Had a poop after a run

Hello again. I'm the 26 year old Italian woman who posted a few days ago. I must have forgotten to put my name on my post. Sorry.

Yesterday afternoon, I went out for a jog. I walked to the park about ten minutes away from my house. Then I jogged around their half-mile track twice. When I was done, I needed to poop. I headed off towards the bathroom. There were two stalls and as I was entering, one of the stalls was just closing, leaving three people waiting in line in front of me.

A short while and there was a flush and one of the stalls opened. Only two people in front of me. I was starting to have to poop pretty bad by then, but it was manageable. That lady must have just had to pee, as she was in and out in less than two minutes. Soon after that, the lady who was going in a stall as I had entered the bathroom flushed and came out as well.

A young girl, maybe sixteen or seventeen, entered the bathroom and took her place behind me. We waited for what seemed like a long time, and I was beginning to get really desperate. The girl turned to me and quietly said, "I hope they're done soon. I really really have to go number two" and I replied, "Yeah, me too."

A few more minutes and finally a stall opened and I went in. I closed the door and sat down. A long thin poop came out. It kept coming and I almost thought it would never end. I peed for a short while and passed several small poops which made good plops as they hit the water. A lot more pee as there was a flush from next door. I was pushing out a thick poop when I heard the girl who was behind me in line rush in and she began a noisy barrage of poop.

She kept noisily pooping as my poop slowly worked its way out. It broke off. I felt a bit more inside me, so I stayed sitting. The young girl's poop ended as abruptly as it had begun. She wiped like ten times and flushed. Then I was alone in the bathroom. I let out a few farts and about five big chunks of poop. I was done then. I too had to wipe a bunch of times with the sub-par toilet paper available in the park's bathroom. But, it was better than no paper at all, I suppose.

Last, before I go, a reply to Brandon T: Thanks for your comment. I usually do big poops, because I only go about once or twice a week. And yeah, they feel amazing to get out.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Take One Down, Pass It Around

Hi. It's Ebony here with another situation. Last Saturday morning, my sister Coco called, asking if I wanted to visit Raleigh to attend a natural hair convention, a place where Black girls that wear their hair naturally gather for festivities. That essentially translates to "no weave allowed." I asked hubby Brandon if he wanted to join us, but he declined, claiming the conventions were "too girly." After I showered, I kissed Brandon and my children goodbye and left with my sister Coco and best friends Jalisa and Amy in Coco's silver Hyundai Accent. While cruising the freeway, a huge traffic jam trapped us, and while waiting for traffic to flow, four dudes, complete with dreadlocks and dental grills neighbouring us in a shiny blue 1970s Chevy Caprice, started hitting on us. Coco and I said we were taken, but Jalisa definitely seemed interested. "Go get your men." I said, teasing her. "You can have fun with all four in their backseat." We laughed. After the conversation with those guys, we all stated we must empty our bladders. "What the hell are we going to do?" Coco asked. "I can't wait any damn longer or I'm going pee on myself." With my own bladder about to explode, I pondered many things, such as attempt a "Lauren" or "Car Mom" and piss in the car, but Coco would try to whup my ass if I did that. Instead, I gathered one of my huge plastic blue funnels for pouring liquor in juice bottles to avoid spilling in case cops pull us over, and placed it in a 40 oz rum bottle. "We can piss in this bottle with the funnel," I suggested. Coco eyed me like I was bat-shit crazy.

"But look at the people around watching us. Look at those dudes in the car beside us. They're still staring at us." She said. The jammed freeway contained everyone from college folk, families, and so on. "Well, I don't care who's watching." I said. "I'm not going to piss on myself waiting for this traffic." I rose up a bit to yank down my shorts and panties to my thighs, positioned the funnelled bottle under my womanhood, and released a clear-coloured rainstorm that sprayed on the floor and behind the driver seat. "Hey! Don't pee in the car!" Coco yelled. "Sorry," I said. I pushed more effortlessly, and the piss exited my womanhood in a calm fashion, entering the bottle through the funnel with ease. The "spectators," especially the Caprice riders, got hysterical, but I only watched the piss fill the bottle more than halfway for seemingly a minute due to pushing softly. "That's better." I said. "Now, I need something to wipe with." After Jalisa handed me some napkins out the dashboard, I wiped my womanhood and put the napkin in a plastic bag. I poured the piss out the window while families snickered. "Your turn." I said, passing the bottle to Amy. "Oh shit," she said, nervously laughing. "I don't think I can do this with all these people watching!" "Just do it," I said. "Dem bloodclaat might laugh like they did at me, but that can't hurt you." She hesitated. "Alright. I'll do it." Amy lowered her clothes and positioned the bottle under her womanhood, covered in thick black hair.

Amy's eyes stayed away from the laughing spectators while she unleashed her bladder storm into the funnel, exiting in a smooth fashion, filling up the bottle more than halfway with dark golden piss for about 30 seconds. Her piss had a strong odour. "Done." She said, handing it to me. "Please pour it out for me." She wiped and put the tissue in the same bag. "I'm never doing this shit ever again." She said. "At least you didn't piss in your shorts," I said. After I poured out her dark urine, I handed the bottle to Jalisa in the passenger seat. "Finally," she said. "I swear y'all are crazy as hell," Coco said, fidgeting. Jalisa lowered her clothes and positioned the bottle under her womanhood. "You do know that everybody can see you, right?" The Caprice driver said, laughing. "Duh!" Jalisa shouted. "Just mind your business!" Jalisa unleashed a clear stream into the bottle for about 40 seconds, careful not to spray her piss on the seat. "Damn, you're crazy," Coco said. She poured it out the window and passed it to Coco without wiping. "Hell no." Coco said. "Oh so you want to piss on yourself?" Jalisa asked. "Give it here," Coco said after a moment of pondering. Coco lowered her clothes, with snickering families eyeing her, and unleashed her vaginal rainstorm uncontrollably, spraying piss over the seat and steering wheel. "Look at you." I said. "You're pissing all over your own car now." "Shut up," she said. She pushed slowly and let her clear piss stream trickle in the funnel for about nearly a minute, much to the amusement of spectators. After she wiped, she gave them her middle finger while she poured it out.

"Remind me to never do this again," she said when she handed me the bottle. After enduring a half an hour of people in their cars snickering and whispering about us, the traffic jam cleared and we zoomed for Raleigh, with me listening to Vybz Kartel's "Romping Shop" on my iPod. While jamming to the music, the car stopped on the right side of the freeway. "But you didn't do anything wrong," Jalisa said when I turned down the headphones. "Why are we sitting here ?" I asked. It wasn't until I looked on Coco's side when I saw the "trooper" of other sorts, the state trooper, whom I missed because the music distracted me. "I'm here because I got a report of you urinating in the car about a half an hour ago from numerous people." "We had to use the bathroom, but we couldn't go because of the traffic jam." Coco said. The state trooper asked for the usual, name, driver's license, which she gave to him. "Urinating in the car is not illegal, but could get you arrested for indecent exposure if your genitals were exposed to others. Luckily, due to your circumstances, I'm going to let this be a warning." This was followed by our loud celebration. The trooper noticed the bottle. "Have any of you been drinking?" he asked. "Yes, I have," Amy said. Amy then gave him her ID, proving she was 21. "What about you," he said, looking at 20-year-old me. "Nothing but this," I said, showing him my rum in my fruit juice bottle. "Okay, well, you ladies take care," he said, and then he took off. We arrived at the convention in time.

John H

Comments and a father son pee story

Hey all. Some comments first.
@Anne, It was nice of you to make the effort to make that young girl feel at ease when you both were in the toilet together. I'm sure it helped her relax and that it's an experience you both will remember.
@Master Blaster, I've had the same experience as you described in your latest post. Normally I take a dump once a day but sometimes I end up needing to take a second trip to the toilet and sometimes the second load is even bigger than the first.
@musician, good thing you and your girlfriend took the precaution of wearing diapers to bed as you would have had a big mess to clean up otherwise. If you like to wear them then that's fine. You aren't harming anyone if that is what you choose to do and if both of you are interested in it then that's even better.
@pooluver. Hey, you sure are lucky to have a wife that understands and that is willing to keep her poops for you. Does she pee in the containers for you also? I only ask because you say the container fits perfectly in the toilet which got me thinking that if your wife needs a pee while she is pooping then it would end up in the container along with the poo.
@Heidi, I enjoy all your stories. It was nice of you to let that boy watch as I'm sure it took a lot of courage for him to tell you the way he felt about you and his interest in girls pooping, and by the sound of it you both enjoyed the experience and no doubt you have given him some memories that will last for a long time. Re your 24th storey it sounds like you really did eat something that didn't agree with you. When you were leaning forward did poop not splash up on the back of the toilet? That's normally what happens with me when I have a lot of farts when I'm pooping. Good you got it all out anyway without anyone hearing or interrupting.
To the lady with the post titled SHOCKING, Don't worry too much about this incident. By the sounds of what you described you were very tired from jet lag. This combined with drinks probably sent you into such a deep sleep that your body didn't feel the need to pee. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it most likely won't happen again. I'm in my twenties and I have had a small amount of pee leak out in bed one night after a few drinks. I was worried for a long time after that this would happen again and how would I manage it if it happened while I was staying in someone else's house so I can understand the feeling of worry you have of a repeat performance. In time this fear will fade. I'm sure that if your husband had been there he would have understood the situation.

I was out with a friend earlier and my dad picked me up at the end of the night. By the time we got home I needed a pee thanks to the beers I was drinking. My sister was in the toilet so I went out to the garden for a pee. My dad was in the kitchen and he followed me out. As we were talking I heard the sound of him dropping his zip and then the sound of pee hitting the grass behind me. We continued talking as we both took an outdoor pee together and when we both finished we went back inside and continued to talk before heading for bed. A nice father son peeing experience.
That's all for now. John H


26th Story

So I'm back home now. Everyone slept in after a long drive last night. My brothers were the only ones out of bed. I was lying in bed when my boyfriend calls me. I pick it up and we talk for awhile. I sit up and realized I needed to have a poop. I try to wrap the phone call up but he kept talking. I decide to just go to the my bedroom bathroom. I pulled my panties down to my knees with one hand then sat down. We talk some more and he asks why it sounds echoey on my end. I just admit it, I am... Sitting on the toilet. Oh... Really? he said. I say yes, sorry I just woke up and had to. Long pause. We continue talking. I lean and start pushing. He says why are you breathing harder? I just said I'm sitting on the toilet. Oh! I thought you were going pee he said. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. I say it's alright. I focus on the poop and pushed out a 7" thick poo. He says goodbye and I get to relax for the final part. I let out a medium fart. I wipe and finish up. See you later.

I used to be constipated a lot when I was younger. Stress combined with poor eating habits meant I would visit the toilet only about once a week. I was highly dependent on laxatives to be able to go, and it was still no fun. But now, I have my diet under control and I have a fantastic dump every morning.

Yesterday, I began my day with a bowl of shredded wheat with raspberries. A piece of toast rounds out the meal. For a snack at work, I had an apple. Then for lunch, a salad with avocado and black beans. For dinner I ate pasta and sliced chicken with a tomato sauce. I added a dose of psyllium fiber to each meal as well.

Then this morning, I woke up as usual with a good urge to take a dump, so I went to the bathroom. I sat down and blasted a few farts. I peed while a firm turd eased out. I passed two more firm turds after that. I sat for a moment and let loose a quiet long fart, then I began to wipe. Wiped my front once and my butt four times.

I looked in the toilet to examine my creation. I had made three somewhat thin turds. The longest one was probably fifteen inches, the middle one about a foot, and the smallest 7 inches.


Poop with my boyfriend

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. It really means a lot <3

This is a story that happened yesterday.

I was with my boyfriend and we were at my house watching a movie. I seriously had to go poo but I was trying to hold it in. I accidentally let out a small fart which made my boyfriend and I giggle. My stomach started making noises and the pressure became more intense. I told him I'd be right back because I had to have a BM. I rushed to the bathroom clenching my butt and trying to keep it all in. My boyfriend followed me and watched as I pulled down my pants and undies and sat on the potty. I grunted hard and a long wet fart blasted. My boyfriend sat on the edge of the tub and took my hand. I leaned forward and pushed hard and I could feel the log start to come out. My boyfriend stood and watched and said, "It's coming, Brie, keep pushing baby." I held tightly to his hands because the log was enormous and was really hurting me.
He put one hand on my stomach and pushed, which helped get things moving faster. I pushed as hard as I could, grunted loudly, and in one huge rush, a 10" long, 2.5" wide log exploded out. It was so painful and I felt like I was on fire. I started crying and my boyfriend helped me clean up down there and on the toilet. After, we lay on the couch again and took naps. My bottom still hurts, :(

That's all for now! I love you guys!

Mr. Clogs


Hannah B: Interesting story about having to use a squat toilet at your friend's place. Must of been a massive load in that squat toilet, hope that you were able to flush.

SHOCKING!! Yes indeed it was a shocking experience for you. Well I hope you had some vinyl lining on the mattress so the pee didn't soak up in it?

Anne: I really enjoyed your post at the restaurant rest room. I love every detail about the woman next to you while you relieve yourself. Keep the posts coming I really enjoy reading them, thanks.

musician: Glad to hear that you liked the diaper experiment.

pooluver: Interesting idea!

John H: Thanks for responding man, take care.

That's all for now, I look forward to some more stories. Thanks.

please help

I've been constipated for 2 weeks and 2 days. (16 days total) I'm a 15 year old girl just so you know. The poop is in my rectum so stool softeners are out of the question. I tried giving myself an enema but the poop was in the way for the nozzle to fit. I need advice to physically get it out. (how to sit on the toilet, ways to squat, where to press my stomach, ect.) Please help me, I'm in a lot of pain.

Just a girl...
I've had the worst diarrhea of my life today. I'm going on 9 days of an IBS attack - I had bad diarrhea last week, and have had it slightly each day since.

This morning however, is the worst of my life. I woke up and had it when I got up. 15 minutes later, I had it again. 10 minutes later - again. Again before my shower, and again before I could leave for work. That's 5 times in about 2 hours. I got to work and didn't feel well. Went to the bathroom at 8:45 and had it again. Instead of listing out each attack, I will say that I had it 6 times at work before lunch. I went out at lunch and got pepto. Had it again at 2:30 and again at 3:45. Took more pepto. Had it before I could walk out the door at 5. Stopped on my way home, ran into the woods and squatted swearing that I had to go. I didn't. Came home, had it. 15 minutes later I had it bad. Again 20 minutes after that. My stomach is still in knots and turning. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like I mentioned (but stupidly forgot to post) when I posted some acknowledgements yesterday, I had to queue for an urgently needed poo while I was out. It had been 4 days since I last went which I posted about. I was out shopping for some shoes and had a big sandwich and a coffee for lunch. Not long after I started to need a poo and within a few minutes it was a big urgent need to empty my bowels. I knew I had to find the ladies' right away so I headed for them.
The toilets had four cubicles but there were lots of people around and so there was a queue. At the front there was a middle-aged woman, then a girl of about 10 and at the back a girl of about 15. I had to go really badly by this point. The woman at the front went in and began to do a poo. A few minutes later the younger girl went in and started to wee and then another cubicle opened right away and the 15-year old went in and I heard her start pooing. I needed to go soon! Luckily the young girl didn't need a poo so she came out a minute later and I went in. Lowering my pink knickers and shorts I sat on the loo.
Almost immediately I let out two soft turds and then a fart. A much longer piece started coming out after that. I could hear the 15-year old girl to my left still letting out a few pieces too. My log dropped after a minute and then I started to push out the first of five smaller pieces. By the time I was done the other pooing girl had finished and gone and there was only one other person using the loos- she was pooing too and had come in after me. Before I wiped myself I stood up and took a look in the bowl- the water had gone brown and I could hardly see any of my poo, just the tips of two of the bigger pieces and presumably the last piece I pushed out lying on top. I wiped, flushed my big load away and went back to shopping!

Hannah B.

Squat Toilets!

Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone! I didn't think people would like my story that much lol. Here's another one that happened a few years ago, right after I graduated high school.

As I (sort of) mentioned in my last story, I go around my apartment naked a lot because I'm a nudist. I first got interested in nudism from my friend Janet, who grew up with that kind of lifestyle. This also meant that she wasn't very shy about bodily functions.

Now, Janet's house had a normal bathroom downstairs, where we usually stayed when I was over. This time, however, their guest toilet was getting fixed. I didn't think it was a big deal, since I could just pee outside if I really needed to go (which I'll write about next time!). Normally I poop twice a day: once after I eat breakfast, and once before I go to bed. This day was a little different.

We were just hanging out when I first started to feel the urge to poop. I figured I could just wait until dinner time when I got home, but after about an hour, I was getting some cramps and knew I needed to go soon. Without any hesitation, I mentioned to Janet that I needed to use the bathroom. She suggested that I go outside, since we do that pretty regularly. I then told her that I actually needed to poop, and that it was urgent. She thought for a second and told me I could use the toilet in the master bedroom if my urge was that bad. I was relieved until she told me that her parents had actually installed a squat toilet (since they both grew up in Japan). I told her that I didn't care at this point and ran upstairs.

My urge to go had increased dramatically while I ran upstairs. I rushed into the master bathroom and wasn't sure what to expect, since I had never used a squat toilet before. I got into what I assumed was the correct position and immediately started pooping. There was so much relief that I didn't even notice a knock on the door. Suddenly, Janet's brother Ben walked in. I was a little shocked to see him, causing me to let loose a nasty fart. Ben (who was also naked) apologized for walking in on me, saying he just had to pee. I told him I didn't mind him coming in while I pooped, but that I was more startled than anything. He told me that he'd just pee in the sink since I was going to be a while. That surprised me as well, but Ben just laughed and told me he does that all the time.

I watched as Ben walked over to the sink and lifted his penis at just the right level. He started peeing a pretty heavy stream and I could even smell it! He finished up and washed his pee out of the sink. Ben started to walk away, but I told him to keep me company while I finished pooping. After I was done, we both admired my load and went to join Janet in the living room.

Hope everyone like it! Next time I'll write more about Janet! :)

And did anyone see Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's video about peeing in the pool? It was hilarious!


Long time lurker but until this morning i have had nothing to report, I am 30 years old, and for the first time in my life i woke up covered in pee!! i am mortified... thank god my husband wasn't at home, i don't know why this happened? will it happen again? I work as cabin crew and got back yesterday jet lagged and went straight out for some drinks, came home and ate, fell asleep in my skinny jeans and woke this morning and me and my bed were saturated with pee, i layed there in shock for a moment before my mind realized what had actually happened.. so now everything is in the washing machine and i am shocked!!
Just wanted to share my story so it doesn't traumatize me today haha!! xxxx


Another Experience in the Restroom

Indeed I do frequent the restaraunt that has the restroom my last story happened in. I'd say I eat there on average once a week, but usually don't witness anything of note in the bathroom. I had lunch there again today (with the same girlfriend-we had a day of back to school shopping for her kids.) and witnessed another poop.

Again, when we were waiting for our food, I went to the restroom. I had been feeling the need to poo for almost a half hour and as I entered the right stall was already occupied. Immediately a strong poop odor came over me like a fog. It was on the meaty, dense side of the smell spectrum. I took the other stall, raised my dress, lowered my light grey cotton panties to my knees and sat down. Before I could do anything I heard a loud "braappp" fart and the occupant of the neigbor stall spoke. She said "Omigod I'm so sorry I made it stink in here" at which point I realised by the voice it must be a teenage girl. I calmly and warmly replied "No, it's OK, I have to poop too." She replied "Oh OK I feel better then" and laughed a bit. I relaxed and felt my poo begin to come out. I made sure to make a few effort noises, a few "unnghh" grunts, so my nervous neigbor would know I was indeed pooping. I pushed and a forceful squirt of pee hit the water loudly and my first log burst out with a thunk-splash. My neigbor giggled and said "sounds like you're busy over there" to which I replied "honey I'm just getting started." We both laughed. I pushed again and a giant, loud fart echoed into the bowl, followed by about ten seconds worth of pee. The teenaged girl laughed again.

At this point I leaned back and through the stall divider gap saw a girl of perhaps twelve or thirteen sitting up straight on the toilet. She had neck length golden curly hair and was seated far back on the seat with her jeans down only slightly past her bottom, just enough to go. I stopped watching and leaned forward and pushed again with a grunt. Another log started out. My neigbor farted again followed by a decent amount of pee. Then I heard crackling and she announced "ahhh there it is the big one" and I heard it thud against the porcelain a few seconds later. I pushed and my own log fell into the water with a small splash. I heard her reach for toilet paper, so I leaned back and had another look. She was already standing up, with her jeans down just below her butt, crumpling up a wad of paper. She bent over slightly and half squatted over the toilet, wiped and dropped the paper in the toilet. She made another wad and wiped her front, then took it and quickly gave her bum another pass while standing up straight. She dropped it in and flushed, then reached in her purse and got out her phone and began texting.

At this point I was done as well, so I stood up and inspected my load: several inch thick eight inch long poops and a bowl full of pee. I made a wad of toilet paper and wiped my butt once while half squatting just like the girl had done. I pulled up my panties, let down my dress, and flushed. When I opened the stall door she was at the mirror applying makeup. "May I wash my hands, dear?" I asked her. She stepped aside and I did so. She was all smiles and seemed very bubbly. I used the hand dryer and as I turned to leave, she very cheerfully said "Have a nice day!" I replied "and you too my dear" and waved goodbye as I left.

I went back to my table but didn't talk of the restroom as my friend's children were there with us as well. As we were leaving the restaraunt, the girl pointed and said to whom I assume was her mother "That's the lady that pooped when I was pooping too." Her mother rolled her eyes and sharply told her to be quiet. As we exited the front door to the street I heard her giggle again so I can only assume she found the whole experience as humorous and delightful as I did.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brie as always another great story and great live coverage to it sounds like had an interesting poop first a load of diarrhea and then a big poop I bet that cleaned you out good and I bet you feel alot better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Samuel as always another great story about Phoebe it sounds like she had a good time pooping her pants and gave you a great show as well and maybe she may remember that now and do it again who knows and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it sounds like your sister had a good poop and it sounds like you were having a very rough time hopefuly you find a away to help with your constipation and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story and great live coverage of your poop it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and probaly felt pretty great to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop and lol following asleep on the toilet you must have been very tired and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie great story about you and that other girl pooping together it sounds like her pooping helped you over come your shyness and alow you to poop easier and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Simon great story about you seeing your friend Evelyns poop it sounds like she to show it off hopefully I can be that lucky again in seeing a girls poop in the toilet.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


2-Phase Load

Got the urge this morning at work so I went into the bathroom. I felt kinda crampy and had to go prety bad. Once there, I took down my trousers and had a seat. With very little waiting a decent log came out of me, probably close to a foot long and an inch thick or so. I still kinda felt like there was more, but when I pushed I only got a couple farts. I'm sorta shy and didn't want anyone to hear me, so I wiped and pulled up my pants, figuring I'd finish going later.

Fast forward a couple hours and I'm at home when the urge comes back. Went to the bathroom, sat again and this time let out some softer stuff. It was still formed, but softer than before and broke apart as it came out. Ended up with 4 or 5 logs each about 4 inches long and an inch thick. This load smelled quite a bit more than the first one.

In all it was a pretty huge dump for me, considering I go every day. I wish I could have gotten it all out at once; that would have been impressive!

Hope you enjoyed, talk to you all later!



The other night, my girlfriend and I wore diapers to bed. We had both had a few drinks, and thought we'd wear them just in case, to save the mattress. It's a good thing we did. Both of us peed in our sleep, and we woke up with full saggy diapers. It felt really good, and now I'm afraid I might get addicted to wearing them.

Been a site fan for many years. I am lucky enough to have a wife who understands my great desire to watch and see her poops. We work different shifts which means I miss alot of her beautiful sessions. We came up with a solution which works great. We purchased a tupperware container which she has her poops in when Im not home to enjoy. It fits in the toilet perfectaly. She fills it, snaps the lid on and its fresh for me when I get home. It works well for both of us......try it....great pooping......

Going poop right now!! Have gone a few times today stomach feels kinda funny not sure why ughhh pushing out some more!! Kinda loose!! Think I'm done!! Post later


23rd Story

To Ryan, It was only a decent size diarrhea poop for me and if you read you would see I kept farting so it was embarrassingly loud because my dad was outside of the outhouse.

So at the ranch today I went for a hike in the wilderness with a cute boy who is there. We made it quite far into the woods. We stopped to rest and he left to pee. He didn't go far to do it either. I realized I had to pee to. I've only had a pee outside twice. I personally enjoy getting to sit on a toilet and relieve myself. We snacked and I excused myself to pee. I went behind a tree and pulled my shorts down to my knees and squatted. I paused then finally started. I remembered leaves are good for wiping so I used one. I didn't feel as good as if I use a toilet but at least I didn't have to pee now. I pulled my shorts up and walked back. He asked better? I didn't expect a question for how I feel after peeing. I say uh... Yeah. We walk further and we stop again because he needs to poop. He seemed open about things. He didn't even get out of view you could see part of him behind the tree. I don't find anything fascinating about a boy having a poop so I didn't care. He took 15 minutes it was ridiculous I felt like it was the male version of my sister. He said sorry he got constpated yesterday. I was glad I finished eating before he came back. We walked a bit more and now I needed an afternoon poo. I stop and say I... I will be right back I just need to poo. He asked before you go can I tell you something? I say yes. He says you're very pretty and I really like you, and I never said this before but I find a girl relieving themself attractive. I already knew there is people who are, I personally enjoy relieving myself. I think I wont see him after this trip and I met someone who understands my strange passion. I ask him to join me. He said really!? Yes, really. I walk off the trail. I squat first then pulled my shorts to my knees so I could cover my front. He watched carefully. I looked straight at him and he said thanks. I wish you could stay at the ranch for longer. I smile. I have not even focused on having a poop yet I basically just had my naked bum floating for no reason. I relaxed and slowly pushed for 4 minutes. He watched every moment. We didn't talk. He enjoyed watching and I enjoyed my favorite part the time before it comes out. My bum opened and a 8" poop came out. I wipe with some leaves and pull my bottoms back up. He said that was a perfect poop. Smooth,thick,long, and nothing irregular. I say, Yeah I eat quite healthy so I mainly do your "perfect poop" all the time. I don't even know what to think of that. The first time I show a private and enjoyable moment with someone who enjoys to spectate. Then I think, will he ask me again? I do like to have privacy even though I rarely seem to get it these days. See you later.


24th Story

So when I woke up this morning I had a awful belly ache. I never felt my belly this bad before. I say that I'll be staying in bed while everyone else went on a large hike for the day. I slept for 2 hours but my belly was still hurting. I ate alot for dinner so that might have been why. I let out the largest fart I have ever had. I didn't even know I could possibly do that. I get up and I feel a strong urge for a poop. I get dressed and walked to the outhouse. I went inside and pulled my jeans down just enough to use it because it was chilly outside. I made sure there was toilet paper and I got relaxed. I pushed and felt something so I leaned and another huge fart came out. I couldn't believe I was doing these farts because I never usually fart like this. Another fart. Another. I am glad no one is around because anyone near the outhouse would hear me. I wasn't sure if I needed to release some huge farts or have a poop. I stayed sitting to make sure. Another fart. I usually don't like farting but these felt so good to get out. I could only seem to release them with a certain position and that was leaning over and having my bum up higher on the seat. Another. Another. Another. And a larger fart then the others. Sitting up to relax a bit. I can feel alot more. Another which made me feel weird I can't explain it. Oh a small poop came out and a fart. Big wet fart. I usually hate these loud and messy poops but this one actually feels good. Another. Had a pee. Another. Another a bit louder. Another with bits of poop. Large pile of diarrhea just splatted out. Another fart with poop. Long fart. I'm not sure what keeps making my poops like this. Another fart with poop. Getting a little sweaty. I sat up to take a break but I had to go back and let out another fart with poop. Another fart with poop. I am feeling really relieved but I smells so bad in here. Not a huge amount of poop it's mainly just huge farts. Have to lean over more now. Another fart. I can feel pressure in my bum for more poop. Another fart. They seem to be getting less long but more loud. Another fart. My belly is hurting alot and I can still feel the pressure. My normal position for having a poop doesn't seem to let anything out but leaning does. Another. These farts keep building onto the pressure and it's really starting to hurt. My bum right now feels like it could burst but it wont. And just when I say that I leaned over for a really explosive fart that let out a huge torrent of diarrhea. Another fart and a smaller wave of poop. Another fart with more diarrhea. I'm also glad I didn't go on the hike because I don't even know how I would have this while squatting. I can't fart in a squat position for some reason so I couldn't do it. I've been in here twice as long as my normal poops. Another fart. The smell is so bad in here. Another fart and poop. This is my most explosive trip to have a poop ever. I really have to figure out what I'm eating that is causing my stomach to act like this. Another fart. Another fart and poop. I feel really empty after that last one. My belly barely hurts now. It was a good time and place to have it because it might clog a toilet and no one is here to hear the massive farts that kept coming out. I wiped my bum well 4 times and my front and pulled my pants back on. Time to think about what I've been eating. See you later.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ryan- We sure did! Sounds like your bbq poo was a nice relieving one too!

Marie- Sounds like you had a nice poo with that other girl in the store. Always makes it easier to poo I think if someone else is doing one too- makes you feel less embarrassed!

Just a guy- Glad you enjoyed my post. Leanne says she has given up posting, at least for now, because of her job and then going back to uni in a few weeks. She might post again in the future though.

Desperate to poop- Sounds like you had a close call after your train journey! Having to queue for an urgent poo is the worst- it's happened to me many times, including today!


Going potty live

I've been constipated for a few days and now I finally think I'll be able to have this poop. Sitting on the toilet, nothing yet. A little trickle of pee, now flooding the toilet. Mm relief, still peeing. Trickle stopped, small fart. Unh, big fart with some diarrhea coming out.
Oh god. Literally pouring out of my butt.
First flush
I can feel more poop inside me, big push. Uuunh oh god it's coming. Ow it hurts, way too big.
Halfway out and it's stuck, hanging out. Big push, nothing. Still no plop.
One big push and it's all out; toilet completely filled.
I feel so much better

Lurker Paul

Best friend's nature poop

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say I LOVE this site and I've been lurking here for about 10 years or so. I never really have much of anything worthy of posting, but this time I did and maybe I will come up with some more things to post sometime soon.

The other day I was hanging out with my best friend, helping him carry his belongings and a tent to a new camping spot (he and I are both homeless)when we decided to take a rest. While we were talking he mentioned he had to poop and I told him there was a port-a-potty just up the path at the park. He said he was fine and could hold it, but I wasn't so sure. We noticed a forked log in the middle of the creek and I said something about how it was probably used for getting to a well covered area on the other side of the creek that would be hard to get to just using the bridge. He went over to the log and just kinda stood there for a minute and was like "shit dude, I really do gotta take a dump!" I reminded him of the port-a-john but he said he wouldn't make it. So I suggested he used the area on the other side of the creek but he said he would lose it right there if he tried to move. So I agreed to watch his back and make sure no one came by and he sat on the log with his butt between the two branches of the log and pulled his pants down. After a few seconds a turd dropped out of his butt. He dropped about 4 or 5 medium sized light brown nuggets into the creek and we watched them float downstream before he hopped over to the bank and grabbed a leaf to wipe. He tossed the leave in the creek, pulled up his pants, and we went about our business again.


Another story about Phoebe

To Ryan: Phoebe and I remained friends until we graduated high school. We gradually drifted apart, but recently reconnected. Now we get together every so often, though neither of us have brought up our bathroom-related fun we had as kids. Sometimes I think about talking to her about it, but it just feels weird considering she's married now.

Anyway, on with the stories. Some time in the same year as my first story took place, Phoebe had come over to my house after school. At some point, she of course had to poop. But she told me she was feeling naughty and wanted to do it in her panties. I couldn't believe it. Clearly she had no inhibitions about going to the bathroom.

And so, right there in my room, she stood still and I could see the seat of her pants dome out as her pooped. The bulge grew to roughly the size of a grapefruit. But she announced she wasn't quite done and gave a good push and pooped a bit more. When she was done, she went to the bathroom. She returned a good fifteen minutes later, and her jeans barely showed that she had pooped in them, though I imagine her panties were far more stained.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Good evening, ToiletStoolers. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper here with just some slightly overdue replies.

To Megan: Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to hear that you're a fan of my posts. I literally have hundreds of past experiences, along with experiences that happen during the present day, so I most definitely will keep them coming. I'm not going anywhere unless I drop dead.

To Clogs: I'm glad that you enjoyed that "Paper Chaser" story. I'm going to ensure that I check for toilet paper at all times now.

Jasmin K

Constipation or not

Its been quite some time since I posted as Ive been managing to poo most every day if not every 2nd day so have not considered myself constipated, that was untill recently when I was told that even though I am able to poo I could still be considered constipated as my poo is very hard and often in pebbles or lumpy logs so I am a bit confused about this.
As readers of my previous posts will know every morning I habitually go to the toilet either at home or at school and sit there straining to make myself do a poo for up to 30 minutes and if I do it thats it but if not then I go back later and try again etc.
Well this holiday it been no different,Ive been doing it at home and whilst away on holiday although sometimes its taken an hour to do a decent amount which whilst away on holiday I got up earlier to give myself time.
Anyway occasionally in the past after Ive done a poo, cleaned up and left the toilet I get the 'full bum feeling' like I need to do another poo but this only used to happen after I had done a big poo after being constipated for a few days and then after about an hour I would get the feeling that I needed to go again so would go back and strain again and some times another poo would come out.
This full feeling has started happening nearly every day after Ive been any time from 10 minutes to an hour later and feels so urgent its like its about to come out in my knickers but when I go back on the toilet no matter how much I strain there is nothing to come out.
Whilst we were on holiday it happened every day, on three particular occasions we had got to the beach we had been there for an hour or more then I got the full urgent feeling,one time I was in my Bikini swimming I had to rush back to the Hotel got on the toilet expecting poo to fall out as soon as I relaxed but there was nothing, not even a fart. I strained very very hard which made my bum bleed but after 1/2 hour nothing came out and it didnt feel full anymore so I went back to the beach and just sunbathed. Next morning I sat on the toilet and strained and knew there was a big poo there but by the pain inside my bum I knew it was going to hurt so I got off the toilet and took some paracetamols as I knew it was a really hard and painfull poo.My mum told my sister to go to the toilet and poo which after the usuall verbal exchange during which my mum, whilst pulling my sisters bikini bottom down and her sitting on the toilet reminded her that she had 'soiled her knickers' yesterday and that she didnt expect to have to bring an 11 yr old back to the hotel to change her like a baby and if she did it again she would be changed on the beach infront of every one, and that it was bad enought that you still have to wear a pullup every night as you wont stop wetting the bed, (my sis was straining hard and let rip with a pre poo fart whilst my mum was going on at her then strained again making a pebble drop then a log after which she said out loud whilst continuing to strain 'my arse is hurting'then sor t of singing over my mum going on at her about bed wetting 'I doing another poo poo you have to wait for me' to which my mum said hurry up then, My sis then made a real loud straining noise and a log splashed into the water then carried on straining and peeing). My Mum stopped going on at her and she strained a few times followed by another splash,she wiped and got up pulled her Bikini bottom up and mum gathered the things to take to the beach. I went back on the toilet I inserted a finger and could feel a knobbly hard log which refused to budge as I strained. I strained hard again and heard drip drip so I padded my bum with TP and looked at the TP which was soaked in blood and my bum felt all spongy and swollen.My mum asked if I was ready to go to the beach, I replied saying I needed to stay a while longer and would Text her when I was ready to come and find them. My mum then said 'well as your in the bathroom you can rinse the items in the carrier bag out and put them in the sun by the window to dry. After 10 minutes of straining a fat lumpy log started to force my bum open but no matter how hard I strained it was stuck.I strained hard for 5 more minutes but nothing. I picked up and opened the bag to find my sisters 'soiled' bikini bottoms from yesterday and a pair of wet and dirty knickers, which I was able to put in the sink and run hot water on and liquid soap and left them to soak.I strained again and felt my bum bulge downwards but the poo wouldnt budge so I reached round and pulled my cheeks apart and strained hard as I pulled. After about 10 minutes a thick log dropped into the water and after another long hard strain several pebbles and another log splashe in the water. I strained hard for 10 more minutes and nothing so I wiped and as my bum was swollen and bleeding I put a pad in my Bikini and washed out the dirty items in the sink. I wrang them out and spread them on the window sil. I suddently go that full feeling and went back on the toilet I strained and strained and nothing came out, I felt inside and could noot feel any poo. I reached both hands round, put 2 fingers in each side of my bum and pulled and strained and pulled harder and strained harder and harder and as has happened many times befor when ive done this both when constipated and also just when trying for my morning poo (particularly at school when there isnt much time so I strain really viciously and hard) the inside of my bum tube came out a couple of inches. I bored down and strained really hard and stamped my feet on the floor but nothing except blood and mucous. Ive had a poo come through it when its been stuck out like this several times but nothing. I was completely empty. I pushed it back in with my finger wiped and pulled my Bikini up. I went to meet Mum and sis but as I had a pad on I just sunbathed. A few hours later I got the full up feeling again so said I was going back to the Hotel. On the toilet I strained hard and there was some mucous and 1 pebble but nothing that would make me feel full.
Anyway when we were home my mum asked me to take sis to her appointment with the nurse about her bed wetting and being on desmopressin (sorry re spelling)and still being in pullups . During the appointment the nurse asked about constipation etc as apparantly this can cause bedwetting so I asked about the full feelings after I have been. Apparantly this could be because I am constipated in that although Ive done a poo because its usually hard and pebble like I am classed as 'being constipated'.
The nurse asked if I had piles (hemorroids)- I looked surprised and she said its on your records - you had them when you were younger, I said yes and she said that they may give the full feeling and gave me some cream to go in my bum.

If anyone has experienced this or has any thoughts on this and would be willing to share that would be great.
Will write more later
Jas K

brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story and great live coverage it sounds like you kinda had a false alamr in a way you still pooped just not how you were expecting it sounds like it was a kinda nasty one to and then later you had that big blast i bet you felt great after all that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stacy G that may be normal how big was your poop if it was big it mightve stretched it out a little it should go back to normal soon if thats the thing.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you got a great show from that girl getting to see that giant poop come out of her I bet she felt great after getting that monster out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop it sounds like you were very close to not making it but at least you did and had a good dump to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you a had great poop and I bet you felt great and a little lighter to after getting all that out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had pretty good poops and probaly felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Miss D's survey

1. Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all? Yes a couple of weeks ago
2.Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time? No
3.Do you struggle to control your bowels before you have diarrhea: Yes i do
4.Have you ever gone to fart and messed yourself instead? Yes a couple of times
5.Have you ever had runs on holiday? Yes last year on a cruise
6.Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while having diarrhea in public bathroom? Sometime
7.Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated? Yes i rather have diarrhea then constipation
8.How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom? I always feel that i might need to go
9.Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college? Yes at school
11.I don't have a partner
12.Stomach bugs and sometimes spicy food
13.I usually take peptobismol
15.My doctor
17.Yes a couple of times
19.Sometimes yes and no

Hi everyone. I am a 26-year old woman of Italian heritage. I have short curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I have to poop now and I will do a live post.

It is 9:30 on Friday evening and I am sitting on the toilet. I feel a fullness in my stomach, but only farts are coming out. I'm peeing a little bit. Just did a long silent fart. Two shorter bursts of gas. My hole is quivering open and closed. A chunk of poop slid out and splashed into the toilet. A bigger piece is nudging out of my hole. It's coming out a bit. It made a big splash and got my butt wet. Peeing some more. Let out a loud echoing fart. Another small piece of poop. My hole is doming open. A thin slimy poop is oozing out now. It made a good-sized plop.

A lot of little poop chunks are exiting. Three. Four. Five. Six. A nice zipper type fart. There's a big poop coming out now. It's stretching my hole a lot. Feels really good though. A bit came out and now it's kind of stuck. Pee is trickling out every time I give a good push. Nnnh. The poop is slowly working its way out of me. Nnh. A good amount of it has come out. I can feel it like a brown tail. Nnnhhh. A big push. Now it's coming faster. It touched the bottom of the toilet. Nnnh. It broke off. Didn't make much noise.

Getting out that big poop felt good but I still feel more inside me. My hole is opening but there's nothing coming out. It opened again and now a poop crowned. Another wide one. Exiting easier and faster than the first one. A splash as about half of it broke off. Pushing out more of the poop still. The rest snapped off with a small splash. I did a booming fart. Peed a tiny bit more too. A rough lumpy poop is coming out. It's smoothing out a little bit as more exits. Still really lumpy. Broke off and a medium-sized splash.

I think I'm about done. My hole is quivering again. A big poop poked out. A bit has come out. My hole is already stretched a lot and it's stretching even more. It hurts a bit. The widest bit is out now. The rest of the poop isn't as wide and my hole is relaxed again. It fell into the toilet. I'll sit for a bit longer and see if there's anything more.

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