No toilets, day 2

It's Thursday afternoon, and Piper and I are in the middle of day 3 of our toilet challenge. I'll be sure to post about today's events later, once the day is over. For now though, Wednesday's pees and poops.

When I woke up, I found that I had, of course, wet the bed last night. However, I was surprised at how much I peed. I was thoroughly drenched and there was a huge wet spot. I took off all the sheets and threw them all in the laundry, then I took a shower. I tried not to pee in the shower, so I could go some place more interesting, but I couldn't hold it any longer.

In the afternoon, I had to poop. I had bought a diaper earlier for just that purpose and had it in my purse. I went to the family bathroom on campus. I made sure to lock the door behind me, and took off my jeans and thong and slipped on the diaper. It felt weird wearing one, and even weirder once I began to pee, and then poop in it. The experience was not as fun as thought it would be. Anyway, when I finished, I disposed of the diaper in the diaper bin. I don't know exactly how it works, but it completely eliminated the poop odor, even though there was at least five other diapers in the bin before I disposed of mine. I wiped my butt really thoroughly with toilet paper, but still felt messy. I washed my hands, redressed, and exited the bathroom. A man and his very young son entered right after me. I felt a bit embarrassed, even though there's no way he could have known that I had just pooped in a diaper.

Then just before I left campus, I returned to the botanical gardens and peed in the same spot I had used on Tuesday. Finally, about an hour before bedtime, I had to pee again. I walked about five minutes to the park, and I figured there wouldn't be anyone in the park bathrooms at 9:30 at night, so I went into the men's room. I hovered and peed in the urinal. It was actually really fun. Just a shame I likely won't get many chances to do it.

Okay, so, that's all for this post. Piper says she'll try and post about what she did on Wednesday.


Post Title (optional)comment to john H

To John H Yes I am VERY lucky My wife has taken care of my special needs for over 20 years. She does pee in the tupperware (before her poo) but pours it off as Im not into the pee thing. Pee would spoil the poo even though hers are stiff and fat oh yeah!!as I like them(she calls them her fatties) I totally realize how lucky I am. And I hope you become as "lucky" as me. I would say upfront honesty as scary as it was has lead to our awesome relationship......dont be afraid if she loves you she will provide. My wife doesnt get any benefit from my special needs except she knows I love it.....dont give up she is out there....................Pooluver and thanks PS she knows I put this online and she hopes to help guys like you

Saturday, September 08, 2012


No toilets, day 1

My sister Piper and I have a challenge going at the moment. The idea is that, beginning today (Tuesday), we won't use the toilet at all for three days. We will need to find fun and creative places to pee and poop. By the way, I am 23, turning 24 next month, and Piper is 27.

This morning, I had my first pee of the day during my shower. It wasn't very exciting and I wanted to find better things to try. Later on I had to pee after my first lesson at school. I decided to go find a secluded spot in the botanical gardens. It took me a while to find a place where I wouldn't be seen by anybody, and by the time I did I was really bursting to go. But I loved the naughty feeling of peeing where I wasn't supposed to.

I arrived at school before my second lesson and I went to the single occupant bathroom. I pulled out my drink cup from lunch and peed into it. I dumped my pee in the toilet and then threw out the cup. In the afternoon, I tried peeing in the kitchen sink at home. I found it difficult to keep my balance, but once I started peeing, it was pretty fun.

After dinner, I had to poop. I decided to poop in the trash can. When I had positioned myself properly, I let loose from both ends. I was glad that all my poop ended up in the bag and that I didn't miss. That wouldn't have been fun to clean up. I took the trash out to the dumpster so it didn't stink up the house.

It's now getting late and I'm going to bed in about an hour. I'm going to drink a big glass of water and just pee the bed tonight. I like the idea of wetting the bed on purpose. I'll let you know how it goes. For now, Piper sent me a message of what she wanted to post to the forum, so below is exactly what she wrote.

"Hi everyone. I think this site is so cool. I want to share how I did for the first day of our challenge. I woke up and had to pee quite badly. I stood in the laundry room and peed my panties before putting them in the laundry. Some dripped on the floor so I cleaned it up. I didn't have to pee again until late in the afternoon. I was out running, so I squatted behind some bushes and had a long pee. About an hour ago, I peed in a wide mouthed water bottle. Squatting over it, most of my stream missed and I had to clean the floor again. I'm glad I have tiled floors and not carpet. I think I will try to use the bottle again but hold it up to my pee-hole. Anyway, that's all I have right now, bye."

Mr. Clogs

Comment and a questions


Mrs. Toilet Trooper: I enjoyed your story about using a funnel to pee into a bottle and pass it around to your friends in the back seat of Coco's car. Keep the posts coming. I was thinking of an old school song called "Pass the Dutchie on the left", you know what I mean. Anyways I enjoy your stories and look forward

Elena: Nice story about going outside to poop and digging a hole with a toy shovel.

Anne: Keep the posts coming, I enjoy your stories too.

Okay now onto my questions. Does anybody keep a cup, bottle, or some kind of container in their bedroom for the purpose of peeing or pooing into? Do you use it in the middle of the night when you have to use the bathroom and too tired to walk to the bathroom and use the toilet, when someone else is in the bathroom using the toilet or taking a shower, or just for the fun and convenience? Also when you're doing using the cup or some kind of container, do you dispose of the piss or poop filled container or cup right after you use it or wait a while to dispose of it? I look forward to your response.

Take Care,

Mr. Clogs



Desperate Jill: See my earliest posts from when I worked in a dep't store at Christmas. I was 16. The lines were really long. It was women and girls. Many of them were moving their bowels. The line was 6-10 deep. Many were desperate. There was a 9 year old girl tellling her mother, "I really have to go. I've held it for too long." When a stall opened up, she gave her coat to her mother, undid her green corduroy pants and pink panties to her ankles in the stall. She was sitting and her mother looked in on her. Her feet were on her tip-toes like a little girl. She said, "I am not finished. I got more in me" Her mother said, "Just sit there until you are finished." I was glad because I had to urinate badly. I took a stall, lifted my green dress and white slip, pulled down my white cotton full-cut briefs and red panty-hose to my knees and let out my pee. I left them in there because I had to get back to my post. See my posts about Girl Scout camp and road races, also. When I was in 1st-3rd grade, the teacher would take us to the bathroom in the morning and afternoon. All of the classes on the same floor would go to the bathrooms at the same time. There were lots of stalls, so there was no long waiting. Most girls had to pee, so it was in and out of the stalls like a conveyor belt. I saw so much underwear in different colors and patterns that it wasn't even funny. There were no bikinis in those days, only panty briefs, full-cut. It was a meeeting place for us girls to make friends and even "compare" ourselves. Sometimes, we would go to the toilet by ourselves or with a classmate.

One Easter holiday, I was in a park preserve with my GS troop.. I was 12. It was about 11AM and I had to urinate. Two other girls from my troop joined me. When we walked into the public latrine, there was a girl brunette about 16 sitting on one of the toilet seats cemented over the holes. She was skinny as a rail, her blue jeans and white panties at her ankles. One girl said, "I have to do #1." The other said, "So do I." We took seats on the latrine, pulled down our jeans and panties to our ankles. One of the girls was wearing aqua panties with white band-legs. The rest of us were wearing white cotton briefs. The brunette said, "I am making #2 and I could not hold it any longer. The girls and I took our pees, wiped ourselves and kept the brunette company. She had her roll of toilet paper. She was telling us that she lived in the area and she and some other girls were camping out down the road. She grabbed her stomach, pulled her legs together and squeezed out a 15 sec.long buzzing fart. She said how she drank hot tea and it broke the gas in her.

I have a survey. Tell about your first bathroom experiences at school, when you were in elementary school 1st-3rd grades.

1. Do you usually pass gas in public or wait until you are in a restroom stall I wait until I am in the stall or in the bathroom itself.

2. Have you ever heard others farting in the public restroom stall and what were they like They were loud, buzzing, wet, whistling.

3. Are you farts usually soft, medium, or loud in sound Loud

4. In terms of odor, are your farts no odor, moderate, and strong on average. no odor to moderate

5. can you control all your farts or some of them come so sudden where you can't control such I can control them. Lately, they have been sudden.

6. Do you have Wet farts Often and do you immediately go to wipe afterwards Yes to both

7. if you have a serious or bout of farts, do you go the restroom stall to wipe or just wait until you have to go to clean it up Yes, if they are wet.

8. Do you usually pass gas while peeing the toilet. Sometimes.

9. have anybody heard you or have you heard anybody else fart while talking on the phone Yes, when I was in HS, I would call a classmate who would be on the toilet.

10. Do you pass gas more when you are constipated or over-hydrated Yes to both.


1. Where you were in a public restroom stall and heard someone else passing gas. Yes. See my many posts.

2. Where there was an especially loud fart when in the public restroom Yes many times. I heard one from a female judge and from a few girls in HS and college. Another was my older female cousins.

3. A situation where in the public restroom, you heard someone fart and then take a dump or long pee. When I was a girl scout at a park picnic, during school from another girl and two teachers on different occasions in the girls bathroom and department stores. While in church, I heard one of the churchwomen on the toilet squeezing out a fart. Another time, it was her daughter who was my HS classmate.


five poos

I'm Mina, Korean woman with Japanese nationality, in my 20s, medium-size, rounded waggling butt, prominent rounded cheeks, turned-up nose. Not beautiful....but not ugly, I hope. I hope my English OK, I lived in Wales in my teen.

Yesterday I went to loo to poo FIVE TIMES. The second one was very big and took more than 10 minutes. It was soft but more kept on coming at 2-minute intervals. The other four were fairly small, but the last two were noisy with loud farts.

I poo a lot because I eat a lot, but five times?? Only times I did that before were diarrhea. But yesterday not diarrhea. Is it normal to poo five times in one day without diarrhea? And I thought I was empty after that but today I have been to poo twice already, both medium-size. Soft but still not diarrhoea.

Here is the story that happened about 12 yrs ago, that i spoke about from my last post on page 2008. I was flying to China en route to Indonesia from the states. A long flight considering there are 2 layovers, one in L.A. and one in Tia Pai, on this particular trip, each was about 5 hours. At my departing local airport, I arrived in plenty of time, checked the bags, went upstairs to the gate and still had more than a hour to wait, I think it was fairly early that day, if I remember correctly probably 7am or so, because my first movement is always when I wake up, and then usually some other time later in the day after lunch or around dinner, depends on the food that I eat during the day...Anyway, our airport is really nice, TPA is really clean as opposed to say Vegas which is terrible, so I took my carry on, and went to the men's room, this one had all the stalls on the left, a dividing wall, and the urinals and sinks on the right. Man, there were a lot of stalls in this bathroom, at least 8 which is a lot for a typical men's room,(that reminds me on another story when I was in the Bahama's, I will write about that soon,but I digress) as I turned the corner and looked down the row, all i saw were suitcases, and shoes in each stall, stall after stall, a rather full house! The only stall that was open was the very last, handicap stall. I settled in that one, and it was like the hall of the sphincter's symphony! It was pretty funny, first time i ever remember something like it. There were so many stalls behind the wall that the sounds echoed around the area...and these folks were getting their business done! Must have been the time of day! Anyway, I finished up there, and there were more guys waiting...then a uneventful flight to L.A. for 5 hours. A layover there for another 5 hours before the trip to Tia Pai. I decided to grab a bite and walk around, so I had some spicy buffalo wings. Never eat spicy buffalo wings before a 13 hour nonstop to china. And that coming from someone with a good digestive tract! Man, about a couple of hours into the flight I started to get bad gas pains. Funny that I was on the isle seat and there were 4 or 5 seats in our row, so it was like revolving chairs, I am not sure if the isle seat is the best seat for long distance flights, any way, one of the bathrooms on the plane was just a few rows in front of us. Every time I would just dose off, or start reading or something, one of my 5 neighbors would get up to use the bathroom, seemed like all flight it was like a rotating Que...There was a mother and teenage Asian daughter, and some other women and a man. There was peeing and pooping going on throughout the flight from our row, and I am glad that the loo was close to our seat, as the gas from those damn wings from me was bad, so i was up and down a lot, others must have thought i had the runs or something, but just gas that i wasn't going to share in public on a plane, god i hate when others dint have a little courtesy and do the same, but anyway, after 13 hours I arrive in Tia Pai in the wee hours of the morning their time.. I had a five hour layover at the airport there also. There was not many people at the gate waiting, maybe 15 or so. A long flight to travel half way around the world! By now it was time for another episode due to those wings and the nasty Chinese food on the plane, that food didn't resemble any Chinese food i have ever eaten in the states! So i walk over the the men's room to let this shit out, and there is an Asian women in there cleaning the sinks. The sinks were opposite the stalls to the right of the door, so when you walk in you have to turn right to get to the stalls, i don't remember seeing any urinals only squat toilets, about 4 or 5 of them, the bathroom wasn't too large. When i turned the corner and saw the lady cleaning i was sort of surprised, and went to turn around and leave, but she signaled to come in. I thought she was done or something, so I walked past her, nodded thanks, and went into the last stall. These stalls had rather high partitions from the floor considering the squat toilets, as you could see the entire adjoining toilet with not much effort.I was the only one in the bathroom using it, until i realized that the cleaning lady went into the stall at the other end of the row and started to wash them out with the hose that is in each stall and a mop. I was filling the pan good with semi solid poo, and this lady was working her way down to my end.I was in there at that point a few minutes and she was cleaning the pan right next to me! Now i could see here feet, up the calf, so i now she could see the pan below me no problem, but she continued to clean next door, as i continued to poop! she finished up, and left there after..As soon as she left some other guy came in and took a squat in the stall to doors down and filled the pan, so i wiped up, and used the hose for the first time in a squat toilet, and then dried up, and took the last 7 hour leg to Indonesia. What a trip! I guess other cultures look a bathroom habits a bit differently! Till next time, keep up the good blog...By the way Brandon, your experience in the men's room with the lady weeing, reminds me of another story that happened to me at a local outdoor mall I will write about soon, something that was a bit different but still funny...Steve


29th Story

To Alison, Weird how you don't like toilets because I really like them. Clearly a chamber pot was not built for people who have large poops.
To Ryan, I never have any poops that hurt my bum they are always soft,thick and long.

So I was at a wedding on Saturday. The wedding was at a winery with 60 people there. We all got there by limo. Because nobody had to drive mostly everyone drank lots of "Water". The dinner was quite large I had a salad, lobster soup, halibut with lots of peppers all around it, and a chocolate mouse. After the wedding we all got in the limos and they drove us back to the hotel where everyone was staying. I really had to pee because I drank lots of "Water". The limo drive was 10 minutes long and everyone got out. The limo I was in was the last limo at the hotel. I got to my room where my aunt and uncle and other aunt and uncle were staying, as well as my 3 cousins. It was a lot of people for 1 room. Everyone was already in the room. My older uncle drank alot of "Water" so he was puking in the garbage can. I took my heels off and went into the small bathroom. I sat down and started peeing right away and got a little on my legs. I could barely focus. I didn't even wipe I just flushed. I also didn't even wash my hands. I went and passed out on a make shift bed on the floor. In the morning the kids who didn't drink "Water" woke me up. They wanted me to come swimming. I had a bad headache but I got my bikini and towel and went with them. When we got to the pool I realized I needed to have a big poo. I said I would be right in the pool just needed the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and into the stall. I pulled my bottom down to my knees and sat down. After 5 minutes I could feel pressure so I leaned and pushed harder then usual to get a thick 9" poo out. I let out a big fart then I wiped. I felt lighter after. I flushed and went swimming. See you later.

Punk Rock Girl

I went camping over labor day weekend at my fiance's uncle's cabin. We set up a tent in the woods a hundred feet or so from the cabin (which is tiny, just big enough for my uncle-in-law and his family). It was great sleeping outside and the weather cooperated most of the time. Great weekend.

The cabin has no bathroom. There's an outhouse, but it was infested with wasps. Most of us chose to just go in the woods. Now more often than not when I travel, I wind up having diarrhea. Usually, I'm constipated and my dumps are difficult, but when I go out of town, the floodgates open and everything comes rushing out. I've had more than my share of explosive squirts on airplanes, buses, trains, and once or twice in the bushes by the side of the road.

You can imagine my surprise when every one of my dumps this weekend was a huge, solid log that slipped out easily and landed neatly in the hole I dug for it. We were there for three nights and two days and during that time I took six or seven dumps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was eating like a pig, but it was all good hearty food, so that must have had something to do with every BM being big, long and pleasant.

I'm getting spoiled now, because the couple of dumps I've had since coming home have been the same. I'm waiting for either a boulder to get stuck up my ass or a chocolate fountain to come blasting out of it. Wish me and my bottom luck!

Hope everyone else had a fun and happy Labor Day with bowels as perfectly functioning as mine!



Miss D

Mushy Poo

Well today I was at work when I started to get the urge to use the bathroom. I figured I could hold it until lunchtime, but by the time 1230 came round I was fidgeting massively as I felt a soft log pushing at my anus. I hurried to the bathroom, unzipped my skirt and slipped my knickers down to my ankles, then sat on the cool seat.

As soon as I began to push, several soft but solid logs came rushing out in quick succession, leaving me feeling a bit nauseous but still quite full. I farted loudly then cautiously strained slightly, causing more mushy logs to shoot out. When I came to wipe, I found I was really messy back there and I still felt full.

Throughout the afternoon I kept feeling the urge to go again, on and off, and kept needing to pass wind. I tried not to fart though as I had a feeling it might not be just a fart if I released one. At half two I accidently let a fart slip out. I immediately felt a warm squidgy sensation between my bum cheeks and hurried to the bathroom. A small glob of mushy poop had followed through into my knickers. I got cleaned up, then realised I had some more wanting out so I sat on the toilet and released a few more smelly mushy logs. This was followed by another lengthy clean up.

On my afternoon break I took another crap, this one was even looser than my previous two. It wasn't diarrhea but it wasn't exactly solid either. I slowly wiped golden brown sludge off my bum, pulled up my skirt and returned to the shopfloor. I told my manager I wasn't feeling too good and might need to use the bathroom again. She asked me if I was okay, so I told her I was having a bit of a mild upset stomach. She said she did as well, so perhaps we had the same bug or something.

I had another loose poo late on in the afternoon, then finished work at 4, and set off home. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom as my stomach felt really uneasy. I pulled my skirt and knickers down and sat on the toilet, massaging my upset stomach. I felt a strong cramp in my stomach, then the urge to go increased dramatically so I gently strained and a gush of runny poo splattered out of my bum. I groaned as another wave of diarrhea came gushing out. I spent fifteen minutes on the toilet releasing wave after wave of brown liquid out of my backside.

I have had to run back to the toilet twice since then to have loose bowel movement. My boyfriend is due back at 6 so I will let you know later how it goes. My stomach is still churning and very upset, so we shall see!

Miss D


Saw friends mom pooping

Sebastian: Today I had a similar experience with my friends mom wich I am about to post about.
Alright, today being the last day of summer break for me and my friend Betty, we decided to meet up and hang out at her house for a couple hours. It was only going to be me, her, and her mom there so I was more comfortable becouse her father is kinda mean so my mom dropped me off at their house and we hung out for a while. At one point we were sitting at the dining room table playing a board game when Betty who looks like her mom with natural black hair and healthy body went downstairs to go to the bathroom. After a couple minuets of silence her mom got up and walked into the bathroom, like Sebastian's story not closing the door. Also like Sebastian's story, she picked up a magazine and started turning pages at 1 minuet intervals. Then she farted and started to pee, knowing that her poop was coming out and not wanting to hear that I went downstairs to Betty who was still in the bathroom. I knocked,"what! I'm pooping!" she called back, "can I come in?" I asked. "no Im pooping" she laughed and then farted. "see there is proof I'm pooping" she laughed again. "okay I'll wait" I said and she laughed again. "you didn't think I was poopin' did you?" she asked and I replied with a yes. "oh, oh, wait wait wait........" a huge fart echoed through the bathroom. She laughed only to pause again and another fart blasted out. She laughed and laughed and I somewhat giggled. I heard her push and than exhale through her nose a couple times and then she repositioned herself I assume becouse I heard her shift I think. Then, "wait wait wait....." a huge fart blew out of her butt followed be three plops. We went back upstairs when she was done only to find her mom still pooping. We must have been down there for about 20 minuets.

This is embarrassing to even admit, but lately I have been having diarrhea nonstop. Gross, I know!Usually after popping some Immodium, I'm okay. But the medicine wore off at the worst time one day: Right in the middle of my history test!My teacher is really mean. He won't let anybody go to the bathroom during a test cause he thinks we'll like cheat or something.So I had to just rush through the test as fast as possible, all the while trying hard to hold it in.Just as I was handing in my paper, though, I couldn't help it - I let out a little fart. And, yes, I actually pooed myself a little!Everybody could smell what just happened, and they all started cracking up. All I could so was run to the girls room as quickly as possible. But I was mortified!I might be cured of diarrhea, but all the crap I take now makes me sick to my stomach!

I am new to this site and wanted to post an experience i had. I actually witnessed someone taking a dump. i used to work at a super market where their was this big mexican janitor named adrian. This janitor always took a big smelly dump in the bathroom right before he cleaned it. I would go in their and he'd be in the stall stinking up the place and i'd hear loud farting, plops and grunts.I have to admit, aside from the fatness, the guy was pretty hansom and the thought of him dropping a huge smelly, brown dook out of his jumbo can kind of excited me ( obviously i'm gay). one day i went into the bathroom and there was adrian as usual with his big mexican ass cheeks on the toilet and he left the door open!He was smiling at me and i knew this was an invitation to watch.I have found that mexican men are more willing to let you watch them poo. White guys are too prissy. Most mexican men i know, think that farting and pooping is natural and nothing to be embarassed about.I went into the stall and closed the door. Adrian gave me a big smile and then began to push. His face got scrunched up and some noisy farts came out, followed by several plops of poop. I could tell from the splash they made that they were big logs. He then began to tell me about all the good food he ate earlier. He said he ate four tacos and rice and beans and said it was ???? going in and felt good coming out.Then he started telling me about how he always likes to take a big stinky poop in the bathroom right before the prissy store manager comes in so the stench will knock him out. We both started laughing about this. I sat their and watched as he pushed out several more huge,logs. he waved his hand in front of his face and said " woo that is one stinky load i made.Then he took some toilet paper and began to wipe that big ass until all the brown was gone. As he lifted his cheeks slightly, i saw the logs in the toilet, they were HUGE!and man did they stink. Adrian flushed the toilet but the poop was so big it wouldn't go down.He said oh shit, i'm gonna have to plunge this one. So he got the plunger and pushed the poop down. the water got all brown and it really stunk. finally it went down. Adrian sprayed alot of air freshener because the smell was so strong. Then we both left together talking about what happened.


30th Story

So school just started for me. I felt the urge to poo in the class before lunch break. I decided to go to the bathroom at lunch. At lunch I put my things in my locker and my friend Emily said she needed to hand some things in at the office. I said I needed to use the bathroom. I walked in and saw 2 of the 3 stalls being used and somone at the sink. I like using school bathrooms for some reason. I took the open middle stall and pulled my shorts down below my knees and sat down. The toilet made my bum seem bigger. The stall to my left had a younger girl with red panties down to her ankles. She had small plops. The other seemed my age and was silent. Sitting for 2 minutes the older girl moved her legs then a explosive fart came out of her. 2 people were waiting and they giggled. Then she had another. The younger girl left. I got a text message from Emily asking where I was. I said in the bathroom pooing. The next girl in the stall had to lay down toilet paper on the seat. She also hovered to have her pee. I pushed out a 8" poo but not as thick as usual. See you later.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alison first welcome to the site and great story about your new chamber potty I look forward to the results thanks.

To: Catarina as always another great story it sounds like you had a prett good poop in that porta potti and yeah some them can very nasty and become like a sauna on hot days and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sebastian great story about seeing your friends wifes poop in the toilet it sounds like she really had to go and I bet that memory will last forever.

Abourt an hour ago I heard a girl poop at that bookstore I was headed towrds the bathroom cause I had to poop myself but a girl got in there first and right she started having diarrhea it didnt sounds like urgent diarrhea and only lasted a couple minutes so im guesing it was a quick of it then I went in and pooped out a foot log 3 inch wide or so soft long and it was kinda messy since it was soft.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS.I love this site

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Anne- Sounds like you enjoy using that restaurant toilet! I enjoyed your stories.

Mrs Toilet Trooper- Another fun story! I think those sort of laws are a bit harsh.

Hannah B- I bet that was unusual and tricky, using that squat toilet to have a poo in. You say you and your friend often go outside- do you just pee, or have you ever done a number two outside?

Catarina- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a good poo after your run. Does exercising often get your bowels moving or was it just a coincidence that you had to poo after?

Ashley- Hope you had a great birthday! I enjoyed your posts about your night out. Sounds like you had to go a lot! I spent Saturday with my friend and I've posted about it below!

Just a Guy & Ryan- glad you liked my last post. Just a Guy, it certainly is bad needing the toilet and having to queue. Being a girl it happens to me quite a lot, and since I do poo in public toilets it happens even more often! I'd much rather queue for 10 minutes than have to try and wait for ages and hold on until I get home though- usually once I need to go I need to go pretty soon so that's not an option very often!

Like I said above I spent Saturday with my friend Sophie. I went round to her house and then we got the bus to town. Not long after we got there I needed to do a wee so I told Sophie and we both found a shop and used their toilets where we both weed. We went to McDonalds for lunch and after Sophie used their toilets to have another wee. We did some shopping and then I started to need a poo, having not been since mid-week. I thought I'd wait until we got to another shop with toilets but we didn't go to any others that had any. Soon I was needing one quite badly. We were heading for the bus now but although it was only a 15-minute ride I had strong doubts that I would make it back to her house so I needed to go before we left.
I said to Sophie that I needed the toilet for a poo. She jokingly asked why I hadn't gone in McDonalds and I said I didn't need to go then. Then she said, 'Can you wait until we get to my house?' I told her I didn't think I could because it was urgent. She said, 'ok. Let's find a toilet!' which we did. In a shop not too far away I went into the loos and took a seat and unloaded my number two while Sophie waited outside. I pushed out 6 logs and a couple of little pieces and came out ten minutes later feeling much better. Sophie asked if I was feeling better and I said yes so we got on the bus and went back to her house.
We both weed a couple of times while we were there before we went out in the evening to see a movie. We went for dinner first and then weed together before we went in. After the movie my bladder needed emptying again and so did Sophie's- as did her bowels! She told me she'd been needing a poo for half of the film and now she was just starting to get a bit desperate! We took adjacent cubicles and sat. I had my green knickers at my knees since I was only peeing and Sophie had her pink and white ones at her feet. We were both wearing skirts which we hitched up. I heard her push out two pieces with fairly loud plops and then she weed. After that she pushed out two more pieces as I was wiping myself after my wee. I went to wash my hands and a few minutes later she came out and we went home. It was a fun day!

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