First camping trip

Me and my girlfriend of three years went on our first camping trip together a few days ago, we went out to a state forest area where there is nothing but primitive spots to camp, I have been camping a lot of times like this, but this was her first time. We got the tent set up, the fire going and all the things you do, we cooked some hotdogs, sat around the fire then went for a walk down the road, when we got back it was getting time to go to bed for the night and she was squirming around a bit then she told me she had to pee, we had talked about this before we went and she said she would be ok doing this outside, but she had never done this before, so anyway she grabbed the toilet paper and went over by a tree, unfastened her shorts, pulled them to about her knees and squatted down, she started gushing quickly so new she had been holding for awhile. This was very exciting for me to watch and she was pretty cool about it. So we went to bed and slept fairly well for her first time camping, then in the morning we woke up and I told her I needed to take a dump and I was going out to do it, she then told me she would need to do the same when she got up, I thought she was joking, so I went outside found me a good spot behind a tree and took my morning dump, it felt good doing this outside, so while i'm finishing up I here the zipper on the tent door and she comes out, she looks at me and says she needs to poop really bad, she wanted me to dig a hole for her so she could do it and cover it up. I grabbed the shovel and asked her were she wanted to do it, we walked down a little path a bit and she said here by this tree, she told me to hurry she couldnt hold it much longer, so I dug the hole, she then said she would be ok and I walked away a few feet, I looked over at her and she pulled her shorts down and was starting to squat, I could tell she was really nervous but she started pooping just as soon as she got squatted down, i could see it coming out and it was one continuous piece like soft serve ice cream, it curled around the hole I had dug and then she said she was done. She then moved to the side of the hole and started wiping when I asked her if she had even peed yet and she said no, I knew she would need too but because she was so nervous she had not done it, she then said I am going to pee and moved back over the hole and started gushing, I then saw two more pieces of poop come out of her, the second one kind of hung onto her butt for a few seconds before falling off, she then said I think i'm done this time and then wiped three times, stood up and pulled up her shorts and asked me to cover it up with the shovel, so I did, I could see the poop curled up on the side of the hole, I could smell it just a little bit, but not much which was surprising because there was so much. We then fixed some breakfast and nothing was said about what she done, but I must say it was a fantastic morning and I can't wait to do it again.




Brandon T: I made a compromise, I took three of my neighbors out to Olive Garden, I just had salad. They invited me to a 4th of July cookout, lots of protein and very low carb. Worked out great. I'm bringing the homemade ice cream and peach mable.

Tawnie: When I'm constipated and then I get relief typically the first motion is indeed a sort of hard "plug". That's followed by intestinal discomfort and the rest of the BMs could range from a puddinglike consistency to profuse watery blowouts.

"Difficult Jobs and having to pee": Well, years ago before my two boys were born I used to drive a semi for a couple of years, but quit after I got married. It is not unheard of for male truckers to pee in a jug without stopping while driving but I didn't have that luxury. Women's restrooms in most truck stops were absolutely filthy in those days so I'd usually just exit where there was a McDonald's or other burger place that had a place nearby I could park even if I had to walk a few blocks, and then use their restroom, I'd only stop at truck stops for fuel and that's it. Carried double strength coffee in my thermos, the logic being that half the liquid equals half the need for restroom visits but I still get all the caffeine. In winter '75 I came down with a really bad stomach flu on one run and stopped several times with diarrhea, and yep, right by the road. I had the t.p. all wadded up and ready to go. Exited from the passenger side, dropped my pants, did a few sprays of liquid poop, quick wipe, then I was done, the whole operation took maybe less than twenty seconds, did that number quite a few times. I don't think passersby figured out what I was doing. When I needed to vomit I just used a plastic KFC bucket while driving, and it was full of napkins which I asked for at a KFC where I had stopped to use the restroom, they were so nice because I was sick, even gave me a free soda and some rolls for my upset stomach, back before KFC started selling biscuits they had yeast dinner rolls, light and fluffy, just the thing to nibble on to soak up the stomach acid. When I finally admitted to myself that I was sick I stopped in Dayton and got some Pepto Bismol and it fixed me right up, I even felt like eating by the time I hit Pittsburgh. At the time I didn't know the trick about eating Swiss cheese to plug a runny gut.


1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
Maybe a week, or almost a week. I took Feenamint to relieve it.

2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
A few weeks ago. Too much eggs and cheese and not enough fiber because I'm doing the keto diet.

3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:
Can't say that I have.

4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:
Yes. My friend/neighbor years ago mentioned she had been irregular so I introduced her to Dulcolax. I've given my sons enemas before when they were sick.

5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:

6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:
Yes, when I was a little girl. He recommended Castoria, then when I was older, Dulcolax.

7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
I sound like I'm trying to squeeze into a really tight pair of jeans.

8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
I don't usually sit on the toilet waiting, if it won't come out then I just go do something else until I feel like I can.

9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?:
No, but I've had incomplete bowel movements, which to me are as bad as none at all.

10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

All Pisses & 7's

I am going to bump this story really quickly, since it was posted way at the bottom for some reason, just in case people did not get to read it for that reason.

Yo. It's ya girl Ebony with another story. In May 2011, I browsed the internet searching for concerts my favourite music artists had in Charlotte. When I learned none of my primary favourite artists toured in Charlotte, I saw a tour date for Tech N9ne, a rapper from Kansas City. Tech N9ne had a listing for a concert in Charlotte on July 26th at the Tremont Music Hall for his "All 6's & 7's" album tour. Because I loved Tech N9ne's music, I saved the concert date on my cell phone's calendar. My hubby Brandon heard his music, but he stayed home since he hated Tremont Music Hall. Not long after I returned from the House of Horror, with more information on page 2188, "the clique," best friends Amy, Sharon, and Jalisa, joined me at the concert on July 26th. After we filled the gas tank and rotated a fat ganja blunt in the parking lot, we lined up by the building in 90 weather. When entered the building, I handed the clerk $26 and my ID. To my horror, he told me thrice to dispose my Hawaiian Punch jug before entering. I begged him to allow the drink, assuring him it was only juice, and he couldn't resist my charm. "Okay. I'll let you keep it this once only because you're so cute." He called me "cute." How sweet of him, almost sweet as the red rum that he allowed a 19-year-old to sneak in the concert using a Hawaiian Punch jug.

The music hall appeared to be formerly an old warehouse. However, the bad part was the place had no air conditioner on a 90 day. Nonetheless, acts before Tech N9ne were great, especially Stevie Stone. My friends and I danced our asses off to the music as everyone sweated puddles, turning the place into Onion (or Skunk) Music Hall. As we partied to the different songs by different artists, I took big rum sips. Hours later, when Tech N9ne hit the stage, the liquor fully kicked in, and my bladder begged for emptying. Thus, I sacrificed my spot near stage to use the latrine, but around that time, guys moshed and pushed me, so I escaped the mosh pit to the back because I almost lost my balance . . . and life. "Hey Black girl?" a female voice shouted from behind me. I slowly turned around and my drunken blur cleared, revealing a heavily tattooed White girl that looked 21, 24 tops, with her face painted. She was a juggalette. "Yeah?" I said. "Do you drink?" she asked. "Is the Pope Catholic?" I said, slurring my words and even I barely understood myself. She laughed. "Well, I should have known because you seem drunk as hell." I just mumbled something, maybe something like "I'm not drunk." Big lie. "Do you want to play a drinking game with us?" She pointed to two other chicks identical to her, along with a well-built White guy, also tattooed.

"You know it," I said, thinking I could win the drinking game due to my drinking experience. I must have forgotten I was already drunk to begin with. "Okay! Let's get started!" she said. "The game goes like this. We all name a Tech N9ne album and if he performs a song from that album, everybody that guesses wrong must take big drinks. The first one drunk loses. Let's put some money on it." I thought, "Do they know what they got themselves into? They challenged the great drinker Toilet Trooper Ebony to a drinking game to lose all their cash. What idiots." I constantly named Tech N9ne albums and, although I do not remember exactly what albums I named, I remember that I failed miserably because I ran out of rum. The other girls and the guy did not even take many sips, as they predicted most songs correctly. I then got drunker than previously until I fell backward, but the girl caught me and kissed my cheek for some reason, which didn't seem as weird when drunk. "Whoa!" she exclaimed. "You ran out and you're drunker than all of us combined! You lose!" I stumbled and squinted through the blur. "Since you lost, that would be $26, the price of my admission, and you have to pay up, now!" Not only did my bladder seem like a water balloon, but the fact that I was broke did not help either.

"Uh-oh." I said, "I will be right back. I have to use the latrine." As I walked slowly to the latrine, trying not to wet my shorts and fall on anyone, the girl said, "She's trying to get away!" and grabbed me, but I slipped on a puddle, causing me to fall backward. As the girl helped me up, others stared with smirks, and a guy shouted, "She's pissing her pants!" Through my drunken blur, indeed, the piss trickled down my legs for maybe 40 seconds and reached my feet, and made a puddle on the floor right under me. The piss exposed my privates through my white shorts and panties quite impressively. Those nearby stared at my wet camel toe, pointed at it, and laughed their asses off. "Ew!" the girl said as she backed away to avoid getting piss on her. I sifted for the clique in the crowds, but the girl stopped me. She asked me for the $26, but I said I was broke. The next thing I knew, I woke up in Jalisa's house with the worst hangover. I wondered how I got there and Jalisa told me they saw me passed out in the back in my own piss puddle, so they took me there to clean me up, put some clean clothes on me, and let me recover. Although I never saw the entire concert, I wound up literally pissy drunk passed out in my own piss. Best party ever.


Held it all week at camp

Hi! I'm a fourteen year old girl and I just got back from a week long camp. There were no toilets only outhouses for boys and girls to use so I didn't poop the whole time I was there. Also before I left for camp I already hadn't pooped for a few days.

As soon as I got home I ran straight to my private bathroom and pooped for the first time in about nine days. A big fat log came out of my butt and curled up in the toilet. Another log just as big came next and another and another. One last log and then I felt empty finally.

I had to look in the toilet when I was done. There was a really long log like two feet long and then four other shorter logs maybe six to eight inches each. I knew it would be a huge poop after over a week but I was not expecting that much. I only needed to wipe three times to get clean. I flushed and the toilet clogged. I grabbed the toilet brush and chopped up my huge log into a bunch of small pieces and then flushed again. With a third flush all my poop was gone.

Natalie x

Heather: It's happened to me too!

Not so long ago, a day in school. (student) For the whole day I needed a shit soo bad it felt like i wasn't gonna make it at times. During the first lesson i felt i could pretty much handle it until i got home. Second lesson i was questioning myself thinking how badly do i need to poo. Third lesson, gym class: Really need a shit! I think it was all the exercise that made my butt relax more ergo making my clenching need greater. As I was running I had a few very wet farts that slipped out that showed no good signs at all. Maybe that could of made my panties dirty in the first place? All I knew was as soon as I hit the locker room I would need to sit on the toilet and get this beast out of me on there otherwise would be destruction on my cute black panties. I was trying to hold back farts let alone the load of poo that was forcing out my ass. Unfortunately I couldn't hold the farts, they were slipping out of me like when you deflate a balloon. I was in trouble. But i realized i could just hold it until we got to the changing rooms. Every fart I did on the way back from the field sounded like i was soiling myself. The squelch of every last wet fart/shart was horrific. I was contemplating going in the bushes, but I would easily get seen. It was just such a struggle! I got inside the building, dashing for the toilets, only holding my bum when i knew people couldn't see me, although at some points it was either public knowing or public pooing! I got into the girl's and pushed the door open and slammed it shut. Then it was a case of getting my shorts and panties off. I was moaning holding my bum while stripping my undies off AND still farting uncontrollably loud. It was soo embarrassing! I got them down and sat, poo exploded into the bowl soo loud!!! Dunno what was louder me sighing, moaning or farting. It was the sloppiest shit by far of the year for me. Felt like wet mushy bananas were blasting out of me. Took about 3 minutes to get it all out. It was only then i realized there was no paper!!! FML None in the whole girls room what so ever. I had to just swallow my pride and pull my panties up, knowing they would be destroyed. It was so bad that i felt my panties at my bum when pulling them up as there was a lot of gross shit still glued to my ass. YUCK. But oh well you learn, now I check before I go, no matter how bad I need to go!

Thanks for reading
Natalie x

Christine in FL
I've been writing about my most recent constipation episode. I hadn't gone in about ten days because I was on a trip with friends and when I got home, I took a laxative. The morning after the laxative hadn't worked, so I just laid on my bed and inserted a finger up my bum to help break things up. Though I had a BM, I still felt full, uncomfortable, and really bloated, and I doubted that ten days worth of a junk food binge was out of me yet. This afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, holding my belly and moaning softly, trying to get interested in whatever was on tv. Suddenly, my stomach started to cramp a little. It didn't feel like I had to go, I just hurt. I went to sit on the toilet anyway, and almost immediately, about a tablespoon of pure diarrhea came out. After that, nothing would come, and I still felt full. I went to my bed again and drew up my knees to my chest and laid on my side. I covered my finger in Vaseline and stuck it up my bottom again, as that had been the only thing that had helped me to go. I felt the hard stool inside and worked to break it up with my finger. Straining hard, I passed one thick turd. It came out all broken up, but was almost black and made up of hard pebbles. I rested a minute and then recoated my finer in Vaseline and stuck it up my bottom again. More hard stool. I broke it up with my finger and passed it. Again, it was hard and dark brown and formed from pebbles. I felt a little better after that, and relaxed and released a torrent of hard, dark pebbles. Finally, I began to feel a little better and the bloating had eased a little bit.

I cleaned up the bed and then laid down for a nap as I still felt bad. I woke up again with stomach cramps and though I was going to have another tiny bout of diarrhea. I rushed over to the bathroom and sat. I didn't have any diarrhea. Instead, a long, firm log slipped out. It was about 9 inches long, a good thickness and came out with almost no effort. Another log followed. It was only about 7 inches long, just as thick as the first, and also required almost no effort. Four more followed, about 5 inches long each, thick, and easy to pass. Another torrent of pebbles fell out of me, though these were not nearly as hard as the ones I'd done earlier. Another long log, about 8 inches came out of me, followed by another of the same size. Another torrent of pebbles followed. And then another. Then another round of logs, about three that were each about 7 inches in length. Lastly, a torrent of more pebbles came. I was done. The bloated feeling was gone, and I looked about normal again. There wasn't any more pain or discomfort in my ????. There was no way all that was going to flush down the toilet. I called my husband over to help. He rubbed my now empty stomach. "Guess that laxative helped, huh?" I nodded. "God, all that must have been hurting when it was in you." I nodded again, "it was awful."

I hope I'm never that way again.

Monday, July 03, 2012


Visitor in my stall

I went to take my morning dump at the beach. One of the two doorless stalls was occupied. Very unusual, so I took the one closer to the front of the men's room. I got the usual reactions and non-reactions, but then a guy comes in and starts pacing between the stalls. "I'm almost through," I told him. He said he just needed some toilet paper, so i said, "Go for it."
He stepped into my stall, unraveled some paper, left to blow his nose and came back for more.
First time with a stranger right in my stall.


flush terror

I was at the mall with a friend I needed to do a wee desperatly so we went to the restroom the que was so long. finaly a cubicle was available my friend sally said she would come in with me as she wanted to change into a top she just bought I said Ok. so I sat on the toilet to do my buisness and she started undressing my eyes were looing down to give her some privacy I didn't realise she had moved in closer & then I heard FLUSH cold water violently flushed my crack I looked up in shock, she stood there laughing at me. the flush felt like it lasted for ever & I was soaked by the end of it, my friend asked me if I enjoyed the suprise, as I stood up and put my panties back on I said No that felt horrible! she started laughing again as she saw how wet my panties were from the flush. we left the restroom & my bum felt wet and cold for sometime afterwards. to make matters worse when we got home sally told my mum what happened and they both laughed at me again now I feel paranoid my mum will try and walk in on me while in the bathroom to give me a good flushing. has anyone else had there bum flushed by a friend or family member? I would like to feel im not alone!!!!


Reply to Anne of the Portajohn

Anne, I read about your portajohn experience at the rock concert with interest. It sounds as though the facilities were, by any standard of measurement, pretty grim! However I wouldn't particularly advocate precautionary poos before going out anywhere if you don't particularly need to go at the time. There's a school of thought which has gained ground in recent decades that the bowels should be emptied when necessary rather than forced into some kind of routine or made to suit their owner's convenience (pun intended). I wasn't quite sure what you meant by 'concessions' but I think a better plan would be to avoid fast food such as hot dogs or burgers from stands at events in future. At best that sort of food can be rather greasy and indeed 'lube up' the bowels. At worst it can be undercooked or unhygienically prepared and that can certainly give rise to stomach upsets. If you prepare some sandwiches or a pack up at home before you set out, at least you've got some sort of assurance as to the quality of the food and the effect (if any) it's likely to have on you.

difficult jobs

does anyone else here ( ladies particularly ) have a job where they have to hold their pee very long amounts of time ? what do you do to help you hang on ? I am a 25 yr old f who just got a job in which i have to hold it long amounts of time before I can get to a rest room and when i do its a chore to get my pants down i have come very close to wetting myself on numberous occasions and with the hot weather here and me needeing to dink more i have to figure something out for those wondering i am a police officer


I really got to poop!!

My BFF took me to a restaurant called fu lam.i ate something really bad! um mm here is the funny part I didn't no what kind of food make me sick. 5 minutes later we were heading home and all of a sudden my stomach growled.....then I had a urge to shit. I told my BFF Gina and she said to hold it utill I got her house btw(sleepover)in 2-5 minutes we got home and my face was all red.

I used the bathroom over 10 minutes.....oh boy my stomach was really upset,only what I heard was ridiculous farting noises and wet poop coming out of my ass.
I woke up at 7:30 in the morning with stomach pains and growling noises.
Gina ask if I had diarrhea..and I answered with a low voice saying no!
I walked to the bathroom with my hands on my stomach ...... This time realized I was

Me and Gina went to the pharmacist to go and get laxatives. Up to 1 hour or 2 the side effect started and I was at my courses!!!! I almost was about to shit my pants
My face was like a tomato and Gina knew right away what was going on.

Gina: are you ok ???
Me: umm I think the side affects are starting!!
Gina: well can you hold it
Me: no,i feel something in my pants I can't hold it much longer

The bell rings,me and Gina got out of the class to the bathroom

Me: I don't think I could hold this more longer
Gina: ok now it's the time your in the bathroom do what you have to do!!

Only what you heard is big farting noises with wet shit.
I spend like almost an hour to get the hole thing out my system it feel much better :)
Wish I could have tell you more of my embarrassing time if I will have the time Lil thx!! For reading
My story love u guys

Stopping and screaming on the way home

One day I was due to go to a barbecue right on the other side of town, at a certain time in the afternoon. I woke up late that day. I had not had a poop the day before, so I felt the need to poop, but since I got up late I didn't have time. I didn't want to miss the barbecue. I jumped in the shower and got myself clean and got dressed, then I jumped on a bus to the railway station. I got a train to the city, then another train heading south, which took about an hour. I got to the barbecue, and being hungry, I ate as much as I could. That turned out to be a big mistake! I was just thinking of food. I wasn't thinking that eating too much would increase my urgency to poop! There were no toilets at the barbecue, so I quickly walked back to the railway station. I didn't have time to poop, because the train had just arrived. I only had a couple of hours to use my ticket, then it would expire. I didn't have money to buy another ticket. So I got on the train which took an hour to get back to the city, and again I didn't have time to poop because the train going to my home area had just arrived. It was night by then. I got on the train and got to the railway station nearest to my home. The toilets were closed! I was really desperate by then! I had a ten minute walk to get home. It was the most agonizing ten minutes! I was having trouble holding it in. Just before I got to the last corner, I had to stop. Poop was about to shoot straight out! I was squirming up and down and screaming out loud in my desperation! It was terrible! Somehow in my extreme desperation I managed to regain control, so I walked very quickly home and raced to the toilet. As soon as I dropped my pants and jumped on the toilet seat a large poop shot straight out! Whew, that was close!

Christine in FL
I recently came back from a trip without having gone in about ten days. I was bloated, sick, and feeling horrible, and after a day of healthy eating with no results, I decided to take a laxative. I gulped down a double dose before getting into bed. I laid on my side. My stomach was impossibly swollen and tight. I've been constipated for this long before, but on the trip, I'd gorged myself on pizza, which contributed a lot to how bloated I looked and felt. Somehow, I managed to get some rest, and in the morning, I felt no urge to go. My husband hugged me and stroked my stomach for a long time and told me to go sit on the toilet anyway. I went, I pushed, strained, grunted, groaned, pushed some more, and nothing at all came. Nothing. Sighing, I went back to bed, lubed my finger with vasline and pushed my index finger up into my ass. I couldn't think of anything else to do. I felt the stool. It was hard and huge. I spread out a towel under me, laid back down, and folded my knees up. I pushed my finger back in and began to break up the mass. Slowly, some pebbles started to come out of me. I repeated the process a bit until a good deal was out of me. I still feel bloated and full. I wrapped the towel up and threw it away. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


question for all females with constpation

Hello my name is tawnie i post here here once in a while n have this issue and wana kno if any other females have had this issue my question is when your contstapted n your poop is to hard or big to come out have u ever had to dig the poop out with your fingers or tp i have ant other females that have let me me kno....

Christine in FL

Constipated after a trip

My friends and I decided to take a 10 day trip together to Miami My friend Lindsey came, along with two other women I didn't know too well. We stayed at a hotel which included all free meals. Most days, we'd have breakfast. The selection included muffins, deep fried french toast sticks, eggs, bacon, bagels, and cereal. Most days, I'd get myself a muffin or the french toast sticks. Then we'd tour the city a little, maybe do some shopping, then back to the hotel for lunch, which was usually pizza, and then even more touring and shopping and back for a really unhealthy dinner. Generally, it was more pizza. We all shared a hotel suite, which I hated. It included one tiny bathroom and most of the women used the shower while another was on the toilet. I just couldn't bring myself to go in front of them, and even when I had some alone time, I was tired from the trip and couldn't do all the pushing and straining I needed to move my already constipated bowels. The first two days, I made myself sit on the toilet long enough to pass at least something - usually just a few pebbles, but after that, I just gave up on it all together. By the tenth day, I was so bloated, I looked pregnant, and I couldn't fit into a single pair of my pants anymore. The car ride back was miserable. My stomach was hurting badly and was really uncomfortable, my pants were digging into my waist, and I hadn't even buttoned them, and I just held my belly. I swear, it was the most swollen I have been in my life. The second I got home, I went over to my husband and moaned. I told him I hadn't really emptied my bowels in about 11 days. I told him about all the junk I'd been eating and about how I was so embarassed about being constipated that I just gave up trying to have bowel movements. He gave me a quick hug and led me over to the bathroom, told me to just sit and push. I did, I pushed, I rubbed my stomach and pushed some more, I grabbed my ankles and pushed, I propped my feet up on the wall and pushed, I paced around and pushed, I squatted on the floor and pushed, nothing worked, nothing came out. I was in such discomfort. I ate well the next day, and squeezed out one thick log, but nothing else.


Shane's Constipation Survey

Gender: Female
Age: 23

1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
-The longest I have been constipated was about a week. But that was my own fault. I refused to use the toilets at camp, so I just held my poop in when I was there.

2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
-I'm a little constipated right now. I poop every day, but it's hard to pass and it's painful.

3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:

4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:
-No, I have not

5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:

6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:
-No. I am too embarrassed to go to a doctor for my constipation...

7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
-I usually just grunt and strain loudly and when the poop finally comes out, I let out a nice sigh!

8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
-Somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes.

9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?:

10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:
-No. I don't really like having friends or family around when I am pooping-constipated or not!


Okay so I have always really enjoyed the idea of women really needing to go to the bathroom and having to hold it. Also I've really wanted to see a woman going to the bathroom, peeing or pooping. I'm wondering if I should tell my girlfriend, and if I should, how do I tell her? I don't wanna ruin our relationship, but if she got into it it would make our relationship so much cooler for me. I don't know what to do.


To Shane and all


To answer questions:

I never spied on any friends in the bathroom - I was taught from the start that even though they seemed to dominate our lives, bowel movements and constipation were "rude", "dirty", "disgusting" and shouldn't be talked about. Of course I did to a certain extent, like all children, but I never dared talk about my problems.

Melanie's soon to become 9 years old.

I don't understand the e-mail rule either, but for anyone who needs to know more, I'm a regular correspondent at the Voy enema and suppository health forum and several similar forums.

Now then

1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
A week - when I was 6 year old. My parents got a nurse to visit and give me an enema! (Don't feel like telling that story now, maybe later).

2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
-I'm constipated as we speak. (ditto - it'll be my turn for the jelly bomber later today!)

3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:
-Yes (aged 6 and under) - but it may not have been physical pain but fear of what was going to happen next.

4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:
-Yes, my daughter.

5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:
-Yes, my parents.

6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:
-Yes I have. When I was little they just seemed to tell my parents to carry on with what they were doing. Now they recommend all sorts of things that I don't want to take because of the potential side-effects (you know what's wrong with Miralax/Movicol I'm sure). I experiment with natural health supplements and foods to try and keep my intestines in gear, but by the time the dirt reaches the chute...

7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
-I've had to learn to keep quiet except for the noises my dirt-pipe makes!

8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
- I don't know - however long it took for the remedy to work

9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?:
- "Dilated but no more contractions coming" is the worst thing that's happened to me (I am talking about shit here BTW!)

10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:
- No

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren as always another great peeing story about you and your friend Deb peeing in the theater and probaly they do check the seats to see if anyone spilled anything and great story about your friend alexis peeing in your car it sounds like she enjoyed it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nikki as always another great story it sounds like your friend Jesica had a vey bad night but at least she made it every time and didnt have an accident and I bet she wont eat that anymore or at least anytime soon and I hope she felt better after all that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Beaver first welcome to the site and great set of stories your first one it sounds like she really had to poop bad and alot to and I look forward to reading more stories about her and great story about you talking to your friend while she tried to poop to bad she wasnt able to.

To: Lex first welcome back and great stories not really sure why your farts stink so bad it might just your bodies chemistry and I bet who ever sat on that couch probaly got a surprise and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story and that the bad thing about porta potties they become stinky saunas in the heat and as always I look forward toy our next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story it sounds like you almost had an accident but caught in time and please dont stay away so long we love your stories and you can just about your daily poop it dosent have to be glamerous and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My answers to Lorraine's survey

Age: 20
Gender: Female

1. Has any woman ever been in overpacked restrooms?

Certainly I have. Try going to a 4,000-some student urban high school with mega restrooms and mega crowds in each. When I came home in tears after one of the first days of classes and sitting on the toilet too long and feeling too hassled since I couldn't get my pee stream going, my mom gave me the best advice: use an end stall because there's more privacy and less noise and I should be less frustrated by all the distractions. It worked for me from the very next day on. Now I simply wait for an end stall to open, allthough often the end stalls have been overlooked by the others and are open.

2. Do you release pee and poop at fully intensity or try to tone it down in packed womens restrooms?

The noise level from the other stalls is so high that I don't worry about my really torrid pee stream being heard by others. When I crap, on the other hand, I don't think I'm any more noisy than the others, but I'm a little less comfortable physically because I only seat my butt cheeks on the toilet seat. This often will keep my big craps from directly hitting the water too fast and hard and splashing me. This was a big problem and fear when I first started middle school. A friend Flame taught me the front-sit technique and demonstrated it for me. She also does it for hygienic reasons because our college doesn't have those tissue papers that you can put over the seat before sitting down. But I don't use them anyway because I think they are dumb.

3. What do you think of being in an overpacked womens restroom? Can you take all the noise?

They are just a reality we have to accept. However, yesterday at the airport while I was waiting for my boyfriend to fly in, I went down the moving stairs to the basement where the baggage claim is because I didn't think the bathrooms would be as crowded. I was right. I got my stream started almost immediately. It was so quiet you could hear the music being piped in. However, Huey Lewis with strings is not my favorite. And Jason, my boyfriend, ran from the arrival gate to the big restroom because he had been holding his crap for more than three hours.



1. How many times do you pee each day on average and on average, is the color light, medium, or dark yellow.

2. Do you wipe your bum after each and every toilet pee

3. Do you pass gas every-time you pee and is it usually soft, medium, or loud

4. Is your pee ever glittery or foamy or have a white like fluid in it

5. Is the smell light, medium, or strong on average.

6. Have you ever had a small piece of poop fall while only taking a pee in the toilet


8. Do you toilet at home have any pee scum or stains that have built up.

9. Do You pee often In Public restrooms and do you do it when nowhere is there or do you go and pee regardless how packed it is.

10. Does the toilet tissue does the job or is an odor still left.

also, DESCRIBE ANY TOILET PEE EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE. you can discuss the urgency, color, heaviness, sound, how packed the stall was, and any characteristics including wiping.


It Happens To Us All

I'm a high school teacher, that's black speaks French and Spanish. I teach English to students that don't know English as their first language. I woke up on Thursday an hour late. I quickly got ready for work in 20 minutes and got my things and left. I was wearing a skirt a little bit above my knees and a women's golf collar shirt as if i liked to golf. I walked steadily to my classroom, with my things. I got there 2 minutes tardy but better tardy than not at all. I felt a turtle head trying to poke out of my but. I got it back in before i damaged my panties. I started teaching while i was regaining control, acting like nothing of that nature happened. I walked around the room handing out materials for our project. And collecting homework from yesterday. About 20 minutes later i felt my turtle head poking out my but with greater force this time. I managed to get it back in. Then the assistant principle came in to monitor my class at random. She's nice and wears dresses and skirts like a lady. She's 33 years old. She watched until 7 minutes before the end of class. I left for the teacher's lounge where there was a private women's bathroom. Someone was in there when i knocked. So i put my but cheeks together at full force. I waited around 8 minutes before the door opened. To my surprise it was the assistant principle in the ladies room. I rushed in closed the door and pooped in the toilet several times. There wasn't any toilet-paper on the roll. So I looked around to find some couldn't find any in the single stalled ladies room not even on me. I pulled my wight panties up feeling disgusted. I washed my hands sprayed some perfume on me and opened the door. The assistant principle and another teacher were talking noticed me and asked how I was doing. I told them that I was somewhat surprised that she came to my classroom. She laughed well its my job, u do a fantastic job; also i had to leave early the assistant principle said, so i could get to the bathroom to do a #2. I did my business and to find out no toilet-paper I was so embarrassed... The other teacher Ms.Ross said it happened to me a few times, luckily nobody found out, Ms.Ross asked me if that ever happened to me i said just now it happened. I blushed and the assistant principle said it has happened to me 4 times that i can remember in the last 3 years, so its nothing to be ashamed about it happens to us all.

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