Here's my story

I was very desperate to poop at my local park
So I looked for a restroom and I saw 5 porta potties
4 were occupied so I ran in the free one locked it.
Then I ripped down my skinny jeans and green panties
and started to go I (I had diarrhea) and then realized there is
no toilet paper so I pulled my pants up and walked away

Ava Claire
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes. Being homeless was a hard time in my life and not something I tell everyone, but I feel comfortable here and wanted to share. For those of you who asked: when my mom and I were homeless, I was pretty little. If I had to pee, I would often go right where I was. There wasn't much privacy, especially of we were with other people. At night there was an abandoned alley way we'd sleep in sometimes and that provided more privacy. My mom on the other hand was an adult and couldn't just squat down wherever we were. She would often hold it all day until we found a suitable spot. I would try to hold my poop until we were somewhere private. I never have had a problem peeing in the open but am more shy about pooping. As I got older, I would have to hold my bladder until we found a private spot, usually in an alley somewhere or a parking lot.
Now I have a story. A few days ago I was with a girl from school named Jess. We were working on a summer project together about nature, which involved us to walk around her neighborhood and look at plants. As we were walking, I kinda had to pee. If I was with Alix or my mom, I would've just went but I don't know Jess well so decided to hold it. After a bit she said she had to go. I thought here's my chance, we can both go outside. I suggested it and she said gross, she would never go outside ever. I didn't want her to judge me do I decided not to either. As we walked back towards her house, my need became worse and worse. At that point we were on the street and there was no where to go privately anymore. I noticed Jess seemed really desperate too and we not kept stopping to cross our legs and bend over. I attributed it to the fact it was hot and we both drank a lot of water. We were about 5 minutes from her house and a felt a spurt come out. I told her I was about to pee my pants and she again said gross. I tried to hold on, but soon gave up. I squatted right there on the sidewalk and pee gushed out through my jeans making a huge puddle and loud sound. Jess looked shocked and told me to stop that it was disgusting to pee your pants. I ignored her and kept going. Neighbors stated as they went by but I didn't care.when I finished I stood up and kept walking. Jess ended up peeing her pants before we got back to her house and she blamed me. She told me to leave, so I walked back to my house. On my way I peed once more as I was walking. I went home and changed and called Alix, who told me Jess isn't worth being upset over.
Well that's my story.
Ava Claire


Peter, Friends watching

Peter, I too, experienced watching my friends poop a lot as a kid. The first time was when I was in 1st grade. My friends and I would hide under a "closed in" front porch and poop in the sand, then bury it. It was mainly just curiosity at that age to see where it came from since the hole is hard to see until it's in use. I then moved to Florida for 3rd grade, and had a close friend who liked having me watch him do it in the woods, but his often was so stinky I had to get away. Later, in 5th grade, we moved to Georgia in a neighborhood with woods and a creek close by. We never went home till it got dark, so whenever we had to go, we had a favorite log over the creek which was high enough for all to see. During 7th grade, we moved to Chicago and that mostly ended as I got older.

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in awhile because I've been pretty busy. I had twin girls about a month ago. Twins were a total surprise and add that to the three girls I already have and I've been pretty busy. I've quit my job to be a stay at home mom and most days don't even get a chance to pee. My twins are really colicky and I still have my two year old Story home with me. Yesterday was the fussiest they have been, plus Story had a cold do I was super busy all day. I was also drinking a lot of coffee to stay alert. When it can't time to pick up my older two girls I had to rush out of the house. It's a pain loading in three babies and takes quite awhile. We sold our old car(the one I used to let my girls pee in) for a bigger SUV. So far my husband and I decided not to let our kids pee in it because it was so nice. I got in the drivers seat and it was the first time I sat down all day. Doing so made me relax a bit and made me realize how badly I needed to pee. It had been nine hours since I last went, plus I had all that coffee. I was in agony. I tried crossing my legs and holding myself. There was no way I was going to unbuckle the kids and stop somewhere. I was about halfway to school and I just couldn't hold it anymore. I relaxed a little more and started peeing. A lot. It gushed out and made a very loud hissing noise. It felt wonderful. I peed and peed for what seemed like ages. Afterward I felt so much more relieved, but also upset and hoped my husband wouldn't be mad. I got to the school and my girls came out. They climbed in and the first thing Jagger said was, boy I have to pee. She started to lift her skirt, peeing in the car was such a habit for her but I reminded her not in the new car. I watched her squirm around and remembered what I did. I told her okay she could this one time. She happily went. When my husband got home I told him that neither of us could wait and he wasn't mad at all. He's a great husband and father.
Bye for now

We've just returned from our Memorial Day vacation, and now I have to take a dump very very bad! My brother beat me to the bathroom though, and he's been in there for like fifteen minutes now. I knocked on the door a few minutes ago and he said he'd be done soon, but I think he's loving making me wait, knowing how desperate I am to go.

I wish I had just pooped at that rest stop, but it was absolutely filthy. The garbage cans were overflowing and trash was all over the floor, and the only toilet was plugged up what looked like multiple people's shit purposely left unflushed, and the seat was wet with piss. I could barely bring myself to hover over the cesspit and pee.

Finally, my brother's done in the bathroom. I better hurry before someone else goes in. I'll report back when I finish.

Alright, I'm back now and I feel infinitely better. Our clean toilet was so inviting and I sat right down and quickly evacuated three long turds. The second one was really fat, probably an inch and a half. I wiped my butt four times and I flushed, then I washed my hands.


i was wondering what foods can i eat to have a massive bm??


sometimes you just gotta go so bad...

Hi.. I'm jenna, 5'6" dirty blonde hair, 110 lbs, i just turned 20 last month. I wanted to post about some accidents I've had.

In my freshman year of college, i was hanging out in the dorm of a friend's friend. We started hitting it off and soon enough we were joking around and having a good time..suddenly, while laughing kinda hard, i felt a warm tingly squirt escape into my panties and jeans. I abruptly stopped laughing, pressed my hands into my crotch and made an "oh no!" face. Everyone looked at me and i started laughing again. More squirts escaped into my pants with each laugh, each one making my crotch warmer and wetter. Pretty soon there was a wet spot visible on the outside of my jeans, about the size of a baseball on my crotch and spreading towards my butt. They all noticed and started laughing, and i dropped to the floor and started laughing harder until i completely lost control of my bladder and wound up wetting myself really bad. My entire butt was soaked and there was a big stain on the floor. I was so so embarrassed! But at the same time, it was really funny. I had to walk past tons of people in the dorms, with a giant wet stain on the seat of my jeans, as i went to my dorm to change myself. My friend took a picture of my wet butt and posted it online! I had to remove it after a couple days because it got out of hand.

The other two accidents...were of a much more embarrassing variety...I've had a couple of....let's call them, premature BM' the last few years. I have that thing where my urge to go increases as i approach the bathroom, moreso with #2's than just having to pee. It's always a close call if i have to go pretty bad on the way to the toilet. I've had a lot of moments were the poop comes out just as i slide my panties clear of the disaster zone an I'm still hovering over the toilet... well here's a time i didn't get that far. In 12th grade of high school i was a cheerleader. One day at a basketball game, a home game, i had an unnerving need to poop while cheering. Toward the end of our halftime routine i REALLY had to go. I got really scared of pooping my bloomers on the gym floor. Our uniform was green, white and black, and the bloomers (short shorts or in my case, full cut panties under your cheer skirt) were white of course so i knew it'd be nasty if i lost it. Finally we were done and i walked rigidly to the coach as fast as i could and asked to use the restroom. She sent me off, and as i got close to the locker room, an ominous tingling sensation filled my rectum and an unbearable pressure pressed against the back door. I opened the locker room door, and totally lost it. *BRRAAP BRRMP BRRRAP* was loud, and soft mushy poop splattered into the seat of my white bloomers, forming a sizable bulge and a distinct milk chocolate colored stain on the outside, that was round and wide on the bulge and spread upward in a narrow streak along my butt crack. It was so nasty! I hid in a stall, horrified! Finally i rushed to take my soiled bloomers off and wrapped them in a towel and hid them in my bag and rushed to shower, find other bloomers and get back out to the gym! I did it, but later noticed my bag stunk up the locker room, and my face burned so red! I tried to stay cool and let people think someone had just taken a smelly dump in the toilet and not figure out that I'd crapped my pants and hid the evidence in my bag! To this day I'm still uncertain that any of them knew, but my mom definitely found out. She caught me rinsing the soiled bloomers in the laundry room sink later that embarrassing!

The most recent accident i had was majorly, majorly embarrassing though. I was at work when it happened and it was pretty horrible....i got a very similar urge to poop like that fateful evening while cheerleading. I was working in my department in the store when i got some intense pressure in my bowels and that same tingling throughout my lower half, and a wave of panic came over me. I'd been feeling the need to go for a good couple of hours, but it was mild and easy to ignore while i worked. But suddenly, it felt like somewhat of an emergency. I was on the complete opposite side of the store from the bathroom of course...i had to clench pretty hard and began hustling to the bathrooms. Much to my misfortune, as i was heading up front one of the managers asked me to help check out customers. I quickly explained that i really needed the bathroom and that it was an emergency. He gave me a funny look and said "ok hurry up..." i rushed by, but that one little delay did me in. The tingling sensation and the pressure intensified and i began turtle heading as i approached the was over. I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes. With a distinct crackling noise, a firm, warm load pushed out into my panties and jeans. It was hot and sticky feeling and was really uncomfortable due to it being a very hot day. I glanced back to see a few of my coworkers staring down the hall at me and my eyes welled up with tears as i ducked into the bathroom. I was too overwhelmed to event think about dealing with it...eventually a female manager came in and asked to help me, then took one look at the enormous bulge and stain in the seat of my jeans and told me i could go home. She went out of the bathroom ahead of me and i guess had all my.coworkers that work around the exit turn away or something and give me a minute to get out the door... i had to sit in my car and smash the bulge causing it to spread throughout my pants...i gagged from the smell the whole drive home. Easily the most embarrassing thing ever to crap your pants at work! Luckily i have mostly cool coworkers that didn't give me a hard time about it... also, somewhat fortunately, i was wearing an older pair of panties that i had on because i was low on clean laundry, they were old cotton white panties with pink clouds and butterflies on them that i got when i was like i wasn't too concerned about the stain i made in them. I'll probably just only wear them to bed from now on.

I think I finally figured out what triggers my IBS - dairy. It doesn't happen every time I have it so it took me a while to figure it out. The last 2 weeks I've had a few flair ups and I think that's what caused it. Today I stopped for one of those coffee drinks on my way to an apt. It had whipped cream on it, and I think it had some dairy in the mix. Anyway, I went out and about and was on my way home when my stomach started to hurt a little. It had been about 2 hours since I had the drink, and I didn't eat anything afterwards. Anyway, as I was driving my stomach started to feel unwell and I knew I needed to hit a bathroom soon. I was almost home when the urge hit me hard. I almost didn't make it. I rushed in the house, sat on the toilet and whoosh, everything came out in one fell swoop. It only took a few seconds. When I looked into the toilet I was surprised, it was full of diarrhea. My stomach still feels a little sick. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to go again or not.


For Ted


did you and your Brother ever have the experience of seeing each other be constipated? did he ever have to help you when you were constipated?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooperlady as always another great story and it sounds those girl might learn not to stick to long in the bathroom doing nothing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great set of stories you first one sounded like you had just miliseconds to spare before disater and y our other story yep you cant always trust a fart ive been there before and at least it happened at home and your husband was there to help you out to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrstoilettrooper survey answers
Male 25 1. yes mom dad sister and others 2. no big 3. yes 4. kinda 5. no big deal 6. yes to most othem except the enemy one and not much of a reaction hope this helps I know I skipped most of it but im kinda in rush good survey though and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allie great story about you peeing in front of your boyfriend for the fisrt time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: B.M. first welcome to the site and great set of stories your first one it sounds like you and that other woman were having pretty nasty dumps and it sounds like you just made it to and great story about your desperate dump at work it sounds like you were very close to an accident again and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your freidns pooping together and it sounds like you guys had a pretty good buddy dump outside and a great outside as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story and it sounds like you were having a pretty nasty time and I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


That one Home Depot Doorless stall!

Hi Esteban. Glad to see you back. I agree with you that using a doorless stall when the rest have doors is a bit of a dilemma. I have started and then the other two become available and I'm the only one in there. I try to finish up as quickly as possible in that situation.

When I am in there though, I use it just like I would when there is a door. I still wipe from the front, between my legs. And then I stand to wipe the last couple of times. I've had guys see me wiping when they come to try the door of the adjacent stall.


Survey Questions

Age: 34
Gender: Male

1. Have you ever pissed with (a) family member(s) watching you? Sure
2. If so, which family member(s) watched you? (Brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mum, dad, wife, husband, etc.) Brother, dad, at urinal
3. If so, how close is your relationship? relatively close
4. How did they react? No reaction.
5. Have you ever pissed with a friend watching you? Yes.
6. If so, how close is your relationship with that friend? A lot of friends. Some close, other's more aquaintances.
7. How did they react? No reaction
8. Have you ever pissed with a stranger watching you? Of course.
9. How did they react? Like a stranger was pissing next to them.
10. Have you ever pissed with an enemy watching you? no
11. How did they react? n/a
12. Have you ever shit with (a) family member(s) watching you? no
13. If so, which family member(s) watched you? n/a
14. If so, how close is your relationship? n/a
15. How did they react? n/a
16. Have you ever shit with a friend watching you? yes
17. If so, how close is your relationship? pretty close
18. How did they react? joked about it (smell, shyness)
19. Have you ever shit with a stranger watching you? of course
20. How did they react? Various reactions; shock, nothing, talk to me, embarrassed, shy...
21. Have you ever shit with an enemy watching you? no
22. How did they react? n/a

Mr. Clogs

Lines at both men's and ladies bathroom and shout outs

I was traveling to another state to visit some family and stuff. I had to pee once I arrived at the train station. As I was approaching the men's room which is a first tome for me had a line out the door, same thing for the ladies. I couldn't wait in that long line and have my ride wait for me. So I passed and held my pee until I got to my rides house to use their bathroom to do my business there.

Pooperlady: Wow, that's a great way to get rid of annoying people in the bathroom.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: You're welcome and glad to hear that great-grandma is doing well. Hope to read more posts of you soon.

That's all for now. Take care.

Mr. Clogs


Thunderstorm Poo

With the weather being so got this week I decided to year a skirt when I went to the woods for my poo this afternoon. I was dying to go and after grabbing a toilet roll from the bathroom I made my way to the woods. There were some black clouds moving in and I heard distant thunder but I thought I could get home before the storm started. When I got to the woods I found lots of people around and I had nowhere to relieve myself. I really had to go and the thunder was getting louder as it started to rain. Everyone was leaving and within a 15 minutes I was on my own. I must have been mad to stay among the trees in a thunderstorm but I was desperate for that poo and decided to go anyway. I lowered my knickers as the lightning lit the whole of the woods up together with loudest bang I'd ever heard. Then there was another brilliant flash as a tree about 50 yards away was struck by lightning. The noise was so deafening my ears are still ringing now. It literally scared the crap out of me and as soon as I squatted I had a huge and very relieving clearout. The lightning continued while I pood and once I was finished and wiped, I got out of there fast.

I went out for a run today and after about half an hour I felt a desperate need to poo. I hadn't been for a few days and I think all that running had loosened my bowels up a bit. I was about 3 miles from home and knew there weren't any toilets around (not that I wanted to use a public toilet) and had to hold it while I ran. It wasn't easy to hold it while running and I had to slow to a brisk walk. I could feel the pressure in my bowels building to the point where I really didn't think I would make it home and had to stop walking while I regained control. I felt the poo pushing on my anus and had to clench hard against the pressure. It was painful to keep holding it and with the pressure growing I knew I was in trouble. I tried to walk again but the pressure increased and I felt my anus open in spite of my clenching. The tip of a turd emerged and began to wet myself as my anus expanded around the the advancing poo. I knew the battle was over and just relaxed, allowing the pressure inside my bowels to push out wide but soft turd into my knickers. It was huge and was quickly followed by another and then some softer more mushy stuff. It wet on for ages and filled my knickers to full capacity and then it came out past the legs and into my cycling shorts. It was a huge mess but what a relief.

On the subject of women using the men's room because the line was too long, a couple of years ago I was just finishing peeing at a urinal when a young blonde woman came in the door, marched right past me and went into a stall and peed while her friend waited outside. (I think the friend poked her head in the door for a minute as well.) She acknowledged me on the way out and apologized, saying that the women's was being cleaned. I didn't mind at all, I just was a little bit surprised.


Mom's killer crap

This is a story I remember very vividly from many years ago, when I was just nine years old. Our family went out to eat one evening at Outback Steakhouse. We got bread as an appetizer and my mom ended up eating most of it by herself. She ordered a huge steak and a side salad, ate it all, and then shared a dessert with me and my little sister.

The next day, my sister, my mom and I were out shopping at the mall for school clothes. When we were done, we all had to poop, so we walked to the family bathroom. It was a single occupant style, but with two toilets. One was the normal height and the other was much longer to the ground, clearly made for children. I didn't have to go that bad, so I let them go first.

My mother sat on the big toilet and my sister on the small one. They both began pooping at about the same time. I heard several splashes from both of them. My sister finished first and after she wiped and flushed, I took my turn on the toilet. I let off three turds and then I was done. I too wiped and flushed, and my mom was still pooping.

It had probably been at least fifteen minutes, given that both my sister and I had pooped. My mom said she was almost done - accentuated with a big splash. Finally she finished and after she had wiped and stood to flush, we saw her absolutely huge load in the toilet. There were turds of all sizes in the toilet and all of the water was obscured. I could only see her poop. My sister (she was six then) said "Wow mommy you did a really BIG poopy"

My mom blushed a little and said "Yeah, I guess I did." then let out a weak chuckle. She pushed the flusher, even though there was no chance of that massive load flushing. As expected, the load barely budged and the toilet gurgled. We left the bathroom and headed for home.

The Listening Ear
To Ellie: Welcome to the site, and thank you for sharing your awakening into the world of poo. I hope your interest develops, and remember that if you want to share anything, you'll find lots of like-minded friends here.

To Amylee: Yes please, even if there's nothing new, more of the same would be good to read, especially now that the sounds from the toilet can be heard in the corridor!


Hey :) just to let you all know when my mother went out to Tesco to get toilet roll she ended up having one wave of mushy poo in Tesco and one on the way home in her knickers! Feel bad now because if I would've remembered to get roll it would bot have happened!
Moving on to today, my mother was in the only bathroom in our house having a poo and I really needed to go too! She was taking her time so I got some tissue, put them in my hands an pood in them! It was only a short log and then my mother came out so I did the rest in the toilet
Abbie- I'm still popping in school at dinner or break time. It's just my body's routine and I don't like holding poo for long as I usually go the same time every day and by holding for longer I've found myself having to use portal loos and public toilets witch are buzzin!!
Millie x

Jeff and Niki

Lots of dumps

Brandon T, thanks buddy.

Jeff here!
Ok, so the past 2 weeks we have had company so I havent had a chance to see anything too special. Haha
The sadest part is Ms. Niki has been on a dumping spree and she's been letting me miss out. :(

One of these days I'll get to see one of her "good" dumps like the other night when she said "oh I just lost a couple pounds in there". :)

Anyways, I'm off and will post soon.

-Jeff and Niki. <3


Office Ladies' Room Again

I posted on page 2166 about Debbie, a newer addition to our division at work. I've also mentioned my boss, Leigh, who is queen of poos. And our human resources manager, Ann, who is not bathroom shy either, although pretty "polite" about it. One day this week, I got the urge to poo around 9:45 a.m., which is just before our 10 a.m. rush hour in the ladies' room, when it seems as if half the office does their daily bowel movement. I went to the restroom and two stalls were occupied down the row of 8. I went into the 3rd one and prepared to sit down. I heard voices and in came the three women mentioned above, Debbie, Ann, and Leigh. Apparently they'd been in some meeting and were coming to the restroom afterwards. Ann apparently went into stall one, and Debbie took stall 2 and Leigh went into stall 4. So I had just sat down in the stall that ended up being between Debbie and Leigh. The other two people flushed and came out and quickly left the restroom. Debbie, Leigh, and Ann were still talking business as they sat down on their respective toilets. I immediately heard a loose sounding crackly poo starting from Ann. I knew it was her because Debbie was just getting her slacks down and sitting down and the sound was coming from that direction. Leigh, talking, did a strain in her voice, farted quite loudly, and started a mushy sounding poo that went on for about 5 or 6 seconds and then she splattered a messy sounding fart and said, "UHH" pretty loudly, which she does every time she has a bowel movement. Debbie said, "Sounds like a poopfest in here!" They all laughed. I had held mine so far hoping not to have to go with them there, but what the heck? I pushed out my customary pre-poo fart and crackled a long one into the bowl. Just then Debbie did a fart and poo started coming out of her, sounding like it was under pressure, with gas and poo mixed in. Leigh did another "UHHH" and spluttered more mushy sounding poo. I heard Ann pulling toilet paper from the roll, so apparently she was done. Leigh started wiping also, and was done in a couple of wipes, which surprised me since her poo sounded messy. She flushed and so did Ann. They both went to the sinks and washed up. Debbie was still next to me. Leigh said, "Debbie, we'll see you in a minute" and she and Ann left the restroom. Now it was deathly quiet. After a few seconds Debbie surprised me by saying, "Hello, who is my neighbor here?" I thought OMG she's talking to me? I quietly said, "It's Amylee." She said, "Oh, hi, how you doing?" I said, "Fine" not wanting to have a conversation on the toilet. I heard her quietly grunt and pass some more gas with another crackling poo. I needed to go badly and pushed. I managed not to fart out loud, but I did make a good bit of plopping noise as my poo escaped. Then I had a huge long turd which coiled around the whole bowl. Just then another woman came in and took a stall a couple down from me. She was rushing in and sat down quickly and a spluttering torrent came out of her followed by a loud wet splattering fart. She sighed. I didn't know who it was. I peed and was done. I wiped my butt, which was a mess and it took about 5 or 6 wipes. I pulled up my panties, smoothed my skirt, flushed and went to the sinks. The lady who came in later flushed and came out, and it was Courtney, a young woman in our office in her 20's (I've mentioned her in previous posts). Debbie was now wiping and as I was drying my hands, she flushed and came out. I went back to the office, and I could see several women heading to the ladies' room for the 10 a.m. rush. Our ladies' room is something at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., believe me.


Porta Potty Experience

I went to a pro golf tournament in the Midwest USA this past weekend. At one of the holes, they had a bank of 9 porta-potties with a fence with green screening around them. I was heading to them to pee and when I reached the opening, two women were also coming in. Being a gentleman, I smiled and held my hand out to gesture "after you". They smiled and went in. There were three porta-potties unoccupied right in the middle of the row. The ladies took the ones on the ends and left me the middle one right between them. I went in and started to unzip to pee in the urinal. The sound travels extremely well in these units. I heard both ladies pulling down their shorts and start to pee. One, who was a hot lady in her early 40's proceeded to let 5 small farts in succession, the last one a high-pitched squeaky one like she was really straining to get it out. Then the other lady let 3 farts. They finished peeing as did I, and we all exited together. They didn't seem to be bothered at all - perhaps they didn't realize I could hear them farting? The second day I was heading to the porta potties to poop early in the morning. I saw a lady about 50 heading in the same direction. I arrived just before her and went in to the area and took a unit (all were vacant). This lady, maybe 5 steps behind me, went in right next to me, even though there were 7 more open ones. I dropped my pants and sat. I heard her do the same. It was very quiet then she ripped a huge wet fart and started pooping like crazy, followed by a audible grunt. I was able to do my business relatively quietly. She splattered another fart and more poop. I finished up and went out to watch golf. There was a man standing near me and I struck up a conversation with him. In a couple of minutes, the pooper lady came up to the man and was obviously his wife. She smiled at me and said hello. I was thinking that she had to know I just heard her blow up the porta-potty right next to me. Maybe she likes others to hear her poop? Anyone else ever experienced this type behavior?

Brandon T

I peed my pants

today I peed my pants I tried to make it to the bathroom but nope my bladder had other ideas and its my own fault I got distracted and didnt realize how bad I had to go it was embarrassing and funny im 25 and I peed my pants lucky no one noticed and accidents happen lol.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Scared some people away from the bathroom!

This morning I was at my school building. I had to go to the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom, there were two girls there, standing at the sinks. They were just standing and talking, and not washing up or anything. It kind of annoys me when people do that.

So I went into a bathroom stall and started peeing. As I pissed, I farted and began shitting. When the two girls heard what I was doing, they cleared right out of there. Ha ha ha! That's one way of getting rid of people, I suppose. :)


Don't trust a fart

The other day at the laundromat I had a really strong urge to go to the bathroom and I was squeezing my butt cheeks together to keep it inside. It felt like forever having to hold on and I had a stomachache waiting for my husband to get change for the washers. I knew if I relaxed even slightly I would have had a massive load of diarrhea in my underwear. Finally we had everything in the washers and could go home. I went right to the toilet and desperately pulled my skirt up and my underwear down and boom! Had a huge explosion in the toilet that sounded like water being poured from a water bottle. It stunk pretty bad and I had to wash my bum. After that though I had no more problems. Whew! That was the closest I've been to shitting my pants in public! And I've had many desperation stories when it comes to diarrhea.

Speaking of shitting my pants. Yesterday I didn't have any stomach cramping despite being on my period. I didn't feel sick or anything. I was just hanging out with my husband, chilling on the computer and I felt the urge to fart. I thought it would just be an innocent fart, so I let it go. But I ended up letting out a load of diarrhea in my underwear! Needless to say I was shocked, since I didn't feel any urge to poop! I jumped up and said "Whoops!" My husband looked at me and asked what happened and I said "I just shit myself trying to fart." I held my bum and walked to the bathroom where I had diarrhea in the toilet this time (thank god). My pad was a huge mess, full of blood and shit and the back of my underwear was covered in diarrhea. I didn't close the door because I was more worried about getting my underwear and myself cleaned up. My husband saw the state of my underwear and asked me if that was blood or shit and I said shit. I was pretty embarrassed that it happened and he said accidents happen and not to feel bad or embarrassed. He told me some examples of his diarrhea desperation stories from when he was in school, so it helped me feel a little less embarrassed. I got in the shower and cleaned myself up because it was too messy to wipe with toilet paper, and then I got to work trying to clean the mess out of my underwear. I did the best I could, but I don't think the diarrhea stains will come out :( Oh well. I'll use them for my period from now on.


The Wedding Dump

Hello everyone!

This one takes place 3 years ago, right after my sister's wedding. We had a lot of good food at the reception, so you know I had quite a bit to eat (and drink, but that's another story). It wasn't until the next day that I really got the payoff. Towards the evening I got a full feeling in my gut that let me know it was time to take a dump. I hadn't been since the reception the previous evening and I felt pretty full. I had the feeling it would be a pretty excellent load and I wasn't disappointed. I dropped my trousers and underwear and sat on the bowl. I sat pretty far forward, as I wanted to avoid it going down the hole and out of site, if I could. I had to push a little to get it started, but only just a little. It started coming out and it was one of those creamy shits. You know, the kind where it's not totally soft, but not firm either. It was really thin, maybe of an inch or so thick, but my gosh, it was long. I'm pushing and pushing and it just keeps coming and coming and coming. It's not going fast, but it's not going slow either. The log's probably working its way out at something like an inch to 1 inch per second, maybe a little more or less.
So it's 10 seconds, then it's 20, then it's a full half minute and I'm staring into the bathtub, pushing this shit out, wondering how much could there possibly be. 35 seconds, then 40, then 45 seconds. There's no end to this load! Just as it's reaching nearly a minute of total dumping, the end finally comes. I felt about 10 lbs lighter it seemed. The load had never thickened or changed in any way. It had just kept coming out more and more breaking off every once in a while. I was excited to look into the bowl; I just had to see what all had come out of me. I looked in and was amazed. It was a solid mass of soft turds, probably 8 inches in length total and 4 or 5 inches in width, filling the very front of the bowl. The total length end to end had to be between 3 and 6 feet of total logs, as I said, thin, but extremely long! It managed to go down in one flush, being as it was rather soft. I wiped up and felt about 20 lbs lighter!

Brandon T

I peed my pants

today I peed my pants I tried to make it to the bathroom but nope my bladder had other ideas and its my own fault I got distracted and didnt realize how bad I had to go it was embarrassing and funny im 25 and I peed my pants lucky no one noticed and accidents happen lol.


Lucy Loo's survey

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a long time, but I thought I would for a change. I'll take Lucy Loo's survey since it seems to be pretty popular

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
Last summer

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
I had gone to the river with some friends, and we had gotten out and were sitting dripping wet at some picnic tables. I needed to pee, and without even thinking, just started peeing. I guess my mind figured that since I had on wet swim trunks, it wouldn't matter. I noticed that the solid splashing was a lot different than the little drips from river water, so I slowed my pee down and finished up. My friends didn't notice, but even if they had, I could have laughed it off.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
Wet swim trunks.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder?
A long time.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?
Not anymore. When I was a kid, I'd often have a wet spot on my pants when I was playing outside because I didn't want to go in to use the bathroom.

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
Not really because no one noticed, and even if they had, it probably just would have been funny since we were all kinda drunk.

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?
On purpose, yes.

8. When did u last poo yourself ?

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?
At home. On occasion, I like to poop in my underwear on purpose, and for whatever reason, when I needed to go, I decided to mess my pants.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?
Boxer briefs

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
Pretty long. I usually go every day, but can hold it to two days.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?
No. Except when I had a girlfriend who was into it as well, I've always done it alone.

14. Ever messed yourself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?
I wouldn't really call it convenient. The cleanup is a lot less convenient than going in the toilet.

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
Look for somewhere else.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself?


Question for Ava Claire

Welcome Ava Claire. When you were homeless, where did you and your mom usually go when you had to go outside? Was there much privacy?

Mr. Clogs

A quick post and some comments

Let me start with this story. I was driving up RT 80 to work on a client's computer problem. I happen a witness a man on the east bound side car pulled over in the shoulder lane relieving himself. He must had to pee really bad. Since that stretch of RT 80 there's no rest stop, so I wasn't surprised that he had to go.

Okay now for me. I had finished drinking my coffee, my mother is in the bathroom taking a shower and I had to pee. So I went back to the kitchen to get my coffee cup out of the sink. Since the dishes were about to be washed later, why not pee into the coffee cup I had drank out of! I went back to my room, pulled out the woody and peed into the coffee cup. I felt relieved and liked the sound that the coffee mug made because the mug was made from ceramic. I poured the piss filled mug into the kitchen sink and went back to my room.


Ava Claire: Thank you and welcome to this site. Most of all thanks to Alix for posting about you. I'm sorry to hear about your childhood and why you don't like to use toilets. If you have any stories about you going to the bathroom in weird places, please post them. Here some ideas if you're interested, have you peed in a cup whether for the doctor or for kicks? Hope to read more posts about you. Thanks.

Riona: Damn that sucks! It's bad enough being locked out the house but having to go outside to the bathroom while the cops come around.

Shortie: Great post about you taking the pregnancy test while dropping a deuce at the same time. Keep the posts coming.

Annie: Congratulations to you! Keep us posted.

Well that's it for now, take care everyone.

Mr. Clogs

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
A few months ago

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
It was at my friends apartment, we had too much to drink and it just happened.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
Skirt and a tank

4. How long can u hold ya bladder?
I have very little control over my bladder, if I have to go, I just have to go.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
It was only my friend at the time and Im very comfortable around her so no.

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?
Only if I know that no one can see me. Once it was really cold and I wet myself in public. That was my first time on purpose. Now I only do it in my own house.

8. When did u last poo yourself ?
A few weeks ago

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?
I was at home. It was on purpose.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?
I dont remember. i think shorts and a plain t-shirt

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
Not very long, but ive never had an accident

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?
What to be embarassed about?

14. Ever messed yourself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
If I just have to pee then i wouldnt worry too much, but if i have to poo and there no toilet paper i know i would shit myself if i go looking for another toilet so i would just make do with whatever i have at the time.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself?

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Mr. Clogs: Thank you for welcoming me to the site, enjoying my story, and your concern about my great-grandma. She recovered and is doing well now.

Brandon T: Thank you for welcoming me to the site as well and for enjoying the story. I do have more stories to share, which I will post later on.

To the other girl that wanted to know if any other girl on this site used the men's room because the line for the women's room was too long, thank you for enjoying my post as well. To answer your question, I have used the men's latrine before, but not because the line for the women's was too long. My dad used to take me in the men's room whenever I had to use the latrine in a public place when I was a little girl.

Here is just a little survey for anyone who is interested in taking it, sort of based on my story since I used the latrine with my sister watching me.



1. Have you ever pissed with (a) family member(s) watching you?
2. If so, which family member(s) watched you? (Brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mum, dad, wife, husband, etc.)
3. If so, how close is your relationship?
4. How did they react?
5. Have you ever pissed with a friend watching you?
6. If so, how close is your relationship with that friend?
7. How did they react?
8. Have you ever pissed with a stranger watching you?
9. How did they react?
10. Have you ever pissed with an enemy watching you?
11. How did they react?
12. Have you ever shit with (a) family member(s) watching you?
13. If so, which family member(s) watched you?
14. If so, how close is your relationship?
15. How did they react?
16. Have you ever shit with a friend watching you?
17. If so, how close is your relationship?
18. How did they react?
19. Have you ever shit with a stranger watching you?
20. How did they react?
21. Have you ever shit with an enemy watching you?
22. How did they react?

If you have any stories based on your survey answers, I would love to read them if you posted them.





Hi, I'm still enjoying the stories, I just haven't really had anything to say in a while. Ellie, your story reminded me of a slightly awkward buddy dump at summer camp when I was a kid. We were in tents in the woods and we had a pit outhouse with a bench with holes and not that much privacy. I can't remember the arrangement exactly--- I think there may have been some minimal partitions, but not quite a stall, and definitely open at the front. I was pooping at what I hoped was a low-traffic time, and this other boy a bit younger than me came in and sort of snickered when he saw me and said hi, and started talking to me. He seemed as if he was sort of enjoying doing a buddy dump but at the same time his laughter had a slightly nervous tone to it. Then he giggled again when he farted after dropping one log. I think maybe he could tell I was a little bit shy and sort of wanted to tease me about it, but possibly at the same time felt a little awkward himself. It sounds like you were able to enjoy your experience more than I was able to at the time.

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