High School Fudge Up

So, this happened when I was 18 and a senior in high school.

I was never that popular in high school, pretty much from day one I had been labeled a nerd. Aside from performing well in classes, I wasn't that stylish. I didn't wear low-rise jeans that showed off my crack if I bent over, or really low-cut revealing tops. Mid to high rise jeans or khakis and a polo tucked in was pretty typical for me.

I remember that day I was wearing some high rise khakis and a dark blue polo. It started like any other day, except that morning I hadn't yet got a chance to use the bathroom. I didn't really notice it though. I had physics first period, one of my favorite and best subjects! All went off without a hitch, and I headed to English. About halfway through English I felt a slight need to use the bathroom in my gut. Nothing serious, just that first feeling that you'll need to use the bathroom at some point.

So, I finished English and headed to gym. I never did enjoy gym, mainly because some of the more popular girls were in my period and they'd make fun of me for wearing "granny panties" (one of them always had to point out my braces, too, as if it was weird that a high school senior had braces). But, it was another period of gym, and I got changed back into my khakis and polo. I left for fourth period (American History, another subject I loved!). I sat down for class, but about five minutes in I noticed my need to poo had increased dramatically. Luckily, I thought, lunch was next period and I could go then, as I never left in the middle of class. Over the next 45 minutes though, my need to poo kept building and building. Halfway through I was pretty desperate, and by the last five minutes I realized I wasn't far from making a mess in my pants!

The bell rang for the end of class and I quickly put my books in my backpack and darted out of class. As this class was held at the end of a wing, I was a good 200 feet from the closest bathroom. As I approached it though I saw a drove of girls head in. I knew that one only had 4 stalls and I'd likely be waiting, so, I decided to try to make it to the bathrooms right outside the cafeteria, as the were much larger.

Trying to reach them was an exercise in delicacy and speed, as too great a movement may open the gates, while too little speed and I'd be a mess. I had to descend some stairs, and each step was agony. All the while I was trying not to have too much of an "I have to poop walk" appearance. Finally, I was down the stairs and not 150 feet from the bathroom! By now, however, with some 500 or more students headed to lunch the hall was crowded. I did my best to make my way through, but, at the end of the day it just wasn't meant to be. Some 39 feet from the bathroom someone's backpack bumped my stomach and that's when it happened. I felt a lurch and gurgle in my intestines, and its like everything went silent and I had tunnel vision as I had a sudden, involuntary push and this, creamy, soft-serve poo started filling my panties. It wasn't loose and watery like diarrhea, but, it wasn't remotely solid. U immediately felt red in the face and in a cold sweat, but, it wasn't just a little squirt. It felt like an hour of continuously filling my panties. I could feel my underwear get heavier and heavier and it felt like my khakis must be bulging like a mountain. It didn't take long for people to notice, either and to figure out it was me. Aside from the stench, as I was wearing khakis, it didn't take ling for a large stain to form on my bottom. Reactions were mixed, from astonishment, to disgust, to laughter.

I didn't know what to do. Here I am, an 18 year old senior, and I've just completely messed my pants in front or half my school. This ever changing circle or people walking by had formed around me. People were disgusted, amazed, laughing, or all three. I noticed the girl who always made fun of my braces was standing there with this malicious look of satisfaction, like I had deserved what happened. I couldn't just run though, my pants were so full that it would be a disaster if I did. So, as I realized my situation I slowly headed to the clinic, walking in the most awkward fashion imaginable to try to contain my poop filled panties.

Right as I passed the girl who had made fun of me before, she said in a loud voice, "Looks like someone still needs to be in diapers!"

There was a lit of laughter over that one...

I made it to the clinic and called my mom. She came and picked me up. Her reaction was mixed, she was consoling but didn't understand how someone my age could have an accident. I just wanted to be alone.

I got home and cleaned up and just lay in bed. Some friends texted me to see if I was okay, which helped cheer me up a bit, but, I was still mortified and never wanted to go back to school.

But, I had to. Mom wouldn't let me skip, I had to face it head on.

I got to school and it felt like everyone's eye's were on me. People would whisper to one another or just stare as I walked by.

Later that day U found out the girl's comment had stuck, as people were calling me "Diapers" and the like. It may have been my last year, but no o e forgot the incident. Until I graduated I was diapers, and whenever there was a bad smell people would ask, "Did Sarah poop her pants again?" It was simply mortifying.

But, today I look back on it and realize that it was a small hiccup, that in 10 years if all I could remember about high school was pooping my pants that I was focusing on the wrong things. And, I've discovered that is a good attitude to have as that wasn't my last accident. Maybe I'll dive into those stories in the future, for now, this is all.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop on that bus it sounds like it was kinda tricky with the bus moving and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great set of stories about hearing women poop it sounds like you got a few good shows your coworker sounded like she really had to go and I llok forward to more of your stories.

To: Shana as always another great live coverage and great poop by poop coverage as well it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Poo Holder first welcome to the site and great story it soiunds like you were beyond desperate and and had to go alot and your stepdad handled the sitaution pretty well and probaly next time you wont be holding it so long and please post anymore stories you may hae thanks.

To: Melanie great story about peeing in the diaper as for pooping you can try holding it and risk having an accident which wouldnt so bad since your wearing the diaper already or use the toilet please post about the results thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like your friend Brooke mightve have been a little constipated and it sounds like your were having a rough time with diarrhea at least those pills seem to be helping alot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sara as always another great story it sounds like you and that other had an interesting diarrhea and puke battle I bet that bathroom wasnt very pleasent afterwards and please post the puke part to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allie great story about peeing your pants I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Hey it's Aubrey again ( Boyfriend Poop )

I just witnessed a awesome poop by my boyfriend now a little about my boyfriend he has stomach problems as he tells me . we have been dating for like three years now so ya on with the story . Ok so i was over my bf (Ryan) house ( he lives alone because he is in college I'm not I'm in high school still I'm a seiner ) he said he had to go to the bathroom I was already in the shower . I said sure so he came In and sat on the toilet and he started to breath heavy and then he farted really loud and then I heard little plops as the poop fell from his butt . Then he farted a few more times and then he grunted really loud and nothing happened then he let out a really big juicy fart that was fallowed by some more poop it sounded like a bunch of turds hitting the toilet water one right after the other . It started to smell rancid like something died . I peaked out of the shower curtain I saw his under wear on the floor it's was filled with poop . Then he made a little noise and liquid started to explode from his butt . Then he whipped and got up then asked me if I wanted to see his poop and of course I said yes so I got out of my shower and looked at it it was yellow and looked like swamp ( we always let each other look at our poops ) . I told Ryan he should post on here so look out for him . Also I bought some adult diapers and Laxatives so I'm planning to take some and put on the diapers to see how well they work I will let y'all know how it works out

Daniel and Richard: We Need To Hear From You Two Again!

You two posted great stories here as first time posters. I hope you post again!

You are both 14 years old....and both seem to really enjoy pooping telling the world about it! poop every day right after school...and Richard poops every night...right after dinner. Such Rhythm your bodies have; some people would call you guys "Regular" in that you poop each and every after the same time. That's so cool!

Richard told us what happens if he misses a day: Not only did he ignore nature's call after dinner....but he left the house the next morning with all that poop still inside him! His body decided...right in the middle of his paper-route...that enough was enough....and all that had to come out NOW!. Great story the way you told it Richard; I felt like I was right there with you. And wiping 8 times with newspaper! Classic. That will teach you to go poop when you need to!

So....get back on here and post some more. I'll be watching for ya!

hello everyone! hi its Ash! i hope everyone is here on the forume is doing well! i want to welcome all the newcomers here! today iam here to share another Great experience that i had involving me having to use the restroom out in public! On September 1st i got off of work at 2pm! i received a voicemail from Aubrey! so i ended up going straight to pick her up! she and i ended up hangingout for the remainder of the day! so we drove to Pollo Tropical! when we arrived the resturant was pretty busy! there was a two large groups of women ranging in all ages one group was playing volleyball and the other was playing soccer! they were already seated! Aubrey and i waited in line to order! while we were waiting in line Aubrey whispered in my ear " hey ash notice what it says on the employees shirt ! anyone that has been to Pollo tropical knows that all the empoylees wear a red shirt that has a saying printed in white letters: beans beans good for your heart! anyways as i was saying Aubrey was saying " ash i wonder how much gas the employees pass during the day"? i just giggled i said to Aubrey " silly girl"! so we finally ordered, i ordered a whole chicken with a large amount of white rice and refried beans! Aubrey ordered the same thing as me! we both got a large soda: i got pepsi to drink and Aubrey got Mountain Dew! so we both sat at a table near the the women that were playing volley ball! while we were eating Aubrey mentioned to me that she and her boyfriend had got into another disagreement! her boyfriend was mad cause Aubrey went out with me for my birthday dinner and instead of them spending friday night together ! i said to her " did you tell your boyfriend that you were invited to dinner for my birthday? Aubrey said" yeah i did"! she also mentioned to me that her boyfriend hasnt been too nice to her lately! i told her " if it gets to be too much than maybe you guys need to breakup! i also told Aubrey that a woman needs to spend time with her friends as well as her boyfriend! 35 mintues later both Aubrey and i developed an urge to go! so we both got up and headed to the ladiesroom! when opened the door and found the bathroom completely empty!it was small but there were 4 stalls alltogether 1st stall happened to be the handicapstall this time Aubrey and i decided to take our own separate stalls ! so Aubrey took the handicap stall and i went in the stall next to her which was the second stall! we both began to pee" next door Aubrey said " Ash i have so much to get out of me"! i told her so do i! we both continued to pee for the next five minutes! during those five minutes the door opened and in walked tow girls both sounded young i believe one was from the volleyball team another was from the soccer team both of the girls said that they needed to go! the girl from the volleyball team took the stall next to me she had blond hair and sounded like she was 15! she immediately closed the door! she started peeing !next door there was a poo smell coming from Aubrey's stall! she said " ash iam almost done! she said who else is in here with us? i just told her two teenage girls one plays volleyball and the other plays soccer! she said that is cool! by this point i felt like i have given birth to a wallrus! i immediately started wiping and i put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer! i got up and left the tiolet unflushed! then i went to the sink and did an extra good job of washing my hands!~ Aubrey left the tiolet unflushed as well! she said to me" i really dont need to wash my hands"! i said okay! meanwhile the two other girls that there were in the last two stalls were taking there sweet time! there was a foul smell coming from there direction and it was lingering in the bathroom! we both left the bathromm and returned to where the air was fresher!




A Huge Dump

Hey all!

So last night I had a massive dinner - steak, potatoes, salad, roll, red wine, and apple pie for dessert...saying goodbye to summer and a bit of a hello to fall, cuisine wise. Well, since I stuffed silly it wasn't long before I had to take a major dump. I could feel the pressure and was letting off a s few soft, short, airy farts.

When I felt it was time, I went in, sat down and let out an amazing fart into the bowl. It was slow, deep and echoed. A minor push got a bit of pee going on then I pushed butt opened wide as a thick chunk came out: KA-PLOP...SLUNK....and my final piece crackled out without a splash. Releived, I wiped and it was surprisngly clean! I had a chunk about the size and shape of a fist, a medium log of about 5" long, and a longer, thinner one closer to 9".

Also, recently I started dating someone named Lori! She's about 5'4", brunette, wears glasses, hair down to her shoulders, and c-D cup bra (depends), and healthy curve son her hips, belly and ass. We're going on two weeks. I was lucky to hear her fart twice: the first of which we were outside sitting down next to each other, and she did a quick, short one. I didn't hear it but I felt it. The second time was I was at her place, and she went to pee. I kinda hovered outside the door, and she did a quick, tight dry one.

That's about it, but I'll keep you posted...

And for the readers!

Heidi - (reading all your stories but replying to #43) - wow that sounded big! Did you need more force than usual to get it out? What were the farts like?

Observant Guy - keeping posting! :)

Natasha - you are quite welcome! Do you often poop with friends? either at home or as per your previous post, the shopping center? Any more stores about / with friends, such as Keira?

Audrey - do you find you get bigger / more poop the longer you hold? I've never tried that technique. I wouldn't say 'weird' or 'strange' but 'different' is more suitable, as I haven't heard of that.

Melissa K - whoa that WAS A big dump! I'm sure i'd let out that much if I didn't go in 4 days....was your poop(s) noisy or smelly??

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - wow, loving the posts! Do keep it up!

John - great post about Julie! She sounds attractive...looking forward to more posts featuring her or other ladies.

Veronica - Careful round curry! What kind of farts were you letting out? I bet your ass was howling.

Abbie - wow, what a post! How large would you say your poops were? They seemed pretty big! Thanks and keep posting.

Megan - who had the bigger fart between you and the other girl? Sounds like you had a good dump...was it a big one?

Annie - wow another big dump! Was there any sounds before or during?? Please keep posting :)

I think that brings me up to date...


To Melanie

So far as pooping in the diaper, no way! So far as the frequent need to pee, don't worry about what other people think. I would be a bit concerned about the increase in the frequency of needing to go as that can be a number of things. Among them, a UTI, diabetes, I believe hypoglycemia, and a number of other things. If you haven't seem a doctor recently, it would probably be a good idea. Be careful with the use of diapers as I have heard of people who have done that, and just got to the point where they were using them electively and eventually got to the point where they became dependent on them and had basically become incontinent. It's not something that's going to happen within days, or even a few weeks, but it could very likely happen in the future if you keep that up.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


To Jasmin K

The convivial atmosphere in your school toilet sounds "unusual" to me - when I was at school there was an unofficial rule that the toilets were not for bowel movements, and anyone who did a dooey at school would get mercilessly teased, or subjected to vile practical jokes.

At least your parents allowed you to do your smellies at school - mine wouldn't because they insisted on monitoring and rating them, in order to decide when they were going to administer suppositories next (see my last two stories).


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest news and some comments, which I'll start with.
Jasmin K- Glad to hear you've got time to go for a poo in the school toilets before lessons start, I hope it hasn't been too bad those days you haven't managed to go and you've had to try again during lunchtime. I'm trying to do the same, most days I go on the loo as soon as I get to school and try to have a poo before class.
Natasha- thanks for replying, glad that you were able to find some quiet toilets the other day when you needed a poo at school. Great story also from when you went shopping, your friend Brooke must have felt a bit embarased but as you say sometimes you end up taking a while when you're having a poo, it happens to me a lot as well.
Anyway, by the time I was getting ready to go home today I was getting more and more desperate for the toilet, I wanted a poo and a wee, and I'd been holding it since lunch. I hadn't been for a poo since before the weekend so I knew I shouldn't try to put it off, but Ellie and Beth were coming back home with me so I was hoping it wouldn't be a really hard one. We got to my house just as I was starting to loose the ability to clench my poor bum and could feel a fat log starting to poke out into my knickers, the only clean ones I could find when I was getting dressed this morning were plain white and too small as I'd managed to shrink them in the wash so I knew I was going to get skidmarks unless I was really quick. I shot up into my room and was already on my ensuite loo with my skirt and knickers down when Ellie and Beth came in. "Sorry about this, I'm desperate for a poo, I never got chance to go at lunch" I panted as I bore down hard. Beth started to jiggle about and said "Great, that makes two of us, I can't wait much longer either!" I kept on pushing, trying not to grunt too much, and after a few minutes I felt the log moving faster and finally it plopped down into the bowl. I started to wee fiercely and said "I'm nearly done now" and then made some more plops as I passed a few smaller logs. I felt empty then so I quickly wiped my bottom, as I threw the last piece of paper into the bowl and flushed Beth tore down her skirt, tights and pink knickers and as I stood up she sat down, I noticed her knickers had a skidmark and a damp patch. I pulled up my knickers, which fortunately had remained clean and went back into my room to get changed. I could hear Beth weeing loudly and then all went quiet and I could hear some tense breathing as she started to push out her poo. A few minutes later it splashed down into the water and Beth gave a sigh of releaf, she wiped her bum and flushed and then started to get changed. Luckily my mum had just done the washing and left a large pile of clean clothes on my bed so I was able to lend her some clean knickers. It was now Ellie's turn, she pulled down her skirt, tights and purple knickers but she just needed a wee so she was wiping and getting changed after a minute or so. Hope you liked this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Travelling my Train

I was at the train station and busting for a pee, I though I get over to the other plaform and them nip to the loo before i get my train.

Well I was waling down the stair back gave way, and i feel done 10steps of course and knocked my back so had to have meds out, missed two train still busting for a wee, finally was allowed to catch the next train which was delayed but i had to rush for the train so still not go though I would go on the train nope out of order, did think about pissing the sit i was bursting.

Their was another women in the carridge she did not look well so i ask if she was ok, and she did not say anything, i was started to find it hard to hold on, and had to put my hand down to my pritive to stop a puddle she said you ok and i said i will be when i have used the bathroom, she said tell me about it i busting for a wee can't belvie it out of order, i said nor can i but hey ho have to wait for a toilet.

We finally got to out station i was hoping she would go on her own way as i would have found somewhere on the station, even if it was behind a building or a lamp post i just needed to go.

it turned out she leaved in the same village so asked if she could walk with me, did not want to be rude so said yes which she would go, i walk passed a couple of places and though that it would have done to pop a squat about 15 mins in to the walk we where talking and i said can we find a pub as i must go to the loo. She said me too. So another 5 min no pub e.t.c i though to my self if i was on my own i would have used a bush. I braved saying i going to have to dissaper for a few min sorry she asked why not knowing her i did not know what to say but she knew i needed a wee, I though i would be honest and said i going to go and have a wee she said i come i need to toilet, I did not have the heart to tell her i was going to go and sqaut in a bush.

As i walked to find somewhere i looked at her and said their no loo but i going to have to go so going to go in the bush she looked at me and said you cant do that i said i can and i will, I found a bush, undid my Jean and belt and squated in a bush and had a long long long pee, she was not impressed but it was such a relive and carry on about 45mins later she said do i might if i find her somewhere to go i said no as i needed another wee myself at this morning, so we found a building and went behind in and she had her pee, and i went again oh oh oh what a relive,

Jasmin K

Constipated again

I had a feeling that my luck of doing a poo every day was about to run out when I last posted having had 2 days where it was difficult to go and took several attempts, Well Ive now been constipated since last Thursday having only managed to do a few pebbles on the Thursday morning. On Thursday evening I was going out so I got dressed and then went and sat on the toilet I always try to have a poo before going out even when Ive done a poo on a morning and whilst sitting there I put my make up on and do my hair.Between the toilet and was basin is a small chest of drawers which amongst other things has snack bars, sweets,crisps, chocolates etc. I remember right back to potty training days being given sweets to eat whilst on potty/toilet, most of which are provided by my aunty as she works in that industry.I dont eat that many sweets nowadays as I am mindfull of my figure however when I was younger it was a very different story,Like before going to school I would have a bag of jelly sweets and a couple of chocolate bars whilst on the toilet after breakfast, At school would have sweets to eat in my bag or coat pocket then again at home after school and again whilst on the toilet that evening a whole bag of haribo jelly sweets much as it is now with my younger sister and cousins. I stand my make up on top of the drawers and using a mirror that is on an arm next to the wash basin that can be swung out and up or down and can be put at the right height to use whilst sat on the toilet I make up whilst sitting there straining.I opened the top drawer and took out a pack of haribo and ate some I strained and strained making my bum bulge out but no poo, not even a pebble, I put my make up on and strained again as hard as I could which pushed my bum right out. The door bell went and my mum answered, It was my friend Amy, my mum said shes in the bathroom getting ready go on up, Amy sat on the bath whilst I tried hard again, no luck so I wiped up and then relaxed my bum and pushed the protruding part back inside and pulled my tight leather look shorts up and put a pad inside although I wasnt wearing knickers they will keep it in place. At the fair we both had eaten too many burgers,pop corn and candyfloss and both of us had belly ache. We got chatted up by a couple of lads who work on the fair and were going back to their caravan on the way we went into the toilets and I discarded my pad on the floor as there wasnt a bin. We ended up drinking cider and doing fun naughty things which I will leave to your imagination which left me really sore Ive been partying a lot lately. like every friday and saturday and a couple of nights in the week. On the Friday morning I got to school early took a clean cubilcal lifted my short skirt and pulled my white bikini style knickers to mid thigh and sat down. It felt like I had a really full bum and with the belly ache I had I knew I really needed to do a poo. I expected it to come out with a couple of pushes. It started to push my bum hole open and I pushed again and then again harder but it wouldnt budge. I felt underneath me and could feel the tip of my log poking out of my swollen bum hole. I strained really hard whilst feeling it. It moved a little then when I stopped straining it went back inside, I strained down again and the tip re emerged and a pebble broke off and splashed. I removed my knickers and put my feet on the ledge and strained down hard again this time I could feel the 'pipe'which is like a reddy pink and wrinkled sticking out of my bum hole the log stretching my bum hole pipe, again I strained it moved a little more and stretched me more and I felt the stinging pain as the little tear, (I think its called a fissure) I have split a bit more. I took my feet of the ledge and reached to get the cream I have out of my bag which was hanging on the door. I had squeesed some cream onto my finger and was just applying it onto the pipe bit that was sticking out and the swollen lumps around my bum and pipe so had one hand under me, 1 leg on the ledge to give better access , the tube of germoloids cream in the other hand and then something made me glance up to see the door had swung open, must have tugged it when I grabbed my bag. I dont know who was most surprised me or the girl who was looking at me, well staring at me she actually looked shocked. She just kept looking. I could feel the cream working, there was a tingling sensation and the pain was subsiding so I just carried on and strained down very hard a couple of times and my log moved down a bit more making my bum split more and start bleeding.In the mean while this girl who must have been a newby said to me are you ok are you having a baby? No I replied I am trying to have a big poo. Now as you know these days I dont mind being watched and as Ive said before quite like leaving what Ive done for others to see and have often been seen and heard straining by others so I said to her if you want to watch or talk to me come in if not can you close the door. I started to strain again and she came in and shut the door. I said to her have you never seen anyone on the toilet before, she said no not in school only at home. She asked what I was doing with my hand underneath so I moved my hand so she could see and said just putting cream (showing her the tube)on my bum. I strained again and a small log splashed down and strained again producing a couple fart and a couple of pebbles and a spray of blood and mucous. I asked her if she needed to poo she replied no just a pee, I asked if she had had a poo today and she said no, I asked if she was constipated and she said she had taken laxitives the previous evening but they hadnt worked and would have more this evening I asked how old she was and she said 11. I wiped then lodged a wad of paper between my cheeks as I stood without flushing. I said to her go on then sit down and pee, she looked hesitant but eventually pulled her skirt up and her yellow pretty knickers down and looked in the toilet before sitting. She asked if i was on my period I said no I just strained hard and made my self bleed as I was constipated. She said she gets constipated but takes medicine. She then peed and I found out she knows my sister and is in her class and she arrives arrives early for school as her parents drop her off before they work. I said she could come and talk to me on a morning as got there early too
I didnt manage to poo over the weekend despite trying and on Monday tried for 1/2 an hour at school dropping only a few pebbles, in the presence of this girl and this morning a few pebbles again. Well as I am going out tonight I am now going to go to the toilet at home to and try to do a good poo.

Will let you know if I manage

Jas K

John H

Stories and comments

Hey all. Two quick stories and some comments.
Three days ago I was at home just taking it easy. I had cooked some dinner and just spent most of the day relaxing. In the evening after I had eaten I began to feel some cramps coming on. I didn't think much of it at first but after a while they got worse and I was letting out some nose burning farts! This continued on for a while but the smell of the farts was getting too much to handle. When you can't stand your own farts that's when you know you have a major problem haha. I decided I would go in to the toilet to see if I could push out any poop. Now at this stage let me say I had no urge to poo at all but I just thought if I can even push out something small then it may help ease the cramps. Well to my surprise as soon as I gave the first push I could feel some movement. I couldn't believe it as moments before I had no sign of needing to let out a log at all. I spent a minute enjoying relaxing and clenching my whole, not letting the poop out, just keeping it inside. I reached back and felt my ring bulging out and as I relaxed my whole slowly opened and I could feel the tip of a big log making its way out. I relaxed and let the log stretch my whole open. I had to give it a little push when it got really wide as it stopped moving and I didn't want it to break off. After around 30 seconds the large log was in the toilet. It didn't make much of a splash because it was nearly touching the water when it fell. Some softer stuff followed and I finished up a few minutes later and that took care of the cramps. Has anyone had anything like this happen before where you think you don't have to go to the toilet but then you end up dropping a massive load? It was a first for me for sure.

Now for my second story. I am back in college and took my first college poop of the year today. Near the end of the day I could feel some movement and to ease the pressure I softly let out a few farts. Bad idea as the smell was strong. I'm sure others in my class could smell them but nobody said anything. After that I was afraid to let out any more so I let the pressure build and build until I knew I would have to go to the toilet. My original plan of holding until I got home was out of the question as I knew it would be a long bus journey so at the end of classes I went to the toilets. There was nobody there when I went in so I chose the third cubical and lined the seat with toilet paper. I always do that with public toilets unless there isn't enough toilet paper there to cover the seat and clean my ass. I sat down and a long gassy fart came out and my body forced the poo out without me having to push at all. A long soft log made its way out with some soft farts and I was peeing at the same time. It really was all systems go hahah. My need to crap was so strong I hadn't noticed the need to pee. Needless to say it was a most enjoyable few moments finally getting it all out after holding for so long. I sat and relaxed and listened to some students that had come in talking. I wondered if they could smell my production. They continued talking as one of them peed in a cubical and the other peed in the urinals. After they left I gave one push to make sure I was all done, and then I wiped up and headed for home. Hope I will have more college poo stories to bring you as time goes on. Since I have started writing this there has been some pressure building again so I am going to take my second dump of the day. I am going to go and take care of that now. I will do another post with my comments later. Take care all, John H


One for Kimmy C

Im 32 now.But when I was 16 I stayed the night with my best friend.Before I went over there I ate off of some buffet.I was at his Dad's trailer with his Dad And Brother.They have to baths.One in his dad's bedroom and one near the end of the trailer.We where farting all night.Then mine started to smell like rotted cold egss.While his dad went to sleep.The rest of us went in the back bedroom near the other bath and goofed off and such.
I told them I was going to take no.2.I got in the bathroom and let a hot liquid load.Then I heard My friend picking on his brother,And I heard him let juicy farts out in his room.

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