Hi everyone. I am back with another couple of stories to tell. First, for the person who asked about if people on this site use their real names or fake ones, my name is actually Lauren. I also use the real names of my kids and other people I talk about. My stories are 100% true.
Hannah: Great story about using the litter box to pee. Where else have you tried/ going to try?
Thirty Something Female: I do have another accident story for you. This one comes from when my husband and I were first dating. After dinner, or whatever our date was, we used to drive around in his car for hours before he would drop me off at home. We both love the feel of driving at night and neither of us wanted the night to end. Well one night I had a bit too much to drink at dinner. We were driving around and I felt the need to pee. Not wanting to spoil the mood, nor did I want to go home yet, I decided to hold it. We were on a pretty desserted stretch of road with nowhere to stop and I did not feel like peeing by the side of the road in the dark. Also, we were pretty new in our relationship and I was not yet comfortable sharing with him. So maybe a half an hour went by and I started to really have to go. I had my legs pressed together and was hoping he would drop me off at home soon. I feigned a yawn and told him I was tired, hoping he would get the hint, yet we drove one. He must have noticed I was acting weird and asked what was wrong. Again, I told him I was just tired. He started to head for my house. We were about ten minutes away when I began to relax. I could make it I thought. Well I guess I relaxed too much because I felt a spurt of pee. I quickly cut it off and stuck a hand between my legs as causally as I could. I felt my vagina tingling and my bladder ached. All of a sudden, I just couldn't hold it anymore as much as I tried. Pee was gushing out, soaking myself and the seat. I did not know what to do I was so embarrassed. I just sat there peeing myself. Finally I got up the urge to speak. I told my husband I had just peed. It took him a minute to undertand what I was saying. I started to apologize and explain I just couldn't hold it anymore, but he cut off my words with a kiss telling me it was okay and accidents happen. He pulled up to my house and walked me to my door. I did not think I would see him again after that, but he took me out the next night. He had cleaned up his car and did not mention my accident again, except to joke I should use the bathroom before we left the restaurant.
Brandon: you asked if anyone ever had to poop in my car. Before today the answer would have been no, but something happened this afternoon. I was driving with my daughters, when Jagger announced she needed to use the bathroom. I told her to go ahead, assuming she just needed a pee. She told me no, that she really needed to poop. I told her to hold on and we would find a bathroom. We were on the highway though and there didn't appear to be any stops close. We drove for another couple minutes when Jagger announced she could not hold it and was going to poop her pants any minute. I grabbed a plastic shopping bag we had in the front seat and told her to lay in on the floor and poop over it. I pulled over to the side of the road. Jagger unbuckled her seatbelt, pulled her pants down and squatted over the bag. Immediately I heard her pee hit the bag and soon after she began to poop. When she was done I handed her a napkin for her to wipe and off we drove. It smelled awful in the car and we had to drive the rest of the way home with the windows down. When we got home, I rolled up the bag and threw it away. Her pee had gotten on the floor, but the poop was perfectly contained.


My first outdoor pee

Hi again. I know I just posted, but I was taling to an old friend this morning who reminded me of a story I wanted to tell. When I was ten, my twenty year old brother had a girlfriend named Michelle. They dated for awhile and Michelle became like an older sister to me. As I wrote before, my family was very strict, especially my mother. We had all sorts of rules and standards to live up to. Michelle was a free spirit and I loved hanging out with her. When she and my brother broke up, we stayed in contact and I occasionally will still talk to her. She called me this morning and as we were catching up I mentioned to her about my pee car. She thought it was great and reminded me how shy I was about peeing when we first met.
Michelle loved the outdoors and one weekend she offered to take me hiking. Again, I was ten and thrilled I was going to spend some time alone with her. I had been hiking before, but never with Michelle. She took trails that were harder than I was used to and we stayed out longer than expected. All this led to me drinking lots of water and needing to pee. I was too shy to say anything. My mother always taught me that ladies do not discuss bodily functions such as peeing and certainly don't go outdoors. I wasn't even allowed to use public restrooms. So I held it and kept walking. Soon though I had to stop every few steps and cross my legs and when we stopped for a break I kept bouncing around and holding myself. Michelle noticed and asked if I needed to go. Of course I denied it. She told me that she needed to pee and I should come with her so I was not alone on the trail. I followed her to a desserted spot and watched as she pulled her pants down, squatted, and started to pee. I had never seen anyone pee before, especially outside and was fascinated. I wanted to try but felt I would not be allowed. The sight of Michelle peeing was too much and I felt a squirt of pee come out. I knew I would have a full fledge accident if I did not go now. I admitted my problem to Michelle and she helped my get into position. I began to pee and it felt great. Not only was it a relief but it also was forbidden, which made it more exhilarating. We finished up and Michelle promised not to tell my mom. Michelle and I started hiking every weekend and I began to look forward to my outdoor pee. I would sneak outside and use the backyard sometimes when my mom was busy. This went on for years, but eventually we stopped our hikes and I soon forgot about my new found love of peeing outdoors.
So as soon as I hung up the phone with Michelle. I went out back. pulled my pants down, and had a pee outside. I forgot how great it felt. So now in addition to peeing in the car, I think I am going to introduce this to my daughters and make it a regular thing in my house!

I just returned from a 5 day camping trip with my friends. We were at a remote lake campsite about 100 miles out of town. We were tenting it so we had to use the campground facilities which were consisted of outhouses. I didn't need to poop until the second day and by that time it has been nearly four days since I had last had a shit. Travelling tends to make me constipated and this trip was no exception. It was just after dinner and it was still very hot out. My friends were playing cards at the campsite when I split off to find somewhere to unload because I couldn't hold it in any longer.

I went in my swimsuit and told them I was going to go to the beach to have a quick swim to cool off. I walked down towards one of the quiet beach trails because I knew there was an outhouse along the trail that was out of the way and quite private being away from the other campers. I was barefoot so it took a while to walk down the rocky path. I quickly settled onto the toilet after laying a couple of thick layers of toilet paper on the seat. Just as I sat down I let out several days worth of logs in one quick session. It was really noisy and smelly but I knew nobody was around and it felt great doing so. I was in sharp pain for a brief moment before it subsided as I farted and released a final turd. I took a much needed piss and wiped for about the next five minutes. I headed down for a quick swim to cool off before heading back to the campsite.


Today we went shopping we were at whitfords and we were in smiggle i felt my stomach grumple so i decided to go to the public restroom. i go into the second one. pull my pants down sit down and push to my suprise these is diarrhea everywhere in the toleit bowl. i was so embarrest the the toliets were so busy and there was a massaive line. my unexspected diarrhea had made loud fart noises and lots of mess. i sat on the toliet for 5 mins and kept exploding loud every time. im now finshed i think and i decide to flush nevertheless i look in the toliet bowl and i left massaive marks. what should i do there is a line people will no what im doing if i stay in there. so i go out and when im washing my hands i hear my stomach grumple. o god it has to happen right now. there is a line and ive just been i cant go again but i have to. i wait there holding it finally there is a free toliet so i go sit down and the whole thing happens again put with much more juicy farts and less diarrhea. well i should call it explosive diarrhea. i left whifords shops and went straight home. i had to go on my way home so i had to stop at this random park and use the toliet there the same thing happened but with alot of poo this time. i was in the loo for 35 mins straight exploding with diarrhea. i am still suffering tonight. tomorrow is monday so its work and i have to go to work so i will tell you if it strikes at work. ill post it tomorrow. anyway the work toliets are clean so hope im better tomorrow. bye


First laxative prank

A couple months ago in January, my brother pulled off a laxative prank on my family. He offered to make us tea and we agreed, he must have made us lacative tea becouse a couple hours after drinking it we were all gathered watching a movie when my little sister and I had a stomach ache and my dad was having wet farts. My dad was the first one to go as he got up and ran to the bathroom. My mom then let out a wet fart and took off downstairs to that bathroom. My and my sisters gathered around and played rock paper sicores for Elaine's bathroom. My brother Edward the whole time leaning back on the couch stifling a laugh. A wet fart left my body and sprayed into my panties. My little sister Ela one and ran downstairs to my sisters toilet, that left me and Elaine. We put on our shoes, grabbed a roll of tp and ran outside. There was I thin layer of snow on the ground and under that was ice so it was though getting through the concrete part but we made it and ran into the forest holding our bottoms. "don't follow me" Elaine said and turned to the left I kept running seller into the forest until I found a huge tree that had I small crack in its roots. I struggled to unzip my pants with my numb fingers, when I finally got it I tore my pants and squatted down spraying diarhea into the crack. Cramps were forming in my stomach and I was screaming and yelling becouse it burned so bad. I could also hear Elaine although not as much. The diarhea just kept leaking out of my bottom. My cheeks were covered in poop and it was now filling the crack below me to overflow. My attack stopped and I stood up, in my crack was splattered poop with little bits of food in it. That's when I realized Elaine had the tp. So I took off my pants and panties and walked bottom naked to the general area were Elaine headed. I found her squatted in a small clearing surrounded by tall grass. I could really only see her head over it and I walked over to her. "why the hell are you hear and why are you naked!!!!" she yelled at me. "I need toilet paper and these are my favorite undies." I said. She picked up the toilet paper and handed it to me. I squatted opposite to her and wiped. Then I felt my second wave coming but was determined to make it back to the house and share the toilet with my little sister like I did once before. So I finished cleaning up my mess and pulled up my pants. Now the cramps were coming so I pulled them down again and squatted. I looked at Elaine who was now groaning and and holding her stomach as a huge wave hit her hard and a flow of diarhea leeched out of her anus. I quickly ran away from her my pants half off towards the house. I saw the house up ahead and made a mad dash. I made it and ran downstairs to Elaine's room. But to my relief, my mom had cleared out so I had a free toilet. Although the stench was horrible. I still managed to get on the toilet and let loose a tourant off diarhea. Through the vents I could hear my mom yelling at Edward and my dads frequent splashes and farts. Our diarhea attacks kept on until the next morning when me and my little sister made the last run to the bathroom. Edward was grounded and got his phone taken away and everyone else was left with a sore anus for the rest of the week. I revisited my crack a couple of days later and couldn't even approach it it smelled so bad. I also revisited Elaine's poop place and found a good pile covered in tp and smelling just as bad.

Update on Elaine's current diarhea problem. Like brandon said, it was food poisining we think becouse my dad and Edward also were having problems of the same sort and all three of them had gone to subway for lunch as me, my mom, and Ela stayed home and ate.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great dump while talking on the phone at the same time it sounds like you had to go alot to and it sounds like it was a messy one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great set of stories it sound like your sister must have really had to go and great story about you pooping in that rock outside and fianly great story about your big poop I bet that felt great to get out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miss D as always another great story it sounds like you were having rough time food poisoning can be very nasty at least you didnt have a major accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Zach great story your friend Tara told you about her nasty dump it sounds like she realy had to go bad and I look forward to hearing more stories about her thanks.

To: Hannah B great story about you peeing in the litter box I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kirsty first weclome to the site at first I thought you were the Kirsty from Wendy & Kirsty and great story about that big dump you took it sounds like you were having a major cleanout at least it wasnt diarrhea and I bet you feltr alot better afterward and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Christine in FL
I had been constipated for about six days. The first two days without going weren't so bad. I did wake up bloated, but other than that, I felt fine. The third day, I had a ????ache the entire day and felt sort of awful. I drank a lot of water and spent about an hour on the toilet, but nothing at all came out. The fourth day was pretty much the same. The fifth day, my stomach ache was worse, I was horribly bloated, and I felt tired. I didn't want to work, but I went anyway. At lunch, my stomach was a mess, so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I felt full and awful, but my bowels still wouldn't move. I leaned back against the seat and just rubbed my swollen stomach for a bit. Nothing came out, I couldn't even fart even though I had gas pain. Someone knocked on the door.
"You've been in there awhile."
I couldn't recognize the voice and felt a little embarrassed.
"Yeah, I'm almost done," I replied quickly.
I heard footsteps walk away and sighed in relief about being alone again.
I strained a little and managed to pass one thin bit of poop. I felt no better, and getting my pants buttoned after that was a challenge with how bloated I was.
Saturday morning, I slept in. When I got up around noon, I tried again to go to the bathroom. I actually had some success and managed to pass two semi-decent sized pieces, one about four inches long and the other about three inches long. I thought I might be able to go more, but that wasn't the case. My stomach was so distended. My husband brought us all fast food for lunch, so I had some greasy chicken and a taco. My stomach instantly felt sick after that, and I figured I needed to either throw up or have diarrhea. I rushed to the toilet, but couldn't go, even though I had what felt like diarrhea cramps. So, I just crawled into bed.
My husband asked me what was wrong.
"I've been constipated and my stomach's upset," I said.
"Awww... hon, that sucks."
He got into bed next to me and rubbed my back a little. I relaxed and started to pass some gas, it smelled very stale and awful. I continued to feel sick. My stomach was rolling and very upset. Still haven't been able to go though.

Mr. Clogs


Mrs. Toilet Trooper: I liked your latest post of your relentless turd, thank you for and as always the details of your posts. Thanks for your posts and look forward to some more.

Nikki: Wow, you got to love egos of people. Have you and your boyfriend had holding or pissing contests to see who's good at holding it in or who can pee the longest? Good post and keep the posts coming.

Katie Pie: Come on, it's the internet, no one honestly would say they use their real name, I don't if if some do that their business.

Hannah B: Nice post about using the litter box as a toilet.

That's all for now, take care and have a great day. Peace.

Mr. Clogs

John H

Comments and an old story Post Title (optional)

Hey all some comments first. @Brandon T, That's a pity you didn't get to hear any pooping but like you said you may have better luck the next time. I enjoy reading all your comments by the way also.
@Mrs. Toilet Trooper, that turde sounded like a monster that was determent to stick around in your toilet. It must have been very messy if it took that much toilet paper to clean up. That lady got a bit more than she bargained for when she called you but I admire how you just carried on pooping and talking to her. If it was me I probably wouldn't have answered the phone in the first place as I don't like to be distracted when I am having a good clear out. Thanks for sharing BTW.
@Hannah B, welcome and thanks for sharing your story. That's a reel good idea to use a litter box. Looking forward to hearing more stories now that you have a place of your own.
@Elena, relaxing to poop is my favourite way to have one and I only push if I am in a hurry like if I am running late for something for example. Like you say you need a lot of time free and just try and keep relaxed. I love the feeling this gives when a large log moves out slowly also.

This is a story that I had forgotten about and it only came back to me after I posted the last time and some people were looking for more pee stories so hope this will be interesting for some people. It happened around 9 years ago so some of the details might not be too fresh in my mind. A friends parents decided to take a lease on a small pub and my friend invited me and a group of other people down for a night of drinking. We arrived around 5 in the evening and had some dinner. Afterwards we headed for the pub and settled down at one end of the bar. We ordered drinks and played pool and listened to music on the jukebox. Fast forward a few hours and it was closing time but as we were friends of the family we got to stay on in the pub. We had some free drinks and began playing cards and drinking games. When we finally left the pub to walk to my friend's house we were all pretty drunk but one of the guys lets call him Steve was particularly bad and we had to help him up the stairs when we got to my friends house. He crashed out pretty quick and we lay down but were still talking. After a while Steve woke and got out of his sleeping bag. He was just in his boxers and he walked to the door. When he got to the door he faced the wall and began pissing down the wall and on to the carpet. We shouted and laughed but he was so drunk he didn't realise that he wasn't in the toilet. My friend dragged him out but by that stage there was a large puddle on the floor. He mopped it up and the next day Steve didn't believe us when we told him what he had done the night before.

Pooper mom

Large poo

Roday I was running and was running through our city park and felt the urge to poo. I figured Id just stop by in a shop to poo as I was quiet a while from my house. So I entered main street and headed into a small shop. There was only one bathroom there and it was a single so I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I locked it and walked o Ed to the toilet. I stood facing away from it and pulled down my shorts to my theighs and sat down. I waited a couple minuets and let out a silent fart that grew into a blast. I pushed and felt the semi soft poo start to come out with a lot of crackling. I peed as it was half way out and it dropped. Then I had a wet fart that blew poo all over my butt cheeks. What a mess. I reached for the toilet paper and realized with disbelief that I was out of toilet paper. This must be something out of toilet stool! I pulled up my shorts and ran a very uncomfortable run home. When I got home everything was a mess.

Fernanda (married)

Amazing dump

Hi to all! I've married 3 years ago, have 23 years 115 lbs and 5'5 and channel blond hair cut.

Yesterday i come back from work with a big urge to poop and dashed to the toilet as soon i got home. My husband was on computer working. We exchange a quick smile and kiss, and i throw myself to the toilet but hadn't time to close the door or i will poop myself. When i sat down I've made a nice big fart and cascade of turds just shoot out. They are soft, but firm, and the wave lasted for a good 20 seconds with a series of smaller farts in the middle of them. The feeling was amazing, but my belly still ache a lot.
I was resting my arms on my legs and sudden a cramp hit me and i pushed a rock hard endless turd. Just after that, a giant fart and more soft poop come out.
My husband walked to the bathroom door and asked me if i was ok. I answer that "i might take a little bit of time in here" since this dump was far from over. He kissed me in the lips and say to call him need something, and left without close the door.
Normally i poop with the door closed, but my stomach was aching a lot, and i was a little shy, if my hub will listen all the noise i was making.
I passed 3 more logs and looked between my legs, the toilet will not be able to handle that much poop and will clog, so i don't tried to flush it. I already have displaced all the water and the smell was a little bad at that point, so i got up, closed the door.
I pooped for 5 more minutes and all the pain was gone. The toilet was a disaster with all kind of turds inside and a real big one the was near 2 inch diameter and 15 inch long.
I have to flush 4 times to get all that poop out and use the plunger, but the relief was amazing!

To Zach: I loved the story of your friend Tara, since i'm a big pooper like her, i would love to her her experiences in the toilet. Did her always clog her toilet too?


Today's Poop

Hi I am new to this site so i decided to post about my poop today. So I was on the toilet when that familiar felling came in my stomach. I walked to the bathroom and sat down peed a little then let out a loud fart. Then i started pushing i heard a log hit the toilet then i pushed 2 others out then peed some more let out another fart one more log wiped and left. Thanks for reading

Dakota (Girl)

Pee in the movie

I went to see The Avengers in May BTW I am a 19 year old girl. As you know it is a long movie and i had a large soda at the end me and my 3 friends (all girls) really had to pee. My friend Samantha had to poo real bad she was farting and was rushing to the bathroom. The line was the longest I have ever seen (We have a HUGE movie theater). We let Samantha go in front of us and I got stuck in the back. I could see other women really had to go to one girl about 16 Blondie probably very popular in school was farting and jumping up and down she was right next to me. The woman in front (around 23 brown hair long nice shirt) Had to take a poo she ran in and i could hear her fart really loud she took 8 minutes and then came out. Samantha now only had 2 people in front of her. The one girl who didn't look desperate she took a quick pee and was on her way. Samantha had to only wait a few more minutes. The girl in front of her farted the seined she closed the door. Another pooper she was ( Around 15 year old blonde white and very hot by guy standers.) She took almost 10 minutes. Samantha ran in I hear her fart extremely loud and then she farted some more then i could hear her grunt 7 minutes later she was out. My 2 friends peed and were on their way. I had to pee so bad now it hurt so much i ran pulled down my jeans and Peed for a good 2 minutes. I saw the Blondie girl run into the stall next to me she let out a HUGE fart and i heard 5 log plop in. I left satisfied. we got back to my house and Samantha peed i saw a brown streak on her underwear.


The Big Push

i had just got back from holiday and few days later would be on next one
i after all what id done on my second Holiday for another week i forgot to go to the toilet so when i got back home after id unpacked i went to toilet and gave a big push and a little bit stuck out of my ass pulling it apart a few minits later i gave another big push and some more came out my ass was really hurting by now so i gave one last push and it all came out it was about 8inch long really big and hard. i wiped and watch TV
. end


9th Story

So I was at the gym with my friend Emily. She has been taking my advice on eating certain healthy foods and lots of water. She said it has become much easier when she sits on the toilet. We finished our workout and went into the change room. Almost no one is ever there so we had the whole gym to our selves. Emily goes into the stall and sits down. She is trying to mimic what I do when I use the toilet. She kept asking how I position my legs and knees, and how to push. I really couldn't believe I was instructing someone how I use a toilet. 2 minutes later she comes out. When she was washing her hands she said she tried having it as slow as possible but it pretty much slid out. I say as long as a good healthy poo comes out your good it's just I really enjoy the pre poop which is why I take my time. All that talk made me realize I need to have a poop. Emily goes into the shower while I pulled my yoga pants down and sat. The toilet there is perfect, very comfortable. 5 minutes later I push out a 5" poo. I wipe/flush and have a shower. See you later.


question for any females

Hey its tawnie i have a question for any females my question is any times that u have been constpated or your poop was stuck hav u ever had to dig it out with some tp or with your fingers ..let me kno ..i wana kno if im the only female who has. . N i mean at any age. When u were yonger or still recent..let me kno..

Big Daddy2

Mrs. Toilet Trooper....

I love your posts! I just laughed my @$$ off while reading about your big shit while talking on the phone to the lady from the neighborhood association! And it sounded like she was sctually coaching you through it! Hilarious! Keep up the good work...


Pee myself often...


You ask how to get over an accident. You can only hope those who saw you pee yourself will keep your secret. As time passes it will get easier to live with but it is part of your past. You can only learn from the experience. Could you have prevented it? Is there something you can do different the next time you are desperate for a pee?

I remember a story from long ago. It was a young woman that pooped herself also walking home with friends. After the incident, she declared that in the future, she would rather be teased for exposing herself in public and pooping on the ground than have friends watch her poop her pants.

Something else to think about. School will resume soon and some kids are cruel. If one of those friends is not really a friend, you could be called "Pee pants" at school this year. You survived the incident, are you strong enough to survive the teasing...if it happens?

I don't know if anyone read or remembers but i posted a little while ago about having trouble controlling my bladder, well i controlled my bladder for a month except for one accident, but i managed to wet myself twice in the last 12 hours and i mean full releases each time. I dunno why this is happening, i usually spurt when i cough but that's nothing new, but to have full on accidents is embarrassing.


Ring Of Fire

Mrs. Toilet Trooper - Great story! I like how you write. So detailed. And funny. Keep up the great posts!

A couple of unusual dumps for me this weekend. Friday night I was out picking up some groceries for the weekend (specifically, beer). I love hot, spicy food, so while I was in line, I picked up one of those new Slim Jim's, the Really Freakin' Hot Jabenero kind. I ate that while I was watching TV, and by the time I finished it, my tongue, mouth, and lips were burning, and my nose was running. That was bad enough, but when I went to take my usual morning crap the next day, it burned just as bad on the other end. A normal, but hot turd. And my anus burned for longer than my mouth did the night before. Lesson learned. Some foods are just too hot, even for me.

Sunday mornings shit was strange also. I took the Parade magazine from the Sunday paper and leafed through it while I pushed out a nice, smooth, snake-like turd. When I wiped, though, I noticed a greenish-brown smear on the toilet paper. I stood up and saw a long, greenish-brown turd. Now I'm trying to remember what the hell I ate over the last few days to give me green poop. Still haven't got a clue. One of those mysteries that will never be solved, I guess.

Have a great rest of the weekend all.


10th Story

So I was at my boyfriends house hanging out. We were in his bedroom watching an olympic event. I was feeling my belly having pressure. I feel I need to have a pee so I excuse myself to his bedroom bathroom. I close the door and pull my skirt up and pants down to my knees. I start peeing and a really loud fart came out. I wipe/flush and wash my hands before going back. He acts normal and then says he never knew girls farted. I ask if he has ever been with a girl. He is a shy but really nice guy and I'm his first girlfriend. I realize I need to have a poop. I say hey I'll show you what a girl does. I tell him to come to the bathroom. I tell him I may look like some cute girl but I still have to poo. He says he has never seen it before. I sit on the toilet. We talk for 5 minutes and I lean over to push a 8" poo. He asks to see and that's where I draw the line. I say I'm ok with you seeing my bum and having it but only I see my poop. I have 3 small farts and I wipe/flush. When I washed my hands he thanked me. (I wondered if there is anything to make these stories more entertaining?) See you later.


Locked in the Bathroom at Football Camp.

Hi guys. I'm John. I'm 18 years old and entering my Freshman year in college. I'm 6'3 and 195 pounds and I really enjoy taking a nice healthy dump. I've played sports like football, wrestling, baseball and track since I was a little kid and have never had an embarassing bathroom incident until last year at football camp.

On the final day of camp, we only had morning drills after which we had lunch and were to get our stuff together and onto the bus for the ride home. Anyway, in four years of going to camp there, the cafeteria food was extremely reliable in that it always made me need to have a dump after lunch. Don't ask me why, it just had that effect on me. It always seemed like I was always on the toilet within 15 minutes of finishing lunch with my pants down dropping a huge load. This last day was no different.

Anyway, the final lunch is always the nicest meal by far and I decided to stuff myself since I didn't need to worry about getting through an afternoon workout. When I got back to the cabin to get my stuff together, I got hit really hard with a very strong urge to shit. This wasn't surprising since I always had to crap right after lunch at football camp. Today the urge was particularly strong and building up quickly.

So I hurried with my stuff out to the bus and saw my buddy and seat partner Scott. Your seat partner is responsible to speak up if you're not on the bus (along with doing a head count) to make sure nobody gets left behind on trips away from the school. I quickly set my things down and told Scott I had to go to the bathroom really bad and that I would be back just as son as I was finished with my necessary business.

The building that housed the bathrooms were just over 400 yards from where the buses were parked and I broke out into a full sprint to get there in time. I was in really good physical condition at the time so I was more than able to cover the distance in well under a minute. That was still more than enough time for the urge to become really strong and by the time I got to the door, I could feel a large turtle head poking its way out my back door seeking daylight despite my best efforts to keep it in check.

Getting inside, there were two other guys finishing up at the urinal while one of stalls was occupied by one of my teammates on the toilet. I immediately recognized the white and powder blue basketball shoes and the North Carolina athletic shorts draped over them. I looked over the short stall door and confirmed that my buddy Josh was the boy taking a shit.

Josh didn't see me at first since his head was way down. Josh was really grunting and farting a lot and I could see he was in the throes of a really good push. As Josh sat there straining, the short hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end and his skin was turning a dark pink. The blood vessels in his neck were bulging out and I could hear a whole bunch of soft mushy shit crackling out of Josh's body before falling into the toilet.

"Josh!!" I yelled startling him. But he grinned when he looked up to see that it was me. I quickly made my way into the other stall and latched the door after getting Josh's attention.

"I should have known you'd be in here!" He replied making reference to my own bathroom habits. I was in here every day right after lunch on the toilet taking a big shit. Josh wasn't much different as this would make buddy dump number 4 for us for the week. Obviously the cafeteria food affected our systems in much the same way.

I quickly wiped the seat down before pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet. As I sat down Josh was grunting again as he pushed more crap out of his body. I heard his stools crackling out before hitting the water a whole bunch of times.

"Man that cafeteria food goes right through me John." Josh said as he finished up his push.

"Well you know what it does to me."

At this point, nothing had come out of my body yet although I could certainly feel the big load up inside me demanding to be born. So I decided to help things along and grunted as I started a good firm push of my own. That was all the effort needed to get an absolutely massive turd moving through me. I could feel my bum hole being pushed open super wide and the super long turd pressed its way right through me getting longer and longer before finally dropping in the bowl with a loud plop several moments later.

"Ugh." I grunted in relief as the giant turd finally dropped. I couldn't resist seeing what I had done so I carefully stood up to get a look. There coiled in the toilet was beautifully formed turd possibly two inches in diameter and anywhere from 18 to 21 inches long although I couldn't see the other end of it which was partially down the drain. I was immensely proud of myself for not pinching it off before I got it all the way out. I felt another turd get in position so I sat back down to resume my dump.

"Josh!! I just dropped a huge turd that has to be at least 18 inches long." I said somewhat kiddingly.

"Sounds great bro. But I'm in the middle of a really nasty shit myself." Josh replied. I could hear hear Josh grunting again as more stools crackled out of his body before hitting the water.

I felt another turd in place so I gave another push and this time, a softer turd came out of me slightly smaller in diameter and about 9 inches long before plopping in the toilet.

It took Josh another 5 minutes of some good grunting before he finally pushed all crap from his body. During that time we talked. Josh mentioned how he was going to see his girlfriend that night and that he hadn't seen her in over two weeks. He asked me if he would see a lot of playing time at receiver that year since he was a Junior and I was a team captain. I said I thought he impressed the coaches and was sure he was going to start.

When Josh was empty, I still had more to go. Turns out, I needed to push a bunch of soft mushy crap out of my body as well, Just like Josh had done. It took Josh about half the roll to wipe his butt. before he flashed and pulled his pants up. After Josh had washed up at the sink, he called back to me and asked if I was almost done. I told him I had a bit more work to do and that I would see him outside.

"OK. See you outside." He called back to me.

It took me another 10 minutes of hard work to push the rest of the crap out of my butt before I was finally empty. I was so content. It felt really great to take such a big dump and I felt so relieved. I had no idea there would be anything out of the ordinary. It also took me a whole bunch of wipes before I was able to pull my pants back up and flush the toilet. After I emerged, I washed up at the sink before going to the door to leave.

Except the door didn't open.

The door was locked from the outside with no way to unlock it from the inside. I was literally trapped inside the boys bathroom.

Someone from the camp staff must have thought our group was all done and came by and locked the bathrooms between the time Josh left and when I finished pooping. I couldn't believe that whoever locked up didn't at least check to see that the bathrooms weren't occupied before locking up. It would have taken all of five seconds to poke their head in the door and see if the place was vacant. Anyone looking in would have been able to see my feet in the stall along with my khaki shorts hanging around my ankles.

Anyway, the windows only had screen on them so I went back into the stall and stood on the toilet to yell out the window for help. I could see the buses at the entrance ready to go with some players and adults still milling around. I yelled as loud as I could, but I wasn't sure my voice would carry that distance.

"Hey!! They locked me in the bathroom! Get me out of here!" I tried this several times but could see that nobody noticed.

Then I realized I had my cell phone in my pocket. I got it out and dialed Josh's number but went right into voice mail.

"Josh! They locked the bathroom up on me while I was still in here. Get me out of here!!"

I tried the same thing with Scott's phone but also went right to voice mail. I realized they had their phones off to conserve their batteries. We were in a remote area and batteries on cell phones tended to run down very quickly.

I left several other messages without getting through to anyone then waited for help to arrive. I knew the bus wouldn't leave without having everyone present and accounted for. Plus I had told Scott I was going to the bathroom and this was the last place Josh and the other two players had seen me.

Sure enough, when roll call was taken, Scott said that I was headed for the bathroom and Josh followed this up saying I was still taking a dump when he left the bathroom.

After 20 minutes, I got a call on my cell phone. When I picked up, it was my coach on the other end asking where I was. I explained that I was locked in the bathroom and had been calling for help. He sounded really annoyed (although I don't know if he was annoyed with me or the camp staff) and asked how this happened. I explained I had been taking a dump and during that time someone came by to lock up the bathroom without checking to make sure it was unoccupied.

Coach then tells me to hold on and they were tracking down a camp staff member to get a key. It was then another 15 minutes before the coach and a guy came by with a key to the bathroom door to finally let me out. The guy from the camp apologized profusely. I accepted his apology although I was still very annoyed at the time although I get a good laugh about it now.

Sure enough, when I got to the bus, it was me who was getting laughed at even though I had done nothing wrong. I never did live it down but did learn to not take myself so seriously.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

The Relentless Turd

Hi. It's Mrs. Toilet Trooper with another shituation. Today, I turned on the Playstation 3, popped in soon-to-be obsolete NBA 2K12, and my 16-year-old little brother Alonzo was online. He and I play NBA 2K12's "The Association" mode together that allows us to play full NBA basketball seasons and I beast him often with the Miami Heat. He often picks the losers Oklahoma City Thunder, since Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are his favourite ballers. During the second quarter of the game with me leading 42 to 37, I felt the powerful urge to unleash the stanky anal load. "I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere, boy!" I declared. "Alright, I'm not," Alonzo said as I removed the microphone, paused the game, darted to the latrine, and sat my round booty on the toilet. Shortly, my cell phone on the back of the toilet rang. I answered it and it was the vice-president of the neighbourhood association, a Black woman in her early 40s who I recently talked to about keeping the water contamination free during a meeting in our suburban neighbourhood. While we discussed the concern on the phone, I used my preferred turd's eye view and I passed my routine piss in a hard, hissing stream for about 20 seconds that was nearly as clear as the toilet water itself, with just a little bit of yellow. I did not even have to push hard as a long brown log forced its way out, but required me to push harder as it peeked out my bootyhole halfway.

After a more effortful squeeze, the log hit the water quietly, and it, alone, stank up my latrine considerably. "Um, what exactly are you doing?" She asked. "I can hear you grunting a bit." "I had to take a big shit." I said. She went quiet a bit. "...Um, should I call back another time when you're not..." "No! Let's continue!" I said. "This is an important issue." She went speechless again. "Well, okay," she said, and we continued our discussion. The log measured the same length as a popular Subway sandwich with part of it sticking out the water, and must have been the single cause of my urge, as I felt instantly relieved the moment I emptied the anal railroad. I thought about flushing before creating a contaminated body of water on my latrine floor, but thought things would be alright. After the first wipe, a huge shit smear covered the toilet paper. "Oh my god. I'm going to be in here wiping my ass off! Literally!" I said. "What's wrong?" she asked. "I'm very shitty! No matter how many times I wipe, I can't get clean!" "Use wet wipes," she suggested. "I am!" I kept wiping repeatedly, but huge shit smears still engulfed the toilet paper. It was not until the 13th wipe or so, which is estimation because I didn't count the many times I wiped my booty as usual, that the toilet paper was completely white after wiping.

"Yes, I am finally completely clean," I said. "Good job." She said. After I dropped that last wad of toilet paper in the toilet, I arisen off the toilet, pulled up my clothes and, before I flushed the toilet, I glared at the ass production that I deposited. The toilet contained slightly yellow piss, the twelve-inch log, and several sheets of used toilet paper, with a few sheets facing upward, with the shit smears getting a great view of the latrine ceiling. "This is not going to be pretty," I said when I reached to flush the toilet. "Oh, I bet." She said. When I flushed the toilet, just as I predicted, the wads of toilet paper clogged the toilet, leaving the big turd isolated as it floated to the left side of the toilet. The water continued to rise. "Ah, crap," I said, frustrated as ever. "Don't overflow. It would be another House of Horror." About halfway, the water stopped rising and I sighed in relief. I grabbed the plunger, black with a large end on it (not describing myself this time), moved the log out the way, and then plungered the clogged drain, causing the toilet paper to swim away from the drain, unclogging it. "Off to a good start," I said. However, as I plungered the toilet, I also plungered the toilet against the log, causing shit to smear on it. "Oh my god!" I said. "What's the matter now?" she asked. "I got shit on the plunger!"

"Yuck," she said. "You're gonna have to clean that up. Wipe it off with something." Disgusted, I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped the plunger clean, and tossed that toilet paper into the toilet. I flushed the toilet again and the toilet paper went into drain, yet, the log re-positioned itself to its horizontal position, got caught near the drain, and bended into a "U" shape as the toilet flushed, staying in the toilet, and creating huge skidmarks on both drain sides. "Bumbaclaat!" I said, since I had never seen anything that like happen, ever. "What happened?" "I flushed the toilet and the shit bent into a big U shape!" She laughed. The turd was simply too legit to quit, and literally broke its back to stay alive. Nevertheless, I flushed the toilet again and the big brown 3D capital "U" finally went down the drain, taking the skidmarks with it. "Finally," I said after a sigh. "The turd is finally out of its misery." Good job!" she said. "Well, I gotta get going. We can talk again when you're not contaminating the toilet water. This was an...interesting conversation." After I laughed, said goodbye, and hung up my phone, I returned to the bedroom, and put on the microphone. "Alright, I'm back, bro." I said, then resumed the game. "It's about time!" He yelled. "What took you so long?" "Shut up, boy." I said. "I just had to take care of some shit. Literally."


8th Story

To Elena, Purposely having a slow poop is something to get used to. When I was 11 years old I started to try and relax more when using the toilet. Before I would sit down and take 30 seconds wipe and leave. It took awhile to get used to I would sometimes accidentally stop pushing and it would break off. And you asked if I ever used my bedroom toilet and finished at the same time as one of my brothers. Read below.

So I went for a 3 day camping trip with my family. So basically I have 3 days of story to tell.

Day 1.
So we drove to the camp site by a lake. We set everything up and about 2 hours later I needed to have a poop so I went to the outhouse. I realized it was occupied and I hear my sister say she will be awhile. When she has a poo she take like 15-20 minutes. I wait and I hear her grunting and farting. 8 minutes later she comes out. I walk in and pull down my red shorts below my knees and sat down. I started peeing. The outhouse really smelled. I had my poop quicker because of that. After 2 minutes I pushed out a 7" poo. I wiped and left quickly.

Day 2.
I was on a hike with my brothers and I had the urge for a toilet. I don't like squatting and having a pee/poop so I held it. At the top of the hike there was a bunch of rocks in a flat plain. The rocks all had weird shapes to them. I really needed to have a pee so I was thinking about just squatting. I see one rock is a cube shape and has a hole on the top of it. I say I'm going to have a poo as I grab the toilet paper we brought just in case. I pulled my blue shorts down mid thighs and sat on the hole. The rock was really smooth so it wasn't half bad. I started peeing which felt good. 5 minutes later I push out a 4" poo. I wiped and we walked back to camp.

Day 3.
After breakfast I needed to pee so I went to the outhouse. I pulled down my jeans and had my pee. I feel I also have to poo so I start doing that. 5 minutes later I couldn't seem to get it out. Later that day I could feel the urge and tried again but I couldn't. We packed up and left. Halfway we stopped at a roadside outhouse thing with like 10 outhouses there. Everyone except my brother Tyler got out to use them. I tried having a poop again but I still couldn't. 3 hours later we got home and we unpacked. I was relaxing in my room that night and I was really uncomfortable having a poo in my bum all day. I was either going to go to bed or try to have a poop. I was wearing just a white shirt and tight green panties. I walk to the bathroom and pull them down to my knees. I already had a pee so I was just sitting the for a poop. I sat for 2 minutes and could only feel it in me. My brother Tyler comes in to poop before he goes to sleep. He says he is constipated and I reply that I am as well. He starts letting out huge farts. We talk about the trip for 10 minutes until I can finally feel it coming. He starts grunting and I lean over and push out a 10" poop. I felt really relieved because I am almost never constipated. I hear a loud splash from his toilet. We both went for toilet paper at the same time and he let me take it first. I wiped and flushed and standed up where as he standed up wiped then flushed which I would never do with a messy bum. The next story should be either live or at the gym depending if I need a poop in the morning or later.

Thanks for replying, guys! Yes, my boyfriend has always prided himself in having a 'large' bladder so for him to admit he was close to wetting is a big deal. The one time that he actually did have an accident was a few months ago so it's pretty fresh in my memory. We were driving out of town to move a family friend into their new home. He has always been "addicted" to Mt. Dew and drinks a ridiculous amount during the day, but this particular weekend he decided to try to stop drinking it. He substituted the soda with flavored water. The drive was going to take us about an hour back and forth, but we were following my father who had just bought a brand new car and decided to drive 10 miles below the speed limit the whole way. He had 4 bottles of water before we left, and at least 2 during the drive. I don't like to drink flavored water that often because I unintentionally drink a lot of it too! By the time we had gotten halfway there I could tell that he was becoming very uncomfortable and it was pretty obvious why. He was bouncing his legs and after a few minutes asked me to call my dad and try to get him to pull over. I asked him why but he just said "Nevermind" because sometimes he doesn't like to tell me when he needs something (to go to the bathroom, or he's hungry, or he's tired.. he's just a private person like that.) I said okay and turned up the radio a little bit, and made some small talk to try to distract him. After about 10 minutes, he had stopped answering and seemed to fidget a bit more. I asked him if he wanted me to call my dad and ask him to pull over and he said yes. My dad complained and said that he wasn't going to because we were only a little while away. I could tell that he really needed to pee but we had no choice but to keep driving because we didn't know how to get to the house. He started to whine a little bit and I asked him what was wrong. "I really need to pee.. REALLY bad!" he said, looking like he was about to cry. "It's okay, we're only a little while away", I held his hand and tried to console him the best I could, which was complicated because he was the one driving. 15 minutes later, he was at his limit and we both knew it. He had actually started to cry a bit and that was so unlike him that I was too shocked to know what to do. "Babe.. if you just wait a second..." he got really stiff and I glanced down at his crotch just in time to see his blue jeans darken and hear his pee hissing into my car seat. I rubbed him back and told him that it was okay. "I just can't stop it.." he cried. "That's okay babe, I have towels and a pair of pants in the back seat so nobody will ever find out". After what seemed like a minute I asked him if he was done and he said no. His pee continued to hiss into my seat for another minute or so and when he moved the seat squished from being so full. He was still upset about my car seat but I assured him that it didn't bother me at all. I helped him change his jeans in the car (which was actually quite difficult, he's over 6 feet tall!!) and put his wet clothes in the back seat. Our friend asked us why we had towels on the front seat and I just told him that we had spilled a drink. Later that night, he admitted to me that even though he was embarrassed about his accident, he was a little bit turned on about losing control as bad as he did. I'm just glad that he trusts me enough to take care of him even though he's not used to anyone caring for him like that in his life.
Yes, I DO have a few stories about my weak bladder, but those are for another post. And that's all for now. :)

John (Guy who got locked in bathroom)

Dump at Wrestling Tournamemt

Hey everyone. John back here again. I'm the lucky guy who managed to get himself locked in the boys bathroom at football camp last year when I took a really big dump that went overtime.

Another interesting situation happened during my junior year just days after I had turned 17 when I was competing in an all-day wrestling tournament. When I got to the school where the tournament was held, I went to find the bathroom so I could take a monster piss. When I got there, I discovered the urinals were across from a row of five wall-mounted toilets against a painted masonry block wall. The toilets had no doors and no dividers between them. I spotted the place for anchor mounts on the walls and floors and realized they used to have doors and partitions but were either vandalized or taken out for security reasons. Rough neighborhood I guessed. I went to an all-boys Catholic school, and the bathrooms were never in anything but immaculate condition. There were mounts for toilet paper on the two end walls with another loose roll sitting on the shelf to be shared among the occupants. The two end toilets were already occupied by a couple of competitors taking their morning dumps before the wrestling started. One boy I figured for about 5'9, 17 years old and stocky with short dark hair sat with his pants down in the more traditional below-the-knees position. I could hear the stools crackling out of his body before plopping in the water and even heard him grunting softly.

The boy sitting on the other end was about 15 years old, 5'10 but more slender and with slightly longer blonde hair. This guy sat with his pants down in the more trendy fashion of just barely exposing the butt while trying to keep your lap and boy package under cover. I always thought this method was so stupid for taking a dump in public. If you're taking a dump, then you're taking a dump and there's no point trying to cover it up. Its not like people in the bathroom won't figure it out. I always drop my pants below the knees when I need a crap. That way, I avoid the risk of accidentally spraying my pants and I have better control if I need to push my cock further down or back depending on the contours of the bowl. If figure if it concerns you that much and you really don't want people to see your boy equipment for whatever reason, then just lean forward and fold your arms over your lap, wear an oversize shirt that covers your lap, or hold the roll of toilet paper in your lap.

Anyway, both boys sat with their heads bowed looking down avoiding any eye contact with me or each other as they pooped, as if somehow by doing this they maintained a cloak of invisibility and they wouldn't be seen dumping.

Anyway, I knew that at some point during the day, I would be back in there sitting on one of those toilets with my pants down around my ankles. I always need a shit on days of wrestling tournaments because they are such long drawn-out events. I accepted my fate and went about my business of winning wrestling matches.

After winning my first couple of matches that morning, I sat and had lunch with Matt, a 23-year-old volunteer assistant coach for our team. At 6'0, Matt is a few inches shorter than me and my approximate weight, but bigger in the chest and built like a Sherman tank. Matt started coaching me when I was 10 years old as a high-schooler and he went on to win 2 State Championships at my school in my weight class (189 pounds) before going to the State University where he competed well enough to earn All-America placement 3 times before earning his degree in education. He was back this year after 4 years away at school to coach me again. Because Matt was so good and had started coaching me when I was so young, I always looked up to him as somewhat of an idol, role model, and mentor. For his part, Matt was a very dedicated coach and teacher thoroughly committed to helping me become the best wrestler I wanted to be. Yet Matt was very patient and never pressured me to be HIM. If I wanted to do other things and not necessarily sell out to wrestling, that was cool by him. That only made me admire him all the more and really bonded us as friends since my wrestling career ended.

As Matt and I talked and went over wrestling moves in slow motion, I could feel my butt really filling up with a whole lot of crap and knew that the inevitable shit was coming on quick. I could tell that it was going to be a really major one. I continued going over stuff with Matt but was losing my concentration as my butt got fuller and fuller. I really loved going over wrestling stuff with Matt and I didn't want to tell my idol and mentor that I desperately needed a shit, but I was quickly reaching the breaking point and I couldn't hold on much longer. Just as I was ready to give up and tell Matt that, I really needed to go to the bathroom, I heard Matt fart real loud. Bbbbbrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp!!

"Sorry about that Bro!" Matt apologized. "I need to take a dump really bad, but I wanted to be sure you were getting all this." I then told Matt I really needed a major shit myself and was about to call timeout.

"Let's head to the bathroom." Matt said. "We can keep talking as we walk. " So we started hustling to the boys bathroom, trying to walk real fast with our legs tights together. I was really regretting waiting so long to head to the bathroom as my butt was throbbing real bad, but Matt was my idol and I wanted to take in as much about wrestling as I could from him. Matt apparently waited too long also being so committed to giving me as much instruction as he could. I was beginning to fart uncontrollably and started to worry about when the turtle head would poke his head out looking for daylight. Matt was really farting a lot too and walking with his legs and butt cheeks tightly clenched.

I couldn't believe Matt was continuing to give me instructions on wrestling technique even as we hurried down the hall to the bathroom farting. I figured his butt just had to be throbbing very badly from all the poop inside it. I know mine sure was.

When we finally got to the bathroom, 2 of the five toilets were taken by boys with their pants down already dumping while two other boys were dropping their pants and just getting started. Matt quickly took the last one leaving me to wait standing there for a crapper to become available. Although I tried not be obvious about it and look patient, I was inwardly hoping against hope that someone would finish very quickly as I needed to shit so bad now I could hardly stand it.

"Hey John." One of the boys already on the toilet when I got in there called out to me. "I can see that you need to go really bad. I'll be done in minute after I wipe. Then you can use this one." The boy's name was Brandon and he was a tall kid, about 6'4, 18 years old and he wrestled in the 215-pound weight class for another school but we had met through wrestling camps before. He was sitting on one of the end toilets next to Matt and had a toilet paper dispenser at his disposal. I felt way more embarrassed about telegraphing my desperate need to shit than I was going to feel about actually shitting. At the same time, I was really appreciative of Brandon being so considerate and not lingering while I was waiting so urgently.

Meanwhile, Matt had given his seat a quick wipedown before turning around urgently unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly and dropping his pants as he lowered his butt to the toliet. as soon as Matt's butt hit the seat, he ripped a really huge fart before unleashing a whole bunch of crap that just exploded out of his body and quickly stunk up the already-stinky bathroom.

"Whew!" Matt moaned in obvious relief after unleashing his astronomical pile. "That feels a lot better!"

Unbelievably, Matt then looked up at me from his toilet and started explaining another wrestling technique gesturing with his hands and arms even as he sat there with his pants down around his ankles. I did not yet share Matt's feeling of relief yet and I gestured to him to give me moment. I just couldn't focus as I needed to crap so bad. My butt was throbbing so bad from so much crap inside it I wanted to cry. That was the only time in all our time together that I ever did that to Matt. I was still farting a lot and I got really worried that if I couldn't control my farts, how much longer did I have before I couldn't control my shit either?

Brandon was wiping up as he promised but it was taking him longer than he thought. His dump had been so big and sticky he was still pulling shit on the paper and it took him several more tries to finally get a clean wipe. His wiping seemed like an eternity although I know he was hurrying up for me. When he finally flushed the toilet and stood up, I rushed in there ready to have my turn.

"It's all yours buddy." Brandon said grinning as he walked away to wash up. I know I looked really desperate to shit and frankly didn't care anymore because I was really desperate to shit. I didn't bother with my usual seat wipe down because I just didn't have the time for it. I dropped my pants in world-record time and dropped my butt on the toilet next to Matt. I couldn't believe just how badly I had to take such an incredibly massive shit right next to Matt, or that he needed to tale such an incredibly massive shit right next to me. An instant later without me even having to think about pushing, I felt a huge massive load of shit was going right through me that went on and on for what seemed like minutes and forming an absolutely huge pile in the toilet. The rush of relief flooding over my body was so intense and the huge drop in intra-rectal pressure so precipitous, I thought I was going to pass out.

"Oh God! Oh God!" I moaned reflexively as all the shit rushed out of my body before I remembered where I was.

"Man! I guess you really did have to shit, didn't you!" I heard a voice next to me say as I regained my bearings. It was Matt.

"Same with you!" I said taking a really deep breath before exhaling another long sigh of relief.

When I looked over at Matt I saw him take a really deep and noticed he had a really intense look on his face. I saw his upper body really tense up and I realized he was starting a push. I then heard whole bunch more crap crackled out of Matt's body and drop into his toilet with bunch of loud plops. Matt was so muscular from years of wrestling and intense workouts that the blood vessels in his neck and arms would pop out when he pushed to get more crap out of his body. Matt continued to do this many more times as we sat and talked. In fact, Matt was having just having an amazingly huge dump and I was really astonished over the incredible amount of crap coming out of him. And here I had thought that I took really enormous dumps. Actually, I wasn't done either by far and found I needed to expel a whole bunch more shit from my body as well.

Still farting and pooping, Matt resumed showing me the wrestling technique he had started demonstrating earlier even as he sat there with his pants down around his ankles and a whole bunch of crap coming out of his body. We didn't have use of our legs for obvious reasons, but he was still able to gesture and demonstrate stuff with his upper body, arms legs and head. I was always moved and impressed by Matt's dedication and commitment to making me a better wrestler, but this took things to a whole new level.

Meanwhile, the other three boys continued to sit with their heads down avoiding eye contact as they pooped as if somehow maintaining an imaginary cone of invisibility. I noticed that all five of us were wearing our pants down below the knees while my pants were down all the way to the floor. So none of us were trying the stupid cover up technique I saw the one boy trying earlier in the day. As you might expect, the invisibility cones didn't work and there were many sets of eyes on us from all the people milling in and out to use the urinals and/or wash up. Everyone was getting a double take of the spectacle of five fit young men all lined up in a row with their pants down around their ankles sitting on the toilets. I couldn't really blame them. If I wasn't one of the five fit young men sitting there, I would have taken a mental picture too. I would like to think I was the fittest of them all, but truth be told, I couldn't touch Matt's conditioning with a ten-foot pole. The guy was in just amazing shape. After several minutes, the other 3 boys started finishing up and wiping. The boy on the middle toilet then asked me for some toilet paper so I tore some off the roll and passed it down to him.

A few minutes later, Matt's butt was finally empty too and he also asked me to pass over some toilet paper. Matt had just taken the biggest shit like I couldn't believe. He must have felt incredibly relieved to get that much crap out of his body. I then tore a whole bunch of paper off the roll and handed it to Matt.

Matt just grinned and said "I think I'm probably going to need more than just that!" Sure enough, Matt's first few wipes produced toilet paper totally covered with shit. I tore more paper off the roll again and handed it to Matt. It took Matt many more passes before he was finally able to produce a clean wipe. Then in one motion, Matt reached for the top of his pants and pulled them back up around his waist as he stood up. Matt then tucked his shirt back into his pants, re-zipped his fly, re-buttoned the top button, buckled his belt and flushed the toilet with his foot before walking away to wash up. Matt started talking to people who recognized him while I finished up. When you're a 2-time State Champion and 3-time collegiate All-American, there's no shortage of people who will recognize you at a wrestling tournament.

Then it was my turn to wipe. The four guys who were with me when I started pooping were all done and three other boys had dropped their pants and sat down to take their place. I could hear farting and poop falling into the toilets as I started to wipe. A couple of the boys were grunting slightly as they worked to get crap out of their bodies. It took me about a dozen passes or so before I got a clean wipe and could pull my pants back up and flush the toilet.

After washing up and heading out of the bathroom, I found Matt waiting for me outside wearing a great big content grin on his face. I carried that same feeling of contentment. A really huge dump will do that for you. I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it.

"Whew!" He said rolling his eyes. "That's a load off my mind!" Old joke I know, but still funny, especially when you realize just how big of a dump he actually took.

I still had some time before my next match so Matt and I continued practicing maneuvers, this time going through everything now that we had regained the use of our legs and feet.

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