Emergency poop in a bag

I was at my garage (about 1 mile from home with no toilet facilities) where I was sorting out some clutter when I suddenly felt an urgent need to poop. It was so urgent that I knew I didn't have time to get in the car and drive home. As I wondered what to do I felt a little poop escape and I wondered whether it had messed my pants. The garage was one of a block and very public so inside it was the only private place. I found a large empty plastic bag which I took with me as I crouched behind some boxes just out of sight of anyone passing ;) and quickly lowered my trousers and underpants which I was very pleased to see were still pure white. I had also found a toilet roll when looking for the bag so that was another relief. I held the plastic bag open under my arse and it was such a relief to let go. The turds made loud rustling noises as they dropped into the bag. Cleaning up was ok as the initial uncontrolled poop was very tiny and had only messed my cheeks a little so the toilet paper was enough to clean me properly. I now always ensure that I have a plastic bag, a roll of toilet paper and a private place in my garage in case it happens again. I also keep a plastic bag and toilet roll in my car.

hey sydney I really enjoyed reading your post. please give us more stories soon!

Brandon T

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To: Thoughtitwasweird great story you seeing your girlfriend poop it sounds like she really had to go alot and from the sound of it she felt pretty great afterward and probaly a little lighter to and great story about hearing you neighbor go to the bathroom and I look forward to anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Angela P first welcome to the site and great story about you friends desperate outdoor dump I bet she learned from that not to hold for so long and risk having an accident and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Millie as always another great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great set of stories and great live coverage and poop by poop coverage as well it sounds like you had a 2 parter the first part at the store which was the main part then at home wa the left overs and it sounds like you felt really good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anaon great story about your friend Soo Jun nasty dump it sounds like she was having a really rough time at least you were there to help her out and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Cheryl great story about you and your sister both pooping alot in that hotel toilet I wouldve to seen that person reaction to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sydney first welcome to the site and great story about you giving yourself diarrhea it sounds like it worked maybe a little to well and I bet that bathroom was avoided for awhile after that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pooperlady as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good dump at school and felt pretty great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story it sounds like were very desperate and close to having an accident but at least you made it and felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKNGuy as always another great story it sounds like that girl was pretty desperate at least she made and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I worked at a gas station in my early 20s and it was always busy. One summer morning an attractive woman came in to the store looking pale and anxious and asked for the washroom key. I noticed the very faint scent of poop but didn't think much of it because it was an old building and very damp. She was in there for 10 minutes and returned the key and quickly waked out. Awhile later another lady came to use the facilities. She came back seconds after saying there was a mess in the ladies washroom. I gave her the mens key and noted that I needed to do some clean up.... Hoping that it wasn't that bad. When I finally did go and clean up I was in for a big shock. The first lady must have REALLY needed to poop! There on the floor beside the toilet was a pair of panties full of poo and the toilet was a mess! Poo had sprayed the back of the seat and water box. I wished that we had paper towels in there.....there was only a hand dryer. I'm sure that she'd have cleaned up if there was papertowels. That poor woman obviously had pooped a bit before she arrived and exploded before she could get her pants down! That must have ruined her day! I know it put a damper on my day.....I had to clean it all up!

Christine in FL


I woke up this morning unable to get the button on my pants done. Not even close. I was super bloated in my lower stomach, it was awful. I laid in bed a few minutes and massaged it, it didn't feel like I needed to go. I sat on the toilet anyway, producing nothing. I can't think of any other reason as to why I would be so bloated except for constipation.


Peed My Pants in a Dress

I just walked outside to take in the garbage cans. I had felt a bit of a need to pee just before, but figured I'd go after I got back inside. Well, just as I had wheeled the last dumpster to the back gate, the urge hit me a little more than before. Wearing a strapless sundress and a pair of gray spandex&polyester underwear accompanied by a pair of flip flops, I was curious. I decided to just let a bit out and see what happened. So I relaxed my bladder and peed a little. I let out a little more than intended, and the urine stream came directly through my panties and splashed on the sidewalk. I headed back toward my front door, pee dripping down my legs, and decided to let out more. I peed all the way to the front door, making footprints with my now wet sandals. I tensed my bladder muscles once again, slipped off my shoes and let them dry outside, and then headed to the backyard barefoot to finish peeing. There, I hiked my dress up a tiny bit, and let loose. I emptied my bladder into my panties, forming a puddle of pee on the ground, and headed back inside. I rinsed my legs off in the tub with soap and water, and came directly to the computer to share the story! My panties are a bit damp, but no harm was done to my dress. For such a great experience, not too much damage was done!


Satisfying Dump

This past Monday I was working in a Lowe's. I stopped for a bathroom break around 2 PM as I felt a slight urge to poop. I sat down on the toilet and started to pushed and my log started to come out and it started to hurt as it stretched my hole towards the end of it. I looked in the bowel to see a log that was 14" long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

It only took one wipe to get clean. My hole was sore, but I was very satisfied with the size of my production and hated to flush it away. Keep up all the great poop stories. Happy Pooping!!!

There's one story that's been burned in my head for years. and probably the worst... Here Goes:

September 2003:

When I was 9, every few months or so i used to get, lets say mild constipation. I didnt get it: i ate lots of greens then, and kept hydrated. But It Haunted me for months, and only recently its stopped. ok. when i got home from school, i noticed i had'nt pooped in ages (almost a week) I wasnt worried or anyting, but i knew id stored up a lot in my belly. so i sat down and got my PS1 Out. Games- lol, it made the problem worse. sitting on my backside was a bad choice. And mom was out at the time, and i wanted her here. (no one likes being constipated on their own , especially 9 year olds. Anyway, I tried to ignore the damned thing, but i could'nt. i knew i had to poop that day. you know, i was petrified. mom would be back in an hour, and, at 5 o clock (or whatever, it was early evening) I z
worked up the nerv to go up and poop on my own. i sat down. i pushed. nothing. i pushed harder. STILL NOTHING!!! And again. it was getting more painful the more i pushed. a good 20 minutes into it, i felt it was loosening, but still painful. then, i heard mom come in. Damn i shoulda waited. she gives these wicked techniques on "easy pooping " like squating , that sorta stimulates ur bowels. but lol, lets not go through that. Back to the pooping business now. I tried mom's technique, squating, and, believe it or not, it worked!! it was loosening... more... and more, then- SSPLLOOOOOOOSSSHH!!!!!!!
Aah. relief. and because i stored all that poop up for a week, i always poop about 5+ times more after my big clearing, exiting all those dinners stored up. ah, happy memories. Want any more stories? reply!! cya

Just a guy

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been visiting the site and enjoying the stories. Leanne, I'm glad to see your posts are making it through and as always I enjoyed your story - though I do still miss your friends. Shy pooper - that was a great first post. I look forward to your next post.

My morning dumps recently have been big. I usually have a BM in the morning consisting of several small logs. They come out quickly. Occasionally, I will do a very long log with a smaller one next to it, but recently my BM has started with a very long log, some of which have been quite thick. Then I've followed this up with several small logs, so my morning dump has been much larger - not sure why as my diet has remained unchanged and I still seem to be having my evening dumps, though, I have noticed they have been slightly smaller than the usual.


You should skip class like that again, and when someone offers to "go get help," say yes and see what they do.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

I was talking yesterday to a Malaysian friend who lives in Malaysia and the conversation turned somehow to toilets. She told me about her school toilets- she said there are 5 toilets for the girls- 3 western-style and two squat toilets. She said the cubicles also double up as somewhere to bathe and that nobody used the western-style toilets because people kept using them like squat toilets and going all over the seat! So there are two cubicles for hundreds of girls- I can only imagine the queues! She said she very rarely needs to poo at school because she goes in the morning before leaving, and when she does she holds it until she gets home. She said they have 'camps' at school, where students stay at school for 3 days, and that she never needs to poo then either and just holds it. I was amazed that she could not have an urge for 3 days when she normally poos every day.
She also told me a story about a friend of her mother's who was on a trip to China and found herself desperately needing to have a poo but there were no toilets around. She said she tried to hold it but had no choice but to go, so they found a couple of bricks and she squatted on them and did her poo there on the ground while her friends held umbrellas around her to hide her from the road!

She asked me about plane toilets because she's going on a long flight soon and I told her about when I was 9 and went on holiday to Florida. It was my first flight of over an hour or so and my first use of a plane toilet. I had a couple of wees and then after dinner was served (hotdogs!) I needed to use it for a poo. Of course so did lots of other people who were queuing for the two toilets at the back of the plane which, after holding for a while and realising I wouldn't make it to landing in a few hours, I joined the queue for. I remember waiting for 15 minutes or so and needing to go quite badly. I was waiting behind a father and daughter. She was about my age and I remember she looked like she was quite desperate to have a poo as well, which I remember because it was one of a few times as a child I saw girls pooing or needing to poo. She kept putting her hand on her bum and tugging her dad's sleeve. One of the toilets opened and the father told her to go in and make sure it was locked, and then go back to their seat. After a couple more minutes the other toilet became free and he went in. They were both pooing and after 5 minures the girl was still in there. She came out and I went in. I remember it smelled quite strongly of her poo. I sat on the loo and let out my logs which took about 5 minutes too.
On the return flight I also had to move my bowels. Less of a queue I seem to recall, because I managed to hold it until the evening when lots of people were going to sleep. I used the front toilet that time.

Only had to poo one other time on a plane. This was a couple of years ago going to Switzerland skiing. After lunch at the airport I needed to go poo while we were waiting to take off. Once we reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign was turned off I got up to go. Being a smaller plane there was only one toilet at the back and as always after the seatbelt sign goes off, a queue. Most people were only peeing but one guy and one woman were in there for a poo. I went in and sat down on the seat in the cramped toilet with my knees touching the door and had a medium sized poo. When I left a woman was next in line and went in and must have smelled my poo. She took long enough that I assume she pooed as well.

Anyone else got any plane toilet stories to share? Any reasons why you will or won't use them, or any interesting desperation stories while you were on a plane?

David- While I certainly agree with you that anyone with a diagnosed medical condition should be free to use a cubicle, and that part of the problem is that there aren't enough cubicles, I can pretty much guarantee that it's not only men with medical conditions who use cubicles to pee. I have never seen a men's toilet with no urinals and lots of cubicles; indeed I don't think I've ever really come across a men's toilet with more than 4 cubicles except at airports and some (very large) shopping centres. There seems to be no middle ground- either there is 1-2 cubicles, or there are a dozen or more.
Obviously that's not practical at places like shops etc, but surely there's room for 3 or 4? Besides, outfitting a men's room with no urinals and a couple more cubicles would make things infinitely worse, because EVERYONE who came in would have to use a cubicle to pee, whether or not they wanted to. That might work in low-traffic locations, but not in high-traffic places like university buildings, stations etc, which are often the places that lack cubicles in the first place. To counteract the removal of the urinals and to give the same availability the amount of cubicles would have to be increased by what would probably be a prohibitive number. Low-traffic toilets are where it's ok to pee in a cubicle because the chances of causing inconvenience are low, but my problem is with when people do it in high-traffic places that don't have more cubicles.

I wasn't referring to doorless cubicles, simply to the position that you are adopting, i.e. sitting down with your trousers down which would make it harder to defend yourself should someone try something. I don't know of any men who wear women's-style underwear, but why wear something that forces you to use a cubicle? That means it is NOT your choice if you use a urinal or not, because you are being forced to by your underwear so to speak.

Our laws in the UK only seem to determine the number of urinals provided, because almost everywhere I have been has 2 cubicles or less for men and the number of urinals seem to far outnumber them, often far more than necessary. I agree with you that the solution is to provide more cubicles since you're not going to get men to change their habits, but nowhere seems to actually bother providing more. I don't know where you've been visiting, though, where the urinals are in such bad condition! I assume you are referring to the metal troughs that you find in schools and football stadiums, in which case I agree that they are usually pretty disgusting. But the individual wall-mounted ones have always seemed clean to me- after all they flush themselves every 20 seconds or so, usually for no reason!

Sydney- Interesting self-inducde diarrhea story!

I had another fairly urgent poo today. I had a lecture and needed to go by the end so I went to the toilets, took a cubicle and let out three sizeable logs and two smaller bits. Went again in the evening so I guess things are back to normal!

Bursting barmaid

Earlier in the week I was in a small pub which has a regular quiz night. This means that everyone is rushing to the bar at the break times and sitting at tables doing questions during the actual quiz part. Behind the bar were two ladies, a blonde who looked in her 30s, and a brunette who looked around 20. She was wearing a tight white top and a black skirt, and tights. I noticed in one of the breaks that the brunette, busy serving, was very fidgety on her feet. Just as the call came to go back to tables, my phone rang, and I stepped outside to take the call. I went back inside just as the last customers had been served. The brunette whispered something hurriedly to the blonde, who nodded, and then walked quickly to the rear of the pub, where the toilets are. I headed that way too, and saw her go through the door marked "Toilets". Once through the door you go up a spiral staircase to the top, then walk along a passageway, going up another few steps before there's a gents and ladies door either side of the corridor. I reached the top of the stairs just in time to see her go into the ladies. I paused before entering the gents, and heard the clatter of shoes, a snapping sound of tights, and then a long, fierce stream which continued for almost a minute. I went into the gents and left a minute or so later. She was behind me on the stairs on the way down and looked very relieved!


Sarah Nicola's friend

Huge diarrhoea on my way home

I don't like having a poo at work so I usually wait untill I get home if I need to go. Well I was driving home from work tonight with a bad case of diarrhoea. I'd been holding it since lunch time and I was busting to go even then, so by now I was close to shitting myself. I know I should have gone at work but to be honest I enjoy being desperate for a poo. The problem was I'd held it far too long and I was in trouble. I felt a cramp as I drove and came close to losing it. I continued to drive for a few more minutes when another cramp hit me hard and I leaked a little diarrhoea into the crotch of my knickers. I had to go so badly I didn't think I would make it home in time so I looked for a bush to go behind. Luckily there were some large trees at the side of the road and a few bushes so I pulled over and got some tissues out of the glove box before running behind the bushes. A's soon as I felt sure no-one could see me I pulled up my skirt, lowered my tights and knickers and got into a squatting position. I had one final look around to check I was alone and relaxed. I let out a stream of explosive diarrhoea all over the bushes and grass together with full bladder of pee. The relief was better than sex and it wasn't over yet. I pushed a bit and column of semi solid to mushy poo piled up under me which was an even bigger relief than before. Once it all stopped coming out I felt total cleansed from the inside. I wiped and returned to my car and drove home feeling better than I'd felt in ages. Whatever it was that upset my stomach was definitely out of my system now and I felt on top of the world.


Two Accidents!

Hello, I'm a first-time poster here. I found this site a year ago, and so far I've just read the stuff. To be honest, I'm glad that there are indeed other adults who have had accidents. Not that it makes my accidents any better, but I'm kind of relieved I'm not alone. I have had way too many adult life accidents! I'll talk about two of them. Both were embarrassing and were quite out of my control. I still wonder how it could happen.

Accident at work:
I work at a Chartered Accountancy firm. I'm 31 and am a Company Secretary to a 50 year old woman, who's considered amongst the city's prominent CAs. So it's big, respectable post and all...whatever!. One morning I was in her cabin, taking instructions from her while doing the other normal chores like arranging the appointment papers and stuff. All of a sudden I got this painful stomach cramp and let out a fart. It wasn't noisy, but it definitely filled the room with the smell. My boss looked at me and just gave me a lame smile. I immediately realized I gotta go, so I dump the papers , excuse myself to leave. But as I lifted myself up, it happened. My panties filled with warm, solid poo. It was sudden, yet very slow. I just stood there, holding the desk tightly and filling my jeans at office. I could feel the back of my jeans bulge out slightly. The room was air conditioned so the smell was slow to spread, but spread it did. Right then another new CA knocked at the cabin and he was asked to enter. He entered. I quickly moved to the side turning my butt towards the wall so no one could notice. The new guy sat down and started discussing business with my boss. I stood just beside the table. I wanted to interrupt and wished to ask permission to leave the cabin. The smell was there and I was also standing uncomfortably. The two of them noticed the smell. My boss knew from my previous fart that it was me. But she didn't realize that I had finished the job in my jeans. She courteously told me to leave if I wanted to. I thanked her , moved towards the door and that's when she saw it. She told me to wait, came near me. She whispered, "Noelle, did you do it in your pants". I said "No". She says 'very well, leave' I left, ran to the washroom. Cleaning up was hard, but managed to do it somehow. Then I returned to my table. An hour later, my boss visits me at my table and says, "I know you did it in your pants Noelle, don't lie. You reeked and your pants had a stain". I confessed to her. She told me to be careful in the future. She added that if I had done it in front of a client she'd have fired me. But since no client was here, she decided to forget about the incident.

Family trip accident:
Me, my dad, mum and my 3 year old sister were returning from our picnic to the beach. I was 19 back then,just into college. I was wearing tight black slacks and sitting at the back of the car, quite tired. The picnic was fun, but it had tired me out. Then I felt the urge to poop. We were nearing the house, so I ignored it. But then my dad decided to stop at a restaurant and have dinner, because it was too late to go home and prepare a dinner. We sat down , ordered and mid way through I ate a chilly accidentally. I started coughing and was gulping water madly. Just then I lost control of my bowel and even as I was sitting, soft mushy poo started landing on my seat. By pure instinct, I lifted myself slightly off the chair and more poo came out and formed a bulge. My little sister who was sitting beside me wondered what was happening, so I immediately sat back down squishing everything. I wasn't able to eat anymore. I was in numb shock. How could I get out of this. I couldn't. 5 minutes later my dad and even the waiters noticed the smell. First they thought it was my sister. My dad checked her and there was nothing there. He looked at me. Probably he was not sure how to ask it or something, but he looked confused. I was 19. How can you ask your 19 year old daughter if she had pooped her pants..that was plain weird.. He gave a questioning glance, and mustered up enough courage to say "Noelle, did you?..". I got flushed, embarrassed. I got up to leave. My mother helped me to the bathroom. She was still not sure of how it could happen, so she touched my back to check. Yes, the bulge was there. The waiters and other families were watching, I could feel their stares. I dumped my panties in a dustbin, washed up and we immediately left our dinner halfway and got back to the car. Once in the car, my mom said it's okay, such things happen. Dad was quite angry. It was his regular restaurant and I knew the people knew and respected him there. He said nothing though. He chose to forget the episode and never discuss it again.


Angela P, liked your story but felt really sorry for Sabine. For some of us its really difficult to use public toilets, I've never been able to, no matter how badly I have to poo. If I'm really desperate I'll go and put paper over seat and sit and try but as soon as I hear anyone, thats it, I can't go. Sometimes its been half way out and someones come in to the next cubical and I have to suck it back in as it just won't come out.

Martin- My poos today were like yours in your latest story- a bit messed up today! I only went once yesterday as I shall explain. I like your stories because they have lots of detail, which I try to put into mine too! I enjoyed your story about needing to go for a poo in your tutorial and having to wait while desperate to go- I had a similar experience today too!

Sydney- Great first story about your deliberate diarrhoea! I never thought of deliberately getting sick at school ti avoid a test- I just used the old 'I have a stomach ache mummy' trick! I usually get diarrhea or loose poo just after an exam because my nerves manifest themselves as a need to poo during the exam most of the time!

Yesterday I was out all day and without the opportunity to use the loo for most of it! One of my classes had a field trip up in the hills to look at the topography etc (boooring!), from 10-6. I got up and had a wee before I left and a bit of breakfast. At midday we had lunch and we stopped at some toilets and a picnic area. I went to the toilet after eating and had a wee but didn't need a poo. My friend Danielle did though, and she was letting off a few plops and farts in the cubicle next to me! Of course shortly after we moved off I started to need my number two. It was only about 1pm so I had hours until we went back to university. Soon enough I had a strong but steady urge. Walking for a long time made it worse but I was holding on ok and not too desperate. Time passed and we stopped for a snack at about 3. I drank more and ate a chocolate bar and after that I needed to wee too. At the next stop I was taking measurements and squatting down to do it made me need to go more! By 5 I really needed a poo and a wee. I talked to Danielle and she said she had to have a wee pretty badly- I said she was lucky she had pooed already and that I was holding both in! At 6 we got back on the coach which took us back to uni. It was 30 minutes journey and quite bumpy so I was getting really desperate for the toilet! We arrived and got off and I saiud goodbye to Danielle. I figured it was best to use the toilets in the geography building, but it had closed for the night so I hurried to the student union and to the loos. After holding my poo for nearly 6 hours, and my wee for nearly 4, I sat down and let both out! It felt so good to finally go because I'd been getting pretty desperate to go, especially to wee! I find that if I'm going to get desperate to poo it either doesn't take long (less than half an hour) or it takes a long time, but that finding myself desperate to wee can take any amount of time, but usually an hour or two if I've been recently and drinking a normal amount.

I had a 3-hour workshop, going over a practice exam paper. It ran from 10-1, so I thought I would be able to go to it then have lunch and then my usual poo after. Nope! After an hour I started to get pressure building and I knew I'd be needing a number two soon. Sure enough I did. I could have got up and left but I was near the front of the hall so there was no way I was getting up, walking past everyone, pooing for 10 minutes and coming back past everyone! Like your story Martin I held it ok for a while but at about 12 I started needing it more urgently. My bladder was filling up by now too, and although I wasn't yet desperate for either I was at the point where I'd be making a beeline to the nearest toilets if I could.
Time passed and I was getting more urgent. It was a big load pressing on my bum and I really needed to go. By the end of the class I had to go very urgently, so I hurried to the toilets. There was a free cubicle, so I went in and pulled down my jeans ad white knickers and got sat down. I started weeing and let out two quick turds. Then a much bigger one started creeping out as I weed. With a loud splash it came out and then a fart followed as the other girl flushed. I let out two more pieces and then a couple of pebbles of poo. I finishe with another little piece, wiped and left. I did another smaller poo this evening too so I'm back to normal as well!

Brandon: Thanks a lot for your well wishes, Artiss is indeed a great lady, and I'm glad she came into my life-I never expected to meet someone by "accident" the way I did with her.

We were out shopping at a local thrift store when she had another one of her watery diarrhea episodes. She was looking at some clothes on the racks when she suddenly grabbed her stomach and literally bent over double with cramps. She hissed an "Oh lord, Patrick" between breaths and I thought that it was too late and that she had shit her pants again. She held that position for 30 seconds or so before straightening up. During that interval, a young female store clerk came rushing over saying "ma'am are you all right?" I explained to her that Artiss had to go to the bathroom very badly, and she was quick to pull out her bathroom key and take Artiss' hand as she straightened up and said "right this way ma'am", leading her to the employee restroom, which was much closer than the regular one.

Artiss hurried in, and was pulling down her pants and diaper before the door was even shut all the way and sat down on the seat just in time, as her bowels released with their usual Niagra Falls gush and loud, echoing fart at the end. "Oh my!!!" exclaimed the clerk as the door shut on Artiss' scene of agony on the seat. "Is she going to be all right?" I told her yes and explained Artiss' situation to her. "Oh dear" she exclaimed, "Your poor grandmother!!!" I then explained to her that Artiss was not my grandmother, but my girlfriend, and her jaw dropped-"No, REALLY?!" "Yes, REALLY!" I replied. She then said "That's so beautiful"

Meanwhile, Artiss was groaning from her seat on the toilet to beat the band. "Patrick!!" she called. Can you please come in here? The clerk looked at me, and I nodded my head, so she took her key and opened the door again, revealing Artiss' bare bottom sitting on the seat, with the smell of shit heavy in the air. Looking down at her ankles, I saw that her diaper was clean, which was a good thing-she hadn't dirtied herself after all.

"UUUGGGGGHHH, Patrick, I just want you to......sit with" she muttered between cramps. "I'm here, Sweetheart, I said rubbing her by the back as she grabbed her stomach again and bent over double on the seat. Watery gushers of diarrhea POURED from her rectum.I stuck my head back out the door and asked the clerk if I could have a chair to sit on, to which she responded "Yes." and went off to get one. A few minutes later, she knocked, and I opened the door and took the chair.

I sat there with Artiss for 45 minutes or so while her bowels continued to gush brown, smelly fluid and semi-solid feces into the bowl beneath her bare bottom. When the cramping FINALLY stopped and she straightened out, she was pale and flushed. ONce again, I unrolled the paper for her as she wiped, then when she stood up, b efore she could even get a chance to pull up her slacks, I grabbed her and held her in a strong embrace for a good, full minute, right there with her pants and underwear around her ankles, in a room smelling of her shit. She then pulled up and fastenend the diaper, pulled up and adjusted her slacks while I flushed the toilet for her, before helping her over to the sink to wash her hands. When we finally emerged from the restroom, the clerk was there, along with the owner of the store, who told us that ANY time Artiss had a toilet emergency in the vicinity of her store, she was welcome to come in and use the employee restroom (as she could have much more privacy there than in the customer one), no questions asked. She said that she would alert all members of her store staff to this situation, so that there would be no problem with Artiss getting to a toilet, pronto. She also asked if we minded if she (discreetly, of course)let the owners of the stores on either side of her know, so that Artiss could get into their bathrooms in an emergency. She actually took us over to each of these stores to meet these owners, and we discreetly explained the situation to these ladies in the back of their stores. They both said that Artiss using their toilet was no problem whatsoever.

So now she has a network of people to help her when she's out and about. Really makes me feel good and restores my faith in human beings. beings. he said between

Lucy Loo

Post Title (optional) A Survey

HI my name is Lucy , I am 33 ,brunette , 135 pounds and a bit on the busty side. I have always been interested in bathroom habits of myself and others . This survey is for ppl who have had the odd accident .

1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ?2 days ago.

2. Where were u and how did it happen ?Was driving home from work and got caught in traffic. I knew I needed a piss before I left work ,but did not account for the traffic hold up due to a crash. I really tried holding my crotch. I grabbed an old towel from the back seat when I realised I was gonna wet myself .

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ?Knee length skirt , thong and tank top . Thankfully the towel absorbed it all .

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ?Depends how urgent is my need,if I have had a few beers ,not very long. Often dribble on the way to the toilet.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ?I have done that , am a part time artist and have got so mentally involved in what I'm doing have had some pretty serious leaks and very obvious too.

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ? I have been lucky,often been with friends when I have pissed myself , they are really good to me. Just laugh about it.

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness?I really love gardening and yes I have wet myself out of laziness , the feeling of a wet crotch is quite erotic at times. Have been times I have been hosing the garden [I have a large garden ] the water makes me want to piss, I just let it go whereever I am .

8. When did u last poo yself ?Last week .

9. Where were u and how did it happen ?Had been shopping and was walking back to my car when I got a pretty strong urge to poo. Well I live about 20 mins away from the shops and thought I could hold it. The closer I got to home ,the more severe the urge became, I started to get a bit concerned too . I live on a dirt lane and as I was approaching my house I saw a neighbour coming towards me. We usually stop to say hello and chat for a few mins. As we pulled up to chat I was getting a bit worried . We rolled our windows down and chatted, I leant out the window a little so I could raise my bum and clench at the same time. I lit a smoke to take my mind off my poo problem.I discreetly held my bum hoping Chrissy would not notice. I could feel the turtle head wanting to emerge . I was in real trouble . I finished my smoke and told her I'd better get going as I had cold food to put in the fridge . As I wound up the window and waved bye to her I could feel some very solid poo come out . It was a relief ,but I completely shit myself .

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ?A pair of cut off jeans shorts and a T shirt and full size undies thankfully .

11. How long can u hold ya poo ? A couple of hours sometimes .But if I hold too long I end up with severe skids .

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ? I guess u could say Chrissy distracted me lol.

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ?No not all , if she'd known she would have helped me clean up ,she is a really good friend.

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ? Yes I do admit to doing that a few times. When I have been working in the garden or on an art project I get carried away. I am guilty of just letting it go and cleaning up when convenient . Luckily my poo is fairly hard .

15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and hope u won't shit yself in the meantime?.I have done all three. If I am outside and decide to drop my jeans I just poo or pee or both and redress without wiping. Have been to a few public toilets where there is no TP. Depends how bad I need to go,certianly do not want to wet or mess myself in public . Buthave had a few close calls ,some a little too close .

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself? Well I don't mind it ,not really worried if I am home and dirty myself after all there is only me here. About 2 weeks ago I was in the garden again and needed a poo , I had not been for 2 days. The bulge was huge like the size of a cantelope
It was a little erotic walking around with the huge bulge and the warmth of it . Short while back I was on the pc chatting to a friend and needed to go badly . I ended up crapping my pants ,I felt quite naughty and they had no idea I'd messed myself. But wow I did .

But I have never wet or messed myself deliberately , more out of convenience . But have often enjoyed the outcome . It has surprised me at times though the feeling I get . Any of u guys or gals get the same "rush" if u have an accident??.

This site is really wonderful , being a new poster/reader I really think it serves a good purpose.

Bye for now Lucy XXX Please reply to my survey.

Hi everyone its John from the UK. A long time since I posted but been a rather hectic time. At the beginning of March it was a guys weekend away in Zagreb and mid month it was my 60th birthday together with my 30th wedding aniv and like Abbie a house move too, all happening in the first 19 days of march! Ok down to business so to speak. It was good to see STREAKS post back in Feb, anymore sightings of your mates wife, just loved that story on p 427. My wife has been trying to get used to our new loo as its lower than the one in our previous place. She's been in "Shortie mode" recently because several times she's had several nnngs and ugghs and like you Shortie lifting her feet off the floor whilst doing so and getting a rather florid complexion to with the straining but its all worth it with the resulting 4 or 5 kerplonk kersplashes which follow! Yesterday 2 May I received my "poo kit" from the NHS which is sent I beleive to all 60 yr olds. It consists of 6 "lolly sticks" for taking stool samples, i.e taking 2 smears from 3 consecutive bm's. The smears are then sent off for analysis and any colorectal abnormalities can be detected. On a lighter note may I wish good luck to all those readers about to sit their uni finals and if i'm not mistaken that may apply to Leanne, Emma and their friends. Lovd and best wishes to all here, yours aye John x


Another good poo with Stephanie

Hello everyone. It's been a bit longer than I wanted it to be since my last post, but things have just been crazy lately. Anyway, on Sunday evening we went to a barbecue at my aunt's house. It was nice to visit with family from out of town that I don't get to see very often. Plus, my uncle makes fantastic burgers, better than anybody else I know. Stephanie and I each had a fairly large burger, plus a good helping of salad, so we definitely didn't leave deprived.

Monday's poos were pretty uneventful, but the big ones came on Tuesday. After coffee, I was feeling a little more desperate than usual. I rushed to the bathroom and hiked up my tee-shirt and plonked myself on the bowl. A good-sized turd was already worming its way out when Stephanie entered the bathroom. She took her time lowering her panties and sitting down, she was clearly not as bursting as me. My turd broke off with little sound and another was right on its tail. After Stephanie sat she was blasting big farts I could hear echoing in the toilet bowl.

I joked that we could hook her butt up to a generator and power our house with her "natural gas" and we laughed as my turd slipped into the toilet. She gave a small grunt. I let off four little turds with splops. There was a faint sound from her and then she began to wipe. I stayed seated and started to push out another turd. When she finished, I looked as she got up and saw a fat, really long turd in the middle of her toilet. She flushed and it swirled around for a long time before finally being sucked away. I almost thought it wouldn't flush for a second.

My own turd fell into the water and I too felt empty. I wiped and then stood to look at my turds. My turds all formed a large messy pile of poo and I couldn't distinguish one from the others. I too flushed the toilet and washed my hands.

So that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back before another week goes by, but we'll see how life goes. Bye guys.


Desperate poo

I hadn't had a poo for about nine days and I was in a long meeting at work today. I really had to go but we didn't stop for a break and after an hour of listing to various reports, I started to get desperate. I could have got up and left the room but knowing this dump would take a while I held it untill the meeting was over. Well that took another hour and a half and by then I was about to fill my knickers. I waited for everyone to leave before I went to the toilet so no one would know I was having a poo but there were a few women in there waiting to use the only toilet that worked. I was super desperate at this point but I couldn't go while they were there and held it untill the end of the day. That wasn't for another hour and I was dangerously close to having a big accident in my knickers. At five o'clock I grabbed my bag to go home but first I went to the toilet, looking forward to a big relieving clearout. Unfortunately my luck was against me today because there were several women waiting so I had to hold it untill I got home. With nine days worth of poo trying its hardest to force it's way into my knickers I had a real job to keep it in while I walked home. I got about half way when I felt it moving down towards the exit and I had to work hard to avoid having a messy accident. I could hardly walk as every time I took a step the pressure increased and I ended up walking in baby steps to keep control. It took ages to walk even a short distance an urgent need to evacuate my bowels was becoming a real emergency. I realised I might not make it home in time but I was determined to try against the odds. The pressure wouldn't let up and I had to stop walking while I clenched hard. My bowels seemed determined to force this monster poo into my underwear but I was even more determined not to let that happen. I had to stand there clenching for five minutes before I was able to regain enough control to start walking again but it was tiring work and I felt another pressure wave going through my bowels. It was much more powerful than the last and I couldn't clench hard enough to resist the enormous pressure that had built up inside me. I'd never been so desperate and when I felt my anus open up around the emerging poo I knew the battle was lost. Conceding defeat, I surrendered to my bodily functions and moved my legs apart and relaxed. The poo sped up and quickly filled my knickers completely. I wet myself at the same time and when the flow stopped I felt the most ecstatic relief imaginable. Words cannot desperate how good it felt to finaly go after waiting nine days. My clothes were a mess but it was worth it for the most intensely relieving bowel movement I've ever had.


More replies etc

Angela from Germany. Thanks for sharing the story about your friend. Have you ever had any particularly memorable 'close calls' of your own, by the way?

Martin, I think it's true to say that changes to one's routine can play havoc with the bowels. I've certainly found that to be the case.

David. Thanks for your latest. I look forward to hearing more about your and Anne's experiences.

Nicola. I really enjoyed your account of the buddy dump in the woods. After she'd overcome her initial shyness and hesitation about pooing in the great outdoors, the other lady must have been immemsley grateful.

After the disorders of last weekend my insides are returning to normal and I'd say we were probably 95% of the way there. Yesterday afternoon I was visiting a lady friend in a nearby city and whilst there I had to use her loo. I've done that on a number of occasions in the past but only ever to pee. Yesterday I needed to do #2 and, I'm afraid due to me being a little 'loose' I hit the back of the pan. I cleaned up with toilet paper as best I could before flushing and used the air freshener. However I hope she doesn't take too great an exception to the state of affairs I left behind me!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good outdoor buddy dump it sounds like you both really had to go and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea as awlays another great set of stories from the queen of this site it sounds like you and your frinds had some good dumps mainly your friend Shannon it sounds like she was pretty desperate and probaly felt felt pretty good after she was done and great stories about your desperate dumps when you were younger and it sounds like those were pretty bad one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michael great set of stories about you getting to hear all those those girls and women go to the bathroom and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Shy Pooper first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping and hearing that other woman poop to it sounds like you both had pretty good dumps and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Little Mandi im glad it was just that red food coloring and not blood and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine In FL as always another great story and I hope that laxative and supository help clean you out and make you feel please make sure to let us know and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat first congrat to you and Artiss it sounds like you guys found true happiness together and she is very lucky to have someone like you who is so carring and loving and will be there to help her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sara C great story about you and your friends pooping contest it sounds like you all had alot of fun and pooped alot of poop it sounds like all of you guys really had to go alot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Buzzerman great story about you hearing that woman having a desperate dump it sounds like she really had to go.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Post Title (optional)ThoughtIWasWeird

Love this site! This is the second of many posts to come!
When I was 18 my girlfriend and I decided to backpack camp for a week during the summer. We both loved the out doors but had never camped out together in the 6 months that we had been going out. The first day was great we rested lots and snacked the whole day before pitching the tent for the night. At about 10:30 we went to bed and I fell asleep right away. I was awoken in the middle of the night to her moaning. Apartently she had an upset ????, no doubt from the snacking. It became more and more uncomfortable for her and she admitted that she hadn't pooped for several days. I suggested that she go out and find a comfy spot to try and poop. She reluctantly asked if I would come to keep her company in the dark. Grabbing our flashlights we headed out. About 25 feet from the tent was a fallen tree, pulling her shorts down, she sat on it with her bum over the backside. She was obviously nervous never having pooped in front of some because she couldn't relax. I told her that it was okay ghat everyone poops and if it made her feel any better that I would pull my pants down and sit beside her and try to poop. That made her much more comfortable because after a minute or so of chatting an enormous fart echoed in the night and was like thunder. I could almost see her embarrassment in the dark as the smell of her fart wafted up. I was wondering how bad her poop would smell! To ease her embarrassment I started to push a bit and let out a fart. Through the next few minutes she would pause while talking to push. In the meantime I managed to push out a sizable poop that was fairly firm and not too smelly. That was all she needed, as soon as my poop was finished I could hear her poop starting to make it's way out of her rectum. I could hear the crackling sounds and a bit of gas as she continued to push with all her might. That lasted for over a minute and a half and finally a thump as it landed on the ground. As we talked I noticed that her voice was more natural and relaxed. A second, third and fourth thuds were audible as the rest of her poop exited her anus. With that we both wiped and got back in the tent. She said thanks for being so kind as to help ease her anxiety about pooping beside someone. Her poop was pretty stinky but I never let on that I thought so. In the morning I woke first and had to pee. Remembering our nocturnal bowel movements I walked over to have a look at what her bum produced. What I saw nearly made me gasp! LOL!
Her poop was HUGE! gigantic enormous! The first log was easily 12-14 inches long and very fat. The other 3 big probably all between 6-10 inches long and almost as thick! My poop looked like a spaghetti noodle only 2 feet away!!!! I couldn't believe that a girl so pretty and petite could even begin to hold all that poop!!! WOW!
Three times more that week we pooped beside each other and talked about life and all that. Her poops were always quite large but never as big as the first one. We even got to the point where we would examine each others poops and look for what we had for supper the night before!
She went to college the following September and I saw her once a month till Christmas time then only once again at March break. She decided to stay and live in the city and got a job there. I miss her. I often remember that first night and how close we felt to each other.
Good memories!!!

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