hello everyone! hi its Ash! sorry it has been a while! i have been busy with my life! well my next experience to share with everyone is from almost a month ago! you all may remember Aubrey i mentioned her in one of my post ! we had a cool experience in the bathroom at burgerking! i didnt really know her at all! that was the first time that i saw her! that experience bought us closer together! since then we have been talking on the phone and we have been planning on hangingout again! so On July20th Aubrey and i decided to go to the movies both of us wanted to see the new Batman movie! Aubrey mentioned to me that her boyfriend was not interested in seeing the new Batman movie! so we decided to have a ladies night out! around 4pm i drove to go pick up Aubrey ! now for those of you who dont remember what Aubrey looks like she have dark brown hair but wears it in pigs tails! she is a tomboy so for the most part she wears all kinds of boyclothes! she has a nice tan ! she is slim! she is about 5'06''! when i arrived to pick her up! she had her hair in pig tails! she wore a blue colored shirt and a pair of boy basketball shorts! she had a pair of basketball shoes on! as soon she got into the car i told her that we were gonna go downtown and that i would treat her to the lunch movie and a dinner! for lunch i asked Aubrey what kind of food she likes she told me mexican! so we went to a huge mexican resturant ! we arrived around 4:45pm! the place was packed ! we found a table! and since it was a buffet i told Aubrey to enjoy herself and take her time! i always pigout when it comes to a buffet! we spent a total of two hours there! at 5:20pm i developed a slight urge to relieve myself! i told Aubrey to watch our table! she said to me no problem! i made my way to the back of the resturant and went down a small hallway and the ladiesroom was on my right! i quickly pushed opened the door and was joined by a 15 year old girl with blond hair she said she said to me " iam about to have an accident" i thought to myself i hope that she doesnt mess herself! the bathroom was huge there was a total of 13 stalls! i took the first stall and the 13 yr old blond took the second one! i pulled down my green panties all the way down! i bend down all the way to look under the stall to see what my neighbor was wearing! she was wearing light pink panties with Hearts shapes on them! immedaitely started peeing meanwhile the 13 yr blond girl let out a series of farts ! i was completely down! i grabbed a small amount of tiolet paper and started wiping my vagina area! after i down i put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampon despencer! i got up to observe what i had created i saw a bowl full of light colored urine! i exited the stall without flushing ! i went to the sink and washed my hands throughly! then i returned to the table to join Aubrey! Aubrey said to me " feel better" i said defintely! we continued pigging out and Aubrey told me she loved the mexican resturant that we were eating at! at 6:00pm Aubrey told me that " she needed to use the restroom! she asked me to go with her ! so i went with her! i showed her where it was when we arrived most of the stalls were taken plus the bathroom didnot smell too good! but what can you expect when your using a public bathroom and 10 of 13 stalls are taken! i showed Aubrey what i created in the first stall she laughed and said to me " that is cool"! she then gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips! since 10 out of 13 stalls were taken we went had to go down toward the end Aubrey told me that she wanted me come into the stall with her so we took the 11th stall Aubrey went in first and then i closed the door behind us! i stood with my back to the stall! Aubrey then pulled down her boybasketball shorts all the way down ! she was wearing fruit of the loom which is a male bran underwear! she instantly started peeeing! next the last two stalls were completley empty! i saw a beautiful golden stream shoot of Aubreys butt! i said to her' you look so sexy"!Aubrey then said to me " thankyou"! she then leaned forward and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek! then Aubrey said i have so much waste that i need to get out of my body! i told her take your time we are in no rush!so Aubrey let out a couple of farts! she told me iam about to take a good shit! the first turd made its way out it was light colored it was pretty long! Aubrey was having to grunt and push real hard to get this sucker out of her! finally it came out! then Aubrey told me that this was only the beginning! she felt another turd make its way out! she let out another Good series of farts! then she said to me "Ash i feel another turd make its way out of me! meanwhile i was standing with my back to the stalldoor and Aubrey was stinking up the stall as well as the bathroom! i just stood there and enjoyed it cause Aubrey is a beautiful woman and is sure making a Good impression while using the bathroom! moments later the door opened and a girl that with black hair who was 14 and had on her volleyball uniform and took the 12th stall next to us she commented by saying " someone is taking a bad shit" and it really smells"! she quickly went in and closed the door ! she pulled down her panties all the way! i sat down on the ground and took a peek under the stall too see what kind of panties she was wearing she had orange colored panties and i also observed that she had a noticable poo stain on them as well! then i stood back up and stood with my back against the stall door! Aubrey then said to me " iam almost done Ash please wipe me? i then grabbed a good amount of tiolet paper and started wiping her vagina area! surprisingly it didnt take that long! we were done we stood up and both looked at her creation! she completley filled the tiolet up to the top! we didnt plan to flush any way but since the tiolet was completely filled up there was no way that the tiolet would flush! Aubrey and i quickly exited the stall and left the tiolet a mess!

the conclusion to our night of fun will continue next time!


Anybody else likes their boyfriend to watch them poop? Because I do and here's a story about one of our fun times. So if was a Friday and me and my boyfriend of two years were about to go for a fun night out with friends, my bf was in the shower and I had the urge to really empty my bowels. I started knocking on my bf while on the shower and told him I had to go really bad he yelled to wait because he woulndt be done anytime sooner, I said I couldn't wait and decided to just go in while he was in there, as I enter and sat on the toilet he looked at all surprised and stunned but hey like I had told him I really needed to poop, he then asked me are you really doint this and I said yes I coulndt wait he then asked can I watch your poop coming out? I said ok, why not. He got out the shower and I lifted my butt and he was surprised to see a skinny girl like me making such big pices of poop, I kept pooping as he watched me and at the end I produced two big big logs and my bf really liked this experience that sometimes he makes fun of me because of my big logs, today this is a normal thing for me and my bf...the only thing I have seen from him is when he goes to pee but I still don't mind him from watching me unload my logs....well that's my story

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story about your friend Karas sister pooping it sounds like she really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anwers To Miss Ds survey
Male 25
1. not very often usually only once a year if even that and its usualy from something I ate
2. runny mostly sometimes explosive
3. 8 to 15 depnding on how bad sometimes more or less
4. one time I farted and it wasnt just a fart some diarrhea squirted out to and I even didnt feel sick weird
5. yes ive heard a few diferent having diarrhea in a bookstore bathroom which ive posted about
6. I like it if its not just me with it but I hate it to its anoying
7. it depends
8. it depnds if im desperate 2 minutes max other wise it will come out by itself
9. it depends stomch cramps and wet farts and the I gotta go right NOW or sometimes no warnings that I hate
10. the squirts the shits butt gravy lol
11. at a wendys resteraunt I had thought I just to poop normaly but nope
12. see above #4
13. at home
14. no to the rest of the ?s
and great stories about your diarrhea to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Francesca first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like really had to take a big poop and I bet you felt better afterwards to sure it was embarrassing but better then having an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Hermes first welcome back and as always another great story it sounds like you got a really great show from those 3 girls it sounds like they all had to go pretty bsdly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Diarrhea sucks. A medical exam. Doorless stall

Unfortunately, I've had loose stools off and on for a few weeks now. I've been to a couple of docs now and everyone seems to think there isn't a problem. Also have some anal discomfort at times. Feels like my anal opening is "smaller". I know I have a small internal hemorrhoid, but that really shouldn't be the problem. Even the colorectal surgeon I was referred to saw no problem.

That was an interesting exam, though. He had his nurse stay in the room. She was probably in her mid 50's. I didn't put on a gown. He just had me turn to face the exam table, drop my jeans and underwear to my ankles, and kneel on this little kneeling pad. Then I laid on my chest over the table. He adjusted the table so it lifted my bare butt up and my head down. Then he started poking around back there and asking me questions. A bit of a vulnerable position, to say the least! He ran his fingers along my perineum area and down my testicles, asking if any of the discomfort radiated that way. I forgot that when I was bent over like that, not only is my butt exposed, but also my testicles and penis. He had to use KY jelly for the finger insertion part. It is always a weird feeling having someone else wipe your behind to get rid of the jelly! I wonder what is causing the discomfort. Hmmm... psychological?

Also, in Home Depot yesterday, I ended up taking the stall that had the door removed, because the other two were occupied. Funny how so many guys won't use it. Many times I have been able to drop a load before the guys waiting in line to use a toilet. Hey, I'm not shy! So you might see my genitals and find out I prefer briefs. And that I stand to wipe. Not a big deal!


Answers to Lorraine

The poop-stain survey: I leave them rarely, and when I do, I do nothing about it; if someone sees it, so be it; the person will doubtless be reminded of experiences of his own. I usually inspect the stain (as I also inspect the poop itself, and the stains on the toilet paper) because it's good to know about what has just come out of me. I never tell anyone about it except maybe my wife. I'm sure that in 70+ years I have left some exceptional stains, but again, I do nothing about them. Normally my poop sinks; if it floats, it rarely leaves a stain. I usually pass gas before pooping, but briefly; it has no relation to the stain that I know of. I am not embarrased by my poop or its concomitant effects; it is natural. My phone is a phone and does not have a camera or other recording device. I have frequently walked into a public restroom and seen a stain, but I just sit down and go right over it. If someone has left an unflushed bowel movement in the toilet, I flush to make sure the mechanism works. Our toilets here are very clean. No time right now to discuss major experiences with stains; anyhow, I really can't think of any in which that was the main element of the experience.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Shitting Olympics

Hello. It's the Toilet Trooper Ebony with another shituation in session. I know that now is Olympic season. Well, I too competed in the Olympics in early 2010, but instead of competing worldwide on a track, court, or swimming pool, I competed in high school...on a toilet. In 12th grade, our school, big as ever, resembled a university campus, with various buildings dividing our school into many sections labelled by alphabet such as the A, B, C, D building, etc. Students attended 1/4 scheduled lunches depending on the building they attended class, A, B, C, and D lunch. Because my sister Coco, friends Helen, Tammy, and I hated 3rd period due to having a shitty teacher, we skipped that class. Firstly, the gang and I wrote ourselves fake hall passes and went to the A building, which contained the lunchroom. We waited in the A building's latrine because students in the A building attended "A lunch." After we waited for ten minutes, the bell rang and we exited the latrine, blending with other students exiting classrooms, and attended A lunch. I sat with friends from other classes, whom were surprised and happy to see me as I ate with them. After I hugged them goodbye, we repeated the process in the other appropriate buildings. During C lunch, my stomach churned, signifying my ass required desperate empting. When the C lunch bell ended, the gang and I journeyed to the D building, not only known for science, but also for roomy, peaceful, and doorless latrines.

"Y'all might have to go on without me because I gotta shit!" Tammy boldly stated. "Me too," we all said. Tammy suggested we clean our guts with a shitting contest, where the person with the largest turds wins. The rest of us laughed and declined because we assumed it was disgusting. However, Tammy suggested that the losers buy the winner lunch during D lunch to compensate all the "lost lunch" shit during the contest. Considering we had to shit anyway and were hungry, we competed for free lunch. After we occupied a stall, I yanked down my clothes and unleashed windy gas before passing my routine piss in a soft stream concurrently with Coco. When I finished pissing, I pushed and released a light brown log with a girth so wide, it stretched my delicate bootyhole into a manhole before hitting the water. A powerful shit smell attacked my nostrils, but the odour was so foreign, it damn sure didn't escape my ass, since I don't shit literal rotting corpses. When I waited for another urge, a fart barrage emitted from Tammy's stall, an AK-47 firing rapid succession, hitting its target with a full clip of stank. Everyone else giggled. "Goddamn, Tammy." Helen said. "You really stank the place up already!" We laughed. Loud crackling sounded from Helen's stall, followed by a loud splash and sigh, like a sumo jumped into a pool and shit himself.

"Goddamn!" Helen shouted. "I got toilet water on my ass!" We laughed hard. "You stank the bathroom up worse than me!" Tammy said, followed by laughter from Helen. Other than gas, Tammy's production was silent, but loud regarding smell, as her turds' odours smelt like complete utter horse ass. Towards my left in Coco's stall, various tiny plops splashed into her toilet that produced no noticeable odour. I pushed upon the urge built when listening to the gang when another light brown turd escaped my bootyhole, breaking off into various pieces halfway out my ass. The latrine then smelt shitty harmoniously, blended with chords of different pungent shit odours. "Damn! Now someone else stank the bathroom up too!" Tammy said. "Probably Ebony . . ." Helen replied, correct as ever. "Well, all of y'all stank!" Coco exclaimed, with no odours from her stall, making us all laugh hard again. Our laughter caught the D building guard's attention. "What are you girls doing in there?" He asked near the doorless entrance. "You aren't skipping class, are you?" Tammy then released a big fart that could replace ship horns. "Phhhhhhhffffffft!" "Oh damn!" the guard shouted. "I'm so sorry," he said, rushing from the latrine. We laughed our asses off. A hard piss stream hit the toilet water in Helen's stall. "I'm through." Helen said. "Make sure you don't flush the stool for the contest." Tammy said. A series of turds splashed from Tammy's stall, as if they were soft turds. Helen gathered some toilet paper and wiped her ass clean. From Coco's stall, various small turds plopped in the toilet, followed by one larger splash.

"I'm done too," Coco said. She gathered some toilet paper and wiped herself. I wiped about eight times to clean myself thoroughly. "Okay," Tammy said. "We have to look at the shit to determine the winner!" We all laughed and glimpsed at what we produced in our stalls. With the toilet paper isolated in all our toilets to get a good view at our productions, Tammy produced many dark brown, foul-smelling firm turds that measured about 4 inches and left dark skidmarks against much of the toilet's interior. Helen released a single 7-inch brown turd that measured longer than what Tammy produced, eliminating her. Coco produced dark brown "pebble" turds that sat at the toilet's bottom like rocks. Clearly, she lost. Lastly, the toilet I destroyed contained four light brown messy turds that left many skidmarks like Tammy. One turd in my toilet measured longer than Helen's single monster turd, with the biggest one about 8 inches. "Whoa!" Tammy exclaimed. "It looks like Ebony wins! We have to buy her lunch!" We flushed our toilets, washed our hands, and the bell rang for D lunch, the last scheduled. The gang paid for my lunch, and I ate three pizza slices, chicken, double the fries, and had two bottles of juice to wash it down. After lunch, we hugged each other goodbye before I attended 4th period as the shitting Olympic gold, err, brown medallist.


Squat poopster

Hi, everyone!

Today I woke up around 9:30 AM.
As I was preparing to make me zome breakfast, I felt some pressure building up in my bum.

So I went to the bathroom, undid my night clothing, and squatted on the toilet seat.

I let go of two farts, as my anus came out a bit..
The first one dry, the second one starting dry, but ending wet.

About 2 minutes later, a medium sized turd fell in to the toilet.
I remaind squatted, because I felt there was more to come.

After five more minutes of pushing gently, another small turd slid out of my protruding anus into the bowl.

I remained on top of the toilet for two more minutes, farting a few times, then wiped 5 times and flushed.

As I was getting back into my night clothing again, to finish my breakfast, I felt like I had to go some more.

So I got out of my clothes once again, and squatted on the toilet.
My anus came out again, and this time I sat like that for about 8 minutes.

I let out several wet farts during these 8 minutes, but I couldn't produce anything, but a messy anus. :-(

So I wiped fice times, pulled me into my clothes, and went on finishing my breakfast.

Bye! XXX


12th Story (Live)

So it's late and I just got back from a dinner. Got into my night shirt and panties. Wanted to do another live post. Had to poop during the dinner but I held it for this. My brother is in the bathroom so I'll go to the basement. In the basement. Ran into my sister on the stairs. It's awkward because why would I be going to the basement in my underwear. Anyways I'm in the bathroom. The toilet down here is my favorite in the house. White with a black round seat and it's the best to sit on. Pulled my panties down to my knees and I'm sitting. Feels good even just to know I can finally have a poop today. Peeing alot. It feels like a really smooth one. Sitting and waiting. This toilet seat is great. Alright going to lean a bit and push it out. That was quick just slid out. Wow alot of farts. I usually only fart on the toilet anyway. Ok I looked and this poop is 9" and has no lumps or anything just perfect. That felt great. Wiped my bum and nothing was on it. I wipe and still nothing. My bum is clean without wiping. Wiping my front. Flushing. Done flushing so I'll stand up. Panties back on. Washed my hands. Let out a big fart. See you later.


To Heidi

@ Heidi:
I really enjoy your stories!
You said you enjoy pre-poop..

Wat is it that you specially like about it?

And would you like pre-poop to take longer, if it could?


Friday, August 10, 2012


11th Story

So I was at my friend Kara's house. Her house has 2 bathrooms, one upstairs and one in the basement laundry room which is in open area to the whole basement. The upstairs toilet was apparently broken. One toilet for her, two sisters, brother, and parents. The guys mainly walk 5 minutes to a public bathroom. Throught the day that toilet got alot of action. Her 10 year old sister Hanna would fart alot stinking the basement up. Her 15 year old sister is really shy and asked us not to look. She took like 18 minutes when she had her poop. Her mom just went to pee while I was there. I never had to poop when I was there. When I was peeing Kara told me about Emily's obsession with going to the bathroom recently. I told her that I do to you know. She said that you two are weird and I laughed. That's about it see you later.


To Molly

When it comes to 'how to' get over it, time heals all wounds. Every day the incident is a day further in the past, and a day less vivid in others' minds. Try not to hold having "let" it happen against yourself: you've seen from this site that it can happen to anyone, at any age. It doesn't mean you're a baby or lazy or immature or anything people say about themselves when this happens. Just keep these things in mind.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hello, everyone. It's Ebony the Toilet Trooper here with a few responses. To Brandon T, Postman, John H, Big Daddy2, and Mr. Clogs, thank you for the positive feedback on my shituation and others. I was honestly expecting her to just hang up on me, but it surprised me when she stayed on the phone and even gave some advice. I pretty much laughed to myself the entire time. More tales coming soon to a computer near you. Stay tuned.

When it comes to being teased, should that occur: a thick skin is the best remedy. Good-natured teasing can hurt if it's something you'd rather not be reminded of, but if it's your friends doing it, try to laugh with them, roll your eyes, something like that. Malicious teasing is best ignored. How bad it gets is going to be directly proportional to how much fun it is to tease you about it. If you're going to cry or get super-pissed, they're going to keep on. If you shrug and go about your business, they're gonna look silly - there's this girl who wet herself months ago and who doesn't really care about it... and here are these guys trying to harass her about it while she can hardly be bothered to pay any attention.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: lauren as always another great set of stories first great one about your first outdoor pee it sounds like it went pretty well and you found another fun thing for you and your daugthers to do together and you wont have to worry about pooping cause since your outside already and great story about Jagger pooping in your car it sounds like she really had to go and at least it all ended up in the bag which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like you had a nasty time with diarrhea hopefully you get better soon.

To: Elena as always another great post it sounds like you all had a terrible time thanks to your brother he shouldnt have done that and he got what he deserved and he better becareful someone may want payback and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine In FL that really sucks you may need to try enema that may help you feel better and I hope you do feel better soon and as alwasys I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooper Mom as always another great story it sounds like you were having a rough time and then to find out no toilet paper thats epecialy the way you decribed your poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fernanda first welcome to the site and great story about your giant poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and lighter as well and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Dakota (girl) great story about you peeing at the movies and also hearing all those other girls and women pooping it sounds like everyone had to go at that moment and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had 2 good poops and your friend had a good one to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



1. Do you leave poop stains in the toilet often that will not flush away easily. is it rare, average, more than average, or a frequent occurrence.

2. Do you use the toilet tissue to wipe the toilet inside and commode if you ever leave a poop stain.

3. Have you ever inspected your poop stain at any point or told any about it at any point.

4. Have you ever left a exceptional large poop stain that was very messy and just would not flush away.

5. When you leave a poop stain, does your poop usually float or sink

6. when you leave a poop stain, is the bowel movement accompanied by a fart or is usually silent

7. have you ever been embarrassed after leaving a poop stain or just walked out

8. have you ever used their phone to record a video of your poop stain for personal use or for others to see

9. have you ever walked into a public restroom and see a poop stain left in the toilet and did you flush the toilet first or used it

10. do your home toilet have any scum or hard stains in it or is it very clean


1. describe at least 1 experience when you left a poop stain and it did not flush or did not flush completely. for each experience, at least 500 words minimum. you can describe the size, color, rather the bowel movement was diarrhea or average or slow, how long you was on the toilet, and your reaction

Miss D

Diarrhea Survey

Hey all, as you will know, my main area of interest is diarrhea-I don't get it that often myself but I love hearing other people's stories too, so if you have any please post them!

I've done a little survey for you all as well :) I've added my own answers. Please reply!

Male or Female? Female

Age? 19

How often do you normally get diarrhea? About once or twice a month.

When you have diarrhea, what is it like? Runny, sometimes explosive.

When you have it, how often do you have to go to the toilet? Anything up to twenty times a day if it is bad.

Have you ever not made it to the toilet when suffering with diarrhea? Explain. Yep, I got very drunk one night and the next morning I woke up with a bad hangover and a terrible case of the shits. I jumped out of bed and as I ran to the bathroom, liquid diarrhea just exploded into my thong and started to run down my legs.

Have you ever witnessed someone else having diarrhea? If so, who? Yeah, my boyfriend Tom a few times. He has a really weak stomach so I look after him when he gets really sick but he gets very embarrassed bless him!

Do you like having diarrhea or do you hate it? I like it if I'm at home but if I have to go out it's annoying.

When you have it, do you feel empty once you've been to the toilet or do you feel desperate again straight away? I usually feel empty for a couple of minutes then feel desperate on the verge of messing my pants the rest of the time.

Once you get the urge, how long can you hold diarrhea in for? Depends how severe it is. If it's mild I can usually hold it for a couple of hours, but when it's really runny, I can only hold it for fifteen minutes ish.

How do you know you're about to get diarrhea? Stomach cramps, nausea, wet farts, and a desperate urge to 'go'.

How do you refer to having diarrhea? The runs, dodgy ????, squits, upset stomach, runny ????, shits.

What's been your worst experience of having diarrhea? Probably getting it whilst camping-I spent the whole weekend squatted over a bucket with a golden brown fountain pouring out of my bum! My boyfriend had the runs as well so we looked after each other but it was horrible!

When you have it, do you follow through whenever you fart? Always! I try and hold my farts until I get to the toilet because I know that I usually get more than I bargained for, farting when my stomach is upset!

Where do you prefer to have diarrhea? At home, on my own toilet!

Have you ever had an accident in bed when your bowels were loose? No but my boyfriend did when we had a sickness and diarrhea bug-I woke up at about 2am to the sound of him crying. He's woken up with a warm wet feeling around his bum and found diarrhea had just leaked into his boxers. He was mortified, and it was all over the bed.

Have you ever rung in sick at work with diarrhea? No but I've been sent home from work with it.

Have you ever had diarrhea on a date? No. I've had it before a date but I took Imodium to calm my churning guts!

Have you ever been on a date with someone who had diarrhea? Yes! My current boyfriend, Tom had a dodgy ???? on our first date. He kept running to the toilet every twenty first I thought he didn't like me, then I realised he was holding his stomach and kept passing a lot of wet gas. After the meal I asked if he was sick, he looked really sad and admitted he had diarrhea, so I told him it was ok and we've been together ever since!

Have you ever had an interview when you had diarrhea? Yeah, I managed to hold it all in until afterwards though, when I ran to the toilet and just let the world fall out of my poor bum!

hi, my name is Francesca and i'm a 23 yrs old italian girl, and i will never use a public toilet again. i do like a lot pooping when i'm alone at home, but i'm also very shy about doing it in public, i usually hold it till i'm home but this time the urge was too strong. i was at the gym and i had just finished working out (doing the impossible to hold it) and i was in a stall taking a shower (the stalls of this gym have a shower and a toilet), but as i said, the urge was too strong, i hadn't gone for 3 days so all i could do was squatting over the toilet. i was alone, so i assumed everything would've been fine. i started to pee and kept peeing for half a minute. then i started to push and felt a large, hard turd slowly coming out. i kept pushing without grunting for a minute or so, and when the turd was already hanging out of my butt a girl entered the stall next to mine to take a shower. the only thing i could do was just keep pushing, and so i did for another minute or so, and then the turd fell into the water and the plop was huge. i mean, HUGE, and very, very loud. it was like "BBBBBLLLLLONNNNNFFFFFF..." and my face turned red almost immediately. i coughed loud, but i knew the girl in the stall next to mine heard what was the loudest and most embarassing plop of my life, and in fact, she started giggling. for the first 5 seconds i didn't know what to do, then i said (i'll try to translate) "i'm sorry, i'm a little constipated..." and she laughed and said giggling "never mind..." and i was so embarrassed i said again "i'm so sorry..." and she laughed again and said "i've never heard such a huge plop..." and i said "i know..." and then i waited for her to finish the shower, wiped and litterally ran home.

Jimmy O.

Today's Poop 2

Well guys and girls i am back with today's poop. I was watching TV when i had to poop. I went in and started pushing 1 minute later a turd popped out then 2 more then some more I let out a fart then got up 2 wipe 1 Big turd 4 little ones i wiped 7 times then flushed washed my hands and was on my way

Sorry I havant posted in a while becouse I had nothing intresting to post. Until recently, I dont know what I ate but my. Bowles have been acting funny recently. I surdenly get these cramps in mu lower stomoch then a few minites later I have to poo. Its not dielreah becouse if I could be bothered i could hold it but its really weird. Its very mushy more liquid than solid i would say. But today around 9:00 and I got another one of thes cramps. So I went to the upstairs bathroom becouse no one was upstairs and locked the door sat down. I didnt have to push very hard to get the first bit of liquid poop out then i pushed hard and liquid poop fell out of my butt for about ten seconds with a massive splash. After that i pushed again and the larst bit fell out. As i looked down to see my leavings I saw at least 20 bits of sweetcorn floating on the top of yhe brown murkyness. They looked toatally undigested. Some had red liquid on some had brown liquid on and some were normal. This all started yesteday when i bet someone i could eat a whole apple pie for lunch all 600 grams of it. Then about 1.5 hours later i got the cramps.


To Fernanda


Nice story you just posted! You must have really had to go pretty badly.

Few questions for you if you don't mind me asking:

1) How often do you usually take a dump?

2) When you poop is it usually come out hard and dry or does it usually come out soft, messy and wet?

3) Do you frequently clog the toilet?

4) Have you ever been at work and had to poop really badly? If so, do you try to hold it until you get home or just go there?

5) What's been the most urgent situation ever when you have found yourself in when you had to poop really badly? As an adult have you ever had a pooping accident or close call?

6) What is the longest you have ever been constipated for and what was your next dump like after that?

I look forward to your answers!! Muchas Gracias!!

Mr. Clogs

Pooped 3 times on Monday and comments

On Monday I had to take a dump. The first round was after I had my first cup of coffee. I went to the bathroom, took off my shorts and underwear and plopped my bottom on the toilet. I gave a little push and let the turds fall out into the toilet bowl. I peed some into the bowl and wiped and washed my hands and of course flushed. The second round was after I had my second cup, I did the same thing in round 1, this time more turds into the bowl and more urine into the bowl. The 3 round was I was about to take a shower, I had the urge to poop, I took off my everything except to undershirt and made a small turd and a little bit of pee. I wiped and flushed the toilet and took a shower.


Lauren: Like your outdoor post about you and your friend Michelle, hope to read more from you about peeing in your car. Also have you or your daughter have peed and pooped around your house besides the bathroom?

Elena: Nice story about having a crap outside. It's unfortunate but you know "Sh!t" happens.

Pooper mom: Hey great post about your bathroom experience at the shop. Looking forward to some more posts. Thanks.

Take care!

Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

a story

About an hour ago at that bookstore I heard a woman poop I had just exited the bathroom and there was an elderly lady waiting outside she went in and started to pee and I thought thats all she was gonna do but then I heard a burst of wet farts I think she had a quick diarrhea burst and then later another woman entered and she pooped to I think there wasnt much sound but when i went in there was a slight poop smell in the air.


A Game of Pool with Interruptions

Hi All

I hope you are all OK. Still enjoying all your posts!

I thought I'd de-lurk for a change.

I had reason to visit a town in the north of England on business earlier this week, and it reminded me of the time I stayed in the town's youth hostel with my fellow A level English students.

On the first night I managed to smuggle a crate of beer cans in the hostel and came to an arrangement with three of the girls on our course that after hours we would play pool whilst refreshing ourselves.

Earlier that evening the three girls - most of the girls on our trip whom were vegetarians - had eaten a heavy fried vegetable dish in the canteen, which may have had bearing on what happened next.

The girls were Ms A - a Chinese brunette, Ms B - a plain brunette and Ms C - a young woman with curly shoulder-length black hair.

All wore the regulation T-shirt and jeans.

After waiting for Ms B to use the nearby toilet- more of which in a minute -we set off playing couple of games, whilst I opened up the beer cans.

I noticed that Ms A was looking more and more uncomfortable and every time she bent over to take a shot there were increasingly loud gurgling noises coming from her.

Suddenly she said"It's no use you'll have to hang on, I really have to run" and she ran into the toilet opposite the open door to the pool room.

I chatted with the two other girls, but could not help noticing the bowl-blasting fart and lengthy splattering sounds coming from behind the door.

After about five minutes I heard the toilet flush and Ms A came out looking much happier.

We finished the game and it was Ms C's turn.

I had to play against Ms B, because Ms C had to urgently use the toilet.

Whilst waiting for Ms B and Ms A to finish chatting to each other before the game, I heard loud farts coming from the toilet but no plopping sounds.

All was quiet until there was a loud SPLUUUTT-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP from behind the door.

There was a period of quiet followed by another loud SPLUTT
as Ms C farted loudly and a lengthy PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP-PLIP as she did a lot of little poos.

Finally Ms C came out of the toilet and I was able to have a game with her.

Between us we drank more and more beer and played more and more pool until we got to about 2AM.

Ms C and Ms A retired for the night after both peeed on the toilet.

I talked to Ms B for a long time before she decided to turn in, but not before using the toilet.

I heard her pull her jeans down and the whip of her pants coming down. There was a muffled clang as she sat down on the toilet followed by a lengthy pee.

Ms B farted and it made a strange sound - like a fog horn -followed by a rapid SPLASH_SPLASH_SPLASH.

MS B farted again like a fog horn and there was a CLAP-SPLASH followed by a SPLASHSPLASH-KERSPLOOSH!!

I then heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder and beat a hasty retreat...

Bye for now, take care

Hermes x

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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