17th Story

So Last night Kara (friend) came over to stay the night at Emily's house. At night we were watching a movie and I could hear Kara's belly making sounds. She was holding it with her hands until she lifted her bum up and had a really loud fart. She said sorry, excuse me. I heard her belly again. I asked if she was feeling alright and she said she had way to much to eat yesterday. She said oh, one moment getting up holding her belly. She walked into the bathroom half closing the door. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and sat rather quickly shaking the toilet. She sits on the toilet on the tips of her toes which I found odd. Anyways right after she sat I heard a really loud explosion of poop. Emily looked at me suprised. A moment later I heard a couple loud plops and some farts. And finally she farted and I heard a really loud plop. She wiped and I stopped paying attention. She came back and said sorry if it smells. Emily asked if she was good now and Kara replied Yes, just had to much indian food. This morning I woke up and saw Kara sitting on the toilet with flat feet like normal. She said oh, sorry didn't think you were awake. I just woke up I said. She wiped/flushed then washed her hands before coming into the room. The poop I had today was not exciting just a 4" later that day. See you later.

Brandon T

heard a woman poop

about 45 mins ago I was at that bookstore again and I saw a woman go in and she sat down and started peeing and singing soon both stoped and I thought she was done but then I heard some plops and her pushing she sounded a lil constipated.


Miss D I think you are my favourite poster on this site! Your boyfriend sounds like a poor guy but he's in good hands.I would LOVE to hear about your "dodgy bowels" and I'm sure everyone else would too! I think diarrhea stories are the best so keep them coming people! :)


stains & skidmarks

I very rarely get any stains or skidmarks in my underwear, probably because I wipe very well after pooping and finish the last wipe with cleansing lotion on the toilet paper. Occasionally I find it impossible to wipe well--run out of toilet paper, or have an exceptionally sticky and messy bowel movement or insufficient time to clean well. If that happens, as soon as I start walking around, my anus starts itching. If I scratch it through my underwear, it sometimes shows a stain. It has been many months since that happened. If it does happen, I have to go to the bathroom and wipe again, this time with either pre-moistened pads or toilet paper with the Noxzema-type preparation on it. That usually cleans off any remaining poop and helps me feel clean down there. Another way, of course, is a shower.


Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Paper Chaser

Yo. It's ya girl Ebony here with another shituation. By nature, I'm a paper chaser because a woman requires two types of paper to live a successful life, which includes green paper for her purse and bank, and most importantly, soft white paper for her latrine and booty. This morning, I awakened with the powerful urge to dump my ass and bladder. After I hopped out of bed alone around 8:00AM today, I casually strolled to the latrine, lowered my panties to my thighs, and placed my ass on the toilet with my legs spread for my traditional turd's eye view. I passed my routine piss that escaped my womanhood chaotically for about 40 seconds no thanks to the dark rum I downed before bed, transforming the toilet water from clear to the same colour as apple cider. I pushed softly with the turd poked out my rectum a bit, with squishy crackling sounds and airy gas sounding audibly in the toilet even when I pushed my asshole in and out with little effort. I kept pushing on the turd slowly, which intensified the pleasurable aspect of the morning shit I experience. Ignoring the aching of my lower abdomen from keeping the turd inside me, I continued my slow push, causing a wave of gas, similar to a quiet machine gun, to sound for three seconds. The will to hold in the turd for a slow release vanished and the turd slid out my bootyhole until slowing or preventing its escape became impossible.

When a portion of the turd poked out my bootyhole, my stomach muscles automatically forced out the turd, causing it to drop quietly in the golden sea, curing my ache. The shit smell attacked my nostrils, smelling somewhat identical to the spaghetti and fish curry I consumed. My ass filled the toilet with six possibly 3-inch reddish brown, slimy turds neighboured by one 5-incher, all completely smooth, that sat in the toilet drain. With no more urges, I grabbed the toilet paper, but the paper was nearly gone. I only had enough for one wipe, so I had to make it epic. After I wet the paper like always, I wiped h ard as ever. Before the toilet paper dropped, I got a glimpse of the paper, engulfed in reddish brown shit, almost overtaking the entire paper. "Aw shit." I said to myself. "There's no way in hell I'm clean." I thought, "No worries. I'll just wash my stankin' ass in the shower!" Yet, the washcloths and towels were off the rack. "Shit. Brandon must have went washing. Just great." I tried something new. I wet the toilet paper roll, tore it by its "segment," and wiped with that, with the slickness of the shit and the texture of the roll destroying all friction. Though the roll was dark, it showed me that instead of cleaning shit up, I just made shit worse.

Then another idea popped in my head. "I know! I'll wipe with kitchen towels!" When I flushed and pulled up my panties, the gunk squeezed in between my bootycheeks, a truly disgusting feeling. After I washed my hands, I went to the kitchen for kitchen towels, but that roll was also empty. "Bumbaclaat!" I yelled. I needed asshole assistance in a hurry. The only clothes that I had for summer weather were shorts. They were so high and tight, they fit almost like panties, but slightly bigger. With no other choice, I slipped them on, grabbed my purse, and headed to the nearby store on foot, feeling the shit squish between my bootycheeks. I arrived at "lose money, live worse" about 9:00AM, and gathered toilet paper, kitchen towels, a washcloth, and a towel. When I went to the checkout counter and sat my items on it, a middle-aged lady joined me, using that stick to separate our items and placed her numerous groceries. "Hi," she said, smiling. "Hey. How are you?" I asked. "I'm fine. I just got paid yesterday and a woman's gotta eat!" I laughed. "You're right about that." She then looked around and sniffed the air. "Goodness. Do you smell shit?" she asked me, quietly with her face scrunched up. I laughed nervously and hoped she didn't notice my items and transform from a regular middle-aged woman to Sherlock Holmes. "No. I don't smell anything." "That's funny because I sure do," she said, still looking around.

"It smells like a nasty bathroom over here." I laughed, with my eyes shifting left and right. I smelt some hard shit too, very similar to the shit I took at home. Since my shorts were small and thin, the smell must have seeped out. After the clerk rang up my items, she too sniffed the air. "Damn. It smells like shit over here a little bit!" She said. "I said the same thing," the woman responded. "I guess that can describe this store based on its expensive prices," I said, covering my nervousness. They laughed. I paid for my items, grabbed my bags, and got the hell out before they suspected me being the shit-odour source. When near the house, I saw hubby Brandon pull in the driveway, so I hurried to him, with the kids hugging me and all. "Hey, boo. I just got back from doing the laundry, and I went to the store to buy some toilet paper and paper towels. Where did you go?" I was speechless. "You've got to be bloodclaat kidding me." I said. He sniffed air. "It smells like shit!" He saw what I bought. "You took a shit when there wasn't any toilet paper, didn't you?" "Just shut up, Brandon." I said. I gathered some clean clothes out the laundry bag, and returned to the latrine. When I removed my panties, they were covered in reddish brown shit and smelt terribly. After I scrubbed myself good in the shower, I put on my clean clothes and hid my stained panties in the deepest part of the hamper.

Diarrhea lover

First time

Answers to Miss D's Survey
Male or Female? Female

Age? 21

How often do you normally get diarrhea? Once a month. I have a sensitive stomach.

When you have diarrhea, what is it like? Explosive, wet and smelly

When you have it, how often do you have to go to the toilet? The highest was when i had to go every 30 minutes.

Have you ever not made it to the toilet when suffering with diarrhea? Explain. Yes. many times. I often don't make it to the toilet as my diarrhea is so wet. I always end up messing my panties and it even messes my jeans or skirt that I wear. Its sometimes makes me so sick that i stand in one place and let it happen in my pants when i surely know there's no point of making an attempt.

Have you ever witnessed someone else having diarrhea? If so, who? yes. I've seen my boyfriend having diarrhea and also my room mate in college. My room mate always have diarrhea when she gets her period. So I always have to help her. She gets it really bad and messes her clothes. I never become mean to her and always help her in cleaning and she loves me for that.

Do you like having diarrhea or do you hate it? I don't mind having diarrhea as long as I'm alone in the house or with my boy friend who is very understanding. Sometimes having diarrhea kind of makes me feel clean.

When you have it, do you feel empty once you've been to the toilet or do you feel desperate again straight away? I always feel desperate again and fart a lot.

Once you get the urge, how long can you hold diarrhea in for? I'm very bad in holding. It happens right away if its diarrhea.

How do you know you're about to get diarrhea? Stomach ache, farting,urge to have a wet BM.

How do you refer to having diarrhea? Diarrhea, loose motion.

What's been your worst experience of having diarrhea? Most of the time it was really bad. But the recent worse experience was when I was at a party at my friend's place and had diarrhea and the toilets were all full and I pooped diarrhea in my party dress and it leaked out my leg holes and on to the floor. I just didn't know what to do.I was so embarrassed. I kept going and started crying when my boyfriend carried me to the room and helped me cleaning. I left the party in my messed up dress and no panties and I had diarrhea three more times on my way home that day and it messed up my entire system.

When you have it, do you follow through whenever you fart? I always fart a lot when I have diarrhea.

Where do you prefer to have diarrhea? In my house or in my boy friend's presence.

Have you ever had an accident in bed when your bowels were loose? yes. It has happened a few times when I was with my ex boy friend and I was asleep in his arms when I suddenly started farting and the next moment exploded with diarrhea and didn't know what to. cleaning up wasn't easy and I had several more waves on bed that day. the most recent happened when I had a very tired day and was not feeling well all over and my boy friend was rubbing my stomach when I exploded all over him.

Have you ever rung in sick at work with diarrhea? yes.once.

Have you ever had diarrhea on a date? yes three times.but the worst was when I was on my first date with my boyfriend.I was 19 and he took me in to a movie and I was so excited abut being with him I ate a lot. On my way back home I felt so sick and I was too embarrassed to tell him. Since I cannot hold my diarrhea in I went diarrhea allover my panties. He understood my expressions and asked whether i was fine. he stopped the car and asked whether I needed any help and I was so embarrassed. I ran out into some bushes and removed my spoilt jeans. The were completely messed up. My boy friend let me have my privacy while I exploded on to the grass. when I was done he asked whether I would like him to wipe me and I agreed. He cleaned me well. It made me love him more.We had always been open about pooping after that incident.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who had diarrhea? yes. I can remember my boy friend Julian and I in his apartment watching tv cuddling each other when he held his stomach and groaned. I asked whether he was alright and he said no as he ran to the toilet. He had diarrhea all over his sofa and down the hallway up to the toilet. I helped him get cleaned and he had severe diarrhea that day. Since I remember the way he helped me out on our first date,I love him a lot. I got rewarded for that and he made me so happy that night.

Have you ever had an interview when you had diarrhea? no


I liked your story - I wish I could listen to you and hear your Ka-Plunks

I do Ka-Plunks sometimes, depending on the toilet.

I like to make a really loud plop and get a bum splash

Do you like going in a public toilet and letting the person next to you hear you ?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


14th Story

So I have been having some bad diarrhea all weekend. Saturday I was at a luxury horse stable/my gym. I was in the lounge with my older sister and brothers. We were watching TV and I felt a large urge for a diarrhea poo. I said I was going to the bathroom and my sister obviously had to come with me. She said she had to talk and I said yea nervously walking into the bathroom. I quickly walk to the stall and shut the door. My sister opens the stall door before I was about to pull my sun dress up. She says smiling come on lets talk. My bum is aching. I'm embarassed about farting which I would certainly be doing. She asks what I'm doing. I say I am about to have some bad diarrhea. Just saying that made me have to poo that second. I pulled my sun dress up and panties to my knees and sat on the toilet. I actually moaned at the start when alot of poo started gushing out followed by some loud farts. She closed my stall door. She asked if I would be alright. I say yes as I kept going. I started to pee during this as well. It didn't last long but it felt awful. I wiped really well then flushed and left the stall. I really hate diarrhea. My bum was hurting from that and previous stories poop. Later that day I had another poop not quite as much as the last one on my bedroom toilet. The next day I woke up and I no longer had my stomach ache. I thought I was better. I was at my grandma's where alot of the family was celibrating mine, my dad's and my cousin's birthday because we have our birthdays in the same week. After eating I felt my stomach ache again. I felt like going to the toilet but I just hate diarrhea. Eventually I had no choice. I went to the bathroom. Pulled my pants down and they fell to my ankles because I was rushing to sit on the toilet. I farted loudly and started having my poop. I pulled my pants up to my knees. And it seems I can rarely poop without someone seeing me. I have grown to not care anymore but seriously I keep having to do this. My 2 year old cousin opens the door and swings thr door wide open. The bathroom is right by where everyone is watching the closing ceromonies. I was in the middle of farting. My cousin starts grabbing my bum. I close the door. He keeps grabbing and laughing at my farts. I was finished but my cousin climbed onto my lap and also sinked in between my legs against my front. My aunt comes in and quickly grabs him and leaves. I wipe/flush and that would be the end of the diarrhea spell. I'm going to be at Emily's house for 4 days so I should have some better stories next. See you later.

Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I went out on a date to a good steak restaurant that we've only been to a time before. We both ate way too much and ended up having a few drinks too many (whiskey for me, because that's my poison, even though it makes my stomach act funny). When we left late last night, it was because we both could feel our ????s rumbling a bit. We even needed to stop by the Walmart on the way home for toilet paper and decided to forgo it and make do with some paper towels. His ???? grumbled in the car and we both agreed that our bathroom was about to catch hell whenever we got in. We stumbled into our apartment and I made a mad dash to the bathroom, with him on my heels. Immediately, I sat down on the toilet and my bowels erupted loudly. I'm quite petite (110 lbs, and just over 5") so it was probably surprising, coming from my slight frame. 3 waves of diarrhea and about 15 minutes later, I could hear Ty pounding on the door and pacing back and forth. Our apartment only has one bathroom so he was going to have to hold it until I got out. One more wave exploded into the toilet and I was as close to done as I was going to get. I wiped, got up, and warned Ty about the smell, but he was too desperate to care. He almost knocked me over trying to get his pants down and get on the toilet. Until last night he's been shy about going poop in front of me, even though he'll pee just about anywhere with anyone watching if he needs to. But he didn't even wait for the door to close completely before he started to shit loudly. He doubled over, grabbing his stomach and groaning and more waves of diarrhea exploded out of him. "Baby, are you okay?" I was worried, his diarrhea seemed worse than mine was. I could see beads of sweat standing out on his forehead, and he looked like he was about to cry again. I would have stayed, but I closed the door to give him some privacy because he looked like he was in pain. 20 minutes later, he still hadn't come out and I could feel my ???? rumbling again. I jumped up and started pounding on the door. We went back and forth,sharing the toilet for the next hour until we both fell asleep on the couch, Ty curled in a ball holding his ????, and me, holding his head against my shoulder. This is the first and only time that we've both had diarrhea at the same time, and our stomachs still seem pretty upset. He just texted me from work, telling me that he's been in the bathroom for the majority of the time that he's been there. I have to go NOW.. so I'll post more later. :)

Just a guy
Hi all, I haven't had a chance to post in a while, but have a few comments on some great stories (although some may have been posted a little while back).

Megan - That sounded like a pretty desperate, but very relieving dump you had while driving. I am glad you got to the toilet in time.

Zach - your story about Tara was great. It's amazing how open she was with you. You mentioned she shared a few more stories with you - would love to hear them.

Fernanda - Wow, that was really a HUGE dump that you took! Thanks for sharing it. You mentioned you're a big pooper - how frequently (or probably infrequently) do you to take a dump? If you have any other stories to share, please do so.

Christine in FL - sorry to hear about your constipation. I hope you're feeling better.

Hermes - that was a great story about the 3 girls you played pool with!

Ebony - great story about the pooping Olympics! That was hilarious and congratulations on winning!


Squat poopster

@ Brandon T:
"To: Shana as alays another great it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and that sucks I hate those false alarm poops but its better to be safe then sorry and as always I look forward to your next post thanks."

Oh, well.
Sometime sthese things happen.
It's not too bad though.. I wouldn't have trusted these farts to get into my undies anyway, hahah!
Otherwise my dumps are usually very satisfying. :-)

@ Heidi: Sorry to hear you're feeling sick. Hope you get well soon!

Don't feel like writing a story today, but more will follow!

Bye! XXX

Brandon T

commnents & stuff

To: Tawnie as always another great story it sounds like you had a really tough poop and pretty big to I bet you felt great after getting that beast out and probaly lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren as always another peeing story it sounds like you has another great outdoor pee it to bad Jagger had an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story and live coverage it sounds like you had an ambush diarrhea that sucks I hope your feeling better or will soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet your friend really enjoyed listening to you do it and I bet he wants to hear you again and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Janette first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were very desperate but karama wasnt on your side but at least you got some help and they were sure nice about it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

About an hour ago I was at that bookstore again waiting for the bathroom a girl had just gone in she sat down and started peeing then stopped I thought she was done but she didnt wipe then I heard her start farting and plopping for a few seconds then she was done it was a quick poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Miss D

Boyfriend has the runs yet again!

Poor Tom's weak stomach is causing him grief yet again :(! He rang me from work at about half three yesterday to tell me his stomach was upset and ask if I'd go pick him up because he didn't think he'd be able to drive. When I got there the receptionist told me he was still feeling unwell on the toilet so I went up to the mens room. It was completely empty apart from the middle stall.

'Tom?' I called, tapping lightly on the door. 'Babe' he groaned weakly as a wave of runny poo squirted through his bowels. I gently told him to open the door. 'No the smell, oh god no I'm a mess' he moaned. 'I don't care hun, I need to come and look after you' I told him as several wet farts blasted out of his bum. He hesitantly opened the door. He was bent double, clutching his churning stomach as he suffered with severe cramps.

I placed my palm gently on his forehead and noticed he had a high temperature. Once he felt mostly empty I took him home where he ran straight to the bathroom again to have more sloppy diarrhea. I rang NHS direct who asked me to list his symptoms. 'Very runny urgent diarrhea, nausea, high temperature, stomach cramps, dizzy, lots of wet gas' I remembered. I was told he probably had norovirus so I took him some water and sat massaging his belly for a while.

He had to use the bathroom seven times in the evening and five times during the night. Every time, he rushed into the bathroom, ripped his underwear down and exploded liquid diarrhea into the toilet. 'My bum hurts so badly' he cried after the tenth trip. His guts churned uncomfortably as he leant into my shoulder. 'I feel like I'm going to mess myself constantly, I can't hold it at all' he shuddered.

'If you don't make it then you don't make it. Everyone is liable to have accidents when they have the squits' I told him. 'But I'm a grown man, this is so embarrassing!' he groaned, holding his bum as a runny fart squirted into his underwear. 'Aww you ok? Have you followed through?' I held his hand. 'It feels a bit slimy' he admitted as he shuffled around in his warm, wet boxers. I took him to the toilet where he got cleaned up and released the rest of his diarrhea.

I woke up suffering similar symptoms this morning-if you'd like to hear about my dodgy bowels let me know :) ohhh gosh, better dash, I have to 'go' cos I can't hold it all in!

Miss D



Been watching from behind the scenes for a while now, this is a rather fun/funny forum. It's cool to see so many people (especially ladies) who are a-okay with discussing what goes on behind THAT closed door. I figure I'll take Miss D's survey to start things off.

Male or Female: Male

Age: 26

How often do you get diarrhea: Maybe every couple weeks or so

When you have diarrhea, what is it like? Generally exploding out

When you have it, how often do you have to go to the toilet? 4 or 5 times in a day max

Have you ever not made it to the toilet when suffering with diarrhea? Explain.
- Most recent occasion, I was at a (female) friend's house when the urge hit me. We were on her couch watching a movie when it happened. I made up some excuse about having a headache (we're close friends, but not that close) and she gave me a ride home. I was about three steps up to my house when I knew I wouldn't make it; luckily, my friend had driven off. I had to make a quick decision: run up the stairs and hope for the best, or drop trou and hide behind the bushes. I chose the latter and for good reason, since I couldn't even get fully situated before blast-off. It was over in about seven seconds, but the pile was enormous. I then had a bit of an interesting short conversation with a cop that happened to be in the area, but it all ended up okay.

Have you ever witnessed someone else having diarrhea? If so, who?
- In the immediate vicinity when I knew they were loose: a bunch of times, incidentally my close female friends. A few funny situations involved a co-worker of mine while I was overseas. Thanks to a combo of traveling and her own existing intestinal issues, I often had to cover for her when she needed to run off for anywhere between 15 minutes to nearly an hour. I think she knew I'd get a kick out of it, because she would regale me with details once she returned.

- In person actually viewing it: my ex-girlfriend on many occasions. :) We had a sort of open-door policy, and she used to do some insane ones. Pooping, farting, that girl's colon was a constant source of entertainment.

Do you like having diarrhea or do you hate it? Depends, it can be rewarding but not so much if I'm in the car or at work

When you have it, do you feel empty once you've been to the toilet or do you feel desperate again straight away? Usually I'm pretty okay for a while; I generally don't have that "round 2" feeling where you're just out the door and have to go back.

Once you get the urge, how long can you hold diarrhea in for? Longest I've had to hold it was 30 mins.

How do you know you're about to get diarrhea? Churning stomachache, feelings of pressure

How do you refer to having diarrhea? Squirts, diarrhea, explosions/exploding

What's been your worst experience of having diarrhea? Probably the story I mentioned about the cops finding me outside the house

When you have it, do you follow through whenever you fart? Generally, I like to have a bowl beneath if I do

Where do you prefer to have diarrhea? At home

Have you ever had an accident in bed when your bowels were loose? Once, while I had the flu. Luckily it was only one shot.

Have you ever rung in sick at work with diarrhea? Nope. I guess I'm weird in that I don't consider it grounds for not coming in. If I'm sick both ways then it's different.

Have you ever had diarrhea on a date? ...sort of. I say sort of because while I was with someone I was interested in, who was also interested in me, it wasn't exactly a date per se. We were at her apartment together, and it was just about the worst time for an interruption. She was surprisingly okay with it, despite the fact that her apartment was about the size of a matchbox with paper-thin walls, meaning that she might as well have been in the bathroom with me.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who had diarrhea? Twice.
- The first time was with another ex, after I'd taken her out to dinner. I guess she made some questionable choices on the menu, because right after we left she needed to head back inside. When she came out she was a little shaky and pale, and she'd needed multiple flushes.

- Second time was with yet another ex (apparently bowel issues are part of my dating criteria?) who had been letting off NASTY ones every so often. Finally, she stopped trying to play it off and excused herself to the restroom. Twenty minutes later, she came out and told me we needed to head out. She and I didn't end up going out again. :( Probably for the best, since she wasn't exactly a nice person.

Have you ever had an interview when you had diarrhea? No, but I've had it on the job, one that required me to make house calls. I actually had to go back and ring the doorbell of a client to use her bathroom, it was humiliating and hilarious at the same time. She had a very understanding look when I came out, since it was obvious what the problem was.


Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Wow, that was quite the event. Sounds like you ladies had fun. Did you do that sort of thing on many occasions?

Shana: I had a friend who squatted to poop, unfortunately she never demonstrated for me :( But she did say she considered it much more relaxing than going in the Western way. She generally did so outside, though.

Zip: Six white horses couldn't drag me to a doorless stall to take a dump. I don't really see it as a shyness thing. I'm just not one for self-exposure except in certain very specific circumstances. In front of any number of males while logs are dropping from me is not one of those circumstances.

Miss D: Since this is running a bit long I'll probably post about a diarrhea story or two that I didn't mention in the survey in my next post. I tend to be more interested in stories involving poop/diarrhea as well.

Heidi: Sorry you had a bad experience...if it makes you feel any better, the live feed was entertaining.

Janette: It's pretty ridiculous that your supervisor would dress you down like that, and probably a good thing that you quit. Sorry it didn't work out.

Till next time,


Zip's Question

Hey Zip,
Thanks for the reply. If im really into a guy i usually tell them. Like if they gotta pee, and we're drinking I'll go in with them and help them and tell them to sit down if they can't stand so they don't pee all over the toilet.. I had and 'X'who never let me in with him, but he would barge in on me all the time..
There was one time i was in there going poop and i was half way done, it was a pretty big one and he barges in on me and tells me he's about to shit his pants, I tell him im not done but he say's he can't hold it anymore. So i get up and sit on the bathtub railing and hold everything in I can with out letting go.. He sits down and let a rip, It was pretty hoot, I just held onto his leg and hand that he had resting on his leg.. i was pretty turned on, It was the closes to watching him take a dump, I wish it had been more of a struggle for him... Hope you all like!!

Lauren, why do you mind if your daughter wet her pants instead of pulling them down in public? It sounds like she doesn't mind having wet pants since "she kept walking like nothing had happened". I think you should continue taking her on hikes with you, and if she pees her pants, so what? Maybe she enjoys it like some other people here do.

For many years I've had a fascination with other girls pooping. I love listening to my neighbors in public bathrooms. But I'd never had a chance to actually watch someone else pooping until yesterday. My girlfriend and I went out to a bar and had drinks with our friends. We returned to our house and were hanging out watching TV. At some point, she said she needed to take a shit. Being fairly drunk, I decided to just ask her if I could come with and watch her poop. Surprisingly, she said yes.

We went to the bathroom together and she pulled down her pants and sat sideways on the toilet to give me a good view. She peed a little and let out a few airy farts. After she finished peeing, she farted loudly as the head of a thin dark brown turd emerged. It looked lumpy and dry, and she grunted some as she pushed it out to about four inches before it broke off. She peed a little more while a sandy colored turd wormed its way out, and it grew to be six inches long. She sat for a while and then another dark brown turd crowned. As it came out, I could see it was speckled with the corn we had eaten three days ago. When about five inches of the turd had come out, half of it snapped off and fell in the toilet. She pushed out another three inches after that. She farted softly two times and then said she felt empty.

Watching her poop proved to be far more exciting than I could have ever imagined. I was incredibly turned on by that point, and then she asked if I wanted to wipe her. I gently wiped her very messy butt, and well... I'm sure you can guess what we did next.

I did return the favor and let her watch me poop the next morning, but I have no more time right now, so that will have to be a story for a another day.


16th Story

So I know I am already going to have 2 more posts in this update but I wanted to post a story from this morning. I am at my friend Emily's house. In the morning I told her I was going to have a shower. I was having a shower in her bedroom bathroom. I hear the door open and I hear Emily says she needs to take a poop. I pause and then say go ahead but don't flush. She says thanks and said she is going to take her time. I can hear plops from the toilet. I got out of the shower and dried off. She sits exactly like I do with her knees touching, legs spread apart, and her arms on her theighs and leaning slightly. She said good morning smiling. I joke saying having fun. She said yes it's become so easy to go poop now. I got dressed and we talked about what we were doing today. I put my pants on while she flushed and had to plunge. I felt the urge to poop which I liked because I like having a poo in the morning. She washes her hands while I went to the toilet and pulled my yoga pants down below my knees and sat down. Emily left the room and left the door open. Her poop was a little smelly so I sprayed some air freshener. I wish my bedroom toilet seat was as good as hers. Although my basement one is like it. I had to push harder for this one. Halfway out it felt really thick and harder then usual. I almost accidentally broke it off but it all got out. It was 5" but really thick. I wiped which was nice because she has really soft toilet paper. I flushed and it just barely went down so I didn't have to plunge. See you later.

To Pooper mom

Wow, sounds like a crappy situation (no pun intended.) It might have been worth the sore butt to try and use some paper towels if any were available. I too have had the unpleasant experience of being stuck on the pot without toilet paper after doing a number two. It's not fun to be at the mercy of the person sitting in the next stall (if there are multiple toilets, unlike your incident) when you've had a BM and need to wipe. My requests for toilet paper have never been denied, but have sometimes had to wait for lengthy periods of time before being voiced. It's always better to check for paper before dropping pants and sitting down, but sometimes desperation makes it hard to care about things like that...

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