15th Story

To Lauren, I personally don't like peeing outside. I like to sit on the toilet and relax.

To Jenny, enjoyed your story.

To Sara, I don't get poop stains. I always relieve myself on a toilet.

So I'm staying at my friend Emily's for the next 4 days. When I first got there I had to pee. Her bedroom toilet is comfortable but it doesn't flush very good so you have to plunge most of the time. Whenever you sit it makes a soud that can be heard from downstairs below it. My friend Emily has been really healthy lately and said she feels great and no longer has trouble having a poop. She went to the bathroom and in 1 minute I hear her plunging. She is pretty quick now. At night we were watching a movie and I felt the urge for a poop so I went to the bathroom. I pulled my tight red panties down to my knees and sat down making the weird noise from the toilet. I sat for 5 minutes and also had a pee. I pushed out a 4" poop. I wiped/flushed. It went down so I didn't have to plunge. I finally got a relaxing poop in. See you later.

Please keep these stories coming because i do enjoy reading them.
so.....does anyone else let their partner watch them go potty??

Brandon T

heard 2 women pooping

About an hour ago I was sitting at a park when a woman entered the bathroom there at first I didnt hear anything but then I heard some wet farts she was having diarrnea and just about 25 mins ago I was at that bookstore and another woman went into the bathroom and I heasd her start farting and plopping and then she wiped and said eww im guesing it was a messy one and I could smell it when I went in not strong but it was noticeable so 2 in 1 day thats a good catch.

Mr. Clogs


Mrs. Toilet Trooper. I really enjoyed your post about you and your classmates having a toilet Olympics with the door-less stalls. If you have any post toilet Olympic adventure, please post. As always keep the posts up. Thanks.

Postman: WOW that was some monster turd! I hope you were able to flush it down.

Ashley: I enjoyed your post about you and your friend Aubrey at the Mexican restaurant having to relieve yourself in the restroom.

Shana: Really enjoyed you squatting over the toilet to take a dump into. From the looks of things you really enjoy squatting over the toilet and poop in it.

Sara NC: You've mentioned about skid marks in underwear, I rarely get skid marks on mine, I wipe well and only notice a butt crack smell on them. I wear mainly dark colored underwear and different styles. Sara, what kind of underwear do you and your friends wear that gets skid marks on them?

Lauren: You got to be the coolest mom in the world to get your kids to pee outside.

Well got to go, take care everyone! Mr. Clogs

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


reply n story

To Francesca : wow grl wat a massive plop that was big was your poop like how long n how wide .. n when u were pushin did u have your face all struched up too ..i aslo have those plops to mine are massive at times n make loud i mean loud big ka plunk sounds with splash bacs.keep up the stories..

Tia: thanks for the replys to my questons.

Well now off with my story i was sittin at home today n my girlfriend n i were watchin a movie when i had the urge to use the bathroom n try to go poop ive been constipated. For the last 4 days now evey time i went n tried nuttin would budge but only a few pebbles well this time i sat on the toilet put my pants n thong around my knees n sat n peed then i could feel the rock hard turd in me i pushed n nuttin i pushed hard n gruntd then pushed my thong n pants to my ankels n spread my legs wide n pushed hard n grunted then my gf came in n said to me are u ok i said yes while catching my breath i said i havent gone in a few days n my poop is relly hard n stuck she told me to push real hard n she watched n helped me n said its comein keeep pushing n i had to reach around n spread my checks n pushed hard n soon there was a massive plop i mean massive n loud the turd was bout 3 in wide n 5 in long n relly hard when it fell out i got a splash bac ..n i thouht i was down but i had to dig the last piece out it was relly hard to it also made a huge plop when i was diggin my face was all struched up n red then i was down wiped n fulshed n i thankd my gf for helpin me..hope u all enjoyed my story ..any other females have had to dig befour cause it was to hard or big to come out ..let me kno how u get your poop out or if had to to dig..well ttyl..ill post agin soon

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Sara NC I do and it depends on how good I wipe

To: Ashley as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you had an interesting time it sounds like that one girl was pretty desperate and your friend sounds like she just made it in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you letting your boyfriend watch you poop it sounds like he enjoys it and so do you which is good and please post anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had alot of fun with you pooplmpycs and congrats to the wiiner you and it sounds like your gonna have a great poop later and it sounds like that should be a new olympic event compettive pooping cause you know they gotta poop big with there diets so why not let them show it off and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shana as alays another great it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and that sucks I hate those false alarm poops but its better to be safe then sorry and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story and great live coverageit sounds like it was a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone. In my last post, I wrote about wanting to introduce my girls to outdoor peeing. Well yesterday I had my chance. Michelle came over and asked if we wanted to go hiking with her. We took my two older girls, packed a lunch, and off we went. A little bit into the trail, when we reached a desserted spot, I asked my kids if they needed a bathroom break. They both began to look around for the bathroom and I explained to them that we would have to go outside. I told them the story of how Michelle taught me. Well, if you read any of my posts, you know that my daughter Jagger is usually the one up for peeing in weird places. Maysa, my oldest daughter, typically holds on for an actual bathroom, so this is what I expected from them. However, Maysa surprised me by agreeing to it right away while Jagger was reluctant. We further in from the trail and I showed Maysa how to squat down and pee while doing it myself. Michelle also went. Jagger refused saying she did not have to go. I knew she was lying but did not want to push her so I figured we could hike a little more and soon she would give in. So we kept going and i could see Jagger stop every so often and grab herself/ cross her legs. I explained to her that it was very bad to hold your pee and she should just go outside but again she refused. We got to a spot in the trail where it opened up a bit and we sat down and had our picnic lunch. Jagger was clearly desperate. She could not sit still to eat and was bouncing her legs and grabbing herself. Still she denied needing to pee and there was not any private place to go in this area anyway. After we ate we started to go back down. When we got to a private place Maysa asked if she could go again. I told Jagger just to go try with her sister but she screamed no. Anyway, this went on for some time, until I noticed Jagger was standing still and bending over, her legs crossed. i heard a small gasp and her shorts became wet. Pee streamed down her legs, soaking her shoes and the ground. She just stood there and let it happen. She peed for ages. i have never seen that much pee before. Her shorts, legs, and shoes were totally soaked when she was done. Then she kept walking like nothing had happend. When we got home I tried talking to her, but she refused to admit why she would not pee outside. This morning she had a pee in the car with no issues. Maysa did come to me this morning and told me she really enjoyed peeing outside and asked if we could do it more often. I think from now on it will only be Maysa joining us for our hikes.

I probably should not do this. when I need to go potty and i know it might be a while while talking on the phone to my best friend in a good conversation i take a dump. Shes the only one that don't mind. and if she doesn't mind then i wont either


13th Story (Live)

To Shana, You asked why I like the pre-poop phase. I just like the feeling because I almost always have really big thick poops so it feels good before.

So nothing exciting going on so I'll do this live again. I have been feeling some major pressure in my belly. I don't know if it's poop or farts but I know something is brewing. Again it's late at night I'm in a shirt and panties again. I really have no idea what I need to do here or if this is even going to be a poop. Anyways I'm not sure I can hold whatever this is for much longer so lets go to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet now. Ok my first push resulted in a huge fart. Whoa I couldn't stop farting for about 15 seconds there. I still can't tell if I need to poo. Peeing. Wow I'm still letting out farts. I can feel my belly making loud sounds. I ate more bran then normal today. This doesn't feel good. Oh gosh getting some bad diarrhea. Really big farts and diarrhea. This has been going on for 5 minutes I'm still not done. My bum is actually kinda hurting now I don't like this. I'm not a fan of farting it smells, it's embarrassing and it's not relieving. I feel a bit sick. I keep getting small spurt of it every minute so I can't leave. I'm sad. 10 minutes later. I'm actually sweaty and tired now. This was very unexpected. I hate diarrhea and I hate farts. Wiping thoroughly. Ugh this just smells. Big pile of diarrhea in the toilet. I feel really sick now. Well I better end this see you later.


For Sara NC

Well Dirty underwear is nothing compared to all the other stuff on here.I know sometimes I wear boxers because my reg shorts go up my,you know what.And sometimes there is poop stains on it when I never wipe good.
And one time when I was six I gone in my back yard one evening with one of my He-Man action figures of the MossMan I gone somewhere and took a little poop.I was jumping around and got a little peice on MossMan.And I gone in the house to take my bath.I heard my mom somewhere mumbling angry,I heard My dad say,WHAT DID HE DO.Mom gose He $hit in his Drours!

I was on the phone with a close friend when I started getting the urge to take a dump. I tried to ignore it, but was on the phone awhile and it was getting worse and worse. I figured I could poop quietly and he wouldn't realize what I was doing. (I didn't mind if he knew I was pooping, but didn't want him to actually hear me or anything).

I sat down on the toilet and relaxed. Immediately, the giant turd forced my hole open, and it felt so good that I moaned involuntarily. (I couldn't help it). He immediately asked what I was doing, so I told him the truth. He laughed. I sat, pushing somewhat quietly. It slid out a few more inches as he kept talking. I was having to push very hard by this time and stopped to catch my breath. He asked how it was coming and I told him it was sticking out of my hole a few inches. I began to push again and it slowly made its way out. At the end, as it slipped out with a loud plop, I let out another moan. My friend laughed and said "sounds like you really enjoyed that!" I was a little embarrassed but admitted that yes, it had felt very good. I wasn't done though. I pushed again and farted loudly, twice. My friend laughed again and didn't resume talking. I think he was interested to hear what I was doing. Since he'd already heard me, I decided to just poop as I normally do and not worry about it. I moaned loudly as the second turd poked out of my hole, and pushed rather noisily for several minutes until it also plopped out, and I let out a loud sigh of relief. He said "I bet you feel better" and I said that I did. The whole incident was a little embarrassing, however.


First Post : Accident at work

Hi all,
This is my first post here. I'm Janette , 26 running. I found this site because I'm accident prone (right since I was 8) and after so many accidents, I decided to search around for a solution, why does it keep happening etc. It's sort of a relief to find many others who do have accidents, but my problem is still a lot more, last year I had 3 accidents and I was 25!! Anyway, here's my first story.
This was when I was 23, I was working as a sales exec at an electronic gadget store. It was around 7 PM, and I had had lunch at around 3. I was wearing white formal shirt and grey striped work pants. It was also a Sunday, so there were too many customers for us employees to handle. I had this continuous urge to go the toilet and empty my bowels. I was already stinking up the place with really bad , silent farts. But I just could not find the moment to leave! I just had to go, rush to the toilet, empty myself and come back, total of 10 min job. But there were too many customers and I knew I would piss my supervisor off if I left suddenly. I was holding on for a long time, when finally , when I was showing this lady a Macbook, poop started slowly pushing out into my pants. It was not much, but it was involuntary, I just could not hold it. I stopped talking, my face felt hot and I started sweating bad. If I put my hand back to check my pants, I knew it would make this customer suspicious. But I could feel the warmth in ass, of soft mushy poop. I quickly dealt with her in another 2-3 minutes and prepared to rush to the toilet. I left my counter and was walking toward the toilet, when suddenly my supervisor popped up in front of me. He asked me where I was going (he probably thought I was going to chat with my boyfriend on the phone, I do that a lot during non-rush hours). I told him I needed to use the toilet. Then it happened again, this time more serious. It was all too sudden. The poop pushed out with immense force, there was a slight crackling sound as my pants were quite tight. I gasped loudly and it started smelling like poop in there. I was shocked and shivering wildly, the poop was still pushing out into my pants. I could feel my pants tent out, I thought it would tear away. My face had gone pale, I was scared. The supervisor asked me what was the matter. I could not answer him. I touched my ass and there was a big bulge and it felt very warm. I didn't know what to do, when an employee behind me noticed the bulge and she immediately came over to help. My supervisor again asked what was the matter. This time the other employee told him that I'd shit my pants. He did not take it well. First he couldn't believe it, then he started scolding. Not too loud, but enough for a few employees around me to hear. Anyway, the smell was overbearing.
Some girls helped me to the toilet and I cleaned up. I was asked to go home for the day. When I reached home, my mom , who is a house-wife, asked what happened. I told her I crapped myself at work. She understood, as she always does. But it was weird going back to work again the next day. Lot of people have started avoiding me. It's just sad. A week later I quit the job.
Thanks for listening, more stories later.



Post Title (optional)poop stains

Hey Sara - Everybody has poop stains (skidmarks ) in their undies !!!


The Big Snake

Hello, fellow bathroom-goers!

I always try to eat right, and as a result, I have a pretty well trained bowel. So well trained, that I usually crap at about the exact same time every morning. This past week, due to my son being in and out of the hospital with appendicitis and a minor post surgery complication, I spent a lot of time at the hospital, skipped some meals, didn't sleep much, and kind of forgot to take a shit for a day or two.

Anyway, once things settled down and he was home, we got back to a normal routine. Thursday, I got up at 5:30, made coffee, and got in the shower. While showering, I became aware of a growing fullness in my lower abdomen, and realized it had been a couple of days since I had taken a dump. Got out of the shower, dried off, got dressed, took the dog out, got the paper, then turned on the computer to check my e-mail and do some web surfing while I had my coffee.

T was sitting at the desk, web surfing, halfway through my coffee, when the pressure in my rectum told me it was time to take a crap. I took the sports section with me, pulled down my shorts, and had a seat. I peed and read a few of the baseball summaries while the pressure around my butthole increased. Soon, the tip of a turd began to poke out, so I strained a bit. A couple of hard, knobby inches came out, and I knew this one would be a bit stubborn, so I took a deep breath and strained harder. A couple more inches came out, then it began to get softer and started flowing easier, but it also began getting thicker. It stretched my butthole for a couple seconds before it got narrower and then finally slid out.

Feeling relieved, and a few pounds lighter, I read about the USA Women's volleyball team match and then the comics, then realized I had been sitting there about 12 minutes. I wiped about 6 times, then stood up to survey the damage.

The section coming up out of the toilet trap was a bit lumpy looking, then it curled over to the left of the bowl, with the tip almost coming out of the water. The middle 6 inches or so was the thickest, around 2 inches I'd say, with the rest, except for the very end, around an inch to and inch and a half. I'm guessing total length between 20-25 inches. Looked kind of like a brown python crawling up out of it's hole.

Since I had to start getting dressed for work, I was worried that this thing would clog the toilet. I had gotten too caught up in what I was reading and didn't have time to deal with a clog. I flushed, and the snake slid down the hole with no problem, although it did leave behind a few healthy skid marks.

Well, hope you enjoyed it. Talk at ya all later.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Locked-in-Bathroom John

Surveys and Other Stuff

To Sara in North Carolina: I wasn't sure if your question about undies was directed only at females or not but I'll give you my answer:
I definitely get skid marks in my underwear but never 3 inches wide! My longest one was probably 6 inches and maybe a quarter inch wide. I usually wear boxer brief or compression shorts. I usually get the skids in really hot weather because its just harder to stay clean and dry working outside. I'm also an athletic guy and hang with other athletic guys and in guy culture, it's not a big deal to fart publicly. Well, it is temporarily until the odor dissipates, but it's not something you will be ostracized for. On occasion when I may have drank too much to stay hydrated in hot water, a little liquid slips into one of those "farts" and creates a skid mark.

Miss D's Survey
Male or Female? Male
Age? 18 Years, 6 months
How often do you normally get diarrhea? 4 times a year.
When you have diarrhea, what is it like? Sort of a hybrid between runny and explosive with all the worst attributes of both.

When you have it, how often do you have to go to the toilet? My personal high was 17 times when I was in 8th grade. I had to ask the secretary at the school to call my mom to come and get me it was that bad.

Have you ever not made it to the toilet when suffering with diarrhea? Explain. Yes. It was before my Sophomore year at football camp. My system was upset on a really hot day after a tough afternoon of drills. After dinner I suddenly had to go real urgently and knew that it was going to be extremely runny. I almost made it all the way into the stall, but a whole bunch of hot molten lava exploded out of my body just before I could get my pants dropped. I was able to cover that one up because I was alone in the bathroom. I carefully took off my shoes and took off my underwear and threw them away when I got off the toilet. I went commando until I could get back to my cabin to retrieve a fresh pair of underwear.

Have you ever witnessed someone else having diarrhea? If so, who? Oh Yeah. My parents and siblings of course. My buddy Josh also came down with a really horrible case of the runs on a family trip to our cottage in Michigan's upper peninsula last month. Josh found religion that trip as he sat with his head bowed and his hands folded laying down his sacrifice on the porcelain altar for the better part of two days.

My wrestling coach Matt had a major case of shits during a regional tournament this past February. I think his pants were down around his ankles more than they were up around his waist that day. There have been many others but those are the most notable recent events among my closets friends and family.

Do you like having diarrhea or do you hate it? I've posted that I absolutely love having a good healthy dump and even enjoy seeing friends have them too, but I despise diarrhea.

When you have it, do you feel empty once you've been to the toilet or do you feel desperate again straight away? I'm usually desperate again inside of 15 minutes.

Once you get the urge, how long can you hold diarrhea in for? Maybe 15 minutes if I can't get to the toilet right away like if I'm out driving. Otherwise, I have to go NOW!

How do you know you're about to get diarrhea? Stomach cramps, nausea, getting a strong urge to go and just the generalized sense that my impending BM is going to be on the rather loose side.

How do you refer to having diarrhea? The runs and the shits.

What's been your worst experience of having diarrhea? At camp as a 5th grader. We were "roughing it" and there was no indoor plumbing (or outdoor plumbing for that matter.) We were in tents and I must have had to run out 8 times during the night with a flashlight to squat by some trees. I had to get far away enough from the tents to keep the stink from traveling in that direction and stinking everyone out. Naturally I kept everyone up all night and everyone was talking about it the next day.

When you have it, do you follow through whenever you fart? Not sure what you mean by "follow through." I try not to fart if I have the big D since I know that what comes out of my butt might be more than just gas.

Where do you prefer to have diarrhea? Nowhere

Have you ever had an accident in bed when your bowels were loose? No.

Have you ever rung in sick at work with diarrhea? No but I've gone home from school with it.

Have you ever had diarrhea on a date? Christmas dinner at my girlfriend Sarah's house. I'm at the table talking with her parents when my gut starts churning and rumbling without any advance notice and I have to make an urgent high-speed dash to the toilet. No sooner do I get my pants down that I unleash a very loud, very loose, and very long bowel movement of cataclysmic proportions well within earshot of Sarah, her parents, her grandparents, a couple Aunts her brothers and her 2 pet bichons. It must have taken 15 minutes to get everything through me. My very loose dump caused the bathroom and surrounding area to smell like a sewer. When I finally emerged, her brothers were snickering and making pretend fart sounds to make fun of me. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who had diarrhea? Sarah returned the favor a couple months ago when we went to see the Avengers at the local Cineplex. After getting our tickets, she immediately headed to the restroom and didn't come out for nearly 15 minutes. When we found our seats, she promptly ran back to the restrooms. She spent over half the movie with her "panties" down around her ankles. At least it was a movie that I wanted to see and not some chick flick.

Have you ever had an interview when you had diarrhea? Yeah. I interviewed with a lawn service Company with a guy who had gone to my school years before and the guy ended up hiring me on the spot for a job to begin right after graduation in May. My gut started rumbling about 5 minutes in and I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. But the guy wanted to talk about football and wrestling. He wanted to know if so and so was still teaching at the school. In short, the guy wanted to talk about everything when all I wanted to do was get to the bathroom as soon as possible. I didn't want to be rude to a guy who had just given me a good-paying summer job so I put on a brave face and answered all his questions as politely as possible. I only got out of there in time because he had an appointment to keep. I quickly jumped in to my car and drove to McDonalds where I prayed to God the toilets wouldn't be taken. Getting in the bathroom, I found the toilet stall available and as soon as I got my pants down, I promptly unleashed a torrent of red hot molten diarrhea.


Do you leave poop stains in the toilet often that will not flush away easily. is it rare, average, more than average, or a frequent occurrence? I'm a healthy 18-year-old male and I occasionally do leave some "skidmarks" on the bottom of the bowl.

2. Do you use the toilet tissue to wipe the toilet inside and commode if you ever leave a poop stain. No. It will eventually dissolve in the water and flush away by itself?

3. Have you ever inspected your poop stain at any point or told any about it at any point? No

4. Have you ever left a exceptional large poop stain that was very messy and just would not flush away? There are times when a skidmark is persistent and lasts a few days.

5. When you leave a poop stain, does your poop usually float or sink? It's of the sinking variety. Usually from a long turd coiled around the bowl.

6. When you leave a poop stain, is the bowel movement accompanied by a fart or is usually silent? I fart a lot during my dumps whether I leave a poop stain or not.

7. Have you ever been embarrassed after leaving a poop stain or just walked out? There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

8. Have you ever used their phone to record a video of your poop stain for personal use or for others to see? No, but thanks for the idea.

9. Have you ever walked into a public restroom and see a poop stain left in the toilet and did you flush the toilet first or used it. Of course someone occasionally leaves a poop stain. I just use it.

10. Does your home toilet have any scum or hard stains in it or is it very clean? I usually clean it once a month.

Little Mandi

Diarrhea survey

Nothing interesting to post and I'm bored so heres my answers to Miss.D's survey.

Male or Female?


How often do you normally get diarrhea?
I rarely ever get diarrhea.

When you have diarrhea, what is it like?
Depends. Usually it has a muddy consistency or its liquid.

When you have it, how often do you have to go to the toilet?
Depends how sick I am. I think the most I've went is 8 times.

Have you ever not made it to the toilet when suffering with diarrhea? Explain.
I've never not made it in time.

Have you ever witnessed someone else having diarrhea? If so, who?
I saw a few friends have diarrhea when I was younger and a few times I've heard my sister and grandmoms have it.

Do you like having diarrhea or do you hate it?
As long as I'm at home, I don't mind having diarrhea.

When you have it, do you feel empty once you've been to the toilet or do you feel desperate again straight away?
Most of the time I feel empty for a while. There have been times where I had to go 5 minutes after though.

Once you get the urge, how long can you hold diarrhea in for?
I find it a little hard to hold diarrhea. Normally I have to go right away but I'd probably be able to hold it for 10 mins.

How do you know you're about to get diarrhea?
Normally,I'll get a really bad stomach ache and sometimes it'll make noises. Sometimes I'll have wet warm farts and when I feel the urge to go its stronger then normal. Sometimes I'll have no warning at all.

How do you refer to having diarrhea?
Diarrhea or upset stomach.

What's been your worst experience of having diarrhea?
I haven't had any horrible experiences with it. I think the worst I've had it was last year when I got the 24/hour flu bug. I was in the bathroom ever 10 minutes the whole day.

When you have it, do you follow through whenever you fart?
Not always. Its only happened twice.

Where do you prefer to have diarrhea?
At home in my bathroom when no one is around.

Have you ever had an accident in bed when your bowels were loose?

Have you ever rung in sick at work with diarrhea?
I've missed school once with it.

Have you ever had diarrhea on a date?

Have you ever been on a date with someone who had diarrhea?

Have you ever had an interview when you had diarrhea?

Sara NC

Dirty undies

Who is brave enough to admit they sometimes get poop stained undies, and to what extent? I do, and the skidmarks range from maybe an inch or so up to perhaps 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.

I'm at high school and probably see other girls dirty panties about once or twice a week, the worst ever being about a year ago. The stain was at least 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. They belonged to my friend Stacie who is normally so clean.

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