I was traveling home from a girls night out when i my became upset i am not one to usially pooop in public but my ???? hurt so bad. i fianlly came across a friendly express gas station late at night. i run to the bathroom single unisex locked sign said ask for key i went and got the key opened the door and there on the toilet was a woman i said sory and shut the door. well gettin desperate i knocked and asked if she was done she said just a min she must of been poopin to she opened yhe door i rushed in ripped my pants and panties down put some towels on the seat and let it fly i had some much diaarrhea i was in mid poop wgen the door opened it was the same girl she said shit please hurry i said sorry ???? teouble when she heard me say that she came on in and applogized and sat on the trash can and had a bad wave of the runs i waited till she finished we ealked out togther .

Ryan- it was a pretty big poo yes! I would say the other girls' fart was louder though.

Abbie- Sounds like you and your friends really needed to go by the end of the day! Hope you get to go at school next time and not have to hold it all day.

I had a long lecture today and needed to have a number two badly by the end. I went to the student union which was nearby to use the loos there, but the usual ones were closed off due to some building work. I had to look for signs telling you where there were other ones because I couldn't wait. I headed upstairs to the signposted toilets.
There were three cubicles and two were already taken. Clearly I wasn't the only one who needed to use the loos and had to come up to use these ones. I took the cubicle on the right, the only free one. I undid my belt and jeans and pulled them and my green knickers to my feet and sat down on the loo. Almost immediately the person in the left cubicle flushed and, well, left! I was able to push out my first two urgent logs under cover of the flushing toilet. The girl next to me made a loud plop and then she wiped, flushed and left me alone to finish my poo. I unloaded another four soft pieces that were all fairly substantial, amd then two or three little stubborn pieces that needed some oushing. Feeling much better I wiped myself and flushed before carrying on with my day!


45th Story

To John H, It was alright but a normal toilet is much better.
To Ryan, Didn't take anymore effort. Almost all of my poops take the same effort. My farting if I remember started with a loud one, then a quieter one, then a minute later a series of at least 5 farts each louder then the last.

So I was at my friend Amanda's house. Her house is pretty large,nice and very clean. We hungout most of the day. Her bedroom bathroom was large and very nice. Her toilet was higher then most other toilets. When she went pee the first time she left the door open which I don't mind. She pulled her cotton pants down to her knees. The first time I had a pee I shut the door but the second I left it open. The toilet was really nice just a perfect seat shape,feel and height to the toilet. Later on she went to the bathroom to poo. She sat for about 10 minutes. She asked me to come in and talk. I have to say I'm not into girls but I totally get why some of you like to see us use the toilet. It definetly highlights our lower body. 5 minutes later she wiped while sitting and flushed. After she washed her hands we went back and then later we were watching a movie and I needed to poo. I left the door open because I'm comfortable at this point. I always find something to do when I sit in this case just fiddle with my blue panties. Other times I play with my hair, clothing, or even my legs/bum (only time you get to sit partly naked on a chair for a few minutes). I pushed a 5" poop out. I wiped 3 times and flushed. Amanda said I was pretty quick at going poop. I said I'm almost always taking 4-6 minutes. Lucky she said, I have to wait 15-20. See you later.

open bathroom!

I don't know if some people think we are jus a laid back family,
but we never close the bathroom door while on the toilet.
My kids will come in, have a bath maybe or just talk to each other.
It doesn't matter if we are peeing or crapping, it's just something
we have always done!



Sorry, I don't get much opportunity to post. And these days my loo visits are boring. I just sit on the loo, drop a poo, wait a few minutes, drop another poo, wait a minute or two, drop another poo, wait...poo....wait...poo... etc etc.

But one thing. I've been reading quite a bit recently about dark brown poo. My poo is almost always very light brown. Is there something wrong with me?

I play hockey on a U16 travel team, which means practice and games nearly every night of the week. At one of the practices this week, while running a tiring drill, I could feel my mom's dinner heading for the exit. While waiting for my turn in the drill again, I told my best friend on the team, "I have to poop". He chuckled and said, "Suck it up". By the end of practice it was pretty serious. I was debating whether I would be able to make it home to the privacy of my home or if I would have to use the toilet in the locker room. There was a toilet and urinal in a small room, with no door, that you passed as you went to the shower. I'm not bashful when I have to go but going in that little room with all your teammates passing would be desperation only. I was one of the first ones off the ice, heading to the locker room. When I got there, a few of my teammates were standing in the hallway. The door was locked so nobody would break in while we were on the ice. My friend was standing next to me. I must've been making faces because he asked me why I looked like that. I told him, and I guess everyone else in the hallway, "I have to poop so bad". Nobody really said anything. The coach eventually came with the key. I decided there was no way I was going to make it home so I worked on getting my skates and hockey equipment off before heading to the toilet. But the coach wanted to give us a chalk talk. My friend was laughing at me now because he knew the last thing I needed was a long talk. Fortunately the talk was not that long. I quickly took off all my equipment. Since I was going to take a shower anyway, I stripped off all my clothes and wrapped a towel around me before rushing to the toilet. I had to take the towel off to sit on the toilet so I was going to be pretty much naked while sitting on the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I relaxed my butt. Well formed poop pushed my butt open and splashed in to the water. The rest of the team was walking past as they headed for the showers. Some ignored my situation. Some laughed. I could hear some making fun of me as they showered. I really didn't care. I never would've made it home. I was just relieved to finally let it go. It wasn't a quick one. I looked to see a huge pile in the bowl. I turned to flush before wiping so I wouldn't plug the toilet. After flushing I began the wiping effort. Now some of the team was coming out of the showers, so they got a new perspective of my uncomfortable situation. My friend was one of them. He laughed and said, "Need some help?" I figured the only way out of this was to laugh with them so I told him I was doing fine but appreciated his offer. I flushed again, grabbed my towel, and headed for the shower. I made sure I cleaned my butt thouroughly in the shower. When I came out to get dressed, my friend was waiting for me because our parents car pool. He didn't stop making fun of me until they dropped me off at my house.

Brandon T

heard a woman pooping

about an hour I was at that bookstore when a woman entered the bathroom she peed first then I heard her start grunting and then plop crackle splicchs fart fart plop grunt she sounded constipated and then she flushed I went to poop and could smell a strong poop smell not a really bad I was hoping for some skidmarks but nope

Jasmin K

School and Constipation

I enjoyed your story about you and your friends being desparate to go, I hope your friend wasnt upset when she had skidmarks in her knickers, I happens to all of us.. I know from first hand experience its a problem I have when I am constipated.

perhaps things were different when you were at school about pooing there, lots of girls poo at school now as you will see from many of the posts on this forum.
I know what you mean about parents although I never got enemas or suppositories but I was made to go at home mornings before school with my mum standing there telling me to push harder,from time to time when nothing seemed to be happening feeling my bum hole whilst I was straining, checking to see if that much sought after morning poo was about to emerge. When I finished it was checked to see I had done enough and if not had to stay on the toilet untill I did.Its only in the last couple of years Ive gone at school for a poo when my mum was confident that I will do a poo.

And good news I managed to do a poo the other evening before going out, took me a good hour but I produced a nice thick log about 8 inches long and many pebbles.

Time to go.
Jas K

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Oli(v)e first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Scarlet pooping together outside it sounds like you were both pretty desperate and both having diarrhea I bet it felt good pooping in nature at least you avoided having an accident which wouldve been a mess to clean up and please post anymore stories you may ahve thanks.

To: Mikael great set of stories your first one it sounds like had good time pooping with that girl outside and great story about you helping your girlfriend poop in that bottle that experince probaly brought both of you guys closer together as a couple.

To: Beth first welcome to the site and great story about your daily poops the first one sounded like a pretty good one the second poop sounded pretty nasty but at least you made it to a toilet and last one sounds like cleaned you out and I bet it was fun pooping in that bowl I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story it seems you get pretty lucky in hearing other girl go to and I bet you felt great afterwards to and great story about you and Beth pooping together it sounds like she really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always nother great story it sounds like you and those other girls had great poops in that park bathroom I bet you felt better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Donald great story about hearin that girl poop it sounds like she really had to go and I bet you will more stories about her if so please post them thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like you really helped that other woman out I bet she was really thankful and relived aswell I bet she wont forget your kindness and it sounds like you also got some relief as well to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: JOHN great story about hearing your friend Julie pooping it saounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt great afterwards to and a lil lighter to maybe.

To: Crystal first welcome to the site and great story abourt you pooping outside it sounds like you really had to go alot since it was after thanksgiving if it was warmer you probaly wouldve just pooped it out outside and please post anymore stories if you have any thanks.

To: Sarah as always another great story it sounds like that day was probally the worst day in your life but maybe one day you can look back and laugh about it but it showed that your friend was a true friend to you and after all it was an accident and they can happen to anyone those kids shoudnt have teased you at least you showed you were better then them by not letting there teasing win and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aubrey I look forward to your results thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you and your freinds had fun as usual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Traveling By Train great story about you and that other woman peeing outside.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it sounds like you should get medical help for your constipation before you do some permanant damage to your anus from the sound of it you may have torn it hopefully not to badly but its for your own good to see a doctor hopefully they can help you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


public toilet survey

I'm curious about how people feel about pooping in public restrooms so I'm taking a multiple choice survey. The choices are:

A I hate pooping in public restrooms and avoid it at all costs
B. I dislike pooping in public restrooms but I will if I really have to.
C I don't mind public restrooms, I'm comfortable with them.
D I actually prefer public restrooms to pooping at home.

If you don't mind please include your age and gender.

I'm male, 53 and my answer is D. I find pooping at home to be kind of boring. I enjoy being in public restrooms, hearing other guys come in and out taking care of business. Also I overhear some interesting conversations in the bathroom. If I'm home and have to poop but I know I'm going out soon I'll wait to use the public restroom. If I'm out but getting ready to go home when I feel the need I will go ahead and use the public restroom before I go home.


lady saw me on toilet

I was on my way home from town when the wife wanted to stop at dollar general for a few things. well i knew i had to poop so i went to the back where the bathrooms r well sign on mens room out of order. i was like crap i went ahead and went to the wemons locked the door i thought rushed over ripped my pants down just got seated and started a loud wet dump when the door flew open i was horrfied there was a hot young lady just staring i said sorry it was emergency she laughed and said yea i can kind of tell she walked out i could hear her tell her friends outside the door quite embrassing i finished and left to funny

Mr. Clogs

Desperate to pee story

Yesterday which was Thursday, I just finished up a job at a client's house and left their location. I had to pee when I got there and held it in for an hour. I was getting more desperate and driving around looking for a gas station to relieve my full bladder, I went to one and the gas station attendant said it was out of order. I knew he was BSing me and I left and went to another gas station, I asked to use the bathroom and the gas station man said someone was using it. I said okay and left and try to find someplace to relieve myself. I pulled into a Taco Bell restaurant, I made my way to the bathroom to only find it occupied. Man I almost lost control of the hold until finally the door opened for the Men's room finally opened. I made a mad dash to the urinal since I had to pee, I quickly unzipped my pants and slid my black cotton briefs and pull out the dripping wood and peed a hard steady stream into the urinal. The peeing session lasted for 20 seconds and my once full bladder felt a much deserved relief. I zipped up and washed my hands and dried my hands and left to go home.

Another story was in the middle of the night, I woke up and needed to pee, so I reached for my green see through 30oz ????bler cup, I slid the wood out and put the mouth of the cup to it and peed into it. I filled the cup half way with my golden urine making a foamy top of the urine. I put the piss cup on my desk and went back to sleep

Just now I had to pee really bad while composing this post. I had some empty water bottles around, I took the larger one since what I had to pee would be too much for the smaller bottle to contain. I unscrewed the top and aimed into the opening and peed a nice stream into it. I filled up half way and poured it into the sink.


Mikael: I enjoyed you and you girlfriend outdoor poop together and her having to poop into the bottle.

Beth: Enjoyed your daily dump post, fiber will definitely get things brewing.

Red: Welcome and thanks for your post man. You can always use a container if you don't want your room to smell like pee. Just make sure you have large enough container to contain your bladder's contents. You should be fine, just dump it out discretely and no one will ever know.

John H: Thanks for your reply, yes indeed I felt great, people should clean out when the seasons change so they won't lug the excess you know baggage in your intestines from all that summer time eats. Keep us posted on future posts

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Hope your doing well and will keep tuned in to your experiments and situations that may arise.

Well that's all for now take care and enjoy your weekend.

Mr. Clogs

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Last weekend my husband and another couple went walking together on a 10 mile hike. The couple are our normal waking partner Jim and Sue.
I am slim athletic build 35 years old 5' 7" Sue is slim petite build 40 years old 5' 2" .
For this weekend we had left the children with the parents so we could have a early start but it doesn't help with my morning routine, I had breakfast with 2 cups of coffee for some energy before walking and only a pee before we left.
I was a bit disappointed that my system didn't want to go as I had not gone yesterday.
We meet up with Jim and Sue at parking area at 9 am on the way I was starting to need a pee so on arrival Jim and Sue were already waiting Went over to speak to Sue while my husband spoke to Jim as they wondered in behind some trees to have a pee.
I said to Sue they have beaten me to it and she replied yes me to, when they returned I announced I was going were they had just been and Sue doing the same, so off we went to find a spot together.
I lowered my trousers and knickers and got in a squat position, Sue did the same but was not squatting as low, I began peeing a strong stream and let out a booming fart which made Sue smile, she was taking her time getting going.
I suddenly felt my anus want to release a poo so I said to Sue to excuse me as I had to do a bit more than a pee she turned towards me with a pained look and said me to.
So there I was staining with her alongside me doing the same, I pushed out 1 poo after a couple of minutes as soon as it dropped another one started come as well I looked at Sue and she was making hard work of it, she gave huge strain and I heard a crackling sound as her anus started to open.
I was now wiping myself as I looked on to see a huge thick nobly log appear out of her small arse stretching it beyond believe I remarked to her about it and in between pushing she said it had been 4 days since she had last gone.
I pulled my trousers back up and stepped aside to admire my own poo aswell as watching Sue continue struggle with her poo it was nearly 6" out and as wide as my wrist she gave 1 big push and the thickest part had gone and it shot out hitting the ground with a thud I watched in ore as her anus slowly closed up she took a couple of pieces of paper and wiped herself clean then push her trousers back on.
I was left studying the 2 creation we had done mine being 2 x 1" dial logs 1 x 8"and 1 x 4" with Sues being a impressive 2 1/2" dia and over a foot long.
We left them uncovered for all to see as we walked back to our waiting husbands smiling as we greeted them, they did remark they were about to send out a serch party, we just smiled and said you would have had a shock angle it at that.
We got ready and left on our walk this is the first time anything has happened like this to me before.
Hope it happen again soon.


My Experience

This is my first time posting here, I like reading all your stories so I want to share one of my own :)

I thought I'd write about a very satisfying dump I took recently. After two days of eating too much, and being a little constipated due to having not dumped for two days, I woke up around two-thirty in the morning with a cramped feeling. I knew had to take a big dump urgently.

I walked over to the bathroom and closed the door, it was a little cold. I took a look at the toilet seat, like it was welcoming me to come and sit on it, so I pulled down my undies and sat down, the cold seat cooling my butt instantly. The cold feeling coupled with the mild constipation seemed to make the strong urge almost go away. I knew If I went back to bed it would just come back, and tomorrow morning would be worse so I decided to remain on the toilet.

About five minutes later, my butt had heated the toilet seat to a nice warm temperature. I felt so much more comfortable and relaxed at that moment, the urge to poop started coming back. I pushed a little and slowly released a loud fart that echoed into the bowl and ended with a long hiss. I felt the load move closer to my hole.

I could feel what was the tip of a large turd pressing at my hole, I pushed gently and right away I could feel my anus stretch and a rather wide and hard nugget slowly crumbled out, landing in the water with a loud splosh. The pressure was still there but the turd wasn't moving so I pushed a with a bit more force and I felt my hole slowly stretch open until I felt it was really wide. I thought to myself "this is gonna be a huge one!" It continued to move out ever so slowly with very audible crackling sound. It was a very pleasurable feeling until it got so thick I had to stop. I relaxed for a moment until my hole got used to the thickness of the turd and I pushed again. I could feel my hole being stretched to it's limits, but it wasn't painful, in fact I was really enjoying the sensation and relief. The log continued to slowly crackle out, maintaining the same thickness and massaging my hole on it's way out, this continued for quite some time until the sheer weight of the log caused it to break off without too much of a splash due to being so close to the water level.

I knew wasn't even half done. Still feeling bloated I felt my hole begin to close up after the first huge piece so I pushed again and another big thick log began easing it's way out, still rather slow but quicker than the first and not as challenging. A large chunk broke away, which landed on the other log with a thud. The load continued coming out for a while, loudly crackling with a bit of hissing, speeding up and getting softer inch by inch until breaking off with a splat.

I felt so relieved already. I was about to wipe when I noticed a cramp and a wave of soft turds oozed out making a pile on top of the huge hard logs. To make sure I was done I remained on the toilet and waited for a bit. I felt something was still needed to be released so I pushed and a pleasurable, long, loud and bassy fart reverberated into the toilet, as if my butt was giving it's own well deserved stinky sigh of relief!

I was feeling like I'd been born again already. Out of curiosity I got off the toilet and had a peek to see what was just came out of me. I was shocked to see a hard turd that looked thicker than my wrist. It was bigger than a Red Bull can in thickness, but just shy of an average sized drinks can and the best part of a foot long in length with one end sticking out of the water. Another thick turd the length of a hand rested on it and another log around twelve inches in length with roughly one to one and a half inches in thickness adjacent to it with some soft poop on top. The toilet looked almost completely full.

I sat down again, peed for a while and wiped my still tingling hole a few times until it was completely clean and then got up to flush.
In hindsight I should have flushed halfway through depositing my poop, looking at the toilet I was a little worried. It was the early hours of the morning and I wasn't thinking straight, all I wanted to do was sit on a toilet and release that huge load. Still this toilet has a powerful flush even though I have managed to clog it more than a few times It was much better than the water saving toilet at my old apartment that would clog most of the time.

I decided to brave it. I pulled the flush. I saw the water level rise to the rim of the bowl and I felt myself fill with fear but the pressure of the water managed to force it all down and my emotional state instantly switched from fear to a huge relief as it was a small miracle the toilet managed.
I pulled up my undies, washed my hands and headed back to the bedroom. Though my hole still tingled, the relief was amazing and I literally felt ten pounds lighter and walking on air!

Hope you enjoyed :) Until next time, Ash


Post Title (optional) Odd morning poo!

9.30 am. At home alone. Decided to post this as this was not a normal session for me. Normally go at least once a day and have not had any problems recently, very regular. Felt a really desperately strong urge to have a poo, a really strong pressure building. I suddenly felt it begin to push out of me and just about managed to sit down on the toilet. One lone little lump squeezed out without any pushing, it was very soft and squidgy. Then a few minutes of nothing, but I could clearly feel I had not finished, there was a really heavy feeling at my bum hole, this felt like an absolutely massive poo. I pushed down, releasing a soft grunt, then another, uuugggh, and to my utter amazement, this really long, soft turd edged its way out of my bum hole. I could feel it must have touched the bottom of the toilet pan and still I could feel it was creeping its way out. I had to lift slightly off the seat as it was so soft (but strangely very well formed) and did not seem to want to break off. ugh, it was very sticky and when it finally did come to an end, I was aware it had broken off but that my bum hole had a very large amount of soft stuff stuck in the hole. I clenched me cheeks a little to try and move the soft, clinging mess. A little splatted into the pan. Although I could feel I had a very dirty bum, I also sensed I had finished for the moment. The urge was too strong not to stand and see what I had just produced. One incredibly massive, very soft but formed knobbly poo stuck its head up out of the water and well on its way up the side of the pan. The end sticking up out of water had like a pinched off look to it and was a dark brown colour. Not a very pleasant smell either! At a guess a good 9 or 10" I dread to think how fat, but the fact I had not had to strain hard like I normally do was very odd. I sat back down to wipe, 1, 2, 3, 4th wipe finally saw clean paper, I think a quick shower is in order next. Needles to say it took 2 flushes to go down. Hope you enjoyed.


2 dumps

Sometimes I do not poop every day, so 2 days ago Monday i hovered over the toilet and pissed a little first, then i pushed and two knobby logs came out, i wiped about 2 times and left the bathroom

today i peed earlier and about a hour later felt a turd ready to come out, i sat peed a little first and then did my poop, this time I needed several wipes to get clean as my poop was somewhat soft.

Sometimes when i am away from the house if i have to go I need to find a toilet in a hurry!!


Best friends stick together

This happened at a certain major Californian music festival. It was the 2nd day and I had come with my friend Scarlet. We're both small bright-faced, shorthaired grrrls with slight "pear" figures. We were both trying some uh...recreational substances that weekend and weirdly enough, our trip to the bathroom together was the only thing I remember vividly. Anyway, we were wandering the grounds between bands, just kind of experiencing the people and the place, and everything was glimmering. Every idea was a fun whim. I was vaguely aware of a rising need to poop, but there was no hurry. I let out some quiet farts as we walked to relieve the pressure, and I could easily have waited another hour if I had to. Scarlet was walking in front, and a few seconds after one of my pressure-easers, she stopped in her tracks, clutched her gut, and loosed a wet, gurgling loud one. We cracked up, composed ourselves, and kept walking. About a minute later, she had another one, and with a half-smile, half-grimace, said "I've gotta shit." "Me too!" I shared. We were at least a football field or two's walk from any portas, but there were trees and brush with no one around a few feet off, so we opted nature. I walked briskly, she needingly shit-staggered over, an elongated fart chasing her in bursts. I hadn't even gotten behind the bush before she bared her behind and bush and began shitting loudly. Both of our shorts and panties were tossed well out of the splash zone and I pushed out one if the earlier pressure-easers, except at full blast. Each little glob of shit came with a loud fart, which was followed by a laugh. Scarlet, on the other hand, was spraying little waves of diarrhea. They'd stop, then a fart would build into another stream, with remarkable consistency. We both finished up and wiped with the setlist we'd caught of some terrible opening act. I'm not sure about Scarlet, but I had gas cramps and wet farts for the rest of the day. At least we were able to shit in solidarity.


deja vu experience

I found this site by accident and it inspired me to share a story with you

I am a 28 yr old guy from the east coast and when I was 14 I went on a youth camp in the appalachians. My best friend at that time happened to be a girl and we were paired together for an exercise in the forest (we had to bury items and leave clues how to find them).

We were busy with the thing when my friend said "I've got to go poop, I should have gone earlier when we were back at camp but I thought I would last but I can't". I told her to go behind a clump of bushes which were by a path but she was scared someone would come along and disturb her so we went off the path further into the forest. It was quite eery and thickly wooded and she got real freaked out so I told her I'd stay with her if she wanted. She was clearly embarrassed so I suggested we both go (I needed to go a bit but wasn't desperate).

She pulled down her pants and panties and squatted, releasing a short stream of pee. I did the same (replace panties with boxers!) and told her to relax and go for it. We were about 3 metres apart but I could hear the crackling from her butt as a nice firm turd slowly made its way out. I pushed out a couple of small pieces of my own, and gave half of my wad of kleenex to her to wipe before wiping myself.

She was embarrassed but I told her to forget about it, that it proved we were cool with each other and good friends, but I found myself quite turned on by the whole thing even though she was just a female friend (not a girlfriend - although we had a short relationship later when we were both 17, didn't last though)

A few months ago I was on safari in Africa with my girlfriend (we'd only been together for 2 months so weren't that familiar with each other). This was a budget camping type of safari which involved camping in the wilderness.

The toilet was a hole in the ground, with a metal frame and toilet seat on top - when you did your business you shoveled a bit of sand on top of your poop and that was it. Which I found quite a liberating experience (there was a rough shade netting round the toilet area but at night if someone went with a lantern you could see their silhouette sitting on the toilet!)

Anyway my girlfriend needed to poop after it had gone dark and everyone had retired to their tents. Ours was the furthest away from the toilet and it was quite a walk in the dark and she was scared, even to go with me (there were wild animals around including lions which we'd heard roaring in the distance that evening).

She said she'd try to hold it until the morning but 1/2 hour later she was getting desperate. I suggested stepping just outside the tent and squatting but she was afraid someone would see her and she'd never live the rest of the safari down.

I started looking for something in the tent she could poop into but the only disposable thing was a plastic bottle of water. She was really desperate by this stage so I unzipped the tent, poured the water out and cut the top off with my leatherman to make the hole wider. I said "sorry, this is the only thing I can think of - I'll hold it under you and you just do what you have to do" secretly hoping she didn't have explosive diarrhoea!!

So she pulled down her PJs and by the light of the torch I positioned the bottle under her anus and she let go a load of smooth poop which filled about half the bottle (it was a 1 liter bottle I think) - the smell was pretty bad but she sprayed a load of perfume around the tent and I wrapped the bottle in a couple of plastic bags and put it in the corner

She was really upset but I assured her I didn't find it disgusting - in fact I found it quite a turn on (I later told her this and she was relieved).

My mind was taken back to that time in the forest with my friend all those years ago and I found myself hoping that opportunities would present themselves in the future for more experiences like that.

Hope you liked the story....


My daily poop

Ok so I'm new my name is Beth :) I'm going to share with you what my poops were like today :)
At around 5 o clock I woke I went to go eat breakfeast I had a bowl of fiber one cereal I then felt the urge to poo so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toliet first I peep then I felt poop comming so I grunted and pushed a turd fell into tge toliet makeing a little splash sound then I pushed again and a turd started to form I kept pushing and pushing then tge turd fell . I peep again then started to wipe I got up and looked at my poop the first turd was about a inch long and very thick it was a yellowish brown color and my second turd was about 3 inches long it was smooth and green it wasn't very thick . Then I had to poop again at work at around 1 right after I had lunch I had Chinese food for lunch and Chinese food doesn't sit well with me so I knew it was going to be big and I rushed to the bathroom it was empty thank god I went into the stall I really didnt have to poop so I waited I just went incase I got diarrhea after about 20 minutes of waiting my stomach started to get crampy I knew I was going to have to poop I let out a little wet fart and then I pushed and lots of small turds came rushing out I then farted again and some more turds cam gushing out I then pushed to see if there was more but there wasn't so I wiped got up and looked at my poop there was maybe about 20-30 small turds mushed together and they were yello in color I flushed and went back to my desk then when I got home around 4 I had the urge to go my stomach was starting to hurt but imstead of pooping in the toilet I thought it might be fun to do it in a container so I grabbed a bigger sized container and went into me and husbands bathroom and stripped my self so I was naked and placed the container on the ground and I got down on all fours and held the container up a bit so my poop would go in I unclenched my butt checks and pooo started to come out i poopedvone log then another and another ect. I was finally down I wiped my self then looked at the contain it was full of soft mushy poop there where abbot five or six logs I felt come out of my butt they were a lot firmer then at lunch the color was light brown with some green and that's it I'm sure I will post later there is still more in me and my husband :)


Story from today

Hi, another quick story from today at school. I got in early and went to the loos by the canteen, although my last poo was only on Monday I could feel a slight need developing and wanted to try to have a poo before it went away. I got a cubicle straight away and after locking the door lifted my skirt and lowered my tights and pink and yellow striped knickers. I dribbled some wee out as I pushed and after a couple of minutes felt a log starting to come out of my bum. At that moment someone crashed into the cubicle next to me muttering "Come on, come on" under her breath, I heard the rustle of her clothes being pulled down and then her bum slapped onto the seat as she quickly sat on the toilet and let loose a load of runny poo into the bowl, she was groaning and farting as she did so. I looked towards her cubicle and saw her skirt, tights and pink flowery knickers at her feet. By now my poo was ready to drop, just as the girl next door had started wiping her bottom it made a loud plop which I knew she must have heard, I only hope that made her feel a bit less embarased about having what sounded like bad diarrea. I thought I might need to do some more so I sat a bit longer as I still had plenty of time before lessons started, just then I got a new neighbour on the other side. Again I heard her pulling down her clothes and sitting on the seat. She weed for a bit and then stayed sitting so I guessed she wanted a poo as well, most girls using the loo at this time in the morning need to open their bowels in my experiance. I realised I'd done the right thing by staying on the loo when I felt another log starting to slide out, next door I heard some grunts and I realised my neighbour must be having to strain a bit, I hoped she wasn't constipated as I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Shortly after I made a couple more plops as I passed two smaller poos and then I knew I was done, as I started to wipe I still hadn't heard anything from next door apart from more grunting and panting so I knew the poor girl must be having a really hard time. Shortly after she started to rip off toilet paper, I was pretty sure she hadn't managed to poo. I finished wiping, pulled up my knickers and tights and let down my skirt then went out of my cubicle to wash my hands. The other girl came out looking a bit red and flustered, my suspicions were correct as she met up with her friend who'd been waiting outside and I heard her say that she hadn't been able to poo. I went off feeling really happy I'd managed to go before lessons started but I did feel bad for the other girl, I know what its like trying to concentrate on your work when your feeling uncomfortable or your dying for the loo and I hoped she'd be able to go for a poo at lunch break.
poo holder- great story about you pooing your knickers at school and more recently in your step dad's car, hope you can post again with more stories soon. I've never actually pooed myself at school but have definately come close, one time I did lend my knickers to a friend of mine who'd had an accident and had a PE lesson that day.
Thanks for reading, will post again soon, bye for now!!



Since this is my first time posting, I guess I'll give a little intro. I'm a mid-20's male living in the US. I've always been fascinated with the acts of excretion, and greatly enjoy being around others during the act. I especially enjoy non-"standard" methods, i.e. using anything but the toilet! I wish I had the courage to be like Car Mom and some of you other Toiletters, but I just worry so much about being able to keep my car or home from smelling like urine. I don't mind the smell all that much, but I do like to have friends over and I'd rather not have to answer any embarrassing questions that might come up. I'm lucky enough to be in a relationship with a partner who is very open about bodily functions, and we are extremely comfortable with each other in that respect.

My current modus operandi is to remove my pants and boxers, then get up on the toilet seat, squatting over it. I find this opens everything up and requires far less pushing to expel even the hardest of turds. After squatting for even just a few seconds, my anus seems to just open on its own and everything slides on out, easy as can be. It does require slightly more careful aiming, though, so as not to get pee or crap all over the seat.

I guess I'll wrap up with a story.
During my last year in college, I rented a townhome that was on the corner of the lot. There were small patios separated by little storage sheds, there was a fence on the other side, and the back of the lot was bordered by a few lines of evergreens. I would often get home at 2 in the morning after doing school work all night, and then I'd go out on the patio with a cigarette and smoke as I pulled my penis out and just let go. Most relaxing piss of my life.

To Audrey

Hi Audrey....

You wrote about how you press a roll of tp against your the same time you begin pushing to have a bowel movement.

YES! I know the feeling; although I go about it a little differently than you. It's very erotic; to be honest. I'm a guy and I think it has something to do with my prostate and the poop pushing against it. Keeping it from coming out or working to push it back certainly accentuates a very wonderful feeling.

Although not my thing...there are people who like to allow or push a BM while seated....I would imagine a similar feeling. I guess I should feel comfortable here with describing my method; but I'll leave it at saying that it involves using a finger.


44th Story

So I was walking through the park close to my place and I had an urge to poo. I decided to go use the public bathroom. I went in and took a stall. I pulled my shorts and tight red panties down to my ankles which I usually don't do but I just felt like it. A young girl was in the stall next to mine. I could hear her music playing from her earphones. She was also farting and grunting. I went pee. Then I farted loudly. And again. Someone came inside in a rush. She went in the stall next to mine. She was wearing a skirt and no panties. The other girl flushed and didn't even wipe. I farted again. I took my time and sat for about 8 minutes. The other person was still here to. I pushed and a really soft, round poop came out. It was 9" long. I wiped and flushed. See you later.

For Poo-Holder; the 21 y/o Barmaid :)

So poo-holder; we have you on board as a 21 year old "retainer". Welcome to the club! I hope you don't think that you are unique; I'm sure that many of your friends hold their poop as well; they may or may not share it with you. Formerly a private "fetish" or abnormality...poopholding has become a part of childhood for many kids. We actually teach and train them to do it. How many times; when in school...have you felt the urge to have a bowel movement...only to be denied the priveledge by the teacher. Your parents probably taught you to always go when you felt you needed to...and maybe even preached the good health aspect of it: Have a daily bowel movement. But; in school you weren't permitted to. Last weekend I was over at a neighbors house. They aren't people I know very well...but they were having a party and I was invited. In their game room there were 4 pre-teens playing X-box. They were openly joking about how bad they had to shit...and could be seen obviously straining to hold it in. It was like a game. God knows how long those boys had gone without having a bowel movement; the air was thick with the smell of their farts. What's amazing to me how well kids handle it. When I was young and got constipated my movements hurt like hell and took forever to accomplish. I'd produce fat knobby turds that would make me bleed and would always clog the toilet. These kids are different. When they finally release after more than a week of holding...their movements are soft and very long...and end up curled in the bowl. They call their friends over to admire their production. It's kinda cool in a way....I have to admire their openness about it all. It is one more way for them to enjoy their bodies! The secret that they hold from us "un-informed adults" of that having a full bowel feels fantastic if things are "right". Depending on their diet, exercise level and fluid intake....these kids know the secret of producing and holding enormous amounts of soft-medium firm stool in their bodies. It's an elusive skill for the most of us....sort of one of our youth's fond memories.

To make some extra money, I rent out the second bedroom of my house. A young college student, I'd see 23 or 24, is renting the room right now. She's a brunette with shoulder-length hair, and has a rockin' body. Under different circumstances, I'd probably consider asking her out.

The apartment has just one bathroom, and it's situated right between both of the bedrooms. Due to the paper-thin walls, I can here most everything that goes on in the bathroom. Like this morning, about 7:00 AM, I heard the bathroom door close and approached the wall to listen closer.

I heard her sit down, and the rustling of clothes. She started off with a few short grunts followed by a small plop. A louder grunt and another plop. After that, a bit of silence before five splashes over maybe thirty seconds. I heard her pee a little in spurts, with a low bassy fart in the middle.

There was a loud floomp and then a trumpetting fart. A few quiet grunts. Then a shoomp. I heard her say something like "Yuck" before rolling off some toilet paper. She rolled off paper only once, but it sounded like a lot. I didn't hear anything else for a long while, but then she flushed the toilet and washed her hands.

When she left for class about twenty minutes later, I went into the bathroom and immediately I noticed the very heavy, meaty smell of a fresh poop. It covered the whole bathroom, and I'm surprised it didn't seep out to the rest of the apartment. I'm not sure why she left the bathroom stinking so much worse than usual. Normally, the bathroom has strong odor, like you'd expect from someone having just pooped. However, I can't say I'd be very disappointed if all her morning dumps started leaving behind stenches like that.


Interesting experience

We went away for Matt's birthday for a few days (Mon-Wed) to a country hotel. We left Freya with my mum and dad. When we arrived the room was lovely and we plonked down on the big bed. I wont go into details of what happened next but you can guess. When it was over Matt fell asleep. I left him a note saying i was going to explore the hotel and its facilities. I went down to the reception and suddenly felt the urge to pee. These babies are sitting right on my bladder. I headed towards the receptions toilets. I saw a notice on the door saying they were under repair. I asked at recption if they were available. They told me the builder werent working that week and so i headed into them. When i arrived in i saw the cubicles had no doors but an apology on the mirror for the inconvienance. I was kinda desperate so i went ahead into the second cubicle. The nearest cubicle to the door was occupied. I sat down, took down my maternity jeans and underwear and plonked myself onto the seat. The woman in the cubicle next to me grunted. I realised she was pooping. I unleashed my pee. A good 30 seconds or so stream and got up. I wiped, flushed, fixed myself up and washed my hands. Another grunt emerged from this woman. I hadnt heard any plops or splashes at this point and the toilet had no poopy smell so i guessed she was having a bit of trouble. I finished up and left with her still struggling. I went back out to reception and read the food board. When i was done i went for a walk around the outskirts of the hotel. I then suddenly felt the urge to pee again. I made my way inside and headed towards the toilets. I went inside and heard a grunt. I realised that she was still there. I walked past and went for a pee. This one lasted about 40 seconds or so. She strained quite loudly as i finished up. I went to wash my hands and i plucked up the courage to ask her if she was okay. She said, through grunts and strains, that she hadnt been for 5 days and she had been trying to go on and off since yesterday and nothing was happening. I went to leave but she asked me to stay and take her mind off the task at hand. I reluctantly agreed and leaned up against the edge of the doorframe, facing the mirror. So i was able to see her. She told me to keep look-out as she was going to strip off. She began by removing her trousers and then her lacy thong. She reached up and hung them on a peg. She tucked her t-shirt under the rim of her bra. I saw her front part when she was doing this in the mirror. She stretched her legs out and leaned forward. i could see this unfolding in the mirror. She said, "So, when's your baby due". I said, "Oh, its twins and im due in January. This is my second pregnancy, 2nd and 3rd babies though. My daughter Freya was born in February". She said, "Wow, you'll have 3 kids under 1 year. Your brave!!!" We both laughed. My feet began to hurt and so i went and sat on the worktop inbetween 2 sinks. She was really trying but nothing was happening. The way the bathroom is situated the sinks are taller than the toilets, so the way i was sitting and she was sitting with her legs out-stretched i could see the back of the toilet bowl. I said, "Listen if you've struggled for so long maybe you should get some aid, like laxatives." She said, "Ive struggled like this twice before and perserverance is the key. I just need to get it started and then we'll be going somewhere." She continued straining and grunting. Her face was red and she was rubbing her stomach. She sighed when nothing was still not coming. She decided to sit up straight and push whilst rubbing and pushing on her stomach. She grunted and pushed really hard. It was approaching 30 minutes now that id been in here with her and she'd been in here much, much longer. I was feeling plenty of sympathy for her troubles as ive had them with both of my pregnancies. As she was undertaking this bout of straining, grunting and pushing i began to feel the formings of a poop inside myself. I hadnt been since the previous Wednesday and it was Monday. I decided not to try and go yet as i would be there a while and Matt would start to notice i was gone. She continued trying and FINALLY she had success. She had so much relief in her voice as she told me she could feel the tip emerging from her butt. She pushed and it began to slowly come out. I couldnt help but watch as it began to become visable to me. It got bigger and bigger and then dropped off with an almighty splash. Two more logs followed and then 2 smaller ones. She pushed again and 5 drops came out. She was done and she got up, showing me her bare bottom in the process. She put on her clothes and washed up. We left together and went our seperate ways. She thanked me before i left though.

I made my way up to Matt, who was still sleeping and snuggled into him. the urge i had continued our whole trip but i decided to wait until i got home.

So last night i went. It took 30 minutes to get started and when it did there was 4 5" logs which splashed my butt upon landing in the water and then 3 2" logs followed by some gassy farts. I wiped and was relieved that it was out after a week of waiting for my next bowel movement. I dont know when i'll next go but hopefully it'll be soon and not a week. I'll try to make it live for you all.

John H

Some comments

Hey all. Just posting some quick comments that I didn't get time to post the last time because a poop came a knocking, and a very enjoyable one it was two. I have been taking bigger than usual poops the last few days. I will post about one of them next time.
@Abbie, Hey enjoying all your posts. You done well to hold in that large poo and pee for so long. It must have felt very good to get it all out when you got home.
@Mr. Clogs, It sure was fun. Going to try it again when I have the house to myself. Enjoyed reading about your seasonal clearout. You must have felt a lot better after that.
@Mrs. Toilet Trooper, hey and thanks, glad you enjoyed that story. I did myself and hope to try again soon. Looking forward to reading more of your pissperiments. Trying to post more regular but have less time these days with college work. Shall do my best though.
@Richard, Hey enjoyed your first story of your outdoor poop on your paper round. You certainly left a nice delivery at that house haha.
@Melissa k Welcome from me and really enjoyed your big dump storey. Sounded like a large load. It must have felt so good to push that one out. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
@Audrey, Hey I used to do that a lot when I was younger. I haven't done it in a long time. I had totally forgotten about it actually till I read your post. I might give it a go again. I remember it used to feel very good when I used to try it. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
@Melanie Hey that's an interesting idea to use diapers to save going to the toilet every time. Does your door have a lock? If it does then you wont need to worry about people walking in on you. Did you poop in the diaper or the toilet in the end?
@poo holder, enjoyed your storey. It must have been embarrassing pooing in the car with your stepdad but I'm sure he understood that you were desperate to go.
@Heidi, Hey enjoyed your last story about using a toilet on a bus. That's an experience I have yet to have.
Okay that's all for now. Take care all, John H

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hello its John from the UK. I submitted a story last week about Julie my coworker which for one reason or another didn't get posted so hear goes 2nd time lucky, lol. I was assigned to Julie last week to assist her in picking up two disabled clients. When the task was completed I invited her back to mine for a spot of lunch and a coffee. Julie is 49 about 5'5" and shall we say curvy, not fat and not thin and a very attractive face. We had lunch and a couple of coffees and chatted about work. She said "Before I go can I use your loo?" "Of course" I said and showed her where it was. Seconds later she came out and said "John I think I need more than a wee". I replied to the effect that it was fine you dont my permission to do a number 2. She laughed and said "I'll be needing more loo roll then!". We bothed laughed and I got her a new roll. Curiosity aroused I hovered outside the loo and listened as she pulled down her jeans and panties. There was about 10 seconds silence when I heard her wee which lasted about 15 secs. A long period of silence ensued, about 2 minutes, when I heard some hard breathing and a muted nnnnngh ah nnnnnnnnngh oh god aaahh nnn PLOP! Whew fffff ahh nnnng SPLUT ooooh KURSPLUNK KURSPLUNK! Then silence for a while then a shifting on the seat followed by a SPLUT SPLUT plippity plop plop plop plop ending in a long wee wee. Several seconds elapsed before several sheets of paper were unrolled and I went back to the lounge. Julie came out slightly reddened bade me goodbye with a peck on the cheek said "thanks J" and left. I of course surveyed the loo which was filled with a perfumed, sulphury aroma and of course several light brown streaks at the bottom of the pan! Hope you liked. Take care all from John x


Pooped outdoors

Hello everybody. I am new here. I am going to tell a story from last year. It was late November, a few days after Thanksgiving. I had gone out for a walk in the morning. I walked along a nature trail for a while until I began feeling a heaviness in my stomach telling me I had to take a dump.

I headed off to the bathrooms, only to find they were locked up for the winter and no porta-potties had been provided. I had to poop pretty bad by then and could not make it home. I headed back to the trail but went deep into the woods where no one would be able to see me.

After a bit, I had found a spot that was good enough. I took off my coat and lowered my jeans and panties and squatted, exposing my bare butt to chilly winter air. I peed for a while and then a smooth turd exited from my anus. It came out quickly and thudded onto the ground. Shortly after another smooth turd emerged. It was a little slower than the first. It too made a thud as it hit the ground.

This was my first poop since the day before Thanksgiving and I had eaten a lot since then. I felt a lot more turds inside me, but my ass was freezing cold. I decided I had gotten some out and could now likely hold it until I made it home. I didn't have anything to wipe with except one tissue in my jeans pocket. It was better than nothing.

By the time I made it home, I really needed to poop again. I rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I farted loudly and felt a lumpy turd poke out. I looked at my panties and saw they had lots of stains, as expected. My turd plopped in the toilet, and before long another turd was eager to join the party. It was a thin rope-like turd. It kept coming and coming before finally breaking off.

I let loose a barrage of small turds that made large splashes as they collided with the water. After that, a real thick turd crowned. It stretched my anus good. It came out very fast though and afterwards I felt empty. I wiped my butt with real toilet paper that time. I pushed the flusher and watched as most of my load went down the drain. My huge log didn't want to go down though. I had to chop it in half with the toilet brush and flush again. Both halves sailed down the drain into the sewer.

So, that's my story. I hope everyone likes it.

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