Last night, my friend Keira stayed over at my place. She came over in the evening. I had done the washing earlier, and put my clothes in the dryer, but when Keira arrived we got busy and I forgot about my clothes. About 8.30, my mum reminded me to fold and put away my clothes. I told her I had forgotten and would do that right away. I then told Keira I'd be back in a bit, and she said she would help me so I'd be finished quicker.

I should mention that our laundry also has a toilet, so it doubles as a second bathroom. Anyway, we got started and were maybe halfway done when Keira said she needed to do a poo. She closed the door, pulled down her skirt and knickers, and sat on the toilet. I kept on folding my clothes and we chatted while she was pooing.

She sat for a short while before I heard a pronounced splash. She weed a little bit then gave a small grunt. Another loud splash followed. I was nearly done by then. She did a low buzzing fart and there was a plop. Then she started to wipe her bum. I was just finishing the folding so I waited for Keira to be done. She wiped four or five times and flushed the toilet. She washed her hands and we went back to my room together.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Good afternoon, readers and posters. It's Ebony the Toilet Trooper with some replies and comments.

To Abbie: All your stories are very entertaining, Abbie. Keep up the good posts.

To Wrestler: Hey, Wrestler. Congrats on your first post and being with your current girlfriend for so long. If your girlfriend is stressed about the accident that she had in front of you during your date, tell her that accidents happen and that you're not the type to make a big deal out of his girlfriend having an accident in front of you. Tell her that she truly has nothing to worry about and the secret is safe with you. That's a good thing because guys would usually just dump their girlfriend after that, or girls would be too ashamed to even see their boyfriend again. Additionally, make sure to explain that she doesn't have to hold in her urges anymore around you and that you have no problem with her announcing that she has to do number two. Relationships are the healthiest when couples can do anything together without hassle.

To Ryan: Thank you for enjoying "Mahogany Logs," Ryan. My sister has been having trouble with using the toilet in public places, especially at school, so I should have some more shituations featuring her; just make sure to stay updated.

To Megan: Hey girl. Thank you very much for the kind words. I love reading that my shituations are appreciated. I attend university too, but online due to my kids and work and all, so basically my home is the university toilet. It doesn't get better than that. By the way, Megan, you don't have to be ashamed of all the plopping in the toilet at university. If anything, you should take pride in it to make light of a shituation that would otherwise cause heavy embarrassment. My friends, family and I usually joke about things like that. I liked that post about Rebecca too. It's cool that she resembled the description of yours truly.

To Mr. Clogs: Hey dude. I'm glad you enjoyed "Mahogany Logs." It's a good thing my house isn't normally crowded though, or else I couldn't live here, especially considering how often I use the latrine. Stay tuned.

Miss D

Poorly ???? :(

My stomach has been doing cartwheels the past couple of days, although I know it was kind of my own fault! On Wednesday I had a hot curry for dinner with some friends. I had stomachache on and off all night on Wednesday, then I woke up on Thursday desperate for a poo. I passed a lot of loose stools which took a lot of wiping, then went back to bed. Twenty minutes later I felt a grumbling in my lower abdomen so I went back to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and pushed out some runny stuff, accompanied by stomach cramps. I still wouldn't have classed it as diarrhea but it was certainly very loose and not a pleasant dump at all. I got cleaned up, had a shower then got ready for work. When I arrived I realised I needed the toilet again so I hurried into a cubicle, pulled my skirt , tights and panties down and sat on the cool toilet seat. I groaned involuntarily as runny poo gushed forcefully out of my bum. A second wave of liquidy diarrhea followed it. I sat for a while, allowing the remaining drips of diarrhea to fall and to make sure nothing more needed to come out of me!

I got cleaned up, and went back to work. I had to go another four times during my shift and twice during my lunch break so I was feeling pretty weak by the time I went home. As soon as I got into the house I rushed upstairs and squirted a load more diarrhea into the toilet. I felt nauseous and dizzy by this point, but I just spent the entire evening running backwards and forwards to the toilet. I sat on the couch watching TV when I accidently released a wet fart..diarrhea squirted out into my white panties and I had to rush to the bathroom to sort it out because I could feel the warm squelchy patch where I'd followed through.

I held my churning stomach as I released wave after wave of runny poo into the toilet. My bum was so sore and I felt permanently like I was on the verge of having an accident. I woke up at 4am and got hit by the urgent need to have a loose bowel movement. I scrambled out of bed and shuffled carefully to the bathroom but I didn't quite make it in time!! Halfway across the landing the pressure became too much and I released a wave of sloppy mud into my pyjama bottoms. I froze in horror, clenching my bum cheeks together to minimise the damage. I got into the bathroom, peeled my pj bottoms down and sat on the toilet to have more diarrhea.

In the morning I laid in bed (luckily it was my day off today), massaging my bloated belly and trying not to think about how much I needed the toilet again. I realised I'd used the bathroom more than 38 times in the past 36 hours! At half ten, following two more urgent trips to the bathroom, I rang my boyfriend who's away on a business trip.
Me: 'Hey'
Tom: 'Hey baby you okay?'
M: 'Not really, I got sick after that curry'
T: 'Aww babe, sick in what way?'
M: 'Umm, you know'
T: 'What?'
M: 'I've go an upset stomach'
T: 'Ohh is it the runs?'
M: 'Yeah really really badly'.
T: 'Aww how many times have you had to 'go'?'
M: 'Er, about 40 I think, it's been so hard to control'
T: 'That's really bad! How runny is it?'
M: ''s explosive liquid. I umm, I didn't quite make it to the bathroom last night. I was too desperate'
T: 'Aww it happens to us all hunii'
M: 'Spose. I feel awful'
T: 'Well I'll be home soon to look after you. Take care, love you'
M 'Love you, bye'

It's sometimes useful having a boyfriend who's interested in all things medical but not when you have a bad case of diarrhea and he wants to know how frequent it is and what consistency, it's just plain embarrassing! My stomach is still really dodgy but I'm hoping I'm getting better now! :)


at my girlfriends house

I'm 17 years old, from the UK, I'm a rock and metal fan and this is my first story.

Back in the summer I was staying at my girlfriend's house for almost a week. One time, we was getting all lovey dovey kinda thing and she said she needed a wee. I jokingly said "aww dont want you to go" and she said "you can come if you want" so I thought "why not?" and watched her have a wee. My girlfriend has a bit of a weak bladder so she has a small wee like once an hour, even if he hasn't ate or drank anything within that hour.

After watching her have a wee a few times, a couple of days later, when I was watching her have a wee again, she said to me "you might wanna leave" I asked why and she said "need a number two" so as I was walking out, she said "you don't have to go" so then I decided to stay, a minute later I heard a loud plop coming from her. We both giggled and she was a bit embarrassed. I didn't really care and gave her a kiss, then she wiped and flushed.

On the day I was going back home, me, my girlfriend and her mother decided to go out for lunch, we went to some restaurant that served the likes of chicken, beef, and other stuff like that. And when we got back to my girlfriend's house, I went to the bathroom to get my toothbrush and razor etc. Then my girlfriend came and said "need a number two" then I decided to stay again. As soon she sat down, she let out a rather quiet but smelly fart. She then had a couple of plops, wiped and flushed.

About half an hour later, we was in her bedroom and I told her I needed to poo then I went into the bathroom alone. Then as soon as I sat down, I realised she had left her phone in the bathroom. I called her name and told her she left her phone. I hadn't pooed anything out yet and suddenly, she came in to take her phone. We was laughing while I was sitting on the toilet. As soon as she left, I let out a long poo quite quickly. Then I wiped and flushed.

Well thats my story. Hope you guys like it


My sister's huge turd

Hey i am a eleven year old girl. My sister is ten and we share a room and a bathroom. Today i got home from school and lied on my bed and lissened to some music. Later on my sister got home and she came into our room. She went into the bathroom and was like i gotta take a dump super bad! Been holding it in all day!

We talked while she pooped. She was done in like five minutes then she said Man that's a huge one come look at it Kate. I did and it was really huge. Her turd looked like a c and like half of it was out of the water it was that big. I took a pic of it on my fone and she flushed.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Phantom Stains

Hello readers and posters. It's Ebony again with a mortifying shituation. From the day my parents potty trained me, after demolishing the toilet, I always wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and went about my business, that is, until this fateful Sunday night. When I wipe my booty, I always wipe thoroughly, ensuring that the toilet paper is completely white after inspection. The day before, I showered, donned some clean white panties, and, before leaving to spend some time at the mall with the clique and sister Coco, I committed a violent bombing on the toilet with my bootyhole. I then wiped well, ensuring that the toilet paper left no bombing evidence after use. When I returned from the mall during the evening, I had to piss badly, so after I went to the latrine and pissed a golden waterfall, I looked inside my panties and a faint brown stain existed inside the panties. Knowing that I cleaned myself thoroughly when I wiped before I left to the mall, I wondered how the stains could have possibly gotten inside my panties. I took affirmative action to ensure that my butt stays clean.

Sunday evening, my family returned from a long church service that lasted until about 7:00PM when they called me. My mum told me that she told that the pastor that I was a great cook and asked if I wanted to prepare dinner at their house for the family, the pastor, the first lady, and their children, whom they invited for dinner. Because I love to cook, I agreed. We are all quite close. I acted upon my parents' plans and used all that my mum taught me about cooking over the years to prepare a huge dinner they all enjoyed. When they complimented my cooking, if I were light enough, I would have blushed. After I ate, I excused myself to the livingroom to watch satellite cable On Demand when my stomach rumbled with a slight cramp, which signified that I had to bake some asshole brownies. Instantly, I headed to the latrine. I lowered my white shorts and panties thigh distance, placed my booty on the cold toilet, and released a soft piss stream that lasted about 20 seconds, colouring the toilet water a bright yellow. After I passed my routine piss, I checked inside my panties again, and another faint brown stain existed. I'm like, "Bumbaclaat! Shit stains playing hide-and-go-seek!"

Using my turd's eye view, I pushed a little harder than usual when a large dark brown turd emerged from my hole, in which, based upon the reflection of the water, looked too long to estimate its size. The turd itself, unusually bumpy with tree-bark-like skin, dangled out my ass halfway with no intention of dropping into the yellow swimming pool below, reserved only for turds. The powerful shit odour filled the latrine despite the fact that the turd had yet to drop. After a more pressured squeeze, the tree broke apart into about three different pieces at once, leaving about three 5-inch turds in the toilet that sank into newly coloured yellow toilet water. A small piece still pestered me, not wanting to escape the hole and join the others in the pool. Not wanting to dig it out with toilet paper, I gave it a hard squeeze, which dropped the small turd and unleashed loud explosion calibre gas in the process, which killed my urge to shit quickly as the smell of the latrine could have killed anyone unfortunate enough to accompany me. I then puckered my asshole in and out to release a few more tiny pieces. I then wiped my booty, ensuring that I cleaned up all the gunk by continuing to wipe when the toilet paper was white, which took about over ten wipes.

Afterwards, I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Acting upon instinct, I returned to the toilet, gathered a wad of toilet paper, and placed it against my hole. When I removed it, to my surprise, a faint David Copperfield shit stain magically appeared on the toilet paper like in my white panties. "WTF?!" I stripped off my pants and panties, placed them on the back of the toilet before I opened the latrine closet, and gathered a washcloth that I used when I lived with my parents. I then wet the washcloth and doused it in some ???? strawberry shower gel, and scrubbed my booty clean for about two minutes. After I rinsed the washcloth and began scrubbing the soap out my butt, I heard a knock at the door. Yet, before I even said, "I'm in here," the latrine door opened, and it was the pastor. He got a clear view of me scrubbing my butt wearing only my blue blouse, with the rest of my clothes on the back of the toilet. Oddly enough, he didn't close the door right away, instead, staring at me and my clothes on the back of the toilet, with the faint stain in my white panties apparent. Of course, I was mortified, wide-eyed, and lost of words. I wanted to run away, but when rationality snapped in about one second later, I would have ran right in the bathtub, not from shame. "Can you see that I'm in here," I said, frustrated. He then came to his senses. "Oh, I am so sorry," before he slammed the door and vanished. After the pastor witnessed me firsthand washing my ass and even saw my stained panties, looking him in the eye was difficult, and might be even more so difficult at church next Sunday if I even go. Nonetheless, when I checked my panties later on, no stains existed, indicating that scrubbing my butt after a number two killed the problem. Thus, from now on, when I get the chance, I will wash my butt after a number two to eradicate annoying panty phantom stains.


First Time Post (Girlfriends Accident)

Hello! I have been a long time lurker on this site and finally am deciding to post after an incident at my girlfriends a few days ago. Her and I have been dating for a decent amount of time (1 year and 2 months) which is great cause were both only 17. Anyway, we went out to lunch a few days ago at this little sushi place by my house. The food tasted alright but nothing to special. We hung out there for about and hour or so and then go to the mall, then finally start driving to her house. While driving i can see her start to fidget in her seat a bit so i ask, "Whats wrong hun?". She just said that she was a little cold, so i kept driving. After 10 more minutes i could actually hear her stomach growling and that her face was very pale. A few more minutes had passed when she bursted out with, "Please stop the..." then it happened. I heard her stomach make a loud noise followed by a extremely wet fart and diarrhea oozing into her seat. ( I have a slight "thing" for girls who have accidents but she doesnt know that yet) and she just started crying. I tried to comfort her but she kept weeping. So, we arrive at her house and get her cleaned up, but since then she wont stop trying to apologize for it when it really wasn't a huge deal. Is there anything i can say to her so she realizes im not angry or anything



40th Story

To Ryan, thanks and your question on unisex multi-cubicle bathrooms. I think bathrooms need a male and female side.

So I was staying at my friend Madison's place. Her parents were away and she was lonely. Her place is a large open space loft and for some reason has no doors to rooms. The next morning I went into their large bathroom on the bottom floor. The bathroom was big. Had a large walled area for showers, large sink area, steam room, toilet in a small walled area with no door like every other room. There was a lot of room to shower. When I got out and dried off and put my underwear on I looked up and noticed Madison just sitting on the toilet. Oh you startled me I said. Sorry, I just needed to use the toilet she said. She was just wearing a red shirt and white panties around her ankles, hands on her knees, sitting straight up. I got dressed and such and she was still using the toilet. I asked when she would be finished using the toilet and she said a couple minutes. She said that she takes a long time to go poop. She finished a minute later and I went over to the toilet. I pulled my cotton pants down to my knees and sat down. She got ready for a shower. She said I looked funny the way I sat. That's what I thought about her way. I said maybe because you are 6 feet tall you don't sit the same as me who is 5'3". I had a long pee. 3 minutes later I pushed a firm 10" poo out. I wiped and nothing showed up. I wiped my front and flushed. See you later.



Brandon T : Thanks for your encouragement!

Ryan: Yes, at 26, it still happens a lot. If I kept count, it'd be around 6-7 accidents a year. It has been happening since 6th grade. Before that I hadn't been much of a pants soiling person. Most of the times, it is noticeable and I've been caught. I haven't had much of diarrhea accidents. Ironically, my accidents have for the most part, been of normal motion (sometimes even solid). Inspite of so many accidents, I still get panicked when I soil myself in front of someone else and I don't keep calm. So the people around me usually know what I've done. There have been very few times when I haven't been caught. But almost all my accidents have been around relatives, friends , coworkers and at times, total strangers. I avoid wearing tights because they show a prominent stain and bulge. But even then the smell makes it difficult to hide my accidents from people.

Old Fart: I appreciate your concerns. I'm not sure if I have IBS. What are IBS symptoms? As I said, I don't have much of diarrhea accidents. I do regular poop in my pants. I get sharp cramps initially, signalling I've to go. Then I start passing gas uncontrollably. Usually I'm able to find a toilet quickly. But there are times when that does not happen and then with 15-30 minutes, it's out in my pants.

People around me usually understand that it might be some kind of a health problem. But I've made very few friends. I've gone through life being called "poopy pants" , "diapress" etc etc. Thankfully I found the right guy to marry. But even my husband and in-laws worry about me. We're afraid to have kids because my husband doesn't want me soiling myself in front of our kids. Such problems always exist.

Anyway, Thanks.

I had a big poop yesterday (Tuesday). I had my usual bottle of water when I woke up and within half an hour I had stomach cramps and had to poop. I sat on the toilet and gave a gentle push and it came out within a couple of minutes. It stunk really bad too. It was really messy when I wiped, so messy I had to wash my bum because toilet paper didn't do the job well. The poop was about a foot long.

To Ryan nope I didn't fart during or before my poop it just came out. It didn't make any noise coming out or landing either.


Here's Callin' Daniel!

Wow Daniel; you posted again! I'm sure that you're busy in school so Thanks again for posting.

Yeah; I understand when you say your poops are not soft. But; they're not hard either; where they would hurt you coming out. Your choice of the word "firm" is perfect....formed and all...but soft enough to just about slide out of you with almost no effort on your part.

Shows that you're healthy and eating reasonably well...and probably getting at least a little exercise too. Good for you.

When you do get constipated (I know; it's rare for you...) what does that mean for you? Does it mean that you don't go at all for a few days...or does it mean that you still go at least a little bit each day...but your poops are hard and tough to push out? Constipation means different things to different people. back again. It's kinda fun; eh?



For Ryan

Yes my boyfriend and I go poop in front of each other all the time. My loads are usually large since I only poop a few times per week. Thanks for the feedback :)

Oops, looks like I forgot to put my name on the "Out of Order" story.

N1, nice story, sounds like it might have been cool when your friend farted while you were wiping.

Karen, that doesn't sound fun, I hope you're feeling better by now. I remember one time a few years ago when I got really sick and was spewing from both ends at the same time--- I absolutely did not enjoy that. The smell of diarrhea made me more nauseated than I already was. Nausea might just be my least favourite sensation, I think I maybe dislike it worse than moderate amounts of pain.



Wow, Melissa, you sound like you really let loose when you go! That must feel great! Do you have any good stories to tell us?

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hey. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper here with an update. I won't be long because I have a massive headache due to a hangover at the moment, so I might have a lot of typos, but I'm only going to make a quick post anyway. Yup, I definitely saw my post "Mahogany Logs" and I did put "18-foot turd." I meant 18-inch turd. Even that might be an exaggeration. All I know was it was clogged up, and despite that, it still poked out the toilet water and seemingly poked out almost all the whole toilet. I don't know if that's correct 18 inches, but it was still huge nonetheless.



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Punk Rock Girl that good your not seeing blood and hopefuly your dumps stay solid for awhile and dont become diarrhea and if they hopefully it wont be ambush diarrhea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: NI great story about seeing your friend poop then helping her wipe I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Melissa K first welcome to the site and it sounds like you wil fit right in here and I look forward to reading your stories thanks.

To: Karen as alwys another great story and that sucks that your sick stomach bugs are no fun and they ruin any plans you may have had since you want to be near a toilet at all times and I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you guys had a good time as always and felt good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Been busy

Hey all, Ryan here again!

Things have been busy with work and life in general. I've been keeping up with reading the posts though and now finally have time to upload something!

Janette (2nd accident story) - does it still happen often? And is it usually noticable?

Anne (Out Walking With Kyra) - sounds like time with Kyra! At first she was upset but it turned out quite well! Looking forward to more stories!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - great story with you and your girls can go LOADS!

Elena - was that a big log you let out? What were your farts like?

Hermes - wow, lucky encounter with that blonde woman!

Brie - have you pooped in front of your boyfriend before? And do you usually let out that much?

Natasha - wow sounds like you and Bethany really had to go! What were your farts and poo like?

Abbie - read a few of your posts, seems like you do large / firm poops mostly. Sounds like you had a large, relieving poop...looking forward to more!

Annie - wow, that did sound like a big poop! A few questions....
Were you farting before / during the poop?
Did the poop make any noise coming out / landing?
Can't wait for more!

Megan - liked your posts in the ladies room! Sounds you felt quite better after...was your poop noisy?

Heidi - been loving all your stories..please keep posting them :)

That's a ton of catch up, so my post will be a question to all. My next post will be a story.

What do you think of unisex multi-cubicle toilets??

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hello. It's Ebony here again. My head is hurting me so badly I almost forgot my replies.

To Happy Dude: Thank you for being a fan of my posts and word choice. I hope I can continue to make you even more of a "happy dude" with the rest of my posts.

To Mr. Clogs: I'm glad that you liked my pissperiment. I'm going to try another one starting this week. Stay tuned!



So won time I had to take a really big poop and I was in the woods I felt it coming out so I pulld me pants down and diarrhea non stop was coming out of my ass

Thursday, September 20, 2012


To Melissa K

Melissa K, Welcome to the site, I am looking forward to hearing pooping stories from you :)

Hi everyone! I'm back at university now and have a couple of stories to tell. The toilet in my room is of an odd design with a long drop to the water- whenever I poo in it the plops are magnified and always sound super loud! I doubt any of my flatmates can hear me but it's still embarrassing when it's a big plop anyway because it sounds like a depth charge!

Abbie- Enjoyed your latest posts and glad you're posting again!

Mrs Toilet Trooper- I enjoyed your solution to your trouble when your sister was occupying your toilet. Sounds like she did a big one! I'm glad that I have my own toilet here at university because, like you say, other people have asses too!

I went out today with my flatmate Rebecca (who looks like Mrs Toilet Trooper's descriptions of herself). We got lunch and went around some shops. After a while Rebecca asked me if I knew of any toilets nearby because she needed to go. I couldn't think of any and I said we could head back to the flat but she admitted she needed to go badly and needed to go sooner than that. I needed a wee and so we started looking for a toilet. Rebecca said it was something she ate for dinner yesterday that always made her need to go- then of course I realised it was a poo that she was urgent for! We went into a store and to their toilets where we took cubicles next to each other. I had a wee and Rebecca sat down and began to fart and drop turds soon after. I could see her jeans and black knickers around her feet as she pooed. She did six pieces and quite a few farts before she was finished pooing. She said after that she felt much better!


Response for John

Hi All!

Love all your posts as ever.

I think I have a response to John's questions.

John, it was interesting to hear of your encounter with a kindred spirit in Truro.

I guess that by the term unisex bathrooms you are referring to ensuite toilets located next to each other?

Certainly the use of these types of bathroom in restaurants does indeed seem to be on the increase in the UK.

I spoke to an Architect recently about many things, but most of interest was his comment that today's buildings in the UK are constructed on as cheap a basis as possible, leading to "thin walls" between
rooms throughout the buildings. The implications of this on adjacent toilets is therefore bound to involve, a lack of "sound privacy" when people sampling these facilities....

However this got me thinking.What about true unisex bathrooms where there is just a line of cubicles and men and women
use them next to each other? Do they exist in the UK or this just another urban myth?

Speaking of which I was talking to an old friend recently whilst he got more and more drunk and I stayed sober.

He came out with an interesting revelation.Whilst clubbing in Edinburgh (or Glasgow) about ten years back, he was attracted
to a Scottish Blonde girl. They danced the night away and both needed the toilet. Both went into the toilets and my friend was
shocked to discover firstly a line of cubicles used by both men and women.

He was even more shocked, when he peed in the cubicle, the blonde took the cubicle next door and then proceeded to take a noisy, gassy dump alongside.

The phrase he used was "a brass band playing nearby punctuated with many dumb-bells being dropping into swimming pools".

Maybe it was a tall tale, or was he telling the truth? What do other contributors to this forum reckon?

On a more up to date note, I was in a restaurant last weekend in a city in the South of the UK, where I had a pleasant meal.

Looking around me across the restaurant were several young women who I would have liked to hear on the throne, but with no-one about to move. I got up and walked towards the Gents after paying my bill.

Just out of the corner of my eye, moving like a Typhoon fighter on re-heat, was a pretty young woman in her twenties, who I had not noticed before, who wore her hair in a black bob, tartan blue and green skirt, black tights and black boots. She overtook me and ran into the Ladies next to the Gents.

The left hand Gents cubicle is adjacent to the right hand Ladies cubicle and sure enough, she had taken this one.

I heard her peeing urgently for ages, followed by a wet fart which made a SPLLLLEEEEEWOOOOO_UUPPP.

This was followed by two loud PLOPS.

There was then a rapid SPLEEEEWOOOO_UPPP-PLONK_PLIP-PLONK_PLIP-PLOOOP! as she did another wet fart then two golfball poos fell out of her bottom and quickly followed by a heavier sounding and poo.

There was then a rattle of the toilet paper holder and I heard the usual noises of finishing etc.

Probably best keep the full details (location etc) secret.

Bye for now

Hermes x

I overslept this morning and had to rush to not be late for school. I was feeling a need to poo, as I hadn't pooed since Sunday afternoon, but I had no time to go before I had to leave. I barely got to my first lesson on time. I had to poo all through the lesson, but I didn't want to ask to be excused.

Luckily, my second lesson today was gym so I was able to poo before changing. I went into a cubicle, sat down, and started to poo right away. It was a long soft poo that came out very quickly. I could hear the girl in the other cubicle peeing. I farted a few times. The other girl finished up and left her cubicle. I had another poo that dropped into the bowl with a splash, then I felt done. I wiped my bum several times and flushed.


To Chris

Hi, Chris. Last summer I went to a YMCA camp in the mountains. I have been spending a week there every summer. We hiked up the mountain and camped out one night. I just had to pee, but in the morning, I had to poop. I squatted and went behind a boulder and covered it up with rocks. There was paper but I didn't wipe because I tought that it would make a mess. Then we hiked down to camp. Does anyone have any stories about latrines or restrooms without privacy?


To Marty

Hi, Marty! I get constipated occasionally, but it is rare. I sometimes get a softer poop after eating greasy food, too. My normal poop isn't that soft, just moderately firm.


Interesting Commercial During SNF

I saw an interesting Samsung commercial a few times during the Lions/49ers game. It took place at a wedding. It ended in the bathroom where a woman was in the stall. You didn't see anything really, just her high-heels under the stall door, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. Anyone else see this?

Punk Rock Girl

Well, I'm still crapping out massive, solid logs. Since I finally broke my hemorrhoid cherry last year, I have been careful about pushing too hard when I take a dump. Yesterday, I was on the toilet for about twenty minutes! This huge load kept coming out then going back in. Over and over and over again. I finally, very carefully pushed and managed to get it out. It felt like I crapped out a softball.

I keep on expecting to see blood on the TP when I wipe my ass but so far that hasn't happened. Just a little sore down there. Next time I feel a dump coming on I ought to grab the K-Y jelly and lube my ass.

Please wish me and my stubborn bowels luck. Hope everyone is well.



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Helen great story about seeing your cousin poop it sounds like she really to go alot and I bet shew fealt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Janette as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time and pretty embarrassing to but accidents happen and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like your friend Kyra really had to go pooping outside was better then having an accident and lucky you were there to help her out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister both really had to poop and I bet you both felt great afterwards to especialy her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tyler great story about hearing your friend sister Jenifer pooping it sounds like shes kinda open about it and I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Shana great poop story it sounds like you didnt get fully releaved though but at least enough to feel better hopefuly your next poop will help and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Been busy

Hey all, Ryan here again!

Things have been busy with work and life in general. I've been keeping up with reading the posts though and now finally have time to upload something!

Janette (2nd accident story) - does it still happen often? And is it usually noticable?

Anne (Out Walking With Kyra) - sounds like time with Kyra! At first she was upset but it turned out quite well! Looking forward to more stories!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - great story with you and your girls can go LOADS!

Elena - was that a big log you let out? What were your farts like?

Hermes - wow, lucky encounter with that blonde woman!

Brie - have you pooped in front of your boyfriend before? And do you usually let out that much?

Natasha - wow sounds like you and Bethany really had to go! What were your farts and poo like?

Abbie - read a few of your posts, seems like you do large / firm poops mostly. Sounds like you had a large, relieving poop...looking forward to more!

Annie - wow, that did sound like a big poop! A few questions....
Were you farting before / during the poop?
Did the poop make any noise coming out / landing?
Can't wait for more!

Megan - liked your posts in the ladies room! Sounds you felt quite better after...was your poop noisy?

Heidi - been loving all your stories..please keep posting them :)

That's a ton of catch up, so my post will be a question to all. My next post will be a story.

What do you think of unisex multi-cubicle toilets??

Old Fart
You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are a number of websites about it if you do a search, a few are quite good. I've dealt with it since about 16, a long time ago, and my accident rate may be a bit higher than yours. There are many triggers that cause the problem and we all have our unique combination of them. For me the factors are many and it is not easy to be sure what will put me at risk. It sounds like you may have a similar situation. One thing I learned was to make sure that when I bought pants was to get more than one pair so that when I had an accident and quick nearby cleanup was possible I could return looking the same. Most of us learn that crapping our pants is not the end of the world and just deal with it. That said, yes there are those times that were a nightmare and still not at all pleasant to remember. Hang on to any friends that understand, they can help you keep you balance when it gets tough. Most people will never understand. It is sad but what I have come to accept over the years. May your luck be better. btw, search for the IBS Fact Page, it is written my nurses and doctors that have the problem themselves, they know what they are talking about. Medical people that don't have the problem will never truly understand.

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