Just a girl...
Continuation of stomach issues:

Monday: Went in the morning as I said in my last post - two large soft logs. They fell apart when I flushed. About an hour later (after I posted my last entry) I had to go again. This time a steady stream of pooh came out for about 10 seconds. When I looked into the toilet it was diarrhea. It didn't come out in waves like diarrhea usually does for me, but it was clearly diarrhea in the bowl. My stomach bothered me on and off all day. I tried to go again at night but nothing happened.

Tuesday: Woke up with a slight stomachache. It took me about an hour before I needed to make my first trip to the can. I passed a lot of gas in the meantime. Finally, when I went, it was an extremely satisfying shit. It was a rope, but that fluffy texture. It broke into many pieces in the water. My stomach felt much better.

About 2 hours later I was out running errands when I started to feel sick to my stomach. I headed back to my house to try and relieve it before I headed on . I went straight to the bathroom and was only able to pass some wet farts. I went on with my errands. I didn't feel sick exactly, but I could feel that something wasn't right with my guts still. I came back to my house and was having cramps. I tried to go but couldn't.

Finally, I decided that something was wrong and I needed to clean myself out. I don't do enemas often, but when I do I seem to feel much better afterwards. I decided it was time to do one. Normally I can take an entire enema bag with no cramping. This time, I was only able to take a tiny bit before the urgency and cramps became unbearable. I stopped and dove for the toilet. Usually the water rushes out and stool comes out easily with it. This time it didn't. As badly as I had to go at the moment, it took a few seconds to start. A few hard pieces came out, as well as some of the water. My stomach was cramping. I finished the bag and felt really sick to my stomach as it was going in. I have never felt that way with an enema before. My stomach was gurgling and churning. I sat back on the toilet and nothing happened. The water did not come out easily as it usually does. I waited. I didn't think it was a good idea to force it. Finally after a few minutes, I began to go. The first two waves were just water. My stomach was tossing and turning. I leaned over and then the diarrhea started. There is a distinct difference between water from an enema coming out (it's clear and comes out easily without feeling sick) and diarrhea. This was definitely diarrhea. I was only able to pass a few small waves before I was done. It was thick brown liquid with some small floating pieces in it. I knew that I had to go more. Not only did I feel it but I also just took an enema and not all of the water had come out. I decided to take a hot bath and relax my stomach. Several minutes went by before I felt the need to go again. I passed a few more waves of just water and got back in the tub. I felt sick. Suddenly I got that sick feeling that you get when you know you have to hit a toilet soon. I hopped on the toilet and had 2 small waves of that thick brown chunky liquid. My stomach turned and lurched. I had to go again. I braced myself as a gigantic wave of chunky diarrhea pounded out of me. I had a few more smaller waves but still didn't feel done. I waited. About 10 minutes and several smaller waves later I finally felt done. My stomach felt better for the first time in days.


Shower pee and other subjects

Just before getting in the shower I had a fairly soft BM, not particularly eventful (and not quite as satisfying to me as a slightly firmer one, but, oh, well). As usual I also peed during the process. But then, I guess I'm in enough of a habit that just stepping into the shower triggered a slight urge to pee again. I just trickled out a tiny bit more before turning the water on. Not sure why I find shower peeing so satisfying. As I posted before, I never used to until I acquired the habit from a former girlfriend.

When I'm at home (and not in the shower) I frequently but not always prefer to sit down to pee instead of standing, and I was curious if there are other guys for whom that is true.



I have always enjoyed being watched as I poop and I am lucky now because i know a nice young lady (I'm a guy) who loves to watch.

She pulls my cheeks apart and likes to watch it coming out. Her favourite bit is watching my hole opening as I start so I often have to do a bit then stop and let it drop then start again so she can see the hole expand again. She gets quite excited and likes to tell me when she can see it and whats happening.

She likes me to watch her but I don't really enjoy seeing hers come out.

Is it normal to enjoy being watched but not want to watch and is it unusual for a lady to really enjoy watching a guy do it?


Stinky Sunday (cont.)

Brandon T. and Mr. Clogs, thanks for your feedback.
I actually didn't feel completely better until the Monday night after. The rest of that Sunday, I had diarrhea 3 more times. Then the next day, it was going away but I was pooping quite a lot, like 5 or 6 times and still farting a lot. By around 10 or 11 that night, I felt better.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna first welcome to the site and great accident story you were right there but I guese karma wasnt on your side it happens to everyone and it just happened to be your turn and please anymore stories you may have even if its just a simple poop or pee story thanks.

To: Chelsea great story about you and your mom pooping together at the mall it sounds like you both had pretty good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Gerry great story about seeing that woman having a depserate poop outside it sounds like she really had to go badly and then you getting to wipe her I bet that well be a great story to tell your kids one day about how you met there mom.

To: Just A Girl as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had the week from hell and from the sound of it its not over yet and I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Julia as always another great peeing story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Locket first welcome to the site and great story and please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story about you and Artiss is sounds like you guys doing really great and im happy for you both and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Answers to Mrs. Toilet Trooper's Survey

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: You're welcome and I really enjoy reading your posts and keep them up. I'm going to return the favor for you and answer your questions to your survey so here goes.

Age: 31
Gender: Male

1. How often do you have to shit? Usually twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day. The 3rd trip is late in the evening or just before I go to bed.

2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)? Folder

3. Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the faecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required). Yes, nothing worse then skid marks on your underwear and a really smelly butt if you half wipe.

4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this). I sitter, wipe from back to front. Yeah I know it's not the best, but I'm a guy.

5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper) Double dipper.

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Sometimes if I want to be really clean. Sometimes I wet the toilet paper either with water or I pee a little bit on the toilet paper to moisten them.

7. Do you read in the latrine? Sometimes.

8. If so, how often do you read? Sometimes.

9. How do you sit when using the toilet? Yes, most of the time. I have experimented with squatting over the toilet, it's hard to balance and putting weight on my knees. So I prefer to sit.

10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing? Yes.

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? All the way down. If I'm at home using my own toilet and wearing pajamas, I take them off to use the toilet.

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone? Yes.

13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside? Reach between my legs wipe back to front.

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way? Back to front.

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone? Wipe to I'm clean.

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there? Yes.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around? No I like my privacy and peace and quiet. :)

18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass? No.

19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the latrine? Sometimes if there's air freshener available. Since the weather is nice outside, I just open the bathroom window and let the nice fresh air freshen up the bathroom.

Well that's my contribution to Mrs. Toilet Trooper's survey. I need to go use the toilet and drop several deuces into the bowl.

Take care!

Mr. Clogs


Diarrhea at school

I don't post here often, but I think I'll start to. I'm a black male, 17, and I just like the relief of pooping, in general. A lot of girls in my school are open about stuff like this as well (maybe I'll post some of their stories later)
This morning, my stomach hurt, but I went to school anyways. During my first period class, I knew I had to go. I went to the bathoom, and when I sat down on the toilet, I had diarrhea. It wasn't painfull, and it felt really good letting it out. Luckily I was inside the bathroom by myself, as it was loud. After I finished I wiped, and left.
I usually don't poop at school, as I find it kind of uncomfortable.

Please tell me what you think of my story. Also, does anyone here have any stories of pooping at school?

Desperate to poop

More desp pooping

Hi all not long back from a fabulous holiday on a cruise. Last post didn't get posted, but here's a few posts.

First one is a quick one. Whilst on, one of the tours, felt the need for a poop and we had been touring a lot but not stopping anywhere with toilets. Finally stopped at this historic church and they had toilets, but quite a few needed the same and I ended up with a queue of 3 for two toilets. One toilet moved quite quickly and soon there was one in front. The other cucible had a runny pooper. I was quite desperate and the last lady in front a 40 yr old got in. The other 2 had wee'd but she also needed a poop. I could hear some plop plop and a sigh of relief. Finally a few minutes later and with a queue of 3 behind me, I got to go in the runny poopers stall. It stunk and there were streaks but it was pretty clean and I needed to go! I let out a lot of soft serve before with mighty relief. I still had some more and as I was letting my log out the other lady finally left and a few more peed as I finished my log off. I finally felt done wiped, flushed and left mightly relieved

Desperate to poop

More desp pooping

Hi all not long back from a fabulous holiday on a cruise. Last post didn't get posted, but here's a few posts.

Second post was on the cruise and was a long wait for a poop. I needed a pooh and was out and about on the cruise ship. I found the nearest ladies and it was 2 cucibles, As I entered one lady came out and the 30yr old waiting went in.

I thought I'd wait as It was me next and It was a little walk to the next ladies as it was such a big ship. Unfortunately there were two ladies hogging the toilet.

In cucible 1 was an older lady obviously constipated and determined to get it out. You could here her puffing and panting. And in the other cubicle a runny ????!

I waited for 5 mintues on my own and the lady continued to huff and puff with very little luck and the 30 yr old kept having waves of runny stuff every so often.

I was getting more desperate and hearing the runny girl going was torture. I didn't want to move now though as I might loose my load (to speak). And as much as it was torture it was quite cool listening them unload. A few more minutes passed and one of the cruise ships crew came in and waited. After a few more minutes she asked had I'd been waiting long and I said ages. She said she'd stay and wait as she might get collared otherwise to do something and she'd never get to go lol.

A few more minutes passed and I was now getting very desperate and had to hold my bum slightly. The runny girl had slowed up but didn't seem like she was finished a second flush turned out to be another courtesy flush.

Finally after another five minutes the constipated lady let go with a big flumpp and her constipation seemed almost over. She let a few easier ones out wiped and finally flushed to allow me in. She came out and mumbled an apology.

I was very desperate as I had a slightly runny ???? too. I dashed in ad just got my pants down before my bottom exploded (quite noisely and a little embarrsing too I must add). I had a few servings of soft serve and whilst I was doing that the cruise lady got to go in and she was also pooping but it seemed pretty solid ones.

I was enjoying the relief in more ways than one and as I could see no one waiting didn't rush getting my load out.

I finally finished 15 mins later and exited feeling a lot lighter and very happy

Happy Pooping

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Mum's Friend

Last year I went picking blackberries with Mum and her best friend, Laura. I was home from school, I had been prepping for exams coming up and was home so Mum asked if I would like to come and when I said yes she suggested to Laura that we make a day of it. We drove to a country park just a few miles from home. It was a lovely day, bright and sunny. We started to pick the blackberries working apart from each other as we wanted to reach the best fruit, Mum makes smashing tarts and jam with them. Laura was closest to me and after we had been picking for about an hour she came up to me and asked me where the nearest toilet was. There was a toilet the area we were in was a public park area as well I told Laura where the toilets were and off she went. Mum came over and asked where Laura had gone and I was telling her when she came back and told us the toilets were locked. I heard her murmur to Mum that she wanted to poop badly. Mum told her she wanted to go as well. For a minute or so they were silent then Mum turned to me and said she and Laura were going into the woods to go to the toilet. I don't know what happened next but I know I blurted out that maybe I'd better look out for them in case anybody came by. Mum agreed and together we went into the woods well off the beaten tracks until we came to a clearing. Mum told me to keep a lookout for them. They went into the clearing about a couple of yards from me. I watched as Mum and Laura undid their jeans and started to push them down. I had seen Mum on the toilet at home a few times but never from behind. I watched as they squatted down, I could see where there bathing costumes hadn't covered their bodies the skin was much paler, somehow it seemed much more intimate to see them like this. Both started to pee and Laura pooped almost at once, she was squatted right down and I could see she was holding her pink panties and pulling them towards her as she pooped. I was breathless watching them, Mum hadn't pooped then, but Laura was pooping again and I could see her poop on the grassy ground, all soft, dark brown. Then Mum was grunting and I could see her pushing a turd out of her anus. As she pushed it came out further until it broke off and fell to the grass. Laura was squatting but not going, she seemed to be resting, I always rested when I went to poop, I enjoyed just relaxing between pushing. By this time Mum had pushed out four turds and she squirted pee again before she turned her head and asked if I could find some paper. That was impossible where we were but I did find some large dock leaves. As I pulled up the leaves I heard Laura poop again, another splashy flopping sounds. I took the dock leaves back and when Mum took them I watched as she wiped her anus. It was exciting to see her and Laura with their slacks down having a poop. I watched as Laura took some of the leaves and wiped her anus. I am not sure whether the dock leaves wiped Laura clean but I know Mum had streaky brown marks on her panties because I checked the linen basket after. I wonder if anybody has seen there Mum or her friends with their panties down. Like another poster Brandon T. I love this site.


Church Toilets

Sunday always seems to be a day when most women have to have a poop, often more than one. That is if the community I live in is anything to go by. I had to go to the toilets in Church last Sunday, this was after getting to Church, I had wanted to go as I was driving from my home. By the time I got to Church I had a horrible belly ache, fortunately the walk from the car park to the toilets in the Church is not long. As I walked I could feel a build up in my bottom, I had to walk squeezing my bum cheeks tight together. In the loo there are four stalls, two were already occupied and there was a heavy aroma in the air. I closed my stall door and quickly lifted my dress, sliding my panties down and sitting on the seat. I just sat arms on my knees as my bowels churned and I pooped with an explosion that made me hold the palm of my hand to my lower stomach. At last the pain in my stomach and the stinging of my anus eased. I gave a sigh as I looked at my panties and saw that I have several brown streaks in the crotch. One of my companions was wiping I could hear her as she ripped paper wiped, then more paper. As I was relaxing at last a familiar voice called out asking if Val was in. It was my friend Francis, Fran to her mates. When I said yes she told me my son, Steven, was wondering where I was. I thought isn't that just like a kid to ask an embarrassing question. I had to tell Fran I would be a few minutes. The woman next to me confirmed my feelings. It was another mate Laura and she has a son, Billy, he's seven, a year younger than Stephen. Laura and me chatted as we finished our poops and as we washed our hands Laura told me she was thinking of having Billy in the stall with her when she had to go rather than worry about where he was. I kept thinking that was a good idea. I wonder how other posters here feel about that.

Mr. Clogs

Big bowel movement for Monday Morning

Good day to all of you. I had a big bowel movement for a Monday morning. Last night for dinner, I had turkey tender loin, brown rice and beans, and kale. Dinner was good and I had taken my vitamins and fiber later on that day. I really didn't need to take the fiber because the beans and rice and kale made the difference. For someone who asked about what foods produce large bowel movement, well eat your ???? and fiber like brown rice and beans. This morning after I finished my first cup of coffee of the day, I need to go and make constitution. I took off my pajama pants and underwear off and sat on the bowl. Immediately after I had sat down on the toilet, this massive load of turds kept plopping out one after the other for about 20 seconds to a minute. Then I peed into the toilet as well, wasn't much but it was okay. I wiped with some toilet paper, looked at the massive load I have created and amazed! I flushed my massive load down and washed my hands and got back dressed and went to grab a second cup of coffee.


Karen: You're right about that down home southern cooking. My family mainly my grandparents are from the south and they eat like that. Watch it Karen! It's good every once in a while, but down the road, your health may change. Keep us posted after your post southern dinner experience. Thanks.

Tina: Not all of us boys are gorss :) just curious. As kids it's a curiosity thing for both us. They should given you your space out of respect.

Mr. Clogs


One post

Hi, I'm Anna, I'm 19 years old, I live in Germany. It will probably be the only one message that I will post here, because I only had one accident in my life. It happened 3 months ago. I was on a family party on sunday, there was some alcohol and lots of food. I got a bit too drunk, I was close to throwing up and I knew that I'm gonna have a huge hangover during the school next day. I went to school suffering from a headache and rumbling stomach. During the fourth lesson (I had 7 that day) I felt poop pressing on my anus. It wasn't really diarrhea, but it was runny and soft. I won't call it diarrhea because it didn't feel waterly, just runny, soft and there was alot of this, I had problems keeping it inside me. I was fighting with my bowels until my school ended, and I rushed to my apartment (my parents rented me a flat in Frankfurt, because they live in a really small town without a good high school). When I was running back home I had to stop few times, bend over and clench my buttcheeks not to shit myself. Few little farts escaped, and maybe a drop of poop went into the panties, but I knew they will be clean. I rushed into the apartment, almost shitting myself and ran into the toilet. I started to unzip my jeans, but then really bad thing happened. The zip in my pants blocked itself with the material, and I couldn't take my pants down. I pushed my ass against the wall and kept trying to unlock my pants. At one point I felt that another wave of poop pressing against my anus was too strong. Instinctively, I relaxed my bowels, and holding my pants and panties on myself, I totally messed myself in my bathroom. What a feeling! It was the biggest urge of my life. Poop started to overflow in my panties and few drops landed on the floor. When I finished messing myself, I had to cut my pants and saw my devastated panties.

Me and my mom were at the mall together :]
When we both had to go to the bathroom. I had to go number 2 and I keep haveing little farts. We found the bathroom and got stalls by eachother. It was quiet and I was a tad nervous about pooping. Me and my mom began to pee. But then I heard my mom fart a few times. Then I heard plop plop plop fart fart from her. I then relaxed and let out a few farts then plop plop plop plop. I pushed some more plop plop. My mom plop plop. At this point we were all done.

Have you heard your mom poop in public toilets b4?

Post Title (optional)ThoughtIWasWeird

@Angie: the question marks in my last post represent the word vegetable. I'm not sure why we can't use the short version of vegetable?
@ Tina (boys are gross) Great story! I had a female friend when I was young and we would always watch each other poop. I was always amazed at how big her poops were and how they smelled sort of sweet.
I had the pleasure a few years back of working with a lady who as very open with her bodily functions. She would fart loudly and often used the mens washroom if the ladies was occupied. One time she had a poop so enormous that she plugged the toilet and had no plunger. So she asked me to help. When I went in I could smell the heavy aroma of her poop but pretended I couldn't smell anything. I simply went and got a coat hanger and jammed it around in the toilet and unplugged it. I was amazed at how quickly I got it unplugged. The turd was completely jammed!


reply to Marie and Julia

HI, Marie,

I've been reading this for a few months and I've seen a reasonable number of posts from women who like watching or listening to other women pooping.


Nice story, it sounds like that was a relief. I think other people are interested in peeing, too.

I have a feeling other people might chime in about either of these two subjects....


Walking in the woods

A few years ago, I was walking in the woods near my home and I felt a slight need to have a BM. As it was not a urge, I looked for a little hollow with many bushes and when I found it, I pulled my trousers and my blach undies down, then I squatted and I waited. First I peed. Then a pretty woman happened, with a hand on his stomach, and said: "Don't worry, I come to do the same as you...". She pulled down both her mini-skirt and panties and squatted in front of me and she had a pee during a minute. Then we had some talk about the weather and our desperations. She told me she was desprate for a pee and she need a poo, too. We both strained , grunting. She let a long fart getting out, then a turd poked out of her butt I had a good view on. She pushed a little and her little turd dropped on the grass. She sighed "Ooooh, I'm sorry, I have to poo more badlyyyy..." and she let a flow of diarrhea exploding out of her. On my own, Let two or three turd dropping on the grass. That scene gave me a pretty erection she noticed. But she said "she was not actualy thinking to sex on that pain moment, but may-be-in-a-few-minuts" and I laughed. I had done and I wiped myself. I proposed to wipe her butt with the leaves of TP it remained to me. She said "OK, I think I have done, too" and I wiped her. We pulled our clothes up and we left the hollow. Guess what happened then...

Just a girl...
I had some digestive issues this week. I think it was magnified by the fact that I was traveling. Here is a diary of what happened:
Thursday: Had 2 loose movements in the morning. Not exactly diarrhea, but soft, loose, barely formed stools. Felt a little bit weird, but nothing too bad. About an hour later I got an uncomfortable feeling and ran to the bathroom and had a huge rush of muddy diarrhea. It formed a pile in the toilet and ran down into the water. No chunks or anything, just that weird mud consistency. Did not go again Thursday.
Friday: Ate a lot on Thursday but did not go Friday morning. During the afternoon I started to get a slightly crampy / need to go feeling. Went to the bathroom but did not go. Same thing happened later in the day.
Saturday: Did not need to go first thing in the morning. Went to breakfast, ate, started to get shooting pains through my lower stomach. Went to the bathroom to try and go but couldn't. Stomach was cramping and I felt like I swallowed a bowling ball. Stopped at the store and I started to get the feeling like I needed to go again. Managed to make it back. Sat on the toilet and my stomach was aching. Pushed a little and finally passed a short hard log. It hurt to pass and my stomach felt full. I had to wipe a lot. Nothing else wanted to come out. Did not go again on Saturday.
Sunday: Woke up and went to the bathroom. Passed two logs. They were solid and hard. Wiped a lot. About a half hour later I had to go again. Passed a long rope that broke into two in the toilet. Wiped a lot again. Ate breakfast and immediately after I had to go, I sat and exploded into the toilet. It was solid pieces, but came out with explosive force. I didn't even realize it was going to happen. Passed another soft piece and then I was done. Stomach still didn't feel right. I was queasy and my stomach just felt uneasy since I woke up. I was traveling and about an hour into it I stared to feel weirdness in my lower gut. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer I had to stop. I stopped at a rest area and immediately filled the toilet with the longest rope I've ever had. It broke into three pieces. It was very soft and again, required a lot of wiping. Stomach still didn't feel well, and at lunch I felt a bit sick. Not exactly nauseous, but my stomach wasn't happy with food. I went to the bathroom and pooped again. This time, only a tiny bit came out. It was sticky but formed. Spent the day traveling and around dinnertime the cramps came back a bit. I felt sick all day, but the cramps came and went. I made it home somehow and went straight for the toilet. The second my ass touched the seat I started to go. I filled the toilet with soft but formed shit. It came out as many pieces of a broken rope. I kept going for a while and finally I was done. I had to wipe about 20 times. I had no appetite and still felt sick to my stomach. Thought I might be sick at one point, but never got bad enough that I went to the bathroom. Laid down at night and was rubbing my ????. I noticed that my stomach was hard as a rock! I tried to massage it, but it was hard and hurting.
Monday: I've already gone once today - two large soft logs. Stomach is cramping again.


Today's piss

Hi again. I'm back with another peeing story today. When my last lecture let out this evening at around 8:30, I had to pee pretty bad, as per usual having not pissed in twelve hours. I saw three other girls in a hurry to leave the room looking pretty desperate. When they got in the hall, one of them was holding her crotch. I lagged a bit behind them, since my need was urgent, but hers was clearly worse. We all entered the bathroom and all the stalls were taken, and there was a line two deep.

The line moved fairly quickly and soon the girl who was holding her crotch was next in line. When a stall opened, she ran in and peed a strong stream for about fifteen seconds. The two girls in front of me peed for roughly the same amount of time and then it was my turn. I sat down and began with a tiny stream. It was weird because I could feel I had to go quite badly, but only just the slightest trickle would actually come out.

After about thirty seconds on low-flow mode, my stream strengthened. After that it was pretty much monotone. I peed a good steady stream that went on for close a minute and a half. It slowed to a trickle again and then stopped. I wiped and flushed and left to catch my train.

Just a guy
Hanna - Welcome to the site. Those sounded like 2 great dumps that you took. Hope to hear more of your stories. Also, you mentioned you were farting a lot prior to your break but managed to do it when you weren't helping any customers, but did any of your co-workers notice?

Marie - Welcome, it sounds like you may have some interesting stories. I look forward to your posts about your experiences you've had in public bathrooms.

Michael - I enjoyed your 2 posts. It sounded like your wife really needed that dump. It also sounds like it must have been difficult for her to hold back.

Shortie - sorry to hear you're having problems with constipation. Hopefully, it was just a one-time issue and not going to be re-occurring for you.

As some of you may know, I always take a dump in the morning soon after I get to the office. The other day, I got hit with a strong urge on the way to the office. By the time, I got there, my stomach was really hurting. I logged onto my pc and then hurried to the restroom. Almost, immediately as I sat down, I started going. For about 20 seconds, there was crackling and plopping sounds. My dumps are sometimes like this and I am done or pass one or 2 more pieces, but today I had to sit a few more minutes as I let out about 5-6 more pieces. When I got up to wipe, I was impressed with the size of the dump. It completely covered the hole and there were many thin, but quite long logs.

Brandon T

daily dump

I took a dump earlier today at a bookstore nothing spectaclor about it but I did go right in after a woman left who just pooped there was a slight healthy earthy poop smell and I was hoping to see some left over poop from her but nope but I did get a warm seat.


Clean bum luxury

My real name is Toni but I'm a woman. I got my nickname Locket when I was A kid. I went to church and had to pee really bad so I went to the toilet. It was one of those really old fashioned toilets with a large heavy bolt on the door and I couldn't unlock it. When my dad finaly got me out I was told never to lock the door so I didn't get stuck again and the nickname stuck.
I'm forty two now and I still don't knock the door when I go to the toilet. I'm not shy about my toilet habits and I don't even mind having a poo in a public toilet or at someones house. The only problem is I get walked in on a lot of times which doesn't bother me if it's someone I know but it's embarrassing if it's a stranger. One of my male gay friends even sits talking to me when I'm on the toilet and he isn't bothered by the smell of my poo. He even checks I've wiped properly and if there's anything I've missed he washes me with a wet cloth. I love that spotlessly clean feeling after he's given me a thorough clean down there and I wait untill I get to his flat to have a poo whenever his boyfriend isn't there.

Big guy

I feel wet down my leg

I'm unemployed and I tend to be lazy, and much of the time I wear track pants and a track top. They make great pajamas, as I wear them to bed, and on ordinary days I get up and don't have to get dressed. I can wear my trackers going out shopping and stuff, and I don't look silly like I would in pajamas. I never wear underpants under my track pants. When I go for a pee, I use a cubicle whenever I can, so I can wipe the dribble when I finish my pee. But I usually don't wipe it enough. I often walk out feeling the wet dribble going down my leg.

Brandon T

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To: Tina great story those boys shouldnt have done that to you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story it sounds like were pretty desperate both times at least you made it to the toilet both times without having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: allie as always another great set of peeing stories your one sounds like you were just milisconds away from peeing yourself but at least you made it and your second story it sounds like you were desperate again and its so great how understanding he is your lucky to have him and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie first welcome to the site and great story and it sounds like you will have some great stories to tell and I look forward to them all thanks.

To: Shortie as always great live coverage and great poop by poop coverage as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen cant wait to hear about it I hope its really good im on the edge of my seat.

To: Annie as always another great story and it sounds like you really to go and WOW yeah I bet you felt better after getting rid of that monster and lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: nicola as always another great set of stories your first one it soubnds like you had a good outdoor dump and great story about your buddy dump with Sarah it sounds like she was beyond desperate and I bet she felt a whole lot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noelle as always another great story it sounds like you were having a pretty rough time at least he was nice enough to help you out and not say anything about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Julia first welcome to the site and great peeing story it sounds like you were really desperate at least you made it to the bathroom and I bet that pee felt like heaven and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Hanna first welcome to the site and great story about your daily poops it sounds like both of them were pretty good and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kim great story that sucks about those 5 hour energy at least you know to avoid them now and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Well yesterday i needed a poop and i decided to go. My brother turned out to already be in there. I started banging on the door and shouting (I'm a girl by the way). He then started laughing and blocking the door with his back. I kept pounding on the door. He kept laughing.
I started to get really cramped, and started screaming at him, "LET ME IN! I'M GONNA CRAP MYSELF!!!" He wouldn't budge.
Just then a huge cramp came over me. I started to bend over slightly and some really hard poop started to come out. I brought down my pants and touched it with my finger.
It then just came out. ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I started crying and my brother opened the door. He said ew and then sorry, but i shouted at him...

It was really hard to clean, but i kinda enjoyed it!

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
To Mr. Clogs, Brandon T, and Misty: Thank you again for enjoying my other story as well. I appreciate the feedback.

Here is a portion of a survey from another site that I found interesting. The answers to this survey might be more wide-reaching because it involves habits as opposed to situations that not everyone likely experienced. I took the survey as well on that other site, so, with a few edits and questions of my own, I decided to share it here to read other people's answers for the fun of it. Thanks.



1. How often do you have to shit?
2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)?
3. Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the faecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required).
4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this).
5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper)
6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?
7. Do you read in the latrine?
8. If so, how often do you read?
9. How do you sit when using the toilet?
10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing?
11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?
12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone?
13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside?
14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way?
15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone?
16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there?
17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around?
18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass?
19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the latrine?



Yesterday was Sunday, so me and Artiss went to church in the morning like we usually do. She had taken an explosive, smelly poop before leaving, and her bowels felt relaxed after that, she was comfortable during the entire Mass with no having to leave our pew suddenly for an emergency trip downstairs to the toilet. She smiled at me as the priest said the liturgy, rubbed her belly, and gave me an "OK" signal with her fingers before placing her hand on top of mine.

We had planned a picnic for after church at a nice quiet little out-of-the-way park beside a lovely stream in a wooded area several miles out in the country on a back road. We arrived there, unpacked our things, and had a wonderful picnic lunch that she had prepared. Afterwards we walked, sat on a rock by the stream where I read to her from a book of poetry, and after we exchanged a good, long kiss with the reflection of the sun on the water dancing in our eyes, we walked back to the main park area, where I pushed her on one of the swings, it was SO romantic with her in her nice skirt and white blouse and nylons and heels. We then sat down on the blanket, where I asked her how much she loved me and she replied "This much, Patrick", grabbing me in a HUGE embrace and kissing me for almost a full minute straight-we frenched, our tongues ticklng each other. Then we just sat there, staring at the water slowly moving by, my arm around her and her beautiful gray head on my shoulder. I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume and was in sweet bliss.

Suddenly, she straightened up, her mouth grimaced, and her hand went over her belly as she doubled forward. "Oh lord, Patrick" she hissed as her stomach made bubbly sounds. I helped her up quickly and took her by the hand, helping her over to the ladies side of the pit toilet. As there was no one else around, I walked right in with her to find three stalls with no door on any of them. She made for the handicapped one, hiking up her skirt and half-slip with the hand that wasn't holding mine. We made it into the stall, and she started unzipping her girdle. She has gotten into the habit of not wearing diapers on Sunday, so as to look more attractive to me in full-cut briefs under the girdle-she wears white nylon ones with fancy silky engravings on them.

Down went all of this to her knees, she pulled her hiked skirt to the front, and sat down. The stream of liquid diarrhea made a mysterious echoing sound as it squirted from her rectum into the depths of the pit below-it sounded like some deep, subterranean waterfall in the depths of some cave, waiting to be discovered, with the loud fart at the end echoing throughout the vastness of the pit. "Oh lord!!!!" she groaned again, before the next wave hit, doubling her over. Another waterfall flowing from her rear, followed by another loud fart. And again, and again, interrupted by an occasional "Oh lord!!!" from Artiss……..
Almost an hour we spent in that stall together, with her doubled over on the tin toilet seat and me just being there for her, I was unable to ease the pain in her bowels, but I could certainly be there to comfort my sweetheart in her distress, being her partner. Unrolling the toilet paper for her so she could wipe her dirty bottom clean. Helping her as she finally stood up and pulled up her briefs and girdle. Taking her by the hand over to the sink so that she could wash her hands. Then letting her lean on my shoulder and cry until she couldn't cry any more-"Oh Patrick, WHY must I have this terrible condition? WHY?" Helping her back to the car, packing up our picnic stuff, and driving us home where we made dear, sweet love in the bedroom before she fell asleep in my arms, each of us knowing that we have a loving, caring partner to take care of us in sickness or in health.



Hey guys I've been lurking on this site for a long time and thought maybe I could post something. Leo isn't my real name I just think Leonardo is a cool name. I am a male 6"0 and 140 pounds. Now that I think about it I don't have to many interesting stories. During the summer though I like to run around in the forest at the end of my street. If I ever have to pee I just let loose cuz nobody goes in the forest. I thought to myself what if I ever need to poop? How would I do it properly? So I searched it up and got the answers I needed. Next time I went in the forest I looked for a decent spot to go and try it. I found a fallen tree trunk off the trail and decided it would be my spot. So I took out my trowel and dug a small hole on one side. I pulled my pants down and scooted my butt over the edge. I just relaxed cuz I don't usually push and enjoyed the sounds of nature. After awhile 2 decent sized logs slid out and landed in the hole. I pulled out my tissues I brought and wiped and put that in the hole too. I buried my leavings and put a rock over top of it. Had a sanitary wipe in my pocket and cleaned my hands. After that experience I somewhat enjoyed it and tried again a few times that summer. Not late in summer though cuz thats when the mosquitoes are bad. Anyway hope you guys like the story maybe I'll post again.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

misty ( not real name )
to long time reader for me the weater dosent affect how soft my poos are the only two things are 1) if im constipated witch rearly happens to me witch is wierd becouse of some constipation i read are from girls 2) if im on my period witch usually but rearly gives me diarrea. mrs toilet trooper i love ure post it sonded like an interesting experiance.


Boys are gross ;)

In third grade, I was friends with two boys and we played a lot together. Of course being a girl I had to be very tomboyish to get along with them so well. One rainy afternoon, we were playing in the laundry room at their house. It was an old house with a large laundry room which was only accessible from the outside. Of course it was mostly a store room (which was of course all the more fun), as a washer and dryer don't take up that much space. They also had a working toilet in there.
We were just about to go back to the house, when I felt the urge to go to the toilet. I already had to go a short while ago, but I hadn't wanted to stop playing and go back to the house, so I had just ignored it and now it was back with twice the urgency. But as soon as I told them to go ahead while I used the toilet, they tried to persuade me to let them stay. Eventually, I agreed... They promised to sit behind all the junk that was standing in the room, while I was on the toilet and promised not to peek!
So I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. First I peed, then I felt the poop coming.
Well... boys are gross ;) and you shouldn't trust them. Suddenly those two dummies came out from their hiding spot and stood right in front of me :X. Being right in the middle of it, there was no way I could stop. I just covered my crotch with my hands and cursed. It was sooooo embarrassing! And those two stood there and undeniably enjoyed seeing me sit there blush, unable to do anything. It felt like an eternity until I had finished.
I immediately pulled up my pants, without wiping my butt. When I tried to flush those to pigs held me back and marveled at my poo. But they managed to make me laugh as well and somehow everything was fine again. They wouldn't let me watch them poop in return. So unfair! Of course I totally forgot that I hadn't cleaned myself :( and I only remembered when I was getting ready for bed in the evening. There was a huge brown streak in my undies. Mommy would've been so mad, so I hid them in the bottom of the trash, hoping the would never reappear (they didn't).

One day when I was in the fourth grade, I was at a friend's house working on a project for school. Her parents were both at work and so it was just us in her room alone. We were good friends, and I knew she was fairly uninhibited, as she would fart around me without caring.

We worked on the project for a while until she said she had to go to the toilet. I watched as she stood up, walked to the bathroom attached to her room and didn't close the door. She lowered her pants and panties and sat on the toilet, in full view of me. She looked directly at me as she began to pee and kept on talking about our project. I was very distracted by the fact that I was actually getting to see a girl on the toilet. I kept my composure best I could and we continued our discussion where we left off.

She peed for what seemed like a long time, though it was probably less than thirty seconds. She opened her legs and wiped her front, then closed her legs again and kept sitting. My heart was about beating out of my chest then, as I knew that meant she had to poop as well. We talked some more and some of her sentences were interrupted by slight grunts or a strained voice, followed by her turd hitting the water.

As I listened and watched her pooping, I was amazed by the amount she was going. I usually did three or four good-sized turds back in those days, but I had counted nine splashes before she started to wipe her butt. She wiped five times and I even caught a brief glimpse into the toilet bowl when she stood up, but I was too far away to really see anything clearly. She did have to flush twice to get her load to go down, so I guess it must have been a big one.


Latest Story

Hello, everyone! It has been a while since I posted anything up here, but I want to share a short story that happened today:
Today, I ate for lunch a cheeseburger cooked medium rare, some fries, and a cup of pudding for a snack. I pooped right after I finished eating. Then, at around one-thirty, my stomach started hurting really badly and I felt as if I was going to have an accident, so I rushed to the nearest restroom. As soon as I sat down, diarrhea immediately exploded out of me with rapid little plops. This lasted for all of 10 seconds. I finished up in the restroom and went back to watching TV. Then, at around two-thirty, as I was playing a game on my laptop, I felt those sensations again, so I took my laptop with me to the restroom. More diarrhea exploded out of me as I continued to play on my laptop. I sat there for a couple more minutes to see if anything else would come out, then cleaned myself up. I looked into the toilet to discover that the water was completely brown and there were no solids whatsoever. I flushed, washed my hands, and went back to my room.


Two short stories

Hey I just have two short stories one where I just made it tithe bathroom and another one where I didn't. I have mentioned that I have a weak bladder and I can't hold it very long so I've had countless accidents and close calls.

I will start with the one where I made it. So I was driving to my boyfriends apartment and of course I got the urge to pee but I was pretty close so I figured I'd make it. Of course I started hitting every light but I was determined to make it. I finally made it and parked and when I got there I jumped out of the car and held my crotch because I was bursting. I ran up to his floor and apt luckily the door was unlocked so I ran straight back to the bathroom. He was in there shaving but I didn't care. I ripped my panties down I was wearing a dress so that's all I had to worry about and sat down and immediately started to pee. I let out a super long and our sigh. It felt amazing! He was like "you really had to go huh baby?" I just nodded. Then he looked down at my panties and saw that they were completely dry. He said" aww I'm proud of you you didn't wet your panties at all" he kissed me on top of my head while I finished using the bathroom.

So my other story starts the same way I was driving over there and got the urge to go. I made it to his apt but when I got to the bathroom he was pooping. I just kind of stared at him in disbelief. Then I crossed my legs and put my hands in my crotch and started bouncing to try and hold it. He said" I don't know how long I'll be I'm sorry. Why don't you slip on one of your goodnites and just use it? You're wear a skirt it will only take 2 seconds to slip ur panties off and one of those one." I was being stubborn and told him no I can hold it. Well one minute after I said they my bladder muscles relaxed and I just started peeing. I completely soaked my panties. The pee just started going through my panties and onto the floor I looked down at the yellow puddle on the floor. I felt my face get flushed and I was about in tears. He said its ok I'm almost done and then I'll help you clean up.

Those are my stories for now :) thanks Brandon! You always say such nice things I'm glad you like my stories

Mr. Clogs

Night time pee in my pee cup and comments

Hope all is well with all of you. It's one of those nights where I had to get up and take a piss. I was tired and didn't feel like walking to the bathroom to pee into the toilet. So I grabbed one of my Subway pee cups and use that as a toilet. I grabbed that cup instead of the big coffee mug because I knew my urine would overflow. The Subway cup can hold up to 32 oz. of liquid which I know what I was about to do. So I closed my bedroom door for some privacy. I put the cup up to my semi erect wood and filled up the cup with a nice golden yellow urine. I felt relieved and poured the piss filled cup into the toilet and rinsed out the cup and put it back in my room. I was thirsty and went to the fridge to get a glass of water and went back to bed.


Nikki: Liked the post title and story. Thanks for giving us the details of your stinky adventures on the road and at your house. Must of been those burgers and ice cream that gave you the runs. Feel better and hope to see you back.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Another great post, I'm sure Brandon was curious about you taking a dump in the toilet. I understand you need some privacy, I both men and women need their time for privacy. Brandon is indeed a lucky man to have a wife like you. Anyways great post.

Frida: Sorry to hear about that, something you must of ate gave you diarrhea. Eat some some rice to bind you up again. Feel better.

Well that's all for now, take care and have a great weekend.

Mr. Clogs

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