SURVEY!!!!! :)

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?
About a year ago

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?
waiting for my mom to pick me up from a concert. I had to go sooooo badly. my bladder was so full you could see it through my shirt. After a while I just couldn't hold it back any longer.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?
a t shirt and tan shorts... it was so embarrassing since there was no way to hide that I had wet! plus it made a puddle on the ground, worst day ever. :(

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ?
For a long time!

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?
I usually wait until I have to go very badly, so when I say I gotta go, I GOTTA GO!

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ?
YES!!! :(

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?

8. When did u last poo yself ?
About 3 years ago

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?
At school, I had the worst cramps and when I got up to use the bathroom it just came out!!

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?
My school uniform

11. How long can u hold ya poo ?
Not very long once the cramps hit!

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ?

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ?

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?
I would go no matter what.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself?
No way!

Desperate Jill

Survey and involuntary nudity in a beach restroom

I love taking surveys even though I don't have much experiences to report on this one in particular.

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ? Probably as a child, although I don't recall the specifics. But I know I did wet myself couple of times as a child and was laughed at because I had a hard time holding my bladder.

2. Where were u and how did it happen ? In school when I was younger. I was about seven years old and I peed myself on the bus ride home. I had wanted to pee before leaving school but the teacher wouldn't let me. We had to copy down our homework first and by the time I was done, the bus was ready to leave so I was unable to go and wet myself on the ride home.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ? I can't remember at all. That was like 20 years ago.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ? The longest that I have ever held it is about six or seven hours and that was with almost no drinking at all while sitting perfectly still and I was absolutely bursting. Drinking regularly I usually feel the need to go after an hour or two and will be desperate by the third hour. Although I can hold from that point I will be uncomfortable the entire time. I can hold for a fairly long time now, after years of training my bladder but I still need to go pretty soon the majority of the time and if I don't I will rapidly become uncomfortable.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ? Not that I can recall.

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ? Yes because other kids were laughing at me. That is probably why I am into desperation but not into wetting. A humiliating experience with wetting myself leads me to become obsessed with controlling my bladder.

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness? Nope.

8. When did u last poo yself ? I can't recall, although as a child I took a long time to be potty trained and used to poop in my undies.

9. Where were u and how did it happen ? See above.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ? I don't remember.

11. How long can u hold ya poo ? I've gone days without going but I usually go one to three times a day. I can generally hold it pretty long as long as the feeling isn't urgent.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ? No.

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ? No, because I did it at home.

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ? Never.

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime? If I just have to pee I usually will just skip out on wiping. I rarely poo in public, but when I do I try to make sure the toilet has paper in it. If it doesn't I will wait for another toilet. If none is available at all I will just go without it.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself? No, I'm only into desperation.

The following is a story that took place when I was a teenager and went to the beach with my cousins. I recently remembered this while chatting with someone about the topic of how one piece bathing suits make it very difficult to pee, especially if you wear it underneath your other clothes because you have to get completely undressed in order to pull down your bathing suit, leaving you completely naked. The following story incorporates all of those elements.

What happened was I went to the beach with my cousins and by now we had dried off and were getting ready to leave. I was going to stop by the bathroom before we left, and my younger cousin Jennifer joined me. We went into the ladies room, which had five stalls. I took the stall at the end she took the one next to me. Inconveniently, with my one piece on under my clothing, I had to take off all of my clothing and then pull down my swimsuit. Not wanting my clothing to touch the floor I made the mistake that would result in my subsequent embarrassment. I hung my clothes over the wall of the stall next to me where my cousin was putting them directly into her reach.

Shortly after I sat down on the toilet, completely buck naked, I started to take a poop. I really don't like going in public restrooms, but I hadn't gone all day. Since I woke up early that morning I did not have a chance to poop before I left home and had eaten a lot several hours before.

So I'm sitting there naked and pooping hoping that I will finish up soon because I feel very vulnerable and exposed sitting on the toilet completely naked. No sooner than a few seconds after I started pooping I see my clothing disappear over the wall of the stall and into the stall, where my cousin was. She had completely pulled him out of my reach and I couldn't exactly get up to get them back. I pleaded with my cousin to give me back my clothing but she refused. I then heard her toilet flush and the stall door open. She taunted me by briefly waving my clothing over the stall door and then pulling it out of my reach.

But it gets better...

Not content to just take my clothing away from me, she decides to do something even more humiliating. She takes my clothing and goes five stalls down to the fifth stall which is empty and leaves my clothing in that stall. She said I could have my clothing back, I just needed to go and get it. Then she left.

Of course I can't exactly just get up because, as you will recall, I was in the middle of making a poop. Getting increasingly nervous I try to finish up as quick as possible. But even once I am done I can't just leave my stall because I'm completely naked, and anyone could see me. I bent down to look across the rest of the stalls to see that there were no feet and that the bathroom was empty. I was just going to make a run for it when the inevitable happened.

As I was getting up to make my run for it I heard a group of teenage girls walk into the restroom, about five of them. Four of them went to the other four available stalls and the fifth girl knocked on my stall door. I just said that someone was in there and was hoping that the other girls would finish up and she could go in one of the other stalls and then they would leave and I could go and get my clothing back.

Unfortunately, that was when I heard something even worse. I could hear the girl in the fifth stall, whose name was Melissa I heard, talking to her friends. She said that she had found the cutest little bathing suit in her stall. She couldn't believe that someone would just leave nice clothing in the stall like that. Her friends asked her what she was going to do and she said she guessed she would keep it.

That was the moment when true panic set in. I was extremely shy and embarrassed by this entire experience, but if I didn't say something soon, this other girl was going to abscond with my clothing, leaving me completely naked and with no clothes to retrieve. I start thinking what I'm going to do and I hear the girls getting ready to leave. I shouted the girl standing outside of my stall that those clothes were mine and that my cousin had played a trick on me. I was very lucky because I waited until the last possible second to say anything and only the last girl heard me. She was able to get my clothing back from her friend who had already started leaving. Had I waited a few seconds more they all would've left and I really would've been in and embarrassing situation then.

Looking back now I can really laugh at it and since I find involuntary nudity kind of sexy it's a fun thing to think about. Has anyone else experienced a prank in the bathroom like that?

When you really think about it sitting on the toilet, especially if you naked, is the most vulnerable time of your existence. My cousin played many more pranks on me like that and maybe I will tell you about those in future posts.

If you have any feedback on anything I've said, please share with me as I love getting comments on my stories.

Hey all. Havent written in in a while as its all been uneventful. Well until yesterday. I was out and about doing errands when i needed to poop. I was in the queue at the chemists buying a pregnancy test and i decided id do both the poop and the test together. A few minutes passed and i made my way to the toilets. I went in and made myself comfortable. I figured id pee first and id wait for the result whilst i pooped. So i peed and took the test. I put the test on top of the tp dispenser and began to push. It was a bit of a struggle at first, taking 2 strong pushes with the customary groan to move things along. As i pushed for a third time it emerged and splashed into the toilet. 2 massive logs later and i was done. I wiped and flushed. It may seem a bit uneventful to all of you but upon flushing i checked the pregnancy strip and it was positive. Matt and i cant wait until next year. Dont know our due date yet but seeing the doctor on monday. Im thinking Feb though, 1 year since Freya. Till next time. Bye.

Female Fart scene in Interstate 60

Hi everyone!

I watched the movie "Interstate 60" and there is a good fart scene in it:

The main character guy and a blond girl are walking next to a rural road and the guy is amazed that the girl likes the same things as he does, Spiderman etc. then the guy says "Do you know, this is too good to be true." then the girl quickly says "Hold that thought!" and lets out a big fart. You can hear it slowly starting like a trumpet, then this sound gets louder and suddenly the rest explodes out of her ass loudly. Immediately she says "When!" and waves her hand in front of her nose, a second later the smell reaches the guy and he does the same thing. Then the girl says laughing "You see, I'm not perfect!"

You can see the movie????. The scene is at about the 3/4 of the movie.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Alix as always another great story it sounds like your friend Ava Claire had a good pee in that foutain and fun to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elissa great story about you pooping in that plastic bag and it was nice that woman helped you out to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Patricia it sounds like you were just miliseconds from having an accident but at least you made it and it sounds like you really had to go and probaly felt really great afterward to and as alway I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sydney H great accident story it sounds like a you were all ready to poop outside to bad your aim wasnt so good by thats natural since you havent pooped outside before and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Indiantallguy great story about those desperate girls.

To: Allie great peeing story it sounds like your boyfriend is really kind and understanding to which is great and your lucky to have him and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Toilet date great story about your desperate dump and that other woman helping you out and then you guys having a buddy dump to it sounds like your freindship has a entered a new level which is good and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pat great story im glad those guys appologised to Artiss and it sounds like she and Clarissa had alot of fun shopping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Minnie first welcome to the site and great story I hope your able to have a good poop soon and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pooper Mom as always another great story it sounds like you had some interesting outdoor pooping expericenses and it sounds like that one girl had a 2 stage dump normal at first but then came nasty round 2 to bad she didnt make it that time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great pooping story and it sounds like you had another great outdoor poop to and it sounds like you felt really great to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elisa great story about you and your sister pooping together it sounds like she was pretty desperate to and you were a great sister for helping her out to by uncloging the toilet and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shels Poop great story about you and your friend Shelly pooping together it sounds like you both really had to go to and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Desperate Jill

Bathroom desperation in the fairer sex

I loved your story about female desperation in the school. It is insane how they only have five stalls for 400 girls but it's pretty much the same thing wherever you go. The majority of places give men far more places to pee than women. When you factor in urinals it's easy to see why there is never a line at the men's room, but always wanted the women's room. Even in venues with thousands of people, all needing to use the restroom at once, it is not uncommon to have only five stalls or less for the women while the men's room will have several times as many urinals. There have been many a time where I have missed out on a chance to pee due to this. I have lots of female desperation stories that I could share when I get the chance. I actually have an entire blog on the subject, so maybe I will copy some of my stories from there to share with people here.

Fortunately I did not have a huge problem with getting to use the bathroom between classes in high school. I would try to go to the bathroom at every opportunity so that at least if I didn't get in during one period I would have a chance the next time. The only real problem was during the last year of high school. Because many people were smoking or drinking in the restroom they ended up closing a large number of them so that sometimes there was only one or two ladies rooms open at a time. Fortunately that year. I only had a three-hour day!

In fact, high school was a bit of a relief compared to elementary school, however. In elementary school we had an annoying, and in retrospect, very sexist system of bathroom passes. For several years, the policy was that you would get a set number of minutes each day to use the bathroom. You would sign out when you had to go and then sign back in when you were done. You got a grand total of 6 min. a day to use the bathroom. Depending on how quick you were you could go several times a day.

Now here's why it's sexist. I remember my classroom was positioned in such a way that the boys restroom was pretty much right outside the door. So it would take maybe 10 seconds to get into the restroom from class. I knew at least one boy who is able to go within a single minute. That must seem like a pretty sweet deal.

The girls restroom, on the other hand, was down the stairs and then down a very long hallway. Running in the hallways was of course not allowed, so it would take often a minute or two just to walk to the girls room. And then it takes usually just as long to take care of business. So even if you are quick a single trip to the bathroom might eat up most of your bathroom passes for the day. It got to the point where a lot of the girls had to make do with a single trip to the bathroom each day, while the boys could usually manage to go at least three times in the same period.

Them also must add this to the fact that it has been proven by surveys that women take twice as long to use the bathroom as men and go more often. Plus the men's room at school often had six or seven urinals in addition to a stall or two, while the girls room usually only had three stalls.

No one ever really questioned this when we were in school but looking back now I can see that a grave injustice was done. I guess he was say my obsession is with how society deeply disadvantages women and shortchanges us when it comes to toilets. It's like a refusal to acknowledge that women go to the bathroom. This brings me to my next topic.

When I was growing up I was an only child in my family but I often spent time with my cousins. A typical outing would involve my mom, my aunt and my two MALE cousins. With this setup, you will quickly take notice of gender differences in regards to peeing freedom.

My mom and aunt had a strong belief that women should be modest. They were taught to be that way from how they were raised. What that meant for me was that peeing outside or using the men's room was strictly forbidden. The only place where it was permissible for me to pee was in a private ladies room with sparkling clean toilets. Anything other than that, and you just had to hold it in.

My mom and aunt had an entirely different view of boys peeing. Their attitude was that boys will be boys. It was entirely natural for boys to make the world their own personal urinals. There was nothing immodest or shameful about it. So when I was out with my two male cousins the experience could be very different based on whether you had an X or Y-chromosome. Here are some typical situations.

We are going for a walk in the woods for several hours. A problem arises. My two cousins need to pee. The solution - go pee behind that Bush or tree. And they generally did it right in front of me.
We are going for a walk in the woods for several hours. A problem arises. I need to pee. The solution - we'll be home in an hour or so Jill, you'll just have to hold it in. But can I just go behind a tree? Don't be an animal was the response.

As you can guess that's trip back from the woods was a very different experience for me compared to my cousins and they didn't mind rubbing it in that they could be while I had to "be a lady." Being a lady of course means holding in your bladder no matter how long or how uncomfortable.

Situation number two. Problem - a toilet is available but it is completely filthy. Or there is no toilet paper available.
The solution. For my cousins - just go ahead and pee, it's already filthy anyway. For me - oh my God Jill, that toilet is filthy, you could get a disease, use another one! Problem - there is no other one. Solution - will be home "eventually". "Eventually" became a menacing phrase that could mean a very long time.

Although I should point out here that I am a bit prissy about using a filthy toilet. Usually I will wait to find a clean one, although in an emergency I am willing to wipe down the seat providing it is not too filthy. I never had the proper balance to hover. Besides as my mom would say "that's inconsiderate and disgusting" and you should never do it. Of course if the woman before me was less considerate or clean my punishment for her inconsideration was that I would have to hold it. For the record, my mom has a bladder of steel and almost never uses a public restroom unless she is out and away from home for a very long time and it has to be a real emergency. I never developed such bladder control. Much to her dismay I'm one of those girls who has to pee every freaking place that we go.

But by far the worst situation is situation number three. What would typically happen when out in a public place such as a movie theater with my mom, aunt and cousins was that afterwards my cousins and I would always need the bathroom. Here is where the male pee privilege is the most glaringly obvious.

To start with my mom and aunt had a boys first mentality. When we were very young, they wouldn't let us all go to the bathroom by ourselves, so we had a procedure. First, we would all go find the boys room. The logic behind this, according to my mom and aunt anyway, is that there is two of them and only one of me and boys are much quicker. So we would go to the boys room and we would wait outside while the boys took care of business. Then, and only then, would we proceed to the ladies room, which by then would have a huge line outside, because by waiting for the boys all of the other women had a head start getting to the bathroom before me.

I think that my cousins knew this, and would purposely take their time going to the bathroom. One of my cousins to my great annoyance had a habit of taking a poop in a public restroom. He could generally hold it, sometimes for days at a time, but whenever we went to a public place and I was waiting patiently for the boys to finish using the bathroom so I could get my turn he would take a long and leisurely poop. I would often complain and he would apologize, but I often caught him giggling and laughing.

Finally, after the boys were well and relieved, only then could I get in line for the ladies room. Of course sometimes that didn't even happen. There were more than a few occasions where by the time the boys were done in the boys room the line for the ladies room often snaked long out the door. So sometimes my mom and aunt would tell me to just wait until we get home. They weren't cruel, if I really had to go they weren't going to make me wet myself, but there were a few instances where I had to leave and had to ride home in the car with my emptied bladdered cousins.

So I have a short survey on this topic that I would like to ask everyone. Please indicate your sex when you answer the survey.
1. When you were growing up did your family regard male and female peeing differently? Were they more permissive about boys peeing than girls peeing, such as in the situations I described above.
2. In your family were you taught that boys could use the world as their urinal while the girls were expected to try and hold it in?
3. Women: Did you ever have situations growing up where male siblings or relatives got to go to the bathroom but you didn't and they teased you about it?
Men: Did you ever have situations growing up where female siblings or relatives didn't get to go to the bathroom but you did and you teased them about it?
4. If the toilet is dirty what do you do?
5. What was your school's policy on using the bathroom? Was it different for boys and girls?
6. If you are in the woods in have to pee or poop what do you do?
I might think of some more questions, and share some stories about the many other times that I have been desperate to pee and poo, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this story, and my survey. I look forward to your responses.

randy p

new to posting on this site.

hi i'm randy, i'm a 19 year old boy that has been reading posts on here for about 3 years but have never posted anything myself so now i'd like to give it a shot. I have lots of stories!

I was hanging out with my friend ally when i was about 15 and she was about 13 at the park when suddenly she turned pale and told me she had to find a bathroom and fast. i said alright and we decided to look around for one. We hadn't even moved 20 steps when she farted loud and at the same time let a little squirt of diarrhea into her panties. she then told me that she needed to go now so we moved as quickly as we could to an area that wasn't easily seen by anybody. we stopped and she dropped her skirt and bright white panties to the ground and immediately a massive explosion of diarrhea flowed from her asshole. she started to cry from embarrassment but i told her it was okay and sometimes things happen. she wiped her butt with her panties four times and then buried them in the sand, we found a bathroom so she could wash her hands and then i held her all the way home as she was still crying. Little does she know that day was one of my favorite days with her.

I love watching girls piss and poop, i have many more stories to tell so i'll keep em coming. (:


Big Fart On Stairs

One day in school, I was walking up the stairs in school and I was on 1 side of the steps and a girl was on the other side. (No one else was on the stairs but only us) I had to fart so I did. It was big and loud. I left the girl speechless. I did that to another girl, also. (Please respond to my story)

Earlier this week I was working again at Lowes. After lunch around 1 PM, I felt a very strong urge to poop. So, after a few minutes I excused myself to the restroom. I sat down on the toilet and proceeded to push my log out. It took little effort to get out.

When I looked in the bowl I saw a log that was 14" long and 1" thick. I was shocked that it was this big and was reluctant to flush away such a creation. Keep the poo stories coming!! Happy Pooping to all!


Pooping normally finally

I'm finally pooping like a normal person, going 1-2 times a day or every other day. Before it was a week or more between bowel movements. I stopped the laxatives and instead take stool softeners and drink as much water as I can and it seems to be helping. Especially if I drink a big bottle of water as soon as I get up in the morning before I eat anything. Within 20-30 minutes I have the urge to go.

On Tuesday my husband and I went to the mall and did some shopping and looking around. By the time we were ready to go home I had a pretty bad stomachache, probably because I hadn't pooped for 2 days and the juice I was drinking probably didn't help (watermelon juice). When I got home I ended up pooping out 3 soft turds. On Wednesday or Thursday I had diarrhea a couple of times and it stunk really bad like rotten eggs. And yesterday my husband also had diarrhea like mine. Maybe just an upset stomach.

Christine in FL

Junk food and Constipated

I've eaten like crap this whole week. It's been a whole bunch of candy bars, doughnuts, cup cakes, and brownies. I've been baking a lot for my son's and their school friends recently. They seem to have less to do now that summer's almost here. As a result, I've just been snacking on whatever I've been baking. Of course, all that frosting and grease has done little to help my being constipated. I keep telling myself that I really ought to eat good, healthy stuff, but I still ended up indulging in what was left of a container of frosting today.

I haven't gone in about four days now, and while I've gone longer without a BM, I'm feeling it badly this time around. I spent the work day with my pants digging painfully into my bloated belly and the second I got into the car to drive home, I unbuttoned my pants and just let myself relax. My ???? was sort of straining against the buttons of my shirt, so I undid one of the lower ones as well. Rubbing my belly as I drove, I felt no urge to go at all. A little while ago, my stomach started aching badly, so I went over to the toilet to try and poop. I passed a tiny turd the size of a finger, and that was it. It required much pushing and straining and took about 15 minutes to get out.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Steven- Your post about farting when that girl could haer you reminded me of something that happened to me last year. I was at a friend's house after lectures and I had to poo. I went to the toilet and started to poo. I pushed out a couple of logs and a third was half out when I heard one of his female housemates come out of her room. Of course as she was walking past the toilet my poo dropped with a plop and then I farted involuntarily! I heard her snicker to herself as she walked past but I don't know if she knew it was me!

Today I went to my coursemate Hilary's flat because she had asked me round to do some revision together. We'd been studying for about 90 minutes and were puzzling over one section. She said, 'shall we take a break for lunch?' I said sure, and she said, 'good, 'cause I need to poo anyway.' I was taken somewhat aback by this! Her room has an en-suite bathroom like mine, and she said she had to go before we ate and went in. I heard her pull down her tights and underwear and lift up her skirt and sit on the toilet. She peed first and as she was finishing there were two little plops and then one big one. Then she farted and there was another soft plop. After a minute or two she farted again. A few more minutes passed and then there were two more substantial plops and then she sat for a minute before she started to wipe herself.
When she came out she said she'd go and get us some drinks and sandwiches. I said ok and after she went to the kitchen I nipped in to the bathroom. I could smell her poo fairly strongly but there were no marks in the bowl. Then I went to help her make the sandwiches.
After lunch we went back to studying for a couple of hours. My bowels had begun to move after lunch and soon I had to poo as well. I really didn't want to have to poo at her place, even though she just had. But time passed and I was getting desperate to poo and I knew I'd have to soon. I decided well, I'd heard her have a substantial poo, it was only fair she got to hear me go!
I asked if I could use her loo and she said, 'of course. All that drink taking effect?' I said no (although I did need to pee), more the sandwiches! She laughed and I went into the bathroom and sat down. After I started to pee two turds quickly came out with big plops. I pushed out another and then three little pieces, then wiped. Hilary didn't say anything when I came out; I was anticipating some joke or other but I guess it was cancelled out because I'd heard her go before!


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest update.
Millie- sorry to hear you had to go for a poo at school twice in one day! You said the first time you went was in first lesson, are your teachers usually OK about letting you out to go to the loo? I've only ever asked to be excused from a lesson a couple of times, I usually spend a while on the toilet if I want a poo and its pretty obvious that's what you've been doing if you're gone longer than a couple of minutes! I'm glad the second time you had to go there was no-one else in the loos, I know it can be really embarasing if you're on the toilet farting and plopping away especially if you're the only one! As I said in my last post I've found the best time to try to have a poo is before school, at that time practically all the other girls there need to do the same thing so I'm certainly not alone if I'm there making noises. I guess it's a bit better for me anyway in some ways, I usually have to strain a bit to get my poo out but I can make sure I do a hard push when someone else flushes or when the hand dryer comes on so at least if I grunt no-one can hear it. I feel really sorry for girls who have runny poos because they can't help making squirting noises which sound really bad. Anyway, I look forward to more of your stories and hope that when you next need to have a poo at school it won't be too embarasing for you!
Leanne- I enjoyed your last two stories, great you're posting regularly again!
Emma- glad you're back- hope to hear more stories soon.
Anyway, back to my latest story. The other morning I got to school early and went straight to the loos, it had been a couple of days since my last poo and I could feel a big one starting to force open my bumhole. As usual there was quite a queue, as I stood there waiting I did my best to suck it back up. I'd got dressed in a hurry as I'd got up late and the only pants I could find were far too small for me, they were already giving me a wedgie so I knew that my poo wouldn't have to poke out far for them to end up getting dirty. Luckily I got a free cubicle just in time, I rushed in, locked the door, lifted my skirt and quickly pulled down my black tights and yellow and orange stripy pants. My pants had a bit of a skidmark but it wasn't too bad thankfully. I couldn't help moaning as my poo started to slide out, I felt so releaved! Next door the loo flushed and then I heard a new occupant coming in, I looked under the partition and saw a skirt appear on the floor closely followed by some black tights and pink flowery pants. My poo was still creeping out, but I was having to push now as it was getting wider. Next door I heard some squirty farts and then it sounded like the poor girl was having diarhea, she shuffled her feet about and I saw that her pants were badly stained, she must have squirted some out before she got on the loo. Just then I felt my first poo drop and land in the water with an embarasing plop, I had been doing quite a hard push so I panted a bit as I caught my breath, I felt like everyone heard me as there were no flushes or hand dryers on at the time. The girl next to me had finished pooing and I could hear her wiping her bottom, just then I felt another log move into position and starting to poke out of my bum so I realised I'd be there a while longer. I heard the girl whisper to her friend who must have been in the next cubicle along, she said "Hannah, have you got any spare knickers, I've had a bit of an accident." I couldn't hear what Hannah said as a dryer came on but as I looked under the partition I saw the girl taking off her shoes followed by her skirt, tights and pants, she then reached over to the other partition and then I saw her pulling on a pair of pale green pants which obviously Hannah had lent her before putting her other clothes back on. Just then I felt my second poo drop, I sat for a bit longer until I realised I was done, by then I had a new neighbour. I wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt. My new neighbour had just needed a wee so we came out at the same time. I never saw the girl who'd had diarhea but I felt really embarrassed for her, luckily her friend was able to help her out!

Fart at work

A few years ago I was working at an office on the second floor (third floor to all American readers; we British can't count!) and one day I was walking up the stairs with my boss in front.

This was in a building next to an Italian restaurant.

I let out a silent--but substantial--fart. Seconds later, my boss said, 'Wow! That's a really nice smell! They must be cooking something nice next door. It's making me feel hungry!' I agreed, but the only thing I could smell was the meaty odour of my gaseous excretion.

Anyone else has the same experience?

Hi its John from the UK. In response to George's and Oldpoop's posts i would like to throw in my two pennyworth. Almost 3 years ago i suffered a serious medical condition which necessitated a complete lifestyle change. Firstly i was forced to give up my job, no option it was a legal requirement of my condition, tho' i'm now working p.t. I've also quit smoking after 45 years, on permanent medication e.g statins, anticoagulants and drugs for hypertension plus i'm now scrupulously adhering to the 5 a day maxim, eating less red meat and eating more oily fish and walking briskly for at least 5 miles daily! I've found that since i've gone on to this regime my stools have been longer, larger in girth and conversly less odourous. I would put this down to the lifestyle change rather than age, i'm just turned 60. My wife on the other hand has always produced large turds, both in size and quantity ever since i've known her and that's over 30 years ago when she was 25. However whereas i'm "done" in just under 10 minutes as a rule her "throne" time would be in the region of 20 - 25 minutes! Before i go some of you may recall i took the NHS 60+ colorectal test a week or so back well i'm pleased to say that the results have come back negative. Thanks for reading and i would welcome any comments you may have. Take care all.

Well im new to this forum- Been reading it for many years now. Never really had anything to post till this weekend- since im on my tablet i dont really like going into full detail because that will take while to write but anyways here it goes. So i had my prom this weekend and everyone decided to get really drunk for prom after parties including me. Well i ended up drinking a lot of water before i passed out in my car to try and sober up because i didnt want to be drunk still in the morning when i wet to go drive home. Well needless to say when i hqd woke up in the morning i was soqking wet. Now the funny thing is i had orginil thought i had spilt my water because i left my water bottle open in my lap. But then i soon realized it was leaning to one side and i shortly their after realized had a relly badly wet myself when i was sleeping! The funny thing about it all was me not even being the slightest but embarrassed about any of it. I even got out of my car and walked around trying to stretch out and wake up a bit. One girl did walk up too me though and said " Dont worry that happen to me too, but i changed my pants already" and i was like " o aha well that sucks lol but this is actually wter i spilt on my lap" she beleived it in all but i think deep down she knew i had wet myself- anyways thats my story. Hope you enjoyed it



Hey All,

I've been reading some of your posts, particularly Jessica's. I'd just like to share that I'm 27 years old and still wet my bed. I have accidents nightly and need to wear diapers too. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to talk, answer any diaper/wetting questions , or share some of my bed wetting stories.

Just a guy
Emma - welcome back! Your friend, Leanne was right - we were missing your stories.

Elisa - it sounds like you are a good caring big sister.

To Shel's friend - enjoyed your post - it sounded like you both really had to go. It's terrible though that you can't go in school and have to hold it.

Nicola - that sounded like a big load (but I guess from not going so many days, it makes sense). It must have been a great feeling of relief to get rid of,


desperate to poo

I was at work this morning when I felt a desperate urge to poo. I hadn't been in 6 days and didn't want to block the toilet at work as everyone would know it was me so I held it. By lunch time my bowels ached from holding it so long but I thought I could wait untill after work and go in the woods. At 5 o'clock I was about to poo myself and had to clench really hard to avoid losing control. I got up from my desk and felt a big cramp in my stomach and wanted to run to the toilet but couldn't risk blocking it up so I tried to hold it. I walked slowly to the bus stop, clenching all the way and it took so long to get there I missed the bus. The next one was due in 15 minutes but I was too desperate to wait and set about looking for a bush to relieve my urgent need. There were a few small bushes around but none were big enough to hide behind. My stomach cramped up again and I almost lost it but I clenched harder and managed to keep it in. I decided to walk home rather than wait for the bus and risk having an embarrassing accident in front of all the other passengers. I prayed I'd find a place to go soon and remembered the alley way I'd used last week. It was about a quarter of a away but it was my only chance of relief. I walked quickly and within 5 minutes I could see it in the distance. My stomach cramped again and I felt my bowels pushing against my will. I tried to clench against the it but I felt the tip of it poking out into the seat of my knickers. I clenched and cut it off before there was too much damage but I'd still pood myself technically. I made it to the overgrown alley and lifted my dress up and took my. Knickers off to find a small turd laying along the crotch. I had another one on the way so I laid my knickers out on the ground and squatted over them. Immediately a turd emerged and it was a big one too. Then another came out quickly and it was even bigger than the first. It was followed by 5 more and it felt so good after holding it for 6 days. Seriously, the relief was very intense. I gave out a loud sigh as I pood my brains out and if anyone had heard me they would think I was having an orgasm! When I was done I wiped and left a huge pile behind.


Ava Claire at the mall

So in my last post I told you about my friend Ava Claire and how she never uses a toilet. I asked her where she goes and she says mostly outside, or in her room in a trash can. She often holds it at school or will wear a long dress and pee discreetly under that. Anyway, a couple days ago we went to the mall to do some shopping. This is the first real outing I have had with her. After a couple hours, Ava Claire told me she had to pee really bad. I started to point her in the direction of the bathrooms, but then remembered. I asked her what she was going to do. She told me that usually in this situation she will head home or to the parking lot, but had a better idea. I followed her to a big fountain in the middle of the mall. It has a bench going around it with a rather large ledge. Ava Claire sat on the bench and scooted back so her butt was over the water. She had a long dress on and kinda lifted it so it would not get wet, but she was still covered. At first I thought she was just sitting down because she did it so discreetly. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she told me no, that she was peeing right now. I looked down and sure enough there was a cloud of pee mixing in the water under her. There was so much water though you couldn't really tell and it was a loud fountain so no one could hear. She finished up and stood. I asked her if her panties were wet and she said that she usually did not wear any. We shopped a little bit longer and I visited the bathroom to pee. Ava Claire asked if I wanted to use the fountain too, but I had jeans on and was not quite that brave. After we left we were waiting for her mom to pick us up. She pulled up and I climbed in the back. Ava Claire stood there for a minute and a huge puddle formed under her. She said she felt the urge to pee again so did before she climbed in the car. Her mother did not mind at all. That is my Ava Claire story. I am sure there will be more to come. I am going to try and get her to post too.

we were going on a field trip in the 4th grade and the bus driver had said that no one can use the washroom. Halfway through the ride I really had to go poop, but I thought, I can wait.. right? Well I ended up REALLY having to go poop and so I made a plan. I truly do not know what my reasoning was with this, but I noticed a plastic bag on the seat.. And.. Hahah. I covered my waist with my jacket and discreetly slid the plastic bag under myself. If I had to go poop, at least it wouldn't be splattered all over my pants. And so I did eventually poop and this horrible smell just enveloped the bus and a bunch of kids were making jokes about the smell inside the bus. A parent saw me, with my face red, and I didn't say anything. She let me go into the bus bathroom where I wiped my ass with paper tow! els and hand sanitizer. And so the bus finally stopped and everyone got out, I hid in the bathroom not really knowing where to go. So then the bus driver and the parent who had sent me to the bathroom were now driving me to Long's to get diarrhea medicine and some clothes to change into. Well, the parent went with me to get the clothes and medicine and that left the bus driver to clean up my mess.

About a week ago I was out running at night and suddenly out of no where I felt a dropping in my stomach and a terrible pain started to explode in my stomach as I stopped running. I was about a mile away from home and didn't know what to do. I started walking quickly because I thought if I ran it was all just gonna pour out of my ass. After a long bit of walking I could finally see my block. I started to try to take my mind off of the pain and plopping going on in my stomach. As soon as I got inside, I ran and dived onto the toilet and had such bad diarrhea that it just dropped into the toilet like I dumped it all out of a bucket. Probably the worst run, and emergency poop in my entire life.


Response / question(s) PooperMom

Just a simple question for PooperMOM

in your story of when you were 23 & on camping trip:

Was the "bathroom basically a bench no sides with holes or did it have walls

plz explain thnx

Sydney H.

Camping trip accident

At Camp Shewahmegon, every cabin went on a few trips each summer. These were overnight outings that usually lasted two nights where a cabin group would head off to some remote campsite or on a journey down a river, sleeping out in tents and cooking over fires instead of sleeping in our cabins back at camp and eating in the dining hall. My first summer at camp was back in '09 and that summer my cabin's first trip was to an island on Lake Owen (the lake camp was located on) named Carter's Island. We packed up a few days worth of clothes while our tripper (an extra staff member whose main job is to get things in order for trips and, to a degree, to act as a second counselor while the cabin group is away from camp) secured us tents and food for the duration, and we canoed the few miles down the lake to our home for the next couple of days.

Once we got to the island, it wasn't long before I had to make a bathroom run of less liquid and more solid variety: poop. I'd never gone in the woods before and really had no idea as to how it would be done. Sure, it seems simple when you're old enough to have seen enough poop-humor comedies and Discovery channel programs, but I honestly don't remember having the slightest clue as to how I could drop a log outdoors-save that it must involve some sort of squatting and the pulling down of my pants. So, I asked for a little advice from my counselor, heard leaning up against a tree would be a good move and ventured into the woods with a roll of TP (toilet paper) and a shovel.

After walking clear of the campsite and finding a sturdy tree, I dug a small hole at its base, plunged the shovel in the ground out of the way and propped up against the tree. I pulled my bikini down to my ankles, tried to relax and focus on doing my thing. I few pushes and grit teeth later, and I had a swimsuit full of brown matter.

I leaned against the tree, but hadn't squat enough to get my legs and ankle-level shorts far enough away from the drop zone.

Bad, right?! Well, it gets better…or, rather, worse. In my embarrassed haste to clean up the mess, I dropped the roll of TP into my messy bikini bottom-which is extra bad as camping trip supplies normally only have a limited amount of bathroom tissue.

So, not sure what to do, I hobbled back to the campsite with my filthy bikini at my ankles. My calls for help and advice were met with exasperated yells from my counselor to get into the lake (which we were completely surrounded by on our island campground) and clean myself off. I made my way to the lake, stumbling down a muddy hill in the process and dirtying myself even more before finally getting in the water and soaping off myself and my shorts.

That was a mistake I only made once in my days at camp, because a surprise like that in your shorts is a pretty good motivator to get it right next time.

Confession time: Though I cleaned myself up, there was no way to salvage the TP and I knew ruining half our stock-especially with over half the trip left to go-would be a little harder to forgive than my personal mess. So, I removed as much stained TP as I could, and brought the dirty roll back to the campsite. It wasn't until my counselor had to poo that the messy paper was found. However, Brian Swan had gone in between my incident and my counselor's potty trip so he caught the brief verbal assault as I looked on, not fessing up to my part in the TP mess. Now, 13 years later I confess: It was me.


Desperate at School 1

Hi all, I am a long time reader but this is my 2nd post. I studied in a co-ed school, which had about 70% boys, which is why the number of girls' toilets were very few. In fact, we had like 400 girls and just 1 toilet for them with 5 cubicles. This would create a lot of problems, as our teachers only let us go pee during break time. They were very strict about this. It had happened in the past that girls had been desperate to relieve themselves during class hours and had been forced to hold it for long periods waiting for the end of the day. This was because our principal was very strict against people roaming about in the corridors in between classes and he apparently didn't seem to realise the need for girls to empty their bladders. So anyway, our break time was from 2:05 to 2:25 pm and there would be long lines of girls in front of the cubicles. Generally each girl would take a minute, which meant that only 100 girls would be able to relieve themselves out of 400. This created problems especially for the older girls as the young ones would frame the lines before the older girls even got out for break. Generally girls trained themselves to hold it throughout the 6 hrs from 11am to 5pm, but it was really hard during summer when they had to drink a lot of fluids.

It so happened one summer day that Sreya needed to pee before break. However, we had a test immediately before the break which is why she couldn't leave the class early. When she did leave and run to the toilet, the toilet was bursting at its seams with about 30 odd girls standing inside in lines and dozens outside. As Sreya was also hungry, she came up to me and we had our lunch together out on the grounds. Around 2:22, she went to the toilet again, pretty desperate. The toilet was overflowing even more, with a line of 8 for each cubicle. Several girls were hopping about in line, hands on crotches, trying to control the impending flood that threatened to emanate from between their legs. Needless to say, Sreya didn't get the much-needed chance to relieve herself and shifted about uncomfortably for the next hour. At 3:30, she told me, 'Ooh man, I am ready to burst. Why the hell can't they have more girls' toilets?' At 3:45, when the period ended, she was so desperate that she actually took the chance to visit the loo. However, it was her hard luck that the principal was out on his rounds at that time. He caught her and asked her what she was doing. 'Sir, I was going to the toilet. It's very urgent.'
'Which class are you in?'
'How old are you?'
'16' said Sreya, fighting the desire to hop and do a pee dance.
'Don't you think that's old enough to control yourself so as to not break school rules?'
'Sir, it's an emergency.'
'I'm sorry young lady, but rules are rules. If I let you go, another girl will come up to him in even more urgency and ask me to allow her. I can't. Go back to your class.'
And poor Sreya had to come back to class with a bulging bladder. All through the next class, which was very boring, she grabbed her crotch and kept shifting in her seat, legs tightly crossed. It turned me on to watch her. 'Ooh, ooh, oooh,' she kept whimpering periodically. I noticed that Priyanka, another girl in our class, also seemed pretty desperate. It was a particular day and clearly they had drank a lot. Priyanka wasn't holding herself as desperately as Sreya, but she was crossing and uncrossing her legs and occasionally grabbing her crotch.

The period was supposed to end at 4:25pm. At 4:20, Sreya, who was vigorously her crotch, told me that she was leaking and had to hold herself from the inside. She unhooked her skirt and put a hand inside her panties, moaning softly as she did so. 'Ooooh, it's no good, I'm peeing. Ooooh, ooooooh!' She bounced around in her seat and held herself. As luck would have it, she didn't wet the seat, but when the period ended, the next period's teacher was already standing outside. This turned me on as I knew that Sreya would be having an accident now. The last period would end at 5. Sreya went up to the teacher and pleaded with her to let her go to the toilet. This is what the teacher said, 'Sreya, I myself need to go, but you know that school rules prevent us from relieving ourselves till break or end of the day. So just hold it, no matter how bad.' Sreya came back to her seat. She was bouncing vigorously in the last bench, where I sat beside her. At 4:45, she said, 'Oh, I just can't hold anymore, I feel that my bladder is going to burst. Ohhh, come on, ooooooh, please let me hold it for 15 more minutes, mmmmmpppphhhh,MMMPPHHH!!' She pressed down hard on her crotch and prevented a flood from emanating, but urine did come out on to the chair where she sat. She gritted her teeth. 'MMMMHHEEWWW, OOOOHHH, MMPPHHH...' HISSS, some more urine came out. This was on the stroke of the final bell. Several other girls were also desperate. When the final bell rang, our teacher kept on lecturing. She took a couple of minutes extra to finish the topic and then herself rushed to the staff toilet. There was a mad rush for the toilets, but that couple of minutes had cost Sreya badly. I was so excited that I followed Sreya out as she ran to the toilet. She found herself in a line with 8 in front of her. The girls' bathroom was overflowing, about 50 people were crammed around it desperately holding themselves. Most of them were hopping about with pained expressions and hands on crotches, a few with particularly dire predicaments had their hands inside their skirts and panties so that they could put a restraint right on their pee hole. Many were sweating and whimpering. Cries of 'OOOH', 'Come on hurry up', 'I am wetting myself, oh come on', and other sounds of desperation emanated every second. The line was also taking a long time to clear, each girl was taking more than a minute. Some were uttering cries of relief from inside. Suddenly, Priyanka, standing 4th in line, couldn't hold it anymore. 'MMMMph, mmmppphhh, mmheewww, I c-can't hold it. She moved to the basin and took off her panties, oblivious to the stares around her, some amusing, some disgusted. She jumped up and balanced her ass on the basin and started peeing a torrent, uttering cries such as 'ooohhh, that's so good, oooooohhhhhh, thank god!' Other girls yelled for her to keep quiet, but her moaning continued. Sreya just couldn't bear it. She was 6th in line; she ran out of the bathroom, hand on crotch and hopping, and came up to me. 'Oh, I can't bear it. I want to pee on the basin, but I can't. Take me to the boys' toilet. 'Ok, but then let me watch you,' I said. 'Anything, just take me there, oh!'

So I took her there. The cubicles were occupied, but there was no line. I knocked on one of the doors urgently. 10 seconds later a guy came out. His eyebrows disappeared into his hair on seeing Sreya. Sreya didn't notice this. Her hands had already started opening her skirt as she entered. I ran in behind her and bolted the door. Before I did so, Sreya had almost tore apart her soaked pink panties and uttered a heartwarming cry of relief as her urine cascaded into the commode. 'OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, this feels so good, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!'

I watched amazed, as the piss streamed out from her moderately hairy pussy for two full minutes. It grew in intensity, then thinned a bit, then grew very thick, thinned down to a trickle and almost stopped, then started in full flow again and went on and on and on, then thinned down, grew a bit and finally stopped after 2 minutes. She waited for a few seconds, then peed another mildly forceful jet for a further 10 seconds. Finally it ended. My dick was rock hard. She stood up and wiped, then pulled on her soaked panties again. She smoothened down her skirt and we went home together.

Hey, could someone tell me the pages where the best female pee desperation stories are present?

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