Nature Poop This Morning

This morning I was out walking very early, the sun was just rising and the nature path near my residence was all but deserted. There are toilets at the beginning and end of the path, adjoining the parking lots, but I was roughly in the middle of the distance and at least a half-hour walk to either facility. I am a random pooper, and can't really predict when I will have to go, but I typically poop every day. I began to have a very insistent feeling of pressure against my anus, and began to have trouble walking because I had to stop every half a minute or so and clench to keep from releasing my poop. After a few minutes of this I knew there was no chance I'd make it to a bathroom, so I walked off into the surrounding brush and found a small clearing. I quickly lowered my khaki shorts and light purple cotton bikini briefs and squatted down. The relief was tremendous as a large poop quickly exited me followed by a low pressure trickiling pee. After a minute or so, I was done and I stood up and pulled up my panties and shorts. I looked down and it was a huge poop: smooth textured but totally formed and dark brown, at least a foot long and an inch and a half thick. It then occurred to me that I hadn't pooped the previous day at all, which is likely why it was so big and I had a strong urge to go so early in the day. After my walk, I got home and peed, and looked down and saw a magnificent skidmark, a thumbprint-sized dark brown oval on the rear of the double-thickness cotton crotch of my panties: the end result of not having anything to wipe with. When you gotta go, you gotta go!...and if that means not wiping(for whatever reason) and just pulling up your pants, it's OK to do just that.


Hi Gatorade!

Interesting toilet set-up, across from each other like that. I haven't seen toilets that were that close, but I did use some toilets when I went water skiing at a local lake and the toilets also didn't have doors, but were located next to each other. The partitions were not very deep. I could see the knees of the guy seated on the next toilet. And the wall in front of the stalls was pretty close, so I would be close to my neighbor when I was coming to or from the stall.

I have used toilets with out doors that were located across from each other, but across the room. I could still see the other guy pretty well (and he could see me), but not as close as you described. Sounds like an interesting set-up.


Story of my sister

Hello. I have story of my sister and me. We are twins from Germany. We like to poop and let other watch. One day Karolin say I should use camera to make movie of her pooping. We get camera and go to bathroom. She get naked and go down on knees over towel. I move camera so I see her butt and say I am ready. She do farts and piss some. Her hole open for poop to come. Her poop is fat. It come out slow. Some come out and her hole open more. She poop very slow and say it feel good. Much time go by and her poop touch towel. But more still come out. More time and she is done. Her poop fall on towel.

She find ruler and show for camera how big her poop. It is 5cm fat and 50cm long. She put poop in toilet, wipe butt and flush. I say I have to poop now and she take camera. I do like she and get naked on knees over towel. She say ready. My hole open but not big as hers. My poop come out and fall to towel. I poop again and it fall to towel too. I have third poop and it long. All my poop come quick. I say I am done. I show camera my poops. My poop 2cm fat and 14cm long. Second poop 3cm fat and 6cm long. Last poop 3cm fat and 19cm long.

I put poops in toilet, wipe butt and flush. We take towel to wash. We save tape and watch many times in future.


To Tawnie: digging it out

Once in my life of 70 years I have had to dig poop out of my anus and rectum--a most painful experience. Several years ago I had both a kidney stone and a bladder stone at the same time, both painful; both required surgery to remove. When I regained consciousness after the operation, I had been fitted with a Foley catheter to urinate, a painful experience in itself. I had to take pain medication, a strong and effective pill called Percocet, which took less than half an hour to dull the worst pain--a true miracle drug. The problem, of course, was that it also deadened my rectal nerves, so I could not feel much of an urge to poop (though, at first, I didn't feel like eating much anyhow). As a result, for the first (so far, only) time in my life, I went three full days with no poop whatever. On the second and third days, I tried to go; but the feeling was not there, and it felt like the Foley catheter would pop off from my penis if I pushed too hard to poop. By the fourth day, I knew I had to poop, so I waited for the feeling to come, and finally, late in the day, it did, mildly. (Note: I was soon due for a trip to the hospital to have the catheter removed, and I did not want to have the additional experience of a nurse-administered enema; so it was really time for a bowel movement if at all possible.)

When the feeling got strong enough to give some hope of success, I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I could feel that a very large, lumpy turd was just inside my anus; but several minutes of really hard pushing failed to budge it. Not having any rubber gloves, I simply lubricated my right hand middle finger with a Noxzema-like salve and pushed it up into my anus. The white salve would help (I thought) to lubricate my anal canal and ease the passage of this huge hard lumpy stool. My finger encountered the turd immediately, and I started digging away at it, lump by lump. It was slow work, and it hurt even though I was still taking the Percocet. After several minutes, I had gotten out a lot of small lumps that felt like about lima-bean size; I heard them plip and plunk into the water as I loosened them. I took a look at my finger to see if it needed more salve; it was bright red with fresh blood. I tried just pushing out the rest of the poop; no luck. So I washed the blood off, put on some more of the Noxzema stuff, and resumed digging. Finally, after a dozen or so more little lumps dropped in, I felt the main body of the turd move a little bit, so I pushed so hard I could almost see stars. Slowly the huge thing eased out. It took a long time because it was a long piece, I'd say close to a foot, and at least an inch and a half thick, maybe two inches; I could feel the individual lumps as they passed through my anal canal. It finally dropped, and I felt a great relief. I washed my hands again before I wiped. There was no poop visible on the toilet paper, only a small amount of blood, so I wiped only once. When I looked at my poop, I was amazed; and yet, it was the outcome of four days of not pooping!

Later that day I was back at the hospital to have the catheter removed (I also learned how to use a smaller catheter, not the Foley type, if I had bad urine-flow problems; that was painful in itself, but at least I didn't have to go to the emergency room to do it). After that removal, I had much less pain, so I stopped the Percocet, and from then on I could poop normally. It also helped that I was back on a normal diet, so I had enough bulk to stimulate my bowels to signal me when I had to go.

I cannot say I recommend digging out your poop digitally (i.e., with your finger). It was a nasty, painful, bloody experience. However, at the time it was the only remedy I knew of, and at least it did work. Later I learned that I could have bought and self-administered an enema; but I certainly didn't have one available at the time, and with the Foley catheter in place, I couldn't drive myself to the store.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories first it sounds like your cousin Lily was having a really rough time with bad diarrhea hopefuly she has learned not to hold it for so long so it wont be like that again and I bet she probaly felt good getting it all out of her to and great story about your poop at the hotel it sounds like you were kinda desperate at least you made and finaly great story about your friend Karas big poop it sounds like she was really deseperate and probaly felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Samuel great story about you watching your friend Phoebe pooping it sounds like she really had to poop and I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories lke that if you have any thanks.

To: Tawnie as always another great story it sounds like you and that girl both had really big poops and it was nice of you to help her out maybe one day she will help someone else out to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you got quite the show and what a show it was and great story about you wiping with that towel when you had no toilet paper and as always i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne congrats I look forward to reading your pregnancy pee and poop stories thanks.

To: UKNGuy great story about seeing those girls peeing outside and I loook forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie first welcome back and great story about you and your friend pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: megan as always another great story it sounds like you must picked a time to poop just as a few others did but at least you made it and it sounds like those other women really had to poop to and you all probaly felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren please keep posting and im sure that poster might have mispoke maybe and I always enjoy your stories and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Stacy G first weclome to the site and great story about your big poop I hope the laxatives work to get the rest out I look forward to the results thanks

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend Aubrey were having a great time it sounds like you both had great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Stevie it sounds like you were having a truly nasty time I hope your feeling better do you know what caused it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kerri great accident story it sounds like your body must have really had to go and didnt let you hold it in and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Diarrhea Lover I look forward to reading your stories thansk.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Sighting at the library

When I was in college, I spent a lot of time at the library studying. There was a table in the back I always tried to sit at because it was really close to the unisex toilet. I hoped to get lucky and see a cute girl go in, but I rarely saw anything. Sadly, girls rarely seemed to have to use the toilet at the library, but there was one good experience.

I had been sitting at my usual table for a while when I began to notice a girl sitting a few tables away darting glances at the toilet. She was an older woman, maybe 26 years old. She was very good-looking, with messy brunette hair, and lovely long legs. She was wearing a low-cut white top which showed just a hint of cleavage and a short red skirt. Anyway, every so often she'd look towards the toilet, and sometimes she'd bite her lip. I could tell she needed to use the toilet but she never came over.

This continued for about an hour, with her getting more and more desperate all the time. Finally, she surrendered to her needs and went into the toilet. She stayed inside for quite a while and when she came out she looked very relieved. Once she had gone back to her table, I went into the toilet.

Immediately, I was hit by a very heavy smell. I could hardly believe that beautiful girl had produced such a stink. I'm surprised the wallpaper wasn't peeling off. I looked in the toilet and saw a lot of toilet paper and a few chunks of poop swirling around, and tons of skid marks all over the bowl. I wanted to stay and enjoy this all day, because I knew that I'd never be so lucky again in my life. I enjoyed it for ten minutes or so before flushing the toilet and leaving.

Diarrhea lover

Second time

Miss D's survey

1. Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all? yes. Many times. The mot recent was when I was at my boyfriend's apartment cooking with him and all of a sudden got diarrhea running out of my pants. It was all liquid and continuous. I was surprised and mortified but didn't know what to do when he helped me to clean up.
2. Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time? es. when i was really small. but i can't remember it properly.
3. Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea? yes. I'm very bad in controlling bowels when it is diarrhea.
4. Have you ever gone to fart and accidentally messed yourself instead? always.As i get to fart very often in a wild way when i get diarrhea.
5. Have you ever had the runs on holiday? yes. when i went to China for vacation and got diarrhea. I had to spend my entire vacation in the toilet. The food was what made the difference.
6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment whilst having diarrhea in a public bathroom? yes in office when I had diarrhea and my boss was right next to me in the other toilet. She asked me whether i was alright as i kept farting and pooping my guts off. I tried my best to control but it just kept going.
7. Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated? I prefer diarrhea although its a bit troublesome as i hate constipation.
8. How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom? I always feel that I need to go again. And most often it is right and i start right away.
9. Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college? Explain.I have had diarrhea many times in school. I was sent home by the nurse as I had bad diarrhea since i was lactose intolerant as most girls.
10. Have you ever had diarrhea at work? Explain. I've been having diarrhea many times at work. Since I work in a shop its really hard to get my self to the toilet on time as my boss doesn't want us to be free most time.She's mean sometimes. But once I had terrible diarrhea and just kept going while i was working and she understood how mean it is not to let anyone use the toilets.
11. Have you had diarrhea at the same time as your partner? Many times. We have been in toilet together many times helping each other and pooping and farting terribly.
12. What normally gives you diarrhea? stomach bugs and dairy stuff.
13. Do you take Imodium or let it all flow through? usually i let it flow if i'm not at work. but even at work i prefer letting out.
14. Does having a runny ???? upset you? yes sometimes.
15. Who would you feel comfortable telling that you had ???? trouble? My boy friend and family.
16. Have you ever take too many laxatives?never
17. Have you ever had diarrhea on a plane? yes returning from china in the above mentioned trip. I had a hard time running to the toilet and the other passengers really helped me a lot as they all understood i had a stomach trouble. but once the toilets were not free and i pooped diarrhea into my pants and couldn't control my self. luckily we landed about 30 minutes later. but by that time i had completely messed up my panties and jeans after having diarrhea two more times.
18. Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on whilst swimming? yes twice. the first time i felt my runny poop and ran holding my bum right into the ladies but I just lost it before i reached the toilet. the second time i just completely messed my bikini while getting out of the pool.
19. Do you feel empty when you've taken a runny poop? usually no. I always need to sit on the toilet right after i think i have finished.
20. Do you fart a lot when you have the squits? every time. and it usually comes out with runny poop


reply to Marie

Marie, sounds like an exciting time, I look forward to reading about more of your adventures. I'll say two things: 1) Your written English is better than some people whose native language is English. 2) I thought I was a freak before I saw this site, too. Maybe I still am, but clearly there are others, and I think that's a good thing to know.

Little Mandi

Randomness and another survey

Hey guys,its been a while since I posted. I really haven't had anything to post about. Everything has been normal here.

I have a kind of funny pee story to mention. I spent the weekend over my friends house. It was getting late and we were getting ready for bed. Before we did, we went downstairs for a little snack. I wasn't hungry so I just grabbed a water. While my friend got his snack, I told him I was gonna go pee real fast. He has a downstairs bathroom in his kitchen, so instead of walking all the way back upstairs, I just used that one. I walked in the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I then remembered how silent it was in the house. I got up and turned on the faucet to drown out my peeing sounds. When I came out,my friend looked at me kind of funny and asked me if that was the sink he heard. ''Yes,it was.'' I said. ''Oh, I was just wondering cause I didn't hear you peeing.'' He said. ''That's exactly my point.'' I said laughing. We both laughed. He asked if I did that all the time. I told him I did. I do it anytime I want to drown out my sounds.

Now heres my answers to Miss.D's other survey. I enjoy doing surveys when I'm bored.

1. Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all?
Usually, I can always tell when I'm gonna have diarrhea but, I have gotten it with no warning a dew times.

2. Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time?
Luckily, I never have.

3. Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea?
I find it a bit difficult to hold diarrhea but, I'm very good at holding it.

4. Have you ever gone to fart and accidentally messed yourself instead?
I have twice that I remember. Once last year when I had the 24/hour stomach bug and didn't realize it,the other when I was 17 and got unexpected diarrhea.

5. Have you ever had the runs on holiday?
I did once at my shore house. It wasn't bad though. I only had to go one time that day.

6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment whilst having diarrhea in a public bathroom?
Every time I've had to use a public bathroom to have diarrhea was super embarrassing for me.

7. Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated?
I'd definitely rather have watery diarrhea. I get constipated fairly offen and I can't stand it. It hurts way worse than diarrhea to me

8. How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom?
Depends. Sometimes, I feel completely empty other times I'll feel crampy.

9. Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college?
I've had diarrhea once in grade school. Luckily it wasn't bad.

10. Have you ever had diarrhea at work?

11. Have you had diarrhea at the same time as your partner?

12. What normally gives you diarrhea?
When I was younger,if I ate a lot of spinach it used to give me diarrhea, not nothing at all gives me diarrhea. I have an iron stomach.

13. Do you take Imodium or let it all flow through?
I've never taken imodium. I just let it go. If I had it when I had to go out,I'd definitely take some.

14. Does having a runny ???? upset you?
Sometimes if I have a bad stomach ache.

15. Who would you feel comfortable telling that you had ???? trouble?
No one at all.

16. Have you ever take too many laxatives?
I've never taken a laxative.

17. Have you ever had diarrhea on a plane?

18. Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on whilst swimming?
Not that I remember.

19. Do you feel empty when you've taken a runny poop?

20. Do you fart a lot when you have the squirts?
Oh yes.


hard poop at school

Hey every one its me again and i was the first day bac to school yesterday n now im telling u my story well the whole day was goin good till after luch time so i knew i felt a poop so since i had a free period i desided to go use the bathrooms. So i went in n i was the only girl in ther at the time so i took the last stall n sat n peed then i pushed relly hard n the turd was dry n hard n big so evey time it pushed it would suck back up ...well i pushed my pants around my ankels n spread. My legs wide n pushed relly hard my face was all strunced up n red i kept pushin my toes were pushed aganist the floor then my turd came out enouh where it wont go bac up i looked at it it was 3 in wide. So far n olny stickin out like 3 in i kept pushin hard then it fell with a massive. N loud ka plunk ..then i still felt more up ther so i kept pushing by this time a young girl came in n stat in the nex stall to me n she sat n right away i seen her pants around her ankels n spreadin her legs n pushing n grunting hard well while she was pushing i kept pushing also my next turd was bein real stubbern it kept comeing out the suckin bac up so i had to one thing i had to try n dig iit out so i was diggin n i felt it it was big rock hard n dry n i got it so i dug it out n it came out with a massive plop too then i was wipeing n fulshed wen to the sink n my face was all red. My neighbor was still pushin then i heard a massive plop from her she wiped n flushed n came out n i seen her face nit was red i said to here hey i kno u u were that girl in the mall i seen ( i posted about it last story) she said hey was up i didnt kno u went to my school n i said ya well she was a freshman in hs n i was a in 11th grade. I asked her how its she said she was still constapited since the last time i seen her n. But she said she used my way n jus dig out her poop today n it worked n thank me for tellher how to dig i told her your welcome. Then we left n went back to class thats my story ill post again .....


Hot Sausage

Hey all,

Over the weekend I had some people over and I had some sausages made with chili. Really tasty. Later that evening and the next day, the farts after: wow. I got quite a few of them and they were all noisy. The most impressive one I did sounded like an out of tune trumpet submerged in water.

The resulting poop was quite something too: 3 medium soft logs. No effort, no noise, and a slight 'spice' smell (but not a stink). The only way you'd known that I'd taken a dump was if you looked in the toilet or caught a slight whiff. The wiping wasn't too bad - three wipes, the first 2 were really messy.

That's it for posting story-wise. Now to talk with fellow posters!

Heidi - I definitely do! You're among my fav posters! :)

Samuel - Do you still know or keep in touch with Phoebe? If there's more stories, I'm interested!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - I read the story, and will go through more of your previous posts. I'll keep my eyes peeled for future 'events' and for Amy to come up again, whether in older posts or the new ones!

Anne - I'm one of those men! And congrats! Do let us know how your toilet habits change, and what they change to. I'm a guy, and I wear boxer-briefs. I prefer black over white (sometimes grey) for the reasons you listed. Also, are your poops soft / messy / mushy? The more so they are, the more 'leftovers' there can be.

Marie - I don't think of you as a freak...I'm kind of the same boat (for ladies only tho haha). It's the moaning / straining, farts and poop noises that would do it for me. Not sure why tho! And of course any facial expressions and seeing the female body exposed. All willingly, of course.(moderator, I hope that's appropraite. If not, feel free to remove that little bit) I'd never seen a girl use the toilet, or been in the bathroom with a girl as she went for a poop (yes for pee tho!) Please do keep posting :)

Megan - sounds like you can fill a toilet! Especially when you went shopping. Of course though, it all depends on how large those logs are haha.

That's all for now, though I'll leave with a question: How does one go about being around the opposite of sex when it comes to using the bathroom? Experience, tales and recommendations welcome!

Hope everything comes out the way you want it to!


To Heidi


I like your stories! In quite a few of them you mention that your sister takes a while in the bathroom. I would like to hear about her poops also, please! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


19th Story

To Ryan, glad you like it.

So today I had to babysit my 2 year old cousin named Lily. I can't believe how much this little girl eats. For lunch she had a big serving of lasagna. Anyways we played alot and when we jumping on the trampoline she was farting alot. These were some big farts for someone her size. I asked if she needed to go to the toilet and she said she didn't want to. I tell her if you have to go you got to go. She got grumpy. She kept jumping. Later on I could see she was holding her belly and moaning. I asked her what's wrong and she said my belly hurts. I say if you go to the toilet it will feel all better. She refused but after awhile she agreed. I put her special seat on the toilet and stool. She pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. She sat there for a minute and I tried to keep her entertained by reading a book because she doesn't like going to the toilet. I heard her belly growl and she started a really long fart. The first 3 seconds of it was dry and then another 5 seconds it sounded wet but not much poop. It was one long fart. It got to a high point and probably the worst diarrhea I've ever heard just bursted out of her for a good 5 seconds. Then she had another long fart start which had a small amount of diarrhea with it and then she had a large fart at the end and a loud plop. She had some tears. I felt sorry for her I would hate to have that poop. I gave her a toilet paper roll and she wiped and I helped her get off the toilet. She pulled her pants up while I put the seat and stool away. The inside of the toilet looked awful. Had a bunch of liquid poop at the bottom, a bunch of small poops then a 4" on the top. It also smelled really bad. I flushed it. I asked when the last time she had a poo and she said 6 days ago. I can't last 1 how does she eat that much and last 6! Well, see you later.


Phoebe, The Pooping Queen

I have a story from a few years ago. When I was 12, I had a friend named Phoebe. She was a year older than me. We'd hang out at each other's houses a lot. Anyway, one Saturday, I went over to Phoebe's house. Her dad went to work and her mom was going to the store. She wasn't supposed to have friends over when she was home alone, but we didn't care.

We'd been hanging out for several hours when she said she had to take a dump. I joked with her saying something like "Haha, girls don't poop." and she came back with, "Yeah we do. I'll even prove it." and she dragged me to the bathroom with her.

She pulled down her panties, hitched up her skirt and sat on the toilet. She peed for a while and was letting off a lot of loud farts. She stopped farting but was still peeing. When she was done peeing, she leaned forward and blasted a really long fart. There were a number of splashes, and she farted several times between them. I think it had been twenty minutes or so before she finally said she was empty.

When she stood up, I couldn't believe what I saw in the toilet bowl. I counted six logs, each one probably at least half a foot long. The only thing she said to me was "See? I told you girls do poop.", before sitting down and wiping herself a bunch of times. Then she needed two flushes to get rid of all her poop. I asked her how long it had been since she last pooped, and she told me about four days.


to Gatorade

When I visited relatives in Denver, one of the tourist attractions had a women's restroom that had two toilets in the restroom... but the toilets didn't have dividing walls or doors. There was a lock on the main door to the restroom, and only one woman at a time used that restroom. Also, I saw a performance at a theatre in the suburbs, which had a toilet in the restroom that didn't have a door. All of the other toilets had divider walls and a door. There was a line in the restroom, but only one woman decided to use the toilet that didn't have a door.


20th Story

So today my family went on a trip to a town 7 hours from where we live. My mom doesn't like stopping so we only stopped once. It was 3 hours into the trip when we stopped. We went into the gas station to go to the bathroom. I had a pee then got a snack and we kept going. At around 5 hours I felt a strong first urge to have a poop. The urge was already bad. I ask if we could stop somewhere. My mom asked why and I said I need to use the toilet. She said we'll be there soon. I kept feeling it the rest of the trip. I also really had to pee so that made it worse. Oh and I also had alot of farts built up so even more worse. On the way into town the bumps also didn't help. We got our hotel rooms. We grabbed our things and went to the rooms. I was staying with my sister. We walked in and I put my stuff around the bed and saw my sister was already in the bathroom. I watched TV while I waited. She always takes 15-20 minutes to have a poop so I was getting a bit desperate. After 5 minutes I couldn't hold my farts. They were not big but there was alot. I really had to go when she finally came out. I went in and closed the door. I pulled my yoga pants down and sat on the toilet. I started peeing and I couldn't take my time when a smooth 9" poo came out at the same time. It was alot of pee. I had to wipe both areas more then usual because it was more messy. I also farted a couple times after. I flushed and got up. Going to a horse ranch so we'll see what happens there. See you later.


massive hard poop again

To stan- yes i enjoy goin in public n i enjoy other girls hearin me n n i hear them

Well now with my story. The other day i was other day at the mall n i had to poop so i took the last stall n sat down n started to pee then i pushed n nuttin would budge i knew it was a hard dry poop n i pushed my pants arond my ankels n i pushed relly hard n grunted loud n i felt it moving. Then come out but it kept suckin bac up so i knew i had to something so i reached around n spread my checks apart n pushed hard again n still nuttin so the only thing left was to dig. It out n so i spread my legs n iwent inbetween my legs n with my fingers had to dig it out ..eww gross but i had to do it well i got it it came out with a massive plop ..i mean massive like a ka-plunk so then i felt releaved n wiped n flushed wile i was doin this another girl entered the stall nex to mine n she was havin a hard time i noticed her pants were arond her ankels n spreadin her legs n her toes were pushed to the floor i didnt here any thing but a few pebbles n she left i seen her at the sink n her face was red n i told her u ok n she said my poop was to hard n stuck to come out n gave up i told her i jus had that same prob n she said u have any luck i told her i had to dig out my poop. She was 13 by the way n she asked did it work i said ya she tgen asked me to help her n she asked if i could show her how to dig i said ya we went bac into her stall n. She sat n i told her to spread her legs n push n she did n i seen it it was massive poop so i told her how to dig she did n wos diggin like for 5 min n finall ly got it it came out also with a massive plop eith a splash bac she was done wiped n flushed n thankd me i told her no problem....
Well thata my story ill post again .......

Any girls that have had the same problem as me n have had to dig befour
Let me kno ..
or tell me how u have gotten your poop out that was hard or big ot stuck to come out..

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Bareknuckle Bum Rush

Today, I saw a great instance in regards to another recent shituation. When my sister Coco and I walked from her neighbourhood park, before reaching her townhouse, at the beginning of a residential intersection, many people in the neighbourhood had a barbecue. Despite the large collection of people, the neighbourhood was quiet as usual, with music playing low to a personal level, coupled with small children, about 3-7, laughing while they ran around chasing each other. Brittany, a friend of ours living in Coco's neighbourhood, called us over. She pulled out a package from the mailbox and asked me to deliver it to "Mary in the red shirt." She said she'd do it herself, but needed to use the latrine badly. A few feet from us on the other side of the residential street stood three girls that looked about 17-years-old, 21 tops, secreted behind the nearby tree leaves. She looked like her hair was just styled today, fixed into thick curls and her hair looked extra black while the sheen shone off the sun's hardcore reflection. She had a typical "voluptuous" shape that boys love and she wore a red sleeveless T-shirt, complete with a pair of small white shorts that looked like panties because they were so tight. She completed her wardrobe with red flip-flops to match her T-shirt. I approached her and gave her her package, telling her that Brittany wanted me to give it to her.

While we chatted a bit, she opened her package, revealing a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. After we talked about how amazing her phone was, Mary put her phone back in the box. While walking with me to Brittany's house barbecue, Mary was randomly called out by Queen Ugly, a loudmouth woman standing at the end of the street with her arms spread, asking for trouble. She looked 40+, her clothes were old and dirty, and she wore an old, dirty blue scarf on her head. She cursed and shouted gibberish for what seemed like years at Mary. Once closer to the house, we finally deducted what this psycho wanted, Mary's phone. Upon closer inspection, she looked high off some drug, maybe crack. Mary responded by saying she's not getting her phone and told her to get her own. Her words angered her, since she came charging at Mary. Holding Mary's phone, I hurried and moved so I wouldn't be attacked by the raging crackhead. Mary dodged her and threw a well-placed punch to her jaw that knocked Queen Ugly off balance. Many neighbours gathered to watch this fight while Queen Ugly and Mary squared up. "Kick her ass," someone said, telling Mary to do it to Queen Ugly. Mary is popular in this area, so many people will support her. Queen Ugly charged first, with both Mary and Queen Ugly swinging with wild flailing punches and open-hand strikes. Mary got the upper hand, bum rushing her, until Queen Ugly neck-locked Mary.

Queen Ugly then took down Mary and landed on top. Queen Ugly's scarf came off, revealing patches of missing hair like a doll with ripped out hair. While on top of Mary, Queen Ugly swung and hit her in the face three times, with Mary grunting in pain each time. "Someone better break this up!" Someone shouted while watching. "No need to let them fight like that." Nonetheless, no one broke it up because it just began. Mary countered her last punch, rolled her over, and ended up on top of her. Mary had her lower body positioned over Queen Ugly's head/face, leaving her with no room to breathe. Queen Ugly, whom was completely motionless, did nothing more than grunt in pain while Mary repeatedly struck her on top of the head. I heard Queen Ugly sniffing, and I got a whiff of something stanky as well. The smell overwhelmed the pleasant barbecue aroma at Brittany's townhouse. I smelt the utmost shit that I have smelt in life, or perhaps death, because it smelt like something died and then died again. I followed the odour's source, and saw Mary's ass, positioned in the air due to her position on Queen Ugly while she continued to hammer her head. In the centre, a brown watery stain on her pants grew slowly. Queen Ugly got one of her arms free and hit Mary in the stomach. Each time she hit Mary, Mary farted loudly, causing the stain to grow, creating a "bum rush" of different variety.

Mary's pants wetted from behind, and Queen Ugly face, under Mary's privates, became a victim of Mary's post-shitting piss that fell out her shorts. Queen Ugly, with her face newly wet from Mary's accidental urination, wanted out of there, not only because she continued to get her head pounded, but because of the bad smell that hovered above her nose. "What the hell is that on her pants?" Someone asked in the crowd. "She shit on herself!" another person exclaimed, followed by a light eruption of laughter. Mary's white shorts were mostly stained in diarrhoea and piss, and it didn't faze her. With adrenaline rushing through her bloodstream, Mary was angry and focused only on her physical onslaught against Queen Ugly, who was then begging her to stop. Mary's sisters came out and pulled Mary off Queen Ugly after she got her last possibly ten hits on the side of her face. Her sister, who I gave the phone, walked behind her to hide the evidence from onlookers, who, unknowingly to her, had already seen the unfortunate shituation. Some onlookers laughed about the incident while others didn't care, so long as Queen Ugly was beaten up for starting the fight. Nonetheless, when Mary came to her senses, she looked wide-eyed at her wet white shorts stained in gooey diarrhoea, and possibly smelt the odour. She darted in the house and slammed the door. She didn't stay for the barbecue, and, ironically, despite getting a new phone, answered no phone calls.

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