Nothing new to tell. Just wanted to comment on some posts.
Jeremy: I agree with you. I also like pee stories, not the poop ones and it seems like recently poop is definitely the majority of what people like to hear. I usually skip over those. Not that I am not interested in what you all have to say, poop just isn't interesting to me.
Alley: That being said, I enjoy your stories. Keep them coming.
Noelle: Don't worry it happens. I have had those moments in college after a night of drinking or drug use and just recently I had an incident. I had a bad cold so I took some cold medicine to help me sleep. Well I must have gotten the dosage wrong because it made me pretty high. I was in bed and had to pee but did not feel like walking all the way to the bathroom. I had the great idea just to pee on the floor. I got up, stood by the door to my bedroom and tried to pee. It was hard at first because my body knew that was not where I should be going and I had to work hard just to squeeze out a few drops. Soon I relaxed and completely emptied my bladder right there on the floor! I was sleeping in a nightgown and no panties by the way. Satisfied I climbed back into bed and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning to my husband yelling because he had stepped in my puddle of pee. He wanted to know if one of the kids had an accident or something. I had to confess to him what happened and it was pretty embarrassing, but he understood. So don't feel bad about what happened to you.
Thirty Something Female: I always enjoy your stories. Sounds like your husband is very understanding, which is great. My husband is as well, but I know a lot of my friends do not have husbands like we do.
Brandon: Thank you for all your comments. You make everyone on here feel special. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to hear. I will try and make it happen so I can tell you about it.
Well that is all for now.

Well it has agian been a while since my last post on page 1966 just to keep the who as it were in the Steve amoungst the many...I had a interesting experience today. Coming back from work around 6pm today... I had to stop by a large Citgo gas station by the interstate for gasoline and a toilet...I ate a great Thai lunch with curry and basil, etc... and cherries on and off thoughtout the day, so a good load was ready to come out, and I still had about 50 minutes left to get home with traffic, so I went in and payed the clerk for the gas, and walked back to the bathrooms, the mens and womens room were together in the corner, the womens on the left, the mens on the right. There was a mop bucket with water in the corner between the two bathrooms. I didnt really think much of it, and walked into the mens room ready to drop off a good load, when i open the door there was a lady cleaning one of the stalls and said she would be a little while, and told me to use the ladies, so i said OK, and walked into the ladies room. There were two stalls one toilet by the sink, and the other stall, both were empty.The large handicap one had the toilet mounted perpendicular, so that when you sat on it, you are looking toward the other toilet instead of next to it. So I unbucked my belt, slid my jeans down and started to take a good shit, and the cherries always help to make lots of gas and big shits. I could hear the other lady that was cleaning the mens room, the toilet she was working on must have been right next to the wall, you could hear her put the seat down, move around, etc, so i know she could hear me making lots of noise as i was filling the bowl with a lot of gas.. Then i heard a fellow go into the mens room, and the same directive that was given to me was told to him, use the ladies rooom. So he came in and took a leak and washed his hands and left rather quickly. I was still in the process of taking a good crap, then I heard the toilet flush in the mens room, the door open and the mop bucket rolling away., By the way, the ladies room was very clean, the floor was a bit damp, and the toilet was in great shape,the room smelled of slight bleach,and that was a bit surprising for a gas station, but i, agian i heard the toilet flush and the mop bucket rolling away, i didnt really think to much about shitting in the womens room as i was directed there by the employee, until i heard the door open and someone come in! Now this was really weird, here i am on the bowl, taking a gassy shit with lots of pooping action and i am assuming this is a women that just entered, since i didnt hear the lady say that it was ok to use the womens room! This other person, (soon to find out that indeed it was a women who went to the other stall), as there was only one more stall, (that was the one that was perpendicular to mine) and quickly undid a belt of some short and slid her jeans down a bit, she must have stopped by her knees because i couldnt see her legs, but could clearly see her sneakers, some sort of new looking sneakers, maybe converse or I had new sneakers and jeans also but i am not sure that she could see mine as toilet was a few feet away from the partition, and my shoe size is only an 8.5 which is not all that large,if she did see them she could have easily though they were just another girl shitting, but i digress again...She undid her belt and sat quickly and started shitting in a big way, the kind that if you didnt get on the bowl quickly, you have problems,a big burst of shit with gas and a liquidy follow up with smaller bursts. Well during the same time i was farting and shitting pretty good myself, and said to myself in the first 30seconds of this situation, contemplating things, like what the hell to do since there i was, in the womens bathroom shitting, though invited, yet unannounced to my new also shitting nieghbor, i just came out and said it. I said, "I am sorry, but the clerk told me to use this toilet because she was cleaning the mens room, and I had to go!", (This was really weird! but i didnt know what else to do) the girl must have been in her teens or 20's, i dont really know but when she replied she sounded younger and not shy...She started laughing, like a short burst of laugher, not to much but like giggled for a second and said "ah dont worry about it, sounds like you and me both had to go!" I was blown away...all i could say, was yea, your right and i am sorry agiain, and that i couldnt believe the clerk didnt do something. (what that something was i had no idea but it seemed like the right thing to say), she said, it was OK, no prob..just do your business, its cool, i am...and she apologized for her sounds and smell, so i said back to her that it was OK, and that i probably smell like cherrys and curry, and she busted up laughing agian, after that i said thanks agian, she said no prob, dont worry, so there we were shitting up a storm, man, what a day to have a belly full of cherries and curry! I kept shitting and farting,i did do a courtesy flush, then a second later she said good idea, and did one, and then I started something else that came to mind,(i mean what the hell, this was a unique experience to say the least and was a bit exciting) as we both kept shitting, she had the runs more then me,as i had more gas and more semisolid poop that was coming in small waves. I sat there for another maybe 2 or 3 minutes, seemed like an eternity though,all the while making a mess in the bowl and elsewhere. She was really having a good case of the shits, and was filling the bowl again with a few waves. I finished up then, pulled paper, wiped, pulled agian, wiped agian, pulled again for a third time, was good on the backside,then pulled once to clean up the other endeavor..flushed and washed my hand in the sink that was in the stall. The girl as still sitting in the stall but it was quite compared to a few minutes ago.. As I was leaving, i said thanks again, and i appologized agian, but she said again, no prob, sounded like you had to go bad too! I chuckled and said, you bet..have a nice day, she said the same, and i walked out. I dont know what the hell happened to the clerk, but there was a line and the register and only the girl that i gave the cash to for the gasoline. wow, what a trip! This reminds me of another story that happened in a chinese airport years ago that i will post soon, keep up the great blog, till next time, Steve



Based on my weird experience today, has anyone else, men or women had somthing similar happen to them? that is ending up in the opposite sexes bathroom somehow, and if so, was it secret or announced? Thanks, till next time, Steve

Post Title (optional)just a comment

Does anyone else get tired of all the surveys? I do. I love all the stories but the surveys have become redundant and boring.


Survey intro and a story

Hi, my name is Elena and I'm 13 years old, my aunt is poopermom and I think I was mentioned in one of her posts earlier today. I have brown hair about shoulder length with an althletic body that is mainly from basketball. Here a old survey from the 11 th.

1. Do you usually fart when you pee and do a number number. Is it rare, average, or frequent
I fart while both.

2. Do you have an explosive fart at least once a week or month? Is the soft, medium, or loud
I don't have explosive farts.
3. Have anybody ever head you fart while in the restroom or have you heard anyone else. any reaction
I have farted while in the restroom so I wouldn't doubt it.
4. Have you ever been in crowded stall and heard more than one person farting loud at one time? what did they sound like
Yes, it sounded strange.
5. Have you ever responded after hearing someone fart in the restroom or someone responded to you
It is a part of the bathroom so I don't really care.
6. Have you ever been on the phone or heard someone else on the phone when when in the restroom and a fart occurred and the person heard it. what did they say.
My friend and I were talking on the phone and I farted while pooping she said it was okay.
7. Have you ever had a continuous streak of farts while using the restroom
8. Have there been a situation where you were in a stall and a person was in the very next stall and you heard fart or they heard you. what did it sounded like
9. Have there ever been a salutation where you fart in the restroom you did was so stink you had to spray
10. Has there been a situation where someone laughed after hearing farting in the stall?
11. Has there been a situation where you walked in or was in there when someone else walked in and as soon as they hit the stall, a super loud fart occurred.
12.Has there ever been a situation where farted or heard someone else while washing their hands
I farted while washing my hands after a poop at school.
13. Has there ever been a situation where you were wiping your butt or heard some else wiping theirs and farted during the process
At my house I did.
14. Has there ever been a situation where you had a sudden and unexpected fart
15.Have you ever had an explosive fart that left a scum in the toilet or did not flush all the way down with just 1 flush

Okay now that that is over I have a story to tell about me and my friend Angie. We were having a sleep over at my house and we were watching a movie when I felt a poop coming on. Angie with her black hair and pretty face looked uncomfortable so I suggested we go to bed. She said she was fine she just had to go poop. I replied with the same answers and together we walked into the bathroom. Since I was the host, I let her go first she sat down, pulling her panties down to her knees and plopped her huge bottom on the toilet seat. Immediately she started farting and three huge logs plopped out. She wiped and got up. She didn't flush and suggested that we see how our poops contrast in the water. I agreed and pulled my panties to my theighs. I sat down on the toilet and waited 3 minuets in between talking to Angie. I farted really loud and felt the poop moving up. My mom walked in right then with a bucket of popcorn smiling so big ear to ear. "hi girls I'm just going to leave this here fro you." she said and exited the bathroom. I ate while pooping. By now the smell was putride. I was farting constantly. My poop finally emerged along with a steady stream of pee. I pushed and it came out all at once. I then wiped and left with Angie who was complaining about a sore butt.

Been reading here for a long time but I don't think I've ever posted, mostly because nothing interesting ever happens to me.

I commute long distances for work-- I drive out to the office, stay 4 nights, and come home. The drive is about 500 miles, so I am in the car for long hours when I am going out or coming back.

Since having surgery earlier this year, my bathroom habits have changed a lot and I don't go nearly as much as I used to-- but if I've been bad and eaten too much or a lot of fat/dairy, things can get a bit ugly.

Anyway, today I headed out for my journey. I stopped for subway along the way as it was right around dinnertime. Ate my sandwich in the car with some diet coke and proceeded on my way.

Around an hour out from my destination, I began to feel a cramping that signaled the impending need to have a poop. I decided to wait it out, as I was uncomfortable but not horribly so, and I was in a rural area with not a lot of places to stop at about 9:30pm.

I proceeded onward and made it about 5 miles before realizing that I was not going to make it and the cramping was becoming insistent. As I was driving along, the only places to pull over were inside the guardrail with a ditch on the other side, without cover, on a busy highway. I waited for a break in the guardrail and pulled over. I got out of my car and went to the passenger side, contemplating how on earth I was going to do this without being seen by oncoming cars. I have an SUV and I debated folding down the rear seat and having a poop in a bag in the backseat, but I didn't want to litter or have the car smell like shit, as I travel with clients and coworkers in my car frequently.

I turned to look behind me and noticed a few feet away some thicker vegetation. I jogged up to it and went past it, and fortuitously, behind the thicker shrubbery and some tall grass, there was a very small opening (about 2' square.) At this point my guts were insistent on emptying themselves NOW, so I made quick work of my belt and squatted over. I immediately began to pee, and being that it was dark, I didn't realize I was peeing on myself until a few seconds in. I quickly shifted my right foot further away, and at that moment my insides gave an almighty squeeze and I had no choice but to push.

Out came a long, semi soft log that rushed out and plopped onto the ground. I couldn't see it, so I was careful not to move my feet lest I step on it. I squatted for a few more seconds and gave another big push when my guts cramped, but very little more came out. I stayed squatting for a minute to appreciate my situation-- pants yanked down, shitting by the side of a major highway at almost 10pm in the middle of nowhere while cars sped by. At that point I decided I was done, peed a bit more, and pulled up my pants. My innards were still unhappy, but considerably more happy than before.

Of course, after I pulled up my pants, I realized that I had not wiped since I had nothing to wipe with. I left it like that. When I got to the hotel, there was a huge mess in my panties, as it had been a messy poop-- I ended up just throwing my panties out.

When I got to the hotel I took another, smaller poop in my room's toilet. It's been at least a decade since I had to relieve myself (either pee or poop) by the side of the road. I admit it was a little exciting and if it hadn't been for the cramping pain, I might actually have enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll try visiting the same spot sometime when I'm not in dire need.


Girlfriend's amazing bladder capacity

I appear to be in the minority on this site, being someone who prefers peeing stories over ones about pooping. It seems to me that back in the days (from what I can tell from the archives anyway), there was a mixture of peeing and pooping stories. Now, it's shifted to almost exclusively pooping. To each his/her own, I suppose, but I know what I like...

On that note, I got quite lucky and found a girlfriend who has a very voluminous bladder, and on top of that, is okay with me listening to her pee. She usually pees only twice per day, in the morning and then not again until she gets home from work.

I asked her if she'd be willing to measure how much she pees, and she agreed. A few days ago, she came home from work and we went to the bathroom, where I had already set up a wide-mouthed, transparent, one liter container. She took off her pants and panties and squatted over the container and began to pee.

Her stream started off a weak trickle before suddenly changing into a roaring waterfall. I don't know exactly how long it took, but I'd guess no more than 30 seconds had passed before she had filled the container over half way and she was still peeing a lot. She kept peeing and when it got close to spilling over the brim, she cut off her flow. I dumped the container in the toilet and replaced it between her legs and she started back up again.

Once she had reached the quarter filled mark a second time, her pee stream wavered and died off. When she was fully finished, the container was filled to just past the 300ml mark.

I read somewhere that the average bladder capacity is about a liter, but she had just peed over 1300ml. Plus, it now occurs to me that she wasn't even really bursting to go. I bet if stretched to her absolute maximum, she could hold 2 liters.


Girlfriend's rivalry with her sister

When my girlfriend was little, she and her sister discovered early on that they both had very large bladders. The two of them were incredibly competitive at everything, apparently including who could hold it longer. From what I hear, her sister would usually win at first, but eventually my girlfriend began to win more and more often until she won nearly every time.

They've gotten over their childish antics, though today they decided to have a rematch for old time's sakes. I'm almost positive my girlfriend suggested it, knowing how much it would please me, and hey - I'm not complaining.

So her sister came over today and had their contest. They drank a ton of water to increase the desperation factor. I joined the contest too just for fun, though I quickly lost after only an hour or so. The girls kept at it, neither showing any signs of needing to pee for over five hours. That was impressive in itself, but the 90 minutes after that were even better. That was when I could tell they really both had to go, but didn't want to lose. Finally, at around the seven hour mark, her sister gave up and headed to the bathroom.

She didn't close the door fully and I got to hear. She began to pee full force right away and her stream lasted about a minute. It began to waver, but resumed for at least another minute. It slowed to a trickle for another 30 seconds before going in spurts for maybe twenty more seconds, then she was done.

My girlfriend downed one more bottle of water and waited 15 more minutes, just to completely cement her victory. She also did not close the door. Her pee stream started off slow and sped up a little, but definitely not as forceful as her sister's. She continued to pee for close to two minutes. After that, it amazingly got even stronger and she reached maximum flow. That flow still continued another minute after that, before returning to what it started at. After about forty-five seconds it slowed to just a trickle. I've heard her pee for a long time before, but this was incredible even for her - nearly four minutes and still going a little even. The trickle kept going for a while, I don't know exactly how long, and then finally it stopped. A few more spurts and she was actually done.

John on the John

'Old Posts from the Toilet' began in September 1996 began - long before many of us had internet access, and long long after I was Jacob's age. It is good to have comments from the likes of Jacob, aged 15, and for people his age to be able to discuss matters of a personal nature in an anonymous way.

I described a situation recently when I had a distressing a distressing experience as a schoolboy, at a similar age to Jacob, in a men's toilet.

I was fortunate to have a young uncle I could confide in. My own father walked out when I was very young, and took no part in my toilet training and I never remember his taking much interest in me. A few years later he wanted me to go and stay with him overnight. He walked into the bathroom at his flat when I was performing on his toilet. He stayed, and watched me wipe my bottom, and said it was girlish to wipe while I was sitting down. Men and boys should only sit on the toilet just to shit (a word which was not allowed in my mother's family). I was very upset about this. I was only aged 6, and had learned my routine by watching my young uncle. I told him when I got home, and the others in the family, and I never went to stay with him again. We don't know where he is now. I have flushed (as it were!) him out of my mind. I just can't wipe thoroughly while standing up. We all develop our own ways of doing things, which is nothing to do with anyone else.

In answer to a survey with the question, Jason says he likes to wash his bottom if he can have a shower directly after pooping, but if this is not possible, he wipes more thoroughly. (Also, that he sits to wipe.)

I also to do things in that order.

But recently, we had a power several power cuts in the area where I live, because of some faulty cables. The first was when I was on the john. It was light, so I hadn't needed to turn the light on. I wiped moderately, flushed everything away, and switched the shower on. It wasn't working. I went to check all the lights and the fridge, and the power was off, so that some cables could be relaid. (I took soap, towel and my electric razor and shaved and showered in a motorway service station.)

Pooper mom


Sorry I was gone for so long, just haven't gotten around to posting lately. Well, really nothing special has happened, I have been peeing and pooping regularly. Only one thing different has happened including me and my 13 year old niece who is average height and weight with brown hair and an even tan her name is Elena. We are really close and we often go to the beach together. Usually we swim for a good two hours and then we leave. But today it was different, we swam together for one hour and decided to take a break to eat something. While we were sitting on our picnic blanket eating, she leaned in and let lose a huge fart, we giggled a little and resumed eating until she farted again, this time leaning to the side. We ate some until she farted once again.
"Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I asked.
"Yeah I do kinda," she replied.
She let lose another fart.
"Then go silly," I said back as she farted once again.
She started walking over to the bathroom building when I dicided I better go pee.
I caught up with her and we walked up the small hill to the bathroom. We walked in and discovered there was only two stalls, perfect. I stepped into my stall and was just about to close the door when my niece stepped into the same one and stood in the corner of the cubicle. She smiled and stood waiting for me to finish. I peed and wiped, stood up to leave when Elena grabbed my arm and told me to stay in there with her. So I took my position in the same spot she was, she pulled down her bikini bottoms down to her knees and sat, immediately farting twice. We talked until someone walked in, they took the stall next to us and started peeing. I heard Elena start crackling with a look of strain on her face. She farted and the whole thing came out it made a strange sound, there was a normal fart than all the poop coming out behind a sizzle fart. Making a phhhhhhhhplopphhplopphplopphploplop sound. Then an explosive fart and and an echo followed by two more plops.

Brandon T

saw a girls poop

About 5 minutes ago I was at that bookstore again and this I saw a girl enter and I think I heard her fart a few times then she came out 5 mins without flushing and she looked kinda embarrassed knowing I would see it and when i looked in the toilet I saw her poop and a good amount of toilet paper on top thats probaly why she didnt flush she probaly thought it would clog so then I sit down but just farted and then flushed and her poop left skidmarks so it was a messy one hence all the toilet paper.

John H

Comments Post Title (optional)

Hey all, just a few comments for the moment.
@Shane (female) Sorry to hear about your bike accident. Hope you get the constipation sorted and that it isn't to painful in the hospital for you. Looking forward to your next post.
@Brandon T, Hey portable toilets have very thin walls so you should hear plenty of peeing and pooing. Looking forward to reading about what you hear.
@Jeremy, Hey some more pee storeys would be nice as I like to hear both pee and poo related storeys. Your girlfriend can really pee a lot. Lucky she doesn't mind you listening in. You should see if she holds on longer would she manage to fill the container twice.
@Noelle, Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. I have never had an accident while smoking a few but I do notice that sometimes when I have a smoke I will get an urge to take a dump. I always go as soon as I feel it. I reckon this is because weed relaxes the body. Lucky you got away with it and hope your bladder infection clears up. You may want to not smoke as much in future to avoid a repeat performance.
@Thirty something Female, Hey thanks for sharing your story with us. You done well to hang on as long as you did I think. Lucky your husband and you were able to make a laugh out of it and a little more besides.
Well that's all for now, hope to post again soon.

No name girl

Biggest poop in my life

For as long as I can remember, I've pooped very infrequently. Many times, I'll go a week or sometimes more without having any urge at all to poop. Then, of course, when I do poop, it's far too big for any toilet to handle. I have mastered flushing mid-poop so as to not clog the toilet.

But this specific story happened over twenty years when I was nineteen. My family was on a summer holiday that lasted for two weeks. The toilet facilities were very dirty and not maintained very well. Most of the "stalls" (if you could call them that) had wooden doors that had rotted away and wouldn't close properly. Some had the doors completely removed. Plus, the toilets were unisex. At that point in my life, I was very embarrassed about pooping. It was bad enough that other girls would sometimes hear me having a megapoop, but I'd have died if a boy heard (or worse saw) me pooping.

Knowing it was just a week long trip, I figured I'd need to get over my issues and be able to piss in the toilets, and with any luck I just wouldn't only have to poop one time while we were there. Just one problem with that idea. It had already been two days since I last pooped before we left for the trip.

When the time came and I had to poop, the toilet facilities were very crowded and I couldn't bring myself to go. Instead, I saw down and pissed. Somehow, I held in my poop for the rest of the trip. I don't know how, and I'm sure it wasn't good for me, but it happened. When we finally did get home, I was back to not having to poop at all, which really worried me. When I didn't need to go at all that night or in the morning even, I knew I'd have to take a laxative.

I headed to the store to buy a laxative. I'd never bought a laxative before and I was worried. I found one that said it was gentle, and picked that one. I went home and immediately took it. It took a while to work but when it did, the urge to poop hit me like a ton of bricks.

I rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet just in time to explode. I don't recall a lot about it, but I know it took a long time for me to finish and I clearly remember having to flush six times as I looked between my legs and saw a lot of poop in the toilet. It's not surprising considering at that point, I hadn't been in nearly seventeen days.

After that incident, I learned my lesson. It is far better to just poop, even if the circumstances are less than ideal. Dealing with that was pretty much the worst experience of my life.

Hey guys! I've been reading but not posting on here for a long time until something happened the other day that I thought I'd post about. I've recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend of 5 years. I'm 21 and he is 23. We've always been pretty open with our bathroom habits. When he wakes up for work in the morning I will usually go to the bathroom with him and put my arms around him with my hands on his bladder to feel it get smaller as he pees. He goes with me sometimes too, but he won't let me in for anything other than pee, even though it wouldn't bother me. I decided to post because I have noticed that when he starts playing on the ps3, he will not go to the bathroom until it's the last moment! Last night he got caught up playing rounds of Modern Warfare 3 with an old friend and was literally dancing in place before he ran as fast as he could to the bathroom and peed for about a minute and a half. He has only had an accident one time that I remember in the 5 years that we have been together, but I have a weak bladder so that has happened many times for me. I was just wondering if anyone here, who is an adult, has been distracted by a video game or tv show and put off going pee until they are about to have an accident?


Zip's response to PDX

That was a creative and unexpected response about your video. I was going to answer PDX, but had nothing beyond the obvious - things like, don't stock the TP so you have to call him in. So I let it go. Your answer is much more fun.

I like what you said - "I gotta pee and poop and don't care who sees me." I think the moderator alluded to that casual sentiment among guys in a recent response to someone. Still, most of my friends are shocked that I would use doorless stalls.

BTW, I thought it was pretty arrogant of PDX to say he was from Portand when there are more than one. Then I noticed his screen name.



8th Story

So I was at a large event with my family. My mom was running the event while we all helped and had fun. 2 hours after a large dinner everyone had settled down and people were slowly leaving. We were in charge of cleaning up. I felt a slight urge to have a poo but I thought I'd finish all the clean up then I don't have to rush it. Being on the ground scrubbing definitely put pressure in my bum. We finished cleaning and I was about to go to the bathroom before my mom told me to grab something from the other building and they would pick me up there so we could drive home right away. I think drat! On the drive home the urge was getting stronger. I could only think about getting home and sitting on a toilet, which only made me have to poop more. We pulled in after an almost 2 hour drive. I also had to help bring in leftovers and other things from the event. I walk to the bathroom and my older sister says she will be awhile. I go upstairs to my room and walk into the bathroom. I pull down my black pants and panties and pull up my black summer skirt and sat down. I immediately started peeing. I sit for about a minute when my brother Tyler comes in and sits down on the other toilet. He rushes when he poops so it took him less then a minute before he wiped and flushed. I could feel my poo so I leaned over and pushed out a long smooth one. It was 10" long. I let out a small fart and sat there. I looked and saw that Tyler used the last toilet paper. Usually I look to see but I was only thinking about sitting down. So I called my brothers names but they were not there. I was stuck on the toilet for a good 15 minutes before my other brother Scott comes in to pee. I ask him for a roll of toilet paper and he gives one to me. I wipe and flush while he had a pee. See you later.


Mess pants while drunk.

Hi Noelle,

I do not know of anyone specifically but I have read many stories about college students saying their friend got wasted at a party and woke up pooped the next day. They were so drunk they either didn't know they needed to poop, or didn't care. Anyway, when they wake up the next day, they claim they do not remember pooping.

A few said the friend does it almost every weekend.

Sickness and diarrhea bug

This morning I woke up at 7am, feeling bloated and sick. My guts felt a bit unusual and I was starting to need a poo, so having checked my boyfriend was still asleep, I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.I pressed my hands against my stomach and dropped my pyjama bottoms, then sat down on the cool seat. A strong cramp tore through my abdomen, causing me to have a nasty wave of runny poop. 'Oooohh' I groaned miserably as more and more sprayed out, covering the toilet bowl in golden brown liquid.

I spent ages wiping my messy bum, then pulled my pyjamas up, flushed, washed my hands and went back to the bedroom. I found my boyfriend Tom sat up in bed, clutching his stomach. 'Are you okay babe?' I asked him gently. 'I have a bad stomachache' he admitted, letting out a loud wet fart. 'Oh god no' he suddenly froze, clenching his bum cheeks together to try and stop the inevitable flow of diarrhea that was pushing against his sphincter. He started to panic: 'I can't hold it!!' he cried miserably and I heard a squelch as liquid poo rushed into his white boxers. I held him as he started crying from the pain and embarrassment. At 26 years old, he'd just messed his pants in front of his girlfriend. I tried to make him feel better by telling him it happens to everyone but he was too upset to notice.

By this point my own stomach was starting to make funny gurgling noises and I could feel another wave getting ready to exit so I ran to the bathroom, ripped my pyjamas down and leapt onto the toilet as diarrhea gushed forcefully out of my bum. The relief was incredible as all sorts of loose mushy crap came splattering out. I moaned the relief was so good.

I finished up and went back to my boyfriend who was now vomiting into the bin. 'Are YOU okay?' he asked, worried. 'I have diarrhea too' I told him, rubbing my upset stomach. We had the retched bug for 2 days, before we could control our bowels again. Tom had an accident in our bed on the second night of it, as he just literally couldn't hold it all in anymore. Everytime we farted we could feel hot runny diarrhea squirt into our undies and had to make an emergency trip to the toilet.

If anyone wants to hear more diarrhea stories, let me know, I have lots!

Miss D

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shane (female) that sucks they should do it in a non painful way and I look forward to reading about it thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story and great live poop by poop coverage to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alley that sucks but at least you were at home and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Becca as always another great set of stories it sounds like you and Mary both had pretty good poops to and it sounds like that mom at the pool must have been kinda desperate I bet she felt great once she got done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jeremy great story about your girlfrinds mega bladder it sounds like she can hold alot before having to pee.

To: Little Mandi thats sucks I hope the prune juice helps I look forward to the results thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Constipation Survey

Gender: male
Age: 17

1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you do to relieve it? A week - it ended with an enema
2. When was the last time you were constipated? This week
3. Have you cried while trying to poop while constipated? No
4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated? Only my daughter
5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out? Parents
6. Have you ever gone to a doctor for constipation? If so what did he/she do? Yes - all the doctor ever did for me was prescribe stuff.
7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop while you're constipated? Grunt and fart
8. What is the longest it's ever taken you to poop while constipated? However long it took for the medication to work
9. Have you poop ever gotten stuck half way out your butt? Yes
10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop? Of course not

this is my first time writing here. I have many stories i can share as the toilet is my best friend. I use the toilet many time a day. I suffer with my bowels so normally all working right I have anywhere between 6 to 8 bowel movements a day. My mam has told me I use the toilet to many times a day and spend too long in there. My toilet breaks go first thing when i wake up in the morning an strong urge like i need the toilet now but when always have to have newspaper down on the floor as i have to squat to start going. this bowel movement will be small and very painful it will be hard as well.This one will take at least 30 minutes if not longer i Will then go and have a high fibre breakfast and have a shower.l i will have another BM before i head out the door this will be a normal nice size one and takes about 20 minutes. By lunch time I will have another one normal which is another 20 minutes. i need a long one when i get in from work or school this can take 40 to 50 minutes. straight after dinner i will run to the bathroom and have a very loose bowel movement. i end up running to the bathroom every few minutes for about and hour. i use ally just stay their until i feel fully done. i have another one in just before i go to bed but lately i be waking up in the middle of the night with an urge to use the bathroom again.
I feel so alone and my mother keeps telling me i don't need the bathroom this much and its all in my head but it not. does anyone else us the bathroom this much or is it just me? i have went to the doctor about this and he just told me that it all part of the change i going thought and it will stop soon


Mrs toilet trouper urination survey

Age 71 male

1 how many times do you piss a day 6-7
2. on average when you piss what colour is your urine usually light yellow, I drink a lot of water
3 do you have to piss at this very moment No
4. what type of beverages do you sip, coffee and water
5 do certain beverages make you have to piss more frequently, coffee and water
6. coffee and water
7. would you describe your bladder as weak normal or strong? normal
8. have you ever had an accident where you pissed yourself? yes long time ago
9. have you ever pissed on your self deliberately?NO
10. do you wipe after you piss not normally
11. have you ever drank an excessive amount of liquids just to make yourself piss frequently? no
12. have you ever pissed outside? Yes
13. have you ever issed in something other than a toilet? yes empty milk carton
14. if so where or what did you piss in, See queston 13
15. have you ever pissed in a shower or bath? yes my wife does not know about it
16. have you ever pissed in a swimming pool. No
17. have you ever pissed in a natural body of water such as ocean or lake. No


20. do you prefer to use the urinal, toilets or it doesn't matter?
sometimes i am pee shy in public restrooms and i sometimes use a stall to relax and pee, if not crowded I use urinal.

21. have you ever pissed sitting down? Always if I have to do number 2 and sometime at home!!

Just a girl...
Continuation of my bad week with IBS…

I made 3 more trips to the bathroom on Wednesday night. That makes a total of 8 diarrhea episodes that day. Since my stomach was so upset on Wed I barely ate anything. So, when I woke up on Thursday I felt pretty good. I did end up having 2 attacks in the morning, but they were chunky and milder than the ones on Wed. I ate pretty light and healthy on Thursday but I felt pretty good. Friday morning that all changed - I shouldn't have eaten anything.
I woke up on Friday and before I could finish my first cup of coffee, my stomach was rolling. (I know I shouldn't have coffee, but I'm seriously addicted) I ran to the bathroom and let out one gigantic rush of chunky diarrhea into the toilet. I felt better afterwards and figured I just needed to clear my system. About 10 minutes later I knew that wasn't the case. My stomach was making horrible noises and was tossing and turning. Soon, I was back on the toilet with another attack. I had 4 attacks within the first hour of being awake. Each time it was getting more liquidy and more urgent. After my 4th attack I relaxed for a while and let my stomach settle. I didn't dare finish my coffee or eat anything. I finally felt a bit better and went to get dressed. All the sudden, I had to go and nearly messed my pants. I sprinted to the bathroom and let out a rush of liquid. I sat there for several minutes thinking I might need to go again. I didn't. Later in the afternoon my stomach was making the worst noises that I've ever heard it make. I could hear the liquid moving around in my guts and it was SO loud! I was back on the toilet soon enough, but this time I spent 10 minutes passing liquid fart after liquid fart. Not much came out but a lot of air and I couldn't stop. I ended up making 9 trips to the toilet with diarrhea that day.

Saturday morning I had it twice. Sunday I had a normal movement firs thing in the morning, but since then I've had diarrhea 3 times and my stomach is making horrible noises. It's not even noon yet, and I know I'm going to go some more.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shane (female)

Update and Still Constipated

As most of you probably know, I was recently in a bike accident. I'm ok except for a few minor injuries, including a badly bruised tail bone. Anyways, I'm on some pain medication that has me sooooooo constipated!!! The incident was on July 16th, and I've only pooped once since then! I have a check up at the hospital later today and I think I'm going to have the doctors help me get my poop out. I've had that done to me before and the way my local hospital does it is very painful. I'll post about it when it happens.

Take care(:

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen im glad your feeling better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alley as always another great story it sounds like you may have learned your lesson not to drink so much but its always good to drink lots of water on hot days also so you kinded have to take the good with the bad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noelle first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had quite the time I bet you learned from this event not do get so high next time and it sucks you got bad diaper rash and a bladder infection and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tia as always another great set of stories it sounds you had another great poop at walmart and great story about your tough poop i hate those random small chunks that dont want to come out they are anoying sometimes you have to help them along and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female first welcome and as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate to pee I know that it happened to me a couple months ago I held it to long and peed myself trying to make it to a bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shana as always another great story it sounds like you had a very good poop and felt pretty great afterwards I bet squatting helped get it all out as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend Emily both had great poop especialy her I bet she felt great finaly being able to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great set of stories it sounds like you were having a rough time but at least you made it to the toilet every time without having an accident and I hope your stomache feels better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie maybe an enema will help you out and I hope your able to poop soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Starting there is a festival going on in my town which means porta poties which also means I may have a few stories to tell im crossing my fingers and hoping I get lucky and hear some good stuff worth posting.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


7th Story

So it's late and I have the urge to have a poo. I don't have anything exciting that is going to happen so I thought I would do this live and have it more detailed then usual. I'm in my room and wearing a grey sweater,black yoga pants,tight red panties, and pink socks. Let's go to the toilet. Pulled my bottoms down to my knees and I'm sitting down. There my shirt got tucked in with my bum had to fix that. Moved my bum up a bit because it was sank into the hole to much. Starting to pee. Finished. Alright just pushing a little bit. I like to relax and enjoy the moment. My favorite part is before my poop when I can feel it and my bum is all tightened up on the seat. Been 5 minutes I should feel it any second. Yep I feel it. I lean over more for this part. Sliding out smooth and easy. That was relieving. Going to sit for a second. Let out a small fart. Another one. Whoa big fart eek. Alright this one is 7" long and very thick. Another big fart. Grabbing 5 sheets and first wipe. Second wipe. Third wipe. And fourth wipe for my front. That feels better. Flushed. Standing up. Pull my bottoms back up. Washing my hands. Alright that's about it hopefully I have something happen next time or else I'll just do this live again bye.


I didn'tmake it

Brandon T: I didn't make it. My Tinkle fell all over me feet leegs and on the floor. Thank youfor your concerned response :)

Mr. Clogs

Reply to Mrs. Toilet Trooper's Urination survey

Here's my response to Mrs. Toilet Trooper's urination survey.

Age: 32
Gender: Male

1. On average, how often do you have to piss a day? Usually 6 to 7 times a day. I pee in the morning when I get up, 2-3 times after I had my 2 cups of coffee and when I have to take a dump I usually pee as well. After lunch, after dinner, before bed and in the middle of the night.

2. On average, when you piss, what colour is your urine? Usually light yellow, sometimes golden yellow in the morning when I get up from bed.

3. Do you have to piss at this very moment while taking this survey? No

4. What type of beverages do you usually sip? (i.e coffee, water, soda, tea, juice, liquor, milk, etc.) All above, it depends how much I drink.

5. Do certain types of beverages make you have to piss more frequently than normal? Usually coffee and water and beer. With the combination of water and coffee or beer and a glass of water, ahh man!!!

6. If so, what beverages might those be? Coffee, beer and water.

7. Would you describe your bladder as weak, normal, or strong? I guess normal. When I have to go I have to go.

8. Have you ever had an accident where you pissed on yourself? Close to it.

9. Have you ever pissed on yourself deliberately? Fun I would say so.

10. Do you wipe after you piss? No, just shake it if you know what I mean.

11. Have you ever drank an excessive amount of liquids just to make yourself piss frequently? Yes.

12. Have you ever pissed outside? Yes

13. Have you ever pissed in something other than a toilet? Yes, you know I like to. See my past posts and I love peeing into cups, jars, bottles. It's so much fun and something we're not suppose to. I like to read posts about people peeing into something other than a toilet.

14. If so, where or what did you piss in? In my bedroom into cups I keep by my bedside to urinate into, glass containers such as jars, cups.
I like the glass because it's somewhat sanitary and easily to clean.

15. Have you ever pissed in the shower or bath? Yes

16. Have you ever pissed in a swimming pool? Yes

17. Have you ever pissed in a natural body of water such as an ocean, lake, river? No

18. Have you ever pissed in a urinal?
19. Have you ever pissed standing up?

20. Do you prefer to use the urinal, toilets, or it doesn't matter? It doesn't matter

21. Have you ever pissed sitting down? Yes, especially if I have to take a dump, do a #2, making brownies, you know take a shit.

That's all for now. Catch you all later.

Mr. Clogs

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