Constipation Reply and Advice and Tips

Reply to Suzi: Yes, my mom started giving me enemas at age five, and I didn't like them at all, I fought back tooth and nail. Mom stopped giving me enemas at around age eight, but when I was in my early teens I started self administering as needed, much less unpleasant when I do them myself. I still continue to give myself enemas about once a month, when I douche, kill two birds with one stone I always say. Sometimes when I feel nauseous and sick to my stomach or have severe abdominal cramping due to constipation I'll give myself an enema and it fixes me right up, but I don't need to do that often because I take Dulcolax each night before bedtime and it keeps the waste moving. Once a month I douche first with vinegar water, then change the tip, then I usually do the enema if I feel like it. I use Ivory soap suds in warm water for the retention enema, followed by two or three two quart rinses with warm water. Feels great. I disinfect the bag and hose/tips with clorox solution and dry thoroughly before I put it away.

As for my sons, I didn't often give them enemas on a regular basis, only in situations where they needed relief ASAP, when they were so consipated that they felt sick to their stomachs. Probably at around age six I started giving them enemas with my hygeine kit, up until age ten for my oldest, and age twelve for my youngest. I let them watch me give myself an enema first just to prove it doesn't hurt. I guess constipatioon runs in the family and they must take after me. When they wouldn't eat their ???? I'd make a big pot of homemade vegetable soup, they'd eat that, or I'd make homemade tacos with lots of fresh lettuce and tomatoes for toppings, one of their faves and a sneaky way to get them to eat their fiber. Homemade bread made with graham flour made in my bread machine is another of their faves which I could get them to eat.


First Post, Please Read

I love this site, I really do! I have been a silent lurker for quite a few years and have at last decided to break the silence. You have all become almost like family to me. (mmmmmmuhhh)

Tia and Abbie, great to have you both back, I've missed you. Sharon, I really liked your story about camp, please contribute more. Mrs. Toilet Trooper, you're always a delight. Christine in FL, you rock! To the rest of you, hugs and kisses!

This is a survey-happy forum so here's one from me (some of the questions you've seen before):

Do you read or smoke while pooping?

Do you talk on the phone while pooping?

Do you sing on the toilet?

Do you wash your bottom right after pooping?

Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping?

How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping?

Do you wipe your bottom from front to back or vice versa?

Do you sit or stand to wipe?

Are your poops very stinky?

Thank you again, everyone! Bye for now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: PN as always another great story it sounds like your body probaly is immune to it more then otherswhich be a good thing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ryan great stories about your ex the first one it sounded like d she was probaly trying to have a sbd but it was the opposite and great story about hearing her pooping it sounds like she was taking a pretty good dump.

To: Naomi first welcome to the site and great outside dump story and its true when you gotta go you gotta go at least that was better then doing it in your pants and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tom great story about you smelling that girls dump to bad there wasnt anything to see.

To: Suzi great enema story I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: HazzieBabexx first welcome to the site and great story about your friend farting and pooping in front of you it sounds like she was lucky she didnt have an accident an please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love ths site

another post for the "difficult jobs" woman

Someone wrote about wearing diapers, and that no one will know. But, if you wear diapers with a plastic liner, everyone will know because they're noisy! Of course, you should wear diapers that don't have a plastic liner. If you wore one diaper, and put extra diapers in your locker, would the other police officers gossip?

Old Fart

Post Title (optional)For John on the John

I think you would have far less replies if you asked if there is anyone that has never had to deal with it. Get a bowl brush, they are made for dealing with it without getting your hands dirty. I also have a long enough hose on my hand shower that it reaches the bowl. That makes any clean-up, accumulated or sudden, much easier to clean.


Shane's Survey

Gender: Male
Age: 52
1. What is the longest you've Benn constipated and what did you do to relieve it? A couple of days
2. When was the last time you were constipated? A couple of Years ago
3. Have you cried while trying to poop while constipated? Yes
4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated? Yes a family member
5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out? Yes
6. Have you ever gone to a doctor for constipation? If so what did he/she do? Yes they put me on suppositories
7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop while you're constipated? Grunt
8. What is the longest it's ever taken you to poop while constipated? 30 minutes or more at home/ less out in public
9. Have you poop ever gotten stuck half way out your butt? Yes
10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop? No

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jake YOLO :)
Never posted a story on here but i can feel a BIGGGG one :( so if anyone wants details let me know..... :)

Abbie: Your stories are immense, do you always go with your mates :O?


Delayed reaction to Mexico trip

Went to Mexico for a few days without noticeably getting sick while I was there, but two days after I got back I'm having fairly mild cramping and diarrhea. And generally pooping a lot. I got a bit irregular while travelling (a multi-stage trip involving both driving and flying), and then seemed to be making it up afterwards. The day I came back I had to go at least three times, which is a bit unusual for me. The first time was on the plane and was pretty hard and big, then it kept getting progressively softer, until today it's more or less liquid. Not too severe so far, though. I don't get constipated very often, but when I do it is usually when I am travelling.

Misty ( not real name )
i was wondering if any girls here have any stories of whene they where at the beach if u do i would like to read them thanks.


For Heather

Now this one here happened in 1992 when I was 12.During lunch I saw the Janitor eating chilli,and then I saw him getting another bowel.I never did see him eat in the lunch room before.This Janitor was a not so well clean looking,bald head with long greasy beard,He was on the quiet side too.Anyway later on that day when I was going to class on the other side building,I was in the hall by myself and I saw him run to the teachers'lounge toilet.And I was wanting to know if I can hear him fart.I started sneaking around and i pressed the door open just for kicks, no one was around and he couldn't see me.And I heard him shout,JUST A SECOND!


Listening to an Ex

Hey all!

To any Canadian posters here, hope you had a great long weekend! I sure did!

I'm going to recall two quick posts about my first ex girlfriend

Part A) We were hanging out in her basement which is where her computer is, listening to music, browsing etc. Suddenly without warning, she farted. She was on a wooden chair, and the fart itself sounded like low trumpet. It lasted about 3 solid seconds, and her face went red and she said 'sorry bout that!'. I said 'hey no big deal i do that all the time'. There had been some smell, too. It was strong but not unpleasant.

Part B) I was also able to hear her again, but this time she was in the bathroom. We were in her room watching movies, and it was just us. Suddenly (this was about 1.5 - 2 hours after our lunch) She reached for the remote, paused the movie, and said 'I'll be right back'. I said OK, and pulled out my phone, which i hadn't checked in a while. I also watched her shapely figure from behind as she left, and went around the corner to the bathroom. She flicked on the light, and closed the door. I got to the door frame of her room, which was very near the bathroom door. I heard the shuffling sound of her pulling down her shorts and underwear. She peed, which sounded like a trickle, for a good 5 seconds, then stopped. My heart was beating a bit more, as I found this to be the point where she would wipe, flush and be done, or stick around and poop. Not long after, I heard UHH....ENH....BLOOOOFFFTTT...(that was an airy fart) *crkl...* AH..PLOP...KA-PLIP....PLOOOP...*fart* (which was wet, tight and squelchy) then I heard a crackling for about 5 seconds as she passed what I was guessing to be long, soft turd which didn't plop. She wiped about 6 times, flushed and washed hands.

Abbie: Wow that was quite the story and quite the log you dropped! i like your stories (with or without other people around0 and look forward to more.

millie: wow, 7 minutes! That was a big log! Do you usually do that much?

Chaz: was that the first time you saw your girlfriend do that?

Nikki: sorry to hear about the bad experience with the Mexican :s Was it only your friend that got affected? (right now I'm thinking of the dialogue from Bridesmaids)

Lex: I know the long soft logs you're talking about. Are your farts always so loud and ferocious?

That's it for now, later guys!!


Post Title (optional) school pooing

hi im a 14 yo boy . i have troulbe pooping at school. im embaressed people will hear me going plop. i walk in the boys loos n go into a stall n just poo if im on my own. i can wee ok just not poop. any ideas? i want to get over it . go like normal. bye.


Need help

You guys have been great in the past about finding shows. The show I'm looking for is Indian. It seemed to be a soap opera. The scene in particular is one where a tea is spiked with laxatives. The three women who conspire to put the laxative in the tea accidentally drink it and all end up in and out of the shared bathroom.


Suzi says "I was taught from the start that even though they seemed to dominate our lives, bowel movements and constipation were "rude", "dirty", "disgusting" and shouldn't be talked about."

The value of 'Old Posts' is that we CAN share with one another problems in an anonymous way.

Here is one which I have experienced.

The small house which I bought when I 'went on my own' had an old suite, and I decided to get rid of the bath and have a walk-in shower instead, plus a new washbasin and toilet.

An aspect of the toilet is causing a minor irritation. I am having to clean the inside more than formerly. It's taking a bit of time to sit in the right position so that everything plops into the water, without messing the sides.

Anyone else met this problem?


Outside dump

This is my first post, I'm going to start by telling you a little bit about myself; I'm from England, I enjoy reading about desperation and accidental wetting, I like being desperate for the loo but I've never wet myself (on purpose) and I always like to get to the loo in time, I don't mind other people knowing I'm desperate and occasionally I put on a bit of a show for others! This story is about just that:
So, I was walking home from work across the fields (about 5 miles), I had accidentally on purpose forgotten to go to the loo before I left so before I was half way home I was desperate to pee. I was hoping to make it home rather than having to pee in a bush as I also needed to take a dump but my bladder had other ideas! So I'm walking and every so often I have to squeeze my crotch to stop the pee leaking and I'm crossing my legs as much as possible which makes walking difficult, by this time my need to poo was becoming worse too! There were plenty of bushes around but I didn't really want to go outside and I was hoping to get home.
I see a man walking his dog up ahead and realise I have to walk more normally or it will give me away at once, but then I think why shouldn't I put on a bit of a show for him. As he is about to walk past I stop and squeeze my crotch hard twisting my legs around each other to stop the pee from coming out, he asks me if I am ok,
'I'm fine' I reply, 'just in urgent need of a bathroom,'
'use the hedge' he says
'well, you see it's not just that I need to take care of,' I say and squeeze my bum, as I remove my hand from my crotch I spurt a small amount of pee and a coin size wet patch appears on my trousers, clearly visible,
'Is there a public loo in the village over there?' I ask him. 'no' he says and walks on.
As I continue walking I see him looking round every so often as though seeing how far I will walk. I know there are some woods about a mile on so I try to press on to them by this time I have leaked a little more and am struggling to regain control each time, my poo is pressing hard on my back door it is not going to wait until I am home or the woods.
I decide just to squat to one side of the path under a small hedge but am still very visible should anyone walk past and the dog walker can still see me. This is not the ideal place for a dump but I don't have much choice. I pull my trousers and pants down and my pee starts up straight away as a hard and fast stream, I try to stop my poo coming out (I'd prefer somewhere more private) but it's not possible, a large log begins to slide out without any pushing. A six inch log lies on the ground behind me but there's still plenty more to come out. I suck the next log back up until I get home and my pee temporarily stops. Overall my pee was about 1 min which for me was a very long time. I scrabble around for a tissue to wipe with but I can't find any so I carefully pull my pants and trousers back up and feel them cold and wet from where I'd leaked.
I feel much better my bladder is empty and my need to poo is not as urgent so I continue walking home. I get home just in time to finish my dump as I had only suppressed to urge before.


A Very Happy 4th

Hi everybody. Tom here. I haven't posted in some time because, unfortunately, I haven't had much to post about. That changed yesterday. I was at a barbecue at some friends house. They had a really nice spread with lots of beer. At one point, I needed to pee so I went into the house, down the stairs to the basement bathroom. I tried to open the door and found out that it was locked. I then heard a woman's voice say "just a minute..". I then heard the toilet paper roll spin, then I heard it spin again. At this point, I knew I was about to get lucky. After about a minute more I heard the toilet flush and the sink started to run. When the door opened, this skinny, attractive lady in her late 30s or early 40s came out. She had short brown hair with a very pretty face and these big, brown "doe eyes". She looked at me and I could see that she was quite drunk. She whispered to me "don't go in there". I whispered back: "why not?" She then gave me this mischievous grin and a kind of half wink and said "I just took a dump." She then walked past me and up the stairs. I pulled open the bathroom door and the smell cam pouring out. That lady wasn't lying. This bathroom is like a closet. There is only a toilet and sink in there, no window so all the odor was trapped inside which suited me just fine. The odor was a strong poop smell with just a faint trace of rotten fruit. She had left the lid up and I looked inside. Clean. Not even so much as a skid mark. I hung out in there for a while enjoying her odor and marveling at how such a skinny, petite woman could produce such a smell...


Smelliest Holliday???


While I was at the barbecue yesterday, I watched many women gorge themselves on all the good food that was available. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sausage, pork, baked beans, potato salad, beer etc. It got me thinking that public ladies rooms all over the U.S. are going to be on the receiving end of all that good food today. So, here is my question; which holiday do you think causes your work ladies room to smell the worst? I'd be interested in knowing. Thanks.





As one constipated person to another I can't help but ask.

Did you get enemas often when you were a kid? How old were your sons when you first gave them an enema - do they handle it well?

The story of my first enema:

I was six years old. I'd been taken out of school (why? ???? pains? can't remember) and had a day or two of frequent supervisied visits to the toilet, trying to "do" and failing, nothing coming out even after yet another suppository. Then one evening they told me that tomorrow a nurse would be coming round to help me. Mid-morning she arrived. I didn't want anything else stuck up my bottom but I was driven into the bedroom and forced to lie on my side. When I saw the (bulb) enema I freaked and tried to get out but they were all there to hold me in place. That nozzle was the biggest thing I'd had up my smellhole (so far). It hurt, I cried. I just remember the insertion - I don't know what solution was in the enema or whether it gave me stomach cramps. I remember being told to retain it as long as possible. But it only took three or four minutes before I dashed to the toilet and "did a big dooey" - some liquid excrement, some semisolid, a never ending torrent. And they were still fretting that I didn't retain it long enough!

I wouldn't have another proper enema until I was in my twenties, and self-administering. When this one was over, I genuinely thought my constipation days were dead and gone. If only.

Porta-Potty Protocol

About five years ago when I was in college there was a drop-dead gorgeous woman who sat directly in front of me in several lecture halls. She was smart and was in my study groups a couple of times. She was three years older than the rest of us, and could/would legally drink and then excuse herself to the toilet with the line: "That beer goes right through me...." Several of my friends and I would have given anything to have seen her drain her beer or anything else for that matter.
This past weekend we met again outside of our city's stadium. I knew that there were only 30,000-some seats and that there would be a line to get in for the free concert and fireworks show. I arrived an hour before the doors opened and that was none-too-soon. Because I had been to a BBQ and had consumed several drinks, while waiting in line my bowels started to act up. Gas first and then the increasing urge to drop the crap before an explosion in my boxers. Not too far ahead of us I saw a porta-potty, just one, unisex I guessed, and I saw a lady dragging a young child in. As I started my walk, I was amazed the see that the door had shut because most such toilets I have used in the past have been tight in accommodating just one person. While I was standing in front of it, hearing a parent reminding her child to wipe well a second time because they wouldn't be home until after midnight, I noticed Gorgeous Geri was standing behind me. I was surprised that she remembered my name and she said her boyfriend and her had been out on a motor boat on the river and that they had consumed way too much beer. She asked if she could have cuts in front of me because otherwise she didn't think she could keep her red shorts, flip-flops and legs dry much longer. Of course, I agreed.
Once the door opened and the occupants came out, I motioned Geri in. I figured she would only need 30 seconds or 60 maximum to relieve herself. After a two minute wait, I put my eye up to the door, and in a series of five or six looks between the door jamb and siding, I could see that Geri was still standing and was carefully placing strips of toilet tissue over each side of the seat, but the fan on the ceiling was apparently blowing them off before she could be seat herself. It must have been three or four minutes more and my crap was turtle-heading into my underwear, when she opened the door, and told me how much more relieved she was. I don't recall she thanked me, but the pain in my anus was getting worse and my only thought was getting my butt on the seat and dropping the explosion that was coming. I ripped my shorts and boxers down just after the first turd entered my underwear. The sweat was dripping off my entire body as I sat and even my dick was wet as I took it off the front of the seat and directed it into the bowl. As I was blasting almost immediately into the bowl, I looked down between my legs and found a two-incher cradled in my boxers. I immediately grabbed for the toilet paper and found that Geri had used it all. Since the porta-potty doesn't flush, I knew that I had just crapped on all the paper Geri had used for seat protection.
Luckily, it didn't take long for the explosion to get over with. While I was still seated, I raised my feet and took off my shorts. Then came the boxers. I laid the boxers over my crotch and from the back, flicked the log out and into the bowl. Then I stood and ever-so-carefully used both legs of my boxers for wiping. They didn't work that bad. Since I couldn't find a trash can for them, I just tossed them into the toilet. I know my attitude was bad and I just felt like F*** it! Then I put my shorts back on. I opened the door where I saw a little boy with his hands between his legs and he obviously needed to pee. I was relieved but still very pissed when I walked back to the line.



Hey guys! I'm new to this website and this happened last week but let me first tell you about my self.
I'm 5'4. I'm from Manchester in the UK. And i'm 14.
Well what happened last week was my bestie Clarissa was at my house when she farted prrrt prrt braaap, 'clar, i think u need the toilet'i said
'yeah' and she farted again brrt brrrt braap
so we went to the bathroom and she started having diarrhea, and for some reason the smell made me throw up!
Is it normal?


Mr. Clogs

4th of July post

Hello everyone, hope all is well with you all. Well let's start with this morning. I just woke up about 7:30am and as desperate to pee, my mother was in the bathroom doing her thing and couldn't wait. So I peed into my trusty cups I keep in my room just for that purpose. I put the cup up to my morning wood and started to fill away. While I was relieving my full bladder into the cup, I was checking out some emails on my cell phone while peeing. A bit of multitasking going on but it's all good.

Later on that morning I've finished drinking my morning cup of coffee, so I had to poop. I didn't really poop good yesterday, so here it goes. I removed my PJ shorts off and undies and plopped on the bowl. I gave a little push and some stinky turds that was backed up in me started coming out. It felt great but still wasn't done pooping, sitting on the toilet for another 5 minutes trying to shit out every last bit of turds out of my system. Once I was able squeeze out the last bit of turds, then I dribbled into the toilet a bit with my pee, not much but felt relieved. Then I wiped up and put back my underwear and PJ shorts back on, washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Well hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July Holiday and hope to see all your posts.

Mr. Clogs


To "difficult jobs" woman

If you have trouble making it to the toilet, try an adult diaper or pull-up absorbent panties. There's lots of types depending on how absorbent or discreet you want to be, from light ones that are just a safety net for not quite making it, to the thickest ones which pretty much replace using the toilet. Give a few brands a try, nobody will know!

Just a guy
Abbie, great to hear another post from you. Your posts about you and your friends pooping are always interesting. It sounded like you and Beth really had to go.

Millie - that was a great story about your poop and overhearing the teacher go in the next stall.

Natalie X - another interesting story. It sounded like you really had to go and just made it in time. That's terrible that there was no paper, especially after such a messy poop.

Heather - welcome to this site. Some teachers--Eileen H and Laura (Teacher)come to mind- have had great stories on this site - hope to hear more stories from you. Its interesting that they don't keep the teacher's lounge at your school stocked with more paper, especially since the vice principal had it happen 4 times in the last 3 years.


Question for Christine in FL

Christine in FL,

That is too bad to you had to go through that, but it got me wondering........

If you had to guess, how many pounds of poop do you think you dropped on that last dump you mentioned after you were constipated?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what is your height, weight and age?

Thanks and please continue to post more poop stories, they are nice to read.




Constipation survey answers

Gender: Male
Age: 30

1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
It was six days. Did not do any particular I remember, one morning it just finally happened. The toughest constipation was this fall. I was on pain medication and had terrible poops with large girths.

2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
About a week ago.

3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:

4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:

5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:

6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:

7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
I grunt softly and exhales hard. If I'm really having a hard time getting it out I grunt a bit louder.

8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
About 20 mins

9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?

10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:
Never tried it

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you and Beth really had to go and it sounds like you both felt pretty great afterwards to and it sounds like this would have been a good buddy dumping opertunity since you both had to go and there was only one toilet that might be an ides next time if one of you is very desperate just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Millie as always another great story it sounds like that teacher was pretty desperate and probaly was in a rush to get back to class and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelsey first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate lucky no one noticed your accident I bet you learned not to eat that again and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Chaz great story about you seeing your girlfriend poop and pee outside it sounds like she really had to poop and she gave the plants some fresh fertilizer to all natural and please post anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Karen that was a great choice and hopefully you will hav a great 4th of july poop and that sounded like a kinda nasty dump luckuy you had toilet yeah the stomach flu is very nasty and it was kind of those people to help yi out to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you had quite the night and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: Sharon first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like that dump must have felt like heaven after not going that long and I bet you felt pretty great yourself to and probaly lighter and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Natalie X as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate but at least you made it to the the toilet to bad there was no toilet paper thats why its a good idea to keep a roll with you at all time just in case of situations like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine In FL it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but I bet your glad its over at least for now and hopefuly your constipation will end soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Crystal great story that wasnt nice of her maybe you can get her back the same way but wait awhile and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: chealsea it sounds like you had a very nasty time first diarrhea then constipation then diarrhea again from the laxative but at least your friend Gina was there to help you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stoping And Screaming great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you were just seconds away from pooping yourself but at least you made it.

To: Heather first welcome to the site and great story thats the worst thing an empty roll of toilet paper especialy after a really nasty poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

I pooped in that bookstore again today about 2 hours ago I had to wait for a lady to finish and she had to poop it was diarrhea I think I could hear her farting in the bathroom she was in ther for 5 minutes after she was done I went in since its a unisex bathroom I was hoping there would be something to see but nope but I did smell it it kinda smelled fishy and for my poop it wasnt spectaclor just a few small logs and chunks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

A Very Relaxing Poo!

Hi everyone,

I'm Matt, 26 from Scotland, new here and must confess it is nice knowing there are other people out there who also enjoy going to the toilet as much as I do.

I thought I would share a little story with you about my visit the other day to the toliet. So, I had been busy at work all day rushing about and hadn't thought too much about going to the toilet when suddenly around 15:30 I felt a real urge to go to the toilet to relieve my bowels.

I'm a very private perosn so I don't particularly like using public toilets so I waited until I got home ~ 2 hours later to plank my butt down on the toilet and let out an enormous, sausage-shaped poo that had a deep, intense aroma and an rich, dark brown colour to it also.

I must admit I enjoy seeing the site of a healthy poop as it reassures me that I am healthy and regular in that department.

I have very regular bowels so I look forward to sharing more with you all!

Thursday, July 05, 2012


Survey response and latest story

Hi everyone, Abbie here again, just thought I'd post a response to Shane's survey-

Gender: Female
Age: 17

1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
About 8 days, usually if I drink lots and eat loads of dried fruit it helps me to have a poo.

2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
I'm a bit constipated at the moment, I get it on and off.

3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:

4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:
Yes, I have helped a few of my friends.

5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:
No, I've just about managed it on my own, sometimes I have to pull my bum cheeks apart though.

6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:

7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
I usually grunt and yelp a bit if I have to strain really hard, it can be a bit embarasing if I'm using a public loo or if I'm going for a poo at school.

8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
I think the longest I've spent on the loo when I've been constipated was about an hour.

9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?:
Yes, that sometimes happens and I hate it! Its worst when it happens to me at school, either I have to sit there straining and grunting louder than I would like or I have to try to break the poo off and then end up getting dirty knickers.

10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:
Yes, if I need a poo and I'm constipated I find it easier if one of my friends is there, it takes my mind off it a bit.

My story is actually from earlier today, Beth came home with me as she wanted help with some homework. Ellie had been ill over the weekend and was still off school so it was just me and Beth. On the way back to my house she said "I really need a poo, I've been needing to go since the lesson after lunch but I'm still a bit constipated so I didn't want to go in a lesson and end up spending ages on the toilet."
"Yeah, I never ask to go in lessons either, its really embarasing if you end up being a while," I said. "I wish I was one of those people who could have a poo quickly and then it wouldn't matter." As we got closer to the house I could feel I was starting to want a poo as well so I hoped Beth wouldn't need to be on the toilet for too long. We went straight up to my room and Beth said "I'm going to have to go straight away," she went into my ensuite and dropped her school skirt and white knickers to the floor. I noticed her knickers had a skidmark, she caught me looking and blushed a bit as she said "It was starting to poke out I was so desperate" to which I replied "Don't worry, I need a poo as well, mine's going to start poking out soon!"
"Oh God, sorry," said Beth as she started to wee loudly, "I'll try to be as fast as I can." Her wee died away shortly after and I saw her starting to push. I tried to keep the conversation going as she strained, soon she was starting to go red and couldn't help grunting. "Sorry Abbie, its really huge, its stretching my bum" she gasped. "Try pulling your bum cheeks apart, that usually helps me" I said. Beth nodded as she was mid push and reached round behind herself. She continued to strain for another 10 minutes or so, by now I could feel my turd creeping ever closer to my bumhole and trying to push its way out, I clenched my bum closed but I knew I couldn't last much longer. I was wearing white knickers too which were giving me a wedgie so I knew that I was probably going to end up with skidmarks as well, as I felt the turd starting to poke out I reached round behind myself to pull my knickers down a bit. Beth must have realised what I was doing, "Its nearly out" she panted and shortly after I heard a splash as her turd dropped. "Just a bit more to come" she said, starting to push again. I started to unzip my skirt and take it off as Beth let a few more turds drop into the bowl, they seemed a lot easier to push out. Beth flushed the loo as I quickly dropped my knickers and sat on the seat, my turd started to creep out slowly and stretch my bum and I moaned with releaf. Beth took some loo roll and started to wipe her bottom standing up, I lifted my bum off the seat so she could throw the paper away and I saw her eyes widen as she caught sight of the huge log poking out. Beth pulled up her knickers and sat on the edge of the bath while I started to push. I had to strain for ages and pull my bum cheeks apart as well, eventually a massive log came plopping into the bowl and I then weed for a bit before wiping my bottom. I looked down at my knickers and saw they were marked as well, as we went back into my room I said to Beth "I'm going to change my knickers, do you want to borrow some clean ones too?" and she said "Yes thanks". We changed our underwear and then put on leggings and tee-shirts. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Hey:) today in school I had a free lesson, so I didn't go to that lesson and went to the girls toilet. I felt like a #2 so I went to have one. I had been on the toilet for about 7 minutes playing with my phone when the log finally came! I started to push it out unfilled the 10 inch log was at the bottom of the toilet! Two small bits came out and then I wiped and as I sometimes do, stuck some tp up my bum! Then I pulled my yellow knickers up and sat back on the toilet but with my trousers down (just to waste time) when I heated someone rush in! She chose the stall next to me and I could see her Adidas joggers through the gap. I heated four or five splashes after each other and the toilet door open! I see who it was so I flushed my toilet and and went out! I was astounded to see one of the sports teachers by the sink cleaning her pink thong! I guess teachers poo in school too!! She looked embarrassed and said sorry! G.T.G


Response To Joshua's Questions

Well, for your first question, Joshua, I just left the bucket under the seat where I had put it. There was a cinema employee standing near the trash can and I didn't want them to see me throwing a way a bucket of my piss and poop. As for the second question, a friend of mine who still talks to my ex told me that he was furious. It took him so much cleaning to get the stains out and even longer to deal with the odor. I don't think he ever found out it was me who did it.

To difficult jobs-you are right about being a police officer and having to go, o back through my posts and read about my friend Clarissa who is a police sergeant and shit her pants at an accident scene when her squad car was blocked in by all the emergency vehicles, and she couldn't get ANYWHERE.

To Heather-good story about you and your assistant principal-sounds like you were both ready to crap in your undies-glad neither one of you did. Just goes to tell you that the boss has to take a shit too, and is not above shitting her pants like all other mere mortals. And that made you better hearing from both her and the other teacher about being caught without paper. They're right-IT DOES happen to the best of us!!!

Im kelsey and im a 21 year old girl. The other day i had so much to eat... Spicy chicken and a taco and stuff like that. And later that evening i was at the mall and my ???? started making noises so i knew that i was gonna have a massive dump (maybe some diarreah). But i decided to hold for as long as i could. I felf super gassy, so while i was walking around i let out a few smelly farts. They were long and bassy and they smelled so bad. When the urge to poop became even stronger, i had to clench my butt cheeks a bit to make sure i didnt have an accident. I decided that it was time to make my way to the ladies room, so i started walking in that direction. The walk would take a while since the nearest restroom was on the other side of the mall. So as i was walking there i had a ???? pain and i let out a nasty fart, and then a bit of wet poo came out. I panicked and i realized i wasnt sure if i could make it to the ladies room in time. I had to clench my cheeks. I ended up pooping myself.

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