Bed wetter

I'm a bed wetter, I have a small bladder and I can't hold my pee very long so when I sleep a lot of times I don't wake up when I need to go. Or sometimes I wake up when I'm still going I just can't help it soI have just made my peace with it. I have protection on my bed and my boyfriends bed. He doesn't mind at all he even took care of me when I had the flu a few months ago. I was so sick and I all I was doing was sleeping and trying to eat and drink lots of fluids. I also wear goodnites when I sleep but the weekend I had the flu I was in them all day and night because I was sleeping alot. He was great though he helped me get changed every time I had an accident. Once I actually woke up and really had to pee so I called for him to help me to the bathroom because I was so dizzy and weak from the sickness. He came to the bedroom to help me to the bathroom but I was having trouble keeping my balance so he told me get back in bed. I looked at him and I held myself and I was like I really gotta go. He told me to get back in bed and just go in my goodnite and he'd help me get changed when I was done. I got back in bed and got comfortable but I had never tried to go in bed on purpose it just happens. He asked me if I was going and I said no I'm having trouble going in bed. He sat beside me and started stroking my hair because he knows that it relaxes me. It felt so good I sighed and then started peeing and it felt good because I really had go! I looked up at him and said thanks that helped me go. He asked me if I was ready to be changed and I said almost I'm still going a little bit. When I finished he helped me change and I went back to sleep :)


to George: poop size as we age

I am near 70 and have been noticing my poop for many years. My biggest turds came in my teen years; while I was still growing, I ate a lot, and at that time I went only once a day, so I passed some very large movements. After that, my poops were still large, but not huge, as a rule. Once you stop growing, you normally eat somewhat less, so you poop a bit less. Now that I am quite a bit older and taking medications for various age-related issues, as well as eating a fair amount of fiber, I poop oftener--mostly twice a day, occasionally once or three times. Since those poops are mostly normal to large size, I have perhaps as large a total output of poop on some days as I did during my teen years, but rarely all at once. Yesterday morning I had a very large b.m., but that was it for the day. Today I expect to go at least twice. Just remember: You never outgrow your need to poop!

I do remember a period in my early college years when I had to go fairly early in the morning, as soon after breakfast as I could make it to the toilet. I lived "out in town" and not in a dorm, so I ate in a restaurant between my house and campus. There was no public toilet in the tiny restaurant, so I would walk quickly to campus to seek out a toilet. Sometimes I went into the tallest classroom building and use a ground-floor toilet; at that hour I was always alone. Other days I would be able to get to the music building, where there was a single toilet not far from the office. On many days I would get there obviously quite soon after another student, who would leave his b.m. in the toilet, most often quite large. I would flush away his logs and quickly do my own. If I got there first, I would leave my logs for him to see. This went on for most of a year, and I never saw him. One day, though, I got there just as he was leaving--a scrawny geeky little guy. Sure enough, when I entered, I saw his fresh bowel movement, as usual a whopper. I never saw him again. I hadn't thought of him for 50 years.


Big Fart on Stairs

One day in school, I was walking up the stairs in school and I was on 1 side of the steps and a girl was on the other side. (No one else was on the stairs but only us) I had to fart so I did. It was big and loud. I left the girl speechless. I did that to another girl, also.

Toilet Date

At work this week I had a wonderful experience. I'm a solicitor with a large law firm in Newport, South Wales. I had been in the County court & the case was long & difficult. Trouble was my period had started & I was feeling dreadful. I always seem to get the runs when I have my period & on the Wednesday I felt so ill I managed to get through until lunch time & instead of having lunch I went to the ladies. My stomach was churning over & over, I really didn't think I had any shit left inside me. As I sat there I heard two women (Brenda Tamplin & Cathy Peters) come in talking about the case I was on. They went into toilet cubicles by me. I had always worked well with Cathy who was senior to me in the same law firm. Brenda only had a pee & left quite quickly. I could hear Cathy next to me peeing & shitting at the same time, then she was wiping her bum & suddenly she stopped and tapped the partition to ask for toilet paper. When I said yes & she recognized my voice she asked if I was feeling ill. I told her yes & she started to suggest that I went him & she would stand in for me as her case was over. I asked if she could come in my cubicle so that I could explain the intricacies of my case to her. A few minutes after she came in with me she started to hold her stomach saying that she needed to go again. She said she didn't have time to get back to a cubicle again so I told her to sit on my thighs and shit that way. I opened my thighs wider as she straddled me. She was able to shit between my thighs into the toilet. It was a wonderful moment of real closeness with a friend who I can now say is a much firmer friend than ever before.


Post Title (optional)on my potty

i remember one day in the morning my mum took me in the bathroom and pulled down my pants and sat me on the potty. i had a wee and then a big poo. wich i enjoyed. then mummy picked me up and wiped my bum very nice.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi everybody! Leanne told me people were missing my stories so I'm back!I've been really busy with uni stuff and work etc so I've not had much chance to post and to be honest I'd forgotten about it! My exams start next week but I'll try to post a couple of times before then.

First I'll answer Lucy Loo's survey;

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
A couple of years ago I had a bit of a wetting accident when coming home from a night out.

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
When I was in the taxi going home- I didn't realise I was weeing my pants until it was too late! I managed to stop the flow after a few seconds and my panties were soaked but nothing leaked out!

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
A skirt and top and white panties I think.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ?
A couple of hours or so.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?
No, not on purpose anyway!

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
Yes, although nobody knew!

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?

8. When did u last poo yself ?
At school about 6 years ago. I had to hold it but I lost control and it came out in my knickers.

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?
Oops, see above!

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?
School uniform.

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
Not long- a few hours at most, less if it's a big load or loose poo.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?
Yes but again, nobody knew!

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?
15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
I too have done all three, but preferably I will look for another toilet,

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself? No I don't- it's nasty and messy :(

Minnie & Norah- welcome to the site! I too frequently had to hold my poo at school, both because the teacher wouldn't let anyone go and because of queues at lunch after I'd eaten. School is never a nice place to need a poo!

Martin- I too have pooed on a plane and posted my story a while back. I'd like to hear other people's stories about plane toilets too!

Nothing special to tell a story about has happened to me since my last post really, just mostly normal wees and poos. I'll see if I can think of anything to post about soon!

your name (optionalPat
Pooper Mom-I'm interested in knowing how many years ago it was that you went on that camping trip in northern WI, as I know for a fact that nowadays, the Wisconsin DNR (Department of Natural Resources-also known as "Damm near Russia" by many residents of the state) and the Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) would NEVER allow such a thing as this open-pit toilet that is not sealed and cement-lined to exist. They've almost outlawed the right to legally fart, claiming that it pollutes the environment-there used to be a popular bumper sticker in Wisconsin-"What God hath given, the DNR taketh away".

To all-The police sergeant who assisted Artiss last week called to see how things are going, Artiss asked her if she'd like to get together for coffee and she said yes, she actually had the whole day free. She then asked Artiss if she liked to shop, to which she responded "Of course, I'm a woman, aren't I?" The sergeant, whose name is Clarissa (she's a 35 year-old single black woman who sort of looks like a full-figured version of Janet Jackson) replied "Well then why don't us two girls make a day of it and go?" So they did-Clarissa came over in her SUV and picked Artiss up to spend a girls day out.

AND.....the day ended on a positive note in another way-while they were out browsing the shops, they came across a group of kids hanging out on a bench across the street. Artiss stopped and whispered to Clarissa-"That's them-the kids who harassed me when I pooped my pants.....she started to choke up as she remembered the incident. "They followed me all the way down the street....laughing at and humiliating me." Clarissa muttered under her breath "Travis and his bunch-I should have known. Let's go over there Artiss, I want to see if they remember you." At first Artiss didn't want to-she was visibly upset with the terrible memory of that day, until Clarissa said "Relax Artiss, you're with a police officer, remember? Travis and his buddies are the ones that had better be afraid of you once I'm done with them-come on, I think it's time that they were made to have to be confronted with one of their victims-let's go".

So they started across the street. When they were about halfway across, the apparent leader of the teenage group turned and saw Clarissa approaching with Artiss. He apparently remembered Artiss as his eyes got as big as saucers when he saw her, and he CERTAINLY knew Clarissa all too well. He nudged the rest of the group and they got up and started to walk away.

"Hold it a minute, gentlemen" Clarissa called in her most authoritive voice as they started away. I've got a SERIOUS bone to pick with ALL of you." "Whattya want, Officer Clarissa? said Travis. We haven't none nothin."

"Oh but I think you have Travis" said Clarissa. "So I think it would be best if you shut up right NOW and let me do the talking-Do you remember this lady?"-she motioned to Artiss. "No, Officer C, why should we know her?" Travis replied. "Because she knows you, that's why" said Clarissa-she said that you and your boys were harassing her when she had an unfortunate incident that could happen to ANYONE, even YOU, Travis. What do you have to say to that?"

The end result of this whole scene was Clarissa chewing these punks, particularly Travis, a new asshole and a half, telling them that the next time she had a complaint of them so much as even mildly annoying Artiss or any other citizen on the street, it would be Secure Juvenile Detention for ALL of them, no questions asked. She had had more than enough of their antics, and this incident with Artiss was the tipping point.

Travis complained "But officer C, anyone could say anything about us here downtown and get us locked up-that's not fair!!!" "Well then Travis" replied Clarissa "Might I suggest that you and your friends not loiter idly downtown and find something else of a CONSTRUCTIVE nature to occupy your time-perhaps get JOBS for yourselves? Then you won't be putting yourself into a position where any one can accuse you of anything-THINK ABOUT IT!!!. And by the way, be glad that I wasn't there when this poor lady had the misfortune to run across you idiots-I would have had ALL of you scrubbing the shit out of her pants BY HAND. Maybe even with YOUR TONGUE Travis, if you would have pissed me off enough. Now before I cut you bozos loose, I want EACH of you to personally apologize to this lady. And remember.....ONE more complaint".

So with that said, each one of these kids got in line and gave a SINCERE apology to Artiss-no half- hearted "I'm sorry Lady's". Artiss told them all that she accepted their apologies, and then Clarissa told them to scat, telling them-"The state employment office is THAT way, gentlemen", pointing down the street. She then put her arm around Artiss and said "Let's get back to our shopping, Artiss."

They spent the rest of an enjoyable afternoon together, and when Clarissa dropped Artiss back off at home, they exchanged a BIG hug, and Artiss told Clarissa that she was just like a daughter to her. clarissa's eyes then teared up as she told Artiss thanks, that meant a lot to her as her mom had died of cancer 5 years ago. Her dad had left when she was practically a baby, and she had no siblings, so she was all alone in the world. "No you're not", said Artiss. You've got me and Patrick. Thank you VERY much for this day, dear" She put her hand on Clarissa's and they exchanged smiles before she exited her vehicle.


@ Alix: great story about your friend pooping in your back yard! I'd be very interested to hear more of your stories if you'll share them with us!
The girl in my first post ( just over two weeks ago) my neighbor, is the first person I was ever aware of that pooped out doors. She was the one who got me doing it. She would always insist that I watched her.
Pooping outdoors is such a great feeling....are there any other people on here that prefer it to pooping in a toilet?

hi i am a heavyseat 13 years old girl. on a tuesday, i was in class when i got the urge to poop. i raised my hand to ask if i could go to the bathrrom, but the teahcer said no. i was really uncomfortable and pinched my butt cheeks together to stop the poop from coming out, but i knew that there was still a small stain. after the lesson, the teacher FINALLY let me go. i ran to the bathrooms and pulled my panties down and sat down on the toilet seat. nothing was coming, and that was strange because i was desperate to go just a moment earlier. i waited and still nothing came out. so i started pushing a little and i could feel it at the edge of my hole but it wasn't coming out!! so i pushed more and let out some grunts but it still wasn't coming out!1 then i leaned forward until my head was touching the door and put my feet against the toilet and bore down as hard as i could. it hurt, and it still wasn't coming out. i strained and grunted for more than 20 minutes, fidgeting and sweat was coming down. i looked into the toilet seat and there was one pebble inside. so i stood up and squatted on the toilet seat and let out a mighty grunt. two more pebbles came out and i sat back down and with my feet straight out touching the door, i fidgeted and grunted but nothing more came out so i put my pants back on and went back to class and when i looked at the clock i had missed almost one hour of class!!!!

Pooper Mom

Stupid private campsite

When I was 23, I went solo on a camping trip in northern Wisconsin. I used a small one person tent. Since it was an only girl camp, there was only one "bathroom" wich was a clearing with these wooden platforms with holes cut into them where you would squat and poo or pee over. Under that hole was a 2 foot deep pit that was filled with poo. The whole place reeked. At 12:00 to 12:30 was the rush of poopers.
Day 1- I woke up with a slight urge for a poo. So I went over to the clearing where three women where. One was a heavy set 40 year old with dark hair and of Spanish background. The second was a 7 year old burnette who was accompanied by her mother. The heavy set one finished as I pulled down my pants. The seven year old had a small turd stuck in her butt. As I squatted there, my poo slowly worked its way down. 3 minuets after I took my place the seven year old farted and the turd plopped into the hole. Just as my poo ended. I wiped and left.
Day 2- I held my poo until night to get some privacy that I never found. At around 10:00 I got up and stiffly walked down to the clearing. I was pleased to see that no one was there. But to my dismay, a very attractive brown haired amazingly beautiful 12 year old stepped into the clearing holding a j-14 magazine. She was wearing silk pajamas and had her hair up in a ponytail. As she crawled onto the platform, I heard a small fart escape her bottom. She took the hole farthest from me. She pulled her pants down to her knees and half squatted over the hole. I wondered why she had brought the magazine becouse it was night. We both produced a chorus of farts that lasted for about 3 minuets until a log pushed its way out of my bottom. The girl was straining very hard and I could see a log hanging halfway out of her bottom. Accompanied by some farts the poo came out of her bottom. We wiped in unison left, I followed behind her and right as we were going to split she held her stomach and ran back sprinting. She only got 2 meters before she froze holding her bottom cheeks together with both hands. I could faintly see in the darkness a brown spot spreading around her pants. She walked straight legged to the clearing.....

Poopa mom out!!!!


Older People

In my research of bathroom habits, it seems that women stay in the bathroom longer as they get older. One older lady once told me that she had large bowel movements. I was wondering if we tend to produce larger bowel movements as we age.


Bush relief

I think the last time I had a poo was on Monday so by Saturday I was getting desperate. I was going to relieve myself in the woods as it would probably block the toilet if I used my own bathroom, but I wanted to try somewhere different today. I decided to go for a walk round the local alleyways to see if there was anywhere I could do my business without being seen and soon I was in luck. There was an alley between two houses that was so overgrown it didn't look as if anyone had been here for years. There were bushes and tall weeds growing everywhere and once I got about 15 feet into the alley it was impossible to see anything from the road or anywhere else for that matter. That was a good thing really because I was close to pooing myself by now. I lifted my skirt up and removed my knickers before squatting and instantly began to pee. It was a real flood because I hadn't been all morning and it was a big relief. However by far the biggest relief was about to come when I started to push out a huge turd. It was wide and knobly and it hurt a bit as it stretched my anus. I felt every lump and bump as it slowly came out and once the widest part was out it sped up and fell to the ground with a thud. It was about 2 inches wide and only 4 inches long a but that was just the start of it. The ,second turd was softer and much longer at 9 inches and that felt so good. My third one was even longer at 12 inches and when it broke off it was immediately followed by another slightly smaller turd of 10 inches. After that load some smaller turds came out and I was done. The relief was unbelievably good and I felt several pounds lighter for it. I wiped with the toilet roll I always bring with me when I'm intending to poo and pulled everything up and left my steaming behind.

Hello. I have a story of me and my sister. I am 15 and she will be 11 next week. Today I came home from school and I had to poop. I got a magazine and went to the bathroom. I removed my underwear and sat on the toilet. I farted a lot and pooped two big pieces. Then my sister come in to the bathroom. She was worried when she saw me on the toilet. She asked if I would be done soon and that she had to poop very badly.

I said I was almost done. I try to be quick for her, but it took time for me to poop three more pieces. I wiped my butt and flushed then my sister sit down on the toilet. Before the flush is over she is already pooping. She almost had an accident because of me. She pooped lots of small pieces while I washed my hands. I left the bathroom then, but she came out over twenty minutes later.

She whisper in my ear that she pooped too much and the toilet does not flush. I tell her I will take care of it. I wait a bit and go back to the bathroom. I opened the toilet and see that my sister really did poop a lot. I took the toilet brush and push poop down the drain with each flush. I needed three flushes to get rid of all her poop.

It is gross to have to unplug the toilet after my sister does a big poop, but it is better than Dad getting mad at her. She does not have big poops every time, but some times she cannot go for many days and must take a pill to make her poop. Dad yells at her and tell her to go every day like a good girl. So I told my sister if she has to have a big poop she can use the bathroom in my room. I take care of it and Dad never knows, so she does not get in trouble.

This week I went and visited a friend in another town a few hours drive away. A few days ago on the day I left I was working a shift at the cell phone store. It was nearly closing time and I really had to take a shit. I waited until I was able to lock up which would allow me to shit privately. I had a few hours drive ahead of me so I wanted to go now before I hit the road. I dropped my jeans and boxers and sat on the toilet. I didn't have a lot of confidence it the toilet as it seems to clog rather easily. The night before I took a moderately sized dump and managed to get it clogged.

I quickly pushed after sitting down causing me to fart and feel some pain as a solid log passed out and into the bowl in one go. It felt great after passing that one out but when I saw the size of the turd I knew I was in trouble. The turd was very long and thick and I knew it was going to clog the toilet. I didn't care because I was off for the next few days anyways. I wiped a lot and pushed the lever. A pathetic stream of water pushed the turd around the bowl but did little to get it down. After about three more flushes it eventually went down but I heard a few strange noises indicating it was blocked. A final flush filled the bowl up almost to the rim revealed the toilet was done for. I washed up and left the store to head to my car.

Today I was on my way back home and I had not had a shit since I left work. I felt uncomfortable dropping a load off in my buddy's toilet right before I hit the road so I carried on hoping to stop somewhere and unload before too long. As I drove I looked for somewhere to go. Luckily for me right near the freeway entrance on the way out of town I saw a sign for a rest stop ahead. I pulled into the parking lot which was empty. It was about 9:30 pm and the area felt deserted. I entered into the men's room. There were about half a dozen or so toilet stalls all reasonably clean with lots of toilet paper. The toilets were wall mounted and quite low with a very wide bowl and black seat.

I threw a few strips of toilet paper on the seat before sitting down to have my poop. I felt a overpowering urge to shit and I was glad I homefree to unload. I pushed and felt two thick turds come out one after another splashing into the bowl with a pronounced thud. I bent forward in pain as another final turd slid out. I sure needed to go and was I ever glad I didn't continue onto the freeway. The turds were short but very thick. I sat back down and spent 5 minutes wiping. I flushed and the toilet sucked everything down with a torrent of water. I was just about to pull my briefs back up when I felt a sharp pain. I thought it was just a bit of gas but quickly realized it wasn't. I turned around and sat back down just in time to release a load of soft poop. Thankfully I hadn't left yet or I would have been in trouble. I wiped some more and stayed on the toilet for another few minutes just to make sure I was done. I flushed the last pile of poop down and washed up before heading home.

Just a guy
Leanne - I'm glad you're continuing to post. I would have loved to read your whole post, but unfortunately it got cut short. It's great news that your friend, Emma is going to post soon. Both of you provide great details in your stories and I look forward to reading them.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Wayne great story about you seeing your wife poop.

To: annie as always another great pooping story it sounds like your dumps are pretty impressive thumbs up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story and it sounds like your feeling really great with lots of energy to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Pat thats great that so many people are helping out Artiss and they need more public restrooms around for everyone and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Thank you all so much for the replies to the story! I am so glad people enjoyed it! I have not been on this site in a bit, mainly because I have been studying for my final exams, but I have ready some stories by a few of you

Ashely: I loved your story from this week, and kinda wanna know what this whole "bad experience" with salmon was... sounds pretty sexy to me! Also, I really like the exclamation points... I use them all the time (especially in my name as you can see!) So don't let anyone tell you not to use them

Alix: Ava Claire sounds like my kinda girl! I wanna hear some of those stories for sure XD

Marika: Thanks for the reply! I really wanna hear about your 7th grade experience... I'm looking forward to the weekend now ;D

Thanks guys!



Response to Sydeny

I loved your school diarrhea story, and I would love to hear your experiences as a kid. During the weekend, I'll also share my story about diarrhea in school, back in the 7th grade. Hope to hear from you.


Post Title (optional)Lucy loo's Survey

I thought I would answer a few of Lucy's questions. It seems as though we are somewhat similar in our toilet habits. I am 29 yo , about 5' 10 " , average body , dirty blonde hair to my waist also an avid gardener. I live alone in a semi rural area with a few neighbours.

1. I last wet myself about 4 days ago . I happened to be out in the shed when my sister rang me on my cell phone to tell me her dog was sick and had taken it to the vet. Prior to her ringing I did need a pee . She was quite distraught so my mind was on her problem. At the time I was wearing a pair of bib overalls and they are hard to unbutton one handed. I was crossing my legs and holding myself. I started to dribble , I do have a pee bucket in the shed too . However sis kept prattling on and I kept getting more and more desperate, I knew I was going to lose the fight .So Ijust went outside and stood on the gravel path and let my bladder go. I spread my legs to about shoulder width and completely pissed my overalls .The relief was almost erotic . Sis must have picked up the change in my voice and asked if I was okay. When I told her I'd just pissed myself,she apologised for talking so long on the phone. But she said it is not as if it is ya first time .

She is certainly right about that I have wet myself as an adult alot of times ,most times have been at home mostly through holding too long.
Luckily the other times have been at night and walking home from a pub so nobody really knew.But when it gets too painful I tend to let it go .

2. When did I last poo myself?? That would have to be last weekend. I guess like many people who hold too long accidents do happen. Now is the time of year I love to be out in the garden .As soon as I have had breakfast and done a few chores I am outside . I tend not pay much attention to my toilet needs, although my body may tell me I need a poo or a pee my mind says get out into the garden.So I just sit on the back porch enjoy a smoke with my coffee then get busy in the garden . Last Sunday morning I had been working on a trellis , the urge to poo came and went a few times . Clenching my butt cheeks often makes it disappear for awhile and allows me to go on with what I'm doing.

I happen to be wearing an old pair of very holey jeans and full size undies and a tank top. Just as I was stringing up the last 2 wires I felt a very strong cramp , both hands were busy so I could not hold my butt and I was standing straddling a log . Believe me that is not a good position to be in when you are busting for a poo. I didn't have company so I thought well why not just let it go into my undies. I did just that, the relief was fantastic , I really had to go badly and I am sure I would have not made it inside . Luckily the poo was quite hard , it actually spread my cheeks a bit. I could feel this huge bulge in my jeans. And to answer Lucy's question yes I did get quite a "rush" from pooing myself. Especially when it could have been avoided.I must have had it in my panties for another hour or more .

But I have always held my poo a little too long, I am easily distracted from my bodily functions. I can remember a few weeks ago I was at home and inside doing some stained glass work. I was drawing a design which was quite complicated so I needed full concentration . My body told me that I needed to poo , I just lifted my left cheek and let it come out , I was too mentally into the design to be interrupted by leaving to have a shit. Sis knows how I am and I have had a few poo and pee accidents in front of her. Never has she made me feel embarrased.

Another question Lucy asked ,what do u do if there is no paper . Well I guess I just go have a pee or poo or both pull my panties and jeans up without wiping . My only problem then is if I don't wipe my skids can be quite big. I am very hairy , if there is no paper I tend to pull my cheeks apart to minimize the damage . If there is no paper I sometimes hold on especially if I am going home shortly . But that has caused me to have quite a few partial accidents in the car . I always carry a towel for emergencies .

This brings to a funny story. When I lived in the city my next door neighbor was a real busy body and just about every time I arrived home she"d bail me up and ask me 10 questions LOL. I think she was bored and lonely ,but a bit of a pain. Almost like she was waiting in the drive way for me. However coming home one day ,I decided to hold my poo ,the toilets were occupied in the shopping mall. It just so happened on the way home there was a traffic accident which held up all the traffic in my lane. I tried clenching my butt cheeks but after awhile I knew this wasn't going to work . I grabbed the towel from the back seat put it on the seat of the car. I lifted myself up slightly and pushed ,such a relief ,but I fully loaded my panties with some pretty firm logs . Thankfully I didn't piss myself too. Anyhow about 20 mins later the traffic started to move again and I got home . Sure enough there was Mrs. Nosey standing near my drive. I felt like a waiting target.

I was by now getting a little tired of her pouncing on me every time I got home. Getting out of the car she noted I was late getting home from work . I told her about the traffic accident , then I said quite crudely I am sorry the delay caused me to shit my panties I will have to go inside and clean up. I was walking a little bow legged to accentuate my accident , ya could see the poor woman didn't know what to say. All she was said "oh ok " never saw her much after that.

I guess I am not the only person out there who has pooed or peed themselves when it could have been avoided. I am only guessing there are more than what we see here ,lots more .

Thanks for reading my post .......... Justine xx

Shel's Poop

Me and my friend Shel, who live on the same block and walk about a mile to our school and back each day, are forced to hold or poops two or three times a week because after we eat our lunch, all 8 or 9 cubicles are taken in each of like the six or seven bathrooms at our school. It so sucks but the teachers are told not to get students out of class this late in the year even with hall passes because there have been fire-crackers set off in the hall and toilets deliberately flooded in the last couple of weeks. Well at 3:30 when the final bell rang me and Shel hurried down to the bathroom, but because of a junior high orientation to our school, there was a line of girls stretching out into the hallway. We went to our lockers and as Shel, got down on her knees, she looked up at me and said "Norah--I'm about to shit my pants." So we quickly locked up and walked across the street to a convenience store, walking faster around the cars lined up for gas. We use the bathrooms there quite a bit. They are located on the side of the building with a mens and ladies door that open from the outside and looking into the parking lot. Shel and I go in quite a bit together (we can't at school because students get written up for sharing a stall together).

Shel was taking off her back pack and starting to raise her dress when I reached behind her and dropped the seat for her. Behind the stool on the wall there is one of those tissue holders and I was trying to reach up and pull one off for her while she had her blue underwear at middle thigh level and was waiting to sit. The problem was that the box was all out of them. Shel was hovering in mid air and I know she's very particular about not touching the seat. I'm not the particular but I try to support her. She grabbed for the toilet paper roll to place a liner on the seat like I've seen her do before. There was only about a half sheet stuck to the roll. I told her I would go in and ask the clerk for more toilet paper. The only clerk was an old guy who was really gruff and said they were completely out of toilet paper. I asked about the seat tissues but he said the gas line was too long for him to go back into the office to get them. So I went back outside, knocked on the door, and Shel was still standing, but in more pain. She immediately threw her butt onto the seat and none too soon because there was about a 6 or 7 second blast of gas and another 2 or 3 seconds of splash into the water. She placed her elbows on her knees and sighed in relief. She often will wear dark underwear so that when she can't wipe, the messy streaks won't show so much. There were four logs in the bowl. Each was about 6 inches long and they were pretty wide.

As she was pulling her dress back down, I went to flush the toilet for her but she hit my hand and said not to flush because she thought the stool would floor. I got to thinking that was probably a good decision, so I pulled down my jeans, and got to thinking about how it was too bad I had brand new white underwear on, and placed my butt on the seat. There was no gas blast and within 30 seconds I parted with a very soft log about 2 feet long that was so long that it's tip clung to the bowl all the way up to the rim. I stepped out of my underwear, put my jeans back on and reseated myself. I used my underwear for three or four wipes and then threw them into the trash can. Of course, I didn't flush.

When we got to my house, we immediately went upstairs to my bathroom so Shel could finish her wiping. Both she and I were surprised she had no streaks in her underwear. That is because we walked and didn't sit. Dark underwear is the way to go and in the future I plan to buy some.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Honeymoon is over

After 8 months of marriage my wife and I were biking along a river trail. She stopped at a small clearing, leaned against a small tree, pulled down her jean and panties and pooped.
Then she said to me that now she had shown me her last secret.

Gas from the past and much more


Well here is more Stories of Farts And Poopies.

One time When I was 5 Me,Mom,Dad,And Brother,Grandpa,Grandma, Three Cousins,Tim at 15,Chuck 19,and Sharon 7 was all with us when we where out for the day,We stoped at a landmark to look around,And when we all got back in the van.My Dad let a fart outside and he brought it back in the van,And My Grandpa goes,Did something crawl up you and died?

And one time when I was 9 just me mom,dad,and my brother stoped a a gas station,my dad was the only one that went in and then he came out and stoped and then let a relief,then got in the car,Then it started to smell like poop,but not like a fart smell poop.My dad said the man who has that store said he had a septic tank problem.

And when I was 11 or 10 1/2 I was talking to my friend Jim,And he said he was on the toilet taking a $hit,The he goes listen.I heard a toilet flush.Then I said listen to this.I put the phone next to my butt,Then my Mom Walks in and said Jas!That's Gross!


Response to Sydeny

I loved your school diarrhea story, and I would love to hear your experiences as a kid. During the weekend, I'll also share my story about diarrhea in school, back in the 7th grade. Hope to hear from you.


Finally going like a normal person

I'm very happy these days since I've been pooping every day. It's great now that my stomach isn't sick, hard and bloated anymore. I've started drinking more water and it seems to help, especially if I drink a big bottle of water as soon as I wake up. Within half an hour of drinking it, I feel the urge to go and get really good results. I still take my stool softener at night time as prescribed by my doctor and it makes pooping a lot less painful.

The other day I did a poop that was about a foot long. Yesterday I did another pretty big poop about the same size, and today after my bottle of water I did another huge poop that was not quite as long as the others but about 8 inches long with some mushy stuff on top.

I hope this keeps up, it's great to finally go like a normal person as I've had bowel issues my entire life (even as a baby). Yay! It feels good to be able to poop every day like everybody else. It's nice not to feel sick and "full" anymore.

Had what I call a cleanout blowout earlier today. I ate a bunch of salad and took some Dulcolax and drank maybe a half gallon of coffee and water. Just getting rid of the crap in my system from visiting my younger son back east. They don't necessarily eat unhealthily, just a lot more carbs and red meat and desserts than i'm used to. I gained eleven pounds, not fat just water due to the carbs, but the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and Dulcolax will have me back on the right track in a couple of days. Funny that even though I gained eleven pounds of water my clothes still fit the same, it just went to my muscles. My legs and hips look "ripped", my posterior is firmer and my face doesn't show the weight at all. The wrinkles in most places are filled in, too, let's just say I look twenty years younger in a t-shirt and jeans if you get my drift. Might be just what I needed, a weeklong carb up. I feel great actually. Maybe I'll start adding more carbs to my diet after all. I do feel like I have more energy and stronger.

I had a ball but it's good to be back in sunny Cali again. My son, daughter in-law, and grandchildren are coming to visit me when my son takes leave (he's in the Air Force) during the kids' summer vacation in July, gonna take my two grandsons and one granddaughter to Disneyland, they've never been before, I hope they love it as much as I do. I love Disneyland and go several times a year myself, there's just nothing like it, makes me feel like a 13 year old again. My alltime favorite rides are the Dumbo and the Teacups. Had some digestive issues at their house, no doubt due to the heavy meals which I'm unaccustomed to. Luckily I did my morning blowouts while everyone else was still asleep and by the time they woke up the smell was gone and no one was the wiser.

Got a little temporary summer job driving a cement mixer of all things, just to make a little extra spending cash and plus I just hate sitting around the house getting fat. Kept my license current all these years. I start next week through mid July. Haven't driven a double stick truck in over 30 years, hope I haven't lost my touch, I used to be pretty good at it.

Little Mandi

Lucy's Survey

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident? A loooooooong time ago. I was a kid. It was the only time I've actually fully peed myself.

2. Where were u and how did it happen? I'm surprised I actually remember this considering how long ago it happened but, I was in bed. It actually happened in my sleep. I thought I was dreaming but I was literally peeing.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yourself? Mauve long sleeve pajama shirt with matching pants.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder? Very long. I'm very good at holding it. I can go all day without going if I really have to.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because your too involved in something else to use the toilet ?Nope

6. Did u get embarrassed when u wet yourself ? I don't remember. I don't think anyone found out about it.

7. Have u ever wet yourself on purpose or out of pure laziness?I've never purposely peed myself but I did try to pee in a maxi pad. There was too much pee so I did most of it in the toilet.

8. When did u last poo yourself ?Last week? I've never fully pooped myself. I partially did a few times though. Most recent one was last year.

9. Where were u and how did it happen? I was at my house on my computer chair. I remember feeling nauseous all night the before.Even threw up in the middle of the night. I woke up still feeling crappy. I was sitting on the computer debating weather I should go to school or not when I got a normal urge to fart. I let it out and instantly felt something wet. I ran up to the bathroom. Turns out the fart was actually diarrhea. There was a wet brown stain a little bigger that a quarter in the seat of my undies. I winded up having a slight stomach bug.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yourself ?T shirt and panties.

11. How long can u hold ya poo ? A long time. I'm good at holding it.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yourself? Nope I got unexpectedly sick.

13. Were u embarrassed when u messed yourself A bit. No one knew about it though.

14. Ever messed yourself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ? Nope .

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yourself in the meantime?.If I'm using a public bathroom, I always check and make sure there's toilet paper in the stall. I never go without wiping.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yourself? No. I would never purposely poop or pee myself.

Blue Rizla Girl

Hello again everyone

@ Misty -- no, that never happens to me ..... No matter how desperate I am ..... But then again, I never wear panties anyway! When I am wearing a long skirt, I can have a stealth piddle, with the skirt concealing everything.

@ Alix, your friend Ava Claire sounds like a real kindred spirit of mine! I don't mind using a toilet for big business, but I prefer peeing anywhere else if possible. My kids are the same, and totally un-shy about it. Even the neighbours' kids are into peeing outside now. (There is just one mother who disapproves of this behaviour. Her son likes to go in the field on the way home from school when it is not her turn to pick him up, or any other time and place where she doesn't know about it.)

Last weekend, we went to the leisure centre to go swimming, and we all peed in the car park before we went in. Then when we got out of the pool, I went in the shower and took a leak in there, through my costume. I think my son peed too.


@Ashley: I love your stories and especially how you don't flush the toilet when you are done pooping or peeing! It's very thoughtful of you to not obscure the view of your creations with toilet paper!!
When I have to have a poop in a public washroom and someone has pooped and not flushed I ALWAYS poop on top of their poop and dont flush either so it looks like a gigantic bowel movement. I always put the dirty toilet paper off to the side so my poop is visible. Other times if some one is in the bathroom I will squat just enough so my poop won't land on the floor, and push REALLY hard so my poop comes really fast and makes a big splash!
Sometimes I eat a whole bunch of beets and wait till I need to drop a big load then poop in a public washroom and not flush! I wish I could see the looks on peoples faces when they see my pile of bright red poop!
Love this site!

to Sydney: to answer your question, I think I'd rather have diarrhea than pee my pants in front of all my friends. It would be les embarrassing if no one knew it was me.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster great story abouit that big dump in the ladies and it sounds like you had a pretty fun time to and I bet you felt pretty good to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like you had a really good pee and your other story it sounds like that woman was having a rough time and as always I look forward top your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Thoughtitwasweird as always another great story it sounds like that woman must have been pretty desperate and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: Annie greeat story about your big cleanout it sounds like you feel pretty good now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alix great story about you watching your friend Ava Claire pooping outside and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lex great story about your massive diarrhea atack lucky you made it to the toilet and it sounds like your boyfriend is one lucky guy and the same for you with him and please anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Noelle as always another great story I bet that memory of your piano teacheers accident will last forever and your mom handled it pretty well to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carmom as always another great set of peeing stories it sounds like all of you guys had lots of fun as usual and gave everything a good soaking to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story it sounds you guys had a pretty fun night and at least artiss made it to the toilet everytime without an accident which is good and as always you guys were lucky to find eachother and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley first welcome to the site and great story and accident can happen to anybody and at anytime but at least you were at home when it happened and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kayla as always another gret pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kayla, Martin & Brandon- glad you all like my stories! Kayla, when I eat lots of fatty foods my poos tend to get looser! That might no apply to you though- it might vary!

Just a guy- I talked to Emma today and she said she'll try to start posting again soon!

Today I was in a lecture and as usual I needed to have a poo during it. I went to the toilets once it was over and took one of the two cubicles. Just as I pulled down my jeans and purple knickers someone came in to the other one. I sat down and had a wee, as did my neighbour. She was wearing jeans too, and black knickers which were at her feet. I started to push out my first log. It was a big one, although soft, and was taking its time to ease out. My neighbour dropped two pieces of poo and then farted. Then someone else came in hurriedly. She tried the cubicle doors and then I could hear her waiting, moving around and sounding desperate. I dropped my first log with a plop and then two more followed. My neighbour wiped and left and the girl outside hurried in. She sat and I heard her start to wee very loudly and powerfully, for a minute or

Another chapter unfolded today in the situation with Artiss' bowel problems and her desperate need for a toilet on short notice, especially when out in public.

We were walking downtown today, when we were approached by the owner of the store that had helped Artiss with the use of her employee restroom, a female police sergeant, and a third lady. The store owner spoke first, introducing the third lady as the downtown Main Street Program Coordinator, and the police sergeant as the police liason officer to the Main Street Program, working closely with them on community issues that affect the downtown. The store owner turned out to be the head of the Main Street Board.

She went on to explain to us that Artiss' problem addressed a concern that the Board had discussed in the past-the need for adequate public restrooms downtown with convenient and easy access for people like Artiss. She stated that this was a real concern for them first and foremost of all to prevent people like Artiss from being caught in the embarrassing situation of having an accident in public, and also to provide ease in making their downtown shopping experience a much more enjoyable one free from the worry of knowing if a restroom is available.
They had discussed this matter in their latest board meeting and were prepared to take the steps to make it into
a reality.

The police sergeant spoke next, telling Artiss that if she ever needs a toilet when she's in the vicinty of the police station, she's free to come in and use their restroom. Also, she went on to say that in the unfortunate instance if Artiss were to have an accident while downtown, the police station's women's locker room and showers were at her disposal. She had gone so far as to arrange to have a locker set aside for Artiss to keep clean clothing and shower materials-soap, shampoo, towel, etc. in. The Main Street Coordinator went on to say that the restroom facilities at her office were also available for Artiss' use. She then gave us several coupons redeemable at downtown business offering us free items and promotional discounts in their establishments.

The police sergeant then asked us if we could accompany her to the police station so that she could show her her locker and the restroom and shower facilities there. At this point, Artiss broke down and started crying tears of joy at their kindness. The sergeant said that it was all part of her duty to protect and serve the public, and the other two ladies said that it was their pleasure to be of assistance to Artiss in making things easier when she was out shopping and on business. Artiss responded by insisting that these 3 ladies come over for dinner in the near future, to which they said that sounded nice.

The sergeant then gave us both a seat in her squad car and drove us over to the station, where she gave Artiss a full tour of the women's facilities. Artiss mentioned that how one time in the past, she had had an accident downtown and some teenage kids had noticed her predicament and started laughing at her. The sergeant responded by saying that if she or any of her officers had witnessed that incident, those kids would have been in BIIIGGG trouble.

She then gave us a ride back to where we were when they approached us,and we parted with Artiss giving the sergeant a warm embrace, and her promise to join us with the other two ladies for dinner soon.

fredpan, your story was lovely! Welcome to our forum =)
It's great to see others interested in wetting. I think you described the experience perfectly

How did you decide you were going to wet yourself? Was it completely spontaneous? Have you always had an interest in wetting?

Most importantly, are you planning to do that again? :D

My answers to Lucy Loo's survey:

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
By *accident*? Only once in "adult" life, when I was 16 (I'm now 19)

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
I was in the car with my mum and my younger brother. I'd want to pee when we left my nan's house, but I very desperately needed to go again. I asked my mum to pull over, but she refused. Ten minutes before we arrived, I started dribbling in my knickers, and just decided to give up and let it all out. The relief was beautiful. I sat there peeing through my jeans, making a lovely hissing sound, for well over a minute. Bliss

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
Skin tight light blue jeans, and light pink knickers, as well as a pink blouse

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ?
*Usually* I can hold it for ages

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?
No, but I sometimes intentionally, if I'm doing something I'm engrossed in, hold it till I lose control

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
Normally when I wet myself, I'm all alone. That time in the car with my family was definitely embarrassing - my brother wouldn't let me forget it

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?
Every single day, before I shower, I sit on the toilet and pee and poo in my panties. It feels absolutely amazing, and I love the feeling! I've been doing this since I was 12, though obviously then I didn't get to do so as regularly

8. When did u last poo yself ?
Accidentally, never

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
If I need to, days, but I hate doing so

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?
I'm afraid not :(

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?
I've never done this with anybody around

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?
Not laziness or convenience, only fun ;D

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
Like Lucy, I've done all three, but generally prefer the first

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself?
I absolutely love both, and do both for fun whenever I have a chance. I try not to ruin any furniture, or my carpet, though

Later, all :) x

I ate a bunch of meatloaf last night. Alot of it. And chili fries. And i had mexican food for lunch. And right now, im sitting on the toilet in office max with my phone and im using the wifi at office max.
So i came here for school supplies, and even before i came, my stomach was killing me from all that bad food. Right when i walked in i decided to poop first, so i went to the ladies room in the back. Halfway i had to walk fast, because i had to poop pretty bad and i could tell it was gonna be wet and runny. So i entered the bathroom and there were three stalls. I took the middle stall. No one else was in the ladies room but me. So i quickly sat on the cold toilet seat, let out a deep breath, and let out my poop. I farted REALLY loud, and an explosion of diarreah came out. I sighed. Then i pushed a bit, and semi- solid poo came out and plopped in the toilet with my liquid poo. It felt really slimy coming out, but it felt great. I could sense alot more poop in me so i pushed harder. Then another woman came in a took the stall next to me. She started peeing. I xould hear the steady flow. I decided i'd have ablittle fun, so i pushed and farted pretty loud, and let a turd drop and made a big splash. The woman semmed uncomfortable, and she quickly finished her business and left the bathroom. Inpushed the rest of my giant dump out, and then i looked the the toilet. The water was totally brown, and my poop was in a giant lump of slimy, soft turds. It smelled awfull. When i stood up, i couldbfeel the poop in my buttcheeks and i could tell i had alot of wiping to do.

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