The only time I TRUELY accidentally intruded upon a person of the opposite gender (a female) doing a motion was when I was about 8 and was visiting relatives. I was playing with one of my cousins and had come in out of the garden to go to the toilet for a wee wee. When I opened the door, (there was no bolt on it) I walked in on my aunt Susan, who was about 40 or so sitting on the toilet pan. As luck would have it she was doing a motion and by that age I was already well into defecation and its sights and sounds. In that house the toilet and bathroom were separate and the toilet was a small room so when I opened the door I was almost on top of her. Like the girl Jeff A mentions, she had her panties (knickers) high up on her thighs, just pulled down enough to allow her to do the toilet without wetting or soiling them. She was wearing a big pair of pink cotton panties. As I stood in the door frame saying that I didnt know she was in there and explaining that I had come in for a wee wee, I could smell the aroma of a good solid motion, heard the "cracking sound" and there was a loud "kur-sploonk!" as she did a big jobbie. Luckily for me she wasn't angry about my walking in on her but merely said she would be finished in a minute and I could use the toilet then. I went out and stood outside the door and sure enough I heard her wipe her bum, pull up her panties and drop her skirt then come out. She didnt pull the flush perhaps because she knew I'd be doing so after my wee wee, though I have often wondered if she actually WANTED me to see what she had passed. Anyway, I went into the toilet and saw a bit of toilet paper floating on the surface which I carefully removed with the toilet brush revealing a 9 inch long, 2 inch fat carrot shaped jobbie floating in the pan and bobbing up and down. Now although I had originally gone to the toilet for a wee wee only, I felt the need to do a motion myself (I hadn't been for one that day) and sat on the pan and "buddy dumped" my rather smaller jobbie on top of my aunt's bigger one. (it was about half the size of hers).
Its a strange thing and I dont know if anyone else who posts here has noticed this but I have found that after hearing the sounds of someone else doing a good solid motion I sometimes feel the need to do one myself if I havent been for a number two that day . Its as if hearing the other person passing their motion (especially in my case if its a woman) stimulates those parts of the brain that signal the bowels to move. Id also say that when this happens the motion I pass is good and solid there is no urgency and I would probably have needed to do a jobbie soon anyway but hadn't yet felt the urge to go. I know that hearing the sound of running water can stimulate urination in either gender so I suppose hearing the straining and "kerplonk!" sounds of someone else defecating must have a similar effect. Has anyone else experienced this effect?
Apart from this genuine and lucky accidental walk in on my aunt, I staged "accidental" walk ins on my mum when I was a kid at home on a few occasions but she eventually put a bolt on the toilet door "to stop either of us being embarrased" as she put it so I had to listen outside about which I have posted in the past. When I was at school, like many who post here I sometimes did a motion outdoors in the woods near our school. Once when I was about 12 a girl who was walking though the woods back to school came across me doing a jobbie. This didnt bother me, but she was very embarrased and ran away and when I saw her later she went very red faced. I also discovered a place in the same woods where there were several large turds , too big to be a dog's or other animal's, (there are no wild bears in Scotland), and the pieces of discarded toilet paper proved that these were human droppings. I waited one day hiding in some bushes nearby and observed a teenage girl from the local school approach, look round, luckily she didnt see me, and hitch up her grey skirt revealing her navy blue school knickers, pull these down and squat down. She did a wee wee, staining the dry earth dark then I heard her grunt and saw a long fat jobbie (about 10 inches long and two inches thick when later examined it) slowly slide out between her fat buttocks. When it had come out she took a piece of toilet paper from her bag and wiped herself , pulled up her knickers (panties), adjusted her skirt and, after standing looking proudly at her jobbie for a few moments, she went away. I waited till she was clear and went over to have a look myself. I was to observe her doing her motions outside like this many times. I suppose she was a bit like Donna who sometimes posts here but it wasn't her. She was however sometimes accompanied by another girl who sometimes duddy dumped in the same place with her. Have other readers male and female had similar observations?

To PottyBoy, did the girls in the boys bathroom without door just hang out to watch the boys, or did they ever use the (open) toilets? Did they ever watch boys using the urinals?

To Chris, re: Cleanup Protocol: I've always mostly stood up to wipe, knees bent, feet apart, leaning forward 45 degrees or so--although careful to keep the butt mostly over the pot in case of any errant "Klingons" (Syn.: "dingleberries") dislodged by the wiping motion. Wipe from bottom upwards, away from the jewels--why would anyone do it the opposite direction, encouraging migration of unsavory material down towards the sporting goods?
Toilet paper: I believe it's wrong and foolish to skimp here--I always buy the best, Charmin or the like--thick and soft, and 2 or 3 squares per wipe hold up just fine. Hell, the price difference is really inconsequential if you did the math on a per-session basis--what is it, maybe a couple extra pennies per? Anything less is false economy, and exposes one to ass-rash as well as 'accidental digital penetration'. Yuck.
Toilets: Gonna rant here for my fellow U.S. readers about these STUPID modern 'low-flow' toilets installed in new housing since about the mid- to late-'80s. The ones designed to pass about only half the amount of water per flush as the old, GOOD ones (something like 1.75gal vs 3+ gallons). They're supposed to 'conserve' water. Excuse me, but there's no damn water shortages where _I_ live. I don't mind paying an incrementally higher water bill, and I'm damn tired of clogged bowls--which have to be flushed a second time, defeating the purpose-- because of wimpy water pressure. To think that some bunch of bureaucrats in some federal agency with too much time and not enough sense presumed to dictate how my toilet operates. And NO, you can't replace 'em with the old models---*legally*, that is. I read that there is actually a black-market in 'hi-flow' toilets, clandestinely imported typically from Canada. Wonder if anyone's been busted yet for having an illegal toilet. [shakes head]

Steve -- I find a women farting to be a great turn on. Why is this? I don't know. Maybe its because the wind was inside of them or the simple fact they you have to breathe it in -- no matter what (sort of a power thing). I dont know. Most girls/women won't do it simply because they think it is unlady like. It seems more in the 90's than ever women are free about this type of stuff (which is a good thing). For example: Model/Actress Jenny McCarthy is said fart whenever she feels like it. Entertainment (E!) reported that she would do it in elevators freely even when there was a crowd of people who would have to smell and at times, hear it. Many people have seen the picture of her on the toilet in a national published magazine. Jenny openly talks about her bathroom habits. She says she eats every 2 hours and is very gassy and relieves herself freely. Many people (cast members, MTV staff, etc.) who work with Jenny are astonished by how much Jenny farts and how she does it without any enbrassment. I guess if your Jenny McCarty you can do whatever do you want. I really respect her for this (being her own person; and not neccessarly "playing by the rules". Jenny Rules! Any other guys find an attractive women farting a turn on? Speak up!

The Shortbus
About a year ago, my freinds and I were up at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. As usual, we drank beer all day long and in the evening we went to the bar where we proudly let off rancid farts and watched the crowd's reaction as we tried not to laugh and blamed each other for the farts. Some other freinds showed up unexpectedly and one of my boozing buddies was bartending, so we ended up drinking many shots. Somebody finally hauled us home. I was so drunk I couldn't even figure out which road we had to turn onto. We finally got dropped off at the cabin, where we have an outhouse, but no running water. I don't remember any of it, but my bartending buddy showed up and I was next to my bed puking and shitting my pants (I don't think I would have shit if I wouldn't have been puking my guts out). I woke up in the morning fully dressed to discover puke all over the place and a load in my pants. I stumbled to the outhouse and wiped up the best I could, threw my underwear down the hole, and put my jeans back on. Then I grabbed some soap, towel and clean clothes, and hopped on my 3-wheeler ATV and drove it 2 miles to the nearest lake (our usual swimming hole- not to swim but to clean up). Oh, shit. They're repairing the dam so the water level is way low. No problem, there's still enough water to clean up. Oh, shit. The spot is pretty private, but here comes the neighbor lady to clean up debris by her shoreline that used to be underwater but is now high and dry. No problem, I said hi and went around a corner out of her sight and dropped trou under water and cleaned up. That's pretty much end of story. I didn't get away with anything, my boozing buddies told everyone in town. More stories to come...

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Yes indeed Aaron I did. Irt was about 4 inches long and soft. It was one of those easy ones.

Andy: That happened to me ince when I was about 12. I wasn't feeling nauseous though. I took my dump and then promptly vomited.

Just a quick one today! Where I come from a semi popular term for taking a dump is "laying cable"! I'll post again when I have a minute. Cheers all.

You can learn useful tips on this site! A while ago someone recommended the best position for shitting, especially if you were having problems, as bending as far forward as you can. I tried it and it works. Normally when doing my number 2, I lean backwards, legs spread wide apart. That is OK as long as I do not have to push too hard. But if you really are having to work to push the turds out, you need to put your legs together, bend forward as far as you can, with your arms wrapped round your knees and clasped together at the ankles. That really seems to give the necessary leverage for an easy evacuation. So I've been doing it wrong all these years!

Chris we wipe a lot alike. I assume wvweryone looks at what they wipe or how would they know when they got it all. I too have had times where no matter how much you wipe there is a mark on the paper, then I just hope what's left is far eneough up my hole that it will not stain my shorts. Sometimes you don't want to stay in the bathroom too long if people are waiting,because they will wonder exactly what you were doing in there besides dropping a load.

Jeff A.
Hi all, Lynn: To answer your question about doorless stalls, I have used them many times. It seemed really embarrassing at first, but after awhile I got to like it. You never know who's gonna pop in and surprise you. There's a story that I will tell later, but I used to be a model for college life drawing (anatomy) classes, and the restroom in the art wing was unisex, and doorless with only two stalls. It was amazing how many ladies and gents would use it too! This is for Jodi: I originally commented on Alex' post about your performance, but as I went back a page, I realized I missed your post entirely which was the basis of it all. You three are all a lot of fun, and tend to breathe a little bit of life into this forum. and it's really great that you're all such good friends. I don't remember having read anything from Laura, and I didn't even realize that she was a part of your group, so my apologies for leaving her out. I do have one question about it though: If you were nervous or shy, why did you go through with it? I was just curious. I remember one time, when I was seeing a girl that I had just started going out with. I knocked on the door after she had gone into the bathroom (so I could watch of course). I said that I needed to get my razor out of the bathroom. I said "Is it OK if I come in for a minute?" and she replied "It's ok if you like the smell of poop." She was reading a magazine, and we were both quiet. She sat for about 5 minutes, and when she turned a page, out came this huge "K-PLUUMMMPPP!" She looked up at me really embarrassed and said "oops", and kept on flipping pages. By this time, it was pretty obvious that I was staying for her show, and after a bit, I could hear about 5 more of those huge plops coming out in succession one right after another. There was nothing like it. The room started filling up with her poopy smell, and she looked up at me and said so matter-of-factly "I can't believe how bad I had to go." One of the things that intrigued me about her, was that she barely pulled her pants down. Her pants and undies were way up high on her thighs, so she was pretty much covered up. She had really long reddish hair and wore glasses, and one of the most interesting combinations was the smell of her poop, and the scent of her perfume mixed together. I later told her in a phone conversation that I got really turned on by watching her in the bathroom, which didn't go over too well. She started to shy away from me after that, and eventually wouldn't return my phone calls, and that was that. It dosen't always work out for the best, and I've always found that no matter how open a woman was, this was a subject that had to be approached with extreme caution. I guess this is why I am curious as to why, if it made you nervous, why you went ahead with it. I know that your'e all really good friends, but sometimes pooping still seems to be a touchy subject, even between the best of friends. Bye all.-J. P.S.- I'm still working on some illustrations. I ain't forgotten.

To Lynn regarding the toilets without doors - when I was in high school there were neither doors nor stalls around the toilets. They had been vandalized and removed years before. At the beginning of the year no one used them but later on many boys began using them. The restroom was nice except for this, and we eventually lost any shyness. The toilets were very close together, and if some one you knew was on one of the other toilets, you held a conversation. You also looked in the toilet to see what the other guy just did. The girls restrooms had stalls and doors; quite often boys would use the girls restrooms and the girls would hang out in the boys restrooms. A number of times girls saw us on the toilets and I guess they saw everything including the stuff in the bowl. Thinking back, it really was a laid-back high school. Nobody really bothered you.

To Chris: I work in a large warehouse, and the stalls have no doors in the mens toilets, yuck ! but anyway, they supply us with thse very small sheets (squares) WHICH AR IMPOSSIBLE TO CLEAN YOURSELF WITH ! ecpecially with a messy shit. So everybody goes mack after about an hour to retouch their ass holes, as they seem to "pucker" and emit more waste.

One time i went swimming over my girlfriends house. We were in the pool for a while and i had the urge to take a pee really bad. I told her i had to go and she said ok. i got out and didnt bother to dry off and go iside but to go behind the bushes. So i went to the bushes and pulled my bathing suite to the side and pulled out my penis. Oh it felt so good. The relief was great!!! It came out hard and fast. It was like a white color. not the usual yellow. and it felt great. I was standing there for about 30 seconds relieving myself when my gf came out of the pool and came over to me. She said wow you must have really had to go.. "but now i have to go too" so i finished up and she sqauted down where i had peed and pulled down her bikini bottom and let out a really strong stream of piss. I could hear the hissing it was making and splattering on the ground. She was moaning and said it felt sooo good. she peed for about a minute and said she had been holding it in for a while. I got real hard watching her pee.

Yet Another Mike
Hi, this is my first post. Has anyone in this forum ever been accidentally intruded upon by a member of the opposite sex while taking a pee (or a poo) outdoors? What was your reaction, and what was theirs? On a couple of occasions I've stumbled upon girls taking a leak, once in a parking lot, once in the woods. The parking lot girl shrieked and pulled up her pants so fast I swear she must have wet her clothes. But the girl in the woods just said "hi" as I walked by (this was during a big outdoor concert, and a lot of people were going into the woods to pee). These two girls' reactions were so different, I wonder what other people's reactions (guys too) might have been in the same situation.

Christine: Have you tried the stuff in the drugstores for lactose intolerance? It's a tablet of the enzyme which digests lactose, and which a lactose intolerant person no longer makes.

pooping girl
couldnt find this place on the net for the last few days. Im glad its back up so I have a place to hear and talk about going to the toilet both myself and others. Just a quick not to say Im glad your back

It wasn't us. Your ISP's internet connection is loosing data. Their connection provider who will remain nameless so we can trash them real good, was the same one we our former [nameless] web prescence provider used. This is a nationwide company who couldn't get data from here to there without loosing part of it. After comparing the quality of their service to that of AOL, we politely told them where they could go and what they could stick their half broke DS3.

I just roasted up another batch of home made, good-for-you cereal and decided to pass the recipe along to all of you. Besides being nutritious, this stuff is meant to help along your elimination and if there's anyone who cares about that, it's the readers here. You'll probably need to visit your local health food store to get some of the ingredients. Coat a 10" skillet with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and heat on "medium" setting. Fill the skillet about half way with uncooked rolled oats. Stir in one cup of oat bran, one cup of wheat germ, and about a half cup of flax seed. If you like, also add a half cup of sunflower seeds and a half cup of unsalted peanuts. Mix in about 4 tablespoons of honey, to taste. Roast the mixture for about five minutes on medium-high heat, stirring constantly while roasting. Yield is about 6-8 servings, depending on how big a serving you eat. I like mine with milk and bananas for breakfast. If you try it, please let us know here if it has a good effect on your bowels, too.

Monday, July 27, 1998

Hi. I haven't posted since early June (toilet post "bq"), for which I apologize. I've been so busy. Alex, Laura, and Steph, Jodi and I were talking on the phone today, and she told me about her "breakthrough." I was just reading the last few links and boy am I impressed! Eric, I started college a couple of years ago, and I admit to being nervous at the beginning about using the large bathrooms. I am lactose intolerant and had (and still occasionally have) some embarrassing accidents and "near-misses." You sound as if your bowels function "normally," so at least you'll have time to go to the library or some other anonymous place if you're still uncomfortable about pooping in your dorm. I've only had two LI-related incidents since the cookout (please feel free to read it in the archives if you haven't already done so). I was down in Wildwood, New Jersey, an oceanfront resort area, about three weeks ago when I got a couple of slices of pizza and some greasy fries, the former a definite "no-no" for someone who's LI. But, as Jodi and Blake can attest, ya still gotta live :-) A couple of (female) friends from my town and I were renting a motel room in Wildwood, so I knew if the public bathrooms were too messy or crowded, I could go back to the motel. About 90 minutes later, my stomach started to "rumble." I told one of my friends (they all know I'm LI) that I had to go back to the motel to shit, so they gave me the key. I honed up on my track-team skills and sprinted back to the motel, about a 10 minute stroll away; I made it in four. As soon as I got into the room and shut the door, I went into the bathroom. I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt over a one-piece bathing suit. I got the shorts off with no problem, but trying to get the bathing suit was a pain. It took no more than 20 seconds, but I was literally about to shit my pants, so every second counted! I finally was able to plant my naked butt on the toilet and exploded a bunch of nasty shit into the bowl. I know, this is what I get for eating "forbidden foods." :-( I "peed from the butt" a couple of more times and then flushed. I had to wipe umpteen times to get my butt cleaned. It was night-time, and I wasn't planning to swim, so I got a pair of panties and put the T-Shirt and shorts I was wearing back on. I didn't want to risk staining my bathing suit. I put the bathroom fan on (it STANK after I went) and went back out to join my friends. Last week, I didn't eat any dairy products, but something I ate didn't agree with me. I took a pretty loose, smelly shit at home; it doesn't sound extraordinary, but if I wasn't near a toilet, I could have had another accident. Contrary to popular belief, people who are LI are not just sensitive to dairy products. I can only speak for myself- a lot of things give me the runs. I hope to be able to check in more often. Christine

I Was out of town this past weekend so I am catching up on the latest post. I went out to dinner Friday night and after I got to my final destination, about 2 hours later I had to shit. Then I went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 1am. At 1am I felt nauseous and I had to shit. I sat down and I took a shit and I still felt nauseous and then I threw up. I don't know why I threw up? Maybe It was Burger King or bad mayo. at the resturant Friday night. Any one have the experience where the have to shit and throw up and they don't know which to do? When any one was a kid did your parents let you stay home from school because you had diarrhea with no fever? Did your parents let you stay home too If your diarrhea was finshed long ago because you were afraid you would have diarrhea again that day?

Giles you simply repeated your previous post. I'm not wasting time asking about phrases, because others respond with good answers. However you still haven't explained how expelling a fart is tangible.

Hello All, Simon(12): "looking forward to your story about today tomorrow". Diskputers: did you have a bowel movement today? I'm hoping you'd like to tell us all about it. Take Care All, Aaron

Hi guys. I am writing (on behalf of Jodi) about yesterday's hiking trip. None of us had to go to the bathroom while we were up there. When we got back to Steph's house, Laura had to pee, so she did so in privacy. After we were done, Steph had to "take a dump," so Jodi and I went in to join her. This was Jodi's time watching Steph go to the bathroom, pee or poop. Steph peed for what seemed a long time, perhaps around 30 seconds. The three of us were talking and stuff when Steph started to dump. We all had some high-fiber "Power Bars" while we were on that trip, so Steph went pretty easily. When she was finished, the three of us looked in [of course :)] at the "results." There were four solid but bright brown colored turds ranging from 3 to 8 inches in the bowl. "I hadn't gone in two days, those Power Bars really help, man," responded Steph. There was a smell, but it wasn't overpowering. Steph wiped her bum six times before flushing. Jodi and then I peed into the to! ilet (that's all we had to do) before one last flush. We were all pretty tired after that long day, so Jodi, Laura, and I soon left Steph's and went back to our own houses. Re Jodi's line about Eric's description of me being "Posh," I'm not THAT "posh." I do like to dress nicely, but I'm certainly no prima donna :) A quick "hi" to my Canadian friends, Bridget, Lisa, and Philippe, and to everyone else on here. Love always, Alex :)

Here is a switch, our family went to the beach yesterday, and I took my 8 year old daugter to the ladies room. To both our horror, the stalls had no doors on them ! We both were so embarresed, we just washed our hands and exited. When we met up with my husband and son, we sais, "how bout the bathrooms without doors" and they said the mens stalls all had doors on them. Kinda the exact oppisite of everything I have read in here. BTW nobody was using the toilets in the ladies room, while we were in there. How could they ? ! ? ! I don't understand how ANYBODY male or female could sit on a toilet without a door? Please , somebody who ever has, explain that to me....

Hi folks and best wishes to you all :) I have been following the discussion about the various terms used to express toilet functions. Like many British readers I find the syntax to TAKE a dump, shit , leak etc, slightly strange but I suppose that is the difference between US and UK English as with the example "Fanny" which means Arse (Ass) in America but Vagina in Britain and could cause some very embarassing problems if used with the wrong intent in either country! Here we tend to talk about DOING or PASSING or DROPPING a Motion, or Turd, or Jobbie , as in "my mum did a big jobbie and it wouldn't flush away" Amongst the expressions I have used since childhood are of course Jobbie, Poo, Turd, Number Two, the medical term Stool, Motion, Brownie, Toley, Crap, and the rather common Shit and Shite. Doing it in one's underpants I is an "Accident" or "filling one's pants" but a girl I knew at school had the lovely phrase. One day she had a big accident in her underpants on the way home from school at lunchtime and was absent that afternoon. When I asked her what had happened to her next day she didnt say she had "shit herself" or the likes, but that she had been "sick in her knickers" (panties). I thought this a lovely polite phrase for a rather horrible messy experience and have used it myself from time to time. Another expression is to be "taken short" or "caught short". To fart then fill one's pants is to "follow through". When a motion starts to come out slightly and makes a small mark on the seat of one's underpants this is "Touching cloth" and the feeling when a jobbie is almost coming out of the back passage is "having the snake's or the turtle's head". As regards diarrhea (yeuch!) :( apart from the Runs or the Shits, I have heard "spray painting the pan", "pebble dashing", "pissing dirty water out of one's arse", the "Squits" or "Squiters", and if taken short with diarrhea , to "ground zero one's underpants or knickers" or "have a mud bath". On the other hand passing really hard or big motions :) has its own expressions such as "Drop a Bomb" (especially if it makes a resounding "ker-sploosh!" noise when it drops into the pan), "launch a Torpedo" ( a big long one) , "pass a sausage or plant a carrot" (depending on the shape of the jobbie passed) and a really big turd which wont flush away is called a "Panbuster" or a "Whopper" and of course there are the US expressions such as a Log or a Loaf. Passing small hard constipated balls is sometimes called "straining the potatoes" as the "plop!" plonk!" sound effects are like potatoes being dropped into a basin full of water. I have also read that in Scotland ( a country which seems to have a good share of Coprophilacs judging by the regulars who post here), a small hard fat jobbie of about 4 or 5 inches long is called a "Mick" and a big fat hard and lumpy turd which is difficult and uncomfortable to pass is called a "jaggy brick". I haven't many expressions for urination as this aspect doesn't really interest me but usually say pee, or wee-wee or piss or tinkle or piddle or slash. I hope these expressions are of interest to readers.

Moira: I do admit that the way that I wrote my lsat post was a brain killer. The second question was: Do girls need to push while peeing? Sorry for the confusion

Chris (Reply to Waiting)
Regards to wiping (I'm a guy too). I too have always been intrigued with how a guy wipes his butt after taking a dump. Most seem to barely lift their butt off the seat. I however, almost always stand up. The only exception being when I know it's going to a real messy wipe, in which case I don't stand up completely. I fold the TP (maybe 8 to 10 sheets), then wipe, top-to-bottom. Unless the 1st wipe is MAJOR, I fold the TP and wipe again. On average, maybe 4 wipes. Any other guys have stuff to share on this? Do you always look at what you wiped? Have you ever dumped such a bad load that it seems you could never wipe it clean? I dumped a loose load the other morning before work and thought it would never come clean. The TP wasn't spotless when I finished and pulled up my pants (that's what underwear is for). It was a good load.

Sunday, July 26, 1998

dork, concerning your queries, "taking a shit" is merely a matter of syntax, it conveys the message and therefore it doesn't matter how illogical it is. arguing over the orign of dirty phrases anyway is unproductive and pointless. Also, since a "fart" involves the expelling of gas, it is tangible....just wanted to add my two cents.

Hi everyone. Thanks to Lisa, Jeff A., Bridget, and Philippe for your responses. Philippe, regarding the friendship between Alex, Laura, Steph, and me, we are very close. Eric, Alex's brother and my friend, gave us "Spice Girls" (a couple of which don't match the actual ones) descriptions about a month ago. Alex is the "Posh Spice," mainly for her expensive tastes in clothes, Laura is the "Studious Spice," Steph is the "Crunchy Spice," out to save the world (in Eric's words), and I'm the athletic "Sporty Spice." In spite of our seemingly different descriptions, we are the closest of friends. When I took my crap in front of Alex and Steph the other day, it was pretty solid with not much of a smell. Before I found out I was LI, and ate too much dairy products, I usually had very gassy and smelly BMs. I still treat myself to the occasional pizza (though not every day or other day as before) and deal with the consequences later. It's Saturday morning, and Alex, Laura, and I slept over at Steph's house in preparation for today's hiking trip. We're going on a day trip to a park about 90 minutes away. If anyone's familiar with Laura, you probably know that she has posted on here, but has no interest in watching any of us, or having any of us watching her, go to the bathroom. She says it's because she's bisexual, and doesn't want to become "aroused" by seeing any of us in the nude. She's also quite bashful about these things in general. The three of us are totally cool about Laura's decisions, so don't try to talk her into watching us, or vice versa, please. I'm on Steph's computer, and just watched Alex take her morning dump. She left a couple of jobbies in the toilet and then wiped herself four times. I had to pee, so we switched positions and continued talking as I peed for about 20 seconds. Wiped my vagina and then flushed. Well, I have to shower and get ready for our trip. I'll let you know how everything went. Jodi

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