hello everyone! sorry its been a while! i have been extremely busy with my life! i want to thank everyone who responded to my last two stories! since my bad experience with salmon on March30th i havenot had any salmon at all. to tell you guys the truth that was the first time that i had ever had salmon in my life! chances are i will never have it again! someone asked me if i had any kind of dairy products with salmon! the answer is no! the previous night before i had a large cup of water to drink with my salmon! i remember also having vegetables like broccoli and califlower to eat! someone previously asked why i put exclamation points in my previous posts! there really is no reason its just part of how i write about my experiences in the bathroom while sharing them here on this forume! recentley in the Month of April i have had several cool experiences to share with on this forume! i will try to do my best to share them on this forume in the coming weeks! My recent experience happened this past thursday! On Thursday May 3rd i worked from 7am till 4:15pm! i left really early to go to work! i stopped by the gas station right by near my apartment complex to pickup breakfest to take with me to work i went in and right infront of me was a very attractive natural blond who looked to be abou 17 in high school! she wearing really short dark blue jean shorts and a dark purple shirt with a love symbol on the front! she was wearing black sandles and her nails were dark pink! she went straight into the ladiesroom! the door was already open but after she went in the door closed immediately! i felt a normal urge to pee so i headed for the ladiesroom as well! i went in the bathroom stunk really bad! the girl had taken the handicap stall! so i just went in the first stall! i could hear what sounded like dirreah sounds coming from the big stall! i began peeing! it didnt last long! when i was done! i took a normal size piece of toilet paper began wiping and then put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer! i stood up to look at my creation! i saw that my pee was a golden color! i exited the stall without flushing! i went to the sink and washed my hands! the blond in the stall was pooing up quite a storm! i kinda felt bad for her ! she sounded like she was sick!~ by this time the bathroom smelled so bad that it was probably travling outside! i quickly left and went to work!

later on that day i ended up going to the mall ! at the end of my visit i stopped into Barnes& Nobles to use the bathroom! i headed down the hallway the womens bathroom ! i opened the door and saw that it was completely empty! there was 7 stalls and the 1st stall was the handicap stall i took it! it had a sink and provided lots of privacey! i went in locked the stall! and sat down! i pulled down my green panties all the way down! i slowly started peeing! 2 minutes later the door opened and in came a girl about my age with dark brown hair came in wearing a dress ! she took the stall next to me! at this point i was done peeing! i felt my turd make its way out . meanwhile the woman was pooing up a storm! she was farting as well! a second later the door opened again in came a young girl about 8 years old! she had red hair! she was wearing a cute skirt with cool looking heels! she went into the stall next to the woman wearing the dress! the young red headed said" i have to go so bad"! by this point i was almost done! the bathroom didnt smell too good at all! i began wiping! i wiped about five times and stood up to look at my creation! there a turd that was five inches long and a several small pieces that were scattered all around the bowl! i put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer and washed my hands in the sink that was provided! then i exited the stall without flushing! at this point the bathroom was really stinky! i exited the bathroom and left the mall!



ps. i have more cool experiences to come to share with everyone! love you all! Godbless!


Having just read a story about outdoor toilets I was reminded of something that happened about 10 years ago. I used to drive up north on weekends to help my friend clear land to build his cottage. About half way there in a small clearing there was a ???? stand and off to the side were 2 portable toilets. I always had to stop there to relieve myself of either the coffee I drank or the McDonald's food I had eaten. One evening I was pulling into the driveway and the car behind me pulled in behind me. The driver parked her car and was headed for the portables at the same time I was. She took the one on the left and I took the other. I had to take a big poop but was a bit shy because I didn't want the woman to hear me. So I rolled up some TP and as I threw it in to cover the plopping noises she was letting her own bowels loose! I totally heard everything! A really big fart, a gusher of soft poop and a few smaller farts as she pissed like niagara falls! So I figured what the hell so I let it rip too. I only farted once and 3 turds where near the sounds that came from the woman next door! We wiped at the same time and came out one after the other. I was almost too embarrassed to look at her but I did and found she was looking at me! We both smiled and got in our cars and drove away


Finally going normally!

For weeks I've had issues with constipation that no matter how hard I tried nothing seemed to be giving me any relief! Finally my bowels have started co-operating with me and I'm not sure what changed (not that I'm complaining) but now I'm going 2-3 times a day.

Yesterday I went about 3 times and each time I went I had to wash my bum because it was so messy. Then today I felt the urge for a major BM. That one came out easily and must have been a foot long at least! My husband was shocked and doesn't know how a woman as skinny as me can poop that big! I've done poops that were always big, even as a young kid! I'm happy that finally I'm going, and somewhat normally now :) My stomach is much smaller now and a lot less bloated and sick.

misty (not real name)
i was just curious but has this ever happen to any of you girls where u have to pee or poop or both so bad that u forget to pull ure panties or thong down.


Ava Claire

Hi again. This is my second post and I wanted to write about my friend Ava Claire. We recently became friends and started hanging out a lot. We had a project due, so she came over to my house. This was the first time she was over, and the first time we had hung out for more than a couple hours. After a couple hours, Ava Claire said she needed to pee. I told her where the bathroom was. She went in and came back out. I thought I had heard the water running in the bathtub, which I thought was weird. I had to pee so I went in after her. The tub was Definitley wet and the toilet was unused( I could tell because I had thrown a tissue in that morning that was still unfleshed.) it appeared Ava Claire had peed in the tub. I was intrigued, but didn't say anything. We went back to working on our project. A couple hours later, I heard her fart. She said she had to poop. I told her she knew where the bathroom was. She turned red and said that she had to tell me something. She doesn't use toilets. Ever. I asked her why and she said she just doesn't like them. She then asked if she could poop outside. I told her sure and led her to my backyard. We went behind the shed, and Ava Claire pulled her pants down. She squatted and immediately began to pee. I looked away but she told me it was okay. I looked back and saw her pooping a huge pile. She finished up and pulled her pants up without wiping. I asked her what she did other places or at school. She told me some great stories i share next time if anyone is interested.


Interesting Question!

Hey! Well, I'm glad you guys liked the story, and while I think of something new to say, I have an interesting question... I was playing would you rather, and my friend gave me an interesting one... she said "would you rather get diarrhea in a public restroom, but no one know it is you, or pee your pants in front of everyone you know?" What would you guys do... considering I already have shit my brains out in a stall, especially as a kid (potential story? XD) I'd choose the diarrhea... but what would you do?

Hey all! Wow today has started out great! At 8:30am I had a large bowel movement and here I am again 2 hours later, on the toilet pooping another big load. Both were pretty soft and gave me great relief! I prefer a firm poop because they are more predictable. When I was 22 I was cycling to work in mid summer and felt the need to fart. I lifted my butt to let it go but instead poo squirted into my underwear! What was I going to do??? I still had a mile to go and was on my bike!!! I stopped at the service station on the corner and walked in sort of sideways so they couldn't see the brown stain on the back of my pants, got the key and went to the washroom to change. Luckily I had my work clothes in my back pack so I was able to clean up right away. Cycling to work in poopy pants would have been awful. I went to work and soaked my pants and undies in a bucket and then washed them at home and they came completely clean!! I'm always cautious when farting on my bike now!!!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jeff an Niki first weclome to the site and it sounds like she was having a really rough time I hope she feels better now and I look forward more of your guys storiews thanks.

To: True Outdoor Toilets great story.

To: Thoughtitwasweird another great story it sounds like that first lady was beyond desperate and had a nasty blowout and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fredpen great story about you peeing yourself.

To: UKNGuy as always another great story it sounds like that barmaid must have a bladder of steel to hold it that long without an accident and I bet that pee felt like heaven and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah Nicolas Friend as always another great story and it sounds like you had a pretty nasty outdoor dump at least you didnt have an accident and it sounds like you felt like a million bucks after you were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noelle first welcome to the site and great set of accident stories your first it sounds like your boss should have been more helpful instead of acting like that and your other story it sounds like you mom was very understanding and your dad handled it pretty well and I look forward toanymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like you both felt pretty good when you were done and your other story it sounds like you had a pretty good dump to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great sory it sounds like you and Artiss are truly happy together and it sounds like you both were very lucky to find eachother and its a good thing that those store owners are willing to help out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Charlotte as always another great set of stories about you and Stephs poops together and maybe you guys can try buddy dumping it might evn bring you guys closer together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica as always another great story it sounds like that dump felt like heaven to bad it happened in your pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

"Louis just pooed on the floor!"

Well it was the year 6 trip to Darbyshire.

The rest of the week was fun, but the last day was something else...

There was this kid Louis who seemed uncomfortable. I KNEW he had to go to the toilet. Louis was shy, so he didn't speak up. Oh how wrong he was!

I didn't see what happend before the "incident" but a friend Ben had been in the bathroom and said Louis walked into the shower, washed then came out. He then let a HUGE fart go (I heard it) and a big pile of yellow mush came out. Mr Crump, the teacher, said to Ben "You dare say ANYTHING about this to anyone!" (Mr Crump cleaned it up)

So, Ben being Ben, shouted "LOUIS JUST POOED ON THE FLOOR!!!!"

We all laughed... Mr Crump didn't!

I was in the car with my boyfriend, and i felt the urge to poo so bad! I let out a little fart, thinking it'd be ok, but it had a little puff sound. He asked, "Did you fart babe?" I wasn't gonna lie so I said yes. After a few seconds it smelled so bad! Like bad eggs and poop! Then, I went to the bathroom at his house and had HUGE DIARRHEA! It stunk up the entire room!
We are very open about farting and don't hesitate to do it around eachother.

Another time, we were laying down, and he was laying on the crotch of my pants, when I let loose a huge fart and said "You'll smell THAT in a sec!" And it did smell, really bad too. He can handle it though, so he didn't get up or anything, cuz he's the best bf EVER!

I also fart in the bed and hold covers over his head, and fart into my hand and hold it over his nose! HAHAHAH!

I've also sat on his face and farted too and when I did it smelled really bad, and I didn't get up, I just sat there on his face and farted for like 5 minutes.

And after farting on him, stinking up his house with my poop (No febreeze he's allergic to aerosol,) and airing out his room with my gas (I'm a very gassy girl.) He still loves me, because he's the best!.


More Farts

In the Middle of November of 2009,My Aunt's Husband passed away.And that night at the funeral a bunch of Navy Vetrians was in there,and when everyone was quiet the Vetrians was up there saluting and one old one was around 80 something let out a wet bubble Fart.My cousin and melooked at each other and my Kid Sister turned around looking at me smirking.


Introductino and story

Hi all, ive been a 'lurker' here for quite a while now, and i must say this is such a great forum. I thought i was weird for taking an intrest in poop but you have all shown me otherwise. Im male, 20 and 6ft. Just rembered a story while trying to rember one for this first post.
I had just got back from the gardening centre with all sorts of gardening goodies, including sevaral small cardboard boxes about 2 and a half inches by 5 by 5, and i had just got done planting them. When i went to take my tools back to my shed all of a sudden i get hit by this huge urge, the type that makes you go into a squat just to releive the sudden pressure. So i hobbled back to my shed, desperatly holding on and get inside, uh oh what to do now, i cant make it back to the house and theres not much privacy outside as the garden is overlooked. So i shut the door thinking id poop in a bag, but i couldent find one. Then i spotted these boxes. Now before i go any further i should point out i had been constipated for about four days now and my poops are always hard, and sorta knobbly. Anyway, i opend the box thinking, ok i can get my hand in here this should do, and yanked down my trowsers and boxers. By this time it was starting to come out, so i squat onto this box, and give it a push expecting for it to ease out. It stayed put, so i took a breath and strained again, and this time i felt my butt hole open, but then it closed up again while i rested, so one long push now. NNUUUGGGHHH, my turd has made an appearence, at least sort of, its jammed so theres only one way this can end now, by getting it out, and i push and push and i just cant budge it. At this point im exhausted and decide to push as hard as i could while holding my cheeks apart, and as i do this i reposition and push and it moves, odd i thought, then i relised. I grabbed a mirror and looked down and saw this turd stuck in my hole, but also stuck in this box, the box was too small! So i stand up while pushing and it slides out next to no problem, and its followed by its cousin, finally im done. It was probably 2 inches around but had knobbles all over it which made it 3 inches in places, thats what jammed in the box. They were both more or less the same only about 4 inches. I wiped with some kitchen towls i had handy and pulled up my boxers, having a rest. Then i went outside to bury my creations.

Hope you liked my first story, i have a fair few more to post. Question, has anyone else had this happen to them, where their turd gets stuck halfway out or the container their trying to poop into is too small?

Cheeres all and thanks for reading


The first accident I witnessed

Hi, Noelle again. I'm new to this site, feels kind of at home here..two posts on the same page :)
This is a story of the first time I witnessed an actual accident. I guess this accident I witnessed is the reason I've had so many accidents myself. I vividly remember the incident as if it were just yesterday. I was just 8 back then, and seeing an adult fill their pants, I probably thought it was okay to do it that way.
I was in my 3rd grade and was weak at math. So my parents had me enrolled to this small summer vacation tuition with a girl. She must have been around 24 back then..she's around 47 now I guess. (I'm 31). Her name was Rhea, around 5'10" height, medium built. The tuition used to be from 4 pm to 6 pm. She used to teach very well, in my opinion. So this one evening I went for the tuition, but the teacher was not there. The maid asked me and the other students to sit, waiting for the teacher. It was raining heavily outside. By 430, she still hadn't come. So we students were just waiting, chit chatting. Then around 5, the rain started subsiding and a few minutes later the teacher arrived. She seemed to be in a rush. She came in, closed her umbrella, dried her hair and immediately came to teach. She said she would still leave us at 7 as we were starting late. Around 1/2 hour into the class, it started someone farted. Every few minutes it would smell and then go away. I thought the girl next to me was farting and it was making me uncomfortable. Rhea m'am was roaming around the class, giving us sums, checking our notebooks etc. The fart smells continued for a while.
Then, suddenly at 645, Rhea m'am asked us to leave. There was a rush in her voice. I was happy to be leaving! My mom however, was just waiting outside the tuition. She wanted to meet Rhea m'am in private and ask about my progress. The other students had left with their parents. She went up to the teacher. M'am said she was kind of in a hurry and asked my mom to call in later. Mom said she wouldn't take much of her time, and that she wanted to discuss my performance in some tuition tests. Around 5-10 minutes into the discussion, there was this sudden rush of smell as if we had just entered a toilet. I looked at my teacher. Her eyes were opened wide, as if in a shock. My mom had stopped her banter, she had noticed the sudden smell. She thought I had pooped my pants and without thinking twice started scolding me. I had to shout above her voice to tell her I hadn't done anything. She checked my jeans, I was clean. We looked at Rhea M'am. Her face was flushed, eyes still registering some kind of shock. That's when my mom realized what had happened. My mom was very shocked and felt awkward. Rhea M'am said she was sorry. She said that she had been to a date and had been held up by the torrent of rain, which had got her late to the class, and when she arrived she couldn't use the toilet because she was embarrassed of being late to class. It was all banter, she was in hysteria mode.
Then my mom came to her senses as a responsible woman. She said it was okay and also apologized for interrupting. Then my mom, lifted my teacher off the chair by her arm and helped her to the toilet. I noticed a yellowish-brown bulge at the back of her sky blue jeans. For a moment after getting up, she wasn't even able to walk. She just stood there, legs slightly bent and I noticed the bulge growing bigger. My mom had to pull her to the toilet. I sat in the living room while my mom helped my tuition teacher. A half hour later we left. The teacher was all apologies, my mom was understanding.
I liked Rhea m'am because she was a good teacher and so I did not mention the incident to the other students. I felt sorry for her. Little did I know that I was gonna find myself in the same predicament many times in life


Car Mom
Thanks to all the Car Mom fans out there! I saw that some of you had asked about Lori's minivan, so I will go ahead and tell you about that now. As you all know Lori has really started liking the idea of peeing in different places including her minivan. Now of course that's wonderful for me and Kaylee because lately we have had several opportunities to come over to Lori's and use her van to relieve ourselves in. And it has been very enjoyable for us, and also it gives me a chance to see what its like for other people when they pee in my car. As you all know I've allowed quite a few women and girls to relieve themselves in my car, and that includes total strangers which I like. But Lori had never allowed strangers to pee in her van before. And so I asked her the other day why she never allowed it. She said "well its not that I don't allow it, its that I never had the opportunity." I then said "so you would do it then?" and she said "yeah sure I would." Then she said "I wish I could actually. I just never got a chance" I said "really?" and she said "yeah" and then she said "I guess I'm a little afraid to ask too. But I would for sure." I then told her that I would help her find someone if she wanted me to. She said "yeah that would be great."

And so that's what I did. I told her that the thrift store we go to would be a good place to find someone since it doesn't have any public bathrooms and people sometimes get desperate. And so we all went there. Kaylee and Lori's daughters Katelyn and Emma were with us by the way. Katelyn was probably the most excited about it. As soon as we got there we saw that there was a line to use the fitting rooms. I knew some of the people were there to try on clothes, but I also knew that some were there to take care of something else. I noticed a woman who had three girls with her and they looked like they would be perfect. I saw that they were holding clothes, which wasn't a good sign since it probably meant they were there to try them on. But then I saw that the one girl was dancing around a little and also she was starting to hold herself. I also heard her saying something to the woman in Spanish but I couldn't tell what she was saying since I don't understand it. But I could tell what she was getting at. She needed to have a pee. And so I told Kaylee to go over and do her thing. And so she did. She went over and introduced herself and they all started talking for a few minutes and then after that they started to come over to us. I should also let you know that Lori speaks a little bit of Spanish, just enough to have a simple conversation, so she was able to talk with the woman who didn't speak very much English. But the girls spoke English. The oldest one was probably 11 or 12, and the next one was probably 8 and the youngest was probably 6. The mom was probably 35-40. The 8 yr old was the one who was dancing around but they all three said they had to go. And so Lori managed to tell the mom about her minivan and even though she was shy about it she did ask her if they would like to go to the bathroom in it, and the mom agreed to do it which was exciting. She actually kept saying "thank you" to us as we went out to the van.

I could tell Lori was excited. She opened the doors and we all got in. Of course our girls also had to go because they had been saving it for this. And so they showed the other girls what to do. Katelyn sort of acted like the leader. She pulled down her pants and sat down on the far back seat. She said "see now I'm all ready to start. See?" Then she began to pee. "see how I'm peeing into the seat?" The girls all watched. Then soon after Emma and Kaylee followed suit. The other girls watched them. Then after that they too pulled down their pants and they each picked a seat and sat down on it. Then one by one they each began to pee into the cushion. They were so cute. The middle girl giggled as she peed. Then the oldest one said something to her mom and the mom giggled and said "si" and then the girl let a fart as she continued to pee.

After a while Katelyn lifted herself up and she said "ok now watch this." Then she began to move around so her pee would splash. It began to splash onto things like the sides of the car and the drink holders and the back of the seat in front of her. Lori told the girls "see, look at Katelyn, she's spraying her pee around. See you can do that too." The girls began to get up a little and soon their pees were also getting onto things. Of course they giggled, and then their mom began to laugh too. The mom's name is Maricela by the way. That's when Lori decided to take another step. She said to Maricela in Spanish "would you like to do it too?" Maricela laughed but then she said that she would. I could tell Lori was excited. And so Maricela lifted herself up and she pulled down her pants. And then she began to pee too. She laughed as she went. She also said "thank you" a few more times. Lori just said "you're welcome" in Spanish and she smiled at me because she knew that she was the one who was thankful. Then Lori and I also pulled down our pants and we too began to pee. Maricela laughed at us and so did the girls. We both began to splash onto things, and Lori also encouraged Maricela to get up and splash too. She was in the middle back seat, right behind the front passenger seat, so she splashed the door a little and also the back of the passenger seat. The 11 yr old daughter (Sofia) was next to her, and she giggled as she watched her mom.

After a while we were all finished. Maricela said "thank you a few more times and then they went back into the store and so that's it for me!

Bye! :)

Angela P

Thank you for your welcome.
oh yes...Sabine learned from her accident,from that day on,she was taking care of her business...particulary regarding number two...haha


luckily for me not in such an extent like Sabine.
i had a few close calls over the years,but thank god,i never pooped myself like poor Rübe

@Anonymous Poster

Yes,i felt sorry for Sabine too...but it was really hilarious too.
you should have seen her waddling with this huge brown tail hanging out of between her cheeks.
Rübe´s face was priceless as she squatted behind the bus shelter wonder,because she farted constantly while she emptied out her bowels.
luckily for her,nobody else mentioned about her accident.
her underwear was ruined, because almost the half of her turd was out before she was able to pull down her pants and she decided to threw away her panties.i had got a scissor in my backpack and so she cutted off her panties.
her poop was thick and solid and so she got way with only one stain at the backside of her jeans.
back at home,she was able to change her pants and put her jeans into the washing machine before her parents and her brother came back from shopping and so they didn´t noticed what´s happend to her.
at least concerning this matter Rübe was blessed in could have been ending even more embarrassing for her...

Yesterday was Sunday, so me and Artiss got up early to go to church-she REALLY likes dressing up to the nines on Sundays-nice dressy knee-length skirt hugs her voluptuous full figure, pretty white blouse with blazer to match the skirt, nylon stockings attached to her girdle by garter straps, and last but not least, spike heeled shoes that match the skirt and blouse-she has a pair of spike heels for every outfit that she owns. Then she puts on some lovely jewelry, sprays her gorgeous gray hair stiff, and puts on a good whiff of expensive sweet-smelling perfume. VERY lovely and graceful lady that I'm proud to be out with.

Anyhow, we went to the (Catholic) church together, and right during the middle of the mass, she suddenly winced and leaned forward ever so slightly, with her hand on her stomach. Guessing what the problem was, I leaned over and softly whispered "your bowels? in her ear. She nodded her head, and I quickly stepped out of the pew so that she could exit the pew and get to the toilet. She walked briskly down the aisle, and I went back into our pew. She was gone about 15 min. and when she came back, I stepped out and let her re-enter the pew, and she looked at me and puckered her lips in a silent exhaling motion to indicate relief. I asked her if she felt better, and she said yes.

After the mass was over, we had plans to go to a picnic/polka dance sponsored through her life-insurance company. This was at an outdoor open-air pavilion in a public park. We each had a heaping helping of broasted chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, with corn, buttered bread, and cranberries on the side. I asked her if she thought this would upset her bowels, and she said she didn't think so. There was ice cream afterward as a dessert, and she passed on that, because she knew it would set her intestines in motion, and then after that, there was a raffle and some announcements. About halfway through this, she winced and started holding her gut again, and I whispered to her "toilet?" to which she once again nodded her head. She then got up quickly from her folding chair and walked hurriedly and yet discreetly to the pavilion's ladies room, her spike heels clicking on the concrete. A few other elderly ladies nearby noticed her and had sympathetic looks on their faces as if they could relate to her predicament.

When she had been gone almost 10 minutes, I glanced over to the ladies room door just as another lady was entering and saw a pair of spike-heeled shoes that I recognized as Artiss' under the first stall which ran parallel to the door. They were up on their tip-toes with the feet spread out slightly and the heels against the base of the bowl, so I knew that she was leaning forward on the seat, probally with cramps. Just after 15 minutes, I heard a toilet flush and then a couple of minutes later, Artiss came out and sat down by me again. "Are you going to be OK, Dear?" I whispered to her discreetly. "Yes Sweetheart" she whispered back to me, taking my hand in hers under the table. "Just had to get rid of some chicken dinner."

Then the band started, and we started dancing closely together to the various polkas and waltzes, her head on my shoulder to one extremely slow number. Most of the elderly people in her age group smiled at the sight of this young man and old lady together, they thought it was very romantic. A faster number came along again, and all of a sudden Artiss grabbed her gut yet a third time and softly hissed "Oh lord, Patrick". She then hurried off to the restroom and was gone another 15 plus minutes.

After she came back, the band finished it's number and then the leader made a special announcement-"It has come to my attention that we have a very special couple with us here this afternoon-Patrick and Artiss. They are living proof that love can span all ages, with, I believe 43 years of difference between them." He then asked us each for our ages (me-31, Artiss-74) to verify his statement, after which the entire assembly applauded us. He then told us that a "little birdie" had told him Artiss' favorite waltz, and that the band was going to play it just for us. So we danced slowly, head on each other's shoulder4r, in the middle of a whole ring of people-no one else took the dance floor, so it was all ours. After the waltz was over, we kissed, and the assembly burst forth in another round of applause.

Her gut was OK the rest of the time, then we got into her car with me driving, and started back for her house. About 2 blocks from home, she winced again suddenly, once more holding her gut and said under her breath, "Patrick, please step on it.", which I did. We pulled into her driveway, and she was out of the car door in a hurry, rushing up the front walk, with me right behind her with the key. "Please hurry, Patrick." she said as I swiftly unlocked the front door and opened it for her. She bolted across the dining room floor, through the kitchen and into the bathroom hiking up her skirt and half-slip to her waist. along the way. She didn't bother to close the folding door to the bathroom , just threw the lid up on the toilet quickly, hitched her thumbs into the waistband of her open-bottomed girdle peeled it and her diaper down, and sat her bottom down on the seat. Her bowels exploded with a very loose but not watery diarrhea as she groaned with a huge "UUUGGGHHHH!!!! Oh lord!!!" clutched her stomach, leaned forward on the seat, and put her high-heeled feet in the same position that I had seen under the stall at the pavilion. She stared straight down at the floor as the cramps racked her gut. The air just REEKED of the heavy smell of shit. Just like at church and the pavilion, about 15 minutes of gassy explosions, mutters of "Oh lord!!!", and cramps, she straightened up and commenced wiping her ass. "Man, Patrick!!!" she said as she stood up at last. "That wasn't as bad as the watery runs, but it's bad enough!!!" Peering into the bowl, I saw that she had sprayed the whole inside with bright YELLOW semi-solid shit that floated on the surface of the water as well, like scum on top of a pond. "WHEW!!!" she said as she re-adjusted her girdle before letting the skirt and half-slip drop again and flushing the toilet. "That's quite enough for one day, Sweetheart, let's call it a day and go lie down together!!!" I concurred with her that it sounded like a good idea before spraying the air with a heavy round of deodorant and putting my arm around her, leading the way back to the bedroom.


Abbie, your posts are sorely missed - just sayin' :-) I hope you are able to post soon. I don't post here as I don't really have anything to contribute, but I always look forward to your stories.

UKNguy- Sounds like you've been very lucky hearing girls going poo and needing to poo recently!

Adrian- You're certainly right there, even a small change in routine can mess up your bowels quite a lot! Changes in sleep pattern, what and when you eat, drinking alcohol, exercise- it can all change your poos around!

Anonymous poster- Interesting toilets at that swimming pool with no roof or door. Toilets at festivals sometimes have no roof but never heard of any others like that! I pooed in doorless toilets at school sometimes once they removed the doors; not a fan but I had to poo so I had to use them! Very awkward if someone needs to use one and waits in front of your cubicle, though, as you found out until you started dropping your poo and she moved away.

Leanne- Glad your posts are getting through! I really enjoyed your latest stories, especially your trip into the hills and having to hold on all afternoon! I know what it's like to hold on through a long class while really needing a poo as well!

MX- Today I had to make use of the facilities twice today while I was out and both times I (sort of) had an encounter with the cleaning lady! I went out on Saturday night and had quite a few drinks which messed up my bowels. I pooed twice on Sunday but only a few little nuggets, and then once Monday evening with a small log or two. I hadn't had a proper poo since Saturday afternoon (I didn't poo that evening either) so I had a lot of poo that needed to come out.
I had another tutorial- only 2 hours, but that's long enough when you really need to have a poo! I felt the need after about 45 minutes, meaning over an hour of holding my big load. I was letting off lots of pre-poo farts as my need increased. Towards the end I noticed a girl in the class was fidgiting a bit like she needed to use the toilet too. At the end we left and I noticed her heading the same way, towards the toilets. Sure enough she went into the ladies as I went into the men's. I was expecting it to be quiet but one cubicle was taken and one guy had just come out of the other and was at the sinks. I went in. I could smell a fairly strong poo scent and there were lots of skidmarks, so I clearly wasn't the only one in need of a big poo! I got sat down and finally relaxed. A big log began to slide out and landed with a big plop as the other guy flushed and left. I started to enjoy my poo with two more big logs. I was alone now, but a couple of guys came in too pee while I was unloading. After that was two pieces that needed lots of pushing to force out, I had 5 or 6 pellets. Anothe guy went to a urinal just as I finished going. I sat for a bit to see if I could get more out (felt like I could). As I did so I heard a knock on the outer door and the cleaning lady say, 'anyone in here?' The guy at the urinal replied for me this time and she went away. I started wiping my bum and he left. I heard her asking him, 'is it empty now?' He said no. I quickly wiped and flushed and left so she could get to work!

Later I was in the library revising. Suddenly I had a need to poo again very soon, to finish what I started earlier. It was a sudden and pretty intense urge so I got up and went over to the unisex toilets nearby. Unfortunately there was a 'closed for cleaning' sign up! I couldn't wait so I went downstairs to the floor below ro use the ones there. Both were in use, and one had only locked just as I walked in. I decided to wait instead of trying another floor. I didn't hear much except some rustling from one toilet. I had to wait 5 minutes before one opened up, though, so both people might have been going poo. The pretty Indian girl who came out certainly had been, judging by her slight sigh as she came out, the few skidmarks in the bowl and a slight poo smell in there! I sat on the warm seat and dropped 8 more nuggets. I heard my neighbour leave and sbe replaced. I know it was a girl because I heard her cough while she had a wee, tinkling into the bowl for 30 seconds or so.


First story!

Hey my name is ashley, and ive been a reader on this site forever but ive never had a good story to post... But now i do!
Today i got back from school (im a senior in high school) and as usual, i had to take a dump. I usually poop right when i get back from school. And i ate at a mexican restaurant the night before, and my stomach was a tiny bit upset the whole day, and it had been making alot of noises. So when i got home, i walked upstairs to the bathroom, to let out this huge dump. Before i could open the door, my mom asked me to drive my sister to her dance studio to practice. So i did that, and it took about 20 minutes to get back home. And of course, when i pulled into the driveway, my friend envited me to go to the park with her (im not good at saying no). There is a public park a few blocks away from my house, and my friend picked me up and we went there. And there are NO bathrooms there. Just grass and bushes. So we were at the park chillin, walkig around and stuff, throwing frisby, all that. But soon the massive load in my butt really needed to come out, and my stomache started hurting again. I am a bit shy with my bathroom habbits, and dont feel comfortable talking about it with others. It makes me feel very embarrased if i say "i really have to take an enormous shit." (pardon my language). So i told my frien i needed to get home to do homework, and i walked back to my house. The walk home was awful... With evey step, the turd in my butt almost slipped out. I have no idea how to describe it... It was like there was a bunch of pressure building up in my butthole and my body was trying to push it all out. My stomache still hurt, and i could tell the poop would be big, soft, and smelly. By the time i reached my house, the poop was practically poking out my buttcrack. I bursted through the front door and halfway up the stairs it came out. I was wearing my black panties and skinny jeans. One leg was higher than the other leg, since i was on the stairs, and when it came out, i just froze... Astounded. It slid right out from my butthole, and i could feel the soft and slimy turd slip between my buttcheeks. It squished into the tight space between my butt and my panties. It spread all over and was very warm. I could almost instantly smell it. While it was coming out, i let out alot of farts. LONG farts. After it was all over i waddled to the bathroom and got all cleaned up. I cant beleive this happened to me!!


Morning Poop

Hi guys,

Its Kayla again I just thought I would post about mi poo.

I have been having a lot of hard poo's recently and I don't reallie like them I always have to push its never a normal poo.

As I woke up the next morning I had a strong urge for a poo so I got up pulled down mi pj shorts and plonked miself down onto the toilet.

I started to push urrrrgh man it hurt I got a least 3 logs out and it made me feel better. Wiped and got up as I didn't need a wee.

I will post again soon.

Leanne:- I love your posts about your poos I try to picture your poo in the toilet bowl and try to make what you make. I eat a lot of fatty foods could that be the reason why I have hard poos? Keep posting babe. Love Kay xx

Girls if you have any advice please tell me thank you.

I have a new job working at a wireless phone store. Today I was working and had to take a shit pretty bad. It was just before the end of my shift and I was planning to take a dump as soon as I closed the store up for the night. A guy in his mid to late 20s came in looking for a accessory for his phone. After he purchased the item he asked to use the washroom right next to the desk. I told him no problem and he seemed very thankful as he quickly entered in. I could hear everything since my desk is right near the bathroom which has a single handicapped toilet and a sink. He farted loudly and I knew he was taking a shit. After about a minute there was a very loud thud as a turd hit the bowl. It was followed by more turds dropping and lots of farting. This guy must have really needed to go.
Over 5 minutes later he left but I was on the phone at that point talking to a customer. After I hung up I got up and locked the front door since it was closing time. I could smell the shit coming from the bathroom. I headed over to take a dump since I could't wait any longer and saw the toilet was full of skidmarks. I quickly sat down on the warm seat and farted as I released a few short and thick turds. I stayed on the toilet for another few minutes as I let one final turd out. I wiped up quickly and flushed the toilet a few times before exiting to finish closing the store.

Jeff and Niki

Hello everyone

Jeff here, niki's munchin on some food. This story is about her experience yesterday. We where food shopping and she developed a slight urge to take a dump. After about 2 hours she was crampin and hurting. We got on our way back home in a hurry. She was having a hard time getting through the checkout, so this was going to be a difficult trip back home. When we arrived back home she was kinda hunched over and went upstairs to our bathroom. I stayed downstairs when she texted me saying "I need water :(". She was in so much pain from holding it that she was starting to cry, so I sat in there with her till she was done. It took her about 10 minutes to finish. She was disappointed because it wasn't even a lot and she went through al that pain. I didn't see any of the beauty of what piped it's way out of her lovely bum so o descriptions there. I'm actually trying to get her to leave it ore often. Haha, makes me feel selfish. We should be posting more. She just found this site tonight and is quite intrigued. Lucky me.

Take care everyone,
-Jeff and Niki <3


Thanks for comments

Thank you all for commenting my post.

Martin: but (opposite to your case) I didn't suspect the cleaning lady to be able to open my stall's door from the outside! I was so surprised that I had even no idea to catch the handle; i thought she would get to this conclusion (that stall is occupied) by herself and she would go away.

Anonymous (who responded me about cleaning ladies): interesting story, it reminds me my trip to Sweden and Stockholm Central Station,where toilets are unisex.I don't know why but it seemed there such... normal.

Althea: your response reminded me my university period; one day when I got to the university,I had only a quarter to the first lecture so I had to use the first bathroom (near the entrance) on my way.And usually i met there the same older,nice cleaning lady... I remember when i got there for the first time: i saw her and was ready to leave,but before i asked her,she told me to go ahead; so i entered the stall,closed the door and sat on the freshly cleaned bowl,surrounded by fresh,flower aroma of lilies of the Valley (toilets were cleaned only once a day so you may imagine how bad smelled the other bathrooms where the cleaning lady hadn't arrived yet on that day).
I could almost describe it as a nice moment of relax before my hard daily student's duties...

And few words to end this post: i asked about experiences with cleaning ladies and doorless stalls because it's an experience during which you loose some inhibitions. I remember for example my PE lessons in high school: after lessons every boy )including me) was to ashamed to take a shower (usually it was a last lesson of the day so it wasn't such a big problem,i could wash myself when i got home),but when i had PE at university then all the guys were taking a shower in one bathroom and then i got to the conclusion that we all have the same equipment so there is no need to be ashamed.
And IMHO there's a similar situation with toilets: after such an experience (like with cleaning lady walking on you when you're sitting in a doorless stall) you would loose inhibitions about pooping anywhere.It's like breaking some barriers...

True outdoor toilets

Early each summer my family has a reunion where there's usually from 75 to 100. Last summer we traveled two hours to a much larger city for the event. Me and my cousin Emma who lives there went swimming for two days at one of the public pools. The pool was rather new and had various levels of deepness, but it was the bathhouse that was so strange. Like nothing I had ever seen before. It had large block walls that we not painted to separate the entrance and pay area and the back area that contained the shower room, restrooms and a concession window. What was different was that there was no roof. Birds were flying from top to top on the walls and sometimes flying into the shower room because of all the water. The toilets and showers for the girls side, which my cousin Emma and I used (she's 7) were so very open. On one side of the aisle there were like 10 showers that had no privacy walls and directly across from them were about 5 or 6 stalls. The stall walls were built out of building blocks like on the foundation of our house. There were no doors. I walked Emma over to the pool so we didn't have to change, but I suggested that she piss and I had been holding my crap since before lunch, but with such a large group at her house, there was always a line for the bathroom. (There was so much drinking in the backyard that I heard one cousin tease his wife or girlfriend about not going into the house but rather watering the peonies with his pee. Luckily, he was joking).

Me and Emma took stalls next to one another. She worked with her swimsuit a bit to get it down to her knees and she slowly seated herself on the toilet. After untying mine, I took what seemed like a rather uncomfortable seat. Even though I was seated, the block wall was only about 2 feet high so without trying too hard, I could see over onto Emma who was sitting quietly although kicking her feet since they didn't quiet reach the concrete floor. After about 3 minutes her tinkle started and continued for about 30 seconds. I saw her stand and pull up her bottom just as three girls came running in and wanting a toilet. Two of them bumped into one another a couple of times trying to get onto the toilet. One girl immediately took the seat just to secure the seat while she fumbled with her swim suit. Another stood right in front of me and was staring at me until I told her my crap was coming. If the splashes hadn't started almost immediately, I think I would have told her to give me some privacy. But the end stall opened and she went down there. Luckily I found there was toilet paper because that would have made for even more of a scene. Then me and Emma spent like 3 hours in the pool. I held my piss until we got back home because the bathhouse got even busier toward evening and I like to have more privacy than I knew I would have had. Not having a roof or door when I go to the bathroom kind of creeps me out.

Just a guy

Sara C, Its cool that you and your friends share the same interest. You mentioned you were friends since elementary school. How old are you now? Have you had experiences where you shared the same bathroom and taken dumps with your friends in neighboring stalls? If so, if you had any stories, would definitely like to hear. How about farting? Are you open with farting in front of each other? Any such stories, would also be welcomed.

Chrisinte in FL - I felt bad for you and I'm glad your friend, Lindsey was there to help you out.


Constipation --to Christine in FL.

I too don't always feel completely empty after I use two suppositories. Have you considered the option of a large-volume enema. Have your husband massage your abdominal muscles in a counterclockwise motion when he administers the enema to you. Hold the enema solution for at least five minutes--you can hold it longer if you aren't feeling like you have to go at the five minute mark. With the large volume enema you will most likely poop and poop LOTS after being constipated for five or six days!

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