Almost ready...

My last poop was on Thursday just before midnight. It is 8:00 pm on Sunday. I can feel a little pressure and passing gas quite frequently now but so far no muscle contractions. A poop should be happening soon.

As I start another year of university, I got a transfer to my own dorm room closer to the buildings where my classes are. I arrived back on campus today after a week away at home visiting family. I usually get constipated when travelling and it had been a few days since I last went. After spending a good part of the day getting settled into my new room I was tired and hungry. I went and got a pizza and two beers. About an hour after that I could feel the urgent need to shit. My room doesn't have a bathroom inside but I share a private bathroom with the dorm next door. There is always the common bathrooms but it is nice to have access to a semi private bathroom to use.

I slipped out and headed across the hallway to poop. I entered in to find a single handicapped toilet, a large sink and a shower in the open in the far corner. The bathroom was actually very large and it would be nice to be able to shit in privacy. I sat down on the toilet quite quickly as I let out some farts before starting to push. It was slow and painful as I pushed a very large turd out. I took a break and realized I was done even though it felt like I wasn't. I got up to see a huge turd about 10 inches long and several inches thick. It didn't take much to wipe up but now it was the moment of truth to see whether or not the turd would go down. I flushed the toilet and watched as the powerful swirl of the toilet push it down with ease. I was glad the toilet will be powerful enough for my big dumps. I headed back to my dorm room after washing my hands.



john h, i loved your father/son story

drinks and jet lag is super preop. for the night time pee.

i think i need to get some probiotics :-/ im sooo irregular lately. im usually really good. was once a day, then just about after every meal, but normal logs. but right ow im rather bloated =(


Anne- Sounds like you enjoy using that restaurant toilet! I enjoyed your stories.

Mrs Toilet Trooper- Another fun story! I think those sort of laws are a bit harsh.

Hannah B- I bet that was unusual and tricky, using that squat toilet to have a poo in. You say you and your friend often go outside- do you just pee, or have you ever done a number two outside?

Catarina- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a good poo after your run. Does exercising often get your bowels moving or was it just a coincidence that you had to poo after?

Ashley- Hope you had a great birthday! I enjoyed your posts about your night out. Sounds like you had to go a lot! I spent Saturday with my friend and I've posted about it below!

Just a Guy & Ryan- glad you liked my last post. Just a Guy, it certainly is bad needing the toilet and having to queue. Being a girl it happens to me quite a lot, and since I do poo in public toilets it happens even more often! I'd much rather queue for 10 minutes than have to try and wait for ages and hold on until I get home though- usually once I need to go I need to go pretty soon so that's not an option very often!

Like I said above I spent Saturday with my friend Sophie. I went round to her house and then we got the bus to town. Not long after we got there I needed to do a wee so I told Sophie and we both found a shop and used their toilets where we both weed. We went to McDonalds for lunch and after Sophie used their toilets to have another wee. We did some shopping and then I started to need a poo, having not been since mid-week. I thought I'd wait until we got to another shop with toilets but we didn't go to any others that had any. Soon I was needing one quite badly. We were heading for the bus now but although it was only a 15-minute ride I had strong doubts that I would make it back to her house so I needed to go before we left.
I said to Sophie that I needed the toilet for a poo. She jokingly asked why I hadn't gone in McDonalds and I said I didn't need to go then. Then she said, 'Can you wait until we get to my house?' I told her I didn't think I could because it was urgent. She said, 'ok. Let's find a toilet!' which we did. In a shop not too far away I went into the loos and took a seat and unloaded my number two while Sophie waited outside. I pushed out 6 logs and a couple of little pieces and came out ten minutes later feeling much better. Sophie asked if I was feeling better and I said yes so we got on the bus and went back to her house.
We both weed a couple of times while we were there before we went out in the evening to see a movie. We went for dinner first and then weed together before we went in. After the movie my bladder needed emptying again and so did Sophie's- as did her bowels! She told me she'd been needing a poo for half of the film and now she was just starting to get a bit desperate! We took adjacent cubicles and sat. I had my green knickers at my knees since I was only peeing and Sophie had her pink and white ones at her feet. We were both wearing skirts which we hitched up. I heard her push out two pieces with fairly loud plops and then she weed. After that she pushed out two more pieces as I was wiping myself after my wee. I went to wash my hands and a few minutes later she came out and we went home. It was a fun day!

Monday, September 03, 2012


To Ryan

Annie - geez, that thing sounded huge! Was it hard or soft? Does your husband often get to see you poop? (both verb and action)

Hi Ryan :) Yup the poop was huge, big enough to clog and overflow the toilet. That's what happens when I haven't gone for a long time. I've always clogged toilets with my huge poops, even as a little girl. I've always been skinny as a rail but my poops have always been long and thick. This last poop was no different. It was pretty hard, hurting my bum. My husband doesn't usually get to see me poop, but we often show each other our poops after we're done. He's always amazed how a skinny woman like me can create such monster turds. lol. I get to hear him poop every night though while I'm taking my shower. He often has diarrhea or constipation (like me).

Speaking of constipation I haven't gone since last week. Just haven't felt the urge. Maybe I should try a coffee and see if that helps move anything.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories it sounds like you and those other girls all really had to poop alot and that one girl sounded kinda constipated and I bet all 3 of you felt alot better afterwards and great story about your morning poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you and Aubrey and that other girl all really had to go espicialy that other girl it sounds like she was pretty desperate for that poop and I bet you all felt alot better afterward and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Catarina first welcome to the site and great story about you and that other girl pooping together it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt great afterwards to and that other most have been very desperate and in a rush to I bet she felt better afterward to and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you all had alot of fun peeing in those bottles in the car while in trafic and I bet that night will be a great memory and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Melissa great about your big poop it sounds like you had a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brie it sounds like you had a pretty rough time with that big poop rushing out of you at least you boyfriend was there to help you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Needs Help my best advice is to put some newspapers or a towel on the bathroom floor and squat and try pooping like that and rub your stomach gently to while pushing hopefuly that will help please let us know the results thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great story it sounds like you are having a very very rough time hopefuly you can find something that helps you with the symptoms and I hop you feel better to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl really both needed to poop really bad and both sound like you guys just made it to and I bet you both felt alot better afterwrds to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Eventful day

Yesterday I was visiting my wife, who has been on an extended hospital stay. She had yet another surgery (apparently successful, thank God!), and I was there from about 6 a.m. till after 2 p.m. During that time I had breakfast and lunch in the hospital cafeteria, a very nice place. Breakfast was sausage and scrambled eggs; lunch, around 11:30, was chicken cordon bleu, scalloped potatoes, and cherry pie, a most filling meal. I had gotten up early in the morning and managed to have a good solid bowel movement before leaving for the hospital. My second b.m. was very soon after that big lunch; it was very soft, a bunch of floaty pieces; not awful but far from good. Soon after 2 p.m. I started feeling uncomfortable in my lower regions, so I went to the men's room, sat, and released a strong blast of gas, but no poop. However, since my wife was asleep and resting comfortably and I had to go home to feed the cat and take some pills, I left the hospital and went home. All the way, my bowels felt more and more urgent, and I was thankful to get home without an explosion (it is about a 45-minute drive from the hospital). I walked straight back to the toilet, sat, and shot out what I figured was most of my lunch in one liquid blast. Yuck! I hate diarrhea. That was about 3 p.m. Little more than an hour later, I had to go back and do it again. More powdery liquid; I wiped and left, but then, no more than 15 minutes later, I had to go again; and again it was a jet stream of powdery liquid. So far, five bowel movements. After that last one, my system seemed to settle down, but every time I felt pressure, I went back to sit down on the toilet so as not to soil my pants. A few more sit-downs, a few more gas blasts; then finally, at about 8:30 p.m., I had another session with much gas, and a tiny turdlet popped out. At least that 1-inch piece was more solid, though still soft, so I figured maybe my toilet odyssey was coming to an end. Sure enough, I have not pooped from that time on, and my gas attacks have stopped, so I think I am over whatever it was. My suspicion is that something in that lunch gave me the ipsy-pips, though of course it is possible I got an 8-hour bug of some kind. Anyway, six b.m.'s yesterday, counting the last tiny one; my most in one day for at least a couple of years.


27th Story

To John, I was using an outhouse so I didn't get splash back which I don't usually get anyway. I would have to drop a anvil in there to get that.

So I was at a party and a pretty mean prank happened. The party had quite a few people. Some guys thought it would be funny to put alot of laxatives into a group of 3 girls nacho mix. No one saw them do it. I was talking with some friends and I see one of the girls kinda squirming near the bathroom. Eventually she gets in and after a long time comes out. She went back to her group and they noticed she was sick. A little later a guy comes from the bathroom complaining about someone not flushing. Alot of people slowly go over and everyone is all grossed out. I couldn't see good but I saw a toilet with alot of mushy poops in it. The bathroom stops getting used and people move to the other ones. Eventually another girl from there group goes into the abandoned bathroom possibly because of other bathrooms being used. Not long after the other girl looked really desperate. She realized she would have to wait. I heard her groan then a look of surprise. I could see poop coming fast down her legs as she was wearing a short skirt. She sat down in her mess and it grew bigger. People noticed and she must have been pretty embarrassed. The people who pranked were laughing pretty hard. Everyone started leaving after that including me. Later everyone figured out about the prank. Never taken a laxative before but I would not like that. See you later.

Here's another story that my friend Tara sent to me, I've written about her a couple of times. She seems to like to talk about this kinda stuff and she seemed interested when I told her about the website.

"It's not all that weird for me to shit a lot, I don't know why but I just do. Anyway I remember there was this one sub that we had in math who wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. I really had to take a dump and I was pretty much begging him to let me go but he just kept saying no…such an ass…Anyway, I thought I could just hold it until the end of class but it was long period and there was no way that I could do that. It wasn't until I stood up though that I realized how bad my situation really was. As soon as my butt left the seat I felt a really bad cramp and a fart blasted out, really hard too. Everyone heard me and it was really bad. I just got really red in the face and asked one more time and the stupid sub awkwardly looked at me and finally said yes. I really hope he felt like an idiot. SO I go speed-walking down the hallway, heading towards the bathroom, when another cramp hits me. I stopped dead and stood there for a second, and another really loud fart blasted out. I felt like it went on forever. It was so bad. I hear a kid behind me say, "Pinch off a little something extra with that one?" I just kept walking, it was way too embarrassing to handle. I finally made it to the bathroom, and literally as soon as I get my pants pulled down a log comes shooting out of my butt. It felt soooo good, like I just lost 10 lbs. I sat down and with a bubbly fart I started to take what I would say was the loudest, grossest dump in my life. I was in there for almost 20 minutes, shitting my brains out. I was so lucky that nobody came in during that time. They would have passed out from the smell. Even though I felt much better after that I still had really bad gas for the rest of the day. I remember in particular that gym was last that day, and I farted while doing sit-ups like 10 times. I swear, it was one of the worst days of my life, but obviously looking back on it it's pretty funny."

Just a girl...
I've had the worst diarrhea of my life today. I'm going on 9 days of an IBS attack - I had bad diarrhea last week, and have had it slightly each day since.

This morning however, is the worst of my life. I woke up and had it when I got up. 15 minutes later, I had it again. 10 minutes later - again. Again before my shower, and again before I could leave for work. That's 5 times in about 2 hours. I got to work and didn't feel well. Went to the bathroom at 8:45 and had it again. Instead of listing out each attack, I will say that I had it 6 times at work before lunch. I went out at lunch and got pepto. Had it again at 2:30 and again at 3:45. Took more pepto. Had it before I could walk out the door at 5. Stopped on my way home, ran into the woods and squatted swearing that I had to go. I didn't. Came home, had it. 15 minutes later I had it bad. Again 20 minutes after that. My stomach is still in knots and turning. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me!

Mr. Clogs


Hannah B: Interesting story about having to use a squat toilet at your friend's place. Must of been a massive load in that squat toilet, hope that you were able to flush.

SHOCKING!! Yes indeed it was a shocking experience for you. Well I hope you had some vinyl lining on the mattress so the pee didn't soak up in it?

Anne: I really enjoyed your post at the restaurant rest room. I love every detail about the woman next to you while you relieve yourself. Keep the posts coming I really enjoy reading them, thanks.

musician: Glad to hear that you liked the diaper experiment.

pooluver: Interesting idea!

John H: Thanks for responding man, take care.

That's all for now, I look forward to some more stories. Thanks.

I am a golfer and I had a real urge to poop and it was diarrhea so when I was playing the urge got so bad that I pooped in the woods and I am 12 years old


Comments and Questions

John: I'd be very careful about leaving recording devises in your bathroom. If you're caught you'll probably lose your girlfriend, if she or her mum aren't into your little fetish and you could possibly get into moderately serious trouble legally. Best not to do that, man.

My dumps lately have been pretty normal, just like a piece or two, usually about a foot in total. If I could, I'd love to hear about the biggest load that any of you can remember pushing out. Stories with details would be appreciated!!

Thanks for reading!


advice to please help 15 yo girl whos been stuck for 16 days

Hey its tawnie again to the girl that is 15 n been constapated for 16 days i have some advice for u i dig to get my poop out try sitting on the toilet with your legs spread wide n go inbetwwen your legs n with your fingers try diggin out your poop that works for me very much or also try pullying your butt checks apart n push relly hard but first have sit on the toilet with your pants around your ankels or off n spread your legs wide n go in between your legs n take your fingers n dig out your poop that works for me ..
Let me kno how it works...

Just a guy
Anne - that was a great story about your bathroom trip with the young teenage girl.

Catarina - great story, it sounded like you had a big relieving dump, while also enjoying hearing what sounded like a pretty desperate dump.

Melissa - wow, those are some long poos you had - is that usual for you?

Megan - that sounded like a big dump you had while out shopping - its terrible being desperate & having to wait for the toilet. Thanks for the update on your friend, Leanne. Also enjoyed your post about yours & Natalie's dump.

I had some strange bms this last week. One day I didn't go at all, which is very unusual for me as I hardly miss my morning dump. Later that day, I kept getting a slight urge, but if I went to the bathroom, all I could do was fart. The farts weren't loud or big, for that matter, but were unusually smelly for me. Then I woke up in the middle of the night, really having to go (unusual for me) but when I went to the bathroom, all I could dump was 4 small hard pieces. I went back to bed and within 5 minutes I had to make a return trip and really let go. It was a soft bm with a ton of small chunks that totally covered the hole at the bottom of the bowl. I barely went the next 2 days - having just one small hard dump, but it appears I'm back to normal now.

My stomach has been a mess the last couple of weeks! Yesterday and today, though, I had the worst diarrhea of my life!
I woke up in the morning and had a loose movement. Stomach didn't feel right. 20 minutes later I started getting cramps and feeling sick, had another loose movement. 10 minutes later, had to go again, it was getting looser. Felt sick and went to go take a shower, barely made it to the toilet before having liquid diarrhea. Got out of the shower, started getting ready and had to go a little more. I went to work. Walked into the door at work and headed straight to the bathroom - had diarrhea. 15 minutes later, more diarrhea. Stomach felt so sick. I'd been at work for 45 minutes and had already gone to the bathroom twice. Stomach turned and I had to go again. Barely made it, this time it was bad. 45 minutes later, back on the toilet. Again 45 minutes after that. It was around 10:45 and I'd already had it 10 times, but yet, I had to go again. Finally, at 11:45, I excused myself for lunch, stopped in the bathroom to have diarrhea again, cleaned myself up and drove into town for medicine. Took a dose of Pepto. At 2:30, I had it again. I made it another hour before having it again. Finally, and miraculously I made it to 5:00. Just in time, because I had it again before I could leave. Drove home with a horrible stomachache and upset stomach. Swore that I had to go at one point, pulled over, ran into the woods and crouched down but it was a false alarm. Got home, went straight to the bathroom and went again. At 6:15 my stomach started to roll and I ran to the bathroom and barley made it as a huge wave of liquid poured into the toilet. I felt awful, I'd already taken Pepto twice, and my stomach was aching. I decided to take a hot bath to try and relax it. I couldn't even get into the bathtub before I had to go again - this was the worst attack of the day. Crawled in bed and my entire stomach was aching. I couldn't even touch it. I felt so sick!
Woke up on Friday morning feeling okay. It didn't last long though because at 5:00, I had diarrhea. At 5:20, I had it again. Stomach felt really sick. 5:30, it was entirely liquid again. Went to lie down, stomach was in knots. 5:50 back on the toilet. Laid down again. Made it until 6:50 before running to the bathroom and having several waves of it. Took a shower and got ready for work. 7:15, ran and barely made it - all liquid still. Stomach felt horrible! Took a big dose of Pepto and headed to work. Felt like I would loose it along the way, so I stopped and bought Immodium. Took one dose on the way to work. Ran into the bathroom when I got there, but only passed gas. Felt okay, not great, but okay. Didn't dare eat anything or drink anything other than water. Felt well enough to go to a 9:30 meeting. Boy was that a mistake! 2 minutes in my stomach started to protest. I knew I needed to find a bathroom very soon. Finally at 9:50 I was able to excuse myself for a bathroom break. I ran into the stall, slammed my ass down and released a huge torrent of diarrhea. Cleaned myself up, subtly took another dose of Immodium, and went back to my meeting. Around 11:30 I started getting a really sour feeling in my stomach. Soon it turned to nausea. Went into the bathroom at 12 honestly not knowing which end it was going to come out of. I ended up vomiting several times. Took another dose of Pepto. 12:30, ran back to the bathroom and vomited 3 more times.
Felt okay until 4:45 when I had another small wave of diarrhea. It's now 8:45pm and I haven't gone since.

John H

Comments and a live poop

Hey all. Some Comments.
@Brie, that was a very large poop by the sounds of things. Good your boyfriend was there to help you and that he didn't mind sitting with you in the bathroom. Enjoying your stories by the way, keep them coming.
@Heidi, Thanks for your comment. Yes I suppose it is a bit ridiculous. I don't think I am going to do it any more or at least not post about it in the future haha. Being serious though I did explain my reasons for doing it in an old post. I can't remember what page it was on so I will quickly summarise what I said. As far as I see it listening to a recording of a person using the toilet is no different then listening from the next cubical or from outside a bathroom door for example. It's still listening either way and I would never spy on someone like looking through a window or something. At least with the fact that it is audio means I don't see anything. That said I suppose listening in on someone in the bathroom shouldn't be done in any means but lets face it it's something we all do out of curiosity if nothing else haha. Enjoying all your posts by the way and good you figured out that it was the bananas that didn't agree with you.

And now I am going to try and do a live poop. I have been meaning to give it a go and as I am writing I can feel a poop coming on and I have been farting a bit also so no time like the present I guess.
I've walked in and opened my belt and pulling down my jeans and boxers. I'm Sitting on the toilet. Peeing a good stream now and I can feel the poop but It's not ready to come out yet. My pee is finished. Going to push a small bit to help things get moving. That's helped. It's starting to move now. My whole is cracking open and the first log is making its way slowly out. It's not very solid sadly. It broke off. My whole is opening again by itself. A small fart escapes as the poo begins to move out. It smells pretty bad. It's a bit more solid now but the logs are thin. It's moving out slowly and I am relaxing and not pushing. Three logs splashed into the toilet and I'm pushing again. I know there is still some more waiting to come out yet. Soft fart now as my whole opens again. I'm pushing hard nothing coming out apart from small farts and a small amount of liquid poop. I must have eaten something that doesn't agree with me as my normal poops are a lot more solid then this. More pee trickling out now. O an unexpected loud fart. It really stinks in here now! I'm going to press on my stomach for a minute, I find that can help things along sometimes. Pushing again, its coming. A small enough lump fell into the toilet. I've been on the toilet for 11 minutes now I don't think there is anything left to come out so going to wipe. It was a bit messy; it took 5 wipes to get clean. I stayed sitting on the toilet and reach behind myself for the first three wipes and stood for the last 2. I fixed my clothes, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I sprayed some air freshener before I picked up my laptop and I shall submit this now. Sorry if it's a bit all over the place I'm not the best at multi tasking haha.
Take care all, John H.



Hey all,

The other day I was out with a lady friend of mine, and we were out for a walk along a trail. Off the trail there was some benches. Taking a rest, we sat on a bench for about 15-20 minutes. Suddenly, without warning, she farted on the bench. I could hear and feel it. It was a two-parter deep putt type of a blast. She said "Ya, sorry I farted." I'm sure my face was in a stat eof shock (not disgust) because she smiled after that. I verbally brushed it off like it was nothing tho.

Speaking of farts, the other day I had some spicy pizza with hot sauce on it. I can handle spice, it just might make me gassy after. I farted so often, I had to poop. There wasn't a need or an urge, but i guess all the pressure and what not coming caused a few small slightly firm chunks to come out plopping into the toilet. I went to the bathroom to poop after I felt a little 'extra' something move down. It was clean too, only needed 1 wipe, if that.

Now for some comments before I go....

Heidi - oh for the noise comment I meant the poop itself. Iknew the gas was loud but wasn't sure if in your story you meant that the poop had noise too. Also, for 25th story: sounds like you had a good log come out there. I've been fortunate in that if I get any wide ones they don't hurt my butt.

Anne - wow another post from that restaurant! you must keep going there...and hopefully eat lots to give us more stories here! :)

Catarina - sounds like you and the other girl had terrific varying poops!

Brie - wow that was a big long thick poop you did! Hope you're back to normal after that one.

Melissa - wow, keep eating that fiber!

Megan - wow, what a massive dump you did. Coffee usually gets me to poop too. Not neccessairil big, but a need that quickly arrives!

Saturday, September 01, 2012


25th Story

To Brandon, Yes I was very tired. I didn't feel like having a poop then. It also hurt after because I sit with my knees touching so my knees, belly, inner theigh, and bum all hurt.

To John, Thanks. I enjoy sharing. Let me know if you want something explained. Leaving a recorder in your bathroom is pretty ridiculous.

So today we left the ranch and drove to a nearby town to stay and relax in. My family and I did things around town all day. We were at the mall there and I felt an urge to have a poop. I also think I fixed my stomach problems. It seems bananas don't mix well with me. We were eating lunch there and I excused myself. The bathroom was really out of the way, quite a walk through empty hallways to get to it. I noticed that the bathrooms here are mixed gender. I have been in a few but never ran into a male. I walked in and into a stall. Pulled my skirt up and cotton pants down to my knees and sat down. The stall next to me had a young guy grunting and farting. Made it hard to relax. I just breathed and pretended he wasn't there. I started peeing and had a small fart at the end. The toilet was uncomfortable, I hate the really long ones. It also had a flat/edged seat which I hate. I felt like rushing but I just wanted to enjoy as much of this as I can. The guy flushed and left without washing his hands. No one else was in there now. After some good relaxing it was time to have it. I leaned and slowly pushed a thick 7" poop out. Some teenage girls come in. They talk while I sat there. Then one of them says they need to use the toilet. She goes into the other stall and the other girl says she does to. I hear a knock on the door. You almost done? Yep I replied. I hear pee from the stall. I wipe and flushed. At the sink the last thing I saw was one stall with shorts and yellow panties down to the ankles making lots of plops. And also in my previous stall some grunting sounds. I'm glad I don't make those ridiculous sounds when I use the toilet. See you later.


2-Phase Load

Got the urge this morning at work so I went into the bathroom. I felt kinda crampy and had to go prety bad. Once there, I took down my trousers and had a seat. With very little waiting a decent log came out of me, probably close to a foot long and an inch thick or so. I still kinda felt like there was more, but when I pushed I only got a couple farts. I'm sorta shy and didn't want anyone to hear me, so I wiped and pulled up my pants, figuring I'd finish going later.

Fast forward a couple hours and I'm at home when the urge comes back. Went to the bathroom, sat again and this time let out some softer stuff. It was still formed, but softer than before and broke apart as it came out. Ended up with 4 or 5 logs each about 4 inches long and an inch thick. This load smelled quite a bit more than the first one.

In all it was a pretty huge dump for me, considering I go every day. I wish I could have gotten it all out at once; that would have been impressive!

Hope you enjoyed, talk to you all later!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brie as always another great story and great live coverage to it sounds like had an interesting poop first a load of diarrhea and then a big poop I bet that cleaned you out good and I bet you feel alot better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Samuel as always another great story about Phoebe it sounds like she had a good time pooping her pants and gave you a great show as well and maybe she may remember that now and do it again who knows and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it sounds like your sister had a good poop and it sounds like you were having a very rough time hopefuly you find a away to help with your constipation and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story and great live coverage of your poop it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and probaly felt pretty great to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop and lol following asleep on the toilet you must have been very tired and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie great story about you and that other girl pooping together it sounds like her pooping helped you over come your shyness and alow you to poop easier and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Simon great story about you seeing your friend Evelyns poop it sounds like she to show it off hopefully I can be that lucky again in seeing a girls poop in the toilet.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



The other night, my girlfriend and I wore diapers to bed. We had both had a few drinks, and thought we'd wear them just in case, to save the mattress. It's a good thing we did. Both of us peed in our sleep, and we woke up with full saggy diapers. It felt really good, and now I'm afraid I might get addicted to wearing them.


Another Experience in the Restroom

Indeed I do frequent the restaraunt that has the restroom my last story happened in. I'd say I eat there on average once a week, but usually don't witness anything of note in the bathroom. I had lunch there again today (with the same girlfriend-we had a day of back to school shopping for her kids.) and witnessed another poop.

Again, when we were waiting for our food, I went to the restroom. I had been feeling the need to poo for almost a half hour and as I entered the right stall was already occupied. Immediately a strong poop odor came over me like a fog. It was on the meaty, dense side of the smell spectrum. I took the other stall, raised my dress, lowered my light grey cotton panties to my knees and sat down. Before I could do anything I heard a loud "braappp" fart and the occupant of the neigbor stall spoke. She said "Omigod I'm so sorry I made it stink in here" at which point I realised by the voice it must be a teenage girl. I calmly and warmly replied "No, it's OK, I have to poop too." She replied "Oh OK I feel better then" and laughed a bit. I relaxed and felt my poo begin to come out. I made sure to make a few effort noises, a few "unnghh" grunts, so my nervous neigbor would know I was indeed pooping. I pushed and a forceful squirt of pee hit the water loudly and my first log burst out with a thunk-splash. My neigbor giggled and said "sounds like you're busy over there" to which I replied "honey I'm just getting started." We both laughed. I pushed again and a giant, loud fart echoed into the bowl, followed by about ten seconds worth of pee. The teenaged girl laughed again.

At this point I leaned back and through the stall divider gap saw a girl of perhaps twelve or thirteen sitting up straight on the toilet. She had neck length golden curly hair and was seated far back on the seat with her jeans down only slightly past her bottom, just enough to go. I stopped watching and leaned forward and pushed again with a grunt. Another log started out. My neigbor farted again followed by a decent amount of pee. Then I heard crackling and she announced "ahhh there it is the big one" and I heard it thud against the porcelain a few seconds later. I pushed and my own log fell into the water with a small splash. I heard her reach for toilet paper, so I leaned back and had another look. She was already standing up, with her jeans down just below her butt, crumpling up a wad of paper. She bent over slightly and half squatted over the toilet, wiped and dropped the paper in the toilet. She made another wad and wiped her front, then took it and quickly gave her bum another pass while standing up straight. She dropped it in and flushed, then reached in her purse and got out her phone and began texting.

At this point I was done as well, so I stood up and inspected my load: several inch thick eight inch long poops and a bowl full of pee. I made a wad of toilet paper and wiped my butt once while half squatting just like the girl had done. I pulled up my panties, let down my dress, and flushed. When I opened the stall door she was at the mirror applying makeup. "May I wash my hands, dear?" I asked her. She stepped aside and I did so. She was all smiles and seemed very bubbly. I used the hand dryer and as I turned to leave, she very cheerfully said "Have a nice day!" I replied "and you too my dear" and waved goodbye as I left.

I went back to my table but didn't talk of the restroom as my friend's children were there with us as well. As we were leaving the restaraunt, the girl pointed and said to whom I assume was her mother "That's the lady that pooped when I was pooping too." Her mother rolled her eyes and sharply told her to be quiet. As we exited the front door to the street I heard her giggle again so I can only assume she found the whole experience as humorous and delightful as I did.

Brandon T

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To: Hannah B as always another great story it sounds like you had a great poop in that squat toilet and you probaly had a good clean out to since squatting is the natural way of pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SHOCKING it sounds like it was just an accident since you said you were very tired and did go drinking so chances are it wont happen again or at least not very often as is the way with acccidents.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had a good poop in that bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooluver great story it sounds like your gives you a present with every poop since its kinda wrapped up please keep posting stories about her thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories first great story anout you poop ing outside with that boy I bet he really enjoyed seeing you poop and great story about your nesty dump it sounds like you were having a very nasty time but I bet you felt alot better afterwards though and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

hey everyone! hi its Ash! iam here with the final conclusion to my ladiesnight out with Aubrey! i apprecaite all the nice comments that the other contributors have posted! So Aubrey and i had finished seeing the new Batman movie and we really enjoyed it! So i said to Aubrey lets have dinner at Hulligans! hulligans is a bartype resturant! i recentley went their for my younger sister's birthday dinner with my family! it was the first time i had been there! the food at Hulligans is really Good! when Aubrey and i arrived at Hulligans we waited to be seated! five minutes later Aubrey and i were seated at a table in the back! as soon as we got seated i developed another urge to do a combition of a pee and a bowel movement! so i told Aubrey to watch our table ! so i made my way to the ladiesroom! Being it was a friday night the resturant was filling up with tons of people ! so i knew that i probably would not be alone when using the bathroom! shortly after i arrived i opened the door and found that there were 7 stalls all together! 3 stalls were in use! it appeared to me that there was a girl about 12 a middle age woman in her mid 40's and another woman that was like 25 years old! all appeared to be taking a needed shit! the handicap stall was like the fourth stall! it was completley vacant so i decided to take it! i quickly went in and locked th door! i placed myself on the tiolet! i quickly pulled my panties all the way down! at this point my pee stream began! the other woman were scattered all throughout the bathroom! so both stalls that were on bi was oth sides of me were completley vacant! my pee stream had stopped and i was in the process of taking a crap! my first turd was making its way out! i heard two tiolets flush! i also heard the middle age woman and the 25 yearold female exit the bathroom! by now i was almost completely done! i began the wiping process! i took a small amount of tiolet paper and began wiping by my vagina area! then i placed the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer! i pulled up my panties and stood up to look at what i created the the water was dark coffee brown! i didnt feel like putting my hand on the lever! so i left the tiolet unflushed! i went back to the table ! Aubrey had already ordered something to eat! i quickly looked through the menu and ordered! i ordered a chicken parmasean with a large salad! Aubrey ordered ribs and a steak salad! both of our appetites were huge despite eating such a large amount of popcorn at the movies were both were still pretty hungry! we both got soda to drink! and we planned on getting plenty of refills! so Aubrey and i continued chatting while we were waiting for our food! at this point the resturant was completley packed! Aubrey told me that she needed to pee and she wanted to come with her! we flagged down one of the waiters and told them not to give away our table cause we needed to use the restroom! so i went with Aubrey to the ladiesroom! this time when we arrived we were joined by to other females that were around our age the first lady was a burnette wearing a dressy like flowery shirt with dark blue jeans! she had on sandles and her nails were painted a dark violet purple! the other woman was a blond who was dressed like Aubrey and had a very attractive tomboy figure! since we were in the bathroom i showed Aubrey which stall i used she went in and saw what i created and said " Ash you must have really had to go! Good Job sweetie"! she gave me a hug and a kiss"! the stall on our right was open and Aubrey said to me " ash come into the stall with me"! so i went in and quickly locked the door ! i stood at the back Aubrey pulled down her blue gym shorts and underwear down to the ground! her pee stream began! next door on our right was the blond who was also a tomboy as well! she was crapping up a storm! Aubrey said Ash please come wipe me! i said okay! i grabbed a small amount of tiolet paper and began wiping Aubrey! she then said that feels alot better! she then stood up and placed the dirty tiolet paper on the hook where you place your handbag! iam not sure why she did that ! she got up and observed what she had created the water was light yellow color! she decided not to flush like i had previously done! we both exited the stall and went to the sink to wash our hands! we both washed our hands extremely Good ! then we went back to our table! our food had finally arrived! we ate! and spent the remainder of the time conversating! this conclused our ladiesnight out!



ps. my birthday is on Aug 31st! i will be 29! have a Great weekend everyone!



1. Do you usually pass gas in public or wait until you are in a restroom stall

2. Have you ever heard others farting in the public restroom stall and what were they like

3. Are you farts usually soft, medium, or loud in sound

4. In terms of odor, are your farts no odor, moderate, and strong on average.

5. can you control all your farts or some of them come so sudden where you can't control such

6. Do you have Wet farts Often and do you immediately go to wipe afterwards

7. if you have a serious or bout of farts, do you go the restroom stall to wipe or just wait until you have to go to clean it up

8. Do you usually pass gas while peeing the toilet.

9. have anybody heard you or have you heard anybody else fart while talking on the phone

10. Do you pass gas more when you are constipated or over-hydrated


1. Where you were in a public restroom stall and heard someone else passing gas.

2. Where there was an especially loud fart when in the public restroom

3. A situation where in the public restroom, you heard someone fart and then take a dump or long pee

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