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To: Heidi as always another great set of storiesyour first one it sounds like you made with just miliseconds to spare and your very lucky you didnt fart before that other wise it wouldve been alot worse and great story about your work bathroom it sopunds like it may be an inconveince for you and maybe others if soi they may have to change it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To:Susan as always another great story it sounds like your brother really helped you out in your time of need and it was lucky you had that kfc bucket to use and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like your firend was really there for you shes a true friend and and I bet you learned not hold it for so long and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story I wonder if that girl didnt like you or was jealous of you who knows and it sounds like she pooped alot and I bet she will think twice before doing that again cause she may get taped again and as always I look forward toy our next post thanks.

To: Tyler great story about you hearing your friend pee and poop I bet that memory weill last forever.

About an hour ago I heard 3 women poop I think the first sounded like she had diarrhea caused she flushed quickly after doing to minimize the smell probaly the 2nd I think pooped im not sure it sounded i heard some plops and the 3rd may have just farted after peeing but they sounded wet and all this happened at that bookstore.

Well thats all for now.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My crap schedule

Hey! I'm Daniel and I'm new here. I'm 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I get out of school at 2:25 PM. When I get off the bus and get home, I'm usually ready to poop. It usually comes out firm and a medium brown color with little effort to push. That's all.


Request/Question (ann)

To ANN (bathroom attandent):

Can you post more stories of working as a restroom/bathroom attandent ?

also do you have anystores of tthen that involves women caught/you saw/watched them go while working as attaendent or anythat used or had to do business in the trash or sink ?


Just a guy
Sabrina - Welcome to the site. Wow, it sounds like you and Eve really both had to go badly. It was a great story & I look forward to future posts.

Anne - Sorry to hear that your pregnancy is making it difficult to poop, but it sounded like that was a really relieving dump you had.

Ann - wow, you were a ladies room attendant for a hotel. I bet you have some interesting stories for this site. I'm not into the vomiting stories, but if you recall any interesting stories about pooping or farting, please do post.

Desperate to poop - As usual, that was a great story with lots of detail of what was going on. It sounds like you had a really relieving dump after an unfortunately long wait.

Hermes - another great story. As Mrs. J said, it really sounded like she was busting to go.

Abbie - I'm glad to see you're still posting - it was a great story about you and your friend, Olivia.

Mina - wow, 5 poos in one day - with one being a quite large one. I'm glad it wasn't diarrhea - I usually go 1 to 2 times, but 3 times has happened on occasion. I also can recall a very few occasions of having to gone 4 times in a day, but don't think I can top your 5 (excluding diarrhea trips, that is).

Megan - as usual, I enjoy your posts and appreciate your replies. It sounds like both Sophie and you had good dumps while you spent your Saturday out.

Catarina - another great story - sounded like a nice big relieving dump. Sorry your friends rushed you out. If it was me, I would have just finished up.

Sebastian - Wow, great story. It sounds like your friend's wife really had to go!

So.. I'm a long time lurker, and I've finally got a few stories to add to this site, since I've just gotten on some meds that darken your turds, and give you either diarrhea or constipation.

Well, before I took these meds, I used to have bowel movements about every 3 days, and would only push out about 1-2 turds.
When I started on them, I started to be able to have a bm at least once a day, usually 1-3 now, and it's usually dark with very soft turds. Well, beats having to feel full all the time, and not being able to go!
Weirdly enough, I haven't been constipated at all as my doctor warned me about, but I've gotten diarrhea (the type that keeps you constantly running to the bathroom)for the first two times in my life.

Other than that...
A while ago, I heard somewhere that there might be female urinals installed in some public washrooms near where I live... Quite interesting, although I'm pretty sure it's just a rumor...

also, my mom is VERY open about her bowel movements, up to the point of talking about the consistency, how many turds she pushes out...
I found that out when we were on vacation, and she kept on telling us how she had/didn't have a bm that day, etc. Me and the rest of my family had to repeatedly tell her that we didn't want to hear that(although some people on here might).
I want to keep this relatively short, since it's my first post... so CYA for now.

Mr. Clogs

Making emergency a pit stop

I was out yesterday (Wednesday) going to a client's house to set up their computer. I was on my way when my desperation to pee grew strong. I pulled to a gas station to "unload" some fluids. So I went inside and asked a attractive young woman about late 20s early 30s about my height, tan completion, nice long black hair and glasses where's the restroom. She said it around the building and to take the key and bring it back. I said thanks and took the key and made my way to bathroom. I unlocked the door and found restroom remarkably clean with nice toilet paper and a hand drier. So I unzipped pull out the woody and released a hard steady stream of pee into the toilet. I was going for about 30 seconds strong to the last few seconds started to slow down and taper off. I felt relieved and gave the woody a good shake. I zipped up and washed my hands and dried my hands off. I made my way back to the cash register to give back the key and say good bye to the lovely cashier and bought a pack of gum and left to go to the client's house to setup their computer (I can tell she liked me :)). Oh well that made my day special.

Susan: Interesting story about peeing and pooping into the KFC bucket as a kid.

Heidi: I enjoyed your 35th story about having diarrhea in the bathroom. Hope you feel better.

zip: WOW! That was sneaky of your friends to do that, at I hope you've enjoyed using the squat toilet.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: I really enjoyed your story about your neighbor surveying her and literally catch her and her dog in the act! She and her dog is nasty neighbors.

That's all for now enjoy your day.

Mr. Clogs


Evening Poop with my Fiance

So it's Thursday, and yesterday evening I had my first poo since Sunday in the park portajohn. I was watching TV with my fiance (he way my boyfriend in previous posts; since we discovered I'm carrying his child we decided to get married this coming spring.) and my dinner of a large cobb salad got things moving in the bowel department. I've been trying to eat more fiber, especially raw vegetables, to prevent the pregnancy constipation (which I hear is quite commom) from getting unmanageable.

I went into our bathroom and pulled my bright pink cotton panties to my knees (otherwise I had just a bra on, it was a hot evening and we don't have air conditioning.) I relaxed, and pretty quickly a large but comfortable log was sliding out at a moderate pace: I'd say it took perhaps two minutes to exit without any pushing, much quicker than my portajohn behemoth but not as quick as my poops of a month ago. I peed a bit at the end, but not much because I had peed right after dinner perhaps an hour before.

I stood up and looked in the toilet: it was a solid log a foot by two inches, the color of a supreme dark chocolate bar. I called my fiance in to take a look. He really likes to see my poops and I indulge him whenever he's there when I poop at home. He looked in the toilet and said "Nice one, honey!" and gave me a thumbs up. I crumpled up some toilet paper and said "would you like to do the honors?" He enthusiastically replid "Would I?!"

I handed him the paper, then I put my hands on the vanity for balance as I bent over a little bit. I could see him clearly in the mirror as he wiped me slowly all the way up my crack, then he closely inspected the paper, folded it over and wiped me one more time. The second wipe had just a small trace of brown on it so he said "I think that'll suffice" and I pulled up my panties and washed my hands. He did the honor of flushing as well. We went back to the couch and snuggled as best we could in the heat.

I'm so happy I have a partner I can share my poo with!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Mr. Clogs

Hey. It's Lt. Toilet Trooper with another situation. Three weeks ago, I saw a question proposed by one of my favourite posters on, Mr. Clogs, about the odour of urine on page 2216. Of course, Mr. Clogs, this one is for you. Apparently, Mr. Clogs, this post is long overdue because you asked this question ages ago, but it's overdue for good reason because it resulted in me conducting "pissperiments." Shortly after I considered Mr. Clogs' question when I returned from the natural hair convention in Raleigh noted in my story "Take One Down, Pass It Around" on page 2217, I consumed over two cups of fresh iced tea while I watched flicks on MAX GO. About halfway into the movie, the urge to piss instantly attacked my bladder walls, forecasting an upcoming tropical storm. However, instead of using the toilet, I grabbed the McDonald's cup that I just sipped from, positioned it under my womanhood, and unleashed a stable stream of dark golden piss for about 25 seconds, filling the cup more than halfway. I sniffed the piss in the cup, and, to my surprise, it smelt almost identical to popcorn, almost fresh from the movie theatre. I thought to myself, "WTF? I know my piss doesn't smell like this all the time." Thus, I decided to conduct experiments on the scents of my piss based upon what I drink. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a long cup from the dish drain, and downed eighteen full cups of ice water at once without even leaving the kitchen. Apparently, when I down such large amounts of beverages, I usually spend the rest of my night pissing, which unleashing is one of the greatest feelings ever to me. With my stomach hard and bloated from downing so many cups of cold water, I trekked upstairs, where even before I reached the top, the urge to piss attacked me. If you know me well enough, you would know that my bladder is crackhead teeth-weak to the point where the first urge I experience feels like an accident in the making.

I gathered another large McDonald's cup that I used for pencil shavings, and too placed it under my womanhood. I unleashed a heavy stream for about 30 seconds, filling the cup with clear piss. I smelt the piss, which, at that time, was practically odourless. Due to downing so much water, I spent most of the day giving the people that work at the Charlotte sewer plant extra work because I kept pissing non-stop. The next day, I wanted to experiment piss scent from other beverages. Brandon and I shared bottles of Coruba Original, the best Jamaican dark rum in the market, when a while afterwards, the urge signalled to unleash another Hurricane Ebony, complete with air raid sirens and all. I went upstairs, gathered the same cup I used to analyse the clear piss, and placed it under my womanhood, overworked from releasing so much water like the levy broke. I sighed in relief while I unleashed a chaotic stream, with droplets of piss spraying wildly on the carpet. I raised the cup a bit higher to control Hurricane Ebony to keep more innocents from dying. The storm continued slowly for nearly 40 seconds before it reduced to mere drips, leaving a cup full of dark golden piss. The piss's smell, courtesy of the rum, smelt strong and unpleasant, although a hint of molasses, the main ingredient, was still slightly present. More recently, namely throughout this week, I conducted another pissperiment after drinking tea, water, and rum, and the odours were the same. Therefore, my pissperiment concludes with the fact that my piss smells like popcorn when golden after sipping ice tea, is odourless when clear after sipping water, and seriously stinks when dark golden after sipping rum. I plan on conducting more pissperiments, so Mr. Clogs, or anyone else, if you're interested in my results, just let me know.


The Constipated 15 year old


When you say that you have been constipated for 16 days....what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that you have not had any sort of bowel movement for 16 days? No marbles? No balls? No nothing? you mean that you have not had a "normal" soft complete BM over that time?

If you have not had any BM at all for 16 days....that is a serious situation for someone your age. I'm glad that you're seeking help.

Although; your situation is not at all unusual...I think that if you knew the truth...there are some of your friends who are similarly impacted. For many kids...they've been constipated to some degree for most of their life...and their colons have gotten enlarged to the point where there can be an enormous amount of waste in there. So much so that their bellys bulge. There are a lot of teens with distended ????s...but today's loose fitting clothes covers it up.

If your stool is at your rectum and you can feel it...the solution is pretty simple. Take a finger and work it out...piece by piece. You can do it. Wait for things to move down a bit...and do it again. I think that once you get some of it out...your body will take over and finish the job. at getting yourself completely empty. Then...over a period of 6 months to a year....through the use of stool softeners and diet changes...keep yourself very loose and empty. Over that time...your colon will shrink back to a more normal size and you will find things a lot easier.

Good luck makes me sad to think that you apparently don't have anyone in your life to look after you.

To Jessica:

Shopping Accident Story


I was just wondering if this was your first accident you've had as an adult? I gotta give you credit, takes alot to admit to an embarrassing accident online!


squat toilets

Hi Zip - you are adventurous for searching out the squat toilets. I've tried them in the middle east. I couldn't figure out how to urinate while squatting without peeing right into my pants. I had to pee and poop separately. Plus hard to read or text in that position. Maybe we can get some advice from some regular users?

Brandon T

heard a woman poop

about 45 minutes I was at the library by the magazines when an elderly woman entered the bathroom she quickly took a stall and starting having diarrhea acompanied with deep low farts and splashing it sounded like really had to go bad and just made to bad it wasnt at that bookstore then I couldve seen if there were skidmarks other wise great catch


Big poop repost

I wrote this post about my poop from a few days ago but for whatever reason it wasn't posted. As far as I know I didn't do anything wrong or put anything dirty/perverted. It was just a normal post, so I don't get why it wasn't posted with everyone else's. *shrug*

The other day I drank a bottle of water as soon as I got up in hopes to get my bowels moving, and it definitely did! Before dinner I got a strong urge to go and it didn't take much pushing or effort to get it out. It felt like I couldn't stop going! After not going for over a week I know I had a lot in there. And a lot came out!

I had 4-5 fairly big turds with some mushy stuff on top. That was the most I've pooped in a long time, if ever! I guess I really had to go!

Your last post was posted and has at least one reply.

Brandon T

heard another woman pooping

about an hour ago I heard another woman poop at that bookstore I saw a woman enter the bathroom first she peed then she let out a quick burst of diarrhea and then I went to poop myself and it kinda stunk but not that bad.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Looks like I forgot to put my name on my last post where I replied to Abbie and Desperate to Poop. Now you know- it was me!

Today I was shopping and found myself needing my first poo of the week pretty urgently. I went to the shop's toilets to take care of it. In the ladies were two cubicles, both taken, and a girl of about my age waiting. She was quite tall with bright red hair and lovely long legs which made me jealous! She was there because she had to have a number two as well; she had her hand on her stomach and I heard her fart while we waited. Both women in the cubicles were pooing too so we had a bit of a wait before we could go. I needed to poo pretty bad now. After 5 minutes both cubicles opened up pretty much together. I went in as the other girl sat down. I heard her fart then drop two logs with big plops as I sat. I let out two pieces too. She farted quietly and then unloaded a lot of little plops. I pushed out four more turds over the next few minutes. Looking under the cubicle I could see she had dropped her shorts and black knickers to her feet while she pooed. I had my shorts and pink knickers at my feet too. I had two more pieces to get out and the other girl had a few more little pieces and then one log. She was done first and I heard her wipe then flush. She was washing her hands when I came out. She looked a tiny bit embarrassed but not too much!

Hello everyone its John from the uk with the story I promised earlier. Well a couple of weeks ago I was in Truro visiting my elderly mother. This particular day she didn't want to go out for lunch but insisted I should. So I had a mooch about and just before 2ish decided to have something to eat. I started of with cream of wild mushroom soup a mackeral salad main course and a dessert of Eton Mess with clotted cream finished off with a coffee. Now I hadn't had a poo for 2 days, change of routine, water etc but during the course of the meal I loosened my belt a notch or two. Anyway it was poo time and as i approached the sliding door to the unisex facilities a woman in her mid 40s with shoulder length loosely curled blonde hair arrived from the downstairs part of the eaterie. "Great minds" she smiled as I slid open the door to be confronted by two cubicles the left one for men and the right for women. This Connie Booth look alike said "umm very cosy" and I felt myself reddening as I knew I was in for a flatulent poo! We took our respective cubicles which although they gave the illusion of being hermetically sealed certainly weren't soundproof as I could hear her clearly unzip her dark green cargo shorts and lower these and her panties and sit down. I started to pee aiming my willie at the porcelain, I could hear the hissing of her stream which went from being forceful to a mere trickle. We both sat in silence as if waiting for each to make the 1st move. Then she farted a boomer and giggled and said "oh well, game on then" at which point I relaxed, farted and there was a cascade of plops and farts from our respective stalls for the next 5 mins or so. I only needed a couple of wipes and I believe she did about 5 or 6. We washed our hands and exited and I said to her "wow, we both needed that". "Not half" she laughed and we both exchanged pleasantaries and arranged to meet up later for a drink, all inhibitions gone. We spent a pleasant evening together and met up again a few times nothing sexual as we're both married.


35th Story

So after school I was walking with my boyfriend to his place. At lunch I tried pooping but I was constipated. But on our walk I was getting major pressure in my bum for a poop. I knew it was going to be diarrhea. It was hard to hold it. We got into his house and nobody was home. I said I needed to use the bathroom. I took my shoes off and went down the hall and into the bathroom. I pulled my red shorts down to to my ankles which I usually don't have down that far. I sat down and a second later I couldn't help but just explode all of the diarrhea at once in 1 big push. It was really bad and really loud. It lasted 10-15 seconds and was just non stop wet diarrhea and weird half silent and half normal farts I can't describe the sound. At the same time I also had a pee. I was embarrassed because there is no way he didn't hear that from the other room. I sat there embarrassed and relieved. I realized I still had some poo. I pushed out a 6" smooth poop. The toilet look awful it had poo all over the inside. I wiped really well and flushed but it didn't. I had to plunge and scrub it all. It really smelled to. When I got out he asked me if I was sick and wanted to go home. I said I was fine. He said alright and turned it to a different topic to end that. See you later.

I was only 5 years old at the time of this story and am now 53 years old.My family (mother,father,I and my 7 year old brother Tim)where out on a long drive in an old "V W Bug" . My dad was driving with my mom up front and me & my brother in the back seat of the car.I was had on a semi-short skirt at the time and i had one leg in a cast. We had stopped at a KFC and picked up a barrel of chicken earlier that day and had the empty barrel still in the car. Later on we got stuck in (the middle lain of a 5 lain highway)in a long traffic tie up . In the meantime i really felt a desperate need for a pee and a crap really really bad . It finally got to the point that i just couldn't hold it in much longer so i spoke up with my need and made it clear that i couldn't hold on much longer.Well to make a long story short.Tim remembered still having the empty KFC Barrel in the car reached for it.Because of the limited space in the back seat of the car and my one leg in a cast i couldn't move around very well.So Tim (my 7 year old brother) had to reach under my semi-short skirt to help pull down my panties and to move my body to positing me properly over the KFC Barrel while i let go of a long strong stream of piss and a large crap into the bucket (Thank God it didn't smell to bad).Then Tim took some napkins and helped clean my but and then helped put my panties back up.I was so embarrassed of having Tim see me like that.He did promise me that he would not tell anyone and admitted to me that he to was embarrassed of having to do so yet what other thing could you do (for when you Really Really have to go you Have To GO . That made me feel so far much better.


used a squat toilet!

I traveled to France with a couple of buddies and over the time here had mentioned in passing that I heard they had squat toilets in some places and I had to find one to try it out. They just laughed about it of course. Then today we went to one of the Chateaus. The one with the awesome gardens in the Loire region. I had to use the restroom and saw one of the stalls was a squat toilet. Well, I just had to try it out! I closed the door and wondered how far to lower my clothes. I went for just below the knee. I undid my belt and pulled my shorts and briefs just below the knee. I squatted down and dropped my load into the pan. My anus was directly over the hole, so most of it went right in. It was actually quite comfortable!
The only problem I had was was trying to pee while still squatting. It wasn't working out too well. I finally did pee, but it took some time. Too much pressure on my bladder or something like that.
I was able to wipe easily and the flush was strong enough to get everything down the drain. Nice! I pulled up my shorts and briefs and went out to wash up.

When I came back out I told my friends that I had found my squat toilet and was able to use it. I wasn't sure when I would get the chance again, so I photographed myself taking a dump while using the squat toilet. One guy laughed and said, "no you didn't!". I told him that I sure did and pulled out my iPad and showed him the photo of me squatting. It didn't show my "junk", or any actual poop, but you could definitely see that I was squatting bare assed over the squat toilet, with my briefs and shorts pulled down. My briefs were orange Jockeys and were definitely quite noticeable!
He laughed again and said I should send it to him so he could forward it around.
The other guy was grossed out about the idea of using a squat toilet so he wouldn't even look. Later though, I was going through my pix and came across it again. I said that I should probably get rid of the pix and he asked which ones. I turned the iPad toward him and showed him the ones of me on the squat. He just kinda laughed and said he wasn't expecting to see that!


34th Story

So I started my new job and the staff bathrooms are the worst design I have ever seen for a bathroom. I was on lunch break and I needed to poo so I found the bathrooms. It was 6 single bathrooms and 3 for each gender. I went to the first women's bathroom and locked the door. The bathrooms are really clean here. I saw the toilet had no back which I usually rest my lower back on. It came out from the wall so I can't rest on that either. It was 6" off the ground. There was no toilet paper at all just a bidet. I wasn't looking forward to this. I sat down and the seat was really slippery. The only thing good about the toilet was the seat was nice and rounded. I could barely balance while sitting on it. I tried if I leaned I would slide forward. I needed to sit on my toes. I couldn't focus on using it because it was so annoying to use. I finally pushed out a 9" poo after 9 minutes. Then I had to move to the bidet. I got up and the toilet flushed itself. I walked over to the bidet and sat over it. This was also uncomfortable to use. It washed me clean then dried poorly. So I have no choice but to use these bathrooms at my work. See you l


a few stories

I haven't checked the site for a while and I see a bunch of good new stories!

Here are two about strangers, and one about me.

Last week, I was walking through one of the university buildings where they recently renovated the basement bathrooms. They used to be pretty skanky but now they're cleaner and better lit, and they also have s-curves now instead of doors. It was pretty quiet in the building when I was walking past and I noticed someone was in the women's, because I heard a very quiet sigh and then a short little trickle. I paused and started reading the bulletin board. Nothing much happened for several minutes, during which someone went into the men's and peed and came out again. Then I heard the roll going and I thought she was finished, but then I heard a pretty clear fart, and then a few more in the next minute or two, with what might have been small plops in between, and then the paper roll going for real. I figure that must have been the end of a session.
A few days later I went into a men's room to pee in the evening, again at a not very crowded time in a different building. It was a fairly large bathroom, at the time empty except for one occupied stall. It was an older one with those old automatically flushing urinals that are almost continuously leaking, so between that and the building ventilation there was a lot of background noise, but while I was washing my hands I heard one very resonant-sounding fart, sort of an open sound and not really buzzy.
Yesterday I had a pretty satisfying poo at home in the evening. I'd already gone once that day, but after eating some leftovers for dinner I started to feel like I needed to go, and like I had a fair amount of gas. I sat down on the toilet with a book and let out an airy fart, and then I had much less urge and thought for a minute that was going to be it, but then about 30 seconds later I farted louder and immediately several pieces came out. I sat a bit longer and eventually did another pretty good fart. I rather like the after-poo ones, but I'm not usually all that gassy and don't always get those. But then after a little while I had to stand up because my whole left leg fell asleep, and at the same time my hand cramped up a bit from holding the book at the same angle too long. So that part wasn't too comfortable.


shopped too long

so i am embarassed about this but here goes. im 21 years old and a junior in college. i was helping coordinate a big party for our sorority last week and was in charge of picking up a lot of stuff from different stores so i had a lot of running around to do and not a lot of time to do it. i really had to go to the bathroom - both ways - while i was out shopping but i always had stuff in my cart and couldnt just leave it so i held it. i had to cross my legs and squeeze really hard a few times to keep from pooping myself in one of the stores about halfway through, though i did leak a little pee but it didnt show on the outside of my jeans. i got control and hurried to finish shopping. i made it out to my car and had one more stop to make at target but as i pulled into the parking lot i knew i was about to have an accident. i ran inside and saw the bathrooms and ran to them but i felt like i was about to lose control. i barely made it into the womens bathroom before i just couldnt stop myself and i totally peed and pooped myself standing just inside the bathroom watching it all happen in a big mirror with the dark stains running down my legs and the smell and feeling of the poop in my panties. i finished soiling myself and waddled into the first stall. i slowly lowered my soiled clothes and sat on the toilet and finished a little in there and tried to clean myself. i sent a text to my best friend and begged her to come to the store with a spare pair of jeans and panties for me. she asked why. i said because i @#$% just pissed and shit myself. so i had to sit there for the next 30 minutes in the stall with wet jeans and pooped panties around my knees while i waited for her to show up. finally she came and i grabbed the clothes from her under the stall door and carefully changed in the stall. i balled up the panties and threw them away and carried the wet jeans home to wash. i cant believe i just told anyone else that happened lol


Correction for Missing Name and Title

When thinking back on it, I realized later in the day that I never filled out the title or name places fot the post I sent in earlier. So, as pertaining to the post about my poo at the park in a portajohn, it should read at top:

Name: Anne

Title: Pregnant Poo in a Portajohn

Sorry if this caused any confusion to anyone reading this. Thanks!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Unwanted Fertiliser

Hello. It's Ebony with another soiled shituation. As mentioned in my story Final Exams on page 2196, I'm majoring in botany because I enjoy, gardening. Our porch contains a heavily soiled area, complete with purple tulips and red rose, almost covering the entire soil. The right side of the porch only contains a few shrubs and our free produce department, with vines growing tomatoes to make all our dinners tasty, hot peppers to keep our assholes burning, and cucumbers for my facials. Last Friday, after a long ride from the salon, I visited the garden to gather some peppers for dinner where, positioned midway in the produce portion, a large pile of shit that probably stood six inches sat, defiling my garden. The bottom shits were dog turds. However, the dark brown, bumpy turds slightly coiled and probably measured seven or eight inches long, escaped a human's asshole. I gathered the shovel, scooped it up, and tossed the turd pile into my pavement trash. I washed the shovel with some disinfectant and rinsed it with the water hose. Saturday, when I returned from work, I glanced at our garden to gather more peppers when another giant turd pile defiled my garden. It was déjà-poo, since it was the same colour, size, texture, and emitted the same foul odour as yesterday's turdy vandalism. "Brandon, somebody shit again!" I told him, my hubby. I thought the asshole terrorism was even more ridiculous now.

Therefore, I visited the neighbours' houses with dogs, asking them if they knew about my garden shituation. All the "suspects" denied any knowledge or involvement. However, if my neighbours used my garden for their toilet and litterbox, they wouldn't say, "Oh yes! My dog and I took a big shit in your garden! We wanted to add fertiliser!" They'd lie. I drove to Best Buy, and the clerk gave me advice on how to install a surveillance camera that I purchased for about $200, which Brandon helped me install. Sunday morning, another pile maculated my produce garden. "Let's watch that tape and find the shitter!" I said to Brandon, smiling, knowing I was going to catch someone. On the video, about 8:00AM, straight across from my walkway to the door stood a skinny girl, brown-skinned with a medium-sized afro-puff ponytail, wearing an oversized white T-shirt holding a white garbage bag while she waited for her puppy to follow her. The girl appeared about 18-21 from a distance. Barefoot, she whistled to her puppy, which followed her to my rubbish can where she disposed her bag. She turned facing my house, moseyed down my walkway, and entered my garden with her puppy. After the dog did its business, the girl looked around, stood above the dog's production, lifted her shirt, revealing she wore no panties under her oversized T-shirt, and squatted while her puppy eyed her. "No she's not!" Brandon said. "I think she is!"

From under her ass squatted over the pile, a log, dark brown like the previous logs, escaped her bootyhole slowly before it broke in half and fell atop the dog's pile while the remainder hung from her bootyhole. "Oh shit!" Brandon shouted. I laughed my ass off. "That's nasty as hell." Brandon said. "I'm glad that it's on video so I can't smell it!" I said. The girl stood up slightly and bent over. When she pushed on the hanging turd, she grunted while the log grew to about seven inches, slithering out like a slippery snake before hitting the soil with its twin turd brother or sister. "WTF? Did she shove a tree in her ass?" Brandon shouted. I couldn't stop laughing. Her dog barked. "Shush!" she told the dog, hoping not to draw attention to herself besides the camera, of course. The girl pushed out her bootyhole again; her turd hit the ground and coiled, leaving another six-inch shit pile under her ass. She unleashed a heavy piss torrent atop her production. She whistled to her dog. "Come on, let's go." She said after she rose up and walked away without cleaning her womanhood or shitty asshole. "Wow. She's more of an animal than her dog," Brandon said. I've seen the girl around and even talked to her before, but I didn't visit her house because I didn't know she had a dog. When I cleaned her mess, I rang her doorbell, where she greeted me wearing the same oversized white T-shirt in the video.

"Oh hey," she said. "Come inside." In her kitchen, we discussed our day, the weather, her dog, etc. "You wouldn't believe this, but through the weekend, someone and their dog shit in my garden, girl." I said. "Wow, really?" She said, pouring dog food in the dog's bowl, which the puppy proceeded to eat. "Yeah." "Well, it wasn't me." She said, lying her ass off. "If you didn't find out who it was, I'll let you know if I see anything." She said, putting the dog food in the top kitchen cabinet above her sink. "Thanks," I said. "No problem." She replied. "But I think I know who it was." She hesitated a bit and eyed me. "Who was it?" "I think it was you." Her eyes grew big. "What? Me? No! I would never do that." "Really?" I asked. "Yes, really." She responded. I drew my Nook Tablet, where I converted the video to an MP4 file and uploaded it. "Well, I have it on video and she resembles you." She watched the video, worried, with her mouth open slightly while the video showed her emptying her ass in my garden. "Why would you do this?" I asked. "Uh-uh." She said, shaking her head. "I don't know why you're trying to frame me for this, but you have to get out," she said, her tone mean. I left, and then told her to keep her ass out my garden, no pun intended, or else I would involve police. My garden's been turd-free ever since.



Finally went!

What a cleanout! I haven't been able to poop for about 2 weeks so I drank a bottle of water as soon as I got up today and I got a strong urge to go before dinner. I sat down and gave a gentle push and once I started going it felt like it kept coming and coming.

Boy was I right! There were about 5 logs in the toilet, each about 12 inches long with some softer stuff on top of it all! Wow! That's the most I've ever pooped at once. And what's even better is it didn't hurt!

For Mina

I had some stories on here,kinda like yours,but that was almost a year ago when I posted.Well anyway around 16 years ago when I was pushing 17,Evening me and my brother was home alone wathcing an nick at nite marathon on tv.Well I gone in the bathroom and took a soft poo,Then 30 minutes later I was eating ice cream out of a box,and that got me going again.I was in the bathroom letting wets farts,and my brother was outside the door laughing,And he goes,TO MUCH ICECREAM!And a few hours later I took another poo.

Hello. I am a 37 year old male and I recently stumbled upon this forum. After reading several of the back pages, I've found that many people are of like mind here. Over the years, I've had more than a few experiences worth sharing.

My first story happened almost 20 years ago, 1994 or maybe 1995. At that time, I was dating a charming woman named Jade. She had long flowing caramel brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She was very prim and proper and when necessary would excuse herself to use "the toilet" or "the restroom". Well, one day, we were going to a party. Usually it's the woman who takes forever to get ready, but on that day, she was ready to go and I wasn't. I was shaving when she came into her apartment's only bathroom. She said she had to use the toilet. I asked if she wanted me to leave, and she replied no, and asked me to try not to look. I said okay and concentrated on shaving.

I couldn't help but catch glimpses of her in the mirror, but staying true to my word, I tried not to overtly stare. She lined the toilet seat with toilet paper before sitting down. I could hear her peeing a very strong stream for at least thirty seconds. She wiped her womanhood with the paper she had used to line the seat. I noticed she continued squatting over the toilet. There was a big splash and shortly after another. She apologized and said she couldn't hold it any longer and I told her it was okay. It didn't really smell that bad in the bathroom, but she reached behind her and grabbed the spray can of air freshener and then sprayed some around. < BR>
I was nearly done shaving by then and didn't have an excuse to stick around in the bathroom. As I was drying my face with a towel, I heard three small plops in rapid succession and she sprayed more air freshener. I left the bathroom and was closing the door as I heard her roll off toilet paper. She came out shortly after that and we headed off to the party. I didn't say anything to her about it, but the events of that day was the only thing running through my mind the rest of the evening.

So that's my first story. Hope you all enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. Bye for now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sami first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing in differenr places it sounds like really enjoy and I look forward to reading about all the places you find to pee thanks.

To: Freedom great story about you hearing that woman pooping it sounds like she was pretty desperate and probaly just made it to and I bet she felt great afterwards to.

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had a pretty good dump really emptie yourself out to and great story about your big poop it sounds like it felt pretty good and as always i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sabrina first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend Eve big dumps it sounds like you both really had to go alot especialy her since she flushed twice and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and i look forward to anymore stories you made have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster as wlays another great post it sounds like your reaching the point of the pregnancy where costipation sets in and it sounds like you had a pretty big poop to you may want to get advice on the costipation relief from other moms and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ann great story about your bathroom attendant days it sounds like you got alot of great shows from other women and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and that waitress sounded desperate to at least you made it in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about you hearing a woman pooping it sounds like Mrs J really had to go and i bet she felt alot better afterwards to and pretty refreshed to and as always I look forward to your next psot thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you really had to go alot after not going for a few days and I bet you felt great afterwards and lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noah great atory about you seeing that flag girl pooping in the woods it sounds like she really had to go and wanted to do it before the game and I look forward to anymore stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Amelie as always another great story about you and your sister challenge of not using a toilet it sounds like its going pretty good and I look forward to the next part of it thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi everyone. My name is Sami and I am new to the site. I am a 13 year old girl. I really enjoy all the pee storie. I like holding my pee and peeing in weird places. I have lots of stories, but for my forst story I will share with you something that happened last weekend. My parents were out of town for my brothers football game and they took my baby sister with them. So I had the house all to myself for the first time. I woke up to say goodbye to them and had to pee, but then I got an idea. I would wait and try to pee somewhere exciting after they left. I really had to go and was anxious for them to leave. Finally they said goodbye and i heard the car leave the garage. I waited a few minutes until I was sure they were not coming back and then thought of where I wanted to go. Then I came up with a better plan. I would continue to hold it until I really could not wait any longer. So I had some breakfast and watched tv and my need grew worse. I was just about to get up and maybe pee on the floor or in a cup or something when my favorite movie came on. I decided to just sit and watch it and stop trying to hold my pee in and if I wet my pants then fine. So there I sat. I let go of my crotch and uncrossed my legs. My had never had to go so bad in my life and it was difficult not to grab myself or try to hold it. After ten minutes my crotch started ti tingle and I knew that I was about to pee. I really had wanted to go into the couch, but then I got nervous that it would leave a stain and my parents would know. I got up quickly and tried to make it to the bathroom but I had to stop every few minutes to cross my legs. I knew I would not make it. We have a really big carpeted living room and I could not see anywhere to go where my parents would not notice. Then I had an idea. I lifted up the rug and squatted down on the carpet. My pee came out full blast and soaked into the carpet. I peed and peed for a long time. When I was done, I covered the spot back with the rug. Later that day I had to pee again, so I used one of my sister's diapers. My parents came home and had no idea what I had done!

Hello everyone its John from the uk and its been awhile about 4 months since I last posted due mainly to time constraints, lack of any worthwhile stories to relate and a perceived apathy from fellow posters here! Now for a few comments, firstly Abbie its good to see you posting again, indeed you inspired me to post again. Your story was as entertaining as ever and you certainly haven't lost your knack; would I be correct that you are now in your A level year? If so good luck with your studies. Megan, your stories are great too and i'm glad to hear Leanne's fine, best wishes to you both. Anne, your stories are very descriptive and entertaining and informative and of course good luck with your pregnancy! Brandon T you're one of the stalwarts of this site and the unofficial welcomer making one and all feel at home. Hellos too to Adrian, PPG, Punk Rock Girl, Desperate to Poop, Mrs Toilet Trooper and all the regulars (no pun intended). Miss you Amylee where have you gone? Hope all's well hun! Got to dash now, yep time constraints again, but promise i'll post an amusing incident which happened to me in a unisex facility a couple of weeks ago whilst on my hols; will post tomorrow DV. Take care one and all, regards and love, John.



hi folks i was park at the beach today and i just had a poutine and scallop a wild ago and then i realize that i need a toilet really soon so i think where i could go for a moment and then .I realize that they have public toilet like 4 km from where i was so i drive there it took me like forever to get there because my need to go was really strong so when i get there it was knew toilet just build this summer so i enter men's room took the only one toilet cover the seat with paper and sat and even before i sat every thing start to move. i sat there for at least 5 min with diarrhea and then i was finish i ear a women comings in the women toilet next to me she rush in slam the door took a toilet and then i ear her have a pee and she start to groan and push and then she let out what i figure was a wet fart and wave off semi liquid poop like 4 time in a row and she wipe 4 time by that time i was finish and wipe myself and i wen out when i turn the corner she was coming out a nice bbw whit long brown hair kind off cute she smile at me and i return to my car and left it was interesting experience bye bye

Punk Rock Girl
Brandon T: Thanks! Always fun to read about my fellow crappers' experience!

We're going on week two now of perfect, solid dumps. I haven't had to push, I just relax my bottom and a huge log comes easing its way out. I haven't had to wipe my ass more than once.

I have to say, I'm getting suspicious. I'm afraid my intestines are going to explode out of me something. My ass is so happy right now I just know disaster is going to strike. Haven't shit my pants in a while. Am I due?

Oh well, no sense ruining a good streak (no pun intended) for my bowels with negativity. Hopefully my guts stay this way for a while. We'll just have to wait and see.




33rd Story

So everyone in my family was out of the house for the day so I had my friends Emily, Kara, Madison, John, and Riley over. We were all in the living room and it was just after lunch. Madison went to the small bathroom around the corner. The bathroom is in a weird spot, you have to go into the laundry then in the far left corner with a sliding door. Another downside is you can hear the inside of the bathroom somewhat. After 2 minutes a really long and loud fart could be heard. Everyone laughed quietly. She would continue farting every once in awhile. Then we heard her yell that there was no toilet paper. I went into the laundry and got a roll. I opened the sliding door and she said thanks and put the new roll on. She had her yoga pants and purple panties down to her ankles. I went back and she came out soon after. Later on Riley went in for awhile. I had to have a poo but I don't like people hearing me fart. I said I needed to go to my bedroom. I went into my bedroom bathroom and pulled my dress up and cotton pants below my knees and sat down. I accidentally started peeing before I got my legs positioned and my front facing down so I got some pee on my legs. I farted right after peeing. Then again. I sat for a minute until John (my boyfriend) came into my room then my bathroom before he quickly looked away saying he just wanted to find me. I said it was alright I came up to grab something then I needed to use the bathroom. I leaned and accidentally farted. He said he'd better go as he walked out. 3 minutes later I pushed. It came out really slow. It was thick. Yea it was hard to push for so long because it moved so slow. My bum was kinda hurting having half of a thick and long poo sticking out. I finally came out and I felt empty after especially my bum which usually still feels like it's holding poo. I wiped once and I was already clean. I wiped my front and flushed. I never looked to see my poo but it felt like 7-9". See you later.

Desperate to poop- Sounds like you had a long wait for a poo and that you felt a lot better after!

Abbie- Great to see you posting again! Like you say we poo about the same frequency, but unlike you mine are only rarely hard. I often have to push quite a bit towards the end, though, but the actual poo is usually relatively soft. If I need to go I usually need to go pretty badly pretty soon!
At primary school I was like you too- we had nice clean toilets with a few cubicles and I needed to do a poo there two or three times most weeks which I was fine with. I'd hold on until lunchtime and go then usually. There would almost always be at least one other girl pooing there too. At secondary school the toilets were ok but I tried not to poo there if I could help it because, unlike primary school, not many other girls seemed to. In 6th Form we had our own toilets and I noticed far more girls were willing to do their number twos in them than they did when we were in lower years, including me. By this point I only needed to go at the same frequency as now, every 2-3 days on average, so I didn't poo there that often but I used them to wee a lot and heard a lot of the girls who were in 6th form at the same time as me pooing there at some time or another. I'll try to think of some stories to post soon from my time at school. Have you pooed at school recently?


Football game

Hello everyone! It feels like I haven't posted on here for at least a couple of months. I have a story about my brother. Connor and my best friend Dalton. Dalton is basically my brother and his parents went on a 2 week vacation so he was staying with us. Connor is 14 and has long shaggy brown hair, is about 5'5 and 120lbs. Dalton is also 14 and has short Blondie hair, is about 5'5 and is 115lbs. They both play football for our high school ( they're both freshman like me and play in all the JV games) . So the game went well at first until after halftime. They had both been playing the whole time so they took many water breaks. Dalton got the most. When there was 15 minutes left in the game we could see that Dalton was getting very uncomfortable and agitated. Connor looked a little uncomfortable but not as bad a Dalton. Coach pulled him off to the side and asked what was wrong. Dalton said that he had to go pee really really bad. Coach told him to wait until the game was over and to suck it up and get back in the game. For the next 15 minutes Dalton continued to hold his stomach occasionally and cross and uncross his legs. When the game was over( they won45-0!!!)the coaches wanted to talk to the team so Dalton had to wait even longer to go. They had they're helmets of so we could see the desperation on they're faces. Finally they were done and we left the field and drove around looking for a bathroom but there was none in sight. Dalton said forget it and to pull over to the side of the road. My mom pulled over and Connor and Dalton got out of the car. They had to go so bad they just stood less than a foot away from the car and peed. They both threw they're heads back in relief. Connor peed for about a minute and got back in the car. Dalton seemed to just keep peeing! He finally finished after about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When he got back into the car he said that that was the worst he's ever had to go pee in his whole life.


Big poops after a party

Hey everybody. I'm a 19 year-old redhead. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 115 lbs. My friend Eve is a 19 year-old brunette. She's 5'4" and weighs about 130 lbs. Well, on Saturday we went to a barbecue in the afternoon. Eve had a big burger, some potato salad, and baked beans. I had two hot dogs and a good serving of potato salad. We went back to my house afterward and Eve said she had some ????.

It was probably a bad idea, but we smoked it, and it made us super hungry. About 8:00, we ordered a large pizza. It came cut into 12 slices, so we each ate 6 of them. We went to bed feeling very full. But I woke up the next morning with a bad stomachache and I was blasting a ton of loud, smelly farts. I laid in bed, massaging my stomach and farting. After a while, I was feeling better and got out of bed to go see how Eve was doing.

I went out into the living room where she was sleeping on the couch, and I could instantly tell from the smell she had been having bad farts too. She saw me and apologized for the stink. She said she had eaten too much yesterday and her stomach really hurt. I told her I was feeling the same way. Several hours and many many farts later, our stomaches were finally not hurting. We ate only light foods that day and Eve asked if she could stay another night, as she wasn't feeling great. I of course said yes.

This morning when I woke up, I really had to poop very badly. I went to the bathroom and Eve was already on the toilet. She was farting occasionally and dropping lots of turdlets. She saw me waiting and apologized, saying she had just started and would be a while. I said okay, and went to the guest bathroom. I try only to pee in there, as it has a weak flush, but today it was that or go in my panties.

I walked into the bathroom, lowered my pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet. Almost immediately, a ropey turd coiled out of my butt. It broke off and was quickly followed by more rope-like poop. When that broke off, I sat for a bit, and farted a few times. Having a brief pause in the action, I stood up and pushed the flusher, but it didn't seem to help at all. I sat back down and felt my butt open big. A thick turd exited. It felt like a really long one.

I felt empty, so I got up again to admire my handiwork. I saw a mess of ropey turds at the back of the toilet, three floating logs about half a foot long each, and a thick log that started at the back of the toilet, reached the front, a large portion of it breached the water, and folded back, forming a U shape and reached most of the way back to where it started. Surprisingly, I only had to wipe three times. I knew that load wasn't going to flush so I went back to check on Eve.

She was still sitting, and I heard her drop a turd as I entered the bathroom. She sat for a while longer and dropped four more turds, then she stood up. We admired her poop together. She had left behind a bowl full of short sloppy turds forming a big pile in the center. I said that she had done a big poop. She replied that she had already flushed once before, and remarked that her first load was even bigger than that. She sat down and wiped at least ten times before flushing the toilet. My master bathroom toilet has a great flush and it coped just fine.

I invited her to check out my poop. We went into the guest bathroom. Eve looked in the toilet and she commented that I should have flushed in the middle. I told her I tried, but that toilet doesn't flush well, so it still clogged. Eve helped me unclog the toilet. With her using the plunger and me working with the toilet brush, it was fairly easy, and after a bit the toilet was flushing... well as good as it was before I had done my huge poop anyway.

I'm six weeks along in my pregnancy now, and I'm starting to feel some changes in how my bowels operate. I'm now going 2 to 3 days between poos. I'm not eating any differently, but my body is retaining my food longer and I'm having wide, rock-solid poops that are also a few shades darker brown. I can't say I mind the change at all. For some time I've wondered what it was like to hold it for a while and have an enjoyable slow poo...and now I'm finding out.

Yesterday my friend took her kids to a local park to use the swings and play a bit, so I met her there so we could talk while they played. The park has restrooms but they close them after labor day weekend. However, they are nice enough to put out two portajohns next to the closed bathrooms for the remainder of the year until the concrete restrooms open up again in spring. After having a picnic lunch, I felt a pressure in my colon, so I informed my friend I was going to the bathroom to try to poo. She had previously told me that when she was pregnant she routinely went five days between poops, and that her pregnant poos were so big and difficult they were good practice for giving birth!

It was sunday, and I had last pooped thursday night right after dinner. I walked about a football field length to the portajohns, opened the door and entered. The inside was spotlessly clean; it had only been there for a week so I doubt many people used it. I lowered my khaki shorts and plain white cotton bikini panties and sat on the clean seat. I relaxed and closed my eyes, soon I was feeling a pleasant warmth spread along my vagina as my pee began to trickle out. I decided not to push at all, I wanted to enjoy the sensation of my poo coming out at it's own pace. As a result my pee came out in a hissing, tinkling fashion and I could feel it running off my thighs and butt because I never pushed to start a pee stream. I peed for what seemed like a minute, and during this time my anus relaxed and I felt it stretch wide as my poo began it's journey to the blue chemical water at the bottom of the portajohn tank.

A minute or so passed, and it had only moved an inch or so. I was enjoying the feeling of the super-wide tip of the poo stretching my anus open. I rested my arms on my thighs and smiled and relaxed further. I felt a tingle go up my spine then a muscle contraction sensation in my lower back, then I heard a crackling sound as my poo moved out a bit more. It stopped again and I was shocked at how good it felt to just be sitting there letting it happen on it's own. I felt a relaxing warmth all over my body, then some tingles up my spine again as the poo moved once more. Then, after five or so blissful minutes of pooping, the end emerged and it fell into the blue water with a kerploonk. I felt rosy all over as my anus closed and contracted. I stood up and looked around: there wasn't even a toilet paper holder let alone toilet paper; thus I didn't wipe. I pulled up my panties and shorts and left the portajohn, and walked a few minutes back to my friend and her children.

"What happened to you in there?" she said with a smile, as apparently my face was flush and I was blushing. Before I could speak, she said "It felt good, didn't it?" and I smiled and nodded. She went on to say much more about it as we talked more about pregnancy and it's effects on the body. I sat down on the picnic bench and we talked for several hours.

Later that afternoon, right before leaving the park, I went back to the portajohn to pee. I lowered my shorts and panties to my knees and had a large pee, but this time I pushed and did a forceful stream. My vagina stayed mostly dry save for the area right around where the pee stream emerges through the outer labia. After peeing, I looked down and saw a skidmark in my panties. It was about the size and shape of a jalapeno pepper and was dark brown. The double cotton crotch was also somewhat yellow and fairly damp from the pee dribbles. I stood up, pulled 'em up, and left. I got home and showed my skidmark to my fiance. He laughed and said it was "hardcore."

That's all for now.

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