First pee in front of the boyfriend

I used to be pretty pee shy around most people which sucks when you have a weak bladder like me but I got over it pretty quickly. I just thought I'd share the first time I peed in front of my boyfriend. We were shopping at the mall and we hadn't been dating all that long. My arm was in a sling at the time because I hurt my shoulder. We were about to go into Sears and I got the urge to pee and I try to go as soon as I get the urge because I can't hold it very long . Well I told him I had to go and he was like well Sears has bathrooms so you can go here. I told him I needed help getting my jeans undone since my arm was in sling. Then I told him lets go back towards the food court where they family restrooms as well as the normal ones so you can come in with me and help me out. He agreed so we went into the family restroom and by the time we got there I was bursting. He sat our bags down and proceeded to undo my belt and jeans. I was fidgeting because I really had to go and he was like hold still but it was hard. Once he pulled my pants and panties down I immediately sat on the toilet, but I tensed up because I had never peed I front of a guy before. After a minute or so passed he asked if I wanted him to step out so I could have privacy but I said no I'll pee sooner or later and he just chuckled. I closed my eyes and took a couple deep breaths to try and relax and then I did and started pee I sighed because it felt so good. He was like do you feel better I was still peeing but I said yes much better. After I was done and wiped he helped me pull my pants and panties up. Then he decided he better go too since we were there. He had no problems going like I did. It seemed like he peed forever so he must have really had to go. After that day I never had trouble going in front of him again.

Brandon- yes I did! Being stuck in traffic with a weak bladder sucks! Lol


Big Brother

My older brother was 12 years old when I was born. Several times when I was little, he had the "duty" of wiping my butt if Mom or Dad weren't at home. We really developed a close brother bonding because of this. He never seemed to mind. I would holler andtell him I was done and he would come in and inspect my turds and tell me what a whopper I had done. We had a good laugh. Several times I would walk in on him while he was taking a shit and he never seemed to mind. He would say, "One day you're gonna be a big boy like me and sit here and wipe your own poo poo. Sometimes I could see the long turds sliding out of his butt while he was sitting there. Today we are both grown men. And we are the best of brothers. There can be such a bonding with guys when they shit together. It's like they are humbling themselves together in front of each other. There's a real closeness there.


to amylee

Your stories are very very nice. Please more !

Just a guy
Amylee - I can't speak for anyone else, but I would be definitely be interested in hearing more of your stories. They may be more of the same to you, but they've always been very interesting and your stories are always so well written and detailed.

Megan W - It's great that you're posting again. That sounded like a big relieving dump that you had. You said you only go once every couple days. I go on average twice daily & almost never miss my morning dump, but from my experiences (& this site has reinforced) it appears going less frequently is more common among the ladies.

Shortie - enjoyed the story of you and your new pregnant friend taking a dump.

Brandon T

comments and stuff

To: Ellie first welcome to the site and great story about you and your sister buddy dumping together it sounds like you both had a good time and I would love to see the look on the persons face who found that pile and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and your other one about your movie theater dump it sounds like that girl really had to go and probaly felt really great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Office Female great desperate poop story at least you made it to the toilet and it sounds like that was a dump from hell and I bet you felt great afterwards and that bathroom probaly was probaly avoided for awhile and maybe have a hazmat sticker on it lol and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Unknown Poster great accident story.

To: Elise great story about your friend Lauras mega bladder it sounds like she can out pee anyone and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery poster wow it sounds like you had a very bad day and im glad your back to normal.

To: Pooper Mom as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan W as always another great story it sounds like you were pretty lucky and made it in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had a good dump and I bet she felt better after getting that monster out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great set of stories it sounds like that first lady was beyond desperate lucky that store owner had a bucket and I bet that other woman must have been embarassed about her accident and as always I wish you and Artiss all the happiness and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats al for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


A couple of close calls

I haven't posted in ages, but really haven't had anything to write about recently. Just a reminder I'm a 40+ female living in the UK. I enjoy reading stories on toiletstool and enjoy various poo based activities, which I won't go into on this site.

Last week I had a bit of a cold which seemed to also affect my bowels. Not actually diarrhoea but certainly quite loose, well more like very loose, sort of when you've gotta go you've gotta go NOW loose. Not sure if this was related to the cold or a side effect of some of the throat sweets I'd being sucking to relieve the symptoms.

This lead to two fairly close calls. The first was in Tescos on Wednesday, before I was really aware that I might have a bit of a problem. I'd popped in on my way home to pick up a bit of shopping and had almost finished when I began to feel the urge. Now while I'm okay about pooing my pants at home in private I really didn't want to do it in the supermarket, particularly so close to where I work and I didn't know who I might meet. Fortunately I managed to get a scan your own shopping space fairly quick and didn't have anything that wasn't recognised or needed a tag removing, which usually seems to happen to me. I almost threw the shopping in the bag and then had to decide whether to head for the car or use the ladies in Tesco.

Given that the drive home is in excess of 20 minutes on a good day I headed for the ladies which fortunately was just behind the checkouts. When I got in there all the cubicles were occupied. I say all, there's only actually 2 cubicles so it doesn't take much for them all to be occupied. At this point I really thought I wasn't going to make it, particularly as it sounded like both cubicles were being used to have a poo. I just hoped they weren't going to take too long, although one sounded fairly liquid and noisy so I thought she might be there a while and while I was quite enjoying being able to hear this going on, I knew that my need was getting pretty urgent. I was weighing up the idea of going to the upstairs toilets near the cafe but there's only one toilet there and if it was occupied I wouldn't be any better off. It sounded like the person who wasn't having the runny poo might be finishing up and she began to take some paper off the roll although she obviously realised she hadn't finished as I heard another couple of plops before she took more paper and then flushed.

I was willing her to get a move on and leave the cubicle as the other lady sounded like she was settled in for a long session, with no real let up in her expulsion of runny poo. Finally she exited the cubicle and I tried to enter the cubicle as nonchalantly as possible, trying not to look like I was about to lose it in my knickers, although it was very close. What I really wanted to do was shout "get out the way i need that loo". I got into the cubicle and locked the door and just managed to remove my trousers and knickers and sit down before a large amount of very loose poo slid out of me and into the toilet. This all happened in a matter of about 10 seconds from me sitting down. I'd forgotten that I hadn't been for a couple of days so there was a lot of poo to come out. A quick look inside my panties confirmed what a close call it had been, there was quite a significant mark in the back of them.

All this had happened very quickly and the woman in the next cubicle was continuing with her runny poo so I decided to sit there a bit longer and listen to the action from the next cubicle. Just as well I did as although I thought I had expelled all the poo I had in me I obviously hadn't as a second wave of loose poo shot out into the loo. I sat for a little longer just to make sure and then got some paper from the roll although not much wiping was needed. I then decided to take a chance and leave the cubicle. There was a short queue when i came out as the other cubicle was still very much occupied and the woman who took my cubicle looked very relieved when my door opened.

Having washed my hands I headed back to the car and drove home. During the evening I had no further problems so assumed it was just a one off.

However, on Thursday afternoon not long after I came back from lunch I began to feel a similar urge to the previous day. I ignored it at first, hoping it would subside. But this was just wishful thinking as i soon realised that a repeat of yesterday was about to happen. At the back of my mind was the fact that generally the opinion where I work is that you don't poo in the ladies. Well I really didn't have a lot of choice, I didn't think i could risk walking to one of the other toilets. I was hoping that there would be on-one else in the bathroom, as there are two cubicles.

When i entered the ladies i realised that one of the cubicles was occupied I had no choice but to take the other one and hope i could hold it until the other person left. Even if it wasn't going to be noisy there would still be the obvious sound of the poo dropping into the water as well as the possible smell. I sat on the seat and tried to hold the poo in. The other person seemed to be having a very long pee and i was willing her to finish, which eventually she did. I heard her washing her hands and using the hand drier and then finally leaving the bathroom. Not a second too soon as I was fast losing control as a large amount of loose poo slid out of me and into the water. Given how much I'd gone yesterday it was amazing how much poo i still had left. This time there was just the one lot of poo and again very litle wiping was required. After that I had no further problems.

Typical that both times the loose poo happened somewhere where i couldn't have any fun or enjoy the experience.


Latest news

Hi, Abbie here again with my latest update.
Millie- I don't blame you for forgetting the loo roll, sounded like you were pretty desperate for a poo by the time you got to tescos! Sorry you haven't had any success trying to have a poo before school, hope it isn't too embarasing for you if you need to go at break or lunch.
Megan W- glad you're posting again, great story, I bet it felt good letting that poo out after three days! My eyes are brown so the only knickers I've got that go with them are this pair that got washed with some curtains by mistake and came out this really gross brown colour! I do have a couple of pairs of green knickers too, but my pink and yellow ones are my favourites.
Leanne- Glad you made it on the toilet in time for your poo, seemed like it was close. Its typical theres a massive queue when you're really bursting, it seems to happen to me quite alot too. Your mention of a girl called Katie at your primary school having an accident reminded me of a story from ages ago, I had a friend called Katie as well when I was at primary school (not the same Katie that I'm friends with now!). For some reason she was really shy about asking to go to the loo and actually about using the school loos full stop, I remember going round her house after school a few times and how she had to make an urgent dash for the toilet as soon as we got there. I asked her why she didn't go to the loo at school and she said she was too embarased, I tried to tell her it was nothing to worry about but she wasn't convinced. As I've said in previous posts the toilets at my primary school were pretty decent and I was quite happy to use them, I went for a poo there most lunchtimes and quite often while I was on the toilet I'd hear other girls having a poo as well so I was far from being the only one. Anyway, one day I remember we were having a lesson out on the school field, it was a really warm day in May or June I think. I noticed Katie jiggling and squirming and I asked her if she was OK, she said she was but I could tell that she wanted the loo. About ten minutes later I said "Tell Miss you need the loo" but she just shook her head and bit her bottom lip. About 20 minutes later the lesson was over and it was lunchtime, everyone went off to play or eat their sandwiches but Katie stayed sitting on the grass until the others had left. "Oh Abbie I'm really bursting, its going to come out any second" she said, starting to cry. "Oh god, is it just a wee?" I remember asking and she shook her head and blushed crimson. "OK, are you absolutely sure you can't make it to the loo?" I asked. "No, theres no chance" she sobbed. "Right, we're going to go in the farmers field over there" I said, feeling I needed to take charge of the situation. We were close to the boundary of our field and there was a hedge we could squeeze through not far away from us. "But we're not allowed in there" Katie said as she carefully stood up. "Come on, it'll be better than having an accident in front of everyone back on the playground" I reassured her. "And actually I'm quite desperate for the loo myself so I'll be joining you". As we got up to the hedge and started to push our way through Katie said "I'm starting to wet my knickers, I really can't hold on any more." As soon as we were through the other side she quickly hiked up her dress, tore down her pink knickers and squatted, her knickers had a big dark patch on them from where she hadn't been able to hold it. She groaned loudly as a massive stream of wee flooded out of her, hissing and fizzing down into the grass. I remember thinking it was lucky it was the summer and we were all wearing our summer dresses rather than trousers, by the time she'd got her trousers unbuttoned and pulled down she would have totally flooded her knickers. I lifted my dress and dropped my knickers rather more slowly and started to wee as well. Obviously the exact details are a bit hazy at it was quite a while ago but I remember Katie did a massive poo and I managed to push out a load too, I didn't actually need to go that badly but I was desperate for her to feel less embarased so I decided to join her and pretend I was bursting too. Funnily enough Katie didn't worry about using the school loos after that experience!
Anyway, the story I was meant to be telling you was from yesterday. I went for a walk in the country with Ellie and Beth, the weather's been fantastic lately so we decided to stay out for most of the day and brought a picnic lunch with us. We had been out for a couple of hours when we decided to have lunch, so far none of us had needed the loo but I had a heavy feeling in my belly telling me a poo wasn't far off and I was also starting to need a wee quite badly. I ate a massive lunch of sandwiches, crisps and fruit and lay back on the picnic basket wishing the denim shorts I was wearing didn't feel quite so tight. I noticed Beth squirming round and looking a bit uncomfortable, as we were packing up to carry on walking she said "Hey you two, I'm going to have to go to the loo before we set off again, I'm bursting!" "What do you need?" Ellie asked and Beth said "Both I'm afraid, it's a couple of days since I last had a poo and so I don't think I'll be able to hold it."
"Don't worry, I need both too, lets go over there and see if we can find somewhere a bit more private" I said, pointing over to a small wooded area just off the path. "I'll wait for you here, I don't need to go yet" Ellie said. As I walked into the trees with Beth I started to feel more and more desperate, my bladder was aching and my poo was trying to poke out so I had to clench my bum to keep it in. Beth was obviously having a similar problem, she had one hand behind her holding her bum and she said "I can't wait much longer, my poo's sticking out and touching my pants."
"I don't think anyone will see us here" I said, taking off my rucksack and placing it next to me. I had a roll of toilet paper in there which I was planning to get out when I needed to wipe, I was too desperate now to rummage about in there. Beth lent her bag against a tree and quickly unzipped her pale blue shorts and tugged them down, her pink flowery pants ended up coming down with them so she squatted and started to wee straight away, a thick stream fizzed down onto the dusty ground and she gave out a little moan of releaf. By now I'd got my shorts unzipped, I lowered them to my knees then dropped my pink and yellow spotty pants. I squatted down then relaxed and I could feel a powerful stream of wee flowing out of me, it hissed and spattered down onto the ground and seemed to go on for ages. As I was weeing I did a loud fart and blushed. Beth's wee stream began to die away and she shifted position, I caught sight of a fat turd sticking out of her bum and she took a deep breath and bore down and it started to move out really slowly. Soon after my wee was finished too so I relaxed my clenched bum and started to push, I felt my poo starting to poke out too. We spent the next five minutes pushing and straining trying to get our poos to drop, it was hot in the wood and I could feel that I was probably flushed, I looked over at Beth and she was decidedly pink. I did a few harder pushes and was rather embarased to grunt a bit, I realised I hadn't had a poo for a couple of days so I was probably a bit constipated. I think Beth had been holding back because after I had grunted she made a few grunts of her own, luckily that seemed to do the trick for both of us as my first log dropped and thudded down onto the ground and then shortly after so did hers. I saw another turd starting to make its way out of Beth's bum and realised I was far from done too, we both produced two more logs before Beth said she was done and asked me if I had any loo paper. I pulled my bag over and ripped off some paper for myself before passing her the roll. I only needed to wipe my bottom a couple of times as my poo was so dry and I noticed Beth just wiped once. When we'd finished wiping we pulled up our knickers and shorts and went back to find Ellie. Later in the afternoon Ellie needed a wee and by then so did Beth and I so all three of us went to the loo together! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

I haven't had a proper bowel movement in a few days so I'm increasing my water intake today since I've been drinking too much tea over the past couple of days.

I had diarrhea for a few days for some weird reason which is unlike me. Maybe it was my body's way of cleaning itself out before and during my period. I mentioned the other day that I had a minor diarrhea accident because I farted and didn't know it was going to be a wet one. It was quite a mess to clean up. A lot of it was on my pad but some splattered the back of my underwear and even the bottom of my pajama shirt :( I tried the best I could to scrub the stains out but I think they're permanently stained :( Sucks. Now I understand how Sarah in Calgary feels when she has her accidents. Being a woman sucks. Especially when you're hit with both your period and diarrhea with it.


about the girl with the biggest bladder

to Elise,

I liked your story. Once when I was in a public restroom, I heard a woman pee that sounded like a bathtub faucet had been turned on. I was amazed.

When I was about 10 I had to poo when I was at school and shortly after I arrived in the toilet (A block in the playground) and was taking my pants down my best friend arrived and opened the door (there were no locks back then (60s). I asked what he wanted and he asked if he could watch. I thought it a laugh and said yes - as one does. He had me standing, bending over, and he stood behind watching it come out.

We did this many times, at his house too and in some woods at the back of a park and he really enjoyed watching. He often asked if I wanted to watch him but it didn't appeal to me but, in some way, I enjoyed being watched and I pooed for him in many positions standing, squatting, laying on my back with my legs up and kneeling like a dog.

We went to the same upper school and continued on a casual basis until he left school (at 15 then). I also let a few others watch - I was surprised hom many chums were interested in observing another's anus and also watch them perform. One always had to make sure that they wouldn't blab it around though.

Ever since I have really enjoyed being watched and having someone observe my anus as I poo, though as I got older it got more and more difficult to find willing watchers who enjoyed watching; though I have found some through advertising sites but some people are too gross - all I wanted them to do was watch - no touching or anything sexual and definately not playing with the poo.

I think my enjoyment of being watched stemmed from that first experience. Does anyone else have a similar enjoyment?

Well I had my first exam the other day and, as usual, I had to have a poo as soon as I finished. I was needing to go with about half an hour left, and as usual it was going to be fairly loose and mushy like it often is when I get nervous. I was desperate by the end and needed to get straight to a toilet, so I headed over to the ladies as soon as I left the hall. There were only three cubicles but only one was occupied, so I took the one at the other end, pulled down my shorts and knickers, and sat down on the loo. I had to let out a fart and some loose poo but the room was quiet with only a soft stream of wee from the other girl so I waited. Pressure was building up as another girl took the cubicle between us. I really couldn't wait much longer, and luckily the girl wiped and flushed. Under cover of the flush I farted and let out most of my poo in one explosion! I felt much better right away and before the sound died away I pushed out two more mushy bits and stated to empty my bladder which was fairly full too. The girl next to me weed and pushed out a couple of small bits of poo, and I pushed out a few more bits of mushy soft stuff.


Buddy dump with my sister

Hi there. I'm a 14 year old girl and I have a story to share. A few weeks ago, our family went on a camping trip. There were no toilets or even outhouses, so anytime we needed the bathroom we had to go out in the woods.

So, one of the nights we were there, my little sister Amy said she had to "go number two" but was scared to go alone, in the dark. I had to pee then, so I said I would go with her. I grabbed a lantern and we went off to find a nice place to go in the woods.

When we found a suitable place, Amy pulled down her pants and squatted. She farted a few times and then I saw the head of a turd emerge. She pushed it out a few inches and it broke off. She stayed squatting and pushed out another turd a little longer. That was followed by one more about the same length.

She said "Sorry. I have not made a number two in 5 days. I have to do a lot of number two." I told her to take her time and finish. Thinking back, I realized that we had been at the campsite for 4 days and then I knew she had been holding it on purpose to not have to go outside.

She had already made a sizable pile and was working on another turd. But, I suppose when you don't go for 5 days you do make a big dump. It was just funny to see so much being produced by my little sister, only 10 years old. When that turd finished, she started on yet one more, and that one was the longest one yet. It kept coming and coming out of her. After it ended she pushed out one last short turd and then said she was finished. I handed her the toilet paper and she wiped about nine times. Then I gave her the lantern and squatted down near her humongous pile and peed for close to thirty seconds, then wiped and we headed back to camp.

That night, I found it hard to think about anything except my sister pooping. It was really weird because before then, I regarded pooping as just another part of life. Sure, it feels good to do a big one, but that was about as far as it ever went. After we came home and I started looking at sites on the internet, and eventually found here, I began to realize that liking to watch someone else poop or to be watched yourself isn't as unusual as I had thought.

Well, anyway. The morning after that event, I was really curious and I went back to the area where we had been to see my sister's dump in full daylight. Somehow, it seemed even bigger than I had remembered. For some reason, I decided it would be fun if I had my morning dump on top of her load. I pushed out two fresh big turds and made the pile even bigger. Then, just for kicks, the next two days, the last we were there, I pooped there again. After my last dump, with three not exactly small dumps from me plus her giant load, it looked like an elephant had gone there. Perhaps a traveler came across it later and thought it was produced by a bear...

Mr. Clogs


Pooperlady: Nice to hear you've upgraded your container you use in your room to a bigger one. Can't wait to read more posts of you using it. Have you pooped in that container yet or the old margarine container? Anyways thanks for sharing.

Cassandra: I like your post about eating fiber rich food and taking the fiber powder than producing some really big turds. I take that fiber powder too and it helps me stay regular. Like you, I like to poop out large turds too and enjoy it too. Hope to hear more of your posts soon.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Hi and welcome to this site. Sorry to hear about great grandma feeling ill and hope she gets better. It was nice to read about you using the toilet while Coco was in the shower.

Hope everyone will have a great weekend and for those who reside in the USA will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure there would be some adventurous stories about going to bathroom. Hope to read about them. Anyways enjoy and have a nice weekend.


Mr. Clogs


To Just A Guy

Just A Guy - yes I'm still out here. Most of what I see lately at the office is more of the same. I can relate some stories if there is interest.

hello! everyone! i want to thank all who commented on my last two stories that i posted! i always appreciate all the nice feedback and comments that are received! i have another cool experience to share with everyone ! on Apri1 21st: i went to Boston Market that was in the palza right next to the apartment complex where i live! i decided to walk since it wasnt that far! this particular day the weather was cloudy but still nice! i decided to wear a dark purple shirt and green shorts with a sequence belt! i wore a white flip flops and my nails were painted aqua blue! i was walking with a few other people also! when we arrived the restaurant was busy! so the three of us got a small table! we each orderd a large amount of food! we all sat and talked for a long time! a short while later i felt the urge to relieve myself! i got up and walked to find the bathroom! i opened the door and found that the bathroom was small! it had two stalls the first stall was normal but the second stall was handicap and had the most privacey! i decided for once just to take the normal stall! so i went in and locked door and pulled my green shorts all the way down! 1 second later my pee stream started it started out very slowly ! then it slowly picked up speed! then a second later the door opened in walked a mother with dark brown hair her 3 yearold daughter ! the mom said to her daughter " come into the stall with me i have to go potty"! at this point my pee was done! i just had a small bowel movement that i needed to get rid out! next door the woman was pooping up a storm! her daughter kept saying" mommy when will you be done"? the mom said" iam not done yet please be quiet"! by this time i was ready to wipe" i got a good amount of tiolet paper and wiped my vagina area and the rest of my buttom as well! then i put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampon despencer! i got up and looked at my creation the water was a light yellow color and i left a skinny long 7 inch turd in the water! i left the tiolet unflushed! i exited the stall and went to the sink to wash my hands with warm water and soap! the woman was still pooping and the bathroom didnot smell Good at all! so i left the bathroom and went back to the table! i told the other people that they might want to hold off on using the bathroom! they took my advice! not long after we all walked back home!



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooperlady it sounds like you going to have good stories with you new chamber pot and I look forward to them and your other stories as well thanks.

To: Cassandra as alaways another great story it sounds like you had a really big great dump and a rather clean one to thats good and I bet you felt great and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great story it sounds like you had the day from hell poop wise it sounds like your body was having the cleanout of all cleanouts at least you made it to the toilet every time thats good and im glad your feeling better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story at least you made it to the toilet without having an accident after waiting that long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in the bathroom while your sister was in the shower and making her sufer for being anoying to you by making her smell it and also turning on the water making the shower cold and if you have anymore stories please share them thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great story about you hearing a woman going to the bathroom and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great report live from the toilet and great poop by poop coverage as alwys and it sounds like you had a pretty good poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Office Female

While at work during one morning, I was chatting with some coworkers about what we had done over the weekend. As I was listening to one of my coworkers tell her story, a sudden realization occurred to me: I had not pooped in nearly four days. This is very unusual for me and usual means a big one is on the way. As I was dealing with the horrifying reality that I would have to pass a sizable log at work, my bowels roared in tremendous agony.

I felt the poop inside me push towards my anus. "DON'T YOU COME OUT!" I thought to myself. I escaped the confines of my desk as quickly as a young child escapes the classroom when let out on the last day of school before summer holidays. I had never in my life ran as fast as I did that morning to the washroom. I swung open the door and entered the one-stalled washroom. To my utter horror, it was occupied.

I rested against the stall wall and bit my lower lip. I had to go so bad it was almost funny. I started laughing quietly to myself at the horror of this situation. Thankfully, before I loaded my pants, the stall opened. I was met with a pronounced stench but I was far past caring. I dropped my slacks and panties to my ankles. My insides gurgled and rumbled. I braced myself, extending both my arms out, and pushing against the thin walls of the toilet stall. I started to sweat. A million thoughts rushed through my mind, but I couldn't focus on any of them. My entire body was shaking.

I tried to hold the poop in for as long as I could because the two women were still at the sinks. Then suddenly, my quivering anus gave in. A volcano of poop erupted out of my anus so violently I though all my internal organs would follow along shortly. I screamed. The poop had finally vacated my body, its foul smell worse than a thousand dead pigs rotting in the heat of a thousand suns. I gagged and forced myself not to vomit.

I had to poop so bad at the grocey store... I do t know if it was something i ate but i could feel it in my bowels and pressing against my butt... It was enourmous and big and soft. I passed alot of fartz and they smelled awful, and were very long. So i made my way to the ladies room quickly but halfway my stomahe twisted and it hurt so bad, and i bent over, and then withoit me even noticing my poop slipped into my panties.. It was soft and some was diarreah. I was wearing nike fits and when i waddled to the bathroom some spilled out the sides :(

mrs toilet trooper i love youre post it sounded like a horor situation. today i was in wierd situation and i just nedded to know if any other girls here had to so bad and the line for the ladies was long enough to where u would use the mens room ( i got to pee in a urinal ) luckali no guys where entering just some other girls.

hello! its Ash! i have another Good experience to share with everybody! this past Saturday on May 19th i had the day off from work!i decided to go to Target and this time my Guy friend who i have previously mentioned in previous posts before was with me! i also thought that it would be nice for him to get out!! so i took barron along with me ! now barron was born with a brain tumor and is a diabetic! so he cant eat normal like everyone was else can! so when we arrived the store was normal business for a Saturday! we stopped at the foodcourt first! all i ordered was popcorn and a medium soda to drink! barron got a a preztle which he shouldnt have got but that was his poor choice! we sat and talked and ate! Barron finished before me and went over to the movies! i wanted to take my time! i kept an eye on him just to make sure he was okay! when i was finally done my popcorn and soda i got like 1 refill! i decided to head to the bathroom to wash my hands and i felt a Good urge to have a pee and a Good bowel movement as well! so i headed down the hallway to the restroom ! i have used this bathroom before in the past! on the back of the door there is a check off list so i know for a fact that the bathrooms here are kept up to normal standered every hour! when i entered the bathroom there were 12 stalls! there were quite a few people in there and it didnot smell too Good at all! i went down the line of stalls and had to take a stall towards the middle! so i ended taking the six stall! i ended taking a stall next to an 11 year old girl who had light brown hair like i have! she was on my right! so i locked the door and prepared myself to evacate my bowels! i started peeing and this time it started up much quicker ! on there was no one on my left meanwhile the girl on my right was struggling to get her load out! i kinda felt sorry for her! by now my pee stream was completely done! i felt the first big turd make its way out! it started coming out slowly! meanwhile the girl on my left was still pooping up a storm! she she seemed to have made progress! by this time my first turd had made its way out! my second one was coming on it was! i also noticed giggling and laughter from other stalls as well! the girl on my left farted twice and started giggling! my second turd was compltely out! then i farted three times! then the girl got up from her stall and exited it without flushing! by this point i was about ready to wipe! i wiped my vagina area and the rest of my bottom as well! then i didnt even look at what i created! i exited the stall without flushing and left the bathroom without washing my hands! i went and met barron by the movies! i told him that i felt better!




My Friend Laura, the Girl with the Biggest Bladder

During highschool I became friends with a girl named Laura. It wasn't until a few months into the year when I realized that I never saw Laura needing to use the bathroom and every time I went for a break during passing period or lunch she would wait outside for me. And since we were in the same classes I knew she wasn't just going during class period. Soon I became very curious. I figured maybe Laura had a fear of public bathrooms but then again I never saw her act like she needed to pee either which I found odd as she drank a lot.

One day my curiousity got the better of me and I invited Laura over to my house after school for a sleep-over. Once the long school day was over and we arrived at my house I kept a watchfull eye on Laura. I figured she would very soon need to use the bathroom as she hadn't gone for at least 8 hours. But she didn't she just sat on the couch looking very comfortable and asked if I wanted to go see a movie. So we did. We saw the 4th Harry Potter movie and bought large sodas as well and by the end I was bursting to go and I knew for sure Laura would be too. But to my great surprise Laura didn't have to go at all. I was shocked as by now she hadn't gone in 12 hours and had a massive amount of fluids in her. Once home we hung out and played some board games, watched tv and just had fun, all the while I watched for any signs of Laura needing to pee. Around 11pm we still weren't tired so we decided to take a trip to the 24/7 Jack in the Box drive threw. We got burgers with sodas to drink and we sat outside in the parking lot and ate. After wards we sat and just chilled for a bit, talking.

Suddenly Laura quickly said "let's go back to your house now". I was rather enjoying myself so I asked if she was tired. "No," Laura said, "I kinda… you know… gotta go." she clenched her legs together and looked very embarrassed. My eyed widened, I totally had forgotten that Laura was holding 16 hours of fluids in her bladder! "Is it really bad?" I asked out of pure curiousity. Laura looked like she didn't wanna answer me but eventually she said, "It's… it's really bad. Please… I need to go." I told Laura lets leave and we got into my car. As I drove I kept stealing glances at Laura. The drive back to my house was only 15 minutes however Laura was extremely desperate although she seemed very embarrassed about needing to go so badly.
Once we got to my house Laura tried to act cool but I could only imagine how badly she needed to release her bladder. Once inside Laura rushed to the bathroom and I listened from the door. I heard Laura whimpering softly in desperation and the taping of her feet as she fought to unbuckle her jeans. A few seconds later came the absolute LOUDEST blast of urine hitting the water in the toilet. My jaw droped. It sounded like a pressure hose! I can't begin to describe how violent of a steam it was and it gushed and hissed continuously for ages. As the stream finally began to die down I heard Laura give a shuddering sigh of relief. I could only imagine how relieving it must have been to finally get rid of all that liquid that had been in her bladder for nearly 17 hours. I quickly took my place on the couch and pretended I had been there the whole time. When Laura came out of the bathroom I casually asked "You feel better?" Laura blushed and replied "A bit I guess…" although the look of extreme relief on her face said otherwise. Laura stayed the night and went home the next evening and didn't pee again for the rest of her stay. I guess I'll never understand Lauras bathroom habits but do know she must have had the biggest bladder of anyone in this world.

Here is a something that happened to me when I was on vacation recently:

We left on a Wed. No issues when traveling. Arrived at the hotel, checked in, all was fine. Sometime in the afternoon I needed to visit the restroom. Much to my surprise my bowel movement was extremely loose. I didn't feel sick or anything, but I had a loose movement.
Later in the day I went again in the hotel. Again, loose.
We went to a late dinner, and when we were in the restaurant I had to use the bathroom to go yet again.
The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast. After walking around for a bit and I headed back to the hotel. I'm glad I did because I had to go again. It was still loose.
We walked down to have lunch at a nice restaurant and after appetizers and before my meal I had to visit their bathroom. I filled their toilet with a little of my loose sloppy shit.
We walked around for a little while, and decided to head back to the hotel to swim. I went again before we could leave the room, but just a little bit.
I headed back up early and had another loose movement. I still didn't feel sick.
The next morning we went to breakfast across the way. I was about halfway through breakfast when I had an urge. I went to the bathroom and passed a lot of loose stool in 2 big waves.
I went two more times during the morning and early afternoon. Luckily I managed to do it in the hotel room. I still felt fine.
In the evening we got dressed up for a nice dinner and show. My stomach was bloated and didn't feel great. I didn't feel sick per say, but I had no appetite and I just felt yucky. We went to the nice restaurant and to my horror I had to go immediately after dinner. I played it off as "I'm going to go before the long walk to the show" but in truth I had to take a shit in a bad way. More loose stools. Luckily it came out in one big rush. No muss no fuss.
We got back from the evening and I didn't feel great. I went to bed with an uncomfortable fullness in my gut.
I woke up and my stomach was distended. I rushed to the toilet and passed a tiny bit of loose shit.
I went down to get coffee and find my husband. My stomach started turning. I couldn't finish my coffee. I didn't want to ruin our trip so I didn't say anything to my husband. We went to breakfast and before I could even order I had to go. I went to the bathroom and shit again. Not a lot, but more than the first time.

We ate (I had to force myself to eat since I was officially feeling sick to my stomach) and before I could leave I visited their bathroom again. I was embarrassed to go twice in the same bathroom, but I had to go. More loose stools.

We walked around for a bit, and suddenly I had to go really badly. My stomach was hurting and I had to take an urgent dump. I tried to be cool and find a bathroom, but the alarm bells were ringing. We finally found one and I rushed into the first stall, pulled down my pants, and shit my brains out. The first wave was loose stools. Then it turned to a soft-serve consistency. Wave after wave of thick diarrhea kept coming out. I was nowhere near done. I could not stop shitting. I had more waves of soft-serve. My stomach was cramping. One more wave hit me, and for a good 10 seconds a constant stream of ass mud flowed out of me. Finally I felt like I should go. People were waiting for me. I knew I wasn't done for the day, but I was done for now. I looked into the toilet and I don't think I've ever shit that much in my life, ever!

We walked around for a bit, heading back towards the hotel. We stopped for a minute and while we were stopped my stomach started to feel sick. I knew I was going to have diarrhea. My guts were churning. I managed to excuse myself and somehow made it back to the hotel room. I went to the bathroom and had several waves of liquidy diarrhea.

I started to clean up and not 5 minutes later I was back on the toilet with more diarrhea. I don't know what bothered my stomach on that trip, but I had diarrhea twice again the next morning.


Hi Zip

I've been traveling and kind of busy, so sorry for the delayed response. I enjoyed your post about using the one doorless stall at H Depot. I've come to be comfortable using doorless stalls, as long as they're all doorless.

My problem is when some of the stalls have doors and some don't. I've seen guys in this situation with no problem. But I've faced criticism the couple of times I've used the one stall without doors. It's usually available, for obvious reasons, so i take it. Once a guy looked at me and said I should have more self respect. That was after one of the doored stalls had become available. He didn't know the guy left AFTER I had started. Another time two guys came in and one said, "Hey, we don't want to see you shit!"

Kind of embarrassing. Oh, well. Both times it was too late to stop.



loved your story Nicola I'm just jealous I wasn't in the car with you, more girls should be like you!
I must admit whilst at uni I got in to many desperate situations, since graduating it just hasn't been the same you just cant beat the relief of being bursting for a poo...

Pooper mom

RE: Erik and story

There was this one foot high wall between each hole if that is what you are asking.

I am feelIng better and just today had my first good hard poo. So today I was off of work and stayed home by myself again. At around breakfast I got an urge to poo but decided to hold it in. At lunch I got it again and held it in, I was thinking about the relief I would feel when the thing finally came out. In between 2:00 and 3:00 I was curled up on the couch farting my bottom off. Finally I went into the bathroom and decided to go. I shut the door Becouse my family would be home any minuet and pulled my sweats down to my knees. As I sat down I farted, I picked up my magazine and read for a good 5-10 minuets before my husband came in. He called my name and I answered.
"honey, I'm going to the bathroom," I said
"Alright, we have some Chinese food out here for you,"
I think he heard the straining in my voice becouse he left quickly. The crackling started and my log plopped out.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Journey to the Bathroom

Oh, how I love it. It's the only time where I could sit down with myself on the warm toilet seat, and enjoy the wonderful mystical feeling of my body and mind.

How relieving it is when your penis suddenly blasts off after your urine has been long stored inside. It's like a way of your body telling you thank you for doing it, the feel of joy that spreads all through your groin area makes us wish if it could only last more.

Or the feeling it is to lay down your waste. The tingling feeling in my asshole combined with the relaxing sound as the well-shaped turd comes off, makes each one of us to moan of how good it feels.

Such a heavenly feeling that it reflects to my mind. Makes me think about nothing and be totally filled with inner peace. It drives me into a wondrous mystical journey of feelings and thought. Ah, how lucky are we to have the blessing of visiting the toilet. Makes you forget all of the pain and depression we see in our daily live, it's like a start. A fresh new start we begin each day after we finish from sitting on the sweet warm toilet seat that helps us find our true meaning of happiness and to continue living and getting through the obstacles of life.

So let us be thankful once again of how much a blessing it is that we get to lay down everyday and enjoy the wonderful symptoms we feel the moment we lay down on the toilet!

Observant guy- Well spotted! I keep my eyes peeled for women needing the toilet as well- sometimes I'm lucky enough to see one!

Lisa- When I'm in private and get to pee after being desperate I sometimes sigh! And if I've been really desperate to do a poo I usually end up sighing or grunting in relief when I finally sit and let it out- more often in private than public- desperate poos in public toilets are embarrassing enough!

Earlier I had a good example of what I recall was referred to as 'the pencil effect' in posts a few weeks ago. I was coming back from doing some work in the library and was getting the urge for a poo. When I got to my flat I went to my room and got ready for a poo. I sat down and unloaded three soft, fairly loose logs. A couple of farts and then three small pieces and I was done. I wiped my bum four times and thought one more would do it, but there was still a significant amount of poo on the paper. So I pulled off some more paper and tried again, but still some remained. After two more tries I thought I'd better flush- although it wasn't a huge load I'd done there was so much paper now I decided to be safe! Then I hopped in the shower instead of wasting more paper!
After dinner this evening I was able to get rid of this hidden poo. I got a big urge and had to go sit down right away. I pushed out one little piece (the culprit!) then a big long log that broke in half, and then three more medium logs. That was me done for the day!

Megan W
Hi! I'm Leanne's friend Megan, I posted once or twice before but then I forgot about it until Leanne reminded me recently! I posted under a different name before because someone else was here using my actual name (my surname starts with W), so I'll call myself this from now on! If you don't remember I'm average height & build with light red hair and green eyes and go to uni in England.

First I though I'd do the survey;

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
A few years ago.

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
At school, I didm't get to go st breaktime or in class and I wet my knickers a bit waiting for lunchtime!

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
school uniform

4. How long can u hold ya bladder?
A couple of hours

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?
No, but I've nearly weed myself a few times this way!

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
Yes, but nobody knew as far as I know

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?
No- weed in the shower a couple of times though!

8. When did u last poo yourself ?
Last year

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?
I was in a long lecture and then there was a queue in the ladies and I couldn't hold on until I got on a loo

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?
Jeans and a tshirt I think

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
Not long normally. I tend to only poo every couple of days so usually it's a big one when I get the urge and I can't wait long!

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?

14. Ever messed yourself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?
No. but again I've been close once or twice!

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
I will try to find another toilet to go. If I only need a wee I might go in and squat but for a poo I'll look for somewhere else.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself?
No :(

I almost had an accident today, though! Exams are upon us and I had a long revision class which I went to. By halfway through I needed to wee and could feel my bowels starting to move. Soon enough I had to poo for the first time since Sunday afternoon- 3 days of poo wanting out! By the time the class ended I was desperate to go- I had to wee really bad, and I was almost pooing myself I had to go so bad! I hurried to the loos where luckily there were free cubicles. My poo was poking out of my bum by the time I started to pull down my jeans and green knickers [I wear green ones a lot because they match my eyes ^_^ is that why you were wearing green ones in your last story Leanne? :)]. Once I sat down I started my wee which went on for about 45 seconds. During this one piece of poo came out with a plop, then a much thicker one started to emerge. Luckily I was able to time this one with someone else flushing a toilet because it made a substantial splash into the bowl and splashed some water on my bum! Two more big pieces followed, and then I pushed out four or five little bits of poo. I was sitting on the loo for about ten minutes all together, which is probably about average for me.
Hope you enjoyed my story everyone! I'll try and post again soon. Bye!

Meant to say yesterday, thanks for all the congrats. So today i went to a pregnancy yoga class. Didnt last time but Laura recommended it. Well whilst there i met another expectant mum. She's 18 weeks (although you wouldnt think it-she's hardly showing) and we hit it off. We went for a drink and she said she struggles pooping as well. She's on her 4th baby and struggled with them all with varying differences. Whilst talking about poop, with someone id just met, i needed to go. Told her and she had to go to. We went to the complex toilets and entered 2 cubicles. I began to push straight away and instantly it made its way out my butt. Next door i heard grunts and groans and she said she was struggling. My poop fell with a splash. 3 further logs came after. As i wiped her groans continued. Finally whilst washing my hands a massive splash was heard with a sigh. She finished up and we left. Made me remember my struggles last time and what ive probably got ahead again. GREAT!!! Till next time,(maybe live), bye, bye.

Brandon, thank you for your comments once again, although Clarissa didn't really have an outdoor dump, as it was an accident in her uniform pants. I'm sure she felt relieved, but I think that she felt much more EMBARRASSED being a police sergeant who had just shit her pants, especially while on duty in front of her subordinate officers.

Her and Artiss went to a local Farmer's Market today, and poor Artiss had a sudden attack of the "Oh lords". Clarissa was so kind in staying in the ladies room at the park toilets where the market was held, standing outside Artiss' stall while she went through agony inside with her bowels in a major upheaval, and when Artiss came out, she put her arm around her and helped her back to her vehicle, driving her home, bringing her purchases in while Artiss sat in the toilet with an other round of watery "Oh lords", helping her to our bedroom to lay down, getting her a hot water bottle to place on her stomach, tucking her into bed, and sticking around with her until I came home. She is certainly cut out for being a police officer as she has a great big heart of gold that really enjoys helping other people. She told me and Artiss that she HATES to have to arrest people, and when she does, she usually goes alone by herself afterwards for a good cry. She even cares about Travis and his buddies (the kids who hassled Artiss), but in their case she HAS to show them tough love. She said that she heard he has a job at McDonalds now, one of her officers went through the drive-through, and he was working the window. She's going to swing through there with her squad car some time next week just to say hi to Travis and encourage him in his new job.

Her and the other two ladies from the store and the Main Street office did come over for dinner like they promised-actually, we wound up having an outdoor grill-out and picnic, and they each brought a dish. We had a VERY nice visit and the subject of the need for public restrooms downtown did come up again, with Pam, the lady from the store saying how one time another lady came into her business needing to defecate very badly, but unfortunately, her restrooms were out of order that day. So she gave this poor lady a five-gallon bucket and a roll of toilet paper and told her to go into the back room to shit, she could lock the door for privacy. The lady was more than happy to comply, and after she was done, she wanted to clean the pail out, but Pam said not to worry about it, she would take care of it. She simply rinsed the woman's diarrhea out of the pail and down the drain with the hose in her mop closet and then sanitized everything with bleach.

Then Mary, the Main Street Program Manager came clean in telling us how one time she was walking around downtown looking at some plans for some new renovations on some of the storefronts, and a sudden cramp hit her that doubled her over. She was wearing a dress that day, and the semi-solid, sticky shit totally filled the seat of her nylons like a huge balloon. She was way down at the far end of the street from her office, but her friend's office at the Chamber of Commerce was close-her friend is the Director there. So she waddled over there bow-legged in her high heeled shoes, and when she came in, her friend came out and said "Mary, I'm glad you're here, I was wanting to talk to you about.....". She paused then, as the strong smell of shit from Mary's nylons filled the room. "Mary......." she said. Mary answered b ack by saying, "You know how we've been talking about the need for public restrooms downtown?" "Oh no, Mary" her friend replied, her face white. "You didn't just....." "Shit my pants?" Mary matter-of-factly finished the sentence for her. "Why, yes, I did", as calmly as if she shit her pants every day. "Can I please use your bathroom to clean up in?" "Why certainly know where" The mess was so bad that Mary had shit all the way down her legs into her shoes, she had to throw out her nylons and half-slip and clean up the best she could there before her friend gave her a ride home where she showered, put on clean clothes, and stayed for the rest of the day. She insists that it was the sushi luncheon that she had had with a client an hour before her accident.

So there, we're all initiated into our private little group that is not afraid to discuss bodily functions openly and most of all, where we can enjoy each other's warmth and friendship.

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