mine so they were a slightly better fit! We were both really releaved to have used the loo and as you said Megan, I hope I've got time to have a poo at school when I next feel the need. THanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now.

Ok so it's me Beth again so I haven't posted it's beacuse I haven't been pooping I'm so constipated so if any of you have some suggestions on how I can clean my self out thanks so anyways I thought I share with you a story so I visited my friend over the weekend and on Friday after I got there we decide to go out for dinner went to a restaurant and she got a steak n cheese sandwich and I had a salad . We went home and after a bout a few hours she said she had to poop so she asked if I would like to come in bathroom and finish are conversation plus me and her always used to let each other see our poops so I went in with her she sat down she pulled off her pants and undies . And she let out a fart it was wet and then out came some liquid . She than pushed alittle and out came a bunch of poop then she farted a few more times then she began to wipe . The smell was horrid it smelled like old garbage with a sweaty sock . Her face became pale and she looked as if she were going to vomit so I grabbed her a trash can and she started to vomit and as she was vomitying she let out some plops then she was finally done I looked at her poop before she flushed it was green with some brown and yellow liquid that wasn't pee it looked amazing .


Me and my boyfriend

It's the first time I'm posting here, but here is my story :) This story is a little big and detailed for this site, but I remember it so clearly, because is was one of my most intense experiences!

I was going go go for a trip with my boyfriend James, and I was getting ready. He was going to pick my up at midday. About 11.40 he called me. He said "Katniss, we can't go. My mom's in the hospital and I'm going to see her. I'm right down from your appartment. Coming?" "Yeah." I said and I rushed to the door. I jumped in his car and we left. I live in a small town and there's no hospital here, so Mrs.???? was in the city's hospital that was about two our from my town. James said she had an accident with her car. Her life was not in danger, but the damage was quite big. 20 mins passes and I realised I hadn't gone to the bathroom before we left. Soon I was pretty desperate. In 45 mins I couldn't even stand still, hoping James wouldn't notice because he was looking out of the window with a worried look. He was driving too fast so his car hit a pretty big rock, and I put my hand in my crotch so I wouldn't leak, letting a moan out. "Katniss?" said James "Are you alright?" I couldn't lie to him so I told him that I needed to pee bad. "Just one more hour, Kat." he replied. I said nothing. 15 mins passes and I was bursting. James was worried. "God, aren't there are bushes here? I can't go outside of the car, everybody will see me!" "umm.." "I can't hold on any longer, I'm gonna let some out" I said, not worrying about what James was gonna think of me." James stopped the car at the edge of the street, maing sure that others cars will be able to move without hitting us. I was struggling to hold on with both hands as he was parking. "Just let it go, Kat." he said. But I couldn't. He moved my hand away from my crotch and he placed his own there. "Oh my God!" I grinned. James then pushed 2 of his fingers on my bladder, and it was too much. "Oooooooooh, no James, nooo" I shoutend, and then I just couldn't bear it, and my bladder gave in. I peed all over his car and in my skirt. When I finished, I realized that I was crying. "Don't worry, Kat." James said. "It't too hot, you will be dry until we reach the hospital." When we did, my skirt was still a little wet, but I bet that nobody would notice where the wetness came from...


Volleyball Accident

I'm a senior in high school and play on the volleyball team. The other night I was coming home from our game, when I suddenly felt my stomach gurgle and it was like it just dropped inside me. I felt my abdomen gelt all warm and my bowels quickly tensed. I wasn't far from home and there wasn't anyplace to stop so I kept going. After a few minutes I felt a sharp cramp and knew I wouldn't make it home without filling my volleyball shorts and panties.

I pulled into a church parking lot hoping it might be open, but quickly realized my luck wasn't going to be that good. As I hobbled back to my car I just stopped, my body not letting me walk any further. One last rumble and I just couldn;t hold on any longer. I felt this massive log rush out of me and tent out my spandex volleyball shorts and panties. It quickly turned mushy as I farted out a really hideous smelling mess. Making matters worse, I started pissing myself too. I quickly squatted to keep my sneakers dry, and spent 10 minutes totally filling my shorts.

Once I finished soiling myself, I waddled back to my car and found some old newspapers to cover my seat with before sitting down and finishing the drive home. When I sat it was terrible, I felt the mess squish through my volleyball shorts and around to my crotch.

I got home and managed to get to my bathroom before my parents could see me. Looking in the mirror the back of my volleyball shorts was sagging and wet with a huge bulge. I reached back and felt the mess, then slowly peeled down my shorts. My pink and white stripe Victoria's Secret bikinis were absolutely destroyed. I washed my shorts and panties out in the shower while I hosed myself down, then hid the evidence till I could use the washing machine without being seen.

Not sure what happened, but a couple of the other girls I'm friends with said they had accidents too after the game, so all we can figure is something must've been bad in out pregame meal. Thank God it happened after the game and not during!


An old story

First, to Mr. Clogs: Oh, I regularly use various containers. Soda/beer bottles, cups, whatever's handy. I meant I would find it so liberating to not even bother with that, like if I could just let go into the couch while watching tv, or empty my bladder into the carpet while I'm on the computer. Ah well.

I moved with my parents when I was 10, and left behind a lot of friends. My closest friend was one with whom I had shared everything. We did everything together, including using the bathroom. He flew up to visit for a week when we were 15. Now, this house was in a quiet neighborhood, with about an acre of land on the back, with a creek running right through the middle. A small town, not much traffic after dark. One night while he was there and my parents had already gone to bed, we were just watching some TV when he said he had to shit. I told him I did too, but we should go in the creek.

So he and I quietly walked down to our little wooden bridge over the creek (no railings on the side or anything), and did a quick look-out. It was lined with trees which were quite thick, being the summer, and so we figured we'd be safe. I kept watch while he pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles and squatted, his butt hanging over the side. Though I was supposed to be keeping an eye out for anyone, I watched from the side as a long turd slowly got longer before finally breaking off and dropping down a couple feet into the creek with a satisfying splash. After some grunts and farts he pushed one or two more logs out. We didn't bring any TP out, so before he pulled his shorts back up I told him to spread 'em and checked to make sure his anus wasn't dirty enough to leave skid marks in his boxers.

As he was getting his shorts buttoned, I was undoing my own and pulling them to my ankles, then squatted over the side. I started to relax but a little pee came out. I told him I didn't think I could go without pissing all over my shorts, but I didn't want to let go of the edge with either hand for fear of falling in. He took a quick look around then squatted down next to me and took a hold of my penis, aiming it so the stream would clear my shorts. I relaxed again and pushed, piss arcing out over the little bridge as a bowel-emptying turd made its way out of my anus. I kept pushing to keep the pressure up as long as possible, but as the stream decreased I did finally dribble a little onto my shorts and his hand, but at least I didn't soak myself. I farted a few times and let one more log drop into the creek as he wiped his hand on his shorts. I let him check me, then quickly pulled my own shorts back up, and we went inside to wipe.

This is still the only time I've ever taken a dump outside, and it was probably the most relaxing one I've ever had. I certainly hope to get another chance sometime.


A question for Abbie

From reading several of your posts it seem you are not comfortable with others hearing you grunt. Its interesting, that's something I'm also very self conscious you have any thoughts on why grunting makes you uncomfortable?-- JW


Middle of the night pee

So like I've said in pasts post I'm a bed wetter and have been for a while. My boyfriend and I have a protective sheet on our bed and I wear diapers every night. Well the other night I woke up in the middle of the night and my diaper was dry but my bladder was full and about to release. It's a little victory for me every time I wake up dry in the middle of the night and can go pee in the toilet. So I quickly hopped up out of bed and grabbed myself with my right hand through my diaper trying to hold it until I got to the toilet. Well my boyfriend grabbed my left hand and asked me where I was going. He totally caught me off guard and scared me! He scared me so bad I started to wet my diaper. I felt it getting warm and heavier. I didn't say anything when he asked me because I was still a little startled. But he figured it out on his own what happened. He said "I'm so sorry babe I didn't mean to scare you and make you pee, are you finished? I'll help you change." I said "it's ok you didn't know. Man I really had to go. Ok now I'm done going." He grabbed me a clean diaper and a wipe and helped me change into a nice dry one and we went back to sleep.


Physical Disaster

Brandon- is there another Sarah who posts here? Maybe I should use another name.

Anyway, here's another story from my past. It was my first month of college and I was headed to my physics class. We had a test that day on the first unit, I wasn't that concerned about it.

I got to class and took my seat and we began the test. This professor loved long and complicated questions, the type where you have to work through 100 different equations to get to the answer. About 10 minutes into the test I felt a need to pee. I should point out that I've never had great bladder control, as soon as I feel the need to pee I have about a half hour to find a toilet.

I ignored it and continued with my test. I got through the multiple choice and started on the equations. By now my need was getting more urgent, but, I did my best to hold it and focus on the test.

But, there were about 15 of these equation questions and most required using multiple equations, rearranging, the whole deal.

Halfway through my need to go was getting bad, I was doing the whole hunched-over, foot-tapping thing and at this point I realized I might not make it.

I was working on the second to last question when I sneezed. As you might imagine, I lost a control for a moment as some pee squirted into my panties. I got under control, but, there was a small wet patch on my jeans. I started rushing and got to the last question, but, it was an incredibly long and complicated question. My bladder was in pain by now, I felt like I was bloated. I started working on the question when I sneezed again. This time, however, I lost complete control and started wetting my pants completely. It just kept coming out and I couldn't stop it. By the time I finished my jeans, which were pretty light blue, were soaked. My thighs, bum, everywhere, and the wetness was very visible.

Since I was so close, I decided to finish the test. I took a deep breath and swallowed my pride and walked to the front of the class and turned my test in. My professor didn't say anything, but, a bunch of students were watching as I walked out of that class.

I then had to walk halfway across campus in pee-soaked jeans to get to my dorm. To make matters worse, my roommate was there! When I walked in here eyes got wide and she asked what happened. I broke down and started sobbing as I rushed to the bathroom.

I endured to 3 more months of that class, but, at least I got an A.

The good thing is my roommate was really understanding about it, and never told anyone, not like I needed help in that department.


a dream inspired by messages on this board

In a dream that I had.. (not a daydream, but a dream I had while I was sleeping)... all of the toilets in a public restroom that I was in were filled with poop.

Mr. Clogs

Rich Guy's survey

A I hate pooping in public restrooms and avoid it at all costs
B. I dislike pooping in public restrooms but I will if I really have to.
C I don't mind public restrooms, I'm comfortable with them.
D I actually prefer public restrooms to pooping at home.

Let me start off by saying I'm a 32 year old male, and I my choice B. I dislike pooping in public restrooms but I will if I really have to. I prefer extra privacy and peace and quiet when I'm doing a #2. I don't like noise nor do I want to hear another male "relieving" themselves in another stall. It disturbs my concentration and I can't poop especially if there's a lot of noise, lack of privacy, full house, or sounds of other men "relieving" themselves. If I have to go in extreme emergency, then I'll take care of business. If I can avoid using the public restroom then I will. Hope that answers your question.


My Wife's Travel Constipation

My wife and I went to Florida recently for a business meeting I had. We had to get up at 4 AM in order to get the early flight. My wife's ritual is to have a cup of coffee every morning around 6 followed by a bowel movement. At 4, after her coffee, she was unable to go and told me so. I told her to wait until we get to the airport. At the airport, she told me she was going to the ladies to "try and get something going." She came back about 20 minutes later with a look of disappointment on her face. I told her not to worry, nature would take its course in good time. We arrived at the resort at about noon, had a light lunch and then headed to the room. She tried again, but no luck. I heard through the door some grunting and some gassy farts, but when she emerged, she said only a few small pebbles. She looked distressed. The next morning we woke and she asked me to go to the lobby Starbucks to get her a tall coffee. She drank it, and then told me that she didn't feel the urge. She looked worried and distressed. She tried anyway, but emerged with a very desperate look on her face. "I haven't gone in two days and I don't know what to do." I suggested a mild laxative, but she resisted. "I don't want to get caught suddenly and have an accident." I went to my business meeting and caught up with her before dinner. She was feeling very uncomfortable. That night, she was very gassy all night, emitting very smelly SBD's, groaning and complaining about her situation. I suggested perhaps a glycerine suppository, but they didn't have any in the gift shop sundries area. The next morning, no luck again. She went down to the pool, and I continued to work on my computer in my room. Around 11 AM, she came into the room and told me she felt the urge coming on to have a good poo. She went into the loo, closed the door, and I heard her grunting and sighing for about ten minutes. She opened the door and said, "Honey, I made a poo. You have to see this monster." I said, "Okay," and went into the bathroom. There was an odor of poo, not too strong, mostly fruity. She looked very relieved on the pot. She leaned forward and I saw a huge log, about 12" long and about 4" wide at its widest, tapering at the end. It was knobby in the beginning where the obstruction was and it was smooth and lighter brown at the end. She had peed and the water was yellow. She smiled at me and thanked me for my help getting her through the ordeal. I suggested that next time we travel, we bring an enema or a suppository to help her if she gets in a similar situation. Does anyone else suffer from travelers constipation?

From about January until a few weeks ago I lived next door to a 20something student. The bathrooms of the flats were next to each other and I could hear a lot from my bathroom.

On the odd occasion I would hear something of interest. I remember once she brought her boyfriend to the flat and asked him to unlock the door as she was too desperate to do it. I heard her run into her bathroom and pee a very loud stream, which died down. At this point she exclaimed that there was no paper!

A couple of months ago there were a few funny things within about a week. One occasion I heard her barge into the hall and into her flat, groaning, before sitting on the toilet and unleashing a torrent of runny poo. A couple of days later I heard her flush the loo, go out locking her door, and then get halfway down the corridor and moan slightly, then rush back, unlock the door and let another load go. Another time that week she was on the phone when she came back, and I could hear a muffled conversation going on. I guessed she might need the loo but spent ages on the phone before hanging up. Sure enough I heard her barge straight into her bathroom, groaning and then landing on the toilet, releasing an eruption of poo. This time she groaned to herself "oh not again". I heard toilet paper being pulled so it wasn't that - I did wonder if she hadn't made it in time?


Just a guy
Megan - sounded like you had a really good dump after your lecture the other day. As always, I enjoy your posts.

Crazy Ashley - welcome to the site! It was a great first post! Lots of interesting details!

Dee - enjoyed your post of what was an unusual dump for you.

Beth - great story! Wow, 3 good dumps in one day - was that due to you eating Chinese or is that common for you? Its funny how certain foods can affect us. I remember when I was a kid whenever I ate fast food, I would need to take a quite urgent dump usually within 20 to 30 minutes. It was usually of the soft variety. Now, fast food doesn't impact me that way (or at least it rarely does), but I also don't eat as much of it now that I am an adult.

Donald - very interesting post about the young college woman. It sounded like you got to overhear her having a much needed dump.

Crystal - welcome to the site! It was a great post. It sounded like a great post-Thanksgiving dump!

Abbie - sounded like you had a nice school dump. I too felt sorry for the other 2 girls - never enjoy diarrhea or not being able to go when it really feels like you have to. As always, I enjoy your posts.

I had a question. I always have a morning dump but usually don't go until I get to the office about an hour an half after I get up & at least a half hour after breakfast. Sometimes I get the urge first thing in the morning, but still find I have to take a dump when I get to the office - I find that to be unusual as I always feel completely done. The other morning, I woke up with a big urge and had a dump with a lot of small soft poops (not diarrhea though). It was a very large load, but when I got to work, I still had to go. It was a much smaller amount, which wasn't surprising, considering what I already had done an hour an half earlier, but I was still surprised I had to go. Does this happen to anyone else?

To "Open Bathroom":
My family does that too. We never close the bathroom door, except when we have company over. Pissing and crapping are natural bodily functions. I don't understand why society puts such an emphasis on hiding it, and making people feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Well, I have a story about that. Yesterday afternoon I needed to take a crap, so I headed for the bathroom that my older brother, me, and my younger sister share. Our parents have a bathroom attached to their bathroom that only they use. But anyway, I went to the bathroom and my sister was taking a bath and my brother was pissing. I didn't have to wait too long for him to finish and then I sat down. I grabbed a magazine and started reading.

I pissed some and then started crapping. After I had pushed out five or six, my sister teased me about my crap stinking up the whole bathroom. I just stuck my tongue out at her and kept reading and crapping. But she was right, it was especially stinky. I pushed out a few more turds and then flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener.

I only succeeded in making the room smell like pine-scented crap. Not much improvement there. I still had to crap, so I stayed sitting. I pushed out several more turds and then I felt like I was empty. I wiped a bunch of times and flushed again. I closed the toilet lid, and sprayed more air freshener.


I teach others about poopie

when I was a kid I taught kids younger than me about poopie.There was this one boy named Carson around 5 or 6 and I was 9.I remember on the Goonies where this one guy was on the toilet and I showed it to him,then a few minutes later it showed the falling rocks scene.I told Carson that was that guy's poopie.He went down stairs and wisperd something to his dad laughung.And his dad say's Poopie?

A year later I said something to him about a fictional show called WET POOPIE.He used that word WET POOPIE all the time.One night I was at his house and his Mom was fixing all kinds of soup out of a can.His Dad was getting cream of mushroom,And Carson called it WET POOPIE.And his sister goes,MOM!hE CALLED THAT WET POOPIE!

A few Months later Me and my Brother was spending the night and Carson's sister had a friend over and we rented the video Little Monsters,And the scene where Howie Mandel peed in ithe apple juice,His sister goes,Mom!Did you see what he did!?His sister was such a drama queen anyway.

And when I was a senior in High school,my little sister was born,later in the years that's when it really hit the fan about teaching kids about poopie.My Brother said I should never get a job at a daycare!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, just been super busy lately. Anyway, got a comment to reply to, and then a story.

To Ryan: I tend to poo with my friend a lot, simply because we spent a lot of time together. However, I also poo when I'm alone a lot of the time. It just depends on if anyone is around when I need to go.

Today I felt the need to poo during church. It was a small need at first and so I could comfortably hold it until after the service. My mum whispered that she needed to use the toilet, and I told her I did too. We went to the toilets together and one of the cubicles was in use. Mum went in the other.

I heard a loud fart, I think from the lady in the cubicle, and someone weeing strongly. Just then a little girl about six years old came in, and I could tell she had to go quite badly. When my mum came out of her cubicle, I let the girl go first. She thanked me and hurried into the cubicle.

I waited for a bit longer, actually needing a poo quite badly then. The girl seemed to be having a poo as well, as she'd been in the cubicle for a good while and I hadn't heard anything. Finally, there was a flush and the other cubicle became available. I went in and sat down.

Right away, a poo was coming out. It was a fairly long one. I weed some and let out a shorter poo which made a small splash. I stayed sitting and passed three more small poos. I weed a bit more while pushing out a big poo. It made a loud splash. I wiped my bum thoroughly and washed my hands.

I left the toilet and went out to meet my mum and then we walked home together.

Got to hear some good action again this morning. I heard her go into the bathroom, lift the toilet lid, then the rustling of clothes. Short bit of silence, broken by a long zipper-like fart and a cascade of pee. While peeing, she let loose a deep booming fart and a loud splash. A bit later, a sploosh. Then her pee trickled to a stop.

She gave a quiet grunt, another slightly louder grunt, and then a floomp. A few dribbles of pee followed by a drawn out grunt. After that, she rolled off paper, some time passed and she flushed and washed her hands.

She didn't have a class this morning I guess and I had to leave, so I didn't get to go in and have a sniff, but oh well.


The elusive perfect toilet

I always enjoy using public toilets when I get the chance, so I might hear some nice loud plops from other guys sitting on other toilets. Of course, that depends on whether any guys are shitting at the time, or if the toilets are sufficiently deep with good size water traps to allow good plop sounds and good splashback! (I love the sensation of the water splashing my bum when the shit drops. I think a lot of guys do, although it seems to be a controversial subject and some people seem to fear getting splashed as though it will infect them or make them or that the sound of the plop will shock everyone!) I also like the shock of sitting on a cold plastic seat, then warming it up, so that after a while it's getting hot and sweaty, and there's an imprint of the hole of the seat forming on my buttocks. Sometimes the toilet seat is already warm after a guy has just been using it, and I'm able to sit on it within seconds after he's left the cubicle, and now it's my turn to enjoy the pleasures of shitting proudly and loudly. Too often, however, the toilets I find might be not too clean, or the seat is uncomfortable, or just non-existent, or I feel vulnerable to guys who try the door when they know I'm in there, or the water is too shallow to let others know I'm having a really good shit. Perhaps public toilets could be rated on how interesting they are or enjoyable to use for those of us who really appreciate public shitting!
I've not been able to post here for some time, so would like to be able to do so again. I've been keeping up to date with posts, and especially liked those from Dazz some years ago who described every exciting detail of his bum-splashing shits on his toilet in Australia - another connoisseur of sitting on toilets and enjoying great plops and splashes!

An amazing day of siting of people peeing

Well what a day I had yesterday!!.... LOL....

Though I would nip to the fair for the experince sad i know, got ready to go out and head to the bus while waking though the should we say a bridle path i became desprete for a wee, i knew i should have gone before i left. Never mind i though i could wait till i got into town, anyway carry on walk though the path, and though to my self no i cant wait i go in the wood air and water the bush. As i walk up i heard two girls about 19/20 say watch out for me, I carred on walk and then i saw them, having a wee their appoloige then their dad came and said sorry but i have to go too, i said it ok i bursting so excsue me and i started to undo my belt and jean and popped a squat and have a pee.

Their said their where going to the fare i said that where i was heading so we carry on walking together,got the bus and changed buses in town and got the other one, well i would have though that the fair would have had toilets... by this time i needed to go again and said nice meeting you going to head off to the toilets, I found the sign and when it to find that all in was is a patch of grass with secutiy outside which said we dont have any toilets you can either go in hear find a sport squat and go, or go in the field somewhere, behind the lorries is the best place. I though i wait.

The nigh got later and later and i got more and more desprete for a wee, so i found a nice dark spot behind this trailer thing, when wrong their to find that other like it too... to find a handful of people having a pee inculding secutiy so i joined them and did my pee.

during the night i had to go 8 more time and saw many nipping behind things, wow wow what a turn on. Their was only once I managed to have a wee on my own, and that was about 2am in the morning, it was the time i was most deprete you know what pee dance you do, i was right at the end of the fair and saw a emegancy services women and i said to her i really must go for a wee she said you not the only one, she said would you keep an eye out what i nip round hear and have a wee, i said of course, she said follow me so i did and it was very very dark and one of the smallest gap she said let me just radio though, so she radioed and said she was going to have a pee and she went for what seem to a while she came back and then she when off which allowed me to go too, when i got their it turn out she needed more than just a wee.... what a night

Hey, guys, I'm new to this site and this is my first time posting. I'm 17 years old, male and live in Albury, Australia. I often go walking in the bush around the town and live very clost to a creek. In fact, I go walking so often there that rather than use the toilet at my house, I just pop a squat behind a tree whenever I need to pee or poo. Anyone else does this? Sometimes I go with a friend of mine and we go in front of each other, he's not worried about it. Anyone else do this?

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