32nd Story (Live)

So it's night and I just got back from a date. I am in my bedroom and just wearing a shirt and panties. On the way home I had to poo and still do. In the bathroom just sat on the toilet. Peeing. The pee came out faster and got my bum a bit. This poo feels long. Small fart. Another fart. Feels good sitting here now. Took my panties off, more comfortable. Been 4 minutes and I can feel pressure. Slowly pushing this smooth poo. Felt really good. 10" long. Wiping my bum and the pee on it. Wiping my front. Flushed. Standing up. Going to have friends over tommorow we'll see what happens. See you later.

Post Title (optional)BM condtions

I am an older guy that really have had few problems along these lines until just recently. So here is what is happening. I am waking up in the middle of the night with a strong feeling to have a BM. Sometimes I just lay there for a while hoping the feeling will go away but the feeling usually grows stronger so I finally get up to go but on the way to the toilet I suddenly realize that I really need to pee first. So I stand at the toilet and let out a good stream that lasts 20 to 30 seconds and then sit down to go poo but the the feeling to go poo is now gone. I may sit there 5 or 10 minutes pushing a bit to see if the feeling will come back. It almost never does so I go back to bed. In the morning when I wake up this whole process repeats itself. First the strong feeling for a BM then the urgent need to go pee first. Then the disappearance of the feeling to have a BM. Usually in the morning tho If I sit on the toilet a few minutes the feeling will return and I have a good movement of several long logs. But when the feeling does not return I may go another full day before having a good BM. Does any one see any problems here that I should be addressing? any help would be appreciated.


Ladies Room attendant

About 20 years ago I got a summer job as an attendant in a hotel ladies room in New York. I had to keep the place clean and fresh as well as hand out paper towels after people had washed their hands. For the most part I stood around listening the daily sounds of peeing, pooping, farting and sometimes vomiting and masturbation.

As some of the stall doors had tricky locks I had to make sure nobody got stuck. I remember seeing one stall door move so I thought someone was having trouble getting out. I pushed the door open only to see a woman straddling the toilet with a massive turd hanging out of her bottom hanging down to her knees. I stood transfixed and watched this turd drop into the toilet making a huge splash. I went bright red, apologized and closed the door. The lady came out and while she washed her hands I apologized again. As I handed her a towel she smiled and said "oh think nothing of it". Then she gave me a nice tip!

Then there was the middle-aged, well-dressed lady who entered a stall then I heard a loud torrent of pee. The weird thing was I could see under the stall door that her feet were pointed towards the toilet seat while she peed. When she came out I saw that the seat was up! While she washed her hands the penny dropped - she was a man dressed as a woman! He washed his hands, I gave him a paper towel and he tipped me.

As the hotel was in the tourist area the ladies room got very busy. A line would form in the lounge area so to speed things up as soon as a stall was free I would usher in people from the line to a vacant stall. So many women at the head of the line had their skirts hiked up and their panties pulled down ready to go before they got to the toilet!

For such a nice hotel some of the toilet users were quite filthy. I would often check a stall where the toilet had a big unflushed turd in it, or there would be a bloody tampon in it. Many times there would be a turd on the seat. And on more than one occasion I found panties or pantyhose that were soiled with a big turd or diarrhea in them.

I was surprised how many women never closed the stall door. I saw many women pee and do noisy poops with the door open. You could even see their genitals.

One woman came out of the stall and came over to the sink carrying her skirt, panties and pantyhose, naked from the waist down! She washed her bottom with soap and water! I kept handing her paper towels until she was dry. She then went into the lounge to put on her clothes. Strange!

It certainly was an entertaining job!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Mandi

Desperate to pee and fart survey

Last night, I had to go pee so bad it wasn't even funny. I had been at the gym for about an hour and a half. When I work out a drink a lot of water. I had already drank 4 bottles and it was starting to take a toll on me. I was starting to feel the need to pee. I could have gone in the gym but my grandmom was on her way and I figured I'd wait till I got home. I went outside to wait. She got here within like 10 mins but it felt like I had to wait forever. I had to go so bad now I couldn't even move. My bladder felt like it was gonna explode. It actually hurt. Finally I got to my house. I ran straight up to the bathroom,ripped down my pants,sat down and peed a river. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It felt so good to get that out.

Now I'm gonna do Lorraine's fart survey

1. Do you usually pass gas in public or wait until you are in a restroom stall?
I never intentionally fart in public. If I really have to fart i'll do it sneaky. I don't think I ever farted in a public bathroom.

2. Have you ever heard others farting in the public restroom stall and what were they like They were loud, buzzing, wet...
I've heard people fart in public bathrooms quite a few times. Most of the time the farts sounded wet a few times they sounded normal all being loud as ever.

3. Are you farts usually soft, medium, or loud in sound?
I guess medium or silent.

4. In terms of odor, are your farts no odor, moderate, and strong on average.
I'd say most of the time they're moderate.

5. can you control all your farts or some of them come so sudden where you can't control?
I can easily control my farts. I've held them in many times which I know is not good.

6. Do you have Wet farts Often and do you immediately go to wipe afterwards?
I never have wet farts.

7. if you have a serious or bout of farts, do you go the restroom stall to wipe or just wait until you have to go to clean it up?
I never have wet farts like I said but if it happened and I knew it was more than a fart i'd go clean up right away.

8. Do you usually pass gas while peeing the toilet.
Sometimes I do. Usually,in the morning.

9. have anybody heard you or have you heard anybody else fart while talking on the phone?
No one has ever heard me fart on the phone but a few times I've heard people fart on the phone.

10. Do you pass gas more when you are constipated or over-hydrated
No not really.


1. Where you were in a public restroom stall and heard someone else passing gas.
Yes,I'll describe my most recent one. Last month I went out for my birthday and my mom had to go pee. It was my time if you know what I mean so I tagged along with her to change. I was done before my mom and was waiting for her by the sinks when I heard 3 big loud farts coming from one of the stalls. A few ladies commented saying sounds like someone just made it. I was thinking the same thing. I even said to my mom I don't get how people just fart like that in public. It doesn't bother me at all cause I think its funny and all. I'd just be so embarrassed it wouldnt even be funny.

2. Where there was an especially loud fart when in the public restroom ?
All the times I heard people farting in the bathroom were loud.

3. A situation where in the public restroom, you heard someone fart and then take a dump or long pee.
I've heard people farting while peeing many times That one time at work it sounded like the lady farting had an upset stomach cause the farts sounded really wet.

Desperate to poop

Lovely walk and poop

Hi all

Well we've had some lovely weather this weekend. My girlfriend and I decide to make the most of it and went for a nice walk at one of our nature reserves. It was a lovely sunny and hot day.

As quite often's all the walking got my bowels working and having had a nice meal the night before and plenty of wine I was ready for a nice poop.

The place we went to has unisex toilets, 2 toilets and one for staff. I expected as it was a lovely day it was going to be busy and I was correct. We got to the cafe and there was a big queue for coffees and I noticed a large queue for the toilets. I asked my girlfriend if she needed to go and she said no she'd go after the coffee. So I headed off to the toilets whilst she waited to get the coffees in.

When I got there, there was 7 people waiting, a gent at the front a mother and daughter late 40's and probably 17ish, another gent about 40, and 3 ladies behind them all in there late 30's, 40's.

I had no choice but to wait in the queue as I was needing to go, We didn't have to wait to long for the gent to go in and then shortly after that the mother took the gents place. The other cubicle remained in use and for about 3-4 minutes both toilets were taken with a few agitated people mumbling a bit. Just then a gent came out and the daughter went in, she just needed a pee and that allowed the other gent in. My need was getting more and more desp and the one lady in front of me was jiggling around a bit as well. Again for a few mintues no movement so the mother was clearly having a dump (either that or something else lol). Finally after another few minute both toilets opened up. And two ladies were able to go in, that left me the lady jiggling and a queue off five more behind me.

I was getting pretty desperate now and so it didn't help that again for another 3-4 minutes both toilets remained in use. Finally the end one opened up and the last lady could go in. I was almost contemplating using the staff toilet, but then a waitress dashed in. I had to wait an agonizing few more minutes when finally a stall became free and I was able to get in. I quickly undid my shorts and nestled my butt on warm seat. There was a poop aroma and some skid marks in the bowl. I left of a large amount of soft serve as I heard next door flush. Somebody else replaced who was also pooping and for the next 3-4 minutes we hogged the toilet and as I got immense relief from emptying myself.

I finally felt finished wiped a messy backside and moist front and then flushed and left feeling very relieved

Happy Pooping


More recent stories from Work -Part 1

Hi All

Hope you are all OK, I love all your posts as ever, and really enjoy reading them!

In the X Department at work, there is a really nice young woman,
who I will call Ms J.

She looks exactly like Scarlett Johannson in the film "Lost in Translation."

Ms J always wears short, tight skirts and low cut tops, with brown or
black tights and high heels.

On the day in question, she was wearing a short light blue skirt, brown tights, and a white shirt and black high heels.

Other than once, when she had first day nerves and I heard her do one loud PLOP, through the wall in the Gents, I had never heard Ms J poo again until this week.

I was in the X Department, and following a Meeting I chaired, I had need to use the Gents in the West Wing, where Ms J worked.

I saw her coming towards me and we said Hi and chatted for a few minutes, as we had not seen each other for a couple of weeks.I noticed that she was fidgeting and had her hand on her stomach.

She suddenly excused herself, by saying "It's no use Hermes I'm really busting" and she went into the Ladies toilet.

I went into the Gents and peed at the urinals immediately in front of the single female toilet cubicle which was the other side of a very thin wall. (I have mentioned this toilet in a previous post)

I heard Ms J slam the cubicle door shut, followed by the sounds of her rapidly fumbling her skirt, tights and pants followed immediately by a gentle thud as she then quickly sat down.

The instant she sat down, there was a loud, raspy and guttural sounding
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUMPPPP! as she farted on the toilet, followed immediately by a rapid PLOPPLIP_PLOPPLIP_PLOPPLIP-PLOPPLIP, as four little poos fell out of her bottom.

She then did a lengthy pee, which must have gone on for ten seconds.

There was a period of quiet followed by three pebble-like poos, which shot urgently out of Ms J's anus, almost at the same time, and made a staccato PLOPPLOPPLOP noise as they hit the water.

Ten seconds later there was another PLOPPLOPPLOP as Ms J did three more rapid "pebble-poos".

There was a period of quiet.

There was then a little UGH! as Ms J strained and another little UGH! as she strained again, followed by silence. I thought she had finished.

There was then about ten seconds of quiet followed by Ms J straining again to poo, with an UGH-UGHH.

Shortly afterwards there was a well-spaced-out PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP,as four larger poos dropped out of Ms J's bottom. This was shortly followed by a little raspy BRAAAAP,as Ms J farted.

I took the rattle of the toilet paper holder as my cue to beat a hasty retreat to the other Wing..


After holiday poo

Hi everyone, I know its ages since I last posted so sorry about that. To be honest I'd been loosing enthusiasm as a lot of regular posters from Britain seemed to have given up posting, however I'm really glad that Megan has sent in some posts recently and also it was good to hear from Jasmin K as well. I have a few comments and questions for you two before I get on to whats been going on for me lately.
Jasmin K- I enjoyed your story about being on holiday and your and your sisters constipation problems. I hope things get better for you both and when you go back to school you can go for a poo when you need to. You mentioned your sister is 11, does that mean shes starting at secondary school? I hope she doesn't get any problems or bullying if she has an accident or needs to spend awhile on the loo.
Megan- I've enjoyed your stories alot too. It seems like your similar to me, I usually have a poo every two or three days as well. I think because of that my poos are often quite big and hard and then I need to strain a lot to push them out, I was wondering if that ever happens to you as well. Also I was wondering if your bowels have always followed that routine. Back when I was at primary school I went for a poo most days, I used to have a pretty strong need by lunchtime so right at the start of lunch break I would go on the loo. Our school loos were brilliant so I didn't have to worry about trying to put off my poo until I got back home, also there were two other girls in my class who were just the same as me, so I never got embarrassed as most days there were at least three of us having a poo at the same time. By contrast the loos at my secondary school were totally grim, I tried going for a poo there at the start but very soon I ended up holding it in until I got home and that's when I started to get constipated. I hope you were luckier than I am when you were at school and you didn't need a poo during the school day or if you did and couldn't keep it in till you got home you had decent toilets to use. I would love to hear any stories you might have about using the loo at school if you get the chance to post them.
Anyway, the story I'm going to post today is from last weekend, just after I got back from my camping trip with Lucy, Katie and Olivia. When we got back home Katie and Olivia stayed round my house an extra night as their parents were away on holiday for one more day and they didn't have any keys to get in. The morning after we got up late, I was going to go for a shower when I realised I didn't have any clean underwear left. Katie and Olivia said they had the same problem so I put a massive load of all our bras and knickers into the washing machine and then we just lazed around in our night clothes waiting for the washing to be done. We ate breakfast and not too long after I started to want a poo, it was a slight need at first but quickly got more urgent and I said "I'm just going to the loo a minute, I need a poo so I might be a while." Olivia rubbed her belly through her tee-shirt and said "I'm going to have to go in a bit as well." I went into my ensuite and left the door open so we could keep chatting, I lifted my tee-shirt, pulled down my purple knickers and sat on the loo, immediately releasing a gushing wee. I could feel my poo starting to poke out of my bum and I relaxed to see how far it would come out before I had to start pushing. The tip emerged and then I felt the urge to push so I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I could feel a bit more coming out but once I started to relax I could feel it starting to get sucked back up so I had no choice but to give another big push to keep it moving. The poo crept out really slowly getting fatter and harder all the time. "Sorry about this" I panted as I strained, "Its been a few days since I last had a poo so I'm a bit bunged up I guess."
Olivia said "Don't worry, its going to be the same for me in a minute." I tried to smile, then went up on my toes and reached round behind myself to pull my bum cheeks apart and gave another hard push, I could feel myself going red, partly from embarasment at needing to strain so hard in front of my friends and partly because I was having to make a such a big effort to push my poo out. Once again it slid out a tiny amount, my poor bum hole was stretched really wide and I could feel some knobbly bits passing through. I took another deep breath and pushed again, my hardest push yet, I couldn't help grunting after I'd released my breath but by now I didn't care, I just wanted this huge log to drop. After a couple more hard pushes and embarasing grunts the log started to slide out more quickly as I'd got the widest part out, I still had to push a bit but not as hard as before. Finally with a sigh I felt it fall from my bum hole and splash down into the loo, but straight away I could feel another log making its way out. Olivia was sitting on her heel, she said "How much longer are you going to be, I'm really bursting?" I said "I've just got one more bit to do," and pushed gently, this one was much softer and smaller and so was sliding out quite easily. It plopped into the toilet soon after. "Right, I'm done," I said. "Would you like me to wipe standing up so you can get on the loo straight away?" Olivia nodded and stood up, she lifted her tee- shirt and pulled down her yellow knickers with pink and blue spots before sitting on the loo. She sighed as she started to wee a strong stream, meanwhile I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom. As I was doing so Olivia finished her wee and I could see from her belly that she was starting to push, suddenly she farted and we all giggled. When I was done I said "Move forward so I can chuck this paper away," as she did so I could see the head of a dark brown log poking out of her bum. I pulled up my knickers, let down my tee-shirt and went to sit over with Katie. I was releaved to hear Olivia having to push hard and end up grunting just as I had done, I suppose it made me feel a bit less awkward for doing it earlier. After a while of straining she panted "Its coming!" and shortly after we heard a loud splash and a sigh of releaf. She then passed some smaller pieces before ripping off some paper and wiping her bottom. By now the washing was done, it was a nice day so I quickly got dressed and hung it on the line, but I put a bra and pair of knickers for each of us in the ????ble dryer so they would be dry by the time we'd had a shower and then we could get dressed. I went back up to my room to find Katie on the loo but she only needed a wee. We then had a shower, got dressed and lazed around for the rest of the day doing nothing! Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

At the weekend I went to an outdoor show. I had to wee when I was there so I queued for the portaloos. A woman came out and I went in. Either she or someone before her had done a poo that hadn't flushed properly and there were a couple of pieces half hidden under some paper. I hovered and weed and gave it another flush but nothing happened. There was water though, so I rinsed my hands and left.

Fart survey;

1. Do you usually pass gas in public or wait until you are in a restroom stall?
I do fart in public but only if nobody is likely to hear! If I know I'm going to the toilet within a few minutes I will wait until I get there.

2. Have you ever heard others farting in the public restroom stall and what were they like They were loud, buzzing, wet...
I've heard loads of other women farting in the toilets. All types- loud, quiet, long and short!

3. Are you farts usually soft, medium, or loud in sound?
Medium usually.

4. In terms of odor, are your farts no odor, moderate, and strong on average.
Pretty mild, sometimes nothing and sometimes moderate.

5. can you control all your farts or some of them come so sudden where you can't control?
I can control them but it feels very uncomfortable to keep them in.

6. Do you have Wet farts Often and do you immediately go to wipe afterwards?
Not very often and only if it's really wet!

7. if you have a serious or bout of farts, do you go the restroom stall to wipe or just wait until you have to go to clean it up?
If I did a load of wet farts I'd go and wipe.

8. Do you usually pass gas while peeing the toilet.
Pretty often yes.

9. have anybody heard you or have you heard anybody else fart while talking on the phone?
No, I've never phoned someone while I or they were on the toilet!

10. Do you pass gas more when you are constipated or over-hydrated


1. Where you were in a public restroom stall and heard someone else passing gas.
I went to pee today in a shop and I heard someone do a soft fart.

2. Where there was an especially loud fart when in the public restroom ?
One day at university I was on the toilet and someone in another cubicle did a really really loud fart- don't know who though!

3. A situation where in the public restroom, you heard someone fart and then take a dump or long pee.
I've heard people hurry in and let out farts while getting onto the toilet or just as they sit down and then pooing fairly frequently.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amelie first welcome to the site and great story about you and your sister Pipers challenge of not using a toilet it sounds like you had a pretty good first day it sounds like you had alot of fun to and I look forward to reading more about it and how your sister does to thanks.

To: Althea as always another great story it sounds like the one girl was having a pretty good poop I bet she felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina first welcome to the site and it sounds like a pretty healthy pooper which is good and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had another pretty good poop and great story about hearing all those other girls pooping it sounds you picked the time when everyone had to poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl first welcome back and as always another great story it sounds like you had a great dump and look forward to anything else you might post about this trip and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miss D as always another great story it sounds like your stomach didnt like you that day and decided to give you hell I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elena as always another great story about hearing your friends mom pooping it sounds like she was having alot of fun blasting out those farts it sounds like she really had to go and i bet she felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Goldie as always another great story that sucks that you got diarrhea it could that your alergic to something or it coud be medical if it contiues to much longer I suggest going to a gasrtontologist how ever thats spelled since they specialize in that subject and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love thsi site

I really enjoy this site and you need real people for their stories so here's mine. I'm a 55 year old single man in California who has been fascinated by bodily functions for some time. I've always been very attracted to a pretty woman's butt. Women have said I have a beautiful body since childhood. I could stand to lose some weight, but daily vigorous exercise, a vegetarian diet, and lots of water keep me as regular as a person could wish for. I wake up around 4:00 for a pee and then about an hour later comes the first bowel evacuation of the day. I'll usually shit a couple of more times before 7:00 and then once in a while after work too.
Sometimes I'm fascinated at the design of the human body. I believe that only God could create a universe of this stunning complexity. So I find it interesting that God have us hunger so that we would have to struggle for food. But he/she created these bodies that produce this noxious waste that is highly dangerous if not treated properly. God could have created a digestive system that simply eviscerated food without producing waste, but that's not the case. Why did he want shit to stink? I have a theory about that. If you're interested try dropping me a line since I'm not sure many want a treatise on Eastern philosophy when they want to read about excrement! You know the old saying, "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and they all stink!"
I have one shitting story from years ago that was pretty embarrassing. I was on the last day of a seven-day water and fruit juice fast when my brother and I were out walking miles from home. Having recently become vegetarian, my body was transitioning to a healthier diet in addition to the seven days without food. We were still a long way from a toilet when I began to get a very uncomfortable pressure originating from my intestinal region. I knew it was going to be a spectacularly disgusting release of feces. I remember the pressure building as we got to within a few blocks of the house and wondering if I was going to make it to Relief Central. Trying to hold in that much waste while walking that far is not pleasant. So we finally get to the house and before I could even get my pants down the explosion of crap ruined my shorts and my Levis which were immediately discarded. I thought back to the many years of consuming mass quantities of everything. Being an athlete at 6'3" tall and over 200 pounds, I could consume a lot of calories including a lot of dead animals that get trapped in the colon. it was such a relief to get rid of all of that foul shit, but it sticks in my memory as the worst pooping experience in a life of generally outstanding digestive health.

This is embarrassing to even admit, but lately I have been having diarrhea nonstop. Gross, I know!Usually after popping some Immodium, I'm okay. But the medicine wore off at the worst time one day: Right in the middle of my history test!My teacher is really mean. He won't let anybody go to the bathroom during a test cause he thinks we'll like cheat or something.So I had to just rush through the test as fast as possible, all the while trying hard to hold it in.Just as I was handing in my paper, though, I couldn't help it - I let out a little fart. And, yes, I actually pooed myself a little!Everybody could smell what just happened, and they all started cracking up. All I could so was run to the girls room as quickly as possible. But I was mortified!I might be cured of diarrhea, but all the crap I take now makes me sick to my stomach!


When I poop

Yes, I poop, but differently at different times of the day.
When I wake up in the morning, I often fart, usually one, a long one, sometimes twice, the second one is short, as most came out with the first fart. Sometimes, after farting, my stomach will have a little cramp, and I know I will soon, very soon, have to poop. Then I get up, and get ready to go. The poop starts to come out by itself, no pressure, no pushing. It starts to move down, I feel my hole start to open a little, then wider and wider until the poop starts to come out in one big gush. Then a little bit more has to come out, and a Little push brings out a thin small thin one.
Mid day, if I do not go in the morning, I may be constipated. The first fart to come out before the poo is a small fart, then the next fart is longer and louder, and I have to go. The first poop is big, and I have to push a lot to get it out. The other poops are smaller and come out easily.
Sometimes I poop in the afternoon, then the poops are just soft, no farts, no pushing. Those are the most comfortable.
Most days these are the times I go.


doorless toilets and latrines

Hi! I'm new here. After seeing Althea's story, I was wondering if anyone else had any doorless or stalless toilets or latrine stories.


I'm Back!

Hey frequent forum goers! It's great to be back here at the Toilet. In case you don't remember me, (which you most likely don't), I'm Noah. I'm 18 (was 17 last time I posted) years old, am about 6ft 4in, and live in Ohio. In my life I have encountered many instances involving the taboo that is bodily functions. Being a person that is interested in that stuff, I can almost say that I've been blessed with interesting experiences, most of which have been with a few friends of mine: Bea, Shannon, and Drew. All three of these girls have been my friends since grade school and, even though I'm a guy, they have always felt perfectly comfortable talking to me about almost anything. Of course, I do have other friends, who are an assortment of guys and girls, but almost all of the instances that I've seen or been involved with have been with these three. I guess I should give a brief description of the three girls.

Bea is from Australia, but was brought to the states via her father getting a job in the Toledo Zoo (Toledo is very near to where I live). She actually has some sort of condition (that I can't remember the name of :P) that causes most of her waste to be really thin and formless. It also makes it smell pretty darn bad, no matter what she had eaten. She is the friend that I have witnessed most experiences with, and is still one of my closest friends to this day.

Shannon and I have lived down the door from each other since we were both 10. She's a very short, red headed girl who is really athletic. In fact, if I recall correctly, she is going to the local community college next year for volleyball. I've shared quite a few experiences with her as well.

Drew became my friend in school, just like Bea. But, instead of starting out by meeting as friends, I actually had a crush on her, and just wanted to get to know her in hopes of maybe becoming something more to her. Surprisingly, this almost worked. We became good friends, but soon I only began to see her as one of my best friends, and realized that I would be happier as one of her best friends instead of her boyfriend. She is probably the girl that I've seen the least of when it comes to experiences.

There are tons of stories about these girls that I have in my memory bank, but I'm going to leave you with a story that didn't have anything to do with them. This is also the happening that caused me to come back to this forum to continue posting.

Yesterday was one interesting day. Being a part of the football team, I had to participate in a meeting to consecrate the new football stadium that we had built over the summer. The team and the band were walked out on to the turf as we sung (the band played) our school's alma mater, followed by the Our Father (yes, I go to Catholic School :P). After this, we all walked back through the middle entrance and on to the soccer field to wait for the freshman team, so we could open the soccer season with a fall sports prayer. Well, the opposing soccer team's bus was delayed in traffic, so the football team and the band were stuck on the bleachers (and ground, in some cases) waiting for the opposing team to show up so we could time the opener correctly. Now, I had already had to use the bathroom since before I suited up to bless the field, and since it didn't appear that any bus was going to pull into the lot any time soon, I walked back into the woods to pee. I went back fairly far into the woods, so I wouldn't be seen, but didn't move any further when I heard a rustling sound ahead of me. Slowly, I peered over, to see two members of the band (both were female, and I recognized one as a flag girl, but didn't know her name.). The flag girl was pacing slightly, as the other girl looked around the site, but didn't see me at all (I'm not the smallest guy, I'm not sure how a tree blocked me from view lol). I heard them talking to each other, the flag girl saying things like, "Did you see anyone?", "are the trees blocking us from all sides?", "I gotta go now, I'm bursting!" At that note, I realized what they were doing: The flag girl had to use the bathroom, and is using the second girl to keep watch. I continued to watch out of the corner of my eye as I undid my belt, untied my pants, and began to pee near a tree. As I was going, I saw it. The flag girl, a petite blonde with her curled hair in a ponytail, was squatted, pants and (presumably) panties around her knees. I was already finished peeing, but was entranced by the scene. I couldn't look away from it for some reason. Slowly, I saw a small brown log exit the girl's butt, along with a waterfall of pee that would put a bull to shame. The stream endured throughout her entire poo, which consisted of 4 more thick looking poos and a load of semisolid stuff. Her entire expulsion was filled with 'oohs' and 'ahhs' other sounds of pleasure and relief. After she was handed a wad of tissues, I realized that I had better go, so I wouldn't get caught. Thankfully, I had made it back in time for the ceremony to begin, and caught a glimpse of the now relieved flag girl standing at attention on the opposite sideline, with a smile on her face.

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