I enjoy hearing evreyone telling their favorite terms used for their bowel movement. My friends and I have a couple that I have not seen posted. One is in reference to diarrhea, we use "sprayin' gravey". A term we use for "taking a dump" came to us at a recent area music festival. Are group was all using the same porta-potty to "build a pyramid" if you will. we had a good base going when the septic crew came to pump the toilet. We were telling them to leave it for us, but thats not their job to leave something for our amusement. As they were pulling away in their truck I called them "Turd Burglars" and hence now we always use the phrase "I have to go see the Turd Burglar". Enjoy, Dano

Brad I never heard your phrase, but I like it "mail a package". There is also "pinching a loaf". Anybody else know some good phrases? Giles if you can touch a fart and capture it so others could you could say it is tangible. Can you do that? Expeling a fart is an action and it is definately not tangible.

More toilet talk. Some other names for the toilet. Dad's friend says hes "going to drain the dragon" when he wants to pee. Dad sometimes says hes "going to use the facilities." Have to go now but will tell a story about today tomorrow.

The girl next door stopped in again the other day. When she comes home from work, she always has to go to the bathroom. So, she uses my bathroom a lot. I encourage it, the first time she came over I said: "You can use my bathroom every day!" She sat for a long time with the door open. I could even hear her moving around on the seat. She tinkled and then started letting out a load. I heard a loud "plonk." She washed her hands and came out and we chatted for a while. Whenever she has a problem with her plumbing, she calls me, and once I was fixing her toilet and I had to piss. Of course I just took my thing out and peed into her toilet with a loud tinkle and as soon as she heard that noise, she came around the corner to watch me. After that she started going to the bathroom in front of me.

A number of points to answer from Diskputers (can you please explain this strange handle as I cant get my brain round it!), and Randi P and Kevin. Firstly, yes girls do need to push to start peeing or doing a motion for that matter unless we are actually bursting for a pee and near to wetting our panties. Likewise with a number two, we have to push and strain like anyone else to pass it unless its almost coming out or very soft and watery like diarrhea. To Randi P I have had spasms of pain when ever I have had an attack of diarrhea , (thankfully very rare for me) and sometimes when the opposite if Im very constipated just before my period. Thankfully my husband George comes in with me when I do a motion at home and rubs my ???? which helps if Im bunged up and having difficulty and pain passing a big hard jobbie. To Kevin, whom I must say is quite the youngest person Ive read who posts to this site and is obviously smarter than his age, a wet poop must be a slightly loose stool where the liquid part can leak out and soil the underpants if one farts. Again I'm very glad that this does not often happen to me, the last time I had such an experience being when I was very constipated and took some Liquid Paraffin (mineral oil to US readers) which does not render the stools watery but does lubricate the passage of same. Unfortunately it does have the side effect of leaking through the sphicter and can soil one's panties. I had taken some of this medicine and felt the need to pass wind. When I did so there was a splutter and I just knew I had soiled my panties slightly. I went to the Ladies Toilet and sure enough there was a brown stain across the seat and gusset of my white cotton briefs.I sat on the toilet and with only a slight push passed a magnificent long fat jobbie of about 14 inches long and over 2 inches thick which made a "floomp!" sound as it slid into the pan. I did however also squirt out of my back passage an amount of brown liquid which discoloured the water and wiping my bum afterwards took a lot more toilet paper than usual. When I pulled the flush the discolouration in the water had gone and the jobbie had stuck behind and I could see that it was quite solid and well formed and smooth but gave off an oily slick from the Liquid Paraffin I had taken. Luckily I had a spare pair of knickers in my case as I always do when I am on my period and changed into these, washing the soiled pair when I got home.
To Tony, I suppose my most meomorable motion must be the first time I did one with George watching me. I know he has posted about this, but I would like to tell it from my viewpoint. We were students together at Glasgow University and shared a house. I was reading Law , George Science. We hit it off together from the start. I had however noticed that he seemed to have a fixation with things to do with the toilet especially defecation. Now this didnt bother me at all, far from it! I have been turned on by such matters since I was a kid. I had noticed that he was always hanging about outside the toilet door when I did a motion and was excited if it had stuck in the toilet pan and he saw the jobbie I had passed, something that happened quite often .I didnt know the best way to broach the subject with him but one day we were both in the house and the other two students had gone out. I needed a motion and said this to him. I went to the toilet and closed the door and could hear him outside, so I opened the door again and asked him if he wanted to come in and watch me doing it, quickly adding that I would like him to do so. Well, he was besides himself with excitement as he rubbed my ???? and held my hand as I passed a nice big fat jobbie for him. Later that day I accompanied him to the toilet when he did his on top of mine a buddy dump although we didnt know of that expression then. We discussed our common interest in defecation with George telling me about his Aunt Helen and her very liberal attitude to such natural functions and his two cousins Nicky and Debbie who were likewise very open about such matters. Since then I have lost count of the number of times we have watched each other doing a motion as we do so every time we can.
Finally, we have a new Office Junior, Sarah, aged 18, who did a whopper last week in our Ladies Toilet. She came into my office very red faced and said that she had been to the toilet but couldnt get it to flush properly. I told her not to worry as I was always doing this myself but was intrigued as she is a very small and skinny kid. I went to the Ladies Toilet and sure enough there was a long moderately thick turd stuck in one of the toilet pans, about 10 inches long I suppose. I was amazed that such a big jobbie could have come out of such a little person and can only assume she had either been constipated or had held it in on purpose.
All the best to all. Moira.

Jeff A, welcome back from your trip. It sounds like you make it quite entertaining for your wife when you poop. It seems like she gets quite a show. I believe your neighbor won't leave before attempting to take one final look at you while you're on the toilet. Maybe you should let her watch you as a going away present. If I had the chance to see what she sees, I would NEVER move. Steph, I have reading about the posts involving you Jodi and Alex from the beginning and you have quite a history together. To add something so personal to your friendship is great. I wish I had friends like that also. Good luck with pooping in front of your boyfriend or watching him poop. I am sure it would be well worth it. Even more so than when you watched Jodi pooping.

One time, my parents had taken me on a Sun. afternoon outing and we stopped at a place by the river. It was a 45 degree angle, so there were steps to get to the river's edge. I was there and "Uh-oh. I gotta go. And it's not #1." They said "Deal with it." So I went to the little outpost, where there was a visitor's center and bathrooms. They were bot locked. So I told them "C'mon!! Let's roll!" to which they replied "We won't look." So, I went to the car and got out some Stri-dex wipes (for zits, but they're 90% alchohol; for sterilization of my hands.) and some napkins (to wipe). So, It wasn't fun, but it happened. I hope it was the one and only time that'll happen. Also, I have seen other peoples' ways to wipe, but I didn't see the way I use. I have a wad in my hand, 1/2 bend over, and wipe, down to up. (I am a guy.) Then repeat (if necessary) and flush. Does anybody else do this?

To Happy Camper thanks for the information that fits in with what I remember. I had a nanny at that time - Nanny Rosa and she must have used the word Ca Ca and taught it me.

Well, I thought it was about time to post here. Since I've been a voyeur at this site for several months. Just so you know, I am a 30-something male living in Toronto, Canada (a pretty conservative town) and I have enjoyed the posts here for many reasons. Its nice to see the openness on a subject that is really way more "taboo" than it should be. After all, as the site intro says, we all "do It". Anyway, I must admit that i have found the posts very stimulating since have I often found myself checking out others'(especially women's) toilet habits (like, in some office or shopping mall washrooms where the men's and women's washrooms share the same plumbing and ventilation systems). I used to work in an office where you could literally hear EVERYTHING going on in the women's bathroom like conversations, walking around, and yes....peeing and pooping. My habits are pretty regular, I poop about two times a day, ususally after lunch and again in the evening. I am very interested in hearing about women's pooping habits, and must admit I am very turned on when I meet someone who freely talks about their bathroom habits. I have had a few memorable experiences sharing toilet activities with a female friend or girlfriend, which I'll elaborate on more later. To me, the more detail the better. I like hearing about sounds and (I'm so ashamed!) smells and I hope more of the female voyeurs who vivsit this site share their private stories. Wow, what a relief I have finally Posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Sneaker

To Kevin (11) I live with my dad now but when I lived with my mum she used to smack me when I wet the bed or my pants. Dad is okay and does not mind. He has taken me to the doctor and tried all sorts of things to help stop me wetting but so far nothing has worked on me or my brother (11). We live in hope. We don't like using school/public toilets and won't use them but we do go toilet at home when we are there and remember in time. Its not easy when you are out playing and theres no toilet and its too late anyway. What I meant was that I wet and poo my pants sometimes. I dont poo my pants often but it does happen once or twice a week and my brother is the same. I do wet my pants quite a bit cause I dont know I have to go till I need to go real bad and then its too late. I wear diapers at night and when we go out on trips to school and this solves the problem. We often change our own diapers and clean ourselves up, but sometimes we do it for each other when they are dirty cause its easier to get cleaned up. Dad changes us as well sometimes it all depends on how we feel and where we are and what we are doing. If we make a real mess dad cleans us up.

Saturday, July 25, 1998

Eric>> You asked about other guys experiences in using dormitory restrooms...Well, back in the early 1980's, I was in a vocational training program run by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, called Job Corps...The dormitory that I was in for most all of my stay had two bathrooms for the guys. One of which had 8 toilet stalls, and the other only 2. Of the larger bathroom, the toilets that got the most use were the ones located furtherest away from the doors to the bathroom, and a lot of the time, the toilets on that end with the most use, very seldom got flushed, so I had a chance to see what kind of dumps some of the other guys had taken...After I moved to the other part of the dorm with the small bathroom, it was kind of interesting, because there were many times that I would be in taking a dump, and then someone else would come in and do the same...We would talk to each other to pass the time while sitting there, and in one case that comes to mind, I was taking a dump when another p! erson came in and proceeds to sit down in the other stall, these had doors on them by the way, and then struggles to move his bowels...After about 5 minutes of grunting, there is a very loud splash, and he lets out an audible sigh of relief...He then said that it had been his first dump in 5 days at that time as he had been constipated... As for showering in a dorm, I didn't have much problems with it...I think the showers in PE class in highschool were more embarrassing, especially if a guy had an erection in the showerroom, he would then get "ribbed at" by the other guys for a few days afterwards...

Kevin (11)
I used to wet the bed a lot. My mom and dad had me go through a training program where they would get me up in the middle of the night so I could pee. Eventually I was getting up on me own. I think they had me do some bladder stretching excercises and change my own bed when I wet it. My dad said he used to wet the bed until he was 11 or 12 and that I should not be embarassed about it. My 9 year old brother used to wet the bed, and my 6 year old brother still does zomstimes. My 7 year old brother never had this problem. I am curious why Simon mean by wet poops. I never heard this phrease before. I never had problems pooping my pants. Does Simon and his brother have to clean their own diapers and butt when they wet poop? And do they poop in the toilet at all?

One of the questions at the start of this site is "your most memorable trip to the toilet". In my time I have had quite a few which stick in my memory and sometimes in the toilet pan such as the first time I "buddy dumped" a jobbie on top of a big one one my mother had passed, the first time I did one so big it stuck in the toilet and wouldn't flush away and the first jobbie I did with a girl watching me, and I will post about these sometime. The most memorable motion however wasn't the biggest log I ever passed but occured when I was about 15 or so. I had eaten a couple of dodgy hamburgers from a food van near our school instead of the far more hygienic but very boring school meals. As I went to bed I felt a bit nauseous and woke up about 3.00am with a terrible pain in the ???? and an urgent need to go to the toilet. I just made it and with a lot of pain discharged a load of loose watery diarrhea and sat on the pan for about 20 minutes as repeated waves of mud and dirty water squittered out of my bum. I also threw up. I hoped this was a single attack but had again to go with similar results at 6.00am and 8.00am. My mother had by now realised that I had a bad ???? upset and let me stay home from school as I could not have risked trying to go there . I had to go another few times still with diarrhea as anything I tried to eat just seemed to bring on another attack of the runs. I hate having diarrhea and this was both physically and emotionally distressing. A bitter irony was that when my mum came back from work that afternoon, she asked how I was and if I could hold on so she could use the toilet herself. I didn't need although I still had gripeing pains in my ???? so she went to the toilet and I heard her going "OO! OO!" and the "ker-sploonk! kur-sploosh!" sounds as she passed two nice big solid jobbies and I sure envied her! She had got me a bottle of kaolin and morphine mixture from the pharmacy and I took a couple of doses of this medicine which, after another watery stool , seemed to work as I didnt go again that day. The following morning I felt a lot better although my appetite hadn't returned but as it was a Friday I had another day off school to get over it fully. No doubt the fact that I had emptied my system and the medicine I had taken combined and I didnt have a motion at all that day. The following day was a Saturday and after a light lunch I again felt the familar and this time normal feeling of a motion coming down into my back passage. I hoped it would be nice and solid as I went to the toilet and sitting on the pan went "OO! OO!" and passed three hard balls the size of a golf ball with loud "Plunk! Plonk! Ploonk!" sounds. I felt that there was more to come out and sure enough after sitting on the toilet for a few more minutes I passed two soft but formed turds of about 5 inches long and an inch thick which went "Kaploonk! Kuplonk!". In normal circumstances I would have been disappointed to pass such small jobbies but after the bad attack of diarrhea I had experienced it was a pleasure to feel solid turds come out again and I was as happy as if I had passed two great pan blocking logs! When I came out of the toilet red faced but feeling proud of my self my mum laughed and, as she had obviously been listening said "I hear you are back to normal now" and then told me to eat proper school dinners not junk food. On returning to school on Monday I found that some other pupils who had eaten the burgers and hot dogs had also had ???? upsets and one of the girls had had a nasty accident and done it in her knickers and been sent home. The burger van was closed the following week and I must say I stuck to school meals from then on. Even after 30 years I can remember this solid motion after the hated runs most vividly. I wonder what other readers most memorable motions may be?

I just saw a girl I wanted to ask a question as I passed through the corridor today, and she was bright red in the face and pretty much out of breath. It wasn't until she'd answered my question and walked off that I heard the sound of the toilet filling up and I realised she'd just been in there. Guess she must've been pretty constipated, as it looked like it had taken a lot out of her. Damn shame I didn't get to hear her straining, or admire her handywork (if she managed to produce anything). Ohh well. Maybe next time.

This morning I had a wake-up near-miss. I awoke to the immediate sensation of pent up gases, and lay there momentarily to enjoy their sequential expulsion prior to showering. But Fart #4 was a 'trick fart'-- it was disguising something more ominous. Before I could clench it off I felt a small non-gas mass escape. What the.....? Hurrying to the bathroom, I squatted on the throne & spied a wet spot bigger than a quarter in the seat of my briefs. My bowels erupted liquidly for a quick but thorough evacuation, consisting of 10% bits 'n pieces and 90% liquid-- 'the runs'. 'What the hell did I EAT last night?' I wondered, then remembered the baked fish cakes which were somewhat underdone but I'd been too lazy to stick 'em back in the over for another 5min or so. Gotta watch that raw fish. BTW, dork -- "take a shit" should be viewed similarly to the expression "take a break", or even as a contractive "take a break and shit". Regarding other euphemisms, my favorite is "mail a package".

Hi guys! Lisa, great to hear from you again; re your friend Leanne, getting into various positions does help "get the juices flowing." I'm glad she was able to dump; as a person who's had her share of consipation, I know how she felt when she finally went. Hi Philippe. I *LOVED* your last posting. I'll admit to being surprised when Jodi offered to let us (Alex and me) watch her. I am quite bashful about anybody seeing me unclothed, unless they're very close to me. I'd never use a doorless stall in a public restroom, as an example. You probably know that I have a boyfriend from college, Tom [he lives 500 miles away and I miss him :( - he I will be going to visit him next week, though :) ]. We have "done it" and seen each other naked. I feel close enough to him that I'd let him watch me, but he blushes at the mere thought of going to the bathroom. Alex, Jodi, Laura, and I have been the best of friends since the 10th grade (about 5 years ago), though I've known Laura since the 6th. I remember that hiking trip well; that inspired Alex to submit her first post. Jodi has become pretty "regular" since she found out she's Lactose Intolerant and has controlled her dairy intake as a result. I'm so glad she found out why her BM's were so runny and smelly and that she's able to control it. Philippe, may I make one correction? Eric is Alex's brother, not Jodi's. Eric and I are extremely close, so I don't mind him listening in on me. Re him watching me go to the bathroom, he's the only male (besides Tom) whom I'd let watch me go, though of course he'd have to let me watch him dump as well :) Peace and love, Steph

Jeff A.
Hi all, I've finally returned from my desert adventure. I've been living in 100+ degree temperatures, and loving it. Some days even got to be up to 110. I guess our dear moderators have been receiving all sorts of crappy mail to sift through. It looks like there are a lot of looky-loo's out there who want a little more than what's being offered on the menu. I have to admire their integrity in keeping this site clean and safe from the usual crap that's floating around the bowl, but I also agree with Steph that this subject matter can be quite agreeable to some of us which is why we're here. I was in the men's room awhile back when the guy in the next stall had his beeper go off right in the middle of his dump. He was so mad, that he started cussing, and slung it out from under the stall, until it slid like a hockey puck, and hit the wall. I never laughed so hard in the men's room in all my life! I picked it up for him, and set it on the counter by the sink. I knew the guy, and people were always hounding him all day long via the pager. I was also thinking of another funny story, one time not too long ago, when my wife was working on the computer, which is in our bedroom right next to the bathroom. I went in, dropped my pants, and sat down on the toilet, and she turned around and smiled at me while I sat. I dropped one good sized one, and she said "You really are going! you usually shut the door." and I just replied "I missed ya." Then I started doing other things to try and make her laugh. I'd "moo" like a cow, and start to stuff a towel in my mouth to bite down on like I was dropping a huge, painful one, or after one would drop, I'd say something like "Was that eight or nine? I've lost count." and she'd be laughing really hard and say "Honey! I'm trying to concentrate!" and I'd start in with these ridiculously loud grunts and strains. She's so cute, and it's really easy to make her laugh. One time she came in when I was in the middle of a big dump to tell me some story about the grocery store. She provided the narrative, and I supplied the sound effects. It sounds like I've missed a lot here, Alex: good story about Jodi's bathroom adventure. It's really great that you 3 have this kind of friendship, and I understand the type of friendship between your brother and Steph too. Bridget: I like reading anything that you have to say. You're one of the real troopers of this forum. Remember the nieghbor woman who was watching me through our bathroom window as I was on the toilet? They've put their house up for sale. Do you think she'll try to go for a repeat performance before she leaves? Oh well, I'll post some more stories when I get time.

Randi P.
Hi all: Here's a question for the women. Have any of you ever had spasms when doing #2 that it makes you double up with pain on the bathroom floor? I wonder what can be done about it. Great stories, keep them coming.

I don't know about the other guys out there, but I have always found the idea of an attractive woman farting quite stimulating. My girlfriend wouldn't pass wind in front of me for a long time, and at first she thought it was weird that I found it a bit of a turn on. I've always speculated about the nature (audible/silent, pungent/not pungent, etc.) of a girl's gas as well as their bowel movements. I wish more women would be open about that part of their's obvious that a lot of people take interest in it. I wonder the thought of guy's farting ever a turn on to women, or do they just think it's gross?

Are any other male readers of this page slow peeers? I always take much longer than most men, I reckon it is just low bladder pressure. Even when I am full of beer, it takes ages to get rid of all my urine. I noticed that again this morning. I was in the men's room at the urinal and had just got nicely going when someone else came in. He started peeing like a horse, and was done in about 30 seconds. I carried on and he had washed his hands and left before my stream finally stopped. It's not a function of age, either. As far as I can remember I was a slow peeer even as a little boy.

Juan, you wanted to know about some of the sounds that we females make when pooping, well wheb I go, I don't make that much noise. I hardly ever fart unless I am very gassy. When I strain, I don't grunt or make any other vocal exclamations. And when my turds come out, they crackle a little bit and don't make much noise when they fall in the water unless they are small and pebble-like and plop out, or if they are hard and "golf-ball" round. If my turds are long and sausage-shaped they just usually land with a hollow thud. Besides, when I poop, I always try to be as quiet as possible. Happy Camper, you're right about the word ka-ka being spelled with a "C". Here, in Canada, where the majority of people speak fluent french the word is spelled "caca". Steph, I am glad that you finally watched Jodi pooping. I know it's something you've wanted for a long time. I agree with you about this site being moderated. It's good that it is not too obscene like some other sites and still be able to have some slight sexual undertones to it, without being too over the top. It's also fascinating to think of guys peeing. It's true that they are lucky to not have to go through the process of unbuttoning and unzipping pants and pulling down underwear. That can be a real hassle for us girls, especially when we're in a hurry to go. Then again, it is possible for girls to pee in urinals, eventhough I've never tried it. I guess it's also possible for guys to sit on the toilet to pee.

dork, concerning your queries, "taking a shit" is merely a matter of syntax, it conveys the message and therefore it doesn't matter how illogical it is. arguing over the orign of dirty phrases anyway is unproductive and pointless. Also, since a "fart" involves the expelling of gas, it is tangible....just wanted to add my two cents.

Girls: Do any of you need to push to start or while peeing?

Dork, I can only speculate, but you must have been on the right track: take a dump (like a truck) is transformed into take a shit; neither refers to stealing the dump or shit, and I don't think it came from 'don't give me that' or 'I don't have to take.' You may be right that 'cut' a fart came from cut the cheese; it would be a natural metaphorical progression. Just speculating, Fluidity

Friday, July 24, 1998

I would like to comment on American phrases for bathroom function. I could never understand the phase "cutting a fart" A fart is a gas and an action,neither of which are tangible so how can you cut one? I'm assumming it came from the phase "who cut the cheese" cheese has a destint odor as does a fart. Taking a shit is another no-brainer. Why would someone take anyone else's shit. They would then be a thief and a kinky one at that. I assume that came from the phrase "I don't have to take your shit" or "don't give me that shit". I like the phrase " I need to drain a vein" for taking a piss. Taking a dump is good because you can vision a truck backing up like you do to a toilet and when the dump truck releases a lever the load flows out of the truck the same way when your little pink hole opens up and releases it's own load of manure.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

Happy Camper
To Simon (12) - FYI, I believe KA KA is the Spanish slang word for shit, but the correct spelling is with a "C" - not a "K". Will someone correct me if I am wrong.

Hi guys! Bridget, I was *so* happy when Jodi decided to dump in front of Alex and me. She left a LOT of poop in my toilet bowl :) I'll be sure to let you all know when I return Jodi's favor. Alex mentioned that her brother Eric was listening to me peeing. Eric and I are very close friends (nothing sexual) and I have no objection to him standing by the door and listening to me. I know, and appreciate, that there is not a lot of sexual language on here [I really don't want to read about S&M or someones "17'," either), but one has to admit that there is an appeal (for some) to thinking about someone of the opposite sex going to the bathroom. Peeing is an example. I've never personally seen a urinal (pictures, yes, but not up close), but it does seem fascinating that a man/boy can just unzip his pants, stick out his [fill in the blank], and stand there to pee, while I have to partially undress and sit down to do the same thing. I'm talking about the "rule" here; I'm aware some girls do use urinals, albeit not as easily as the average guy. Ok, that's enough on that... Graham, I've peed outside a few times. To answer your question, a guy can "point" to where he wants to pee, while a female "shoots" in the same situation. Juan, I do make some sounds when pooping, especially when constipated. Besides the sound of peeing (which I usually also do when taking a dump) and the splashing of sometimes rock-hard poop, I sometimes breathe loudly when pushing to go. I like to "tense up," meaning tighten all my muscles, when taking a dump- this seems to help me go, most of the time. Simon, I liked your glossary about bathroom terms. I usually refer to urine as "pee" while I "take a dump" when having to move my bowels. I leave "poo" or "poop" in the toilet after taking a dump (I have used the more vulgar "shit" or "crap" after really doing a good one). I also love Pooping Girl's term "jobbies," though I really haven't adopted the term. Peace and love to all, Steph

One of my best friends happens to be female so I didn't expect that my "female friend" would actually take a crap in my presence. I was fixing my bathroom sink one afternoon while my friend "Karen" hung out in my room. As I was wrestling with the stubborn pipes under my sink, Karen comes in saying that she has to use the bathroom. Due to the awkward position that I was in under the sink, I told her to wait a few minutes but being such a stubborn person, Karen start's whining "I can't wait any longer". I explained to her that if I let go of my grip, the pipe would come lose and great damage would be done. Obviously I was bullshiting and she had no choice but to do what she had to do. Karen started farting uncontrollably (something I've never heard her done) and before I knew it, she was sitting on the bowl (which was only few inches away from me) taking a dump. Obviously, me being under the sink, I couldn't see but I heard and smelt everything. First a fart that echoed within the bowl and a wet-crackling sound followed. I could her grunting and groaning then a splash as a turd hit the water. This continued for about 2 minutes and then she managed to slip out another fart. I was laughing hysterically trying to hold my breath while Karen just kept telling me to shut up. The smell was horrible. I never thought that women who looked as good as her could produce such a horrible masterpiece in the toilet bowl. She told me to stay under the sink as she wiped and flushed so I didn't see anything else. Obviously this was something the both of us would never forget.

Jodi, I just wanted to say congrat's on your first poop in front of someone else.Bravo!! I came home from the store today. since Jim's away, Leanne is pretty much living at my place. I came in quietly because I heard Leanne's "New age" music, which she only play's when she's doing Yoga, which I'm told requires scilence so she can cocentrate. Whatever. Anyway, I'm putting my stuff away (Leanne still dosn't know I'm in) and I hear her go "AH!" followed by a BRALLP! a huge, loud,wet fart. I started to laugh and went into the room. "Hope you didn't break your concentration!!" She's still in the pose, turning Bright red!!! She explaned to me that she was constipated and thet she read that this pose would make he poop. the artical said it also releavs bloating and makes you fart, too. She was so embarrased, and kepted saying she was sorry. I told her it was ok, I didn't care and I wanted her to feel better. She said thanks and went back into her pose. She farted 3 more big ones after. Later on, I was taking a bath and Leanne came rushing in(still in her yoga outfit). She was kind of danceing around. "I've really got to go!!" I got out of the tub and she sat down and started to strain. I was about to close the door when I saw her face. She was really straining and was really going red. I asked if she was ok. She looked at me and said "No. it really hurts." I sat on the rim of the tub and started to rub her belly. She was kind of freaked out, but she just went right back to straining. Finally, it came out. It hit the water with a big PLOP! she sighed and I took off. Didn't want to freak her any worse. this was out first real "bathroom experance." We pee in front of each other sometimes but this was different. She hasn't been acting strange around me, but...I can't really explane it. Maybe I should just tell her. Bye for now Lisa

Shit Radar
Yesterday I when for an unload shit session, it was not an emergency but felt something was pushing at my output hole . I sat down and force was not necessary so I just let go and a fair amount of mud shit came out. when finished I turn around to check out in the bowl, It was unbeleivable the amount of shit pilled and it was coming out of the water level, this mean there is a lot and when part of the pile is above water level the smell is worse and very bad. Very nice ! any girl here can tell me a similar experience ?? Have a nice shit ...

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