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At the bustop

I was out today. It was a warm and dry. I started out early with an above average busy day meaning I didn't take my regular dump at home. The previous day, I had eaten out at a buffet meaning I had lots of healthy fiber foods. By 1 pm, I had to poop so bad. I found an enclosed bus shelter, pulled by pants down just enough so I could scoot by rear to the back of the bench. I was outdoor and it felt great as my bowels emptied out. I would have been terribly embarrassed if someone would have walked into the shelter or a car passing by would have noticed me. I finished and pulled my pants back up.


First time posting in here

hey everyone!!! I have been reading this blog since a while ago but until now I have decided to post something.
Well first about me I'm an eighteen-year-old Latin girl (Mexico go go go!)(and yes I live in Mexico) I'm just a normal teenager :D but of course I can't be normal if I'm writing on this blog. I always have had a passion for pooping since I was a child, I mean I'm a shy poopper (my big dream is to poop in a public bathroom) when I was more little I always have to do it at home, but recently I had to travel a lot so I have to do it at the hotel room.
I say it's like my fetish or something but I love hearing girls or woman in the bathroom at public toilets, it's fascinating to me the little grunting and gasping sounds they make, and how the shit just hits the water, y'all know...kinda gets me turned on, also seeing their feets while their at It, when I have to wait my friends or companions I always look at the feets and figure out if they are pooping or something...I have guessed right a few times that I will share maybe later night.
I still remember when I was little and was on a vacation on Disneyland, my sister, my mom and me where taking a dump after eating and I was more occupied listening to them and seeing their feets under the partition stall than doing my own business but I still remember how great that long soft turd was. I love to push a hard turd than a soft one, I think it feels great how do you have to push to get it out and how relieved you feel after hearing it plop into the water....damn I feel like I wanna have a dump right now! bad I can only do it once in a day :(
well this was just my presentation, hope I can come with stories about my experiences in public stalls!!! and please! I will love if someone there could post stories about this! Please, don't make me feel like the only 18 years old girl who gets turned on by pooping and pooping sounds D: It cost me a lot of value to post this here.
we shall read later!!

Update-5 weeks,1 day pregnant. Feeling okay, as well as i can. However my pooping hasnt been too great in the last week. I wrote in last week about going okay but since monday(4 1/2 wks)ive begun to struggle. Little has come out since then. Mon-1 small log after 20 mins of pushing. Tues-1 very small log after 10 mins trying. Wed-nothing after 25 mins trying. Yesterday-1 very, very small log emerged after 15 mins of pushing. So i havent pooped properly since sunday. Im going to try it live now. Ready. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Wow we have lift off. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and it emerges. Slowly. Coming... still coming. And finally. PLOP, PLOP. Ohh its good to finally get this relief. Coming again. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLIP-PLOP. Ahh. Going to wipe now. 3 wipes needed. With my last pregnancy i didnt get constipated too badly until around 4 1/2-5 months. Not even 2 months yet. Gonna be an interesting 7 1/2 months by the looks of it if my struggles continue. Bye for now.


Southern Food Dump

This just in. I am expecting one heck of a major dump tomorrow, yay!

I wrote in my last post about my day off with pay, but today I got invited to my neighbors' for a real down home southern meal, they hail all the way from the great state of Alabama. They insisted that I stay for dinner with them and I didn't wish to insult them, sooooooo, hahaha! I made this my cheat day as far as my diet is concerned, it was all the wrong foods, but oh so good and I couldn't pass it up.

Breaded fried pork chops, thick cut home fried potatoes, fresh turnip greens seasoned with bacon, black eyed peas with hamhocks, breaded fried squash, fried okra, crispy corn bread muffins, iced tea with so much sugar that the spoon almost stands upright in the glass, and for dessert watermelon and homemade southern banana pudding made with Nabisco vanilla wafers. I ate so much that my stomach felt a little queasy for a time so I sat outside near the bushes nursing a coke feeling like I might throw up, the meal had a lot of grease, and because I'm not used to such large rich meals, but man what a delicious treat! My thighs and especially my butt already feels noticeably tighter in my pants. Not fat, just more solid and hard, must be the glycogen from all the carbs. I do feel a lot stronger all over, that meal might be just what I needed, I haven't really cooked balanced meals for myself since my sons left home. I guess those southern farm workers of old must have had herculean strength eating this way. I'll spend probably the next few days trying to get back into keto, but that meal was definitely worth it, it was absolutely scrumptious! I'll have to make my Italian spaghetti and peach mabel and invite them all over to reciprocate the favor.

I'll post the results of what should be a most remarkable bowel movement as soon as I can, but I have to be at work at six tomorrow so bear with me, I'll get that info to you when I can.

Angie: in order to have really large BMs I eat a LOT of ???? and stuff like oatmeal and shredded wheat. The ???? will make your poop really stinky but you will be impressed with the size of it!
I haven't posted in a while but I have been reading the stories and found all of them great. Now, I have a question: how can I go about making my wife comfortable having a poop while I'm in the bathroom with her? She feels comfortable enough to rip big loud farts but if she has to poop, say for example, when I'm in the shower or bath she refuses to poop.
Thanks in advance!


Clogged the toilet

I hadn't pooped since last Thursday (since my fart/diarrhea accident). I had a bottle of water as soon as I got up today and soon after I felt a strong urge so I went to the toilet. I only gave a gentle push and I could feel my hole stretching and a huge poop coming out. I was done within a minute or so.

I was right, it was pretty huge! It must have been a foot long at least! I wiped 4 or 5 times and flushed. My poop was so big it clogged the toilet :( Whoops. I guess that's what happens when you don't go for a week. My husband is still shocked I can poop that much and that big (he joked and called me a monster lol). Let's just say I feel a lot better now.


Reply to Lucy's Survey

Hi Gang, the summer job driving a cement mixer is working out great and sorry I haven't had much time to write, you know I love you guys just the same. Got a day off today because I worked two shifts this past saturday.

Lucy's Survey
1. When did u last wet yourself by accident? Does vomiting count? I threw up in the cement mixer I was driving this past saturday. Long story short, missed my morning coffee, got a caffeine withdrawal headache which made me sick, no place to pull over. Hot day, no air conditioning. Old truck. Double stick manual transmission, heavy traffic. Couldn't hold it, uncontrollable retching then my stomach started doing it's thing, tried to aim it onto the floorboard to the right of me, ended up spraying the dash and got some on my pants and right arm. Stopped at a McDonald's to get cleaned up in the bathroom and felt better after a couple cups of strong coffee and three aspirin, asked for a bunch of napkins and a bag and cleaned up inside the truck.

2. Where were u and how did it happen? While driving a truck as a temporary summer job.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yourself? I had on a light blue Mickey Mouse t-shirt, pair of khaki pants, and white sneakers.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder? Depends; how much i've had to drink, now much I sweat, etc.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because your too involved in something else to use the toilet ? Can't say that I have.

6. Did u get embarrassed when u wet yourself ? In this last case of vomit, I was feeling too rotten to really care. After I felt better though I was self conscious of anyone getting a whiff of it.

7. Have u ever wet yourself on purpose or out of pure laziness? Not since I was very small.

8. When did u last poo yourself ? I sharted once after some mexican food. thought it was air but found out the hard way.

9. Where were u and how did it happen? I was mowing the lawn.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yourself ? I think I just had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

11. How long can u hold ya poo ? Longer than is probably healthy.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yourself? I sharted by accident. I thought it was just gas.

13. Were u embarrassed when u messed yourself A bit. Nope. I was at home. Nothing a shower and a washing machine couldn't fix.

14. Ever messed yourself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ? Nope .

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yourself in the meantime?. I'd just hold it if I didn't have anything to wipe with. If I couldn't hold it then I might use my socks or underwear to wipe with and then throw it away.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yourself? Absolutely not.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Nikki great story it sounds like you were having a pretty nasty time at least you made it somewhere everytime without having an accident and im glad your feeling better to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PN great story about your friend peeing herself I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Girl To High toilet great story toilets like that are a kids and shorter peoples worst nightmare belive me I know me being just under 5 ft tall myself.

To: James great story about getting to watch your friend pee and poop and it sounds like you and her are pretty close and open with eachother and I bet that memory is going to be with you forever and please share anymore stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Mrs.Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like husband was probaly raised in an open house where going to bathroom wasnt a taboo and it also sounds like you had a pretty good dump yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michael great story about that woman pooping.

To: Loc it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time I hope your feeling better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Frida thats hard to say for sure if it contiues and/or gets worse you may want to see a dr just to be safe and sure and please keep us updated and I hope you feel better soon.

To: Angelic as always another great story it sounds like you were very desperate and hopefully you dont get blamed for it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


At the boot fair

I went to a boot fair with Sarah at the weekend. It was out in the county in a field surrounded by woods I was dying for a poo but there were no toilets and I thought about going in the woods at. Sarah wanted to see everything that was on offer first. We came to a stall selling all sorts of household products and they had toilet rolls which gave me an idea. I bought a pack and told Sarah I was going to the woods and I would catch up with her later. She said ok and off I went. When I got into the woods I found a nice secluded spot and lowered my jeans and knickers and squatted. My bowels open immediately and a load of soft mushy poo shot out move the grass. It was such a relief and after wiping I went back to the field and found Sarah a few minutes later.


Diarrhea accident

Hi, Noelle again!
Angelic: That was pretty embarrassing. Lucky though, no one found out that you ruined your knickers.

Jenna: I understand your situation, having found myself in that fix, too many times! Good to know that your co-workers were cool about it.

Now, the story. This happened last week. I was seeing a guy from work. I had gone to the toilet that morning and had a very good dump. But at lunch, I had a pretty heavy and spicy meal. Me and him had a dinner date after work. The plan was to go home after work, freshen up and he'd pick me up in an hour. But due to a conference next day, both of us got held up doing last minute paper work, so we both decided to go for dinner directly. The date was good, had a good talk and stuff. I didn't have much for dinner, as the lunch was still heavy on my stomach. After the dinner, we were headed to his apartment, and during this ride, I suddenly got the urge to poop. I let out a silent fart, and it smelt bad. He waved his hand in front of his nose to get rid of the smell, but didn't say anything...i got super-embarrassed. Moreover, from the fart, I realized that I'm going to have a bout of diarrhea. I was wearing, blue , tight work jeans. We reached his apartment. I got seated on a chair in his living room, while he went in to get some dessert. The chair was made of some synthetic cloth nailed to a wooden frame..Seated there, I felt another strong urge...i pushed to fart. This was a disaster. Immediately, liquid, runny poo rushed into my panties. I could feel the hot mess against my butt. I panicked initially, not knowing what to do. He then came back, with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. God, I wanted to enjoy the night, but for what I had done! I put on a fake smile, managed to act as if nothing was wrong. He handed me the bowl and got seated on a nearby sofa. While talking, he asked me to come sit on the sofa, it was more comfy there, than on the chair. I kept my cool, and said I was okay here. It was smelling slightly, but I don't think he noticed that. Then, while he was rambling on about some family issues, he suddenly stopped talking and started staring at my chair. I didn't understand. He suddenly asked, "Noelle, did you go in your pants?" I thought he could smell it and didn't know what to say, and lied "No..I just farted, that's the smell". He then says, "No, the floor beneath your chair has something" and started coming closer to take a look. I quickly bent from the side to see what he was talking about and the sight horrified me! The diarrhea had gotten out of my jeans and seeped through the chair cloth on the floor. It was not much, just a small puddle beneath my chair, and some more dripping from the cloth, but the deal was done, I was caught. I totally went numb. He held me up by my arms, led me to the toilet. I went in, locked myself...spent 1/2 hour inside cleaning and thinking. The cleanup was impossible I decided, I needed different clothes. He was quite understanding though..he rummaged in his wardrobe and lent me his old jeans. I wore it without panties, mumbled a good-bye and left soon, embarrassed.

He did not ask me out again. Just polite, courteous "Hello" whenever we met again, but thankfully, he didn't mention anything to the other co-workers.



A peeing story

I've been reading the forum for many years, and I've noticed that there's a lot of pooping stories, but not so many about peeing. I don't know if it's because nobody's interested, but I'll post one anyway.

I'm one of those girls who have an abnormally large bladder. My usual routine is to pee first thing in the morning, and then I won't need to go again until I leave school in the evening. This is normal for me, but three days ago my last lecture ran late and I needed to rush to catch the train home. My bladder was aching for relief the whole ride home but I couldn't think of anywhere I felt comfortable stopping to go to the bathroom at, so I held it.

When I got home it was close to ten o'clock and I had been holding in my piss for about sixteen hours. I came in the door and practically threw my bookbag and purse on the table and sprinted to the bathroom. I yanked my jeans and panties down and plopped my butt on the toilet and began to piss. My stream came full force, like I had turned on a firehouse, for ten seconds. It started to let off and weaken some after that. I continued peeing for close to a minute more as the stream gradually slowed to just a trickle. I continued to piss in spurts for another twenty seconds.

I had my first false stop then at around the 90 second mark, but began again at nearly full strength. The stream tapered off quicker than the first time. My stream was almost nothing at all for a while there but I was still peeing. The second false stop came a minute or so after the first and I finished with a renewed gushing stream of maybe fifteen seconds. I'm not sure I can describe the relief I felt after having that much needed three-minute piss.

Hello. My name is Johanna (but I prefer to be called Hanna) and I am a 23 year old girl. I moved to the United States eight years ago, but I grew up in Norway. I have brown eyes and long flowing red hair that almost reaches my butt.

I also have an insatiable appetite, and have gained the nickname amongst my friends of "The Black Hole". It's not uncommon for me to eat twice as much as my friends do when we eat together. They often wonder how I manage to stay slim. I have a high metabolism and I work out every day for at least half an hour. Eating the way I do of course leads to large bowel movements. I move my bowels twice every day, in the morning and the afternoon, and I frequently clog the toilet.

I woke up this morning with a full feeling. After having my coffee, I was ready to have a BM. I sat on the toilet and read my magazine. A soft turd came out of my anus and plopped into the bowl. I did a long silent fart. A creamy turd wormed its way out. A short airy fart and then a firm turd poked out. It retreated back but then reemerged. The turd grew to be very long. I did two bubbly farts before letting a fat turd snake out of me. Two firm turds followed soon after. I blasted a loud fart and a short turd shot out. One last turd started its journey and fell onto my pile in the toilet. I wiped myself eight times before I flushed the toilet. My bowel movement was too large for my toilet to handle. I had slept in a bit today and had to hurry to get ready for work, so I just closed the lid and began my shower.

I arrived at the bank where I worked without being late. Later in the day, I began to feel a fullness indicating I'd need to have a bowel movement shortly. My break was in twenty minutes. I was farting a lot in my chair but thankfully they were not loud. I held them back if I had a customer to help, but if I was alone I'd let them rip. My break came and I rushed to the toilets. I selected the toilet farthest from the door.

I sat on the toilet just in time for a firm turd to come out. I was nervous because at home, I can get the plunger and unclog the toilet myself, but it's far more embarrassing if I clog the work's toilet (which I have done before). I passed a second short turd. A soft turd eased out of my anus and grew and grew. It was a really long one and took a long time to pass. When it finally broke off, I looked between my legs and saw a big load already. I knew more was to come so I flushed. I farted silently three times before pushing out another turd. A fat hard turd stretched my anus open as it came out. It landed in the bowl with a resounding splash. The next turd was easier to pass as it was softer, though still firm. My final turd was another long coiling turd. I needed only six wipes and then I flushed away the second half of my bowel movement. I exited the stall and washed my hands. I went over my break by two minutes, and I apologized to my manager, explaining that I needed the toilet very badly. She's a very kind boss and was not mad. I like to have my bowel movements during my lunch hour so I'm not late, but sometimes the need comes early and I have to go.

That's all for today. Hope you all enjoy reading it.


5hr farts

I took a 5 hr energy the other day , I was exghuasted from work ! Well anyways it gave me crazy energy also crazy farts and the shits !! I was farting my brains out on the toilet , kinda turned me on in a way .... I love watching my girls friends taking shits lol :)

Has this happened to any of u girls lol ~


Our first buddy dump

I don't usually poo with others around me unless I'm literally about to poo myself. The one person I don't mind pooing around is Sarah and as anyone who has read our posts before will know we love doing it together. We even have buddy dumps sometimes and it feels great. The first time we did it was a couple of years ago. We didn't plan it. It just happened. I was at Sarah's house and was constipated. I left half an hour straining and Sarah had the runs. She came into the bathroom and ordered me to move to the back of the toilet and open my legs wide. She ripped her jeans and knickers down and position herself between my legs. She was so desperate she started to go before she could sit down and some of it went on my lap and on my stomach. She kept apologizing for it but I knew she couldn't help it and told her not to worry about it as I know how hard it can be to control diarrhoea. When she was done we showered together and we had an early night together. The next morning I woke up to find Sarah's arm around me. I moved it so I could get out of her bed and she woke up and told me how much she loved me for not freaking out after pooing all over me. I told her it was no problem. She wasn't well after all.

Great story about letting the two girls watching you while you took a shit outside! There was someone who posted awhile back about a similar situation while he was out jogging. That's a situation I've fantasized about being in myself, but never had the circumstance, and probably wouldn't have the courage. You have any other similar stories? Doing the same thing again, or maybe those girls repaying the favor?

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Replying to Esteban (Page 2189)

The question of embarrassment sometimes has to be set in the context of (a) the possible consequences of delaying the daily dump and (b) whether pride is more important than health.

I'm now on my own, and my normal early morning routine is as follows:

1 Switch the kettle on for a coffee (the latter put in a cup the night before)
2 Go into the bathroom for a pee (sitting, as the streams don't always go into the pan at that time of morning)
3 Get my coffee, and eat my cereal, while attending to my emails.
4 Clean my teeth
5 Shave
6 Drop my jogging pants, sit, relax, and let things happen.
7 Wipe with toilet paper
8 Have my shower, which including washing my bottom.

Then I get dressed, ready for the journey wherever I have to go in connection with my work.

That's my NORMAL morning routine, but occasionally I have to set out very early. If I am very early, sometimes nothing happens in item 6 above!

When I feel the 'urge' I try to stop, either at a motorway service station, a garage, to put some petrol in my tank, a transport cafe or a public toilet. There aren't always locks on the door, and this happened to me twice earlier this week. The first one not only had no locks on the door, but the door wouldn't stay shut. The second one, in a supermarket (there were too, but the other one was occupied), had no lock, but I fortunately the door was near enough to the toilet, for me to lean over and press my hand against it. Wiping was a bit more difficult. I find it easier to wipe while sitting down, but on this occasion, I grabbed some paper, and walked to the door, leaning against the door while wiping. I didn't feel very clean, but I do keep some 'wet wipes' in my car for such emergencies. (I also take my best jacket off and leave it in the car, in case there are no hooks on the door. Often they are broken off.)

The guys objecting to your sitting on a door-less loo were just stupid. Regular bowel movements can reduce the chance of health problems. I don't like missing a day.

Perhaps you should have said 'There's no door, and the others were occupied, and I was desperate.' You had also saved one of them from having to wait.

Also, when arriving for an appointment, I don't like having to ask for the toilet as soon as I get there, particularly for a 'number 2'.


Stinky Sunday (literally.)

Me and a couple of friends went camping on Saturday. We left the next afternoon. During the drive home, I felt the need to shit so I farted and told my friend to pull over. We stopped near the woods. I slip off my dress and I'm naked. I squat down and start letting out some loud, stinky, wet farts with 5 soft logs of yellowish brown poop. Luckily, I brought my water bottle with me so I cleaned myself off with the water, put my dress back on and got back in the car. But when I got back to my house an hour later, I felt the urge to shit again so I let out a big, nasty fart and stripped naked again, sat in the sink, farted and shitted for 5 minutes straight and grunting. I washed my butt with the faucet and didn't even think about putting any clothes on so I stayed naked. Then 22 minutes another urge hits me so I run to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and here goes a yellow diarrhea explosion and the loudest, stinkiest farts I've ever had. Just as I thought it was over, 45 minutes later, it happens again. I had to take a long shower because I stunk so bad. At the camping site before I went home, I ate 2 cheeseburgers and ice cream. Maybe that caused it. That was my first time eating any kind of burger so I really don't know. The only good thing was that I didn't vomit or have any pain or cramping so I got pretty lucky. But whew! That was an quite an experience.


Friend peeing herself

I haven't either had or witnessed very many accidents since I was an adult. I've had a few of the times where I thought I just had to fart and it was actually some runny poo, but not very many stories other than that. One story I do remember, though, happened when I was in college. I was in my friend W's dorm room with her and one other friend. I don't remember what we were talking about, but whatever it was was pretty funny and all three of us were laughing pretty hard. At some point I started seeing a puddle spreading on the floor under W's feet where she was standing. Then she started laughing even harder. I must have had a funny expression on my face because I was surprised. She looked at me and said, "I just peed myself," in a tone of voice as if she was explaining because I didn't understand, and then started laughing again. Then she went into the bathroom to clean up. I've heard people talk about peeing themselves laughing, but that's the only time I've actually seen it happen.

Little Girl--Too High Toilet!

I was at the train station Memorial Day weekend. I was switching commuter trains which kept me on the lower level of the huge two-level station which was fine with me because the crowds upstairs are maddening. Last year when I was last up there, I had to wait in line more than 30 minutes to wee, and I had two obnoxious children watching me from the line as I drained my bladder. They were unsupervised and took advantage of the situation which was made worse by the doorless cubicle. Well back to now, I felt lucky to be entering a single-cubicle bathroom without a long line snaking out of it. As I walked into the bathroom I walked past a woman about 25 who was leaning against the hallway wall enjoying a smoke. There was a single cubicle, with no door and that's pretty much the norm for our township, and I saw two flip-flops swinging in the air and underwear at ankle level, so I knew it was child. She called out "Mommy" at least twice and I heard the mom shout back at her to finish up on her own because Mommy wasn't going to be able to help her at school this fall. One of the shoes then fell to the floor. The mom yelled in "Babe--are you done yet?" and the girl called out to her again. As I walked up closer to the cubicle, I could see the problem: the poor little girl was scared because the toiiet bowl was so large and the seat was probably much bigger than what she used at day care and other places. I went outside and got the mother to come in. She briskly walked by me and asked her daughter what the problem was. The girl got up off the stool and whispered several words to her mother who leaned down. The mom seemed to fake anger, quickly unbuttoned her jeans, and threw herself onto the toilet's seat. There was thud when she dropped her butt onto the seat. Then I heard a screech and could see her legs move up against the stool. "C'mon Babe," she said, as she pulled her daughter onto the seat in front of her. I don't think 5 seconds went by before I heard a small tinkle start and it went on for about 30 seconds. The mom said, "See you did well, Babe" and the girl came out smiling while still pulling her shorts up. The mom stayed in the stall while she made herself presentable. They both hurried out of the bathroom without flushing or washing their hands. I flushed, seated myself on the warm seat, and weed for about a minute and a half. Then a mother with three daughters came hurrying in. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands as the first girl seated herself. Then I went out and bought a newspaper to read for the rest of my wait.

One day when I was in the fourth grade, I was at a friend's house working on a project for school. Her parents were both at work and so it was just us in her room alone. We were good friends, and I knew she was fairly uninhibited, as she would fart around me without caring.

We worked on the project for a while until she said she had to go to the toilet. I watched as she stood up, walked to the bathroom attached to her room and didn't close the door. She lowered her pants and panties and sat on the toilet, in full view of me. She looked directly at me as she began to pee and kept on talking about our project. I was very distracted by the fact that I was actually getting to see a girl on the toilet. I kept my composure best I could and we continued our discussion where we left off.

She peed for what seemed like a long time, though it was probably less than thirty seconds. She opened her legs and wiped her front, then closed her legs again and kept sitting. My heart was about beating out of my chest then, as I knew that meant she had to poop as well. We talked some more and some of her sentences were interrupted by slight grunts or a strained voice, followed by her turd hitting the water.

As I listened and watched her pooping, I was amazed by the amount she was going. I usually did three or four good-sized turds back in those days, but I had counted nine splashes before she started to wipe her butt. She wiped five times and I even caught a brief glimpse into the toilet bowl when she stood up, but I was too far away to really see anything clearly. She did have to flush twice to get her load to go down, so I guess it must have been a big one.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Uninvited Guest

Hi. It's Ebony here again with another story. Also, for those of you that took my survey, thank you so much. After I returned from the weeklong stay at the House of Horror to help my family tend to my sick great-grandmother, Brandon and the children welcomed me home with open arms, happy that I returned home from what seemed to be a yearlong trip. While I do not remember the exact time, it was dark, and the children, young as they were, needed sleep. After Brandon got the children to sleep for the rest of the night, Brandon told me that he missed me and wanted to make my return home romantic as possible. I felt happy because, after spending a week at the House of Horror, I was ready to get it on as badly as a convict would be ready to get it on when released from a 20-year prison sentence. Brandon stayed in the kitchen and prepared dinner. As we ate, Brandon already set the mood with bottles of Appleton White Rum and a dinner table decorated with a freshly cooked meal and candlelight, dimming the illumination. Brandon really outdid himself and I loved everything about that night, except for one instance.

After dinner, I took a bubble bath, towelled off, and when I went to the bedroom where Brandon gave me a facial, (facial cream mask of course), the familiar urges attacked me down below, paired with a small cramp, signifying that this number two would not be pretty. When I normally experience an urge, I excrete normally. However, when I experience an urge with a cramp, it would be like giving birth all over again, but this time, out a different hole. "Brandon, I'm gonna go to the latrine. I will be right back," I said. "Alright." He replied. "I will be waiting." "Okay," I said, smiling at him with a face full of green facial cream as I journeyed to the latrine. I lifted my white bathrobe, sat on the toilet, and pissed a yellow hurricane in the toilet as opposed to my regular stream, which typically happens whenever I sip the rum. I then pushed out a rather large log that instantly relieved my cramping and, surprisingly, only produced a very mild odour. Just when I was about to drop another load, Brandon barged in on me. I looked at him with my eyes opened wide, embarrassed as hell. "Brandon, what you are doing in the latrine while I'm in here?" Although he and I had been dating since 9th grade before we got married last year, I always made sure to shit without him knowing, as I assumed that girls doing number two to their man's knowledge was a big no-no in relationships. "Be easy." He said with his hand out, chuckling. "I just came to use the mirror so I can wash my locks." I was extremely uneasy though. "You just had to wash your hair soon as you knew that I had to use the latrine." "It shouldn't be a problem." He said. "But it is. Now get out the bloodclaat latrine. You're ruining my privacy." I replied. "Ebony," he said while scrubbing his hair, "We're married, so we should be able to do anything together." I agreed, but married or not, primarily, I attempt to make myself look appealing to him as possible. However, sitting on the toilet as the cause of the mild shit odour in the air wearing nothing more than a white bathrobe and green facial mask made looking appealing to Brandon a difficult task.

"Finish doing what you were doing, baby girl. I promise not to bother you." Still uneasy, no matter how many times I would have told Brandon to stay out the latrine, he would have likely stayed in the latrine anyway because he already began washing his hair, and of course, I was not just simply going to rise off the toilet and force him out the latrine right in the middle of shitting. "Okay," I said reluctantly. Nervous, I pushed and heard the familiar crackling sounds as a brown turd fell into the toilet, causing Brandon to laugh as he rinsed his hair. "Just shut up, Brandon. You're not making this any easier." "Okay," he said, still chuckling. "I promise not to laugh this time." "You better not," I said as I reacted upon my third urge, pushing out another turd that escaped with a rapid succession of gas, splashing loud enough to get his attention. Surprisingly, only a mild odour travelled through the latrine air, which Brandon's shampoo probably overpowered. "See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He asked. "It's was terrible," I said, mainly because, although he did not laugh, he had that smile on his face as if he wanted to laugh, but held it back. "Are you alright though? That last one looked painful." I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine, duh." "Are you finished yet?" he asked. I waited a few seconds for another urge, but my rectum remained empty. "Yeah, I think I'm done, Brandon," I said, my voice cracking a bit. Using the view in the toilet from between my legs, I had enough room for toilet paper to join the large turds, so I did not have to flush before wiping. "Alright, cool. Just do what you gotta do. I won't bother you." He assured. I shivered in shame again. "I don't think I would feel comfortable with you in here while I wipe." I said, worried. Brandon remained facing the mirror washing his hair. "Remember what I said; we're married, remember?" I remembered, but still shivered in shame. "How often do wives wipe their ass in front their husband?" I asked. "Very often," he said, chuckling. I laughed as well.

"Whatever," I said. I gathered a small wad of toilet paper from the roll beside me, and just as I was about to wipe, I caught Brandon staring at me as he dried his hair. "Do you mind?" I asked, with my eyebrow raised. "Just do it." Unwillingly, I gave my ass a nice, thorough wipe, ensuring that I cleaned myself off enough, and dropped the toilet paper in the bowl without even inspecting it. "There, are you happy now?" I asked, slightly chuckling. "You didn't even look at it. How do you know you're clean?" I sighed. "I just don't feel comfortable with anyone, especially you, watching me wipe." "Why not?" He asked. That's when I admitted what I was afraid to admit at first. "Because I am afraid that it would turn you off." Then, he faced me and said, "It's not a turn off to me." I was almost speechless at that moment. "Wow, really?" I asked, surprised to hear him say that, as I don't think it's often that guys would state that being in the latrine with their shitting wife would not turn them off. "Yes," he said. "Everyone does it, baby girl, so do what you were doing." At that moment, my nervousness pretty much completely vanished. When I knew that shitting near him did not turn him off, seemingly, I had no logical reason to be ashamed. Long as I did not look unappealing to Brandon, I was fine, so the shame and goosebumps that I had during most of the ordeal vanished. "I'm glad to hear that," I told Brandon. "You saying that made this so much easier for me." "It should be easy," he said. With my shameful shivering completely gone, I gathered a small wad of toilet paper and wiped myself, then dropped the tissue into the toilet. "See, that wasn't so hard was it?" He asked. "Not at all," I said, smiling. Eventually, I finished up after wiping about ten times or so, rose from the toilet, and flushed all its contents. "Maybe next time I would just barge in on you while you're on the toilet," I said while washing my hands next to him. He chuckled. "We'll see about that." He said. We did not mention anything about him barging in on me afterwards and we had a great time as we continued the rest of our romantic night. Ever since then, I had no problem doing a number two in front Brandon and the experience was interesting. I still have yet to barge in on Brandon while he was on the toilet, but this instance reminded to me maybe to surprise him one day.

To: Lauren first welcome back and as always another great peeing story it sounds like you and Jaggers had desperate pees in the car it sounds like you both felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna first welcome to the site and great set of stories your first one sounds like you really had to pee more then you thought and laughing didnt help and your next one it sounds like you really had to poop bad to bad you didnt make to the toilet at least no one knew or if they did they didnt say anything and your last one it sounds like you were pretty desperate and that the thing just stoping for a minute could mean the diference between an accident or not and as the saying goes when you gotta go you gott go and please post anymore stories you got thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great set of stories your first one it sound like that thunder scared the crap litteraly luckly you got your pants down in time not to have an accident and great story about your desperate dump to bad it happened in your pants and from the sound of it you really had to go alot and felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelique great story about you your sister and your mom all pooping and it sounds like your mom really had to go alot and I wonder what the next person thought when they saw that load and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mille great story

To Jeff & Nikki I look forward to it.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room and it sounds like you got quite the show this time I bet everyone felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and your stories are some of the best so please keep sharing them.

To: Sportfan as always another great story it sounds like that lady in that portapotty reall had to go bad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hutley, if you're reading this, I was interested in your story of the London Ungerground, maybe you could elaborate even though it wasn't fun.



misty ( not real name )
i was the one who ask if any girls in hear have evere gone to the men restroom becouse of the line in the womans restroom . i forgot to put my fake name in toilet stool .

P>Long time reader

Does the heat affect you?

I have been reading this site for a number of years but not had that much to post. I did wonder though whether peple find they have the same problem I get in the warmer weather. When its warmer do you find it affects your stomach? My movements are often much looser in the hotter weather.

Earlier I was on my pc and was holding on for a dump trying to finish off some ordering. When I finished I went to the loo, dropped my shorts and boxers quickly and exploded out a number of soft turds and some looser stuff. Usually my turds are firmer and I have not eaten anything different!

Do you find the same? I go more often in this weather too!

Keep up the great posts!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenny great story about your desperate poop in that portapotty to bad there was no toilet paper it sounds like you really needed it maybe you could carry a roll with you just in case and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ava Claire as always another great peeing story it sounds like you both really had to go and Jess dosent sound like a friend and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.


Assorted stories

Good afternoon. I've got a couple more stories to share with this forum. The first story is about a friend pooping while onboard a boat.

It was the summer of 1988, and a group of friends invited me to come along on a boating trip. Knowing this particular group, I suspected we would likely sail out on the river for most of the day, and basically have a party.

The boat was big enough that someone could conceivably live on it, and it even had a separate room below deck for the toilet. Only downside was there was no door, so we all had to quickly get over any inhibitions we had. There was even an actual toilet, complete with a pull-chain to flush the waste away into the holding tank. It had very little water, and so it wouldn't flush away a very big load, but it was sufficient for our needs.

There were some women on the trip with us and I got to see a few of them peeing, which was nice, but the real event happened towards the end of the day. I was in line behind two other people, and I had a good view of the cute girl sitting on the toilet. She kept her pants and underwear bunched around her thighs for her privacy. I couldn't hear much because of all the people talking in line, though I did hear a couple faint splashes and the smell made it evident that she was pooping. The girl standing behind me said something like "Ewwww, is she doing a number two? That's so gross!"

The girl on the toilet blushed when she heard that remark. I heard one more splash, then she began to wipe. She wiped four times and pulled the chain to flush. She pulled up her pants and walked very quickly away from us. Her smell lingered for a while, and I enjoyed that while I waited for the people in front of me to pee and then I peed. I wanted to stay longer, but it would be weird, so I didn't.

That story was longer than I had thought, so I'll just share one more. This one is about my wife, but it's before we were married.

In the late spring of 1991, we were hosting a barbecue and pool party. Several of our friends came over and we all had a good time. Then after everybody had left and we cleaned up the mess, my girlfriend whispered in my ear, "I really have to take a dump. I've been holding it in for most of the party."

She didn't have to tell me twice. We went to the bathroom and she removed her bikini bottom and sat on the toilet. Almost immediately, she let out a bubbly fart and began to pee. It was a very strong stream that lasted for about a minute. She let off a few more farts and there was a plop while she was peeing. She dabbed herself dry in the front, and then leaned forward, pressing her arms against her stomach. "This is a big one", she told me.

It fell into the toilet with a heavy floomp, and she sighed. She peed a little more and then farted very loudly. There was two large splashes, then a long airy fart, followed by one final small splash. She wiped her butt two times and her front once, then we examined her masterpiece. I saw three smaller turds and her whopper. It was probably close to two inches around and it had to be at least 18 inches long. She flushed the toilet and it swirled around before getting stuck. Another flush sent it on its way though.

A while ago, Serena shared a camping story where she got really bad diarrhea from eating sugar free mints. I thought i would try it out so i went and bought a pack of some and ate a bunch at once.

for a while, nothing happened. it was a really nice day out so i decided i would go for a hike. on the way to the hiking trail, i stopped to fill up the car and get some snacks. I got a big sandwich and a bottle of water. after about a mile up the trail i started feeling a little heavy, but maybe that was just being tired. drank a lot of the water. kept going, there were a few other people coming down the hill the other way and i smiled at them. maybe 15 minutes later, i started feeling the pressure build up in my stomach and started farting to relieve it. they were the silent, slow kind of farts. at this part of the trail, there was a steep part with a lot of rocks. i tried to pick the least strenuous way to climb it but it wasn't easy cause i kept having gas. it got worse when i got to the top and relaxed my muscles some after climbing up the rocks. then the farts got warmer, i could feel my ass was really hot. two guys were walking a lot faster than me and they passed me but made no comments. after this the farting subsided and i made some good progress. but 10 minutes later, i felt another hot fart coming. i kept walking and tried to let it out at the same time and it ended really hot and a little wet. i felt a slick spot between my cheeks from it. since i was near the top of the trail, there were a lot of people around going both ways on the trail or sitting around having a break. i felt another pang and another hot fart, and knew that it would be diarrhea in my panties if i didnt find somewhere private soon. there weren't too many trees so high up so i thought i would have to go back down and hope i could make it to the facilities at the base. part of me didn't care if i made it cause it was out of curiosity that i tried this in the first place. i started walking back down, ignoring the growing pressure on my ass as i tried not to shit myself. when i got to the steep rocky part, i waited until nobody was in sight. while i was waiting a few more squirts of diarrhea went in my pants. then as i tried to climb down, i felt a strong pressure right away. another hot fart started and i yanked down my pants still facing the rocks with my ass out. i totally lost it and there was a sudden flood of mostly liquid diarrhea with some soft chunks in it. it streamed out and fell on the rocks below me. when it was over, i pulled my pants back up since they were already kinda ruined a bit and kept walking down, avoiding the mess i made. i felt a lot better after shitting, but then i had more diarrhea in the woods two times. i washed my ass and panties in a creek in the woods away from the trail

somehow it's a turn on to not have control over things. maybe i would do it again

I am not sure if I have Diarrhea or the Stomach Bug or simply Food Poisoning.

I was suppose to go out with my friends when a sudden ache in my ???? woke me and rushed to the toilet. And the poop was ALL LIQUID LIKE PEE! The ache in my ???? wasn't relieved after filling my toilet. After 9 minutes, I heard a rumble in my ???? together with a cramp. I did not mind it until 3 minutes after when my bum was making me release it. As I reached the toilet, it EXPLODE all over my toilet. PURE LIQUID AND PURE SUFFERING. I did not left the toilet for 2 minutes to make sure everything's cleared.

Anyone would like to help me what just happened to my bowels?

As of right now, I am in bed waiting for my next trip. ???? aches are still raging me.

Just a guy
Amylee - that was another great story about the ladies' room in your office. As you said, your ladies' room at 10 & 2 is really something!

Angelique - enjoyed your story about your mom's poop. Your little sister's reaction was so cute.

Sportsfan - you sure do run into a lot of interesting encounters. I'm sure it must have been a little embarrassing for that woman, but like you said she had other choices, but went in the one next to you.

BM - I enjoyed your couple stories about the close calls.

Leanne - another great story - it sounded like you really needed that dump after the exam.


to Angie

You can't really control what size poop you have, but you can try eating (a) more whole-grain bread and cereal, (b) more vegetables [salad greens, carrots, celery, broccoli], (c) more popcorn, (d) less junk food, and (e) lots of water. You didn't say how old you are, or what your poops are like now. Please try these foods a little more at a time, or you may end up with diarrhea or other problems. Diet isn't the only thing that determines what your digestive system does; make any changes gradually and carefully. Also get good exercise; that helps your system move things along.

Hi I'm Ives and I'm pretty new here. 19, 5'5, a little pudgy, ftm boy. I'll probably post a lot about last summer, when I shared an apartment with my best friend/boyfriend Kay. It was a pretty small place, one bathroom, and there were lots of bodily function shenanigans worth sharing.

I might as well start with one that happened the first night we moved in. We were cuddling on the bed, and like he often does he squeezed my belly. It felt really nice, and I was so happy to finally have a place of my own, that I didn't even notice for a second that I was loosing a gurgling fart into my boxers. My hand shot to my mouth "Oh my god WOW" and if it weren't for my olive skin I'd have been blushing, but he smiled and kissed me, reminding me of his oath to love every part of me. That made me feel better, and I giggled, letting out another loud fart, only to realize that I had to take a serious dump at this point. I got up and started towards the bathroom, with him following me. "Can I watch?" he asked. "Heh sure I mean if you want it's gonna be super bad though." He laughed and entered the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub to observe. I grinned, dropping my boxers and plopping down on the seat. Nervous, it took about ten seconds to lose the tension in my rear enough to let out the first splattering fart. I looked to Kay for a face of disgust, but he was laughing. "Ives, you just exploded. Damn, I'm impressed." I was now comfy with shitting in front of him because of how friendly he was being, so I but down on my lip and pushed out a stream of wet farts and poops. His ass hanging over the bathtub, he scrunched up his face and blasted his own sputtering farts, followed by a few involuntary shits. As another booming fart came and he heard the plop, he blushed. "That wasn't supposed to happen" Now it was my turn to smile. "Relex, it'll go down the drain."

It was a great milestone. And now when he squeezes my belly, I fart whenever I have to


Embarrassing poo during meeting

I was running late for work this morning and even though I was dying for a poo there was no time to go so I left the house without getting any relief from my urgent need. I thought I'd be able to go to the toilet as soon as I got to work but my meeting had already started and I had to go straight in to as I was already ten minutes late. I sat clenching for about half an hour while I tried to pluck up the courage to leave the room and run to the toilet but I knew it would take some time to complete my poo and everyone would know what I was doing. Instead I just held it for dear life untill the first break in a little over three hours time. I couldn't concentrate on anything but not pooing myself and by the time we got a break I was within an inch of losing control. Not wanting to make it obvious I was desperate, I walked as normally as I could but I had to keep my legs together to keep control and it must have been very obvious I was about to have an accident. I felt the tip of it poke out into my knickers as I walked towards the ladies but I cut it off before too much came out. I still had about three inches laying in the back of my knickers though and I could smell it so I'm sure others could too. I felt my face burning red with embarrassment as I approached the door and to make matters worse there was only one working toilet and it was filthy with someone's diarrhoea. It was all over the back of the seat and on the floor and I really did not want to use it. I walked straight out of there in spite of my extreme desperation and tried the ones on the first floor. They were empty, thank god and I ran in and took a nice clean cubicle and ripped my knickers down and plonked myself down on the seat. It came out quickly as it was soft and mushy and man was the relief good. My knickers couldn't be saved so I just put then in the toilet and wiped my bum six times and flushed. It wouldn't go down first time and I had to flush again to get rid of it all. When I got back to the meeting I was late and I was sure the whole room knew I'd just had a huge poo. I felt so embarrassed especially as I would probably get the blame for messing up the ground floor toilet.

Welcome, Ava Claire, sorry about your friend Jess not being very nice, and welcome back AmyLee, I like your stories from the office.

A few days ago I was peeing in a building with S curves , maybe sort of like AmyLee's. I heard someone go into the adjacent women's room and close the stall door. Then I heard two airy farts, sort of a "thhh" sound. The first one seemed like it started before she had quite finished sitting down. The second one lasted a bit longer, maybe a couple of seconds or more. Then after a pause of a few seconds there was an intermittent stream of pee interrupted by a couple of small plops, and then about a minute later the roll started rolling. I left and went down the hall. The woman who emerged was petite and boyish-looking, probably of South Asian background with medium dark skin and slightly wavy short dark hair.

Yesterday I was washing myself in the shower and dislodged a small piece of popcorn kernel shell from my bum. I had eaten some popcorn before, and I think it might have come out and then gotten stuck there and failed to get wiped away.

Mentioning the log reminded me when my friend and me were playing with 2 girls. We were wearing football shorts (loose white ones in the 60s) and as was required at school, no underwear. I noticed one of the girls trying to sneak peeks up my shorts and it gave me an idea as I needed a poop.

I told my friend that I would say I had to go to the toilet and set off along the river path. He would tell the girls he knew where I would go and suggest they followed thru the wood and see if they could watch.

We were in a park with an area of woodland, there was a path between the woodland and a river and also a path thru the woods. Near the end of the wood was an open area about 20 feet square, surrounded by bushes, which we would use if we needed a toilet. It could be entered from the river path or from the path thru the wooded area. At the point where the wood path entered the clearing was an old fallen tree which we could scramble over but there was also a gap of about a foot underneath - not enough to crawl thru but a reasonable gap. From the clearing you could see the tree but anything under the gap was not easily seen unless you looked carefully so anyone hiding below the tree looking out would feel safe and hidden.

When I reached the entrance to the clearing I pretended to look around to make sure no one was coming, but taking a sneak look to see if they were in position under the tree.

I pulled my shorts down so they could see my penis and started to pee sideways so they could see, then I pretended I heard someone and stopped and pulled my shorts up. I then proceeded to walk round the edge of the clearing 'looking' to make sure no one was there.

Then i stood by the fallen tree and pulled my shorts right down and knelt leaning forward to make sure I was exposing my anus to the group. I listned very carefully and heard one of the girls say - look I can see his arse whats he doing? They found out quickly as I proceded to crap with my bum just a foot away from them. I could hear their muffled giggles as I did my business as slowly as possible and let it stay sticking out for a while for them. I did about 3 good sized bits as I remember.

When I had done I turned round so my penis took the position that my anus was in so they could see really well, pulled my foreskin back and emptied my bladder, again, just a foot away from the prying eyes. By the time I had finished my penis had hardened and was sticking out at right angles so I pretended to fiddle with my shorts while they looked, whispering comments.

I then stood up and pulled my shorts up and made my way slowly back giving them plenty of time to go back to our original spot. I arrived pretending I knew nothing. The girls looked at me and laughed to each other without saying why so I knew they had seen it all.

Later my friend told me they were fascinated watching what I did, completely unaware that it was set up. They had never seen a poop come out before or a boys penis close up and were excited about seeing my pee squirt out.

I still was not mature enough to know what an orgasm was but I must have got close that day.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

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