First off, a couple of replies to comments I've read here...

To Ryan and Brandon T: I'm glad you guys are enjoying my stories.

To Abbie: If I need a poo at school and can go doing lunch or morning break, I just go. But if I have to poo at any other time, I just hold it and go at home. Like you, I don't like to ask to go during a lesson, unless I just have to wee. If I'm gone a while, then everyone knows that I needed a poo.

Now for today's story. I felt a need to poo during lunch so I went to the toilet block nearest the lunch room. When I got there, all eight cubicles were busy and there was a line of three other girls. I knew if I waited, I'd likely not get into a cubicle before class began. I decided to go to the toilets by the library. They were far from my next lesson, but I've found that they get the least traffic, and I wagered I could get a cubicle.

I was right. All three of the cubicles there were available. The left cubicle was nearly out of toilet roll so I selected the middle one. I sat down and started to wee. I felt a soft poo come out and it dropped with a big splash. I continued to sit and let out two more poos. They made smaller splashes than my first poo. Then I passed a long poo that didn't make a noise. I was finished, so I wiped my bum. It took a lot of wipes before I felt clean.

Sorry i never wrote in yesterday. The urge to poop just wasnt there until last night. My boyfriend surprised me with a night out at a new restaurant. We ate and sat drinking for a while until the entertainment came on. I could feel an urge to go so excused myself. Upon entering i found 3 stalls empty and 1 occupied. I entered the end one, 2 down from the occupied stall. Upon pulling up my dress and pulling down my tights and maternity underwear a small gassy fart came out. I got comfortable when the woman flushed. I began pushing (uhhhhhhh) when the door opened. I thought she was leaving but turned out someone else came in. I was really pushing hard and the tip began to emerge when i heard an almighty grunt from beside me. My poop began to slowly come out as she grunted and strained. Eventually, PLOP,PLOP,PLOP as i successfully released my long awaited poop. I finished up and left. She was still straining as i left. This morning i still feel the urge but i'll live poop later. Havent fully been since friday.


Outhouse log

I can't believe its such a huge time since i posted here.
I was camping in the nature in another country with my dad and my niece. My niece and i explored an old campsite, when we both needed to use the restroom.
We found the outhouse, and got in. I only needed to pee, so did she. Suddenly she yelled EEEEEEEEEEW!! Someone took a huuuuuuuge dump (it was an outhouse, no flush!) i got curious, and asked what she meant.
She told me to come look, i did and surely, it was huuuuuge. Quite funny. She did think it was gross though. But she is only 12.


Paper Boy Poop

I"m Richard I'm 14 and i live in a small town in the north east of Scotland.Every morning before i catch the bus to school at 8.15 i deliver morning papers. one day last week i was out delivering papers when i felt a sudden urge to do a poop. i usually poop at night after supper but i hadnt done one the night before. After a while the urge was getting stronger and i farted a couple of times. i knew i didnt have time to go home to poop because i would have missed my bus to school so i stared to run to try to get finished and get home. Running only made the urge go stronger. I was bursting but i was only half way through my round. I got to one of the big houses with a long driveway and went up and put the paper in the letter box but at that stage my poop was beginning to come. I realised if i didnt go i was going to mess my pants. I was pushing my butt cheeks together to keep it in when i got to the bottom of the drive. There were quite a lot of bushes at the bottom of the garden and i suddenly thought i could do my poop there. I looked round and there was nobody in sight so i quickly went behind the bushes and pulled my trousers and boxers down. Before i even got into a squat position my poop came. It was about 15 inches long followed by another shorter fatter bit. I then farted a couple of times then did a big pile of mushy stuff. I then realised i needed to wipe so i took one of the papers from my bag and took out the middle pages. I tore each one into 4 bits and wiped. I needed 7 wipes. I pulled up and admired my huge pile of shit. I then went on and delivered my paper although one copy of the sun was missing its middle pages. Ive never pooped outside before but i enjoyed doing it.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Out of Order

Hello, everyone. It's Lieutenant Toilet Trooper with another shituation. At age 13, in 2005, the last time I swam in the deeper waters at St. Simons Island beach, the tides rushed in and pulled me farther away from the beach. I tried paddling to shore, but to no avail. Thankfully, my sister Coco, a champion swimmer, was playing with me because she grabbed me and swam me back to shore. I never swam in large bodies of water ever since, and instead, only played at the edge of the beach near the tides. However, last Saturday, during a conversation with Coco, I informed her I wished to overcome my water fear and learn to swim like her. She explained today was my lucky day because she was attending the community centre to swim. About 4:30PM, Coco picked me up and we entered the community centre a few miles from Coco's townhouse complex. She introduced me to Ms. Davis, a blond-haired swimming instructor in her early 30s. She and Coco led me to the pool with the other girls and dudes, and went into the shallowest portion of the pool. While Ms. Davis and Coco showed me the basics, a sharp cramp attacked my lower abdomen and the turd evinced while it dropped into my rectum. "I have to use the latrine," I said. "Sure." Ms. Davis replied. I entered the locker room containing about ten toilet stalls, with the doors removed to destroy privacy.

The coaches believe in girls not using the stalls for dressing rooms. I entered the first stall, lowered my bathing suit, and sat on the toilet. After a 20 second piss, I pushed, groaning due to the intense stomachache created while the turd slowly slid out my bootyhole. When the turd poked about two inches, my stomachache intensified and I grunted while my stomach muscles forced out the turd beyond my control, causing the turd to hit the water fast like a speeding asshole rocket. A powerful shit smell attacked my nose and chokeheld the latrine, perhaps the most powerful odour I ever produced. The smell was so terrible, I bet it was the only shit in the world that could kill germs. Clorox? Damn that. 409? Like hell. Just let the germs smell this latrine. I used my turd's eye view to see what created that odour, and saw a monster with horror movie icon potential that could overthrow Freddy Kruger and/or replace the Bogeyman to scare the shit out of bad children. A turd measured about 9 inches sat in the toilet, coloured brown with mixtures of dark green, and had the same composition of a piņata all over, accompanied by three other 4-inch turds of likewise composition and colour, and about 20 floating turd pebbles. The turd also had red "pouring" out of it, likely due to the cake I previously consumed with tons of red food colouring.

It made the turd look bleeding in water like a human would during a shark attack, but not as bloody. The piņata-like skin moved in many different directions while the turd swam in the toilet, almost like the turd was some living marine creature found only in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. Looking at it gave me chills and bumps, so I flushed the toilet, but to my non-surprise, the toilet didn't flush. Toilets must have meetings and say, "If Ebony uses you, don't flush!" After I wiped about ten times in another stall due to mine lacking toilet paper, I showered to scrub away any shit I probably didn't wipe up and splashed toilet water, and returned to the pool. "Okay. I'm back!" I said. "Finally!" Ms. Davis exclaimed. "Say, one way you can overcome your fear is to use the diving board." I was hesitant, but still climbed atop the diving board, and after hesitating a while, jumped after Ms. Davis and Coco encouraged me. However, before I even hit the water, a thick "cloud" of brown appeared in the pool near a teenage boy, which instantly expanded and engulfed some other swimmers. "Oh my god! He shit in the pool!" A male voice cried. Many people laughed and evacuated the pool. Using the basics I learned, I swam away from the area hard as possible to avoid the diarrhoea. We returned to the locker room, the same one I anally bombed, to shower in case shit particles got on us.

"Damn! It stank in here!" a girl said, with her face scrunched up and fanning the odour from her nose. Some girls laughed because the odour was so pungent and powerful. The odour was sensitive to smell, almost like sniffing rubbing alcohol at point-blank range. "Damn, somebody really went to work on this bathroom here!" another girl said. Some girls coughed and gagged. Ms. Davis walked into the room. "Hey girls. I just wanted to remind you that - oh god," she said, stopping in mid-sentence. She put her hands over her face, covering her freckles and nose. "Who died?" The girls busted out laughing. "Someone should call the cops and tell them a corpse is on the premises. Good lord." She said. After they finished laughing, Ms. Davis found the toilet I destroyed, and screamed after she saw my turds. Despite the nastiness, most other girls also peaked at the turd and screamed. "Who did this?!" One of the girls shouted, laughing. On a mission to become more shameless, I raised my hand and said, with my best British accent, "I cannot tell a lie. I did it with my little anus!" After they laughed themselves assless, we re-located to an old locker room and showered. Afterwards, I went to console Tyler, the boy that shit in the pool, and he overcame his embarrassment and thanked me. Ms. Davis placed an "out of order" sign on the other locker room for these reasons: "non-flushing toilets," and, more notably, "terrible odor."

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hello. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper with some replies and comments. By the way, I was going to conduct a pissperiment, but I realised that I ran out of cups, which is very unusual of me because I usually always have one of those big McDonald's cups around here somewhere. I'll pick up some containers from the store tomorrow after work.

To John H: Hello. It's good to see you posting again. That's a funny story about having a number two in the livingroom. I hope you can post more consistently these days as well.

To Mr. Clogs: Hi there. Good post about your season cleansing. It sounds like its very relieving. I don't often feel much "emptied" out after I have a number two. I just usually wait on the toilet until I feel another urge, and if I don't, I just wipe and go about my business. Do you usually feel 100% emptied out when you have your season cleansing? If so, I'll have to try that for myself. By the way, how exactly do enemas work? Are they painful and do they have any negative side effects?

To Allie: I liked your post. Your boyfriend seems extremely helpful. He's a keeper. You pretty much have a lot in common with me regarding weak bladder and the fact that I wore depends to sleep when I was a teenager from 13-16. I don't know why I never had the bedwetting problem when I was littler, but it seemed the more I underwent puberty, the weaker my bladder got. It was pretty shameful, but I eventually accepted it.

To Brandon T: Thanks for enjoying my story. Leftover poop in intestines that gradually get squeezed out caused the phantom stains? That's possible and sounds pretty logical, but whatever it is, it's annoying and seems to be going away now that I wash my booty after a number two.



Hello everyone its John from the UK. I have a story from yesterday, Weds 27 Sept. and its about one of my female co workers. My company phoned up and asked if I'd take a couple of disabled kids home from school at 1130 and my driver would be Julie. I said ok and the two kids were taken home. On the way back I said to Julie that I was going to make lunch and would she like to join me, she said "that'd be nice". So back at mine she parked up. I made up a couple of rounds of cheese and ham and pickle sarnies on granary bread and we had a chat and a couple of mugs of coffee each. Julie is 49 about 5'5" and pleasingly ???? with an attractive face, she was wearing jeans, light blue company polo shirt and black trainers. After an hour or so she had to go back to work and asked if she could use my loo. Of course I said and she went in and I heasd her lift the seat and then she came straight out again. "John I think I need more than a wee". I said "thats ok Jools you can do a no.2". "I know" she said"but I dont think there's enough loo roll". I laughed went to the cupboard and gave her a new roll. She went back in and I listened as she pulled down her jeans and panties and started to pee for abou 10secs. Then i heard a deep breath and "mmmmmuhmmm oh god mmm a wet fart then plop PLOP ahh, mmmmmm ooh ooh PLOP then a wee and another wet fart then plopplopplopfartplop. There was a 30sec silence then paper being pulled and several wipes and the rustle of clothing being adjusted and a flush. "Better now eh?" Oh yes John" and she thanked me for the hospitality and left. Back in the loo was an eggy smell and several skiddies at the bottom of the pan. No wonder why Julie was releived! Hope you liked my experience and looked forward to your comments. Take care all J.


To Richard in Scotland

Hiya Richard...and WELCOME!

I read your post about your "paper-boy poop". Great Story! I call that "Power Pooping"....when you don't have to push at all....just assume the position; spread the cheeks....and your body takes care of the rest. The best power poop is like you's been building up in there for a it's not too soft and not too hard; the best kind!

15 Inches long though? Plus more? WOW! Do you think that you only missed one "after dinner" poop? Sounds like you might have missed two or three to have that much inside of you.

Do you ever need to go more than once a day? Do you ever get constipated?

Thanks for the post. You obviously enjoy the "sport"....

Im back, posting live. Hoping its a good one. Monday when i posted, very little came out. More came last night but i know ive still got a big load to get rid off. Here i go. Im about to begin pushing, whilst hovering, enabling me to see this creation in my standing mirror. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I think i can feel the tip emerging. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes its on its way alright. Slowly, slowly im watching it come out. Its quite thick in texture and crackling on its way out. Have to push to get it to drop off. Appears to be slightly stuck halfway out. Uhhhhhhhh, and PLOP. WOW!!! Its pretty big, maybe 5'' long. Im feeling the urge to release some more. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh bf just came home. "Im on the loo babe". "Okay ive got takeaway". "I'll be out soon". Okay now concentrate. Pushing very hard now. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. PLOP, PLOP. Oh there's more. Plip-plip-plop. Im FINALLY done after 40 mins. Not sure when i'll next go. Until then bye. Im off for some food.

Mr. Clogs


Sorry for the typ-o in Mr. Clogs, must of hit the r 1 to many times. Yes that was the one and only me Mr. Clogs post there. Well I'm pooping normally I suppose. Nothing really to report just acknowledge my fellow Toilet Stool posters.

John H: Wow that sounded like fun pooping in that Tupperware container in the living room.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Thanks, I'll be standing by tuned in to pissexperimentations and shitutions stories from you.

Alisha: Interesting response to Daniel asking about going to the bathroom with no privacy.

Allie: I liked your story about being at the Bonfire and needing to pee.

Brandon T: Indeed a lucky man to listen to that women at the bookstore, I need to get out more.

That's all for now, have a great day.

Hey there,
I'm Lucas, 24 years old, male, recently married, and this is my first post.
So, a couple days ago, my stomach started acting kinda funny. I felt really sick one day, and ended up in the bathroom with loose movements four times. The next day, I didn't go at all, but didn't think much of it either cause my stomach had been upset the day before. I usually eat a ton (blessed with awesome metabolism) and I was feeling full by the end of the day. The next day went pretty much the same, I had no urge to go to the bathroom even though I was drinking a lot of water. I even ate one of my wife's gross fiber bar things. Two more days passed by without me having a movement, and by the fourth day, I was feeling awful. I was bloated to the point where my jeans were cutting into my midsection, I felt extremely full and uncomfortable, and I just wanted to have a bowel movement. I went to walmart and purchased a stool softener, and over the course of the day, I had 6 pills. (the box said not to exceed 8, and that I would have a bowel movement in 12 to 72 hours.) I waited two days, but no bowel movement happened. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so I could lie in bed and groan about my hurting belly. Sunday came and I purchased some ex-lax, and took 4 pills. For the first ten hours, I felt nothing, and I became convinced that there was something seriously wrong with me. Then around midnight, my stomach began to cramp- BADLY. "Ughhh" I groaned as a cramp hit me and twisted up my insides. When the next cramp hit me, I decided I needed to try and go. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet. My stomach cramped painfully again, and a thick, hard piece of stool came out. It was about 5 inches long and two and a half inches in diameter - really thick. My wife came in, as I guess I wasn't exactly being quiet as it came out of me.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Nothing, just finally going," I replied.
She nodded and went back to bed.
Several more large, hard pieces of stool came out, and finally, I felt finished. The cramps had subsided a little - not completely, but I was happy to have gotten rid of all the stuff inside me without having the awful diarrhea one hears of with laxative use.
I finished wiping and washing my hands, and started to walk back to bed.
All of a sudden, my stomach cramped horribly. I groaned involuntarily and then ran back to the toilet. What came out was nothing like the firm, hard, thick logs I'd had less than two minutes ago. It was soft, mushy, and burned, and a ton of it came out. But the bloating was almost gone, and I felt better, and decided that if that was the worst the laxative was going to do, it was worth it.
I returned to bed, and my stomach began to cramp again. I groaned softly as it did. I didn't feel like I had to go, but the cramps persisted. I couldn't sleep because of the cramps, and I got a little gassy, so I laid in bed and tried to pass the gas. About an hour later, I had to go again. I went to the toilet and had a ton more diarrhea. it had no form to it anymore, it was just liquid and came out in squirts. After another half hour, I was able to get off the toilet. My stomach ached, but I fell asleep. I woke up once, knowing I had to go badly because my stomach hurt like hell. I massaged the ache away and returned to sleep. I woke up again, my stomach and bowels burning, having to go NOW. I got out of bed and rushed to the toilet. I didn't make it. Before I even got out of bed, diarrhea had spilled out of me, all over my boxers, jeans, and shirt, caking my ass and my upper legs. As I tried to get my pants off, I had another massive wave of diarrhea all over the bathroom floor. Finally, I was able to sit on the toilet. I had many waves of diarrhea, and it was awful. I felt disgusting. I took of my clothes and threw them all in a trashbag, and then I stepped into the shower. I took a long, hot shower. I felt empty, and the bloating and discomfort was all gone, but I also felt weak and dehydrated. When I stepped out of the shower, the floor was clean, and my clothes had been put in the wash, but I was utterly mortified that my wife had seen all that.

Never have i destroyed my ass like this. I was literally farting hot fire uncontrollably. After a big spicy curry meal. My parents left the house to visut my grandfather for a few. I did what i usually did when they were gone and just laid on the couch watching reality tv in my mesh b-ball shorts for my girls basketball practice( i wore these 2 years ago so its a little smaller) and my school hoodie.

Between constant wedgies my butt was going crazy. The whole time I was cutting sooo much ass. I laughed at the gas i was having but soon my farts were so hot that they burnt my booty hole. I constantly found myself reaching towards my ass to ease the burns, rubbing and grabbing cheeks and crack and checking for any unwanted leaks but luckly everything was fine. After a while I just lost complete controll of my asshole. My ass was probably burning a hole through my shorts and throughout my fav show i couldnt stop busting ass. The burning even made me moan in pain. I knew i may have had to dookey soon but the next new episode of my fav show was coming on and i didnt want to miss it but that curry was tearing my ass up. I never passed that much gas in my life and I soon realised that maybe i should just go to the bathroom. I ran to the toilet with my hand deep in my booty to clog my still farting hole. When i finally made it to the toilet I shat a devastating storm leaving my ass soooo sore. I was able to watch my show but my booty hole burnt like someone pored hot sauce in my ass. I even had to resort to ice cubes between my cheeks for the remainer of the show.

Jasmin K


Hi Just catching up on posts atm -

Abbie - most mornings I go at school, its less hassel to just get there earlier and go for a poo there. There are not so many people about and most of the other occupants of the stalls are there for the same reason, stalls being occupied for 20 minutes or more is ok as there are still empty stalls for others to use. In my school there are several regular (perhaps not the best choice of word) early morning users who, through the conversations Ive had with them and overheard between others whilst on the toilet or whilst waiting or washing hands etc follow a similar morning routien to me and make themselves go poo rather than waiting untill they get the urge to go. From the sounds of straining,farting and pebbles splasing into the water most of them sound to be constipated.

Ive had a couple of mornings recently where Ive strained for 30 minutes and not done anything and had to go back at break and lunch to try again all but one time managed to poo before leaving school that day.

Jas K

hello everyone! sorry its been a while! i have been busy with the usual! since my last post, i recentley had a birthday! On August 31st i turned 29! i was off! i was treated like a queen! the weather was perfect! so today i thought i would share my experience that i had in the bathroom at a restaurant that i visited with my family! to celebrate my birthday Aubrey came along with me and we all went to Olive Garden for dinner! we arrived at the restaurant about 6:15pm! since it was fridaynight it was pretty crowded! when we arrived at the restaurant Aubrey wispered in my ear "ash i need to use the bathroom"! so we both went to the ladiesroom! being it was my birthday i wore a pink top with a violet skirt! Aubrey wore a black shirt with green shorts! she was dressed in mens clothes! she wore her mens basketball shoes! i wore 1 inch heels! so i was standing in height i was 6'0.5"! anyways we both found the bathroom when we arrived it smelled really bad it was pretty evident that everyone was taking a shit! Aubrey said to me "ash it smells like a bomb went off"! i thought that was funny! the bathroom was big there were 8 stalls altogether! there was a handicap stall with a sink that one lucky was available! so Aubrey decided to take it! Aubrey said to me" ash i want you to come in the stall with me"! i said sure no problem"! so we quickly got in the stall and locked the door! Aubrey immedaitely pulled down her green shorts all the way ! she was wearing mens underwear! she started peeing! it lasted 2 seconds! i enjoyed watching a pretty golden stream pour out of her beautiful body! then Aubrey let out a couple of farts! we both giggled! then i heard a sound of a turd making its way out of her butt!then it hit the water! it wasnt that long! it was only 3 inch long! then Aubrey said " ash i got more to realease from me". i told her take your time were in no rush." so she again let out another set of farts! we both giggled once again! then i heard yet another sound of a turd trying to make its way out of Aubrey! however this time Aubrey had to push a little bit harder she said to me" ash this one is gonna be big"! i said to her " i cant wait to see the size of this turd!" then i began to see the tip of the turd come out of her ass! from the looks of it was fat! then finally Aubrey gave one more push and it hit the water! this turd was fat and was alot longer than the first one. it was 13 inches long! then Aubrey said to me " iam all done". Ash please wipe me"! i grabbed a good amount of toiolet paper and began wiping Aubrey's butt! it took between 2 and 3 minutes to complete the wiping process ! when i was done we did something different this time! instead of placing the dirty tiolet paper in the tiolet or in the tampoon despencer we decided to place it in between the stalls! in other words we placed it folded it up and placed on top of the wall that divides the stalls! i know it sounds weird! then Aubrey pulled up her shorts got up off the tiolet and we both decided to leave the tiolet unflushed! we wanted to show the masterpiece off to everyone else! we both went to the sink inside the stall and washed our hands extremely good with soap! then we exited the stall right as we opened the door a 14 year old girl with black hair came in the stall and looked in the tiolet and said that is so cool! she pulled out her phone and took a picture with her camera! so we made our way back to find my parents! they were sitting near the front of the restuarant! i ended up ordering Lasagna with tons of glarlic rolls and a large salad! Aubrey ordered Fetticunni Alferado with a large salad as well! 25 minutes later i felt the urge to pee! this time i went by myself! when i arrived i was joined by two girls one was 11 with dark brown hair and the other was like 8 with red hair! the 11 year said " i really have to go"! we opened the door i took the 1st stall and quickly latched the door! the 11yr old took the 2nd stall right next to me! i quickly began peeing! it didnt even last two seconds! as soon as i was done i got up and left the tiolet a mess and quickly left the bathroom! this time i didnt feel the need to wash my hands! then i went back to the table and enjoyed the rest of the evenining with my family and Aubrey!




Story from today

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story, I'll get to it in a sec.
Natasha- I enjoyed your last two stories, thanks for sharing them. I'm glad you were able to have a poo before your gym class, I know it can be really hard if you get up late and then don't get time to use the loo before school. Do you usually go for a poo at school if you feel the need or do you try to hold it till you get back home?
Today I started to need a poo at the end of lunch break, I looked at my watch and realised I wouldn't have time to go to the toilet before afternoon lessons so I did my best to ignore the uncomfortable feeling in my belly and told myself I could wait until I got home. By last lesson I was really struggling, a huge poo was trying to force its way through my tightly clenched bum and if that wasn't bad enough I was bursting for a wee as well! I was finding it hard to sit still and was praying for the class to end soon. I was due to be going home with my friend Ellie and knew I'd have to go on the loo the minute we got in through the door, it was going to be embarasing as I seriously doubted that my knickers would still be clean by the time we got back. On the way home I jiggled around during the bus journey, I told Ellie I was bursting for the loo and she said she needed to go too but not as badly, at least I knew I could go first which was a releaf. As we walked up to my house I knew I couldn't hold on much longer, a jet of wee shot into my pants and my bum opened up and the tip of my poo started to poke out. As soon as we got up to my room I tore off my skirt, yanked down my black tights and pink and blue stripy knickers and sat on the loo in my ensuite, I moaned as my bum hole stretched wide open and a huge log started to slide out slowly. I had to start pushing after a while to keep it moving, but fortunately I didn't have to really strain hard in front of Ellie. After about five minutes it splashed into the bowl then I started to wee as I'd been desperate for that as well. I pushed out another couple of logs and looked down at my knickers, they were a bit damp and were marked where my poo had been poking out so once I'd wiped my bum and flushed I went into my room to change them. I noticed there were some more dirty pants on my bedroom floor which I kicked under my bed, some of them had skidmarks in and I didn't want Ellie to see. As I was getting changed Ellie took off her skirt and tights, she pulled her orange and yellow spotty knickers down to her knees before sitting on the loo. She started to wee a strong stream then all went quiet, a few seconds later I heard a plop, followed by some more wee and then two more plops close together. She then wiped her bottom and pulled up her pants before putting on some leggings and a t-shirt.


Daniel's Latrine with noPrivacy Story

Hi Daniel. I remember you last posted asking anyone about
latrines with no privacy. I have a story I can tell you. This
was a while ago. I was on a camping trip with two families.
There were 8 of us total....4 adults and 4 kids; all boys. I
was 12 and this other kid; Robbie...was 10. Robbies family
lived pretty far away and he had spent 4 days in the family's
minivan getting there. Anyway; the first day there Robbie had a
stomach ache after lunch and he ended up telling his mom that
he hadn't pooped the entire time they had been on the trip; in
fact he thought it had been even longer than that...maybe 5 0r
even 6 days. His Mom told him; right in front of everyone that
he was constipated and needed to go to the latrine and try to
go to the bathroom. The poor kid was soooo embarassed. He
left only to come back a couple of minutes later complaining
that the door to the latrine had no latch and he refused to
poop in there because there was no privacy. His mom said that
was stupid...because there was just us there and no one would
go in on him. He walked back to the latrine. Quite a lot of
time passed and eventually I needed to pee. I walked to the
latrine; forgetting all about Robbie...and opened the door.
There he was sitting; but he still had his pants on. All that
time; just sitting there with his pants on? I guess he was
"test-pushing" to see if he could go. I apologized and left
him be. I went and peed in the woods instead. Later Robbie
came back to camp; he lied and told his mom that he had had a BM.
We found out later that he actually didn't go the entire time
they were there; waiting instead until they got home where he
could poop in his own bathroom. No there was a kid who really
needed privacy; he must have needed to go sooooo bad but
didn't. Thinking back on it; when he went swimming he had a
old swimsuit that was too small for him; it made his belly and
butt bulge out....and I remember thinking; wow...that kid sure
has a lot of poop inside of him!

So Daniel....your turn. Do you have a story to share?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heide as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had fun outside and great story about you pooping during that lockdown drill in the dark that sounds like quite the adventure and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alisha as always another great story that must have been interesting pooping in a bathroom like that and it sounds like you that other both had to poop alot and I bet it was kinda exciting in a way besides being embarrassing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allie great outdoor peeing story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go and gave your husband quite a show to but when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nayasha great story about you hearing your Keira pooping it sounds like she had to go alot and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miss D as always another great story it sounds like you were having a very rough time it sounds like a very nasty stomach bug hopefully your feeling better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MBslipknot great story about hearing your girlfriend poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Diarrhea, a date , and embarrassment

Hello I'm aubrey And well I thought I share a story with y'all ok so a few days ago my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go out I said yes even though my stomach wasn't feeling tge best so he picked me up and we went out for sushi . So we got to the sushi place and we were eating I had diffrenet kinds of sushi I don't remember some of them so ya anyways after we were done eating he asked if I wanted to go to the movies and of course I said yes so we got in the car and he started driving and then the stomach cramps got worse and I began to feel that feeling you get right before you gotta poop and I just ignored it beacuse I was to embarrassed to ask him to pull over so I could go to the bathroom . So I just sat there and the feeling kept getting worse and I felt it starting to come and I tried so hard to hold it but I failed and let out a little fart and some poop escapped and I was wearing jeans so as soon as we got to the movies I got out of the car and excused my self to tge bathroom but there was some what of a line and I couldn't hold it anymore and I lost control and poop was running diwn my legs into my shoes I walked out of line and told my boyfriend I wasn't feeling well and to take me home i sat that hole ride home in pants full of shit

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey all. Havent written in in a while as this pregnancy hasnt been plain sailing. But for the last week ive finally began feeling like me again. So im 21 1/2 weeks, looking and feeling much further along(it is twins though). I last pooped on friday. Struggling pretty badly now. Ill live poop for you all. Im sitting on the loo, legs outstretched, enabling me to see this masterpiece. Here goes. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing. Gonna have to push harder. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,gassy airy fart but nothing else. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Aah. Nothing still!!!!! Getting my breath back before going again. Its been 15 minutes since i sat down. Gonna hold my butt cheeks apart and push. AGAIN. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Somethings coming. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, PLOP. A very, very small piece. Im disappointed. Im fed up trying. Its been 40 minutes. Try again tomorrow. Hopefully have more luck. Sorry i couldnt do more but it just wouldnt come out.

Alisha- What a strange ladies room you came across! Must have been embarrassing needing to do a poo there, but it's better than an accident!

I had my first lectures today and halfway through I started to need a poo. By the end I needed to go soon so I headed for the loos. There were two cubicles and one was free so I went in and sat. As soon as I sat down another girl came in and had to wait. I weed and then pushed out a log with a soft plop. The girl in the other cubicle flushed and left and the girl waiting went in and sat. She also pushed out a turd. I did a second one and then we both farted. We both pushed out three more pieces and I was done then. I wiped and she did another piece and started wiping too. I was at the sink when she came out. It was a girl from my class although I've never talked to her.

John H

Living room poop and a comment

Hey all it's been a long time since I posted. I have been busy as I am back in college and I haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen to me on the poo or pee front to post about until now that is. I have been reading all the stories though and I have to say there has been lots of really good ones. I would like to comment back to them but there are so many that I would be here all night so I will just say that I really am enjoying all the posts and welcome to the new posters that have joined in along with the regulars. I got home tonight to an empty house which doesn't happen often and as I was packing stuff away I was letting out strong smelling farts and I could feel a growing pressure in my ass. All the signs that a nice solid poo was on its way. I didn't go to the toilet straight away as I like to wait a while sometimes. I went on line for a while and finished off some college work. It was nearly time for me to go to bed so I decided it was time to release my load but as I was home alone I decided it wouldn't be in the toilet. After thinking about where or how I should go for a few minutes I decided that I would like to poo in the living room. I didn't want to make a mess so I found a small Tupperware container and I lined the inside of it with toilet paper. I took off all my clothes and squatted over the container. It took some time for me to get things moving as I like to relax and let my body do its own thing. I had to give a few small pushes to get things started and a small amount of soft poo came out and broke off. After a minute my whole opened again and a wider log began to slowly make its way out. It felt so good and after a minute the log slowed to a stop as it touched the bottom of the container. I gave a small push and I could feel the warmth of the poo as it began to spread between my ass cheeks. I had to lift myself up a bit from the container to allow the rest out. I pushed and there was lots of dry crackling noises which sounded a lot different than sounds produced in a toilet. I finished off with another small amount of soft serve leaving a nice sized load in the container. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself before returning to the living room which by that point had a slight smell of poo hanging in the air. I emptied the container down the toilet and even though the toilet paper had done its job well I washed out the container as there was a smell left behind.
@Pooluver, thanks for getting back and sorry it has taken me so long to write back. You really are lucky indeed for sure. My other half does allow me in to watch her going now which a really like. It took along time to get that far and you really do need trust, honesty and understanding for it to happen and I want to take it slowly so it will be a while before I ask her to do anything more, like what your wife does for you for example. Thanks again and looking forward to reading more from you.
That's all for now, take care all.
John H


42nd Story

So I was at my mom's friend's house for a dinner thing. She has 4 kids 3 girls Haley (15), Heidi (13) and Hanna (10) and 1 boy Charles (9). Haley's friend Nicole and Haley's boyfriend were there. After dinner it was just getting dark. Everyone except my sister, brothers and Charles went on a walk down the trail. Nicole went way off trail just to pee at one point. We stopped by a running water creek. We sat around and Haley hugged her boyfriend for at least 8 minutes trying to break a record or something. Her boyfriend went pee within viewing distance. Walking back Haley says she is going to use the outhouse on the trail. Everyone waits there awkwardly. She took 5 minutes so she obviously pooped. Right after Nicole says she can't hold any longer and goes in. Moments later you can hear some farts but it wasn't diarrhea. Probably just a poop that needed to come out. She only took 3 minutes. I went pee when we got back. Next up is the night over, everybody is staying over at their place. See you later.

Mrr. Clogs

Just did my "season" cleanse with the citric magnesium

Well my last post was some comment on some fellow toilestoolsters, I enjoy reading your posts and hope that you like mine. Anyways I just did my "Season" cleanse for the fall to clean out my intestines from the winter, summer and spring months. I'm happy to report that it was a success and I feel much cleaner on the inside too. Let's start with me taking the recommended dose of the citric magnesium which consisted of the 10oz bottle and another 16 ounces of liquid, the first was cranberry pomegranate juice and another 10 oz of water. I had to pee about the middle of the night which was about 2 in the morning, I was already tossing and turning in bed, I got up and used my green plastic Tupperware cup to pee into, and I filled it about half way. I went back to bed to try and get some sleep.

About 15 minutes later, I felt the urge to poop and was getting really desperate. Round #1. So I got up out of bed and took the cup with me to the bathroom so I can pour out the piss that was in it. I took off my pajama pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I gave a little push and started pooping. It started off as puree poop then to a liquid towards the end. I kept pooping off and on until I couldn't for at least 45 minutes. All of that pushing to squeeze out most of the liquid poop made my already semi-solid wood really stiff so I had to deal with it. None the less I felt better and somewhat cleaned out. I wiped up with a wad of toilet paper because I had sprayed the bowl with this liquid poop. I put my underwear and pajama pants back on, poured the piss out of the cup into the toilet and rinsed it out and washed my hands and went back to bed. I couldn't believe I actually stayed in the bathroom for about close to an hour straight nonstop pooping!

Round #2. Pretty much the same as the first, just the poop was really liquified and felt like I was peeing from my butt. This time it only took 15 minutes to squeeze out the liquid poop. As far as the odor of the poop, not really noticeable because I had cleaned out a few hours previously and keeping a healthier diet too.

Round #3. After I had my 2 cups of coffee, I had to poop again. This time the liquid poop had tapered off and now finally completing the citric magnesium clean out.

For those who don't like enemas, you should pick up a bottle at your local drug store to relieve yourself of constipation or to cleanse out during the changing seasons to cleanse yourself of the junk that's building up inside you. You can also do those expensive holistic cleansers to cleanse your system out too. To each is own, as long as you feel better afterwords that's all that matters. Well I hope you all enjoy my post and catch you all later. Happy peeing and pooping to all of you and enjoy.


To Marty again

My definiton of constipation is having to push a lot.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and will do a "season" cleanout

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Hey that old say "shit happens" sometimes. It does boggle the mind when you though you had wiped up really good only to find stains in your underwear, indeed frustrating. Another reason why I don't wear white underwear, I keep only a few on hand if I need to sport some white undies for you know those all white attire events or if I run out clean pair of colored ones. Anyways great post and keep us posted and will be looking forward to your pissexperiments too.

Heidi: Interesting story about your bathroom trip at your friend Madison's house.

Annie: Wow that must of been a messy load you made in the toilet bowl so much that the toilet paper couldn't clean up. Anyways great posts.

Okay I went to CVS to get some citric magnesia to take so I can clean my bowels from the summer. I haven't taken a laxative of that nature in about a year and forgot to do it in the spring and summer. So I'm looking forward to that "season" clean out and would post if anything. I like the cleansed feeling but don't particularly care for the liquid poop. I usually spray the bowl walls with poop which looks gross after words. Have a great weekend everyone and take care.


41st Story

So today at school during biology I needed to pee. During working period I went to the bathroom. Nobody was in there. I went into a middle stall and pulled my jeans down to my knees. I had a pee and farted and I realized I needed to poop. I don't usually have a poop during class because it takes time. I decide I am already sitting on the toilet I might as well. 2 minutes later. I'm just sitting there pushing slightly when a anouncment about a lockdown drill is said. I wondered what that meant. A moment later I hear somone then the lights went off and the door was shut then locked. I was sitting there in pitch black. I used my phone for light. I figured out what lockdown meant. I would have to stay in the dark. I pushed and the poo stopped halfway then all came out. I farted twice after. I wanted to wait to wipe because I could barely see. The drill would last another 10 minutes. I just sat there. Then the door is unlocked and lights are on. I grab some toilet paper and there is only enough for 1 wipe. I wipe my front since it's wet and nobody would be coming in here so I moved to another stall wiped and flushed then flushed my other stall. Back at class people wondered where I went. The substitute teacher forgot about the drill/thought I was just peeing. See you later.

In a recent post, Daniel asked "Does anyone have any stories about latrines or restrooms without privacy?"

Well, a few days ago I went out to dinner with my parents. After we finished eating, I told my parents I needed to visit the bathroom and would meet them in the car. They said okay and I went to find the toilets. I opened the door marked Ladies and saw two toilets completely out in the open - no stalls, no doors, nothing. And one of them was occupied by a girl about 15 or 16.

I get embarrassed easily about having to go number two, and this was not an ideal environment. But I really had to go and knew I couldn't wait until I got home. When the other girl let out a big fart it helped a little. I sat down on the available toilet and began to pee.

I continued to pee for close to thirty seconds, while the girl farted a few more times and then I heard a soft ploop. I finished peeing and felt a turd poke out. It sucked back in and came out again. I heard a splash as more of my turd emerged. A bit later my turd broke off with a floomp and shortly after there was another splash from the girl.

The door opened and an older woman, maybe 40 came in. She saw us both sitting there, said "Oh my. This is very strange." I agreed but didn't say anything. I felt another turd coming out, and the girl let off two plips back to back. Then she farted a really long loud one and blushed. My second turd also fell into the toilet making a shloomp sound. I felt empty then and started to wipe. The girl farted again almost silently and then there was a splash.

I wiped five times while the girl did three plops. I flushed and began to wash my hands. The woman sat on the toilet I was using and the girl farted and there was a ploop. The woman peed fiercely. I finished washing my hands and was leaving when the girl and the woman rolled off paper and started wiping themselves at pretty much the same time.


Party Pee

I haven't posted in a few months. My name is Allie and I have a weak bladder, I can't hold it very long before I have an accident. This also causes me to wet the bed most nights so I have to wear diapers. I choose to wear goodnites because they fit me and they are for older children even though I'm 24. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who is very understanding and helpful. We now live together :)

This story is about something that happened back in July. My boss was having a party and for most of the night we were inside but then her husband wanted to have a bonfIre. She has a couple acres and he set the fire up near the garage which is toward the back of her property. I had plenty to drink that night so I was pretty intoxicated. We had been out there about 10 min and I started to realize I had to pee so I started to fidget. My boyfriend asked me if I needed to go and I just giggled and nodded. He announced we were going to the house to go to the bathroom. He helped me walk because I was pretty drunk and when we got back behind the garage I realized how bad I had to go. I stopped walking and grabbed myself and said I didn't think I could make it back to the house. He said you can just go here no one can see you and he was right. Luckily I wearing a sundress so it would be easy to go. I let go of him and reached up my skirt to try and pull my panties down but I almost fell over. I'm clumsy anyway and that is multiplied when I've been drinking. He told me to hold on to him and he'd help me get my panties off. He reached up my dress and I started laughing and I peed my panties a little bit. When that happened I stopped laughing and told him I had just wet them a little bit. He said that's ok let's just get them off before you wet them more. He reached up my dress and pulled them down and had me step completely out of them. He said they were a little wet but not too bad. I was standings there with my legs pressed together still holding it in. He was like are you going to pee or not? Then he told me to spread my legs and squat and that I could still hold on to him for balance . So I did what he said and it felt so good too pee! I could hear it but I couldn't really see it. It felt like a peed forever, I definitely peed more than I normally did. He was like wow babe I'm so proud of you holding all that. Once I was done he helped me put my damp panties back on. He said he kinda had to pee before and listening to me pee made him had to go more. I stood behind him and held onto his hips while he took his penis out and peed a nice stream. He let out a little sigh of relief when he started going. Then we went back to the bonfire. We peed in that spot later that nigh too

Happy Friday Everyone
Lil story for you bout this morning, I woke up bout an hour ago, and felt the need to poop, but i have an order i do things when i get up, breakfast, check my email/watch the new and then get ready for work.
Well while I was getting my breakfast ready the strong was getting stronger, to the point my hole was contracting, pretty much had a tip poking out.. I was like i need to GO NOW... ????..
Man o Man that monster wanted out and was ready NOW.. so i went in to the bathroom and all the pressure from front and back was released, it felt so good, it was like i had a tree trunk in me.. When I sat down, my body went into automatic mode and started pushing by itself.. I was in there for a few minutes, when i got up i saw what I had pushed out, WOW it was big.. No wonder that monster wanted out... Nothin' like a good dump!!
Hope you all enjoyed..Have a Happy Friday!!

Old Fart

By medical standards IBS has no pathology, that's why it is classified as syndrome. So no specific symptoms. In general it often but not always means wide swings between constipation and diarrhea. For me I've learned how to stay a bit on the soft side without it going too far unless I get some bad food or ill. I can get very constipated to the point of it requiring a hospital trip and work to see that situation never repeats. I'd rather have the embarrassment of an accident than real damage from a medical procedure, as happened when I was 2 and a half. If I understood right you sometimes eat something that causes your intestinal tract to work harder causing greater, faster pressure to evacuate. That is how it works for me. Usually it is when I go for a good meal, Prime Rib, top end seafood buffet or such and it travels through much faster, and after a short time there is no chance to hold it. The worst is a fast food deluxe burger which I seldom have. Even those things that give me problems my insides adjust to if I keep eating them a time or 2 a week.
As for children, I raised 4. If you have the support of your husband the kids will understand that we all have problems and accidents are one of yours. It is best for the children if those accidents don't happen when they are with their friends. You children would understand but their friends can still make it hard on them.


Unisex cubicles

I'm still in France and a lotof the restrooms here are unisex. They are usually fully enclosed with doors and men and women poop right next to each other. I have used toilets next to women when I've been to gay clubs, so I have no problem with it.. Even the ones that have regular partitions that are gapped underneath the walls. In France, they seem to be very private with sitting on the toilet, but have no problem seeing a guy standing at a urinal. The urinals are usually very visible from the outside. Usually, you just see the guy from behind, although yesterday I did use the urinal in a museum bathroom that didn't have a partition blocking the View from the outside and my urinal was on a side wall. Anyone walking by, including women going into the women's room across the way, would be ale to see me with my belt and pants open, with my penis pulled out over my briefs, urinating into the urinal. I think a couple of women passed by, but not sure if they saw me.


My sister's huge turd

Hey i am a eleven year old girl. My sister is ten and we share a room and a bathroom. Today i got home from school and lied on my bed and lissened to some music. Later on my sister got home and she came into our room. She went into the bathroom and was like i gotta take a dump super bad! Been holding it in all day!

We talked while she pooped. She was done in like five minutes then she said Man that's a huge one come look at it Kate. I did and it was really huge. Her turd looked like a c and like half of it was out of the water it was that big. I took a pic of it on my fone and she flushed.

Janette, I'm sorry to hear that. As much as we love these stories it's hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has to deal with something like that as a way of life.

Though I'm not in a position to tell you anything, I'd say this: when it comes to having kids, if you *really* want to, I would. Don't let this take more from you than it absolutely has to. Some people with embarrassing problems live in largely self-imposed prisons and it's sadder to hear than the condition itself. I'd rather tell a child "Mommy has this problem with her stomach" and hope for the best than assume the worst and not have children.

Also, I don't know when your situation was last investigated by medical professionals, but if it's been ages and ages, I'd try again. Our knowledge and understanding of many conditions is ever-growing and just because they couldn't figure it out ten or so years ago doesn't have to mean that's still so.

Mr D.

To Brie

Thank you so much for posting about pooping with your boyfriend, its comforting that me and my fiance are not the only ones that are comfortable pooping in front of each other please keep posting we love reading your stories i hope this will help us to be more comfortable posting on here.

To Brandon: Thank you for kind comments.
But I don't have interesting thing to report. I just poo almost every day, quite big one because I eat a lot and vegetables especially. Wednesday I pooed maybe six big bananas. They came out slowly, one at a time, so took about 10 minutes, but I don't like hurry so go always slowly. I like to sit on the loo. It's comfortable. In Wales, host parents worried because I am so long time in the loo. So I explained that I don't like to hurry and they understand.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Katie first welcome to the site and great story about your sisters big poop I bet she felt pretty great after getting that one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you had another great dump and I think the stains are caused by leftover poop in intstines thats gradualy gets squeezed like how toothpaste last drop at least thats what I think and as always I look forward tou your next post thanks.

To: Wrestler great story about your girlfriends diarrhea accident my best advice is keep telling its opk acccidents happen and that your willing to help her out if she ever needs it that should work cause that way she knows you truly care about her.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go and probaly felt good afterwards and I hate messy poops that best advice is to shower right after pooping if you can and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Meagan as always another great story it sounds like you and Rebeca both had great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about hearing a woman poop it sounds like she was pretty desperate and probaly just made it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha great story about you pooping at the gym I look forward to your next post thanks.

Todays my birthday hopefuly I can hear some good stuff and if I do I will post it here crossing my fingers wish me luck.

Well thats all for now.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T

heard another woman poop

about 5 minutes I was at that bookstore and had to pee but a woman got in first she sat down and started peeing and then I heard plop plop spuish crackle plop plop she was having a poop to I guese my b-day wish came true it was a good catch hopefuly my wish lasts awhile


Desperate need to poop

I've been pooping fairly regularly now and I don't really have to struggle and strain anymore to go. You know what changed? I drink a bottle of water, sometimes two when I get up before I eat anything. You have to do this on an empty stomach for it to work. And within half an hour to 45 minutes I get a strong urge to go, usually stomach cramps and a strong urge to poop.

Yesterday (Thursday) I didn't go for whatever reason but on Wednesday I was quite desperate to go. The usual time that I need to go after I finished my bottle of water, I got a really, really strong urge to poop. But my husband was in the bathroom and taking a long time because he was constipated. He must have been sitting in there for half an hour or so, and I *really* had to go. I had stomach cramps and seriously felt like I was going to explode. It was hard to hold and I was moaning and sitting on my foot to try to hold it in. Finally I went to the bathroom where my husband had the door open. He asked me what's wrong and I said that I had to poop really bad. He was like oh and he got off the toilet and had to wash his bum in the bathtub because it was so messy. He said I could come in to use the toilet. I would have preferred my privacy but I had to go too bad to care or have time to be picky, so I did.

Pretty much as soon as I sat down it came out. It took maybe 2 minutes to do my business. I hadn't realized my husband had been watching me, because he said "Why do you make faces like someone's stabbing you?" I didn't really have an answer for that, so all I said was "I have stomach cramps". Wiping was pretty messy. And of course naturally I stood up to check out what I made. The water was pretty murky so it was hard to see the exact length of the turd but it looked pretty long and soft. I tried to get my husband to look but he didn't want to ;) I usually show him my poops when they're really big and long :P He can't believe I can poop that much.

It feels good now that I'm pooping every 1-2 days as opposed to 1-2 weeks like before. I can poop easily and with no straining when before I had to sit on the toilet and strain with often no results and when I did go I would clog the toilet with my monster turds. I don't even have to use stool softeners anymore to go. It's great :) Hopefully I can keep this up, then I'll feel like a normal person like everyone else, people who poop every day.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

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