Angela P.

Story about an old friend


My name is angela,i´m 42 years old and i live in a small town in germany.
i still remember to this story,although ist was a long time ago,like it was yesterday.
back in 1988 i was on the way home from my apprenticeship,together with my friend Sabine,who lived in the same village.
we both was 17 at this time.
Sabine was a likeable girl,but not the type who the boys was much interested.
surely she had her amenities,in my opinion,she had a pleasing face,beautiful green-gray eyes,some cute freckles on her nose and nice long legs.
but she was tall,broad-shouldered with round hips and butt.
not fat,rather bouncing...
Sabine had straight ash-blonde hair and wore unfortunately this typical eighties-Hairstyle,cutted short over her ears,with a fringe and shoulder-lenght hair in her neck.
altogether rather the wallflower-type.
on this day in the past she wore a pink anorak,tight bluejeans and white sneakers.

already on our way to to train-station she sighed "I have to poop!"
i suggested her to got to the toilet at the station or the train-toilet,but she refused my proposal and told that she could wait until home.
Sabine was the type who hates it to do her number two in public restrooms...whenever she was able to hold it,she tried to wait until home.
there was a few ticklish situations because of this in our days of youth.Sabine had a few really close calls but she made it somehow until home everytime.

we got in the train and met a friend and her co-worker,both was on her way home too.
me made some small talk and the guy offered some cigarettes and we was going to the entrance of the railway car.(back then,smoking was allowed there)
needless to say that it would had been better for Sabine to keep her seat,her squinched face says all,she was really busy to hold back her poop...obviously she had to go much more badly then she admitted.
i whispered "Rübe (her nickname,a slightly modification of her family name...rübe=beet...she don´t like her nick name much...haha,but all of the people called her so)keep your seat or go to the toilet finally!"
"no...i can hold it!" she answered and followed us.
i already have noticed that Sabine was about to make eyes to the co-worker of our friend and now she wanted to keep at him.

without saying,her plan was utterly pointless...She was rather shy inherently and in consideration of the pressure in her guts her attempts was more than miserable.
The most of time Rübe was busy about to pressing her butt against the wall.
As we got back to the cabin she was visibly in hurry to get back the seat under her butt.
as the train pulled into the station,Sabine groaned " Ooooh...ich have to go!!!"
"There! I have told you to go to the toilet!"I answered "Now you must wait until home or go at the station,but then you will miss the bus!"
Rübe didn´t answered,she was gritting her teeth and pressing both hands at the sides of her thighs.

as we left the train,she followed me to the bus station,she decided not to wait one hour and taking the next bus.
"are you sure?" i asked her"yes..."Sabine answered "i will make it"
"I´m not so sure... you should better go to the toilet now and take the next bus...i think, you will poop yourself otherwise!" i advised to her.
"nonsense!" answered Rübe "yes...i have to poop...and yes,it is bad...i know it will be a close thing,maybe i will reach the toilet just at the last minute...but i will make it!"
in front of the bus was a long line of people."oh shit! cursed Rübe "i need a seat,i can´t stand the whole drive.Make way!"
she tried to force her way through the crowds but without effect.
nevertheless Sabine grabbed a seat and sat down with an sigh of relief.
i sat down beside her.

After 5 minutes she gasped"Ooohoh ouuu!its poking out.oh shit,oh shit...go back!pleeease!
After a few anxious moments, Rübe breathed a sigh of relief "are you ok?" i asked her.
"no...not really!...she mumbled" i thought i was going to lose it...i could suck it back...ähem,but...but it was gotten out between my cheeks...and now i have to change my panties!"
"ouch" i replied "but i have warned you! bad is it?"
Rübe stammered" panties are sticking at my cheeks...i must have a big stain in it...and i have to go such badly..."
"Try to think about other things!"i said.

For two or three minutes Sabine sat bent forward,silently,sweating.
then she moanded "i´m about to shitting myself...i can´t think about any other things!...You were right..i don´t make it until home"
"well,we will arive our station in 20 minutes,we will wait until the bus is driving away and then you will go poop behind the bus shelter. i will keep watch if somebody comes around"
"i hope i will make it until then" she mumbled.

around 20 minutes...or,in Rübe´s very own time calculation,2 turtleheads later...hihi...we arrived the bus stop in our village.we got out the bus,but as the bus started to drive away,Sabine yelled:"aaaah shit,shit,shit!!!!,i´m starting to poop,its coming out!!!
she hasted behind the bus shelter,pulling her pants down while running.
Rübe had really starting to poop already,she had dropped a piece of her turd into her panties,maybe 6 inches long,but i giggled even more as i looked at her naked butt.a huge log,at least 15 inches long and 2-3 inches in the diameter was hanging out of her ass.
totally mortified she squatted down behind the bus shelter and finished her poop.
her panties were ruined...

months later,i could still tease her with her accident.
just the slightest allusion and Rübes face blushed in tomato red..haha
a few years later she moved away to an other town.
i didn´t know where she live today but i remember at this hilarious episode as like it eas yesterday...

Nothing much happened since I've last posted. Just the usual poos at home, in my grans house, at school, and even 1 load at the local Tesco! I was shopping there with my mother and felt the need. I told her I needed a number 2 because I hadn't been since I went in my gran's house 3 days before. I don't usually hold my poo for over 2 days. I walked to the toilets, passed 2 or 3 logs and some smaller stuff. I finished, got up pulled my thong and jeans up, and didn't flush. I met my mother 15 minutes after I left her and she said she needed a poo too! I was frightened in case she would use the same stall as me and see that I didn't wipe or flush! She met me less than 10 minutes later. She must have used another stall, or something because she didn't ask me anything about not wiping and flushing!
Thanks for reading!!
Millie! X

Havent written in in a few days as its all been uneventful but this morning whilst myself and Laura went shopping without the babies we needed the toilet. We'd just had lunch and could feel my bowels needing a good clear out. I mentioned to Laura that id need a poop pretty soon and she said she needed one too. We went in and took 2 stalls beside each other. The other stall was empty. I sat down and peed first. I then began to push. Laura said her stall had no tp so whilst i pushed i gave her some. I felt it coming and continued pushing. Laura dropped 2 logs and then i heard shuffling of the tp. My poop was coming very slowly and my need to push became stronger. Laura flushed and as she washed her hands asked if i was ok. I told her that it was a stuck half way out. I pushed really hard that i grunted and my feet lifted off the ground. I held that push for about 40 secs until it finally loosened. I released my grunt and sighed as finally 1 massive log splashed out. 2 further logs came. I finished up and left.

My second story comes live from my bathroom. I pooped this morning when with Laura but upon arriving home about 20 mins ago i began to feel like i wasnt completely emptied out. I came in here and now im sitting comfortably. Ready to push. And....uhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh, its coming, uhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh. It appears to be stuck half way out again. I had sweetcorn with my dinner last night and i have usually struggled to poop the day after eating it. Im going to have to push harder. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Wow its really stuck. I may need to poke it out. I got some disposable gloves i use when cleaning Freyas bum and ive put one on my right hand whilst i type with my left. Im leaning forward and im sticking 2 fingers at the rim of the butthole. Im going to push whilst i try to release this stubborn poop. UHHHHHHHHH and im poking. Again. UHHHHHHHHH and poke. YES. Its loosening. Im now going to let it drop unaided. Its coming. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. AH. Relief. After 2 trips within 90 mins im done. BYE.

Shy pooper
I am 23 yr old girl from Europe and I study at the university. I found this site a couple of months ago and I really enjoy reading stories here. I would like share one of mine, very recent one. I am rather regular what comes about my pooping schedule. I poop once a day, usually in the mornings. Sometimes I can poop right away I wake up, but normally it takes 2-3 hours after my breakfast when I need to do number 2 which means that I have to poop at school. My favorite place take a dump is university's library. It is large, three-storey building and there are restrooms in each floor. Biggest and busiest restroom is in the ground floor. Because I am a little bit shy pooping in public toilets I prefer use third floor restroom. It is small (only 2 stalls) but it is very quiet. Most often I get to be there by myself during my whole dumping session. One day last week I was heading to my favorite toilet to have my regular dump. Urge was quite strong and as I was climbing stairs to the third floor I had to clench my buttocks tightly because big load was trying find it's way out of my ass. I approached the toilet hoping that it would be empty. For my disappointment it wasn't. Someone was sitting in another stall. I lingered in front of the mirrors combing my hair and hoping that she would leave. I realized that woman who was sitting in stall was reading a magazine or a book because I heard clearly how she turned pages. Otherwise she was almost completely quiet. A minute or two went by and I started to be quite desperate. Then suddenly, without warning, I heard a muffled plop. Knowing that she was pooping helped me make my next move. I entered in the vacant stall, locked the door and began to pull down my jeans. There was a mild, fresh odor of poop that must come from next stall. I sat down and started to tinkle. It lasted only 10 seconds and then tapered off. After a short pause I felt my anus begin to distend and I made few slight grunts. Judging by the sounds woman put her readings away. She started also grunting softly and soon there was a big plop followed by two little ones. I was comping with her, I dropped three or four smaller turds only 4-5 seconds apart. While my main log was easing and crackling out slowly my neighbor made yet one good plop and started to wipe. My log slid out pretty easily, I didn't need to push at all as it grew longer and longer. Woman in next stall was still wiping as my log broke off and splashed loudly into the bowl. I pushed out a couple of tiny turds and then I was finished. I wiped (4 times) and flushed. Next stall lady was at the sinks as I stepped out of stall. I didn't know her, but she looked about same age with me. She didn't say anything, just smiled a bit and then she left.


Soo Jun's Diarrhoea

Soo Jun was my best friend when I was 15. She had a really cute chiseled chin and rectangular black spectacles so fitting for her face. Many boys in our class had a crush on her, and even though she did not like them, she would go crimson red, blushing at the thought of the opposite gender having a crush on her.

She was generally really cheerful and was too innocent to be embarrassed about her toilet visits, I guess, as she would often just shout out to me in class, in front of all the boys, saying, "Hey Sammie, I really have to pee!".. And of course, I would just accompany her to the bathroom..

However, there was once, during PE, while the class was playing basketball, Soo Jun seemed unwell and wasn't her usual self. She was sitting at one corner on the floor and holding her stomach, and she was pressing it really hard with her palms. She had told the teacher that she was on her period.

I went to her and asked her what was wrong, and she broke down in tears. Her face became really red and she kept crying complaining about the pain.I accompanied her to the toilet and she ran into one of the cubicles.

"UUGGGHHHHHHHH".. A torrest of loose, wet, chunky poop just rushed out of her like a faucet and she was sobbing continuously!

"Hey, Soo Jun, are you okay?" I knocked on the door.
"My stomach.. It really hurts.. It's really painful..".. Drops of poop dropped out again which were obviously liquidy, and another explosion of wet mushy and smelly poo came out..
"I don't know what I ate..".. By this time, the toilet really stank, and it was obvious she had food poisoning, and not on her period..

Explosions kept coming for about 10minutes and she finally came out, which her hands still holding her stomach and she was hunched over walking. She turned me on!


Revenge on a "crappy" hotel

Hi again. I posted a few weeks back about my coworker Anita, on page 2178). I intended for that to be my only post, figuring I wouldn't have anything else interesting to share. However, I was recently talking with my sister and as we talked she ended up reminding me of an incident which I had completely forgotten about.

Back in 1984, when I was thirteen years old and my sister was twelve, my family went on vacation to Chicago. The trip started off poorly, as upon arriving at our hotel, we were informed that we had missed the check-in deadline (not our fault, by the way, as our flight in was delayed as well) and ended up getting a room with only one bed in the smoking section, as that was what they had available. On top of that, the staff refused to give us any discount for our trouble and further would charge us a cancellation fee unless we accepted the room for the whole week we were due to be on vacation. On top of all that, the staff was very rude to us.

For the week, we rotated which of us would get the bed and who would sleep on the floor, and tried to make the best of an awful situation. On the morning of the fourth day, my sister came to me and had an idea. We would hold our poop for the rest of the trip, then we'd both go in the toilet without flushing, to leave a gigantic load of poop in the toilet. And that's what we did. It was kind of difficult to hold in my poop for the nearly three days as I normally go every day, but we both managed the feat.

When we woke up on the last day, we were about ready to burst, and so went into the bathroom just before we were heading down to finally check out of that damned hotel. I sat down and motioned for my sister to sit on my lap. She did and then we started to poop. When we were done, we looked at the destroyed toilet. We had pooped so much the toilet was not going to flush any time soon. We shared a quiet laugh while we wiped and placed the paper on top of our poop mountain.

Mom and Dad were waiting downstairs for us, so we left the room and joined them. Dad is uptight and wouldn't approve of what we did, but on our way to the car, I whispered in Mom's ear about our pooping escapade and she started laughing. She composed herself after maybe twenty seconds and Dad asked what was funny, and she told him it was a woman thing and he just wouldn't understand. That was the last we mentioned of that incident for many years.

Needless to say we vowed never to return to that hotel or any in its chain, but I really wished that I could have been there to see their reaction when he/she found our revenge. That's my only regret about the situation. I'm proud of what we did as that hotel deserved it, and so much more for that matter.


I saw this site a few years back and forgot about it till tonight. I have a story about the house I grew up in and my neighbors.
Our house was divided into 3 equal sections as it was a very long wide building. Our bathroom was a mirror image of our neighbors so our toilets were only separated by a stud wall covered with gypsum board. My neighbors were all females except the father. I learned early on that if I sat there long enough one of the girls would use the toilet and if I was lucky she would poop. One girl was older than me one was my age and two were a bit younger. The mom was good looking with long dark hair and tanned skin. One morning on April 1st I was in my bathroom and heard someone go in their bathroom and it was the mom. I pressed my ear against the wall and listened. A really load fart burst in the toilet followed by a gushing pee then a short silence followed by 3 very pronounced plops and a sigh of relief from her.
The older daughter and I would often hang out weekends. We would walk back to the bush and to the creek and spend all day just relaxing. One of us always had to have a poop at some point and we would let the other watch as we would poop. I remember the first time she told me that she had to poop...I thought she was kidding! So I asked if I could watch and she said yes! I was astonished at the size of her poop and the wasn't at all offensive, kind of sweet actually. That was the start of a weekend ritual that we enjoyed till about 5 years later.
I have many more poop stories to tell but all in good time!


Diarrhea in School Toilet (on purpose?)

Hey guys! I'm Sydney! I'm new to the site, but this is the perfect place to post this. So, I am blonde, really tall (like 5.11 or so) and wear glasses... my friends call me "the sexy librarian" XD. Anyway, so I am a 10th grader, and I enjoy pooping, especially at school. Something about it is extremely naughty and I think it's just awesome for some reason! Anyway, back to the story. So growing up, I always had ???? troubles. I got diarrhea from everything as a kid. Not only was I lactose intolerant, but my stomach just hates me or something. It's gotten better as I got older, but still, meats, most vegetables, and caffeine gives me diarrhea. So I am also in Chemistry, and I had a quiz I didn't study for. I have a C- in the class right now, and if I drop to a D, I might have to go to summer school. So I did the naughtiest thing I could do. Normally, I bring lunch, which consists of just peanut butter sandwiches and pretzels, but I decided to stuff it in my locker and eat lunch at school. I got myself a Chicken Sandwich, a side of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, broccoli and cheddar soup, and got some coffee from the cafeteria's coffee machine. I had Chemistry in two periods, so I had to make sure that it was effective enough, might as well go all out! So I ate them. It sucks that they give me the runs, because I realized our school cafeteria food is actually pretty good! Kinda lame D:. Anyway, so I was in English class, and we were watching the Great Gatsby movie, when I felt my stomach rumble. Gas built up inside of me and soon enough, I let out a silent fart. This one didn't stink, but it would get really stinky later on, so unfortunately for everyone around me, they would have to deal with some smelly farts. As we got further into the movie, I let out one that was really loud and smelled like rotten eggs. Everyone quickly looked around, when this kid in our class named Jake yelled out "did someone just fart?" I giggled to myself and my friend Melissa leaned over and said, "Syd, was that you?" I pretended like it was an accident and just said, "yeah, in fact, I think I need to go to the bathroom." Melissa held her nose and said "yeah, I can tell." I raised my hand and the teacher let me go to the bathroom. I had about 15 minutes left in class, so I was preying at this point, that everything would work out, and I would miss Chem. So I went in to the bathroom, and pulled up my skirt (we have a uniform, so I have to wear a skirt), and then pulled my black and white stripped panties down to my ankles (I like it when other girls see my undies.) I sat for a bit, then realized everything was backed up. Nothing was coming out. I stayed there for a few minutes when suddenly, my asshole opened up and let out a loud torrent of diarrhea into the toilet. It came out all at once, and went on for the longest time. It was like a minute of non-stop pooping, and it was loud. These really bad farts were escaping by butt at the same time too. I stopped, then started to drip liquid poop for a bit. Just then, Melissa came in and said "Syd, class is over, are you okay?" Almost as if to answer for me, I let out this flow of liquid poopy diarrhea that splattered all over the bowl. Melissa said, almost horrified "Oh my god Syd, are you okay?" and I replied weakly "no, I have the runs." Melissa said she would get some help. I told her "no, it's okay, just tell my teacher I have a ???? ache." She left and I continued to let loose with horrible, stinging diarrhea. It was painful, but I felt so naughty skipping class, and me pooping diarrhea in the girls bathroom, oh my god! I kept pooping for about an hour, and lucky me, I missed Chem class, and a bit of Drama. During Drama though, it did come back and I ran to the bathroom, and pooped another gallon in the girls toilet. School let out and my mother apparently heard the news that I had the runs, and asked if I was okay. I told her I caught the stomach flu, and she believed it! I decided that I shouldn't miss school anymore, so I went back the next day, but apparently people heard about how Sydney got a case of the poops! Sadly, my crush heard about it too... oh well! I got the chem test back, and I did get an A (it was a 38/40,) so other than grossing out my crush, it all worked out! Well, hope you enjoyed! Also, if you ever had diarrhea at school, let me know! Hope to post more soon (this is the most interesting story I have D:)



Just a poo at school

Hey there, it's Pooperlady, not to be confused with Poopergal/Poopergirl/Poopermom (although they're cool people. :) )
I drank 2 cups of coffee today at school, which activated my bladder and bowels. At lunchtime, I went to the downstairs bathroom. Someone was in the other stall, but it wasn't someone I knew, so I wasn't too embarrassed to relieve myself.
I went into the unoccupied stall and locked it. I strained a bit to push out as much poo in as little time as possible. I pooped a nice long log, and got my pee overwith as I was pooping. It was a good toilet session.

Jenny- I go to the gym too and have noticed other ladies going for a poo in the toilets there. Sometimes the exercise makes me need to go, but not really ever before and I don't like going there anyway so I wait until I'm home if possible!

Well today I had to find a toilet urgently while I was out. I'd made quite a spicy curry the night before and during a lecture today things started loosening uo somewhat down below! I was uncomfortable for the first hour, letting off intermittent farts and feeling like I'd need to go soon. With half an hour left I felt my bowels start to move quite fast and soon I was feeling urgent for a loose poo. I was still letting off farts, some of which smelled a bit, and my poo was pressing down hard. It was loose and difficult to hold easily. By the end of the lecture I was ready to explode so I hurried to the toilets. Luckily all the cubicles were free so I nipped in and sat. Immedistely I let out a long, loud fart and some loose chunks of poo. Another fart followed and then two, more solid logs. A few girls came in and entered the other cubicles at this point. I heard one of them fart and then I pushed out a few more wet pieces and one small log and I was done.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The other day I was at a tube station in outer London, which has 2 toilets male and female off the waiting area on the platform. I needed the loo so I headed there. Turns out the male one was out of order, and the female had been re-classified as unisex. The cubicle was occupied and there was a young lad, 8 years old or so, waiting. Nothing seemed to happen for a couple of minutes, then I noticed the lad crossing his legs, and after a while he started to hold himself down below. There was a flush and a 30something guy came out. The lad ran in and I could hear a long stream of wee fizzing from him, and an audible sigh of relief! A girl of about 16 then arrived, and whimpered when she saw the sign saying that there was only one toilet in service. She was quite pretty, with long mousy brown hair, and wore a school uniform with a blue skirt and tights. She stood with her legs crossed tightly and seemed to be holding herself discreetly. She hopped onto the other foot and crossed her legs tightly the other way, then breathed deeply and rubbed her belly. After a while she held tightly on to her bottom and crossed her legs tighter. There was a flush and the girl groaned lightly, so I offered for her to go in front. The door opened and the guy came out, she hobbled in and said "ohthankyousomuch!". Once she shut the door I heard a loud fart, then she groaned and I could hear skirt and knickers being pulled down and a thud as she sat down on the loo. Immediately a heavy stream started flowing. There was then a heavy PLOP, followed by a few lighter plops, then a runny patch. The pooing stopped, but the stream of wee continued, before it came to a stop too. There was a final burst of pee at the end. There was a few minutes before she left the cubicle, and when I went in there was a strong smell of poo. As I was relieving myself I noticed in the corner a pair of pink knickers with a poo stain on the back and damp at the front... not sure who they're from, but by the sounds of how desperate that girl was...



Replies & desperate wait for poo

FishNorFowl- I understand completely transgendered people like yourself using the cubicles to pee, because unfortunately it can still lead to harassment. I noticed my university has recently opened a set of gender neutral toilets- thar is, a true unisex toilet, with, I assume, lots of cubicles and no urinals. This is ostensibly open to everyone but is basically designed to give transgendered students an alternative. Do you know of any similar toilets where you live?

Sara C- very interesting story of your pooing contest! Do you plan on holding a rematch soon?

Shy pooper- Welcome to the site! My bowels are like yours in that they take some hours to 'activate' after I have breakfast. Usually eating lunch kickstarts things and it's usually soon after that I start to need my first number two of the day. This means that like you I often need to use the toilets in my university buildings to relieve myself. Also like you the library toilets are some of my favourites!

My poos have been messed up over the last couple of days because on Monday night I stayed up all night to get some work done. Yesterday I only went once, in the afternoon, producing a few logs only. After a proper night's sleep last night I went to my tutorial classes today. I started to feel the need to poo unusually early for me, about 10:30. I figured because I had more poo than usual built up I was needing to go earlier. This was awkward because my class went on until noon. For ten minutes or so it was just a bit of pressure and discomfort, and then I felt my poo moving into position down below, pushing on my hole but not too hard. I relaxed a bit and was ok for half an hour. Then the pressure began to build. Soon it was clear a large load wanted out pretty urgently. I stil had about 40 minutes to wait until I could get to a toilet. I thought I could hold on ok, so I concentrated on the work. But with 20 minutes to go I could no longer concentrate properly because I was getting desperate to unload. Finally we finished and I put my stuff in my bag and hurried over to the nearest mens toilets. Two cubicles and guess what- both in use. Both were being used for number twos, though! I had an agonising 5 minute hold while the two guys did their poos. While I was waiting a Chinese student came in. He looked as desperate as I was and he joined the queue, moving around animatedly. My poo was trying its hardest to emerge of its own accord but I held on as hard as possible. I was glad I was first in the queue- I don't know who had to go worse! After waiting for a minute I started to move around too and the few guys who came in could have seen we both urgently needed to get in to a cubicle. Hearing others go made it that much worse. Finally I heard someone pull off some paper, but it was another minute or two before he came out. I dashed in, shut the door, yanked down my jeans and boxers and sat, with my poo starting to ease out as I did so. There was an immediate plop as part of my first turd broke off and then another as the rest emerged, followed by a second. Made it! The other guy flushed at this point and as my third log was crackling out the Chinese guy sat down and let go with four quick plops and some gas. I pushed out another two big logs and then began to unload a chain of small bits, 8-10 in total after much sitting and pushing. After ten minutes, feeling much lighter, I wiped and flushed my big, urgent load away. We'd both made it but it had been close! I didn't go again today so I might have a repeat tomorrow!


Why I use a cubcile (stall) for both peeing and doing a poo

Martin, first, it's MY choice to use whichever I prefer and a Cubicle (Stall) wins hands down every time. I can't remember the last time I stood to pee at a urinal, it must be 45 years ago or so.

Secondly in the UK, unless vandals have broken it off or possibly in prisons and mental hospitals etc it is almost unknown to have a toilet cubicle without a door. That being so it is far safer to use the cubicle, bolt the door and do a pee or a poo or both. In comparison standing at a urinal has their back to possible assault be that sexual or mugging.

As for the "Ambush Motion" the point is that you do NOT know you need one until it comes out into the seat of your underpants as you pee and this can happen usually with diarrhea or a loose stool but also with a soft formed one. Sitting down to pee as I have done for decades totally prevents such accidents as the motion whether it is watery, loose or formed goes safely into the toilet pan not the underpants.

Also at least here in the UK and Europe, many men these days wear slip type briefs such as Speedos and CKs and Sloggis which are almost identical to women's underwear and therefore do not have a fly opening and do have elasticated leg openings. If wearing these it would mean having to take down your trousers at the front and your underpants to pee and many men would not wish to do so. In the safety and privacy of a cubicle with a locked door this problem does not arise and the user can either stand to pee or sit as they wish.

There are also many men who for whatever reason have a condition called Paruresis which prevents them peeing when they can be seen by other men and why should they not use a cubicle where they can relax behind a closed door in privacy and comfort?

The problem is NOT men using a cubicle or stall to pee but the lack of sufficient stalls in men's toilets (restrooms). Most decent places have more than one stall in their toilets as well as urinals and here in the UK there are Laws which determine the number of such facilities that have to be provided in any workplace according to the number of of people employed.

To be honest I find Urinals to be such dirty smelly items that I would remove them and have more stalls with lockable doors in their place in public/works etc toilets and in some modern workplaces that is how the toilets are with men's and women's having cubicles but no urinals. It doesn't seem to bother the men who use them I have found.
So I will continue to use a stall in a public or works toilet etc whether I need a pee or a poo.


Buddy dump in the woods

Once it stopped raining this afternoon I decided to go for a walk in the woods as I really had to poo. I'd been holding it since Tuesday, so by Sunday afternoon I was close to shitting my pants. When I got there it was deserved so I put my bag down and lowered my jeans an knickers right on the pathway. I was about to squat down and begin my much needed poo when I heard a twig snap. I looked around but couldn't see anything but I didn't feel confident to continue and stood up and pulled my clothes up and kept walking. I felt a cramp in my bowels and looked around to see if there was anyone about but couldn't see anyone, so I started to un button my jeans ready for some much needed relief when I saw a branch moving in the distance. I felt sure someone was watching me and couldn't risk being seen pooing in she open, even though there was a very real risk of me messing my pants. I walked away quickly when I felt another cramp and then my bowels pushing against my will. I clenched even harder against the pressure and somehow kept it all in. Then I saw someone walking towards me. It was a young woman about 18 or so and she asked me if I knew if there were some toilets nearby as she was desperate. I told her there weren't any and admitted my own desperation to her. She looked happier when I said that and suggested we both went here. I agreed and we squatted together at the edge of the path. The woman peed a powerful stream of pee that flooded the ground at her feet and she smiled in relief. I peed too but noticed she didn't poo. She then pulled her clothes up while I pushed out a long thick turd. It must have been a foot long and landed with a thud. The woman looked shocked and said she couldn't believe I was having a poo. I felt embarrassed but was too desperate to stop now and kept pushing the next one out. It came out quickly and formed a steaming pile around the first turd. The woman remarked at the size of it and I told her there was more to come. I pushed again and got about twice as much again out. The relief was fantastic and I wiped with the toilet roll in my bag but then I noticed the woman undoing her jeans again as she said, "You know what? I could do with a number two myself." She asked if ,he could use my toilet roll and I handed it to her as she got into the position. She produced a lot of semi solid poo and looked relieved but it was nowhere near as much as I'd done. She wiped her bum and pulled her clothes back up and thanked me for the toilet roll. After that we went our separate ways.


Jenny: When I was in HS gym, I would move my bowels prior to session or during session. I did not like using the toilets of the general population, if possible. I liked gym because it let me be with other girls and I could sneak downstairs to look at the cute guys in their shorts and their clean white briefs. Many of us did so in college, also because we did not want as we said, "have it in us" during activity. In judo class, we would go after class, we were little girls, as well as older women. See my earlier posts. Girls at my gym use the toilet as soon as they change into their athletic clothes. Some go to the toilet in shorts and bra, only or bra and panties or naked. They and their clothes are very pretty. My lover and I go to the gym where we change before workout. I was the loudest in the gym bathrooms in school. Them Oriental girls stink the most and make the loudest noise. My lover is a Chinese girl. When I go to the gym on Sat. or Sun morning, the girls and women stink the place and make the noise with loud dry or wet farts. Then, there are ones who have diarreah and the ones who are pressing out those hard logs. One white girl has these hard bowel movements on Sunday morning. Her name is Carol. She is 43, thin as a rail and short. One typical Sunday morning, Carol was changing into her New Balance running black running shorts, pink shirt, with a white micorfiber sports bra and white panty. She said, "Althea, I have to take a wicked shit." She tugged down her shorts as she entered the stall, closed the door and sat on the toilet. My lover Shannon and I had to mo ve our bowels before we hit the weights. We just grabbed our running clothes and headed to the toilets. I was wearing a black bra and panty while Shannon wearing a turquoise bra and panty. Carol was pushing out hard logs. I took the next stall. My bowels were hard logs, but they passed easy. Shannon with her undies at her ankles, was expelling a loose bowel movement with watery farts. Her's was the worst. There were plops, chunks, farts and waves. We all urinated at some point. Shannnon said, "I feel like I've been rammed with an enema tube. Everything is coming out of me loose." Carol took a long and loud pee. I took one with a fart after my 6th piece. Shannon did not have diarreah. Her bowel movements are usually soft and loose. Anyway, Caro was finished, wiped herself, pulled up her shorts and flushed. Then, I did so. Carol and I washed our hands and waited for Shannon. Shannon came out of the stall in her underwear, washed her hands and then we went to the weights.

In judo school, I would make #2 after session for some reason. I guess the session stimulated my bowels. I was in grammar school between 5-7th grades, undeveloped and hairless, if you know where I mean. The toilets in that school were open-air with no stalls or doors. There were 4 toilets. I did not like it at first because I was used to privacy, but when other girls were uninhibited, I was not either, anymore. I used to sit on the toilet with other girls and women while we were half-undressed or totally naked.

Answer to Shits of the past
Are you male or female and what is your age? I used to get terrible diarreah when I was a kid from pre-school through college and when I was working in brokerage. See my earlier posts. It was an uncomfortable feeling with the cramps which were murder for a girl. I used to get diarreah at home, school and at play. Once, I was 9 and in a playground with other kids. I felt the presssure, then cramps as I walked to the girls toilet. It had one stall, no door. I lifted my gray dress, pulled down my white nylon band-leg briefs to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I did not put on a slip that day. My little rear flood gate just opened up with dark brown water and chunks and logs. The stuff was making a sqiushing noise and my rectum was burning and itching. The more I expelled, the wrose the cramps. Another little girl my age came in. She told me that she had to pee. I told her that I had diarreah and I would be a while. She waited me out and kept me company. Then, my father stuck his head in and I told him. He got worried. I told him that I would be out soon. I was in there for a good 30 minutes. My rectum was raw and itching. After I wiped, I flushed the toilet. The girl said, "That was some doo-doo you made."

I was 10 years old and my father took me to the airport to watch airplanes. At one point in the afternoon, I felt funny and I told him I had to use the toilet. I went into the ladies room. There were lots of stalls. I took one of them, closed the door, lifted my same gray dress, white slip, let down my pink and green printed cotton panties to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I was holding my clothes while hunched over on the bowl. For a little girl, I thundered the place with explosive releases of chunks and water. While I was sitting, more just materialized from nowhere. I could not understand it. Two women came in. They took adjoining stalls and were talking about their flight. I heard them undoing their girdle straps and rustling their dresses and slips and panties. They urinated real long. One said, "Oh, what a relief." My bowels exploded again with chunks and brown water. I heard them wipe their pussies and flush the bowl. It was two white women. One of them walked by my stall and said at the sink, "That little colored girl is having brutal diarreah. I really feel sorry for her." I finished having my diarreah attack. I wiped my raw behind so many times, that it burned and itched. I pulled up my panties, let down my dress and slip, flushed the bowl and washed my hands. I told my father that I had enough and we took a bus and subway home.

MX:When I was in HS, I was using this unused girls toilet in the far end of the building. It afforded me privacy. Thankfully, there was a female custodian who would find me in the stall during my bowel movements. She was nice. She would ask if I toilet paper.

Good evening. I recently stumbled upon this website and have been enjoying many of the stories, both old and new. Girls using the toilet, especially to poop, has been a lifelong fascination for me. If the internet had been around over thirty-five years ago when I was a teenager, I'd have had plenty of stories to share.

On that note, I'd like to ramble a bit about my childhood. I don't remember a whole lot from back then, but certain events are burned into my brain forever. I remember that my room shared a wall with the bathroom and I could hear people using the toilet if I listened closely. My mother's first destination upon waking was the bathroom. I enjoyed hearing her do a long pee and then several big splooshes.

After supper was another favorite listening time for me, because that was when my younger sister would poop. She farted a lot and they were loud. I was often disappointed though because the farts were all I heard. Sometimes if I listened really hard I might hear a flump or other quiet sound of her poop hitting the water, but it was never as pronounced as mother's heavy splashes.

The other source of major disappointment for me was that my older sister, who left for college when I was 7, would visit about once a week. Before leaving, she would head to the bathroom, and be gone for sometimes as much as fifteen minutes. The jig would certainly be up if I had rushed to my room just as she went to the bathroom. And so I never once got an opportunity to listen to her pooping.

One event that sticks out in particular was when I was 12 and my sister was 10. For reasons that the rest of us will never know, she stopped flushing the toilet. I'm not certain when it started, but I do remember her getting a stern talking to by our father. I thought that this was just a one-time occurrence, like maybe she had genuinely forgotten to flush. When it happened again the next day, father was not happy and she was grounded.

That's when I hatched an idea. I would go into the bathroom just after she had finished so I could catch a peek of her poop. Sure enough, she went the next day and I didn't hear a flush. I gave it a few minutes and went to the bathroom. I looked in the toilet and what I saw amazed me. Her poop was really thin and incredibly long. It was only about as wide as two pencils laying side by side. In other words, not very thick at all. The poop looked just like a spiral, a big circle on the outside, continuing to form a smaller one inside, and most of a smaller one inside that. If it was in a straight line, it wouldn't surprise me if it reached three feet.

I flushed the toilet and left the bathroom. She continued to leave her poops unflushed for about a few more days after that. I would go in and examine them. None of them ever were as impressive as that first one I had seen, and I have actually mostly forgotten them. Sadly for me, her habit of not flushing ended abruptly when mother went in directly after my sister had pooped. When she saw the unflushed toilet, she was furious. My sister was grounded for even longer then, and they said if it happened one more time, they'd have to go with her into the bathroom and watch her go, since she was obviously a baby. For the next few days I listened as she pooped, then either mother or father would go in to be sure that she had flushed the toilet.

Well, that's all the rambling I have to do. Cheers to the moderator of this fine site for providing such an amazing website.


Re Runs.

I know I havent been on here much,Its because I couldn't think of anymore poop stories.

Well here is one that I never posted.A storie my mom told me.Was when she was little she lived out in the country,And family from all around was there,My Grandmother fixed soupbeans and eveyone put red hot peppers in it,And later people was all crowded around the outhouse.

And here is one I posted,but I don't think no new people here read them.One Christmas of 86 I went to visit relatives(Some of the same people in the top post)My cousin gone in the bathroom and he told me and my brother to stay out.He left the door open and I heard loud wet farts.My Brother went in the bathroom and forced me in there and I saw my cousin on the toilet resting his head on his hands and his elbows in his lap.His Mom told me he ate to much home made candy that his dad got from work.
Later that day I was whatching his dad(my uncle) playing Atari games.My cousin started running to the bathroom patting his behind.I moved my feet around and My uncle goes Stop!you are stepping in it!I saw a brown puddle next to my feet.

Shy pooper
I am 23 yr old girl from Europe and I study at the university. I found this site a couple of months ago and I really enjoy reading stories here. I would like share one of mine, very recent one. I am rather regular what comes about my pooping schedule. I poop once a day, usually in the mornings. Sometimes I can poop right away I wake up, but normally it takes 2-3 hours after my breakfast when I need to do number 2 which means that I have to poop at school. My favorite place take a dump is university's library. It is large, three-storey building and there are restrooms in each floor. Biggest and busiest restroom is in the ground floor. Because I am a little bit shy pooping in public toilets I prefer use third floor restroom. It is small (only 2 stalls) but it is very quiet. Most often I get to be there by myself during my whole dumping session. One day last week I was heading to my favorite toilet to have my regular dump. Urge was quite strong and as I was climbing stairs to the third floor I had to clench my buttocks tightly because big load was trying find it's way out of my ass. I approached the toilet hoping that it would be empty. For my disappointment it wasn't. Someone was sitting in another stall. I lingered in front of the mirrors combing my hair and hoping that she would leave. I realized that woman who was sitting in stall was reading a magazine or a book because I heard clearly how she turned pages. Otherwise she was almost completely quiet. A minute or two went by and I started to be quite desperate. Then suddenly, without warning, I heard a muffled plop. Knowing that she was pooping helped me make my next move. I entered in the vacant stall, locked the door and began to pull down my jeans. There was a mild, fresh odor of poop that must come from next stall. I sat down and started to tinkle. It lasted only 10 seconds and then tapered off. After a short pause I felt my anus begin to distend and I made few slight grunts. Judging by the sounds woman put her readings away. She started also grunting softly and soon there was a big plop followed by two little ones. I was comping with her, I dropped three or four smaller turds only 4-5 seconds apart. While my main log was easing and crackling out slowly my neighbor made yet one good plop and started to wipe. My log slid out pretty easily, I didn't need to push at all as it grew longer and longer. Woman in next stall was still wiping as my log broke off and splashed loudly into the bowl. I pushed out a couple of tiny turds and then I was finished. I wiped (4 times) and flushed. Next stall lady was at the sinks as I stepped out of stall. I didn't know her, but she looked about same age with me. She didn't say anything, just smiled a bit and then she left.


Little Mandi
Thanks for the comments guys.
I'm definitely sure the red water was from the red velvet water ice. I went poop last night and a little while ago and both times were completely normal. No red water. I got a little worried because that never happened before. I eat tons of red foods and even a lot of beets and have never had that. Oh well. I'm just glad everything is back normal. haha

I read a post on here about someone eating yogurt with flax seeds. I was thinking about trying that. I've eaten bread with flax seeds in it and it was actually really good. I liked it better than white bread. Maybe that will make my poops less hard. Although lately they been normal.


to sara c

Sara c. It sounds like u girls have found something fun to do with ur poop. I would love to be ur measuring Guy and c those thick logs. But I'm curious to now how bad each 1 stunk.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus scene

To the one who asked about this scene- i did see it. Basically they spend the episode talking about a bug going around wreaking havoc on people's stomach and make quite a few references to it causing diarrhea. JLD, the vice president, is fine for most of the episode until the end when they're at a family owned local frozen yogurt shop for a photo opp. As they had arrived there it's clear that JLD's charcacter has come down with the bug and isn't well. She says "i really don't feel well" going in and says "aren't dairy products bad for your stomach" and things like that. They go in and she struggles to eat some of the frozen yogurt for the photo up. When it's done she gets up and she says she needs they bathroom immediately. Her staff starts trying to scramble for her to get to the bathroom but the shop owner says his mother is in there and she's 84 years old and it will be a while. She tries to hold on, but starts making a funny face and squirms and holds her stomach. She says to her staff "I'm not sure where this is heading!" And winces. They all begin to shuffle out of the shop to find her bathroom, but as they're heading out she stops and bends forward moaning and holding her stomach she's stuck there for a second and suddenly goes "...i can't uncross my legs..." and she's standing still slightly bent forward with her knees pressed all the way together. Her staff all look at eachother and one looks like he catches a whiff of something and is like "oh i understand" and one says "wall around the vice president!" And they all surround her. She stays frozen in her stance with her knees bent slightly and pressed together, while they lift her up still in that stance and carry her to her limo. She has a horrified look on her face the whole time. As they're getting her in the limo they're just like "dump her in there" lol. She gasps a little when she sits in the car. Her one staff member who's meant to be her right hand goes to reluctantly get in the limo with her and you can hear JLD saying "no don't come in here!" And the assistant is just like "i understand..but i have in there with you.." and she makes a face and climbs into the limo. Another staff member gags and holds his nose and says "I'm just gonna walk". As the limo drives away and you can hear the commition still hear things like "where are those wipes?"

All in all, pretty funny and realistic public diarrhea accident. You never see or hear anything, it's just made extremely obvious that she has an eruption of wet, loose poop into her panties. She has a short black dress on so that's where the " i can't uncross my legs" thing came from, she had to stay that way to contain the mess so it wouldn't run down her legs. After carrying her some of her staff members are seen looking at their hands to make sure they didn't get shit on them. They way she and all her staff members react to her shitting her panties is pretty hilarious, and probably a true to life way of dealing with that type of ordeal for a public figure or celebrity that travels with an entourage.

Bear: I am 52 and bisexual. I started this in 1999. A lot has happened in my life. I became a teacher, then a lawyer and my old man died. I am taking care of a sick mother and I have a lover 13 years younger than me.

Sarah: I am one of those women who has huge bowel movements. I grew up with English and West Indian females who had them. African girls are another. I fart always between a piece and a pee. See my posts. When I taught school, a girl from Sierra Leone was 12 and she would have these huge thick bowel movements and not flush the female toilet. Many times she and I would be in the bathroom and I would remind her to flush. There was a girl from Ivory Coast who was 16. I was working in a tiny school where the teachers and the kids shared the same bathrooms. There were stalls with locking doors. I left the school for more money. One afternoon, I was on my free period when I could have a good unrushed bowel movement. The girls wore navy skirts and jumpers. The school went from K-12. I was wearing a gray jumper with a white slip, white nylon Eiderlon band-leg panties and black stockings. I went into the bathroom, settled on a stall, undid my clothing, and proceeded to unload my previous meals. I dropped five huge pieces about 8 inches long, followed by a long pee, a fart then two more medium pieces. Meanwhile, a little girl about 8 took a stall, lifted her jumper, slid her blue Hanes Underoos, sat on the bowl and urinated steadily. The 16 year old accompanied, took the next stall on the other side, lifted her skirt and let down her white bikini cotton brief below her knees. They were talking, when the 16 year old's stomach erupted with a deep fart and two deep splashes and then a sputtering fart. She reminded the little girl to wipe herself. Both were talking

Brandon T: I had a super bladder. I could travel as much as 500 miles before urinating.

anonymous poster: My boy cousins were shocked that I made #2. They always thought that girls peed. Well, I let them into the toilet with me or they found me on the bowl. I was in a house of three boys born in 55, 56, 57. I was born in 59. They were my cousins and I was put in the same bathub with them. I had to move my bowels before I got in the tub. I was on the bowl-NAKED. I stinked the place good. When younger boys were born, I was among the oldest. They got to see me. Then, I was babysitting in HS and college. I was a cheerleader. I used to babysit my first cousins boys and other little boys in the neighborhood. They used to spy on me through the door left ajar, or under the door, the keyhole or they would put their ear to the door. They used to like to hear my pee and my noisy bowel movements and see me with my pants and panties around my ankles or my nice skirts around my waist.
anonymous poster: I had diarreah attacks like that when I was in little. They used to scare me with the cramps and the loud noises.

Disha: That is the worst thing you sould have done to yourself. Just leave the classroom and go. I have taught from elementary school to HS and college, even law school. I never would deny a student. No teacher should ever. I wet myself in 7th grade because I was in a new school with a difficult teaacher. She told me later that there was no rule for going to the toilet. Here in the United States we just leave the classroom. When I was in 7th grade, my classmates and I used to have terrible diarreah at school. We would just run out of the classroom or else. We used to stink up the bathroom.

Matthew: Flax seeds have omega-3 fatty acids which lubricate the intestinal tract like graphite. I put in my salads, smoothies, when I bake cookies, cakes and pies, and in my ice cream and yogurt.

Christine in FL


It's Sunday and I had been constipated since Tuesday.
On Monday, I had an amazing bowel movement. It was soft and easy to push out and hardly took any time at all. I thought I was finally getting regular.

On Tuesday, I didn't go at all, though I didn't think much of it. I still felt good from my poop yesterday, and I felt fine.

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling bloated. I drank lots of water and tried to go to the bathroom. Nothing. I tried again around lunch time, still nothing. I sat on the toilet before dinner, but still got nothing out. I went to bed feeling slightly sick to my stomach, but for the most part, I was fine.

Thursday, all the effects of constipation were back. I felt bloated and my stomach felt full and uncomfortable, and on top of that, I just felt sluggish. No success with trying to go to the bathroom. I ate a very large dinner with a lot of ???? for fiber. I also drank a lot of water. After dinner, I tried to go have a poop. I strained and pushed and groaned so loud, I was sure everyone in the house could hear. I felt full and bloated and crawled into bed. I pulled of my pants and panties as they were tight on my bloated belly and tried to sleep. My husband climbed in next to me and rubbed my belly. He went in large circles and I moaned softly as he rubbed. I started getting gas pains and my stomach was gurgling. When I started to squirm, my husband led me back to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet.
"Try to go again," he told me.
I strained and pushed until I was red.
"I can't!" I gasped.
He sat down next to me and kept rubbing my belly.
"Push," he said.
I grunted and pushed. A pebble plipped out.
"Good, try a little more."
I pushed more and managed to pass a turd the size of a crayon.
I was exhausted after that and my butt hurt like hell. I told my husband I couldn't do anymore.
He wiped me once and helped me back into bed. I still felt full and awful, and he rubbed my ???? for me until I managed to get to sleep.

Friday didn't go much better. I went to work, but as soon as I got home, I went to my bed, laid down, and rubbed my belly until I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of nights with a bad stomach ache and stumbled to the toilet. I passed nothing. My husband gave me a glass of water, which I drank, and then I went back to bed.

Saturday, my husband and I went out to go with some friends. I couldn't zip up the dress I wanted to wear because I was so bloated. I tried a lot, but I just couldn't get the zipper up past my belly. I ended up wearing an old dress I had made of fabric that was pretty strechy. It still clung to my mid section, and I could tell how distended my stomach was.

This morning, I went to see my friend Lindsey, who's helped me out before.
She made us some coffee and we chatted.
She noticed that I kept rubbing my ???? under my shirt, and asked me,
"What's wrong, hon?"
"I'm constipated," I told her.
"Oh no," she said, "Is your ???? hurting you?"
I nodded.
"Ohh... poor you. Finish up that coffee and then go lie on the couch," she told me.
I finished the coffee and went to the couch as she said.
She rubbed my ???? a bit and then went to her bathroom. She returned with a couple of suppositories and a laxative. She had me drink the laxative first, and then pushed the suppositories up my bottom for me. I quickly needed to have a bowel movement after that and dashed over to the toilet, I passed several rock hard turds the size of golf balls, but I still don't feel empty.


comment on urinal/stall issue, and a story.

First, I will weigh in on the issue of using stalls to pee. Personally, I use the urinal probably 90% of the time. The only time I use the stall for peeing is if the urinal is a trough or provides absolutely no privacy. I do this because as a transgender male I can become a target for violence. That being said, I will never use the cubical for peeing if it is the only toilet in the restroom. I've been desperate to poop and enter a mens'room with two urinals and one toilet and end up waiting for a guy in the toilet taking a leak too many times. So, as long as there is some sort of divider I prefer the urinal.

Story: I did something I've never done before. Last night I pooped outside. I've been interested to try, and the opportunity arose from desperation. I live rurally, so I can pretty much use my yard anytime. It was about 2am and I was doing a few chores waiting for my wife to get home from work. I had been experiencing diarrhea over the last few hours, and when I took the trash out I got caught short. I walked into some large bushes at the back of my yard, dropped by pajama pants and squatted. Nature took over and everything rapidly exited. I stood up and saw what looked like a cow-patty lol. I will definitely try this again!

In response to MX - Cleaning Ladies

After reading MX post with interest. A few years ago whilst working in the NHS . It was early evening I had just delivered some laundry to a Hospital, I had a urge for a number 2, I went to the visitors Gents near where I had parked the van. There were 2 cubicles one was in use the other blocked. I went into the Ladies next door , there were three cubicles all empty I took the end one , bolted the door took down my jeans and boxer's, sitting on , relaxing my pee had started. I herd some foot steps the door opened I herd someone cough and put down what sounded like a bucket etc.The person entered the first cubicle, by now I was desperate to start, managing to hold on , the person the entered the cubicle next to mine and bolt the door, the was some rustling of undies etc , this was clearly the cleaning lady her bum thumped on the seat she sighed . I let my number 2 start she farted twice followed plop plop, her pee began , I carried doing mine also we seemed to be going in unison, the smell from both of us became quite strong. My neighbor said phew . I began wiping , suddenly my neighbor exclaimed there is no bloody paper. I replied I have some she went quite at the point and said you're in the ladies yes I said the Gents was in use and I was desperate. I tor a load off the roll and pushed the roll under the gap she was grateful and used it . We both flushed and came out together, I was my hands and chatted to her . I apologized for using the Ladies , she replied saying she had enjoyed the experience!!

David & PN- I understand that some people have problems with being pee-shy. But after all urinals were built for one purpose, cubicles, in the men's at least, for another. David, surely being in a cubicle sitting down is a potentially more vulnerable position to muggers etc? I'm with you on the splashback issues and 'ambush motions' (although if you feel like you might need a poo then you'd go into the cubicle anyway surely), but you're just as likely to find urine on the floor in cubicles, and if anything they smell worse and the hygiene problem is amplified because you have to touch the door handle, seat etc, whereas urinals are hands free, so to speak.
I just look ar it as common courtesy. It's ok in toilets with lots of cubicles, but these are few and far between for men (only airports, big shopping centres and the like) since we always get far fewer cubicles than women. Most places seem to think two or even one cubicle is enough, but it's not, especially if people take it up just to pee!

PN, auto-flushing urinals are nice in principle, but like you said they always flush far too often! The ones at my university seem to operate on the same timing schedule as the ones you found and I agree it must waste vast amounts of water. And here we are with parts of the UK in a drought (although looking outside for the last few days you wouldn't know it)!
I have peed on planes a few times, and pooed too, which is fine. But when peeing I'm always worried we will hit turbulence while I'm going and it will end up all over the seat, floor etc! I'm not a fan of pooing on planes either since everyone knows how long you've taken and the smell drifts out etc!

Leanne- Glad to see you're back and I enjoyed your post! Hope you can beat the internet bugs and post more soon!

MX- I've encountered a cleaning lady a couple of times too. Once was a few years ago in Geneva airport I think it was, where she chose the busiest possible time to clean. Another was last year. I'd finished a lecture and, needing a poo, went to the toilets and started taking care of business. I heard her talking to someone outside and then she came into the mens. As she did so she called, 'anyone in here?' I was pretty embarrassed but I felt I had to reply in case a similar situation to what you experienced developed, so I said yes, I was. She muttered something and left. When I left after my poo she was cleaning the disabled toilet instead!

Well contrary to what I reported the other day my poo on Friday was normal, although I only went once. Yesterday I was in the library doing some work when after eating my sandwiches I needed to go to the toilet. It wasn't a strong urge so I carried on working for a while. Half an hour later I was wishing I'd gone earlier because I was suddenly desperate to have a substantial number two. I went to the mens toilets which were nearby, but their single cubicle was taken by someone who was having the runs in it. So I went over to the unisex toilets. They were in use too and there was a guy waiting. I stood around waiting getting more urgent. A couple of minutes passed and a guy came out and the othe guy went in. Then a girl came in and joined the queue. I looked up as she came in and we exchanged slightly embarrassed smiles. I had walked past her when I was walking from the mens, so I guess she surmised that, if I'd been needing a wee, I would have used the urinals (or the cubicle!!) in the mens, and that I was here for 'the big one.' And she was right! After another couple of minutes a girl came out of the other toilet. I went in and locked it, lowering my jeans and boxers as I did so. I couls smell a faint smell of her poo in the air, so I sat down to add to it. I eased out two thick, medium-length logs that plopped satisfyingly, if a little embarrassingly, into the bowl. The other toilet opened and the girl went in. I let out another log as I heard her sit and begin to pee. Then I farted and let go with my final two logs and one smaller piece. Feeling much better I wiped and flushed, and washed my hands, leaving at the same time as the girl who had only been peeing.

Monday, April 30, 2012


More replies etc

Little mandi. I think it's highly possible the red toilet water could well be down to what you'd been drinking. However if the situation recurs, particularly if there's no obvious explanation, I'd advise getting checked out at the doctor's.

Charlotte. Thanks for sharing the information re Stephanie. It sounds as though you enjoy your 'buddy dumps' albeit on adjoining toilets.

David. Thanks for your post. I look forward to hearing about more of your exploits. Hope you and Anne are keeping well.

I've been struggling with my bowels since 3.30 on Friday morning when I started with diarrhoea and sickness. In fact for most of yesterday, I was on the loo - peeing through my back passage! Today (Saturday)has 'less bad' for want of a better phrase and my ouput's been slightly more solid but wind and bloating seems to be the big problem now. I've no recollection of eating any suspect food so I'm inclined to think it's a bug of some sort.


How about my new girlfriend Artiss? That's right, you heard me-girlfriend. We did some serious talking and realized how fond we are becoming of each other. So we've both decided to pursue an age-different relationsip-41 years to be exact-she's 74 and I'm 33. We're like two schoolkids in love-now she doesn't have to face the "Oh lords" by herself, and I've got a very lovely and mature lady of take care of and comfort during her distresses and discomforts-digestive and otherwise. It feels great for both of us.

She did have another terrible watery episode of the "Oh lords" yesterday morning, and now that we're dating, she doesn't mind my coming into the bathroom while she's on the toilet. There she sat, hunkered over on the seat in agony, her diaper rolled up on the floor next to the toilet and her navy pull-up slacks pulled down to her knees. I gave her a couple of Immodiums and a glass of water to wash it down with. Then I just pulled up a folding chair next to her and held her hand and rubbed her back as wave after wave of the smelly brown liquid expelled itself violently from her rectum. Once again, she started crying, tears of gratitude streaming out from under her glasses.

When her intestines finally settled down, I unrolled the toilet paper and handed it to her so she could wipe and sat there with her another 5 minutes while she made sure that her bowels had nothing more to get rid of. I then walked her to OUR bed and took her clothing and hung it up for her as she stripped to her bra and diaper and crawled under the covers. I then went and filled a hot-water bottle for her stomach and brought it back to her. She murmured softly, asking if she had died and gone to heaven to have someone as special as me to take care of her. I kissed her on the cheek and just sat there next to her, rubbing my fingers through her lovely gray hair as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Little Mandi-

Yes, I had the same effect after eating a bagel that had been dyed blue with food coloring. The water turned blue! I thought it was funny and joked w/ the manager of the bagel shop that I had shit a smurf. It was funny. Food coloring does that kinda thing and I'm sure there was plenty of it in what you drank.


to Mandi

What you eat can turn your poop different colors. The red velvet water ice sounds like it could do that. If you eat enough beets, the next day your b.m. could be red or even purple in spots. Food coloring can do it, too. Don't worry unless the red doesn't go away.

Sara C

Pooping contest with two friends

I have two very close friends named Emily and Megan. We've been friends from the time we were in elementary school. We share just about everything, up to and including a fascination with pooping. We'd always share the "gross" details about how big our turds were, what they smelled like, and when we could get away with it, we'd let the others see in person.

This eventually led to an idea that we should have a competition to see who could poop the biggest. And so now, about twice a year, we get together for a pooping contest. We meet up and each take a strong dose of laxative and wait and see who can go the longest without pooping. After we're all cleaned out, so no one can rig the contest by holding it longer the others, we spend the next two days together and whoever poops the most wins.

The most recent competition was just last week. It was held at Emily's house. On Friday afternoon, we took the laxative doses and then we waited. It was the calm before the storm, so to speak. I heard Megan's stomach gurgle loudly about twenty-five minutes in. We had fun watching Megan squirm as she was clearly holding back the flood with all her might. However, our enjoyment only lasted like five minutes before I suddenly felt the urge come on very intense and Emily very soon after I did. Since there was only one toilet, we got out three buckets and I must admit they did seem inviting to me, but I didn't want to admit defeat.

Megan was holding her butt and it was clear that she would probably go before either of us. As it turns out, I was wrong, as my muscles failed me and I had to yank down my pants and rush to a bucket. My underpants were messy with diarrhea and I was also squirting out a bunch into the bucket. When they saw I had given up, Emily and Megan sat on the other too buckets and started shitting their brains out. I had lost that part of the contest, but oh man the relief was absolutely amazing! Plus, the big part of the contest was still to come, in the solid load round.

It seemed like we'd never be done, and sure enough every few minutes we'd be running back to have another round of diarrhea. But eventually we all were emptied out. One by one, we emptied our buckets into the toilet and flushed, then had a shower and thoroughly scrubbed the buckets.

After our clean out, we spent the whole rest of the weekend together. I had been eating more than usual in the days leading up to the contest, preparing my stomach for the big feast. From what I saw it seemed that Megan and Emily had as well. We all porked out and ate a lot. I know I probably stuffed my face full with like twice as much as I normally would at each meal time, plus I was snacking throughout the day. By the time Saturday evening came around I was really ready for a good poop, but it wasn't time yet and so I held it. The urge went away after a while, but it returned during the night and so I didn't get much sleep.

In the morning, Emily and Megan were also having trouble holding it, and so we decided we would poop then, about eleven AM. We got out three newspapers and laid them out and squatted over them. No sooner had I squatted then I felt a thick log ease out of my anus. It touched the paper and curled up as more came out. When it broke off, there was another one similar to it but not quite as long. Finally, a thinner log that was way longer than my first one. I looked over and saw Megan and Emily's piles and I was kind of intimidated as they had pooped big loads. But when I looked at my own poop it was quite big too, so I was still in the runnings.

We wiped our butts and flushed the dirty paper away then returned for the examination. Our scoring goes something like this: Each log is measured individually. The length of each log is added to a running total, but the width is determined as an average for all the logs. Then the final score is the length times the width.

Megan was up first, so we put on gloves and separated her pile into five logs. Her total length was 29.5 inches with an average width of 1.25 inches. Next was my load. Megan had pooped a lot and I thought her score was good, so I was a little nervous. Between my three logs, I had a total length of only 22 inches, but my average width was 1.75 inches. The last one to be scored was Emily. She had done just the one really long log, so her score was easy to figure out. Her log measured an impressive 34 inches, and about 1.1 inches wide.

After calculating our final scores, it was determined that I had won. I was very surprised considering I thought Emily's mega log would be the champion hands down. My score of 38.5 beat her 37.4, so I didn't win by much.

I had only few situations about pooping in public restrooms and cleaning ladies.First was in a big shopping center in my city.I went to the men's toilet and sat on a bowl; few minutes later a cleaning lady came in and started to do her job washing urinals etc. Then she started cleaning stalls and when she finished,she knocked at the only occupied stall's door.I didn't say a word because I was pushing at the moment; she probably thought that stall is empty (but accidentally locked) and... with some key she unlocked my stall!She quickly apologized and left,but she saw few things...

Next situation had a place on the beach.There was a mid morning (about 9 AM) in may and I was walking by the sea side.Then I felt a strong urge to do #2, so I went to the nearest toilet.As I got there I saw it opens at 9 AM so I was probably the first client. So i payed,went into the stall,sat,did my business i wanted to wipe.And then surprise: there was no toilet paper!So i asked the cleaning lady to hand me some paper.After a minute she came,knocked at the door so she could hand me a paper.I had some similar situations before and got used that cleaning ladies only reached out with their hands (only i saw were their hands) so I opened the door.She opened it quite wide so we had eye contact,gave me a roll and at the same moment she started staring at my penis!I took a roll,closed the door,wiped,flushed,washed my hands and left...

But these two stories made me thinking about something else.I've read many few stories about people taking dump in doorless stalls,with a cleaning lady next to them and I think it would be interesting experience,especially on toilets like this: or like this:
when everything is visible


Post Title (optional)To Charlotte

Really enjoyed your story. Hope you post some more of your morning poos with Steph.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Little Mandi as always another great story and most like thats what caused the red not blood but the coloring but if it contiues then see a doctor and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Charlotte first congrats to you and Steph and as always another great story about you and your wife Steph pooping together it sounds like you both really had to go and maybe you guys could try a buddy dump on the same toilet together just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Martin great story about you hearing all those girl and women pooping and peeing it sounds like your ears got quite the show.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story and it sounds like that one lady was having a rough day but I bet she felt great when she was finaly done and at least you made it to after that long wait and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story it sounds like you really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story about your friend Artiss it sounds like you 2 are becoming really good friends and that store worker had no righ to say that to her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.


Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Interesting Happening

I had an interesting thing happen today. I do some volunteer work for an organization and the office is in a medium sized building. The restrooms are down the main hallway. One of the women in the office I volunteer at is a mid-30s lady, tall and slim, not all that attractive, but not bad either. She is very friendly and outgoing. I've noticed when I volunteer, she always goes to the restroom around 8:45 in the morning like clockwork and is gone about 10 minutes. So I presume that's her regular bowel movement schedule. My volunteer time starts at 9 o'clock, but I always arrive about 8:30 or so. Today when I arrived at 8:40, I was in dire straits to take a dump. I noticed the parking lot was very full like an event was going on inside. I went in and saw there was a meeting of a women's club of some sort going on in the main auditorium starting at 9 a.m. I went toward our office and could see the restroom doors up ahead. The lady from our office was headed to the ladies' room on her usual schedule. She did not see me. She went in the ladies' room then came out immediately and walked to the men's room door and I saw her knock and open the door a crack and I heard from a distance her say, "Hello. Anybody in here?" Then she went in the men's room! I arrived at the restroom door just as a woman was coming out of the ladies' room. I glanced in that direction as the woman opened the door and saw inside the ladies' room was crowded and it looked like a line for the toilets was backed up all the way to the door. So I guessed that the woman from our office was too desperate to wait so she went to the men's. I cautiously opened the men's room door and went inside. There are 4 regular stalls and one handicapped (the last one in the row) along with 5 urinals on the wall opposite the stalls. The handicapped one is very enclosed, so you can't see if anyone is in there unless you lean over and look under the partition to see their shoes. Since the other 4 stalls were open it was apparent she was in the handicapped. I went into the first stall. Just as I got inside there was a loud splattering fart from the handicapped stall and a torrent of loose, gassy poop erupting from her. I sat down and took a quiet dump, wiped, and was just about to flush and come out when three men came in the room talking to one another. I flushed and went to the sinks and they all went to the urinals. I wondered about the woman in the stall and how she was going to handle this. They were all peeing in the urinals right in front of the stall she was sitting in, when suddenly there was another torrent of poop with gas mixed in. One of the men said, "Hey there. Is that you, Bill?" He was looking over his shoulder toward the stall. He zipped his pants and went and knocked on the stall door and said, "Bill, we can hear you!" They all laughed. Apparently they thought someone named Bill was the one taking the noisy dump. Just then the door opened and another man came in and the guys all laughed again. The one who said, "Is that you Bill?" said, "Oh, hello, Bill!" to the guy who just came in. Then he said, "Whoever's in the stall, sorry about that." I went out and to my desk. In about 3 or 4 minutes, the woman came back in. She acted kind of subdued and went to her office. I went to her office and said hello, and she smiled and said hello back. I guess she escaped the men's room without being detected, but I bet she doesn't do that again. Now every time I volunteer and see her, I'm sure I'll think about this incident and she never knew it was me in the other stall.

Walking towards Kings Cross Sydney

Watching a girl jogging on the spot

When you see a girl jogging on the spot, waiting for the lights to change, and if she's wearing track pants or track shorts, you would conclude that she is jogging to exercise. But what about a girl with nice long brown hair wearing a pretty dress, ending just below the knees, and wearing sexy thin black panty hose and shiny black high heel shoes, who is standing next to her mother, and two of her girl friends? This was what I saw one night in Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst, Sydney, walking towards Kings Cross. It was obvious she was desperate to pee, as when she got moving she wasn't jogging, but walking quickly and just about leaning on her mum's shoulder, sometimes whispering things to her. The lights turned red at each corner, so when she stopped walking she had to start jogging on the spot again. Her mother said to the girl's friends "Hurry up with the key." As they got to their apartment near Kings Cross, one of her friends opened the gate with the key, and as she was standing there jogging on the spot again, she did a 360 degree turn, showing her pretty face, looking a bit distressed in her desperation. One of her friends said "You'd better hurry, before it overflows out your belly button." I guess she got inside and made it ok. It was enjoyable to watch the whole thing as I was walking behind her and her mother and friends. It got me well prepared for Kings Cross! I didn't need the Viagra that night!


Replies and a question

Pooperlady RE Earth day--- Here's a rant about some things that annoy me. I hate those automatic flush toilets too--- some of them are so hair-trigger, and they're installing more and more of them. Also, automatic motion-sensor activated faucets at the sinks. For some reason, the toilets often flush underneath you every time you breathe, but you have to stand there waving your hands frantically to get the faucets to work, and then you can't control the flow, and they shut off again after half a millisecond. Really annoying! But another thing that annoys me is the urinals that mostly I see in men's rooms in older buildings that flush automatically at regular intervals whether anyone's used them or not. One time I was having a poo in a really uncrowded restroom all by myself, and I swear the darn thing was flushing once every two minutes. If it's doing that all day with no one there, that's an enormous waste of water, and also noisy--- I like my peace and quiet.

Martin, RE stall use--- I don't know about other people, but I have a pee-shy problem, not quite as bad as it used to be but I still find it almost impossible to pee when there's a crowd unless I go into a stall, so I will usually wait for a stall at theatres and places like that because otherwise I won't be able to empty my bladder. Enjoy the library.

Charlotte--- sounds like a nice arrangement with the two toilets: I've never heard of anyone installing two like that before. Nice story too.

A question for anyone--- does anyone else find that it's difficult to pee while on a moving train, airplane, etc.? I am curious if that happens to anyone and if it has any correlation with being pee-shy otherwise.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I read in the paper where Ms. Louis-Dreyfus is starring in a new TV series called "Veep" where she plays the first female vice president. According to the article, there is an episode where she gets diarrhea in a restaurant and has to be carried to her limousine. Anyone else hear about this?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Went out on business today in the larger town nearby from where I live today. had to stop at a truck stop and fuel up my vehicle. While pumping gas, I felt gas of a different type building up in my lower gut, so I knew that a bowel movement was in the making, and it was building up quickly. I went in side and headed for the toilet. Being a large truck stop, it has large restroom facilities. Upon entering, one is confronted with a whole row of sinks on one side opposite a blank wall. Upon rounding the far end of this wall, one is confronted with a row of urinals with dividers on its backside, and across the room from that, a long row of toilet stalls.

Now it's been my observation that the truck drivers, who are the main users of these stalls, seem to like to take real good,long shits. Perhaps its because after all those hours of driving and concentrating on the road, they like to relax a bit over a good, healthy dump. Anyhow, with my gut cramping on me, it was most certainly my turn now.

I saw that the closest end stall was occupied, so I decided to space it out by one stall between us as a courtesy to the other pooper. Well being on the edge of shitting my pants, I was in a hurry and failed to notice that the stall on the far side of where I had chosen to poop was occupied. Well, no time to be fussy now. I dropped my pants and Fruit-of The Looms to my ankles and sat down.

In spite of my desperation to poop, I was actually having a bit of a hard time getting started, as a matter of fact I had to strain a little more than somewhat, clearly audible to my neighbor in the next stall who was dealing with issues of his own, I could hear an intermittent series of plop-plops coming from his stall, mixed with about 30-second spells of silence.

Anyhow, I continued to strain, and finally I felt the hard lump that marked the crowning point on the turd stretching my anus to it's limits. Then it passed the point of no return, and it was like pulling the cork on a bottle, a long wave of firm but soft turds slid out behind it in a machine-gun like succession. It felt so good that I'm sure that my neighbor could also feel my relief as well as I exhaled my breath. Another wave, and it felt like I was done, so I started to wipe. Was all nice and clean and ready to stand up and pull up my trousers when another gassy cramp hit and I leaned forward on the seat to have a whole wave of more soft but formed turds come out. My neighbor showed no signs of stirring from his stall. I exhaled by breath again in a final sigh of relief, then it was FINALLY time to stand up and re-robe my bottom half, which I did before flushing the toilet and emerging from the stall to wash my hands. My neighbor remained in his stall as did the guy on the end. I'm not sure, but there might have been another guy down on the far end-however many, they had all been in their stalls when I came in, and were there when I came out. Like I said, those truck drivers seem to be some serious poopers.

Artiss came over and spent the night in the guest bedroom. Her bowels were doing OK, she was just feeling lonely and wanted to visit. We stayed up late talking,and she used the toilet before going to bed-emptied her bladder and took a semi-solid shit-could hear one loud fart as she released her bowels. She sprayed the bathroom down with deorderant before exiting, but when I came in to brush my teeth before going to bed, the poop smell still lingered-poor lady. My heart goes out to her with her condition. We .said good-night to each other across the bathroom, then we each closed our bedroom doors and retired for the night. I peeked in on her before leaving this morning, and she looked so peaceful lying there in bed with her gray head on the pillow and her large,strong arms resting on top of the covers. I blew her a silent take-care kiss to bless her day with and quietly closed the door. if she needs to stay at my place to be near the toilet all day, that's fine with me-I'd MUCH rather have her going "Oh lord" from my toilet seat than while she's "doing it" in her pants someplace, or is hunkered on a public toilet with no privacy whatsoever.

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