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My step-dad burnt out the lightbulb in the bathroom. It made me sad to poop in the dark, cause then I couldn't see it when I was done. Q.Q

Brandon T It always makes me smile to read your responses to my stories, thank you.

Random two question poll!

Do you use your real name on here, or a fake one?

And girls with long hair, have you ever accidentally pooed on your hair? Mine isn't actually long enough but I get this question a lot.


Exam incident

Hey guys, someone posted earlier about wanting some stories about an accident during an exam. This happened about a month ago.

I have an autistic guy in my class (call him L) who I then recently got to know him better. We share a few poop experiences, which I will tell another time, thus we can be a bit close when it comes to this topic.

Anyways, before our exam during lunch break, L and I were having a pee ( we are boys if you wonder) when he lets outs a fart. Wasn't loud, but kinda smelly. I then asked him whether he needed to take a poop. He said yes, but it wasn't really urgent even though he hadn't pooped for a few days; he decided that he would return home later to drop it. I was a bit nervous, and suggested that he do it now in case he were to need a bathroom during our "STRICTLY NO TOILET EXAM". He just stared crossly at me. I didn't say anything, but I was kinda freaking out, considering the next factor- eating a foot long pickle filled subway with extra cheese and a gassy drink.

Our exam then started. L was sitting two rows in front of me, between us was this super hot girl ( I recently developed a slight liking for her) and around me were all girls. About 45 mins later, I saw L start to shuffle a bit in his seat, then there was this awful smell. It disappeared, then suddenly another blast came. This happened another few times, and by the last surge it stayed. Then I noticed the girls in front and beside me start to sway a bit. And then, the girl in front of me just literally, and I mean LITERRALLY, threw up and fainted . This followed by the other girls screaming and the teacher running to stop the ruckus. Exam was dismissed, and by the time I got out of the class, I saw L shuffling to the bathroom. I ran after him, and saw that he was half laughing, half crying. The smell around him was horrendous. He looked at me and was like, I pooped myself~. I started to scold him a bit, but seeing as he was at the verge of breaking down, I helped him clean up his diarrhea undies. They were so stained that we had to dispose of them. After the few minutes of cleaning up, we went off to the nurse to check on the fainted girl.

The other posts will come soon! Thanks all

B.T.W, Toiletstool is da bauss

Brandon T

commnets & stuff

To: Elena as allways another great story it sounds like your sister Elaine was having a very rough time I hope she feels better soon must have a stomach bug or food poisoning either way at least you were there to help her out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joe great story hearing your maid pooping it sounds like she has given you some great memorys and please share anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi imglad you were finaly able to poop it sounds like you got some relief though and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MOLLY first welcome to the site and great accident story and accidents to can happen to anyone at any age its a part of life it shows that we are human that we arent perfect and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Caroline first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your body was having a major cleanout at least you made it to the toilet everytime and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Diarrhea at work!

Hey, thanks for the responses to my last post, here is another story for you!

A few months ago I spent the evening at my boyfriend's house, where he made me a lovely meal of chicken pasta followed by lemon meringue-????! After we'd eaten we sat down to watch a movie, then made our way up to bed at about half eleven in the evening.

By about midnight I was suffering from minor stomach cramps which I thought were perhaps just from over-indulging at dinnertime..I gave my belly a subtle massage and hoped the feeling would pass.

A couple of hours later I was woken by Tom getting out of bed and hurrying into the bathroom. I heard a clatter as he put the toilet seat down then what sounded like someone pouring a bucket of water down the toilet, but he was actually having a very bad case of the runs. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. He looked up at me with sad eyes: "I'm so sorry..the smell.." he apologised, embarrassed. He's always been really shy about things like this so I felt so sorry for him!

'It happens to us all'I murmured, gently kissing the top of his head and rubbing his bloated stomach to ease the pain. A huge wet fart blasted out of his bum, followed by a rush of watery diarrhea. He groaned loudly as each wave rushed through him. 'Ohh god' he cried in agony as more and more liquid burst into the toilet with considerable force. 'I think I'm going to be sick' he announced suddenly, leaning towards the basin. I rubbed his back as vomit spewed unceremoniously into the sink, and at the same time, more runny poo splattered out of the other end.

An hour after first entering the bathroom, he finally felt empty, so I helped him with the messy clean up process, having to use wet wipes to really get the job done right! I lined his boxers with a large amount of toilet paper, just in case he didn't quite make it to the loo in time at any point.

He climbed back into bed very weak and shaky, then we both slept for a couple of hours until he woke up urgently needing the bathroom again. I helped him through a similar routine to last time. This happened twice more before morning.

I woke up at 7am, as my alarm went off so I could get ready for work. The cramps in my stomach were getting worse and I was starting to wonder if I was about to get sick as well. A supervisor in a womens clothing shop, I didn't go off sick very often, so I decided to risk it and go in anyway. My need to poop became more desperate as I drove along the busy street, and I could feel liquid sloshing around in my belly. By the time I got there I was struggling to hold it all in.

I rushed through reception and hurried straight to the ladies room, where I selected the nearest cubicle and quickly ripped my tights off and yanked my skirt down. I lowered my bum onto the cool seat and sat breathing heavily for a moment. If I was sick, I really, really didn't want to have diarrhea at work, but from the way my guts were churning I didn't think the imminent bowel movement could be very solid. I was right. :(

I relaxed slightly, and a spurt of hot runny poo shot out of my bum, splattering the toilet. It was almost like the cork had shot out, as it was followed by a massive explosion of wet shit, which lifted me off the seat slightly. I groaned, clutching my belly and wishing for my ordeal to be over. Several waves gushed through me, when I suddenly heard someone open the door. To my complete horror, I realised it was the hot male cleaner! I clenched my bum cheeks together in a desperate effort to hold everything in until he'd gone. The pressure on my bum was huge but I managed to hold it. The second the door closed behind him, my bowels just let loose in several waves of liquid diarrhea.

I spent another ten minutes in the toilet cleaning myself up. I was on the verge of asking to go home when the manager said three staff had phoned in sick with the flu, so I knew there was no way I would've been allowed to go home. Hoping for the best, I went onto the shop floor and started opening the till and tidying the dresses etc. All the time I had a horrible crampy feeling in my bowels which wouldn't go away and I was starting to need the loo again.

Just as I went to excuse myself from the shop floor, a lady walked up wanting to use the changing rooms! I couldn't say no because there was no-one to cover for me so I took her over to the changing room and let her in. As I stood there, I started to get severe stomach cramps, indicating I needed to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW! I squirmed uncomfortably as several wet farts slipped out quietly. I started to panic.

Suddenly a particularly bad wet fart spluttered out and my hand shot to my bum. I knew straight away that I'd followed through into my hot pink thong. A few seconds later, hot runny poo squirted into my undies again. I called the manager over and explained I was having an upset stomach and was very very desperate for the toilet. She told me just to go, so I waddled carefully to the toilet where I pulled my skirt and tights away then gingerly peeled off my thong.

Wet shit covered my thong, but luckily none had gone elsewhere. My bowels still felt really full so I sat on the toilet and blasted a load more diarrhea into the toilet. My manager Nikki rang to tell me if I had dodgy guts I could just go home which was nice of her, so when I was sure I was done, I hurried to the car and drove home.

I parked on the drive, rushed up to the house and ran upstairs to the bathroom where I had the runs again. 'Are you okay?' called Tom, who had taken the day off sick as he still had terrible explosive diarrhea. I emerged from the bathroom clutching my stomach and shook my head. 'I have it too..' I told him.

'aww babe' he hugged me and put his strong arms around my waist. 'Is it both ends?' he asked gently, stroking my upset ????. 'No just toilet troubles, I haven't been sick' I told him. 'Aw is your bum sore darling?' he asked concernedly. 'Yeah it hurts really bad' I admitted.

He gently rubbed his hand firmly across my bum cheeks and massaged them for me. It felt strangely relaxing until he got too near my hole, which stimulated my bowels and I nearly shit myself! 'I have to go again' I groaned and hurried back into the bathroom. He needed to go as well, so he sat down first, and I sat between his legs. I let out an explosive wet fart then sat holding my belly. He started off immediately with a rush of diarrhea pouring out of his bum.

We were sick for five days and discovered we had food poisoning! :(

Want anymore diarrhea stories, let me know :)

Miss D


Hottest Girl from School

A few months ago I wrote about a girl named Tara who was very attractive. Big boobs, big butt, pretty face. The works. I wrote about an incident in which a friend of mine heard her taking a gigantic dump. Well, we have become fairly close friends since then, and I told her that we knew about that. She thought it was funny and said that it wasn't uncommon for her to be that noisy and produce so much. She sent me the full tale as far as her recollection goes. I will just copy and past the message she sent to me about it for simplicity sake.

"I remember that day, it was suuuuppperrr embarrassing. lol I don't go to the bathroom in school that much anymore because of that day (unless it's an emergency, and I've had a few of those if you know what I mean lmfao). I can't believe you guys heard me, that's soo funny. I was in science class right before that lunch and i thought I was gonna pinch a loaf right into my thong. Seriously it was bad. I kept farting like crazy, they were generally quiet for most of the class and some of the kids blamed the smell on fat kid who sits next to me. I don't think anyone could tell it was me because I can realllly keep my composure in situations like that. Plus I'm super hot :). Anyway I really had to go bad by the time class had ended and right as I stood up from my desk I cut a loud wet fart. Luckily it was only me, the teacher and two other kids in the classroom at that point, (thank god for messy book bags right? :p). They all looked at me and I said "Excuse me, big breakfast this morning." in the cutest voice I could muster, even going so far as to stick out my chest, going for some kinda sex appeal approach to forgiveness...Anywayyy(lol)...I could tell I didn't have long before I would mess myself so I had to go to the bathroom as soon as possible. The whole time I was walking to the lunch room I was cutting these little tiny baby farts with like every other step. I went into the lunch room really quick to see if any of my friends were there and I didn't see any of them, so i went right into the bathroom. There were a few girls in there, most of them were juniors and I knew them from the soccer team. Luckily I was still just a lowly freshman, so they didn't know who I was lol. So I went into the stall in the middle, ripped of my leggings and then started blasting the really loud smelly farts. They would echo into the bowl and sounded so bad. I heard the girls stop talking and on said "EW!" in a really condescending way. I kept on farting though, I felt so relieved I didn't even care at all. The girls started saying fairly mean things like "Is that why your ass is so fat, to store all that shit?" and "It smells like you ate a dumpster." :(((( I felt terrible. By this point I started to have a really mushy dump. These wet long turds started to shoot out of my bottom. And let me tell you something, it smelled terrible. I looked down at my thongs and noticed that they weren't entirely spared by my butts wrath, but were like going to be able to be saved lmfao. I think about ten minutes in is when Britt came in and the other girls left. They told her that I was blowing up the toilet. To be fair though I kinda was, but I still felt like it was mean. She went into another stall and peed, then asked if I was okay. I was about to say yes when a cramp hit me and my response wound up being a loud fart and a splash. She laughed and then left. I decided that it was time to finish up, so I did what I could and stood up. I looked into the toilet and I decided it was hopelessly clogged. I didn't even try to flush, I pretty much filled the damn thing. When I left the stall Britt was still in the bathroom lol. I didn't make eye contact and I just rushed out. I held what I had left in for dance club after school and just went in the bathroom by the social studies office. I was still really gassy but finished up rather fast. That's the full tale of woe. Luckily it hasn't hurt my popularity, I still have three more years of that place lol."

Tara has shared a few more stories with me since that one. I'll try and post them on here if I get a chance to.

Hannah B.

Peeing in a litter box

Hey, guys! My name is Hannah and I'm 20 years old. I accidentally stumbled on this site a few years ago, and have been hooked ever since! Car Mom and Feral Girl (where are you?!) are some of my favorite posters on here.

In any case, I really enjoy peeing and pooping in strange places, but only had an occasional opportunity to do so since I lived with my parents. Recently, I moved into my own apartment, which should hopefully open up a lot of new bathroom opportunities! I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go first, since I didn't want to mess up the furniture or anything. I also didn't want to use somewhere that would be hard to clean or leave an odor. After thinking for a while, I realized I could just buy a litter box, which is meant to pee and poop in! ;)

After I bought the litter box and some kitty litter (which felt weird since I don't own a cat lol), I set it up and forgot about it for a few days. Then yesterday while I was watching TV, I really had to pee but didn't want to miss my show, so I grabbed the box from underneath the couch where I had been storing it. I moved the coffee table away from me so I could have more space, and adjusted the litter box so that the short side was facing the TV. Since I walk around nude in my apartment 99% of the time, I didn't have to remove any clothes, so I just squatted down over the box. I was a little concerned about spraying pee on the carpet, so I got as close to the floor as I could. It took me about a minute to get my stream going, but when it did, I realized that maybe I was a little too close because tiny droplets of pee got all over my vulva and pubic hair. After I finished, I used the towel I was sitting on to wipe myself off and plopped back on the couch.

Hope you guys liked the story! :)

On Tuesday I went to stay with relatives who live in Wales. It was a really long drive and I had to stop a couple of times to empty my bladder! I stopped on the motorway first not long after leaving home because I always find myself needing a wee soon after starting any long journey. I stopped in a town on the way for lunch and to wee again. The public toilets were not the cleanest so I hovered for my wee.
I stayed with my relatives and came back Thursday afternoon. The night before I thought I might be able to poo (my first since Monday afternoon) but I sat on their toilet for a while and just farted a couple of times so I gave up. Before I left my aunt cooked some lunch and I ate quite a lot. On the way home I started farting quite a bit and needed a wee. My car needed more petrol so I stopped and filled it up and went to empty my bladder! While I was on the toilet there I let out an embarrassingly loud fart and thought I heard someone in one of the other cubicles tut at me!
I got a chocolate bar to snack on and after an hour or so I started to need to do a poo. Soon enough my need was getting pretty urgent so I began to look for somewhere to stop so I could relieve myself. All I was passing through were tiny villages, none of which had public toilets or car parks or anywhere I could stop. I was needing to go more and more and I also had to wee by now. I saw a pub and decided I'd have to stop there, but it was closed and showed no signs of life! I carried on but I was getting desperate to have my poo, with three days' worth waiting to be released. I wondered if I could hold it until I got to the motorway and the services, because that was the only place I could think of to stop. But my poo was starting to poke out of my hole now and it was tough to keep it in. Finally I saw another petrol station and pulled in. I hurried in to find the loo, but it was one of those stupid ones that needs a key from the staff. So I quickly asked the man at the till if I could have the toilet key. He took his time fumbling around for it and I gritted my teeth, clenched my bum and held on! I got the key and nearly ran over and went in. As I lifted my skirt, lowered my knickers and sat down my poo started coming out; three logs came out so fast they were basically one big piece, then I farted and another log followed. I had to let out a huge sigh of relief after that! After that rapid-fire session my poo slowed down to normal and I took five minutes or so to push out another six pieces of varying size and also to wee. While I was pooing I noticed my knickers had a slightly damp patch basically where my bumhole is. Has anyone else got this on their underwear when they've been really needing a poo and it's been poking out etc?

Olympic pooper

Interesting Olympic toilets

Hi all

first time I've posted here. I went to the Olympics today and I was at Earls court. Interested that in the spectators area the temporary new set of toilet facilities where unisex. They were't individual portaloos just a set of toilets shared by both women and gents.

I must say that was quite exciting and I made sure I needed to use them. I tried to time my visit so that I was following a few ladies. I had felt the need for a pooh so I held in until the break from the games and then followed a couple of ladies into the toilets. It was busy but there was lots of toilets so not much of a queue. 1 toilet in the area I'd gone had a broken seat. The 2 ladies went down the end 2 toilets so I had to go in the other one or use the broken seat. The one I went in had a big turd in it but I didn't care.

I sat down and started to ease my poop out, whilst listening to the others going on next door. It was difficult to hear to much because there the hand dryers kept going off, but I was able to hear one lady do a plop. I was pretty excited by it all and by the time I'd finished I'd done a nice poop and something else lol.

I've never seen this before they didn't even try and make one section gets and one section ladies

Friday, August 03, 2012


Daily movements

Hi I was out today going for my walk, when I needed to poop.
I quickly found the nearest toilet which was one of those stand alone kiosk toilets where you have to pay to use.
I was desperate, so I paid, went in and closed the door. The toilet had just been cleaned as I could smell the disinfectant as I sat down.
Unsually I went straight away, however the poop kept on coming out of me for about five minutes.
I peered into the toilet, I had pooped so much that I could not seethe water in the toilet, instead a toilet bowl that was like half full of my poop.
As a girl of 44 years of age, I cant remember ever pooping that much!
I wiped & flushed, the toilet struggled with my load as it filled with water.



Im really sorry about double posting but I just saw an amazing sight. I saw my 16 year Old sister Elaine hqving diahrea on the toilet. Elaine has brown hair like mine about shoulder length also like mine, a fine fit body with a killer bottom kinda like Angie's. So I took that poop that I felt coming in when I was posting earlier and have been sitting here on my computer when I needed to go pee. So I left my computer and walked down the short hallway in between my room and the bathroom, when I knocked, I discovered my brother Edward was taking one of his annual 45 minuet poops. So then I went upstairs to my kitchen bathroom wich was also occupied by a man of the house my father who was also pooping. My urge was growing deeper, but I decided I could hold it in since it was only a pee. I sat down and turned on the T.V. For a couple of minutes until I was holding my vagina in desperation. None of the bathooms had cleared out so I ran down to my sisters room wich has a private bathroom in it. I ran down the stairs and fond my sisters door to by closed so I opened it. As I did a little squirt exited my body into my pants. I saw that the bathroom door was wide open and made a mad dash for it only to be met by a wall of stench. My sister looked up at me and groaned, she was holding her stomach leaning forward with her high school track sweats down to her theighs, her heavy sweatshirt covered her theighs all the way. Her phone was next to her buzzing with 4 unanswered texts that she quickly picked up and answered as I walked in. "whatdo you want" she asked clearly in agony. A wet fart blew out of her anus and she groaned again. "i got to pee!" I screamed desperately. "bathtub" she replied and I dropped my pants down and bent over just as my pee burst out. Another huge wet fart exploded out of her anus. My pee was still steadily spilling out all over her bathtub. Suddenly, my sister started screaming and yelling. "ohhhhhhh it hurts it hurts ohhhhhhhh!!!!" I just kept peeing, I let out a sizzle fart and kept peeing. My sister let out a wet fart and she leaned back, and striaghted her legs, her eyes wide. A huge explosion of diarhea exploded from beneath her, "go get mom" she said weakly as I finished. I ran and got my mom immediately she rushed down to the bathroom. They were in there for another 3 hours in wich my father emerged but not yet Edward who was having troubles I think.

Quick question for Heidi,
Have you ever had a poop were you and your brother were together and pooping and you finished at the same time? If you have, please tell about it.

Mr. Clogs

Peed in the cup twice in the middle of the night.

For those who are interested in some pee stories well this one is ones for you!

I woke up at about 1:30 in the morning bursting to pee. I was half asleep and used the cup to relieve my full bladder. I slid my underwear to the side and pull out my manhood and put the cup up to it. Then I just let the pee flow freely into the cup filling up to the top. I dumped the cup into the toilet and got me a glass of water since I felt thirsty and went back to sleep.

The second part was a few hours later not sure what time it was but I had to pee again, so I used the same cup earlier that morning and peed into it again. I filled up to the top again in the same matter. I didn't dump the cup this time, I went back to sleep and dumped the cup out in the morning.

Jeremy: Wow you girlfriend is amazing! Keep us posted if anything.

To the anonymous poster that had to stop to to relieve herself by the road was amazing and hope to read some more stories about you. What type of work do you do?

That's all for now take care.

Mr. Clogs

Diarrhea Girl

To Miss D and Just a Girl...

Loved both of your recent posts. Miss D, I would love to hear more of your diarrhea stories and Just a Girl please tell me more about your week of IBS troubles. Hope you are both feeling better now but anytime your bowels do act up I'm here eagerly awaiting your stories ;) Hugs and kisses xx

P.S I've been an avid reader of this site for years and have posted a few times in the past, around 2005 I think. Crazy how long this site's been going!


close call at the movies

Hey everyone,

Found this website in a google search and its awesome,I love hearing pooping and peeing stories especially from girls. I wanted to respond to Nikki's story about her boyfriend getting distracted by a video game and holding his pee. I always seem to get caught up in a game i'm playing or a movie i'm watching and hold off on peeing until i'm done. There was one time when I went to see the movie The Avengers with a few friends and had to piss about halfway through the movie. It didn't help that I had been drinking a large soda throughout the show and had had a bottle of water before getting to the theater. I'm a big Marvel Comics fan and was pretty pumped to see this movie, so there was no way I was gonna miss any of the movie :). I ended up just holding it tell the movie was done. Had a few close calls before the end, but I managed to hold it. Afterwards I rushed to bathrooms and finally got sweet relief. I think I pissed for like two solid minutes lol. I saw that my boxers had a small wet dot in the front, but not enough to soak all the way through.

I am a 15 year old. In our house we have a romanian maid whose name is C. and she comes each Friday. She has a VERY big ass and is 25 years old. One day, she went to toilet and took a lot of time to get out. I passed by (we were alone at te time) and heard some plops. From that day, I noticed that she poops around 16:00 and try to... pass by. I had never heard her farting, just plops. One day, after she had pooped, she said that she would leave after the common time, because she had more work to do. I pretended going to bed so that she would think she is semi-alone. About an hour ago, she was about to leave (she thought I was sleeping) and after changing her clothes she went to pee. I quietly emerged out of my room and went outside the bathroom door. I heard her lowering her trousers and sitting at the pot. And then it came. She left a really loud fart and sighed. After she peed, she went out and found me sitting at the sofa. She said: "But... weren't you...". I told her: "Relax, it's just a fart". When she openned the door, I nipped her ass. She didn't say anything. She still comes each Friday, and still poops at 16:00, but she has never farted since then.


Good Advise

To Gill: I am sorry that you are having to poop about 6 to 8 times a day. You are alittle yong for that but you might have somthing Like IBS or Crones Dasiess. You as a yong women should get it checked out because you could have somthing like that. I am just giving you advise on how to handdul your problem gill. How old are you? I would take a laxitive before you go poop thean it might let out a big enough poop that you will not have to go agun or you could try. And hold in your poo. Hope you get feeling better.
Sincerly Tyler

John H

A much needed pee Post Title (optional)

Hey all. I was out drinking with a few friends last night. Some of us hadn't met up in ages so we made it a late one. After my third can of cheep beer I took my first pee of the night and ended up peeing another three or four times. Normally I can hold out until after my fourth or sometimes even fifth drink but for some reason I couldn't and as everyone knows when you are drinking, once you start peeing then you will have to keep going for the rest of the night. I love holding back a pee when I am drinking because when you finally go the relief feels so good. I got to bed late and woke up this morning bursting for a pee but I was to lazy to move so I drifted back to sleep. I woke around an hour later and this time I really had to go. My woody was hard from holding it all back and I could feel my bladder swelling up under my skin. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I had to sit on the toilet because of the state I was in as there was no way I could have done it standing without peeing everywhere. I had to lean forward on the toilet to avoid spillage and when I relaxed pee came out slowly at first but after around 10 seconds the stream got stronger. The relief was so good I let out a long sigh. After around a minute it was still going strong and I wished that I had timed it from the start. I counted another 60 seconds until the last drop was out. It was one of the longest and most relieving pees I can remember so I said I would share it. That's all for now take care all.



1. On average, when you wipe, does it get a small, medium or large amount of stain on it.

2. Do you fold when you wipe to get as much residue on the toilet paper or only wipe 1 time'

3. Has the toilet ever tore or feel very sticky after wiping

4. have you ever smelled the toilet tissue before or after wiping

5. have you ever flushed down the toilet tissue and it came back up tore all up and bits of pieced.

6. Have you ever peed directly on the toilet tissue and let it absorb in it

8. Do you feel the toilet tissue you wiped with missed something or did nit get all out especially the butt stink.

9. Do you ever inspect the toilet tissue after wiping or just flush it.

10. have you ever wet the toilet tissue to get more of residue and butt stink out of your butt.

11. have you ever put a little water in your butt-hole before wiping or just wipe after bathroom use

12.I have you ever been on the telephone while wiping your butt and has anybody ever heard you wiping your butt.

13. have you ever sponged or washed your but and genital area immediately after wiping to ensure it clean or always leave

14. Have you ever used toilet tissue to wipe your under-wear

15. have you ever farted while wiping your butt

Thirty Something Female

More Stories

To Lauren and BrandonT: Thanks for the kind words.

Lauren, It is great having an understanding hubby. I'd love to hear more of your true accident stories.

Nikki posted: "I decided to post because I have noticed that when he starts playing on the ps3, he will not go to the bathroom until it's the last moment! Last night he got caught up playing rounds of Modern Warfare 3 with an old friend and was literally dancing in place before he ran as fast as he could to the bathroom and peed for about a minute and a half. He has only had an accident one time that I remember in the 5 years that we have been together, but I have a weak bladder so that has happened many times for me. I was just wondering if anyone here, who is an adult, has been distracted by a video game or tv show and put off going pee until they are about to have an accident?"

First, Nikki, I would love to hear your accident stories since you say it has happened to you "many times". :)

As for putting off going because of video games, I must admit I have done that. It was a few years ago. We have a Wii and were having a little family game night all playing games together on the Wii and I put off wee-ing like I usually do because we were having fun. I wasn't super desperate but something funny happened and we got to laughing hard and when I laugh hard when I already have to go it isn't generally a good thing for the dryness of my panties. Sure enough I stood there, bent over laughing, and started squirting into my panties and tight grey sweat shorts. I grabbed my crotch and took off down the hall towards the master bedroom while we all kept laughing. The kids probably didn't know any better but my husband gave me his look and shook his head, knowing I had leaked. I had stopped the flow and made it to the bathroom to finish in the toilet but had soaked my panties pretty badly and there was a wet spot at least the size of an orange in the crotch of my shorts. I changed into dry panties and shorts and went back out and we continued playing. Hubby gave me a good natured ribbing about it away from the kids.


Little Mandi
I couldn't poop the other day.
Sunday,my friend and I had just gotten back from the shore. I was spending the night at his house and we were going to the movies the next day. My friend decided to take a shower and I was looking something up on his laptop,when I got that familiar feeling in my lower stomach. I knew I was gonna have to poop. It had been a while since I went,which is normal for me. My friend got done his shower and it was my turn to get in. I decided that even though I didn't want to,I should try to go before I got in. I turned on the water,grabbed my body spray and sat down on the toilet. I sprayed some spray and gave my usual small push to get started and nothing happened. Pushed again nothing. Again. Nothing but an air fart. Finally,I gave up and jumped in the shower. I still felt like I had to go,so I decided to try one more time. I dried off,sprayed again and sat down on the toilet. I gave a few big pushed and got nothing. The thing didn't even budge. Once again,I gave up. I got dressed and went back to my friends room to watch a movie. I felt so uncomfortable. I felt like I was sitting on a rock.
The next day I felt really miserable. My stomach felt bloated and crampy and I still had that uncomfortable feeling in my butt. I just wanted this thing out of me. I tried 3 more times to go and got nothing. I thought maybe I couldn't go cause I wasn't at home but I couldn't even go there. I decided that I should try that milk of magnesia I had from before instead of straining my guts out on the toilet but of course I couldn't find it. I was tempted to go buy another bottle of it but I remembered I also had that prune juice. I walked to the kitchen to get it when I got a really strong urge to go. I ran up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and gave a huge push. It was moving. I gave another huge push and the tip came out. It really hurt bad. I had to stop it a minute. Finally,after about 4 hard pushes the thing finally came out. It wasn't really big but it was really thick. It almost clogged the toilet when I flushed it.
I was glad to have it out but I still didn't feel empty.

Now I have a question about prune juice. How much of it do you have to drink for it to make you poop? After I didn't feel empty I decided to drink some anyway and it didn't do a thing for me. I had a 32 oz bottle and half was gone after I filled my cup. It was a fairly big cup.Most people would be pooping their guts out if they drank half a bottle of prune juice. Not this girl. I didn't get not one stomach cramp or rumble. All it did was make me fart a lot.


busted on tbe pot

had a embrassing moment i was working out of town and stoped by a local grocery store kind of small one. i really had to poop bad and didnt want to wait till i got back to my hotel rm so i found the restroom it is a unisex i walk in close the door lock it and have a seat as soon as i start pushing a loud blast of gas comes out and the damn door opened a cute girl with a aprin on guess working there she said sorry the lock dosent work. she left i hurry up to let her in andleave. i am doing my shopping and fiqure i can go finish now i walk back i auctally knock no answer i open the door and there was the same girl grunting trying to poopthe toilet was to the side so i got a good view of her thigjs she was hot i shut the door and pay and leave
man tbought i seen it all i havent seeen another woman on the toilet besides my wife in a long time it was kind of exciting


I had an accident!

Hi guys. My name is Molly and I just turned 15. A few days ago I had an accident in front of my friends and am very embarrassed about it. I didn't think it was normal for people my age to still have accidents but then I found this forum and realize that other people do to.

A few days ago after school I went to the Movies with my friends. The theater is about a 20 minute walk from my house so we decided to just walk over there after school. Half way through the movie I had to pee very badly but didn't want to miss anything so I held it. Needless to say when the movie was over I was absolutely desperate! To my horror the girls bathroom was under repair and so I was unable to go... We began to walk home. None of my friends had to go but I was dying. My bladder needed to be relieved, it was so full. About halfway home it was just so so bad that I physically could not keep it in anylonger. The pee just started coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it! I was SO embarrassed and upset!!! I also felt great relief but still... I can't believe I had an accident at 15 years old!!!! :( Any advice on how to get over it?

Hello I'm new to this site. My name is Caroline and I'm 17 years old. I am 5'4" tall, weigh 128 pounds, and for all of my life I've loved pooping. I'm not sure why but I just do. I'll post all of my recent pooping stories.

So for my first story I was at my two cousin's place for the night. I woke up that morning and felt kinda sick in my stomach. I get dressed and go to my cousin Caedan's room where he is playing a video game. I watch him play but I still feel sick. Then I feel like I need to vomit so I rush to the toilet and puked. Caedan and my other cousin Alyssa came over to see if I was alright. I couldn't stop and then I felt like I needed to go poo. I ask them to get a big bowl to puke in. They quickly got one and I stop puking to flush. They ask where I'm going and I say I am staying here while I pulled down my pants and lifted my mini skirt and sat on the toilet. I grabbed the bowl and kept puking while I started having some really bad spurts of diarrhea. My first spurt I farted really loud and a big splat of poo came out. My cousins said if they need anything ask. I say thanks before having a second spurt which was a bunch of farts and poo at the same time. I then started peeing and I was done puking so I put the bowl down. I took off my stocking pants and panties to get more comfortable on the toilet. I pushed really hard and a bunch of diarrhea poo spurted out. I took a breather and relaxed for a second. I felt finished so I sat up straighter before a fart slipped out and alot of diarrhea all came out. Almost right after another wave came with mostly some bad farts and a big splash of poo. My cousin Alyssa comes back and asks if I am feeling alright and I reply that I am but I'm having some horrible poo. After I said that the last spurt of poo started. A whole bunch of huge farts and poo started coming. I put feet on the toilet seat and put my hands on the bottom of the toilet bowl just to handle how much was coming out. The amount that came out in that 20 seconds was more then the whole sit. My cousin asks how did you even poop that much!? I say that I just do. I realize that I'm finish so I wipe really good before I flush. I get off the toilet and see it barely flushed it down so I had to flush twice. I put my underwear and pants back on and I still felt sick and light headed. Later that day I was watching TV with Caedan and I felt like I had to go poo again. I walk to the laundry room/bathroom and see Alyssa is pooping there. I feel my belly ache and I run up to the upstairs bathroom quickly pulled my pants down and right when I sat down I started exploding poo for a good 10 seconds. I wiped and flushed and went back to watch TV. Then later I was playing a game of hide n' seek (My cousins are only 6 and 8) and I was seeking. I felt another urge come on so I go to the laundry room and pull my pants down and sat. Another 10 second explosion of poo happened. After that I didn't have any more poo left but I still felt sick for the rest of the day. I'll keep posting.



Have you ever tried to just relax and poop? I tried that and it is really hard, you have to be really patient and flexible. You just have to hunker down with a magazine and try not to resist the urge to push. It takes a while so you have to do it on some free time. It consists of a ton of farting and somewhat pain. But when it's half way out it feels so good. The way it creeps out of your butthole is kind of scary. In fact as I sit here on my computer I feel the need to poop, but I'll wait until I'm done here to go. I was trying to do this relax thing yesterday, it was kinda fun, I got through two articles. Then my brother walked in to take a shower. He just walked in hopped out of his clothes and got into the shower. I sat there letting lose a ton of farts, every one producing stifled giggles coming from my brother.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren I love your stories and I know you dont like poop stories but has anyone had to ever poop while in your car and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: STEVE great story about hearing that woman having a nasty poop it sounds like she was very desperate to and at least she was able to joke about the situation which is good and that happened to me kinda but it was a woman in the mens room she went in there by mistake to bad she only peed I wish she went in there to poop oh well.

To: Elena first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and your friend Angie both had really good poops and had fun to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery poster great story about you pooping outside it sounds like you really had to go and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jeremy another great story about girlfriend and her sister to.

To: Pooper Mom first welcome back an great story about your neice Elena pooping with you it sounds like she really had to go and her story was really god to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: No Name Girl first welcome to the site and great story about you massive poop yeah I bet you had to poop alot and I bet you felt great sfterwards to and lighter to after not pooping for so long at least you learned not to hold it so long next time and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: John H I had no luck with hearing women pooping just alot of peeing oh well better luck next time.

To: Miss D it sounds like you were having a very rough time stomach bugs can be very nasty it sounds like it hit you hard and every fart was a poop fart thats bad and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Just A Girl it sounds like youve been having a rough time IBS must really suck and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I heard another girl poop at that bookstore see had music on a portable player to try and drown out the sound but I heard parts of it and it sounded like the squirts.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


For Miss D,
your story was awesome! I'd definitely love to hear more diarrhea stories they're my favourite!

-unknown boy

on the latest episode of the podcast the JV Cast Alison Brie tells a story about when she was young and peed herself at a gymnastics event.

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