43rd Story

So I went on a trip with my sister to see family and go to the big city. We took a 6 hour bus ride to get there. The bus was full so we sat at the back where the bathroom. There was more room back there and no smell. The only problem was people going in and out of there. My first trip was to pee. It was hard to not move when you were sitting. I held the bottom of the plastic bowl and it mainly fixed that. I would go back again to pee. The bus left at 8:00pm so it was getting late. My sister spent 15 minutes in there so she obviosly pooped. At about 12:30am I needed to poo. I went in. I pulled my jeans down mid theigh. Again I held the bottom of the bowl so my legs didn't move. I farted several times. I couldn't imagine having to stand up to pee in there. There was alot of pressure in my bum but I just slowly pressed. After 5 minutes I relaxed and pushed. My bum opened really wide. Then a big poo came out. It was 2" thick and 7" long. I wiped and flushed. The trip back or the trip itself had no signifigant stories. Basically just 2 morning poops not as big as usual. See you later.

Observant guy

Recent observations

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy lately and havent had alot of time to post some of my recent observations.

My neighbor (the one who looks like Selma Hayek) has a new roommate. Since my sister in law lives with me and my wife, we gave up our front bathroom for her to use alone. We only go in there to use the washer & dryer, but I have used that as an excuse to check out the damage after she poops. Wow she stinks it up! Sometimes the smell creeps out of the bathroom into the hall when she's having big ones. I only saw skidmarks once after a morning poop she had after a dunkin donuts coffee. Often I did hear her toilet fart, and fart at other times in her room. This keeps me from checking up on the new roommate next door. But she(my sister in law) moves out this weekend so it will be back to my wife & I.

I haven't heard my neighbor poop lately. Her work schedule changed and I haven't kept my schedule either.

BUT, at work. I was lounging in the squad bunk room(Im a medic) and a coworker named Amy came in and asked if it was ok to use the bathroom in our bunk room. Amy is a short italian dirty blonde medic at my job. She has a great ass in skinny jeans (as I have seen her out at work functions). I said yes in hopes that she was gonna have her daily dump. After the door closed, I heard the stall door close and the jingle of her belt and her pants go down.
it was almost immediately that I heard the tinkle of her pee, and then it got quiet… after a few seconds there was this weird liquidy explosion and the sound of a thud. Im not sure what it was but I suspected it was diarrhea or a wet poop. When she flushed and came out (which wasn't very long after) I inspected when she left. Didn't smell like poop. The windows are almost always open in that bathroom though.

Today the she used the bathroom again while on the phone, and I heard the same. The jingle of her belt, plus the loud tinkle of pee, but this time it was a while before she flushed, and she flushed twice. I waited again till she left, but The smell of poop was very, very faint and in this bathroom there were three stalls and I could not tell which one she used because 2 of the 3 stalls had the seat down. There were no skidmarks or any other evidence of pooping happening. If anything I heard some great peeing from her.

On a trip to a beer tasting, my wife's friend brought some sorority sisters who love beer and greasy food. One of them admitted to having a pretty nasty poop in the morning after the beer fest.

To mrs toilet trooper, love your stories. I recently read one from back a few pages about you and your friends, having a poop contest in high school. I wished I was able to observe that.

I have more to share but at another time. Till then happy pooping to all!


Squat Poopster

So, this morning I woke up at 7.30 to get ready for school.

After brushing my teeth, I felt an urge to poop building up, so I undid my shirt & shorts, and squatted down on top of the toilet.

I began to pee firmly, for about 35 seconds.

After that, my anus came out as it always does when I'm squatting while having an urge.

After about 30 seconds I released a wet fart, immediately followed by a small piece of poo.

Two minutes later, I let go of three more wet farts, and a large turd fell into the bowl.

I clenched, and relaxed again.
About one minute later, I released one more wet fart, and a little bit of yellowish-brown slime came out.

I remained squatted for three more minutes, in which I farted two more times, wiped and flushed..



Outdoor Encounters

I'm a guy that works for the city in a rural area. I ride around in a truck all day doing various things. I had to poop badly while at work and I was near a subdivision halfway developed. There was a dirt road leading to woodsy patches and a lot of tall grass. I rode back where no one could see me and parked. I entered the woods turtleing. I found a small clearing after the smaller plants thin out. I squatted and lowered my pants. I was surprised how easy it was to poop like this. The whole thing just slid out. Normally I bring homework or something to preoccupy me at home. We were built to squat, as sitting chokes the colon. When I was done in the woods, I wiped with a green maple leaf. One leaf did it, normally I have to wipe several times at home and I get stomach cramps while emptying.
It was so peaceful and relaxing, I did it again 3 days later. I picked the same spot and found the 10-12 inch long 1/2 inch thick turd I dropped and Noticed it turned black. I picked a spot near it and pooped a coiled turd in a few seconds. It was a little thicker and shorter. It was also really moist on the outside from the mucus. I brought TP with me this time and cleaned up better. The trick is to stay squatting until after the paperwork is done, otherwise the crap will mush between your cheeks.

Unknown Boy


Hey Kimmy. C, I thought your story was really awesome! You seem really cool, please keep writing your fantastic stories I loved the first one :)

poo holder

accident in the car

I'm 21 and I work as a barmaid in a busy pub in town. I have short blonde hair with blue eyes and I'm 5' 1" tall. I weigh around 7 stone but eat all the time so my poo's are big.
Ever since I can remember, I've loved to hold my poo untill I'm desperate to go. I love the relief of it when I finaly empty my bowels and sometimes it's not always in the toilet. When I was younger I used to have accidents and most of the time I would hide it by going to bathroom and dumping my soiled knickers down the toilet and spent the rest of the day commando.
There was one time when I was 14 when I had an accident in P.E. I'd held it for a week and I was so desperate I couldn't hold it. I managed to keep it secret untill we got to the changing rooms and I was hoping I could just slip into the toilet and dump my knickers down the loo but my teacher saw the bulge under my skirt. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life even though she didn't tell anyone else. I cleaned myself up in the toilets and took my shower with the other girls and they never found out about it thank god.
I'm 21 now and I still hold my poo. I haven't had an accident since that time but there have been some near misses a few times. Like last night when my stepdad picked me up from work. I'd been holding it for 5 days which for me isn't all that long. But I had a slight ???? upset and by the time my stepdad picked me up in his car I was about to poo myself. I got into the car and closed the door but even that was difficult and I felt my anus open as I got in. I winced as I clenched it shut and my stepdad noticed something was wrong and asked me he I was O.K. I told him I needed the toilet and he immediately asked how long I'd been holding it this time. When I told him it was 5 days he was shocked. He couldn't believe it was possible to hold it for that long and I told him it was nothing for me. We drove off and immediately hit traffic. I winced again as my bowels tried to force my anus open against my will. But I managed to clench it shut. My stepdad looked at me and asked me if I could make it home in time I told him I hoped so but I wasn't sure. The traffic moved slowly and it took an hour to reach the motorway. By then I was in trouble. My bowels kept pushing but I kept clenching against the pressure. It hurt to hold it for so long and I realised the only thing that would ease it would be to let some of it out into my knickers. Not really an option in front of my stepdad. I started to cry as the pain got worse and my stepdad felt sorry for me and told me not to worry about it. He told me to let it all out as I'd feel better for it. He meant I could have a good cry but I took his words as permission to poo myself. I felt so dirty at the suggestion but I was so desperate and the pain was so bad I did think about it. I was now bursting to go and with the pain increasing I had to do something about it. I decided in my mind that the only way to get relief from the pain was to go in my knickers. It was the most difficult decision I ever had to make but I'd never been this desperate before and it was getting very difficult to hold it anyway. I relaxed and instantly felt my anus open up. Then the familiar warmth between my buttocks as the soft poo began come out. It didn't get very far because I was sitting down but my stepdad could smell it. He told me I must be really desperate to end up having an accident and I told him he had no idea how desperate I was. He said I would have to stop before I got the seat messed up and I clenched feeling deeply ashamed myself. I was so desperate to get my bowels emptied and with the pain intensifying I screamed in agony. My stepdad could see I really had to go and told me if I really must poo myself to grab the rug from via back seat and sit down on it. I did as I was told and folded the rug into a pad and put it on the seat. The moment the rug was under me I relaxed and let out a mass of soft poo into the seat of my knickers. The pain eased off and I began to pee as well. That eased the pain even more and I stopped pooing myself. I still had to go quite badly but the pain was gone so I decided I'd done enough for now. I felt better but not completely relieved and with the rug soaking wet and a big load of poo in my knickers I had sit back down again. I gingerly lowered myself down into the warm mess. I grimaced as I felt is spreading all over my bum but to be honest it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Once I got used to it, it felt quite nice.
The car stank of poo and pee so my stepdad opened the windows. He asked if I felt better and I said a little but I wasn't done yet. Anyway we got home and I walked out of the car, cradling my knickers to stop any of my poo falling onto the floor. Once I was in the bathroom I locked the door and I took my clothes off and dropped my messed up knickers in the toilet. My bum was covered in poo and I wiped myself as best I could and showered the rest off. While I was cleaning myself I remembered I still needed to poo but I could handle it so I didn't do anything about it for now........


Soo... diapers

So I just started college about a month ago, and already I discovered that when you live in a college dormroom where you dont have a private bathroom, you pee a lot more often. Seriously, I'm taking a piss every half hour. I got so annoyed with it that I tried to find ways I could relieve myself without having to go across the hall so often. I know its kinda weird, but I decided that diapers would be the best option. I took a taxi down to walgreens and got myself some diapers, or rather, Walgreens Sleep Pants. They're like Goodnites but cheaper. anyway, i kinda just threw them in a drawer when i got back.
Cut to tonight: i have a big test in Music theory tomorrow so im spending all day after classes studying in my room in nothing but my undies and the polo shirt and socks i had on that day cause i don't have a roommate. of course i have to run across the hall before anyone sees me to pee every hour. i eventually threw on a pair of shorts and som fluffy bedtime socks over the ones i had on coz my feet get cold and hopped into bed, and whaddya know? i had to pee again. I don't know, i guess i was so tired i was out of it or something but i didn't wanna leave my room but i remembered i had the diapers in the drawer so i got one out and put a towel on the floor. I took off my shorts and panties and held the diaper up to my cunt to pee into it. When i finished i put it on just in case and pulled my shorts back on and got on the computer. So yea, I'm totally wearing a diaper right now lol. Turns out they were a good idea, they hold everything in and theyre nice and comfy. a little snug but secure too. I figure im gonna get back into bed right after this but i actually have to poop, so idk. I REEALy don't want to use the restroom but i REALLY dont want to use the diaper. I cant imagine cleaning up the mess tonight, let alone without anyone noticing. Well i guess i'm a little stuck, what do you think?

-Mels <3

This afternoon I went to the shopping centre with Bethany, Keira, and Brooke. We spent several hours there and just before we left we headed to the toilets.

Of the six cubicles, only one was available, and Brooke seemed the most desperate to go, so she went first. She went into the cubicle and I could hear her weeing fiercely. When she was done weeing she didn't come out, so I guessed she was having a poo as well. Another cubicle came open shortly thereafter. I let Keira go next, since neither Bethany nor I had to wee super badly.

Keira took the cubicle. I couldn't hear her weeing though. Two cubicles opened up almost at the same time and Bethany and I went in. I pulled down my skirt and knickers and weed. I must have had to go more than I thought as I weed for probably a minute before stopping. I wiped and flushed and exited the cubicle.

Keira, Bethany, and I had all finished but Brooke was still in her cubicle. We told her we'd be waiting outside and to take her time. Her voice sounded strained and she said okay. She came out about ten minutes after that, looking relieved but also embarrassed. She apologized for taking so long, and we said it was okay, we all sometimes need a long time to do a poo.

Hey! I'm back :) Time for one of my poops!
Ok so I'm gping to sit on the toilet. Waves of wet diarrhea are coming out! Quickly the wetness dies down to a mushy texture! Uhhhhh Back to wet diarrhea :( I've been pooping for 10 minutes non stop. My mom just knocked on the door. "Honey? I brought back some stomach pills!". Knowing I have had the runs since last nights sleepover. "thanks" I say. A splash of diarrhea comes out very quickly! I feel a ba kslash as my first solid comes out since 2 days ago. Now more diarrheais coming out. I'm taking 2 pills as the directions say. I stand up, wipe, and wash. Good-Bye! -Anna

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Audrey it sounds like you have alot of fun holding in your and not letting it out just enjoying the feeling and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heavy Fiber well now you know why they have that warning lol and to much fiber can be a bad thing to

To: Kimmy c first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and your friend Emily had alot of fun and it sounds like you have alot of stories to tell and I look forward to reading them all thanks.

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you had a great dump that really cleaned you out I bet you felt great afterwards and a little lighter to and as always I look forward toy oru next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop at school and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like you got some relief and I bet that other woman did to from the sounds of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

My last post hasnt shown up yet it still might so these next few posts may be repeats.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you gave that toilet a good bombing and that teacher should have put up a hasmat sighn as well froom the sounds of it lol I bet that bathroom was avoided for awhile and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: JOHN great story about hearing your friend Julie pooping it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet she felt great afterwards to.

To: Veronica as always another great story it sounds like you were in hell quite litteraly from all that spicy food I bet you wont over do it again since you know what will happen and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you and Aubrey had alot of fun and left your poop for everyone to see it sounds like that one girl was pretty impressed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you and Ellie had alot of fun of usual which is a good thing for friends to do and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aubrey first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough time at least your date handled it well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like an that other girl both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Diarrhea Battle <.<

I love to poop in different places so today I went in a takeout box! I had the runs and it came out like I was peeing out my butthole. I laughed and wiped. Perfect poop today :)

This is a story I would like to share! (18+)

One of my first years in college me and the most popular girl in school were sick with the stomach flu. Of course at my college that means that the popular girl would want to have a battle. Who can have the best diarrhea? Well I accepted!

Once we got our croud and the toilets ready we pulled down our pants and let the battle begin. She let out a fart. So I plopped a log in the bowl. (Turd) she snickered.

I heard as she let out a splash that made the sound, "Shhhzzzz" and few wet sloppy plops in the toilet. She thought it was over as our crowd cheered. (Other people were listening, I know gross right?) I laughed and made a sound like I had dumped a whole large milkshake from McDonalds come out of my butt with a satisfiying smell and color. She gagged. But she still went on.

Wet sloppy shits fell out of her butt. Each with a small fart. The sloppy shit kept coming for about 5 minutes. Well then you grabbed a trash can and vomited. I did too.

I let out 10 minutes worth of ass juice while we both puked. "Sara, keep going." She said, mischeiviously. I laughed as another about 6 minutes of ass juice came out.

Then the vomit wars began. But this is poop stories only right?

Yesterday I had a sleepover with my bff Taylor! We both loved to poop so we ate a lot. At about 2am we both woke up, smiled, and walked to her bathroom. We both went in. I went first. We both giggled when I let out a few farts. But then it got good. I let out hot, mushy, wet, and sloppy turds. We both smiled. For 5 minutes very watery diarrhea was coming out of my butt. We were laughing. Finally I stopped myself and let her have a turn. She quickly sat on the toilet and pooped very watery diarrhea that went on for 7 minutes. She wipped and stood up. I then smiled and she awhed as I let sickening yellow vomit come out of my mouth and into the toilet. We laughed when I stopped and sat on the toilet again and let some turds out. I stood up as Taylor started looking pale and she vomited into the toilet. We flushed and walked back to the room.
We woke up MANY times after that and pooped/ had diarrhea. We woke up about 5 times. The End :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Abbie- Sounds like you really needed to go in your latest story! Glad you made it in time!

Mrs Toilet Trooper- You really destroyed that toilet by the sound of it! I bet that boy was embarrassed about his accident- he should have been like you and just gone to the toilet instead of waiting. Better to be embarrassed but on the toilet than embarrassed by an accident!

Natasha- Most schools seem to have one set of toilets that are less used than others where lots of girls tend to head when they need to poo!

Ashley- Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had an enjoyable day and lots of fun at the restaurant!

I have a thing I like to do, relating to going poop. I'm wondering if anyone else has done it. I'll wait until I have to poop very badly. I'll then go into the bathroom and sit down. I roll off a bunch of toilet paper and form a pad and hold it up to my butt. I relax but my turd can't come out because I am holding the toilet paper against my butt.


I peed my pants at work today

Thanks to everyone who commented :) especially Mrs. toilet trooper he is a keeper and I started wetting the bed when I went through puberty and never stopped. It's hard having a weak bladder but I've learned to deal.

I work safety and security for a warehouse and we always have to have someone at the security desk. One of my team members was on a perimeter walk and I got the urge to pee. I called him over the radio to come back to the desk. They all know about my weak bladder. I crossed my legs and started fidgeting man I had to go! As soon as I saw him I got up and bolted to the bathroom. No one was around so I started undoing my pants. Unfortunately I started peeing right outside the bathroom. I rushed in as I was soaking my panties and pants. I ripped them down and finished peeing in the toilet. Luckily I wear black pants so it wasn't noticeable but I let my team know that I needed to go my car. I always have spare panties and work pants in there. I grabbed my clean clothes and went back to the bathroom to clean up then I went back to work

It's a strange sensation and I can't fully explain it, but it's an amazing feeling of having a poop that really wants to come out, but I won't let it. After a bit, the turd will retreat back inside, and I'll sit for a minute or two before my turd tries to come out again. Usually I repeat the method with the toilet paper two times, then on the fourth time I let my turd actually come out.

I don't do it every time I poop, but about once every two weeks. Like I said, I'd like to hear if I'm just weird or if anyone else does this too.

Heavy Fiber

Too much Fiber One cereal

A word to the wise: don't ever eat an entire box of Fiber One cereal, plus an entire box of fiber bars, in one day.

That's what i did yesterday. I had nothing else to eat in my house, so I ended up eating four bowls of Fiber One cereal, each serving about 51% daily fiber. A whole box is 8 servings, so that's four days worth of fiber right there. On top of that I ate five fiber bars, each with 35% daily fiber value, so that's almost another two days worth of fiber. Ten days of fiber eaten in one day, just sitting in my stomach.

Last night I just felt bloated and extremely gassy. I was letting off some really explosive and loud farts, but other than that it was no big deal. But when I woke up this morning I had a wicked stomach ache. It felt like my stomach was inflated, and I was still exploding with gas. Like every few seconds my bowels would gurgle and an extremely loud and abrupt fart would come out. This went on for about an hour before I finally had an urge to poop.

I went to the toilet and sat down, and basically just crossed my arms over my stomach and hunched over. Nothing happened for several minutes and I felt like I was going to burst, with more explosive farts bursting from my butt. Finally I could feel a heavy mass move towards my anus and I just opened up. It wasn't diarrhea but it was pretty soft and very forceful. Like I only had a second or two of cramps in my colon before the poop just exploded out. There were several waves of this; I'd sit there and just fart, then my bowels would gurgle again and a huge mass of soft turds plopped right out as I groaned. After about three or four waves I felt better and went and took some Pepto Bismol. But less than half an hour later I had to poop again and the exact same thing happened: another several waves of heavy crap interspersed with uncontrollable flatulence.

So I've basically taken two gigantic dumps today, and I STILL feel like I have more in me. I'm still farting a lot too. Hopefully I'll be back to normal by tonight.

So yeah, when people warn you about too much fiber intake at once, LISTEN TO THEM!!!

Kimmy C.

Morning poops after a sleep over with friend

Hi my names Kim, this is the first time I'm posting on here, this site looks cool and all :). Anyways I'm 14, 5'4 in height, and 105 pounds. I wanna tell you about my sleep over last night, my best friend Emily stayed the night, we played games and ate soooo much ???? food, my dad made us ribs it was sooo ???? we ate every mouth full! After a night of fun we went to sleep :). We both woke up at the same time since we slept in the same bed just for fun :). I told her that I really had to use the bathroom since I ate so much yesterday, and she said that she had to go really bad too. So we both got out of bed and went into the bathroom together, we are really close friends so we don't mind going to the bathroom in front of each other. I pulled down my PJ's and my pink panties and sat on the cold toilet seat. I relaxed and started peeing, it was gushing out fast and was really yellow since it was morning pee. After about 20 seconds my pee finished. I relaxed my butthole and felt a soft turd poking at it. It started to slowly come out of my butt, it was soft and easy to push, there was so much of it, my guess was the log was at least 10 inches long. After I pushed out the last of my poo I stood up and we both looked at it and Emily said "wow". I then unrolled some toilet paper and wiped, the first wipe was really messy, I jokingly pushed the dirty toilet paper towards Emily and that freaked her out haha :). I then wiped 1 more time and let Emily have her turn. She pulled her PJ's and her panties down which were also pink and she sat down without flushing :). She started peeing first, her pee was also very yellow and lasted about 20 seconds. When she finished peeing she relaxed and started pooping, I could hear her logs landing on top of mine its a weird sound! After she had finished she got up and wow we made a big mess of my toilet, it was totally full of both of our poo, it was my 10 inch log then she had multiple 3-4 inch logs on top of it, it was so gross haha! She then took some toilet paper and started to wipe, she took revenge on me and tried to touch me with the dirty toilet paper haha I fell backwards! She wiped 1 more time then it was time to flush. We had to flush it 3 times to get it all to go down, and even then the toilet bowel was still covered in skid marks, we are so dirty sometimes :D. Please leave feedback if you liked my story :)

Melissa K

A big dump

Hey guys, thanks for the welcomes :). I wanted to share a recent story from yesterday (Wednesday) of a big dump that I took.

I hadn't gone in four days, which is a bit unusual for me, since I normally go once every other day. During the day on Wednesday I started getting stomach cramps after lunch, so I excused myself to the bathroom. Turns out I just had a lot of gas that got built up, but I don't like using public toilets, so I waited out the rest of the day. The previous night, I had two big bean burritos, and some high-fiber cereal afterwards, and that seemed to get things moving.
When I got home, I had to shit pretty bad, and nobody was home, so I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and pushed. I farted a few times, and then the tip of a big log started moving out. I moaned in pleasure as the thick, brown log slithered out of my ass, reaching the water, and finally breaking off. I marveled at my creation, probably almost 1.5 inches wide and at least a foot long! I felt another turd moving down, so I let out several softer turds that piled on top of the
bigger one. I pushed out two skinny turds, and then felt I was done, so I wiped, which took a while, and flushed. The poop got stuck, and the water started rising, so I went to get the plunger. Suddenly, a cramp hit me, so I raced back to the bathroom and let out a loud fart. I then pooped some softer logs on top of the already big pile. I tried plunging the toilet, and it took a while, but it eventually took three flushes to get all the poop down the toilet! One of my more memorable dumps in the recent past. I'll post another story in a few days.

Love, Melissa


Observational pyschology

It is interesting to watch how the attitude of people to taking a poop with others nearby changes very quickly, as i saw this past weekend.

I was a teacher acommpying a residential trip of year 8 students (12 and 13 year olds for my non brit friends). About 40 kids, 20 of them boys. Because of unplanned maintenance there was only one male toilet in the basic hostel in which we were staying. After a long day outside doing activities, when we returned about 15 of those boys needed to use that toilet, and duly formed a line.

The interesting thing i noticed is the dynamics of that line. A boy pooping is liable to make some noises that are not contained by a thin stall door. Little farts, the plop of the poop hitting water and the rustle of toilet paper. Each boy in turn came out looking rather bashful having emtied their bowels. But boys at the back of the line found these noises very funny indeed. Further forward though, it was much more restrained and nervous looking.

It seems that to boys of that age, hearing someone poop is funnier the further away your bottom is from the toilet seat. The closer you are, the less amusing it is until by the time it your noises that others are hearing you are red faced and embarassed.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this situation before?

Mr. Clogs


Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Nice post about the pool, now I know what the term means everybody out of the pool. LOL! I'm glad you liked my post about the season cleanse. I try to do it during the change of seasons, but I've been slipping. Yes I felt "cleaned" out 100%, now my bowels feel better. If interested you should try it, enemas I tried them once and didn't like them mainly administering the enema and the full feeling in my lower stomach. It's usually instantaneous and you have to get to the toilet before you make a mess if you know what I mean. Only use them if you feel constipated and can't poop. Don't get into a habit of using laxatives and enemas because of the dependencies on them. Let mother nature take its course. I'll stayed tuned to your posts. Take care.

Ashley: Happy belated birthday to you and enjoyed about your friend Aubrey going to the bathroom together. I liked every detail and keep the posts coming.

Lucas: Congrats to you, take an exlax and hope all is well.

This morning being Wednesday I took a nice dump in the toilet. I was on the computer drinking my second cup of coffee and I can feel the turds started to move and almost into my grey briefs. I made my way bathroom and took them off and my pj pants off and ploped on the toilet. Without any push turds started plopping out filling up the bowl and the once fresh air into a stinky air mess. I peed a bit into the toilet and wiped up using 4 square of toilet paper, the Charmin like brand of course no cheap Scott toilet tissues for me. I got back dressed and washed my hands and back on the computer.

That's all for now. Peace.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

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