22nd Story

So yesterday, at around 1am I woke up and felt the urge for a poop/pee. I tried to have one before that day but I couldn't. When I woke up I was so tired I didn't feel like going to the outhouse. We are staying at a ranch right now. I couldn't sleep so I put my favorite pants (cotton,tight,stretchy) to wear, and a thin sweater. I quietly walked outside and towards the outhouse. I walked inside and pulled my bottoms down to my knees and sat down. It was a very cold seat. I pulled my pants up just enough to use the toilet because it was cold. I finally got focused enough to pee. It was also dark I could barely see anything. I relaxed for a couple minutes. I pushed what felt like a good sized poop. I sat for a bit and farted twice then wiped. I sat there still to relax. I was really tired. I just sat there and rested my head on my legs. I like using the toilet with those pants. I think because they are tight enough they feel close to just sitting with no pants on. When I rested I accidentally fell back to sleep. I woke with a stiff back and realized it was 2:45am. I standed up and pulled my bottoms back up. My bum hurt so much. See you later.


pooping stories

To Anne : love your pooping stories - keep them comming !!!


Pork offering

Hey all,

Friday I went to a BBQ with some friends, and there was a ton of meat. Quite a bit. I had some pulled pork (pork makes you gassy), chicken, beef, and beer.

I grabbed a little of everything and not too long after I had a huge urge for a dump. Sitting on the toilet, I pushed which gave way to a big juicy fart which echoed into the toilet. There was minimal effort needed, a slight odor but not overpowering. The poop itself was a large semi-soft piece of about 8 inches. It landed with a little splash, and clean up was minimal.It was incredibly relieving.

Heidi (21st story) - wow that sounded like a huge dump you took at the ranch! You must have felt great. Was it a loud one?

Anne - wow quite the story, and view you had! Do you frequent that bathroom?

Annie - geez, that thing sounded huge! Was it hard or soft? Does your husband often get to see you poop? (both verb and action)

Megan - Nothing wrong with eating more than you should, especially if it leads to large relieving poops! Speaking of, sounds like you and Natalie both had big ones!

Dave - wow, sounds lucky! Is the library a frequent hangout for you? I wish unisex toilets were more common, especially multi-stalls. Alas...

Marie (not mariA XD)

Gasthrithis problems at walmart! :O

hi there! :D thank you for letting me know I'm not alone! >.<

Well today I went shopping with my aunts and my mom (as I live in frontier, Ciudad juarez exactly, and i have a visa, usually we go shopping to El Paso) we leave soooo early, and yesterday I went to the movies and eat a lot of popcorn with hot sauce, as a good mexican i love chilli! and by my love of hot things I already have gasthrithis and colithis and all that, so my stomach usually gets upset when having at least a little bit of irritating things. Well, continuing, as we leave early we didn't have chance to have breakfast so around 11 am we went to a mexican restaurant,i ate some reeeaaallly hot chilaquiles, and i knew that will be a problem a little later.

We continue with our shopping day and I could feel my stomach getting upset and with a lot of gas wich made me felt uncomfortable, and I just couldn't let it loose with my aunts in front of me .-. I would probably been scolded. We finish our shopping trip at Wal mart to buy groceries, i was pretty bored and desperate to let out all that gas out of me! so i asked them if I could just look around and meet them in certain time by the cashiers, they all said yes so I run to the back of the store were some toilets were, praying for it to be alone i entered and YEI! it was all alone!

So I hurriedly entered the first stall, drop my short shorts and boys shorts to my thighs and sat down (I always sat down as if i were at home) inmediatly i began peeing and I let a soft airy fart wich didn't smell at all, I farted again a bit more loudly and i started to feel that ticklish sensation of being aroused, but didn't have any time to think about it, suddenly my stomach hurt soo badly so I knew I had to take a dump right in there (as you remember I love to hear other people poos but I'm a shy pooper) but seeing that I was alone I started to push, my anus stretched and felt the tip of a long and thick turd made its way out, but it got stucked altough my stomach really hurted! I leaned forward and let out a sigh, but for my horror THE DOOR OPENED AND A GIRL ENTERED IN THE BATHROOM!! and there I was with a neighborhood (or however it's written) and a turd half-way out, I was so blushed, for making it worse the turd move out a little and let out another airy fart wich, lucky for me, think it wasn't heard I heard the girl next to me began to pee and i wish she would leave soon, but guess was wrong, I heard a little sigh and then a grunt MY GOD! she was pooing as well, and i suddenly knew i was right because a plop was heard.

with more confidence I began to push again, feeling another cramp in my stomach, I heard her to fart quietly and then a plop plop, my thick then fell into the water and make ka-plunk sound, I thought that would be all but inmediatly another turd began to emerge more fast, at this time I was leaned forward so I could see her feet under the partition, and the light bulb right on top of us made a fain shadow on the ground, she was squating for what i could tell. two mushy turds fell into the water and i let loose a loud fart, i was still embarrased but it was getting better, i felt much emptier so i started wiping my messy bum. she was still pooping, she was more quiet than I was but still as we were the only in there i could hear the little grunts, moanings and muffling sounds, after every one of them there was a plop and a fart. I finished wiping and flushed, thank God it all went down and it didn't stank to much. I took my time washing my hands, and fixing my hair and she was still pooping but when i was about to leave she pressed her toes to the floor so i knew it will be bigger so i silently stay in there, and indeed it was, she grunted quite loudly and after a crackling noise a big KA PLUNK followed by little plop and a huge sigh was heard. i thought she might be constipated, when i heard her began to wipe I exited the toilets and entretain myself with some things i saw her out after a while, she was in her 12-14, lightly plum and red haired.

my God, will never forget this! also because it was the second time I have the courage to poo in a public toilet... humm guess I'm staring to learn, when you have to have to go

thanks for reading ^^

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My interest in girls going to the toilet began a number of years ago. On some level, I think I knew even before this experience, but I was trying to fight it because of the social taboos.

I was at a party thrown by one of my friends to celebrate our graduation from college. It was a smaller party than usual, only about 10 of us or so, and I actually knew everybody who attended. Well, at some point during the evening, the beer was working its way through me and I had to piss, so I headed upstairs to the bathroom.

As I was walking up the stairs, I saw Evelyn enter the bathroom. She is very tall, taller than many guys I know, and has dirty blonde hair. I had been waiting for several minutes when Rob came upstairs and got in line behind me. A long time later, we were still waiting for Evelyn to finish. Rob was growing visibly desperate, and said he would just go piss outside. I wasn't quite that desperate by then, but if she didn't hurry I would be.

At last, she finally came out, flashing a coy smile as she passed me. I hurried in and found the toilet lid closed. I opened it and began to piss. As I did so, I looked down and saw a huge pile of poop in the toilet. A wave of feelings rushed over me in that moment. First, relief because I got to empty my bladder. After that, I was kind of grossed out because she had neglected to flush. But also, strangely turned on. I can't fully explain it, but the idea that a petite girl like Evelyn could produce such a mammoth dump was, as I said, oddly erotic.

I stood in awe for a good while, mostly trying to wrap my brain around it. It looked like if you put all the dumps I would take in a week together, and that would still probably come up short. Plus, the fact that she used so little toilet paper. Based on that, I figured that she probably had very stained panties, and she was likely proud of her big shit and wanted someone else to be able to see it.


21st Story (Live)

So I'm at a horse ranch with my family. Been hanging out here. Yesterday I ate a bit to much of fibre granola snack and a big dinner. today it was messing with my stomach. I could already tell I had created a messy poop. Everyone is off doing there own thing right now. Yea my stomach really hurts I need to go to the bathroom. Entered one of the many outhouses here. They are really good. All man made out of cedar, and it's quite large so all the stink gets more space. The wood seat is not to bad either. The only problem is I find you sit to high. I have to sit on my tip toes which I don't prefer. Pulled my jeans down to my knees and sat down. Hmm... I almost expected to start right away. Peeing. This is weird it feels like diarrhea but I am pushing harder then normal and nothing is happening. Oh a small fart, which sounds a little different in the wood. Another fart. Another. And slightly louder and it made my bum wet but no poop has even come out. Sitting up to relax a little. Little more pee left. Another fart. Bigger fart. Another. Another. Glad I could do this when no one is around. Another. Another. Another, and it almost sounds like 2 at once, weird. Another. My bum is opening more and I can feel it. Sitting up before I do this. Yea my bum feels wet for some reason. Another. Leaning over some more. Ok here it comes. Weird, it seems my poop is in bits. The first push was a large explosion but only lasted a second. I feel pretty good just to get it started. More farting. Just very tiny poops coming out in small spurts every second. Usually when I get messy poops it all comes out in one big rush. Argh big burst again. More tiny bits. It's getting pretty smelly. Relaxing and my stomach still hurts alot. I hear my dad. The outhouse I'm using is close to where we are. I am pretty embarrassed about having loud poo. Hopefully he can't here most of this. Loud fart. Another. Another and a decent sized poop spurted out with it. Another. Another. Another. Another. I heard a knock on the door and my dad asked when the occupant would be finished. When he knocked it startled me making me fart really loud. I know he heard some of my poop. I breath and say that I'm just wiping. I didn't even mean to say that because I wasn't done yet. I wiped really well and pulled my pants back up. I could still feel my belly aching to finish. I washed my hands and he was surprised to see me. He thought I was another girl at the ranch. I quickly walked away and I went over to our spot and I felt my stomach aching so I walked over to the far outhouse to finish. I sat down and this time it came out like normal in a large spurt. I felt my stomach stop aching as much but it still hurt. I wiped again and washed my hands. See you later.

stacy g


well constipation is over but now my anus feels weird it has for days any advice ?

John on the John

I haven't looked at this thread for several weeks, but I was interested in Gatorade's comments on Page 2214.

Occasionally on a long drive, or a day's walking where I set out early, it has been necessary to 'have a rear' ('rear' being a euphemism of Baden-Powell in his book 'Scouting for Boys'. Squatting can be difficult, if you need a pee and a poop simultaneously. I always wear long jeans, so taking my trousers and underpants isn't an option, particularly as I usually have walking boots on which I would have to take off also.

So my option in this case is to sit on a log (the wooden variety), with my orifice behind the log. The last time I had this to do was in Gran Canaria nearly 2 years ago. I always carry toilet paper and some wet wipes with me.

John on the John


Regarding your second story about an open toilet opposite yours with no doors, I have never come across this. In some toilets in Roman remains in Dougga in Tunisia, they are in rows side by side, and I believe there are some like this at a fort on Hadrian's Wall in the north of England.

But in some old public schools (in the UK, public school means fee-paying, private, and usually boarding-schools.

I remember a school field trip during a school holiday when we stayed at one of those for a week. There was a row of urinals, and a separate section of WCs, with 2 rows opposite each other, and very small doors, and big gaps underneath, and it was the same for the petitions between each cubicle. You couldn't help seeing who was doing the same as you did.

At our own school, the toilets were pretty awful, and we only used the urinals, unless we were desperate, and we made sure we weren't.

But at this old boarding school, they were very clean, and there was toilet paper, and electric hand dryers. There was some humour between us, about how far down we pulled our trousers, and whether we stood or sat to wipe. (Most pulled them to their ankles, and most wiped sitting down.)

We were used to seeing each others bodies in the communal showers, but not in this intimate daily operation.

The showers in the old boarding school were also communal. But there couldn't have been much privacy in school life.

Mr. Clogs

The aroma of pee, what does your urine smell like?

I have a question for all of you, when you urinate whether you urinate into the toilet, cup, container our outside. Do you catch the aroma of your urine? If so what does it smell like? Last night I noticed a rich aroma when I got up to pee, I grabbed my "pee-cup" pulled up my semi-solid wood and filled up cup with my fresh brew that's been fermenting in my bladder. The aroma of my urine filled up my bedroom quickly while I was urinating into the cup. It smelt like a strong smell probably from the barley from the Coors I drank and unions from the Gyros I ate. I put the pissed filled cup on my entertainment shelf and went back to sleep.

Mr. Clogs

Made it to the toilet just in time.

Keep it short and sweet, I had left a client's location after the appointment was cancelled, so I was on my way back home. Soon as I got closer to my house, the urge really kicked in. I had to find a place a park and fast. I found one and parked the truck holding my bladder. I got in the house and made it to the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and lowered my shorts a bit and pissed a hard steady stream in the toilet. I felt relieved. I got dressed, washed my hands and went to my room and changed. That was a good hard piss I haven't done in a long time.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Great story about your friend bum rushing that old chick and your friend accidentally peeing and pooping on herself while beating up that old chick.

Anne: I liked your story about your walk in the woods and having to taking a dump on your trip. I liked every detail of your post and look forward to more from you. Thanks.

oldpoop: Wow that's some stubborn turd that you had to dig out!

Take care everyone and have a great day. Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you had a great outdoor poop I bet it felt refreshing pooping outside in the fresh air and I bet you felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katja great story about you and your sister pooping together and video taping it it sounds like you both had alot of fun and had a good poop to and then watching it all over again and again and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Dave great story about smelling and seeing that girls poop in the toilet.

To: Little Mandi great peeing story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Tawnie as always another great story it sounds like had another great poop and it turns your advice helped her out and chances are your gonna be seeing her alot more now and as always I look forward tou your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


In the Ladies Room at Lunch Today

I had an experience while out at lunch with a friend today. I had to pee while we were waiting for our food, so I went to the ladies room: a small bathroom with two toilets, a divider, and one sink. I took the left toilet and closed the door. I hiked up my sundress, lowered my pink cotton briefs to my knees and sat down. I closed my eyes and relaxed and waited a for the pressure to build enough to get my pee started. After a half a minute of sitting while conciously not applying pressure to my bladder muscles, I felt the pee begin to trickle out and warmth spread along the length of my vagina, at which point I began to push and formed a genuine pee stream for the remainder of my urine. I usually can't pee if I push right away; I have to let it start on it's own then I can push. Well anyway after my urine had turned the water bright yellow and made a scent cloud I could detect (my pregnant pee sure has a strong odor to it!) I reached for the toilet paper and crumpled a wad as the bathroom door opened and the stall next to mine was quickly occupied.

As I wiped my vagina by reaching through the front of my legs, the occupant next to me rustled her clothes and sat down. I heard a quiet "ohhhh" followed by a rapid plop-plop-plop. My interest was piqued so I stayed sitting for a bit longer. The stall divider was fastend to the wall with metal clasps, and this allowed a bit of space between the wall and the stall, enough so that you could lean back a bit and see into the adjoining stall. I began to watch and saw a girl sitting on the toilet: she was perhaps twenty years old, very thin and tall with beautiful long dark brown hair that went all the way down to her waistline. She sat far forward on the toilet and leaned even more forward still. I could clearly see her bottom and down into the toilet: suffice to say I could see everything clearly. She then made a "unghhh" noise and did a squirt of pee as I saw her anus bulge and a large log poo begin to slowly -and I mean slowly- make it's way out. It was out a few inches and I couldn't believe something so wide could come out of such a slight framed person. I heard a few more muted grunts and the giant poo inched forward a bit more, then broke off and hit the water with a splash and a thunk. At this point I could smell the poo as well: it was a rich, earthy, yet pretty smell, like mud mixed with flowers is the best way I can describe it. She pushed, did more pee, and the poo began to move again. A short while later the tail end slid out and there was another splash-thunk. She then finished with more pee and grabbed a large handful of toilet paper and wiped her very cute bottom once while still seated, then got up, fixed her clothes, and left without flushing. She washed her hands and left the bathroom, at which point I got up and flushed and left my stall and looked in hers.

Her poop was enormous: easily over a foot for the two combined pieces, plus some pebbles from the very beginning. But it was the width that impressed me: easily over two inches wide, it reminded me of several soda cans laying in the water. And the smell...oh my goodness it was intoxicating, easily the best poop smell I have ever witnessed. I inhaled deeply, closed my eyes for a second and reveled in it. I felt both jealous and turned on at the same time: jealous of her beauty and youth, yet wishing I could re-live this experience over and over again, and smell this glorious poop aroma for the rest of my life. I instantly developed a huge crush on her, which is not unusual for me: I dearly love my boyfriend and would never want to be without him, but at the same time I find myself with puppy love feelings for both my girlfriends and sometimes random girls just like this one. My close friends are aware of my propensity for these feelings (not usually poop related though) and I washed my hands and went back to my table and quietly discussed this experience with my best girlfriend. The young girl was siting a few tables over and I could barely stand it.

So to those other posters, notably the sweet girl from Mexico whose post I very much enjoyed, you are not alone. It's very normal to feel turned on by things like this.

Desperate to poop

Train toilet out of order

I had a very desp poop the other day. Travelling back from Liverpool after a friends night out, needed a pooh on the train. Not urgent to start but only train toilet was out of order and I had a 4 hour train journey!

As the time wore on my need grew and grew as well as my need for a pee! Last hour and a half were a real real struggle and I'm almost thought of getting off the train!

Thankfully managed to avoid that and finally got off and bolted for the ladies. I was near the back of the train and a few others were bolting too. So I had to join a queue of 3, 2 were just need a piss thankfully and so once they got in I was able to get in after them pretty quickly. Much to my relief as I let out a huge log, and had a big skidmark in my knickers. Oh the relief!

Happy Pooping

Just a guy
Megan - that sounded like a great dump that you had while you out shopping, but its too bad that you had such a long wait for the toilet. I am glad that both you and the other woman made it in time. By the way, do you know if Leanne is still trying to post? Both of you have great posts.

Dave - enjoyed your post about the woman in the library - it sounded like she really had to go - I'm surprised she waited so long

AmyLee - I miss your posts - they are always so detailed and interesting. Hope you will be able to post something soon again.

The other day I had 2 unusual dumps for me - my morning one - I had to push a little more than I usually do and I had a really long log and it folded in half - it was at least 12" long. There were a few smaller chunks with it too. Then in the evening, about an hour after dinner, I really had to go. I had several waves of soft poo, but it wasn't diarrhea - in fact between each wave I had to wait 2-3 min - so it was a pretty long dump for me - probably a little over 10 min. This dump had a strong smell, but surprisingly wasn't overly smelly.


Massive poop on Wednesday; clogged the toilet!

For quite a while I've been constipated and nothing I tried worked. Black coffee, lots of water, trying a gentle laxative, going vegetarian for a few days, avoiding bread and rice, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, etc. Nothing seemed to work.

Then a few nights ago my husband and I bought some nuts from the grocery store that had raisins, dried apricots & dried bananas in it. We ate the entire container in one night. Then on Wednesday night I bought 3 different bags of nuts: peanuts, one with raisins, etc and one similar to the ones we bought the night before with dry fruit, etc. Once again we ate the entire container. Later on Wednesday night I *finally* felt everything moving down and I started turtle-heading. I quickly grabbed a book from my bedroom first.

I made my way to the bathroom and quickly sat down. Immediately I had to push and this HUGE poop squeezed its way out. It kind of hurt but I knew it was going to be huge considering I hadn't gone in days, maybe weeks. My butt hurt. I stood up when I was done and wiped. My god, it was HUGE! It was a monster poop. It was really thick and pretty long, with another poop about the same size behind it. I must have had a lot of shit inside of me. I called my husband into the bathroom to see it and he couldn't believe all that shit came out of skinny old me, especially the thickness of it. He asked how something so thick came out of me. We knew that it was going to overflow the toilet so he told me to leave it there for now and then try to flush it. I took some warm water and dish soap to try to break it up (a trick I learned from a website) and left it there for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I went and flushed the toilet. Well it was clogged alright. It made the toilet overflow. I had to plunge the crap out of it (no pun intended) and it finally went down.

Let's just say I don't feel as clogged anymore (pun intended). My stomach feels quite a bit softer and I don't feel sick anymore. I think the big dinner I had plus all the nuts & dried fruit I had finally helped push everything out. Yay!


Another HI to Gatorade

I actually think there's something to the communal toilet experience you describe.

We all shit, yet we go to great lengths to hide it. Here you faced each other, and your toilet buddy even had a friend come over to chat with him while he was on the pot. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to be casual about something we all do everyday?

In ancient Rome there were rows of toilets in the public baths. They weren't ashamed to see each other, but musicians were brought in to mask the sound. So it's all about what we're taught to expect.

Speaking of which, the last of the doorless stalls at the beach near me is about to go under the wrecking ball, and we'll be left with those individual closets like they have in Europe. Cue the musicians.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Today I went to the science museum in London with my friend Natalie. She is really slim and pretty and like me usually only poos every couple of days but does a lot when she does go and takes a while!
When we arrived both our bladders were full so we headed for one of the ladies' loos. There were four cubicles and two were taken so we took the others. They were occupied by two youngish Indian-sounding girls of about 12 who were both having a poo. There was a fairly strong whiff in the air. The girl nearest to me, I could see under the partition, had a pair of pink knickers and shorts at her ankles and her legs spread as she tried to poo. The other girl was having more success with a couple of plops. While Natalie and I weed a woman, presumably the girls' mother, came in and shouted at them, telling them to hurry up because they were leaving. They said they would be out soon and after she left I heard the more successful girl ask the other one if she was done. She said she needed five more minutes and then started straining quietly to poo. The other girl farted and then wiped and left. After we left we were looking at our map outside when she came out a few minutes later looking embarrassed!

After we ate lunch in the cafe (where we both had a substantial burger and fries) we looked round the exhibits. I started to need to visit the toilets again to have a number two. It wasn't a strong urge at first at all so I just held it. After half an hour it suddenly became a lot stronger. I suggested to Natalie that I needed to find a loo and she said she needed to visit them as well. I asked her if her food had taken effect and she said yes. I told her I had to do a poo as well and we went into the nearest ladies. It was busy and the three cubicles were full and there were three people waiting so we decided to find another toilet. We walked to them and by the time we got there I was definitely ready to go! These had four cubicles but only one was taken so we took the two at the other end. We both lowered our shorts and knickers (green for me, brown, I noticed under the cubicle, for Natalie) and sat on the loos. We both weed briefly first and then Natalie farted and I heard her poo start to crackle as she pushed it out. There was a plop from her and then a loud fart! I didn't laugh because I immediately did one too and unloaded two pieces of poo. Natalie followed with another plop and then two small quick ones. I had one more softish log to come out and then I had to start pushing. After another piece so did Natalie. I heard her sigh and grunt a couple of times and brief crackling sounds as she pushed more of a big turd out. After a few minutes I had unloaded three more little pieces and finally Natalie got her big turd out with a loud splash and a sigh. After that we both had three more pieces to get out and we were done after about 10 minutes feeling much relieved!

Maria- I have used toilets like that, where you can see the shadow of the person using them. There are some at a shopping centre near me. I have peed there a few times and pooed once or twice. There are always other women using them and they don't seem to mind!

BrandonT, Ryan- Thanks, glad you enjoyed my stories! Ryan, I do tend to fill the toilet because I only go usually once every two or three days, sometimes even longer. Plus I probably eat more than I should!

diarrhea survey part 2

answered the first part. 28/m

Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all? Not with no warning at all, I always know I've got to go but it feels different sometimes and with different urgency. If I've got the really watery kind that comes on with no cramps and all of a sudden, I've got like minutes to get on the toilet.

Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time? Yeah

Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea? If it's particularly watery or "slimy" stuff

Have you ever gone to fart and messed yourself instead? A few times with a hangover, usually not much though. The last time I shit all over myself I had a stomach flu.

Have you ever had the runs on holiday? No

Have you ever had an embarassing moment in a public bathroom with diarrhea? Plenty, esp if all the stalls are taken and you have to sit directly between two guys, like inches away, and take an explosive watery shit. And if you're taking care of a shart on the go, losing your dirty boxers without anyone noticing is rough.

Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated? that's a hard question. Guess I'll go with diarrhea? You can take care of that in like a minute if you're near a toilet.

How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom? nauseous, crampy, like if I strained, I could probably always shit a little bit more.

Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college? Had the hangover shits a LOT in college, lol

Have you ever had diarrhea at work? yeah

Have you ever had diarrhea at the same time as your partner? yeah

What normally gives you diarrhea? beer, greasy food, mexican/chinese

Do you take Immodium or let it flow through? Sometimes I take Immodium if I'm going to be on the road or something

Does taking a runny shit upset you? no

Who would you feel comfortable telling you had diarrhea? friends, family?

Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on while swimming? yeah

Do you feel empty after you've taken a runny shit? sometimes, and the feeling like I have to go again can start up pretty quick though. Or I'll stand up after I"m done and have to sit back down and shit again, usually a bunch of really watery stuff

Do you fart a lot when you have the squirts? I try not to. The ones I can't hold tend to be pretty wet

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